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7. Insatiable Desire

Garhett Morgan


  • March 17, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Today we're to be talking about desire and I want before we turn to a verse here to imagine a story that happened in the Bible it's funny this week on I got a text message from Lewis and every once in a while he messages me a question about the Bible readings him and his lady are doing and I really enjoyed that and this week he asked me a question about this particular story and he was appalled and I praise the Lord he was appalled because when we read it we all should be appalled. It's a story and vision this is it if you will. Imagine you being in your house 1 evening the sun had not quite set yet and you were there and you get a knock at the door you're busy relaxing and doing what you're doing you're just taking a shower and there's a knock at your door and you open it expecting to see a friend or family member instead you see Captain of the king's guard that would take you back a little bit and the captain of the king's Guard says the king wants to see you now of course this woman or you if you're putting yourself in this woman's place knew who this king was in fact it was 1 of the most beloved if not the most beloved kings of Israel of Judah he had she of course had seen him from a far did not know him personally from what we can read but actually knew that the king wanted to see her she probably decided that she wanted to put on on something appropriate to go to the palace and so she made herself ready and follow the path of the king's guards of the palace as she was expecting to go into the throne room of the king but the captain of the king's guard didn't in fact lead her into the throne room he led her to his bedroom expecting to see the king in kingly role and sitting upon the throne she entered into his private quarters his bedroom there and he was not sitting upon his throne but he was sitting upon his bed. This is of course the story that we know of David and Bathsheba David a man after God's own heart falling to such a level of adultery if you want to look at the story we're going to read just a few verses here so we can take a look at a few important points 2nd Daniel Chapter 11 is where you find this story. And when you read the story that the comes to mind is David what are you thinking. Second Samuel Chapter 11. And we're going to start in verse 2 Chapter 1 Verse $117.00 which of lemon rist 1 says that it was the time of year when the Kings went off to battle and normally a day that was a man of war he was in battle in the thick of things right he was there with his generals in fact I believe that they would probably enjoyed it a little bit more than he should have but this time this this season of battle he decided that he was going to stay back and enjoy some time alone in the palace and in verse 2 we picked this up 2nd stimulus in verse 2 and it came to pass in evening time that David arose from off of his bed so get this is light enough outside so that he can see his neighbors all right and evening time means the afternoon my 1st point is David what are you doing in bed an evening you should be up and doing something in the afternoon right why are you lounging around in bed I don't hands of the devil's workshop right so here we find day that he's laying there in bed and evening time I need a size to go for a little bit of a walk we continue on David A rose from office Brett dead and can and walked upon the roof of the king's house and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself and the woman was very beautiful to look upon it. And David sent and inquired of the woman and 1 said Is not this bad she by the daughter in. The line excuse me the wife of you Ryan the hit time and then the next verse continues to show that David didn't just look but David took David there realizing that this woman was beautiful to look after and look upon continues to see her and he doesn't turn away from the scene but he acts upon a thought in his mind that we like to term with lust or to be talking about the war and lots today but David not only thought about this. But he planned it and he wanted this woman so much that he took 1 of the most loyal people in his army and had Him killed so that David could have is 1 chain full isn't it all for 1 word that we call lust lust is a loaded word isn't it a word that is probably 1 of the major causes of sin on earth when we think of the word lust I called my dad a couple weeks ago and I asked him about this because he's a wise man and I respect him and I said Dad when you think of the word lust What do you think about me the only 2 things he said 1st of all take a look at the story of David and Bathsheba and you'll get a good idea of what lust is talking about and he said 2nd of all lust is driving down the road on a hot summer day seeing somebody walk by and continuing to follow her. That's what lust is and I think my dad was right but let's jump ahead now go to James Chapter 1. James Chapter 1 not only talks about Lost. But it shows us the aftermath. James 1. 14 and 15. James 114 and 15 puts it this way but every man how many men every 1 of us miss wasn't talking about just males talking about mankind so you ladies are off the hook every man is tempted. But when he is drawn away of his own lost and entice then when lust has conceived or dwelled upon it bring it forth sin and sin when it is finished bring it forth death 1 of the things that we see interestingly enough about lust is that when Lost is dwelled upon over and over and over again and it leads to action doesn't it I remember when I was just about 1516 years old and puberty was just beginning to flow through I was with some of my friends who were of the same age and I remember after church 1 day ironically sitting with some of them outside and 1 of them saying it doesn't matter what you think as long as you don't do it and then he said the famous words you can look as long as you don't touch. I don't think that I don't actually know for a fact that that boy's anyone alive today. If we continue to do well. Upon the last and the fantasies in our minds. Were playing with fire and the Bible is very clear about this lust can never be quenched think about that for many carnal lust can never be quenched because if you will still and satisfy that last in your heart in your mind and you commit an act in adultery to attempt to fill that wants. Then that hole is going to get bigger and the appetite for a wuss is going to grow stronger and stronger law can never be quenched the only way to fill that void in your heart is true love not just a love for your spouse which were to be talking about in a minute but a love for God. Most in this life can be taken back to our minds in fact all of it can cancel the 1st John describes it very clearly lets go of their 1st job Chapter 2 not the gospel but 1st John right there towards revelation 1st John Chapter 2 and verse 15. Puts a very plainly. First John Chapter 2 in verse 15. This is what the Word of God says Love not the world's need of the things that are in the world if any man love the world the love of the Father is not in him for all that is in the world's the lust of the flash the lust of the audience the pride of life is not of the Father but it is of the what every sin that humanity can commit or does commit can somehow be categorized into 1 of these 3 things can't it lust of the eyes seeing and Wansink the lust of the flash a feeling of needing something more and also the pride of what life really is in fact if you look back at Gene's us right after he had been baptized was led into the wilderness those are the 3 categories of the Devil tempted him with lust can never be quenched unless it is filled with the love of God for every thing that God makes There's a counterfeit isn't there and we see that over and over and over again we've talked about this before because of the 10 Commandments talks about this a lot. But for everything they've gone wants you to have pleasure with the devil as twisted think about the Sabbath right a prime example this God wants you to have pleasure on the surface he does the right of a spiritual pleasure but the devil has taken 1 thing that God has made for us as humanity and that is called Love and he has taken the word love and the feeling in It's More Than a Feeling by the way love is something that we act upon and it drives us a meant the devil has taken the love that he has twisted it into a word called Lust the things that our children are watching in Hollywood is lust that's not love the things that bombard people in their television screens or in their music whatever they're listening to by the way that's not love that's lust I want to tell you a story. And this story is extremely graphic and so I'm going to use words that only adults can really understand so the children can't know they don't little what's going on I am a subscriber in a supporter financially of 80 I an entity and it's called pornography kills love it's a really great system and it helps people get out of this addiction to pornography and I got a magazine from them a few months ago and in a story I wrote in this article I read something that startled me. Technology has grown in case you haven't noticed. And with technology the church struggles to keep up. But society doesn't. And pornography is right on the breaking edge of the acknowledging there was a young 15 year old boy who had just gotten a new cell phone. And with cell phone he was also given access to the Internet he was about 1516 years old. And it was 1 of those cell phones that you can also have virtual reality with right now if you see in those where you can it's this eyeglasses that you put on you snap your phone in and then it's like it's like you are there you can go up and down and you can if you're in a whole other world and with that virtual reality he had bought these very expensive new headphones that you can plug in and it surround sound so if there's something that happens in the back of you you hear it from from the back sounds like a birds in the back and there's a bird it's incredible stuff and with that as well I don't know if you can even though this exists but in the headphone jack of the phone there he plugs a sense dispersing element that you can smell like you're there too so for instance if you were wanting to be in a garden meadow you could put this in you could hear the birds tweet tweeting everywhere from from behind into the side in front of you you could look around and behind you could see it all and you could smell the flowers. But that is an innocent way to use this but this boy went on to 1 of the popular products the websites and they have manufactured their videos to use all of those different things virtual reality it appears like you are but it's sounds like you were there it also smells like you're there. This 15 year old boy took his new equipment and he went into a bathroom stall in his home and as he closed the door he was in there for hours while his mother came to check on him to make sure that he was OK and he opened the door she opened the door to find her boy dead covered in fecal matter and other matter as well the mother of course rushed the boy to the hospital and the doctor said that he died of overstimulation. From what he was watching listening to and smelling. Brothers and Sisters adultery has gone to a completely different level. Studies showed that our children under the age of 16 would have watched 40 plus hours of pornography by the time they reach the age of 16 it's an epidemic. When our children are becoming adults there are the not just addicted to other things but our children are already becoming addicted to immoral things by the time they become adults. And this is an issue. A lot of people think that pornography is all right because you're not committing the act but let's take a look at what Jesus had to say about that shall we let's go to Matthew chapter 5. Matthew chapter 5. Matthew chapter 5 there will be taking a look here and 1st 27 Jesus Spirit speaking them out of blessings. And as he is there there are many people in the audience Matthew 527 says you have heard that it was said by them of old time shalt not commit adultery what's he quoting from. 10 Commandments right if the fair season the Sadducees were there which I'm sure there were some there they probably agreed wholeheartedly right of course we believe in the 10 Commandments of course we believe we should not commit adultery but then he takes the step further as Jesus always does in verse $28.00 but on I say unto you That whosoever look at. On a woman or your woman look at the bottom man to last after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. And then he continues to say if your eyes offending you it's better to pluck it out and cast it from you than your whole body burn in hell right if we look back at King David David's whole issue was that as he was there on his roof he looked saw something he shouldn't be saying but he continued to look at it right David wasn't thinking for himself but something else was thinking for him if you know what I'm saying. Could it be that somehow humanity seems is trading eternity for 10 seconds of pleasure could it be that all many of OS sitting in this room today or many of us in this world are committing adultery in our hearts but not doing the act of that's my friends God has given you the spouse God has given you the children. That he wants you to be when. God has created sexual intimacy for you to be a pleasurable thing Amen it's supposed to be a beautiful thing God wants us to desire it but because we live it live in such a perverted worlds of course the devil would pervert this as well let's look at a few other verses here that I want to be looking at go to Chapter $51.00. Psalms Chapter 51 it's a great chapter in case you didn't know Chapter 51 is the prayer that David prayed to the Lord after he committed this terrible sin with Bathsheba. So in Chapter $51.00 and we're going to be looking here at verse 6 and also verse 10. Song $51.00 verse 6 notice what it says here B. holds now desirous truth in that in more parts and in the hidden part that shall make me to know wisdom verse 10 Create in me a clean hearts a clean mind so God and renew a right spirit within me David knew where his sin with that she would begin didn't. He knew that it began in his mind and in his heart and after the sin with bass Chiba he is pleading to God the Father saying create in me a new minds create in me a new heart give me the right desires that I desire not after that but I desire only after you will take a look at 1 more verse and this verse is David son writing here Solomon and he puts it very clearly in Proverbs Chapter 6. Proverbs Chapter 6. Proverbs Chapter 6 verse 27. Proverbs 627 says this can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned can 1 go upon hot coals and his feet not be burned so he that go with him to his neighbor's wife whose whoever touch of her shall not be innocence what these verses are saying is if you play with fire you're going to get burned if we're thinking sexual immoral fonts in the likelihood of us committing a sexually immoral act physically it's most likely going to take place stop at the root Amen and when we stop at the root we should just stop and resist and resist and resist but we have to fill it with something. And it might sound crude. But that sexual desire that you half the unholy sexual desire that you have God is the only 1 that can fill it and God is not going to fill it in the sexual way by the way but when gone fills your heart with his love we can be content in men. As we looked at this physical adultery aspect I want to look at another aspect as well do you think it is possible for us as Christians to commit spiritual adultery. What do you think. I believe so too if you look at the Book of Revelation we find that the 144000 which I'm not going to be talking about what that number means today because there's lots of different ideas and theories about it but I know that if God wants me to be 1 I want to be a member of that group Amen. But 144000 it describes them as being chased virgins now revelations the symbolic birth books why don't the mean that I don't believe that those people of 144000 are actual virgins but spiritually speaking those people are spiritually Peter Amen how can we say spiritually pure let's look at Romans chapter 2 Let's go to Paul for a minute Romans chapter 2. Romans chapter 2 verse 22. Romans 222 says this thou that say asked a man should not commit adultery do you commit adultery you get a poor idols do you commit sacrilege you that make this the boast of the law through breaking the law this honor is gone for the name of God is blasting on the Gentiles through you as it is written when people think of something Adventists when think people think of Christians don't you think that they should think of some of pure people sexually. I remember I was just at a church in Big Rapids a few weeks ago and there was a lady who came who is a brand new visitor and I was so excited that she was there and she came in to support 1 of her friends that was just being baptized and she had then around Adventists before and I was really excited about it and so I was talking with her and she said I will never become a member of this church which I hear a lot and I smile don't really take seriously because I know that hopefully they will be someday and she said I'll never be a member of this church and I smiled and of course I had to ask the question why not and she told me this and it broke my heart she said every single 7th Day Adventist man that I have ever met was unfaithful to his wife. Now that's no excuse for not joining God from the day church. But it put a dagger in my heart. We have some of them as Christians should be known as people that are faithful to their spouses and then. Let's look at another verse here Philip the instructor for. Philippians chapter 4. You would think. That as we look at the divorce rate in the in the world today. The horse rate in Christianity would be a little bit lower wouldn't you say because God is on our side but the fact is is that this distance aren't even any different the statistics of Warsaw in the church are as are the same as those out in the non-Christian sect as well Philippians 4 verse 11 says this not that I speak in respect of want but Paul saying here is that God gives me everything that I need for I have learned in whatsoever state I am there with to be content. Brothers in the church who are married. Or they have a fiance. God has given you your wife and your future spouse for a reason we should be content with that name and not just content but we should cherish females in our church today. Who have a husband or have 1 coming up God has given you the man in your life for a reason we should be content with him amen. And we should cherish him and we should also look out for each other as well even. I'm to the point in humanity and you can you can call me I don't know catalyst and don't get me wrong I love my fellow man because I believe that every single 1 of them should be saved and I'll do anything to see someone else in the kingdom of God but with my love for humanity I also don't have much trust for them any more either in our world today I believe that we should not only be guarding ourselves from sexual immorality but we should be guarding other people from it as well and my wife and I are really open about this together because I have made it a rule in my ministry in my life and she has as well that I am not going to create instance be driving a female alone in my car unless my wife is there or she's over 85 years old. That would work too why not because I don't trust myself. Not because I don't trust her but I don't want things to be sad I'm to the point where and I praise the Lord for this and men in the room can they can also probably agree women have intuition that you know that. I'm learning this more and more. And with an outgoing personality and I'm a pretty outgoing guy sometimes when you're outgoing some people can take that outgoing personality for something different. And sometimes my wife will come up to me and praise the lord for her and by the way that you know sister wife says in her writings that it is the job of the wife to soften the man's heart I praise the Lord for that and my wife tells me when I'm in teach she always keeps her on May praise the Lord for that but sometimes after a meeting or social setting wherever we are we'll be getting in the car and driving home and she'll say be careful with that 1. Don't ever be alone with that 1. And I praise the Lord for that and I heed that you know why because my wife sees something that I'm oblivious to. When I'm in a social setting and I see that somebody has approached my wife and I can tell that there's a conversation going on that she's uncomfortable with I guess where I'm going I'm going there I meant not only should we be doing this but we should be commuting kidding with each other about it amen. I'm to the point also as well if that if I'm out of if I'm in a public bathroom and a young boy comes in and I'm the only 1 there I leave as quickly as I can't you never know in society today just because you are being a sexual peer person doesn't mean that the Devil isn't going to get you in a spot that isn't good. If the devil knows that you are a fool when you're in the devil knows that you are furthering the work of God he's going to create a circumstance that can ruin your ministry he's going to create a circumstance that can ruin your name so that nobody will respect what you say about the Word of God anymore and we can be mindful of that when to be watchful and only just mindful being to communicate with our spouses and to communicate with our families about it if you have a young boy in your home and he has access to a cell phone which most do these days and I'm speaking against it or for it but if they have access to the Internet maybe take away the phone when they go to bed at night. Because things can be accessed and I'm sure that you don't want your children to be seen and by the way if you have parental controls on your internet praise the Lord for that but young people are smart and this generation of young people which I'm a part of tend to be a little bit more technological savvy than their parents. And they can often find holes here and there that you don't know about. Not only should we be guarding our spouse in ourselves but we should be guarding our children as well. Let's look at 1 more versa here today 1st Timothy Chapter 6. First Timothy Chapter 6. First Timothy Chapter 6 and verse 6. Says this but godliness. With contentment is great being so simple isn't it. Godliness with contentment is great. And he continues for we brought nothing into this world when you were born did you bring anything with you sure didn't right not even a smile away a purple face we brought nothing into this world and it is certain that we can carry nothing out of it and having food in Raymond's lend us the contents but they that will be rich fall into temptation in the snare and into many foolish in her philosophy which drown men in destruction and perdition I don't know about you but I believe that we are living in Earth's final days and I believe that we are living in a great controversy between good and evil in men if we are living in a great controversy between good and evil then my friends we have no time to be intending ourselves and things of this life. I don't know if you guys know the story of a man by the name of King Henry the 8th Have you heard of him before think Henry the 8th was King of England's and he had power but King any of the 8th 1 as. He was very eccentric type of a guy not only was he eccentric but he was full of himself and we know that for a fact he Henry the 8th was very. Prideful about his athletics. He would brag to all of his subjects and to women about his shapely legs. I laughed when I read that but not only was he proud about that he also had an issue with adultery if you know King Henry the 8th you know that he was married not just several times but many times right. 1 right after another and in some of those cases we find that he even took some of his wives and put them on the execution block. 1 of these such women was an Bilin. Now King Henry the 8th was married already and I'm sure at some time he claimed that he loved the spouse but somehow we don't know exactly how he met this woman and when and they started to have an affair. And as they started to have this affair Cantor the 8 asked her if she would marry him. Now of course this woman knew that it was wrong because he was married already but she was so excited to be a queen I don't know exactly all of her motivation. But she was ready to take another woman's husband. And so she did carry the 8 divorced his previous wife in and Berlin became his new 1. But as time went on when you marry for a loss that last eventually dies away. And then Bill and I'm sure very soon realize that if you marry or become involved with someone who has left somebody previously for a lot of the possibility of them leaving you for somebody else is pretty hot. And and will lead then just find herself divorced but as King Henry the 8th found a nother wife. He framed and Baldwin and she was put on the execution block and she died. Because of adultery. I want to be very upfront with you today about something and. My wife would probably cringe a little bit. But the Bible's very clear and I say this in the spirit of love. People that have are continuing with sexually immoral Fons. And people that entertain. Active lost their fantasies in their deepest parts of their minds and in their hearts. My friends they're not going to happen. Those that are sexually impure. Will not see the kingdom of God Let that sink in for just a minute you know sometimes we wax so long on certain subjects we don't say what really needs to be said. And that's the truth of it. But there's an exception. King David was called a man after God's own hearts. He not only committed adultery but he killed a man so that he could have that adultery. And as he repented there and solace if he wanted said Create in me a clean heart oh god yes what God did in David's hearts. He made it clean again I don't know what you've done in your past and I don't want to know that's between you or God maybe your spouse I don't know if you have been sexually impure I don't know if there are things to be ashamed. Maybe of coveted things that aren't yours maybe you are wanting a bigger house whatever it may be I'm not sure. But when we ask God to create a innocent clean heart it doesn't matter what we have done in our past he can make you clean from it and that. He did it for David and I know that he can do it for you if you have a hole in your hearts and you are craving sexual intimacy and unholy sexual intimacy talk to the Lord about it and he will fill it. And 1 day when we are all marching into the gates of heaven because Jesus let us get there adulterers liars. Murderers Addicks. All of them will be known as children of God As long as they have accepted his free gift of eternal life and like David had truly repented. But the wonderful thing about true repentance like David didn't solve 51 was not only did God create in David a clean heart not only did David apologize but your repentance also has to do with change doesn't it so this week I just want to make a small appeal and I know I don't want you to raise your hand or anything but this week my challenge for you and that's going to be a little bit different if you're married. This is my challenge for you. It's communication be honest with your spouse about things if you're driving down the streets and you have a last full thought in your mind don't just keep it to yourself to tell your wife about it tell your husband about it. I will do 2 things. It will build trust with your spouse believe it or not because you're being open and honest and number 2 you'll be able to work on it together and then so be open and honest with God your spouse about things that are happening in your mind. Secondly for those of you that are married maybe you're single Maybe you're young whatever it may be it would be a wonderful thing if you could talk to God about this subject because I'm sure for each and every 1 of you that God has somebody out there for you maybe God has called you to be single and he'll make you know he'll make that known to you but if marriage is something that you are looking for in the future pray to God for your spouse right now don't start when you meet her but start praying for her now start praying for him now whoever it may be. And as you continue to pray for that future spouse and he or she comes along God will allow you and help you to recognize the characteristics that you're looking for so today my friends my prayer for us is that we would be physically and spiritually faithful to not just our spouses but to our God in that we would truly know what love is really all about and that it's not lost full but it's purity let's close with prayer. Father Lord you have heard what was on my heart today and father it's a subject that I don't really like to talk about but it's 1 that's in your word so it must be talked about Father help us to take what we've learned today and not be ashamed and not feel like that we are 2 of the holier impure for you because that's a lie from the devil in the Lord. Help us to come to you to begin that process of creating a new heart and mind we pray in your name in this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. Or if you would like to listen to more sermons. W.W.W.. Or.


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