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8. Prince of Theives

Garhett Morgan


  • March 31, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Father Lord we thank you for your Sabbath The You've given us Lord we have a great responsibility coming up upon us this next month with America and Bible prophecy Lord there are people that are hungry for your truth that are hungry for your word and Lord we hope that your word will be presented in a way that they would be filled Lord Today we ask that your spirit would be here we think especially of the arms family and as they had some issues this morning medically with us that he would be with them be with Heidi especially just now Lord be with. The carol and Eric as they are in Florida and we hope to see them soon Father we hope to see Holly and Alan as well we miss them father there are many here that are there are many there are many today that are not here but we thank you for the ones that are here today and we ask that wherever our members may be scattered about that you would be with them specially on your Sabbath day we pray all of this in your name. Today we're going to be talking about the Prince of Thieves Now this is not a reference to Robin Hood for those of you that are wondering this is talking about a man in the Bible that if you count all the different names that the Bible has for this man there's about 40 of them 40 different names now 40 different names in the Bible might give away who that this person is or who this being is we're going to start on that just a minute but normally when you hear that the pastor is going to be talking about the commandments feeling a lot of you will immediately think I know what the pastor going to be talking about today he's going to be talking about tithes and offerings Well that's not the whole point of the message today although that is a relevant topic but before we get started I just want to turn to a verse and Malakai and we're going to talk about posit offers for just a brief few minutes and then we're going to discuss something that is all. Also just as important as our ties and offerings Malakai in chapter 3 starting in verse 8 and it might be a passage this familiar to many of you especially as this quarter's. Sabbath school lesson has ben on stewardship but now look at Chapter 3 starting in verse 8 tells us something very interesting. Malakai 38 says this will a man rob God yet you have robbed me but you say where have we robbed you in time and offerings you are cursed with the curse for you have robbed me even this whole nation bring you all the ties into the storehouse that there may be meat in mine house and prove me now here with say in the LORD of hosts if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it gone here challenges to test him on this matter doesn't it you know if you look at the mathematics when you're doing your bills at the end of the month whatever it may be but if you went to a financial advisor and it was a non-Christian financial adviser and you talked about your finances I'm going to be very upfront and honest with you it does not make sense to tie. Mathematically it doesn't make a lick of sense. But I have found that as I have been faithful to God who owns the cattle on the 1000 Hills that he is faithful to me as well. Although it might not make mathematical sense. For times and offerings it makes sense in God's eyes Amen and if we are faithful to Him He will be faithful that you do not have need for anything that you will always have food and that you always have a roof over your head but today I want to talk about something a little bit deeper than this and we're going to lead you on a little bit of a story here a story line and it's going to it's going to take a minute for you to realize how this has to war but the commandment Thou shall not steal but just bear with me it will all come together at the ends we're going to start by going to Genesis chapter 1 Genesis chapter 1 and here we find something it's 1 of my favorite moments in the Bible Genesis chapter 1 and where to look here it was 26 Genesis 1 and verse 26 God created many different things he spoke and it was done and in Genesis 126 we find something incredible and this is what we find Genesis 126 says that and Don said Let us what kind of word is us. And God said Let us having a conversation let us make men in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creep with upon the earth so God created men in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female he created them so here we have God and God decides to create men in what's his own image very good and so then we find just a chapter later how God does this how created man and woman Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7 this is a beautiful passage and this is what we said we see and the Lord God formed man as man kind of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living what. Here we find that God in all other instances of creation spoke and it took place but it was time to create mankind when it was time to make somebody after his own likeness that he just say let there be Adam what did he do. He formed it with his very own hands now that's a very intimate moment if you think about it but as God was there was forming Adam out of the dust of the earth and as he formed even a very similar passion he breathed into their nostrils What's the breath of life now very often we think this is wonderful how God created Adam and Eve But do you think he spent time on creating you did God only do this with Adam or Eve or do you think that he created you informed you as well in fact I know that he did and we're going to see that in just a minute but the very breath that you're breathing right now where did it come from came from God himself now I'm not saying that God is living what then you can that's pantheism right but the breath that you are breathing is breath that comes from whom. Every moment every morning when you wake up and you breathe in and you breathe out and you have a life in your heart you've got a spark in your eyes it's a gift from God Amen God not only created you but he has a purpose for you and then we're going to see that here go with me if you would the Jeremiah chapter 1 that's the book arrived after Isaiah in the Old Testament Jeremiah chapter 1 in Jeremiah and here my chapter 1 is introducing himself and Jeremiah introduces himself a little bit differently you know when then introduce themselves we tend to go hey how are you what's your name what you do right it's all about what we do females are very similar to that but when Jeremiah introduces himself he doesn't just say hey I'm Jeremiah and I'm a prophet but he introduces himself all the way back to this point Jeremiah chapter 1 and verse 4 look at it's best then the word of the Lord came months to me saying before I form the in the belly I knew the and before you came forth out of the womb sanctified me and I ordained the a prophet into the nations then I said I'll Lord behold they cannot speak for I am only a child but the Lord said oncet me say not I'm a child for you will go to all that I shall send you and whatsoever I command you you will speak Be not afraid so when Jeremiah is introducing himself in this book he says I'm Jeremiah and he started all the way back when God created him and I think that's really important before Jeremiah was a gleam in his father and his mother's I God knew who Jeremiah was to me and not only did God know who Jeremiah was and not only did God warm him and make him unique but God had a purpose for Jeremiah did me. Before Jeremiah was even born God had sanctified him to be a prophet of God what a collie am and I believe that this isn't unique to Jeremiah but I believe that God has made you individually for who you are today and I believe that he has ordained you for a certain purpose now I cannot tell you what that purpose may be but God has a plan God has a purpose that is unique to you and only you can fulfill that role isn't it amazing that God You have so many different things to worry about a god that has all of this all of the all the salvation of people on earth it's big and he's trying to save them all he's got all these different things that not a not a sparrow falls but he doesn't take note of it. And if God takes note of sparrows falling how much more that he care about you that's just the wonder and amazing thing of God that he can be in all those places at once and he can know all those things at the same time that he knows the amount of hair on your head that's a different level isn't it. So God not only formed you but he has appointed you as a certain person with a certain work he may have called you to be a mother may have caused you to be an elder in the church he may have called you to be a good husband or wife may have called you to be a nurse or a teacher or mechanic or ever it may be God has ordained you to be somewhere at a certain place and we should make the most of it a man a man out of our danger to be a prophet but he or danger to be 1 of his witnesses let's look at a few more here the Bibles full of them let's go to Psalms chapter 139 Psalms chapter 139. I love what David alludes to here and it's so clear Soames $139.00 we're going to look here at verse 13 and in the King James uses the word reigns reigns in the original translation simply means a skeleton or the form of a body. Songs 139 and we're going to start here in verse 13. Notice what it says it says for that now has possessed my reins you have covered me in my mother's womb I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are the works and that my soul know what to write well now verse 15 is the part that I love and this unique from any other person the Bible ever read my substance was not hid from the 1 I was made in secret and curiously rots in the lowest parts of the earth what he's talking about here is when an embryo is fertilized in God's mind when that embryo is brutalized it becomes a living soul that substance is a child of God and I believe that is 1 of the greatest acts that we can have against abortion today just to stand on my soapbox for a minute I believe that the Bible is extremely clear that abortion is something that should never happen the same scientists on our planet today that say that a baby that is formed in a mother's womb is not life are the same scientists that go to Mars in find a cell and say that there is life there. Talk about a contradiction right but I believe that when that embryo is growing inside a mother's womb that that is a living soul that God is for me right then and there and that is a miracle. Science doesn't know completely how all of this works but God does because I believe that God is there was a special bond that God has given a woman and a child and something that he ordained in its special but before all that ever took place God was forming new God was forming your children your little ones might be little but God has ordained them for a special purpose it may be a pastor it may be a missionary maybe a pilot maybe a doctor who knows what it may be but God has ordained them to do great things for him no matter what occupation they find and the same goes for OS as well God knew and form them now pastor where are you going how does that what does this have to do with Thou shall not steal all done with just 1 minute 1 more verse here and then I'll be done with this part but go to 1st Corinthians 7. First Corinthians 7 and verse 22. Give you a little hint 1st Corinthians is right before 2nd Corinthians. First Corinthians 722. 1st Corinthians 722 not only did god form you not only did God ordained you but look what it says in 1st Corinthians 7 and verse 22 and 23 for he that is called in the Lord being a servant is the Lord's 3 man likewise also he that is called being 3 is Christ servant you are bought with the prize be not you the servants of men now when did God form you not only did God call you not only has gone protected you you know it baffles me when I talk to people and I hear their testimonies over and over and over again there's been a time or moments in most everybody's in life where they'll look back on that moment and say I should have been dead if you had that situation in your life before I think almost all of us in this room have there was a point at some part in our lives where we should have died where there was a car accident maybe it was a medical issue I don't know what it is but God protected you and you're alive today for a reason and God has you here to do something great and if you don't know what that is to plead with him to know what and as you do know you will do great things but not only did God do all this but God bought you as well didn't need you know this weekend there will be thousands if not millions of people that are celebrating 1 of the. Easter Sunday right yes that was Good Friday and over this period of time there will be people coming to church that maybe don't most of the time because it's Easter Sunday but my friends no matter where people are in their walk with God no matter where their church goers are not God has still called them a man God has ordained them and God has not given up on them. God has bought us with the prize and he did that when he died on the cross for our sins and only did he do it on the cross for our sins but he proved his power over sin when he resurrected Easter Sunday morning what a privilege a man. God has done all of these things for us and then we find something interesting go to the Book of these this is where we start tying in with the commandment Thou shall not steal he kills right before the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament is 28 and verse 11. And as soon as you get there you'll probably know this verse is a very popular 1. Chapter $28.00 we read of a man who is the King of Tire. But then if you read on a little further you'll notice that this King of Tire was all the way back in Eden and the King of Tire didn't exist yet even so what is talking about the King of Tire and easy chapter 28 is the symbol of 1 being that we know today as the devil or Lucifer the King of Tire back in those days was a man that had an alliance with Euro slump in fact the King of Tire worked with David and Solomon to get the materials for the temple but over amount of time the King of Tire got so rich and wealthy and there was so much trade going on that he fell away from his alliance with Israel in the fact eventually become an enemy of it. Very great symbolism for the devil himself easy chapter 20 starting in verse 11 says this more over the word of the Lord came unto me saying Son of Man take up the limitation upon the king of Tyrus or of the devil and say on to him thus saith the Lord God Now Seal us up the sum full of wisdom and perfect in beauty that has been in Eden the garden of God every precious stone was your covering and then it talks about all of those different things we're not going to take the time to read that but Verse 14 now are the anointed cherub that covers and I am that you stole the you are upon the holy mountain of God you have walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire you were perfect in the way from the day that you were created till iniquity was found in you verse 17 your heart was lifted up because of your beauty God created Lucifer as well the knee now trick question here but did God create the devil now God created Lucifer and Lucifer created the Devil but when God created of her he did exactly what he had done with everything in the past he made a perfect being with the power of choice which involves a risk and when he did that with Lucifer Lucifer was lifted up because of his beauty the very 1 that anointed cherub that covers a chair of that covers if you know anything about the stationary the heavenly or the earthly You know the Ark of the Covenant right the Ark of the Covenant right there had to angels that were overlooking the throne of God right the anointed cherub that covers was 1 that stood on the left or the right hand of God Himself. So if you go to heaven there are 2 anointed cherubs that covers and 1 of those cherubs that covered on the right or left hand of God was Lucifer. And Lucifer fell from that high position in heaven to where he is today let's look at 1 more verse on this we're going to find it in Isaiah Isaiah Chapter 14. Isaiah Chapter 14 and verse 12. We find what this angel of light. Lucifer becomes Isaiah 14 verse 12 how Art Bell fallen from heaven oh Lucifer son of the morning how are they are cut down to the ground which did weaken the nations for you said in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mouth of the congregation in the sides of the north on I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high your word in there that repeated pretty often it and I complex in me and as he continued to want to lift himself up as he continued to want to make himself even higher than God himself he looked to steal the reputation of God and when the devil was cast out here on earth he started looking around for something else that he could steal and you know what the currency is that the devil is trying to steal. It's you. It's me. Now we're going all the way back to that commandment in Exodus 20. Thou shall not steal. The devil is the Prince of Thieves here on this earth today. And he isn't just looking to steal money in fact I'll give you money if that's what you want. Is it looking to steal fame because if you want fame he'll definitely give it to you but the devil will do anything in his power to make sure that you're lost even if those are blessings in disguise. I read a book a little while ago and I may have used this example before but I was reading a book that was talking about the fire bombings of London. And both sides in World War 2 use these fire bombings the Germans used them on Britain the American forces and the British forces use them on Germany we used them on Japan and so we've got the atomic bomb and 1 thing that I realised I was reading this book about fire bombing was that more people not more but just as many people die from bombing as they did in bomb shelters inhaling poisonous gas from those bombs. In 1 day there was a father who had his little girl and this little girl was born this was towards the end of the war little girl was born it right at the beginning so all this girl had ever known was a war zone. And this little girl and her father were there and they the fire bombing started to take place and as this fire bombing was taking place that the dad there was no mother anymore scooped up his little girl and ran towards a bomb shelter and when the bomb shelter was was closed they closed the door a little girl doesn't deserve to grow up like that. And as that little girl was there and that bomb shelter she was there with her father and the minute started ticking by and they could still hear the explosions outside and the little girl noticed something people were starting to get sleepy and her eyes were starting to get heavy Now I love that but you know when children are just starting to learn to talk. I love it when kids are just learning how to talk and their grammar is wrong and they put things in the wrong order you know I love that it's adorable this little girl was just learning how to talk in that British accent and as that girl was there inside that bomb shelter and as people were getting sleepy and a strange smell was coming into that bomb shelter she asked her dad something that just touched me and it broke my heart she looked at her father and said these words Daddy are we getting dead yet. And the father repeated everything's going to be just fine a few minutes later she asked him again Daddy are we getting dead yet she could barely talk. But yet she knew about all the death that this war and had to offer. Well very soon afterwards the bombing ceased and the father with his girl in his arms left the bomb shelter. But that little girl was very limp. And she didn't make it through. Friends often we think. That the devil causes us to do very harmless. But the very same devil that is responsible for attempting it was the same devil that caused all that to happen. Every death. Every disease every atrocity that has ever taken place on this earth today has come from 1 man's throne and that's the devils he goes by many different names the dragon Satan Lucifer B L Z above the. Serpent King of Tire and the list goes on and on and on. But my friends today my plea for you in the point of this message is this God has created you so that he can have a relationship with you a myth. God has created you so that he can spend eternity with you Gunn has created you for a purpose. Don't support the greatest that on Earth by allowing yourself to be stolen away by things of this life. There's another story of a man in this man was the founder of a company that I know and love today he was the 1 that invented Heinz Tomato Ketchup or cat's up everyone to pronounce it I don't believe that anybody should put I don't believe anyone's name belongs on a ketchup bottle behinds that was the man's name Heinz he was the 1 that found that company and Heinz the beginning part of his business there was working and a farmer came in with a big truckload of tomatoes and was being weighed on the scales so he could figure out how much that he owed them and all that stuff and I was walking by and he was just taking a look and making sure everything was running smoothly and talking to his employees and just making a good appearance and as he was walking by he got to 1 scale and he talked to his employees that how's it going today and this employee looked at them and he kind of mark and said we're getting in a good way ends today sir and looked at him and said How do you get good wait what do you mean and his employer looked at Heinz and said well when the farmer's not looking you can always make the weight a little less than it's supposed to be you know what I mean. What he was saying was that he was lessening the load or lying about the weight so that the Heinz Company would have to pay the farmer everything that he was he was worth that he was due. And find smiled at the man would work for him for many years and said Why don't you come with me and so he did willingly and he was I'm sure expecting a clap on the back you know job well done and as they went into Heinz's office they walked past it and they went to the clerk's office and Hines said to the clerk give him his last check because he's fired. He was shocked the worker was in the worker looked at me brother Hines and he said how can you do this I work for you for years I don't get sick I've always been on time in fact I've been early I'm always here I've never cheated you I've been all these different things I've been I've been an example employee I'm just trying to save you a little bit of money. And the owner of the company Mr Hines looked at him and he said something and he said this If you steal for me today you'll steal from me tomorrow. And that is so true isn't it. The devil attempted to steal from God and it didn't work and today he's trying to steal you from God. Let's turn to 1 more verse here. Revelation chapter 20. Revelation chapter 20. And it talks about something here there's 2 different classes. Of Revelation chapter 20 we find the devil here. And there are 2 classes of people which we're going to see here in just a minute Revelation chapter 20. And we're going to start here in verse 4. And I saw thrones and they sat upon them and judgment was given to them and I saw the stalls of them that would be headed for the witness of Jesus for the Word of God which had not worship the beast neither his image neither had received his mark upon their foreheads or in their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ a 1000 years or so after that resurrection that we see in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 4 we see all of those righteous hopefully all of us they meant by God's grace all of us are there in Heaven with Christ rect 1000 years and then after that 1000 years of judgment and God being on trial is done away with heaven starts to lower towards Earth where the devil has been on a 1000 year time out if you will and as New Jerusalem starts to lower down all of the unrighteous are resurrected and states in distress of the Sea of them 1 last time in the successful look what happens here and Revelation chapter 20 and we read this verse 8 and shall go out will start for 7 and 1000 years expired saying shall be loosed out of this prison and she'll go out to deceive the nations which in the 4 corners of the earth dog and may God to gather them together to battle the number of whom is this and of the sea that's a lot of people. That phrase reminds me back in Abraham where God says that your children be as the stars of the sky is the. First 9 and they being those which are deceived and lost and they went up on the breath of the earth and compassed surrounded the camp of the saints of bow and the beloved city and fire came down from gone out of heaven and devoured them my friends we find that Satan is driven by that. The devil knows that he's lost them all knows the Scriptures probably better than any of us do. The devil knows that when Jesus died on the cross for our sins that Jesus 1 when he resurrected it just was the cherry on top he knows that he's dunes at this point the devil is just trying to take as much of us with him as possible so that he can hurt God as much as possible and we find that he only has moments left in Revelation chapter 20. And as he does this he still tries to attempts to steal the City of God my plea for us today friends is what side of those walls of New Jerusalem are you going to be on there is a ticket for heaven that has your name on it sealed with the blood of Christ and the devil is looking to try and steal that ticket and burn it. Don't let the devil whisk you away don't let him steal your soul because Jesus has created you Jesus has ordained you Jesus has loved you Jesus has bought you and only don't go here but I'm going to close on this thought we're not going to turn there but how many of you know the story of Hosea. Hosea was 1 of the minor prophets and he was a prophet of God and God gave him a very odd command and you can read this all in the book of Isaiah but God told the prophet of God to go and marry somebody. He told Jose of the prophet of God to go and marry a prostitute. What. But Hosea did. And time and time again in the book of Jose you find that Jose is out doing his work wherever he may be doing and he comes home and guess what who doesn't find their. His wife. And yes what he asked to do he has to take his hard earned money or ever he got it and to go and he had to find his wife he had to buy her back. And then after some time he'd come home again and guess what he's been missing his wife you have to take his money go find her and buy her back over and over and over again a prophet of God and you have so much to do was worried about his whole life and we couldn't focus and he was constantly trying to buy his wife back and gain her affection and time and time again she would go and sell herself back into harlotry. That's often what we do today God has purchased us with a price Amen and it wasn't just $40.00 pieces of silver It wasn't just a few dinars but my friends it was with the blunt of the Son of God He came and he died on the cross for our sins and yet so often we take that price that he painted and shed his blood for us and we go and we still ourselves back into sin and over and over again he comes looking for us and if we let him he says I'll take you back and he purchases us again. And then we allow ourselves to fall away. My friends there's going to come a point in history where probation is going to close. And there is not going to be any more turning back and going back and forth and back and forth but my friends I believe that for God's remnant day people we are living in a time where that door probation is about ready to close. We are living in a time. Where your decision is about ready to be final and the books in heaven are going to close and your fate is going to be sealed in those books. Taught wait until it's too late. Don't be like those when the are closed and the rains came down in the floods came up they drowned because they waited too long. Jesus is just around the corner probation is just around the corner Don't let the devil steal your soul. Let's pray. Father Lord we thank you for your gift of salvation we thank you that you rose again that we serve a living God. Father we ask that today. We went on air your your wish that you would be our God and that we would be your people that's all that you've ever wanted. Help us not to sell ourselves constantly back into sin. But Lord help us to take the gifts that you've given us and continue to hold on to you we pray in your name name in. This media was brought by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know about. 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