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9. Two Witnesses

Garhett Morgan


  • April 7, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Well let's have a War Department for we get started shall we Father Lord we thank you for the day you've given us and we praise your name that there was a little bit of sunshine this morning and father we want there to be sunshine in our souls today so long as we read your words and as we look at how we can be good and faithful witnesses to you we ask you would bless us then your holy spirit be in this room father the people wouldn't hear my words but Lord they would hear yours we pray in your precious name Amen. Let's go ahead and take a look here and Isaiah Chapter $43.00 and today we're going to be doing is we're to be looking at what God has asked us to do when it comes to being a faithful witness Isaiah Chapter 43. And verse 10 I say of 43 and verse 10 God has asked us and he says Thou shalt not bear what kind of a witness false witness and in saying that when God says that we shouldn't be a false witness what is he assuming that we should be what kind of witnesses true witnesses right so the best way I believe in order for us not to be false witness this is to be true witnesses Amen don't focus on what you shouldn't do but focus on the things that we should be doing and we find this in Isaiah Chapter 43 look here at verse 10 and this is what the Word of God says He says you are my witnesses say it the Lord and my servant whom I have chosen that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he before me there was no gone forms neither shall there be after me I love what God says there in this plot it language but he's saying I have always been and before me was there was no before God But before me there was no God And after me and God is always going to live right and after me there is not going to be any god so what's God saying there I'm the only God and I'm always going to be around I love that amen verse 11 he says on even on I am the Lord and beside me there is no savior Where's where's the only way that we can find a path to salvation is Christ Jesus even. I have declared and have saved and have showed when there was no strange god among you therefore you are my witnesses say at the Lord that I am God God has put in our hands as Christians a very important responsibility has any not only has he told us not to bear false witness but God wants us as Christian people to be living a good witness Amen Now I don't know about you but have you ever felt since God has given us such an amazing message to proclaim Have you ever felt under qualified for spreading the word of God. I know that I have or I and most of us in this room have said that they were felt like wow this mess is just so amazing and there are so many things I want to share about it but I'm just not qualified to share it I can't speak like I want to speak I really don't even like people that much that's what some of us say I have a hard time getting out of my comfort zone knocking on doors out of the question I don't like sharing tracks with people I'm just under qualified to share the gospel of Christ and a lot of people feel that way and believe me I feel that way all the time but look at what God has promised us look here in the book of Luke Luke Chapter 19 Luke Chapter 19 Jesus says something a little bit of tongue in cheek I think but I want what he has to say lute Chapter 19 and verse 39. And here's the Paris these here Luke 939 and it says in some of the Paris Peace from among the multitude sentence him Master rebuke your disciples and she says in verse 40 and he answered and said to them I tell you that if these palm of the bibles of the disciples should hold their peace what would immediately cry out the stones so Jesus says you know if humanity didn't cry out that I am God If humanity didn't cry out and spread this news that I have asked them to spread that I could say hey why don't you rocks go ahead and do it and the rocks would proclaim that Jesus is God Now when I read that something that I am tempted to think Is this maybe rocks would do a better job of it were felt that way like often 1 of the reasons that the gospel message in Christian faith so often has been misconstrued and and had a false witness to condé with that was because we as humanity can sometimes represent the Gospel wrong and sometimes I think if God would use the rocks this message might get proclaimed a little faster if God would use the rocks maybe it would be proclaimed in its pure form without any bias and sometimes I'm tempted to think that it might be an advantage if God would simply use the stones out there or not use me or you but I'm telling you my friends that God has not seen that that to happen God has not said rocks cry out because he know. That witnessing is not just good for us to share but it's a good problem faith with him as well amen when we're witnessing to others we often think that we're doing them a favor when in fact we can be both Who are we really doing the favor to it's ourselves spreading the word of God and the gospel message to other people is a Lidl vital parts of the Christian faith but maybe you're still thinking you know care I just still underqualified to spread the truth of God. And I'll tell you this right now none of us are qualified to spread the gospel message not any of us not the pastor not the General Conference presidents not Billy Graham nobody has ever been qualified to spread the gospel of Christ but God has called each and every 1 of us to do it and he will equip us because he's given us that duty to do. I want to look at a story today and this story has 2 different kinds of witnesses in it there's a false witness and there is a true and faithful witness and this story is probably familiar to a lot of you but we find the story in Numbers Chapter 22 if you want to look there with me Numbers Chapter 22 and we find a man by the name of Bayonne. Numbers Chapter $22.00 and we're going to start here in verse 1 and then we're going to get a little bit of context to it numbers $22.00 and verse 1 you're going to want to be there because we're going to be reading a bit number 22 and verse 1 and this is what it says and the children of Israel step forward and pitched in the plains of Moab on the side Jordan by Jericho So here we have the MOAB or Midianites and the Midianites are there and they see Israel right at their doorstep now Israel had just conquered all of these other nations and wherever Israel was going up against another nation guess who was winning the Israelites were why do you think the Israelites were winning so much because of their god amen and so this king of Midian or Moab was looking around and he saw the Israelites right at his doorstep right on the edge of his kingdom and he said oh no the Israelites are undefeated because of their god what am I going to do about this because they're going to come and take over my kingdom and he heard of a man and if you will do a study we don't have time to read all of this today but he heard of a man that lived a little further off actually quite a little journey away and this man used to be a prophet of the lower. But he had fallen away into basically being a soothsayer he once knew God He wants to listen to God's voice but he had become so distracted with things of this world that he was no longer a prophet of God He was working as simply a soothsayer. Will the King of Midian saw the Israelites and was nervous about it and he heard of bay 1 who once knew God and whose curses and blessing seem to work and so guess what he decided to do he decided to want to employ this God and him a bailout to curse Israel and hopefully the Israelites would lose and so we see this whole story play out look at this in Numbers Chapter $22.00 and verse 21 we see what takes place well actually when I read that we're going to look down here 22 and verse. We're going to look at 10. And bam 7 to God they look the son of the poor King of Moab and sentence me saying Behold there is a people come out of Egypt which covered the face of the earth come now cursed me them peradventure I shall be able to overcome them and drive them out and God said to bail him that I shall not go with them that I shall not curse the people for they are blast so that the king of Midian sends these messengers and the messengers have a bunch of gifts of gold and money and who knows what all and says Bale and he will simply curse the children of Israel we will give you all of this. And Bale him says well let me ask God 1st and he does and we just read what does God say don't go with them and do not curse the children of Israel because they are blessed and so he goes and he tells the servants you know what Sorry guys God told me I can't curses people he should have even had to ask right these are the children of God Why would God allow them to be cursed but then he looks at the service of the servants play with them and say listen is there any way you can do what we've asked you to do and don't says I ask God Again stay the night stick around for a while and I'll ask him again and we'll see what happens. Like God's going to change his mind right. And so they do and bail and praise to God And guess what God said no get the picture and so bail him sends those statements away in the service go back to the king of Midian and the 1000000 things says well I guess I must have not offered up enough money and so he spends the servants back with even more gifts and even more money and they said bail him please will you curse the Israelites and bail him says Let me ask God and he does again and the same thing happened seekers back to the servants and says you know what God says I can't curse them but stick around I ask him 1 more time tonight and God finally goes and you can read this in the text you're going to do what you're going to do. Go ahead and go with them but don't do anything that I tell you not to do and so against the will of God bailing neurons with these servants back to 1000000 and he's on his trust and this is the part of a story that everybody knows he's on his trusted donkey right now I'm getting out of the King James today and I read this in Big Rapids a while ago and in the King James there's another word that is used for a donkey and in this story that word is repeated over and over and over again and reducing that word over and over again causes a lot of distraction in the young people so in the King James today for that word I'm going to use the word doc he that's all right with you OK so in Numbers Chapter 22 well look it was 21 Balan is on his donkey and Baylin rose up in the morning and sat on his donkey and went with the princes of Moab and God's anger was kindled because he when told them not to and the angel of the Lord's to them the way for an adversary against him now he was riding upon his donkey and his 2 servants were with them and the donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way and his sword drawn in his hand and the donkey turned aside out of that way and went to the field and bailed smote the donkey to turn her into the way so get that here's bail him and he's riding on the dock you know me ask you this is Bailey had been connected to God and was truly a prophet do you think that Beilin would have seen that angel of the Lord. Probably So all right and as bailment upon this docking he's going down a path and there's a wall on 1 side there's a wall on the other side and the donkey sees this angle and he takes off the path and goes into a field because he's scared right and what is bail and start doing just arson smack in it and then it continues look here the ain't the angel moves in verse 24 but the ends of the Lord's 2 in the path of the vineyards a while being on this side and I'm on that side the same thing right donkey had nowhere to go and when the donkey saw the image of the Lord she thrust herself into the wall and crushed Bayless foot against the won't he smote her again so some people can get mad and obviously bail is a little bit perturbed and he's starting to just beat his donkey but some other people and I can tend to be 1 of these sometimes they can be mad but when they hurt themselves while they're angry they get enraged you ever been around someone like that before who is just having a buffed rough day then they smash their thumb with the hammer and then they just goes off right that's Bale I'm Bale is already having a rough day and finally his quit gets crushed and it's over and he really starts getting upset verse 26 and the angel of the Lord What further happens again and stood in their place Where was no way to turn either to the right or to the left and when the donkey saw the end of the Lord she gives up she's balls down under bam and Balan's anger was kindled and he smote the donkey with the staff sounds a little bit like animal abuse. And when the donkey saw the angel of the Lord a weak start was $28.00 and the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey and she said it's a bail and what have I done to you that you have smitten me these 3 times now I don't know but I'm not sure if bailing was so angry he was just seeing red and didn't know what was happening but if a donkey started to talk to me I would be like oh this is out of the ordinary. Wouldn't you think but there is no narrative of this of bail I'm saying wow my dog is talking to me but he's ready to have an intelligent conversation with a doggie. And he starts talking to it take a look here at verse 28029 and bail instead of the donkey because you have mocked me I would There was a sword in my hand for now when I kill you so he's having a conversation with this donkey I know he's realizing what he's doing but he says you know if there is a shorter route I would kill you right on the spot Little does he know that there is restored around and it's held by the angel of God and the only reason that Beilin isn't getting caught by that sword is because of who Tante and his eyes still are not yet opened verse 30 and the donkey said it's a bail I'm I'm not I or donkey upon which you have written ever since I was yours was I ever want to do so once he said no then the Lord opened the eyes of Bale I'm and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way and his sword there's that sword drawn in his hand and he bowed down his head and fell flat on his face and the story continues and we're not going to read all of it but here's the point that I want to make through this story. Baling was supposed to be a prophet of God right he was supposed to be a leader he was supposed to be a true witness and here he is and he's on his way to do what cursed the people of God Would you call that a false witness absolutely right and then God used this a donkey and who was the more faithful witness in the story of the man or the animal the animal is. If God my friends if God can use a donkey I think he can use you if God can make stones cry out the Gospel message in his name do you think that he can use you if the Lord can speak through a burning bush he can definitely use you my friends you might not you're qualified but God doesn't care about qualifications he cares about if your heart is willing or not. So bail I'm he goes and he refuses. To curse the children of God But you'll notice something very interesting. He tells the king of many and he says I'm not allowed to curse God But I'll tell you what you do the children of Israel have had a really hard trying they have a track record with idolatry and women so we told the king a 1000000 and what you do is you go in you introduce some strange idols into the camp of Israel and you let some of your single women go down there and take a look and see what happens in the children of Israel fell because of that measure that was taken out suggested by Bale I'm bailing didn't by mouth curse the people of Israel. But what did he really do he cursed the children of God by his actions and we're going to see that in just a minute but after a little some time the children of Israel repented back to God and I want to show you something in Numbers Chapter 31 in verse 8 they finally conquered Moab are the children many and and we find something interesting Numbers Chapter 31 and verse 8. And start in verse 7 Numbers $31.00 in verse 7 and they warn against the Midianites as the Lord commanded Moses and they slew all the males they slew the kings of many and but some of the rest of them that were slain namely eat Eve on rectum serve her and rebuff 5 kings Abed you know here's the name we want to see baby Lum also the Son A B O R they slew with the soul or what was valence fate my friends bail him died because he was in a true and faithful witness as he had been called to be there are 2 types of witnesses in the Bible there is the witness of that donkey bless his heart and there's the witness of baling which is actually called out in the Book of Revelation that we're going to get to in just a minute but before we do that I want to tell you a story my father spam only comes from the area of Idaho around the Potlatch area if you know where that is they were seeing the old movie Charlie the lonesome cougar it's in that area and in that area there's pretty much only 2 sources of income and that is LA gain and liquor and my father's family a couple generations ago were pretty much and they still are to this day they're all augurs but a couple generations ago they were all moonshiners as well and as they grew up in this environment my grandfather decided he was going to do something a little bit different than his family did. At the expense of his name at the expense of being picked on all the time on Sundays guess where he was he was at church and as he saw the drop in midst of his brothers and everything that was going on he decided that he was not going to drink alcohol and he decided he was going to be part of the Lord's people and along with not drinking alcohol he decided to clean up his language a little bit and during World War 2 he went into the Navy now everybody knew and they called him by his last name Morgan everybody knew that Morgan didn't drink alcohol everybody knew it all of his all of his shipmates knew it everybody knew that Morgan didn't drink alcohol and 1 day Morgan My grandfather was on he was on what is the term R N R in Australia and he was there an Australian and of course when sailors get off their ship and they go ashore What do a lot of them do a lot of them the go and they get drunk right and there's a lot of M.P.'s running around and all this type of thing and my grandfather was there in Australia and it was a really hot day and he was out there trying to get his body you know corralled because he was the only 1 sober and as he was out there he became so hot that he passed out he got heatstroke and everybody thought that that was just my grandpa and anyone that knew him thought there's another sailor that's just drunk and passed out but in fact my grandfather laid there for quite some time nobody knows how long but with each stroke if you let him stay on for a certain amount of time you could die right and as he was there on the streets of Australia passed out because of a heat stroke everybody around him thought it was just some sailor but then his shipmates walked by and they saw that it was Morgan and they thought of themselves what's Morgan doing passed down he doesn't drink and they took them to the hospital on the doctors told him that if he had been out there for a few more minutes he wouldn't have lives. And I wouldn't be here today and it would neither would my father my friends my grandfathers faithful witness is the reason I'm standing before you my grandfather's faithful witness is the reason why he's still alive today something so simple being faithful to God can not just change your life but it can change the life of many people around you that is why God calls us to be that they will witness but let's take a look here are 2 witnesses that we find in Revelation and we're not be talking about the 2 witnesses represent the whole New Testament we're going to look at Revelation Chapter 2 Revelation Chapter 2 and we're going to find the name of it all of friends were relation chapter 2. As John is writing to the church of Pergamos something very interesting is stated Revelation Chapter 2 in verse 14. Revelation 214 status but I have a few things against you because you because thou hast wow on my readings off today but I have a few things against you because thou hast there them that just doesn't make sense but OK That whole the doctrine of Bane LOM who taught bailiff to cast a stumbling block for the children of Israel to eat things sacrificed and to idols and to commit 1 fornication so all the way back in John's time they still remember that man called Baylen right and those he considered a prophet of God or a stumbling block is considered a stumbling block right could it be that some of the lost in the Church of God today could be a stumbling block for other people even though you know that truth can be a stumbling block sometimes if truth the Gospel message is presented in a wrong way can be a stumbling block for people. My friends US not enough to just have the right masters but we don't have the right spirit when we present it as well. That is a true and faithful witness of God and we find this true and faithful witness is gone again in Revelation Chapter 14 and you probably don't even need to turn there but in Revelation 146 through 12 we find a true and faithful witness of God Amen the true and faithful witness of God of those turning the last times and by the way after the 3 angels messages are spoken the 1st thing that we see is an angel or the Son of man who has a sickle in his hand and what is he told to do go in reap for the harvest is calm my friends of the 3 angels messages are being preached today which I believe that they are Jesus is just around the corner and at the end of the band we are called to be his witnesses now 1 doesn't want to be truthful but he wants us to have a good spirit as well but we talked about being a good witness but we also should talk about what the commandment is popular mean popular meaning in us and that's just simply not to live right there is a story I'd like to tell you of a young man by name of Jack now Jack lived during a time called the Great Depression and it wasn't the Great Depression that we think of prior to World War 2 But this was the great depression of like the 18th thirty's all right he lived in the early $800.00 it was a time where money was pretty scarce around the southern part of the United States is family were not plantation owners they were simple farmers and they were struggling to get by and during the summer time Jack. Decided he was would help his family out with it with the only thing that he knew he simply had a pole and a hook and some worms and there was a creek nearby. And he said I'm going to start catching fish and selling them at the market place for my family was the only thing he knew how to do and so he did that and he started to catch fish every single summer day he would cast his pole into the water and bring up fish and he actually got to deal with a very generous store merchant who said Jack I know that you're doing this for a good reason everything that you give me no matter how big no matter how small I'll give you $0.50 for now back in the early $0.85 was a lot of money and so Jack says that sounds good to me and so is Jack began to fish every single day of that summer sometimes he would go into the store and he would have to fish they were poor excuses for fish right some of them were extremely small. But that merchant never rolled his eyes of the size of a fish but every single 1 that was presented there he would put down $0.50 whether they were bigger whether they were barely an excuse for a fish or all and this helped to see Jack's family through that entire year and that entire winter Well 1 day Jack was fishing and he was feeling a little bit bad about taking advantage of the store owner he thought that he wasn't worth the money and as he was fishing he got on he got a hit on his line and he started to pull it back there was no real on it it was just a cane pole and he started to pull it back and it wasn't just anything. This was a fish my friends it was huge the story says it was over 30 pounds and as he pulled in this fish he finally was able to get this blue get alive or bass something along those lines and he pulled it and it was the biggest fish that he had ever seen in this life and he took that fish and he got it or whatever needed to do and he put it over his shoulder and began to want towards the marketplace Well there was a man in town and this man was just a stranger he was passing through and as he was driving by he saw this little boy with a giant If this on his back and goes whoa that's the truth fish and he stopped very abruptly and approached the young man whose name was Jack and he said hey I'll give you $0.50 for that if right now. And Jack Psystar Easter I can't do that someone's already spoken for it and the man says I'll double my offer I'll give you a whole dollar Jack had never even really seen a dollar for I'll give you a whole dollar for that fish. Still Jack said sorry sir are the fishes been spoken for all the dialogue continued and Jack got that stranger up to $2.50 for that fish which is a lot of money in the hundreds. And Jack looked up at that man and said I appreciate we're trying to do sir and that is a very tempting offer but I'll tell you the store owner that I've been selling my fish to has taken some pretty rough bargains in his time he's taken some awful small fish for $0.50 apiece I think it's time for that store owner gets a fish worth his money and he rejected that offer and he went and sold that fish for $0.50 my friends it wouldn't have been wrong for Jack to sell that fish for $0.50 technically but I think Lee It would have been right Jack was being faithful to commit to a commitment that he had made in the past that had served him well and when it would have served him better monetary only speaking to sell the fish rather than there to that stranger he decided to be faithful and I believe that that is the definition of a true witness Jack grew up to be 1 of the most controversial and famous generals of the time stood General Stonewall Jackson who was killed 1 of his own men during the Civil War My friends honesty is something that can never be overrated and the Bible tells us something very interesting about honesty in John Chapter 8 in verse 44 if you want to turn there John Chapter 8 in verse 44. And after I read this we're going to break it down into 1 sentence and this sentence is rather bold but I believe this is exactly what Jesus was saying. John 844 And Jesus was talking and he says this you are of your father the devil and the last of your father you will do Jesus was a loving God Amen he still is but Jesus and all of his time on earth the Bible says he never had a face or a mind that was negative toward somebody but he often spoke pretty up properly and pointedly to people than he. We often forget that Jesus wasn't all just sunshine and rainbows and letting children sit on his lap but when Jesus saw something that needed to be call out he called out he did Jesus says you are your father the devil and the loss of your father you will do he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaks at the law he speak of them his own for he is a liar and the father of it my friends I believe that what Jesus is saying here can be summarized in 1 sentence and it might seem rather bold but I believe that it's true and it's biblical line is say tannic lying in state tannic when Jesus is in our hearts let me ask you has not ever spoken a lie in fact is probably in part and not actually I know it's impossible for God to speak a lie but if God's truth is in our hearts we should only be speaking truth amen and if we are deciding to be a false witness and we lied to somebody that's evidence that Jesus is not the 1 living in our hearts because lying my friends is this a tannic act now lying isn't just a bold faced lie but there's lots of lies that are sad that people think it's harmless like the white lies right let me ask you this do you think that flattery could be a form of lying what do you think flattery could very easily be a form of lying What about gossip do you think that could be a form of being a false witness there are so many things that come into this commandment of being a true and faithful witness but I believe my friends that God wants us to speak truth and if we want to speak truth and we should be speaking of His word Let's go to 1 more passage here in James and you know your pastor is lying when he said let's go to 1 more verse right. Let's go to James. James. Now we're going to take a look here at Chapter 3 now if you want to know how you should be speaking as a Christian James chapter 3 I believe is 1 of the best chapters for that my subtitle there is Christian speaking in my Bible and James Chapter 3 really puts a great object lesson on this notice what it says James 3 and verse 1 my brother in be not many masters knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation for and many things we offend all if any man offend not in word the same as a perfect man and also able to bridle the whole body behold we put bits in the horses mouse that they may obey us and we turn about their whole body behold also all the ships which though they be so great in are driven off fierce winds yet are they turned with about with a very small helm with the governor left even still the tongue is a little member and boasts great things behold how great a matter of let's all fire Kindles Oh I love that if you want to control a horse you put a bit in its mouth right and you can get that horse or turn where you want to go a little snail controls the entire ship right my friends the tongue can also be the same thing in our lives today what comes out of our mouth is what we're thinking in our heads and what we believe in our heart it continues in verse 6 The tongue is a fire a world of iniquity so is the tongue among our members that it defiles the whole body and sets on fire the course of nature and it sets on fire of hell for every kind of beast a bird serpents and things in the sea is tame and has been tamed of mankind animals can be tamed but can your tongue be. It's a tough 1 isn't. But my friends anything is possible when we rely on Jesus Christ but we do not want to focus focus on the negative here remember Jesus tells us that we should not be a faithful witness but we should be focused on focusing on being a good witness amen because when we're being a good witness for God will naturally not bear false witness to more verses All right just to 1st Peter to 12th will be our 1st 1st Peter 212. First Peter 2 and verse 12 this is a great summary of the entire message right here 1st Peter 212 having your conversation honest among the Gentiles gentiles a biblical language for unbelievers right have in your language honest among Gentiles that where as they speak against you is evil doers they may be they may beat by your good works which they shall behold to glorify God in the day of visitation my friends if we have a good name and we are honest with the people that are not believers in God when they speak of us they'll say that person's honest they must serve an honest God if that person is told of struggle of truth they must be right about Jesus the last verses in 2nd Corinthians 13. Second Corinthians 13 and verse 7. Now I pray to God that you do no evil not that we should appear approved but that you should do which is honest although we be as reprimands for we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth my friends you want to know why the Bible has been able to exist all of these years overcoming tribulation and book burnings and being chained to pulpits and trying to be decimated from this earth by the dumb we know why it's still here because it's truth you can do nothing against truth if you go to the Book of Acts remember the Pharisees were so I wasn't planning on saying this number the people were so angry with Peter and the apostles and they said why are you speaking truth they were going to kill them right there and then a man of the last it up and told all the therapies and Sadducees he said listen if this be a man don't worry about a little bit of pillow outs but if this be of God Who are you to stand against it my friend today we are called to be faithful witnesses to things that are of God If Jesus is living in you know then truth should come out of you if we are lying My friends we haven't asked since kicked Christ out let us always welcome the Spirit of truth in our hearts the people would not look at asked as a rock on this earth to lean on but that we can let them know that Willie we lean on the rock of heaven and that that is the only stability we can have here on this earth Let's pray. Father Lord we thank you for this many that you have given us we thank you that you have given us such an important work of being your true and faithful witnesses we ask that we would do it justice that Lord you are able to let the stones cry out so. You can have animals talk and speak of your truth the lord you've called qualify us we pray in your name. And then. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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