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10. The New Covenant

Garhett Morgan


  • April 21, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Good noon hour everybody. Still morning for a little bit here for a few minutes. Just a few things before we begin. I've been really blessed by coming and sharing this American Bible prophecy with you it's been a blast and we've had a lot of fun with it but more than just fun hope if you've gotten closer to your savior through it as well I believe that there are some people that are coming to these meetings that are having their lives changed you know every time that I present 1 of these meetings I learn something new and it's just a blessing you know we have we serve a living God in the end we read a living book don't we we can read the Word of God over and over and over again but we're always going to find something different just a little disclaimer today we're going to do something a little bit different. This is the 10th and final part in our series on the 10 Commandments we've gone through all 10 of them already and today we're going to be dealing with the new covenant. Have you heard of the new covenant before you know a lot of Christians today will say that since there's a new covenant the 10 Commandments the Old Covenant don't matter right so we're becoming a little bit about that today but as I was writing this sermon Normally when I preach and I have not preached longer than about 40 minutes. In my few months I've been here you know it's going on 9 months now by the way. Amen to that a man I'm so excited to be here but I tend not to go but the on 40 minutes $35.00 is normally where I am and it's normally about 2 pages of notes that I work off of for those 40 minutes but as I wrote this message. We had 123-4567 pages of notes. And that's OK and I thought I might bill to break it up into 2 but I feel like this message should be preached today in its entirety. And. I'm I'm tempted to apologize I'm not going to because it's the Sabbath day man and it's time to read the Word of God. I thought I was going to take longer I just Christian Big Rapids It took me. About $45.00 minutes or so so it's not too much longer but. Today we're going to hear from the word of the Lord amen before we begin of course let's have a word of prayer. Father Lord we thank you that you are God and that you have called us to be your people today Lord as we listen to this message and I believe it's a message for today and it's important to present truth Father I ask that these words would not come from me but from on high as these words come from your throne and from the Word of God that they would not be jaded by a man because Father I am not a mere man but Father humble my heart humble our hearts here today when we read your word and we listen to you father that we would be changed we pray in your precious name Amen. It had been given to Adam had been given to eat and Adam and Eve had been given this precious promise they were given the commandments of God and after Adam and Eve had been given the commandments of God They passed it down to their son sat and sat knew the commandments of gone and Seth passed it down to his sons you know Adam lived quite some time and so for hundreds of years the people come and they could talk and they could sit on Grandfather Adam's knees and out of can tell them everything that the Lord had sent got to tell him about the Garden of Eden about how sin came in the 1st time and how he was so sorry about that and as year after year passed on the 10 Commandments the promises of God the soon coming Savior would come to save them from the sin of this world was passed on from generation to generation and everybody knew the law is gone but there came a point in history a point in time that these people of Jacob the people of Israel or what they would be known as Jews that they forgot what God had told them they forgot the law of God They forgot the commandments of God and they met even forgotten that a savior was going to come to cleanse them from all sin. What great event caused them to forget all of this well didn't happen all at once their brains just weren't erased in a day but over time as the as the people of Jacob as they moved into Egypt and as they moved into Egypt's they began to duplicate and pray there was a lot of Israelites that were in this in this country of Egypt and as the pharaoh of Egypt looked at the Israelites he was scared member this he was scared that all these Israelites were in Egypt because they were growing they thought they might overthrow them and so the king. Of Egypt or the Pharaoh decided to put the people of Israel where into slavery and only where the people of Israel into slavery but they started to worship want where they were showing the gun if you hold up their worshiping false dawns and pagan idols and generations of the slavery that the Israelites were going through they slowly began to forget the law of God but more importantly than just forgetting the loss of God they began to forget about God himself he was completely forgot and finally the Exodus took place there's no lights were taken out as this just means acts didn't write the exit of Egypt and as they actually did Egypt they were marching through the Red Sea and God is finally a so excited to talk with his people again and he's getting ready to talk to his people he tells Moses a few very explicit things and we find this in actually Chapter 19 if you want to turn there I hope you brought your Bibles today because we're going to be in our Bibles a lot today I mean a lot it's going to be like a Bible study Amen and dust and I think as a new Bible don't you know what about afterwards Exodus Chapter 19 and verse 1. Actually just 1000 words what this is taking place is the Israelites had just exited Egypt they're just about ready get the 10 Commandments is what happens next is 21 the 10 Commandments the God speaks right axis Chapter 19 and verse 1 notice what it says there is a 1 there so in men not to have mercy OK we're all there actually $1000.00 and worse 1 in the 3rd month when the children of Israel were gone for out of the land of Egypt the same day came to into the wilderness of Sinai for they were parted from record him and were come to the deserts of Sinai they had pitched in the wilderness and there is real camp before them out what happens on top of Mt Sinai the 10 Commandments are given right that's where God is the willing at that time so these as and scholars estimate there about a 1000000 different people a 1000000 Jews that makes multitude that were camping all around this mountain of Sinai that's a lot of people isn't it and they're all there and then we'll take a look at verse 3 and Moses went up once again on the Lord call that to him out of the mountains thing the shot you say to the house of Jacob and tell the children of Israel you have seen what I did to the Egyptians and I bear you want eagle's wings and brought you to myself what non-selling him here can you imagine just put yourself in the place of an Israelite for a minute you're there and you would just exit Egypt and you're there right before the Red Sea right and you're right there and the Egyptian army is coming after you you're blocked in by mountains on all sign and you see the sea right in front of you and what happens what is gone do he parks it. And if he parks the waters of the sea and makes a pathway for them would that have been faith building for you what do you think can you imagine going to Lake Michigan. And God saying watch this. And there's a path made and you can walk right through it with walls of water on each side and by the way the ground is completely dry Can you imagine that would be powerful let's say building right the children of Israel had just seen all of this take place so Gosling Moses remind them what I just did I took them out of slavery I took them through the sea and I want to I want to do good for them but then he continues on verse 6 and you shall be unto me I want you notice this and you shall be unto me a kingdom of what priests and a what kind of nation. Is me these are the words which thou shall speak unto the children of Israel now the verse 5 as I skipped it now therefore he will obey my voice indeed and keep my wants there is that covenant then you shall be what kind of treasure peculiar treasure answer me above all people for all the earth is mine God wanted a peculiar people he wanted a nation of priests then a verse 7 and Moses came and called for the elders of the people and laid before their faces all these words which the LORD commanded him and all the people answered together and spake Now get this and they said all that the Lord has spoken we will do and most just return to the words of the Lord and the people of Israel sold notice this for just a minute God is here and he wants to reclaim his people doesn't e and he tells Moses remember what I have done for them remember all of these different things I am ready to talk to my people and most goes back to his people and let these people return and say they got all that you say will do us well do it now this could be taken 1 of 2 ways either they had a lot of faith in God whatever he said they would do or they were just making a promise that they were going to keep all that you say we will do and God begins to speak to his people. X.'s Chapter 20 was not written at this point it was going to be written down and still is a minute later but next is Chapter 20 of the 10 commandments are written down which should be gone through the past 9 weeks God spoke now from the mountain what is God's voice sound like think about that for a minute what does God's voice sound like 1 of the most exciting things that I'm so excited about when Jesus comes again is be able to hear the voice of the board. He's going to come with the verse as long as he's with the trump of God with the voice of an archangel right 2nd to sound like you know Revelation says he has a voice as a sound of many waters we talked about this before I believe that God's voice is going to be loud it's going to be commanding but it's going to be smooth as can be comforting at the same time I can't wait to hear this but it's gone speaks out of the mount of Israel something Mount Sinai something happens that I don't see coming but I shouldn't be surprised whenever an angel comes whenever God speaks to people in the Bible to mere man what does mankind tend to do when God an angel speaks to them yes they get scared right fall in their face some of them just take off some of them go why are you here to kill me whenever God most of the time I think there's a few exceptions but we never got approaches his people they're always scared of God Why is that. When we talking about that a little bit tonight but here ask yourselves the question I wish that God would appear like he did the Old Testament to us today would that be great to be able to hear the voice is gone my friends we're going to see just a minute I don't think that we could handle it as God is about ready to speak to his children something amazing happens they all gather around Mt Sinai they're all camped out and they all approach the mounts and on top of Mount Sinai we're going to be just a minute there's a cloud gathering and the presence of God is living there because we can't see God's presence. And as this takes place God begins to speak now look what happens here in verse 18 I strapper 20 and verse 18 God doesn't get the best response at this 20 percent team and all the people saw the thunderings and the lightnings and the noise of the trumpets and the mountain smoking and when the people saw it they removed instead of far off and they said to Moses speak you with us and we will hear but let not God speak with us lest we die and Moses said to the people fear not for God is come to prove you and that is fear may be before your faces that you sin not and the people sort of far off and Moses drew nearer to the thick darkness where God was God for the 1st time in a long time was so excited to speak to his people he was so excited to talk with his children of Israel he was giving them the rules that would give them happiness to keep them free from bondage and at the chosen of Israel look at the awesome this of God They're scared you think I'm broken heart. As Don's presence was there the children of Israel kind of step back they run away they go most that's gone I understand that but why don't you go take care of him for us come back to us be a mediator and Moses says don't be afraid guys God is here to prove Himself to you he's here to love you and they said No why don't you go take care of him all that he says will do but I don't want to talk to him right now something's wrong with this picture isn't there my friends when Jesus comes again the same thing is going to happen the presence of God is going to be erupting and it's going to be just like this but even more powerful God was there in his presence on top of Mount Sinai there was thundering there was lightning and the voice of God was speaking there was trumpets But when Jesus comes that 2nd time he's going to come with $10000.00 times and thousands of angels Amen and we had better be ready for that so why were the people of Israel so scared to talk to God and by the way remember they had said all that you said we will do. All that you say all the commitments that you say God we promise that will do it but we don't want to talk to you right now something's wrong with that picture my friends as they rejected God They said Moses why don't you take care about all that you say we will do and I counted 32 days later after the Israelites that will do everything you say they were worshipping a golden calf 32 days later and gone it spelling out specifically to them in the 10 commandments you shall not worship other gods right don't bow down yourself to graven image and they said all you say will do God but you don't want to talk to you and the 32 days later there worshipping a golden calf in the presence of God Himself just think about that all they have to do is look up an elemental sun on who they see the presence of God and they're worshiping a calf right in his presence and that in that could we be doing the same thing today 32 days later they're worshipping a golden calf What was their problem was look at what God says axis Chapter 32. And verse 7 as soon as Moses figures out what the children of Israel are doing he says there is a noise there must be war and God says it's not war I wish it was but axis chapter 33 verse 7 in the Lord said unto Moses go get you down for your people not my people but those people you people which have brought you out of the land of the which you brought out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves they have turned aside quickly today's pretty quick that's quick isn't it you have turned aside quickly out of the way which I've commanded them they have maintained the molten calf and have worshiped it and have sacrificed their own to and said these be your gods of Israel which you have brought up out of the land of Egypt what was wrong with Israel why were they scared of God God wanted to be there to commune with them he wanted to talk with them he made them essentially that he could well among them he want to be as close to the children is all that he could get but the closer that God gets what happened was Mr back further away my friends I believe today if God appeared in this same likeness the reason he doesn't appear to us today like this is because we can't handle it it would do more harm than good if God appeared in all of these mighty thunderings we would be scared we would back ourselves away from him even further than we are already so we have to go through other means other resources that aren't as powerful but what was wrong with the children of Israel God gives us that answer in Deuteronomy Chapter 5 told you there's lots of verses today about going to apologize because it's church going to be Chapter 5 and verse 29. Deuteronomy 5 and verse 29 Why would the children of Israel so petrified with God who are only 529 gives us that answer. Deuteronomy 529 says this This is God talking oh that there were such a heart in them that they would hear me and keep all my commandments always. That it might be 1 with them and with their children forever why were the children of Israel scared of gun because their heart wasn't God. Where had they left their hearts. Back in Egypt all of their affections all of the things they loved was back in slavery they liked it there they were comfortable there and when they came in the presence of God and they have said all that you said we will do but then when they approached God's presence it was very obvious where they have left their are my friends when Jesus comes again that 2nd time and God has his presence again there's going to be trumpets again there's in the thunderings again there's only lightnings there's going to be God's voice and all these things take place with the 1000s of his angels I want my heart to be with God Amen so when Jesus comes that 2nd time I'll look up in his face for the 1st time ever and be excited but there's going to be people on this earth where their hearts are not in heaven but where are they there here on Earth and if they look in the face of God They will not be able to look at it and what will they call for the mountains and rocks to do Revelation tells they will call for the rocks to fall down on them and hide them from the face of God and my friends that must break Don's heart God's plea for his children has been the same all the way back from Adam all the way till now and it has been the same over and over and over again the plea is this new read in Scripture if you look at your can court and see look at this phrase is repeated over and over again got so as I will be your God and you will be my wants and you will be my people that's all God wants he wants you to claim him and he wants to claim you got always claims you but we don't claim God right all that God wants is for us to be his children and for him to be our gone and over and over again he says please leave my children I'll be your god we reject Him every single time he looks of the children of Israel says Please I want you be my people let me be your God I want what's best for you and they reject him over and over and over again my friends the children of Israel had a heart issue Do do we. The children of Israel were willing to worship God with their worshipping a calf What's your golden calf What's the addiction in your life that separating you from God Where is your heart where are your affections because today we need to make sure where our affections are because when Jesus comes again I want to be excited about the presence of God I don't want to be scared I don't want to be scared many Christians today will tell you that this new covenant is so much different than the old 1 there's not much difference at all. The plea is the same the commandments are the same but the sacrifices different look at me if you would a Jeremiah you know a lot of people say that the new covenant is sort of the New Testament the New Covenant is best described in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah that you know that Jeremiah chapter 31 right up and look I say it is a big box was pretty easy to find Jeremiah chapter 31. And verse 31. Jeremiah 3131 possible this new covenant in the Old Testament I love it. Behold the days come say at the Lord that I will make a lot kind of come a new covenant here it is a new covenant with the House of Israel and with the House of Judah by the way who's got shows and people whose Israel today is were spiritual Israel and men you are God's children been released to the Gentiles this is talking to you talking to me dance going to make you a new promise as God keep us promises alright not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers and that I took them out and to bring them out of the land of Egypt we talked about that which my covenant they was they broke although I was a husband unto them saying the Lord but this shall be the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those days say at the LORD I will put my law where in their inward parts and write it in their hearts and will be their God and there it is and will be their God and they will be my people and they shall teach no more every man his neighbor every man his brother saying no the Lowrance they show all know me from the least of them to the greatest of them say at the Lord for I will forgive their iniquity and I remember their sin no more God's covenant God's promise with you is that he's going to forgive you all your sins Amen and that he will be your God and that you can be his people but I love what it says here in verse 33 that God will write the commandments where in your hearts my friends in the old covenant God wrote down commandments on tables of stone in the new covenant God still writing commandments but he's writing them on you. You want God's commandments written in your hearts and minds and all that I do. God is the same and he continues to write the commandments down and he's writing them in your hearts he wants to be your God and I love what it said here ever 34 Can you imagine a day when you will have to witness anymore. Why because everybody will believe in God. It will the firm your faithful people know isn't not amazing we want to be like never heard of God No I'm an atheist I will never happen again because everybody on earth will believe in God at some point are you excited for that day I want that day to happen I want to be so many people as possible so God is still writing down line us in our hearts. Let's take a look here at 1st Peter chapter 2 in verse 9 we're going to have a lot of Ursus now. And I'm sorry if I'm preaching a little bit more strongly but it's it's been a week and I get to preach last week so. First Peter chapter 2 verse 9 This should sound very familiar sounds like a direct quote from what we just read 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 9 this is talking about you this time as a church but you are a chosen generation a royal once the God What is your wife the priests and he wants you to be priests a holy nation a god what the Israelites be a holy nation yes he wants you to be only a nation of peculiar people same thing that you should show the praises of him with called you out of darkness into his marvelous lights which in times past were not a people but are now a people of God which had not hope to mercy but now have obtained mercy God never changes does he. God is still writing commandments down but they're writing on their hearts and today my friends God wanted a holy nation you want to kill your people a chosen generation he wanted that back in Exodus does he want that today that I believe he does God never changes we don't have to turn here but he was Chapter 13 verse 8 it says Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever the covenant did not change what God wanted did not change but my friends he gave us something very important in the Old Covenant what had to die for forgiveness of your sense an animal rights a lamb a goat something of that nature but my friends in the New Covenant that sacrifice of the land that could save money but he was confirmed in Jesus Christ turn if you would to John chapter $1.00 in verse $29.00. John chapter 1 and verse 29. The last Gospel of John chapter 1 and verse 29. Here we find John the Baptist and John gets it right John chapter 1 and verse 29 the next day John see Jesus coming on to him and say it Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world my friends the old system required a law the new covenant has a law the Old Covenant required a sacrifice my friends the new covenant sacrifices so much better it's not an animal whose blood cannot forgive sins but it was Jesus Christ the Son of God that shed his blood for the remission of sins for all. That's what the new covenant is all about God's wishes for his people as a whole generation a peculiar people that would claim him as their God my friends that's what he wanted to Exodus that's what he wants for his church today Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever God does not change. Friends who is nice who needs to change God's law or his people. If we don't agree with his law it's not the law that needs to change but it's us that does. The 10 commandments are simply a plea for God from God to keep us from bondage and destruction I'm going to read a couple statements here that kind of recap what we've been learning the past few weeks I was talking with my wife the other day which apparently is a good thing because communication so it's a great marriage you know that. And I took some time and I spent some time with my wife there and you know there's a time and place if you're not doing this something that I would suggest because my dad told me that but there's a time and place where you need to take your computer and close it you take your phone turn it off and throw it out the window if you have a T.V. smash it put it somewhere else. And you spend time 1 on 1 with your loved 1 your spouse your girlfriend without any distraction nothing we put all of our technology away which was fantastic and we we put out we put it we built a fire which doesn't take much to this aghast L.C.D.'s and it's there with of the switch which is nice turned on the fireplace we're sitting there on the fire and we were just talking and as we were talking my wife said something very profound very simple and I think a lot of us can relate to and she asked me a question she said Why can't people just be nice. She's not talking about you guys by the way why can't people just be nice to each other if you ask yourself that question why is it so hard for people just to be nice My friends the reason that people are nice in today's generation in today's world. People have no love for each other because they have no love for God. If we can't love a God who died for us who sacrifices all for us who loves us no matter what we've done if we can't live a God like that how are we supposed to love human simple human beings you cannot truly love your fellow man without loving the Lord. And this might sound a little off but it's Biblically correct if you don't truly love your fellow man you don't love God. Even if they drive you up a wall. Even the ones that you might even hate if you don't love your fellow man you don't truly love God and if you love your fellow man and you love your neighbor you love your family and you truly love them and you truly love God you're not going to help to tell them about Jesus. The way that children treat their parents. Often shows us how we'll treat our heavenly parents this 1 got me as I wrote it the way that we prepare for the Sabbath is the way we're preparing for heaven if we're rushing before making sure and we're stressed and we're in the store and we're looking at our watch $1098.00 Be sure and check out $76.00. The way that we prepare for the Sabbath my friends is how we're preparing for heaven. If we steal and if we are honest with God how are we going to be honest with other people if we steal from God in times and offerings how we're going to be honest with each other in our taxes if we have no problem in killing our Savior What's the civil do that to our fellow man my friends the commandments get to the heart of the issue doesn't it the 10 Commandments the new covenant they're 1 of the same but with a savior added to it they died and rose again God What wishes for us has never changed as we saw earlier but my friends the fulfillment of the law let's look at this in 1st John 5 not the Gospel of John but go back to Revelation and you're left a little bit you'll find 1st John 1st John Chapter 5 and verse 2. First John Chapter 5 and verse 2 Love is the badge of Christianity as you know that a person that is loving to other people is a converted person 1st John Chapter 5 and verse 2. By this we know. That we love the children of God when we love God and keep His commandments for this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not grievous my friends the 10 Commandments can be the biggest blessing in the world if you love God but my friends if your hearts are back in Egypt if your hearts are not with God and is trying to keep them there going to be the biggest ball and chain in the world but if you love God and you keep His commandments that's a recipe and a good equation for freedom and we want to be free. Jesus was sitting amongst the people and as he was sitting amongst the people he had just finished shutting up the Sajid sees and now the Pharisees were going to try and take a crack at it and the Pharisees there was 1 among the Pharisees we're going to go to the store if you want turn their Matthew chapter 22 verse 33 1st book in the New Testament Matthew 22 we can just read it here. I love to hear those pages turning from under the brilliance of Matthew 2233 and it talks about this young Farah see who was a lawyer I should be 1st red flag. And he was a lawyer in Matthew chapter 22 verse 33 knows what it says and when the multitude heard this they were astonished at his doctrine but when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence the love that they were gathered together then 1 of them which was a lawyer asked him a question tempting him and saying Master which is the greatest commandment of the law 1st of all there's something wrong with that question isn't there. That was that that was a question known to be a hot topic back in the day it was a hot topic that people would argue about which is the greatest command of my friends they're all important every single 1 of them them combined is the character of God If you take 1 away you're missing something from the character of God and Jesus knew this but what the Pharisees love to do is they love to waste time in arguing about 20 different things I think we can take a lesson from that today you know 7th Day Adventists and Christians in this world today we love to argue about things that simply don't matter don't we I don't want to theologians who argue about what color Jesus sandals were all right when we talk about these different doctrines we distract ourselves with these things like the Holy Spirit or the entitlement Tarion thing or all that my friends we should be focused on that we should be focused on winning souls to Jesus they meant this women's ordination thing that's come up I believe that most of that and a lot of that is a distraction of the devil himself is distracting us from the masses distracting us from winning people to Jesus and all of those people they get so upset and they argue with you try to back and forth in their sacred in their hearts about this I have 1 question and maybe I should say this I'm going to anyway and this is the question want to ask you and I want you to think about you not about anyone else in this room but when was the last time that you not your pastor not your church as a whole when was the last time that you want someone to Jesus. Not your pastor not your church but anybody else when was the last time that you want someone to Christ. Parents you're leading your children to Christ but when was the last time that we won someone to Jesus that's what this fair city should even worry about not trying to trap the Son of God Anyway that was a huge tangent 37 Jesus said unto him answering you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind this is the 1st and great commandments and the 2nd is like unto it you shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these 2 commandments hang all the long and the prophets my friends love is the fulfillment of the law doesn't mean the law is done away with but God does want to keep his commandments he wants is the will that. He wants is for them to be displayed in our hearts in our minds and today with that Faris he did try to divide trying to talk about which is the greatest the commandments are love all these different things that's the same argument that people have today you know a lot of people say there's conservatives and there's liberals in the church right there's fundamentalists and then there's those other people right and the fundamentalists are over here saying or the conservatives they can say you know when you keep the commandments of God Those are the most important and then Jesus can come in and maybe help us if we fail right then we have another end of the spectrum all the way over here they go Also you do is love Jesus man just love Jesus if you sin no worry about it don't pay to those commandments you just love Christ and all will be good. My friends that devised the church the same God it was the commandments is the same God that gave us Jesus my friends if you truly are keeping the commandments of God it's going to point you to Christ if you're truly loving Jesus was going to point you to going to the commandments if you're truly keeping the commandments are going to find Jesus your true let me Jesus get away the commandments we find our answer in Jesus Christ amen there should be no conservative fundamentalist there should be the liberal but there should be Bible believing some of the Adams Christians and that is all going to be focused on winning other people to Jesus Christ and that is exactly what Jesus teaches the same loving God they give us the 10 Commandments gave us Jesus. Let's go to Romans Chapter 13 this is our last passage Romans Chapter 13 and if we love Jesus my friends we're not going to judge mental people from a Chapter 13 verse 8. Oh no man anything that's a great rule of thumb to live by own no man anything but to love 1 another for he that loveth another half will fill the law for this shall not commit adultery he goes through all of them you shall not kill each not steal another false witness you shall covet if there be any other commandment it is briefly comprehended in this saying namely You shall love your neighbor as yourself love work with no ill will towards his neighbor therefore love is the fulfilment of the fruit of the law you know every Paul before and you read a verse like what the man saying. And you read it again and again and you think you got it and you read again you're like that's not it at all so confused right Paul could be really confusing but then in verse 11 it's like Paul goes from this old language that he uses and he jumps into the 21st century he was his language that we use today it's really really cool no other place in the Bible do I find this but it says this and then now knowing the time and now it is high time was the last time in the Bible you heard it said it's high time Brother that's what Paul Thank God it's high time the time is now it's right time to awake out of sleep and for now is our salvation nearer than when he believes Amen 1 is a common salvation my friend is now I'm so looking forward to that day when our salvation can be sealed whether Jesus comes again or we close our eyes in our sleep in depth and we are sealed from all those some patients again when Jesus comes again in all his glory and all of his mind and he wants to give us the blessings of this new covenant he's promised us I don't want to be scared of the presence of Jesus because my heart is on Earth but I want to love you because my heart is in heaven Amen Where is your heart today because that is the basis of the new covenant is law of Revelation 1412 the need turn there because you will know it here is the patience of the saints. Here are those that keep the commandments and the face of love of Jesus that is the basis of his law I want to take you back to. A few 100 years ago in a place that I would love to visit some time in the Highland hills of Scotland and you love to go to Scotland we're seeing pictures of those rolling hills and just so green in the clip on man a couple 100 years ago in the hills of Scotland and there was a shepherd there he had a massive herd of sheep and that's what he did for a living he heard the sheep over the hills of Scotland. And he has happily married 1 day they found out that they were pregnant and they were so excited. But as the wife was going through childbirth This was before modern medicine she delivered to him a beautiful baby girl but she died in the process and he was heartbroken he was so excited that he had a little girl now if he went out into the field as he went into the hills of Scotland he had no 1 to watch his child so guess what the child went everywhere that did and that he would hard these sheep he'd be she'd be right there tucked into his chest or on his back she grew up in the hills of Scotland she got to see the dew on the grass you got to see that she she them by name all these things as the little girl started to crawl and she started to talk and she started to walk she just loved her dad did she love being outside she was a daddy's girl for sure now in Scotland there is and this is shepherds in general but did you know all shepherds have a certain color we all know this when shepherds have their certain unique call that no other shepherd does and they call it who comes running their sheep right but there was something different about this shepherd when he gave his his special unique call not only the sheep come to guess who else came his $102.00. And if you get that call his sheep would come rushing in his daughter would come up to her and it to him and she would jump in his arms it was just a serene times he loved his daughter and she loved her dad well as she got a little bit older she got into the teenage years and during these teenage years people can tend to get rebellious right my friends it's not just the millennial is that rebellious today I was reading some Greek history the other day. As I was back in Greek history there was a reformer of that time there was a Greek historian that said this generation is going to end the world. Has been going on for generations guys. Every generation is going to get worse and worse without Jesus. And as this young woman this young girl at the age of 1615 around that age she started to notice that her dad had a lot of rules that she don't like started really aggravator Lenovo he was clueless and 1 day she was still set up she was so angry rebellious towards her that she went to his cabin there in the in the hills of Scotland while he was out earning the sheep she took some money from his wherever he kept it and she took off days past he got worried his daughter's not home look for her everywhere shepherds call nothing days turned into weeks weeks turn into months no daughter months turned into years those years for going to a decade nothing he didn't even know what happened to her maybe she had died maybe she ran away she was who knows your mind races but he never forgot 1 day there was a young boy from the village where the shepherd was and he went away to a town quite a ways off hundreds of miles away and as he went he went to this village and guess who he saw. The little girl now been a decade now she's quite the young lady she's quite a woman now but she recognised her and she goes and he goes up to this lady and goes hey you're so and so's daughter Where have you been we've gotten bottled up she did something that we today called snobby she pretended that she pretended that she didn't know who this boy was all she did she ignored him and walked away now this boy went back to his hometown but guess who he was so excited to go and tell the shepherd he went and he rushed to the shepherd and said You'll never guess who I saw now the shot of what I'm positive that I saw your daughter here and I'm not sure how the shepherd did it or what expense he took but he somehow found somebody to take care of a sheep for him and whatever money that he needed maybe he borrowed some I don't know sort of say But guess where he went he went to that village that the bigger town this was a few 100 years ago he went to the bigger town to see his daughter the hand seen in decades but 1st he had to find her so through the streets of the town he was asking people and I start to make fun of him he was wearing big boots were worn he was wearing a big overcoat that was completely out of style and that he wanted through the streets of this bigger town looking for his daughter people thought that he was crazy they laughed at the way that he was dressed they laughed at the way that he talked he'd be everybody in town knew he was went in not very long didn't take very long for this young woman his daughter to find out that her dad was in town and 1 day she was there in her room and she looked out the window living in apartment and she looked out and she looked out the window and guess what she saw on the street corner her dad there in those same boots that he had worn a decade ago the same coat. And she looked at her dad and her heart hardened and she didn't go and see him. Days past. The father still is looking for his daughter days from in 2 weeks weeks turn into months still the dot in the proteins he knew that her his daughter must know that he was in town he knew that she was there but for months. Nothing will his money ran out he had no money for a hotel room or a place to rent and so finally he just began sleeping in the streets months sleeping in the streets looking for his daughter. And 1 day he was just distraught he was depressed he missed home he missed his daughter he he was done he sat down on a tin can or something and he put his face between his hands and he started to think and to cry and he thought back over those days when he had his little girl he thought back to when he would give that Shepherd's call to she would come running in those beautiful hills of silence that he loved and his little girl would come running to he thought back about all those different things his daughter her innocence all these things then he remembered something that Sheppard call. You a little excited and so he started going through the streets with new energy except that some he was asking people where his daughter was that he was giving the shepherd's call and people made fun of him even more because not only is the old man wandering the streets now looking for someone that doesn't exist and that was doing some weird noise he didn't care I care in the world he continued to call the shepherds call for this woman nothing nothing nothing and finally there was the daughter she was up in a in another room there and she had friends over and they were laughing they're having the time they're having a party and guess what she heard out of the just just barely she heard that shepherds call it immediately it was a flashback and she got up from the party and she walked down the stairs she didn't run because she didn't want to appear excited. They want to embarrass herself and she walked and she found her father there and finally he saw her she had changed she was a beautiful young woman now and then as he saw his daughter he just dropped to his knees and exhaustion and she slowly walked to her dad and patted him on the shoulder and she looked down into his face she realized how aged her father really was not only had he aged over that 10 years but those months of sleeping in the streets really took its toll to the father had some questions as he looked with fearful eyes at his face at this his daughter. She asked the question I asked the question why why did you leave why didn't you say anything what did I ever do tell me what I did why did you leave me what did I do to update all these different questions should I answer any of them but she would help them up and said we need to go home well they went home back to this little cabin in Scotland. And as they were there to begin to get to know each other again in those questions were answered and when those questions were asked that little girl who was now we all woman realized how petty her rebellion really was how much her father actually really loved her within a few days of being there in that village in Scotland the father dropped very ill they got to know each other over a few months but within a few months of them being reunited the father wasn't around much longer if you have much longer to live and he died but he was happy you know why he was happy his daughter was back they were reconciled and they were home my friends today there is a call that only Jesus can give no pastor can give it no priest can give it no person can give it your wife your husband can't give it only Jesus can give this call it's unique because I can forgive your sins. People can claim a lot can forgive your sins but they can't the only 1 they can forgive your sins is that great shepherd is Jesus. And he's given that call he's constantly making that call people make fun of him for it but he doesn't care because anybody that comes to him who is heavy laden he will give them rats are you hearing that shepherds call today I'm going to do something a little bit different I know that there's part lunch afterwards and I've been preaching for some time now. I want something a little bit different We're going to sing our closing him in just a minute. But. It's a great and wonderful thing just so you do know my wife and I pray for you by name all the time. I have a master's spreadsheet on my computer and all your names are there everybody who's sitting in this room your names are there even if I've just met your names are there we pray for you all of the time. But I never get to really pray with you we have sacrificial prayer 7 am That's great we pray for each other in church we have prayer meeting that's fantastic but I don't get to pray for you very often so what we're going to do after we have closing prayer if you would only normally congregate here a little bit but if we could just kind of going to move out to the fellowship hall I'm going to stay my wife and I both We're going to stay here in the front pew and we'd like to have prayer with you. Just you 1 on 1 if you don't want to pray with us that's fine if you want to come with your spouse that's fine too or your fiance whoever it is but I would love to pray for you. If there's anything that you need if there's something that you're struggling with there's something that you want to talk about if you simply just want to pray I want to pray with you on an individual basis today and it's not because I can forgive your sins only Jesus can do that but I want you know that Jesus cares for you and that your pastor cares for you too. So if you want to have a word or prayer with us afterwards both of us will be here in the same Larry place take us on. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through. Much more if you would like.


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