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John Bradshaw

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  • June 23, 2017
    7:00 PM


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A father in heaven we come to you asking you to do what you want to do we know that you want to speak to us and grow us use us bless us transform us encourage us perhaps you want to rebuke us maybe whatever it is you want to do we prayed that you would do it we know that you desire to know how it's towards heaven we know that you have poured your spirit out on this place and so I am praying that you would touch a hot that we would receive your Holy Spirit now the ears would not be stopped our hearts would not be. Would not be tightly squeeze shut instead Lord we wish to be open to your moving and your blessing so do your work we pray in our midst you know in our lives speak for your servants listening in Jesus' name we pray Police say a man and a man and a man and a man my brother my brother I have 4 brothers my 1 brother believed in that when he was baptized he was baptized just in time he actually felt as though he was the last 1 in the door that's what he believed he believed that if he waited any longer he would have been too late to be ready for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ that's what he thought just in time he was greatly relieved now he wasn't 1 of these fellows you can confuse easily he had read the Bible he had studied the Bible done Bible studies and study with the mistake studied with others and he gladly accepted Jesus and his journey had been long and really rather fascinating and so this wasn't. Flight of fancy this wasn't foolishness on the spot based on his study of the Word of God He was really convinced that he was baptized just in time now when my brother was baptized a man named Harold Wilson was the prime minister of Great Britain there was a true Doug who was the prime minister of Canada not the current Trudeau but this fellow's father and when my brother was baptized the president of the United States of America had a middle name of Rudolph your to know who that was that was PRESIDENT Oh I come believe it 3 of you we were in Michigan the brother was from Grand Rapids. Not Grand Rapids Wyoming. Wait I've got an idea leave it to the foreign to tell you. That that was Gerald Rudolph Ford Oh and all we knew that we don't know you didn't. Well there was 12 and 3 of you my brother was baptized in 1975. When he was baptized I believe it was baptized just in the nick of time you remember $975.00 that's when you could in this country buy a quart of milk for $0.46 and a gallon of gas for $57.00 you buy a loaf of bread for $0.33 that's the year Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon the Golden State Warriors They were terrible for about 37 years but they won their 1st in be a title in $975.00 then I mention the Vietnam War ended that year it did you could buy 10 1st class stamps for a dollar for a dollar that was for he and 2 to score and 2 years ago and my brother believed that he was baptized just in time. But he was wrong was uneasy about the timing of all of that how could he have known then that Jesus wasn't coming back in 1985 but instead in 2015 well after all in 2015 back up you'll remember this now in 2015 the Supreme Court of this country made some game changing decisions I mean these were big ones these altered the landscape this really meant that the floodgates were opening and the reason I know this is so is because we had we had voices in our midst who were telling us that's it it's all on it's about to start happening right now and to that that in the year 2015 of the Polk Pope Francis visited these United States and he addressed a joint session of the Senate and the Congress oh my that was that people who had forgotten that many pubs have visited this country over the years were convinced that what this meant was Jesus was coming back I mean sued you could feel the soonest. Is coming you know how it goes we have some in our midst with the self-appointed gift of prophecy they see the return of Jesus in every outbreak of disease in every major earthquake in every skirmish all conflict every time there is a Oh my goodness that by the way let me tell you this next time a pope is elected he doesn't have a 7th Day Adventist brother it just tell you that. If you get the e-mail saying that he does delete it don't forward to that 1 don't forward that 1 every new president is going to usher in the Mark of the beast tell me I'm wrong you know it Ronald Wilson Reagan. I mean Ronald with 6 letters Wilson with 6 letters Reagan with 6 let a lot of people throughout Christianity were convinced he was the only Christ because you 6. But then there were people who would say he seems conservative the rigid religious right seem to be on his side Yup we think it's him with the mark of the beast he's going to bring it. But he went in along came George Bush Bush 1 was in him either Ah Clinton. He'll be the 1 he's a Democrat. I'm rather relieved you didn't say he may have. Still some good judgment it can't meeting. He's a Democrat it will be him but didn't get it done in his 1st I'm maybe I'll get it done in the 2nd term. Didn't work out. Well if it can be is not Clinton then it will be Bush Bush 2 surely it will be Bush 2 you can't. Many people believe you can't trust anyone who says nucular for nuclear. And again he's a Republican he's conservative the religious right lined up behind them and we're getting closer we're getting closer it must be him it wasn't him it will be Obama. Of course a Democrat he's talking about change we know what he means but it wasn't Barack Obama either. And so people said Well and you heard you do you probably. The election is coming up do you think it'll be Clinton do you think it will be Clinton you know what I have said to people and forgive me if you believe I'm wrong about this I have said many times that if you were wealthy and you had the mark of the beast you had nothing to worry about if PRESIDENT Well if if not President Clinton had been elected president because if you were wealthy and you had the mark of the beast I believe Clinton too would have taken your mock of the beast away from you and given it to somebody who couldn't afford it. Who couldn't afford a mockery of the beast of their own. Well well it wasn't Hillary Clinton Anyway Donald Trump is not going to force the mark of the beast on anybody he may sell you the market the beast is not going to force the market is based on that's just not going to happen. But we play these games and we can help ourselves and I'll talk about why in just a moment if it's not this 1 it's that 1 of us not that 1. How about we admit we just don't know. And that we can't know I want to suggest something you denied it is something that you already know but maybe you are not accustomed to hearing in this type of setting but I will say it loudly and at least for now proudly and then I'll move on quickly and try to take you with me just like my brother did not know when Jesus was coming back to this earth it is my studied conviction that we don't know either. And ladies and gentlemen I believe that oh OK now let's press on open up our Bibles and get to the heart of this we're going to 1st this alone in Chapter 5 1st this alone eons chapter fog now. I say we don't know when Jesus is coming back because we don't but you could say that we do know when Jesus is coming back because we do and you might even be right now you might say that Jesus is coming back when sued and that would be wrong I would tell you Jesus is coming back very soon very soon but now let's read about this 1st there Saloni in chapter 5 and verse 1 the Bible says 2nd Thessalonians let me turn back 1st this will only show up to 5 in those 1 but concerning the times and the seasons brother and you have no need that I write until you know what's he talking about why did he say this concerning the the times in the seasons I don't need to write why well he had just got through writing 1st to fall. And in 1st testimony and up to full all Paul wrote to the church at the Salonica and he said for this verse 15 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord that we are alive and remain unto the coming of the law shall not prevent shall not go before I will not go to heaven before those who are asleep or in other words those who. That's correct did verse 16 for the Lord himself shall be sent from heaven with a. All that was to put shall be sent from heaven with a shop with the voice of the archangel and with the some part of God and the did in Christ what are they going to do wrong side 1st holly Lou yes you can imagine the saints at the Sonata reading this or having this letter read to them all the Hans worth thrilling they were just ready to leap for joy they would just delighted in what they were hearing pulled 1 on and said Then we which are alive and remain shall be called up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and then he added his wonderful P.S. No no no no no and so shall we ever be with the Lord and then the P.S. way for comfort 1 another with these words this was gone all over us Paul had just spoken to or written to the Thessalonians about the 2nd coming of Jesus then he said but of the times and seasons brethren as to the timing of this you have no need that I write to you but based on this passage in passages like it we cannot help ourselves I don't think that's wrong Paul spoke about a day when the dead in Christ shall rise he talked about a day when Graves on hillsides all across the world from sea to shining sea all across the fruited plain will pop open like popcorn. In your air pop up. The graves are going to open up most a Liam's are going to be rent asunder they'll be people popping up out of the ground from places you didn't even know folks were buried babies babies were brought back to parents parents who never got over the loss and you're not supposed to get over that loss they carry it with them it was it was painful for babies we'll see we'll see grandma and grandpa again all Paul was speaking about the resurrection and we you know as a minister of the Gospel I've been to so many homes to comfort the comfort the grieving to go to 1 lady this is the this is the the joy of being a pasta 1 of the 1st to get the phone call you run to the house the body is there. The medical people haven't even got the there's a dead man in a grieving wife and you walk in. And she's ashen shaking she wasn't expecting that she knew he was unwell but didn't expect this you place a nominee round or a hand on his shoulder or whatever you do when you say I don't know what you say but somewhere along the line you say we'll see him again we'll see him again and it offers hope and you say we'll see him again soon and I mean that's true that I mean in the big picture that's true I mean I don't make anybody nervous but even the youngest 1 of us here tonight if we live out 3 score and 10 or are appointed time and we're still going to see Jesus soon it's not long. I love to meet people a 100 years old and when I do I asked him how long did it take you to make it to 100 and they always say not too long at old time flashes by James said Your life is just a vapor that appear at the moment then vanishes the way we don't have long here at all but Paul is writing about the 2nd coming of Jesus in the resurrection and so and so people like you and me we wonder when Jesus is coming back it cannot be long we've been at this now as a people for years and years and years and years and it cannot go on a whole lot longer it can go on and then you add particular theological slogged we've read Revelation Chapter 13 and so we know something about the United States and Bible prophecy and we say when somebody with a great deal of wisdom said that Jesus would have returned this and so we said maybe it won't be very long it can't be very long we wonder when when we talk about the muck of the beast we see what's going on in the world it appears as though God has spread his foot down on the accelerator of time we witness moral decay we see violence in the street we wonder about terrorism and people are driving vehicles into crowds and killing other folks indiscriminately we we thought television was a plague but now now we carry around in our pocket really access to the kinds of sin that when we were children we didn't even know existed that's how far along we are as a society or how far back we have gone as a society and so we say we've got to be close we find ourselves saying like children did when we strap them into the CAHSEE we nearly there yet we find ourselves asking the question how back. How long how long we look at the signs of the times and we say look here is evidence evidence that Jesus' return is near except for the troubles in fact that those who live by the statistics may just have to die by their statistics you know I hate to tell you this but I mean in a certain way evangelists love nothing more than a good design. Or a good outbreak of disease if you know what I mean we read the statistics and so we cut them out of the newspaper no wait a minute. We screenshot them throw them up on the big screen and say Ah look at this evidence except for the fact that before the year 2000 if you had chronic my lodging a Saluki me a C. in L. Your doctor told you better go home and get your house in order there's nothing surer than that you will die but today if you are diagnosed with C.M.L. you die All right everybody must you won't die from that you may die with it but thanks to the advancements made by medical specialists and technologists and scientists and researches we are beating back some of the diseases that once upon a time were simply a death sentence now understand you can make statistics say just about anything you want them to say but while we are rightly polled at the high the elevated level of violence and violent crime in this country we must not forget that murder rates in the United States have plunged since the early $990.00 S. There are some cities which at least recently were experiencing 1 3rd of the mud is that they were experiencing in the early $990.00 S. That is a precipitous drop it still terrible. We have these these these awful crimes where people go nuts and kill multiple people but it's not moving the needle upwards pardon me if I sound callous I don't mean to I'm simply saying that in spite of how bad it is it's a whole lot better than it was and so for those of us who point to these things as signs of the Times what are we to make of this no it's not mine intention to make a naysayer out of anybody I am aware that Jesus said The Bible says it's the we could serve and who says my lord delayed his coming while Paul had no need to write about the times in the seasons he did say in 1st this alone is 5 and the 2 for yourselves know perfectly but the day of the Lord so cometh as a tell me thief in the night but when they shall say peace and safety what sudden destruction come upon them he is coming back oh yes he is but we must be ever so careful that we don't look at the statistics and mis interpret them every week there's another tragedy every week there's another day at every week is another indicator that Jesus is coming back soon but we must be careful because we've been saying now for decades and decades and decades that Jesus is coming really really really really really soon and now some of us are grandparents or great grandparents and we were told that when we 1st became old enough to understand anything spoken but still we labor on still we DO YOU KNOW THE him work for the night is coming work through the morning. Work while they do a spa killing work made springing flower. Well look when the day grows brighter work in the glowing sun will look for the night is coming when man's work is done that was written by a young lady 18 years old her name was Anna walker she wrote it in the year 854 work but the night is coming was she wrong no she was right we are only a heartbeat away from Jesus retune Anyway she was right on a walk as inspiration for the poem which became a hymn popularized by IRA Sankey was John non And those 4 where Jesus said I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day the night cometh when no man can work no ponder that verse and think about what your motivation is I must work the works of him that sent me while it was day we tend to say the night cometh and that's OK We are a missionary movement if this is given impetus to our missionary movement then so be it but I wonder if we're not just focusing on the wrong thing ever so slightly I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day the night come a when no man can work if your emphasis here is on the coming night I would suggest to you that I have seen you might want to look at this through new it is the night come and it's true Jesus said When you see these things come to pass you can know that his coming is near even at the doors but how near how Nia listen we don't know how Nia. That's not the point is very carefully the point isn't that the night cometh and therefore we must work the point is that it is day and as long as it is day we must work the works of him that sent us yet we know the coming of Jesus is near but maybe the better him to sing is coming again coming again maybe morning maybe noon maybe evening maybe soon when we don't know when and that doesn't matter. Bit know now let's get to Luke Chapter 19 will start in verse 11 Luke Chapter 19 and verse 11 Jesus begins to speak a parable this 1 is exceedingly helpful in as much as as Jesus begins to share the parable he tells us why he shares this parable why OK So we're looking in Luke Chapter 19 would pick it up in the US. 11 I believe now as they hood these things he spake another parable unto them. In the right place yes I am why because he was night to Jerusalem and because they thought that the Kingdom of God should immediately appear to Luke was he speaking he was speaking to a group of 7th day adventists did they keep the 7 day 7 the yes or no they believed that the Kingdom of God should immediately appear which made them what Advent is Sabbath keepers who believe the kingdom of God should immediately appear 7 Day Adventists. And so Jesus spoke to the Sabbath keeping Adventists they believed in the imminent establishment of God's kingdom and he said to their assumed a nobleman went into a country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return and he called his 10 servants and delivered them 10 pound and said to them. Till I come near you remember the Occupy movement it was big while it lasted it disappeared people walking on Wall Street and occupying Monterey California occupying just about everything kind of beat us to the punch that would be a movement the Occupy movement occupied till I come Jesus said pragma. In the Greek it means keep yourself busy the New King James said do business till I come in A.S.B. says basically the same thing the R S V says trade with the still come Jesus was clear Jesus spoke to a group of people who were convinced that his kingdom should immediately appear and he said to them the important thing is not so much the timing of when the kingdom happens the important thing is what do you do with the time that you have between now and then. You've been given 10 pounds investment in the world's work those towns represent those pounds those pounds represent capacities of capabilities all or talents or whatever they might be you've got 10 turn them over the gun you've got 5 turn them over to go you know 1 makes no difference just turn that over to God so that God can do something with that Jesus says as long as I have not returned to there's a you don't need to know what day to ring on your calendar you just need to know that when ever it is going to take place you need to occupied till I come you have breath then use it for God you have capabilities then put them in God's hands and let God use you in a great way for His glory I've become fond of sharing a little passage out of me in my chapter 3 and so I'll do it again you know the background of being a mile knew him I went to the king out of 6 he said I'd like to go back and. Kick Start Jerusalem very dangerous thing for him to say to the man who essentially gov and all of Israel he may have seemed or smelled like a rat or a rebel out of 6 he said Go and so he did and a new chapter 3 we start in verse 1 reading these words they need a lie a ship of the High Priest rose up with his brother in the priests and they built the Sheep Gate they sanctified it and set up the doors of it even unto the tower of me sanctified it unto the tower of head and he'll no notice this too and next unto him build it the minute Jericho and next to them build a deck of the son of him right but the fish did the sons of has to build who also lay the beams there of sin of the doors there all the locks are all the bodies of those 4 and next onto them. Repaired Merom oath the son of you Roger the son of cause and next unto them repaired Mashal I'm the son of barrack. The son of Misha's Abele and next unto them repaired the son of and next unto them the tech whites repaired you've got this right you've seen this I just laid it out for you get somebody building here and next to them was somebody else and next to them was somebody you had a chain with all of these links connecting together now imagine this was the church today. You'd have somebody up to be deposited in his wife in the head elder maybe and then they'd be day like mad and they'd be somebody else. And then you that just about get your binoculars out to see who was next over there we talk about the 1090 rule in the church 10 percent of the people doing 90 percent of the work my daughter was recently in call Kate it is rather interesting phenomenon we had a would be a church I was out of town my wife and daughter went and did what they did and then I got home you know we went to church the next week and my daughter my daughter said this she said I'm thinking of going over and standing next to those bathrooms that I cleaned last week we had a big very special outreach going on and a community thing in our church where the the Muslims from the local mosque basically our neighbors literally we went to their place enjoyed a wonderful fellowship meal learned a little bit about them they were coming to help place so we needed to make the place look spic and span you understand so my daughter evidently drew the short straw and clean the bathrooms she said when she came to church I'm going to go and stand at the bathrooms and when ever anyone comes to use the bathroom I'm going to say did you come to the look me last week. No no off to the woods for you. You've got to teach him early I suppose she's a lot like your mother. The genius of what took place in the Himalayas day is that you had somebody working next to somebody you would next to somebody that this was teamwork there was a role for everyone no you notice I did not finish the reading of those 5 next to them the Tico whites repaired but then nobles put not been next to the work of the Lord Buddha the Spirit of God inspired me him I had to write a stinging rebuke for these ones who would certainly she sued self entitle that but they would not get off their haunches to do something to help the wider community of faith that rebuke is there for reason friends we need to learn from that. There are 32 verses in my chapter 3 and about 30 times the phrase next to him or to him appears God is trying to tell us something if ever there was a time for all of God's people to be actively involved in ministry but time has come we have just about perfected the out of distracting ourselves with important things if we can learn to do the most important things then as a people we will really be getting somewhere Jesus is coming back soon and the Lord Himself say is occupied till I come be about your father's business no matter when the return of Jesus is if Jesus is coming back in 1 year we have 365 days to work 2 years that would be 73010 years great 3650 days if it's 20 years that would be a long time a lot of days it would be 20 years. That we would have to be about our father's business some how it doesn't matter a bit what in Jesus is coming back what matters is what you do with the time that you've got until he returns and frankly ladies and gentlemen in a certain sense I'm kind of glad Jesus waited if he'd return 30 years ago I'd be going to hell and not Evan I'm glad he waited every day he waits is a day mole that you have to reach your loved ones who don't know Jesus every day that Christ gives That's 1 more day to reach your children or your grandchildren who have wandered away from faith that's another day that you can pray for your unbelieving spouse that's another day that your church can do something in the wider community to lift up the name of Jesus believing that as you do he will draw all men unto Himself Jesus wants while he waits it is a tragedy that far too often we wait and do nothing instead of doing something to share Jesus with us and you know there's something you can do that just is you can tell me you can't tell me you're too old you're too feeble you too I spoke to a lady she said didn't work and it didn't work out that well I was in the hospital I was sick I spent a lot of time in there and I was sent Oh my goodness this isn't what I want to be ministering I want to be doing Bible studies why am I here until the nurses said there is something special about your room there is a piece in they had this. Daughter of God had brought to a place maybe an unlikely place the presence of Jesus and cause people to consider eternity and their relationship to go you can't even be too sick to witness for Jesus you just can't. Was in a town where I had been on the past or stuff of a certain church and while I was there Larry came to visit me. In a few years last time I saw him he was riding his bicycle but now he was driving a car and he walked from the car to the house leaning on a walking stick and hobbling I said Larry what's the problem he said all pasta plant is terrible stuff and the feet hurt like crazy and then I said I'm goodness that walking stick that is beautiful Tell me about that walking stick it was it was this glorious thing he got in from Africa and out of elephants into the Walking-Stick kind of like walking around and trust me it was just a beautiful thing and then he said you know I'm going to tell you a story about this walking stick he said pasta I had been praying that God would give me a ministry I said Larry you've just come here from delivering meals on wheels that's a ministry isn't it no no no no pasta ministry I wanted to study the Bible with people I said Larry you're 91 years old Shouldn't you be leaving that for the younger ones he said no pasta he knew I was is stirring a little bit I said So what did you do brother he said well I prayed God give me a ministry God give me he a ministry and then it dawned on me he said he was reading the Book of Exodus and he came to that passage where God spoke to Moses who carried a stop and God said to Moses What is that in your hand. Larry said I read that and I realized of Carlos everywhere I go people ask me about the walking stick he took a photograph of the walking stick and then he had on probably like an 11 year old to design a folder a little brochure out of 8 and a half by live in paper like you would print out of your printer at home fold it over and on the front the walking stick and I believe it says something like what is that in your head open it up in the left hand panel the story of Moses in the middle of the story of Larry and on the right hand side and appeal to the hot and then if you flip it over the other panels on the back ministries that you can contact if you'd like to know more and so Larry on his walking stick hobbling into a wall not and somebody said Oh Oh Oh that's all look that's a fantastic walking stick where did you get that and he would reach into his pocket and pull out 1 of these tracts. And say I thought you would never obvious. And then you know when you are elderly truth be told 91 we could just plain call that old without being disrespectful but allow me to soften that a little bit when you're elderly you can get away with anything Larry would give them the thing that thank you and he would lean on the walking stick and say I'll just stand here while you read. I'll just wait here you go right ahead of time to read through it then he would say Do you have any questions and if beyond serous Yes he ended in questions and if it's no he would say well great I hope you would consider that if you want any more information look at the contact the ministries on the back you always get more information brothers in his ninety's as he's talking to he's weeping. Telling me these praying that God would give them a ministry so they could witness last time I saw him I was back out there a few months ago conducting an evangelist meeting Larry is now 94 he's telling me how he sharing the Bible with the woman that comes in and helps him with his housework. Bust of invited to the meetings I'm praying that. Plenty of fasciitis cleaned up years ago he still walk around on that walking stick hoping people will ask him questions I'm going to another 1 witnessing but as old as Methuselah almost and he's witnessing you can keep a man like that down why because he's built with the love of Jesus and he understands what God has done for him and he wants to see others in heaven see he wants to see Jesus all nude in more law Yes Holly lujah 999 I was conducting an evangelist series not far from a friend who was like was holding a meeting he said I want to show you something it's a piece of video that I showed churches before we hold of N.G.O.s to meetings sure I went to his apartment looked over his shoulder as he had his little wrapped up black and white maybe they're all black and white back then I don't remember he pressed play before he did he told me this is from a movie called Schindler's List I had not seen the movie it was released in 193 at 1 Academy Awards I'd heard about it he said You gotta watch this crisis play the end of the movie shot in black and white very dramatic by the way just a December I was in Krakow Poland wish list factory was went to the factory. Moving it's very near the what was the Krakow ghetto with too many Jews were crammed into this unthinkably small place it's only an hour from Auschwitz you know. The end of this movie Schindler walks out you understand the story maybe you don't. Had factories 1 of them in Krakow Poland he hired Jews to protect them from the Holocaust he saved singlehandedly 1200 lives absolutely heroic but at the end of this movie Schindler comes out and is surrounded by people he has a and you hear him say I could have got more out I could have got more if I had just and at that all with that been Kingsley's character say is Osca there are 1200 people who are alive because of you look at Schindler says if I had made more money I threw away so much money you have no idea his friend replies there will be generations because of what you did he says I didn't do enough bin Kingsley says you did so much he looks at his car remember there are hundreds of people standing around all alive all of them would have been did hundreds of people standing around and he says this cause. Goods would have bought this car why did I keep this cob 10 people right there 10 more I could have got this pin he had a gold in a gold pin on his lapel pin to people this is gold to mole people he would have given me 2 for at least 1 he would have given me more 1 more 1 more person a person stood in for this 1 lol I could have gotten 1 more person I didn't and he breaks down and we use a man who saved 1200 people. The fact that it could have been 1201 or 1200 and and I was glad I was standing behind my friend I couldn't help but he is pulled down my face now I'm not 1 prone to that sort of display of emotion and nothing I could do I couldn't turn him off I got the point I thought to myself I think we could get 1 more but what am I doing in my doing with my life are people going down a crisis graves Listen friend I think we can get 1 more don't you think we could I think we could do another mailing him oh Bible study interests I'm sure we could then we could study with those people you know that at least 1 of them going to say yes to Jesus at least 1 but more more than likely many more hold another evangelist experience to another outreach in the community invite people to your church for this or that or the other get more of those stickers that I'm seeing in cars all over Michigan free Bible offer dot com You know I don't want to put 1 on the back of my car. And I like it I like how it looks when 1 somebody's looking at that and writing it down and getting a Bible study and being saying friend don't you think there's more that we could do you think we can get 1 more look at us you think we could I think we could. You know if God could talk through a donkey if God could use the sons of thunder if God could use this the dysfunctional bunch of of fisherman and who knows what else if God could use 11 people to turn the world upside down I feel like God could use the people in the Michigan conference to makes such an impact for the kingdom of heaven that eternity would be needed to help us see what God has done I reckon we could get 1 more friend what about you know we could I know we could WE CAN GO BACK FROM can't meaning to business as usual we cannot there are people all around us all but I don't know what to do don't do what you cannot do what you can. Do something of us help you know there's a magnificent story in the Bible a brother was brought to the feet of Jesus this is the guy they lowered down from the rooftop he was paralyzed he couldn't get himself to Jesus for people carried him to Jesus could you carry the corner of the bed yes you could I mean the being a kid you know I'm the youngest of 5 boys in my family and every time that my big brothers were carrying something out help put my hand on it take my hand off I wouldn't be carrying my corner they'd be fine they'd carry it. You don't even have to be able to carry a quantity carry a corner you can be there just to make up the numbers God will use you ladies and gentlemen my brother was baptized 42 years ago my goodness that's almost half a century he thought then that he was the last 1 in the door he has 7 grandchildren now he's old enough to be a great grandfather is the eldest grandchild is now in her junior year at university his eldest grandchild is a junior in college. And yet he believed when he was baptized that he was the last 1 in the dual Jesus is coming back soon we believe that. Today we look to Christ and hope is for the faint our outlook is positive out faith is steadfast purpose is shop our mission is clear our vision is before us now desire is still intense now to plan a still to follow his plan our result is strong out dreams are still alive our aspiration is a finished work our objective is Souls 1 our determination has not slackened our Durex is towards the kingdom our goal is to win 1 more our intent is to preach the gospel because in spite of the times in spite of the distractions in spite of opposition in spite of lukewarmness in spite of small thinking in spite of past failures in spite of our weaknesses in spite of our lack of resources our lack of consistency out frequent lack of surrender now too often lack of a B.D. ans a lack of imagination our lack of success now let go of a righteous ness in spite of our repeated mistakes in spite of it all. God is still on his throne our. Is still in season as Christ our Lord Jesus is coming back soon and by the grace of God we will occupy to he comes Would you say man tonight come on let's pray together let's pray like we mean business. Father in heaven we thank you tonight for the blessing of hope we believe that your son our savior Jesus will soon return we don't know when other then soon soon enough so we are grateful that you've given us the opportunity to know you we are thankful that you've given us the opportunity to share you with us friend tonight as we pray I wonder if you would think about where you are with. First let me say this your heads about your eyes are closed let me say this we have spoken tonight about sharing Jesus without this a friend how is it with you is your hot right with God Now you hear it can't meeting surrendered to Jesus say you in rebellion are you holding something back are you refusing to give Jesus or allow Jesus to take everything that you have come on free and we do want to be talking about sharing Jesus while knowing he has not taken possession of our lives that cannot be said so afraid of that you tonight I am asking God is being you if you would surrender your hot to him and then friend God is calling to you to be involved on the front lines no don't let that intimidate you the front line takes on a whole slew of different iterations. If you are willing God will use you. Would you be willing to 9 I wonder if you would respond to God's invitation if you're willing he'll put you to work if you're willing he'll create a new a new hot and remove the separation that exists where you tonight can you say yes to Jesus would you raise your hand YES JESUS TAKE MY HEART make me yours I want to be a true child of God 2nd Lord use me somehow in your service somehow you don't even have to know how. 1 voice Jesus in a wonderful way by handing over 5 loaves and 2 small fish now the little girl simply said why didn't somebody get that name and to the prophet transform nation a little slave girl. If God can use them God can use you friend lift up your hand if you'd come back if you've been away if it's not right between you and Jesus looked up and that's 1 second 1 if you would let God use you he will use you and you will rejoice your life will be more full with meaning than ever before you'll find a new purpose be a life where you let God use you if you desire God to use you more lift up you. Do more through may not be my glory but. Tonight we're here as your people. And they'll take us and do in us what needs to be done and do through us whatever you can for your glory he thank you tonight and we praise you. And we pray in Jesus' name and we said together. A man. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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