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Good Enough

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

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  • June 24, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Father in Heaven 1 last time we come to you here it can't meeting at least like this and we appeal to you again to speak to us again we know you CAN WE KNOW YOU WANT TO we pray that you would I pray that I would be open our ears would be likewise open Lord give us grace to see and hear now what we ought. Don't allow us to see and hear what we should not. Be distracted can't meetings about ended we want to be blessed again so if you would Lord speak to us through your Holy Spirit when we go from this place when we leave these grounds we want to be able to say we we were close to you we want to be able to say we want to be close to you forever That's our prayer now and so we pray make this time you'll. Make it count feel glory we pray and plead with grateful in Jesus name Amen you know that every quadrennial every 4 years now planet focuses its attention on a festival a festival that is that once a celebration of athletic excellence and pharmaceutical ingenuity the last still into games were held in Rio de Janeiro That's correct Rosehill Russia was to send 389 athletes however the International Olympic Committee disinvited 111 of them do not come Russia was told that is don't send all of the there were a bunch of them told to stay home. The Paralympics operated with slightly more spine than the other Elim pics telling Russia simply don't come don't bring 18 it was determined rightly that the Russians had been cheating it was a doping program in place athletes were cheating on doping tests all kinds of things were happening it was a state sponsored cheating enterprise. Russia keep many of your athletes on the 1 hand stay home altogether on the other a bunch of people were disqualified in 2016 you know that until very recently to still disqualifying athletes from 2008 Beijing in 2012 London because as they read. Some polls that were taken with more sophisticated methods they're discovering even more drug cheats Rio de Janiero disqualified away from could just on a swimmer from China and athlete from Kazakstan on a cyclist from Brazil a canoeist from Monk from Moldova a weight lifter from Mongolia a boxer from Russia weightlifter from Romania and more before. The Rio de Janiero games there were others told not to come you're cheating a buggering steeplechaser a Greek swimmer a separate weight lifted an Irish bucks an Indian wrestler a Polish weightlifter another pole Well the weight lift is what is it with weight lift is those of us with memories that go back a little bit will remember that in the in 1988 the Olympic Games were held in. Those $84.00 Seoul South Korea and we won some of us as the men lined up to begin the 100 meters track event. The greatest athlete of all time still the greatest athlete of all time line up in that race his name Kahlua this we expected Kalou is to win because that's what Cal Lewis did tremendous photograph taken of Kahlua midway through the race looking this direction of this direction look in 1 direction or another with absolute disbelief on his face because a fellow born in Jamaica at the age of 14 immigrated to Canada His name was Ben Johnson Ben Johnson screamed down the track stood the 1st place lowered his own world record ran the 100 meters a 9.79 seconds if you get out your slide rule and do some calculations you will discover that that is slightly faster than lightning. In college was came 2nd. To do the reading required to pass this test you discover that there's an asterisk by Quaaludes just ahead but Ben Johnson had a little help help in the form of an anabolic steroid known as stun knows all Ben Johnson went from hero to 0. Overnight. He was a cheat later on he said that the world record he said prior to soul was like Why sit under the influence of performance enhancing drugs and. The. Expunge that from the record books as well. But drug use at the Olympic Games goes back. Then 988 now the 1st to have games that I remember 97290 I know you're surprised by that but some of you. Some of you could certainly remember Athens and 896 but I cannot. Best I can do is 972 and that's hazy. Because in 92 reasons the terrible tragedy that took place at the Munich Olympics in 1972 and in 1902 a fella from my hometown of not oh in New Zealand won a gold medal Allan COSTA We used to buy gas at call and call his guest station we went to school with the college kids and my brother was in. His closet he was the Coxon of the men's rowing 8 and we steamed to glory or road to glory in Munich in 1972 which reminds me being from New Zealand we have a we have a proud limb pick tradition in New Zealand we turned out some. Greats. I'm sure you're familiar with all of them so I won't bore you with the details. But with a small country when I was a kid there was 3300000 people now this 4500000 people you know and and we we happy when we have 1 is like Alan cotton and the minstrel show is in 172 the Olympic men's hockey team in 976 that's field how we won that gold medal no 1 understands it may have been before maintenance and drugs I don't know it was a truck I don't mean that New Zealand not New Zealand it's a funny old thing every Olympic Games since we've expected the men's hockey team to win another gold medal they won't win another gold medal if the Olympics go for another 10000 years but we value middle what is so much here is what you do when you're from a country like New Zealand is what you do you look at the website and you see the middle table it has 1st 2nd 3rd it has the top 10 and then New Zealand which typically is in about 14th 15th or 16th place which is pretty good for a country with 4000000 people but we do something that you all don't do in the United States so I guess we all don't do in the United States and that is that there was another tablet that you can click. So middle win is and then medals 1 per capita. And suddenly we leap from 15th or 18 to 45 right up to number 1 or number 2 or number 1 or number 3 you write about now if it wasn't for you saying bolt and the Croatians I'm the only person he has knows that Croatia had a pretty good Olympic Games and the reason I know is that I'm watching you know we're hard up for glory I'm watching the medals 1 per capita what's going on with Croatia and what they won but they did us. So you know how that goes 976 that's the 1 I really remember and that's when things get interesting regarding performance enhancing drugs 976 as of course you remember John Walker from New Zealand won the men's 1500 metres track event again I'm the only person in the House who remembers who came 2nd in the men's 1500 meters in 1906 it was a fellow named the late Ivor van Dam from Belgium big tall fellow with with with flowing blonde locks and the reason we remember that of course is he got about that close to John that wasn't good at all the 976 something really fascinating happened you know in the United States we love it when a 2nd place we could care less but I want to we love and there was a swimmer a female swimmer who was expected to return back from where was it in 1906 Montreal Canada she was expected to come back with a shoe box filled up with gold medals her name was Shirley Babbitt shelf. Now surely Betty swam like lightning she was fantastic she came home with 1 gold medal how the women's fall by 100 meter freestyle relay 1 is hard to understand but when they did the reason surely babba shelf did not come home with gold medals was that she came up against the buzz saw known as the East German women's swim team and the East German women's swim team found themselves on the receiving end of something called state program 14.25 It was instituted by the government of East Germany desperate to show the world the glories of Eastern European communism if they pumped up their athletes and drug them to medal winning performances the world would see how glorious East Germany was. On that swimming team there was a statuesque solidly built swim a toll blonde blue eyed her name was Cornelia Enda Now there's a reason why I described her as I described it not too terribly long before the Olympic Games she was told long blue eyed and kind of skinny but other time Montreal rolled around she was no longer skinny she thought the bulk was the result of her very high training and the dietary program the nutrition that she was being supplied Well she trained hot and she was eating good food but she'd also been pumped up by state program 14.25 which meant that while Shirley babba shop was swimming this direction Coney endo was a swimming downhill. She was being towed to the finish line or propelled by performance enhancing drugs surely that a show off was dubbed by the American media certainly surely because she was seen to be kind of down south frowning a lot at Montreal that's because she knew then what the media knows now but didn't understand then as 1 American swimmer said in Montreal I could swim like that too if I was a man and a. Friend of mine told me the story it's just true as the day is long he was a swimmer for Penn State University at about that time and so he knew the swimmers on the American swim team in Montreal this is this is not being reported in the media you heard it here in Montreal the American women swim team was in a locker room and they had deep voices deep voices in the women's locker room they were alone they went to investigate and there were the East German women so 1 of them said I what the voices you had and 1 of the East German women replied and said we didn't come here to sing Julie Babbitt shelf did not come home from Montreal to a spot on the lucrative celebrity speakers circuit she did not get a deal with Speedo the way they are clothing she came. To your job delivering the mail for the United States Postal Service in Orange County California and anonymity program 14.25. 1 East German weightlifter a fellow named Bonk consumed in 1 calendar year more performance enhancing drugs than any human being has ever done he set world records Silva. In the weightlifting in Montreal beaten out by a fellow named Basseley alexy of some men you describe as looking like they were carved out of the side of a mountain. The man you just described as looking like a mountain that was vastly alexy of he won the gold get. Never an athlete with a cool name. Came 2nd he came home from Montreal not long after was confined to a wheelchair organ failure he spent 3 decades in a wheelchair guided in his early sixty's this is why we don't believe in performance enhancing drugs but 1 particularly been they destroyed people. Women who end up having all kinds of challenges sensually developing all kinds of male characteristics it was difficult really really difficult physically for people but then there's the there's the cheating aspect none of us wanted to believe that Lance Armstrong was cheating I don't want to believe that this cancer survivor this tenacious competitor this man who ran the great charity helping so many people that the French after all these 2 as different as they wind the wind about Lance Armstrong I said they whine because they're French of course they won that's our God Lance Armstrong he wouldn't cheat Oh yes he did he cheated and he tell you why he cheated because you were thinking to yourself Oh man these cheats these immoral cheats how could they do that like you to stop and think if you were an athlete who'd given you a live to pursuing athletic glory and you know that the gold medal is 1 thing but your picture on the Wheaties box that's another that's where the money is if you know that that shaving 3 tenths of a 2nd off your personal best might be enough. To vote you from 4th to 1st or 3rd to 1st or 2nd to 1st then that's that's the difference between well done and Gloria think about that think of the money think of the rest of your lives think now about your children can attend any school they wish money won't be an object they think you need to be tempted when you learn some strong the reason he got into the blood doping was because he competed in the Tour de France he was cycling up I think it's the Pyrenees they cycle up there the French Alps and cyclists were going pasta him as though he was going backwards he said what they doing just isn't human How are they doing it he discovered it and he said to himself I can never beat them unless I beat them at their own game he realized that his best was not good enough how would you feel when I when I was in school you know I knew that in our little school we had running races I was good but. It was good I ran well but there were a couple of guys who ran really really well. I only way I could beat it was by tripping them up. Shooting them or something even then I probably wouldn't win I couldn't when I couldn't long distance couldn't beat me 100 metres no way I could win my best just wasn't good enough and I understood that now let's think for a moment this is only sport and sport really is the sort of thing that Solomon would have written about in the book of Ecclesiastes these and said that's vanity. We think the Super Bowl is important to athletes not athletes advertisers pay for a half $1000000.00 for 30 seconds and we remember who wins the Super Bowl for about 2 days and after that's not important the nation sort of stops I mean you like your part of the nation may not but you know that well over 100000000 people in the United States and then many more around the world watch that event live it's huge the fact is if I asked you who won the Super Bowl in 2012 you couldn't tell me if you could tell me it might be something wrong we don't know because honestly it's just not that important but there is a principle here and that is that sometimes your best is not good enough athletics sports football baseball whatever it might be hardly matters but what is superior truly you come to the conclusion that you know best isn't good enough now you might have to come face to face with the realities met effect if you're ever going to go to heaven you'd better figure that out Paul wrote to the Corinthians in 1st Corinthians Chapter 9 I believe it's verse $24.00 he said no you not that they which run in a race run all but 1 receives the prize and then he said so run that he may obtain whole was alluding to the ancient games he said you know whole bunch of people running a race but there's only 1 winner he says so run to 1 help me run to what run to win if you're like me running in the school cross country you thought that's OK I got this. But if you like me lining up in the 100 meters is you're thinking I'll do OK but I won't when it's not possible there are better runners then me here imagine the spiritually know we're on to win and yet the Bible say is that all of us have sinned and have come short of the glory of God and that the wages of sin is death and so we try and we fail we pray. And then we fail maybe we foster and it just doesn't seem to do the job doesn't rid us of this hot that is broken and weak and corrupt and we say pole is saying run to win but the truth is no matter how hard I run my best isn't good enough so what do we do about bad we could despair we could look at our weakness we could say I've been battling self and self keeps winning we're going to get out fail is we going to get other people we could look at what we ought to be but even that is a loser's game there's 1 thing that we can do that will grant let's call it success let's call it victory that's what Paul was talking about I want to take you there and Luke Chapter 112 of scripture reading Luke Chapter 11 let's turn this Luke 11 and we'll pick it up where let's say let's say verse 9 I'll start reading while you're turning that's OK And I say unto you OS and it shall be given you seek and you shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you 3 times in Luke 11 in verse 9 Jesus used the word shall this will be done Jesus said For every 1 that I receive it. He that C. could find it and in that market it shall be opened and then he said if a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father will you give him a stone or if you ask a fish will he for a fish give him a soap or if he shall ask an egg will he offer him a school P. N. no notice what he's saying here if the son OS 6 the dad for something and these are reasonable things the dad is going to give Now you know. I vowed and declared before my wife and I we would never spoil our children of course we never had stuff though isn't it because you want to give your kids the things they want you want to this is what Jesus was talking about son asks you for something and these were all as I said very reasonable thing you want to give them you just. You know my daughter she 1 my me telling this because this is just the truth my daughter figured me out a while ago in fact it was on a trip to Michigan on the way home that. Night held it you know my daughter go clothes shopping with a mother and a mother has this thing where it's like a mom I really need jeans but do you think and Melissa will say oh yeah good what's the price drive on. Let's go to the next store see what they got. The next gen and is thinking these work will go to the next or drawn another period to what do you think it is I'm not dead what's the price let me see how they look. There's another store we need to look at and then you go to the store and I don't care if she says I'm exaggerating I'm the 1 with the microphone and. And then it's like OK they that when we need to think about that think about that Shannon Shannon been thinking about this week's We don't need to do in a month thinking about that so we're hearing that from from Michigan you know we stop in Indianapolis is a big beautiful and Shannon needs all of these closures and that our needs and genes yes yes let's get you some genes into the genes store and she says Dad I like these Try my own do they fit Yeah they fit look at this I said great let's get them as a matter of fact let's get to Piers All right did I need shorts as well do you like these should How many do you need to 3 I need 3 but you better grab them I'm sure we need T. shirts right up to the T. shirts too I like this 1 debt I'll get it and I like this 1 dead better get that and I like. Credit card company and sending an S. I wish to my wife there's something going on in CA Mel Indiana. Well I figure she needs him right a figure a way to adorn his hobbies through wardrobe I'm not beyond bribery. When your children Oskin for something you want to don't you if this is reasonable you want to them my kids I want them to be happy I want them to have what I need I even want them to have what they want. Now and then so Jesus is here if you have children knocking for something what kind of a father is going to give a scorpion to a son who is for an egg who when a kid says like a fish here take a serpent have a snake house this do you like that the father wants to give the children the good stuff a man Jesus then having established that says if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more all how much more. Well your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that aha there we are the Holy Spirit your best is not good enough and so cheeses said I'm going to die go to heaven but then I will send you another book come foot. I will come to you personally in the Person of the Holy Spirit the Spirit of God brings into our lives the personal presence of Jesus Christ what did Jesus bring when he comes into our lives listen we don't need to be thinking for a moment that we ought to be good to go to heaven good people don't get to go to heaven Heaven is not for the good Heaven is for holy people Heaven is for. People and you cannot work yourself up into a state of holiness You cannot buy righteousness you cannot practice righteousness you'll never deserve righteousness you cannot righteousness righteousness comes from 1 place no no not from righteousness is in a commodity like gasoline you go to the gas station you fill up needle gets all the way with it if and you drive it we can now it's down it and you say I need more gas I must go to the gas station that's not how righteousness works righteousness isn't gotten it gotten from Christ. We don't receive righteousness Thrawn Christ we receive righteousness in. And for the life of me I cannot figure out how this idea of in Christ ever became complicated you surrender to Jesus you are in Christ you give your heart to Jesus you are in Christ and Christ is in you and when you are in cry. You put this the righteousness of Christ because you a bound up in extra indissoluble Billy with Jesus Christ when Jesus comes into your life he don't come in gradually you don't come and say I'm just checking this out I'm in spectating I'll stay the night but I'm just bringing my sleeping bag in a week I'll really move in when you yield your life to Jesus Jesus fills you with his presence what does he bring He brings his obedience he brings his power he brings his right shifts ness now you don't need to be worrying about being good enough to go to heaven you should never look at yourself and say I am not good enough you must always look to Jesus and say Jesus and only Jesus is and always will be good enough go on and say man to 9 friend our hope is in Jesus we need we need help we are broken and weak wretched miserable poor blind and naked The difference is Christ and what Jesus does there is a tremendous Adventist verse in the bible its efficiency $28.00 it says For by grace you say through what they say and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God. We believe we experience justification by faith but don't be thinking sanctification comes by works that comes by faith as well and if there's 1 thing that God's people don't do and I mean this of course generally that's give themselves enough space to grow let me ask you a question the middle school teacher with 3 beautiful little kids in the model husband and the idea that life who has a bad day and she goes home and she knows that she's she's failed God on a couple of occasions and so she kneels by her bed at night and she's is a God forgive me I'm truly sorry created me a clean clean this God forgive her does God give her Jesus righteousness in the place of US Ans Yes he does and the righteousness of Christ as a matter of fact when Paul wrote to the Philippines he said it's the righteousness of God That's some heavy duty righteousness so what kind of righteousness does Jesus give us give me a would. What was that 1 holy yes what you say that did or you might get somebody in trouble using it with. Complete is a complete righteousness. You better have some confidence here if it's not complete righteousness in we're all up the creek without a paddle so when Jesus comes in your life he brings his holy perfect complete righteousness the middle school teacher from Mayberry does she have that righteousness from Jesus yes yes she does know there's a drunk wandering homie trips on a curb stumbles and falls in the gutter vomits on himself process out wakes up with a headache later laying in his own filth and he remembers men I should be better than this my mother warned me my father has appealed to me and told me he's praying for me. I remember going to 7th school as a child I remember being a junior deacon in the church I remember going off to Andrews University I mean I'm making my way in the world and then and then getting caught up and then drifting and now look at me I'm so far from God God forgive me of my sin is he forgiven all right laud accept me as your child does he do so a lot take away my sin this is sin gone does he receive the righteousness of Christ what kind of righteousness it can we call it complete Yes yes it's complete righteousness does he have some growing to do as a bit of government take a share of 1st thing so go so Mrs A got to get off the booze he pours the booze down the sink he says that's it I never drink again and he never does so he's off to a good stud but he's still smoking He's got to explain this to his live in girlfriend he's got a job where he works 6 days a week his day off is Tuesday Wait did he receive the righteousness of Christ yes or no yes he did but what is he now in the process of doing he's growing with his eyes fixed on Jesus the next day because what throws away the cigarette I don't know maybe it's a day late he goes home he says Sweetie we got to talk she says yeah you change your different bags are packed already takes him a little time he speaks to the boss but you know what he's doing don't you he is growing in the grace of God Yes Oh no he's growing Look man take your eyes off your sin what I mean by that is if you are obsessing about your inadequacy you will always be inadequate instead obsess about Christ's adequacy Christ's adequacy your weakness Oh wait God string is made perfect in 1 God cannot help you if you are strong. It's the week where God's strength is made perfect so you see sin in your life OK You shouldn't be surprised. We are faulty and flawed and sinful and growing What do you do then you turn your eyes upon Jesus look full in his wonderful face the things of this world will grow strangely dim as but I be holding you become changed nobody was ever changed into a saint by be holding their own weakness no no no don't don't misquote me a tech not a context I'm not saying ignore it I'm not saying it's OK sin is not we were reminded during prayer time the Smalling we are living in the time heavens final judgment God wants to expel sin from our lives how do you do that fill yourself up with Jesus what you can do that invite Jesus to fill you with his presence look to Jesus look to Jesus be to hold him in the sanctuary in heaven he is in the most holy place pleading his blood for you. Know some of your singing a choir. Help out in communion service you have no trouble believing that. There are some others of us here tonight we're thinking men maybe really yes really yes you Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost and so tonight if you say I'm a lost person highly Libya you realize the truth Solomon Ellen White said was never so great as when he said I am but a little child I don't know how to go out and how to come in he wasn't backing themself he was recognizing his weakness recognizing that he needed help the help of God and when he made that realization God said I am here for you and he enjoyed God's blessing as his eyes were on the God of heaven ladies and gentlemen what are you building on today what are you building on Jesus said there was somebody who built a house but built it on the sand when the winds came and a flood rose up the rain beat down that house fell because it was built on the sand but Jesus it was somebody and he said this is a person who hears my sayings and does them when the rain came down in the flood came up that house stood firm because it was it was built on a rock you know in San Francisco today there's a 58 story condominium tele called the Millennium Tower they call it 1 of the 10 biggest residential buildings in the world now you think Dubai London New York City Tokyo this must be quite a place lady was. Practicing the putting. It in the living room of a 57th floor all as you do. To sing a party and. And she discovered she had this gold bowl she she called it when he sent his bowl because whenever she would putt with the ball it kind of the and way off to the lived thing sure she said what's going on here there were cracks appeared down on the cop and then. It was discovered that the Millennium Tower has sunk 18 inches a little settlings not so surprising Patroclus Towers in Kuala Lumpur that's still about $3.00 to $4.00 inches but the millennium towers a foot and a half not only that it's leaning now. It's leaning it's not quite the leaning tower of San Francisco but it's leaning enough that when the DIA lady puts on the 57th floor the bowl goes off in this direction there's a discernible lean and so of course there's scurrying to try to figure out this thing and everybody's going it's not my fault it's somebody else's fault they say it's because they dug a tunnel for a transit center the tunnel is 60 feet away from the foundation of the building that's what's done oh no other said can't be that maybe it's the fact that the foundations go down 80 feet into sending the rock is at 240 feet or 220 feet now I don't know why that thing is leaning like it's leaning but I can tell you for sure it was not built upon a rock listen if you are leaning listing sinking it probably is because you have not built upon the wrong not hearing the sayings of Jesus and allowing Jesus to work out his work in your line the Bible says in Philippians 1 in verse 6 that he which had begun a good work in you is faithful to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ we let God do His work. There was 1 whose power is MY here than we that is Jesus he will come into your life through the Holy Spirit and transform you make you what you cannot make yourself listen we must have this we must have this in our homes before another church family splits up and divorce we must have this and our home before another husband is embarrassed because this addiction has been been made public and don't think that doesn't happen around al places because it does. We must have this in our churches before more of God's people get called up so caught up in the world they forget which direction Heaven is in and they lose their taste for holiness and the things of God altogether we must have the power of Jesus in our lives you know that they had no temptation taken you but such as is common to man God is faithful will not suffer you to be tempted above that which you are able but will with the temptation also make a way of escape so you may be able to bear it no no no the devil didn't make you do it the temptation was not too strong because when you cry out to God he will empty heaven of every angel if he has to send them to your aid to give you strength in your time of need yes your God is mighty Yes Jesus is powerful just say yes he wants to do that work in your life and he will if you will invite him to do it and just get out of his way once he gets the work done in your life Christ is preparing a people for heaven now we must be in it you know what you can come to camp meeting once 5 times 15 times $25.00 times and then be on the outside of the holy city looking in instead of on the inside looking out what no 1 prayed too many prayers for that read too many Bible passages for that good too many sermons for that this word is powerful if you let it be powerful in your life God will work in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure if you let Him He wants to we are not asking God you know the kid dead will you give me a fish here take a sip No no no fish can I give you 2 would you like 10 how many fish do you need. Paul blessings upon you. I'll be radical with the blessings I want to give you you want a blessing you know sometimes we feel like God is hard up or God God is hard pressed to bless us would you forgive me I want a lot of it in too much trouble can you give me just a little your Holy Spirit don't pray that prayer or somebody wrote that that the Holy Spirit awaits our demand and our reception you can afford to get in God's face I say this in a holy way in an appropriate way get right up close to God and say I demand that you give me a Holy Spirit I gotta have it like I need air like I need water I must have your Holy Spirit what's God going to do an answer to that prayer he will answer that prayer every time and do in your life what needs to be done you don't need make excuses to sin in your life you just don't you can say a lot I need you Jesus will start and heal and what do you have then you have a heart the you with the holy Son of God You possess the righteousness of Christ by faith you believe that God is working in you you know that Jesus is coming alive and then you grow and you grow you make a mistake you grow again you made plenty mistakes when you were learning to walk you spent more time on your behind that you spent on your feet there for a while but you didn't get discouraged and said Well I think I'll just crawl for the rest of my life you stuck at it and you grew and went contention comes in blind side you because your focus is in the wrong place you are not good Lord forgive me we will go again I'm still looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of my faith a man you look to Jesus I hope I expanded that thought earlier the 1 thing that God's people are always good at doing is giving himself some room cutting themselves some slack you're growing join the Kolob. Sanctification by faith is the work of a what a lifetime you don't grow and grow and grow until the Hobbits just keep growing keep receiving nourishment from the would've gone strength from prayer how up through the Holy Spirit keep growing keep reaching keep looking keep progressing in faith forgetting that which is behind you want to press toward the muck of the high calling that we find in Jesus Christ. Will never be good enough so forget about your best and remember Jesus best and what Jesus will do in your life what Jesus office you completely and free leave freely without money without price no we don't deserve it yes we have messed up so many times if you were God you want to send you to hell long ago but that you god isn't you God is love God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son He has done it get used to the fact and accept it and love it and welcome it know your best will never be good enough God isn't looking for you will be looking for your permission to do his best and your. 952 the Olympic Games when Helsinki Helsinki Finland a 30 year old chick was running in Helsinki his name was a meals that a pick up the story from Camille mitts great story like zat a pick originally from Czech Republic Czechoslovakia was back then a check the story out it's true it's a great story zat a pick was quite a character his training methods were on all the dogs training for long distance races he would run sprints people say sprints he's already know how to run slow I thought the object was to run for. 30 years old had an ungainly running style. Someone said he ran when he ran it looked like he'd been stabbed in the someone said a journalist said he runs as though his next step will be his laast another journalist said he looks like a man wrist sling and octopus on a conveyor belt not in a way that looks like a maybe it looks like in the Oh is that a pic he said I did not know you were supposed to smile and run at the same time I did not know they gave you points but style all you wanted to do was win and he rose up to Helsinki the Czech track team was kind a kind of Finn and they said you can you can run can anything you want to run he ran a 5001 the gold medal he ran the 10001 the gold medal in what I believe was a world record and you can you can check but I think it was a world record time and then he ran the marathon he said I might as well so he stepped up and he ran the marathon he's running in the math on our need of the hour in the front running alongside a British runner and the British run a. Set of big he says well what do you think of the rice of no no no we didn't go that way Zach to pick said to the Brit what do you think of the race sofa and the British runner said I don't feel as though it's fast enough that it picks it up and took off left him behind at a meal set to pick really 1 of the greatest run is ever to grace a track came up with 3 gold medals from Helsinki Finland he was quite a character when the Soviets invaded a little bit after that and they demanded that he acquiesce to their authority and represent them as the minister of sports he said no they said we'll send you to clean toilets and you're running a mine he chose the toilets he said I'm not doing that for you. He was quite a guy. It was another runner a little bit off is that a pix time who admired Xantippe it greatly His name was wrong clock he ran for and from Australia he was a great athlete he set 17 World Records as a matter of fact in 1965 in a span of 44 days he ran 18 races and set 12 World Records he was quite the guy but in 1968 when the Olympic Games were in Mexico City run clock like other athletes was done in by the altitude they referred to run clock as the bloke who joked he could never win the big 1 in spite of winning all sitting all of these world records could never win the big 1 and off he failed in Mexico City he did not want to go home to Australia and face what he knew would be the avalanche of criticism he thought you know what I'm going to do I want to go and visit is that a pig zat have picked the great I'm going to Prague I'll visit me on you went to Prague and he spent some time staying with meals at a pig who was a prince of a fellow and consoled poor old Ron clot the night before clock was going to be leaving what was then Czechoslovakia he noticed saw him meals that a bit who thought he was secretly stashing something in Ron clocks luggage Well clocks thought it's going to be a message for the outside world you know they live behind the Iron Curtain there in Czechoslovakia in 68 it'll be a message for the outside world or maybe a gift for somebody a message for somebody he sprung zat have because he was inserting sed some things that if it wasn't a clock's bag and Saturday all he could say was it's because you deserve it it's because you deserve it that a big clock didn't know what to think about didn't want to look in the bag he didn't want to uncover the secret got back to Australia unzipped his luggage and there in the luggage. Was 1 of the gold medals that had been won by a meals at a pick and he gave it to the bloke who choke he gave it to Ron Clark the Australian who said 17 gold medals sorry he said 17 wasn't Michael Phelps is set 17 a good World Records gave it to the man who set 17 World Records but never could win the big 1 Goodfellow Ron Clark died at the age of 78 just a couple of years ago because you deserve because you deserve you know I don't know if you're ever going to win an Olympic gold medal I hate to rain on your parade but if you were to ask me to make a prediction I would predict that no you probably not going to have a better news there than a gold medal is a golden crown in St Paul said henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord a righteous judge will give me at that day not to me only but to all the more so who love His appearing friend Christ will place on your head a crown of gold a crown of gold that will never Tanishq that will never fade away you won't consider yourself worthy and that's the good reason you will not the only he is worthy but Jesus will 1 day pronounce you victorious a winner a champion right has saying listen as we close in prayer when you stand with me just stand up that quickly that can and I wonder if you could stand still because we shuffle a little bit at a time like this and I'd like to speak your heart can't meaning is about over and I want to make an appeal to you tonight and appeal to be right with God I'm not asking for behavior God's not asking for that don't make promises to God they are few tile don't make promises to God He doesn't want you to make promises to him instead he wants you to believe the promises that he makes to you Al best will never be good enough I wanted tonight how it is with you. I wonder tonight how it is with you now if you stand here tonight and things are OK between you and God Great stay right where you are and pray for those around you don't come forward but if things are not right that when you when God if you were to be honest tonight and say I don't I don't have the right uses of Christ I don't have Jesus in my heart I'm not in Christ I need what God Office me and I want to invite you to come for tonight so we can pray together down here in the front you don't have to I'm making it each of you to opt out if you feel like things are OK between you and God then stay but I don't believe that that's the case for every 1 of us here tonight I want to invite you to come forward somebody's going to play some music I believe Thank you for doing that and as the music plays I would encourage you to come and bring your heart to Jesus tonight don't leave can't meeting knowing that you came close to surrendering your heart to Jesus fully and completely if you've not done that and Jesus is calling to you to give him your heart he wants to enter your life and fill you with his presence God bless you and you and you just come forth somebody will welcome you the place a card in your hand because we'd like you to make a decision for Jesus tonight please be praying this isn't going to last forever so just don't wait come to Christ in the night commit your life to Him If you've never accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior This is the time if you believe that right now you are in desperate need of the righteousness of Christ because you and Jesus have not been connected in recent times this is the time to get connected to be connected to surrender to yield a friend I have nothing personal personal at stake here I'm simply the 1 issuing the invitation the 1 with something at stake here is you you and God. You get to receive everlasting life God gets to receive you and that's what God wants more than anything in the world right now is you if God doesn't have you now then please come to Jesus right now without delay by coming for us and God You can take me all of me take my heart make of it whatever you can make of it whatever you will Lord I want salvation the writers of Christ my best will never ever be good enough so God I want your best I want to wait what happens right now somebody is thinking I should go forward worried about what somebody else thinks Come on now you can be worrying about that just be concerned about what god thing God wants. He wants your heart to be doesn't have your heart let him have your hand if you're stuck someplace and you've been trying for days weeks months years to free yourself from that and you've been unsuccessful bring that to Jesus now and enact your prayer your prayer is God do in my life what I cannot do myself the rejoice with Jesus but you've wandered off if you've accepted Jesus calling your life but you haven't ever chosen to be baptized I want to invite you to come as well again if things are right with you and God stand and pray stand and pray pray for someone around you but again listen to me now if God is calling you to be baptized you've never made the decision then bring your heart to Christ tonight come for tonight tell God Lord here I am have your way in my life if Jesus does not have your heart I appeal to you don't wait but bring your heart to Jesus now and leave tonight knowing that you are a child of God Would you leave under a cloud. Would you lead doubting would you leave wondering there's no future in that leave tonight rejoicing when you reflect upon Kant meeting 2017 you can say Christ won my heart I surrendered allow Jesus to do the work in my life that he wants to do with a pause just a moment longer just a moment longer as God speaks to. You waiting for something don't wait don't wait if I peeled another 30 minutes would you come forward OK then just come now save us the time just come now don't wait they will never be a better time for you to bring your life to Jesus Christ if you've never been baptized and know you should be calm if Jesus doesn't have your hot bring your heart to Jesus tonight we're praying for you right down here if there's something between you and God and you need for God to take that away and you want to know that there's nothing between your soul and your Savior Christ is inviting you tonight to bring your life to him right now would you wait why would you wait don't wait. Let Jesus have his way by dying on the cross he convinced you he should have convinced you endeavored to convince you there's nothing that heaven would not do to save you tonight Christ invites God appeals to I'm going to pray for you let me pray right now and pray for you for everyone who's come forward tonight let's pray together join your high. With me and together with God we pray Father in Heaven a grateful tonight but the knowledge that our best will never be good enough for the bless a truth that your best in a life will always be good enough. Hope is in you so Lord work in us both are willing to do for your good pleasure our hope is in the cross where Jesus done to take away our sins that's being dealt with friend Jesus. Died for you let him come of your life so that you can live for Him And like father we rejoice we are grateful we're thankful people tonight who have come to you that come to you and say from differing perspectives bearing backgrounds with varied needs they have come to you tonight each 1 to surrender their lives fully that you will live in them work in them both are willing to do for your good pleasure so bless them keep them let them leave kept meeting tonight or tomorrow rejoicing that they are children of the Heavenly King that they are 1 with you and you are 1 with then 1 day soon we know Jesus is going to come back it's our desire to be ready we cannot be without you and so we thank you for your righteousness we thank you that we can continue to grow in grace pressing toward the mark as Jesus lives in us and urges us whole tonight we thank you we praise you lot are our best will never be good enough but Christ in our life will always be good enough and for this we praise you and thank you and love you. And we pray in Jesus' name please say Amen amen Fallujah. This media was brought to you by audio books a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave W.W.W. audio or.


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