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Friendly Fire

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written




  • June 22, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Our Father in heaven we thank you that you've allowed us to be here tonight we thank you for your presence you blessed us a lot it was beautiful to hear the kids sing thank you for that we've heard other beautiful music tonight we've heard your would read We've heard reports of what you doing in the field we are encouraged we know there is a God in heaven we know he loves us and we know that you are present tonight so to speak and be hood we pray we thank you in Jesus' name say with me please a mame a name he went to Arizona State University on a football scholarship seem like he knew his way around a football field in his junior year at A.S.U. went undefeated and made it to the Rose Bowl $998.00 he was the 226th player taken in the N.F.L. draft that's a long way from number 1 as a whole lot closer than you or I got to being taken in the draft I think it's pretty good I think it was quite happy to be picked up by the Arizona Cardinals he had gone to school really as it were in the shadow. Mills stadium and in the year 2002 he turned down a deal a deal that would have seen him pay $1200000.00 a year now in football terms $1200000.00 a year is not a vast sum but I think in the terms that most of us deal with $1200000.00 is a pretty handy chunk of change 16 weeks of competition maybe the playoffs he signed with Arizona so he didn't have that to worry about he had to be fit it's not just 16 weeks a year of course it's a year round job but you get my point $1200000.00 to chase a football or to chase a guy around the football team that's all right why would you turn that down did he get a better off. Well he thought he did he turned down $3600000.00 over 3 years is so he could enlisted in the United States. In his brother Kevin completed basic training together given turn down the chance to play professional baseball he'd been signed by the Cleveland Indians so both brothers participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom in September of 2003 and then our friend entered Ranger School in Fort Benning Georgia for the elite he was elite's the former football player was redeployed to Afghanistan and in April of 2004 he was caught in a hostile encounter with the enemy and he lost his life wearing a uniform serving under flag he lost his life. He was buried more details began to emerge and after interesting only official reports to the contrary it was revealed that Pat Tillman died as a result of what we call friendly fire he was accidentally killed by 1 of his fellow soldiers of cause such occurrences it's entirely rare and that's because in the intensity of war in the literal heat of battle in what it's like in the midst of smoke and noise and dust and bullets. Confusion. These things to all intents and purposes unavoidable tragic but it's going to happen friendly 5 that would friendly doesn't connote Danforth does it it doesn't communicate the concepts of tragedy. Hero wisdom and pain and desperation when you are serving your country thing is not supposed to end that way it seems to me that a maelstrom of thoughts begins to swirl around inside your mind demanding that you reconcile this concept this confused notion this contradiction in terms friendly fire so benign to the so deadly in reality friendly 5 as a result of this friendly fire. Pat Tillman and to many others like him. Gone women are widowed and children live fatherless friendly fire is do you have analyzed it still via. The 1 you want it to do so that's a good thing when you don't it really isn't a good thing at Ole in the Bible is a lot of 5 a lot and I'd like to consider with you a passage dealing with 5. That we find in the gospel of Dr Luke Luke Chapter 9 so would you turn with me in your Bible. To Luke and the 9th chapter lot of fire in Luke Chapter 9 Jesus told the disciples as straight as he knew how. That he was going down to Jerusalem. To die slowly is the word my Bible uses they didn't understand it makes you wonder how many things we think we understand clearly that we really don't makes you wonder Jesus told them repeatedly I'm going up there they'll kill me I'm going up there they'll put me to do it I'm going up there I will die and each time he said that they looked at each other with confusion and said What do you think he means by that is so it reminds me I think that we ought to approach the Bible with a modicum of humility Oh I don't mean the things that we've really nailed down I mean fundamental positions I don't mean that but maybe there are some things that you think you know about the Bible that I don't know we ought to be a little cautious about just wondering just putting that out there for you they didn't understand they couldn't understand how they Jesus the Messiah no less could possibly be executed a hadn't been reading their Bibles very carefully Luke Chapter 9 in the same passage Jesus communicates with his followers that it's important that they lose their lives yes he did say that those who lose their lives will in losing their lives also save their lives he said that but this was a curveball for the likes of Thomas and Bartholomew and Andrew They wondered about this they were in it to lose anything. They were following this Jesus because he believed the Romans make them all wealthy and prosperous and that they'd be the conquerors and not the conquered remember Israel was an occupied territory at the time and the Romans were not love and they were excited that they had teamed up with the right man who would restore things in just the right way after the glory of the mountain of Transfiguration 9 of the disciples so freshly confronted by a man with a demon possessed son you see none of them were able to cast the demon out of this boy they were under 5. And perhaps they were even slightly humiliated when Jesus came by cost. The demon from the boy freeing him from his distress then calling them faithless and perverse that had been a challenge because they thought that they were all that evidently they went on. Then they argued among themselves which 1 among us should be called the greatest none of them willing to take a back seat they all hoped that the greatest would be them they were firing at each other Imagine if you were 1 of those disciples that we don't read much about in the Bible and then there was talk about who would be the greatest you'd start thinking about James and John and Peter because they were closest to Jesus they often are all the in a circle types who went up to the mountain of Transfiguration within it went over here to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane which of course was up to this time. But there I think it was something of a pecking order among these ones and so when there was a discussion about who was going to be the greatest those that we don't know so much about didn't figure to be them they figured it would be this caused resentment that wasn't good this was fine and some of those bullets undoubtedly found it. Feeling. Wounded and then John 1 of the appropriately named sons of thunder now you know John was 1 of the good guys as we think about it but what was going on in John's life with John's character that Jesus didn't call him son of the gentle breeze he didn't refer to him as a son of kindness a son of thunder What was this brother really all about John 1 of the sons of thunder. Reported to Jesus that there was a group of young who had been casting out Devil and they were not pleased John was not pleased you'd have thought he would have been delighted I cannot think of a better thing to do with a demon than cast the demon out oh no don't do that John said you can't do that think about what he was imploring he was saying how you leave that person demon possessed. If you like you going to a doctor doctor don't treat that cancer patient doctor don't write that prescription for an anti-biotic Oh no leave that 1 sick broken leg leave it as it is dawg This is what John was saying he was somebody doing the work of God John said I don't like the cut of your jib you must not do that Oh no John was not happy because the cost wasn't the devils in the name of Jesus so John and others in the Bible does not specify who these others were John and. The men stop doing this. Imagine if you were the man doing what you felt like God had told you to do We don't know who he was or what motivated him or what his education to be like but there he was a gentleman was in great distress this fellow said I can help he's demon possessed we shall get the demons What you don't want me to do that why not it must have been tremendously confusing confusing this was partisan politics of the worst kind John believed that he was a member of the Jesus party and if you would a member of the Jesus party then you had no business doing this kind of stuff that only members of the Jesus body could do YOU MUST STOP WE ALL BAD him we told him that you can't do this anymore why do you do that because he isn't 1 of us all right these guys were on the same team Evidently somebody forgot to tell John he's not on our side he thinks like we think he has the same aims that we have yes he does. He's against what we are against but he's not 1 of us so we got over that guy and we told him as plainly as we could you need to stop that stop doing that good work stop helping people stop casting out demons because you're not 1 of us imagine Jesus is realized he needed to straighten these brothers out and he said don't stop him for being him not for he that is not against us is for us imagine being Jesus and knowing that in just months we were going to die and leave the future of the Christian church to these misfits imagine that that was so dysfunctional and yet Jesus was fixing to leave the earth and leave the church in their heads you know just a thought that I will leave with you and you will follow this thread on the way through if you had been an impartial observer watching how things went among Jesus' followers you might have thought that they would have been the last people you want to have anything to do it you might have thought if the church is going to be left to them that would be a terrible terrible decision there's no way this church could possibly prosper you would. More than likely quite possibly it's a better way to put it arrive at the conclusion that that church is not a church that you need to be a part of after all it's being run by dysfunctional people like John who's not even happy to see somebody having a devil out of them or make any sense but it gets better and I say we will Luke Luke Chapter 9 we're going to pick it up in verse what would you say that again brother. You got it Luke Chapter 9 and verse $51.00 where the Bible says is now it came to pos when the time had come for him to be received up that he Jesus steadfastly said his face to go to Jerusalem and sent messengers before his face and as they went they entered a village of the Samaritans to prepare for him. To stop off along the way they saw a light on they said somebody has left a light on for us we shall stay you know that Jews hated the Samaritans Samaritans hated the Jews they would often go miles out of their way while travelling just so they didn't have to pass through each other's territory Israel hatred this was racism is really all that walls and so they come to this village and I'm not quite certain what they were expecting it was this American it with Jews Jesus was evidently let me put it this way it was evident that Jesus was going to Jerusalem and so no surprise to me or you all them they did not receive him why because his face was set for the journey to Jerusalem while the sons of thunder knew what to do when his disciples James and John saw this they said Now listen they said the old now understand what they are about to say is and into assessor e prayer and that is what it is they are talking to Jesus that spread. They are talking to him about somebody else and about how that somebody else ought to be treated that's indecision this is an intercessor e prayer. They said Do you want us to C'mon 5. To come down from heaven and consume them just as Elijah did now you've got that little thing there just as Except that Elijah was a prophet of God who did what he did as he did as the Spirit of God moved upon him so like you didn't just say to myself wow I'm going to great idea that will fry these guys illogic didn't do that in a larger responded to the moving of the Holy Spirit and while that was some severe treatment it was not on just it was called on by God for very specific and very important reasons and ultimately it achieve the desired result so these brothers believe it would be the right thing for them to do to coal fire down from heaven and burn people alive like you to think that through I don't know when a year 2 years ago maybe it was more maybe it was less isis it was revealed set fire to someone or someones and around the world there was shock and horror rightly so I would say we said how could these barbarians be allowed to live on the how can anybody be so full of malice and hate that they could do that oh my goodness these dogs aren't even human Oh my goodness and a brother who wrote 5 books of the Bible ask Jesus if he should do to the Samaritans what ISIS did to some poor souls Oh mud think about THAT WOULD YOU JESUS Fortunately rebuke them. And he said to them you do not know what manner of spirit you are of and then Luke 9 and those $56.00 he says pull the Son of Man did not come to destroy men's lives but to do walk and so they went off to another village Now this was real file real 5 earlier this year stood on the very spot where an Oxford England motus Protestants were burned at the stake and you think about it you know my goodness people used to come out to watch this stuff and it was a it was an accepted method of dealing with people who were seen to be outside of whether it was the mainstream of society or outside the law oh my goodness well kind of sick mind would concoct that sort of thing who would come out to watch this as though it was entertainment wouldn't that sky you you'd have to keep your children away you wouldn't want your children to even hear about this list it was somehow and the disciple whom Jesus love petitioned Jesus to reign 5 down from heaven and incinerate a village full of people simply because they didn't see things in the same way Samaritans didn't like the idea of Jesus going to Jerusalem they were prepared to shun every blessing Jesus was would have offered them simply because of their bigotry their hatred their prejudice their racism they were never anything to do with Jesus don't bring that kind of around he would I want him and Jesus follows him like that. Disciples understood something of the magnitude of the insult that these ungrateful Samaritans were indulging remember not long before they had seen some of them at least Jesus transfigured here on the mountaintop clothed in the glory of God joined by Moses and Elijah and we know who this guy is this is that this is the Messiah we we've seen some amazing things we've we watched his miracles he is raised the Did he is healed the sick he's opened the eyes of the blind will fix these ungrateful dogs how can they say no to Jesus Mt Carmel was not far away from where they were. And so they were called in isn't of the work of a lie just more than that it was it was on their mind because that famous mountain was just over there illogic had Coldfire down from heaven on the top of Mount Carmel Elijah had slain prophets there at Mount Carmel so they sought to elevate themselves to a lofty position what position was that James and John was simply acting as defenders of the faith and in defending the faith they were prepared to kill a village full of people in some very hideous. Wilt thou do you want that we command fire to come down from heaven and consumed in even as. You know you don't make that kind of suggestion unless you're somewhat confident that your suggestion is going to be entertained so here they were expecting a pat on the head oh good boys yes let's do that watch this I shall kill him imagine. So 1 would expect that there was a little bit of surprise in their minds when Jesus said No Jesus had alternative measures is dealing with dissidents they heard his response with some difficulty you know not what manner of spirit you are all for the Son of Man is come not to destroy men's lives but to say these men James and John John wrote 1st John 2nd John 3rd John the Gospel of John and revelation this is the 1 who wrote about the sacrifice of Christ in sublime to who wrote about the 1 who IS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS he wrote about the Amen and the faithful and the true witness he wrote about the land he quoted John when he wrote him down Behold the Lamb of the land of God and He petitioned this land to call fire down from heaven and frog I focus who saw things a different way the very ones who should have been manifesting the grace of God John's name means God is gracious seems like he felt as though God was occasionally gracious Oh gracious only under certain circumstances God is gracious instead of manifesting the grace of God they were leading the charge. To kill the opposition you know that we are living in a very civil a. Rage is all the rage in society we just don't disagree well anymore a con of all played out last year that we hold an election it was insult or insult and ridicule or ridicule that's just what it was. Not helped by a news media which no longer is the news media it is the opinion media that's not a political statement it's just a fact I cannot tell you of a single news entity that doesn't come with an agenda front and center maybe 1 exists but if so I don't know about it things are very skewed very very bitter in society today 1 would think that we as humanity would be working together for a better future but I'm working together for a bit a future you by not agreeing with me simply ruining the whole world and we would be better off without you but that society as a whole let's bring a little bit closer to home and talk about the church. We can hear the rain OK there's somebody with his hand on a volume switch back there and so I'm going to compete with the rain best of my ability it's highly possible maybe even likely that you know James and John they might even be on your church board it's possible they might be on the church school board certainly sayings of God will appeal to extenuating circumstances they will appeal to the necessity and the justice of defending the faith all or I like this 1 standing for truth we must whatever it takes. We must stand for righteousness even if it causes us to be unrighteous we must stand for principle for justice. For equity all too often James in John end of the picture even at church and this solution to the challenges we face is to call down 5 from God out of heaven upon those who disagree with their particular post way disciples they are disciples all right as long as the ball bounces in their direction you see that friend isn't discipleship a disciple is a disciple always and far too often it creeps into our experience even in. That kind of intolerance that just doesn't deal well with people who see things differently from OS I'm not sure that that is specially helpful particularly as we know that tests of discipleship going to come always they will they Maass when somebody rubs you all for the wrong way what are you going it's easy to be a disciple of Christ when everything's going right when everybody agrees with you when everything is going your way but when that's not the case what type of a disciple you being you see Jesus said some rather interesting things in John Chapter 1334 he said A new commandment I give to you that you love 1 another as I have loved you that's what he said and then he said in the 35 and this was read so beautifully as our scripture reading by this shall all men know that you are my disciples. That ye have what love 1 for another now that does not mean love for those who disagree with you but love for all people at all times under all circumstances you see if you think that Christianity is about what you believe you're missing the point has a lot to do with what you believe but anybody can believe anything without experiencing a change of heart where push comes to shove where the rubber meets the road where right in your own cliche really takes place is when somebody cuts across your bow in such a way as to leave you feeling disquieted when someone disagrees with you when somebody wrongs you when somebody is sins against you what are you then when somebody. Treats the truth all the Bible in a way that you can't possibly agree with and you don't think is right we defend the faith too often like this and we will say was standing up for Jesus while we unloaded every bullet we can possibly lay our hands on indiscriminately not stopping to think that we will leave wounded people on the battlefield some dying others dead and able to recover from our attacks the Bible is clear the world will know what you are made of by how you manifest all fail to manifest love. I've been observing for a number of years that we even we as a people don't typically disagree very well every hill is a potential hill to die on usually a hill that you must die on and not me we have mastered the art of distracting ourselves with things of a little no importance. Believing that at that moment mission is not the most important thing we could be engaged in it is always Paul wrote to the glaciers about those who bite and devalue each other and he wrote that in the context of walking in the flesh and not walking in the spirit Now this does not mean that we cannot disagree we must disagree at times but we must not ever be disagreeable it is not necessary if you can coexist with somebody who sees things differently from you know how you going to be when what is a raid against you in a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation how then there was a fellow who for 3 years followed Jesus around at close quarters he was a theat he was a liar he would be trade Jesus to his did and the night before he did that Jesus washed his feet and then when he appeared creeping up out of the darkness Jesus greeted him by calling Judas what friend imagine that and imagine a church in which people were out friends and not our enemies even if they were our enemies there was a demon possessed woman and ex Chapter 16 and she followed Paul and Silas around these men are the servants of the most high God which would not be a terrible thing to say but she was making a nuisance of herself the Bible says that this happened for many days and that Paul was grieved grieve you've got to love the language he was greedy that's just a night nice way of saying he was really ticked off and ultimately decided this is got to stop and he turned to the woman you know read it and next 16 he turned to the woman and he said to the. Spirit come out of a now what would you turn to the well you just give me a break lady leave me alone somebody dragged her away isn't this someone around here going to lock her up but Paul knew that his fight wasn't with the woman she was a some Porsena who'd been overtaken by the devil why not have compassion he turned and he spoke to the demon he didn't speak to her you know why because poll was concerned with read them she read Dems ssion the war was lost she was filled up with the spirit of the devil and yet Paul looked at her and thought that woman could be say that woman could be my sister in Christ that woman might live next door to me in Heaven 1 day I want that to be the case and so he did what he could to build her up and not drag her down God wants us to help people up not help them out help them up every soul you encounter is a candidate for the kingdom no matter how they look how they smell no matter what they doing in their personal life now listen I say this being the 1st to admit I believe that in the churches there is a tremendous amount of tolerance I really believe today I'm in the holding evangelism series in a church is a dumb kid is here was blue 1 day green the next he was just doing it to get a rise out of the old ladies who came to church and the funniest thing was they'd come to church and they'd say Oh hello get it today oh we preferred the green have a good evening and they trotted off the next day to be purple all purple that's better than it was given Oh that's very nice they want intolerant I happen to think that 7th Day Adventists is some of the most tolerant people in the world I really believe that I've been in churches where there are people whose whose how do we say. Who have chosen to live alternative lifestyles and it's very obvious and what did the saying student instead of having a board meeting is that going to Ben this person tell this person not to come back they know better this woman was raised in the church how can she do this they had a better approach they just loved the and a few years later they baptized after they baptized the former girlfriend prays the law would this is what I see God's people do funniest thing well you might not think it's funny that might not even be the right phrase to use but to go into a church 1 that was it was a very conservative church a number of elderly folks who were very very profit you know about the way they did business and I looked at 1 of the well that lady's tall and I walked over and I and I and I reached out my hand to the high and she said hi and I said that's our that's a really big hand for a lady I was looking down at but wow she has extraordinary big feet too and then it dawned on me oh. All right well how you doing great oh yeah how long you become a church you Oh it's been a few years now no 1 want to run her off him off her off no 1 no 1 said be careful what bathrooms you use none of the old ladies was scandalized see this is what I see generally speaking in church and I'm proud of my church because we tend to be kind and thoughtful and welcoming and accepting we don't always have to lower the boom and read the riot act to people folks know what we believe it's pretty cool. But far too often that kind of forbearance and kindness and thoughtfulness just goes out the window and we can agree with or it's on the church board or in the parking lot. In our own. Way we associate this can't be right. You know what Jesus said Jesus said. In Matthew was Chapter 5 I believe it was he encouraged us to forgive the people and then he said if you had done your heavenly Father isn't going to forgive you so you can have somebody who's right about tithing and the way they dress and eat and what day they worship and have their own little doctrines all lined up but manifest unforgiveness to another human being that person will be outside the holy city looking in rather than inside the holy city looking out because the hot was not right that rather cold fire down from heaven upon somebody then figure out how to get along figure out how to preserve the unity I'm glad we prayed for unity tonight figure out how to preserve the integrity of that. Ladies and gentleman its right to be jealous for the honor of God it's right but we can afford to remember that God is at hand all of this work God is in control of this church it is his it isn't mine it never will be it's God's and we can trust him with it and as we do there is never any reason to take out a sword and cut off somebody's ear or call fire down from heaven upon somebody because they're on a different team or they see it a different way all whatever it might be you know the message to the church of Laodicean wasn't written just for the liberals in the church you realize that don't you it wasn't written just for the conservatives in the church is written to everybody in the church and Jesus spoke to everyone and said you don't know the true state of your spiritual condition. We are all in desperate need before we call fire down from heaven upon people who disagree with us it's probably good to realize that we all sin is in need of a savior in desperate need of the grace of God forbearance would go a long way somebody comes into the church typically dysfunction connotes or represents the idea that there is a great need in a person's life that are lacking somewhere somehow in relationship to God Why would you want to be unkind to that person would you want to pray for that person and plead that God will help that person even if that person's somebody in your own home. God is still in the business of working transformation in so many. Second Chronicles Chapter 20 Josh of it says we are in a pickle we can't possibly win this thing there's just no way the enemy is greater than we 2nd Chronicles Chapter 20 and he prays to God He says Our eyes are on you. God speed there was no way out there was no possible way a victory and what happened God sent something along then something happened and the enemies of God turned on each other and they started firing indiscriminately as so that the victory was won by God's people and they didn't even need to fire a shot friendly fire. I guess it rises to that level my belief is that when God's people are looking to God as your house if it was doing that too in their guns on each other. And there is calm. And enormous damage it's not always easy to get along with people that you don't agree with but we are all in this together just recently. There was a sickening attack on some congressmen who were playing baseball and in Washington D.C.. Something remarkable happened when the news media reported the remarks of the speaker of the house in a very positive light it quoted some of the things that he said in response to that attack and 1 of the things he said was this an attack on 1 of us is an attack on all of us going on we are all in this together we 1 church we are 1 body we have 1 purpose and 1 say it is to be expected that we don't all much to the beat of a different drum it is to be expected that we much to the beat of a different drum at least occasionally because we are just so diverse. But in our diversity there can be unity now listen don't think Don't don't don't listen to this and think I wonder what he's saying is he trying to make a grand point about this or that or the other no I'm not it should be very clear what I'm saying too often God's people call fire down from heaven upon each other it's just madness in the words of a Rodney King Can't we all just get along if there is disunity in your local congregation you got to be the change that turns that disunity in the unity and if you can't fix somebody else's problems get on your knees and appeal to God and tell God that he's just got to do so and if it doesn't happen immediately keep on praying because it will happen sooner or later that's what God does we are too close to the end of time to be anything other than united united upon the Bible and if somebody disagrees with you united in the love because that's possible. You know what was written this was written and I know people are going to dicker about this but somebody once wrote when that character of Christ is perfectly reproduced in his people then he shall come to claim them as his own as long as there's friendly fire we make it a high for Jesus to save us as long as we persist in disunity and unkindness and mean spiritedness as long as we persist in that we are giving a testimony to the world that we do not believe that Jesus is the divine Son of God he's coming back soon he's coming back for people yes they were they were theologically correct and all the docks and that was good but they allowed that the ology to Moldea hot and make it like the heart of Jesus they didn't just say the right things but they acted in the spirit of Christ and demonstrated his love to the world by this show man though that you are my disciples that you have what love 1 for another we committed to night to Christ Jesus is committed to dealing redemptive Lee with people aren't you glad he deals redemptive Lee with you Jesus might say to all of us tonight go and do. He's coming back soon and when he comes back those in whom he dwells those whose hot His those whose character have been made new By the grace of God will experience that wonderful sensation when gravity loses its hold on the soles of their feet and they go up and those who are wanting to call fire down from heaven upon their fellow. Will unfortunately be standing on the circle of the when fire comes down from God out of him and the bellows. God wants to do a complete work in our lives and tell us and make them like his let me pray with you tonight expel heads and pray Father in heaven we are thankful that you are willing to do in our lives that which we cannot do for ourselves we were honest with you and honest with each other without selves probably be able to think of times where we have told the fire of God down from heaven upon others maybe we would even. Wise enough to hear your read. We believe that Jesus is coming back soon we believe that and he's coming back for people in who in whom in your character has been reproduced Lord we must be those people what a tragedy to fail of everlasting life having known the truth having taught the truth having believe the truth having read the Bible and all of those good books but having not allowed the truth to make it down and change us and make us like yourself now we're going to stumble surely we we are thankful that we see in Sean John who cold. We see him transform nation we're grateful in pitch was Peter was changed James another of the sons of thunder was changed so father tonight we know that by your grace we can be everything that you want us to be so take us now and make us yours will give us the grace to think about Iran to choose our actions treatment of each other and might we by your grace see Jesus when He comes back we want to be there together with our friends together without families and together with the people that we don't like help us to love them and never be an impediment to their spiritual growth Lord let us grow in your grace we thank you and we pray hold on a minute. Before we before we close our. Heads about in our eyes are closed and I am wondering how it is with you tonight if you are willing to night to ask God to give you a heart of love for to give you grace to be kind to or if you would like to back off from friendly fire and manifest the character of Jesus if that's your desire please raise your hand no one's watching you don't have to opt in you can sit on your hands if you like but that would be sending a message to God Are you willing to have God produce his character in you lift up the hand of that you desire Lord see our hands and. Let people know that we are your disciples by our love in Jesus name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave the W.W.W. audio verse or.


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