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Creative Sabbath Box

Mirtha Duthil Kelsey Duthil




  • June 25, 2017
    7:00 AM


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You know boxes now days you can get all kinds of things in boxes but it's kind of fun is the 1 I haven't tried yet is where you send your measurements and use and like the pattern the look that you like and then of a sudden you get this new dress in the mail. That's the 1 I want to try but I haven't yet but there's so many things that you can do in boxes and when you think of a box and when you you know even if it's a birthday box or something you're peeling away the wrapping and then you open it up it's like you just so exciting. And then when you get something that's dropped off on your porch you know of course Amazon is huge nowadays but there are so many special things that you can do with boxes boxes of sunshine everything yellow cheering someone up if they are sick have them receive that in the mail you know just just different ways of a blessing others is such a witnessing tool and so at this time I'm going to pray for Kelsey her mom is her sidekick America is also a women's ministries board member as well and so thank you to both of you for being willing to share All right let's go ahead and bow our heads and get started. Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for creative minds and we know that that comes from you and so we thank you for being here with us today may be may we be ready to. To learn more and to have our ears open to listen to you and help our creative minds to to begin thinking of witnessing tools for you may we always be ready to show you in a very positive way we thank you and we love you and we praise you in your precious and holy name Amen. Good morning everybody. Foretaste sometime last week I called the secretary of another building owner another secretary called to my building and I always I'm always cheerful and she said Oh. Can you just not be so happy. Is hard for children of God to not be happy is somehow even if you're serious somehow that joy comes out so and this morning I want to tell you that I'm so excited obviously about the Sabbath box how many were little intrigued when they saw the title. What is that about well you're going to have I am praying that you're going to have as much fun as I did when Kelsey introduced me to the Sabbath box is interesting the Bible says there is a better thing to give than to receive but I think when because when you're giving you're receiving so much blessing so with the Sabbath backs this morning I hope that when it's time to get to that day you pray for the person you'd be doing it for. Is so important so I am not going to take much more time because some of you that know me I could talk forever and it's not my turn to scale cisterns and I just want to thank God for. The opportunity to have had a really close when she did her 1st Sabbath box and heard from the people that have received there already I just thank God for allowing me to do that with her because she was a Bible study for me as well as it will be for the person to receive it so with no more I will just pass the time to Kelsey thank you. And now can you hear me OK. My name is Cathy that was my mother is OK. It's magic I was saying when people. I'm not single and forgive me God I got to pray for me up here. So that's a picture compass of. So Sabbath because what it came out of was that I saw that Friday nights were being stolen from me little by little. I'd come home from work or from school to clean up the house really quick and then I'd run back to church to do flowers a decoration to do a rehearsal for something and it felt like I was doing that segue from from man's work to God's work nonstop and the rest piece was getting lost you know we do practice until I don't know when that night and then you have to come early because you doing Sabbath school and I felt overworked and as an introvert That's a lot. And so I started you know kind of dialing back my responsibilities on Friday nights planning it for other times and you know just putting some music on maybe put in a sermon soak my feet put a candle and kind of taking that time to relax and spend time with God you know that 1 on 1 time that I felt like I wasn't getting Friday nights and on Sabbath. And then a kind of whole subscription box kind of craze blew up where you know you can get any box in the mail on anything that you like and it just kind of surprises you with different things and I decided to use that concept to bless a friend of mine with what I had experience so I put a candle in a box and I put. A face mask a devotional and I put little Bible verses on it and I sent it to her and that's how the Sabbath box got started. So there's 2 parts of it there's the giving part and the receiving part so the giving part for me is the best part I mean I have to receive this out of box obviously but. You know 1 X. 20 verse 35 this is it's more blessed to give than to receive and I think that's so true I have received a lot of blessing out of creating these boxes for other people. Who are they for their for anybody they're for active chant church members the 1st 1 I sent was to an active church member that I thought you know there's always that chance of burnout. And just being able to show people that you appreciate them you can get to reoccurring visitors sic members or sick recurring visitors new moms because you know if the baby's not sick they're sick they're sick because they're about to be a mom and it's a whole thing. So definitely that somebody can give it to youth away at college so maybe they can get care package and then of course struggling members and visitors are just probably what you think of but those in the fold need as much. Care as those outside. And then acquaintance of friends basically anybody. Supplies that you need so you need a box this is the box that I buy this is the dollar store or the end of the dollar store I remember 3 different times the same person called me and all 3 times over the last dollar store and billing you live there don't you know and I'm like don't don't touch. Their gift boxes they come I really like this basically the box is too big and then you feel you get the film of the whole thing and the items are not the point the point is the care that's put into it so you want to go for a little bit of a smaller box the only problem of these boxes they don't ship by themselves you have to put them in a shipping envelope and then send them so that kind of. Makes it and then there's this 1 that you could ship but then you have to find devotionals that fit in there so that's kind of what I've run into. That has been the problem. Sorry this was at the booth and I want to get abused. So yeah so the boxes are free but just to find smaller things to fit in there. So than any colored tissue paper. A black pen. The Rollerball pens a card or a piece of cardstock to write a note tape or a glue stick to put the Bible verses on and then things to put in your box so here's 1 of the boxes that I made this was for a lady at our church who lobster af so as you can see the socks have giraffes on them because it's all about personalizing it to the person so usually I put a devotional in there a clothes I don't so maybe with a coin purse or a song. Little things a little mini. A little dot there is. Mask a face mask a cookie Usually I like to put them in to eat and to drink. And then kind of something like that and then of course the most important thing is a note stop and rest that's in order that's what than the notices because I like to give them on Friday night so that they don't run into the problem that I had just kind of keeping going on Friday night so that I don't usually put 6 to 7 items in a box because you want to look full but you don't want to overdo it. So I like to give them both so it gets there by Friday night but you can also do it after church and really any time. I've given it to speak to 1 person I've given it to people in person during the week because I want to see them once out of i also mailed them I crossed out give it someone who will give it to them because you want to eliminate the middleman you want to have it like at that direct contact with that person and all the people I've given it to the longest feed the longest I had to wait for feedback was for somebody that Ohm you know here's give us your cousin for me I haven't seen her in a while or something like that. So ideas herself a clock says you could do so many things to do devotional books steps to cries adult coloring books I've not used the whole book but I'd like taken a few sheets how and folded it up. If they missed this week's up to school copy the lesson for next week or you could use glow tracks I think they're a little small so I haven't used them but you could devotionals that I have a bear or from the Dollar Store and surprise surprise they have a series on the fruits of the Spirit so there's 1 little book and it's a Bible study so it talks about you know faithfulness and they're really well written books they're not put out by by the I've been a search but they're theologically sound and they're they've been really really nice to look through and to read. So about items towels so. The thing that I would point out to the bad items you don't want to go over overboard with about items because when you start getting soap and deodorant and it comes it comes more off like we loved having you a church but please shower before the next time you go like you don't want to you don't want to project that you don't want to project that so so wanted to it's kind of a leisure but if you're if that's the majority of the box kind of takes away from the focus and it's like are they saying something about me so I kind of keep that in mind. So accessories drinks. Food food here's the thing with food so if you want to bake it yourself and there's a lot of Baker the stuff like that it's wonderful Just keep in mind that there are perishable so I have had a situation where I made a box and I bake the bread myself and then she didn't come to church for 3 weeks and I just had it there so I have to keep in mind that you know the throw it out on and get something different. And then of course other items candles tissues and journals and last 1 a sissy week because every friend would like seaweed so again you have to keep. The person in mind when you make them so personal know the person know what they like know where they're at spiritually so I did a box you'll see in a 2nd I get a box for the pastor's wife I didn't put any devotional literature and I don't think she needs you know she has a ton of literature it's more about making sure that she has that time to spend with God with all the bazillion things she has to do so where they're at spiritually if they left the church or had been hesitant to come to church because of Ellen White maybe not the great controversy in there because again it's not it's not you're not being aware of what they're going through and where they're at. And what they need also so if you see that they have some you know they were the same socks for weeks in a row maybe something like that too. Just a way to give to them you don't want to make about the needy box but it's more of I care about you and we want to make sure that you know we care. And just a 2nd. 1 of my experience was that it was like I'm taking a vacation with God So when you open the buses your time on that special beautiful place with God So then that would help you also to choose your items. And head right everything so I was like I wrote the 1st 1 I did I hand wrote it and then I'm like mom you know I think you type or whatever and she said No no it looks nice and I think it's because it has that more like a personal quality to it you took the time to write everything out so I would suggest that you do Henry everything and so let me put it back a few slides so you can see the picture here so you see all the different things I use that craft paper from the dollar store and I cut it down and made these little tabs that I would tape onto the tape around the object with verses on it. And so this is the most fun part it's choosing items and finding a verse that matches them so the rule they've created is that it has to be positive and it has to be relevant so if you have a little thing of hot chocolate and you decide to put that verse in Ecclesiasticus you know eat and drink because tomorrow we die not positive not positive it's about drinking but it's not positive. Which side note there is very few verses in the Bible that are positive about drinking which is something that you learn while you're doing that. Must be positive and it must be relevant so there's different ways to distinguish relevance you can do it by item so if you're doing socks you could do a verse about you know How beautiful are the feet that bring good news you know think about feet or walking in the path or. This is the you know the narrow way you know things like that that are about the item or you can do it by pattern so if a soap has rainbows on it that it could be a verse about rainbows or could be a vote 1st about washing it could be either of those things and then you can do by brand to because of its dove so you can do about washing again or you could do it about the dove or about a bird in general you know as you look for more things like oh man there really are no good verses about you know food or good no versus that there's no verses about chocolate which really we haven't talked a lot about that no verses about Joplin I mean chocolate originate in the North America so that that's that's relevant but but so you have to find other ways to come you know approach that maybe a diverse about food in general or a verse about sweetness. And so when you do this for a while like I have all of a sudden everything becomes a Bible verse. You know you go from going to target they have you know shoes on sale you go from you know my new shoes or someone's only choose to How beautiful are the feet the pretty good I can totally you miss that and then you go you know candles about them but I wouldn't elaborate I can put and so everything becomes a going to excitement like oh my going to is there a verse for this or we're going to find a verse I found a tissue with anchors on it and I'm Will your anger that's a him but is that a verse that is a verse and then so it just becomes an excitement and it's a way to keep your mind on God and it's not it's not necessarily have to redirect it just becomes part of your life and part of your your daily experience that you're always seeing things and things are reminding you of Bible verses so that's that's something really that has blessed me on on on the giving side. And then of course going to out of control so then how to get down and costs by a ball so I have I have some imams that I got on sale that I just separated by color and you can put in little bags. Take advantage of sales. The dollar store dollar stores. And then use homemade goods so you can make sweets yourself and you can make bath business bombs if you don't care to be politically correct. The little bad things you can make them to using like baking soda I mean I have never done it myself but it's possible so you can make some of those things as well. And then comes the receiving part so this is. This is from a family I just I'm like Who can I give this to so so excited about it I made 1 on the cushion to get us to like I was going to ship it out to a friend of my mom's just hadn't talked to her in a while and just completely and it turns out. She said that I was preparing for a different presentation search she to give a presentation she had to preach that Sabbath and it came that Friday night before and it was like she was feeling overwhelmed and it came at that perfect time so what I thought was random was still part of God's plan to be able to bless her she has a beautiful this friend has a beautiful prayer room in that day Friday that she came so stressed out she took the box a knowing that it came from kills so she wouldn't straight to her prayer room to open the box so. So that was her and then I heard Nessa she was on the West Coast and she was the 1st person that I sent this to and so. So she talks about how you know so many things social media and all these different things that take take up our Sabbath because we don't rest we don't rest when we don't have things to do we make up things to do and we do other things you know if we're not at work then we're on Instagram and we're on Facebook and weird you know decorating parts of the church that nobody sees anyway and so we find things to do and so it's a way to investing in your relationship with God and being less inclined to do all this kind of Martha busy work and focusing on on our date with Jesus which is this is what the sample is supposed to be you know not a beauty pageant and not a you know Martha Stewart show it's to supposed to be a date with Jesus kids who were her mother say when she received the box oh it was she didn't originally I didn't make it as cute as you see here I just kind of put it all in a box and wrote the verses on the flaps of the box and then she saw it with she open the box with her mother and her mother would not let her through the box away because that's where all the verses are and we have to look at all the verses and so it was a blessing to 2 people instead of 1 this. So this is 1 that I did just to care member who this is just a sample I took that 1 apart. This is the 1 I gave to the pastor's wife. She's around here somewhere and so I think he said it and put it devotional material she doesn't need it but I put it in the in the little coin purse in the back here the green thing inside there I put a comma bills up adult coloring book at the I don't know where they sell it now I'm sure on line but like they're like Bible verses it's an adult coloring book but with Bible verses in it so that as you're coloring them you learn the Bible verses and stuff like that so I put those in there and she loves green so that was my way of kind of tailoring that to her. This is a friend of mine that goes to our church she was she was study she's studying abroad. Abroad but outside of the church I guess but so I send that to her as a care package and so she like seaweed so you can see the seaweed is on there. And. Yes cue the note OK So this is about knowing your person right so we have talked about her I mean I had talked with her like the week before and she mentioned that she was single so I put the verse I put the card that says hey Jahi is her name your B.F. J.C. your boyfriend Jesus Christ wants to cuddle and sleep over him up which for those who don't know what that means means contact him and so so there are the verses that is a cuddle you know drawing near to me and sleep over you know when different verses the have to do with that so that was my cute way of reaching out to her and she would understand that maybe it would translate to everyone but it's again something that she tailor for that person. This is someone else that was that studying abroad and she's Dominican and it was a week before finals so I thought patience would be a good book to put there because she had a lot of things that she was on hold and waiting for and then you may not see it's kind of covered but it's chocolate with planting and and I don't know if you have any Dominican friends but they're very intense about their plot them like they could have a 6 hour seminar on it so I wanted to make sure the chocolate with planting and it went to 1 of my Dominican friends and she likes kind of green earth tones type things. Oh goodness I think it's something related to numbers 31 there are. Problems 3131 I don't know what that says but that's a good thing to look up and you know if you don't go for sweet. Food related things it could be so many things I can't I can't it depends what you want to do yeah. It could also be something about a bird who's a bird on the package too. And so this is just an idea of where I get everything those like Dot those DOT masks I get each of them. It's a store. Oh it's a it's a face mask this is brightening face mask with Sherry and coconut butter from dry skin so I think the verse there are songs $42.00 verse 5 is about the countenance and brightening of the countenance. Yeah each of them is the best. Yeah you spent a long time in each and. She really. Is a store it's kind of like a but a department store down graded and down priced for people between 18 and 35 who can afford fancy Yeah basically But there they are very fancy things but just done inexpensively which is what I love about it. Blood regional OK So these are the different places they get things. World market as other places it's fun to get like different foods and different items things that are non traditional. And mom who was it did these I can't remember what was. The lady who did the boxes that said she had done them what was really oh yes you might be here. Monica Ames she did she send us the e-mail she heard about it when we talked about in the board and she did I think 2 boxes and there are 2 pictures of what she did from that. Is that 1 yeah yeah the 2nd 1 so she sent us a picture of her trying to do a 7th box I think she did 1 for someone that was not in church in the other 1 a room of who was in a room with the other 1 was the other person was and she said it was a blessing both to create Yes. Well I would love when we hear what the reaction is what is the experience of the reaction the experience that they have when they do the Sabbath boxes because even though it seems that is the same as far as the excitement of looking for the verses and then when you hear from the person would like to hear yeah so. We're way over time but with us here we have some other basic supplies again it will be different you know if your person is like barefoot for life maybe not socks but come on and find a spot for you know start working on your Sabbath box and kind of think of that person pray about that person. Think of what they would like and maybe not all of these things will be here and maybe to start off with a couple things and keep going at home but it's just a chance for you to see kind of the basic how I'm just wondering how many. We have here. What I would like to do with the boxes is if you are. 1 per church so work together on a box and or if your here is a family or something like that try to do 1 box and then I think we should be OK if we do it that way so work together because what that what it is is it's an idea and if you take it back as a church then you can still. Create create it for the person and personalize it and remember your academy students that are away at boarding academy your college students that are away and there's just so many different beautiful ways of using these boxes. I.D.'s This is this is Sabbath box where we introduce him but I know that this was going to open up all kinds of boxes because when we discuss it in the board meeting with talked about love to some we talked about so many birthdays someone who's gone through a loss so to bring peace to bring joy to bring all those things back. So would love to hear. From that So question. Because Kelsey. The reason why I call it the Sabbath. The reason why I call the Sabbath box is because I send it to be enjoyed on the Sabbath and because it's right the box that I owe is right here so you can share this with this 1 right here oh no it's right there the box that I sat and I put. I put Sabbath on the outside so this is Sabbath and Hebrew. And then I just Google Translate it. Because that's that's reliable it's missing a dot but basically yes so. I put the word sabbath on it so that's kind of why that name Sabbath him about and also because I do give them out and the other thing that Kelsey does is that she goes to the post office and let the people know the boss of the she wants to make sure that bus arrives on Friday so she will Millard whenever they say to make sure that our rights on Friday and I know the thing is with the 1st box that she mailed it just gave me cause problems after she shared with me said Kelsey because our mother got so upset about the bus she didn't want to throw it away said Man if she got that excited Can you imagine all the people there so that box on the way to way was going you see how we are witnessing Isn't that amazing I don't know how many ladies are here but if each 1 of that 1 box we just got to go to heaven. Because it will be very exciting. Do you do this out of your own funds or do you have a church that supports you in your. Own ministry. 1 second Kelsey to what she said this is something reason that she shared with me is that she does like ties and offerings and I search savings but she has like a little. What is it I forgot the word I know the word when you put money yes but you bank that. A little piggy bank that is specific specifically for that forgiving so I thought well that's a really good idea never thought of that but doesn't really have any of this you know if somebody needs something you know if I see there's a need somewhere I try to do my ties and offerings and if it comes out you know like $34.00 I'll just cut that off and just do 40 and then the $6.00 will be for something that is needed and over time that's enough to get you know different things. And actually I ran into some some seminary students seminary students but like 3 different people at the Post Office Well I don't that's I know what that is like people from the Christian Reform seminary my husband was in this I know what that is. That looks familiar What is that so. I just bring some great ministry for each 1 of you and you do so with box OK I want to come to any moment. And the question. Average cost. I couldn't I try to keep it under $10.00 and I'm usually pretty successful at that it's hard to tell because you know if I saw you know something on sale for like 3 packets of cookies by the time I divide that up and put it in different things. It's kind of hard to tell but I keep it under 10 it's usually under 8 for my friends my close friends I'll spoil them somewhere but it depends. And it's also good to modulating So like if something's really expensive if you want to buy a really expensive lotion then you can just get a loan from the dollar store and kind of balances out. So come on up I think my question is. How often do you do it possibly if I do it oh well I I work on it every week but it's not necessarily how often it goes out so it's like oh this will be perfect but I need to find the perfect you know something else so you know I'll wait a week to put that in Earl would take 3 the weeks to get it done so I don't necessarily try to sit down put a box together and ship it out that's not how it works but you guys can choose how you want to do it OK and we just want to make sure we give you enough time to to do your bags and leave mine up OK and if you have any questions throughout you can. See if you know OK. 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