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How Can You Make a Big Difference in Children's Lives When You Teach Sabbath School in a Small Church

Sue Gilmore




  • June 25, 2017
    9:00 AM


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Dear Heavenly Father I thank you so much for this precious time that we can spend together and I thank you for all of the leaders here that have come out and I pray that you will guide us and that you will they will us with greater love and devotion to be feeding your land in your sheep in Jesus' name my tree. Our Right OK So our seminar is for a good part doesn't go very far. Big big teaching in a small church OK just so I can get to know some of you a little bit better how many of you are teaching in a church where you have more than 1 age group like you're you're not just doing credal you're doing another OK All right most of you you're in the right place then all right how many of you are you have children that are in cradle. Of you. Home any of you have junior. All right. Older than that early teens or you OK All right this. Probably should be OK So we have a wide gamut here OK Well I hope that we can give you some some chips and some principles that can help all of you no matter what you're doing OK so. We're going to have to see in the seminar how we can make a big difference even though we come from a small church. All right do you teach in a small church I think most of you would otherwise you have be here right I am I attend the 1st 1 church and 1st 1 has a really big. Building used to be we used to have 400 members there but but now not anymore we have less than 100 and and when people start to talk to you about small churches that's really their definition of what a small church is that you have less than a 100 members anybody have less than 50 members OK All right OK All right I have been interested like that too all right but you know the majority of our churches in Michigan are small and I didn't really realize that until I went on the Web site about a year ago and found that out OK We're looking at some general principles from Cradle Roll all the way up no matter what kind just for what we consider children to have a school OK let's let's go on then. I just want to take it show you a brief look about what churches are like and here in our camp friends now. Most of them we're going to just most of the churches in Michigan conference are English speaking Anybody here from a Spanish speaking Church or no OK that's another. Pardon. You do OK All right well if for the we've got the enemies we've got Filipino is that Romanian but English and Spanish are are the 2 biggest ones. But when we look at the English speaking churches we have a 153 here in our conference and 101 are considered a small church so that means you know that many people have that many churches have 100 or less at that really was amazing to me and the average size is 37 anybody can relate to that yeah OK the 2 I have been I raise my children in a church that was about that size and so that means that 66 percent of all the churches that speak English here in our conference are small churches and the same is true for the Spanish they have 16 churches here in the mission conference and 12 of them qualify as small churches and their average size a little bit bigger but but still it's 3 fourths of their churches are small churches now and that's OK right. Small is bigger does not necessarily mean better not I personally like small churches I just feel like you're you're not lost in a sea of faces and and they they always seem more like a family so I really think that there are some real pluses in belonging to a small church but there's also some challenges as well and we're going to take a look at some of them OK now of course the the number 1 reason why you're here is when you have a small church you often have a few children right. And sometimes that means you only meet in all of that age group army together you know but you may only have maybe 1 child even that comes I was just talking with a friend of mine and she was telling me she's down in the Detroit area and they don't have any children OK So but but generally you know it's just a few and you have a small church. I didn't want you to OK up on that slide you can see I'm sorry it's not real real because of our our technology probably this in this picture you know is of a small church and they may they may all be meeting there together because I'm I'm seeing I cradle roll their eyes the primary there I see a few kindergartners there you know now they may that may be the only space that they have available in their church and so there are meeting together so base is often a big problem for churches how many of you have your own room. That you can meet it OK good Ari good sometimes you don't some I know some churches where they have to meet in their in their fellowship ha so it's so it really depends. OK. And another big challenge that we have is money if there's not very many people then we don't have big budget to work with in our 7 schools so we can put on big flashy programs. You go over visit like I was just visiting the the Beginner's Room here and camp meeting we couldn't put on a big. A big program so I get that I mean we don't even have that kind of base but you know all those all those stuff they animals and buildings you know that that I'll take that I'll take big budget OK And and sometimes the materials that we have available that are churches are able to give us. Their character big churches right how many of how many of you are using the grace when curriculum. Oh we are getting fewer and fewer I personally use in my church does and you often don't have the choice you know when it's your church decide that OK but I know that Grace feeling that programs are set up for large large churches you know they expect you have a lot of kids in your room and that they are all the same age group so a lot of my Bible 1st people here is that after I love that curriculum it would be my choice. If I had the joy. All right so those are some of the big challenges so what can you do when you teach with a few children or you have a room full of a wife range of ages Well we're going to 1 of the things I do is I like to think of my class and. As a family OK you know when I was a young mom you know I had 3 kids and they were pretty close in age but you know if if you had you know like a 10 year old a 7 year old maybe a 3 year old you know you're not going to have 3 separate family worship for them right you're going to all come together as a family and learn about Jesus together and that's what we do and say have a skill now I call that kind of set up is blended room and that's what we're doing when we have multi multi age groups in our room but I've worked in them all my life you know and I know that they can be happy and active and growing places for boys and girls and we're going to be looking at some some tips that we can we can do to make it that way OK now in a blended room we we provide a lot of variety. Because we want to meet the needs of all the children that are there of course but we also have to we also have to have a different focus sometimes because. Because we want all of the children to get something but we also don't want them to get bored you know and think Sabbath school is such a drag you know so we want to be able to provide of a happy siting fine stimulating place where the children can all sing together and learn about Jesus together and where we can help them to become growing disciples of Jesus right and that's that's how I look at that a school that is a place for me to help or a single to become young disciples of Jesus. OK All right so let's look 1st at is if we were had a blended room with 2 age groups now I teach in a classroom. With kindergarten and cradle all combined we we don't have we have the space for a kindergarten but we don't have the manpower or the woman power to handle it so my room is for infants through age 6 and it is working it's working pretty well and I have a reasonably sized room not the like this room but it's not a teeny tiny room so I'm able to have centers I can have there are more like little corners in the room and that is really nice when you're working with small children so that they have a place that they can move to from place to place OK And you can see up here. This is my room right now this quarter our scene is walking in the rain forest with Jesus and I used to have a record a long program you know what this was last for all quarter long we do the same things week after week and that's what generally we we normally do with status and because we're using Grace link we were for the crew and we I was mainly focusing on the Cradle Roll you know we would have the same story for a whole month because you know the little children need that repetition when they're only you know less than 2 years old you know and that's a that's a good set but you know my kids are now 3 and 4 year old and we had no kindergarten just offense our 4 year olds do so and my boys were getting a little weekly so I thought oh we need some extra stimulation so we decided to change up our program so I still have a quarter long program of the rain forest we've been learning about all the animals that live there we've been learning about the Garden of Eden there and but every month it's different it's a sort of like. The program is like a giant picture book and we have 3 chapters so each month each month we look at some different animals and sell and there's a different focus and down here you can see our little mission center here as were our we're learning about the Amazon so get to sail down the Amazon River. But I needed to to to switch that up in order for the boys and girls because they were getting a little wiggly and they we had this 1 little boy his mother he was about 2 years old and. Mother had to take him out like 7 times every Sabbath you know he just was just that kind of little boy but once he started to change the program this way his image just fine so so anyway this is something that I have done in my classroom. And when you have when you're teaching in a small church you know and you have a limited amount of space and we need to use our rooms of fission OK Now I my room what I am used I use my walls very efficiently like up here on the the top picture you can see I have a very large bulletin board not as long as that those 2 but it's about as close to 8 feet long and 4 feet wide and but you know it's it's like about this tall in the room and so I just cover it with both timber paper from the top all the way to the floor and that's what that blue paper is and I have saved bulletin board sets over the years like those those palm trees are to palm trees sets I have and we've got another set that had all the butterflies and and the birds and some animals up there and I keep them because they help me to construct pictures in my room and to set up a scene and that is 1 of the most important things we can do when we're teaching children 8 years old and under we want to create a scene we want to create a place that they can explore and Sabbath morning and that it will change from quarter to quarter and they'll look forward to seeing it as part of building that happy experience for them OK And and I've borrowed of course a lot of plants and from the church and from home and it really makes it a happy environment for the children OK. And you know what you can do when you have devices like these palm trees if you will just something I've learned as you just put like some on the back of it put some move a packing tape but it's just a packing tape where you're going to put your poster party 2 or tape to attach it to your wall because when if you don't have that you pull it off and then it's going to pull some of that paper off of your device and then you know it's going to break down and it's not going to be so good and you're not going to be able to use it from year to year so that's a tip I learned when I was teaching school is just put some packing tape on strategic places on the backside where you're going to attach it to the wall and it really really does help. Me. Yeah yeah right. Yes that's exactly right yes. OK I want to show you a couple of other Sabbath school classrooms this is the will start by looking at this 1 here. This is from our sister church in Clyro and they used to be a company but now they're a full fledged church and they just bought a house and they turned it into a church and what we're looking at is a a Cradle Roll kindergarten blended room OK and it is a teeny tiny space. And so this area that we're looking at is the only real area they have for doing their program OK if we if we continued along this well they have a built in closet and then they have a sink area and just a little bit past they will set up their chairs for the children and then they have 3 small tables against the opposite wall and that's where they of course they do their craft you know but that's all the space they have and and so the leader there what she did is she turned that corner into her program corner and what she what she did was she this is a piece of cardboard and she took the book they're going to be learning she's using my Bible 1st here at this church and they're learning about Moses and so she took my Bible friends of the story a baby Moses and she put it on an overhead projector in front of her cardboard and then she was just able to sort of trace you know the large shapes from that picture and then she just paid it so you don't have to be an artist. To to make something really to prevent here so I think she did us and job with that and then on the bottom of the blue part is just a fixed piece of Styrofoam and she covered it with a blue. Stick table cloth and she stuck some plants in there that sort of mirror what she's got painted in her picture so and then there's a basket in the corner of Baby Moses So it's really nice because it fits their room it's also part of Oh so you know if you belong to a church where you had to share your space with maybe the fellowship hall you know you can just pick up that that board and throw it in the closet and and same with your your watter device that you have there OK. Now if it was my room personally this this big. Board is is attached to the wall you know and 1 of the keys is we want to use our space efficiently and so look at all that wall space that's not being you know you know also for me. I would I would use that board you know what I would do I would use the table for the areas where we teach the kids their lesson when my kids were growing up they went to Plymouth Church right. And we had a fantastic kindergarten room there but the leaders had small tables child friendly table and they had isso little easels they would set on the table and that was where they would put their their felt board and so they had a couple ladies in there just 2 and they were the program so they each taught a group around the little table and I'll tell you that the kids thought it was super fantastic they got to help the teacher you know putting up the the little self and that's a great way to get kids involved in the story too. But you know if they did that then you have this whole wall and this corner in which to build a setting for your program and I think that if it was my room that's what I would want to see happen OK Now the other pictures are of another friend of mine but she lives out in Missouri conference and she belongs to a small church and what they decided to do she had a corner available to have for her program part but she had a friend who took some drop painter draft class and she painted that OK it's just you can get done you know at Home Depot you can get 3 of them in a set you know for like 20 some dollars you know but then she just took her craft painting and and painted this Egyptian scene you know it's not it's not super detailed right it looks pretty simple but she could she's packing it up there at the top of her ceiling but you know I was thinking because I'm thinking of doing this for my room is I would like to put like a curtain rod and then I could just suspend you know those draft class from there and because the thing I like about it is that you would have it you know you can put it in your closet just roll it up for another team time and you have it as like for right now you know I use the bulletin board paper when I'm done you know it's garbage you know so. It's a it's really when you think about it it's more money you know so something like this it would it would take a little more time but it's a good investment you know especially for a small church because we want to use our our pennies really you know really wisely. I think that's a good idea. I thought that was awesome idea all right let's go to the next 1 here Oh OK all right now let's think about music in a blended room all right if we have a variety of kids OK we want to be able to sing songs that are going to appeal to all of them right you know don't we do that vacation bible school you know we don't just have songs for juniors are just songs for kindergartners we usually pick a song that appeals to each group and that's what you should do when you have a wide range of ages in your classroom now because I'm used because I have beginners and are Cradle Roll and kindergartner I'm using longer songs bigger songs than I would if I was just having Carol and I don't sing as many because I can kindergartners have all longer attention span and so I can talk to them a little bit more. But because I've gotten really young kids that the more repetition some of the songs in my program we sing every single week during that quarter and they're they're kind of songs that we think about when we think. A sort of like the everything we do before we do our our seam time you know so we always start out with a couple of praise song you know we get out the rhythm instruments and we start in this trying to warm the kids up because sometimes are a little tired you know we have a welcome song and then we have a pre prayer song before we go to our prayer corner. We always have a mission song and then an offering song if the kids are bringing up their offerings now if I had older kids like primaries we could still pretty much follow that format except you know maybe you know the the praise and the welcome we could just say that that we're going to have a song service OK When necessarily have you know individual songs were welcoming the kids and when I've When I've worked in a kindergarten primary blended room that's what we did we always with Start with 10 minutes of songs and sometimes we'd have our. I mean I always like to make a little booklet a little song book and the kids would pick songs from there and that worked out really well so but the important thing is that we want to pick songs that appeal to everybody and we need to have songs too I like to have always have songs where the kids get moving OK. Action songs are so important when you're with with kids that are even juniors they like to have action through their song and so and scripture song I always like to have at least 1 song that's a scripture song even for the very youngest the Cradle Roll because they're they're going to learn it and I am in a such a joy when you when they start to join in and sing with you but but but that's that's what we want to do we want to make music to be exciting and fun for them but appeal to people to everybody oh OK Now why don't doubt if we don't have a penis how many of you have a pianist. Very few very few. But what do you do in your church what do you do in your stand a school room instead of having Yes. OK So you download them and then you make your own CD from there you just you just pick and you just pick and go to it using your computer. All OK OK OK right very good. How many of you do that no OK Any other ideas out there that you see that you do because you don't have pianist Yes. OK OK All right that's right and so you can just sing along with them right and have you ever heard of cedar Mancha that you can find them on You Tube you know and you can you can download them you know this like you have done and make them into a playlist. You can see up here. A lot of our song books that we use and even and these are the oldies right Abas Lon's they even have a CD. Yeah all the goodies Yes we still like to use those and so there are little voices praise him that if you're if you're Cradle Roll or kindergarten that's like our hymn book you know you can get that on CD and you can do the same thing I do have a handout if you're interested and you would like to make your own burn your own CD and would make a playlist of course you know but then you would have the selected ones already in 1 after another you know and you just have to put it in to your electronic device and you can go from there and it's so easy to do or you could or you could get a CD and if you're having a song service and you could just sing along with the songs on that CD like for 3 avi and you know a tiny TADS has a sing along CD and kids time phrase does. Did you say truth for you use for truth. That. Yes we use that for an evangelist experience was I thought it was true for youth. Or yes yes yes it is from young disciple Yes. Yes OK Emy Oh they give you the accompaniment as well excellent right. OK All right I thought it on their website but it no it came with P.D. OK yes. You OK. That's. Wonderful. OK good to hear maybe something that you could do in your in your own church that you haven't been doing I hope that's a lot of good ideas that's that's awesome you know because some some people don't even have a piano in their churches so we need to be a little little creative and look for resources that will help us Oh OK All right let's move on to Mission time now when children are small this is the best time to plant the seeds to be missionaries for Jesus right because you know I know for myself I want my kids to grow up to be givers to be able to think about others and and to be able to share with others who are are in need to share their love of Jesus with others so to think beyond themselves and that's a mission time does for our kids. And I also want my boys and girls to know that they don't have they can be a missionary too right they don't have to wait till they're a junior or a teen in order to be learning to share their faith they can be 1 even if they are in played a role yes. Sure. You can. Then the. Whole. Can usually get over and it usually happens that I just like. Some of you if. I yeah you have what age group do you have in there. That. You know when I see. It from the air right in your parents are probably in the room with you when you have 77 year olds and not right. And even if you know. Everybody. It's sometimes it might be cool if you could get a offering device going you know for the kids I remember 1 time I made I painted on a. It was it was all like a piece of underlayment and I I painted the you know Russia it was Russia with and for every quarter the kids brought in actually every coin that they brought in we would attach it to the the map and so it really got even and I had a lot of really motivated them was a challenge in and I was working in a in a in a town where our family the kids in our family in our church were not well to do you know but they still liked bringing that their coins in our because we wanted to feel that may have. And I talked with a treasure you know we're not going to be giving you you are offering from week to week well we'll wait til 13th Sabbath and then you'll have it all OK. It did absolutely absolutely yes or. Are you working with other kids. I'm actually an excellent plan yes and address as are all. Yeah I did that once only had primary and 2 News OK Thank you. Are. Not the. Point. 3 orders. Of the over the how creative actual and. Wonderful OK Another idea over here. Axel and another thing that I've used is I've gotten. Special bank and each child will have their own mission bank and so the kids will then bring their offering in put it in their own individual 1 and it it's just more fun for them to see if they can get it all filled up you know by the end of 13 Salman Butt but sometimes it's nice like we've been sharing here is to have a project to a bigger thing than just as every single week having the collecting the offering if if you're having trouble with what the offering is coming in and work toward a project that that is excellent the church I used to belong to they and you probably have seen these like out out in the stores there and I don't know what their their name is but it's like it's around thing and you put the coin in a just solution and then down the middle and. That really motivates them to break. Brings all I can put that in that special special offering device so. Anybody else have a an idea that works for you OK these are US I'm sure you're giving me ideas to. Run. You probably have to go to a toy store. Or a party store. For a. Gun idea Diane. As I saw media shop there on Amazon and I get so many things for status quo they're all K. Well let's move on our time is OK All right. All right let's talk let's talk people OK because when we work in a small church and we don't have a humongous team right how many of you are the only 1 in your room OK All right. I'm with you. Oh OK. OK I think it's ideal if you can 3 Q OK when I 1st started working in blended classrooms that was me and my sweetie Mike my husband and I and that was the perfect setup you know because when you have a wide range of kids you know I took the younger 1 and my husband John took the older 1 you know and you can divide and conquer that way and though. The best is if it's not your spouse because what happens if you have to go away. You're both at the go away together you know but. I Right now I am like a 1 woman show in my church and but you know there been times when I've gotten the flu you know and guess what a room did not fall apart. They still had a program for the kids you know I let the head elder know you know there's no way I'm coming in and given the kid this is a germ you know and and so they they would call somebody and I just think it's a candy a great opportunity to plant a seed in somebody who might want to start being a part of have a school ministry and I am starting to see in my room mothers who said I can now. Of course I am and I'm with the little 1 so the mothers are there you know but these mothers have always been you know as shy as she I can be but I I have 1 mother who said I could do the mission story you know everybody you know and so I'm really excited yes yes. We just had. That's right I correctly write that's something that I have always done and we lived up north in Tower City we had 3 families with kids and our kids were I had 3 other family had for another family of 3 so there was only 10 kids you know but that's what as the kids got older that's what we would do we would we would say hey can you tell this story for me for next week and eventually every kid in our church learn to tell stories and telling stories is a big passion of mine and my main aim was story and I think God just put that in there. But you know I passed on my passion to the children and they all learned to tell stories and you know when the kids got to be early teens and like 141516 they put an R.V. B.S. and were got around tower us and we we had like $50.00 to $75.00 kids come because they heard this is a kid runs E.D.S. I mean we were still there to sort of you know be the coaches you know our consultants if the kids needed some help but other than that they did it all but you know it didn't happen overnight you know it was as they grew up in our in our shared a school we would give them a little tasks to do we taught them 1st of all though how to tell a story and telling the story is such an imported. Skill to teach to pass on to our children and if you would like to learn how to tweak your storytelling skills so you can disciple kids to do the same please come out Friday and I'm going to be having a seminar on that OK Well another thing is. I just lost my teacher. We had a dad who was fantastic at telling a story would be there every week but he moved up north and now I had nobody and nobody wanted to make that commitment to tell the story every way in my church so so I started asking. Ladies I said do you think you could come in this Sabbath and just tell a 10 minute story I set up give you the South alligator all the toys whatever you need to tell the story could you could you tell a story for us this week and I didn't say to come in once a month I just said this week so that's how I started you know and so I got 4 different ladies to come in and then the next time I asked Do you think you could do it again it's such a great job you know and so they said oh yeah and then the next time they said you know I'd really like to do this you know so now I have a team of 4 women who are my teachers you know so if you don't have you don't have to do it all if you could just ask people just to do 1 little thing you know you might find that you can get a team going and I think the more people that we can bring in to our classroom the better it will be you know for the strength of our of our program. And I even did that in a large church I used to teach over at East Lansing and there were lots of people there but a lots of shy people. So so I thought that's what I did I started asking do you think you could come in you know and tell a story just this week you know and or you could get somebody who might like to to do that with your for your bible verse craft you know so that you know maybe you can just focus on the program you know and have these other helpers there for you and I bet that you will be training future leaders as we need to have more than a couple people in a church who are good with working with with children right amen. Bridgette you. Never. Know absolutely not and what not OK you have half. A man all right OK. That's right absolutely another great now the great idea use Pathfinder honor as a motivator Absolutely I think kids that are that as long as they can read they they will be great at telling a story absolutely and that's something that that we did when our kids were growing up all the kids that's what they did they learn to tell the story they took turns Yes. I have. A. Wonderful. Story. Yeah right but. The Valar Wow. That is wonderful we just had 1 of our girls from the church school she's just she's 10 years old and the week after I asked her mother if she could it was her mother's week to tell the story but good mom that she is she Esther dotter said that you helped me tell this story you know and so Kyler did and I live in that you know so yes I really think we need to bring our our young people in especially if they're in that blended room already you know I asked them to to be your teacher assistant OK All right let's move on to seeing time how many of you have themes in your room. Your program yes some of you OK. Or most. OK. Yes or no. OK. OK I'll probably be. A little rover. But I. Write or read. More. Of. The bill. Or you're. Helping a decorated Absolutely that's a great idea I think and then you read. Right. Another thing if if you have some older kids like Prime primary and Junior You can also put your your program onto a flight show and I did that like 1 year I had a Dinosaur Discovery Trail and for as I was working with kindergarten through junior age children and so they took turns advancing the sly and they took they took turns reading the slide and it was exciting for the kids especially when of course with its years of dinosaurs but but I've done it with other programs and really captivate kids interest when you have a slide show and that they can be part of that part of that. But I want to talk to you a little bit about scenes you know I know. We want to focus on the story of course like Moses but we also want to have a feeling that separate from their bible story because we want to be disciple ing children we want them to be growing up to be strong 7th Day Adventists who are sharing their faith in Jesus with what everyone they know OK so I think of theme time as disciple time now if we how many of you have read the discipleship handbook that our conference has out OK right now in there you'll see lots of the components of being disciple and I just I just treat them a little to fit children Sabbath school so if we're a disciple we're spending want to read this with me daily lesson time and prayer family worship going to church and Sabbath. Growing strong and healthy growing up like Jesus that means and with his character you know kindness love that sort of thing giving offerings to spread the good news sharing our faith and helping others OK So those are all of those components are that's a matter how old you are that's what that's what's involved in being a disciple of Jesus all right now I have taken those components and I have divided them up into 4 core areas whenever I'm thinking of planning a program for my blended classroom the 1st. Verse area is Gad keer now. When you read the book steps to Christ what is the 1st chapter about about God's love right that's love for God and so that is a very foundation stone of being a disciple for Jesus so I want to have seen times program that is going to show the love the love and the care of God for the children like for young ones like Cradle Roll in kindergarten you know I I may have a program all about angels and how angels show that God cares for us. If I had a primary in juniors You know I might use a program on prayer we might look at Bible promises and how these show the love of the Father in our life and. City. Have you heard of guides greatest prayer stories of them have you seen that that is a fantastic book isn't it and so you can pull stories from there and share those stories with your kids you know 1 you know each Sabbath long. And that would that would make a great a great program if you have younger ones 1 of my favorite authors is Karen Holford she's Aves author and she has a book out it's called quiet times with Jesus and it comes with a prayer journal and it comes with a prayer calendar and it's got like $365.00 different ideas and activities that kids could be praying for and and doing and you can use some of those in your in your status girl and make it into a program another book that she has is God. 100 creative prayer ideas and I've used that with adventurers have a school in a lot of act of things that you can do in there with the kids and that could you could pull 13 ideas out of there and and make a program about that for your theme time but there are so many different ways we can we can show children get scared. Another area or theme is my creator. Creation is such a big part of our faith right I mean it's all tied to the say of it and and elder bore was saying just the other day you know that if we don't have creation you know there's no reason to keep the Sabbath but but also if we evolved you know from a lower form of life that means we're getting better and better so what we need salvation for. It hinges on a lot of things I remember when I was I was in high school just coming to know the Lord and I was you know of course bombarded by evolution in the public school and I thought you know if I have all then how can I be a child of God So there was just so many things that hinge on create creation and that's and we are kids are just bombarded with evolution these days and that's a big reason why I 1st developed my program Dinosaur Discovery Trail because you know even if you're watching a nature program you know you hear billions and billions of years ago you know and so so we need we know really need to beef our kids up and like that's why once a year I always have a creation based or nature based program and I have a ministry called Bring them to Jesus and I have developed a lot of programs for our teachers try Marilee kindergarten and primary age group but and then those will be available if you want to go shopping this Thursday that you'll be able to see them there but. But I really I really think that we really really need to emphasize that in our programs. OK that's another component for Theme Time is faith for young disciple I call it that's where we see 1 a narrow is going on themes that are distinctive to us a 7th Day Adventist OK Like how to keep the Sabbath Alan why in the stories of our Adventist pioneers we want kids to to really see how our church has grown and so that they will feel a part of that this is where our health ministry comes in because we want our kids to learn how to treat their bodies as a temple of the Holy Spirit and also how they can be a witness for Jesus I have a program that I designed called something Guardian and it uses gardening for teaching principles on how to be a witness and how to share your faith and so that is 1 area that we want to focus in on when we have been as well and the last 1 is growing up like Jesus because we just don't want them to understand about the Bible stories we want them to experience Jesus in their lives right we want them to grow up like Jesus did. Like it says in Luke 2 that Jesus grew in wisdom in stature and in favor with God in men so if we want to share stories with them of boys and girls who are growing and living for Jesus and shining for Jesus in and how they live and. Any of you got kindergartners in your room. How many of you here when you're going on there is a series of books I brought 1 of them with me this is a book called A child steps to Jesus any of you seen this book series before don't you love it I just. This is wonderful and it is the greatest for kindergartners and it's got 13 stories in here where the meat 13 different families and they are all act demonstrating. The characteristic from each chapter of the book steps to Christ so the 1st 1 is about God's love and then there's 1 and salvation forgiveness obedience but they go through all of the various steps that we know so well from the book steps to Christ and I just fell in love with this book so I put together a program so I could use that. It's called My shiny town and where I give ideas or you can you want to read the story to the kids or I should take them back you want to tell the story to the kids you know because you don't have the children on your lap who are looking at these little pictures as you're reading it you know that's that's the that's that's the best time to to just read a story to a kid you know they're sitting beside you now if I if you were a preschool teacher you know you could just show them the the pictures but they would have to be very close to you and it couldn't be a lot of children because they wouldn't be able to see it so wow so I like to I do like to show them that the pictures but I tell the story to them I don't read it verbatim and that's the that's 1 of the best tips you can pick up about being a master storyteller do not read stories to children tell them OK as you allude them if you if you read them OK but this is an amazing book to use for a program now if you've got all older kids and you want to use a program like step. The Christ you know Jerry Thomas' got steps to Jesus and they have him he has got stories for every for all 13 are all the 13 chapters of steps across and you can got a built in program just like that you know with them so you know look for in the A.B.C. There are books to that you can use now another book that I have used with primaries and juniors how many of you have read treasures by the sea or a couple of you this is a beautiful book isn't it as perfect you know because it's just like a baptism trap aeration book goes through through a story format it teaches about and all the animals of the sea but in a story form and it is a wonderful way to teach your kids about the doctrine of that we all hold there is a 7th day and in it now you cannot get this in the A.B.C. anymore unfortunately Sally stride is no longer making available yes. This would be I am finding I have taught done a lot of Bible work that I used to train Bible workers but. And we're finding that kids that are in primary especially are really starting to to come forward more used to be juniors you know but but now it's run we're finding it's more like 3rd graders are really you're finding that too I think it's all across the board so it's good for primary juniors and it would be even early 13 year old I think would get something out of this but you can't get it at the A.B.C.. But that's why I put together I don't mean to be advertising so much but but I just I just wrote it. This summer called Seaquest because I used to I used to use this in in my Santa school and when I we would put we would make this big mural I got this Merle paper that looks like like the CD and I would print out pictures of the sea animal that we were talking about and and I'd give 1 to each kid so so every 7 you know we're adding to our mural So I by the end of the quarter I mean is just a drab again Son of God to see animals and you know of course we've got sand on the floor a little bit of sand on the floor and shelves and you know to make it and I like to build things and. And Ken just loved it so I want it I just took that program and I put it in a book format and so if you're interested you can you can get that at our library at Thursday OK So question yes. They. Were. Wrong oh OK. The sunlight education. OK for a long time now. You you. OK. Fine. You. Create. By. Having. An excellent thank you thank for Sean right. OK. All right thank you to somebody else have a suggestion. Yes. Yes you can still get her octopus encounter at the A.B.C. I know but it's just not just not this 1. Wow how exciting that is wonderful OK well we're running are getting close to our deadline here so let's move along a little bit OK Now what about lesson time now if you have 2 groups in your room you want to aim at the older 1 or the younger kids will get something out of it but you definitely do not want to get your older kids to be in boredom City OK Like right now I have in my room with my beginners and my kindergartners we're teaching the kindergarten lesson and it is working perfectly the little ones are are loving it you know because we're making it visual or making in their active and so it's still appealing to them if you had kindergarten and primary I know with my Bible 1st or they're the same lesson so you got it made in the shade so you don't have to worry about that but now if you happen to have. Move on to the next life if you happen to have a room like we've got 4 year old Katie and 87 year old Turk in 11 year old Abbey and you know you might have a few more in there same age group you know then for a lesson time what if you only have 1 teacher then you want to aim toward the middle group OK so that it's not too too much of a stretch for your younger ones and the older ones it's not too too far away from where they are OK So if you've got 3 of 3 groups aim for the middle of K. Yes. I was I was still a minute teaching the kindergarten this and especially if you're using my Bible for is that the program you're using my Bible for it's just going to grace link OK. It is a very That would be what what I would want to to you and and for those of you who are using MY BOB out my Bible for as that is an advance program you know especially when you compare it to gracefully. As I was I was trying to transition from grace Linked In in cradle to my Bible 1st and it was such a big stretch for the kids to jump from there to my Bible 1st but. But yes and if you have a pub boy like that you would and he can read you know you can have him read some of the Bible verses that are involved in the story you know read what Jesus says read what Paul said you know and you could also use him as a helper you know to show the kids the pictures you know if you're using pictures are or the Phelps you know ask him to be or you're your helper and that will keep him interested too. But use him as a reader as much as you much as you can OK Yes OK. Yes When are. You doing yours yes oh yeah they. Have all the way up through youth so. The juniors are I know the kindergarten primary have the same 1 I'm not familiar with the above that. Yeah but but are the lessons with with Junior Zen and teens seeing anything. Good. Yeah I don't know really. Another thing that you can do aside from that is if you have a if you have a helper you know like I had my husband you know you can he can 1 person can take the younger children you know and you could take the the older ones and like maybe that primary Junior is an early teen you know in that group you know and also teach teach the early teen lesson you know to them so dividing up you know when you have a wide range of ages you know if you really really do need an assistant to help you otherwise it's. Too much of a gap for kids OK Yes I'm sorry I didn't hear him. Last I. Was. Right it. Sounds like not only in our. Yes. That is that is the best plan how do you know that it's really that the time you really need to divide is during the lesson time. Yeah. That's the way I lived when I lived up in arms we had we had Cradle Roll all the way up through through juniors and we did we did everything together until the well I take it back we did we separated into 2 groups for prayer time because we could do something like prayer journals with the older kids and we could do prayer songs and felt with the younger ones but other than that we did it things together except for a lesson time. Yeah so I'm not saying you can't do prayer journal so I just at that time I didn't because we had a lot of resources back in those days. And you know times have changed now we don't have a lot of those resources available today yes oh you mean like our. Leaving everybody there for. Every. OK. But now I think I don't. Want. The other thing that. There was an hour or. You. Were. Worthy. You're on the other team or. A little. Worse we're going to. Lose they. Are. Offering. More or yes. I did. OK. Now. We've got. 3. People who did all. Right. That every church is going to be a little different you know you have to look at what your children are your your needs there and adjust your schedule you know in order to fit what would work what works best Now I just want to share 1 more thing especially for the the the older kids. Some of you that are having we talked about that is. We want to be training our our young people especially if we've got older primaries in juniors early teens in your blended classroom there's some ways that we can really help them to grow and 1 of the things you could do is set up a buddy plan like if you've got you've got some juniors and you've got some maybe some kindergartners you know pair them up you know and. The older ones can help them when it when they're looking at Bible verses you know he can help point out the words he can help them find the book in the Bible they can pair them up when they're doing their man when you're doing YOUR MEMORY VERSE review you know the older 1 can work with the younger 1 and you know it's a caress like a way to build responsibility and to build leadership in our kids and also it kind of helps with that peer to pregnancy with them always sitting with their with their friends if you can give them a jab and Buddy them up I think bodies are a great way to do it when you have a blend of older ones with the younger 1. Another This 1 we've talked about is to use your readers meaning the primaries in a junior that that can read OK get them to to read the man rivers get them to share a mission story those are some things that they can do. And let's see and another 1 is make kids your partner make them your assistant you know when I was a church school teacher you know when it was Friday chapel you know we we had kids that had the scripture reading we had kids that led the song you know you could get them when you're older kids to get up front pick the songs for your song service lead out you know kids get a little older they get a little self-conscious and they might not want to sing but but if they're the leader it's a little easier I've seen it interests goals and the kids are very much more involved when it's kids mentoring you know leading out with the kids they could have special music you know and the you think the kids will be turned on to worship you know within status quo they are when they have a part in a program and they're not just sitting there being entertained so to speak by you and me you know so getting them as part of your team making them your partners in this small church where my kids grew up you know the kids get so involved in Sabbath school and and making them a part of the program that they became the leaders like I said they ran the Vacation Bible School 1 of our boys he became a junior elder He's now a pastor up in the U.C. My my my 2nd all the daughter became the the youngest church treasurer in the Michigan conference. And you know and she is now I'll show a picture of I got to show em I got to show picture of her. She is now over. Go back very. Well there she is that's my daughter touches and her family and they're missionaries and in Thailand now and they're trying to develop a ministry like 3 A.B.N. right now they're making C.D.'s of Gasol messages and programs and sharing it with people in Thailand because less than 1 percent are Christians over there but you know not this is the big changes that we saw in our little church we saw all these kids learning how to be leaders and now that they are adults and they are super leaders involved in the church and now they're training their children and passing on the blessings that they learned in Santa school so we don't have to feel bad if we belong to a small church we can still make a big difference in children's lives yes. Absolutely well you know why I have. Why why don't we why don't we I know some of you have some stories that why don't we close with prayer and we can talk a little bit after that OK because I know my A.V. man is right at the door OK All right can we buy hour ahead. Dear Heavenly Father I thank you so much for this wonderful work that you have placed into all of our hands we know that there are great challenges before us but Lord I just praise you for all of the input we've had here this afternoon and I just pray that we will all take some of these tools home with us and put them into practice and your large just be with us and help us to disciple our boys and girls so that they can feel they can be used by you in a mighty way right now not when they grow up but right now in our Sabbath school help us to make our Sabbath school rooms training centers for Christian workers I pray in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more service leave W W W dot audio dot org.


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