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Sabbath School 1




  • June 17, 2017
    9:30 AM


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I'm really excited as a part of the grow Michigan initiative we have some canvassers up here and we're going to share a little bit about how they were baptized and came into the 7th Day Adventist Church and adding to the Michigan membership I'm really happy to have here Chris he's our veteran of the group he's going to be. Baptized Bamber for a year tomorrow tomorrow and so praise God for that he's a veteran of the 3 and so please share with us a little bit how you came into the church so I didn't grow up with a religious background praise the Lord I have faithful grandparents who are here right now and they never stopped reaching out to me and praying for me and 1 day my grandfather on a phone call he continued to try to get me to read the Bible and study the Bible and so after that phone call was really convicted to study the Bible and so I went through all the lessons and I went through unlock revelation which happened around the same time as those Bible studies and that's where I made the decision to be baptized. A man and you have a friend here to your left her name is Haley and you've been an advocate for a really really long time since February. Fourth of this year a man lawyer and she is already kinda saying she's already knocking on doors and she's going to be knocking on literally thousands of doors this summer share with us a little bit about how you came into the church yes so I didn't grow up in a religious household at all either and I lived a very worldly lifestyle just with partying and things like that in 3 years ago I came to a point in my life where I just I really. I wanted to know what truth is and I met a really amazing lady who she introduced me to Christianity and I went to a non-denominational church because that was really all I knew. But meanwhile my friend Chris he was on a similar spiritual journey last year and he had just done these bible studies and he was really excited about these bible studies so he gave me some and what were the bible studies by the way the bible studies were that it is written bible studies Yes And so he did about a Bible study with me and then gave me the whole box of the bible studies and I started to do them on my own and it seemed like I was stuck on the Sabbath study for like 2 months until Chris went to a manual Institute and. Then he kind of learned how to do Bible studies there and. As I went through all of the bible studies I started keeping the Sabbath and the Lord helped me have victories over a lot of the things that were holding me back from getting closer to him I stopped drinking and I stopped doing drugs in my vocabulary changed my diet changed my the way that I dressed changed literally everything about me started to change and the most important thing that started to change was my heart because I I just kept falling so in love with Jesus and I went to G. Y.C. in Texas last year and that completely changed my life pastor actually made an appeal the 1st night I was there and for baptism. And I just decided that that was the commitment I wanted. To make to Christ I met with Pastor Akon Berger and Traverse City like in January for baptism to make sure that that was the commitment I wanted to make and February 4th I got baptized and my wonderful home church of Blaine city. And I was just so excited about the truth that the Lord was showing me that I wanted to go canvassing the summer so that's what I'm doing now and then I'm doing a manual institue in August and then I'm going to be doing the missionary training program through campus at Michigan State so Amen it's in that oh an amazing story and Chris you really forgot to mention that it was that Emanuel where they they really directed you to say and said find 1 Bible study contact us and you thought of Hayley Yes we had started the studies awhile ago like she said I just dropped the box off and expected her to do them but I quickly learned that Emmanuel that's not how you do things and so after that you know I started learning a couple things praise the Lord for that amen and I just want to encourage you if you haven't heard about Emmanuel instituted you want to be trained on how to give Bible studies you really need to look that up and also for students that are tending public universities campus also has a training program and every year we take students even non administers G Y C and it is like a fire hydrant if you've ever been a G Y C In terms of getting the message but praise God that Pastor I'm always made that appeal and she accepted that call to baptism Chris can you share a little bit about campus and how that connects with Miranda so after I was baptized and went through a man you know I decided also to go through. Campus to learn how to be a missionary for God And during that time last year we had a tent meeting in the middle of campus and we had things like music free food massages and a prayer wall and that's where Rand found us on campus. So just as sure like a little bit of my background I was born into a Christian home but it was more like Christian by name than Christian by lifestyle and also in high school I was very involved in a Baptist church I was doing a lot of things with them at that point in my life I called myself a Christian but I didn't really know what that truly meant in my life. And towards the end of my high school experience I started having a more spiritual interest in drawing closer to God and I was about to graduate I didn't know where I was going I knew I wanted to be a teacher but through prayer I kind of learned that Michigan State University was where I was supposed to go so upon arriving there I had a lot of friends that lived worldly lifestyles and I knew that wasn't really right like I knew that wasn't how I was supposed to be living so I started daily praying daily just to find a good group of Christian friends and 1 day I was actually walking across campus to me a friend but she ended up canceling on me and normally since I was you such a big place I use my G.P.S. but that day I decided just to go exploring and wandering around and I actually I actually some of the plan a big tent which was the Course was talking about and yes so I met a lot of awesome people there and I was had a great time at the grave and I actually signed up for the small groups of the head and so. While I was attending the small groups I learned a lot of things about the Bible and I very learned before and I also just realized that God answered my prayers through the small groups I started hanging around with a lot of the people there and I found family in them they like turned into my family after a little bit and. You know other Christian influence and just like the examples they had in my life just by how they live their lives just like a huge impact on me and. While I was still in the Bible I started to give up things in my life that. God showed me were right and God showed me that I should get rid of those things and eventually he impressed me to be baptized and after talking to. The side of that I needed to do this in my life and I needed to fully commit to him and so I did I was baptized on January 28th this year 2017. And after that just like Haley I was super excited just to share the Lord's were loads of weird and just everything that he had shown me in the past few months and so I also decided to go canvassing and became my summer to him and also dedicate the next year of my life to Him their campus ministries and I'm also going to Menu Institute So God has definitely been leading my life and also. A man we have who here how many of you think it would be a good thing if we had a 100 up here next year because you because my SO are giving Bible studies seeking the law so that we can hasten the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let's go ahead and close out this session and then we're going to transition to the Sabbath school panel that's our heads Heavenly Father we thank you so much for this time this opportunity to see how you're working in the lives of young people and Lord where there are 3 here this morning we pray for hundreds if not thousands in the state of Michigan the 1 to the 3 angels message and ultimately into the hands of Jesus Christ so we pray in a special way for this work that's be done being done we pray for the 3 here that are knocking on doors this summer and the rest of the group that are working the doors throughout the state of Michigan bless their efforts and be with us as we discuss Sabbath school may you guide us and lead us to the words that be are spoken not be our own words but words from on high we think you Lord we ask this in the name of Jesus Christ who answers all prayers if we asked in his name Amen. Alright saints of God if you will go ahead and turn with me we're going to be studying in depth the passage of 2nd Peter chapter 3 verses 1 through 14 2nd Peter chapter 3 verses 1 through 14 and I'm very happy and pleased to introduce our panel here we have. Sarra we have Chad Bernard and by the way we really need to welcome Chad back to the Michigan family he never really left you are always here in spirit but praise God that Chad is back and he'll be working as an associate with the youth department with Pastor Ken Mitch if and Crick HARRIS So welcome back pastor Chad also pastors a Cameron Devane is no stranger to the Michigan family and also Pastor Darrell Bentley and so welcome them and of course my name is Andy am and I'm working with Sabbath school and communications for the conference let's go ahead and delve right in shall we to 2nd Peter chapters 3 or Chapter 3 verses 1 through 14 and I'm going to go ahead and read we're all going to read 3 verses each and then delve into it I'll go and start with verse 1 I was just told that we need to pray let's go ahead and pray and find the Holy Spirit thank you for that as bar heads Heavenly Father we prayed once but it's the it's always good to pray we can never pray too much and we just want to invite your Holy Spirit to be with us to speak. Through us that the words may not be our own we also want to pray for wisdom knowledge and understanding and not just head knowledge we want to pray for a Heart Knowledge a convicting knowledge that impacts our heart as well as our mind so be with us be with the congregation we ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ amen verse 1 you love it I now write to you this 2nd a pistol in both of which I stir up your purpose your mind by way of reminder that you may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy profits and of the commandment of us the Apostles of the Lord and Savior verse 3 knowing this 1st that SCAF 1st will come in the last days walking cording to their own lusts they will say Where is the promise of His coming for ever since the fathers fell asleep all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation for they believe for they deliberately overlook this fact that the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and through water by the Word of God and that by means of these the world then that then existed was diluted with water and perished but the present heavens and earth by His Word are being reserved for fire kept for the day of judgment and destruction of on godly men. But do not let this 1 fact escape your notice beloved that with of the Lord 1 day is as a 1000 years and a 1000 years as 1 day the Lord is not slow about his promises some counts lowness but his patient toward you not wishing for any to perish or for all to come to repentance but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night which the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat both the Earth and the works that are in it will be burned up Therefore since all these things will be dissolved what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God because of which the heavens will be dissolved being on fire and the elements will melt with fervent heat Nevertheless we according to his promise look for new heavens in a new earth in which righteousness dwells there for beloved looking forward to these things be diligent to be found by him in peace without spot and blameless Amen I want to read a passage from the spare prophecy found in Acts of the possibles page 535 before we get into our discussion she says speaking of Peter in regards to the book 2nd Peter she says looking down through the ages to the close of time Peter was inspired to outline conditions that would exist in the world just prior to the 2nd coming of Christ I don't know about you but that makes it very relevant the passages that we're going to be looking at and I want to go ahead and throw it out to the panel the 1st several versus here what strikes out at you. Well part of our discussion you know as we were looking over this together my mind goes back to that very 1st verse in which I stir up your pure minds if he's having to ask them to stir up a purer mind that seems to be an indication that the pure minds not really in a readily present in a sweat other mind is they are and we get a little a little sense of that as we come you know further down is the SCAF or his will come walking according to their own lust they're in verse 3 so you seem to have this distinction up of a pure mind versus a carnal mind and he's calling them hey you're in that carnal mindset I want you to break out of that I want to stir up that pure mine and if it can be stirred up it's an indication that it was there at 1 time and it also seems to be yes the mind needs to be stirred up because apparently there are those according to verse 5 who will willfully forget work are art making a concerted effort not to be mindful of the very thing that he's telling these pigs folks to remember and be mindful of so you see this contrast between you look at verse 1. We talk about your pure minds reminder that you may be mindful verse 3 knowing this 1st you know there's got to know this you gotta be mindful of you gotta remember because there are those who willfully forget. So there is a contrast between and it goes back to that carnal versus pure mind the pure mind of God that God wants us to have is going to remember the thing that we have learned in His Word in contrast with those who have completely let that slip by or are not just allowing it to slip by are making an effort to make sure it doesn't stay in their mind their willfully forgetting this truth that we need to know them in another thing I find that's very sad as in verse 4 it says for ever since the fathers fell asleep this tells me that these the people that are mocking are in the church this is this isn't the world it's always mocking this these are our own people that have forgotten this and lost their 1st love. You know 1 of the things that that pops out at me he's saying Be mindful but mindful of what and he goes any points back ultimately to the Old Testament He says the words that were spoken before by the holy profits and then he also refers to the New Testament and the commandment of us Peter Paul and other and the other disciples who were really forging ahead with with writing the New Testament in their pistols and so they're going to their authority their ultimate authority was the Word of God and I think that's very clear here in this passage anything else. Just appreciate that because it ties in so nicely with Hebrews 4 in verse 12 which happens to be 1 of my favorite verses from the New King James It reads For the Word of God is living and powerful I believe the King James says living an active a bit sharper than any 2 edged sword piercing even to the division of soul and spirit and of joints and morrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intense of the heart and so I think it's powerful that you bring that out in the cure because really that's what that's what Peter is giving us he's saying the cure for having a mind that is not stirred up with pure things is to get back in the word Amen into the testimonies that we just heard prior to coming into our Sabbath school panel what was the distinguishing factor it was being in the word and it was knowing how to rightly divide the word I mean I love the fact here here's a box of Bible studies go after it and good luck with that but how many of us have that mindset right here it is you're going to naturally just know how to go through it it's not always the case and so when you had someone who was excited and then had the training to know how to rightly divide the word of truth and then that truth was taken in and it was accepted it changed lives and you see also that in the testimony we just heard powerful by the way I love the men but that there was the young individual saying you know I had done all these other things as of this other life but I wanted to know what truth is praise the Lord right and the but Scripture says by word is truth and we're sanctified by that word and so here the apostle Peter is writing to people who are anticipating and living in the coming at the time of the coming of Jesus and they're saying there's going to be 2 groups those who stand on the word who remember there was a creation there was a flood and there's a coming a fire and then there's those who willfully forget those things so keeping your mind stayed on the Word of God gives you a richer personal experience and it gives you preparation for the coming of Jesus and that's where we need to be today's descending on the Word of God and it's such an empty life. To try and forget the only thing that can fill you that's another thing that I'm processing is is. These people are trying to act like. God might not be coming and and how many times have you heard it or of experience it yourself you try to fill something in your heart that only God can fill with the world and it's just empty and empty and I hear this time and time with these new converts as I was searching and I couldn't find anything that's because God is the only thing that can fill your heart and in a human Let's go ahead and we have these words be mindful pointing back to the old the Old Testament and also there are pistols and then we get to the real content here he gets into this thought that there is going to be at the end times scoffers and if you look at that in the original languages it has to do with those who are mockers those who are ridiculing those who are making fun of those who are preaching the 2nd coming of Christ can we expound a little bit about what Peter is talking about here. You know I just think it's really interesting that when you start looking at these verses that the very thing that they're mocking is the fact that the world has continued from the beginning of creation there overlooking the fact about how creation happened but then also the way that the flood happened and just how all these 2000 years ago Peter is exactly describing the way that things are even some time in some parts of our church but the way that we look about how. The way that people are trying to discredit the creation account that we understand from the Bible and discredit the flood account but even this week I was reading the news and National Geographic posted this article they found this dinosaur that's like 1 of the most best preserved fossils ever found and it still has skin it still had organs and they said the reason it was so well preserved is because it had gotten stuck in some sort of water and you know National Geographic is not going to say anything about the flood I was like Oh no of course that's why it's such a well because they're fossil really got stuck in the mud you know and that's just the Word of God is so clear about what it is that actually happened but people are trying to overlook that because they don't want to believe because if you believe in God's creative power through his words to make the world and that also has power to bring judgment out of line with His word you don't want to believe everything else that the Word of God has to say about what's coming next you know I think the Emmys bring up a very good point because we look at verse 3 The thing that we know about them is that not only are scoffers and their their scoffing in the last days right but it also adds that phrase walking according to their own lusts So we know something about their motive that they're coming from a heart that doesn't want that why do they willfully forget why would you want to put the coming of Christ out of your mind. Why would if you were 1 time especially if this is the case that they were believers at 1 point why would you ever want to push that away well but the key is they're right they're walking according those they just don't want it so if I can deny that there was a creator and a destroyer of the world with water then I can kind of anesthetize my conscience to think well there's also and that fire is maybe that's allegorical maybe that some sort of metaphorical symbolic maybe it's not actual there but Peter saying look don't try to spiritualize this thing away there's a literal God who made you and you're accountable to him and he's going to come back and we're living in this time of judgment especially now those who are living in the days prior to it when we know the investigative judgment is ongoing and that there is it's and you see it sometimes in the 7th heaven of the church where Let's talk about anything else but that we're trying to willfully forget the 1 things that the crux of our experience right now is that there is a living Savior who is also our judge and advocate praise the Lord but there is that process ongoing and soon and very soon we're going to see her again and the key in my mind is that walking according to the laws they just old fashioned. You know Jesus had to encounter people who were brilliant lawyers who would try to and not lawyer like you know Esquire attorney at law but I mean like lawyers in the Word of God scholars of the Scriptures would try to entrap him and he would come back with these simple beautiful truths and they would be confounded by I think about nicotine he must be born again and he's and he loses it and cry in fact in John chapter 3 and his conversation with nakedness. Jesus laid out what the problem was why can you otherwise brilliant people not see the basic truth of what I'm trying to say is found in verse 1020 John Chapter 3 verses 1020 and this is the condemnation that the light has come to the world and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil for everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light lest his deeds should be exposed Why do these people in the last days not want to know about a coming of Jesus or a sitting judgement because they'll be accountable and they just can we just call it what it is that it's old fashioned like sin I just would rather die. Being me but the general the carnal eye of that we all share. It without the renewing regenerating grace of Christ we would prefer darkness to light. And that's the underlying issue why these people become scoffers because they like sin more than they like their Savior the bottom line and I think a part of that is well I totally agree with you but you know we have been called by God to be his peculiar people you know sometimes we take that a little far and we want to be weird we don't have to be weird Venice right but peculiar means that I'm different from the world right there's something about me this separates me from the world and the less we are in the Word of God I am thoroughly convinced the less I am willing to be different from the world and we see this in academic settings now please don't anybody leave here thinking all Bentleys against academia that's not what I'm saying but I have seen within certain circles of academia that I'm more concerned about impressing colleagues I'm more concerned about looking like I am in tune with everybody else than I am being true to the Word of God Look at the controversies that we've made we've had to review our fundamental belief number 6 the wording just to take away ambiguity that we believe in a literal 6 day creation 7th I sat in the 7th day we literally are consecutive contiguous 24 hour of recent Oh my you know let's go they Let's go the whole thing right I mean if the 4th commandment doesn't make that clear in 6 days then say in 6 months but all of it comes back to that I want to impress people around me sometimes and I'm less concerned with being true to the Word of God When we look at the mountain of archeological and historical evidence that we have that verifies the scripture over and over we're seeing the Word of God is the 1 rising to the top as having the truth and I just want to add that Peter a hero assumes that the flood did in fact take place and as a matter of fact he uses it at as the basis for believing in the 2nd Coming and the judgment to calm so that's a powerful point the other point I want to bring out and that is if you. Reading patriarchs and prophets in regards to the end to delusion world when Noah 1st preached that message of the flood you better believe that all those additives back then were startled by that message 120 years later only 8 individuals are walking into that or and there's something about the Word of God HAS thing you through time to see if your faith is truly standing on the Word of God and man. I think I see a holy sarcasm here maybe maybe that's just because I could be sarcastic from time to time at 1st by where he says it excuse their notice like it does the whole world has been decimated by a flood we all know there's been a flood to try and act like nothing has changed since the beginning of the world this is crazy Here's And I like what you said about you just likes and more if I want to do something there really isn't any and there isn't enough evidence to stop me from it that's right and I mean when I've talked to young people and they they were they they asked me a question really what they're saying is I don't want to do what your church is saying you should do and what I like to do is just kind of. Hama evidence would you need to be convinced that that was I had a conversation just read recently like how much evidence would you need. I was talking to this lady and a library I went to drop off books at 9 o'clock on a Saturday night really weird she was all smoking a cigarette I thought she was homeless but she was just outside and we got into a $45.00 minute discussion on evolution which is crazy she was an agnostic and it was a good time but they sickly halfway into our conversation I said what would it take for you to believe something you know she said she said it would take God Himself to come down and smack me and say I won't tell you what she said but she basically said you know get your stuff together the just Makar and no yeah I was like I'm a messenger of the Lord you know. That what I had was I thinking you know anyway but not recommended by you know that I should go to maybe and you know yes you know and then I would know not to do that. But anyway I just I think what it is is there there isn't enough evidence for someone who just I love sin more. Well and I'm I'm thinking now of X. Factor 7 when Stephen gives his powerful speech right and he goes to the Old Testament Scriptures to people who believe the scriptures right and they are convinced they are absolutely convinced he's right they're convicted according to Scripture verse 54 next chapter 7 when they heard these things they were cut to the heart and what was the response and they gnashed at him with their teeth and then he goes even farther but he being full of the Holy Spirit gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God in Jesus saying the right hand of God was 56 and said look I see the heavens open in the Son of Man Standing the right hand of God He's right there just look at him. Then they may look at their response perspectives haven't they cried out with a loud voice stop their ears and ran at him with 1 accord they literally were trying to physically stop the truth from coming in because they had no excuse they had no answer there's no comeback they could give exempt they just wanted to just shut him up as quickly as possible as quick as possible just stop the truth from coming in Alan White says they acted more like beasts than humans right that moment is right and many times this is what sin does when it gets in the heart it's not about a head knowledge because I think that there are many people. Preaching enough evangelists campaigns as long as it's big over our king theory and beautiful word pictures about the great controversy of what happened and people as long as it's soaring feel logical doctrinal rhetoric they like that but when it comes into incredibly practical tangible daily life change stuff that you have to do want to Tuesday you know like when it comes to the great controversy theme love it the 7th day of the Sabbath. I know I don't quite see it yes you do you just like you lower the you just don't like it that's what it's called is that you can do that with the health message with dress or for anything that cuts across your carnal will all a sudden it's very pious to say well I just don't quite see that I don't understand you look at it from no you we're all looking at the same way you just don't want it. Anyway I need to go to manual so I probably would be OK that that's not a but that's right box of the issue right that they were wondering after their own lusts you know there's an old adage it's that sometimes used and I've used it in of Angela's I'm the same sun that hardens the clay is the same sun that melts the way and it really comes down to just like Hester Cameron was saying it comes down to the condition of the heart where is your heart is your heart surrendered to God and go back to verse 1 I don't mean to you know beat the dead horse so to speak but stir up that pure mind the pure mind is a reference to the condition of the heart we use that metaphorically always your heart in the right place but really we're asking is your head in the right place do you consciously and cognitively want to accept what you have been shown or are you going to continue to make excuses for it and I guess the my my my prayer is often Lord keep my heart in the condition that it will melt and let my heart be in the condition that it will melt under your word under your love. Amen praise the Lord I I want to transition now as we move forward if you go to verses $7.00 and $8.00 he makes draws his application Peter does that that same word that was reserved for fire is now or for for the flood it's also now reserved in our day for the judgment that is to come and then he talked in verse 8 the 1 day there's a 1000 years and then he goes to verse 9 and wouldn't let's look at these next few births is here talk about them or not being slack concerning his promise that the Lord is going to come as a thief in the night does that mean that the Lord is going to come as a thief in the night to Bible believing 7th Day Adventists converted out minutes. Well it would probably need to define some of the parameters and 1 of the parameters that I want to diffuse you know that it was very popular years ago this Left Behind series and we understand that was a series of novels but we also understand they're not based on solid biblical theology but the 1 of the primary concepts though it within a secret rapture you know the mindset is that Christ has to come and steal away and so that they hone in on these passages that mention Christ coming as a thief I'm here to tell you Christ does not have to steal that which he owns. First Corinthians Chapter 619 and 20 says no you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that you are not your own why you were bought with a price and so Christ has purchased me he has ransomed me he does not have to still me because he owns me and so I want to diffuse the element that he's coming to steal away his people he doesn't have to come sneaking in slinking around he's going to come in glory he's going to come and magnificence all of Heaven is going to be in sorry I get just a little excited but the preacher so what element so then it begs the question what element of the thief coming nobody looks in you know Google and says You and I need a thief to come let me call and schedule a thief so it's the unexpected arrival is the element of the thief that's the that I think we need to focus on. It's interesting that Paul says. In verse lessons 5 for you or your brother not in darkness that the day should overtake you like a thief. I don't claim to know the day or the hour that he's coming but prophetically really has. Would we be shocked if you came this year you know I mean like man I didn't see that coming like every prophecy fright every every time prophecy has been fulfilled fulfill we're just waiting expectantly so it's not like we could be upset at it at all and in the beauty of being a 7th heaven is Christian in $2017.00 and have the beauty of the truth that he's given us is that we can look up expectantly at that he's coming and we can share with everyone around us so that we all can go to heaven you know that's the beauty I mean and I think that's what's so encouraging about this passage because I know there are people in my life who have not yet made a decision for Jesus and if he were to con today you know and I know how that would end for them but that we know from verse 19 that the Lord is not slow to fill his promises sums count slowness but his patient toward you not wishing to any should perish but that all should reach repentance and then the reason why it feels like it's taken so long is because God wants as many people as possible not to be caught off guard by like a thief coming into their house but rather to be expecting that Roy that's going to be coming his 2nd coming and that's our privilege in order to prepare other people to be ready for that amen and again that the slower slackness earning his promise if we if someone were a bit truly late to say a job or something it wouldn't take long at all for us to ascribe motive to that slowness right we would say either they're lazy they're forgetful or they just don't care about the thing but clearly the reason Christ hasn't come is not because he's lazy nor is he forgetful and it certainly isn't because he doesn't care. In fact it's quite the opposite because he's mindful and does care that he's doing this is a purposeful delay for the purpose there that all should come to repentance now you could almost take solace in that say Well 1st of all I think it's a divinely brilliant plan not to give us the time of the 2nd Coming in I think of it you look at every other element of Christ's ministry on our behalf from his incarnation the timing the location all the details of that you look at his as as the beginning of his public ministry his death on the cross and you look at Daniel Chapter 9 it outlines boom boom boom boom boom then you have the ascension to heaven you have the beginning of the most holy place ministry $944.00 to the day October 22 So every aspect of that until the 2nd coming is outlined to a tee this 1 however he says you don't know the day or the hour and I would have to imagine he's done everything for our benefit so far so somehow this has to be in our best interest for us not to know him and I would think if the Lord told us OK you have 6 years if we knew that was coming how would we live differently and I would imagine there's many people who would say all right I've got 6 years how much and you start making a calculus in your mind how much time do I need to get right I mean like translation ready right. 6 months a year and you start seriously probably would rationalize and justify whatever. And there's 2 huge problems with that even if the date were spot on accurate problem number 1 is you might schedule for repentance to come in 5 years and the bus find you at your for that's right right none of us are promised tomorrow so there's an urgency outside of the soon coming of Jesus because we have today this is the day we should choose because we don't know that we've got the next day but even deeper than that if we put off the repentance we know we should have today for this hope for tomorrow or tomorrow after that. That when our time for renewal comes up we may not want to anymore the urgency of the preparation for the 2nd coming is not it goes back to that hard change do I actually want to be with Jesus are my just doing it to get in and I think that the Lord purposely takes that out of the equation and says it could be today it could be next week going to be another year could be 10 we don't know now we do have some general parameters for sure we see the signs all around us we want caught up with the thief in the night but it's not because because we've got the calculation right that's not why we're not caught off it's because we're right with Jesus at any time and that's what he means by watch and be ready you know. I love a god. I think of John 639 and this is the will of Him who sent me that of all that he has given me I lose nothing but raise it up on the last day I love my God because He waited for me. I would not be in the kingdom if he came 20 years ago. And I praise God for that patience and that same patient he patience that is extending to my neighbor that he's calling in my heart you need to talk to your neighbor I need to have that be front and center of my life and when I love sin more I'm just worried about me going to have the latest of this and it and I'm not focused on that same loving truth that was an impatience was extended. Just just a couple of points that. I think life gets in the way sometimes you know and being a Christian we sometimes present to people Are you sure you're going to have more peace in your life I fully believe that Philippians 46 and 7 Don't be anxious for anything prayer and supplication and God to give you a peace that passes all understanding I totally agree with agree with that but in Matthew 16 Jesus also said this If anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me there is nothing glorious There is nothing easy about the idea of burying a cross and in their minds in their day they would have walked out of a synagogue and gone down the street and perhaps seen someone hanging upon a cross so it's been a very vivid very real reminder for them so I bring that out to say sometimes life is hard. Sometimes life just be chewed up sometimes it's hard to stay focused and sometimes it's our heart just crying out saying Lord will you come will you rescue us will you pull us out of this and that ties in kind of to my 2nd point and that's what Peter's done at this 1000 years he's trying to tell us your perspective our perspective is different than God's perspective he's here he's able to see the beginning from the end all I'm able to see is what that light shines 1 step ahead and you're just praying Lord let the flashlight go a little higher so I can see a little farther but that narrow path is sometimes it's hard to navigate in life is just so I think all of that combined for the dedicated Christian we just have to stay focused and say you know it doesn't matter if he comes let me just be ready today and that let me be ready in this moment and let me not just focus on myself but let me share what he's done with me for somebody else we need to wrap up this passage because we have another juicy passage that we need to get to but I do want to speak to verses 11 through 14 because there is a lot here you've It starts off with this word there for another words in conclusion to what I've said previous You make some statements here that are really powerful and comes down to the crux of the matter and then when I want to summarize or does anyone have any thoughts on these final words well I just want to highlight an interesting what I think what I see are starting with verse 9 into verses 1112 and on with there you notice there in verse 9 it talks about the apparent slowness or the delay the slackness right but then the transition a verse in but the day of the Lord will come and look how many times the words will is used there heavens will pass away the earth and the earth will be burned up so there it seems slow but it will occur and then it transitions in verse 12 looking for an hastening. So we had slow on time and now faster right in the sequence so it's always like from our perspective it could be slow but friends God is always on time and in fact he's going to cut it short right just as we can hasten that coming so there is some there's some pretty intensely practical application to this if if the if the there for a verse 11 Therefore since all these things will be dissolved we should quite take we could take quite seriously this rhetorical question what manner of persons ought you to be unholy conduct and godliness because not only to look for but we're to hasten that coming there's got to be something there for us here there's that that's a really interesting distinction I was thinking as you brought that up the mockers are whining because it's taking a long time the Saints are trying to. Do something about spit it right yeah like I just want to whine and complain about the slowness and the Saints are like no no let's let's be about soul winning so that we can hasten the coming in that way we can agree with and it's like you're right it is taking too long Let's hurry up right yeah get a box of bible sized Let's go right press it is taken too long if you would get converted you'd help us out. But there is but there is a contrast here because you notice the mockers the scoffers of the ones who are walking according to their own lusts but those who are looking for an hastening are the ones who have holy conduct and godliness and so there needs to be there seems to be a twofold application here 1st of all for your own personal. Walk with Christ and fitness for his coming right that preparation that heart preparation that individually must have but also the verse 9 What was the reason for the lake because Christ wants all to come to repentance so not just to you but through you that others would have this message to there's seems to be in my thinking a a double application for our own lives stop sinning get yourself ready through Christ power and start sharing your faith with others we have been called in these last days to be a distinctive movement with a message from God The last message of warning the 3 angels messages and I'll say it again what we have the 3 angels message is what Christ is looking for are the 3 angels messengers and we need to be out there sharing this message therefore looking and hastening the coming well and I would say 1 feeds the other the the closer I come into a surrender relationship with Christ in the greater my victory over sin the more I am empowered and motivated to want to share that with someone else nobody has an excellent dining experience and goes and says What do you know any good places the well I had a really good place but I'm not going to tell you about it. I know you're going to go out of your marriage here in the 1st place and it was awesome the service was wonderful the value was incredible but we don't do that with cries you would tell a stranger about a restaurant before Jesus absolutely absolutely true but it's the same thing but it begs the question have I eaten at the master's table. And if I've not eaten at the master's table and I'm seeing that transformative power across my own life then I'm not going to have the motivation I think the 2 are intrinsically tied together and proportionately to and you look at these testimonies that share this morning every 1 of them I came to the truth of what was the very 1st response and I will hold somebody praise the Lord God told this late in this 1 and now we have the triple triple down effect and that's exactly how Christ intended it to be he could proclaim the message through the Holy Spirit's power just planted in the header is right and fire across the sky but he has chosen in his wisdom to let humanity reach for work for humanity and so we are called to not only you know we were talking about last night there's no such thing as a Christian hermit you know you can't it's not to be cloistered away in some sort of like glass jar a fragile little righteousness there supposed to be a righteousness that works that goes to work for Jesus Christ I'm truly convinced victim that the Lord is looking for more than mere faithfulness in his people he's looking for usefulness from his people to him in that that we that you cannot there is no faithfulness without usefulness in his cause and there's an urgency to this that I think is right here for Michigan now I know you're trying to get to this other passage where you are and let me just say this pastor Darrell that we can actually refer back to this because they are related as we already know and so let's go ahead and turn to Matthew chapter 24 versus 43 through to 51 and please hold that thought there Darrell and we're going to go ahead and read this and let's do 3 verses again each and we're going to end with this passage which is which is really relevant to what we have read thus far. Verse $44.00 but know this that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would have calm he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into $44.00 Therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an hour that you do not expect Who then is a faithful and why surfin whom is master made ruler over his household to give them food in due season bless it is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes Truly I say to you he will set him over all his possessions but if that wicked servant says to himself My master is delayed. And show he can to be his fellow slaves and eat and drink with drunkards and the master of that slave will come on a day when he does not expect him and an hour which he does not know and shall cut him in pieces and assign him a place for the hypocrites weeping shall be there and the nationality this passage or this parable reminds me of what you said Darrell that that the thief component the motif has to do with the fact that Jesus is going to comment a time that is not expected for those who are not ready and I know you have something else to say. And there but I'm saving it for just a moment but I totally agree with you and but notice what happens to you as we come a little further down in the passage verse 49 especially right like to focus for just a moment he began this evil servant begins to beat his fellow servants so it's a notice the transition that takes place somewhat to the indication is as servants they're both in the church right we're talking about church members and so when our eyes are taking off of God when we're 10 our eyes are taken off mission really right because to say that the master is coming that's what we're here to tell the rest of the world so that's our mission right Jesus is coming get ready to meet him let your life be surrendered to him let him stay view and rescue you from your sins if we get focused our elsewhere other than Mission notice what happens. Begin to beat his fellow servants it comes back to that wilfully forgetting it comes back to that carnal mind that we studied back in 2nd Peter the scoffers these things are intrinsically tied together some I'm glad you brought us to this passage and I think just jumping off that it's a really practical thing that we can do as a heart check even in our own churches that am I getting into wars and quarrels with other people in my beating my fellow servants or my getting beat and where is that coming from when you go to James Chapter 4 1st 1 it says you know what causes quarrels and what causes fights among you is it not that your passions are at war within you and then verse for you adulterous people do you not know that friendship with the world is and the 2 with God Therefore who wishes to be a friend with God A friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God And so we see that when we start to get in these in these struggles in the church where we start to beat down our fellow members instead of lifting each other up and bringing other back to the feet of Jesus that it means that we still have that worldly mindset in us that there's sin with and us and that we have become friends with the world and not with God that we've lost our identity as a servant of God and now we're among the drunkards you know of the other people who are not in the Master's service. I want to highlight a couple of words here and I've highlighted in my Bible here on my i Pad It says here the worst cost strike out at me this word ready in verse $44.00 Be ready right and then you also have it in verse 44 or the 4432 to watch what if Jesus referring to when he's saying we need to be watching we need to be ready this is a very practical question how do we fulfill this injunction of Christ so that we're not caught on prepared. It's interesting because it looks like verses 44 to 46 the slave is not watching for the master to show up what he's doing is he's about his father's business or master's business so what is that business at this time unlike what God has got as the lanes what should we be doing right now are we supposed to can do look up at the sky or you know what's the point what should be we be doing I think in a very practical sense it goes back to what you were saying the prophecies have been fulfilled but we are also given some other signs Jesus outlines these things I mean how many of enlisted presentations have we started off with signs that say that Daniel 2 are signs of things like you know you got Matthew 24 Luke 21 those sister passages Jesus says as you see these things happening know that my coming is near even at the door so part of it you know from a practical sense I believe it's paying attention to what's happening in the world you know sometimes we is that Venice we say you know all media is bad well there's a reason I don't watch the news but there's a reason I read the news when I watch the news I get especially curated palette of what they want me to know when I read the news I can search headlines and I can look through various stories and I can find that which is relevant to me as a 7th Day Adventist living in 2017 so I'm paying attention to what Pope Francis is doing I even have it set up any time there's a news article posted Pope Francis and ecumenism I get an email alert sent to me so I can keep up with what the pope's doing trying to pull us all together. But that's just 1 of those little practical ways that I can pay attention to what's happening in the world because as a shepherd of the flock as an undershirt I have a responsibility to tell God's people hey this is happening this is a fulfillment of the great Conversely this is real this is not some fairy tale this is actually unfolding before our very eyes and I think there's a strong draw off course to these last days especially in the book of revelation here we're talking about this is Matthew 2425 Jesus time to the last days Peter's talking about the last days and of course the book that speaks directly to those issues is the Book of Revelation and in Matthew chapter 24 when Jesus gives that the final sign is not wars and rumors of war pestilence or anything like that it's the gospel go to the world and you look at verses 13 and 14 in Matthew 24 he who endures to the him shall be saved it so again you have that diet there's faithfulness all the way to the very end and this gospel the king will preach and all the world's a witness to all the nations and then the end will come and what do you do when you open up to Revelation Chapter 14 the 1st 5 verses describe those who endure to the end and are saved then you have started with verse 6 those 3 Angels' messages and was the result the great harvest where the Lord comes so we are living it in VS $13.14 of Matthew 24 which is the chapter Revelation Chapter 14 the giving of those 3 angels messages and to me it's an incredibly practical thing to think about that that the Lord's coming is not just a theory and it's not just a personal spiritual experience but there this is a marching order Christ is the 1 who said Occupy till I come so when we start if we're looking on to Jesus for our own connection there will be looking for others to bring to Jesus this must we must be about our father's business and look at every parable the Christ talks about the wicked servants of the ones who didn't do anything while he was gone they are the ones who come back and say I here's your talent I didn't do anything and as if to say well. As if I wonder if that servant was looking for a reward Hey I didn't lose it. Of course you were supposed to lose and I wanted you to say I wanted you to get some increase without do something with it right and I think that there's many of us who are like well praise the Lord we haven't lost any members this year well so what's with it and you're supposed to stay in the church that's the minimum you're supposed to bring more people to the church you're suppose I'm active and vibrant and growing for the Lord Amy and then. OK so just talking about that being about our father's business you know and Jesus says in this parable in verse 45 the 2nd part when his master has set over his household to give them food at the proper time and the other versions food at the due season and I think that that shows that there's an amount of discernment but being about the father's business is looking at the needs of those around us and acting to meet those needs and giving the food at the proper time and so you know we know for every person to come into the church to be baptized and 7 they haven't searched needs to study the Word and to understand that to be able to make decisions I was really touched by the testimonies this morning listening to Miranda what she said that this group of people even before she made her decision they became her family what she needed as a college student at Michigan State University which is 1 of the largest universities in this country was a family and they became a family to her and as a result of that she was then ready for the next step which was to receive the small group bibles of these this individual studies and make that decision for Jesus so I think that calls on our part if we want to be blessed like it says in 1st $46.00 plus it is the servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes we need to have that discernment What are the needs of the people around me and how can I use that in order to bring them to the word so that they can know that Jesus is coming soon Amen outdoes powerful Yes just want to take us back briefly to 2nd Peter 3 in verse 12 there it says looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God and Pastor Cameron asked a question just moments ago about why does God choose to use us so want to take us to Revelation Chapter 12 and verse 11 and for me this is a verse that every Advena should know we should know it by heart and we should live it every day Revelation 12 and verse 11 notice this this is a 3 fold recipe of hastening the coming of the Lord I believe and not just hastening the coming of the Lord but how I live my everyday life number 1 they overcame him the hill was the pronoun referencing back to the devil right so they overcame the devil by. What the blood of the blood of the Lamb the only way I'm going to have victory over the devil an issue only is I have to be in a surrendered relationship to Jesus Christ that's what it means to be covered by the blood of the lamb but notice also tied with this not not against it not maybe do this if you have time if you can fit it in but notice and want by the word of their testimony so not only do I have to be covered by the Blood of Jesus live in that surrendered relationship I also have to tell what Jesus has done for me and if I'm not doing that I stand to be among those who willfully forget. It is it is it is together both of these have to be taken into a talent it's not pick and choose well I want to be saved but I don't care if anybody else is saved that's the ultimate in selfishness and Chad you were talking about what was that you know pendulum at what was that quote that he said something about you have the information about about your god but you don't live like a Christian or something like that but while he's looking at that I just notice the 3rd part. And there's a 3rd part to the recipe and they did not love their lives to the death in other words I love the world to come more than the world that I'm currently living within you have Penn Jillette is I don't hear it and tell their muse magicians but he said he's an atheist of a very popular famous a prominent He says I've always said that I don't respect people who don't proselytize I don't respect that at all if you believe that there's a heaven and hell that people could go to it could be going to hell or not getting eternal life and you think that it's not really worth telling them this because it would make it socially awkward and atheists who think people shouldn't proselytize and who say just leave me alone alone and keep religion to yourself How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize. How much do you have to heat somebody to believe everlasting life as possible and not tell them that I mean if I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that a truck was coming at you and you didn't believe that truck was buried on you and you there's a certain point where I just tackle you. And this is more important than that summit has the A.T.F. So maybe you should have slapped the woman this or that maybe I don't know but yeah but in practical terms yes Andy you're asking something practical What can I take what can I take away from this lesson I have to be surrendered every day I can't be playing to where I don't listen and there's this idea that's been popularized in the BEEN A circles and even in some admin a circle that I can be saved in my sin. But it explicitly says in Matthew Chapter 1 and I believe verse 22 somebody's check me Jesus came to save them from their sins and so I have to live in that surrendered relationship but then I need to get to a manual if I don't know how to do my will studies I need to talk to my pastor elder or somebody in the church that knows how to give Bible studies teach me how to do it because I have to be sharing my faith and I better be fallen out of love with the world amen and I we do need to close and so I want to summarize what I'm hearing from you and this is make it as practical as possible is that Jesus is coming soon. And we have a 3 enjoyable message to share with the world and even an atheist is telling us you are not doing your job you know how much you have to hate me to in order to not tell me of what is to calm and I'm going to throw out a little curve ball that's typically not done at the Sabbath school hour and if I get fired that's fine I think it will be worth it I want to hold off with a loan from for 1 of the purposes of the Sabbath school hour it says here our Sabbath schools are nothing less than Bible Societies this is a little society here and in the sacred work of teaching the truth of God's work they can accomplish far more than they have either to accomplished Do you believe that our Sabbath schools can improve today. Amen and you and I have to be the agents we can't wait for the pastor we can't wait for anyone else then it goes on to say that's 1 component a Bible study society the 2nd component the Sabbath school when rightly menage possesses marvelous power and is adapted to doing a great work there's a work to be done and what does that work but it is not now what it may and should be the influence growing out of Sabbath school this hour right now should improve and enlarge the church or is there is a work of evangelism that needs to be done how many of you and it would refer to hear the testimony of those 3 young individuals the men who have surrendered their lives to God they're not even 6 months old as 7th Day Adventists and again we need not 3 here next year we need hundreds and I want to make an appeal and we're going to close with a prayer how many of you want to make a decision to commit yourself. To finding 1 baptism study from now to the end of the year and say Lord I know you are coming soon we've been studying it and now I want to turn what I've learned up here into Heart Knowledge and then ultimately into action and if that is you I'm only asking for 1 Bible study contact I'd like to ask for you to stand up and say Lord I want to come in to a Bible study. And win souls into this into the kingdom of heaven now what this means with all of you standing up is that we're not going to be able to finish all the baptismal candidates up here next year Amen we have a strong a powerful evangelistic series coming up the end of September it's time to work now so that they will fill those chairs and Jesus will calm because a revival and reformation took place at the Sabbath school our bound your head with me as we pray for God's Spirit to help us in this process Heavenly Father. We thank you for the power of the Word of God we can't do without it we can't do without your word to empower us to motivate us to transform our lives from the inside out you see each and every person here standing committing themselves to look and search we're not talking simply about bible study that of COM 3 by will study offer dot dot com We have 3000 of those but we're looking also to enter our workplace to enter the grocery market to go to the gas station the highways in the by ways and to seek out souls and get them into their homes in our homes studying the Word of God Lord we pray for revival we pray for reformation this will not come unless we pray for what pray for it and do something about it by your Grace thank you Lord be with us we ask in G. this name Amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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