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Sabbath School 2




  • June 24, 2017
    9:30 AM


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Many of you remember if you were here last week we made an appeal and we don't want you to forget that appeal to find 1 Bible study contact so that souls can be 1 into his kingdom and this band is going to help in the process of being trained in and sharing the content there as found in the Word of God in the Spirit of Prophecy to win souls and further the gospel message to every nation kindred tongue and people were going to go ahead and start with the word of prayer but before I do that I want to introduce once again our panelists we have several pastors up here Pastor Darryl pastor Cameron and Pastor Bernard and someone who was in here last week we have a teacher from Grand Rapids Alaina nap and were pleased to have her join this panel discussion so without further ado let's go ahead and bow our heads and invite the Holy Spirit to be in our midst Heavenly Father we think you so much for this time this opportunity to break open the Word of God we want to pray in a special way that this Bible study that begins here will not end here but that throughout the Sabbath day will break open the words spontaneously during lunch time during the afternoon hours. And share what we have learned with 1 another we pray that the Bible and its study will be calm and a moment by moment activity at the changes lives be with us now we pray that the words that are shared are not our own opinions but may they be words from on high speak to our minds and even more importantly speak to our hearts we ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ amen I want to invite you to turn to the book of 1st Peter chapter 2 and we're going to be reading from verses 11 through 25 1st Peter chapter 2 verses 11 through 25 and before we delve into this passage I many people will hear a sermon I know Pastor Cameron did the morning devotionals last year at camp meeting and though here sermon for a pastor Bentley or past her knowledge or Alaina nap in the classroom and they'll say well how did they discover that Bible truth and I just want to open up to the floor here is there are 8 abracadabra Is there some magical formula that helps us in Bible study provide us some practical tips in your Bible study and in your experience I'd like to open it up to the panelists. Well this is no disrespect to my education had a great education but when I graduated from high school and I had only read 1 book there's a book on Lou Gehrig he was a baseball player and I think I read it 5th grade so I wasn't really an academic. Those of you that know he'll yeah I know that's that's so. I came to this logical conclusion that if I was going to call myself a Christian I should probably read the book. So I read it and it was amazing and I thought well when I call myself a 7 they have an assessor probably they read at least 1 of Alan White's books and so I did and what I did is it forced me to the Word of God I was like No way did that happen and then I would get into the Bible like it did so I went through the conflict the ages series and I would just read it and then I read the scripture and I compare and compare and then whenever I found something like was super cool I'd be like get to know who. And what I found was a lot of people like you know it did it. You know so I mean for me that's how the Bible came alive just laying them next to each other and just pouring myself in the Word of God It was awesome it wasn't a duty I just really got into it and it changed my life and man I guess for me I like to keep things very simple very practical as well and there was a little Bible study method that I kind of discovered at Southern. And shared with us by Dr Phillips Amman and he just referred to it as a relational Bible study and just 3 basic questions that I found to be just very powerful and it's kind of a good impetus a good starting place for just really getting beneath the surface that there's nothing wrong with reading through your Bible that's great but you're taking over our chain you know you're more up here with that just going to get in the overview but you need to begin if you're going to prepare for a message or whatever and so those 3 questions are very simple 1st of all how did this passage reach or how did it affect the people who 1st heard it and so that can lead you into some deep study of for the cultural issues historical issues and you start chasing those things through the Scripture answering those questions then the 2nd question very simple what does this passage tell me about god. I'm not reading the Bible just for novel effect it's not just a lewd Gehrig novel right I'm not going to thank you thank you for that segue by the way. It's deeper than that right it's supposed to have an internal eternal impact on me and so what does this tell me about God then the 3rd question very simple is this so what. I've discovered these things about the people I've discovered these things about God Now what am I going to do about it what are the timeless principles that transcend their culture to our culture and what are those principles and how am I going to apply them to my life that's a very simple kind of model of xa Jesus we might refer to it but it's something that can be applied for anybody not just a pastor and a man and I want to piggyback on what Chad said about the reading of the Spirit of Prophecy along with the Scripture and you know sometimes you hear like oh you just read the spirit of prophecy instead of the Bible but. A survey was done amongst North American division members some years back and ministry magazine published it and I don't know if you ever seen this but it said for example 82 percent of the readers regular readers of the writings of L. White usually or always have daily personal Bible study while only 47 percent of nonreaders do so the idea is all if you get into the spirit prophecy you're doing to take the place the Bible when in reality the opposite is true it actually drives you to the word to become more centered on Christ and His message and on the training in a church committee we realize that that was 1 of the great needs and so there a plug the type of Japan book again there's a chapter about the very practical method a personal Bible study in the back of the book perhaps the best part of the book is the very back the appendix where it has a Bible and spirit prophecy reading plan daily just go through the whole series of conflict the ages series and the and the books relating to it like steps to Christ and what not that will if you've never taken the opportunity just read through the Bible and see how it's so well woven together and how the Spirit of Prophecy is that inspired commentary on scripture I guarantee you will uplift your life personally it will give you a deeper a better Christian experience you had before so I would definitely recommend reading them in conjunction did you appreciate that. Practical advice we need to get into the Word of God so that there is revival and reformation in our hearts and I want to we need to jump to this tax because there's a lot of exciting things here what we're going to do is we're going to read once again 1st Peter chapter 2 verses 11 through $25.00 we're going to take 3 verses each and I'm going to go ahead and start with verse 11 B. love it I beg us journos and pilgrims abstain from fleshly loss which war against the soul having your conduct honorable among the Gentiles that when they speak against you as evil doers they may buy your good works which they observe glorify God in the day of visitation therefore submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake whether to the king as supreme or into governors as unto them that are sent from him for the punishment of evil doers and for the praise of him that do well for so is the will of God on it that with well doing he may put to science the ignorance of foolish men as free not as using your liberty as a cloak of maliciousness but as the servants of the Lord and are all men love the Brotherhood fear God. To the King. That servants be submissive to your masters with all respect only to those who are good and gentle but also those who are unreasonable for this finds favor it for the sake of conscious torqued a man bears up under sorrows and suffering unjustly for what credit is it. When you are beaten for your faults you take it patiently but when you do good and suffer if you take it patiently this is commendable before God for to this you are called because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow his steps who committed no sin nor was deceit found in his mouth who when he was reviled did not revile in return when he suffered he did not threaten but committed himself to him who judges righteously who himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree that we haven't died to sin and might live for righteousness by whose stripes you are healed for you are like sheep going astray and have now returned to the shepherd and overseer of your souls while these are some powerful powerful passages and I just want to throw out to the panel what really strikes out at you in the beginning burst is of of this passage that we looked at here well 1 thing that you know I think is especially relevant here at Camp meeting were all pilgrims here at Camp meeting and. And you know the pilgrims are going to start returning home some even tonight you know as the Sabbath hours you know disappear but most people you know a lot of people are going home tomorrow so we're pilgrims right we're here at a temporary space and this is really kind of a microcosm of really the plan of what God intends for us this is this earth is not intended now to be our home it was at 1 time we lost that we messed it up sin came in marred that picture but now we're looking forward to a better home we're looking forward to a better world or at least we should be and I think that's what he's calling us here yeah this seems to be the thesis for what comes after because you see there in. At least the 1st couple of verses 11 and 12 seem to set the stage and lay the foundation because in verse 13 it starts with that therefore I mean in the light of what we just established here is the practical so that $11.12 seems to be the principle and that principle is that pilgrimage concept. What struck me also in the reading of this passage is you're going to see it throughout this study today that there are incredible parallels between the thought process of Peter and that of Paul there are a lot of parallels though Paul would talk about in Hebrews chapter 11 these great pioneers of faith you know and and he would talk about how they were strangers and pilgrims and they confessed that they were not of this world you know and my translation their bit Philippians chapter 3 tells us that our citizenship is in heaven so it has the mindset of while we're here we're not of here we are of a different place we're just here for a while we're passing through. Right I think with that Conti's is interesting just follow it up with that statement in that verse says because we're strangers because we're pilgrims because we don't belong here Peter says abstain from fleshy lust and that's normally we think of less as you know something that's out there something that doesn't relate to us but it's speaking of that the things that the world desires the world that seeks after in terms of the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life pride is something we all struggle with and it's something that God wants us to remember that if our citizenship is in heaven then our conduct our behavior our mindset are the things that we desire the things that we love should we but that citizenship. Let me through all this question do you think that that 1st and foremost our identity is as an American or as a 7th Day Adventist Christian and I know there's a simple That's a simple response but let's let's flesh that out just a little bit if you look in the original language Sojourner can be translated foreign or hamper every resident How many of you believe that we are only temporary residence on this earth at least until the earth is made new Amen Pilgrim can also be translated as as residing in a country not one's own. So what are some of the practical implications that we can draw from this that can help us as a people. Who have well it's interesting you bring that up because I had an experience recently where. We were part of a committee that was doing a cultural assessed sensitivity assessment and we took some time and to really explore you know relations between different cultures and ethnicities whatnot and it part of the part was a fill out a survey in a form and I had to reflect on what I am and that was the category of male female it was good that they had those 2 options only and. And there were certain things like a certain distinctions that were just a drop down box you pick 1 that's already provided but when it came to the line of ethnicity I had to write it in myself and I was trying to be culturally sensitive and I didn't want to mess up and I wasn't sure what it meant so I had to google ethnicity and see what the definition is right and I don't know if like are they asking if I'm an American are they asking about I'm white are they asking if I what does that mean and apparently your ethnicity is in layman's terms I guess it's the culture to which you are closely tied to have the most connection to and I got to thinking what is the thing about me that is the most identifying thing is it my color is my whiteness my genetic background is it my nationality is it my Americanism and it struck me that this thing is the single most definitive element of me is my identity as a 7th Day Adventist Christian in the amen and I got to thinking if I were somehow for whatever reason banished to some dark part of the globe you know some some primitive culture or some other place that different food different language a whole different Canada. My daughter says My wife is from Canada and I saw doesn't it but if my national identity were stripped from me. Would I be last Would I be but if I were it were no matter where you go in this world you will find a common culture of Adventism there is a distinctive Christian message this last day people who have Sabbath school and prayer meeting and church services and they pray for each other they love and they have the same outlook they have the same lifestyle they have there is a culture of Christ that supersedes all others and there is a citizenship in heaven not to downplay our earthly says and now we he goes on to talk about the responsibility of being good earthly citizens but there is a heavenly citizenship that is our privilege and responsibility here that trumps all others in Amen similar thoughts exactly what you know and I'm very thankful for the country in which we live we're here this morning I'm very thankful to be an American citizen you know I think that we have some of the greatest freedoms from the greatest opportunities so I you know I'm I'm die hard I'm very thankful to be an American citizen had the privilege of serving with the Army and I always wanted to be in the military you know from a little kid and you know chase that dream so to speak after I got a call to ministry I thought maybe well I can be a military chaplain serve God and Country Right that's kind of the motto in the but there was a thought that was something that cropped up that presented me with a major challenge and it's referred to by the army as the soldiers creed the soldiers creed says I'm an American soldier I'm a warrior and a member of a team I serve the people of the United States and live the army of values so far so good right here comes the problem I will always place the mission 1st. That became a significant challenge for me as a some of the administration serving in the military because I love you I'm proud to be in the Army I'm going to do my you know to do my duty to do my best right but I'm not always going to put the mission 1st I must always put God 1st Amen and so that became a defining moment for me in my military experience and I realized that I could not be as some of the mist and be in full harmony with the military and I know I say that to the challenge of a lot of people perhaps nowadays because you know our culture within the administered we've become more open to military service and I'm not ashamed that I'm a veteran I'm proud of that you know thankful for that but I cannot always put the military's mission 1st I must put God's mission 1st and not I'm not saying that as a 7th heaven a spastic I'm saying that as a 7th Day Adventist Christian Amen amen and I think that once I think each of us individually have to come to the understanding of our identity and specifically of our identity in Christ as we and especially as what Peter is saying here just before this he says you are a chosen generation of royal priesthood there's something unique there's something specific that God is calling us to being to do at this time a nurse history and this is a During the each 1 of us must take for ourselves and ensue doing then we can put that mission 1st we can understand that this is the context whenever we're faced with a challenge whenever we're faced with something that's conflict team we can go back to the word I'm gonna say God you are the 1st foremost and final authority in my life where are you leading. Let me make this really really practical how many of you own a Facebook account. I see see some hands out there and you know you see a lot of things going on on Facebook people endorsing 1 party or the other and a lot of fighting that is taking place on Facebook do you think that this understanding of where our primary identity lies can help us with some of the challenges that we're seeing on something as simple as Facebook and other social media outlets Well I think that my I want to I want my Christianity to trump everything else period right we'll. See what I call that subliminal message. When people look at my social media. I guess as those who think that's what I want to be identified as is as a Christ follower he's my dad a lover of his family I love his church a love of the brotherhood I mean that's what I want to be known for in of a you social media. In a different way. There's a strong chance that my identity could potentially be something else that's all I mean I recognize that that you mean I can imagine if I asked all of you hey do you have somebody in your social media you know family that are you know their identity is it has to do with vaccinations or a Democratic Party you know Democrats the Republicans right or so it is food you know that's our identity because this is what I had last night and this is what I had you know this morning and this is you know so I mean like I just I just want my I just want my identity being priced in so when I'm approaching social media that's what I want I don't want people to say he's anything other than he loves Jesus the other stuff is cool like I'm down with food and I vote you know what I'm saying. I just I don't I that's my identity I want that I crave that not just on the outside they crave then the inside and if I go on rants it will possess my life and I only want him to a man I want to take it back a little before social media existed when I was in high school many moons ago I graduated in 92 in the 92 or is in here OK I've got 3 of you praise the Lord there's still we're still alive. And we've made it this far but I want to back in high school before I knew the Lord my identity was in heavy metal music. I wanted to be a part of that scene I wanted to look like and I know trying to get this in your mind right I had hair had I had can't get it out and i'm so you have a mole it is freaks me out and then. Business in the front part yeah OK anyway but the long hair you're exactly right the long hair my wardrobe consisted of the end of 17 black T. shirts of 1 heavy metal band and 2 pair of jeans that was my very 1st it was my wardrobe so my identity was completely wrapped up in this music this jhana of music in this group of people fortunately I had a cousin that was burned out on drugs so I never got involved in the drug scene out of it but the alcohol and some other stuff were trappings and so that was my identity and I think the same thing you know we're not immune to it today you know there's still the headbangers you know there's still the jocks we could use all of these theory of typical statements but the truth of the matter is that identity had to go away when I was introduced to Jesus Christ and when I met my my my now wife gender which would be 23 years come this Monday praise the Lord for a godly wife Amen amen I had to borrow clothes to go over to her house the 1st time. Because my buddy it was like listen this girl's a Christian you can't wear that T. shirt over there. When I went to that mom was the worst problem so I actually borrowed clothes to go visit gingers family the 1st time and you know so I had to be these changes were coming upon me before I even realized what was happening but you know eventually I was like you know what this music is not compatible with Christ this music has to go out of my life presell or I got a haircut and I'm overdue now it's starting to touch my ears and so you know it's very roomy for that but that that was my identity but that had to change when Christ came into the picture and I think the same holds true for today I don't care if you're deeply steeped in a bipartisan politics which a lot of people are I don't care if you're in you know in raptured with social justice issues which a lot of people are in I'm not saying we shouldn't pay attention to certain things but is that my complete identity or does it come back to like what Pastor division was saying is Christ that primary identity. You know in a I think a practical way to find where our identity is because you know the Bible says that our heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it and I think for me when I'm faced with this question the 1st thing I ask myself Am I offended and if I'm offended why am I offended and it makes me think of this verse and Psalms 119 verse 65 it's Psalms 1965 and this is what it says sums 119165 great peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend them and you know at the end of the day that's the question I think we must ask yourself if were offended by something ask yourself Why am I offended because God's name has been defamed our my friend because someone has said something about me that made me feel upset. Our someone has said something about a particular social group or whatever it may be that I didn't like that's not to say that we should allow people to be disrespectful to humanity I think as Christians and as citizens of the King of the universe God is bringing us up here the world looks at this level when it comes to equality god's up here when it comes to respecting honoring humanity and I think that's where we need to we need to rise above rise above these constant dissensions that we see in our communities and sometimes unfortunately even in our own churches we must be zealous for God and His character to be represented in what we do and how we speak and what we what we preach Cameron and then I have a something I'd like to read now that's a fantastic. Now this 1 isn't my fault they were the it seems that we are living in an increasingly sensitive easily offended culture not only do I disagree now but I am hurt and I'm angry because of that it you know and the pride that this idea of living in peace and not being offended so easily because you look at this passage that Peter is talking about it when he says I beg you he's pleading you Sojourners and pilgrims abstain from blessing of us because look at verse 12. Having your conduct honorable among the Gentiles that when they speak against you as evil it does not say if it says when you will be my lined mis understood stood you will be be smirched your character will be smeared you will be called names and do we really want the how did Christ deal with those kind of things was he easily offended or did he have a thick skin because he had his eyes fixed on a higher and better place a man we have to develop a crisis like. You almost think like oh to be Christ like his be more sensitive we can be sensitive to the sufferings of others but he had a big skin you know he would he had a callous on there and he went through the day and he had to push as Alawite call it and I think that we need to have that especially in this is what Paul Peter is begging them to have because you will be persecuted you're going to face it what did Paul say all Christians are going to face persecution so we need to know how to deal with it now and how that peace in Christ that passes understanding Amen when Swen self is dead it cannot be heard when pride is dead it cannot be heard I want to have it and I'll get to you brother Darryl. In light of this identity this primary identity whether it be race or nationality I want to read a statement from Christ object lessons that is powerful she says no distinction on account of nationality race or caste is recognized by God That's a powerful statement he is the maker of all mankind all men are of 1 family by creation and all are 1 through redemption Christ came to demolish every wall of partition that every soul may have free access to God whatever the difference in religious belief a call from suffering humanity must be heard and it must be answered The only thing I wanted to add and kind of piggyback with little in it was sayin as to Cameron we're saying you know we're not looking to be offended I mean what we're Jesus' words on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 5 he says it's a blessing when you're persecuted but it's not a blessing when you're persecuted because somebody put down your favorite baseball team. He didn't say bless that are you when they persecute your basketball team he didn't say bless that are they when they persecute your politician he didn't say bless it or that you when they persecute your favorite social justice issues he says bless it or you when they revive you know you and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake so the blessing is only going to come when my identity is completely immersed in who Jesus Christ is and what did Christ get offended over he didn't walk into the temple area and start tossing over money changers tables and running out the livestock big because whatever sport they played loss he was offended he was righteously indignant right because of how they were treating his father they had turned that which was supposed to be a house of prayer he said into a den of thieves and I did a practical thing I think of Desmond. Sold out for Christ that was his identity. He wanted to honor his country and he loved his country and I think there's nothing wrong I am so thankful that I'm an American and then you know I mean I love that I travel all over the world and I love it when the time I come home I seen the bagel I did. You know I mean I don't know that's probably not appropriate but anyway yeah head back there anyway the point is you understand I like I am so thankful that I live in this country and I praise God but my it I hopefully I am I'm the best American I can be when I. I'm sold out for Christ I think Christians whose identity and Christ are the greatest Americans so I don't see there being a conflict there and Paul you know Paul I am a Roman citizen you know but his identity was Jesus Christ and so I mean those are just human examples of I think and yes I was just going to say just as you know it was pointed out earlier in verse 13 we now we come to that therefore and because of who your identity is it does not negate how you're supposed to interact with governmental authorities just because you're a Christian you don't come so you have no authority over me who do you think you are to pull me over just before I can't meeting building up the camp meeting you here comes confession time. You know your license expire on your birthday I was so wrapped up in thinking about can't meeting trying to make sure things were covered at the church I'm just riding around in my in my blissful little ignorance and all of a sudden I get pulled over right in the policeman pulls me over and this is 1 of the few times that I was genuinely But Wilbert you know most the time you know oh man I was speeding that did this or whatever you know what we told you over officer I have absolutely 0 idea is it because I'm driving a Jeep and what is it he's like you're driving on an expired license and by the way your tags dead and like you know my birthday was 3 days before that you know so I didn't say to him Who do you think you are but you know I'm an admin is Christian get out of here now I laid myself at the mercy and I said please I will go to the day of the secretary of state please he said well I'm going to have to write you for 1 so he wrote me for driving without a license which I promptly went and got a pressure license but I submitted myself that's what we do as a godly citizen under the authority of a local regional or national government. And I think that's what the verses in saying there are 19 is his for this is think where if a man for conscious say to got into a grief and suffering wrongfully. What glory is it if when E.B. buffeted for your own faults and I think sometimes that's where the personal you know if if we're pointed out that we're wrong that's where pride rises up and says no I'm not wrong you're the 1 that's wrong we become very defensive and that's where offense comes because pride right rises up when the sister the Christ like response should be you know what you're right how can I how can I make this better and I think that that's where we need to begin to change our paradigm individually and even as a church body some of you as 1 of you touched upon this and we're going to we have laid that that groundwork as Pastor Cameron mentioned and now it gets to this therefore passage in verse 13 submit yourself to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake whether to the keying or to governors. To those who are as to those who are sent by him for the punishment of evil doers for this is the will of God that by doing good you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish man and so forth so there's this component here even though our primary identity is as Christian 7th they have been as Christians at the same time there's this level of submission that we are to have to those in authority can we speak to that just a little bit in a practical way. You know when I was going back through and reading this morning something that really stuck out to me is that I'm an English teacher and I usually tell my students if you're confused about a certain piece of literature text take out the parent that statements or take out the extra information and just read the main clause of the sentence and so I did that the smore name is to submit yourselves therefore to the origins of man for the Lord's sake and so here's the clause so I skip the clause which is the list of all those people so submit yourselves and then you skip down a verse 14 or so is the will of God that with well doing he may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men in synch seemed Peter almost equates this idea of submitting with well doing and I think it's really interesting that oftentimes our minds get at least for me I was getting stuck on what does it mean to submit what is a practical way to submit and I realize that Peter already answered it how can I do well in my community and. You're talking about some practical ways I think it kind of goes back to the previous example I was just using I mean we should obey the speed limit you know 1 example I heard 1 morning. Was actually speaking to a group of us as pastors and he made the comment he said this publicly so I'm not airing his dirty laundry he said this to us a group of pastors he said you know I was in my way home away to the office and somebody who worked at the office was behind me and he said I was speeding and they wondered why I was speeding on the way to the office and he said you know I'm not setting a good example. And you know I was just impressed by then I was like you know what I do have an obligation in every facet of my life not just where it's convenient to try to be a good citizen to try to be a good example and I'm really honest with you I had had a number of speeding tickets leading up to his example in over the years and I found this wonderful feature of an automobile it's called cruise control. It's fabulous. It's on the steering wheel it's right near the handle there and and and and so that's what I do and here's what I've discovered not only do I arrive at pretty much the same time I get better fuel mileage and I'm not constantly looking over my shoulder I'm not constantly looking in the hedge row wondering am I going to get busted for speeding I don't have to have a fancy device the road to my dash that beeps when you know the cops start getting near I can just set my cruise control and I'm honoring God at the same time and in the state of Michigan that is how you make that pretty fast right so it's just recently increased in the northern parts so God is good. For the playing bad but there's control works at higher speeds to. The. 1 of the things that we're all kind of talking about here is like speed limits and these things that these are not oppressive laws they're just reasonable societal norms that we've all agreed to through our legislature and we just you know this is what we do now what a striking to me about this is Peter is writing from a context who are some of the civil authorities in his time meeting about herin Miro I mean this is the era of that kind and he's you think of like Daniel living in the Babylonian Empire you know he's always King live forever and he's you know that we have instances where either himself or his friends are under penalty of death for something that is not bad not inherently wrong you know but they would still find a way and I were looking that this I feel that we're looking at it through the lens of. You know United States citizens and the Bible even describes this nation as a beast with lamb like horns right it's Republicanism in Protestantism the freedom from the pope in the freedom from a king that we have a representative a thought it wonderful and we relish that and we have I think come to expect that that's what all society is like that's what all governments are built like and it's not the case is a reason the Bible denotes those as lamblike But even in this country we're told that that same beast will speak like a dragon it's a term that we exactly so we need to we need to keep in mind that Peter is writing from a position of someone under much more to rest than what we currently experience and that we need to develop a mindset of faithfulness to Christ even weight because again it goes to saying if you get persecuted for foolishness and you endure it what you want to stick are of course you did something wrong good for you but what happens when you're doing the right thing and the government says you're in trouble for that do you get offended do you get hurt do you lash back. Or do you take it at that time with a crisis like Patience is a reason in those earth verses in Revelation it talks about here is the patience of the saints the Durance that we need to develop at Chrysler like perspective that praise the Lord we have it easy now but there is a time coming and we need to get geared up amen and I want to transition in a little bit to the example of Jesus that Peter outlines and many of you touched upon this on are all people love the brotherhood of fear God on Earth the king servants be submissive to your masters with all fear not only to the good and gentle but also to the harsh and I see Peter here speaking to the fact that we need to be respectful of our leadership whether it be at the church level at the government level and at the local church level and don't you agree that we need to do a better job in this respect and do you have any comments on that well I just think of Daniel. He lived his life in such a way and senior Daniel 6 verse 5 the men said We shall not find any ground of accusation against this Daniel lest we find against him with regard to the law. He was so obedient. To all of rules of a big and kingdom that's what they said and he lived his life in such a way he was just so above board I mean that's a rebuke to me. There are times where I feel someone's treating me wrong or I think rule is I feel like I have license to obey or I mean to disobey. And being respectful and honoring and taking the high road doesn't invalidate wickedness it just shows holiness and when they throw him in the lion's den for doing absolutely nothing wrong when they come get him his 1st words to them to the king is Oking live forever not get you know the Lord throw this wicked king in here you know I mean it's OK May we switch places right yeah yeah yeah Come check out the kiddies are so funny I'll shut the door you know what I'm like he didn't do that I mean he was he was just so honorable and in that type of life is an inspiring even the pagans go man. You know wow this guy is so amazing and that's again that's what I want to be. And I am so not there but I'm praying that God will not let go of me and drag. Me I want that nor anybody and that's what Peter is talking about that by doing good you may put to silence those who are critiquing you and he's coming straight from Christ and he's paraphrasing that we as it were Christ said Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works or and glorify your Father in heaven that somehow our patient in neurons and goodness in the in the face of badness is a glory to God at best making it a Christian duty and that is part of our Christian walk to walk like Jesus and glorify God in our actions and I totally agree with that I want to take it 11 other turn we're talking about in the context of the passage what the Gentiles and what those outside the church think and I think that's we obviously want to set a good example we don't want to smear the name of Christ in any way but what are we teaching our children you know 1 thing that I've always tried to instill with my kids and you know we all struggle as parents we all have different challenges but whether I agree with a particular president or not I have always told my kids that individual is not just Obama. That individuals not just Trump That's President Obama that's President Trump and it's not that I'm trying to going to be partisan and political or any of that I want to respect the highest office in this land and I want to teach my children that I don't care whether or not you agree with everything that person is doing how about have the decency to at least respect the office and so I think when we teach our children when they see us going off and say in all manner of things not and let's take it out of the political room let's say that we go home and we're upset with something the pastor did and when we have the pastor for we have the pastor for lunch and it was kind of the old saying you know how what are we teaching our children about how to handle conflict resolution what are we teaching our children about how to handle ourselves with decorum with decency we're with with Christian taste and so it is think it's very important that we be very careful not in these rants I mean our kids see what we're posting our kids hear what we're saying what example are we setting for them I think Elena was next. They think you know as you're sharing I actually was going to share this even before you begin to speak about what we say about those in leadership that are around us you know. When I was a young person. You know I look young but it I'm almost 40 now but when I was younger in high school and in college. I can remember I had the opportunity 1 time to sit on nominating committee and that was the most earth shattering moment of my entire life and I'm going to really encourage you guys I think twice before you say things about your fellow church members because it took me as a young person I almost walked out of that church and didn't want to come back and so I agree. There's a lord a man Brazil or can I just read this crisis object lessons. She says a saint has many helpers I'm going to jump around you you can you can check it out later page 40. Many who listen to the preaching of the Word of God make it the subject of criticism at home they sit in judgment on the sermon as they would on the words of a lecturer or a political speaker the message that should be regarded as the word of the Lord to them is to all of 1 with trifling and sarcastic comment the minister ministers character motives actions in the comics the films of the church are freely discussed Come on now you know you've done that over the low. Pass especially kalo What did you see that she was wearing that severe judgment is pronounced gossip or slander repeated and this is in the hearing of the unconverted often this is these things are spoken by parents in the hearing of their children thus in the homes of professed Christians many youth are educated to be infidels and the parents question why their children are so little little interested in the gospel and are so ready to doubt the truth of the Bible they wonder that it is so difficult to reach them with moral and religious influences they do not see here comes the rebuke to me their own example has heart in the hearts of their children the good seed finds no place to take root and Satan catches it away. Powerful powerful stuff and I we have a handful of minutes left and I will I don't know about you but I would like to and on the example that Jesus gives to us and I'll read it and then we're going to close with commentary on this G.'s us left us an example reading from verse 21 leaving us an example that you and I should follow his steps who committed no sin nor was this seed found in his mouth that small rudder that can take you to a very far away places verse 23 who when he was reviled did not revile in return when he suffered he did not threaten although he could of but committed himself to him his father who judges righteously he entrusted that scenario that situation when he was being abused he handed over that scenario to God and left it into his hands could we learn more from the example of Jesus and well you know. 1 of my favorite passages speaking of this is in 1st John chapter 3 and in verse 2 he says Beloved now we are children of God and it's going back about our citizenship is in heaven present his right but then he adds And in addition to current status and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be there is a growth process but we know that when he is revealed that's a reference to the 2nd coming of Jesus we shall be how like him it does not say we shall be made like him in a moment it said we will be like him. As we grow and how 1 or 2 we grow we look under Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and by His grace not only do we have pardon for our past sins praise the Lord but we have power over those future temptations over the risk of falling and then it says in verse 3 and everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself just as he is pure the only hope of purification that we have is to look unto Jesus that example and distrust self and more trust him until perhaps even unconscious to ourself we begin to reflect Him more and more and others may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven Amen. Just a passage that really something that speaks to my heart from counsels on health Chapter 48 page 105 says speaking of Christ you know he took the cross right we understand and he did it willingly and they didn't look forward to it right we remember gets 70 Lord if this cup can pass from me let it be so but nevertheless not my will but your will be done so he endured the shame of the cross no notice this is there is there is a decided unwillingness with some to endure the cross and despise the shame some will be laughed out of their principles conformity to the world is gaining ground among God's people who profess to be pilgrims and strangers waiting and watching for the Lord's appearing there are many professed Sabbath keepers in who are more firmly wedded to worldly fashions and lusts than they are to healthy bodies sound minds are sanctified arts and that's just something that has just been a rebuke to me lately I don't want to be someone who is laughed out of my principles in other words as somebody laughs at me or pokes fun at me for what I believe. You know just let me keep that quiet let me not really reveal who I am in Christ and that conformity to the world it's so easy for the world to get its hooks in us and I don't want to be of the world I want to be of Christ Amen you know as you're talking I was thinking about the and this was Pastor division at that theirs and I think even spoke about it on his 1st night there is a power. When we contemplate the life of Christ and especially the cross and that's what Peter's point to there who when he was reviled he didn't read he didn't push back that when he was threatened he wasn't offended because he knew what his mission was he knew his identity he knew his purpose there and the cross in his purpose he looked at each 1 of us and said I'm going to stay here I'm going to allow this persecution to take place because why he wants each 1 of us to be with him heaven and I think the more and more that we contemplate and behold our Savior on the cross that is where that change as as has a razor with shame that there's this amazing trance of transformation that takes place in our hearts and especially in our mind in our desires not desiring the loss of the world the fashion the things that this world has to offer but verse 21 for you have been called for this purpose Peter saying look the reason Jesus called you was to do that which is really intriguing you are 11 to 12 yet but like God that's why he called you to actually act that way and then he goes because that's how he acted and he said well why did he act that way and this is what is fundamental to me a coming egomaniac and Jesus says it's not about you Chad it's never been about you get over yourself poor your life as a drink offering so that somebody might see me if that's what it's about that's why I love last week the call to have a Bible study I pray beg God for a Bible study to win a soul this year because that's what it's about as much as you like food vacations whatever it's absolutely not about it it's not about were to I am and it's not about the home it's not about the car it's about pouring out your life so that 1 person. Could come to Jesus Christ because there will be no starless crowns in the kingdom you know and Peter's like if you get this if you live like this you'll be acting like Christ and if you act like Christ York going to save people and that's the greatest thing we could ever do on this planet was have the Lord use us to lead someone to G.'s Amen. Where you bust this morning I just want to praise God how many of you want to keep your eyes on the author and the finisher of our faith and made up be the peel in our prayer that we can be like like Jesus in our lives so that when people see us they will be 1 to the gospel truth because they see the love of Christ flowing out from each of us here this morning and with that I'm going to close with a word a prayer when I think all the panelists and I praise God that the Holy Spirit spoke through us and into your hearts and into our minds because it's sermon for us this morning let's be our heads as we close with the word of prayer how many father. We think you so much for the Word of God Without it we have no direction and without it we don't know how to reach you find you and ultimately it is you who finds us all of us are like sheep that have gone astray and we think you for rescuing was rescuing us from the pit of sin in which we lie and now help us to reflect your image your life so that souls may be 1 into your kingdom we thank you Lord we ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ who answers prayers to his word. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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