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Soul Winning Hour




  • June 24, 2017
    4:00 PM


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Loving Father in heaven we're so grateful for your presence here with us we pray that you would bless the testimonies bless the individuals who share from their heart today and bless all of our hearts and ears as we listen to the way in which your spirit has been working on behalf of men women boys and girls with a plan of salvation We pray Lord that when it's all said and done it will encourage us to greater efforts in our own lives to win souls for you so bless us to this and bless our program of bless each person involved we ask it in Jesus' name amen amen you may be seated Well thank you once more for being with us I just like to make 1 brief announcement for anyone who was part of the Emanuel Institute program this week during camp meeting there are some seats here and the front are to my left your right find your way over there because that's where we're going to have you seated and you'll be part of the program later but right now you can see there's some distinguished gentlemen coming on the platform right now and ladies and we're going to turn the time over to our publishing director and Maggie book leader and cons are we going to turn it over to him or to him. These distinguished gentlemen are going to take it from here obviously you know. All right I don't know about the distinguished part but I'll tell you the young people that I have behind me are distinguished in the fact that they committed a real summer to share their faith and to spread gossip message and help to hasten the coming of Jesus and I cannot tell you how absolutely proud I am of these young people they're going to spend 10 weeks there getting some of the best training in the world and I R L The director Kamil mess and. His associates they have really put together a very very strong program this is the largest group I have ever seen this is 100 young people 100 and we are praising the Lord and thank there in 4 locations now I want to tell you that we also have with us somebody that you haven't seen very much of we loaned him a few years ago to we mark college and that is Chad Benard is to my right I told him he was on loan and we did call him back and he's here we're glad to have him back in Michigan it's good to be back yeah amen. We have a marvelous program with our pathfinders and adventures Harris has a great job with that and then oversees the. The campus Sabol program and all of that as are used to Rector and he and I have often talked as we just have a missing part here and so the Lord help us to work this out financially and we've invited Chad been our to calm and to oversee our young adult we want to see our church is come alive with our young adults so that we've given him a pretty heavy duty job to write a new curriculum a new program and to do the training and we want him up here with these young people right behind him because they're just part of his umbrella that he's very very interested then so I want to come and say to Camille and to Chad talk to us about what we've got going on here behind us I think we're going to hear some pretty good things I was excited. You guys I mean this is. Chris the Lord I mean really could you think of a better way to spend your summer I mean. Eternal ramification if she says no you know walking in 100 degree but yeah I know what I. Know is seriously eternal ramifications praise God We praise God for you young people because you make me the old guy I get feel younger around you. Your energy I'm not trying to sound all you know Eastern but you know what I mean like it's infectious so praise God We are so passionate here in the mission conference of our young people and we believe again the greatest thing that you could ever do is 1 of soul the Christ in what you're doing is so vitally important. Our foundation has been built on literature of Angel ism and in making that door to door contact and making that touch I'm sorry camera from that's terrible what I did to you but this is really amazing and you know Camille like you get $100.00 kids like what's going on like who's who's in charge here. I mean. You know this is really how the youth ministry started it was young people leading other young people and that's where we got we got these 4 right here you raise your hands they're actually in charge of those 4 different locations not David. David and I kind of mentor them but they're really in charge of those 4 locations and they're leading other leaders can you raise your hands in those leaders right there. 12 of them or so and and then we have the rest of the young people so it's a youth led youth ministry I think now if I don't want to jump ahead of you so like just tell me to be quiet like where you out where were you guys asked What do you do and where were you going I mean to tell me tell me all this all west we have 4 will cations going up it's a Lansing a choice and so I can all and we're just getting started we're just learning how to do this but already this far in 3 weeks we have distributed over around $120000.00 worth of books which the 1st 3 weeks wow last summer we distributed 50000 books and this year we're praying 465000 now are these all seasoned veterans like the years of training or. Well just how does it work I mean the I you have somebody just going from ground 0 just just from nothing into putting I agree controversies in other books how many of you just raise a hand how many of you just said hey I want to try this out I'm willing I don't really know what I'm doing if you know my reason how many of you like that wow. Amen. That is awesome but I want to tell you actually each of these 4 young people right here have pompous to. Stephanie just a few years ago. I'm not going into her but just for you a few years ago she was in the world. That her and got a book from 1 of the student literature Vangelis it gave her piece about the storm she read and she saw the love of God There she went to the local church and they had a revival meeting going on and why she was sitting there she prayed God let this preach you make an appeal for baptism because I'm ready he did and she was baptized I mean you have and you enjoy just 3 years ago he was a student in our program but he was still kind of wrestling with the idea of big become a Christian right and at night he would still put earrings in his ears because he just hated the idea that is. The hole will be filled and finally he just said Lord let you take over right he is 1 of the leaders now 1 of the heads doing amazing job then you have Chris you know Chris in July will be holding evangelist meetings just passion for evangelism. Now Danielle and when she was 16 she went to Mission College she want to do it Angela's them she spent many years doing Bible work we have amazing young leaders here leading other young leaders and other young people you know I think that there there's somewhat of a myth that you know there's really not a whole lot for me to do because I'm a teenager the world is thinks I'm basically clueless and I'll grow out of my cluelessness This tells me that's not true you know I mean like there's opportunity young people if if you're interested in making a an attorney difference for Jesus you should talk to these people and humanity this is solid. Just on Wednesday and we'll begin testimony so you guys can listen from our young people but just on Wednesday I was working with a leader spend the day with him and I was with a young people and she and comes to do the car and she brings us a water bottle I like what happened here she says well she was at the door alone and the man gave her 2 water bottles says for you this is for your friend see we don't see our friends but sometimes people do it just reminds us that engineers are working with us but until and sometimes I'm slow she was at the door by herself. And some dude went into his house came back and gave her 2 other bottles of bottles for someone that she didn't see that's right. As you. Wow praise the Lord the same day God used her and I want to. Tell us really what happened. So this is a different story here or this is sorry and she's a student at law release evidence Academy she's 15 years old and this past Wednesday she had an experience in the city of Sol field Michigan not too far from here so 5 years ago. A canvasser had knocked on a lady's house named Margaret and she presented some books to her and this lady got the piece of of the story which is subsequent how this lady read this book and she was so moved that she thought she said get more copies of this book and give it to her children and give it to her children and she had been praying for 5 years that she would find it but she couldn't find it so what happens I am so I went up to the door and before I knocked. I was about to knock and Levy they open the door and she said I've been waiting for you and she's a and she's like I've been praying that smooth come to my doing to get more books so in the book do you want you to I want the piece something piece of of the story and she say yeah so she got 2 copies 1 for here 1 for your son. So as you can see there are people that are in the cities of Michigan specifically praying for spirit of prophecy books and God sends canvassers even for that for their 1st time Kemah Singh to answer those prayers. So and Grand Rapids area we've also been praying for you know divine appointments and specifically Bible study contact and so rather have an experience with a person who we know that God is trying to reach out to this person because he's had a preview think counter with our local church where the church. Yes So I was canvassing a man who at the beginning to seem interested in what I was doing. Throughout my canvas I was just talking to him and praying praying that he would accept the books that I had and he end up getting 3 message books is just super awesome. But the powerful thing about this man was that he got the books which was powerful but it was also you had before previously said it with a I've been to and he knew that from just truths but he just didn't really. Fully understand the message that we have and so the Lord answered my prayers and he softened his heart and he just allowed me to introduce him to the it is written in the landmarks. And. Bible studies and so he actually ended up signing up for them which was such a blessing and also. Yeah just like prayed with him and he just opened up his heart to me and it was such a blessing. The Lord can work in powerful ways in people's lives when we rely on him. A man we know that there's a lot of people looking wistfully to have been for answers on the scriptures and I believe that God is tugging at this man's heart and he's not willing to give up on him unlike many others so we thank him for this experience that now he's going to learn the truth again and then we have Grace right here. She has this is what we pray that our students will have close connections with God you know that God will speak to them and I believe that each and every 1 of you are praying for our young people and. Pray. So 1 day I was walking and as I was headed up to the next house I was on the top of a hill and I looked down and saw a lady walking across the road at the bottom of the hill in a small impression came to me Go speak for her and I thought I would send if the day I'm tired I don't feel like getting down to walk all the way back up every step counts but then question came again go and speak with her so I went down and I started showing her the help books in the children's books and she got so excited and said let's go let's go to my house so we can look at them more closely and on the way she said oh I've got to stop at my neighbor's house and show them these books so she showed them the books and said. These are just such wonderful books and started giving a canvas as if she had known about these books for I don't know how long and said I'm going to get all these books and I'm going to share them with you and your children and so we kept going and we got to her house and she picked the 5 that she was most interested in and as we were talking she was sharing about how she was involved with the prayer ministry in the community and how she loved her books with her neighbors and she said you know typically everyone is really hard against Jehovah's Witnesses and other people who come to our doors but there's something different about you and this is where I'm going to get these books and even if my husband says no which he probably Well I'm going to get him anyway and so she would. See when they got the money and came back but something I really learned from that was I'm so glad I listened to because it's such a privilege such a turning part of the whole scheme of things but God's Spirit was working on that woman's her long before I was there and I believe long after but even even in a hard to reach community even if just 1 person is willing God can use people like me to reach just run the other person who's willing to do you great things and said. Well that's powerful. Our group has been in 2nd and as well as in plenty of a city in order to be going to Midland here soon so this running towns and Pedro had a really cool experience in Saginaw I want to tell us about. Yes I met this lady I was sharing her message books with her she was interested in the books but she started opening up about her personal situation that she was going through. So she's interested in helping to rolls but she couldn't because she said that she was she was saving up for something Yes Yes Actually she was actually saving up for an operation she had breast cancer and she was saving up for funds for her operation. While I must've been tough so what it would you have the I actually took the health books away from her hand and I took the book a piece of the storm which is that's a crisis and I started sharing her the book said to Christ it's whether this book helps you find freedom from worry guilt and fear and she started to cry. She mentioned why she searches or crime she did she said you know before you coming to my door I had I was I was praying to God I was asking God I am worried about my operation I don't know what to do I need you to help me find peace in my life while that's powerful and she said there right after she got done praying literally run she said Amen you knocked on her door yes and she said you know you were sent by God God answered my prayer immediately and you know it really humbled me and she said you know God really sent you here and it's amazing how if we just do our part in sharing the Gospel God will lead us to the right individual. Praise Lord prisoner another testimony insight into Dina actually met because. We have noticed so many in Saginaw where Dina actually met a woman named Tammy tell us about her yeah so the 1st stored that I knocked on this lady come out her name was Tammy and I started showing her the prophecy books the health books the kids say and she was interested in everything so she got everything. Yes while praise Lord prophecy kids' books devotional she got along yes and before I was leaving I asked Do you have any prayer requests can I pray with you and she's like. I'm about to start crying right now like this morning I was out on my porch praying to God for a sign and then you just show up and like show me all these books and make God is like whoa so amazing. So yes she was literally praying for a sign that she said that you come in with the books that you had it was an answer to her prayer Yes Yes And she actually decided to sign up for personal bible studies afterwards while praise the Lord pray for friends as we make ourselves willing you'll find that oftentimes will be answer people's prayers as well of that so we're Lansing and we're carrying many books but we also carry a few D.V.D.'s for our non readers and 1 of the D.V.D.'s that we carry is called the Odyssey you might have heard of it before but it basically looks at the origin of evil and specifically answers the question you know if there is a God visor so much pain and suffering and so live you had an experience you met 1 of these women in the field who wasn't really a big reader so she showed that D.V.D. and she's going to tell us what happened. So I handed the D.V.D. to the lady at the door she took it in her hands and I started sharing with her how it give satisfying answers to the question if God is good why is there pain and suffering and she started reading the back of the D.V.D. and then she looked up at me and she said quietly you know for the past few weeks every time that I pray at night this question has been in my mind if God is good if God is love why is there sin and how can he tolerate such evil so. I really thought about that and then I showed her the great controversy and she said you know this world is becoming such an evil place I don't know how much longer it can last I don't know how much longer the this world can become more and more evil before it just collapses and I don't know how much more bad it can get and I share I was able to share with her some Bible verses that we had just read and worship that morning from Matthew 24 and I praise the Lord that I was able to leave the theocracy D.V.D. with her and pray that she and her family will be ready for Jesus as soon return. You know every day before we go out we always pray that God will lead us to people that we can encourage and that we would find the right book for the right person to meet their needs and so Jennifer is going to have 1 more story for us kind of showing a lot of these things again how she showed the perfect book to the person the right time. So the lady was on her phone so I just waited in the shade till she was done and sat with her and gave her a book called habits that heal and showed how it reversed things like you know diabetes heart disease and cancer and she said this is perfect I have cancer and so she's like I need this book so she's about to go get a donation to get it and I'm like wait there's more so I showed her the message books that we had She's like No way just last week I told my friend I wanted to get to know God better I needed to get to know God better and she brought me a whole box of devotionals I looked through every single 1 but I knew none of them were the ones that God wanted me to read to get to know him better and so I sent them all back with her and now and now she sits and looks through these books for 5 minutes that I have and she says these are the books God wants me to read to get to know Him These are the books and she also mentioned she had kids so I share her the kids' books that we had she says I want these books because I don't want my kids to have to wait for as long as I have to get to know their Savior and so she went inside even her little daughter even entered her picking make to help her mom get these books and they both so they both got these books together around 7 books and were so excited to get them and I was as leaving I heard her daughter ask her mom. Was that an angel. And her mom said I don't know but she was sent from God. A man. I know I'm going to sound like a broken record but the greatest thing you can do on this planet is witness for Christ and and bring them to the Lord winning souls is where it's at that period so we just want to encourage the specific I just I want to focus on the youth all of the youth that are here this this afternoon you know people their neighbors a friend might be social media. Be bold talk to them about the Lord they're what I mean people there's a hole in our heart they can only be filled by God they're gonna listen God's Word will not return to Him void some of us encourage you to be bold in your local churches don't be afraid to be bold for Christ that person in the in the Sabbath school classroom that doesn't seem to be Pan tension Well pay attention so be bold for that if you're looking for a program or feel can for a summer opportunity talk to Brother Camille here talk to these people see if this is for you because this is they're doing things that have eternal consequences and I know that all of heaven is excited when God's people come together and are about his work. Well we can't hear from every 1 of the 100 but there's at least 100 angels here with them that's working and. They're going to make a difference for eternity and make a difference in their own lives and for the Kingdom of God So how many of you would be willing to on a regular basis remember these $100.00 young people look at that you put them up high I want the young people to be able to see that so you tell the Lord when you run into a hot day and it looks like you run into a difficult time you tell the Lord about all those hands you saw I can meeting and that people are praying for you people are praying for you. So I want to finish this part at least with prayer if you just bow your heads with me wherever you're at our heavenly Father these are your young people they're our young people and we love them and we want to thank you for the angels that go with them moment by moment I plead the blood of Christ for them I preach plead Heavenly Father The forgiveness of their sins and I pray Heavenly Father that you will empower them with the Holy Spirit that the Holy Spirit will go ahead of them the Holy Spirit will go behind them heavenly father last year this team for the summer of last year was able to put 50000 truths filled books into people's homes this year we would like to see 70000 not for our glory we want to get the message out but we need divine power to do that let the young people see an exhibition of your almighty power this summer the likes of which they have never ever seen before let every 1 of them go home and say I came face to face with the Lord Himself This summer I may not have actually seen his face but he was with me give the every 1 of them experiences that they will never forget grow them grow them spiritually grow them with their talents and gifts and use them for the glory of your name and rebuke the devil and his evil angles who will try to oppose them we give you the praise and the honor and the glory and the thanksgiving for what you are going to do with this 100 of our young people and yours thank you Father in the name of Jesus aren't you glad for our young people. Amen well as they're making their way off the stage I'm going to introduce the next part of our program we have wonderful opportunity today and privilege of seeing 2 individuals take their commitment or take their stand for Christ and make a commitment to him in baptism and I have standing with me Serina and Diane and both serene and Diane are going to be back at being baptized today and they've got their pastors here ready to conduct a baptism but it's important for you as the church to hear them give their affirmation of the beliefs of the 7th Heaven and church so we're going to take a moment here and I'm going to read the baptismal commitment vows to Serena and I in and give them an opportunity to say yes they have studied these things and they do believe them and then I'm going to ask you the church who have made this decision for baptism and you are 7 they have a search members if you would also affirm your own beliefs will you do that with me today all right let's look at these 13 why don't you come a little closer now that we have some room on the stage so that everyone can see you all right Serena and I am do you believe there is 1 God Father Son and Holy Spirit a unity of 3 co-eternal persons Amen congregation day men here we need to be able to hear you can hold you can each share that there do you accept the death of Jesus Christ on Calvary as the atoning sacrifice for your sins and believe that got by God's grace through faith in his shed blood you are saved from sin and its penalty. Amen congregation a min number 3 do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior believing that God in Christ has forgiven your sins and given you a new heart and you are now nts the simple ways of the world in congregation him in Number 4 do you accept by faith the righteousness of Christ your intercessor in the heavenly sanctuary and accept his promise of transforming grace and power to live a loving Christ centered life in your home and before the world Amen congregation him in number 5 Do you believe that the Bible is God's inspired word the only rule of faith and practice for the Christian and do you covenant to spend time regularly in prayer and Bible study Amen congregation Amen you know what that means revival right if you all just agree spend time regularly in prayer and Bible study always results in revival Do you accept the 10 Commandments as a transcript of the character of God and a revelation of His will and is it your purpose by the power of the into El in Christ to keep this law including the 4th Commandment which requires the observance of the 7th day of the week as the Sabbath of the Lord and the memorial of creation Amen congregation Amen do you look forward to the soon coming of Jesus and the BLESS of hope when this mortal shall put on immortality and as you prepare to meet the Lord will you witness to his loving salvation by using your talents in personal soul winning endeavor to help others to be ready for his glorious appearing Yes amen congregation personal soul winning endeavor a minute that's good do you accept the Biblical teaching of spiritual gifts and believe that the gift of prophecy is 1 of the identifying marks of the remnant church of Revelation 1217. Amen congregation Amen number 9 Do you believe in church organization and is it your purpose to worship God and to support the church through your tides and offerings and by your personal effort and influence Amen car geisha and all right the 350000 is coming in number 10 Do you believe that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and will you honor God by caring for it ovoid in the use of that which is harmful and abstaining from all unclean food from the use manufacture or sale of alcoholic back beverages from the use manufacture or sale of tobacco in any of its forms for human consumption and from the misuse of or trafficking in narcotics or other drugs Amen congregation a minute do you know and understand the fundamental Bible principles as taught by the 7th Day Adventist Church and do you purpose by the grace of God to fulfill his will by ordering your life in harmony with these principles Amen that covers the rest of the 28 fundamentals that are not included in the 13 you follow that what do you say name in number 12 Do you accept the New Testament teaching of baptism by immersion and desire to be so baptized as a public expression of faith in Christ and His forgiveness of your sins Amen can you say mentor. And lastly do you accept and believe that the 7th Day Adventist Church is the remnant church of Bible prophecy and that people of every nation race and language are invited and accepted into its fellowship and you desire to become a member of a local congregation of this world church Amen What do you say amen praise the Lord they will have the official vote with their local congregations after having been baptized but today we will get to enjoy them being buried in the watery grave of baptism. I was baptized December 31st at 999 because I wanted to start with the new millennium and seem like a good time to do it but back of a bet. I started dating my husband and he was a sudden their manager and he shared with me so his beliefs and I was very skeptical and I was raised in a religion that was similar to Catholicism so the birds were completely different as a matter of fact some of them I said you're crazy that's not better not true but we shared a story with our former pastor and eventually he got me to choose and I was baptized. I don't know I would have said 1 many for my child with a spray can of my work and my friend but. I have not done a lot of studying with other people. I came home from work 1 day and there was a message on my answering machine and now my pastor said he had a wonderful opportunity for me and I was nervous skeptical but I called him back and he was interested in having me meet with the lady and directly with her 1st I was terrified you know I've never done a 1 on 1 Bible study in a good Bible study but never 1 on 1 before so I'm not 1 for letting him cliquey and we've been studying for a while right here now and not only has it been a good study but we've got a personal relationship too which I think is important. To me and I go by quirky rules and make them I will glimpse moved by my parents and I respond accordingly but I have an adult. Son. And into the 7th Day Adventist Church who asked me to come around so I did and it was very interactive and sweet and were actually several years in the Bible where everything was and bad at that point as OK but since becoming that I'm looking for I'm telling those. My Bible study. And she. Was going to buy when it. Came with the can I get with Scott and Robin to carry it on is very calm laid out very clearly it was not hard to follow at all and there is a series out of my messages that are wrong with that because your actual summation of what kind of guy you saw it was in relatively easy at 1 hard to understand amount at 5 I was confused some time but I question that there was another pastor. I might have that I haven't clarified things I share with their case out because it was not hard to do at all the problem even everything in our family ever talks about that kind of thing with me and I play chanson. You know that they don't even come across it is like they don't know how to explain it. In 70 AD and the Dukes and maybe it's. Because you do not understand and the simple language will snap out of the understand the sadness the newbie without will come to church understand. What empathy and explain to buy or anything is a semi was church day and then coming to the 7th Day Adventists found a Saturday going to buy another combat today but we were asked when was. Anything to fight bad day was found. With bad advice they go to heaven or hell even 1 and. That's the way I was I didn't matter that. To the end of the things coming back I was bad they would listen to her bachelor's. And things like that and never explaining that they are just. Bad. Like Mike. And other than I When you think the show that there are scenes with me and watching I'm done. Now I now that she is not as soon asleep. And I babble an editor. My bag changed. Even the pork pie longer the input. And I kind of get ahead of the battle from my how bad. It's my decision and that's what I told my dad I decided battle and I'm not going to. I don't blame my time with colleagues and let's go to the 1 believe me time to study and to them. To know about our not the Bible that I've never known a Bible study before and found that by having an extraordinary backing it scary at 1st but then she got into it and then you just. Formulation generous people and when they're not you don't have all and then the next. Complain about something I can see you can study with them and experts but not if scary is what you think it would be to come. To the right of the so that I backed by the account ministers of the land and Luke. Our life can be no closer today is both. Good for the way I'm 19. And since when I'm 80. Or 25. We have the privilege and joy of welcoming our community as a member of the staff to have a search. And we have a guest with us here today not a guest a family member of our church family Kelly from the video right here you studied with Corky for how long it was out a little over a year about a year and a half was it in a very large was difficult process or was it enjoyable did you have fun with it I really enjoyed it she was very enthusiastic about learning very dedicated she never called and cancelled and said I can't come. Just very dedicated and doing her studies but the reason you did this is because you have been giving Bible studies 1 on 1 for years before this is that true. And this is in fact was your very this is my very 1st 1 on 1 Bible study with somebody and at the end of that you got to watch this whole process and you were there for Corky's baptism Yes it was amazing to watch that but now that she's been baptized you feel you've gone into retirement now you've won your 1 and now you're all done is that how it works oh now. I have asked several other people for a Bible study fact a coworker I have asked and she has agreed to study with me it's it's not as hard as you would think it is you just you know just close your eyes and pray and. It's a real blessing and it's nice to see people come to Christ and if you've got new Bible studies on the horizon and Kelly Corky mentioned how she doesn't want to lose that time with you are you is it do you just drop her off now and just here's your pew see you later what happens now now it's definitely a mentoring process. Over the years I've seen other people baptized a lot of times they get baptized and they go out the back door because they haven't for most relationships and I'm so we're going to the discipleship handbook which is kind of a mentoring book and it introduces them to Sabbath school and prayer meeting and how to do a Bible study themselves a man so you help Corky get to the baptism process you're continuing with her and looking for other people to study with even know correct would you encourage others to do the same please just ask and men somebody will say yes somebody is searching Amen thank you Kelly. Well it's a privilege to be here today with this is a Reno in the decision that he's making to surrender like the Lord we can proceed with the baptism we'd like Serena to share a little bit of the journey of why she's making this commitment today and why are you choosing to surrender your life to the Lord and baptism through. You as a year ago and have me that everything that has been here was so i'm just so thankful and it's just the Lord has led so well in my life he just puts specific people in your life even if it's not taking you to church every week or just something like that there's small things that they do in here like you know whole life so I just wanted you to I feel that person is just there for someone their whole life even if you're not there every day in the thank you. You know Serena stories when the really inspires me it shows that it takes a whole church to bring someone to the Lord Serenus family was introduced to the advocates message by the big brother big sister program there was an Adventist lady who adopted serene his older sister and started mentoring her and working with her and before long she got to know serene as well and started sponsoring Serina to go to summer camp a camp of sambal Well after several years of that same lady offered to help sponsor Serino to come to great like sadness the cademy and the 1st Friday night that I spoke for vespers Serina came forward for an appeal for baptism. And over the last 9 months we've been studying together relentlessly Serina would never let me forget a Bible study she wanted to make sure she could know everything there was to know because she wanted to know if she's making this decision she wanted to know why she's making it and for it to be impactful reline you know there's a quote that comes to mind when I think of Serena talks about no sooner is 1 convert than there is born within him a desire to share with others what a precious friend he's found in Jesus immediately is serene and I started studying she started praying for her family we started praying for the people that we were going into the community with and her as a non baptized member was giving Bible studies to this community person she started praying that her family would be baptized and by God's grace through his mother has made the decision to baptize as well and is studying towards that today and 3 because of your love for the Lord Jesus and your desire to serve him it's my privilege to baptize you in the name of the Father who loves you so much in the name of Jesus who gave Himself for you in the name of the Holy Spirit who promises to be your comforter and your god. A man. Joined me in singing marketing design much in design. Of the load and lead to be. Joined here in a song we're. Joined here in. This. And oh yes. And US so the oh we're mugs hearing to see. You here. We're seeing too soon. That. The city oh oh oh oh I'm Tom sure with strong tower radio and you know our. Over here. The only they did not tell you 1 thing this summer they are passing out 20000 of strong tower radio bookmarks and the books that they sell on the back side is a Bible study offer dot com offer and I know it's already working the reason is within literally hours of the 1st 1 passed in Grand Rapids I got a call that strong tower radio a mad and then the next day I got another call from Lansing so that that what a blessing the last thing I want to say about these cards is I noticed a discrepancy we gave them 20000 bookmarks and they're going to sell 70000 books we got a problem here. Last night during this soul winning grow spotlight grow mission spotlight we had the Yates up here and the Yates they typified. 2 different types of class I don't know if you remember that not or not Mark was 1 who the message of the radio basically brought him into the church Mary listen to that message but it was the relationship of the local church that brought her in we're going to have another story here this is a very blessed I have 2 wonderful people here on the platform with me I have the very 1st known here that word known baptism from Grand Rapids a man the 1st Grand Rapids strong tower radio baptism you realize last year at camp meeting we were raising the money for her a mad a mad we were praying for her 1 year ago and here she is amen what I want to share with you is this it was a tank team effort between Strong tell radio and the local church and that is always the truth and so I want to have some a question did you how did you find strong tower radio I picked up on Adventist friend of mine and she told me about it she'd been listening to this new radio station tell me the number so I looked it up Amen No it's you did you hear that she didn't find the radio station her friend from the radio station this story is actually about 4 people in strong tower radio she her friend told her about strong tell radio and you tuned in and how many hours did you listen to before you called strong to a radio not very many I don't know all I have been told it was about 2 minutes. And what happened is on that particular program that precipitated her calling the radio station she caught 2 minutes of a program on charcoal remedies and she had to hear the rest of the story so Selma calls the radio station she talks to a receptionist Sandy and Sandy knew that Selma had more questions and she need to talk to George Corliss So she handed the phone over to George Corliss George Corliss gave a call to her and talked with her and at near the into the conversation she he asked What is your spiritual background and what do you say I said I was very backslidden and honest. STRONG TOWER radio is for a new believers and for bringing back our believers Amen and so George talked to you and George said I have 2 friends in Grand Rapids now he was understating that because George has many friends in Grand Rapids but he said 2 people and 1 of them was Pastor Stewart and Pastor Stewart passed the call over to Mrs Stewart which is Sandy Stewart and Sandy How did you become involved in those. It didn't take long I have been praying for about a year and a half now that God would bring his people home we all have most of us have. Children that have been raised in this church that have left this church I have been praying that God would bring them home I have been praying also that we have known people that have been baptized into this church that have left this church that God would bring those people home and you know what we're seeing that happen and it was such a kindness of God to give names sound that I could find out that she was 1 that I've been praying for rather than sisters prayer it's a powerful if you can not get out prayer because some of us can get out and do that work you know the truth of the matter is there are hundreds of people out there and they're going to be connecting through the radio and they need a Sandy Stewart at the other end they need somebody to guide them to the baptismal tank just like they happen in Kalamazoo and I just want to encourage you that we need you to be part of the the harvesting and we need to be part of the preserving right now we have 40 percent of the state of Michigan is covered by strong tower radio and our sister stations across in low power in back going in Battle Creek and in and Niles and. Of course. Berrien Springs and L.B. and just a whole bunch of other places so this is not only strong tower it's all of a radio network starting next month we're going to Double I'm going to increase by 50 percent 150 percent we're starting in Detroit it's time to go to Detroit with radio a man for all time twenty's for 7 Radio 2 grand to Detroit we need your help Metro Church the last Sabbath of July see you there God bless Let's tag team between the church and the media Amen. I have the privilege today of being able to have this special time with you Diane to be able to participate with you as you make this decision and this stand for Jesus how many of you here believe as Tom just said in the power of prayer Amen How about the power of public evangelism How about the power of Personal Evangelism the 3 P's the soul winning amen and I was talking with Diane's daughter a little bit ago and she said I've been praying for over 20 years for this day to come and I understand I prayed for my mom about that amount of time too before this day came for her so I understand how that feels and Diane you you were also the product of some Personal Evangelism because there was somebody that spent some time with you doing personal bible studies would you like to share about that a little bit yes. I went to church with my daughter after she moved here from move to the Mount Pleasant church and the 1st day that we were there Debbie plaster came up and ask if I would be in rest of my studies and I said yes because it's something I really wanted to do for a long time and with. Bible studies and your unlocked revelations it really taught me a lot. So I knew this was the church for me praise God and we heard you make your valves to Jesus you know as Pastor Jim read the 13 Val's I always like to tell people we're not making vows to other individuals we're not making vows even to a church but we're making vows to Jesus right because this church belongs to him and we are all part of the Body of Christ together and so nice and I am so excited I know this is a day that we've long waited for We've looked at the calendar decide when would be the best time and Diane was a little bit nervous about trying to walk down steps to get into a baptistry and and the Lord impressed my heart to say Diane what would you think about sharing your testimony with all of our brothers and sisters a camp meeting and she said I would love to do that and so we praise God that you're willing to share with us today and we got in the baptistry with no problem God is good Amen and so Diane because of your commitment to Jesus because as you studied his word and the Holy Spirit came upon your heart you were willing to say Lord wherever you lead I'm going to follow and he's led you here today you've made this decision for him this is not the final step this is the 1st step for the rest of your life now saying I'm dying to the old self I'm going to walk in the newness of life and because of your commitment commitment to Jesus it's my honor and privilege as a minister in the 7th Day Adventist Church a gospel minister to baptize you now in the name of The Father His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Syncs you know we gather at the river. We gather. Where Brian Angel's feet have trod. Where there it's crystal Todd full rich. Flowing. Through. Yes where you can either at. The beautiful the beautiful. Or gather with the say. That flows through. This pass here the Lord blessed wind walk her own. Stories and several baptisms I just want to share 1 special 1 today with you 1 of our leaders melody WALLACE It is been active in mentoring some of our new members and I want her to pick up this interview at this time. We're going to be interviewing Allison Walter Swan From Go on Jack Misha again and as you hear their story you will notice that sound little Seventh-Day Adventist Church is have been involved in impacting their own lives for Christ Alice your 1st association with the 7th Day Adventist Church came when your mother became a 7th Day Adventists and then your 2nd time was when your mother was in a nursing home and you got a particular phone call from somebody could you tell us about that please yes it was her chaplain actually he was a 7 day Venice and he was checking on her and he called me to ask me if he could help me with anything with her. And he was so compassionate. Not only toward her but for me me talk to me a long time and he asked me many questions in and gave me a lot of answers to some things that I would have to be dealing with is you know she got older and she was on hospice so she was you know she was dying of dementia and as Walter would go and see her in the nursing home he got acquainted with this chaplain to from Berrien Springs and what ended up happening from that I want to go to clean it with the chaplain and he told him he was having bible studies at his house on the Sabbath and on a Monday night and want to I went to several The Bible studies and then he invited me to go to the bible studies and I was just an odd because he was teaching on The Book of Genesis and he said that if you didn't understand the Book of Genesis then you didn't understand the Bible you had to get the concept of God from Genesis so that you could carry it throughout the Bible because it's an unfolding story in Maryland and Walter told us just a 2nd about your experience at the Bible study and then what happened at the up. Claire Seventh-Day Adventist Church well above a study was really in life and to me I learned so many things about and studying the Bible and each and every day and also at the 7th Day Adventist Church in all clear we would go on that for a. Summer with financial financial prophecy and there during that time I had. A heart condition and I had filed by up as a done and they was so appreciative to me being there they visit me in the hospital prayed for me and supported me and my wife their time and we just love the way they did things we had never been treated that way before in any other car racing I've ever attended and then tell us something happened that you changed part of your house what was that about when I saw this movie about a prayer room and I never really felt comfortable praying but 1 of the things that I learned was that I write I could write out my prayers and it was something that I needed to do to have a personal relationship with God So I set that up in every morning when I go in the prayer room I can pray and I feel I felt a presence with God in the prayer room 1 morning and it was something that was totally undescribable I can't describe it but it was such a peace that came over me and I knew that God was meeting me there and he gave me courage meant to keep doing it every day so there hasn't been a day since that I don't go in that prayer I mean I stay as long but I go in there every day and I meet with God and I pray and read my Bible and it's definitely just like. A breath of fresh air for me. And so during this time as she's changing her life and adding prayer her friend Alice is coming to an on lock revelation seminar and she keeps telling Sandy I mean Sandy is a friend keeps telling Alex about it and then we start follow up meetings and Sandy says was a saint it was a friend of mine we both they went to this non-denominational church that we were getting anything out of and she started coming to some revelation seminars and she invited me. And that's when I started learning. About all the bad doctrines I had learned about burning in hell about the 2nd. Secret rapture and and the Sabbath. Those were lies that I had been told and I learned the truth of them not knowing the scriptures in. My. So appalling for me and I men and so at 1st Walter wasn't intending with her and then some advance happened we share we showed shadow empire from the voice of prophecy and then pioneer Memorial Church did a Internet series called Hope trending and we also started showing some hospitality to Walter and Alice together and so Walter what impacted you as you started attending some of those events when impacted me about the power that was there and the young people that testified and brought out descriptions that was true and that really light me and I decided I told Alice I think we need to join the Senate in the church and we did and was baptized a man and so we're just really thankful there are members of our church now they have been doing landmarks of prophecy leading out in a group Bible study with that Walter had steak and some of his non-denominational friends that are Christians and leading out in a Bible study on that on Monday morning so they're actively sharing the Bible truths that they have recently learned and we're so glad they're part of our church and that will be around if you want to hear more of their exciting story. But aren't these wonderful to when. We have another at like to introduce lean and instill a just about a year ago Kathleen showed up at the poles of an honest church she just visited she was a member of the. Earch and. Defined church because. She told us she adds. Our own discovered. And. How did you find the ONS Well I actually searched on line and it almost seemed hopeless for a while there but then Hell's Del Sta showed up on the internet so I thought I said try it out and it was interesting because it actually turned out to be at a place that didn't really look like a church but i still is glad I found it yes we're in we Eves old arch earch we're in the process of rebuilding in a new church now we started at ease you were back up to the last oh yeah your daughter your oldest. She's or did is yes she was apt just just in this now Kathleen was burning in. Little kids to church all buyers. God is good and. Just and you are noticing change in what what change is were you notice in. They were happy they were so happy it was annoying me. You see at the time I would literally have considered myself a minister for Satan I told everyone that I could get to listen that the Bible was a farce it was no different than a textbook they give you in high school meant to teach people a set of moral standards you could get the same thing from a subset fables that was the way I felt about Christianity and I was frankly irritated angry annoyed with my family that they were going to church and that they were so darn happy. That of that happening yes were you down. I mean the Holy Spirit was working in your honor and you started some of these you started with your 1 and he reviewed it and you were but. Do you still feel the same today absolutely not supposed to sit in that I ever made him and Kathleen what it used in an arch earch that attracted you to do it well I have to say the family environment every church and like Pastor said I was going through 5 different churches trying to find the truth and I finally found a church that had the truth and not only had the truth but accepted me for who I was just as I am and it was a wonderful feeling being loved and. Now. We're we still have some olds you have and work in through the discipleship book but we have some other go I have of your kids you know that's our school age and our sister church at its erd and as a church school with an absolute wonderful teacher we're hoping by praise works out answers where do you want those kids it is we want them at Pittsford F.E.A.. Don't you love ad business education. And know how many of you will keep them in your prayers that the rest well the school aged children will you thank you. Happy 7 Saints. How are you today hey listen I want to tell you a little bit about what we did this week with the Emanuel Institute just so you understand in case you didn't even know institute is the Michigan conference is Les training school and we no longer do 4 month training programs I keep having people ask that we have in the last several years focused our training our longest training session is 2 weeks our goal is to get our local churches active in soul winning we did a session here at Camp meeting this year and what you're seeing here those who participated in our Bible boot camp this week with our focus of trying to get them engaged in personal Bible study is now everybody here that you see came and said we want to get active in giving Bible studies in our local church what do you say amen to that OK so now I've asked a few of them just to share a little bit of that experience and our challenge to have them just ask I want to start with Tyler over here on my right that is not Tyler with a T. It's Kyler with a K. Just so you clear on that. There you're new to the evidence faith right no actually. That's I grew up in the I've been to space my dad was a pastor for about 30 years but around the age of 16 I walked away from the church and I recently came back about 9 months ago OK So so you've been in the evidence faith you've grown up your dad's been a pastor in the evidence faith why in the world he come to you know this stuff you've got this stuff down cold right where you coming Obama boot camp that's actually a misconception a lot of people have is that they think that when somebody grows up in the oven just faith they know everything. But that's that's not the truth even growing up as a pastor's kid there are still things that I had no idea about you know the 2300 day prophecy I knew all of it but I didn't know the details behind it there's a difference between somebody telling you about it and then learning the intricate tiny little puzzle pieces of details behind all of it so you get a kind of come to a point where you own it yourself right yes absolutely so so what was your experience like this week then you know all this this week has been an absolute blessing with Jim Pastor Jim and Pastor. Martin Clarence we had Daniel John Francoise there helping us out so many names try to keep him confused. He told me to say that now and. You know this this week has been a real blessing because I. Studies with my pastor and Buchanan and learning everything about that was such a blessing learning about it but then like I said it learning about all the details behind it is something that you can use not only to enhance your faith but to share your faith with other people OK Now we talk about sharing your faith with other people your challenge to do something this week tell us about that so they shared with us Pastor Tony sure fire method again a Bible study and and they made an appeal of of people who would use this method that evening so and the method was basically in short asking somebody saying hey I'm involved in a program and I in order for me to complete it successfully I need to give a Bible study and I'm a little nervous about it would you help me out and let me study the Bible with you and you thought that was a great idea I did so I raise my hand I am proud and I went back to the trailer that evening and a couple names ran through my mind did you think it was going to work oh no I didn't think it was going to where I thought this can't work so a couple a couple names are running through my mind. And I said Lord Well no that's that's not the right person and the name of a best friend of mine who actually grew up in the church with and he walked away as well the Lord was pressing his name upon upon my heart and I said Lord he's going to say no like I know I know him he's going to say no but he's like no Kyler go ahead now ask him I was like. I don't know that you know that time when you're like. You think you know better than God that's a mistake so I texted him been night and I asked him I said hey so I'm part of this evangelist series and just is faster Howard shared and he said Yes you know. Amen praise the Lord now and Kyler share that he's just back in this for about 8 months OK so what excuse do the rest of us have right and he just what do you do you just ask right just that and he's got a Bible study and I want to go over here to Derek and Alexis now Derek I understand that you grew up in the evidence faith. Grow up in the end just like you Alexis right now I grew up OK So Lexus grew up in the Catholic faith but you guys have been avin is now for a while right no we actually just got baptized May 20th May May 20th 2016 No 2017 OK So May 20 just count over there on the heels of their baptism votes so tell me about your experience this week what why did you come to the I'm in your class well when we 1st got to camp meaning we had printed out the schedule we had our highlighters our pans out looking at all the different classes pick and we were doing here there whatever it was and I just stopped and looked at her and said Isn't God telling us just to go to a manual she said yeah and at the time I don't even know what it was I had heard people talking about it but at other people asked me So are you going to be a part time soul winner or a full time soul winner and like I don't you talk about I'm scared Emanuel. We're all full time soul winners Amen OK so you also receive that challenge this week to just ask yes you know and as soon as Jim was talking to us about it a name was immediately in my head from the Holy Spirit so I knew he was going to say yes already I just had to call him and when I call them he said yes I would definitely love to and he told his wife would you like to also and she's I can't give you the phone let me talk to him so she starts talk to me she's like yeah I'd love to know more about what the Bible says you know I go to the Catholic Church and the preacher gets up there and he goes are our and then when I'm done I don't know what he says and I'd like to know where he finds the stuff he's talking about. All right now you asked we do you know usually a person we have mass 1 person and they get 1 study he asked 1 person just to study him in now that wasn't all of it could you ask somebody to Alexis I did ask my dear friend I've known for a long time who actually came to a revelation seminar with me and God has only been working both of our lives and still thankful that she agreed that yes OK So you asked a friend that you had gone she going to see John Locke revelation some time back before you were baptized in this friend went to some of those meetings and now she's got a Bible study with that friend and guess what we have another a lot revelation coming up is an F.N. task so praise the Lord now I want to pass right on in fact if you want to shift places here and I'm going to invite Anna and Kim or her on up now they weren't here this week in fact Anna came to our summer discipleship program last summer and then last fall we did it on location training in Lansing and her mother Kim came to that training and I want you to tell everybody what kind of what the Lord did with the 2 of you after that experience I guess I'll go 1st we had a little bit different experience my daughter went to the 1 in the summer and she had a revival and reformation experience she really came back to the Lord and she came back so excited and then I had. Become the person ministries person at our church our little church in Brighton and really didn't know what to do and she really encouraged me I really wanted to go so I went and when we came back from that we both were convicted we really need to bring this to our church and so we went to work and we. Lord we don't know what we're doing you have to help us and so of course he did and so if you want to tone what we did while we figured a manual is great and I would encourage anyone if you haven't gone to a manual before but you've been praying about it really just sign up and do it. And he was bugging me for years to do this but I wasn't ready and so when I finally went it was really it was a revival within my own life but when I got home and we had talked about it I realized you know not everyone can take 2 weeks off work to go to Emanuel but we wanted to share this with our local church because we saw how easy it was how simple it wasn't really the truth of the fact that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few and we had a church full of laborers who just needed a little push and so we went on the grow Michigan website which you guys all have the same access to and under the cultivate cultivate link there is a bunch of the audio is that Pastor Mark and then also Pastor Cameron did about how to ask for bible studies how to lead a Bible study how to deal with objections how to move people from even convictions to decisions and they're very straightforward a very simple and also very concise so we decided we're going to see our own mini a manual training at our church using those videos so every Sabbath after service everyone brought a lunch we had a quick we would watch a video talk about it together and then leave with a challenge of OK now how are we going to implement this this week so as hooey. Kept going and it went on for a while it was about 6 or 7 classes just every Sabbath and part of that was while Lord you need to help us prepare ourselves and our membership for Bible study offers that was coming too and we needed them to be able to feel confident to go out and answer these calls as well so we have just about 30 regular attendees members we had 20 consistently on average show up for our workshops and we call them workshops because people are afraid of trainings so we said well let's just call it a workshop and it seemed to work so so they came and we had prior to the a handful of Bible studies going on in our church and after this we have 35 bible studies currently going on and 2 thirds of them were just ask 1 3rd from Bible study offer so we just praising the Lord that He is faithful and we are looking forward to a harvest Amen So listen folks I mean we exist to help train our church members our next program starts August 30th to do much program sorry July 30 dogs 12 but as a young way you stated not everybody can come to them in your program but listen to me everybody can just ask and I'm hoping that what you're seeing up here from these people just communicating that you can do this too and the Lord Jesus is going to win a soul through you this year many want to say men do that Amen My understanding is that at this time Pastor Jim Howard we have a closing him him a response and Pastor Tom who is going to be dead out and we're going to sing him Number $620.00. Jordan's stormy beings. We stand together as we say. Praise the Lord for what he has done and what he is doing. Oh do you suppose he gave me a stand and Suppose a school. Suit a sphere and a land where my clothes. Oh the prawn. Oh the prom. Oh who wrote and told me Oh you won't both of. Us. Both a big stand. Alone A. Fair price slow boat food and sky. Fun Oh the. Boat the. Sun. Vote vote and vote again me. And. A. Day's. News. On the road. This close. To the. Whole. Goal really. Look. Like. A movie where do you load a load of. Wood news. Satiric. Slowly news leader. You will lose a little news. Load. Like. The. Load. And you meet. A man I like to call our pastors and the baptismal candidates to come a little bit closer and the pastors have a special gift I'd like to give each of you and you know after baptism it's vitally important that we spend just as much time in discipleship as we did in preparation and so each of you are going to receive a discipleship handbook and soon will have the opportunity of meeting with a mentor to go through that and a conflict of the ages series which contains the books that you will need for the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy reading plan in the back of that hymn book so this belongs to Serina and Diane and now elder Mitch if is going to join us here and offer a prayer for our baptism baptismal candidates who are now back to his will people. There are newer. Hair not quite members but about to be. Boat people and we're going to ask you to come up have prayer for them and also a prayer to dismiss our meeting this afternoon before I have prayer I got a question for you how many of you believe that the Lord is coming soon. That was easy 1. Now the question is What are you going to do about it. How many of you here would like to win 1 soul to Christ this year. 10 to be wonderful but I'm starting with 1. Raise your hands up don't be bashful. Let's pray Father in heaven we sense that you're coming soon but we also sense that there's a lot of work to be done before you can come we want to respond by dedicating our life to you and allowing you to have your way in a US so that we will be a living sermon not with a finger in the face but radiating your love for your love is what draws people Lord I want to also ask that you would give us a holy boldness not arrogant not obnoxious but a loving boldness that would overcome the fear in our hearts from reaching out and wanting to help someone else know more about you Lord I also want to lift up Serena and Diane as they have publicly stepped out of the crowd and run into your arms and they said they don't want to be ever like they were before but constantly connected with you in order for that to happen father we must ask and you must give the Holy Spirit so we ask that you would fill them in a powerful way. For their own walk with you but then father also that they might be an instrument in your hands to draw others so I pray your blessing upon them as they go from this day forward and father next year if you should tarry I pray that it can't mean next year every single person that raise their hand will have led 1 more person to you. Lord you're not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance so father is we have lifted up our hands and we've ask you we know that you're more willing to answer that gift than we are to receive it but I want to pray Father that you would give us 1 soul at least 1 soul and then give us a taste for more so that we would have that same desire that Desmond Doss had and Lord help me to make save 1 just 1 more. Father we ask this in the name of Jesus that we might honor and glorify Him. 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