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Balanced Living Bootcamp- Part 1

Vicki Griffin Evelyn Kissinger Jerry Schiel




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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All right Father in heaven how faithful we are to be in a place in an environment to be able to just gain warmth and strength from your holy spirit and from each other to gain knowledge and wisdom and and I just pray that during these classes you would you would just help us and and increase our hungering and thirsting after you our love for souls and that you would help us to learn what you would have us to learn so that we may go back and be a light in a dark place in Jesus name Amen All right so our purpose in balance living Bootcamp is to bless you personally and professionally we want you to be able to go home every day motivated inspired and educated because each 1 of those things alone is not enough we have to KNOW WHAT TO DO know how to do it and be motivated to want to do it amen and so each section that we are doing we are dividing this class into 3 sections and I am and they are watching me to make sure I finish my section on time so that I don't rob anybody of their time and we're starting 5 minutes late and I'm even going to try to cut myself. What I passionately would like to say so that we finish on time today. And I'll try to be sorry if I go over and I'm not sure I'm going to be successful. So in section 1 my job my job is to make this material purposeful God called me years and years ago after being a runaway and a blaming and an atheist and drugs and smoking and a wild life he called me to do this work he did not call me to do this work separately from the Gospel Ellen White says that when we separate the gospel message from the health work that the worst evil is the result and so the materials that I'm sharing with you are purposeful they are health education tools that you can use they are for you to use in your home or in your church or personally and I'm going to tell you just a little bit about about those things Evelyn says section is making it practical making it practical information ever mation that we can't actually do is just discouraging Have you ever been to a seminar and you were given so much you are downloaded so much information in your brain that it just makes you want to go get it don't forget the whole thing right so we're not going to do that to you so we're not going to steamroll you with information because we're trying to empower you so that you can go and humbly share what you know because as you humbly share what you know you will grow in grace and truth that's the promise of God and the blessing will bounce back on you how many of you believe that yes so Ellen wife says that many would be willing to learn if they were just shown how that's the purpose of this class but the 3rd piece which is so important and without this 3rd pace. The rest of it becomes a crushing burden is how to make it personal so yes our message is purposeful we cannot separate our testing truths the special truth for that for this time from the message we can't separate the Gospel it has to be practical I'm not going to tell somebody else what to do when when I don't do it myself or know how to do it and it's ridiculous that's why all of our stuff is called balanced so we want to add value to people's lives even if they're dying can we still adds value to a person's life help them in their walk with Jesus in the Valley of the shadow of death very very important but that brings us to Jerry Jerry is going to show us God is gifted him with making it personal how do we open our homes how can we make our home a home of hope how many of you would like to have your home be a home of hope because 1 of the worst things we can do is be so laser focused on information and and getting a message to people that we forget about the people have you ever had that experience where you're trying to share with someone your trial and your burden and they're already thinking about what they're going to say to you and you just feel like you're not heard and so Jerry has been called by God to do a special work of making this has touched the heart so we're interested in your head we're interested in your heart and we're interested in your home does that sound like a reasonable use of your time during this OK so. What I want to share with us today stop it we're going to be my part of this is we're going to be talking about the way out addiction and depression recovery keys now you're going to be looking at this and you're going to go Wow those are really just really nice images Whoa I you know I sure would like that information well guess what we produced it for you they are for you and so we have 24 balanced living power points in a short and long version that are scripted and editable you can put them in other languages you can edit them to your country so Gary can go to Canada and put Canadian statistics in there and they have appeals and calls written into them so that you can use them. You can use them. In your home or in a church setting or for supper club there so this is what is brand new and that's what you're going to be experiencing in the 1st part of every 1 of these classes. We also have this is a picture these are in Spanish I couldn't find the English version but how cool is this that there's a Spanish version available of all of this a man instead of the Spanish people having to get 172 materials this is brand new beautiful that can be used by our Spanish speaking Latin people so here's here's a picture of the 24 programs these are the 24 presentations in a short and long version but we also divided the $24.00 topics into 3 sessions 8 so that if you just want to get 8 topics and try it out do a short series fine as so those are going to be on the table in the back here I just want you to see a picture of this and then what is coming in August is a fee to all 24 of these ballots living topics we are producing and it's in production right now a 5 minute plug and play of each of the $24.00 topics and they all go at the balance leaving tracks so that you can do a ministry moment at church or you can do these in your home and use a track as a discussion piece you can make your home a home of help and a home of hope for others it was the meat and drink of Jesus to bring hope and strength to all with whom he came in contact how many of you would love to be a home of hope in your neighborhood and in your community will this is the easiest way to do it you just plug us in that's a dollar a program OK so even if Evelyn and I've flub up once in a while in these things it's only 5 minutes and it was only it was only a dollar so I don't know if I could do any better than that the other thing coming in August is a 10 session plug in play stop smoking program and yeah amen and it's in 3 segments the same that we're doing here in this boot camp and it has lots of interaction a. Discussion any lay person can run 1 of these it's full of hope and full of God and full of practical things to do so that you can help you in your community and addictions are skyrocketing all over Michigan and so and all over the United States so by August we're going to have a 10 session program it has session guys hand out simple and beautiful and powerful the next thing that we are going to have ready in August for you are 2 power points that I've produced for unlock revelations evangelistic series and it's called victorious Christian living revelations overcomers if it's a 4 part scripted Powerpoint and it's only to be 9 dollars and 90 $0.05 i just doesn't get any better than that it's beautifully scripted it's editable and if it's on what topic. Victorious Christian what living right so that 1 of the 4 pieces from Revelation and this is an ideal program for your health programming at the transition into evangelism you can use it in your home. But the 4 pieces that we cover in this in these 2 powerpoint presentations are God's pardoning love God's part receiving God's pardoning love fruitful living which deals with Christian standards and how to be fruitful how to get traction in your Christian life how to not just achieve success but to maintain it over time it's like Jackie Gleason said he said the 2nd day of a diet is always the best because by then you're done with this you know and so we want to help people move forward in their life the 3rd piece in this is so personally important to me and it's how to stay how to prosper and grow and thrive during suffering trials and injustice do we need to understand that the end of time and then the 4th pieces on steadfast faith how to develop a mindset of faith the attitudinal disciplines that are required in Christianity we talk so much in health about habits but we have habits of thinking that need to be reorganized and activated and that's the root of everything we do and so this is going to be available in August as well can you just say Praise the Lord All right so now we're going to get to our topic and we are going to have Christmas in June over here after after our meeting today so far there's nothing except coal in the stocking there's nothing on the table but our person is coming to help us we are 3 books living free simple solutions and food for thought we are giving you the living free books for the price of the to the to food for thought simple solution we're giving you a $25.00 book so check out Christmas in June if anything miraculously appears on that table by the end of this class. Are there any questions before I begin our topic today. So you either totally got it or totally it's ridiculous to even ask because if ma'am. That monkey can be transferred over. Any kind of nicotine to snuff chewing smoking cigars Pat you know whatever pills Yeah you could almost use it for any addiction programs actually so yes that was a very good question thank you but today what I'm going to give you isn't is a kink sure of our addiction and depression program I kind of combined it because I just want to do an exposure today is that fair enough I want to expose you to what you can do in your home or in your church or for a supper club or for a ministry moment and we have the short and long version so I sure looking at this you don't need to take notes because it's all a Power Point and the Power Points are even scripted nicer than probably what you're going to hear from me but my eyesight isn't good enough to read the the notes on the slides so I have to speak extemporaneously but you will have everything you need to be able to share a life saving measure how many of you are here today because God saved your life how many of you are here today because you would be a train wreck without God a train wreck God is in the business of turning messes into miracles. I was a bully Mick I was believe it from age 11 to age 31 I was throwing up a dozen times a day and using drugs and I was a runaway and I don't know what committee in heaven maybe the health ministry to record I don't know what my mind was missing from that committee and haven't but God is in the business of turning curses into blessings how many of you would like to take the devil to the cleaners you're just tired of this that's what we're all about so today we're going to talk a little bit about a addictions and there are going to be pieces that are not filled in because I've shortened the and my time is already running out so addiction historically we've thought about in terms of drugs tobacco and nicotine substances but now we know that addiction includes persistent compulsive behavior that is harmful or destructive characterized by what. An inability to stop that's exactly right so depression the definition of depression actually at the biochemical level is a very similar process that is happening in addictions and by the way with addictions of all kinds addictions can include shopping it can include food it can include what what else gambling pornography if not just about drugs their profit is their media addiction chocolate. The women are in the room that's what we're going to name that 1 for sure so. There are processes that occur in the brain with addiction that are almost identical to processes that occur in the brain with depression and interestingly enough in both of these disorders 75 percent of the time there are other conditions that are going on at the same time so it's very very important to work with your health care provider for instance there are forms of Parkinson's disease that may manifest as compulsive gambling you may think you're dealing with a straight addiction Anna and a spiritual issue but the truth is they may have an organic problem in the brain so it's very very important to to have a good assessment when you're dealing with these kinds of challenges it's just important that we know so depression is an erosion of what connections in your life that's why we have Jerry here he came all the way from Canada gave up a week of work to be with us to help us to know better how to make connections with human beings Oh how we need this in your life as well as between your what your brain self Yes So this is a very very important point with regard to addictions or depression or changing bad habits or whether we're dealing with. Eating disorders or food addictions whatever the addiction is when it starts feeling difficult. We say it's easy to think that God isn't in it that somehow we're not experiencing a miracle Have you ever had that happen it starts to feel hard it starts to feel like work so it can't be a miracle because if God was in it it would be what it would be easy so the truth of the matter is is that what begins as maybe an emotional or psychological or environmental or genetic or social problem very quickly becomes a hardware problem it becomes a metabolic problem it becomes a systemic problem it becomes a brain problem the brain is the hardware of your soul and so the brain changes under the influence of these habits and so what began as an emotional problem becomes an emotional an organic disease it's the same thing I could give a comparison with heart disease if you go to the doctor and he said you know you have coronary occlusion your arteries are clogged at 80 percent occlusion you've got to go home and read exciting recipes if you want to get better is that what you were he would tell you what would he tell you you got to go home and get rid of the shit the chips chops and lollipops man you've got to start eating some stuff that's going to cause the soften up those arteries and clear them up and so it's a process that takes place over time the miracle involved in that process very few people get instant healing because the miracle is in the perseverance the perseverance is the miracle I call it a miracle in a brown wrapper. But perseverance is a precious gift from God Here is the patience or perseverance of the saints and so as we learn to persevere it doesn't just change our way that just doesn't change our arteries or our brain No it changes your character you get backbone instead of wishbone Amen and that's the miracle so just because it's it's hard doesn't mean that God is not in it we've got to get over that thinking and then I can appreciate you know hearing that would help me a lot right now. So many factors influence the risk for and severity of both depression and addictions They're cousins by the way the opposite of the pression people fill in the blank for me I don't want to be depressed I want to be happy the opposite of depression is not happiness I'm sorry to tell you the opposite of depression is resultant see what is resiliency. It's the ability to bounce back it's the ability to tunnel through trouble that's what it is and the tools that we're talking about here this week in Dallas living bootcamp are all about resiliency resiliency when you're sick resiliency when you're troubled resiliency when you lose your home resiliency when stuff happens it's all about resiliency it's a miracle in a brown wrapper a myth and it's about avoiding unnecessary suffering as well so we're not getting into the genetic and environmental and all the other things that have to do with depression and addiction all the risk factors we're talking about 2 noble changeable things today so it's going to feel like well what about this and what about this and what about my background yes all those things are important but we're not discussing those things in class today the good news is that new nerve cells are born in the brain every single day is that good news we used to think you were born with all the nerve cells you were ever going to have and all you can do through life is lose them and yeah yeah bummer ha and years ago the mathematicians calculated half about from age 30 how many billions of cells you lose every day and that would send me the pizza parlor I don't know about you that's really depressing the good news is that your brain produces new nerve cells every day and they're very excitable they migrate to different neuronal neighborhoods 2 of those neuronal neighborhoods that are extremely important and I when I do this work friends I'm not looking for facts I'm looking for God I'm looking for God I want to see him in science. And these nurse cells migrate to 2 very important parts of the brain that you and I need to know about if we're dealing with addictions and depression 1 of those areas is called the hippocampal area of the brain which has to do with learning and memory the other part of the brain that these new neurons migrate to in the integrate into the neuronal neighborhood is the Amidala area of the brain and that has to do with emotional memory so what does this tell you and I about God It tells you in me that we have been engineered by God for increased learning and wisdom over time and from healing and for healing from emotional damage and trauma can you worship a God like that I can so this is the good news God's work is all about renewable recovery and restoration can you say amen to that you may have a death sentence you may be dying of cancer but Katie is the resurrection and the life the Bible says the SO or went out to so he sold seed that seed has to have a living germinating principle in it or that plant will not well the floor a shit won't grow it won't germinate and so he says the seed is truth and when we share truth it's a germinating seed in the hearts of men and women the Bible says that seed is incorruptible and we are born again by that word how can we ever leave it out of what we do I can't and I know you don't want to either because if we're going to be purposeful in our health education it has to lead souls to the great life giver Jesus Christ Amen so in this class during this time you are going to be learning how to make appeals direct appeals to the heart I did some meetings in Unionville and I did a series there is a town of 550 people came out to this meeting me made such a great opportune. Knitty they might not come to an evangelist Dick series but they came because they're hurting and broken and depressed and addictions and and want to do mindset want to new life and want new relatives and want is to not know everything everything and and at the end of the series I made an appeal and we had 4 people including a retired minister signed up for bible studies praise God That's the Living Word is the word that attracts and so I'm thankful for that today and I think my time is up I don't even think I can go any farther today on the topic of addiction and depression but do you see how God can use you I want to just have a couple more slides and then I'm going to be dense I don't want anybody to miss their time but time I supposed to be done here Jerry. Is that the truth. But we started 5 minutes late Right OK So true science and inspiration are in perfect harmony and Dr John Raese an ex seminarian who is a neuroscientist he wrote this experiences thoughts actions and emotions actually change the structure of our brains can you say Thank You God for that how many of you would like to have your brains your habits your mind your thinking retooled in a better and stronger way for Jesus Christ amen All right so I wish that I had to give a long introduction because of all this new stuff that's available if our person where is George. Oh you were just here thank you OK so it's on the back table not the front table but anyway I'm going to switch equipment now and introduce Evan Evelyn we're talking about making it purposeful Evelyn's talking about making it practical and then we're going to have Jerry who's going to talk about making it personal Amen I asked Evelyn to help me shorten this so I could get through it all but apparently he didn't shorten it enough for me to see. She will get a comment. But. You think she followed my instruction. If you don't know if you. Give everyone a full. Contracts and make sure you know. What we've been learning about the brain is pretty awesome on how it changes chemically or biochemically physically it changes as we learn even when they way the brain after they've taught rats a bunch of stuff and they way the brain it weighs more and that's what happens us it changes physically it changes biochemically and it changes genetically and this is just it's like Vickie just said a restoration renewal and recovery and as we have studied this topic is just like you know you are transformed and our bodies and our minds and our lifestyle choices have a lot to do with that it has and so my part each day is to talk a little bit about how the brain changes and how that and some physiology as well but what is it and how does that happen and what can we do in a practical way now what I'm going to share today is probably not. To use sitting in your chair but you have neighbors that do this. They consume things like this now I know y'all don't do this but there's people out there that consume how long are I was sugar and what does that do to the brain I think of all the demonstrations that I do this when I hear more about when they see how much sugar is in a product or this product they go oh my I didn't know that so I need a volunteer to come up and help me with with this demo Thank you Amy come on up now I know Amy doesn't drink this stuff. Oh so you've done it for you for your B.S. OK so we're going to look at grams of sugar. So let's see how many grams of sugar is then a serving of Mountain Dew 4646 grams of sugar is in a serving So what does that mean how many grams of sugar is in a teaspoon. I think for 4 OK So this is math this is C.N.N. your brain works 46 divided by 4 is. 11 and a half right OK so let's count it out here we go 12 OK here you 345-678-9101 extension 18 half so that's the amount of sugar and I'm serving Why did you put that much sugar on your cereal in the morning what would your people say. Oh that would be and I was serving So what's the next question. How many servings are in the bottle most people think it's 1 how many do you think are in this bottle. How do you know that. Servings per container about 3 is 3 OK so how many more serve how many more teaspoons do we need $23.00 teaspoons I've already measured in also this is the amount of sugar and 1 bottle of Mountain Dew Now there are some people who will buy a Mountain Dew and what do they buy to go with it. Candy Bar chips but if we had a candy bar we would have to add some more sugar to that wouldn't we yeah so what happens if Amy I'm being good thank you so what happens when we consume this much sugar. Kills the brain cells she says. What you say. Balancing off the walls we let kids drink stuff like this and then we ask them to sit down and be still Yeah. Yeah I think you may I mean. What do you know what else do you think's going on when and when we get a dose Yeah it's going to affect the teeth on the inside in the outside isn't it and it. Helps get you closer to cry baby if. It affects your immune system now how does it affect the immune system. Lowers the leukocytes the white blood cells can do that OK What else does it do. And what way does it affect your heart. To think a are you in the tooth business. OK yeah yeah even when you have to think a that can affect your heart and people don't know them yeah so what how else does it affect the heart for your patients yes it is a huge inflammatory product so we eat this stuff drink the stuff and it causes inflammation and that can affect the heart the blood vessels but also things like arthritis and if you have stuff like that going on in the body everything that goes on the body is going on in the brain is what all those in it yeah so this is a huge inflammatory food. Anything else that you know about it what else is Sugar do 1 of the worst things it does begin to you know I'm. Sorry. It destroys is kind of what you said it kills only it will they will commit suicide yet so it does kill the brain cells and when when there is an addiction you know it can look very similar to even a cocaine addiction when there's an addiction even like sugar with the What's Going On the places in the brain that light up but there's still another 1. Increases belly fat How's it do that only. Insulin it makes the insulin levels go up and that and also cortisol levels and that can tell the fat to lay down here in the abdominal area right that's right and there was another hand. Then many forms of cancer because and that's probably a lot of soon do with inflammatory products as well and when we're eating this we're often not eating some of the other kinds of foods but another is it throws off that appetite hormones you have or have you heard of leptin and Grill and the grilling is the appetite hormone in your stomach and the leptin is in the brain and it throws those off so that we don't know if or hungry or if we're full and so we you know people do this with their meals they just keep on drinking you know and it throws them off into Sometimes it throws them into a frenzy where a person who has won by of something sweet means they can't stop and they eat the whole bag of Orioles' they can't stop with 1 and that's a response of the Lipton that has gone haywire. And there are individuals who have to treat this like a drug they say I can't have any of this because if I have 1 bite I'm over the edge so many out many people can have a serving or 2 of something sweet in a day or a week in the UK they can do OK with that but if you find and but eating healthy foods starts to balance the Lipton and the grill and that tells us when we're hungry and we're full but there are individuals who have to just say this is not for me this is not my friend I am completely getting rid of it so understanding where you are in the spectrum is it something that I can use a little bit and and manage or is it when I eat 1 of these I'm over the edge and I lose control and you have to just treat it that way you could have this many calories you could have at least 5 fruits for the amount of calories that you're going to find and and Mountain Dew now what's going to happen in the fill up value here. You're going to get a whole lot more of the fiber the nutrients and you get your sugar your sugar fix from these foods are that is there anybody here who would eat a peach and that would satisfy the sweet craving that you have and we have we were designed that way but because of the processing of foods we have gotten into. Trouble because of the processing the foods so each day we're going to build on the information that we have here on what to do to have a healthier body and a healthier brain so next I have a couple of questions and when we when we do our programs there I think it's important that we have time where people can talk to each other and process how can I how can I make this practical in my life and so a couple of easy questions to ask at the end for a a presentation is OK What is it what did I learn tell somebody next to you you can you going to dress any of these because we only have a few short minutes what did you learn in this presentation What did you what is it that you heard that you want to remember what is it you want to remember and the 3rd is how will I apply that in my life so would you talk to somebody sitting next to you and address 1 of these questions because we only have a few short minutes but remember these questions because they're really great ones to use after you do a presentation OK like you know what somebody is going to do about. What. You're going to tell you why not. You'll. Want something right because you're going to do. Welcome Gerry You're welcome and you won't need any mountain dew. And we all walk. That's what's really sweet is and. You know OK they don't know they don't. Thank you thank you very much. I just wanted to. Really support a couple things that Vicki said and we've had some really good discussions on this is the health messages so into a woman with a plan of salvation you separate either 1 of them you just go off board and it's and it happens quite often actually and I notice I can't turn my head to the right soul keep it to the last and when the other thing is that the program is very easy to use and I just want to share with you is that will we do in the home are even in church I don't want to put these programs on is what I was hungry to. I was the teachers told my parents with me present because I felt great 1 that's so great to that your son is backward so mentally retarded that's what they called me back then and I was so reading has been a very struggle for me and that their fear that's always been there whenever I had to read and I saw what has happened it just happened organically is that when we have the program. That I actually just get other people to read so as Vicki was showing the slides you know I can read the slides but I am I can focus on other things and somebody else will just say what whoever's comfortable would you like to start reading from here and it just happens a real flow of people getting engaged and we stop and we discuss it as we go through so that's very important because it just if it helps me I know to help you and I and it's amazing how people get involved and the other thing is that when Vicki we're talking about what a what series what what part of the program what I share in the 1st day with the addiction and I shared with Vicki I have to share something today they would all be sharing is the most important thing that will be sharing here over this week and it really doesn't have that much to do about the program but what it does have to do with is that what can happen. If you do not keep your walk with the Lord 1st as a priority in your and your life so just a little bit of a background and I don't like to go back into my past that much because the devil had enough of my past so I don't like to give him that much more space and but I do go and when I do refer to the past I use that past as a place of reference not a place of residence but sometimes you just have to bring that out so what I was sharing with Vicki and I was I was I was praying about what would I be sharing about and this is it sort of in a nutshell is that if you don't say focus and whatever work that you're doing and have your relationship with Christ 1st you will end up in trouble and there will be a trail of disaster behind you and sometimes it takes years to sweep and clean it up and I what I'm going to be sharing about that is that just a little bit of the background I was born raised in a time some people asked me if a Christian home yes but my dad was not really a Christian he was very into the law so I that was a very hard life to live there was 9 of us kids my mom at the age of about 2 I She had a nervous breakdown she had to go to the hospital and her family was split up so I went with a family that I didn't even know where I was when I was a child and from there and both the age of 8. I was in so much trouble that I read it was charged with a federal offense in Canada which was serious at the age of 8 and I was just going through a lot of turmoil in my life and from there I ended up on the streets I had both the age of 15 and so from my life from the age of 15 to the age of about 22 was on the streets in and out of jail and that was my life and was in the flop houses and the crime and the gang to that all that stuff that goes along with it and all it was was a sense of belonging right everybody want to belong somewhere and that was a sense of belonging for me what happened is that I left Canada and I $1977.00 to come to the States I was actually. In Canada with the glorify in this part I was with an agency I was modeling clothes I went great from the streets and from jail a lady saw me and she asked me if they had an agency would I be interested in doing this I end up doing that and ended up in Hollywood so here I was carrying all this baggage in my life and all the pain in my life and dealing with the emotional turmoil but instead of riding around on a bike that happens to be with somebody in a Rolls Royce but still same pain same pain in my life. And from there I ended up and Dallas Texas with an agency and 1 day. Making this very brief but 1 day I had an experience beside the river I was in so much pain and so much you know from the drugs from banging it and just live in that life that was just hurting inside and I was sitting beside the river 1 day in 1079 and I had a personal experience with the Lord and it rate than I asked the Lord to come into my life and I the day prior to that I actually happened to steal a watermelon off a person's truck and so I went to make that right and so that was my 1st step a restitution I ended up with and back into Canada and from there I was looking at studying for the ministry but the Lord put it on my heart I had to go and make things right with people so I took me approximately a year going seen business from exit drug dealers the whole stuff the Lord led me by step by step by step from 1st calling to make it right with a watermelon to making things right with other people and I had amazing experience with the Lord and then 1 day I will I always come to me it will go back to my hometown where I used to run on the streets and to maybe get involved in a ministry of some sort and the opportunity came that there was a bakery for sale and this is 1979. So I sue some dealing I end up actually perch in the bakery and that actually was the bakery it's a reality place now but I went back a few years ago to take a picture of that spot that used to be the bakery and at that time I had such a close walk with the Lord is that I would sit with people and it didn't matter what was going through their life I'd really want to see their fall. The Holy Spirit was just working to just be with them and give them some comfort and then lead them to the Lord and that was what was happening but here's the downfall I got so busy and doing that my devotional time with the Lord starts sliding away then gradually what would happen I'd go I'm just going to come into town I'm just going to go into this bakery I'm just going to get the dough and 1st it was just come into town and be by the lake then I'd spent time with the Lord then it was well I'm going just going to the bakery and get the dough going in the mixers let it rise and I can really spend time with the Lord and then to God I know I'm just going to put it in this graduate hat just start putting it in the oven then what was happening I became very really religious and legal istic and I start seeing everybody's faults and I start in my own lying condemning them I'd start looking at what they're eating I start looking at all these other things right then what happen I was 20 about 23 at that time a lady that Christian made it was help me out in the bakery 15 years older than myself and this is very personal 1 county but this is what happened she had a couple teenage children her husband had passed away and we became intimate and that was so far from my walk. But it happened because I was just I just didn't see all the things I start seeing all the faults my my walk with the Lord was just gone but I was speaking in churches all I was doing all these things but my walk was gone and then we ended up pregnant trying to I ended up long story get married but never dated and the marriage was over in 4 years my walk with the Lord was over and I went back into sort of this lifestyle that I was into before I was in all criminal the crimes in that what I was actually back in the drugs back into the coke back into all the bars and all that lifestyle that that goes on with it and I can tell you personally from spending time in jail from being in a little sale for 7 months OK I support a hard life sometimes but having not walk with the Lord and losing not walk was far harder time than jail time I can personally tell you that and so what happened in 2009 June the June 8th and here is I was at the place again where I'd be drinking vodka straight driving home under the 26 or just because I had this pain again an emptiness in my life right then June June the 8th to 32 in the afternoon working on a rooftop I had that experience that I had in 1989 so I went all those years from basically in 198981 then it really took a dip in 84 to 2009 that's quite a while. Living in that pain and I was on that rooftop I was on my knees and I had that same experience that I had in Dallas and I had a marker that pail right there was a pail I was not going to chimney down and I would be so in the bricks in that chimney and I threw it over and I had that experience and what I did is I had a red marker in my pocket and my in this poach and I poured it out and I wrote on the pail that's the date 232 in the afternoon in June 2009 and I keep that as a personal something personal to me so that's the part I wanted to share that when we're involved in things no matter what we're doing the priority is spending time with the Lord and I know as a single person I'm in the home I don't even have to worry about my straight so I don't have to worry I'm by myself on a No it's a lot easier for me to have my devotional time I don't there isn't to children around and I can do it whenever I whenever I want to do it right but but there's still a set of temptations but what I made a commitment in my life back in 2009 before I even eat I'm going to be steadfast fed spiritually and it is maybe only a couple times and I'm not saying this to be religious or anything I'm just saying that my for my own personal experience I've made that as a priority because I know for me I need that and because there are so many temptations and there's so many temptations out there and. So anyway the reason why I call the slow talk about the Bible bag in 1979 I had a sandal maker make this Bible bag for me. And I wanted to make it for my bible that I got from him is written and 79 OK so I had to make this Bible bag for me and it was my pry it was just so personal and there's a spot in here where I had there is a new oint in oil there is you know it was a ministry that was happening and what happened is that when I lost my walk I was living in this old farmhouse and there's a gentleman from Romania stay in there and we had to move from that farmhouse and I took this Bible bag and I suit like this to him and I said here it was that something in the line do with this whatever you want to do with it but I took the Bible oath and I put the Bible away and so anyway that's what happened with this Bible bake and that was 1904 then. Just a few years ago I was at a cat meeting in Alberta and here's that Romanian guy. And I was there and I hadn't seen him for all these years. OK So this is just about maybe 3 years no it was 4 years ago before 2012 what happen is that I I was in the book and Bible house right and I felt a little poke in the side of my ribs and I turned around and Marius I look and he goes Do you remember me and I said holy hell I remember you you know and he says will come meet my wife from my children you know I said OK so I went to the motor home and sit in the motorhome and I often wondered what did I ever do with that Bible bake you know and he comes out of the bedroom and he's carrying that Bible bag and he goes like this to me he goes Do you remember this and I said yes. And he's carried this all over the world as an elder in his ministry he has pictures I have a picture in here when he's got the bag in Israel and his wife and daughter would say When are you going to get rid of that old bag he goes No as in all those years when are you going to get rid of it he goes no it's important it's important to keep it so what happened is that I had tears in my eyes serious tears of joy but I also was thinking about the time when I did that so we're talking and walking around can't meet in the I would introduce him to a few people I know and I said this is the guy this is a cause to have my Bible bag and 1 day war talk and he looked at me and he said this bag I got to fix the strap on it but it's going to go back to its rightful owner So what we did we went to that same piece of property in northern Alberta where we lived and we went to that spot and we had prayer and he gave me that Bible bait back and I put the bible back in that bank and it's been with me sent and you know is sad is just that reminder that I keep that bag and I actually he didn't fix the buckle I said I fix the buckle because I wanted it right folks. The thing is Mick has young boy said to me he said to me want to just after his dad gave me the bag is his son was about 12 years old at that time a very spiritual young lad and he goes when you die can I have the bag. And I said Yeah sure I shook his hand so I know where that bag going to go it's going to go to him and he wants he wants it and I'm so it's so important to keep that walk and I took that bag. Back to my place in Ontario I live in Alberta but I went back to Terry and I took that bag I could have taken it anywhere but I was inspired to take it to that sandal maker this hippie guy that made it in 1979 and this is what 3 years ago I took a pill and I took it into a shot and he I introduced myself I said he made this for me. From my Bible bag in 1079 can you fix as bucko and he goes What do you want to keep that Pisa for and I shared with them the reason why and he took it with respect and I went back and he had it fixed and he handed it back to me so there's a long story with that you know so the key thing is the most important thing is annoying said it a few times but it's array of mind or for myself whatever you're doing keep that close walk with the Lord as more important than anything than anything to keep it because when you lose it when you start going a little dry we know what it's like right we have all probably been there to some degree when we get everybody's goes to different depths and not but we can go to a place that's not very helpful and I just praise God that I'm able to come here and share the story and to moral what I'll be sharing is that how a native man bottle picker off the street how God used him to give me the word about getting involved and doing this type of work. And all sold a few stories of how using the living free program and meeting Vicki in Florida and going through the program and how you how to using it in the home and some amazing things how God has worked so I want to thank you very much and I think you might have a little question and answer period and so if you see me walking around that Bible bag you know my 1st night here I was so tired a bag was away and I came to the meeting and I didn't have my Bible and generous to you. You had a Bible and were sharing the Bible and I felt lost I felt lost because I didn't have it with me so whenever you see that break you know the story. Is so much for so yes Kiri GOD BLESS YOU CAN WE JUST SAY they can think of an awful way share with us that and as you were sharing Jerry I was thinking how the Bible says I've restored here that's Palmer or. At all whatever direction whatever. And I say Chapter 61 verse out repay you tell all you can all the same all the mess. After natural over you got yourself into a situation you don't know how you got there and you don't know how to get out but he says I what we think it's like workers. The ones you love the person. You're mad. You're going to. Get. Here. I don't. Mean we don't ever go well it's not giving up. Label. Jesus Christ and welcome to boot camp and I hope that you will come back every day bring your friends and are there any questions before we have closing prayer. Tomorrow we're going to talk about some fascinating topics that Jerry does have an amazing story of when he showed up at my training in Florida I've never seen this guy with a bus load of Canadians just shows up and I'm doing a 15 hour training is Hi my name's Gerry like to Sharon in classrooms or oh yeah well lock you know we only have a few minutes I'm not sure you know who was the 1st and I don't know anyway that's because he opened his mouth and started to Sharon I had just got you know just let it go just share and it was worth more than another 48 hours and 25 minutes. And I have again I'm a little in order have been put together to put together these legacy materials for people of Jerry to use the boots on the ground rose and sisters and if we don't have boots on the ground materials what good are they. And so I thank God for each and every 1 of you and I just want to thank you for being here today and let's have closing. Your vote Haven't we just thank you so much for the Bible bag we thank you for the story of how he was replying to any and everyone as multiple times and as we learn how to control how to win their hearts in the in some way how to enter into the deepest part of the soul with the testing he was true this for this time to prepare people for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ on. The we lose our way. Paul said that he kept his body let us have to be preached others he himself would be against Oh father was just so thankful for the experiences and teachers. So the heart of the US is the last US House again he's lost he says in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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