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Tough Questions About the Godhead- Part 2

Cory Herthel Darryl Bentley




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Good afternoon friends we want to thank you for stopping by for another edition of tough questions about the Godhead it is time for us to get started and we will jump right in to our topic for today if you were with us yesterday if you saw the previous presentation you'll know that yesterday we spent some time talking about biblical authority and hermeneutics and we discovered that the Bible Pastor Corey is authoritative it is indeed and we found that there are evidences not only internally within the Scriptures themselves but also we find that there are evidences X. Turnley which give great credibility to the validity the weighting this of the scripture if you will so the Bible is something that we can trust it is it is a document is a manuscript given to us by God through the power of the Holy Spirit that we can trust that we can base our faith upon that we can base our salvation upon and so we're very excited that we can trust the Bible and praise God with what you just said because without some kind of foundation such as that knowing that we can look to the Bible with and with an anchor a solid anchor truth and dependency and faith we now have something that we can go to to actually say this is why I believe what I believe with confidence it's not just something that's been pieced together by multiple different viewpoints and opinions but it's something that we see flowing right from the heart of God presell or for that and yesterday of course to part of what's at the heart of every Biblical discussion is this idea of hermeneutics and we discussed yesterday that a hermeneutic is simply your method of Bible study and we discovered as we spent some time together that the Bible gives us an hermeneutic hermeneutic that we should follow and Isaiah $28.00 and verse him and that is where God through the prophet Isaiah says that we should take precept or another word for per. Except it's just idea ideas we want to take precept upon precept in the Prophet repeats that statement precept upon precept and what we uncovered yesterday we talked about the old language the the dead language at this point that the Bible was written and it's no longer something people speak today and that it was Example language even in Jesus' time that's right and so in that language in that room macular the way that they spoke because they didn't have the same type of grammar and punctuation that we have now that in order to exclaim in order to really emphasize meaning and what they felt was by repetition they didn't have the X. mission boards he says precept upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here a little there a little in other words God is saying that the Bible in the whole Bible wasn't written at that point either and so God is giving us a foundation to say that he's revealing his word to us he's revealing his will to us and as this complete work of scripture comes together that in order for us to understand ideologies and principles and philosophies of God We need to go to the Bible and allow the whole of scripture to speak to us line upon line precept upon precept here a little there little rather than just go to 1 spot and try to build an entire foundation of belief we want to see across the span of time how did God relate to his people well and when we do that when we follow God's method of Bible study when we follow God's hermeneutic we're going to find the doctrines from the Bible can be consistently discovered so if I use God's method of Bible study and I'm in 1 part of the world I'm going to discover God's doctrines and if you're in another part of the world but you use God's method of Bible study you're going to discover the same doctrine is meant and what's amazing is we've seen that over and over through the Protestant Reformation and even through the culmination the 1st and 2nd great awakenings that we saw there in the 18 hundreds and of course the birth of the administrators followed those timeless methods that's right of Bible study and that's. It sort of raise a use you say you can go back through the course of time and when people were faithful to the Bible's method you find the same principles of scripture that's why when we sing the hymns of old that are in our hymnals most of the hymns in our home was in our churches were not from 7th Day Adventist sources however they follow our line of theology to a T. because those that were those reformers those people that were writing those Him that were formulating these ideas from Scripture were just simply following a basic bible hermeneutic And so that's what we want to continue as we come into part 2 of tough questions about the Godhead and as you can see from the screens today we're going to be considering this idea of the 3 fold mystery and it's a mystery to a lot of people how God exists in 3 persons yet is 1 God or is that even true because we want to be fair right we want to have intellectual integrity again we want to ask the question is that even a concept that comes from the Bible this idea when we talk about it in a we a 7th Day Adventist say that we believe it it's our fundamental beliefs humanity got fundamental belief number 1 is the holy scriptures in the very next 1 is the trinity this idea of the Godhead and so we want to ask the question is that a legitimate teaching you meant we want to be intellectually honest as want to be fair we don't want to come to the scripture solely to say this is what I believe and I want to find a way to prove what I believe proof texting can be very dangerous if it's not done right and instead I want to go to the Bible and let the Bible tell me what I ought to believe in a much safer way of doing things absolutely less about our heads and less and by God to be with us through the power of the Holy Spirit as we study together today. Precious Father God It is truly our privilege to come before the throne of grace and Lord we recognize that without you without your understanding Lord we're really not left with a whole lot except our opinions and Lord as we have discussed in the past we are not looking for our opinions we are looking for a clear thus saith the Lord yes we are looking to see what you can share with us and father I disclaim the promise and James 15 today you tell us there if any man lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all men liberally and without reproach and it will be given to him insular Pastor Corey and I we just asked you today for a measure of that wisdom that Godly wisdom open your word before us the Lord we've tried to study we've tried to do our best for you but what I just want you to speak through us and we want you to have all the glory and honor for this is our prayer and our hope in Jesus name Amen amen Oh Pastor Cora we're going to start out with some tough questions and I like what we always say they're not that tough if you just really let the Bible do the answer Amen what's our 1st question for today well the question and I've heard this question before by many many people that I've studied with talked to How's it possible that we can say that we are monotheists or that we believe in 1 God and yet there are 3 individual persons 3 individuals that make up this 1 God This this monotheistic be that we were sure it almost seems counterintuitive doesn't it and I had a guy come to me 1 time when evangelist technique things and he said I don't think your math works and so what do you mean he did so he gets out his little piece of paper where he's taken notes and he writes still 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 3 and I want to tell you a little bit later help me remember how I want to tell you a little bit later what the Lord impressed me to say to him OK but he said 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 3 he said your math doesn't work. And so we'll see a little bit later what the Lord put upon my heart to share with him but I think another question before we try to answer this 1 there might be another question that we could ask and that would be this are there other areas of life where we see multiple parts being viewed as 1 because basically that's what we're talking about right to embrace the idea of the viewpoint of a trinitarian God of a 3 fold God we're basically saying that there are 3 parts that make up 1 how does that work I mean that seems like a foreign concept until we step back for just a moment and we ask do we see that in other aspects of life some singular plurality. Yes it's kind of an oxymoron Cimarron Well let's ask this question what about sports teams now have to be honest with you I'm not real big in the sports I mean I don't mind watching an occasional ball game or something but I would never be a season ticket holder or anything like that was sports teams do sports teams have multiple parts that come together to make up a team 1 team 1 team Yeah I mean I think the answer is yes right there are many team members but they are referred to as 181 team so the word team is 1 of those singular pluralities you could say absolutely absolutely OK All right how about this 1 about married couples. I mean the Bible even says that 2 shall become 1 OK so maybe we would say yes to that 1 right because 1 man and let's let's remember friends that God has a definition of marriage he says that it's 1 man it's 1 woman they come together to make how many couples 1 couple 1 couple So notice we're seeing already a little different math are we are 1 plus 1 plus 1 and this guy's illustration that I mentioned earlier equaled 3 but now we're seeing 1 plus 1 doesn't equal to 1 plus 1 equals $11.00 so we're already seeing and I don't know how many how many players there. I own a baseball team but I would estimate what $1020.00 players let's just say 15 for argument's sake right you had all those together 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 all but if you say all right you still end up with 1 team 1 team that's right so we're already seeing that in this concept and how we employ it in our everyday lives it's already a concept that we use every day and we use it without batting an eye let's write some 1 more example or out of church will you know I think about what Paul said when he described the church and he makes it very very clear he says the church is like a body having its many members yes at 1st Corinthians 12 among us but all of these members are 1 body he says that and price is the head and so he uses that very illustration that you're using so we didn't come up with this illustration right this was already given to us from scripture that that the church has many members from many walks of life from many backgrounds with different talents and abilities and that's why you know you say the ears not the eye in the eyes not the ear in the hands or not the feet and so on and so forth and I've like to use that illustration as well to say you know if if you were hand if you had a choice to have your hands taken away or your feet taken away which would you choose or say they're both equally important right I want to lose you the 1 that's right so so I kind of look at that that's singular plurality that I have 1 body it is my body but it has many parts that make the body function and I really like that particular concept and idea that illustration as we consider today's topic absolutely so we would definitely say yes to churches are made up of many many people who are simply referred to as Lun church family or I like the way you're quoting the Scriptures they're 1 church body All right so let's keep moving the ants and come back to our question so we've answered the 1 question Are there other areas in our lives where we use multiple parts and consider them yet 1 thing or 1 entity in the. The answer the Resound answer is yes and we just exhausted a few answers I mean we could go on and on so let's come back now to this question How can God be 1 God and yet still be 3 person so let's try to answer that and the best place to always go is to the Word of God We're God has the answer Amen and so did her on a Chapter 6 and verse 4 tells us what Pastor Cor hero is real the Lord our God The Lord is 1 now isn't it amazing Can't you see in that text where it says multiple parts come together and make 1. I don't see that well that's that's why you know they send us off to these fancy schools produce the Lord though some of us get the opportunity to learn a little bit about the biblical languages Amen but I want to say this before we dive into this the biblical languages while we've had the opportunity to study these you know at a university level there are Bible software tools that open up the biblical languages to any believe or name and so it's not something that has to be hidden away it's not something that only scholars can reach X. ray or pastors it's something that if you invest in the software or even some of the Free Software nowadays has the that's a right a language and I was also going to go so far as to say that if somebody is not a software person like you and I are there are books there are different tools that they can use that are printed and so let's take this hard to me Let's take a look at this felt it coming on I tried to stop it. Pardon me. Marci. The word 1 hero Israel the Lord our God The Lord is 1 so the word that we have translated here 1 is actually a Hebrew word now that looks like a chad right when you put it on the screen there it's actually pronounced hot so it's you know you see and for those of you that care anything about the Hebrew you can kind of see that on the screen there in that middle character that looks like kind of like a big in that is actually a guttural. Guttural letter and so it kind of comes from the back of the throat a little bit so it's tied that C.H. in a chat is that letter it's hot and so we're seeing here this word Ecod has been translated as 1 so so far we're saying so why it's well let's dig a little deeper. According to the dictionary a biblical languages it COD actually means this that which is united as 1 in contrast to separate parts now it amazes me how the smarter you get the harder it is to say something simple yes yes because when you when you look at this it I don't pull in it but it comes across almost a little confusing right that which is united as 1 in contrast to multiple to separate parts let's rephrase it say in the same thing in a little simpler Lang multiple parts coming together as coming together as 1 and so it's interesting that this word if God actually in a literally means in this context multiple parts coming together as 1 and when you look in this particular resource dictionary biblical languages the subtitle is with semantic domains is a another part of it there but it actually uses this reference Deuteronomy $64.00 as 1 of the Keystone references where if God is translated this way because of the tongue context behind it I don't know about you but I find that fascinating that when you read on the surface hero is real the Lord our God The Lord is 1 you don't get that sense of multiple parts coming together as 1 but it's buried there in the biblical language and I'll say that in some of the reason discover that's 1 of the reasons why when we when we 1st signed up to go to southern and we we looked at that. Curriculum as to what you had to have to get that degree and it said that you had to have 3 semesters of Greek and 3 semesters of Hebrew and you had to have been who acts of Jesus and all these things I was a little nervous because I thought did little Hebrew I mean where am I going to how many understand you remember getting that 1st Hebrew Bible and opening it up and how it looked it looked like somebody spilled ink on the page and spread it around to me well then you're supposed to read it backwards and then you got to read it backwards and so I thought oh my what have I signed up for but you know the more that we got into the class and the more that we dug into those biblical languages how it needed the the Word of God just come to life and it's what I really appreciate is it wasn't as difficult as what we thought it was going to be and that's why I want to say to our listeners who are not scholarly theologians per se you have tools that help you break the something a little down so you don't have to learn every aspect of the Hebrew language but if you can if you can just take a look when something is when you have a question about something like that and you're wanting a little more detail it's so nice to be able to have a reference back to those original languages and say What was God really saying here because our language in English is not as dynamic as well and this is the same with any language and you know I don't have the blessing of being able to speak another language but you're very fluent when it comes to Spanish and I remember there's many times you and I you know you'll say something new you read something in Spanish and I'm trying to get you to help me translate that and it's sometimes it's very difficult because it's not a direct translation it doesn't care and that's why the you know the saying is very popular Some things get lost in translation lost in translation it doesn't mean because you can't read Greek or Hebrew that you can't find salvation in the Bible that's really just some of these nuances are not there when it translates to the English so let's keep looking a little bit further let's see if there's another example of now that we see this is COD being used multiple parts coming together as 1 and so our next illustration here comes from Genesis. After to verse $24.00 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall what become 1 flash Now there's that 1 again and and how many times have you done a wedding and you've repeated this same statement the 2 are becoming 1 the 2 are uniting when you say unite it means coming together making 1 out of multiple parts so here again in Scripture we find this concept of multiple parts becoming a singular unit again that's exactly right but the question is what does this what does the Bible say about this particular 1 word this the 2 shall become 1 flesh Well again as we're putting on the screen here the 1 is again and it's the exact same word that we find in Deuteronomy Chapter 6 in verse 4 and again we see the multiple parts coming together to make up the 1 couple and we've already used this illustration a little bit earlier as we were talking about just the real life examples the things that we're using and and our goal with presenting the seminar is in large degree just to give something practical to people that's right we don't want something that is so far over people's heads that it doesn't make sense or they can't recall it we want you to be able to sit down with your bible spirit of prophecy and be able to share with folks exactly what's coming out of the scripture as stated earlier this is a commonly used concept or idea but here is what amazes me. This idea this concept of multiple parts coming together is 1 it's so simple but yet some people get upset when it's applied to God But here's the strange part it was his idea yeah it was is his way of doing it and how much control did you have over right in the Bible none I had 0 influence over it praise the lord amen because it would have been messed up I've seen some of the papers that I got back in college and I remember my very 1st paper I got back in Comp 101 I was convinced that her pin had burst at. There was reading everything and it was as if it was all nuclear explosion of red ink but by the time I finished comp $101.00 there was less red ink that's right but there was still red ink no matter how hard I tried she still found a mistake because she was the expert right she was the professor and so it's good that we didn't have anything to do with write in the Bible that it was God's control and he chose those people that should be the writers and so and it was his idea I appreciate what you're saying pastoral because so many times what you are saying applies to so many concepts people will learn a new truth from the Bible or somebody will share something new and because it goes against the grain of said person's experience or background or habits or lifestyle they feel offended or they feel slighted somehow by the fact that this is being shown to them from Scripture but the thing is when God presents an idea when it's his idea even if we don't like it at 1st it's God's idea and he has prerogative to establish things in order things how he chooses That's exactly right and the more that we come to a point where we humble ourselves and say it's not you know it's not about me it's not I don't want to center my worship and my focus about what's in it for me or what's about me I want to focus and centered on Christ and what is God's idea the more that we do that and the more we practice that mindset I think the easier it becomes for us to accept this new light as God reveals it in scripture and become less irritated if you will or less uncomfortable with what will ultimately I think you would agree with me I think our friends watching and listening would agree that it comes down to surrender am I willing to surrender this aspect or that aspect of my life to God or am I going to so stubbornly and so dogmatically dig my heels in and not making a move on my position I mean somebody told us just yesterday we were having a conversation after the 1st part of a seminar and somebody told us that they said to them with God himself came down and told me something different I wouldn't change. That's the height in Forgive me I don't mean to sound harsh but that's kind of the height of stupidity I'm well if I am not willing to change if God himself came down and rebuild it that's arrogant Well any it's foolish it speaks to it speaks to a spirit and it's 1 that is going to leave us to be lost no question about I remember some years ago I was on a used to go into these religious chat rooms back when that was a big thing you know when you had A.O.L. the dial up you know you got mail you know listening and you could go into these different chat rooms and I can remember going into religious chat rooms just to strike up conversations and get people talking and I got a hold of a guy's e-mail address 1 time and we were chatting back and forth and I remember just simply asking questions from Scripture because he had made a pretty strong statement in his statement was something along the lines of you know I believe in the Bible and the prophecies of the Bible but I believe that once the Bible was finished that was it there is no me there is no such thing as the gift of prophecy anymore there's no such thing as the gift of tongues anymore there is no such thing and he mentioned all these spiritual gifts that the Bible explicitly states will exist in the end time that's exact and so I just took him back chapter 2 which is really a a repeat of Joel Chapter 2 quoting Joel where these are all reachable and I and I said look at what it says here in Acts chapter 2 or Peter saying that in the end times and you know the rest of the verse that men and women all prophesied in the BE dreams and so forth and he has answered back and I just asked I said How do you explain that based on your statement his answer back to me was Look you believe what you believe and I'll believe what I want to believe we'll just call it a day. And it was like he was just completely An open to even considering having a conversation and here in this was an individual with a master's degree in theology and I won't say where from or any of that does not important point no but it would it just blew my mind that somebody could take such a hard and fast stance when the scripture so clearly states something and to say you know what I see that the Word of God says this but you know I'm more interested in hanging on to this this belief that I've had and that goes back to what we discussed yesterday dogma versus doctrine Yes and when I get entrenched in an idea that does not have biblical basis that's more dogmatic that's not doctrinally based Let's keep moving we've got a lot of ground yet to cover and so we come next to another tough question perhaps does the Bible directly testify about God existing in 3 persons now we said yesterday and we reiterated as we started today that the Bible has internal evidence and so it would stand to reason that there would be internal evidence if the trinitarian belief if this idea of a 3 person co-eternal person Godhead is a biblical teaching doesn't it make sense that the Bible would directly testify to that effect Amen it should so let's ask that question and let's see if there's any evidence there 1 of the verses that we found in our own study comes from 2nd Corinthians 13 and verse 14 which read that force also has the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ so he explicitly calls Jesus Lord here and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all amen and here's what I want to point out right away and you have it highlighted this way past your and I appreciate it. He explicitly uses he definitively uses 3 different statements you know because some people could say well you know Jesus Christ is 1 all the same of the you know is God and we can just refer to Jesus God in the word God is more of a title than it is a name and so forth but he specifically the way that he smokes the statement is there are 3 individual statements and not only 3 individual statements but descriptive statements that that the Lord Jesus for the grace of LORD Jesus Christ the love of God the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all and they have an interest into that this is the very last verse of the last letter or a pistol to the church in Corinth and so notice the final thought you know we don't know if there are other letters that Paul wrote you know to to this group of believers so far as what we have as the canon the scriptural record the last thought he wants to leave them with is this idea this idea that God exists in 3 persons and we get a little bit more and that than just the fact that God exists in 3 persons he actually tells us a little bit about the ministry of each 1 that's right and what I love is you make a good point and it causes the Holy Spirit impressment line of the thought which we have that happen a lot. But he ins this final letter this last letter the 2nd letter to the church in Corinth by basically saying I want you to receive the blessing of the fullness of God because he mentions that all 3 he could just say Jesus Jesus Christ be with you all or God bless him how many times if the exactly how many times do we say to 1 another God bless us and that's it you know but he is specifically saying and if you if you look back on the history of the church in Corinth I mean was it a perfect church press or not according to the 1st letter yet they had a lot of problems and they went through a lot of struggles I mean major issues with immorality and false teaching and so forth and so Paul's ending by saying listen the grace of Jesus the love of God The communalism. I want the full experience of our God to be with you and I love it because the sun is said to give us grace the father said to give us love the Holy Spirit is said to allow us to commune with him and this will be a just a little bit and I want to use this next little part to be a little bit of a teaser for were headed for the next few seminars because we still have 3 seminars to go Wednesday Thursday and Friday of this camp meeting and so I'm going to give you just a little teaser because we're seeing here he gives us some insight Paul opens that door a little bit and says here's notice a little bit of the ministry of each of these persons of the Godhead So what is it about grace love and communion that is there how does the Son Jesus Christ offer us grace this is not an exhaustive study but I wanted to touch base on it since Paul opened the door for us so Romans 323 through 25 A The 1st part of it there says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God How many times do we quote that a 7th they had better right that's a hallmark administers it really is but notice the beautiful wealth of information that follows with that verse 24 says all have sinned right but being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus whom God sent forth as a propitiation by His blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness so 1st of all we see that grace is common in its being freely given from the glory of God But what is that graced really all about. It's about redemption reading I mean Grace we understand the definition is unmerited favor right if you get grace for something you're really getting let off or something that you're guilty of so pastoral does that mean this is the segments called tough questions and this is what we do on the radio program and sometimes I play the devil's advocate when pastoral gets on a point and try to behave well OK I'll try 1 but does that mean pastoral because you know so many people take these statements from Paul and say you know look at how Paul says great it's grace grace grace it's all about Greece Greece Greece and therefore there's no law anymore and you know if if you and I were going to say you're always you're always saved no matter what if you just accepted Jesus and so my question is if we have all sinned and we all have fall short of the glory of God see it's almost like for all have sinned past tense and fall short of or God present and future being justified freely by His grace in other words is there any part that I have to play or can I just continue willfully sending Can I just continue throwing a blind eye and throwing caution to the wind and just do whatever I want and they you know what I'm just I'm covered by grace and I don't have to worry well we don't have time to explore the depth of your question but I love what Paul does in several places in his writings when people when he's discussing this idea of grace abounding he says you know worst sin abounds grace abounds much more and he asked the question since then because we have grace can I just sin and do whatever and he uses the strongest negation in the Greek language this is in Roman 60 or thought Megan Noida it's in it's translated different ways in depending on your translation but 1 of the translations I love us is God forbid forbid but basically that negation in the Greek language is saying as strongly as possible don't even let it come into your mind it's such a. It's such an erroneous thought that if I can continue don't go down that road an outstanding and say Well Grace will cover me that's right so Grace is through redemption and we know from 1st John 19 if we confess our sins what Jesus is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse of something that's the key he's willing to forgive us but he's also that that with the forgiveness comes and you can't separate the 2 with the forgiveness through confession and by receiving grace comes the clinching Well if my hands are dirty if I've been out working on my vehicle or I've been out in the yard doing something and my hands are dirty I don't want to go to the water and say well I wash my hands and my hands are still full of grease or whatever else I wanted to go away and go down the sink and not be there anymore so if something is cleansed of the sins cleanse from me it's not that just the guilt is taken away but I think the tendency God helps as well let's look at it this way Matthew 121 says this and she will bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus for He will save his people from other centers so God is in the business of saving us from our sins not in our sin so to get back to our other tough question here before you sidetracked me God gives us grace through that redemption encourages us Christ whom God set forth as they what propitiation by His blood so through faith to demonstrate his righteousness so basically we get grace we get the grace of Jesus is receiving the redemption the propitiation of Jesus' blood I don't deserve that no on my record I don't deserve that saving grace you don't deserve the saving grace and that's why it's grace but if you deserved it it wouldn't be called Grace and so the reason why Paul then brings out the point that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God is because in our fallen nature we cannot be as we are compared to what God wants us to be when God created man woman he created in His image and that image was lost as a result of the rebelling. And so we fall short of that we're not where we ought to be but praise God that He's given grace a powerful grace through Jesus that it not only takes away the guilt of sin but it takes away the sin itself and it restores us to a righteous standing with God through Christ marriage and gives us the ability then to have that character back in a series alone presell or so we're talking again about this ministry right so part of the ministry that Paul reveals to us in that salutation from 2nd Corinthians chapter 13 verse 14 he said the love of the Father so it begs the question How has God the Father shown us his love and I mean this is the Christian hers this is the hallmark verse crisis I mean this is the version I even see it football games somebody is going to be holding a sign in this is John 316 right and you'll notice we've put verse 17 with it because as you and I often say is our favorite seventeen's a just as powerful if not more so for God so loved the world right he loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that's how he'd love the love was given in that the son was sent to give us that propitiation that redemption that whoever believes in him should what not perish but have everlasting life why don't you read verse 17 for us for God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world praise the Lord I mean he didn't sin he didn't send us a package to say here's what you deserve he sent us something to say even though you don't deserve it my love outweighs what you deserve and you're more valuable and precious to me than to let you just be lost and I'll be honest with you it was very hard to settle on a verse for this segment for this particular point because there are so many verses I want to go to and 1 of my favorites is Romans Chapter 5 in their own verses $67.00 and $8.00 but basically the gist of it is. While we were yet sinners Christ died for the ungodly he died for me he died for you and that's an amazing demonstration of Emmett's and that's And what's so awesome that pass a girl is think about it this way folks when he says that God died for the end or that Christ died for the end Godly that he says that he loved us that way. That means even when we didn't want that absolute when our backs were turned to God he said even if you don't want it I'm laying that out for you absolutely it's going to be made available and so God didn't sin Christ into the world that are in the world but through the world the world through Him The world might be saved and I'm just a lawyer just love that state so it's a powerful statement of that ministry of love Amen so let's keep moving how do we commune how do we live with the Holy Spirit reco St Paul says I wish for you the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit so how do we have communion with the Holy Spirit and 1 of the verses that just came into my mind when we were studying this is the question that is asked in 1st Corinthians 619 and 20 Paul says or do you not know that your body is the temple in your body the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God and I love this next part and you are not your own why are we not our own now almost corrected you a moment ago when you were talking about the body having multiple parts and you said this is your body I want to tell you I don't believe that your body that's right well because the Bible says we've been bought with a price that's right and so we are not our own because Jesus laid his life up for us and you know there's a statement in desire of ages that I absolutely love and right now the citation escapes me but you can I think it might be even page 25 my mind keeps on the same patient I've been in the 1st chapter but it talks about Christ coming to this world to be treated as we deserve so that we might be treated as he was or he live the life that was our so that we might inherit the life of the Lord and I love that concept that Jesus went to if you think about it he went to the lowest depth possible in order to see you and me and heaven and all the rest of us and when we accept that we have the beautiful gift then cause what does Paul or scuse me Peter let me get a straight. At the Day of Pentecost Peter says to them repent be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit right and so when we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit he doesn't follow us around like a drone Have you seen those drones that do that nowadays it's kind of weird you can put your drone in follow mode not on a look over my shoulder all the time right but it's not like that it's not like the Holy Spirit some puppy that's following after you he says that he lives inside this who is in your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and so we commune with the Holy Spirit by having this saving relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit lives within us now now can I explain that. Beyond what It says in the scripture no but I'm going to fall back to what we read from manuscript release or was it number 30 from yesterday has to go back in love with the manuscript released number 30 is said we should take the scripture as it reads That's right and so I'm going to going to take this as it reads and say that if I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior if I've been purchased then I have the Holy Spirit living within me can't tell you how it happens to what extent it happens but I'm just glad that it does but again it goes back to what we talked about yesterday when we talk about those external evidences of the scripture and of God and so forth the fact that you can witness in some bodies lie that changing influence that happens as a result of the Holy Spirit dwelling in communing with well it's exactly last night you and I have the privilege of being leaders with the young adult group here at Camp meeting as well and last night was the 1st night that Torah as begin to share with our group and I remember him asking last night has any of you have any of you seen electricity. And he was trying to ask is kind of a trick question because his point was no 1 has seen electricity he said you've just seen the results of electricity and I even remember sitting back there at the sound booth last night and I'm so I'm kind of get a little smarty pants in my mind I'm thinking well I've seen lightning where he anticipated that sure because he said even when you see lightning that's the discharge of electricity heating up the elements in the atmosphere and you're seeing those elements being heated up he said but you still haven't seen electricity it's true so it's again 1 of those things that can explain it I can't see it but I can see the effects and you know was there you know what we're that's right end if the Holy Spirit is living within a glacial 5 versus 22 and 23 says that I will have the fruit of the spirit that's right so if the Holy Spirit is growing within me I'm going to have a measure of love I'm going to have a measure of joy I'm going to have a measure of gentleness a measure of patience and we can go on and so just so if I say that I know Jesus and I'm living as a Christian and I go around smug all the time and look at him in the limb and say yeah just lips pursed and never I'm never happy about anything never joyous and when rather tell people get away from me than to say hello does that exude the life of the Holy Spirit living in the heart don't think that there have been at least the fullest communion with the Holy Spirit that they could so we want to make sure that a fair way to say I think that's a fair way we want to make sure that the joy of Jesus is expressed in what we do and the way that happens again we're talking about the Trinity in this in this particular series but what's so awesome is as we break down the Trinity and we look at the individual components of the Trinity God the Father the Son the Holy Spirit we see how each 1 of them works within us and around us to influence us and to help us and and often I heard a preacher 1 time say and I love this statement of every There's something you do that is good if ever there is something you do that is nice don't ever blame yourself. You can blame the Holy Spirit for that new man even if there is some good work that you do give that credit back to God and that's why I think it's so important that you know when you receive credit for doing something in ministry and I say this on our behalf and all of us if you get some kind of credit or accolade you want to point that right back to Jesus immediately because without Him The Bible says we can do anything without God I'm going to deafen not us or about us but through Christ all things are possible just amazing to see how they how how God in the 3 persons works in our lives to help us do these things all right let's get to our next tough question or is it actually that tough does the Lord know we've seen the Bible testifies right through the word of Paul but Paul was simply a messenger so let's ask the question does the Lord himself directly testify about God existing in 3 persons and I guess really what we're asking is does God testify about got it just in 3 persons personal testimony What's what does he have to say about him so that's right let's find out what take a look at what Jesus says here in the Great Commission at the end of Matthew chapter 28 and this is verse 19 Jesus telling his disciples what their position is now as he's getting ready to leave them Go therefore and make disciples so if you're a disciple you're to make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Jesus expresses all 3. In the thing that I've always wanted to ask myself. Would Jesus be confused about the nature of God I don't think that he would be the fact that he is EMANUEL Well the let's go back and think about that for just a moment his name shall be called Emmanuelle which means God with us and so we understand and again we don't understand it fully but we have at least a minimal understanding this says to us Jesus was fully human and fully divine and how those co-exist how that works again that's part of the mystery will spend the rest of eternity understanding that's right but because he had that the mind mindset because he was under the influence of the Holy Spirit in this is after the resurrection so he has already been crucified on countering right he has already been resurrected he's already ascended back to the father presented himself on the 1st day of the week he's now spent an additional 40 days on the earth Acts Chapter 1 tells us that in the in verse 3 and so now here he is at the very cusp of ascending back to have and I don't think he would be confused about how God exists absolute Any makes it very clear the name of the Father the name of the Son and the Holy Spirit Jesus is very clear that there are 3 distinctions there and that now again we can explore that further as we keep moving but I think it makes a good point. So what about this question does the Bible show or indicate apart from what we've already read the plurality of God Now you said earlier that oxymoron that those those those how did you say singular plurality you know those singular pronoun pluralities that's a little bit of a tongue twister for me today but does the Bible show or indicate the plurality of God So again let's just go to the scripture and 1 of the verses that displays this so clearly for me is Genesis chapter 126 and 27 notice of course this is in the context of creation week then God said Let Us make man let us make man in Our image according to our likeness now he says a little bit more there in verse 26 you can go and read that for yourself but now notice what he says in verse 27 and again we know who wrote the 1st 5 books of the Bible it's at least credited to Moses and when we think of the pen to write so now this was a direct quote from God then verse $26.00 now Moses is recapping kind of what was just said in verse $27.00 So God created man and what his own image so now is his singular or plural That's right you go from this plural pronoun now to a singular pronoun interesting in the image of God He created him Mel and female he created them so now we have this very interesting set up here where we find that God speaks of himself in verse 26 in a plural sense now again I'm going back to the same thing that I said back in Matthew $28.00 as it relates to Jesus is Jesus confused about the nature of God No I don't think that he would be in Genesis chapter 1 do you think that God would be confused about his own nature I don't think so probably not but I would as you probably a safe bet right right if we were betting people and then we go back to that manuscript release where she says take it as it reads that's what it says we just have to go so let's accept it let's just go with what is. God said it I believe it and that settles it but you know what I had a guy tell me that 1 time and I came back to him and I said well you know God said it that settles it whether you believe it or not a myth that so much but it's the truth anyway isn't it so he says let us make it's in our image it's OUR likeness then in verse $27.00 Moses addresses God in a singular sense now that almost sounds confusing until we remember something he says his own image says he created and that would sound confusing except for 1 thing who also wrote the book of Deuteronomy it was Moses so of Moses also as the author of Deuteronomy remember friends here a little there a little right line upon line precept upon precept less now stack our ideas together that's right if the same Moses wrote this and he addresses got in a singular but the same Moses wrote Deuteronomy 6 for Hero Israel the Lord your God the Lord He is 1 then it's the same Moses who used the word hot That's right it's the same Moses who would have understood the word it COD meaning multiple parts coming together as 1 son notice what he does it's a very strong indication that Moses understood it and how multiples come together to form 1 and it's the same writer it's important to think about what you just said the fact that Moses was the author of both of these sections of scripture and how understanding that and knowing that ties together that literary context and so therefore you can stack the ideas even I mean we can stack the ideas across scripture any way but it's especially true when the author is the same and so you think about Paul was the largest contributor to The New Testament in all of those he pistols and letters and so there are times when Paul talks about things and Peter had mentioned that people take Paul's writings and try to twist them to come out with their own ideas right so it's nothing new it's nothing new in our generation it happened back then but when Paul makes a statement about something over here in Romans perhaps. That might seem a little like wonder well go to currently ends go to collage inns go to Asia and go to each other whatever compare the same theme the park is Paul talks about the same themes over and over again because people would when they were stubborn they were hard headed well and we're talking about different groups of bullying we've got different groups we're not talking about the same church and so got him so Paul is having to deal with these things and you can compare the Scriptures and see and it's like OK now I'm looking at this kaleidoscope of texts that these writers are putting together and understanding the way that they thought and the way that they wrote it helps us then to see that broader picture and get a clearer understanding of what it is that the writer was trying to come up with so Moses in this case like you say he used this word in more than 1 place he used it dealing with God In Deuteronomy 6 were but he's also the 1 that wrote about the 2 the man and woman the 2 shall become 1 and he used God there so he clearly understands that statement and yet at the same time like you say he refers to this plural this singular plurality he goes back to saying in his only and he created them absolutely no it makes total sense to me and again we're maintaining intellectual integrity we're legit we're being mature studiers to take the word as it reads as we as we turn to close we've only got a little bit of time left here and there's there's a statement that I want to share with with her folks today from a spirit of prophecy from special testimonies a series B. and we'll look at that just a moment but before we do that I want to take just a brief aside because we spent some time yesterday Pastor Corey talking about biblical authority and hermeneutics and we even used a couple of Spirit of Prophecy quotes but I want to just remind folks that we as 7th Day Adventists we are are very blessed to have the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy Amen and we don't have time to go into this the seminar is not about this but let's just remember very briefly Revelation Chapter 12 in verse 7. Scene says that the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed right who do want to keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus and when we take that phrase testimony of Jesus and if we search for that elsewhere we'll come to Revelation 1900 and and will find there that John is so overcome by what he sees in this vision that he falls down and begins to worship an angel in the angel says don't do that he says you get up I'm your fellow I'm your fellow servant and 1 who had 1 of your brethren I'm 1 that has the testimony of Jesus and he says worship God because the testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy so we know verbatim we know specifically we know without any shadow of a doubt that in God's last day church the gift of prophecy must be at work and that kind of goes totally against what that guy in the chat room was thinking because it's just not Biblical but what are those tests of a profit how do we know if someone genuinely has the prophetic gift and so I've got a little document pulled up in front of me here on the computer and I just want to hit these tests of a prophet just just real quick if I'm a sure the 1st to aft of a biblical prophet is a true prophet must worship God and God alone they're not going to worship other gods the 2nd test of a biblical prophet is a true prophet must believe in the incarnation of Christ into humanity and friends each of these things that I'm quoting to you these are things that the Scripture has told us are the tests of a prophet and I could share the quotes with you from the scripture but I'm just going to do it in passing today a true prophet will not use spiritualism Diderot of me says but will believe the Bible teaching on the true state of the dead that's what a true prophet will do no more for a true prophet will have dreams and visions from God along with the associated physical phenomena such as supernatural strength no breath and maybe their eyes are open for extended periods of time. 5th test of a profit a true profit will be 100 percent how often a 100 percent OR percent all the time so true profits will be 100 percent accurate on all unconditional predictions of future events and it's important you see unconditional because there are times even in Scripture we find where prophecies were conditional Well minima Yeah prime example they didn't get destroyed why because their conditions weren't met the transitions for the destruction were not met That's right so the be unconditional prophecies they must be 100 percent true number 6 a true prophet will not contradict the law of God the Word of God or other true prophets so you cannot have a person come along and say I'm a prophet by the way the Sabbath is done away with a train that doesn't fly and because every other prophet has supported the Sabbath and the Bible supports the same again it's not about the Prophet it's because the prophets being led are carried away carried along as you buy the whole list by the Holy Spirit so it's 1 author that's running through multiple people and number 7 a true prophet will edify and exhort the church with godly counsel and instruction if you've ever read Ellen White's writings and you haven't been convicted I think you need to go back and reread Yes because it will pierce it will cut you it will open your eyes if you will let it number 8 last part a true prophet will bear the fruit of a godly life and a godly example in their life and work and so I just want to say that in passing because we're going to be using some quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy and I want people that are Liston that are watching I want them to understand you and I are firm believers in this Beautiful Gift of The Spirit of Prophecy man as presented to the ministry of Alan White and so I just want to set that out there because I don't want to have to apologize for using the Spirit of Prophecy That's right we're going to use it and we're going to use it unashamedly because we are God's remnant church and this is a gift given to the rim that people that's right and so in saying that I want to transition in these last moments to a quote now I like things that are clear. I like things that are unambiguous I like things that just get right to the point and noticed this friends for special testimonies series be number 7 pages 62 and 63 pastor Cory would you read force Sure she says there are 3 living persons of the heavenly trio I love I mean that could not be a more clear statement. I mean it almost feels like for us to continue to even do the rest of the seminar series is anticlimactic yet because it says it seems like for the next 3 days all we need to do is come up and put this verse on the screen point to it say amen and leave but I think people would be disappointing perhaps OK and they might thank us yeah go ahead and finish reading in the name of these 3 great powers the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit those who receive Christ by living faith are baptized and these powers will cooperate with the obedient subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the new life in Christ. You know it there's a mystery to perhaps why God has chosen to exist in 3 persons I don't think the mysteries as deep as some of us would have it to sound and I'm thankful that the scriptures that we've had the time to take a look at today in my mind Pastor Corey make it pretty clear there are there are there is a God and somehow for some reason he's chosen to exist in 3 persons but I want to go back to what I shared in the beginning number a told you that a guy came to me and he told me my math that more will soon as this guy came up to me and he started writing out 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 3 I just began praying. Because you know as well as I do some of these questions folks come up with I just don't know how to answer them sure but you're expected as a pastor as someone present in the Bible to have all the answers right and almost tell you God's Only 1 has all the hands in members of that and I began to pray and I said Lord please what do I say to this guy in the Holy Spirit impressed me to say this I said Sir can I have your paper and he handed it to me and I said may use your PIN and I took his pin and I put 1 times 1 times 1 equals 1. I said there's nothing wrong with my math because I'm simply using God's math and I said I can't tell you how 3 doesn't add up to 3 but 3 adds up to 1 but that's exactly what God said that he does and I said to him I said I just want to take God at what he said I want to take him at his word and I guess kind of my close in thought as we finish up today is the Lord has shown us let us make man in Our image Paul said that there's 3 persons the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ the love of God the communion of the Holy Spirit I want to take that face value and I want to I want to I want to take Jesus' words at face value when he says go and make disciples baptizing people the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit I want to take that it face value I don't want to get down and try to spiritualize it away I want to do just as we were instructed yesterday when we read that quote from this is why I want to just take the Scriptures as they read what would be your kind of close in thoughts as we wrap up today I just a look back on the life of Christ in the example that he gave. I think Pastor Darrel if we're going to follow someone's example if we're going to choose to believe a teaching why not just choose to accept Jesus and His teaching if we take the Bible at its word we read the words of scripture what we have to remember is as we read through the Scriptures that the Bible tells us the spirit prophecy is the testimony of Jesus so whatever we're reading it's as though Jesus is testifying in the Holy Spirit is communicating that information to the writer or to the speaker Amen and so I say let's follow Jesus is example let's follow his words multiple times we've seen we're going to dig into this over the next few days but multiple times we find examples in scripture where Jesus is on his knees praying and he's crying out and talking to his father he talks multiple times about the Holy Spirit as a person and then calling the Holy Spirit he and saying that he will come to you and there are so many examples this way so again I just reiterate that statement it's been said there in manuscript released Thursday that when we come to the Bible rather than reading in our own preconceived notion rather than sand let's find something new and fanciful and outstanding and that word she used to spiritualize Yeah let's like it makes us somehow holier and to take things in complex well and is that if that the Word of God has to be this it serial thing it can't be something just Mr successfully mystic in some way I say let's just follow Let's follow the words of Jesus let's follow his example and you know what it makes just more sense to just take it as it states rather than trying to find some as you say mysticism or mystical type of revelation interpretation or interpretation in there of friends we do thank you for spending some time with us today I pray that if you have other questions that you would let us know would be glad to try to answer some of those questions but we just want to praise God for the clearness of his word and we want to close out. Time that we're spending together with a word of prayer and so Pastor Hertha would you dismiss this with prayer and the more go to our Q. and A time sure Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity again today to come together to be able to share and to be able to study from your word I'm amazed to think that we serve such an awesome God that the finite mind cannot fully grasp every minute aspect and detail but that through turn it to you will continue to reveal to yourself more and more I think of what Jesus said there in the Gospel of John I believe it's in chapter 16 when Jesus says there's so much more that I would like to reveal to you but you're not ready to have it yet but the Holy Spirit the Spirit of truth would come and reveal us and lead us into all truth in a so Lord please continue to send the Holy Spirit that he might minister to us during the rest of the Simmon hours as he has already and we thank you Lord for how you've uncovered these principles in these truths and make each listener each of you are the Lord and each person that's here in the audience may they be directed heavenward and been drawn closer to Jesus as a result we thank you for hearing this prayer and for all the time to provide for us in Jesus' name we pray in. 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