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Tough Questions About the Godhead- Part 3

Cory Herthel Darryl Bentley




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Dear Father God it's our privilege it's our honor Lord to come before you and to petition the throne of grace and once again and so Lord we ask that as we continue this study the very important subject matter that Lord you would be here in this place with us and that every word spoken every idea presented every precept Lord every doctrine would come straight from the throne of grace. And the Lord all the glory and honor would be use to react to these things in Jesus' name amen amen thank you so much Pastor Corey as we said they 1 we talked about the local authority in hermeneutics No we're not going to dwell here very long we're just going to kind of give you a few reminders of some ground that we've covered each of these presentations is being recorded on both video and audio so I would encourage you if you've missed the 1st couple of days to make sure that you get those resources that are available to you but we've seen that the Bible is basically God breathed according the 2nd Timothy 316 and since it's God breathed it's coming from God It has that authority from God It's not something that just comes from man and the word breathed there that Greek word I believe is the news this right that that Greek word indicates that again we're not just reading another book it's not just a novel per se it is a living book and we read the other day where in Hebrews 40 there where it says that the Word of God is a Living Word and it is sharper than any 2 edged sword so this is something that has the power to make changes if a sword goes through a blade goes through something it's cutting there's a very physical change taking place and God has that ability through His Word to change hearts and minds as we extend and that's the entire That's the whole that's the whole purpose and 1 might say behind the Scriptures is to redeem God's people and to show them how to live in the human life the kind of a maybe a little cheesy old acronym but the Bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth they meant maybe there's some truth to that but the 2nd point there the Bible is not understood through private interpretations rather the Bible interprets itself Amen and that's what's so important that's what's key to a proper hermeneutic which the next thing you're going to share is talking about what hermeneutic we found from Scripture and this is that method of Bible study again where Isaiah says that we should take the Scriptures line upon line and idea upon idea. And scour the whole of Scripture here a little there a little and so a private interpretation would be me or Pastor going to the Scriptures or 1 of you going to the Scriptures and saying you know what I'm going to come with this idea and I'm going to find a verse or a text that represents my idea instead I want to say Lord regardless what my idea is I want you to shape my ideas and that's why we want to come to the text this way not having some private personal interpretation but taking the Bible as it reads line upon line the way that Isaiah instructs us to do well it only makes sense and I think it would make sense to those that are here with us it only makes sense that if God gives us his word that he would also give us a way to understand his word a minute and so those things go hand in hand it's kind of like you buy a new vehicle and you get the manual and it tells you put this type of gasoline and use this type of motor oil in this time do the service at these intervals That's right and if we follow that the vehicle lasts a lot longer Absolutely and so God wants to give us a way to understand and to be able to take care of ourselves with regard to our spiritual walk in the scriptures the same way and as you've already pointed out we're going to compare when we follow God's method of Bible study when we follow his hermeneutic we're going to compare preceptor idea with other precepts and ideas throughout the Word of God and we're going to maintain that intellectual integrity by letting those ideas emerge from the Bible we don't want to come with a made up set of ideas and force them into the Bible and we want to read the Bible and let God's ideas come out of the scripture family again we just want to point out pastoral that when we say this term intellectual integrity that sounds a little scholarly and somebody might be thinking well I don't have a degree in theology or religion so am I able to understand the Bible that's not what we're saying here we're saying allow the Bible to speak to you and intellectual integrity is really just taking personal responsibility with how you approach the Scriptures Well I mean it would be intellectually dishonest if you were to say if I were to say to you the cover of this computer is black and you just obstinately and stubbornly said enough Aster narrow you're crazy that cover is green right. There's not intellectual integrity or honesty because I'm ignoring basic fact you're ignoring basic facts that's right Also we want to remember that this hermeneutic this method of Bible study is mandating that we explore the Scriptures in a 3 fold context and you can see them outlined there on the screen there's a literary context what does what does this verse mean with this passage with this book with this chapter with the canon of scripture things didn't happen in a vacuum so we had that historical context tree was unfolding what total raise all around and what historical record do we have what documents do we have what fulfillments do we see that support what the Scriptures say that's right in the last part there is a cultural context these people that received the Word of God 1st they were living in a particular culture so they were given a certain things that that kind of flavor gave lenses to how they saw things right they didn't have i Phones back then and they didn't have cars that ran by themselves and they didn't have some type of into layer Internet infrastructure type thing that they can go to so God spoke to them in a way that they would understand but the principles are timeless well in the principles are not dictated by culture that's right we're simply saying that the principles would have been viewed a certain way because of culture and how they would have been related to the people absolutely So that's kind of a little overview folks for our day 1 time that was spent together with biblical authority and hermeneutics and then yesterday we began talking about this idea of a 3 fold mystery and we've solved it Paul recognize the 3 persons of the Godhead and their ministries and for those of you that have seen our title slide this has kind of been our theme text and I love it because Paul not only captures each person of the Godhead but he says a little bit about what their ministry and I want the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to be with you the love of God in the communion of the Holy Spirit to be with you all so we get not only a recognition of the persons of the Godhead that we see a little. Inside as to how they interact with humanity and again we see that emphasis coming from Paul where he not only says he could have easily said May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all and just ended his letter writing then good bye but instead he specifically and implicitly states each 1 of the 3 and he says that I believe because we talk about the church a point in brief yesterday and we said you know that church had so many issues and so many problems and needed help with getting themselves back on track that Paul saying I want you to have a complete and total connectedness to God as a whole. And I would certainly agree with that and then of course we saw all this and this is this is 1 of my favorite verses of Scripture not just because it's the great commission but because here we have a person of the Godhead we have the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God testifying that God exists in 3 persons when he gives the Great Commission and he says go and baptize and make disciples in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost opinion and if you look at the King James Matthew $2819.00 is God's own declaration that he exists in 3 persons in men so it was very time which you know is interesting pastor akin to do devil's advocate 1 second you know Jesus says Jesus says here baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit but there is some place in Acts where Peter is preaching and he says that there is no other name given under heaven by which man may be saved and he says therefore repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and I've actually had people challenge me past year and say oh you Adventists when you baptize you say in the name of the Father the Son in the Holy Spirit before you put the person into the water but Peter was preaching and he said in the name of Jesus Christ and so should we only baptize in the name of Jesus Christ well I think the 1st thing I want to say is this With all due respect to Peter Peter doesn't trump Jesus OK So that's that's going to be my 1st response I would agree with that 1st of all I don't think Peter. Jesus but 1st Secondly I don't think Peter was attempting to trump Jesus I don't think Peter was trying to say listen you know I know Jesus told you this but I'm telling you this I think in Peter's mind there was there was this big question that was lonely in for the audience that he was speaking to and part of that big question was can we trust this guy that claims to be the Messiah and there is this guy that's been walking the streets doing all of this healing and by the way he's been doing some on the Sabbath can we trust this guy is this guy who he says he is is he the 1 that was promised to come and so I don't think corrupt hall was trying to excuse me Peter was trying to deemphasize or negate what Jordan what is a says he's a said his thing 1st that's exactly right but I think Peter was simply trying to say listen this Jesus whom we have been preaching to you you need to accept him and when you're bad times you want to make sure you're baptized in his name also OK And would it also be fair to say pastoral that when we look through the Bible it talks about doing things in the name of God talks about in the 10 commandments don't take my name in vain and Jesus says in John Chapter 14 if you pray anything in my name the father will do it and so he you to you find these in the name of and in the name doesn't that also isn't that indicative of doing it through the authority of Christ and in Christ so I thought I think it definitely the name comes with the authority comes with the name you know there are certain things if you're a member of the highest levels of government and it says this is coming from the president's office it carries a certain weight of the executive branch of government not trying to get into politics I don't care how people feel about that the only point I'm trying to make is that's recognized as a very high office in the land Sure and that name comes with certain authorities and so if we're doing it in if we're doing it in the name of Jesus Christ then again like I said yesterday for my appeal I think if we're following an exam. Jesus example is the best in the pieces going baptize in the name of the Spirit well as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I'm going to follow his example no question in my mind and just to briefly friends we did touch on we just saw the plurality of God at creation remember those statements God said Let Us make man in our image in our likeness and so we saw God himself again recognizing that plurality and we pointed out to you from there on in Chapter 6 in verse 4 and this is 1 of those little nuggets in Scripture that I just always come back to because it's so rich but the very language itself speaks of the poor reality of God because of the word it COD and you see the little Hebrew there in case you want that but it means multiple parts coming together to make 1 now there is 1 point that we had that we didn't quite make yesterday that I want to make sure that we make today that we nailed down today note this friends we should note that even though there are multiple persons who come together to make up our 1 God Each Person of the Godhead is fully God themselves isn't having amazing thought I mean it's an amazing thought leaders from different from what a lot of other faiths teach you know and some people get into this idea that the from the forefathers the founding fathers of the administration which were anti Trinitarian they were you know the story person Godhead but when you go back and dig into their statements largely what you will find in almost every case is that they were against the Catholic understanding of the trial human God and the Catholic understanding is not the same as what we have on the screen right now it's is that they're the same substance and you don't have a complete God because without them they're not independently God on their own I see and so it's a very very needed distinction and I just want to make sure that we get that out that we are fully in support of this Biblical teaching of the god to him but each person of the Godhead is fully God themselves and so what takes place then Pastor Darrell is we have uncovered at least enough so. Surface truth now that we can we can we've said as a tone we've set a stage that we can begin to dig a little deeper and as we as we jump in and start to dig we find that it for everything that there's true there seems to be a lie on the other side well 1 who would be interested in that Jesus makes it pretty clear doesn't he in John Chapter 8 he says you people you're not following your father because if you were following the person you claim to be your father then you would be happy with what I'm doing that's right but what you because you're upset at the way that I am ministering among the people you're following your father and he says there I believe it's in John 844 that your father is the father of lies the devil that's right and so we got into these we're 4 and he was talking and and sadly if we look at the context there Jesus is speaking to the fear of C.S. which were the church leaders really in his day so can you imagine Jesus comes and that's why when the Bible says in John chapter 1 that the flesh you know that the Word was made flesh and dwelt among them but when his own did not know him he came to save his own name to his own and they knew him and they didn't know him that was just it I mean imagine showing up to your church 1 Sabbath passenger on your preaching the truth and every 1 of the leaders in your church has just completely turned on you and is teaching some doctrine that doesn't really exist in the Bible and that's what Jesus inherited when he came to this earth it's really kind of incredible and unbelievable all we want to do now is want to transition that kind of sets the stage a little backdrop for you for some of the ground that we've been attempting to cover the last couple of days but we want to continue now with kind of part 2 of this 3 fold mystery and I want to begin with this to this maybe is this maybe this is a tough question maybe it's not but this is very simple probably what things do counterfeiters counterfeit right sorry for the redundancy there but I think it makes the best point counterfeiters counterfeit money now Pastor Corey you have a extensive background in banking. For coming into full time pastoral ministry you had the privilege of serving in the banking industry you were a branch manager at multiple locations did anybody ever try to pass off counterfeit money to you guys oh it was in some branches it was a daily basis we were finding those bills and so money obviously is 1 of the most often counterfeited Adams in the world sure because it's a mail people seek to gain a lot if they can pass it off with very little effort they can have something that's really nothing and they can pass it off to people who are unaware and that's the key the reason why counterfeit money works is because people are familiar with what the true stuff looks like and heals so they're easily fooled and so they get fooled by well and I hate to admit this publicly but I got past a $100.00 bill a counterfeit 100 dollar bill 1 time unbeknownst to me I was 1 of those people that just OK it looks like money it feels like money it was given to me by someone else and I went to make a purchase with it and the people checked it and they're like oh wait a minute I'm sorry this is not a real bill so here I'm out 100 bucks. The drop of a hat some money is definitely counterfeit What about art masterpieces Oh yes we don't typically use the word counterfeit we think more a forgery right but our forgery is not uncommon at all what about jewelry and expensive watches Oh sure is that something that people fake just walk down the streets in New York City and find these guys on the side and they got a Rolex for $25.00 well I was I had the privilege of serving with the U.S. Army and I was deployed for 12 months to muzzle Iraq and believe it or not the same merchandise is available in Iraq is it while I was there on the base we actually they had a little shop run by some of the local nationals and they had in their Rolex Breitling and some of these other high and you know names that I'm not real familiar with but it was again a 20 dollar Rolex looked good but it surely wasn't a real thing but it sure looked good at the surface but you wear it for a week and see what had fall apart now what I have put on the screen here is a little handful of 15 dollar bills how many times did when you were in the bank did you see 15 dollar bills get passed on me think back NEVER NEVER Now let me ask you a very simple yet important question why does no 1 attempt to counterfeit a 15 dollar bill because there's no such thing as a 15 dollar bill for real OK So nobody attempts to counterfeit something that's not real that's right I mean it would actually a point well in fact it wouldn't be a counterfeit it would be an original that sure you can't have a counterfeit if there's not a real thing if there's not a real thing then that thing that you have made now becomes the original and maybe the $15.00 bill would be useless because we're not going to accept that is legal tender Right right but if you create it I mean and you want to hang it up on your wall or put it in your refrigerator then you can do that but it's not going to buy you anything absolutely it's not it's not going to work none of the cedar reader to get ice cream they will not take it so we want to ask this question then counterfeiting obviously is a problem it's a concern in the world but it begs the question then what. Things of God does the devil attempt to counterfeit so I wanted to put a few things on the screen now obviously we're not here to cover all of these but it builds to a point for us has the Sabbath been counterfeited by the devil oh so by our going about it I mean most of the Christian world most of the Christian world has no idea I remember the 1st time I was 15 years old before I ever heard that people actually went to church on Saturday I thought it was the craziest thing I ever heard I'd never heard of either until I was about that age what about marriage as Satan created a counterfeit for marriage multiple counterfeits from I mean we don't even have time to get into that I'm not a me I'm not even a crack the surface on the very much what about the state of the Dead it's obvious that the devil has counterfeit of the state of the dead with spiritualism while he began it right there in the garden when he was shall not surely die go ahead meet that fruit it doesn't matter you will not die so we know that the devil has counterfeited that what about baptism proper baptism Oh yeah I was in the church not too long ago listening to a piano recital and I walked by their baptistry and it was just a bowl about the size of this table and about this deep and that was the baptistery I don't recall ever seeing that in Scripture before Well it's interesting because the word baptism comes from which means to completely submerged it have to be a tiny person to put the string maybe Tom Thumb. What about creation has the devil come up with a counterfeit idea about a creation very sadly So I mean and the of the istic evolution is probably the worst manifestation of it's right because it takes some of the tenets of evolution and it describes them to be unused by God But isn't that how the devil works though pastor Darrell doesn't pretty It doesn't he take so many elements of truth and then mingles in a little bit of fear I've often asked people how much air is OK because if you were let's say you were very thirsty and somebody poured you nice glass of something to drink and just before you took a sip they dropped 1 little drop of cyanide in that ring are you going to drink it I'm no longer thirsty OK because what happens whole the. All glass now becomes tainted poison right it's poison even if it's a drop and I don't want to mess around with poison and so that's why it's so important that you know people say well you know why is Adventist are you so so strict about your doctrines and your understanding of scripture I mean does it really matter if somebody believes this or that it does because if the devil can use 1 little thing like creation it's not a little thing well and I would say this is really not it was all we're not trying to say a 7th Day Adventist that it matters to me because why would I care. Right I'm not the 1 that wrote the Bible that I'm not the 1 that called for the Bible to be written and so it matters to us the 7th Day Adventists because it matters to go on amen and I only want to care about the things that God cares about that's right so Creation obviously been counterfeited the 2nd coming of Christ I mean we could get into this entire diatribe on the Left Behind series that's right and those novels that are based off of a false premise then that's another rapture that's another 1 of those doctrines that I've had people say to me Oh Pastor Corey really what is the big deal what matters of people believe in a seeker rapture or a literal 2nd coming will it matters a lot because if somebody is banking on a secret rapture and saying well I can do what I want and I'll just take care of it in the 7 years of tribulation which by the way do not exist in Scripture then what does the devil have he's caused you to be lost and when Christ comes you're going to run like Revelation 6 As for the rocks and mountains to fall on you so it's so important again that we don't accept counterfeit Well and what was Jesus what was some of his 1st counsel in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 he says pray that you be in the sea it's right Jesus himself desired that we would not be deceived and then we see in Revelation it says this dragon this beast power and this image to the beast their goal is to deceive the whole world and so it's world wide plot against God's people publish where the wicked bastards are on this 1 particular this 1 here this 1 particular teaching I don't like to say doctrine because when I hear doctrine I think of true false doctrine false doctrine this particular false doctrine has done more to run people away from God than just about any other people cannot justify the idea of a loving God who is so unfair because let's think about it and I always like to ask people this question as it relates to eternal hellfire if I died back in the flood right let's say I'm wicked when only 8 people made it on the ark so somebody died at the flood a lot of cases have I died at the flood and I've been burning. This place called hill somewhere off in the middle of the earth or in a corner of the universe if I've been burning for the last 4000 years and a wicked man dies today and goes to hell where how does God reconcile that disparity Where's that where's the just where is the justice where is the fairness how are you going to catch up 4000 years of burning that does not match up with a fair God as God's way says that the wicked are punished but they're destroyed and that that wicked that punishment is reserved to the end you know pastoral God's way is always the best when you take it when you take a look at scripture what I have always been what caused me to fall in love with Jesus as I became a real Christian in my life is the fact that the Bible makes sense and that my God God makes since God is not this extreme off on a tangent being he makes sense there's balance there is order to the way that he does things and he's fair in them now we've looked at this from the Godhead Now this is what the seminar is talking about right we've been trying to build up on this and it begs the question has or will say an attempt. To counterfeit the god hand and what I want to do friends I don't have time to take you through every point that I'm going to put on the slides I would say to you that if you wanted to shoot me an email pastor Bentley G.-Mail dot com and Bentley is spelled be in T L E U Y So Pastor Bentley a G. Mail dot com I would be more than happy to email you a P.D.F. and you can see everything that we're putting here on the screen or again you can get 1 of the recorded presentations but I just want you to see we see that there is a counterfeit Trinity in Revelation and we see this this individual known as the Dragon Ball Revelation 12 tells us very clearly that the dragon discernable the devil the devil so we know the dragon is just the devil it's Lucifer fall and right but then we see that another counterpart in this false Trinity is the beast that comes from the sea when you study Revelation 13 we don't have time to get into all of that revelation is not our focus here but we know from study and Revelation 13 that that beast that comes from the sea represents that papal power as exercise through the Catholic Church and and so we see that that's the 3rd person so to speak of the false Trinity in the fake Trinity and then you have another beast that comes up in Revelation 13 it's not a C.B.S. This time it's a lamb to be used and their characteristics about that land beast Well when you do the study you let everything fall in place the history the history everything that dictates that again that method of Bible study that hermeneutic we discover that the land beast represents none other than the United States but when we read in Revelation we see that the dragon the 1st beast the sea beast and the lamb base the 2nd beast they work in concert together to form this false trinity this counterfeit Trinity and what we've done is put on the screen here and I want to say thank you to several friends who helped me with some of the source material they really saved me a lot of time to be able to put this to. Other So a big shout out to those that helped contribute to these the slides that you're going to see just now but God has a throne the dragon has a throne God is worshiped the dragon is worship we see these parallels here God gives power the dragon gives power God dwells in heaven the dragon used to be in Him we transition to the sea beast we see some parallels now with God the Son and the sea beast Jesus began his ministry coming from the water Luke chapter 3 we see there Jesus was baptized right and 20 I was in waiting that was in the winter you could see almost his ordination as the Holy Spirit comes in and wants him to do well it was at Jesus' baptism that he officially became the Messiah that's right up until that point he was Messiah elect I've had some people get upset with me and say oh no pastor he was the massage you see you're opening a can of worms out of I have time as we don't have time but I like to kick the can occasionally OK but must saya means what annoying to add ones right and at what point was he anointed at his after his baptism right and he had to fulfill the prophecies that we find in Daniel or what did he say to John when John said No I can't baptize you you should better yet as you have to because we have to fulfill righteousness in him so Jesus looks like the father of the sea beast looks like the dragon having the 7 heads into Norns Jesus is Michael and Michael remembers that name that title. And 1 who is like God right while the beast is addressed as who is like the B.C. you have these parallels go to the very bottom there Jesus the Lamb has 7 horns a representation there right the sea beast has 10 horns so you see a parallel with these horns continuing just a little bit Jesus' ministry lasted for 3 and a half years so how do we know that it says that he was cut off in the 70th week right the middle of the 70th week Daniel 927 the C.B.S. activity last for 42 months or a time times and half a time or 3 and a half years you see these parallels Jesus is slain. And resurrected the sea beast is slain and resurrected right a mortal lone a deadly wound that had been healed right so we see these parallels notice the very last part they are the target of Jesus' salvific activities salvific meaning related to salvation right is every nation tribe tongue in people well who is the devil trying to reach to reach everybody he's trying to target the whole world and if you see a same target out as a matter of fact you go back to Revelation 13 and we talk about that beast power and it says that the beast power causes all both small and great rich and poor everyone to wander after the bee and to receive his mark and so his goal is the same Indigo all the god his gods goal is to do everything he can to save you and the devil's goals do everything he can to destroy you but he doesn't want to be lost by himself sure and he knows that he is lost coming to the 3rd Person of the Godhead God the Holy Spirit and then tie in and how the parallel is with the land the Holy Spirit is called The Spirit of Truth guiding people to salvation the earth beast is called the false prophet the saving people notice how the missions are always counter right from what God is trying to accomplish Well I mean when you're when you're fighting a war pastor Darrow you have to have counter force to what the other force is doing absolutely and that's what the devil's doing he's been morning against God Since heaven and that's what he continues to do and he'll continue to do it all the way up even after the 1000 years that we read about revelation what we know is it rallies the wicked to come try to attack the city 1 last time it's the devil notice the 3rd line down say it's the Holy Spirit exercises the authority of Christ right the earth beneath exercises the authority of the sea beast Holy Spirit performs miraculous signs the earth earth beast performs miraculous signs and so again we'll have these this will be this is being recorded so you can look at this or shoot me an email and I'll be glad to share the P.D.F. with you but hold continuing with the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit came in fire from heaven at Pentecost the earth beast brings fire down from. Heaven A-Lister gives a life and the breath of life the earth Beast gives life and the breath of life to the beast image and again we look at this the spire that comes down from heaven in the Bible talks about this false fire elsewhere and calls it strange fire so it's not something that comes from God even though it comes down from heaven even though it's a miraculous has a parent's of coming from and that's why it's so important that we don't allow miracles to be a defining moment in our faith again it's evidence that we base faith off of not out working absolutely and then the 4th 1 down those we're all finished the Holy Spirit is another comforter according to John 1416 he is like Jesus the Lamb of the earth earth beast is like him in his life the counterfeit Jesus in the seed the so we switch see these counterfeits here and we see these things that the devil is trying and desperately to get people to look away from that which is genuine and I have to be honest with you even though I am thoroughly convinced without any shadow of a doubt based on the Scriptures and the spirit of prophecy that we looked at yesterday that God does exist as a trial Human co-eternal in the Godhead I am convinced in that and all of my mind with that but 1 of the strongest evidence is also of is how hard the devil is working to get people to ignore how God exists as a co-eternal God and as we continue to uncover and dig deeper into the individuals of the Godhead today tomorrow and Friday we're going to uncover why is this so important to the devil at this point in time why is he doing everything he can even within the center and I hate to say this pastoral but even within the 7th Day Adventist Church why is he stirring this up on this particular doctrine you would think that for as many years as Christians have accepted God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit because that's what the Scripture teaches it's not just an idea we came up with it's been in the scriptures and ever but why all the sudden with the. Devil attack something so cut and dry and why would he put such a focus on it especially in this particular time that we're living and as we go through especially on Friday we're going to see why there is such an attack especially on the 3rd person Holy Spirit so we see clearly there is a father there is the son and there is the Holy Spirit without it and we would say that this is the genuine This is the true Trinity and again that word Trinity is not used in the Scripture we recognize that we're not trying to force a word or create a word but it but it's that idea that represents the the precept in the concept that we see emerge from the scripture so it's safe to use the word Trinity should we need to make sure that we're using it in the proper Biblical context not in the same context that some other faiths might embrace But speaking of the father that's where we want to focus the rest of our time today got about 30 minutes left together so let's look at what do the Scriptures have to say about the father and so we're going to begin by looking at his fees and chapter $4.00 versus 4th or 6 would you mind reading force brother Paul says there is 1 body and 1 Spirit just as you were called in 1 hope of your calling 1 Lord 1 faith 1 baptism he's really in he is really honing in on this idea of unity here and then he's trying to get rid of this pluralistic idea that hey you can just approach God Any old way whatever you want there's 1 way there's 1 way here is that I follow in my grandpa used to like to say you know Corey there's 1 there's more than 1 way to skin a cat Well that might be true but God has a 1 way that's true men 1 God verse 61 Father of all who is above all and through all and in you also it speaks to this to this omniscience this omnipresence this omnipotence of God and how he is 1 but how he's everywhere how he's over all things how he knows all things well in the end I love the idea. That no matter where I go. No matter what I'm doing no matter the condition of the world the circumstances in which I may find myself I have a Heavenly Father that can see me and care and cares about what I'm doing just to just to share a quick story if I may while I was with the army while I was deployed to Iraq from June of 2006 to June of 2007 you know I didn't worry about the enemy because I knew that the same God who had his hand over me in a combat zone. It was the same God who was watching after my family and all I thought all I did was I just said Lord please watch after my family and I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt because of verses like this that that that god that father who is there that is looking out for everything he's big enough while I'm on 1 side of the world my family is on another side of the world which is going to be both cases big enough to cover both of us at the exact same time and when Ginger and I would call each other and when I went through some phone bills call in from Iraq but we would pray together and it was just so comforting knowing that our great God and Father was there looking out for us and taking care of us and so just just can't say thank you enough to our God for that. Let's continue to look as they are 46910000 troops in here says Remember the former things of old for Ali I am God and there is how many others no other says there is no other I am God and there is none like me amen present Lord right I don't have to get confused declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure best record or break this down for us just a little bit I mean what I'm looking at the former things of old I am God There is no other I am God there is not unlike me that's right will you know figure what's going on in the context here what were the children of Israel steeped in at this point in time they were Steve in polytheistic pagan ideas there were multiple gods that they could worship and that's where all of this this ideology comes from and it's nothing I mean that was what was going on in days of old but there are multiple gods today that people who were shipping it may not be the same ones but ultimately they all point back to the same source and that's the double axle and so God is trying to get his people to remember who he is I am God There is nothing like me you. Why go and carve a piece of wood or fashion some kind of sculpture out of stone or put together some metal or gold those things are dead and they do nothing for you and over and over again we find this concept of idolatry being rebuked by God and God coming back to the people saying listen I'm your God I think of easy chapter 20 and when God is dealing with there there are heathen idolatry again and he's reminding them about the Sabbath and how the Sabbath is more to them than just a day but it's actually a symbol a sign to the people to remind them that he's God he's the 1 that sanctifying them in other words God is saying turn away from these dead lifeless things that can do nothing for you rather than BUT BECAUSE YOU to be lost and come back to me the living God And so he's telling them I am the only god there is I know and he says the in from the beginning in or in other words I know everything these false gods you teach they don't know anything these false gods your worship me don't know anything I'm God There's nothing like me have you ever been lost in the in the sense of direction and you're directionally speaking and there you are lost before your phone cries but I'm saying about I understood the question were what we will sometimes we get lost Have you ever been lost though and you stop to ask directions of someone who didn't know any more than you did Yes How helpful was that awful I mean so when you think of in spiritual terms if I'm going to be connected if I am going to essential you wager my turtle future. I want to make sure that it's the 1 true God that's right I want to make sure that I'm talking to the right person I want to make sure that I'm following the right god and I will 1 of the things that this this passage here and Isaiah brings to mind for me and we don't have this on the screen but Malakhov chapter 3 and Chapter 3 of course we typically look at that as part of the teaching as it relates to standards and offerings right stewardship but I love what he says leading up to asking them the question about whether or not a man will rob God verse 6 of after 3 says for I am the Lord I do not change Amen there's a consistency with God that when I embrace God I don't have to wonder well what's he going to be like today that's such a good point and I don't have to wonder Did God wake up on the right side of heaven yet God is not moody he's not moody right. And I love and forgive forgive the Assad please but I'll Mount Carmel. Alija is there and he's given these guys half the day dancing around they're cutting themselves blood is gushing forth and I love that a lot just steps up and he starts making fun of them maybe your guys asleep you know maybe your guys on vacation right and they're doing all these things to try to appease and we don't have to do that no God our God simply says All I'm asking back from you is is your love your loyalty and if you will love me and be loyal to to me I'm the same God all the time and so to me that's just a very powerful thing for my own walk that I know I can count on God be in the saying amen Well let's ask this question how is the Father revealed to mankind because there's an understanding that no 1 can see the father and live live yes so so it begs the question How then is the Father revealed to us how is the Father revealed to fallen humanity and that's the thing that's the key to falling humanity because before the fall it was God's very intention to dwell among him in the midst of humanity Well that's what we see in Revelation right that's religion $21.00 we see a restoration of that idea that's right and he will be with them he will be their God and they shall be his people and so that's been God's goal is to reconcile that and to fix all of that but in our current condition if we were to look upon the face of God with unveiled glory Yeah we would just evaporate in his presence because we are tainted by a simple disposition were tainted by sinful flesh and that sin and glory don't mix well absolutely So we'll look at a few verses today friends and ask this question how is the Father revealed to mankind cautions to 89 is just very powerful I think it's your turn to read force Paul says beware lest anyone cheat youth. Philosophy and empty to see how many philosophies are circling through Christianity Today well and you were fair earlier I mean how many are floating through Adventism That's right you know I remember there was a time when I and I've only been in the church since 92 you know so I don't have the depth of experience that many of our listeners even do you know people watching today but I remember the administration is the people of the book the men I want to be known as the people of the book yes I want to be known of people who are not into the philosophies of the world we're in it we have so many people nowadays that are more concerned about their political standpoint than they are with the Bible has to say well it becomes their identity Well that and our identity should be in Christ Amen to that anyway we're going to start preaching a better state of what we're doing all right he goes on to say so we don't want to be cheated through philosophy into the sea according to the tradition of men again what have we said about opinions they're like noses everybody has 1 they all smell you know according to the basic principles of the world and not according to Christ again it boils down to Pastor Darrell which 1 are we going to listen to whose example are we going to follow are we going to follow some friend some pastor some relative or are we going to say the example that I follow the teaching that I follow what what ends mine where I settle on is what Jesus has to say for in him that is Jesus right to him as referencing right back to the word Christ that we just saw all the fullness of the Godhead or the Trinity we could say bodily everything about God is manifest in the person of Jesus what we need to hone in on that. In Him dwells all know that word there in that Greek word POS is a very clear word there is no ambiguity about that it is very clear when it when it says all it means all and so in other words if I have Jesus I have a living connection with the father and I have a living connection with the Holy Spirit the inverse of that must also be true and that's right if I if I don't have Jesus that's right then I will have no connection with the father and I have no connection with the Holy Spirit Jesus says I am the Way the Truth and the life and he also calls himself the door and no 110 he's the door and he's the way of the life in 14 John 14 so he says no 1 May come to the Father except through me through me there's only 1 way to approach God and that's for Jesus and so the the larger pool and I think that we can bring out here as we're considering the maybe we maybe we said the 1st person of the Godhead God the Father we really have to recognize that what we're going to learn about the father is primarily going to be revealed in the person of Jesus Christ and through his ministry and Jesus tells us as much we're going to take some time friends as you spend the rest of this with us the last 15 minutes or so here we're going to be taking a look at John 14 and we're going to really dig into that because that's where Jesus brings out all these beautiful nuggets about who God is well and he's he's teaching heavily here because he knows that very shortly he's going up on the cross his ministry person the person is coming to an end and he's getting ready to go back to heaven and so here he is and Philip is saying to Jesus now lord you've been with us but what we haven't seen everything we want to see when you show us the Father will and they didn't even know the way because Jesus tells them I go to prepare a place for you and if I prepare a place I will come again to receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also and he says in the way you know and it's amazing pastoral because these minute been. With him for 3 and a half years and listening to his teaching Archie glad that none of us have been in the church 10 or 15 years and still don't know anything Wait a minute easy. Sometimes I feel that way though and I'm not being facetious or picking on anybody else I'm picking on me because how many times has God tried to teach me something but because I think I have it all figured out I miss what he's trying to teach me and I think we put those blinders up we put those expectations we try to box god in and say no you have to be this and Jesus says if you had known me picking up here in John 14 in verse 7 if you had known Me you would have known who my father also noticed the direct correlation that Jesus makes between himself and the Father and from now own you know him and have seen me Philip still doesn't get it no he doesn't Philip said to him Lord show us the Father and it is sufficient for us and I can just see Brett's a sadness that all across Jesus face I think any time Jesus showed those types of emotions it's because people weren't getting absolutely nothing back was that he wept Yeah right everybody went to the same place Monday John 1135 John 11 when he's when he's weeping very people say oh jesus was crying because his friend Lazarus had died and he was crying over that as a matter of fact just before then he's telling the disciples Lazarus is dead and I'm glad this is happened for your sakes that you might believe because he wants them to fully understand his nature in his character but as you read the story over and over again they keep doubting him they keep not trusting him and finally you know Mark this saying you know when when I know my brother a living again in the resurrection and then we find Jesus weeping over this issue because he just wants his people to understand and to grasp and like you say we're human and we get too much into a box of thinking and we try to place Jesus and God the Holy Spirit we try to put them in that box in him but I love what he says have I been with you so long and yet you've not known me fill up. He who has seen Me has seen the Father so how can you say Show us the Father Let's continue reading do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me the words that I speak to you I do not speak on my own authority but the Father who dwells in Me does the works and believe me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me or else believe Me for the sake of the works themselves so it mean if my words aren't enough you've seen the proof in the put in so to speak by the way that I've lived my life in this matches up with Matthew 7 where Jesus says you will know them by their fruits and it also matches up with what we find any fusions for that 1st verse that we read today in our study where it talks about. Jesus being the the fullness of the Godhead bodily he's saying here believe me that I am in the Father in the Father in me this is not in a physical sense this is in the sense of a spiritual sense where he's saying we are so connected that when you see what I am doing you are essentially seeing everything the father does because I didn't come with some agenda some personal agenda apart from the rest of the Godhead the 3 worked together as 1 and that's what makes them 1 that's what gives them that characteristic and that that that type of a nature is because the 3 are working together they don't war against each other they don't have separate ideas and separate missions well and there's also the idea I think based on the cod that we studied yesterday there is an equality of coming together in man how can you bring a part into something to make it whole when it's not equal to the other parts. Very good point and so if you're going to bring someone in that makes something complete There has to be a certain equality in there and I think that's what Jesus is trying to say he's not saying hey I am simply a manifestation of the father here and if you were to go to heaven you wouldn't find him because he's here he's simply saying no because we are in such lockstep with each other that we move as well and we act as 1 we we have the same desire to save humanity again my mind forgive me goes back to a military example but I remember when they were teaching us to March. Left left left your left and left right left right and so on and that was awesome as you would see some of the units go by the legs moved and it looked like just 1 big leg moving all the way across that formation of you know of soldiers and I think that's what we're talking about he and the Father are in that lockstep together they are moving forward they are advancing the mission of heaven for humanity to redeem us and I think that's what Jesus is trying to get us to see here does that does that make sense absolutely let's go back to the text we don't want to run out of time and not be able to cover all the text I want folks to be able to see this notice friends we're still in John 14 right we're picking up now we're going down just a little bit farther to verse 19 as to Corey want to reinforce please Jesus says a little while longer in the world will see me no more but you will see me because I live you will also live at that day you will know that I am in my father and you and me and I and you so here's sort of this here's sort of this kind of a unity this this tri une unity between the relationship between Jesus and the father the father in Jesus and us and the father in Jesus and notice to this is a prophetic utterance it is and what day is Jesus speaking the he's talking about in that day that we're really united because he says you're a little while the world will see me no more in other words I am going to assume then we know according to Acts chapter 1 verses 9 through 11 that he did ascend and the angel said You men of Galilee why stand you gaze in that I haven't This same Jesus that you see leaving will return in like manner that's right so we know that's what he's talking about he says but you will see me because I live you will live also at that day well the day has to be a reference if he's leaving and coming back the day has to be a reference to the 2nd coming that's right right so this is a prophetic utterance in that day you will know that I am in my Father in you in me and I in you. He goes I love how you tied together name in any goes on to say he who has my commandments and keeps them again he talks about that loving response of obedience it is he who loves me and he who loves me will be loved by my father and I will love him and manifest Myself to him it's really just a powerful thought to think about how Jesus loans not only for us to see how he is connected to the father but he wants us to share in that connection. Madge and someone having the greatest object of desire on this earth and 1 of the things that me and my boys like are fast cars you know we live down in the Detroit area so you see all kind of cars right I actually have a little album In My Phone or i could pull out to you we look for awesome cars every week you see a new Lamborghini or McLaren or a Bentley I like to look for the Bentleys because they're especially cool. But we see these things and those would be objects for some people of great desire right sure and there would probably be nothing make my boy happier than for us to be up taking a picture of somebody is Lamborghini and his so why don't you get in. Letter fact here's the key is why don't you take it around the block or 1st of all there's not a chance I would let my son do that but I would let him ride with me while I drove it sure Robert that would be a logic of high desire but notice God is taking something much better than a car that's right and he's saying I want you to be connected with me I want you to share in the riches of eternity with me in Jesus as if you will just trust me I am going to be that living connection that brings you back in harmony with the father name and so he takes that divine arm so to speak and he grasps the throne of grace with it and he takes that human arm so to speak and wraps it around all and humanity that accepts him and he brings results and pulls us back and it's the cross that works is that bridge it's not a soul is the words and going on in our text here we're looking in John Chapter 14 we're going to continue with verses 22 through 24 so if we can pull that 1 Jesus is teaching We're still in the same train of thought here in Jesus' teaching and he keeps getting questions asked right so here's Judas this is not Judas Iscariot is not the 1 that betrayed him says to him Lord how is it that you will manifest yourself to us and not to the world so how are we going to be the ones he is good question Jesus answered and said to him If anyone loves me he will keep my word and my Father will love him and we will come to him and now here we go Jesus is speaking in terms of poor reality again which we need him and I love I love this example we will come to him and make our home with him he who does not love me does not keep my words in the word which you hear is not mine again Jesus makes this deference to the father it's not that Jesus is not equal but there is this amazing unified agreement amongst the godhead of how they minister and how they work together in order to accomplish the mission of salvation of souls so he says the word which you hear is not mine but the Father's who sent Me In other words Jesus is saying I'm not diverting from the plan I'm not. Coming up with my own ideas I'm not presenting something new that hasn't always been well and if he was what Paul wrote in Colossians could not be true when he says in Him speaking of Christ dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily that could not be true if Jesus diverted from the plan of salvation because he stays on that plan which is a plan we're told was laid from the foundations of the earth in other words before there was even saying God had a plan to fix it because he knew the in from the begin as Exactly right so I think it's a very beautiful thought that you've got there well now we're time is getting away from us today it always does the clocks are enemy and it really is a but let's ask this question as we try to keep moving forward how does the father relate to the Son and the Holy Spirit what do we see as part of that relationship while this verse here in John 1426 is 1 of my favorite verse and this is just a continuation of the same line and same passage it's right same passage but the helper Jesus is speaking right but the helper the Holy Spirit Aren't you glad he clarifies who the helper is him in the helper of the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in mind name here I see Jesus mentioning all 3 of the individuals who watch this this is beautiful but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that want that I said to you notice there's also some partnership that God has in reaching and working with humanity and as I've thought about this over the years I think it's awesome that God does exists in 3 persons because of God just existed in 1 person and no 1 can look upon the father or be in His presence without being destroyed because of sin and how would we be connected how would we ever have any hope of being connected but because of the way God exists and I again we were not here to try to definitively explain it but the Bible tells us this is how it works and we're going to go back to that quote from manuscript release number 30 read and it says read. Take the Bible as it reads and so we're going to embrace that and here Jesus says the Holy Spirit works in concert with the father and these things that I've told you it will come back in this miraculously wonderful way and when you need something when you have a a word that you need to bring it will be there because we're going to work together on your behalf and Jesus says so we need a full we as I saw the unity in the previous verses that came in moving alone here we want to ask this question is the father greater than the son well read force which Well continuing on in our same line of thought John 1428 Jesus says you have heard me say to you I am going away and coming back to you if you loved me you would rejoice because I said I am going to the Father for My Father is greater than I wanted an interesting statement that Jesus just makes their well and why would he say that why would Jesus say why would Jesus say that the Father is greater than I It's greater than me why would he say that what what comes to your mind when when that hits Well I think about the context of what Jesus where Jesus is in the moment Jesus also told his disciples in John Chapter 16 he tells them the works that you see me doing even greater works than these you will do because I go to my father so wait a minute. So those that make us greater than Jesus to them that's a good question I think we've really got to put the context I have friends I 1 of the reason I'm pressing Pastor Corey a little bit here is because we've said that God's hermeneutic is to allow context to be the King that's right right context what is the context right now you're saying that part of that context is is that Jesus is still in human form he's still he's not going to Calvary yet he's not been resurrected with a glorified body he's not ascended to the father he's not back working as our High Priest and mediator he's standing there in a very limited form at that point Jesus was not omnipresent at that point Jesus could not be everywhere at once at that point Jesus was not as you say glorified and in the fullness of His glory we are we really that ministry was dependent upon very significantly the 3rd Person of the Godhead in other words the Holy Spirit working through him to work these miracles and to do these things well Acts chapter 10 I believe it is a Chapter 13 my minor maybe Schefter 15 my mind is off but it talks about when Jesus was baptized he was anointed by the Holy Spirit with power in order to do the work of his ministry Amen and so I look at the context of Jesus there and the reason why he's making this statement that my Father is greater than I is because in that moment Jesus didn't have all of these things at his disposal that he would have once he's outside of this this sinful not simple body but this this fall in flesh that he took all into it something that I'm going back into his glorious body Sorry I wasn't trying to interrupt you but I think also our folks need to understand is Jesus was said in that example for us the men you know Jesus while he was fully divine and fully human had he tapped into that whatever I can't do that that's right if he's my example if he was tempted in all ways as I am yet without sin I have to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit to resist sin and same as he just as he did and so we see that that example being given to us there enclosing. Saints we don't have a lot of time to cover this last part but I would just want to ask the question what seems to be a primary attribute of the Father and we see here and 1st John 3 Oneness as behold what manner of the law of the father has bestowed on us that we should be called the Children of God You continue to read in 1st John 47 and 8 Beloved let us love 1 another for live as of God and everyone who loves is born of God He who does not love does not know God For God is want love God is love is the very essence of this person and then closing will stop with this from Child Guidance page 47 and just thought this was a very powerful I love how statement a man would you read this for a sure and I can close with prayer she tells us the 1st lesson that children are to be taught is that God is their father this lesson should be given them in their earliest years parents are realizing that they are responsible before God for making their children acquainted with their Heavenly Father that God is love is to be taught by every lesson in men and I certainly think those of you that are with us today those that will watch this and listen to this I think the big lesson the big take away as it relates to God the Father is that while he may be the 1st person of the Godhead in this sovereign omnipotent omniscient God is ultimately goal is not to be this this this horror should dictate or until the Lord over his subjects his goal is to express his love and I'm so thankful that that major expression of His love was done through the ministry of Jesus Christ a man let us close with a word of prayer to get our loving Father we are so grateful to have a little deeper inside as to who you are and Lord I am so much looking forward to eternity that we can set at your feet that we can set it Jesus. And that we can just learn these things and so much greater detail so much greater depth not only will you be the better teacher but our minds will be restored to that image in which we were 1st created and our capacity for understanding will just be phenomenal and so Lord we're looking forward to the day but until then Lord I pray that we would respond to your law of. That we would respond with love and that we would not only accept that love for ourselves but that we would be willing to share it with others the Lord thank you for him in our prayer today and thank you that we can have a saving knowledge of the genuine godhead of the real father the real son the real Holy Spirit and Lord I pray that none of us here would be deceived by Satan's counterfeits So keep us ever in your care is my prayer in Jesus. 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