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Tough Questions About the Godhead- Part 5

Cory Herthel Darryl Bentley




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Our loving father what a privilege it is to open your word yet again and where we just thank you so much that we have the opportunity that we have the freedom to be able to explore your word to be able to study these things together and Lord please please please help us be reminded that it is not Pastor Corey it's not Pastor Bentley it's not us that have these ideas Lord this is your teaching and the Lord we want you to be glorified we want you to shine through in everything that is said everything that is done today and saluted please speak through us today let us just be your vessels and please breast bless our brothers and sisters that will be listening that are watching Lord give them that Man of it they need today that fresh men of that need a new season that they are looking for and that they need in their lives so thank you Father for hearing our prayer for we ask these things in Jesus' name amen amen Well why don't we jump right in to our 1st tough question so to speak and the thing that we see here in the notice how we boarded this question folks you'll see what or who is the Holy Spirit because there's a big question out there Pastor Corey that there are well maybe even beyond the question there are some people that have made a declaration that's right some have made a statement said you know what the Holy Spirit's not of 3rd Person of the Godhead the Holy Spirit is simply this impersonal force that kind of emanates from the father yeah and he's not really a separate individual person it's more of an extension of the Father have you heard these things I have as a matter of fact and this is not something that's brand new in the church about 1011 years ago I was doing a series of meetings in the state of Alabama Gulf states conference and there was a gentleman there in the church I was a member of the administration he was starting to delve into this idea that there are enough 3 in 1 and and the devil in the Holy Spirit was not a person this particular church every Sabbath would sing the doxology priest Father Son and. Goes you know and at the end when he would get to that phrase Father Son and Holy Ghost he wouldn't say Holy Ghost because he said Holy Ghost is not a he it's an it and so the question then is what is the Holy Spirit or is the Holy Spirit He is the holy spirit a person and he would he would just press that and it was really good it was making way in that church big time and the question is are you concerned so we have to nail that down isn't it are you going to believe that's right we need to know solicit what the Scriptures has to say today folks and we're going to start our journey today in the scriptures in John Chapter 16 and we're going to consider verses 5 through 7 notice what Jesus says but now I go away to Him who sent me and none of you asked me Where are you going right he's already been covering these things with them he they know that he's leaving they don't quite understand it but something's up Brighton he goes on to say in verse 6 but because I have said these things to you sorrow has filled your heart Nevertheless I tell you the truth it is to your advantage. Pastor Bentley It was Jesus is telling the disciples right here I'm getting ready to go away from you they've just put in effect of They've been walking with Jesus for 3 and a half years during His earthly ministry they've watched him raise the dead back to life miracle after may have seen the Blind be able to receive sight they've seen the deaf hear they've seen the lame walk again and Jesus is telling them now it's your it's a good thing for you that I'm going the way it sounds counterintuitive doesn't it let me find out why he says sorrow has filled your heart Nevertheless I tell you the truth it is to your advantage that I go away and then he gives us the reason for if I do not go away the Helper will not come to you but if I depart I will send him to you so we see here that Jesus references the helper and notice something else that he brings out in the in the verse here friends in the passage he says I will send it to you No I don't I don't see the word it. Or pastor Darrell was this just something a Bible translator put in because he had an agenda Well let's explore that a little bit further what about this coming of the helper What is God trying to say what was Jesus trying to say to his believers what is he trying to say he calls him the helper we see that right Jesus Now here's a question you're asking is there anything that's hidden in the language we've seen some Jim hidden in the original languages this week yeah I think you are here's another Jim I think our listeners would probably agree with this that taking a look at those original languages Greek and Hebrew and understanding how God was communicating and the words the Batek phrases and so forth that God was using has really helped to illuminate our minds and understand it definitely has mine and I pray it has for others but Jesus uses the pronoun and I'm giving you the actual form as we found it in the Greek out on notice in the in the parentheses there it's out Thomas and this is the 3rd person singular masculine form now I will tell you this the entire time I studied English in high school and never got excited about pronouns. Me the job or have that happen yet I never got excited about pronouns but when I began to understand that these things can have a spiritual impact in my Christian life later on in life now I look and I said wait a minute I'm so glad that I know what a pronoun as a man I'm so glad that I know what a masculine for me is versus a feminine or a neuter form I'm glad that I can look at this and I see right from the original language that this is a masculine form and Jesus was very intentional in using a certain form of the verb because he couldn't on the pronoun rather he could have easily said it but he did not do that he did not do it no notice friends this is in harmony with the word translated here as helper which is para clay Thomas Many of you have heard that probably before in Sabbath school lessons a period Clete. Which is also notice. Notice how this massive matches up it is also in a singular masculine form and of course we know that a pronoun is that that word that takes the place of a noun so the noun the helper right directly to us is being substituted very easily very commonly just like we do in our language today I guess I Pastor Corey he went to the store and he has implied you know that it's implicitly Pastor Corey That's exactly right in what you just said that's exactly right and so we see here from the Greek language again that Jesus is very careful to let us know that he's not referring to the helper as being some impersonal force he doesn't say that well I was the Helper will come and he will kind of him and they hear from the Father and people kind of have this idea of you ever taken 2 magnets. Oh yes and do the opposite it's right you can turn the poles against each other right and you can kind of chase 1 magnet with another that's kind of how some people are trying to describe the Holy Spirit you can't see it but you know it's there that's not what Jesus just said you know Jesus says He Jesus gives him a name he's called the helper it's very clear in there in that particular path and by doing that notice what he does he attributes personhood and he attributes personhood by using these masculine forms of the pronoun in the now and so to me that becomes very clear I think yeah I think it's very clear that the Bible they are Jesus and here's what I like we have the Bible writers that might write something down from their own perspective as the Holy Spirit is love them but when it's Jesus's words I mean how can we argue with that when those letters are read in your Bible you know that's coming right that's a quote from what Jesus has said and so Jesus has made very clear to us that the Holy Spirit is not in it but the Holy Spirit is he he calls him the helper and he says he very clearly Well it's not the only place that you will find the usage of those kind of pronouns That's right and so we're just trying to pull some examples we don't have time to exhaust the whole of scripture but listen you go here our next question we see who the Holy Spirit is what he is but how does he relate to us what is that why is it so important pastoral that we have a true and solid understand as some people may just say again you had Minister preachers you get hung up on these these tangents about things and what does it really matter how people view the Holy Spirit Well I think that the scripture and I'll tell you Pastor as we studied this together and as we prepared for these meetings this particular 1 on the Holy Spirit it is unbelievable how replete the Bible is with references to the Holy Spirit and how important vital his role in our lives I mean we we found so much material science that it was really hard to pick and choose what to put in 1 presentation that's right we could we could have really we could have easily done the entire. We couldn't just a Holy Spirit so that we had to build a foundation to arrive at where we are today but let's ask this question and try to answer it how does the Holy Spirit relate to humanity and we're going to start with Romans 8 if you would read forced by the OK Paul says here in Romans 8 verses 26 and 27 Likewise the spirit also helps there is that word help again in our weaknesses for we do not know what we should pray for as we ought but the Spirit himself himself again there is that pronoun makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered Now he who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God So so as we're asking this question How does the Holy Spirit relate to humanity 1 of those ways is we can definitively say he makes intercession for us and I think in order for him to make intercession for us he has to have a mind he has to have thought he has to have some kind of individual thinking to be able to work on our behalf so that way it definitely makes sense think about this 1 thing that we see emerge from this previous passage is that even our prayers to God would be an offense to him if we did not have help Wow that is good think about how messed up we are yeah here we are created in the image of God sin comes in messes all of that up that relationship I mean virtually destroy it and can only be rescued by the hand of a loving God And notice even as we're trying to talk to gun it. Our mind is so defiled with sand and corruption and we need that restored to power in the US The Holy Spirit takes those prayers and makes them presentable to God and man and I'm glad that he does then the Holy Spirit takes our weak unworthy prayers and translates them into something beautiful and acceptable to God the Father that isn't passed some will and I like it says it uses grown means that are not to be understood so God's communicated with himself on a higher plane and such a is so far above us that's right that that there is no way that our ears will be able to attain it but that's why we have Jesus he is the 1 who reconnects us to the Father and notice now how the Holy Spirit coming in as the 3rd person just like you said with his own mind with his own personality his own way that he's working in and for humanity this is 1 of those things that he's doing for us this Divine Intercession I think we could say is a beautiful gift from God and it helps us see just how far the Lord will go in helping us to be saved truly 1 could say if you end up lost you earned it well and I always go back to 1 of my favorite text pastor and I know we didn't include it in our presentation today but it's there in the Rue 725 speaking of the the power that Jesus has to say when it says he is able to save to the uttermost That's right because he ever lives to make intercession for so he's always God is always on our side and through the agency the Holy Spirit we see that happening through Scripture all the time and saluted and we could take some time we don't have time today and we didn't get into it yesterday but notice how in concert you know 1 of our you know audience members the other day was talking about using a musical analogy Yes and notice how in concert the god hit is Jesus serving as our High Priest in our mediator and now the Holy Spirit coming along he's working in concert with Jesus as an intercessor as a fellow intercessor for the benefit of mankind attempting to save us think that's a beautiful picture well what else does the Holy See. Due to relate to humanity. This is a powerful passage to John 14 in verse 26 but the helper the Holy Spirit in the Father will send in my name he will do what teach you he will teach you how many things I don't think a breath can teach us I don't think of for some magnetic type force can teach us something that just eliminate in this is something the theory is not teaching I don't notice something to somebody that's teaching somebody that is doing that didactic work right there is more there than just a substance just something the theory of he will teach you in how many things all things I like that all things but not only will he teach us all things new things but he says the Holy Spirit and bring to your remembrance how many things all I do and all things that I said to you so is there ever been a time pastor Darrell I wonder I'm sure I must I'm saying this for the benefit of our audience and for those watching. Has there ever been a time where you've been doing a Bible study or you have been presenting on a topic and somebody just throws 1 of those humdinger questions your way and you think her as you're hearing the question being spoken it's like oh I had really thought about this and before the question finishes you're praying in your mind you're saying Lord how my going to answer this and before the question ends the Holy Spirit has put in your mind passages of Scripture Spirit of Prophecy references things to help you to answer that question it is unbelievable how many times it has had it has happened and that's why before I meet with some money to do any kind of counseling in the Bible study I stop in more times than not invoke James 15 a minute because I want God's wisdom and I want him to speak to my mind and by God's grace I've tried to put a lot of things in there and they say there's nothing wrong with my memory it's still recall that we need to help his trying to get out of the archives exactly which you know I used made a really good point and I want to point out again you said you tried really hard to put a lot of things in there it says that he'll recall timelines things of them and recall to our minds things of them and talk to us those are Jesus's words now remember folks the Lord cannot recall something that's not there if you cannot put it there so don't think that you can take your Bible and put it under your pillow at night and sleep on it and hope that through osmosis it's going to radiate into your brain then we're going to have to you have to study I've tried that in high school and it didn't work for physics it never does work didn't work so it's a proven method that that's not going to work absolutely need to be spending time consuming the word diligently and then God the Holy Spirit he can recall to mind as it was things so another part of this question How does the Holy Spirit relate to humanity will he teaches us brings to remember is the things that we have already learned and I would even go so far as to say it this way we cannot learn the things of God without the help of the Holy Spirit Well there are spiritual things and Paul says that spiritual things cannot be discerned by own spiritual people we have to have spirit we've got to have that spiritual connection to God that's exactly have to worship Him in spirit and. And in truth and so we have to have that connection which spirit is it it's the Holy Spirit and who can best explain something other than the subject matter expert if you talk to I guarantee you if you spoke to him very forward about the 1st a Model T. model you know all those vehicles a guarantee if he had a working knowledge that far surpassed many other people absolute because of his role in bringing those things to fruition 2nd time at the 316 and 17 who was the author of the Scriptures the Lord we got here you know the Holy Spirit moved upon them and so you know let's consult with him and he'll show us the way of the word praise the Lord and of course obvious statement the Holy Spirit touches our minds and helps us recall what we study just when we need it we've touched on that but this totally lines up in the what I want to show here with this is that we're we've talked about in previous presentations how we want to see the word of God be studied precept upon precept line upon line here a little there a little Isaiah 2810 right and that's our hermeneutic that we've been working with this we noticed how this lines up so beautifully this lines up with the idea of the Holy Spirit being in The Help or the pair of us right it means the 1 who comes to another is a it so there I am I'm struggling you're struggling any 1 of us are struggling we need that it permission we've studied the Holy Spirit can pull it out of those mental arc and isn't it wonderful to have help all the time there's a life line of help all the time and you don't have to dial into it you don't have to wonder if he's there he's just there and all you have to do is just ask for a hello or and he gives you that and I just threw this in here notice once again the use of masculine pronouns you know Jesus is being consistent we're seeing that consistency in the scriptures so how else does the Holy Spirit relay team and hears that statement that I made got a little ahead of us not sort of that is perfectly in 1st Corinthians 2 in verse 13 this is that statement that Paul Manx these things we also speak not in words which with man's wisdom and what man's wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches and again comparing spiritual things with spiritual the holies. Spirit he AIDS us he guides us along and helps us to discern those spiritual things and understand truth well it is just like you made the point I can't remember if it was yesterday or the day before but you were talking about how the world's idea and the devil's idea is to condom angle that which is common with that which is sacred all we're not going to oh no we can use secular illustration sure you know Jesus used farming in various other you know illustrations we're not saying we can't touch on those things that we don't when they don't fully explain it and we don't want to degrade down that's the key it's not about using metaphors and analogies it's just the fact that we don't want to mingle things with God's sake rudeness and degrade it now absolute sticky So what are we learning here how does the Holy Spirit relate to humanity from this worst I have I love this he grants this discernment for truth gives us an idea without the help of the Holy Spirit I see if you can agree with this statement truth becomes only that which is relevant to our experience of course because we don't have that authority that we're that we're gleaning from I mean if we're just digging a well everywhere we go and just pulling water from wherever Well we've got to go to the right well to get the right water and the well of knowledge the the well of truth comes from the Holy Spirit Well in that analogy not all water is created equal that's exactly got to make sure that we're coming from the spring of living waters that flows from the throne of God and you ask the question the 1st day pastoral what is true. Well how do we determine that we have to find an authority and say whatever he says is true that's exactly right that's where we're going to because without that help what's going to happen we're going to be lost in a vast sea of opinions and I'm I don't know about you I think I do but I can't speak for everyone else but I don't want to just bounce through the buoys of chance trying to figure out is this right is that right in a pilot suffered from this you just brought that back up he suffered from this problem ad as does the post-modern world today many people will say today oh well that's true for you but it's not true for me or it's that's a bat might be a sin for you but it might not be a sin from that's right and basically what they're saying is there is no absolute truth there is no truth this says this is an overarching principle for everyone the scary and I just was transferred early is when we take that approach it's placing God's power into our hands and saying that I have the ability will you become God to you do you become your own because now you're the arbiter of truth and that's scary and we're going to talk about that deeper into the program absolutely well when of course we read that truth is the Word of God John 1717 and now we know that we will not recognize that truth without the help of the Holy Spirit minds will be blinded to it will keep looking how else is the Holy Spirit relate to humanity in the world when he has come he will convict the world of sin of righteousness and judgment and I apologize about the wrong reference there we know this is actually John 16 and John 16 and I believe it's verse 8 if I'm not mistaken it is it's a begins in verse 8 so I will correct that but what is the meaning here how does the Holy Spirit relate to him in a day he convicts all of sin of righteousness and of judgment and people wonder about the whole what is it talking about and Jesus even explains it a little bit as you go through the continuing verses there the following verses beginning John 16 verse 891011 following on through will sin Jesus says because the world has basically not believe in me that's right and so let's break that down just a little. More what does that mean what does it matter if I don't believe in Jesus what does that matter and how does that relate to whether or not I'm convicted about sin well because Jesus obviously he is the 1 that is offering truth he's the word that's made flesh and so if I don't believe in Jesus will without understanding what's right what's wrong without understanding his commands without understanding his will I can't know what sin is and so the Holy Spirit reveals that to our mind what is it 1st John $34.00 that tells us sin is transgression of the law that's right Ken Jesus says if you love me John 14 and verse 15 I believe it is he says if you look lovely My Commandments keep my commandments so if we love him if we and if we don't believe in Him then we don't know anything about sand Paul mentions it several times in Romans as well without the law there is no sin I would've known that there was an except through the law so we have understand God's will and let's remember too why did Jesus come Jesus didn't come just to spend time with people and hang out no he came for a very specific purpose is a TO SEE can save that which was lost and to lead people into righteousness and so if we don't know who Jesus is we don't really understand the depth of how lost humanity was turned It is without a savior and so the Holy Spirit convicts us that we need Jesus that we need a Savior that he did die for our sins and we must decide to follow him so that convicting power comes through the work you know Holy Spirit He says righteousness because the world can no longer see me I'm returning back to my father but basically what he was saying the is the world can no longer see a living example of righteousness as displayed in the life of Jesus and I go back to when Jesus says to the disciples it's your to your advantage and I'm going away because I'm going to send a helper. Who becomes that example now who is it that that shows what righteousness is well Paul says in 2nd printings chapter 5 I believe it's in verse 21 there he's in verse 17 he says if anyone come to Christ and you create an all things the past and in verse 21 he says now therefore we are ambassadors for Christ is the god is pleading through us right to be reconciled and so we become the face of Jesus to other people when we're his disciples and that's why he even said to His disciples in John Chapter 16 he said the works you see me do even greater things than these you will do why not because we're better than Jesus but because there's more of us and we are really forgiving so it's not greater in the sense of more power it's greater in abundance it's just in abundance it's in quantity only and if Jesus were there were would everybody flock to him and they would want to leave his side but if he goes away and he says OK now go to work that's right that's essentially what he did in Acts chapter 1 was it not yes he did and we see Acts chapter will and they're getting that commission we read about the commission in Matthew 28 but really Acts Chapter 1 plays that out for us there in the 1st few verses judge let Well because the everyone needs to know that they will be judged based on to whom they give their allegiance and loyalty that's right and he goes on to say the ruler of this world is Satan right we know who that is he will be judged for his sins. Why is the world so afraid of judgment. Well because 1st of all the Devil has lied about what judgment really means because the Bible tells us I believe in Daniel Daniel tells us that judgment is made in favor of the saints of the most high if we are following God we don't have to fear the judgment as a matter of fact if we are following Jesus if we have that relationship with him the judgment is something we can look forward to because in the judgment God's character becomes vindicated and the God of love becomes revealed once again and we see beyond the shadow of a doubt that how God has dealt with humanity how he's dealt with the fallen beings the unfallen beings is just and right and fair. And so we want to understand the truth about the judgment absolutely well and think about this there's no wonder that the devil wants people to reject the Holy Spirit why get rid of the Spirit unless you want to hide the reality and the result of sin That's right yeah I mean to me as we continue to uncover and we read these verses that we have in this presentation it's going to become clearer and yet clear still as to why this particular teaching is under such a vile attack by the devil there's a reason why friends the devil does not want us believing in the Holy Spirit or that he wants us to diminish the power of the Holy Spirit and who the Holy Spirit is well we have another text here to look at and I want to think about this what this promise has for us as we consider what the Holy Spirit does for us and what his relationship is to us in Acts chapter 1 in verse a this is but you shall receive what. Power that's an important word the word there in the Greek I believe is do not nice and it's the same word that we derive dynamite from dunamis this kind of power that has such a such a change it's like an explosive chain and Dynamite is not like 1 of these little black cats that you get at the 4th of July no no we're talking something that can tear on a whole wall and I used to have you know 1 of the jobs that I had before the Lord called me in the ministry was working in the explosives industry we would drill holes in rock we would fill that with explosives to a certain amount light off all of these explosive special report I have seen over $20000.00 pounds of explosives go off at 1 time it's awesome So we're talking about a kind of power that God has is willing to share with his people that he's willing to put within his people that can be totally explosive in a very positive way I can just if we will allow God to do that and the men so you shall receive power in the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and all Judea some area and to the end of the earth so the Holy Spirit gives us the ability then to become witnesses for Jesus Praise the Lord Well and here's the here's the sad part about it though you and I are sitting up here getting excited about that and we praise the Lord that we get to do this full time but I have to tell you I was excited about being a witness for Jesus before I ever became a bass Amen to that and I think it's that love and wanting to do that for Jesus that you know motivated me to accept a called a ministry and this makes me also think that the bring something else to my mind. I can mention the other day I've never met Jesus on the street I've never shaken his hand I've never looked upon his face in a physical format. How do I get to know Jesus number 1 through His word and through the leading of the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit I can't know who Jesus is as you just mentioned that and so in order for me to be a witness to have a testimony to say that I have experienced something I've got to have that connection only spirit to give me the ability to witness for him absolutely and notice also the Holy Spirit wants to give us power so that we do not live in fear only worry and fear what do we do do are we outgoing are withdrawn when I'm in fear we cower right when I'm in fear I withdraw when I'm in fear I'm afraid to go out I don't want to share what are they going to think about me what are they going to say about me how will I answer their questions and I will remember the Holy Spirit is going to bring back what you studied That's right don't worry about answering the question he will do it right notice this counsel from the Apostle Paul when you read the source I sure will and I was just thinking this I love this particular text 2nd Timothy 17 for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power there is that word again I love that word I say more to give That's right but he's given us the spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind so where is this Holy Spirit is a spear come from it is the Spirit of God It's the Holy Spirit and so the Holy Spirit is the 1 who takes away our fears and then he is the 1 that can eradicate those fears and we read elsewhere in the scripture that perfect love casts out fear so notice who also Paul is saying to Timothy brings that law of the Holy Spirit brings that love not only does he give you the power he gives us the love in that is that sound mind and I put on the list here self-control because as you look at that Greek word a little better translation would actually be self-control and we find that elsewhere we find that in the fruits of the spirit that that's the very last 1 that's mentioned there why is something troll someone so important will you take a look at what happened when somebody was demon possessed in the days of Jesus they were out of their minds they were falling down they were they were foaming at the mouth they were saying all sorts or her. And this thing is they couldn't talk they were just and so if the Holy Spirit has this the Holy Spirit dwells within us the devil demons take us by force there's a such thing as demon possession we've heard an absolutely that's how the devil does he wants to twist John pastoral he wants to get a hold of you but the Holy Spirit waits for the invitation to be well with us there's a being a prince in God's dealings I was talking with somebody after our meeting the other day and she said you know I believe the Holy Spirit I believe God is a gentleman and I said I totally agree with that you know the devil he is a scoundrel he is he's a wolf ready to devour and he's going to take you however that's why the mark of the beast can be received through our intellect in the mind but it can also be in there are works in our hand by force but we'll look at the distinction just with Jesus the still of God I know you're going to see is only in the form of the board because that's that's only through our mind that we've accepted making that decision but let's go back to that gentlemanly idea Revelation 320 tells us Jesus is want he says Behold I stand at the door and not I'm knocking I don't batter it down with a battering right if I come to your door and knock I'm not demanding I mean unless I'm not like the police right but if I just do the knock that Jesus is talking about I'm requesting can I come in of course because he says there's a conditional statement if you open the door I will come in and I will sup with you so the idea again is this invitation Jesus is waiting for the invitation and the Holy Spirit waits for the image of a man so what else does the Holy Spirit do to relate to humanity will we have a fish and 113 and 14 here says in him you also trust it after you heard the word of truth the gospel of your salvation that's part of the word of truth right in whom also having believed you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise no we just reference to this idea of being sealed in the forehead or in the hand right notice verse 14 continues who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession to the praise of his glory. So how else does the Holy Spirit relate to humanity he SIL's God's followers in the truth and I love this idea that when something is sealed it's want it secured form from corruption I always like that word you and I like words and we're often commenting to each other we say a word 1 of these like the library or well 1 of the words I'm a throw out here and we see if you like this 1 hermetically sealed like that we're right it's just 1 of those cool sounding words and there's something to her medically sealed we know that it's it's a way from corruption right it's in there you can't get to it when something is sealed by the Holy Spirit we're talking about me and cild in truth that's right we're talking about being sealed in a relationship we're not talking about being sealed just for secular things and so as it relates to the Word of God in the loyalty to the Lord we need to be sealed from the corruption of deception and error that's And of course we give a couple of references there on the screen so when and so when that happens and you have another point you're going to bring up on the screen we want to make sure that we have taken our step Paul says to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling that means you need to work through in your mind in your heart to whom you're going to be loyal Josh loses Joshua says you can choose who you're going to serve but as for me in my house we're going to serve the Lord that is it that is a statement of saying there is no turning in my decision and we have to get to that point where I say Lord I want to be sealed and consciously and even subconsciously I want everything about me completely dedicated to Jesus to the Lord and to His Will Absolutely thank you so much for your help today you've got this little tickle in miles around telling me of the devil does not want this information presented that's right in and he just works every way he can to try to get us them we're going to fight the good fight with the Lord so in this delicious water so pray for us things 1st Corinthians 6 and verse 11 What else do we learn here about the Holy Spirit. Paul again he has a lot to say about the Holy Spirit does the Lord but you were washed and you were saying defied you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of our God So here the Holy Spirit is working actively in the process of justification that is the moment the sinner balances in the end says Lord I'm a sinner in need of a savior and I surrender and I repent and I renounce sin and that moment we're washed and given a clean record as though we never sin bury the Lord and he's faithful and just to forgive us right 1st John learned OK So we have that promise but he takes an active part here it says in the process of sanctification Wow No no we always think about justification we talk about sanctification me in the work of a lifetime but think of a cation this is an important point it's not something that happens only it's own or by us just trying hard enough that's right you know heard somebody say 1 time and I thought it was kind of a cute play on words I like kind of things like that heard a guy say 1 time you know I don't need more willpower. I need more won't power. I like you know I can't muster up enough willpower to just do the right thing I need God's work in my life so that I won't do the things that my flesh desires I mean Paul speaks to that right he says that he's warring against himself he goes on and he's warring against the flesh so I love this idea that we seek him out in this verse this sanctification it's not just me trying hard enough you know it's not just me being regimented enough for my diet it's not just me being regimented enough for my Bible reading or my prayer or anything else it's really been in the surrender relationship to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit working through me so that I'm motivated for the right reasons and I stay on course with his power and that's so key that that we must remain surrendered to Jesus and surrender pass a girl isn't just I give up I throw the towel and you know you've heard those you've heard that statement just let go and let go well there's terms of surrender what are what are the terms of surrender how do we live surrender do we just let go and let God or or what does surrender in a Christian walk in a Christian life look I think to an extent we can go with the premis let go and let God but let's finish the statement OK OK let's finish the statement let go of the control over your life and let God have that control and if he has the control it's not that I sit back and do nothing it's just I'm going to him I'm trusting him to be the 1 to help me make those decisions what do we often refer to Jesus as not just our savior but our what our Lord he's our Lord so if he's our Savior sure that's the justification part right he's saving me from my sin not in my sin he's saving me from my sin but if he's going to be Lord a lord's the 1 making decisions right and he's going to have the power he's going to have the authority to make the decisions in every area of my life I like the word jurisdiction. In that particular I like that I think if it separate your context we give him jurisdiction were saying You're our leader because it's a wonderful concept having a savior I'm freed from the guilt of sin and I get to go to heaven but so many people say but I don't know about that Lord thing because I don't want told how to live I don't want to end Jesus ends up getting treated like a spare tire he does he gets in and up treated like a spiritual 1st aid kit and I hate these bumper stickers and forgive me I know hates a strong word I strongly dislike the bumper stickers of these little license plates that says God is my copilot and you know since when did you become good enough to lead your own life and get it right that's right get out of the pilot's seat and let God do the flying that's right if anything it we should just be his past I was just I was right there was just me saying we should just be the passenger in Roseville take us along well we've already covered this a little bit but justification it's also not something that we're mustering on our own no we don't cause it to happen the Holy Spirit's working there yes here comes our part again right we have to choose to accept Jesus as their savior right he's knocking we have to choose to love open the door and let him in but the Holy Spirit is the 1 that gives us that heart to want Jesus in the 1st place how many times have you set and preached a sermon and you look back in the congregation and you find somebody like this. Yes many times I'm praying many times Holy Spirit just keep them away right help me out with this Lord you know and of course I need to do my part I need to prepare I need to try to engage with my audience but it's really the holy spirit that's going to take that message any message and really drive it into the heart and allow the words to do more than just the words that's right to be that vehicle that conduit by which we do find salvation so I you know I think we've asked the question how does the Holy Spirit relate to humanity and I think the Scripture has done a beautiful job and like you said she wanted to assassinate her like you said at the beginning I mean we really we barely scratched the surface with examples of how the homeless. Spirit released to man the week there were a plethora of verses that we had to leave out just for the sake of time I mean I'm watching the clock it's our enemy and it's already fighting against us and we still have a lot to share may do so let's keep moving but we've already seen how he definitely relates to and gives us those victories so now not only do we need to see we see how he relates to humanity but we're making this statement we're making the declaration that we believe the Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the Godhead so that it begs the question how does it relate to Jesus how does it relate to the rest of the Godhead So let's try to figure that out just a little bit as we look at the scriptures again here John chapter 1 yet here in John chapter 1 you have John's personal testimony I love the Gospel of John it's not 1 of the synoptic gospels it's it takes a totally different tone a different approach to Matthew Mark and Luke and it is my favorite gospel because I love John's approach and how he deals with the person and of God Well in John's goal is to state this John's goal we see because there's different missions behind each of the Gospels are Matthew's trying to reach a Hebrew mindset and prove to them from the lineage that Jesus is that much messianic fulfillment Mark is more concerned with the Roman mindset he leaves out the genealogy in Mark is very fast paced yes like you see immediately this happened immediately that happened Luke he was a Greek physician right and he's writing to his friend the awful us right and so he's trying to come at it from a Greek mindset very logical very structured in a very outline John his concern is only for the heart of the new believer he wants new believers to be able to know definitively that Jesus is their Lord and Savior So I think that's why it just reaches the heart in such a powerful way so John 1 verse 3234 John more witness saying I saw the Spirit descending from heaven now this is John and John the Baptist that's right is bearing witness I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove and he remained upon him and this is at the baptism of Jesus I did not know him but he who sent me to baptize with water said to. Me upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining on him this is he who baptizes with the Holy Spirit in and I have seen and testified that this is the Son of God he sees the Holy Spirit coming down and landing and staying and remaining upon Jesus during this moment when he's come up out of the water and then he says Jesus is the 1 who baptizes with the Holy Spirit what does that mean I think you got a text here to kind of help us on hers Well what I want to bring in tie in with this is let's stay true to our hermeneutic right we've been saying compare line upon line here a little there a little notice the testimony now of what we find here in Acts different rider right we know that Luke is also the writer of X. because he begins Luke once again my most excellent the awfulness and so notice what he says in this agreement that we find in scripture he is writing about how God unknowing to Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power who went about doing good in healing all who were oppressed by the devil for God was with him so we've noticed this beautiful agreement that we see in the scripture but let's go back to your point before we before we pull up the next verse they are 1 of the points that you're bringing out here is John is testifying to these things and he had been told that when you see this form this spirit coming down upon him take away all your doubt that's right you know definitively who you're dealing with Amen and he wasn't I mean he knew to a degree because what we read is it help me out here John 129 he looks up and says Behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world I believe yes and so he had some understanding some recognition of who Jesus was but I would say this was a sink in the mail for him this was thinking that no he had it pulled together but this settled it for John and now he's bearing testimony to that and then of course Luke testifies to the fact that the very same thing happened and then so we see the Holy Spirit now relating to the use. In what way he's giving him power he's annoying to him we'll remember that in Daniel's prophecy in Daniel Chapter 9 dealing with the 70 weeks prophecy leading up to the point of time from the decree of artists or says up to the point of time that Messiah the Prince would come there had to be some annoying thing that would take place and the fulfillment of that prophecy happened right at the baptism of Jesus he was anointed and became you like to say he was Messiah elect Up until that baptism point well because we have to ask the question Messiah machine doc in the Hebrew means the anointed 1 Christ is not Jesus last name it's a title that's really it's Christ comes from Christoph's right in the Greek which again means the anointed 1 and so unless he was anointed he may have been the guy born of a Virgen he may have lived this perfect life but until he was anointed with power and with the Holy Spirit to conduct his earthly ministry he was not fully in officially the Messiah and that's And I've had some people get upset with all he was the Messiah Well then why did he press John to say let's baptize me that we might fulfill righteousness because he yes Jesus knew that he needed this annoying thing that's right because he kept saying my time is not come and it's so now it had come it was so important to Jesus and it has to be that the prophecies would come to fulfillment as they were stated otherwise the word does not have validity and that's what Jesus saying let's fulfill this righteousness absolute So now he received that power he received that annoying thing at his baptism but I believe Paul here in in the book of Hebrews has something else to say about that particular power and what Christ accomplished here in Hebrews 9 in verse 14 it says how much more this is talking about the system of sacrifice in Jesus at the cross he said it was finished the veil in the earthly temple tore into signifying that that the end of those shadows are those 4 types was was come and that Christ had fulfilled those and he was the end to type and so now Paul saying how much more shall the blood of. Christ who through the eternal spirit so how did Jesus manage to get to this point and all through with the cross and where did he get the the strength to go even though he was sweating blood in the garden to 70 and begging his father to let this thing passed it says through the eternal spirit he offered himself without spot to God What kept Jesus victorious what kept him on the on the path to fulfill his father's mission it was the power it was this power this annoying thing that took place at his baptism the Holy Spirit praise the Lord and he says the Holy Spirit he was he presented himself without spot to God cleanse your conscience and so now through the Holy Spirit this power that Jesus since he's able to cleanse our conscience from dead works from from being lost in sin and being just total miserable awful beings wretches if you will and now we can serve we can live for we can we can represent the living well in it's so beautiful I love that picture because what the Holy Spirit has done for Christ he also wants to do for us he wants to keep us faithful he wants us to complete our mission and I want to hone in on this 1 word and though we won't necessarily plan on talking about this word but the eternal spirit you know we haven't talked about that a whole lot we talked about it with Jesus because people wrestle over this idea of be gotten you know the hope that they'll go back and listen to yesterday's presentation but that spirit of God The 3rd Person of the Godhead in the Holy Spirit is also eternal Amen and you remember we've made the point several times in order for these 3 persons to come together and make up God they must be individually and fully God any Turnley God themselves that's right they do not come together the not part of this the same substance again as we look at what the Catholic doctrine of the Trinity but he is the eternal spirit that is helping this with Jesus and will help us as well praise the lord amen I does love the thought well 1 of the things we've talked about Pastor Corey is the conviction of sin that's right you know John 16 in verse 8. Again had the wrong reference but now we know what it is right but what about sin is is there a sin and that cannot be forgiven does the Bible talk about that and you know we might even ask the question What is the unpardonable sin and we often cover this in our evangelistic meetings because there's people that come in they wonder have I committed the unpardonable sin I've had that question is so many times I've had people say you know I'm I don't think I have and what I always say pastoral is when somebody comes to me saying Have I committed the unpardonable sin my answer is always No you have absolutely nothing you wouldn't be asking me that question right and you don't even have to wait till they tell you which then it is that's right the very thought that they are convicted that they may have committed it shows that the Holy Spirit is still working in their lives so let's break this down a little bit let's see what the Scripture has to and these are Jesus' words and I love when this Jesus words we can take it just take for Scriptures as they read that's right so Matthew 123132 Therefore I say to you every sin then blasphemy will be forgiven him but this blasphemy against the spirit will not be forgiven man now this even gets deeper the pastor of this next statement oh you know impacts that more and I really want you to listen as we read this and read along with us and think about the the dynamic here of what Jesus is saying anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man It will be forgiven him so you can say what you want about Jesus you can tear him down you can work against his mission in that can be forgiven Well we see that in the life of Peter Jesus said you'll deny me 3 times before the rooster crows by the time he got to the 3rd 1 he was cursing and swearing and I mean I can imagine was behavior looked like he probably remembered some things he learned on the docks probably. But whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit it will not be forgiven him either in this age or in the age to come so it begs the question What is Jesus trying to say here let's piece these Bible truths together and we have seen that the Holy Spirit part of his work John 16 verse thing is to convict the world of sin righteousness and judgement. So if the Holy Spirit is convicting me of sin and I know that I need to turn away from the sin but I say you know what Holy Spirit get out of my life get away from me I'm going to remain remain steadfast in this sin and I'm going to keep sinning because it feels good because I love it whatever what am I doing to the Holy Spirit Well now if you think about the word that Jesus uses here is blasphemy and when we go in we don't have time right now to unpack the word blasphemy but the Jews were going to stone Jesus because of blasphemy because they said a man is calling himself God or and then basically he's saying not only calling himself God but usurping them for Rogatis of God That's right and so in order to commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is the 1 like you mentioned he is the person the God who can fix the world of sin who brings us to righteousness who shows us about the judgment so if I am rejecting the Holy Spirit to the point of blasphemy I then am putting myself in the position of executing the prerogatives of the Holy Spirit for myself I'm saying I don't care what God's will is for me I don't care what God has to say to me I don't care what the word of Scripture says I'm going to live how I want I'm going to do what I want I'm going to do whatever and I'm not going to repent and so the blaspheming the Holy Spirit is not you're saying hey I don't like the Holy Spirit the blasphemy the Holy Spirit is me usurping his role in my own life and just saying whatever I decide is right for me that's what's right for me so basically if I have a sin let's just say that that Sheriff sin is is line just for the sake of argument. If I refuse to surrender that to God and I make the decision taking God's place and saying you know what I make the decision the lion is not a sin I'm not convicted on it I'm not going to be convicted on it and so now I'm holding on to something that I'm not releasing to the got to God to the Holy Spirit and so I'm I can't be forgiven of something that I don't release that's just it your it's it's on partner will because you're not giving it up and if I have a ticket to get into a concert and I come to the door and they say I just need your ticket will you not get my ticket where you're not coming in well but I have a ticket Well we need the ticket well just give us the ticket will let you in no i'm not get 1 of the ticket can you imagine this scene and it's just sounds foolish That's right so if I claim that I want to be saved but I don't say Lord take this and also I'm playing God and that becomes something I can't be forgiving of because I haven't released it and it goes back to Hebrews 1026 where Paul says for if we sinned willfully it's that willful you know better but you're doing it and I'm going to anyway James for 70 he that knows to do good and doesn't do it either 1 of them either 1 of these things Paul says there in Hebrews 1026 they're no longer remains a sacrifice or covering a propitiation for those sounds you're lost because you're refusing you're saying the Holy Spirit is coming to you and you're saying I'm not going to listen a sin can't be washed away that hasn't been released by the sinner that's right that's essentially what we're saying and that's what Jesus is saying here so what about this we're running out of time here so let's try to finish up I think we're near the end is the Holy Spirit equal to the other persons of the god is there a text that makes it clear pastor here well we've looked at some things. That makes it clear I hope there is let's see if this 1 might fit the bill 1st John 56 and 7 this is he who came by water in blood Jesus Christ not only by water but by water and blood and it is the spirit who bears witness because the spirit is what truth is. I know that's pretty awesome but notice how it matches up with what we've learned if the Holy Spirit is the 1 who carried holy men of God was the 2nd Peter chapter 120 and 21 he's the 1 who carried holy men of God as they wrote the Scriptures as they brought forth prophecy the Scripture is God breathed right that they own news to us that we read there he is the 1 who is truth because he's presenting the truth but I love verse 7 but there are 2 that bear witness in heaven no I don't see that passing or be careful will speak is this that Bentley substandard version you've got to watch occasionally I read the Bentley substandard very OK let's get back to the looking Jing OK sounds good for there are 3 that bear witness in heaven and I'm glad that the Bible doesn't leave us to speculate as to who the 3 are it's the Father the Word and we've already learned from John chapter 1 that the Word became flesh so that's Jesus right and the Holy Spirit and it's John and it's John writing this again so we can compare So there's harmony that's right and these 3 are 1 it 1 there's that statement again the 3 are 1 hero Israel more in the Lord is 1 good or only 6 for the great and these 3 are 1 so just praise God that we see definitively quality that there is equality of that there is there is this coming together to bring our God and we can have faith in that. Let's look at this last statement says we're running out of time and I would you share this with I love this manuscript released manuscript number 21006 Ellen White says the Holy Spirit has a personality else he could not bear witness to our spirits and with our spirits that we are the children of God he must also be a divine person wet not a divine force not a divine force not something emanating but he must also be a divine person else he could not search out the secrets which lie hidden in the mind of God for what man know what the things of a man save the spirit of man which is in him even so the things I'm. God know what no man but the Spirit of God and we have 1 more that goes right along with that and pastoral new you haven't you're going OK special testimony series A She says the prince of paradise let me ask this question this is a hypothetical question I think everyone knows the answer to already. Why would the devil be so adamant about attacking this particular person of the Godhead and trying to diminish his role in our lives why would God say or why would the devil say rather that there is no God the Holy Spirit and then we don't need to worry then why would this be coming up again in the last days especially if this is something that has been put to rest something that has been put to bed over and over and over again through careful Bible study why does it keep coming back and I'm going to tell you this the devil was the original recycler Yes he is he's the 1st 1 to take his old garbage and bring it back to us over why does he do it because we keep buying it that's right and here's what here's what she says here's the answer friends the prince of the power of evil can only be held in check by the power of God in the 3rd Person of the Godhead the Holy Spirit if we don't have the Holy Spirit pastor number 1 we don't have a chance against the bill we have no power against him we are completely week we are completely feeble it has to be through the power of the Holy Spirit Number 2 the Holy Spirit's the 1 that teaches us all things he's the 1 that reveals all things and he's the 1 that recalls all things to 1 man what how can we stand against hellish forces if we don't have this power of the Holy Spirit standing by our side well in our war is not against flesh and blood we're told it's against principalities and powers and evils that are from from the from the dark from spiritual realms and so we want to make sure that we are that we are so connected so you see 2 things I want to point out number 1 the Holy Spirit is he the Holy Spirit is God just as much as Jesus is God and the Father is God in man but what I love is the fact that we have in my mind passenger on 1 of I'm going to defer to you but in my mind what we have concluded as we come to an end here is that. Father Son and Holy Spirit they are each and individual they are each 1 of them are an individual there are individuals and individually they come together each 1 is individually God and together they are God you know nowadays there's this thing that people do after they make a statement and they're holding a microphone when they've made a definitive statement and nothing else can be said what do they do with the microphone just drop the microphone this feels like God's microphone dropped to me and then the Holy Spirit has a personality he is the 3rd person of the Godhead I don't know how much more definitively someone would need it to be spelled out before they would realize that what God has been trying to teach in His word is verified through the Spirit of Prophecy and is something that we can trust in an absolute fashion Amen won't you close us with a word of prayer we're out of time and friends we would just say to you that if there is something that you need more information about we have stated to you before that we're willing to share this material I've been waiting for those of you that have requested been waiting until we finish the series so that I could send you all of the notes together but we are willing to share this this is not something we're trying to hoard for ourselves no way you know we don't have a copyright on the gospel so if you would like this information simply drop me an e-mail to Pastor Bentley at G.-Mail dot com and Bentley is L A U Y at the end so make sure you get that correct or it goes to some guy in Arkansas I believe in OK there's another pastor Bentleys the pastor Bentley a G. Mail dot com and will be glad to share the information that we've been presenting here this week so close us out with a word of prayer for your brother dear Father God we thank you so much for your Son Jesus and we thank you so much for your Holy Spirit and how awesome it is that we can see the 3 and how you were 1. Well we thank you for the equality that you point out to us we thank you for the various ministries that our God plays and executes in our lives and Lord I just pray that that as we have concluded this particular series The Lord we have done justice for you we are so finite and feeble and there's no way that we have even come close to fully expressing and revealing you to the people and to those that are listening and watching but lord we've we've given it our best and I asked Lord that that you would allow this information to sink deep into our hearts and arguments that the words of Scripture would would cry out to us Lord and would shine like a light in a dark place and that if there was anybody who might have been questioning this before that now their minds and hearts are sealed by the Holy Spirit in this field with these words that we can trust beyond a shadow of a doubt so Lord we thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to have been able to study these particular themes in these words and we thank you again for the Spirit of Prophecy. And for those that just that added testimony that just helps to really illuminate the Bible and to validate what you've already said so Lord as we close we ask again for your blessing. For your watch here and for continued growth you know I walk with you and pray these things in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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