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Christ in Daniel- Part 1

Jerry Finneman




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Need have to give a lot of prayer gracious Father in you said that if we have a. Grasp of the principles of the Book of Revelation and Daniel that will have a deeper and richer experience and so we ask your Holy Spirit might teach us as a group as we study as we discussed and I believe it will you are your more more willing to teach us than even we are to learn but we ask for your Holy Spirit you promise that if we being evil you know how to give good gifts to our children home much more will our heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask and so we ask and I know that you will not give sticks and stones but you give us the very gift and your promise that we thank you for help for unbelief we do believe all men on them. Already enough in John John Chapter 5. We have. We have the the comment by Christ in verse 39 he says if you search the Scriptures where in them you think you have eternal life and then what was his application in. Their leg which justified me. And I believe every book of the Old Testament the central figure in all of them in the history of prophecy whatever it might be or even your basic laws of existence the central figure is Jesus Christ and there's another 1 of our government coming up here if this thing I'm hoping it will come here for the decision OK so maybe they were. 0. Where he says he prayed since he was using. My system they were searching his yes and thinking that they have eternal life because they were doing that OK yes well they were just. Completely missed him completely from what. Works a lot yes you know. There are many things they do the same. Miss Christ in the Old Testament. And we don't want to miss them. In the book do what they are. Yes yes yes. You know your could be your conservatives even today do the same but. You're liberals it doesn't matter to them but what you're conservative or are very cautious in the in the Goodenow. Who. You know. We. You know. He was raised on he dies. You know. You. Meet him he does. Trying to live life you know even. Right. Now. You know is there a danger for us a 7 day ahead of us to miss Christ on and I need we need to be careful here a doctor is being put down today but some of it is for a good reason in that people have zeroed in on doctrine as an argument Taishan. To to actually to miss an experience with cross he's. OK yes either lead us to. Either lead us to Christ or to to come from him oh or you know there should be both but he should be the center of a problem. For us. You know. We're trying. Yes. Yes many times. You know. But I'll tell you during the say from sixty's to body can 80 somewhere in that range when White spoke about the preaching preaching of that time of the hills we go to war in a room but they were winning almost every debate had been as I mean if you use logic a premise premise and conclusion. They want almost there would be are men $11.00 of the men was so bold as whole he was probably the best debater that we've ever had and he would he won all but I think nearly every or every argument including spiritualist he would hold up spiritualist to debate them to defeat them and though I warned him she says you're on dangerous ground because you're dealing with the mind of the devil he paid no attention to her he continued to win debates with Spears was but the bill finally got him he went so far as to say that Christ was wrong the devil right this is amazing but but he had he had an argument of mind and he knew how to hold a debate but it destroyed him. You do have a spot you associate I mean I know personal space. I was just the same way. Even if you have a lot of action people. Who came 1st the right picture here he was. OK They were like. You're saying I don't think. Someone from their family is 1 of them has. Not been returned you know really a lot of objects and. You know OK good that's it's a good good point remember when I was a colleague 1 euro I stayed with a man whose name was Charlie Brown. And up his his wife had passed away and and he wanted to sever the evidence to stay with him he was lonely you know and he'd just wanted some fellowship and that type of thing so he's any contact he had in the college he said I want to have been a suit doesn't drink or smoke that's so. So so that they hit they asked me if I would go and stay with us and sure and we used to have tremendous business together and every every evening after supper and he out what this 1 evening he said Jerry. Well I need to back up a little bit he said my wife and I were deeply in love he was in his eighty's still working but he said we'd prayed that that she would go before I am because he says that we knew that she couldn't take care of me and I could take care of her until she died and that's the way it was and then he says but she's in heaven now you know looking or me things like this. And my didn't say anything and he said that you told me that in show I said no. He said I know you did and I said Jonathan I don't I didn't I know you told me that she's in heaven I said Charlie I couldn't have told you that he's a Y. Not because I said I don't believe it. And then I said all this and I said you 2 were deeply in love and if you're What if your wife is in heaven she's looking at the misery that you're going through right now would heaven be a heavy happy pain place for her to see your agony and and that he looked at me he said you have schoolwork to to do don't you heard he would not he would not venture any farther on that because it was a. I don't know it I don't see how you get comfortable but some people are going. In But anyhow OK. Yes it could very well be in course the Lord Lucan noise heart and he was he was a really a dear man but. OK maybe maybe we're going out with this. Deal with Christ in Daniel and I'm here these are 5 I've got more than this but we're going to look at the overview of Christ in the Book of Daniel we're going to the mystery of God In chapter 2 the word secret is translated as mystery in many different translations and in the Greek or Testament and it's the same word that's used in the New Testament of them or the mystery of God of Christ in you the hope of glory and some of these things will look at some of this as we get into it we look at the conversion of the king It took 4 chapters each chapter you can see. How the Lord was working with never can is it took God nearly the whole lifetime of never can is are but he finally got it Chapter 4 is it's a public document Daniel did not write Chapter 4 it's a public document that he took out of the archives or wherever it was and put it in the Bible but it's the conversion experience of never going to his or he said I want to speak go to the whole world and so we'll we'll take a look at it as as if we get it and we're going to look at what Belshazzar knew he was the grandson that's in chapter 5 and will take a look at what the how much he knew and what he had rejected and then bringing in the everlasting covenant that's the everlasting righteousness in chapter 9 during that 70 week period of time and they'll be all the things that will be looking out but these are the this is kind of the direction will be hidden from us you have questions or observation to make it slow down whatever here this is I mentioned this earlier. That we read this in John 539 you search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life but they are they which testify me and. And then we're going to look at the purpose of prophecy. In Christ is the purpose of prophecy and. The purpose is that Christ be formed with him and we're to be in Christ he's to be in us and 1st Peter 1 will look at that when I think about the next slide here. Peter said that we have a more sure word of prophecy and he says we do well to take heed as unto a light that shines in a dark place until the date on in the day Star arise in your hearts now who is that a star has to be Christ so the purpose of prophecy the purpose of Daniel is that that prophetic light will shine into our minds and our hearts of Christ is formed within the whole boring that's the purpose of Daniel and on all of the prophecies then in cautions $127.00. Is a god will to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of glory you think Christ is dwelling in Daniel. The Spirit of God The Spirit of Christ go out with and that's what gave him his wisdom and understanding and the righteousness of crisis around him so in this we have a crisis in the Book of Daniel are you in Christ and Christ in you and this is the purpose of the Book of Daniel. That the overall picture and that this testimony we mentioned this earlier. Testament ministers 114. When the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believe or is will have an entirely different religious experience I want to have that more and more the more we study the more of the kind of experience we can have in these wonderful books. Daniel was a favorite of Jesus he began his ministry the Book of Daniel and he ended his ministry in the Book of Daniel and he got his title I think I have it in the title The Son of man his most favorite title in the New Testament is the son of man in chapter 7 of the Book of Daniel gives us that the Son of Man coming to the Ancient of Days and I mention here that that he. He began and ended his preaching of the gospel with thoughts from the Book of Daniel and these are the 2 here maybe we got it written down but let's take a look at this and John chapter or not John Mark. Chapter 1 this is right after his baptism actually it could have been right after the when it was after John was put in prison and. He says that in verse 14 after John had been put in prison Jesus came to Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God and saying The time is fulfilled in the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe the Gospel know what time was fulfilled what was the only time that could be fulfilled. 70 weeks prophecy that's the only wonder there's nothing that comes close to that and this would be dealing with his baptism and then in fact in the in the Old Testament the have the whole of the time of Christ of the Christ death as outlined in given the Passover gives the the month and the day and the. Christ was crucified at the. What are they. No doubt there was 1 or he was that's when he died he was crucified in the morning. But. Sort of you know which would be about 9 o'clock in the morning and then he he he was on the cross for 6 hours and he died this week walking out in the morning and the these are the times the morning in the evening some places in the den or gave them the year 3180 from Chapter 9 so he got the you got the day the month the hour in the year all from you will Testament and I believe that when Christ wins the temple at the age of 12 who 1st time in memory stayed back where Joseph and Mary went on they forgot forgot him. He was questioning the experts and but at that same time there were things going on in his mind can you imagine the age of 12 he saw that sacrifice he said that is me. And I believe that from that time on from the top of time he was 12 until he reached the age of 30 when he was baptized. He knew he knew the hour the day the months and the year that he would die I have no doubt and before he was crucified you remember they tried to force him to become king and even his mother his my time is not yet or she wasn't trying to force him to be king but when it were commercial but he kept saying The time is not yet time is not yet and then we get into 0 John Chapter 12 when the when the Gentiles are coming to him his disciples came to Christ and they said they said we would see Jesus that is when he knew that he was on time because he said God save me from this hour his his whole emotions were just terribly torn he knew that he was going to disseminate in just a few hours but he knew and so that these were way marks along the way where he knew that he was on time and he had already heard the word of the voice of God and His baptism looks like was the 1st time God ever spoke to him audibly and then shortly after this he heard the voice again this is my son and so these are things that gave him an incursion of that he was interpreted in the Old Testament correctly and by the power of the Holy Spirit but. Yes you know. He well he. You know he would have known the time. Is his public ministry he knew this guy was a public it was you know it in the 70 weeks prophecy. To mention that I think I'm going to diagram show some of those of us from it most is a familiar with with you let's go to Mark are not Mark but Matthew Matthew 24 and the 1 we read marked as the beginning of Christ Ministry is based solidly on a time prophecy known very similar to Adam to them. We are or our movement is based on the time prophecy it's the same time prophecy on the 2300 year prophecy Christ was on the 70 weeks prophecy but they're both the both united you can't be kept separate Now Matthew $24.00. In verse verses 1415. And 16 it says. This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place whoever reads let him understand that those who are in your Dear Leader of the mountains and he goes on this I'm sure there's enough occasion in 7080 but also in our time when we see the bomb a nation being set up in our day and I think it's being set up it's not completed yet but but were in that in that time frame so the beginning of Christ Ministry and the N.D.O. it is. Supported by the Book of Daniel and the same thing with us are beginning in already going to be. Connected with Book of Daniel. Daniel testified of Jesus a bit we mentioned. The Son of Man and then here is this is 1 of the $11.00 of their many of them Jesus said the son of man has come to save that which was and then is love and connect with the Sabbath the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath because he's the creator and so these are some of the background for me for Christ's testimony in the New Testament he was a son of man. We already have we looked at that and I think I'm coming and we already know we read this so we'll. I'm going to go on down and got a couple of here we're not going to do going to go into detail but Jesus said When you see the abomination of desolation there's talk twice in the Book of Daniel Well maybe 3 times if you go to chapter 8 but 2 of them Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 deal with abomination of desolation and here is 1131 and who says forces in the marginal reverses arms problem military are shall be mustered by him and they shal defile a sanctuary fortress then they shal take away the daily In other words a sacrifice is not in the original usually find it in italics but the daily was taken away and then the abomination was placed and we believe that this next 1 this especially in chapter 12 years the time element of the time of the daily is taken away and the abomination is desolation set up there will be a 1290 days and we believe this I'm not going to go into that into the time frame of this but we believe it was 5 or 8 in that reaches then to 7098 yes. Oh I. Owe it to see if this will do it. Or maybe I'm thinking that would be. Well there's no good of all of them then like this all of the cut Oh sorry Well the only thing other thing well I'm going to have to home or no it's at this 1 I got high definition on this that's not our it's not the sort of us I don't know if I see. I wonder. Well you know. Let me let me. Do that let me let me see something here. Or does that do the same thing yes well. Well let me see can you make it out I will have to. Write thank you yes you know verse 11 1st 11 you know did you get the other 1 on 11 you know 31 you know sorry all right if we can get through this 1 I'll fix this afterwards but as we're not we're not actually I brought a T.V. streaming us or used to use. The high definition so. OK Well I'm sorry about that. Photo Evan you know. And then hear the benign 25 to 27 but then you're mine were down you're foretold the baptism in the crucifixion of Christ on let me see here we have the 490 years of the 70 weeks prophecy I'm hoping it will be stay and I think it will These are the events leading up to about Jism of Christ 2780 and 1 when the time was ready there's 2 to aspects of Christ's ministry not me to 2 aspects to things that pointed 227800 number 1 remember Holy was when he was baptized when he entered his public ministry 30 what is that what it is the age 31 of the Have had been in the you know it hasn't. Yes a priest priest began his work at the age of 30 now they he could do it anywhere from $30.00 to $5050.00 was over that but Christ started a teenager of 30 which. And this was just before his a baptism probably. Or you know about the time he was not born on December 20. Ninth but. And by the way the the in that you have the stoning of Stephen when the the high priests there were the ones that they had to make their own incense and they got precious fragrant flowers and frankincense and everything they bought they had to buy some of these from the east different places and I read there was a man who studied the Passover for. The 45 years just to pass away and he's the 1 that came up with this that that the in. The incense they made enough incense before they began their public ministry so they didn't have to do it after that time and that incense represents the righteousness of Christ his character you know it may not have been fully developed by that time but within 3 to have years after that when he died until VERY his his righteous righteous role not for himself but for us were as was completed and done and he ministers that incense in heaven today for us in him but in the other $31.00 A.D. was the year that he died in an $2780.30 wanted he especially are are pointed out in the Book of Daniel suffering in Christ and here's another 1 that was special the cross again $31.00 A.D. and it was the 70 weeks prophecy of Jesus as the Messiah. No OK No here. Also. He shed light on the future of Christ crucified the crucifixion and this is central to the Book of Daniel even in chapters Chapter 3 Christ went into the fire. With with those who were being crucified they should have died but he went in there and prevented them from dying and in Daniel Chapter 6 that's a great statement of righteousness my faith he would rather die than that and stop the connection with Christ with God and the but these are all dealing with these now the Book of Daniel and Jesus Daniel chapter by chapter leads us to Christ and. If this 1. Were to learn learn from the group of the coup for the crucifixion of Jesus. Let me see here. Oh never can is or was converted when you look heavenward. I'm just this about right on Chopper 4 and we'll look at that more closely we go through chapter jumps of 123 and 4 dealing with his conversion experience. Belshazzar lifted up his heart in Pride and. Let's just take a look at the back of chapter 2 that was written probably about 20 years before the captivity and. In the and that's the 1 that says that the that the Joshua live by faith in them but there's another there's another statement in there that's interesting. Probably yeah outburst verse 4. Well let's read $304.00 the vision is yet for an appointed time. But at the end it will speak and will not law go at Teri's wait for it because it will surely come it will not tarry. Behold the proud his soul is not upright in him but the just shall live by his face. The word proud here is a word that means something as puffed up or got a picture of a big tote. Later But this is the condition of never can as or as well as the whole Babylonians or puffed up in their pride and God was brought and the Jewish people had gotten into the pagan practices and so their experience was was no different than the Babylonian and so God took away their their the very things he had given them to help them to understand what he would do for them he took those away so that they go in the independent ism and learn their lessons from the hard way but this is all about 20 years before the before the captivity 10 years before the captivity Jeremiah so inventions your mind earlier chucker 6 he said this is the name whereby he shall be known crying or The Lord Our Righteousness is talking about Christ and then in chapter $23.00 there is some changing in the wording of says this is the name whereby she shall be call the Lord Our Righteousness so deal with the church here and this is about 1 year before the captivity of the Lord is still trying to bring in a message of salvation to them and this had started maybe 150 years before in the book of Isaiah Chapter 1 Come let us reason together though your skin sends me a scarlet there should be as white as snow and then Chapter 53 the picture of the sufferings of sacrifice so God was working with them also that time and they still refused and so he took away the emblems that represented Christ and sent them in the captivity where they saw some of them learn learn the lesson there but. And then a bargain courses basic for the New Testament teaching of. Of righteousness by then just because my thing but I want to know this can fit on the screen here. Go through this is just going to be kind of a summary if we spend each If we look at every chapter but look in the Scripture we would get through so I want to give the order you and then we'll look at some of details next next time. In in chapter 1 crisis pictured as Lord and this word Lord is. Either 8 on or out on a high and it's sometimes uses as a substitute for Yahweh and this is clearly Christ Christ is in charge both of. Judgement and of salvation and so here we have a picture of judgment where it says he gave the Israelites into the hand of about moons and that's in the 1st 3 verses Then in chapter 2 and we're again we're going to look at this a little more closely the doctrine of the good of the of the Babylonians remember what they said when the the king said Now I want you to tell me what about this dream that I have is I don't remember what it is and I don't know what it means and only then they said Well give us some information you tell us what you've written that will tell you once you know it all he's have you if you understand this you tell me what it was and if not offer the him. And so. You know he took Well he knew he had been deceived by these people and so everybody got the death decree but there's an interesting what they said they said this is a hard thing all of the gods whose dwelling is not with flesh this is the God of the Babylonians. The God of the Christian the God of the Bible is 1 who dwells in flesh not just 2000 years ago but he dwelt in the flesh of then it was because of his relationship with God The Spirit of Prophecy is the test to Jesus Christ and that's what Daniel did and and so this is this is this is the central I believe to the book of chapter 2 in chapter 3 he's known as the Son of God Now it was never can there's Or who said when he saw him in the flames he said looks like the Son of God How did he know that OK Daniel and the 3 Heber's that were sure there were 2 because this no the Septuagint has a time frame between about 18 years between Chapter 2 in chapter 3 chapters chapter 1 chapter 1 and leading into 2 Daniel was probably he was a teenager and so if you have 18 years he would have been an early thirties by chapter 3 So these are in fact are in the 1st part of the book calls and children in chapter 3 the coalmine. Soho and who has never been as Or he knew it he knew by their voice they spoke about God and they knew by their or their health practices they knew that his their educational principals in their sterling character he knew. That this was a Son of God by by conversing with these young men and Daniel in chapter 4 he is the justifier and we're look at this this is the conversion of never going to as it were told to spur prophecy she asked the question what is justification by faith she said is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and then. Doing for him that which he cannot do for himself and that's what happened to him you know sir and up so that then in Chapter 5 you have Christ as judge him in the handwriting on the wall Belshazzar him Daniel came to him and or HE Well 1st of all the Queen Mother told no shells or she said there is a man in whom the Spirit of God dwells. In the hand so when Daniel came into the President Bush as our He's I know I've heard was that the Spirit of God dwells within you so this is God manifest in the flesh even the pagans recognize it and will consider a little bit later but Christ was judged there and then in chapter 6 he is God again full. Of all is gone but he he is the 1 that the the Persian king said Your God is able to deliver you her. When you're going to go into the into the into the lion's den and he said he tore the whole long he tried to prevent the new from going and he loved and he was very close today. There was someone he tried every way possible why couldn't he do it he was a king. The constraint is all all that's all right it's interesting too that these these creatures in Chapter 7 They're all we find them again in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 the paws of the beast were that represent the laws leading persons when the laws come down in chapter 13 revelation that law cannot be changed that's the son in law it cannot be changed because the law of the Medes and Persians only God can change them. Now you know read Revelation 13 all of the beast of Chapter 7 are our own in chapter 13 so Malcolm ation 1 beast has got all these creature all the all the evil traits of den of 7 are in the people beast of Chapter 13 you got the lion What would nation represent was about Babylon you and me the most speaking great things what was what was the vote the the body remote leopard. It would be Greece Yeah there's a B. Their educational system of Greece and that's the basis for comparison for their scholastic studies. 10 horns. 1. OK the nondescript beast knew I didn't have 7 and also Chapter 12 a believe it is you have the devil with that was 10 horns so you see a connection there paganism and in spiritualism together. And these are some of the things that are that are brought out of the book or rotation but they are based on the Book of Daniel and those trying to think of those who got the leopard and. The bearer of the Pauls the bear that would be the laws of the Medes and Persians or should be for those who babble are needed grease roll yeah we got it we got all for him but they're all. You know the most a line would be retrievable and. It. Seems. Yesterday morning my brain Yeah exactly exactly yeah it was to meet a person. There. Yes yes yes to be well. You know know. You. You know what's it because they become constitutional it would have it would take a constitutional amendment again to reverse it and that's what they've been working on that since 863. You know the reform movement on the Blair Sonny Bill started that was they tried to enact an eternity. And they couldn't get it through their work there was on the federal level there were there were state laws or advocacy died in prison because of Sunday breaking but it was not a federal law and it has never been a federal law yet but that's the big 1 that's coming there have been there still on the books are men or maybe i'm sure at a very close Presbyterian friend and we used to discuss the Sabbath and Sunday edition he was on the national to national but the state level trying to really. Reinstitute or reaffirm the Sunday Blue laws and state of Pennsylvania and I was on the local level it was not overly active but I sided with the Jews and the liquor keepers. What should they some of them as we. Know they they want to be open on Sunday and that was if they want to shut everything down oh no I didn't I didn't didn't tip the bottle that but the principle of it I was going on the principle and the and when so we discuss these things and he kept inviting me to come to his church I'd done some programs as church before that and he said are you so like to become worship or was I just put it off it had no burden at all you know and in 1 day the Lord awake me early Sunday morning response in the morning you need to go to press church. So I did my wife and I I don't like that we were talking about some was talking about earlier about when I used to go to movies if I were 5 minutes late I would even go in I just I hate to be late. But I was late this day on a sunny Sunday service the deacon Marsh my wife and I down sat us on the front row. And this guy was just coming out and he was that he was a big man long legs big mustache and always smiling he just and he was just British coming out like this and he got to the pope and he looked all this big smile and he suddenly said oh no. Cases of all days for the 7th day and with his preacher to be here today he said I've been going through the 10 Commandments. And today we're dealing with them for the 1. I just smiled. And then he got very seriously looked at his congregation and I and I didn't know this but he said you know he said we've lost the battle on the Sunday Blue Law they declared it was unconstitutional I didn't know that that was in the does the state level. And then he said this he said I guess we're going to have to serve Sunday as the 7th Day Adventists do the Sabbath by faith alone. Can you observe something that's not in the Bible by faith alone it's impossible. And I don't remember if I told him this or not but I have talked with other people who said you know you cannot keep the Sabbath on the issue of faith in Jesus Christ if you don't know him it's a legalism you can never keep Sunday by faith Sabbath is a sudden of righteousness by Sunday is a sign of salvation by works by man's works. And there's going to be a whole lot of switching going on there are many Adventists who are observing the Sabbath from a legal mystic standpoint. When the task comes or going to accept Sunday as a sign of their experience there are many honest heart of Sunday keepers who love the Lord of all our hearts they're keeping son in the best of their ability when the issues are crystal clear it's going to be but 1 small step from keeping Sunday to keeping Sabbath as a sign of their relationship with Christ. It's coming mark of think it's we're right on the verge of this sort of thing but these are some of the issues all right when we get back to Packer to this chapter 7 we mentioned earlier Christ His title is The Son of Man It was the Son of Man coming to the Ancient of Days in the 144 is the time frame in the chapter 8 he's called home only in fact let's may we go to that with this the good 1 because he is the 1. Of this Paul Monye is the 1 who gave the 2300 a day prophecy in this is none of them Christ in the chapter 8. And verse 13 he says I heard a holy 1 speaking it's evident he was a an angel. And another Holy 1. He said to that certain 1 who is speaking how long will be the vision concerning the daily transgression of desolation the giving both the sanctuary and a host to be trampled underfoot and he said to me this is that certain 1 said to me $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be clan that word Certainly if you have an Old King James. You find to remark a reference as 1 is called the wonderful number and the other is the reveal of secrets this is a picture of Jesus Christ the 2300 a prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ. The word The word is the title or the name of his poem only the Hebrew word. And the. That it's related to 2 word 2 experiences in the in the Old Testament. Chapter 9 verse 6 of the book of Isaiah where says this is a name this is the name that he shall be called wonderful the everlasting Paul the Prince of Peace that were wonderful is related to that word Paul Mooney and there's another 1 of it wasn't Esther or Ruth Ruth was the 1 who 1st the 1st chapter of Ruth. The the. The man the should have been her husband turned it down and boy as became the 1st of kin but the 1st of King kin is related to the word Paul money. And both of these are types of Christ he is the next of kin and. Boaz represented him funny taking taking place but he's also the wonderful counselor and that's the background for the for this book of money and in this is Jesus Christ there's no doubt about it that he is the 1 so when when people attack the 2300 a prophecy they're attacking the testimony specifically of Jesus Christ he's the 1 that gave them an angel did not give it Christ is the 1 he's the certain 1 and then he told he did tell an angel he said make him understand what this means but it was Christ to gave the prophecy. So and then Gabriel was given and later he became junk or not and he's the 1 I gave the 70 weeks prophecy. Other verse 13 Yeah OK Moving on here. In Chapter 9 he's crucified. In chapter I won't begin with 2470 weeks prophecy and then our 252627 talks about he's called the Messiah the Prince when we go there. Is a wonderful prophecy verse 25 you know there are 4 understanding that from the from the going forth of the command to restore and build gruesome until Messiah the Prince there will be 7 weeks 62 weeks the streets will be built again in the wall even in troubles times after the $62.00 weeks Messiah shall be cut off but not for himself who is a for. You know you you and me. That no doubt of that word cut off is the 1 that was used for circumcision means a cutting off of the flesh cutting off of life and. Factors of death penalty. If they didn't if they didn't do it remember when Moses was going back to. Egypt he had 2 sons Evidently he had circumcised the oldest son but he didn't the 2nd 1 you know but only because his wife was not raises Jewish lady and she thought the suffering of the oldest 1 was and she didn't want to see that with the 2nd 1 but she knew exactly when to look like Moses being struck down with death she immediately. Circumcised that 2nd boy it's the same word that's used here. And and Moses would have been cut off. Judgement in the same words as use with Abraham when he circumcised and so that that's kind of the background is connected with the covenant the blood of the covenant which is Christ and said by him or 1 other thing here in this. In the Jewish. Jewish way of thinking the many times will give you the. Results of something and then they'll show you the reason for his sins. The Christ is the base of bases for. Judgment and then you have the time element in chapter 32300 days Christ was crucified as basis then you have Chapter 8. As the the time element and then in chapter 7 you have Christ as the Son of man going into the judgment but this is the basis of it right here and you find that the same thing in Revelation 1412 it says talks about God's people here's the patience of the saints here they keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus in Hebrew thinking you would start with armor that they see sort of the end result of patients but number 1 is faith a faith in Jesus that leads to keeping the commands of God and that's what brings patients so it's this it's the Jewish or Hebrew thinking yes I've heard. Yes. Then why. You know. You have record good all right so go on here now in chapter 10 he's called The Prince and you fuck Well you find it are actually in Chapter 9 is called Prince we just read that chapter 10 his prince Chapter 11 he's Prince Prince of the Covenant and then in chapter 12 he's called the Prince of the people so every chapter in the Book of Daniel is severed in Christ. It either flows to him or. Goes from him as you mentioned earlier that every doctrine should either start with Christ or end with Christ and we find that in the Book of Daniel now it will go over this again from a different standpoint later on I don't think we'll have time today that in fact return we close a 1 in 20 mornings OK OK and not so here. On in there no the wisdom of the power God revealed there were real in Christ are we reeled in Daniel but also in Christ Himself chapter 3 especially or even chapter 1 you have Christ as the Lord who in his infinite wisdom sent a Jewish people into captivity so they did get a religious experience. He took away the very objects of worship. Sanctuary all that was taken away from them so they get a hard or heartfelt religion and some did some didn't but. From this book we got it we were in the time of Christ baptism the time is crucifixion in the title The Son of Man. You look at this of the 14. OK here I mentioned this before I guess we can go through this little year resides brought out in Daniel 926 to 273180 the year of the month that he died Exodus 28 and sometimes you read a bit or sometimes Nissan but it's the same month depending on the secular or religious and then you have the same day he died was the 14th day of the month and they find out in excess 12 in the 3rd hour he was crucified marked 1525 that was the that was the beginning of the morning sacrifice and then he died at the time of the evening sacrifice remember in the temple and think it was our ages especially when she brings out that at the very moment that Christ died the priest was sucked going to sacrifice the evening sacrifice but the you know what happened the lamb. That way got away that's right. The night he was absolute terrified and but the true lamb was slain and he was slain at the very hour that the animal sacrifice should have been given but Christ is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world you know that I have not yet OK And Christ was on time on chapter 3 isn't it of easy kill the going is the time for everything under the sun time to live in the time. Because yes thank you yes yes OK start of the. Already got it. OK already on the move all of this again Christ in the Book of Daniel and here well we're not going to be able to cover all of this we'll look at it we've looked at a little bit by chapter there's a literary form Also I don't think we're going to be able to get into that because it's. Maybe some of it I don't know but in prophecy we already talk about the purpose of prophecy is that Christ can be formed in the hope of glory in the but these are 33 areas that I think you're well worth looking at. And this 1 is the 1 in but chapter we looked at that somewhat but here is an outline of of this crisis a sovereign lord is that he's the God who dwell in the flesh is called the Son of God In chapter 31 of justifies in chapter 41 who judges just are 5 we look at this earlier because. Doing this for purposes was the God who delivers in chapter 77 he's the son of man Joker 8 he's a wonderful number reveal of secrets no mony prince of the host in the Messiah the Prince Chapter 9 he's the chief Prince in chapter 10 prince of the Covenant chapter 11 the great prince the man clothed in linen in chapter 12 so again just woo addition to what we talked about earlier here. No we're going to look at something we did we looked at the we looked at the chapters as there were given in Daniel But let's look at the chronological order. And fell in 5 or 605. $602.00 the Babylonian education was tested and they found that it was lacking of the Jewish educational system was far superior and then there was about 18 years between Chapter 2 inch of 3 according to the Greek Old Testament in that this is forced worship. Chapter 4 never can there's a conversion Chapter 7 no how come sevens there. This is a chronological order of the Book of Daniel Juncker 8 follow C got your 1st year Belshazzar then the 3rd year belches or jumped or 5 is the last your bill says or no there's a reason for this we'll see those see it from this a little bit 1st year of Darius has sponsored 9 and then the 1st year of again of the rise to after 9 and in the 3rd year of Cyrus in chapter 10 pins are 12 you know in this notice here Chapter 78 if we have it in chronological order we've got Christ as the center of the of the Book of Daniel the Son of Man Chapter 7 and he's a wonderful number of checkering So he has investigative judgment here and you have the time in Chapter 8 this is the chronological order of the book. You know. But 1 4th of this is all this is all in numerical order and then Chapter 5 follows temper 8 in time in a yes. Here again. Judgment is investigative becomes essential or to go this is the center of the action the center of the book. It's a highly own chapter 8 Actually it looks like the. Verse 14 is the high point of the whole book is up to up until Chapter 8 and verse 14 you've got prophetic you've got the stories in the 1st 6 jumpers and then you've got prophetic information not it's not completely revealed at the time but from Chapter 8 on then with the exception of chapter 9 you have a literal history chapter 10 through 12 but you've got interpretation Chapter 9 is even its interpretation of jumped or the temporary And so you got There's a difference but the high point is to burst verse 14 Book of Daniel in that I got to try to have it and I don't think I've got it here with the high point in the book of Leviticus is Jeff or 16 when it's Chapter 16 the. Day of Atonement and so all the Book of Leviticus flows to that David Coleman and it recedes from that. Up until the 1st part as do the daily atonement with justification by faith after the Day of Atonement we're seeing sanctification she got both of them bought up at the center of the book of Leviticus as in Daniel Boone is that even to him then in the book of Solomon and him and this is the wedding feast is another picture of who told him in chapter chapter for the last part of chapter for the person part of geography or book of slow up Solomon in the Hebrew language is an exact number of words. From the 1st part 2 so it picks when the 1 the bride to be. Invites the husband to be and so that's the high point of the Day of Atonement the wedding feast and and so you've got all 3 of these you've got David told that in Daniel they were told that in the ridiculous they haven't told them enough in the psalms all but different at different ages or Number 1 man asked me he said of the jury if you ever studied the relationship between the neighbor told of the marriage and I said No I've heard about it but I've never looked at it and so I could begin to study it and in a truly Jewish wedding the bride to be or the bride to be a wife to be and the husband to be go through a perfect a shoe right similar to they have told me and it's not just a judgment but it's a it's a day they have cleansing and they come to come together and so it's a symbol of the Day of Atonement in the be the conservative Jews and parkas and I don't want the liberals that we do not want it so it's a fascinating study but Jesus ties us in with America's number 1 man came who didn't have on a wedding arm that was judgment but was and it was the context of the of the wedding and that's why we have in the last days there are 2 women that are the most. Most significant in the wedding you know who they are no one's a bride Number 2 the flower girl the flower girl boy OK Well well well there's something else she doesn't know what's going on and when. She does what she doesn't really know is going on. But she knows what's going to happen afterwards of the cake and ice cream. You know but the bride has only eyes for the right groom right and he has only eyes for her. They're not interested the cake and ice cream now in the church is pictured both as a flower girl. And a bright and I think we're still in the forwarder flower girl stage where we're interested in the cake in the ice cream with the time is coming when we are only going to see Jesus. The Valar the flower girl will grow up and become a beautiful bride. All right so we can cleanse it let's see a Chrysler chapter we've what we were looking at so not. Well maybe I do have it here in time in we can do a little 4510 minutes OK here we go to part of this in a physical strength and beauty in middle bigger and literary attainment they've speaking about the 4 Jewish men we still don't write Ryman problems and kings 45. English poetry a piece of literature written in metre or verse usually. Holmes or verse we have a literary Sion repetition of sounds the beginning of words that can you think of any Peter Piper picked up. OK it's a fast without That's an liberation that's 1 of the forms of English. Of poetry. Rhyme we have a regular corresponding song also Psalms are or forms of poetry and. In. Here's 1 or worship the king or glorious above or gratefully saying His wonderful love. Or shield an offender the Ancient of Days of 1000000000 in splendor and girded in praise so you got the rhyming at the end of each 1 each phrase in each line and now in the in the Bible both Old and New Testament you have a call a car as I'm simply an X. It's a Greek form of X. it's a literary form which is seen in the repetition of subjects rather than of lines or propositions or parallelism or can you see from a letter to move move only a way of the word chi as in comes from the Greek letter Khaya which means X. this or that looks like an S. and you got usually. You'll either have it going up like this or like like there's the C. in the center here so this is the most stately and dignified presentation of a subject it's always used in the most solemn important prose of course and scripture. In it provide a powerful brutal and reinforcement to learning to help us to retain important concepts through images Association had a fresh and vital new dimension to the study of scriptures an old Chinese proverb says I hear and I forget I see and I remember. Is an immense help the literary appreciation to have the form of a piece of literature conveyed directly to the eye instead of having to collect the form by inference while reading. Here. This is this would be an outline prophecy not the Book of Daniel Chapter 2 is the image of a man and don't hear an outline prophesy of them of men to him for $10.00 to $12.00 hours 2 and then you have chapter 1 and chapter 12 less per chapter 12 or the beginning the introduction and the end. Of the they have than their narrative history of God's people in exile in the 3 through 6 and then you have the prophetic history of God's people after the exile in chapter 9 and then only in chapter 7 and 8 you have the outline prophecy of the beast so the horns and you have the all in prophecy in Chapter 8 beasts and the horns not identical but they're still dealing with the same concept and in the middle of that you have the prophecy of the Son of Man or poems So again the the literary device is the same as the historical 1 and it was called a communism and here you have the center of it of course it is Christ. In that see again we talked about this earlier the same idea here another 1 then you are 2 and 7. You know 4 empires Chapter 2 you have 4 an impartial Chapter 7 and him and then you have force and faith in verse 3 either either you do what I commend your own to die and in the same thing in chapter 7. This 1 we believe will have to do somewhat with the with the son in law and this will be dealing with was righteousness by faith with Gus people who last days the hours trying to think of. Or on the fire. How do you know that was really a fire these guys didn't get burned. Good with imaginary. Rob OK. The king ordered that it be that it would be the fire would be stirred up 7 times hotter Why do you say something like that. Now you was mad yeah but why would he I mean they would have burned out betting on in the common cause. You know what yeah yeah. There's no doubt he was angry you think he might have had a idea that God might deliver his people. Well. Yeah. Exactly yes yeah but he must be in on a conviction even then because that the young man they said who they said we don't want to go in the fire with us is it us or that we don't want to die but if it has to be we were in the and he he had to be thinking of what was going on and yes you heard he said Oh yes fine. That's right. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Oh. Yes exactly and 1. Yes yes. Oh yeah that's right and we're going to look at some of this when we get into it and then we're going to conversions because these are the things that. Brought him along little by little yes you have thought. Oh. Oh just me yes OK then so. Yeah really yes you know there were more than 3 that were not worship me that image were Babylonians who were worshipping. But there were others in the 3 Hebrews who did not know but on the worship there were some Babylonians who did not vote on. Well. That's right the spice of their eyes were wide open. They knew they knew these guys would not bow down absolutely. They were part of the group that I don't never going to like the idea but it was these presidents from different parts a world that said we need to have a holiday we need to have an image that people need to bow down to when the music plays whether 6 musical instruments 6666 different tones. Yes. Yes. That's perfect that's right but the and the what the Kingston I see 4 form in 1 looks like the son of dawn in the middle plains you notice those 3 did not come out of the fire until he called them. They stay Yeah OK Yes exactly yes yes and the came out no smell of smoke on the cold thing or are there their parents and so Christ 2 zeros that are fire home is the light of the heaven of the wider world of the universe and. Human fire in stone no chance divine far yes. Well it would have been probably charcoal. They used these were brick making opens and you have to have the fire pretty hot to what charcoal is usually the color coking coal and it is a very hot are burning coal you know you know oh oh. But. Oh yeah so we have our own These are issues of the last days forcing faith chapter 3 and 7 and 1 chapter for God's work of justification and then Chapter 51 on 1 justification is refusal last time then comes God's work of judgment and that's Bill shows are when. Those shots are new the experience of his grandfather he was very well acquainted with it he rejected it all and then you told him that you knew this and so it wasn't the amount of light that he had but what did he do is what he had and he just you see without you know you wouldn't you would not accept a testimony of Christ so OK then 8 to 12 again you got kingdoms prophecy beasts and horns and in. Chapters 10 to 12 you have kingdoms prophecy in men but these are not prophecies these are while we can maybe say is probably for us but it's primarily history and the last part of the prophecy part of Chapter 12 but but essentially you have you have the prophecy and then you have the fulfillment of it. Here and then you have in being have trial prayer Korver repentance confession of sieves Chapter 9 when through 16 this is per Daniel he identified himself with his people he didn't say I'm better than they are terrible setters I'm I'm holy No he said we have sinned against you and then in the trial prayer for her goodness of sin is in restoration of the temple this in chapter 9 only and that would be we're doing the work work of Christ as well but. So. Daniel 12 is another 1 Michael stands up just for 1 a wrist 1 rather DANIEL So stand in the judgement and verse 13 then you have the why should shine verse 3 and the why shal understand verse 10. And then you have the time of the end verse for you have the time of the end repeated verse 9 and then in the middle you have time times and a half so in chapter 12 you have the same you have a classic structure of that and it's just as things like this and help me to understand the simple points in. Case. All right oh OK I guess I thought yes. It was here. Oh yes that's right like you know. What is that what is it you know I asked. Him why we pulled out Bibles. And why it is a symbol. Yes It it's a term that limited inspiration you know I would only say especially with Ellen White she had no litter attorney whatsoever this shows chapter which I recall over there was you know she's right and I asked I didn't I didn't hear they're going to heard about it in this instance me you know you know that is it's a God God is a poet. God is a singer. How good they are what I think I know that is 1 of my most favorite texts are used to say God was a. Tyrant that he tried to keep as many people out of heaven as he could now they're going away get into heaven is get by Him Jesus is all right but the father no until I read that that was up when I was 370 my God our God shall sing over me with rejoicing in your world and wonderful problems. Already I think we're probably all the time not hardly. Oh yeah a little bit over so what we didn't get started the tough spot let's pray. Father thank you again for the wonderful book of Daniel and we thank you especially for Jesus as we as we observe him in its role to prophecy may be. Maybe within us more his spirit through your words to thank you in Jesus name on that. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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