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Session 1: How to Study the Bible for Yourself

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • October 10, 2009
    2:00 PM
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our father in heaven I'm asking a gift from you that she would help us to understand what is right and what is true and she would teach us by asking the name of Jesus Payne were talking about today is how to start a vital truth in your Bibles to Daniel chapter twelve Dan will get the hang on a minute Daniel chapter twelve are looking at verse ten Daniel twelve in verse ten the Bible says many shall be purified and made white and fried but the wicked shall do wickedly and noticed this next phrase and none of that what's it say none of the wicked will understand but the wise shall understand the ficus at the other simply as I know how when it comes to the book of Daniel which was sealed God said the book of Daniel would be unsealed at the time of the week say seventeen ninety eight but when it's unsealed so can be understood is unsealed so everyone can understand it when it's unsealed only the class of the righteous understand that none of the wicked will understand if my first principle I can lay down is that there is no method can be taught to humans that will enable a wicked man to understand the Bible there is not cautious to one other place removing your Bibles to John chapter seven John chapter seven and are looking at verse who home in your chapter is John chapters seven when searching online to see what this references is not John Jefferson did not never says looking up its verse seventeen John seven verse seventeen if any man will do his well what does it say he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself as if I can say that sought a practical way for you welcome to drinking around if there's no video cameras going on everything is good to go to suppose that you want to know whether or not you should keep the seventh day holy if you are not willing to do whatever you find juicy that John seven seventeen says you're not likely to find it which I thought again if a man will do my well he will know what the doctrine if we want to set a principle for how to understand the Bible the first principle is we have to be willing to do what God says for not willing to do it I teach at a school in Arkansas and I suppose it happens every year that some student they are studies out some issue related to lifestyle pastor Marquise mentioned a number of lifestyle issues today in his sermon at the just suppose that you want to study out to see whether or not it's legitimate for you to chew on chickens and cows do see in John seven seventeen then lecture blended in which you find you're not likely to land on the truth that said if anyone will do my will he will know what the doctor okay that is paying the big picture the start yeah just build up this concept of how to understand the Bible for you here know someone who's gotten into some form of fanaticism that is attached to the Adventist church was an offshoot movement of the Shepherd 's Rod her feast day keeping her that God does not destroy your modules that again and also as Gonzalez ninety one half note of the richer handheld review know someone who got into one of those movements who seem like a very spiritual studio Seventh-day Adventist with your hands again you know it's nearly as many hands went up the first time it really isn't so that it's just not on carrying the people who would never did love the Bible that those the ones who get into heresies it's often so that it's very intense studious persons they get into those problems I went to school to learn I went to school with some triplets and these triplets were raised up as fundamental Seventh-day Adventist on in my funding allotment is that they believe the things energy mingled I have a lot more reconfigurable pile them in thank you these triplets that were raised in this fundamental Adventist way their mother with almost her entire congregation England left the Adventist church just a couple years ago and it was over a doctrinal issue namely the issue the covenants and the one for you lay down for you our principles so that you can land on the right side of every issue that ever comes your way so you can be frightened in the same side of truth that God is fighting on so you won't be perplexed when these issues that are taking people off left and right and if one of you the truth even find that out to turn in your Bibles to Isaiah chapter twenty nine twenty eight Isaiah chapter twenty eight Isaiah twenty eight and look at verse nine whom shall he teach knowledge and whom shall he make to understand the doctrine that the questioner one answer here who is it that God is going to be teaching at size then that are weaned from the Mel and drawn from the breasts so I think you have nephews or nieces or maybe you were old enough to member when your youngest sibling was born you understand the experience held very dependent infants are on their mothers you see in this passage but if you want to be taught of God you can't be dependent that way to see if there that your dependence on other humans for help this can happen either be weaned from dependence on others by cassette assembly no house if you want to be taught of God you're going to have to be cut off from dependence on your favorite pastors and teachers and friends and mentors not that you can't talk to them or that they can't teach you something you cannot learn from them but if you have any thought of God you have to stop being dependent on them it's those that are drawn from the breast those who are weaned from the breast that is those who no longer an infant if you save and then sends still be found if you don't feed him his gun a star some access to now if you feed me I'll be set but if you don't feed me I'll get food for myself to follow insane Isaiah twenty eight doesn't say that we can't learn from each other besides we can't be dependent on each other if we are going to be taught of God would have to develop a personal experience of getting food and nutrition from him so that if for you I said the subcommittee times this move forward so let's go to verse ten for precept must be upon precept online share little in their little for those using audio verse on what to draw on the board and I will help you know what do my best to help you with what I say we could contrast to very different ways to understand the Bible two different ideas one of which agrees with Isaiah twenty eight and the other one is popular online Bible believing Bible loving Christians all over I don't want to condemn anyone for having this idea but I will say when you understand them but without Medicaid that it partially answers this question why is it that Judah full Christian Bible loving Baptist remain beautiful Christian Bible loving Baptist and Bible loving Pentecostals remain Pentecostals and Bible luck dinners communicating why is it that you consider the Bible earnestly all their life and yet not end up coming to the truth when their sincere peoples are perplexed any of you you thought about that so which I described first at the start here's in verse you see here that if you want to me that the question this will be taught of God part of the answer wasn't you need to be weaned from human dependence but the next step in the answer is that you must be willing to compare passages with other passages it doesn't suck a very profound idea but limits you can help you understand what I'm going with this the way inspiration works is God it would speak to a profit and idea in the profit would write the idea with his own vocabulary his own writing style the truth is from heaven but the writing and the words are the ones that were available to the profit euro with me on this right this is where the superior how your thinking that profit might not writes with words and with the way of thinking and that is very similar to the way I think but the good news is when God gives an idea to shoe he also gives the idea to Peter I mentioned was to have you ever noticed that connection between second Peter two in the book of Jude and her ever observe that it looks like that God gave the very same thought to two-man and they wrote it out there truth is the same the illustrations are similar there in a very similar order the structure is just fascinating and they really help explain each other this was God 's intended method is intended method was that if you would see that you would find you said that he spoke in parables because it wasn't for everyone to understand those are beginning your words still dangled from said none of the wicked will understand so God intended that if you want to be taught by him that you would recognize that the truth from heaven can be found by looking at the various ideas in the Bible the various passages that are from heaven that was such an awkward sentence on the start over William Miller when he brought out his principles of biblical interpretation this was one of the fundamental ones she said that when he was cited passage she would look for averaging called the word collateral that is every passes at a bearing on the same subject and try to read them all and when reading each passes in the same topic when he could find a way to harmonize them that his difficulty was removed and he would move forward in his study the Bible to begin in Genesis that way and that's how he worked his way up to Daniel that's one idea about how to study Scripture is to compare Scripture with Scripture this idea is often mocked and will talk most about this in the third section once mocked it's often called the proof texting mask method what's the other idea the other idea is to take is to dig the thought out of the text itself and in a way of introducing that third lecture before we get to it but the idea that you can go to for example second sentence three and just by starting second Corinthians three and analyzing the words and considering the structure and put it all together been rereading some of the context around the exegesis this way is just trying to pull that idea out of the ten anyway can you see that's not the way described in Isaiah twenty eight if you want to be taught of God you want to be weaned and what else you wanted to compare Scripture Scripture here little girl so you have your handouts take a look at this first page it's an outline 's are run through this outline with you for a bit look at some scriptural examples one addressing that during this period is the question the problem of what if you read the Bible you just don't understand I think for a few of you here maybe that would feel like almost the entire Bible it was that way probably for almost everyone here there's some part of the Bible that way for me is the part of the Bible that's that way most is Zachariah fourteen by Jenny in Zechariah fourteen well I wouldn't go look at what I think that every a evangelist to quotes versus Zachariah fourteen in his series is probably shouldn't do it because someone might end up looking up the context of and get royally confused I will address in this idea of how do we come to understand Scripture so one day you see there deciding for Bible study studies when you are alert so you get up with an alarm clock to have your devotions and you have your devotions on your bad engine lighting and you see what's defective with this concept of how to understand the Bible will this is your brain is not really engaged welcome welcome you can walk behind if need be to get the somewhere comfortable to sit there might not be in our chairs and all my apologies yesterday this is in Argentina to run out of these so at least I have a couple pages for you now you are welcome to make progress on after run to this quick so I suggest you join our sin the Bible that you do some of your daily exercises before you have your devotions I mean get up and go for a walk or do your jumping jacks or take a cold shower do something because God wants to engage your mind some exams anyone you follow point to find a private place I've stayed at home this weekend I've been to many cat meetings in places like this help find the people will go out into a common area maybe like the cafeteria early in the morning and have their devotions where people are coming in and going out in dishes or cleaning around as it just makes simple sense to the that would be very conducive to really understanding and Jesus wouldn't understand he found private and quiet places they give Argentina a few more these these are just single pages but at least we were going over right now maybe more that was and then look at one Sievers says give yourself sufficient time had a day in Bible study is late chert and not earlier and it just won't work out for you to be in a rush when you're trying to understand Scripture of you hate me in a rush anyway I know my wife hates interruptions she reminds me that sometimes and the when it comes understand Scripture give yourself enough time two the character of the Bible student keep the mind uncluttered by wicked and vain thoughts on the shoulders to look at first Clintons eleven first Corinthians chapter eleven and were looking at verse nineteen first Corinthians eleven WB for Siegfried 's entire sermon that started with this verse first Corinthians eleven in verse nineteen assess for there must be also heresies among you that they which are approved may be made manifest among you would set up another way around God said there needs to be error in the church gives you the function of error in this passage error makes unreliable teachers show up they look like reliable teachers but what makes it show up they're not reliable teachers it's there that's exactly it when people end up going the wrong direction you get a chance because none of the wicked will understand your wondered why God gave you an imagination for many men I think that they would recognizer they would admit that you found in a private way that their imagination is the most potent enemy against their eternal life out if you understand why gaijin imagination maybe it could become a tool for use of the tool against you reliable to second Peter second Peter chapter one is second Peter chapter one are looking at verse two of says grace and peace be multiplied unto you do see in the first part of that verse to that you can have more grace and peace today than you had in the past that the Grayson petitioner expression be on the rise and how I asked the question but is it moving exponentially or is it moving linearly what a funny way to ask a question multiplied unto us how is it we get more grace and peace in verse two is by knowing by knowing God now look at verse three according as his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain to life than godliness through the knowledge of him if there's something that you need for life or something you need for godliness how do you get it is to the knowledge of him look at verse four whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises how is it that we second Peter one four how do they get access to those promises it's by knowing him as the whereby as the connection verse for this by knowing God we get access to the promises everything we need for life or for godliness you need to understand the Bible for the purposes of life and godliness how to get everything we need to understand to the live another life as to the knowledge of him I'm trying to my blank stares to feel like I'm been successful this point turns in your Bibles to first Corinthians chapter ten is to do my very best to find it off second Corinthians chapters second Corinthians chapter ten in looking at verse five it says casting down imaginations a notice carefully what it says and every high thing that exalts itself against one will be just friends the computers of the knowledge of God is what gives us access to the promises that we partake of the divine nature that is how we have godliness that's how we let habitat we have more piece of how he had more mercy grace this knowledge of God is everything to us in this passage you see the imagination exalts itself against the knowledge of God and what we need to do with our imagination this passage needs to be cast down and needs to be put into its proper place in your Bibles to the book of Jude who want talk about the proper place the imagination Judy looking at verse five I will therefore put you in remembrance of these things are out there for your remembrance though you once knew this Lord have been safe the people out of the land of Egypt afterward destroyed them that believe not is not a solemn soft the thought has been solemnly made to think that the same people that were cited by those hailstones and flies in the blood water and by the great miracles and that went to the Red Sea what happened to those individuals the same ones that got saved God destroyed that truth was shrewd twenty minutes ago we were thinking about it but when editing and have an impact on us it's when it had our attention when Jesus said sanctify them through thy truth thy word is truth she never was communicating the truth will do anything for you when you're not thinking about it truth changes you when it has your attention Seifert about this a thoughtful outwork well be spent on the life of Jesus made for this too that we would do well to often consider the seams of the judgment this is my God-given imagination your imagination is that part of your mind that is a tool to allow you to benefit from scenes and advanced their disconnect from you by distance or by time there in the past there in the future there in heaven you can see that with your eyes but you can picture the judgment going on names being accepted names being rejected you can picture Jesus Quinn back and people crawling calling out for rocks to fall on them you can picture the waters of the flood rising and when you consider these things that truth has an impact on you but it never happened did not have your attention to follow and communicating juicy and this in the scenario that to your imagination becomes a tool for your well that is you choose one of your imagination imagination exalts itself when it is no longer used by the will that directs the well this is one reason why hit television I think even if television was fairly whole song in its content nice stories of nice people doing nice things but it would be unhealthy for my imagination because my imagination instead of being that used by my well said of me pay my imagination on important signs what would happen seminal to be guiding my imagination it wouldn't be under the control of my well I'm taking too long this point summarize and be done with it if you want to read more about it I hope you would you'd find at a website Bible .org nerves that whole article there called the faculty of imagination I think after you read it you'll find that most people have a diseased imagination this is a cause of many of our personal and interpersonal problems so you're still there at your handout so two was the character of the Bible student you see the point Amos keep in mind uncluttered by waiting in vain thoughts this has everything to do with your use of imagination you take your imagination you use it as a tool so you can put your mind on fewer things be a man that is willing to do God 's will be on hand that is why it's turned back with me to Daniel chapter twelve Daniel chapter twelve Daniel twelve hundred looking at verse three and they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament futures were determined their disguise it rhymes and then be wise shall shine as the brightness of the Scots do the marginal reading for wise there is would you say to those impart wisdom and if we try to turn it into one word when I called those sweetheart teachers in your margin there that's what I had when I looked those that the teachers shall shine as the brightness of the skies for ever and ever my personal testimony my experience is that if I learn something this morning and my Bible studies and I share with you today I'll know what tomorrow if I share with someone else tomorrow all notes a week from now if during this week I share with someone else it will go into a long-term memory that might even be available to me in a month in short the truth is that I share become and the truth that I don't share print you would realize that if you knew everything that you've learned in the last three years of devotion that he would be of very notable person 's or anyone has an experience that you just read an article material the material as they are it goes in but it doesn't stay in here is one the reasons he who waters shall be watered yet himself we read about in the Bible that God and God intended that by imparting that you would receive more and when you begin sharing the if God knew that today I was in the share what your name brother father Sheriff Arthur today maybe I didn't even know I would does God know what Arthur needs you know many times God will teach me in the morning the very thing that Arthur needs so that I will have it so I can feed him this might not sound like exegetical principle or hermeneutics to you by things and most foundational fundamental hermeneutic for relief for Bible comprehension and you'll ever hear sharing is God 's plan for how you become knowledgeable in understanding the Scripture I think if you adopt this principle you begin to have miraculous experiences it will feel like this you will be explaining a passage of Scripture to someone and you will explain something that you've never understood before in your entire life as anyone had an experience like that this is just a concept that he who waters will be waterjet himself even commit is no place to desist from welcome so easy they are to receive the first point by showing what you learn you make yourself a channel from light to shine what you learn quickly you can retain that in your memory that do your number from the book of James Amanda is unstable in his ways are double minded let not that man think you shall receive anything from the Lord right this is the qualification that James one five if you lack wisdom you ask but if you ask to be sure that your choosing the believe what Albert God says a double minded somewhat believing some unbelieving the person you doesn't understand I can just sense there's we are just not going to get to the majority of this important stuff so I tell you this page is a summary of about an eleven page documents that you can find that that same website Bible .org that's written out and so you can get what we go through our social guilt about stopping the metal them excessive and decide if I young disciple Bible study literally this was prepared for twelve -year-olds I hope that everyone here can get it and on a young disciple Bible study outside the Bible for yourself look at three how to study the Bible for yourself three a number eyes maybe you have met someone then you have a mentor in your life that it just seems like that whatever you ask him or her that he can give you a viable answer me or know anyone like that but they can turn that man in all likelihood has been blessed by this principle when you memorize Psalm thirty two one when you store in your memory then you are reading Psalm seventy eight it's very easy for the spirit to bring them back to your mind Bible memory is a way to prep yourself to be easily taught by God 's Spirit is our greatest experience of the season across the one who saved she accepted Jesus but it's not like that was all brand-new out of the dark information that happened to him right they are at Calvary there happened as the spirits of the signs that he had heard in the past and began to put them together in his mind and things that have never made sense to him before suddenly they clicked would you like that experience in the morning Bible memories such offer that you store ideas so that they can easily be pulled out by the Spirit in teaching new I said the sub seven times I should move on you cannot own it would help to open much more attention it just a question is raised in so what you are asking as how you memorize Scriptures as some so you can have access to it I'm Linda and Linda get elected to Menasha doubt that most of the Senate memories ourselves different what works for me might not even work for you and vice versa I suggest experimenting measures and I've memorized a lot of Bible a couple books the Bible and memorized what has worked for me is to work in chunks that you can memorize instantly by me as if I said to you the land has white hair is cute you can't repeat the whole turns back to me when they've never heard of before is the joker to the fence back you can experiment in your own mind and find they're not seven or age of twelve or twenty words will vary a lot but for various people how do the section of text can you memorize without any effort give violence and so far the jewel work in memorizing the sections that size let's say that I divide up the text and said sections like that Nicole is a B C D E F G H I've gone far enough for this and each one is when the sections on the site a reader sent myself I can say a without any effort right is the right size that will read the insane number forgotten a there's how this works some arena again and saith Ruby again say I am now unbundled the second on both questionable I dropped in on the site reads she incited really insane see the sea the study involves now drop these and go back was not forgotten ANB already this process was really quick as a sections only like one second wind Rider one half seconds long and so we can you can zip right through this if your minds to it may be a being CDC the ADA BCD CD and a JD knowledge of the same thing with a through H what have you through age I've forgotten a 3-D and I think you get the idea that out of the dirt and dig it out but by working on sections are small enough that I can learn them without effort I speed this process up e-mail may not see the need to warn that might be more address is memorable it's canvassing acts canvassing .org is a business it welcome I'm so sorry that there's no room on the house the site there's no room is but I I wish you had shares that seriously communicating look at IIIB you see their work incrementally so I'm just curious how many of you enjoyed it last quarter 's lesson on first John or the first second third John you know my wife studied that lesson she just wanted first John and James are deluxe that are superb for getting started in Bible 's study it is a mistake the thing the Bible study is so much different than other disciplines no one is going to start out with trigonometry and make good progress in art you have to start with something else I am supposed and right now aren't I and I am just getting started so long to do is summarize not been saying leave you to stay the rest of this on your own time and then in ten minutes will start the second session in a timely manner and go from there the summer but I said so far is that if you want to understand the Bible correctly Juergen have to be taught of God instead of your boiler second being depending on your strength of intellect or upon some signs of methods it's a spiritual thing and if your mind this airshow if you're willing to do what God says if you get if you're free from dependence on the human teachers if you're comparing Scripture with Scripture the Lord Jesus himself was willing by his spirit to teach you and it from the contrary there's a spiritual defect in one of those fundamental things no matter how diligently a man may study he will not be able to come to a knowledge of the truth are found to have a closing prayer and then it three o'clock from the start another session and make better progress there God willing hence our father in heaven I want to thank you that you are willing to teach those were willing to be taught and I ask for each one here that you would prepare us to be those that are taught to view that we can be those wise ones it will shine as the stars forever and ever I asked as you will name of Jesus Karen will media with Iran audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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