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Christ in Daniel- Part 2

Jerry Finneman




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Our Lord was so safe oh we want to thank you for the Book of Daniel and we want to thank you especially for Jesus who was the author of Daniel he gave Daniel the information through His Spirit and Daniel revealed to him in such a way that it should uplift our spirits not only uplift us but convert us who has put your Holy Spirit now to guide and direct our sots in the words. During this time in Jesus' name amen amen. Already the last we started with. Christ in Daniel continuing and just a little bit of review we we considered that every chapter in the Book of Daniel. Somehow represents our Christ is represented and we we went through this I will not go through it in detail today but this is a summary in an oral view of the of the entire book and. We. Talked about Jesus testifying of Daniel in we looked at Mark 111415 the beginning of his public ministry where he said The time is well filled repent and believe the gospel and then we have we look at Matthew 24 that's this 1 here that. Just before he was crucified he gave in outline of prophecy to his disciples as recorded there and Matthew 24 and he said when you see the moment asian of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place. Whoever reads let him understand then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains this was a. An understanding the Jewish Christians the believers had the time of Christ and they say there was not a single Jewish believer in Christianity in Christ who lost they get out of it but this is repeated and in the middle ages it is going to be repeated again or it's simply going to grow from that and he's quoting from there to there to serve places in Daniel that deals with the abomination of desolation to the very specific this 1 in Daniel 121 the time of the daily is taken away and the abomination of desolation is set up there should be a 1290 days and there's 12 I'm not going to get into it there's 22 positions on a daily 1 is that that is the gospel that was taken away the other is that it was paganism Miller Miller said it was paganism and that. The did it was taken away so the papacy could be set up and the date for it was 508 B.C. that's when the D.N.A. was taken away according to Miller and then in 538 the papacy was set up and I lean that way very heavily now there are some strong areas where the got a lot the gospel to that the Gospel was taken away in the people people who were set up but I would say it applies both of them will apply to the papacy as being the abomination of desolation and what did you do I should been watching you know what's all I see yeah yeah right OK or it's down here you can let me so you can know I know where it is I. Want to see all that lies are OK OK OK OK OK Are they. Already OK now. I really really figured this thing. In but. Yeah yeah I don't know why yes thank you OK So this. That the low heart this is the abomination of desolation the papacy out of the Daniel speaks about Revelation talks about Jesus talk about Paul talks about it and I want to share something with I didn't have this yesterday but I'm going to bring it in here this is the old rock house or the City Hall in New Member Germann and now some of you may remember the Nuremberg was when they had the trials after World War 2 but many of the Nazi leaders that were actually sentenced to death because of that because of their activities and but Nuremberg goes back to the Middle Ages and it goes back especially as far as Protestants are concerned it was what they call a free city and they became Protestant or looser and this is the City Hall Of the 16 hundreds and let me look at it will look a little closer here at this with it was built between 16161622 The building has very interesting animals on the doorways the animals of the prophetic beast and then you 7 even featuring the little horse and 1 of the beasts head and we'll see it here in a little bit comes up here is Alexander. In that you have the 4 the 4 heads of Daniel 7 and then you have here. On the other side you've got Caesar and the little horn Caesar of course representing Rome Pagan Rome and then you have the little horn up here. You see that what's what happened here. The story. OK you have a little horn hole 1 of those horns coming out of this I saw a film or a. Video of some American American students young people in some Germans and they were asking people that were standing around the point is and what will this mean up here no 1 even college professor University professors are we don't know what that is. They had 1 of the guards that was guiding people through this old heart of this old townhouse he didn't know what it was they thought was some just a myth a mythological. Creatures you know. And but is it this came out of the Reformation as a free city as a looser city they were advertising the fact that the Protestants believe that the little horn or I mean not just a little harm but. BABYLON me to Persia and Greece were a part of the national belief system at that time and the only ones who carried on with that are 7 they have of us now there are some may believe part of it but for the most part we are the ones that have them but I thought this would be interesting to you folks a. Bit that there are 2 things that the Reformation taught that nearly brought the papacy to it what brought it to his knees a bit almost destroyed 1 of the justification by faith in Christ alone and the other is that the little horn power and both Daniel and Revelation represented the abomination or the papacy and it was so powerful that that's 1 of the reasons for the referee the Catholic reformation that was to attack. 2 points the who they had a Christ is and justification by faith Trent was the was the foundation for that too tremendously intelligent judgment scholars were the ones who gave the teachings of justification by faith that it recorded in the in the in the Council of Trent in and out of that came 2 other scholars Spanish scholars who said the end of 1 said they had a crisis sometime in the past and the other 1 said no they had a crisis some time in the future so you have both Daniel revelation prophetically was destroyed in the minds of Catholics and also the message of justification by. God has called you and me back to those principles of of the the you throughout a Christ is not some future man a king A comes along or a dictator he is already among us. And the other is justification by faith we need both and it will eventually pull the entire anti-Christian system down before Christ comes goes into principles and they've been there all all all here's another 1 that there are in Revelation or Daniel 7 2nd test lawyers for in Revelation 13 and 17. The reformers were all united on these same principles they had differences of opinion of some of the other things but they were solid on who the enter Christ is and justification by fees this is amazing to see but here but you know this when I say I'm really fascinated with this 1. Here 1 of these what are these things look like here angels Yeah. This is a mockery of the throne of God. Just the whole who claims to be God and he's got the Cherubim on each side of him they're all they're all stone marble. But this is this is the man who sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is God This is what what Paul wrote about the 2nd Thessalonians and then when we discussed this briefly last time Revelation 13 who you have this amalgamated beast and I think I think I've got you here here we have these are the 4 beasts of Daniel Daniel 7 all of them are located in this 1 amalgamated beast in chapter 13 of Daniel and here you've got the lion the bear the leopard the 10 horns and you've got them in reverse order in chapter 13. But you've got the well I think got a bring this other 1 up here this is tyranny and then you have a prostate problems in tism when we go back here looks like a lamb talks like a lamb to begin with and then it's a male committed into spiritualism or the the. In the last days as will happen with. But here we've got again you've got we've talked about the defeat of a bear the body of a leopard the mouth of a lion and the 10 horns all it representing all of the beast of Chapter 7 of Daniel and. Then you have they're all told this is where the the opposition is in in Revelation or in Daniel as well as Revelation the. The spiritualism nations of the world become spiritualistic and they're all against Christ we need to remember that even when we're on the receiving end we need to remember that that it's Christ that they are against because the spirit of the of the anti-christ is is in them and this is going to be 1 of the things of the last days revelation of this 13 it should be Chapter 70 of the woman on the beast these are the promises were solid on this the interpretation that we understand today. That we looked at this when earlier yesterday when the books of Daniel Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience no it's not going to be only look out for the beast. But it's to be whole Christ is by beholding Christ we become changed and the whole book of Revelation remember what the introduction of the Book of Revelations begins. It's the Revelation of Jesus Christ that's right and Daniel is another in a relation of Jesus Christ that we looked at yesterday and. Now we're going to speak about the mystery of God in Daniel and we look at Christ in the Book of Daniel kind of an overview yesterday and this this. Statue that never can is a well he didn't know what it was about he knew he had a dream of trouble by it and he called his wise men and some could not give him any information whatsoever but the word well the word secret sort of had that 1 1st word secret info 9 times in the King James and the New King James version and in the R.S.V. and others there are many of the different translations there isn't he was in the translated from the same document same manuscripts of the new revelation of the. King James and they they use the word mystery rather than secret both of them mean the same thing something that was not understood but revealed and. And I I think the word mystery actually fit if is better the word that's used in the Greek New Testament is the same word for mystery in the New Testament and it was the unveiling of a mystery that was puzzling the king of Babylon and maybe we can look at some of these in Daniel 2 we have the. We can look at all we can it will take the longest I probably won't read every every verse but beginning there was verse 18 that's when the. This is when Daniel went to his 33. Friends and that they might seek mercy from the God of heaven concerning the secret and has a mission earlier the R.S.V. and other translations say they are the mystery. So that Daniel and his companions might not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon verse 19 says the mystery or the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision and then we dropped on a verse 22 God reveals deep and see a secret or hidden things or mysteries he's knows what's in the darkness and the light wells with him and then verse 27. Daniel answered in the presence of the king and said the secret or the mystery was the king has demanded the wise men the astrologers the magicians and the soothsayers cannot declare to the king but Verse 28 but there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets or mysteries and he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will be in the latter days your dream and the visions of your head were upon your bed with these and he gives an interpretation of that verse $29.00 the middle toward the last and says he who reveal secrets or mysteries is made known to you what will be then in verse 30 but as for me the secret of this mystery has not been revealed to me because I have more wisdom than 1 living but for our sakes who make known the interpretation of the king that you may know the source of your heart. By the way can the devil read our lines how do you know. If he has a good idea. 1 of the 1 of the 1 of the text to demonstrate that he cannot read our thoughts or the dreams of them can is are those are in it God gave those dreams to him the devil could not read his mind or he would have been able to reveal them to his henchmen they could not they were completely in the dark and this is evidence that the devil cannot read our mind and know but he by but it seems sometimes that he can how does he do that ever use the expression I'm going to give souls all thought of a piece of my mind hearty good how do you do it once in you it is that when you put thoughts in human life. But we express Yes he looks he he studies us. Oh maybe so he. And he knows he knows where he is triple is up before and he's going to bring the same temptations around see if you can do to get a hog on him you know that so he'll try it over and over again. But many times by the things we say if we say I'm going to give souls of peace of my mind it's usually by speaking so he listens to what we have to say and it seems sometimes that he can read a mind but he really can't if we keep our mouths shut. He wouldn't he would know what's really going on and except when to pray we don't need to be afraid of praying outlaw even VESA our sin confessing or sin it bothers him because he knows that we're going to be taken care of but but he held that the word reveal is mentioned sometimes so as the revelation of a secret was a revelation of the mystery of God That's what that that image had to do with now the gods of Babylon verse 11 to go back there. Their lives depended on it you know you know it was then you will the revelation that God gave then you know was not just for him and not just for never never can as a but was to kid to save the wise men also these men were totally opposed they had they had. They were taught they were posed to a Daniel but they also they were in control of Babylon they would tell that they were they profess to be able to know and interpret dreams and then you will or through Daniel God revealed that the Babylonian educational system was a farce Daniel his companions were much wiser than all the wise men about the health message was much better than the Babylonians and now the why is a man these these prophetic soothsayers they were not wise at all and so God was simply dismantling the whole Babylonian system in chapter 2 of the Book of Daniel and so in verse verse 11 these men came think we mentioned yesterday said when you tell us what you saw then we'll tell you what it means in these and never could as a wise man know he said You claim to do this you tell me what it was and what it means then I will know that you understand and but they couldn't do it and so verse 11. This is a basic principle of Babylon he says this is a difficult difficult thing that the king requires There is no other who can tell it to the king except the gods whose dwelling is not was flesh this is the Babylonian god they do not dwell with with human flesh. Did. Did God well within human flesh in then yes this is the secret of his relationship. The only ones there are gods do not dwell with human flesh 1st John 42 and 3 by this you know the Spirit of God Every spirit to confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God. But every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God This is the spirit of the end of Christ so this is 1 of the 1 of the keynotes of going back all the way to pagan Babylon they did not believe that God would do well with human flesh Daniel demonstrated that this was untrue. Second John 7 many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ is coming in the flesh This is a deceiver and and her Christ know the SCIRI and this is a human invention by the people see that Mary the nature of the Human nature of Mary the Mother of Jesus was different from the nature of the rest of mankind and the official infallible doctrine of the America conception as defined as an article of faith by Pope Pius the 9th speaking ex cathedra what is ex cathedra mean means sitting in a chair Peter when he makes a declaration on doctrine cannot be altered and so this is 1 they had believed in this for many centuries that Mary was what they called him actually conception. But this was in the team 70 they made an official doctrine but he made it he started $854.00 by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ of the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul and by our own authority. We declare pronounce in the fine that the doctrine which holds that the most blessed Virgin Mary in the 1st instant of her conception by a special grace and privilege of Almighty God in view of the merits of Jesus the savior of mankind was preserved free from all stain of original sin has been revealed by God and therefore is to be firmly and steadfastly believed by all the faithful Wherefore if any shelf resume was God may God avert to think in their heart otherwise than has been defined by as let them know and moreover understand that they are condemned by their own judgment that they have made shipwreck as regards of the faith and have fallen away from the unity of the church and this is this is written actually need 190 lb in the Catholic belief page 214. The solidarity all members of the human race are permanent United for the law heredity you realize that all of us are related here. We go back to Adam and Eve Those are the only 1 there are the parents of the human race so genetically we are all related in the genes have different ways of expressing things but they are still we come out of the same pool and we are permanently United sort of that law heredity Jesus subjected himself to this law heredity in order to save us. Catholics edition rejects the solitary solidarity of Christ with the human race she repudiates the law of heredity in regard to Mary in order to break the connection between Christ and fall of humanity. And by the way sometimes sometimes people think of the human actually conception as that being of Christ it is not dealing with Christ's dealing with Mary that somehow In fact I've read about how they try to manufacture this thing her mother which has caused her name I think the caller seemed N. and her husband purified themselves before Mary was conceived by her so that she could have a sinless human nature this is where it comes from and. In here the Mary was D. So literally his door was his brother and separated from the sin Laden humanity had there for but had there been no him actually conception then Jesus Christ would have said to be less beautiful for he would have taken his body from 1 who is not humanly perfect there ought to be an infinite separation between God and sin this is the babbling Babylonian doctrine that God does not do well with human flesh and this is from Fulton Sheen. In a book called Untitled to the world's 1st love. Jesus by and by being born of the Virgin thus taking to himself from her material will a human nature of the same substance with hers that was immaculately conceived as Faith of Our Fathers $198.00 and here's a statute of 1 of many but you'll notice that can use you can't see it real clear I've got a better 1 here but she's standing on a on a serpent I think this next I'm sure a little clearer Yeah what do you think that comes from. Genesis 316 this is 315. Folks saw it. And I'll show you what what they believe about this. They believe that there's a little better picture of it of. Mary standing on the head of the serpent who is the 1 that crushes the head of the serpent. Christ absolutely the seed of the woman not the woman herself this statue is very standing in the state based on what is written in the Catholic Bible to do a Rames on James 315 this what they say I will put enema teaser tween the and the woman in the I seed and her seed she shall crush die head and our shell lie in wait for her heal now someone with it in chalice really said was that in the in the Latin and I hadn't read it in the land but I said I'll check it out and sure enough it is exactly this way. So they are the part me. Oh yes yes yes yes and this is a major 1 that they did. Here's another 1 this is so much she standing on the serpent but you see light coming out of her hands she is the mother Grace this is how Grace is is given to to the people so they say. I think I've got another 1 here of this on or did have. Same idea and then it and then you have notice here you have there 12 stars overhead where does that remark what where would that come from. Revelation exactly Genesis and Revelation they've joined join the 2 together saying that this is Mary and this is why she's been called the associate or the media tricks another Redeemer now they have not made it of an official doctrine yet I think they will if time should go on they will there they believe it but they have not stated it as a what they call ex cathedra from the chair of Peter but. I expect it will 1 day know we're coming back to Daniel the God of Daniel dwells with human flesh. And Daniel for 8 this is know when Daniel when never can is or in the process of his conversion. He was he was troubled he had this dream here again he didn't understand what it was again the wise men of Melbourne could not help him so he called in Daniel and he said Daniel came in before me says in him is the spirit of the holy God So God was dwelling in the human flesh at that time and then we have he said Delta shells or that was the name of DI and Daniel chief of The Magicians because I know that the spirit of the holy God is in you and no secret troubles you and some say no mystery told you explain to me the visions of my dream that I have seen and its interpretation and this is when he saw the tree next it was the fall of never going to answer in a year later the very thing that Daniel predicted happened to him again in verse 18 this dream I can never again as or have seen and know you believe he shows or declare its interpretation since all the wise men of my kingdom are not able to make known to me interpretation but you are able for the spirit of the holy God is in your and maybe I can stand. Back here a little bit. So if you have God's hand at dinner dinnertime chapter 5. You had a ball. And the gall they'd taken in the the sacred vessels in the drinking wine all of them this is Bush as our species and then you have the the I believe this will be the wall when you have the handwriting on the wall and then of course the fall and in this as as this king that is the grandson of never going to his or he was wondering what in the world was going on and called Daniel then he was absolutely terrified his knees were knocking together he was trembling and the quiver should the queen mother came in this would be her and his grandmother There's a man in your kingdom in whom is the spirit of the holy God and then later when Daniel came before the king he says I have heard of you the king says I've heard of you that the Spirit of God is in you and that light and understanding an excellent wisdom are found in you so Christ was formed in then you know as the hope of glory. The same as with us the Spirit of God is to do us not to Daniel have you did Daniel have Did he have fallen flesh fallen and yes you and I does God well within us are you sure. Or do we have to purify the flesh before he comes into it with us oh no here he comes in heap he does appear fine received the other guy system is you have to beat your flesh S. to be purified before before he can come and go with you. Oh all well 1st of all was Mary. Here. By works by works the grit their teeth and their backbone Yes. I. Mean. It's you eat you. Yes Did you say. Oh yes or you they're like. Oh. My. Writing is. Interesting I was raised a Catholic that went through Communion but I was about 70 years old or something like that but we never had to marry cars we believe that if. You're. Like you know. You're it interesting. To hear I don't want to get on an 18 year. Also someone else's That was a side be all for you well while you're interested Yeah. You're here you know even though me like you did me oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I remember the nuns years tell us the we're talking about priests in the nuns were holy and if you sinned against them you say if you sin against a priest or another nun you had to go. To a nun pregnant with a told us of Nun you go to that nun and she will intercede with your She'll go to the 1 that you've offended you know and I think that was a little bit strange but that's the way it was. Still is but it's not it's not as blatant today as it was at that time. Already. Jesus is the greatest example of righteousness by face and there's only 1 kind of righteousness on the earth and that is a face righteousness in his E.Q. It talks about job. Noah and Daniel. About righteousness the righteous actions but we need to remember that there is no righteousness except by faith in so Jesus Himself were was righteous from a human standpoint by faith and done here he said I can do nothing of myself that's in John 5 he's I'm in the Father the Father is in me the father dwells in me he does the works and then we have over here on the application if it will come. In for us without me Jesus says you can do nothing a bite in me and I in you Christ in you the hope of glory were he works in as both the will and to do of His good pleasure and so this is the the the face of Jesus actually that he gives to us and him but and Daniel was in the same situation here he was righteous by faith alone without Christ he could do nothing in. The me go and explore your soul in in Daniel 7 we look to this little bit from the standpoint of beasts the 4 beasts. But here you have the nature of the judgments it's investigative in nature where the books are opened. Faster boars been talk talk about this will go into detail here. Then you have in the in Chapter 8. Christ reveals the time of judgment and we talked about Paul Mooney or the 1 the wonderful. Wonderful number the real of secrets or of mysteries the margin of reference but this speak about Christ Christ gave you 2300 a prophecy in the Then in chapter 9. This is in the $2300.00 days so actually closed chapter he then Chapter 9 reveals the basis of the judgment which is the the crucifixion of Christ and. We come back a little bit I want to go back here with this the. In Hebrew thought many times all have the conclusion of something at the beginning like in chapter 7 then it builds on that chapter 8 but Chapter 9 is the basis of the judgment both the time of it and also the the function of judgment. And we need to understand that Christ is the the cross of Christ is the basis of all judgment he was judged in already have as our representative as ourselves it too and that's why God can bring bring the human race into judgment but in fact let's let's go to Chapter 7 I want to go back there. The board had brought out some things in here that. The deals of the judgment we need to remember that the judgment of God for His people is just that it's for his people it's not against them. Many people are absolutely terrified when think about judgment but remember the judge was twofold it's against the papacy but it's for God's people in chapter 7 verse 13 this is when Christ becomes as the Son of man 1 who looks like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven he came to the Ancient of Days they brought him here before him then to him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom that all peoples nations and languages should serve him his dominion is an everlasting to them dominion wish will not pass away and his kingdom the 1 which shall not be destroyed not this this Dominion this kingdom was given to Christ but he doesn't keep it for himself and if we drop down a verse I believe it's 18 you know it says the saints of the most High shall receive the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever even for ever and ever then if we drop down to verse $22.00 talks about the Ancient of Days coming and a judgment was made in favor of the saints the time came for the Saints to possess the king So again you've got Christ receiving a kingdom and then he passes it on to his people in the last 2 as in verse 27 the kingdom of the Dominion in the greatness of the Kingdom and of the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most high His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom in all dominions show serve and obey Him So here we have the heat the. Complete from the death of Christ to the very end of time when Christ earned the kingdom when he died. In an 1844 when he went into the 2nd apartment he received the kingdom officially and then but he did he want to hold it for snow but it was ours because he's a representative and when he comes back the 2nd time the whole thing is given to us can you imagine what this can be like rulers. But it's. Princes and Princesses. That we call this wonderful No Daniel 7 through 9 other 2 aspects you have both poetry in prose in the in Daniel 7 you have the vertical dimension you have it is written it's actually written in prose. The 3 beasts then the 4th beast in verse 7 and the Little Horn This is all written in prose then when Daniel focuses on heaven he breaks into poetry. And as he talks about things that are going on in Heaven which has been the judgment. He talks about. The court convening this is in poetry then when he takes a look again at the earth he goes back to the verdict is in prose and then he the meaning is taken and the bin is taken away from the beast. And then he again he looks toward heaven he changes from prose to poetry the heavenly court is concluded in verse 141314 then verdict Number 2 the kingdom is given to the saints and again you have you have both whenever he's talking on about heavenly things he's talking about poetry or in poetry was talking about earthly things he's dealing with prose so you have you have that's in chapter 7 and you have the same thing in Chapter 8. But here we have the 4 home before Holmes in the of Daniel 7 and Chapter 7 verse 8 and then you have this you know the same same 1 but in Chapter 8 you have the same you have the same thing you got to beast go for horns This is in prose then when he talks about heaven that's in red you can see that very well. Let me see the green it's a work of the little horn in chapter 8 and in this is on Earth but also he is opposing the prince of heaven and opposing Christ in that we the enterprise power then when he the sanctuary is cleanse verse 81314 again it's in. Poetry But this this shows that little horn would be in prose that it talks about the prince being opposed and then there'll be a verdict here but the clinching the sanctuary again he breaks out into a courtroom and then you have the same thing in chapter 9. Persian Rome you have the cross of Christ and didn't know any of the most holy and then in this of course goes all the way across. But but the book itself is structured. Daniel was a what Remember we read the 1 statement that him in literary attainments the force of pasta everyone else know when we come here in the high point in the Book of Daniel I mentioned this yesterday of the $2300.00 days of the sanctuary shall be cleansed coming up to that you have Chapter 8 is a historical summary of a chapter of ones who 7 and then you have. It 14 is the climax of symbolic representation then you have Chapter 14 is the high point and then from here you have an interpretation that begins in verse 15 or 17 where Jesus tells Daniel. Gabriel make this man to understand what you've seen in Chapter 7 is this unfolding further with the 70 weeks prophecy that's all a part of this prophetic message here but the high point is is that Daniel 814 and I mentioned also the high point of. What's going on. And 1 month Daniel 7 Daniel $814.00 but then you have Leviticus 16 the Day of Atonement Song of Solomon is a marriage all of these are used as illustrations of the of Toman or the AT woman the idea of a marriage is that when a man and a woman comes together and they are at 1 and so the work of Atonement is the work of Christ in bringing the human race back into her me with God and in marriage best represents the book of Leviticus you have. But there are 16 there are a loss for the sanctuary for the priests and for Israel the 1st 15 chapters and then the last 10 chapters or laws for the sanctuary of the priests in Israel again but on this side you have justification and on this side you have sanctification move the center of the whole book into a not only of the book of Leviticus but the 1st 5 books of of the Old Testament are the center is here in chapter 16 and we're going to switch as do you told and. The Song of Solomon I mentioned this yesterday that you have the bride to be giving the invitation to the bridegroom you have the invitation for 16 and then $51.00 is a response will be the and it shows that Christ is a perfect gentleman he doesn't he doesn't force himself on anyone but in this you have there are 111 lines from chapter 1 verse 2 to 415 and then you have a 111 lines from 522814 this is in the Hebrew in the Hebrew language but again the Song of Solomon showing the high point at this point in time and. It's a love story in The Wedding illustrating the an aspect of the Day of Atonement 1 moment with God And let's take a look at Matthew 22 where. You have Jesus used this as an illustration he did he didn't quote Solomon but he used the marriage. Ceremony as an illustration of the judgment. Here verse 8 says the wedding is ready and. Verse 9 he says go into the highways and invite everyone to the wedding the good and the bat. The servants went out verse 10 of the highways and gathered together all who they found both bad and good the wedding hall was filled with guess but when the king came in to see the guests he saw a man there who had not on a wedding garment so he said to him friend how did you come in here without a wedding garment and he was speechless The reason he was speechless is because he was crisis. It is Christ that prepares us for the wedding and and so that this wedding the wedding ceremony is an illustration of the from judgment because when the men came on to expect the the guests he said look I'm over to see the head on the winning government of the Christ righteousness. Matthew 22 you know here are 9 to 12 is that the parable that Christ used to illustrate that. So again the high point of the Book of Daniel Daniel means God is my judge and. Now the cross is the theology of the heavenly sanctuary in Revelation $56.00 where this is again the continuation of Daniel Jesus is our lamb his crosses or altar and it's reflected in heaven. The cross is central to the judgment it is central to the sanctuary of heaven is central to the 2nd apartment as well as the 1st apartment in the heavenly sanctuary. Christ and Him crucified the whole universe looks to Christ in fact and let's let's go to fight a going to fight chapter 5 or 6 of revelation where. We see the cross that's uplifted. Kept chapter 5 got Chapter 5 or 6 of. The. He says I looked and behold in the midst of the thrown into the 4 living creatures in the midst of the over stood a lamb as though it had been slain This is Christ him crucified is a very center of the universe the throne of God is based on the. On the self sacrificing of Christ as a government of God with the cross of Christ is simply the expansion of the government of heaven that. The principle is to give to give themselves and so the cross and the cross will be severed to us throughout eternity. In Denver the wisdom in the power of God are revealed in chapter 1 where you have the the wisdom of God displayed in Daniel by the way there were were there other Were there other young people from. Judah other than the 4 Hebrews what happened to them. If they compromise us like. These 4 stood alone and they were probably ridiculed by those whom they knew at that time in in Jerusalem. The sanctuary like the cross is the wisdom in the knowledge of the attainment of God. The judgment itself is for not against guns people would look at that and then have 7. Is in the Psalms a judgment is actually welcome David says Come judge me Lord you let it through or look at some of those tremendous passages chapter 9610 through 13 where. And while we're thinking about we're turning them when I ask a question what tribe was Daniel from. Judah OK what tribe was Jesus from. Interesting. Their relatives. And well it will see if we can get to that little bit here but in Psalm 90 see if someone has it you want to read it forced. 961213 Yeah. OK And then 11. That's all right you know 11. Verse 11. So here you got rejoicing going on as the judgment is being displayed in verse 12 even Earth this is let the field be joyfull the trees and then verse 13 for his coming he is coming he is coming to judge the earth and he should judge Judge the world was righteousness in all the people as was his truth so you've got you've got the idea here that. God's judgment is welcome all these other chapter 8 verses 82 verse 813926 they're all dealing with the judgment as a joyous occasion not something to be dreaded if we're covered if we're covered all the righteousness of Christ to have anything to worry about not all that. Yes yes. Yes Yes absolutely and all the judgments of the earth all of them are going to be completely reversed I mean those that were that were wrong and the whole universe going to see this is amazing and they're watching intently of what what's happening even today. They're probably more interesting than actually we are what's going on and have it. But me yeah I had a place I'd never. Be welding And Angeles and his judgment. Was that 1 little thing. You are not going to make it it was so great. You. Know judges Yes yes it's a bit of. A vegetarian Hill. To. The. Bits if if a person does not know Christ then there's something to be for for 4 or from but if we know Christ then we should rejoice but well like a wedding you know if you ever I don't remember ever going to a wedding what was it where people were weeping except for joy maybe. Yours or theirs celebrating you know and you want it in the world if there were a wedding is a celebration and that's the way the judgment is as well as goddesses because it is set at 1 moment with his people for ever he will never be separated from the sedan and now he dwells within us by His Spirit and the judgment we're wiil all of this is the to the universe being revealed I think even now but. But here is the here's another part of the judgement this is in Acts 1731 it says he speaking about God God is appointed today in which he will judge the world in righteousness but or in this a literal word in the man whom he has ordained he has given assurance to us all by raising him from the dead but this is in the setting of the judgment we can have assurance because of Christ Christ as our surance were accepted in the beloved and that's part of the part of the judgment of Christ has not entered into holy places made with hands which are copies of the True but into heaven itself known to appear in the presence of God for us in Daniel Daniel leads up to this in the 2300 day prophecy. In this is part of a part of that we will go into the details of all that yesterday we looked at Christ chapter by chapter and in literary form and I think we're not going to go any more in that direction I think it will let me see what we got here in the prophecy I'm looking at this I have something else that didn't get in here yeah we did this yesterday no I want to come back to. DANIEL The Spirit of God well within him. Did the Spirit of God Well in Christ while he was here on earth can you think of any passages that might connect Daniel and. In Jesus. The rich. That leftism. OK publicly the whole go to Spirit came down OK. OK The Spirit led him into the wilderness which. Transfiguration where he was glorified OK Can you think of any Old Testament prophecies and even connect Christ with Judah or with the Holy Spirit. Yes OK 60 and 61 back to the I think we maybe take a look at it but also think of another 1 in Genesis chapter. Chapter 49 you remember where it says that the scepter would not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes the hat was Christ prophesied. So here is a connection with Judah he was born in Bethlehem which is Judah in Judah and in Revelation 5 he is the lion from the tribe of Judah that all you know open the books the scrolls and so Christ with there's no doubt he was from Judah but let's go to You mentioned Isaiah 6660 want to 6 you know both of them are good. Let's take a look at something here in chapter Chapter 61 yet the spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor he has set me to heal the broken hearted whom liberty of the captives in the opening of the prison to those who are bound. Claim the acceptable year of the Lord and that event in silver God to comfort all who mourn to console those who mourn in Zion to give them beauty for us the oil of joy for that could be instead of we could read this go back which is to give them beauty instead of ashes the oil of joy instead of mourning the garment of the garment of praise instead of the spirit of havingness that they may be called Trees of righteousness the planting of the Lord that he may be glorified but this is the work of Christ under the ocean of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit was resting upon him the 1 I was seeing also was Chapter 60 this does not talk about so much about. About Christ himself but it talks about the light verse 1 says arise shine for your light has come in that comes from the Holy Spirit of the glory of the Lord has risen upon you for behold of darkness will cover the earth deep darkness the people the Lord will arise over you and His glory will be seen upon you the gentiles will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising No And this again is a prophecy of Christ if you drop down to verse. Verse 5 then you shall see and become radiant in your heart show swell with joy because the abundance of the sea will be turned to you the wealth of the gentiles will be shall come to you and the multitude of camels shall cover your land the dromedaries of Midian and evolve Who are these people and the. Well they may have been part of the right ways but. Yes OK but talks about yeah OK Oh I see yes OK yeah. But who who was worded medium in the fall come from what were they just when the Gentiles if you Gentiles Yes they came from Abraham into Koran Catawba notice read on him from Sheba Sheba was son of the 1000000 or no I know and think if I was now they shall bring golden incense they shovel claim the praises of the Lord the flocks of key to our show be gathered together for you the Rams a new boy with so minister to you I will ascend with except us. Own my altar and I will glorify the house of my glory. Kid are in verse 7 was a son of Ishmael. The boa was the 1st on the Ishmael What is this telling us now this is a prophecy the last days who are these pieces of it yes. It will. Be. Yes but there's a specific gentile people. But this or yeah it is a this is a bit of this the prophecy of Islam not all. That's in Chapter 60 of. Years of probably from Verse 6 probably you know you got to Couture and then down through 7. The God had given. Ishmael a promise the 12 tribes 12 princes called. And then there were 12 tribes of Israel and there are how many Apostles while. For some reason God has given us specifics about these but I think what we can see in the last day is not today what we're seeing today. Not by the majority of the of Islam. But some radicals you know the relationship between the the Muslims or the. During the time the Reformation had it not been for the referee had it not been for the for the Muslims the Protestant Reformation would not have taken hold. When you study I wish we had a chalk but. You follow my finger. So here's your Spain is here and you've got the papacy here and said Mediterranean Sea was here when when. When the people came out of the assassins came out of Arabia they went across northern northern Africa went into spinning it would as far as tours friends were driven back by the by the King of France or he became the king of France drove them back into Spain and they tried different times to go there what they wanted to do was make the Mediterranean Sea A Muslim Lake. They were after the papacy they couldn't they couldn't get to them as so they went around us all the way and they started they want to come into Constantinople in the 550 years and could not come here but then we went up on NE The Chinese were coming and they would have captured Europe. And the the services went up in prison prevented them from from coming in and during that they captured 2 men who knew how to manufacture paper. The Chinese are the only ones who knew how to do this at this time in the service and is convinced these 2 paper makers to show them how to do it and that that began what is known as the golden age of the Muslims of the lasted for about $7715.00 or what say around $1200.00 something like that. Much of what we have today came out of that Muslim golden age in science and technology it's absolutely amazing to see what happened but something more important than that the papacy was was loaded this way it could go nowhere to go would be north and Charles the 5th was he was in Spain hated the Reformation he was going he determined that he would destroy the Reformation and so he would send his armies up to Germany to destroy them and every time he came up the Turks would come in from here he'd have to divert his forces and drive them back into what we called them out of the turkey This happened time after time after time loser hated the Muslims most loser loser and most of the most most of the listens Protestants the resolute terrified of them but they actually contributing financially to the Reformation they gave money they hired Protestants to work on their ships and different things like this so they were not opposed to the Gospel of Christ in that standpoint but they were after the papacy sitting here in the role but God had God contained them for several 100 years so that they could not go any further listen from Europe when wind up in 18th. Not 815. $1529.00 was the time when the Protestant princes took a stand protesting against the papacy. In Germany and so they backed moves or with their sword if you please they were not going to call it all to the to the to the Emperor and. In the next year you know that actually that year the Muslims had come up invaded into office Austria. And were stopped there and there were I think they said there are about $30000.00 Muslims and I think there are only about $10000.00 or less Europeans that were in in the year. Which it was couple of Austria. The unit Yes thank you I can remember the capital and then breached the wall but they could not take it they panicked and they left everything all their armor in the head of self and the left everything there and that was the last major 1 though there was another 1 in 1000 hundreds. Source That's a 5050 meter so there was another 1 where they made me their March on the into but it was 1529 was the main was the main stoppage by 1830 I'm sorry 1530 the papacy began going down and so did the Muslim world it started going down the papacy if it ended in $7098.00 completely devoid now of of military power $840.00 the Muslim empire crumble. Came under the jurisdiction of the Christian nations of Europe now since since $911.00 I was same and maybe even before that we see the rise of the papacy and we see the rise of Muslim activity and we see the rise of partisan tism they're all parallel today. And we're going to see more activity I'm sure of this but in in the places where you've got a lot of turmoil in Syria and the whole Middle East and even Europe now. As bad as it is this terrible but God is working even here there are conversions taking place among Muslims and others guns are absolutely terrified and the only hope they have is is the gospel of Jesus Christ I mean this he's. You. Know I don't I don't I haven't really considered it from that standpoint and he's doing it from. You got to I don't have ideologies going on in United States and far left and far right and up and I think I think that's what it is but I think God will work through some of this stuff. Many people are afraid of Trump because he's right a far right he's far right only as far as far right as many people think but. Time will tell we believe that the the it will be the action of the far right religiously who are the ones who are going to bring in the Sunday laws and change the Constitution and things of that nature it will not I don't think it be from the liberals the liberals usually although they're opposed they're opposed to the principles of God's government. But they have where they've been attacking on creation and redemption things like that this has been going on for years but I would say both parties are trying to live a vote of the Constitution some believe that that Trump is trying to bring us back to the Constitution time will time will see whether this is true but. Yes us true. Yes. Yes and I believe in the well did you have it was a hint yes. This. Is. Yes yes yes. Yes No it's the prophecy that I saw fulfilled when the pope came and spoke to the joint session of Congress this is unheard of now it's been it has been building up to this and this 1 Daniel it actually Daniel we're not far off the surface. Daniel was predicting some of this and in the Book of Revelation I believe Christ also the setting up of the Abomination you know would be more than a more than the papacy but it would be though a worldwide effect on the entire world on the but you have a Reagan as a 1 of the start of the official recognition of the papacy as a as a nation and. 1 thing about Trump of that when he was running for president and I don't keep up with all the stuff that goes on because you changes from day to day but I remember when the pope came to Northern Mexico and he won that anyone who believed in a building a wall was not a Christian. And Trump came back with the idea he said you've got a war on the Vatican 15 feet tall. So there was a lot of friction there but I think they've they've been amended there there are other rhetoric from that time but but from the time of Reagan in it doesn't matter whether it's Democrat or Republican every president has run to the Vatican to get to the papal blessing you know that type of thing and this these are this I think is that the prophetic fulfillment of the United States falling in into that trap if you please on things are happening today that we never dreamed of I think. It's really tradition. For the president to leave the U.S. Oh yes yes because Bush yes right oh yeah and the this this pope has been pushing in Europe for a son in law through the you know in the European Union. You know climate change is 1 of them and that's 1 of the things you discuss here in the United States on that but but it you know that's part of it and up but and we don't know everything that he said to this to the political leaders we do know what he said is very well very popular. It was a bane or baner is that you know better was the House of Representatives leader he said that was his life's ambition to get here to speak to speak Congress so he. Yes Right yeah yeah yeah yeah but another another 1 that really was I think quite alarming 1 Pope John this Pope John Paul died. There were 433. United States presidents bowing at the feet of a dead pope and I noticed that the cardinals were standing in back of them watching they were not meaning down is Protestants were kneeling at the foot of the of the scouting and I think that was significant and I think what's happening today on the the. World wide front I think the Lord is still holding things back even Britain I think coming coming out of that the union of Europe it's a stop No what I thought about I don't worry I'm not a Democrat on the Republican so I'm not on the pushing for against him if he holds true to His principles that he is in the unseated it will prevent the arms laws of the pavement see for a while I don't know how long but but he's not he does not appear to be in harmony with what they want to do on the globalization when he's talking about America 1st that type of thing this is a Protestant state I would not really promising either but it but it is. Is a political statement by the most Americans would probably agree with especially not getting into wars and things of that nature but how do we get in that we get from here but these are some of the principles of the Daniel obliqueness bringing out and especially the Book of Revelation and the hope we have that regardless of who's in power. Or whatever goes on in the world we need to we need to know Christ this is the main the main thing I was in the Middle East several years ago we were I was on archaeological dig and I found the Muslim people really the ones we were working with were really wonderful people had some kids working might have a section of assigned to me and that would call them goofy boys have a little. Rubber baskets and we put the dirt in and they would take it out and these boys are trying to convert me and they were all with a 20 years you repeat after me and they would say in broken into you repeat after me. All is the 1 God and Mohammad This is prophet. Sometimes they would say it in Arabic sometimes an ing a broken English and I would say Jesus Christ. As Lord and Savior. And we were every we had a good time doing that but we had it's a wonderful people my wife and I would walk down 1 of the village streets and they would beckon us to come in you know so we go in and drink tea we get out of there are people on the other side a straight face come we had Bring we were almost stagnant and the end of the street but are just they're very very wonderful and then I had 1 of a group in some of the men that were from a village they were Bedouin and the last day we had a little kind of a picnic. Lunch before going left this 1 guy came in really dressed sharply had a nice suit coast and coat he flung it flung assert back of the coat like that he had a 6 shooter. He looked at me and said he said he was boss now he can speak it existed but it was just really wonderful to be with him but there are songs that are really really. Bad news but but I do think that will have a part. Of it was brought out in Revelation the trumpets I think Custer. War and talked a little bit about that but any help. Or time of. The time OK OK I think that was. Probably brought in some things that maybe shouldn't that was that but he held some current events but Daniel revelation is current today and will be to the Lord comes the main thing we know need to know Jesus Christ and Him crucified so let's let's play. Father we want to take you again for the books of Daniel and Revelation and all the other books that talk about Jesus. We pray that you will draw us closer to you closely each other that Christ might be glorified and surely there will be a woman. In ourselves in you. All the same term with thank you isn't. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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