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Christ in Daniel- Part 3

Jerry Finneman




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Father we thank you again for the day you've given to us and we promise that if we ask for your Holy Spirit that He will be given to us and you said if we lack wisdom we may ask of you and you give to all people and we thank you for that in Jesus name Amen and. Already we're going to be looking at chapter 4 of Daniel this is the conversion we're going to go through the convert conversion experience of of never can as or. As you're well aware that he built Babylon it was 1 of the greatest cities in the ancient world it was unconquerable it had done it had 2 walls surrounding it and they had a moat also. They had enough food in that in the city of self to last for about 20 years and had it not been forgotten that 70 years later after this had it not been for God. It would not have it would not have fallen but God Prophet prophesied 150 years before that that Cyrus by name would be the 1 who would conquer it and we may look at that next next time tomorrow but this was Babylon never can it was credited with building it when it had been built before but. He was the 1 that made it extremely popular in the world in his day and even to this day when people talk about Babylon they think they think of him. This is 1 of the 1 of them on 1 of the bricks and I think I have it later on he says this is the great city which is the light of my eyes which I have glorified may have last forever. It used to be there was no rush there was no record in secular history of never can has or nor his grandson Baelish about it and. And I had no use for archaeology was. So whatever. I thought they just went over with a toothpick in the brush a tooth brush and you know get the sand away and then pick up some of these artifacts and I listen to Dr Horn who has a problem and he was $77.00 is 1 of the leading Biblical archaeologists in the world. And when I listen to him he was telling us about the Book of Daniel and he said in the 18 hundreds and even into the 1900 the Book of Daniel was considered not a prophecy because there was no evidence nor his 2nd secular history for these 2 men and then in the chart in chapter Chapter 3 there are musical instruments that are listed and they're in Greek. And they said at this time in the time of of never going to Israelis there were no Greeks over there because Greek was really didn't exist it was a very small colony. But the archaeologists were digging around in the palace in the kitchen of all places and they found great tablets with grocery lists on it. Written in Greek. And so that gave evidence that that there were Greeks there at that time and I went on an archaeological dig after that. And up we were it was in Jordan and we were invited by the king to a party and it was a they had a feed in advance in drinking and that sort of thing and they were not administers well as adults in the group and I think 1 temple 1 couple got up and dance and the rest of us we were dead and in their seats and these guys are really wise because the sooner they had the 1 song they stopped for intermission and that was for us to get out of there. Which we did but it was interesting these men it was a band of Greeks a roving group Greek Greeks who were went through the countryside of the Middle East playing for dances and concerts and things like this and I think it was much like it was in the days of the of the Babylonians so it gave evidence that there I mean not not necessarily these musical people but the handwriting in the in the kitchen was evidence other than another word was never could there was or is name was never in the secular history. Until the archaeologist started turning over bricks and on the back side of every brick his name was stamped and so that gave secular information that there was a man by this way and by this name yes. Very much so very big eagle very young but he was converted and that's the good news and we'll be looking at that as we get into this more you're probably familiar with this man. Who used to exist. You know we modeled himself after. Never can as Or yes he had back here is 1 of the pictures that he had paid and he's facing never can is are and it's interesting that he got to the tree and how it was the same kind of tree or not but that was there was a tree in chapter 4 showing the downfall of an M.P. and hazard and his conversion then later on but there's another 1 here this is a very interesting 1 especially this 1 over here you've got him this is Hussein in the chariot as from the era of Babylon and showing an arrow but he's got his other modern day armament but this is the this is the he he modeled him so he thought he was the new new because as or in his idea was the same to rule the world and. He was didn't get a built. Why not he had me if he had all the resources get the. Prophecy OK God said it will not be rebuilt. And man did not dwell there and so he was actually going against the Word of God and and of course he there's another picture of the larger 1 of that same same 1 here we see people. Digging and they did build a wall. And then I think the next 1 shows Yeah. It came to not just. By Me Oh oh. Let's see there's the 1 there's 1 second of 1 there and 1 and there's 1 way in the back to a chair back there and there's 1 over there OK. So this is this is the ruins of the palace significant as it has never been rebuilt never will be no men Mais start but it will not be finished and. Let me go back yeah this is now this 1 is because this is part of the Old this part of the old both sides I think the military came in they had a lot of their military in this I believe it was this area you know American soldiers were there for quite some time and there was a palace that was built outside the the boundary of old Babylon and it was it was a palace built by a newbie can as are but. I don't think that was destroyed but everything else completely fell away the wrong on 1 here. My button here it is. You know the rooms of the palace in Time magazine. You mentioned Iraq was on the March and then here was a he was he wanted to become a master of the universe and he was a dictator like. Like never can is or in a Says Saddam himself a photograph not long ago in a replica of the war church of May because of this what we saw a little bit ago and. Saddam apparently reveres never going to his hero despite a bout of insanity which is recounted in the Book of Daniel never can is or made his name in history by destroying Jerusalem in $587.00 B.C. and driving in its inhabitants into 70 years of captivity it is a fair warning because this is what they thought maybe Hussein was going to do but do you remember where they found him. In the backyard of a hole that some of his subjects had covered it up so that he couldn't find it but a funny funny found him and then later on he was executed for the crimes that he had done against his own people All right coming back to never can is or in Babylon. This is a picture of 1 of the gates going this is the main gate going into the city of self here is this is 1 of the still stones or bricks that they found is this not great Babylon that I have built and there are several stones bricks and like that he made last forever. Clay tablet in which an inscription. But never can as are says the excellency of the kingdom may at last for ever. A beautiful city it was there this is the Stargate in this is in. The Berlin museum and it's the house half sides but notice the see the man here this is only half half half the height as it used to was so high it would have gone off the picture cell but it was a it was tremendous city and this is where all the processions went in and out. At that time and the main gate leading into the city. And then Mar Dukas on the other of the other end that me see oh you've probably seen the pictures of of the bulls in the different nondescript beasts. Daniel These are familiar of the Daniel that's why he he used some of these animals in Chapter 7 that people would have been familiar with but this this is the book The wall is really beautiful blue blue brick I can imagine when a person was coming into the city from a long way off the sun shining on that brick it was almost like enamel but it was it was fired fired bricks that that they used. Is what. You know as an actual Well let's see they had no that was a replica that they have they did have some of these these figures. In the museum and they had parts of the walls there and it was huge. You know. The hanging arms of gardens of Babylon this is built for his wife she was evidently a Persian or at least from the east somewhere where there was mountains and water and lot of flowers and things of this nature and she was homesick there on the desert and so never has or built this this was became known as the 1 of the 7 Wonders of the engine world and it must have been the British had to light to see him to walk in. This is the temple of Marduk in the back and here is the temple of Marduk was 300 feet high and outside of it was covered with blue glazed tile inside it was overlaid with gold the altar the throne were made of 8 and 1 half tons of solid gold so this tells us of the finances he had available. Again this and this and I translated this Actually I don't know I don't know why Aramaic but I knew I'd found some of the symbols in so had it translated into put I never could as a king about Milan provider or patron of the temple a saga. And the Temple of as it our firstborn son never applies Nabel plans are as of his father so and it was on that on that stone and. By me. You. Have 1200 Yeah yeah. It was the richest it was the richest nation ever cities 1 of the city state in the in the world exact time of that that we know of in much of that much of the gold had been lost and but but it was extremely. They were extremely wealthy this is a letter on a stone that was dug up also from never can is are and they discovered this tablet and. He describes the wealth of the splendor Babylon he says of the whole earth bald prostate at the feet of Babylon and of course it would be here himself because he was the king and. Yes Yeah. Yes the whole world yeah yeah yeah yeah on the top of that or would would not have been unlike the government document and because I was a wrote conservative conversion experience as copy by Dan in chapter 4 No it wasn't identical but in chapter 4 his attitude had been completely changed and was a testimony of the power of God to change him. And then you 4 is a public document that went to the entire Babylonian Empire in this document never going to his or gives his own account in detail of the experiences that resulted in his conversion and we'll get into that is as we go on here the gospel of the Kingdom of God was publicly proclaimed by a converted born again Babylonian King that. Did a serious it was almost like this not quite in a church that I had a few years ago and there was a 1 of the ladies and she was a saint as far as I could see really a wonderful woman she did a lot of work but she came to me after some time after presenting this this chapter of the conversion of never going to and she's thanked me and she said you know I experienced a real conversion. During that service and but you surprised me because she was really a good woman but it shows that sometimes we can be very good and still not really have a conversion experience with and we need to be converted every day if not not once a lifetime but. That anyhow so the question it was this I pondered this this question for some time and I thought of never can as of that he's the greatest example of the work of justification by faith the only way to ask the question what is justification by faith it is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself. And this fits never can is or to a T. and probably all of us to a certain degree I remember you know I was not raised and have as I became an administrator I surrendered everything I had everything a was to Christ I was far as I know nothing was was left aside a few years later the Lord was impressing me that I needed to surrender to him again and I fought him I said God I'm a 7th Day Adventists is not enough. No unfunded like a potting child I said OK got all surrendered again and immediately had peace that I had had for squats and died but I didn't understand I was thinking in terms of conversion was like you know the once saved always saved concept but once you're converted you're always converted and there should be growth and that even Peter you know God's as Christ said of when you are converted actually can be translated when you reconverted. Strengthen the present that type of thing so but conversion is a is an ongoing process. That God wants to wants to work in our lives now the work of the Holy Spirit we're familiar with this verse John where. The 1st the 1st work of the Holy Spirit is convict of sin then secondly he convicts us of righteousness and then thirdly of judgment in all 3 of these were brought to bear on never can is remember yesterday we looked at several passages that. Never can is or said I know as the Spirit of God dwells within you and it several times in verse 4 the. Chapter 5 did the same thing he said I've been told that the Spirit of God dwells within you so many times this is found but we see this and. Would never get as it had been convicted of sin and then of righteousness and then of judgment and God was God threaten them with judgement not to not to scare him but it was a year after Daniel gave the interpretation of that dream. God gave a period of grace for them because or that he might be converted or that he might submit to Christ and at the end of the time he still hadn't done it and so God. Cut off his kingdom and he became a vegetarian for 7 years. Oh. But. Now in chapter 4 verse 13. Here we have a picture of the the watcher undone he said I saw in the in the visions of mine in my head while on my bed and there was a watch or a holy 1 coming down from heaven and 2 or 3 times it mentioned as holy water and this has to be the Godhead 1 is the Christ or the Holy Spirit that he saw in this vision and and this is from a dictionary it's a supernatural being with similar functions as an angel but also distinct from them and when I read that I thought of not Michael the fact posterboard been talking about Michael the Archangel. He there when he was similar it looked like an angel and sometimes as a human being but still distinct from them because he was the Son of God He was God and in the end I think this is the situation there in chapter 4. Never get As or who he was from my think I mentioned the historical record it has some more he rain for 43 years and evidently this this experience that he had of conversion took place at the end of his the end of his life not certainly not the beginning. And here we have we have the accession year sexual $5.00 and $6.00 so for he was in he'd been fighting with the Egyptians at this time and he went to Jerusalem to capture it at that time and it was during while he was in the battle front his dad died and he leaders made across the desert you there's 2 ways of the of the desert. Pathways of the desert 1 of those open around where you missed most of the desert and then there's 1 that goes straight across he took that 1 straight across that we're going to an extremely hard ride but they he knew he had to get there and and keep his keep the kingdom under the family name and so that tempter to have this his 2nd reign of this is when he was. KING And then chapter I took this 1 from the Septuagint this shows 18 years most between Daniel 2 and Daniel 3 and I think I think this is accurate at least to a degree in chapter 1 Daniel and the other 3 Hebrews are called children. In chapter 3 they're called men. And they were if you figure this now Daniel went in the calf to a captivity about 6 he was only 16 or 17 years old he was in the University of Melbourne for 3 years in at the end of the 3 years when the king examined him. He was almost as wise as the wise man. 10 times wiser now this had to have been even his instructors I'm sure I met 1 man 1 student 1 time going to university and he actually had more more understanding and wisdom and knowledge than his teachers it was amazing just he was into in science and he I think was a genius he had some. Social problems but as far as brilliancy It was amazing in the in the teachers respected him because he just it was it was natural for him to grasp some of these things and in science but anyhow so then in the 37th year. When he died and or no I'm sorry I think this is from the chronicles of as Or this would have been a stuff publication that. Gave some of this information but it was in the 43rd year that he died in October of that year and so it was in somewhere in here just before he died I think maybe 7 years or a little before that. When he had to say this experience but God had been working with him all through the years. You know he was an idolater by birth and by training he was an evangelist Babylonian about Angelus very ambitious. Proud parents had. A passion a builder he loved to build. He had an innate sense of justice and right. Even though he was a dictator he was a wise ruler a strong tendency to psychosis and I believe this is what God was trying to keep him from 1 of the things that would have happened had he had he submitted to Christ he wouldn't go it would not have gone insane I'm reasonably sure. But this is a derangement of of his mind. And some have said this is a. He had a delusion of being a wild animal and like a Wolf I think I've got another 1 it's a little different disease but it's the same it's a mental disorder. Which a person imagines that he's a wolf. And this fits the thing probably better than anything else but he was he was prone to severe mental disorder and. Derangement of personality a loss of contact with reality at times and but it became it he began to decay in social functioning that type of thing you know I want to ask a question the mind why that anger in 1 of those doctor have you ever tried to reason with someone who is drunk. Impossible OK how about if someone gets angry. Same thing have you ever talk to anyone who's drunk on the wine of Babylon. These 3 these 3 affect the brain in the same way. The frontal lobe it brought that box off communication God God communicates with us the fine nerves in the forefront of rain and anger alcohol and false doctrine. Block out the thinking processes to it to see things clearly even if you study with them when they're drunk sometimes a person a drunk can be converted in the drunkenness even but it takes a miracle of God or some guys on drugs that God will that will of Zap and will and then be converted same thing a false doctrine but usually without God's intervention you cannot reason with these people it's an impossibility in the last days what are people going to be drunk with. False doctrine Yeah this is in fact I think we're seeing perhaps a lot of that even today. With a bitch will use alcohol and false doctrine each affect the brain in a similar manner. Clear thinking is impossible confusion results in the mystery of God cannot be understood nor appreciated. The conversion of never going to his will get into that out Chapter 1 he was impressed with what he saw with the with the. Hebrew children and chapter 2 is convinced and then and will look at it will go into more detail as as we go on chapter 3 was convicted that he was wrong and that they were right that was when they threw them into the fire furnace chapter for his funny converted but these are steps in his conversion and Chapter 1 he was a general of the armies and probably 1 of the the leading general in the world at the time he was an evangelist know how in the world we saved events let's go back and look at this. Remember what he did with the. With the names of the. Yes In verse 7 to them the chief of the eunuchs gave the names he gave Daniel the name those shows are. To N N I A shed record. To Michel me shack in 2 as a rhyme Abednego which was do we remember of the by. Use of the Babylonian they said except for Daniel but. But this was a mess in the chapter for Also I believe it is where he said his eyes are named after my God he did this for the purpose of of becoming They got associated with the name of their of his God and he was hoping that they would be converted this way so this is an evangelist a method that that the Babylonians use that time. Now he was an educator 18 through 20 of the chapter to chapter 1 of story that's where he found the children of Israel is for 10 times better than all the rest now he had to have been a very astute man although he was. Superstitious yet when he asked the questions this was an oral examination Evidently he found them 10 times wiser than all the wise men in Babylon and this is credited for 2 to 32 reasons 1 he came through the school of prophets that was still in existence before he was taken in The Captive is probably destroyed about that time but Secondly and probably most importantly of the Holy Spirit the Spirit of God instructed him and and he was able to communicate the things of heaven to a pagan. Then in chapter of NOW in chapter 1 again he was meant he was. Impressed with The Human Edge of Hebrew education their health also on the principle of diet they should have died when they started to buck the system Babylon had the best diet. In the world at that time so they thought. And here you have these 3 teenagers coming along at but you notice how Pala polite. They were they did they didn't demand their rights because they didn't have any they were slaves and so they did their use and it would just give us a test 10 days well. I believe today there are health health reformers or teachers that are doing it attends a 10 day diet inevitably there's something that helps hopefully with that but I think there was a supernatural element here too where God bless them abundantly and they look much more healthy than others by the way I think I asked this the other day were there other Hebrews in that group. How come they're not named. Are. They turned away to be drank the wine about literally and figuratively and evidently are some of the pork chops because pork was a major major feast at the time and so it we don't hear anymore in the hopefully someone would have been reconverted somewhere along the line but were not told told about that. What. You know that yes no 1 probably were Babylonian and heart before and Gunson says well we'll just move over to the physical place yes. It could majority will forsake the principles of what we have. But you know that shaking. The no words or any converted. Jews in Babylon. Would say. Yes Yeah Was there a problem as it was a hot head back here. Oh I'm sorry to see. There's there's a couple of chairs or there's 1 here and there's 1 way or people from category are going to see you. There's a there's a chair way back there OK on to. The Where were you. Oh yeah there was a prophet among the Babylonians that were in captivity remember his name is easy kill Izzy here was with the with the main body of the Jews Daniel I'm sure there was communication between Daniel and the people and especially was with easy kill but his function was primarily in. In the office of the Babylonian administration and. And but these were some of the things that that never can as it was I was impressed with. When we get to chapter 2 we see what's going on inside the king he saw this dream of this great image and he didn't know what it was he kept but looks like it was a recurring dream maybe every night over and over again it really bothered him he knew there was something but it just he couldn't figure it out didn't know what it was so we called all of his wise men now was this on reasonable for him to call the wise man in to give him an interpretation why not. The OK that was their job they professed to have communication with the dead that was 1 of the necromancers they also had visions and it was the devil that was giving the divisions in fact I mentioned the other day that I asked the question can the devil read our minds and I think we came to a conclusion that he cannot because if he could have read the mind of never going to as or even in a dream he would have given the information to his henchmen but he couldn't do it so but anyhow he was in a turmoil and he was anxious he had a troubled heart he became suspicious and under reasonable when these men confessed now there are 2 things they confess they confess that the educational system of Babylon was not what it was purported to be and secondly that the health principles were not the best and their office was false and when this dawned on never get his or he became absolutely furious he's of all the Will wise men are going to die because they've been pulling the wool over my eyes and so I believe they executed a few and they came to Daniel remember what he said. Why you say hasty will give us some time there's a God in heaven who will reveal this to us and sure enough they say OK you will give give us some time and in God certainly did. Reveal what was going on but he was irrational and and then we see the the he was a tyrant at heart and this began to come out as a dictator he was a slave to his own passions. So here. He became convinced however of superior principles superior insights the Spirit of God working in Daniel especially in disappear character let's drop down to verses 46 and 47 this is when when. He. 46 he says the king never can as a felon his faces after Daniel revealed what was going on and he was convinced that it was true because he gave the dream and then he believed the interpretation that Daniel gave him and it says he fell on his space prostate before Daniel commanded that they should present an offering and incense to him the King answered Daniel and said truly your god is the God of dogs the Lord of lords and the reviewer of secrets or mysteries that we talked about the other day since you could reveal this secret or this mystery. Then the next verse he promoted Daniel Daniel declined part of it and he said give it to the other 3 they became they all became administrators of some kind but. In this now it was never can as or right when he commanded the people to. The worship. The same principle force is seen with him so he had not been completely changed he was changed a little bit he was deeply impressed of what was going on and so on OK I'm going for this god I'm going to protect this God And in fact he did that in chapter 3 again. By Me Yes there is. A good. Writer. OK. In chapter 3 Yeah. We are very for you know. You know. You know what we're going to see here and I think we talked and discussed this a little bit the other day force by the law of man faith by Jesus Christ and those would be the conflicts and you find out of Chapter 3 you see in chapter 6 with Daniel going Lion's Den these are these are major issues the principles that we're seeing in our own time I believe in our own time chapter 3 and this is. Daniel never can Isn't this why I was thinking that probably about 18 years kid been thinking about as knowing these things over his mind he fully rejected the mystery of God that was given to him in chapter 2 and he decided to build a car fit the hardness heart he exulted himself and here's the Babylonian evangelism methods if in verses 2 and this is chapter 32 and 3. The king sent word to gather together the satraps the administrators and governors councillors treasurers judges magistrates all the officials of the provinces to come to the dedication of the image which King Nebuchadnezzar had set up and I know it starts it's it was merely a dedication and so all of them came together and the sad traps the administrators the governors the council the Treasurer judges magistrates and all the officials gathered together for the dedication of the image that never can is or had set up and they stood before the image that he had made or set up. Then Harold cried aloud to you it is commanded all people nations and languages that at the time you hear the sound of the harp or the horn rather the flute the harp but there the psaltery in sympathy with all kinds of music usually fall down and worship the golden image that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up now we know that there were 3 men standing we know there were more than 3 men that were standing. That were not bowed down or maybe they were bowed down but their eyes were wide open the how do we know that. They saw the 3 that did not bowed out so they were guilty of the very thing they were accusing the Hebrews of that they were not worshipping as they should have but they they talk to never can it is about this man and so on verses verse of 2 and 3 so here was incentive to worship and then he begins to defy God when when they came. To see. In verse 13 never can as Or what this was after the 3 refused to bow down after they had been given a chance and 13 he never can as it was in a rage and in fury he gave the command to bring Shadrack me 2nd Abednego So they brought them in before him never get as a spoke saying to them it is a true. That you do not serve my gods or worship the gold image which I have set up then he gives them the chance for 15 if you are ready at the time. You hear the song of the music. You fall down and worship the image which I have made good. But if you do not worship you should be cast immediately into the midst of the burning Fahri furnace and who is that God who will deliver you from my hands. Now he should have known better. Because God had been doing this yes. Evils Oh. Yeah absolutely yes we'll stick out like a sore thumb. That has to be cut off and what they were saying about these these 3 he was they just could not stand to have them here and take this off. You. Off. Yeah. We're going to look at the the principles of of motivation that this Babylonian in fact well to 6 is 1st by encourage meant bribery and when that doesn't work then the axe comes down but but it's the hope of reward or the fear of punishment. Is Yeah no no no he didn't he really like these young men and there's no doubt about it he respected them highly but when it came to the relationship between worshipping his God or the God of heaven and he would not stand for any compromise whatsoever and what he would have stood for the compromise for them to come his way but he was not going to compromise his Babylonian principles so he defied God and. BUILDER. Now why would why would he do the whole thing in gold now they're probably taught tons of gold also as it was with the verse. OK. Daniel said you were the head of the gold you know I'm more the head of the whole I'm the whole image and so he he built the whole thing and this is total to fire the firemen. Oh I don't know I don't know yeah yeah yeah yeah. But here versus 6 in 15 These are the best Babylonian methods or what reward and fear of punishment. 6 did we reach 6 before. And or whoever whoever does not fall down and worship shall be cast immediately into the midst of fire burning furnace I've heard I've heard preacher say that if you don't accept this you're going straight to hell so it's very similar to the Babylonian concept it is the Babylonian concept then verse 15 here it gives them a chance if you're ready when you hear the sound of the music and who bowed down things will be all right so he has incentive you have negatives and positives and this is the way Babylon works. What is the what's the method of heaven is it fair to or scare people oh. OK The the response you know choice but based on a love knowing that God loves you and that you respond in kind to him and to other people and that's the that's the motivation that God wants and we're we're all learning that day by day. But this these are the 2 main. Motivations that comes out of Babylon. They come out of Babylon and they're with us today. Have you ever been that's too close have we in the church sometimes have we use these methods. They create us and maybe we can apply it to ourselves sometimes we we do it ourselves will either family members or church members or or even Babylonians we use their own tools sometimes to make them jump in and that is as never going to is or we talked about this the other day so it was so hot that the soldiers and these are the big tough men they died as soon as they opened the doors of that blast from this they were there they died immediately these 3 were put in and never going as it was astonished he said then we just put 3 and yes he said I see 4 who is the 4th looks like the Son of God He knew who that person was when they came out of flame not of smell of smoke nor their hair was not since nothing was. Happened to it but they remained in the fire until the king called them out he put them in so he waited till he called them out. All right so here we go princes and in conflict prison of heaven and the principles of Babylon. In heaven or of Heaven you have liberty of conscience kindness cooperation faith loyalty temperance love and obedience these are all manifested in the lives of of these Hebrews and you have the princes of Babylon that were in conflict with that force fear self-indulgence pride tyranny compromise unbelief distrust and then a mingling of good and evil him England choose an error it's not solid error. It's not. It's not all evil there's much good much Some things are very attractive in Babylonian worship but it's used to bring a person from truth to error and that's where the danger lies I have I was raised think of other people you're meant to raise a Catholic I want to be a priest when I was a boy and as a boy I remember 1 time was sitting on the front porch of our home and some of those kids were bragging about what we're going to be when we got big because I'm going to be a priest my mother was listening she gave I never want to hear it say that again. And I couldn't fully understand what you're talking about of that time no now I do but. But there were there was there were things that I was attracted to I think that muted music in a Catholic church is beautiful usually if you're in the cathedral or something like that it just they build these things so that the acoustics are outstanding You don't even have to have a speaker love speakers they do that now but but they're built for acoustics and I remember 1 time yes. You. Are right. Yes I used to go into cathedrals of power in the town I remember 1 time was in Omaha I was working in Omaha and I would go to the cathedral several times because I really enjoyed walking just walking the walls. On a. Huge yes in the thought came to me you can have all this if you come back. That was not Christ we wish we do I got all of never been back in again Well I've been in so many Europe but the the enemy was trying to entice me to to give up what I would God had given to me and go back to that and but I decided I didn't want to go there oh yes my left side is a. Lot sometimes use for us how does he do it well. Since fire. Killed instantly what really killed instantly down and he put it this way stop the you know what did that all. You know. What was the 1 name right. Well or just Earth Oh body and mind yeah you know but yes. But sometimes like well would it be force or would be a judgment. Well there's a. Desire to look at OK yeah. There is just he pronounced judgment on the on oh no never can is or right but it did he gave him grace for a year and I would say it was an innocent so far they had directly they'd lie directly to the Holy Spirit saying. You know you know and many times you'll find a judgment will come at the beginning of a movement. But it's it is a it's a warning for everyone or just but but I was saved. Rather than force I think it was say that it was a pronounce judgment by me. For the whole of the whole group yes. Your mother's wish. She knew it was going on so. Yes You know we have someone of a priest I remember 1 man he was Protestants love him I mean he was he was now call it but I remember he used to wear a hat and whenever he saw a woman on the street he took his hat he was I mean he was always courteous always courteous and But why was he an alcoholic. You know why. They drank wine especially at Mass every day and sometimes it wasn't very much. But habitually and if you go on Sunday you can't eat at that well I think now you can maybe an hour before mass but at that time you could not you had to stop eating at midnight and so you've got 6 or 7 hours on an empty stomach and so drinking wine it just and there they have many places where they send these men to get them off the addiction is terrible and. They're what. If not usually unless maybe some someone has diabetes or something like that but it's usually so it's it's a it's the best wine in the world. According to them yes. Oh interstate Well thank God they gave you. A choice there but I never heard that 1. Yeah yeah yeah interesting yes. Yes. Right. Yes they could yes. Yes. Yes. You know this through letters. Right. Yes well. You know the numbers even then yes you know if they have confessed to. The. Yes Yeah. You know that's 1 area God will never never cross that's the liberty of conscience he loves us. Or yes OK yeah that was a warning but why but why would God say something like that did know that did Moses know better. He did. You know how do you get Yeah yeah. Yeah oh well what are you giving when the when a circumcision was 1st given to Abraham there was a death penalty attached to it if he didn't do it and so Moses evidently most as in picture of him prophets were only gives an indication of this. Untucked he spells it out that Moses had circumcise the oldest boy there are 2 son 2 sons and his wife Evelyn was very tender hearted and so she convinced him that you are not due to secular. And so because she knew exactly what the problem was as soon as it looked like Moses was going to die she circumcised you got a rock circumcised the 2nd more. So I mean she knew exactly what the problem was. Yes but you. Know why. You know the. Heart. Oh that's well yeah. Because. You know but you know. Yeah. Yeah. You know but 1 of the things of Moses he would he would God direct him to go back to Egypt and bring the children grow and he could not be in violation of anything they knew that doesn't mean he was sinless but he there were things that he knew and that was 1 of the things he knew we had he put off until that day and then she said I've been redeemed by the blood of blood but the husband and. You know. That we know yes you know. You know by God by God's grace he always gives grace if you give if he gives a command that command itself is a promise the grace of God is in involved in and you know already show we move on. Chapter 3 he was convicted 24 to. 28 where you are from is all that's what we already mentioned that says he was astonished as he saw these men standing there alive and. Verse 5 lucky says I see 4 men loose. He was completely convicted that he had done something wrong and then he imagines that he can protect God doesn't verse 29 where he said therefore I make a decree that any people nation or language which speaks anything amiss against the God of Shadrack me 2nd Abednego shall be cut in pieces so here the same principle was operating only now is for God. As oh God could not take care of the situation. Yeah well this is this is where he was convicted and it what we see is a process to chapter after chapter over the years God working on this man made worst. OK yeah yeah and here are so never going as are sound of sanity was to leave him as in chapter 4. He would become demented he would live among animals he would have no more mental ability than the animals that he was grazing with. Him and this was the warning that God gave him. What happened here the condition would continue for an extended period in verse 12 of chapter 4 God gave never can as are a period of grace for an opportunity to turn to God in repentance and this is what all judgment comes with us a rebuke or judgment itself it's a call to repentance to turn back to God turn away from us no repentance repentance operates not only in turning away from sin if we have sinned but repentance also is a turning away from temptations in our mind and that would have come 1st and if we can answer and then secondly. The other is the Lord said if you if you stop what you're doing if you're converted he would have saved him from the that mental disability I'm sure but he didn't didn't listen he may have listened for a while but within a year's time he he turned away completely in separate verse 37 maybe we can read that the verbs are very interesting in the here where it's in chapter 4. Where. It says where we have here. Now I never can is or praise in extol and on of the God of heaven all whose works are truth. And his ways justice in those who walk in pride he is able to abase this is testimony of justification by faith God lays the glory of man in the dust and does for him what he cannot do from self. Oh yes you have a right to right took a long time but anyhow Those were there 3 verbs are participles and to me it means continuous and so praise author and. Praise Oh extol in honor indicate continued action suggest you never can is or did these things have bitterly after this and so it looks like he's going to be in heaven he's fine a convert and we don't hear any more about him after this but it ends on a good note. Yeah the verbs embody the ideas of reverence respect on or admiration and worship worship of the true God of heaven. Chapter 4 and up going to be deduction to it. His this is this is how it starts out remember. This is not inspired it was inspired by God but it Daniel was not inspired with this the king was inspired this is his test and it was a public testimony to the entire Babylonian Empire and he starts out. This is almost like a cell you taken a poll would write in the New Testament he says no because of the king to all peoples nations and languages that dwell on the earth peace be multiplied on to you in this 1 Paul. I thought a good to declare the signs and wonders of the most high God has worked for me how great are is Signs how mighty is wonders His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and his dominion is from generation to generation this is 1 of the things he had to learn he said I am the 1. And when he finally learned that this is his conversion experience it. Relating his conversion experience Daniel took this out of the public domain and put it in the Bible but God gave it to the experience of never can is there and he wrote it out this is his testimony and. The dream was interpreted remember again the wise men know he didn't put them to death they came to him he called them in he said I've had this dream of a tree so he saw the dream but he didn't understand it now in Chapter 2 God didn't allow all of them him to even understand with agreements about he called them in he said tell me where the dream is tell me what it means here he said I've seen this dream but I don't understand it tell me what it is the wise men could still could not tell him what with the dreams of what this dream meant and so then he called Daniel in and. Actually verse the words that were he says. Verse 8 at last Daniel came in oh yeah and he says according to the name of my God he's a belt he shouts are the cordons the name of my God in him is the spirit of the holy God I told a dream before him saying better showers are chief of The Magicians because I know that the spirit of the holy God is in you and no secret troubles you or no mystery explained to me the visions of my dream that I have seen and its interpretation was Daniel ready to give the interpretation you remember reading this. He was reticent fact he might have been there might have been a tremor that passed through his body. Because he saw all the awfulness of it and the king said Don't worry you tell me what it's about which he finally did and I got to hear that was a warning and reception verse 27 through 30. Oh well that was in chapter 2 but yeah. The man that was a Chapter 2 not here you know in verse 27 he says Therefore God let my counsel be acceptable to you break off your sins but I write as or being righteous this is the this would be the behavior that comes from righteousness by faith and your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor perhaps there may be a link the ending of your prosperity or try and quality and in all this came up upon King Nebuchadnezzar at the end of the 12 months he was walking about the royal palace of Babylon the King spoke and said Is not this great Babylon that I have built for a roiled dwelling by my mighty power in for the honor of my majesty and while he was speaking in the next verse as while he was speaking. Everything went from him Maizie. There was a word from from God Himself and I believe this was the the Watcher of the holy watcher. He said The kingdom of your kingdom has departed from you and they show drive you from men and your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field they shall make you eat grass like an ox and 7 times will pass over you until you know all that the most high rules in the kingdom of man and gives it to whomever he chooses and this is what he stated in this introduction that God rules from. Generation to generation and he learned his lesson and then 31 through 33 and where he came where he lost his mind. The very hour of the wordless fulfilled concern Nebuchadnezzar has driven from man he had hair that grew like eagle's feathers his nails like birds claws at the end of the time I never got his or I lifted my eyes to heaven and my understanding returned to me and I blessed the most high praise didn't honor Him who lives forever his dominion is an everlasting Dominion His Kingdom is from generation to generation this was 1 of the main lessons he needed to learn he was not the only man in the universe. And so the result of accepting the mind of Christ 34 through 37 where in the hopeless drop down do burst 36 when it. Is of the same time my reason returned to me in for the glory of my kingdom my honor and splendor returned to me my consular as a noble resorted to me I was restored to my kingdom and ex and see the excellent Majesty was added to me now I never can is or praise in extol and on of the King of Heaven all of whose works are truth his ways justice and those who walk in pride he is able to base. North read of worship here he was a true worshipper he didn't say everybody has to worship the God of the heaven as I do he was totally converted to this point in time and but it took a long time for this to happen. But this is the result of accepting the mind of Jesus Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus so here he was converted finding whips. Converted the point in time and then we start out with this 1 early what is justification by faith it is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and if you get put it is the work of God in laying the glory of never can as are the dust and doing for him that which you have not in his power to do for himself and that does that same thing happens with us when we're justified by faith in Jesus Christ it's something that God does we accept it we respond to it and then our behavior changes but if God does not work work in us even to give us the faith we are not justified but it the faith of Jesus is given to us and in that's that's the method by which we are justified. Because the method here's in all this is an old picture I don't remember where I even got that 1 but it's it was probably in the 1880s or so here's 1 that I saw this is in the Berlin museum with the Babylonian runes there they had this and then I thought man that's quite a picture of them going as are and you know what can what unconverted person. Likes to have his glory laid in the dust. We rise up and it doesn't mean male or female child we rise up against God until. My way or the highway Yes exactly and. You're thankful God does not give up on us yeah absolutely yes. Yes. Yes yes. Yes. Yes. Yes Absolutely yeah and that's a listen oh. Great higher Yeah. Yeah I. Was Right yeah yeah. And reduce it would mean to say. OK Yes Totally people yes yes yes. Yes Right oh. Yeah yeah yeah. As far as being you know like he was enraged much to much of the time the hose of time by the need. 5 minutes. When I was a kid I used to cultivate anger I'd love to be angry. Remembers a Frenchman that he and I were pretty close friends is dead and bought a brand new pickup truck remember we were sitting outside. On a hillside I guess it was and he he told me he said he said Jerry he was pretty violent himself he said Jerry I'm going to start Kerby my temper it's just too bad I didn't say a word I said that you go ahead I'm going to cultivate my. Own and I did I became a raving maniac It was terrible and I remember I was even after became an advantage so I had a struggle with that anyone I would if someone had asked me to do something just before I was a converted if someone had asked me to do something I would turn the world upside down to do it if I could but if they commanded me no. I remember his driving it used to drive off the highway equipment and before 1 of the foremen I think was a major foreman he was coming to chew me out. And I reached down my long side of my seat I had a an iron bar about that long had he come up to try to get in a cab he would have been he would have made it but I was just it was the violence that I had I was soul angry even after I accepted Christ. Well I'm not going to go into all the details. I would be so and I want to I want to fist fight Christ this was after I became and I believe I was in the process of conversion if there be people in the room or sometimes when I was alone this thought would come to me you were going to let Christ rule you and I would just I was just in anger and of people were in the room I would make a beeline to the restroom and knelt down kneel down say Oh God take this from me over and over and over again and but the 2 people will never can is it wouldn't want to but there are 2 men that were my models or that I would go to God with them remember the 2 men he called Sons of the under. John the James now they were longshoreman the local fisherman They were tough nuts there's no doubt about it and but God made John what they call him. Parcel of of love and I would say God if you can do it for them you can do it for me over and over again long and I still I still have a fuse and short that God is able to clear a couple of short explodes sometimes but does but it's it's terrible so I can I can empathize with the never can is there in those those are the 2 of. But so justification by faith in Christ alone brings conflict to the mind of men and women that's where conflict comes with Christ comes in it brings controversy to the conscience of man and but it's to set us free but we don't realize that it's. Sometimes we think like Jacob that an enemy has come but God is simply coming to us to change us and to set us free so God set up His kingdom in the heart of never can as are and the power of the previously diverted the 3 Hebrews from the fiery furnace then work in the King to deliver him from the intoxicating violence of his own passions and he does that for us to. The power of an endless life compelled the king and he could not contain himself he had to share with others his experience in salvation. And it is this kind of testimony that carries with it the power of God. In giving this kind of testimony the same power as manifested as when the person was 1st converted that's 1 of the powers of sharing our testimony of someone else because the Holy Spirit is there that if he's giving you an experience and me as we share with someone else that same power is there to work in the life of another person it's and it's tremendous that the Spirit of God To spirit of the gods of the spirit of the holy God that worked with Daniel will work with us and. Same idea. This is the kind of testimony that the Gospel in concrete form. It requires no or how much theological training does it take to proclaim this. None whatsoever Yeah. Oh oh my. Oh yes yes. No. Yes. Yes yeah oh yeah oh yeah that's right yeah mark of talks about the Prophet was a little bit angry because he said God why are you allowing these people who are worse than the children of Israel to take them captive. The main difference was the Israelites knew better the Babylonians knew a certain amount but they were held accountable only for that which they knew there was terribly terrible people but they didn't have the full understanding about God or about the principles of righteousness and so God sent the babbo and sent the his people into the. Into captivity with with the Babylonians to teach to teach them a lesson they were already imbibing the Babylonian principles. Absolutely they were yes they should have gone out and another thing but. Yes Hezekiah Hezekiah had a tremendous opportunity to share the gospel remember and it doesn't they have been marching back and forth past your awesome they didn't they what they were going about doing with Egypt and that war had raged back and forth for a long time but when when the Babylonians and they were scientists as well as they were astrologers as well as they were astronomers as well as astrologers and as they were watching the heavens and they say. Some something that happened the sun and the dial had reversed itself and they said what's going on so they start asking questions what happened that's when they heard something happened in in Israel and Judah Jerusalem so they stopped to hear the gospel to soldiers they stop to hear the Gospel and Hezekiah I said Come into my treasure house I wish you all the gold Those are you got big and in time there that's 1 of the reason they went to capture the Jerusalem was because of all the gold this would this would give them their military finances you know and they knew they did it but what an opportunity Hezekiah had at that time to preach the gospel. You know. Yes. Yes I'm sure you're right we're young heaven is going to be wonderful to see these things so wildly played out but I would say the testimony of never going to answer it we went to the whole world as a public indorsement of God Yes I was. Like. Yes. Well. If that's right. Yeah that's right yeah exactly Well I think. 1 more thought here this is the witness that the the world about Bologna I'm still nice long stay here. And the. So the. Has a trigger we were not going to get into this now but. By the way I got this picture in my got several I'm from a lady I met she was. A 1st Day Adventist. Their group had come out of the $844.00 movement. And they believe almost the same as we do the difference was the sanctuary message. She had no knowledge of the sanctuary at all but she had these pictures she had hand drawn pictures of in of Daniel especially down to some revelations and I got copies of them that there's of several years ago but this is 1 of the struck me of how close they were to us in that but how we won't go into the interpretation you're familiar with that but we've looked at some of the principles involved in the conversion of never can is there and he's still in the business God is still in the business of converting thanks and he's in the page you've got the patience of working with us as well as other people I think will close with that. Gracious Father we thank you so much for your patience with us individually and. We know that you'll never give up on us and pray that we will not give up on you. Give us the faith of Jesus the faith that believes not only in the absence of feelings but against them we thank you in his name on them. 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