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Christ in Daniel- Part 4

Jerry Finneman




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Well the fall of the we gather here today they can't seem to stay here for hours and we pray for the Holy Spirit to be or he may get a spiritual lunch or him with all of this presidential election here on us that we will be receptive we will ever see our Lord Horace in the surface stuff especially these terrific books Yes Well we pray that you'll give us the experience as promised for the Study of these books he might clear message in his last piece he really rigorous it all to you and we ask. The men think you already were moving now into more directly into. Chapter 5 and we're going to talk about what Bill shelves are new and we're going to see glimpses of Christ also in this chapter in the how he's pictured as judge. That's 1 of the 1 of the aspects but before we get into that I want to do a little bit of review and I'm going to. Talk here about conversion of never can is when we didn't have this on the who have it yes they were in all the time and. There was a process of. Never going to as it was impressed chapter 1 with the dietary habits of the Huish these 4 young people their health principles of diet to the end education he was he was impressed this made a tremendous impression on him then in Chapter 2 he was convinced of the secure principles by which they operated and. They had insights of the specially Daniel and also the character this was all all part of. The process of conversion and then in verse chapter 3 he was convicted by God's power to deliver his own people. And of which were the Jewish people when it's snowing and you know thrown into the fiery furnace and that type of thing and and then in chapter 4 he was funny converted into his the same power that protected the Jewish people in chapter 3 that converted him from the inside out and made him a converted man and it appears that the rest of his life which was not very long he I believe could be in heaven remained converted during that time and this is a testimony that all of us can can relate to. How great or he signs how mighty his wonders His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom his dominion endures from generation to generation this is 1 of the. 1 of the main things that never has or had to learn because he thought he was the 1 who has not this great Babylon which I have built and it was when he that he lost his mind shortly as well about a year later no you and I have testimonies also and your testimony will teach it will touch someone's heart and it doesn't matter with you raised as a 7th Day Adventist or if you became a minister doesn't matter the testimony that a person that person has God will use to affect someone else. Maybe a question I could ask which is a greater testimony to the power of God A person who has been raised as a Christian and specifically a 7th Day Adventist has never gone off track or someone who comes out of the gutter. Are you sure. Both look at yes. Yes And they're both kinds that are needed in the church but I contend that a person who has never gone astray is a demonstration of a greater power of God in their lives than 1 was in the in the gutter in the gutter you know you have a need. In the church there's a danger because I've been a good person all my life. There's that there's a danger of thinking that I am inherently good and this is but but further than that Daniel and. What was the other 1. Daniel Joseph these are the 2 outstanding examples in scriptures of righteousness by faith they never want us they never want to stray as far as we can as far as we can tell and so it seems to me that that is a greater testimony than 1 who is known out. With alcohol drugs or whatever it might be because there's there's a built in guilt and that type of thing and they have and people start crying out yes OK there be another thank you yes yes OK yeah right OK yeah. The power of God Yes. Now I would say that today because of sin in the world and people are sinner we're all we're all sinners were we been raised as a church believer or nonbeliever we're all sinners saved by the grace of God there's no 1 is left out from that standpoint. But we need both testers in the church we need the we need the testimony of a 4th and 5th generation have been assessed who is Love the Lord never have never gone astray and we need the testimony of someone who has gone straight in the both of them should come together not to exalt the individual but to glorify God and that's the purpose of testimony and so we need we need both in that and we have I think and Daniel in the Book of Daniel we see both of them Daniel as far as we know the number 1 is free would you think was ever tempted. Horrendously. But he knew how to say no by the grace of God and then you have never been as Or you have so you have to testimonies and they are side by side in the Book of Daniel and that's where it is an experience but but we need to remember that you and I have testimonies that will touch the lives of someone else it will contribute to someone else's conversion and that's the purpose of our testimonies and this is this is from the Minister of healing page 461 every 1 May be able to through his own experience to set his seal to this that God is true. He can bear witness to that which he himself has seen and heard and felt of the power of Christ he can testify I needed help. And I found it in Jesus every want was supplied the hunger of my soul was satisfied the Bible is to me a revelation of Christ I believe in Jesus because he is to me a divine Savior I believe the Bible because I have found it to be the voice of God to my soul in that that's the kind of testimony that that will win hearts there's no doubt about it now coming back not to and never can as or under his leadership the glory of Babylon had dominated the entire world of the known world I should say the civilized world from India to Egypt he was in complete control of the whole the whole section and and this happened for that lasted for nearly a century so maybe 40 or 50 years even after he died it was still it was still going and if I would say even in a time a bill shows are. Which he was a grandson of never can as it was still the leading nation in the world and but at its height his when it when it crumbled I had to come from within and those shows are and his people even. Moved to the influence the Holy Spirit problem was not a fault but because it crumbled from within. They were they were removed but they had a a well organized educational system though the Jewish 1 was better and God demonstrated that his principles in Judaism was better than the Babylonian but they were interested in arts and sciences and things like this architectural development such as the Hanging Gardens we looked at this as a picture of this earlier that became 1 of the. Wonders of the 7 Wonders of the ancient world but Babylon was a tremendously beautiful city its walls were 350 feet high 87 feet wide. Church races were conducted on top of the walls and there were 2 sets of walls and they had a moat it was impossible for Babylon to be destroyed. And as far from a human standpoint they had $100.00 gates of burnished bronze and you know and there's the use of the bombs on each side of the river Euphrates on inside inside the walls and they should have been locked because. They should have been in case an enemy somehow could get in and enemy couldn't get in but but. But it but he did and God had predicted 150 years before that those gates would be open and that the present Persians would come in and I've got a another study I want to bring it in but I we're going to run out of time again on this 1 but maybe just briefly Cyrus Cyrus was named by God told Isaiah Cyrus is my annoyed had 1 he's going to defeat now on and this is 150 years before you know synch up to 40 for the last part of purported 4 ways you jump to 45 tells of the. The gates being open and that type of thing when Cyrus left his capital he had to go north before he could go west himself and you know maybe let me let me do let me. Should do this but I'm going to do it. Since he can young to to rumors. When. You're we'll. Babylon is fallen is fallen down you 5. What's a prophet Jeremiah had to say there would be an invader from the Norse know who came actually from the east and they came north and then came down the corridor between the rivers are on 1 side of the River Tigris are Euphrates and. In Jeremiah Chapter 50 want to specially 50 and 51 talks about the overthrow of Babylon and. He said the Kings be the kings of the means as in Chapter 51 and then a talk I think will turn there he said Babylon would be caught in a snare a military maneuver that would take them by surprise. Her fall would be connected with her water defenses. And. They had enough water and Euphrates they would have run out of water and they had enough food supply that last for 20 years so it was impossible for any nation to capture the city and they said that Cyrus when he did get there he became discouraged because there was no way they could they tried to try to capture it they couldn't do it and he almost got discouraged but then he got to think he wasn't something they did a year before and as they headed north out of his capital they went up into the mountains and there was a waterway and let me see if I can. Again babble on as would be drinking and feasting and that sort of thing and he knew that a religious holiday was coming up that would be drinking interesting and that was the day that they struck but something happened before that. That see there was utter content contempt for them the God of tempos was the 1 they were celebrating and we read yesterday a little bit of talk about a little later Babylonian night all idolatry. The building was filled with caution and that sort of thing and this is our of a judgment you know he was condemned not because of his ignorance but because of what he knew and turned away from. You know I'll come back to that and the other 1 but I want to. I want to go back here or down here way. And this is oil that. The WELL MY the. See I'm coming to it but it's I had this the the Cyrus Cylinder that is a secular. Record of. Of the fall of Babylon I think this is it here the cylinder The Cyrus ellipse cylinder. Gave the defeat of the Babylonian from a historical standpoint and. Written by a priest of the Babylonian sun god Marduk and the great theme of the cylinder inscription is that Cyrus is the chosen of Marduk and that Murdoch or Marduk was given him had given him the the Emperor Babylon and so they believe this is the murder because the God of light armed with Sunnybrook Thunderbolts and things like that he's the 1 who got the credit from the Persian standpoint but judgement on Babylon the Rick 2 calls to God's people to prepare to leave Babylon and let's take a look at them this isn't Jeremiah. Now as as I mentioned as they were as they were heading north as his armies were heading north they came to this river. And called again deeds or Jinn these and. As they came 1 of his sacred white horses fell into the river and drowned. And it made Cyrus absolutely furious and he said I am going to. I'm going to drain this river so that a woman can walk across that without getting her skirts wet so they spent a year nearly a year and they had I think $180.00 channels coming out of that from that river and they drone and they drained it and then they they want to cross and then. North and then east and then down and but notice what what Jeremiah has to say about that in Chapter 51. That me see. OK. So I see someone have it yeah. Yeah that's from the midst of Babylon. Yeah well in you know in oh if we if we dropped out of fruit 36. God says I will dry up her sea and make her Springs dry and this is talking about Babylon. But here 45 he says my people go out of the midst of her and then verse 46 he said and lest your heart faint You'll hear for the rumor that the will be heard in the land a rumor will come 1 year and then after that in another year it rumor will come and when the rumor was that Cyrus was on his way to deliver the the children of Israel when they got to the river didn T. get Indies or Gentoo's G.Y. and the yes. When that horse drowned they spent almost a year dividing the river but when they when Cyrus and his army left his capital the Jews heard a rumor that he was heading for Babel. It stopped for a year year later they heard the rumor again he's on his way again so to rumors that Babylon is going to fall Babylon is fallen is fall application that in Revelation. And so so that's kind of the background now where I got this is from a pro I know if you're familiar with a Greek historian by the name of Herat of the US He was a 1st known historian and he wrote much about the Babylons and Babylonians and the means and Persians he's knowing as the father of history and he was the 1st historian to collect his men material systematically. Dealing with the accuracy to a certain extent in the reins them in a well constructed and bigoted narrative he wrote this Cyrus on his way to Babylon came to the banks of the gin days and this is the this is the river that that he's talking about and. They they when they were getting north there was the river they finally after new year they started on their journey again solves this is a modern day picture of the river and. It was it was flood time when when the Osiris made it came there and here's a picture of him sitting on the back of water both of low going down stream but this looks like a muddy water so it probably was this is probably a flood time and so here's a picture of Cyrus overlooking the land he says when when he reached this stream which could only be past and boats 1 of the sacred white horses accompanying his marks full of spirit and high metal walked into the water tried to cross by himself but the curb seized him swept him along with it and drowned him in its depths. Cyrus in enraged that the insolence of the river threatened so to break its strength that in the future even women should cross it easily without wetting their knees Accordingly he put off for a time is an attack on Babylon and dividing his army into 2 parts he marked out by ropes $180.00 trenches on each side of the Ginny's leading off from it in all directions and 7 his army to dig some on 1 side of the river some on the other he accomplished this threat by the aid of so great a number of hands but not without losing their by the whole summer season having however thus weakened his Rica's vengeance on the gym Deezer guineas by dispersing it through 3160 channels no B B 300 when you were the 1st approach of this in suing spring March forward against Babylon so we headed down and came to Babylon and they came to Babylon 1st and they attempted some hot somehow to capture the city it was impossible. And he almost gave up in discouragement because of the fortifications of the bubble on but he got to think what he had done the year before. And that's the reason they dug a huge pond off to the right of the river Euphrates then he station men some of his army. His army was on this side of the city the walls and they were the other part of his army was on the southern part and so as they eat at the given time they broke broke the ground from the river Euphrates into this huge pit and the water was diverted and as it reached Babylon it began to lore and when it got lawyer enough the army marched in out of the walls and when it got to the other side of the river or the other side of the wall as it went down those soldiers marched in under a sort of southern part and they came together now they still should not they should not have taken Babylon if those bronze leaved doors have been closed they could not they'd have to fight from there it would been impossible but those were left open and then I've read were there were some of the army men were drunk also but some are sober and they were absolutely terrified and they ran from different sections to run there to run to the king and say we're beat we've been invaded but it was too late they were already and there were like a. Caterpillar said they were just going all over the place but Jeremiah gives us the 2 rumors and that if we have time to look at Revelation also. In that but the here's where they were marching on to under the. Under the walls after the river had been right up it's amazing God said it would be captured he told them exactly how it would become true and it was while they were having a good time supposedly these men were coming in they came up through those gates and completely. Destroyed this 1 they didn't destroy the city but those shells or die that night he was executed Yes I think that's why. They should or should have been sentinels along the side there either weren't there or we were drunk. Or God God could have blocked their mind on it too yeah he said it was going to be and it was it was regarded as a how it was 1 of the rocker where sober that's exactly how it happened already you know that was a little bit of a sidetrack but. I thought you might be interested in that. How about it oh OK well let's go let's go to Revelation 14 verse 8. Let's see. Buddy Yeah but it was because they had rejected it wasn't God tried to catch them off guard. He gave the middle right movement the message and. But we need to remember that Miller was a converted man his emphasis was on verse 6 verses 6 and 7. About investigative judgment and the 1 that was primarily his primary message and he said it would happen and 844 that Christ would return by the way have you ever heard have you ever been accused as of 7 there had been a said Oh you had been if you missed the mark in 1904 you're you're you you prophesied the crisis coming I don't believe it for a minute. There was no 7 there had been a city 244. It was a Baptist. The Baptists made the mistake Adventism came out of the disappointment but they were not a part of that I mean there were individuals that were part of that movement there were but there were no 7 Devils so we were not involved whatsoever in the in the miscalculation it was a 7 they have been if that restudy that are being they became they would even suddenly have as a crime they restudy the prophecies and they came up with a sanctuary model of being Clint century being close in heaven but the 1st thing that came out in this message verse verse 16 that Pastor. Last night thank you he talked about in the 1st message is the gospel of Jesus Christ that comes 1st when that message was rejected and the investigative judgment was rejected then there was a fall in Protestantism and that's what that's what we have in verse verse 8 another angel followed saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city which she has made all nations drink of the wine of the Razr for negation No the papacy had already been fall on you fell in a politically in 798. And she was in a she began to fall probably by 538 when when the papacy rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ she began to fall in him by the time 538 she needed power there's no church that exists without power if we do not have the power of God we have to depend on the power of self or the power of government which is the greatest force in the world today and so she was joined to government for her to carry out her her activities in Poland so this is she was already fallen by this time by 7900 abuse that was the time when probation closed for the papacy you know that does not mean that no Catholics will be will be saved I believe there are more more believers in the Catholic Church today than there are even in Edmonton's I'm there are many honest honest heart but the system itself is broken it's fallen even though it's going to appear that is the greatest power on earth we will see that and I believe some of us are going to see that in our own time we see it gradually coming back but this verse is the leading primary was Protestant as and when they rejected the Gospel in the investigator judgment 844 that was the 1st time that the Protestant denominations were. Said you were fallen and they did it after 17 years and you have the harlot but you had daughters and it must be promises and so that's how they came that conclusion and if you read the great controversy about this there were there were. People within Protestant denominations who said something has happened the spiritual life of Protestantism is no longer here it was it was in a downward trend this would be in the $850.00 S. $960.00 S. and we can see today what's happened we're seeing the end of the fall right now and this year maybe it may be the capstone when the pope is going to be celebrating. The Reformation day of all things that you just boggle your mind. When someone just was so I was talking about Elder Holmes. Was speaking yesterday the day before he's passed during a church in where he pastored 1st of all as a Protestant as a looser in the northern want to mix in Michigan. Partly Bessemer Is that where it is OK when he was passing it was a 600 member church today it's a lesson 16060 some of them didn't really want to tell me about this or I can't remember who it was but he took he asked to the Presiding pastor of losing church what they were going to do with celebrating they usually celebrate each year of the Reformation Reformation Sunday and the guy just kind of looked at he says well the priest now going to get together. And this is what's happened you know it's they have no understanding of what what they were it where they came from it's unfortunate but anyhow that's that's part of then we are now coming back to so 844374044 when Protestantism became Babylon fall on and in that this is what we're talking about again systems not individuals except as individuals imbiber the teachings of the bubble and then if we go to Chapter 18. And the verse 1 says after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was illumined with its glory and he cried mightily with a loud voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen this is the 2nd time the 1st 1 is tougher 14 vs 8 in this is the complete fall. Has become habitation of demons a prison of every fall spirit a cage for every unclean and heated bird this is a picture spiritualism has entered Protestantism and then and then talks about verse 3 that all nations have drunk of the wine of the Babylons same as before and then verse 4 he says I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people lest you share in her sins and you receive her plagues so we're in the time of the 2nd call the 2nd rumor is out. It is for God's people get ready the Lord is coming he's is coming out of the east and the north north then least he will try to transfer from the north to the east and we will see Him coming in the east as the Jewish people saw or heard because Cyrus coming from the north and from the east and 1 verse for there are. Listening to a friend of mine who is holding some evangelistic meetings and there was a dear Catholic nun said through all of them including Mark who beast she never moved. Until he started he read this this verse come out of her my people she was reading from the Catholic Bible and it reads and it's a valid translation but it says go all her of her my people. And she read that she said that must be me and that's caused her to leave she became some there. But it wasn't from his preaching but was from the Word of God that spoke to our hearts go out of her my people and it can be translated that way either come out or go out into so any hell that so much for that. But that is the that's the application of what we see Jeremiah and the structure of Jerusalem by or not through some a bubble and by Cyrus yes you know this. Yes yes. Yes. Yeah if if Belshazzar had repented and we'll look at that a little bit a little whose testimony then you said you knew all this he knew from the testimony of he would he would may not have known Daniel personally but we need to remember he was raised in the palace of his granddad and his father was a king so he would have known what happened to 1 then who told him he gave a list of what happened to Nick and his or his grandfather and he said you knew all this and he knew it from hearing the stories. He would have understood about Daniel he forgot about him evidently but he knew he was a godly man and certainly the Holy Spirit was speaking to his heart I believe there came a time when he wavered between righteousness and evil and he chose evil and when he when they. Let their drinking at his probation close when they took the vessels of the house of God In put intoxicating liquor in it in fact there's the train translation says as they were drinking in the ideas under the influence of the wine they had been drinking for a part for quite a while if. They just didn't decide to to get these vessels and start drinking on in the beginning was after they were drinking a while then he said let's bring those vessels in will fill them up and then they were actually defying the God of Heaven I believe is defying the conscience. That his gods are greater than the God of Israel and that's when the walls came tumbling down yes. Yes yes yes ma'am. Yes You know she would been the Queen Mother you know and she knew in assoon as soon as the. She knew what had happened it never can as Or because. Daniel revealed what was going on and she had no idea that it was judgment day now because she said well there's a man in the kingdom. That your father and it means grandfather and sister. Listen to he have the Spirit of God in Him and He will help you and so he was called in and before like a chapter 4 we saw that Daniel was actually frightened when he saw the vision and would begin to interpret he didn't want to tell me because it was going on because he loved night never going to and he knew was going to happen to him and then never could as or encourages him tell me what it is so he did in that happen and never can answer but when we come to Belshazzar he didn't pull any punches he just opened up his this is what you saw this is what it means. Judgment has come and you're lost you know in essence what he's saying and so the other was that this bill says are new somewhere along the line but his eyes had been closed and he got to the place where he could not repent he was in a drunken stupor and it was really brought on himself and it was impossible for him to come out of it. This is the execution of the judgment yes you know and the question is Who was the who was the Who's the judge. Oh it's a put in a 20 year supply food water supply Euphrates it was askew cure is the UN sink of all Titanic. 1 of the 1 of the builders of the Titanic said this this boat this ship is built so solidly that even God cannot sink it. So this is part of the reason that thing went down they were defying God to even meddle with their their little toy but it went down Babylon could not fall impossible but it fell and the both never can as are and there were puffed up with pride I think I've got a picture here of that little bit later never can is it submitted to God and he was justified Welsh as a refused and he was judged condemned in judgement. God gave His summary condemnation of the conceited character of the Babylonian he is puffed up this is from a Bible commentary. He is puffed up like a bloated toad these arrogant people hopped along toward destruction and he's commenting on how Barker to 4 and this is the picture that I found that I thought illustrates this. There were the Jewish people had become bloated as that Toad as the Babylonians were and here is the Hebrew word a Paul is used only here in the Old Testament and Haka too for I was evil passions or desires were not upright into the same principles of pup puffed up in humility will be contrast and when spiritual battle and falls and we can chuck retain 1 through 4. When this ended in the market 24 is talking about he's puffed up or he's lifted up in his pride notices but the just to live by faith so you have the contrast between the experience of bad experience about a line in experience of guns people God's people had chosen to go along with the Babylonian puffed up pride and so that's what he was about it was talking to them about at that time. Versus justification by faith and that's where we find that in the 13th was message. For me yes yes I would say you cannot have true humility unless you have faith in Yahweh or Christ the Lord then declared that a righteous person by stark contrast will live by faith now we come to Christ in this chapter 5 of. Again of Daniel Christ is judged because number 1 he's the creator Secondly he's judge because he's the Redeemer thirdly he is the judge because he is the law giver and number 4 remember this from John 5 he is judges who executes judgment because he is the son of man he had to become a human being in order to become our judge he had to know what we go through so that all of his that we would know that he was honest and just and good and righteous and so he was the 1 that that judged. The shells and BABYLON No Jesus is not only the judge or a not only judge he is also 1 who was judged the judge took our place in it absolutely and so here we have the crucifixion of Christ and he was made to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him 2nd Corinthians $521.00 tremendous passes. And then it gets even worse gallop 310 Jesus was made to be a curse he was cursed in order that you and I could be blessed with justification by faith and he did this for shells or as well as never can as are but those as are would refuse now Jesus is interesting Jesus was numbered was a transgressors he was considered and treated as a center that were numbered in Isaiah $53.00 is the same word know that or this is in his Hebrew the cognate of that is in Chapter 5 of Daniel where it says that you are numbered. So there's a there's a relationship between the 2 Hebrew and and Aramaic and because Daniel the chapter 2 of Daniel beginning with about the 4th verse to have part of it through Chapter 7 is written in Aramaic and the rest of his in Hebrew but in. His It was written in Hebrew in Word the what or. The number 2 the different Yeah yeah. The Jesus was 1st mentioned as being numbered with the transgressors in verse 12 let's go to I see a 53 because I think this is the main point of even of Daniel Daniel 5 but we did that would a dead end who did Jesus die for was it only for the believer did he die for Belshazzar. Yes. He's a savior of the world no not everyone accepts them. As a savior but in verse but I've got got the verse there. 53 but I want to look at the other ones. In. Well and 121312 he says. Because he's poured out his soul into death he is numbered with the transgressors that again that word number is the same word in the make in then you're Chapter 5 is a cognitive It's a simple it's pronounced almost the same written almost the same in the Aramaic was the commercial and political language of the day babbling to number 1 in chapter 2 of Daniel when the wisemen answered the king the answer him in Aramaic. Because it was a sophisticated language of the time and so Daniel simply wrote in Aramaic the rest of the from Chapter 2 through 14 I mean Chapter 2 through Chapter 7 and then he goes back to Hebrew 1st doctors in Hebrew the rest and from Chapter 8 on a 7 Hebrew also but he also here he was numbered and then if we go back to verses 5 through 8 it says he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon Him by His stripes we are healed all we like sheep of gone astray we have turned every 1 to his own way in the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all he was oppressed and he was afflicted in the open not as most he was led as a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep for his shares in silent so he opened not his mouth he was taken from prison and from judgment and who would declare his generation for he was cut off from the land of the living for the transgression of my people he was stricken in the news and verse 9 he made his bed with the with the rich so what we have here these verse that we just read that's part of Christ being numbered with the transgressors. He was looked at from heaven standpoint and from man standpoint as the greatest sinner that ever lived that's how people viewed him the law of the law of God condemned him and he exhausted the penalty that belongs to the human race but he took it all upon himself and he had done a FIDE with the with us who are in need of salvation he everything he went through was he went through for us he was totally innocent yet he was considered as the greatest transgressor. He was charged with humanity since he bore and exhausted the penalty that was against us no when he died he did not die the 1st death unless you include that in the 2nd but he died the equivalent of the 2nd death he exhausted that of that penalty for the human race and. The and here from deserve it is obvious about page $25.00 Christ was treated as we deserve that we might be treated as he deserves he was condemned for our sins in which he had no share that we might be justified by his righteousness in which we had no share he suffered the death which was ours that we might receive the life which was his with his stripes we are healed this is the numbering of Christ as a transgressor in our behalf now we come back to Bill shells are not Bill shells are teachers in Chapter 5 Bill showers are is is a type of Christ that may be pretty hard to grasp that but Christ took the part of Bill shows or the last sinner at the end of the millennium Christ stood before the judgment of heaven as Bill shows or stood before the war. And has no shelves or crippled his knees were knocking his joints were loose Jesus went through that kind of experience and a simile he was Belshazzar he was you he was me in disseminating on through Calvary that's the gospel calling about Chaz or know those as are so of all as 1 in Chapter 5 verse 1 and begin drinking they were influenced by al call the alcohol drove him to become exceedingly bold and take the the. The cells of the house of the Lord and so then that and this is the gall that they that they did this sort of thing I think we use look because the other day then you have the law the handwriting on the wall today you were measured found wanting or lacking and then the fall chapter 5 verses $3031.00 of this day the judgment has come to the city was it was to fall in all the time these people drinking and didn't have the foggiest idea what was going on with the Receive of the people coming in to capture them they had no idea that was their last day on earth and those shells are that's 1 that he was he was actually terrified he talks that it's quite a description of him how he he was absolutely in full terror he knew he knew something drastic was about to happen he didn't know what it was but the Spirit of God had impressed him this was after he had already committed the unpardonable sin he was no longer a chance for him to be saved this is going to be very similar to what will happen at the close of probation and those who profess to believe Christ and they're going to wake up with a long gun in the wrong side and we need to be on the right side by God's grace and we can be we still have time when we were still there in that time but the queen the queen came of the Queen Mother came in and told him you know that's interesting there is a man in your kingdom in whom the Spirit of. The holy gun and then when Daniel did come in he said the same problem here I've heard of you that the Spirit of God is in you in that light and understanding an excellent wisdom are found in you and then you're OK make the point he says but you his son Belshazzar speaking about never going to be his grandson. You know not home of your heart although you knew all this so this was knowledge that he that he understood. Somewhere and he didn't have all the knowledge I'm sure but it was enough knowledge that he had that he knew that he was in the wrong. Somewhere along the line Bill Hauser was condemned because he neglected the opportunities that were available to him but making himself acquainted with the light that was shining especially and I got a statement here think testimony minutes move but he refused to take advantage of the opportunities that God placed within his reach to enable him to become a believer in this is from believes his testimonies ministers are condemnation the judgment will not result from the fact that we have lived in error but from the fact that we have neglected heaven sent opportunities for discovering truth the means of becoming conversant with the truth and within our within the reach of all but like the indulgence selfish king and she's referring to Belshazzar in the context we give more attention to the things that Charlie if you're please the I gratify the appetite into the things that enrich the mind the divine treasures of truth and discipline by boat Eckerd echo I thought it was testimony but it's a bible echo September 17th 1904 and from Daniel told the Belshazzar he said the God who hold your breath in his hand and owns all your ways you have not glorified we need to remember that the cross of Christ is stamped on every morsel of food that we every drop of water that we drink everything comes down to the cross of Christ not only to the believer but to the nonbeliever everything or everyone owns everything to him. And this is. This is from Illinois to the death of Christ we or even this earthly life the bread we eat is the purchase of his blood broken body the water we drink is brought by his spilt blood never once saint or sinner eats his daily food but he is nourished by the body in the blood of Christ the cross of Calvary of stamped on every little is reflected in every water spring is already just 60 so everything that happens to anyone in the world is because of the cross of Christ everybody every breath of a person breathes is because of Christ was so many. Got his number your kingdom and finished it and he repeated again. In the name in a way and then. To Kal I believe is hope for now it's your weight in the balances and found wanting in this is the word that minae is the word that's used numbered both in Isaiah and here in Daniel and of in the identical and meaning and referred to Christ in Isaiah 53 and to them shows are here this was belches or King about Bill and upon whom the end of the world came this was the last day of his life the aura whose judgment had come not God had wrought of salvation for Belshazzar and he had given it to him but he spurned it and threw it away he wanted nothing to do with it before the Judgment Seat of Christ it will be revealed the fact that full and complete salvation was given to Belshazzar in that he deliberately threw it away again though she has a small school be stopped. Again he will shake with the nameless terror with bated breath as he listens again to the words mini Mineta Co you Farson he will see them again it will be in his mind and the end of the millennium God does not stand with the finger pointing at each 1 this is a sin that you can marry you committed that sort of thing but the everyone will have a business across they'll know exactly exactly precisely where they turned away from from Christ and at the end of that time every person will the saving the last will bow down and admitted crisis right now some will do it because of overwhelming evidence in the in the testimony was in the brain that the record the records that are being investigated in the heavenly sanctuary simply reflection of what's in our brain our brain has stored everything we were done especially it has gone into long term memory and so the cleansing the sanctuary in heaven is cleansing the record but God wants to cleanse it here he wants Clinton for my brains here which record and. You know that I'm not. Yes. Weird. Yet you don't know me. Well. Not necessarily but I think it's all up to date. You know every. Person if we die or provisions close you know before before there's a general closing of probation and and before that takes place God will have cleanse his people. And then the and the cleansing is a process is not it's not a magic. Thing God through the trials and tribulations through the Word of God says we purify our hearts through the word it's. Well. By the time probation closes it will be in the living all the dead I'm sure to this very day all have been judged that God doesn't have to go to the record. This is along the Bensons 844. You know so I'd say within a few Christ could have come by 860 and so the judgment would have been finished and I'm I'm sure that the record of the dead was already a company God doesn't need don't need a century doesn't need a year but but it's still it's still good the continuing he's doing it in mercy but it will enter into the lives of the living and that's where I'm sure we're going to see tremendous movements both for Christ and against him. And I think part of the shaking within within it is not just Adam's going to be shaken every every person on the earth can be shaken but specifically we're told it will happen to us when we see millions of people depart from the 7th Heaven church I believe we're going to have an indication of the judgment has entered into the living keep people have made a decision in dogs I don't want any part of that is safer and safer to be with the multitudes Yes Good yes in what happens after probation I mean the decisions have already been made. Yes OK Yes. Thank you very much you have some movement you know you know exactly. Not would you think that the world is already ripe for the coming of Christ and the world. You. Heard OK or. You know OK yes or no what part what. Yes oh yeah i ruined no yes. Yes. Yes Yes You know yeah absolutely you know but there may be some who have been in IT ALL longer and are going to be angry because they get to say wait but is simply the gift of eternal life the sort of be a good. And and should know what speaks about people who have never had the opportunity to learn what we're the a blessing to have and they're they will learn some of it in a very short period of time but there's much of it they're not going to learn and they'll learn the learning of heaven and the creative juices but it's a living up to the light that that they have there are safe yes. And he don't he he dealt with that you see there he can get you know you know here you know yes you know I just. Want Justice that probation was still living but they don't know they just. You know that she yes. Yes We're told it. May be said. Trying to find writing. Yes even after probation closes Yes let me just maybe follow up on that I was an experience I had. Was driving by on a mobile home park the Lord impressed me strongly to go into that place and I did and I went to a trainer there were 3 people there and they were all drunk 1 was an Indian lady young girl probably maybe 2030 S an old man 80 in another man some are 30 and forty's and they were all drunk or the Nords and I tried to talk them about God and they just laughed and poked fun and little cursing and I said I'm not going to stick around this Oh but before I left I said I said would it be alright if I had a word of prayer there's oh yeah that's right I knelt down started praying and I heard weeping and I looked up some of them were crying God had reached through that alcohol and spoke to their hearts and when I got up when I got up or monies and left or before I left I gave him a new game stuff to cry some and remember what it was and that old man says My father was a Methodist minister. And he says Oh I understand these things and please come back and see us as OK I will then some time went by and driving by that place again The Lord impressed me to go see them so I went to the house that they had been in and they weren't there but the any lady was up on the hill by a house up there and she says we're up here please come up and see itself so I went up and started to God she was sober the 2 guys and a very hospitable lady there's no doubt in my mind she was wonderful lady these 2 men were stronger than Lauren's again the old man was lying on the bed and laughing you know about Christianity and all this nonsense of following the Lord and then the other young guy was on the other side of what watching a football game or something and he was you know in between the football spurts he would say something smart and so I would go from the old man to the young man back and forth back and forth pleading with them to give their lives to Christ oh oh. And then when I couldn't do any more it was just I did everything that I possibly could think of and I left and as I left the girl she just apologized I'm so sorry in the way they treated us all that sort of understand when treating me and so on the next day I came out of living of living by a river and as I was coming out on this 1 road there's a T. You had to turn to the right and go into tone and. I could see to the left about half a mile there were a lot of cars lined up on a cur that I knew that a near gave Carol when we went that direction and I said what was going on up there so I troll a turn to the left and went up there and I I pulled up and I said what's going on and the guy that told he said well he's a pickup truck went into the water there 2 minute. I knew who they were before I saw them I knew that those 2 men were in that car of the truck and sure enough to pull them out and they were dead and their probation had closed the day before I'm sure of that or at least by that time. But but God I know that God would have his head in the same trying to save them right up to the last moment had they not been drunk they might not have even gone in the drink but because of the influence of alcohol they lost their lives eternally and so it this is this a again when probation closes for different people of different times in the Special 1 when we die there's no there's no need for public probation but that kind of came on what it would you said. But the Lord uses a different ways we don't even know sometimes what we're doing here puts us into situations that we that we can look back and see our God was leading you don't think if you're being ridiculed and personally you don't think God is leading this specifically but but even these things that happens. So again was built shelves or holes or time got 10 minutes he'll remember the handwriting on the war yes. It was. A C. it is back here close it was a. Published Sometimes I'll have them. Yes OK You got it there. You know it it was it was a paper I think. I was sometimes I say size the Times a Bible echo you have it now OK you got it now OK yeah yeah that's a good 1. Is memories will acquit waken at the end of the millennium and he will remember the handwriting on the wall. In the his palace he will remember the history of his grandfather and he will see his grandfather but never can is going to be on the inside of the wall he's going to be on your side but our sins gushers are committed if he would have repented and believed his guilt would have been washed away in the blood of Christ but he rejected the work of the Holy Spirit and he placed himself for repentance and faith could not come to Him This is because of the influence of the alcohol Now we mentioned the other day that there are there are times when God can work through alcohol and drugs he does it on a regular basis I would say but in there are some cases when when a person is deliberately. Turned against God in such a way that they made their last decision then God can only he can only go with their decision. It's it's a frightful thing sometimes we think about it but that's the way it is when the Spirit of God was willfully and persistently rejected this this could not have happened over just that 1 night this event he had been persistently refusing the Spirit of God and that was his last 1 that's the only way that God can communicate with us is the the frontal lobes primarily and. Those shows are cut that communication or and there was no more that God could do who God cannot force him and he given him every opportunity up until that point in time and he just you know God did not blindly are his spiritual as a bill shows or he did not harden his heart but this happened in the process of sin he said like to correct his errors and that would have led him into a true palace and so when when light from God is rejected the eyes are blinded in the heart becomes hard. Often the process is gradual almost imperceptible but God still tries to get through to us and to every person in the world in us not is not how much light we have but what are we doing with the Les we have that's the that's the case because you have people that are that have I think well. Maybe a well I have a son that died a little over a year ago it is fifty's try to work with him so he was not wholly died of alcohol and try to work with him from time to time we saw each other about once or twice a year and. My wife and I had a meeting in Las Vegas in that he was in March usually this meeting is in need January or February this year it was in March and I couldn't I told shortlists that I don't understand why that you know it's been moved we got out there and I called my son I said I want to meet you will come to your home to meetings here want to go and see he's OK and he's all be in late Friday night and we can be together over the weekend and I said OK I'll see if there will be going to church. In like invite you to come and he just kind of laughed and and so I didn't push it as I would see in the afternoon that was on Thursday I think it was his wife called me on Friday and said he's in the hospital north of San Diego and it doesn't look good so we beat a path down there and try to when I look at him in the hospital he looks like death warmed over on his stomach was bloated and his kidneys were gone and his liver everything was gone and I didn't have an opportunity to talk to him about the Lord. And I thought well we heard 1 doctor he said Well I'll give you 6 months or get you know I'll give you 6 months and that's all you've got so I thought well we may have to go home and I'll come back soon is out of hospital and talk to him maybe take some charcoal poultices and things. Try to heal him but so another doctor came in and he was really pointed he said I'm going to tell you something he said I give you 30 days to live prepare to die and it shocked everybody and then he turned to doctor told me some so sorry that I had to bring this kind of news and I said thank you for being forthright when he left they gave me an opportunity to 0 in on what are we wanted to do anyhow and I said Blake I've been praying for you over 50 years that you give your life to Christ I said Would you like to do it and I said you don't have much time would you like to give your money to Christ now and he said yes but I don't know how you know I said you follow me I'll pray you follow me step by step and so he did he mouthed the words that I said that I said he repeated them and when he got through it was a half smiling face that I had seen a long time I was so overwhelmed that I had there was a culture and by the windows and I just sat back there surely came a She'd been in the hall of before this she came she talked talking to him in the Spirit of God came upon us it was powerful I just knew he was there well we still thought he had some time so we decided to come won't go home here in Michigan and we would fly back and see them after I got out we know move soon or go back and his wife called and said he died. So we beat a path back there again he was a family we went out for dinner 1 night and I shared with him what had happened I got a song that he probably most spiritual anyone whose eyes just got big all he said I'm so glad that happened and then his wife told me something that gave me assurance that God was working so he said he called us all to his bedside before he died apologized to us for the things that he had done to us and he said I want to pray for you. He prayed for them before he died just so I have a hope of seeing him in heaven if that was and I believe it was honest. His whole life was troubled. And alcohol was his solace he could not or he didn't he was afraid to find it and Grace made him his wife his mother and I split up when I became a novice he couldn't she couldn't handle the change in my life and he had always blamed her she left me and he blamed her for that. But it wasn't really her she just she could not stand. To see a different kind of person and there was a totally different but. Then hell I'm hoping that she would be a heaven too she's dead to know. My daughter and she's she is very faithful to God she's I pray for her 20 years if you have children don't stop praying I say if Ifti. He said tactlessness turn the other 49 where up I've claimed this not every day but many many times you know and I did not intend to share that with you folks but it seemed fitting yes to me maybe had. Isaiah 492425. I saw this bill and 50 years ago 1 of the Cuban have it was the. Shall the prey be taken from the mighty who's the mighty That's the devil or the captives of the Righteous be delivered but this is the Lord even the captors of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the perv the terrible be delivered for I will contend with him who contends with you and I will save your children. And I go to God with that prayer praying and I said God you have promised that. I made some terrible terrible mistakes in my life but I said you have promised this I believe that you're going to save my children and I believe that he is in the process of my daughter so I want to be there when each of you are to be there and we don't have to be belches or we can be never get answers. So we pray we probably better stop that Father we thank you for the Gospel that we see even in the life of. The condemnation of the end of the millennium but Jesus took the full force of that exhausted that penalty for us and for Bill says the showers are will look upon Christ and He will weep not because of conviction of sin but because of the. His greed and what he wanted and he's lost it for ever but we pray that each 1 of us will be on the right side of the wall. You know when you see Jesus and give him praise and glory. Thank you for here on. 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