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Christ in Daniel- Part 5

Jerry Finneman




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Well there we ask you this time again that you know this is business with your Holy Spirit you teach us guide our minds or sauce and me Christ be up exultant his name in men women. Already we're. Growing to a close to Christ in Daniel and. Just a bit of review we the 1st day we looked at the. Various chapters it was kind of an overview of. Christ and then you know in chapter Chapter 1 he was he was the Lord jumped or 2 he dwells in flesh of the Babylonians and Wiseman said all week we can't understand what's going on that's going on to be revealed by the gods his dwelling is not with QUESTION And but the God of heaven dwells in the flesh of of Daniel and this is a great mystery it's called The Mystery of governess Christ in you the hope of glory and that's 1 of the themes of the Book of Daniel and then Chapter 3 The Son of God walking in the midst of fire with the rest of the with the Jewish young men for he's just a fire he's the 1 that laid the glory of. Never get hazard in the dust and then did for him what he could not do for himself and then Chapter 5 his judge because of. Because it is a. Bill that he was creator Redeemer law giver and judge and in then and in chapter 6 we don't have time to go into that 1 but he's the dog who delivered Daniel from the Lion's Den And then in chapter 7 he's called the Son of man jumped or ate he's called Paul Morley it's not. In the Marvel reference that the means the reveal of secrets or the wonderful number and then Chapter 9 will be spending most of our time in chapter 9 of the crucifixion of Christ chapter. 10 is called Prince of the rest of the chapter he's called Prince even in Chopper 9 he's called Messiah the Prince and Chapter 11 he's called the Prince of the Covenant and. It's all but today we're going to be talking about the everlasting righteousness and when it. When it was brought into the human human experience. Probably let's begin with just reading a few verses here in in chapter 9 and 1 thing I was going to say before I die for before I forget it I was thinking of it last night the Book of Daniel begins was when Sorry 3 entities God Babylon and Israel literally and it ends with God Babylon spiritual Babylon and spiritual Israel these are the issues that are throughout the book of Daniel and but let's let's just read and I get to it. Daniel 9 and this is this is a familiar passage I'm sure with for all of us and this was the. Daniel was sick in Chapter 8 after Daniel had he received the vision from from Christ Christ of the wanted in the 2300 year prophecy and that he got sick he understood the 1st part of it the different beasts that were mentioned there Greece and. Me to Persia but he could not understand the 2300 a prophecy and he got sick and sometime later gave or came back to him he says conservative and so he outlined regain the beginning of the vision and that's in chapter Chapter 9 here and problem of us go to verse 21 he was speaking in prayer the man Gabriel who might seen in the vision at the beginning being caused to fly swiftly reached me about time of the evening offering and he informed me and he talked with me and he said Oh Daniel I have now come forth to give you skill to understand at the beginning of your supplications the command went out and I have come to tell you for your greatly beloved therefore consider the matter and understand the vision Well the only vision that we have before this is the 1 in chapter Chapter 8100 your posse found so the 1st things out of the mouth of Gabriel his he says are dealing with ISIS 70 weeks are determined upon your people and for your people and for your for the holy city to the knish to transgression to make an end of sins to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up the vision in the prophecy into a new at the most holy. No there are 4 and understand from the going forth of the command to restore and build your use of them until Messiah the Prince there should be 7 weeks 62 weeks the street should be built again and the wall even in trouble as times after the $62.00 weeks Messiah should be cut off but not for himself and the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city in the sanctuary the end shall be was a flood the end of the war doesn't lay sions or determine then he show confirm a covenant or the covenant with many for 1 week in the midst of the week he should be cut off and end may bring an end to sacrifice and offerings and then it goes on again there's 3. Fingers of prophecy here no 1 has to the restoration of the city in the wall the 3rd 1 of the most important that is Christ and there are some people who say this besides the prince is not Christ it's some other noise his kid gets going to come along perhaps enter Christ it's absolutely me and so there are some who actually say that this Prince is the end of Christ calling Christ at her Christ the Christians that are doing this sort of thing but it definitely is a crisis of No No doubt about it but I think the 1st day we look at this and saw that when. Christ began his public ministry he referenced this very passage he says he said The time is at hand repent and believe the Gospel and the only time element that it could be was the 70 weeks prophecy prophecy or 490 years literal time and then he ended his close to the end of his ministry to Matthew $24.00 he said he talked about the abomination of desolation that Daniel spoke of so Christ public ministry was based on Daniel and it ended on The Book of Daniel and he got his name 1 of his titles the Son of Man from Daniel so yes. Yet the last yes the last week of those 7 days are 7 they will admit to the 7 years but they've they've disconnected it. Yes Yes They they disconnected it from the 69 weeks ago before and I wish we had time maybe to go into that because that was the we talked about the pause river mission just briefly but they believe in as we do today that the that they had a crazed who was and is the papacy and they use Daniel and the US alone eons and revelation to demonstrate. The the end of Christ this sort of thing now how it came about in the Protestant Reformation there were 2 points 2 prongs of them to their message 1 was the justification by faith in Jesus Christ alone and the 2nd was the prophetic word pointing to the epic crisis in the in the papacy 1 of the reasons that the Jesuit organization was established was to destroy the promise of information and they did it on those 2 points. They changed the idea of justification justification by faith in the Council of Trent and there were 2 or 3 maybe more that were there 2 of the Jesuits who were tremendous scholars and they were the ones that formulated the plan or that the doctrine of justification whenever you read of the curses in it from the Council of Trent this is this was just a Jesuit not just inspired but they actually directed in this thing a 1 man the are many of the bishops and the scholars who wanted to go along with the promise Reformation during that total but this 1 man was so powerful he spoke for 3 hours and change the minds of everybody in that in that auditorium and he did a couple of times he was a tremendous speaker in the group and a great scholar and he knew precisely word to attack the message of justification by faith and then the 2nd was also dealing with the. The Anti-Christ the. The Papacy was ready to fold up they just it was completely demolished. And there were 2 Jesuits and again 2 outstanding scholars who started they decided they need to do something with get the attention off the enterprise or give up the papacy and so 1 man by the name of. His are on the history of the enterprise has already been here the 700 Nero or someone like that and the other 1 said Ribeiro said he's in the future and he's the 1 that separated the 70 weeks prophecy it took the last week of the prophecy moved forward and then you have the promises that came along the dispensational is built on that and and and they said this is the time of the end a crisis of set of His Kingdom on the earth but it was calling Christ at a Christ it just is amazing if. It. We know him yeah it would and I. Think you know well they've got some you know that they don't really hold up but they do it to go back to Protestants and dispensation as they go back and they call their 7 dispensations 1 a story throughout a many and then the jewish. State. You know this is this is all yes and so they say the they say we're living in the time of the Gentiles now in the call of the gap in the church age of the gap here and in the gap is between the 6090 we in the 70 if we in the south that's how they are that's how they do it in and this is amazing to see how it's you know the Protestants resisted the papal interpretation for about 200 years they had nothing they would accept even the progress that we in the Senate and across in come in somewhere in the past in the Futurist and says he's coming in the future they resisted both of those for about 200 years in the the predator story the 1 the crisis in the end of Christ. I mean across the papacy as Ed a crisis said it could not be that because it's already been you know like you know you mentioned Nero and that type of thing and the liberal wing of Protestantism accepted those concepts then the fundamentalism dispensational as they accepted the Futurist 1 neither 1 evidently had knew that these came from the Catholic Church so you got 2 groups of promises fighting each other it was a misinterpretation of people of people feeling that. You know. You know I think we're just taking the scripture and we did that the other day with John yes you have a thought. Yeah. Yeah. Yes You know it's just. It's. No. Life. Yeah. Yeah you know. When that when this thing is over we're going to see that the Jesuits have had their finger in every part. Since the river mation they did destroy the Reformation we see the evidence of it to be the only 1 not not not almost Thank you yes. The only ones left standing so far are 7 they have US Now there's 1 of the group was a I'm not sure what brand Baptists they are but given in England part me no not 7 thing no it was another group who believe that as we do in the enterprise their only ones that I know are what. Yes. Yes No not at all no but we do it what someone someone said we read read the last chapter of Daniel and Revelation we know how it's going to come out so we have to by God's grace Yes that's right yes yes OK I wasn't aware of that I've read some of the material but I haven't read that about what we believe in the end of things. Yet oh I'm sorry but if you see a hand moving I think someone wants to say something OK All right so that's kind of the outline and it was during this period of time that the everlasting righteousness of God came into the human experience through Christ no it was there by promise and by experience but who and Christ failed there would have been no era lesser righteousness for us by the way he could have could have he felt could he have failed. When you know his life was a life of faith but by people known. Right exactly yeah exactly but there are many there are many again promises who believe that Christ could not have failed it's amazing some of the things that are up there. Already if this will move who we will see OK these are the things there are 6 items that are brought out in verse 24 that the preservation will be finished to put an end to sin atone for iniquity bring in everlasting righteousness seal both the vision and the prophecy and then to anoint to most holy ones also charge who will bit but so this takes us from the from the time of the cross to the cross the crucifixion and also then Christ going to heaven in the anointing the most holy place was anointed in heaven and this is the inauguration that took place when Christ ascended preparation for his high priest in the ministry. I'm of the all point to end from the cross. The cross the central and as we mentioned earlier about Gabriel he explained the time prophecy regarding the bringing in everlasting righteousness and he gave instructions on how the time period was delivered he gave the beginning of a many 3 major sections that he won for Daniel and for us. He ended by focusing on the events of the 70 years week which is the time when Christ was called all 4 crucified for us verse $25.00 is called the Messiah the Prince $26.00 he was that's 1 of the it's called Messiah the Prince of verse $25.00. Messiah was call verse 212627 tells it was in the midst of the week when he. Finished the transcript I'm sorry he brought an end to the sacrifices that type of thing so Christ in him crucified is central to the Book of Daniel and the whole the whole book is going that way that we have we want to have 2 passages that really do deal with that specifically here in chapter 9 and also in chalk 11 there's a focal point of the Chapter 11 Christ is the he was the prince of the covenant of the everlasting covenant and he was he was broken and I've got a little bit of a chart here a little bit later we'll look at this with we look at this before that this is the this is the time prophecy that Daniel was given by. By Gabriel and 7 across 831 and then. When the Gospel went to the Gentiles Christianity course became a part of gentile religion now here this is chapter chapter in Chapter 11 maybe we could go there Chapter 11 we want to spend a lot of time I wish we could spend more time and then Tim is a mess the other day written a book on this and so there is a very. The rich chapter in the $22.00 it is not something to be afraid of. You know it's it's fairly literal There are some symbolism in a bit most of it is straightforward right down the line historically in the early of the early Adventists and W. Miller believe the king of the North was the papacy and the how they did this the last line entire book of Daniel and they traced down every nation every kingdom that was involved and they said the conclusion was that the king of the North had to be the papacy no there were some among us back in those days that switched from the papacy to Turkey and that thing in the but that didn't didn't really make any sense but in verse 22 of a Chapter 11 he says that the force of a flood they should be swept away from before him be broken and also the prince of the covenant and that is Christ in here what we have if we go back to verse verse 20. Those who are in chapter Chapter 11 chapter 11 verse 20 it says their shoulder rises in his place and in the blunt the verse before this Evidently he is speaking of Caesar in the in the verse 20 there shall rise in his place 1 who imposes taxes on the glorious kingdom but within a few days he should be destroyed but not in anger or in battle and in his place will arise a vile person to whom they will not give the honor of royalty but he shall come in peaceably seize the king was intrigued and then with a force of a flood he should be swept away from before him and be broken and also the prince of the covenant because the cult would be broken also or crucifixion so here is the the outline of Daniel mine and 11 Chapter 9 gives us $27.00 A.D. who began his public ministry $34.00 A.D. was the end of that last period of time when the Gospel went to the Gentile world in Chapter 11 you have the reign of Tiberius Now some say it was that he didn't start until 8414 it really doesn't matter for illustration here it was during the reign of Tiberius that Christ was crucified and some believe I'd lean this way there's It appears that he was he didn't rule. In from Rome with his with his would be step father adopted father. Augustus but he he did rule but it was during his reign that Christ was crucified to part that of course was the was a got wrote a Roman governor in time and here I think we've got some yes and this is a lit up to the time of the cross Daniel 11 in. Caesar. Augustus was the founder of the Roman Empire and so there was a Roman existence before that yes but it was considered a republic was a republic. Government of the people by the people for the people should have been but it only lasted about 200 years or maybe even while probably about that but anyhow he was they had made the vote in Caesar. The 1 just before him voted him to be dictator for life and his friends were concerned about this because they believe it should do that Rome should have been removed as a republic and so they murdered him he gained up on him and he fought till he died but he was a very strong man a very tremendous general very So was the war but but they killed him and then Augustus came along and he in this that's the 1 is talking about here that he thought he was the 1 that became the 1st emperor of Rome and after that we known as an empire rather than the republic but they still call themselves a republic but it was not it was not a soul. And then he died in it he 40 he's the 1 we read in the book of Luke when the when the people were taxed that's the reason that Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem they had to go to a place of their birth of their origin in order to be taxed and it was a census also and this Augustus was a tremendous administrator he's the 1 that established the financial ability of the Roman and it lasted for sent several emperors after that but he was tremendous and in what he was able to do but. Then you have. Rays of talk that you know Luke to want to work with speaks about that and then. You know the stock sex taxation affected where Jesus was born and mentioned that they went to dose of Mary went to Bethlehem and this was a fulfillment of the prophecy of Micah 5 verses $2.00 and $3.00 the said he would be born in Judah in Bethlehem and so that was all of this came together when Christ was born in that tone. Look to want to come to pass those days of the without a decree from Caesar Augustus of all the world should be taxed in the US coming from. Refers also to Chapter 11 here that he was imposer of taxes upon the whole world and that the that he knew at that time. He succeeded you see is a we talked about this earlier. The rain for more than 240 years peaceably and then died in bed peace of. Play that in Bible Commentary P.G. 70 Then Augustus was succeeded by time periods a route from 8014 to 37 and he would rule the world time the crucifixion the statues from that it can museum. It was Christ the prince of the Covenant who roams who call it broke or crucified in fact let's go back to chapter 9 and. The the word the both the word prince and covenants are the identical words of both places so there's no doubt there's a there's a verbal connection between Chapter 9 and also in Chapter $11.00 and $9.00 it is middle of verse $25.00 he's called Messiah the Prince and verse $26.00 Messiah would be cut off and in that but the word. Prince and. Prince of the Covenant was Christ when he was crucified. Oh yeah thank you company you know the word covenant in verse 27 thank you for. Reminding me that the word covenant in verse $27.00 of Daniel 9 and the word covenant in $1122.00 are identical in the word prince in both cases is identical the same identical Hebrew word in so there's no doubt that that's the case now the question comes up people 1 of the arguments today the question is Who is Israel. There was a transition that took place in this verse verse 22 of death of Daniel 11 that the transition took place of it on Israel. In the in the Old Testament you have the city the city and the state were called Israel. But in the New Testament what's going on here I don't think I pushed it at least on purpose of. Christ a crisis called Israel. In Hosea. Chapter 11 verse 1 if in fact I think that's the next the next we have. Israel is a type of Christ Israel as a nation pointed directly to him the whole concept of consciousness of it's design in Hosea 111. Who is this pointing back to the deliverance of Israel from from Egypt but Matthew takes that in versa her with the sink running by itself going to stop and some of watch it see what I've got here. But Massoud to 15 says that that who is $111.00 was fulfilled when when God called his son out of Egypt which was Christ maybe listless read it and. I should probably. Put it on the slide but Christ is the fulfillment of Israel and. You know it chapter 2 and looking into 1. Chapter 2 in verse 15 yes this they were there in Egypt until the death of her that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of by the Lord through the prophet saying all of Egypt I have called my son and Chapter 11 a wholesale verse 1 is what they're referring to and so Christ is the true Israel and only those who are connected to Christ are the true Israel. Is the what Yes OK No Right yes. Yeah exactly yes. Yes in fact is very very clear in the in the New Testament and I've got some references here as we as we get into this I want to I don't spend a lot of time but but also the Old Testament church and accept 38 talks about the church in the wilderness. So the church Israel as it was considered the church at that time there are some some people today who who say there was no church until the New Testament times but is not is not sole here of the church was outlined in Christ was the head of the church in the Old Testament as well as the new and so there's a transition that went from the Old Testament to the new when Christ was when Christ was crucified and so you have here and in the New Testament. To verse 47. Added people to the church as a possible who are preaching so you've got to fulfillment of the church from that time in Israel it was fulfilled in Christ the church was fulfilled then you have the the glorious kingdom in the land in Daniel 111-620-4145 the Kingdom then was transferred to 2 of the. The this is a spiritual thing that doesn't lead is not real in your spiritual still real but some people say they want to they want to do that this whole movement today in Christianity especially invent Jellicoe ism of stablish in the temple in. In Jerusalem this is all part of a misunderstanding of prophecy who is who really is. This is but something happened when you go back in this thing and must be on a time time but here you got Israel also pointed to Christianity especially Romans 228 says Who is it and when he is a Jew circumcision of the heart not of the knob of the flesh so all these are dealing with was the transition that took place. In New Testament times and in in the 11 Daniel Levon 22 that was the separating point. But I would say even this in Old Testament times the true Israelite was only those who were born again in the because in chapter 9 of Romans he makes a difference between Israel and Israel and so we need to we need to understand some of these things because there are even those coming into the 711 church that is going to be something really great happening in Israel it may happen I am not saying that there's not going to happen but it's counterfeit and we don't want to get caught up in this but it's a Protestantism who is pushing for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem Well they've got a plan some even claim to have material to go but I've never I've never seen or heard things about it but they're going to tear down the. Muslim. The mosque behind my eyes. Yeah that's so that's what the kids are like yes that's what already in Jerusalem for building the temple Oh I've heard that you know you know 1 interesting the you know what would be wrong was rebuilding the temple you know exactly. But even if even if the if the Muslims would consent would it be wrong to have a temple built just so why. OK The Messiah has already come he's been Kruse of the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world has already been offered Yes Yes OK that their father for temples in Scripture the tabernacle the temple Christ is the temple and then God's people are Temple all the fires of this temple and have them also. But. Other This is. This is interesting to see and hear what's going on today but what we need to remember again that those verses up until verse 21 there were local situations and local King kingdoms and then after the 1st 1 to distinguish exploded into global dimensions worldwide that's what we're faced with today but the center of all of this is Christ and Him crucified it's the in the cross we have this is our message it's our arguments it's our doctrine the gospel it's a warning to the impenitent encouragement to God's people in the hope of all of all of us and. Our want there's a restless spirit of prophecy statements here that deal with the cross that she says hang upon the cross of Christ was the gospel This is our message our arguments our doctrine our warning to the impenitent or encouragement for the sorrowing the hope of every believe or he was our eyes are fixed on Jesus will leave all he will die to selfishness is by beholding Christ that will be changed and that's 6 B.C. 1113 serval in here the deal with that the sacrifice of Christ as an atonement for sin is a great truth around which all of the crews Koester gospel workers $315.00. In order to be understood and appreciated every truce in the Word of God must be studied in the light of the cross the light that streams from the cross of Calvary 5 B.C. 1137 to this great crews all of the true is a tributary of her upward look page 85 the cross stands alone a great center in the world it does not find friends but it makes them this can be illustrated in the in the Brothers of Christ remember they ridiculed him up until now and in John Chapter 7 they told in the local Jerusalem horses are awesome and they were mocking him it looks like they were for him but the next verse John says but they did not believe in him as a savior but something happened 6 months later was Pentecost and in chapter 1 of the book of Acts you have Mary and the other sons of Joseph that were there and possibly Mary could have had children also gives indication of that in some 69. But Christ they were enemies many of them were enemies against Christ but the cross of Christ changed them as they understood what was going on there they became the became converted another 1 none can bear away from the vision of Christ Jesus crucified a lingering doubt unbelieve is gone and this is an extension of that as a sinner sees Jesus as he is and all compassionate Savior hope and assurance take possession of the soul the hope the helpless soul is cast without any reservation of on Jesus none can bear away from the vision of Christ Jesus crucified a lingering doubt unbelief is gone so bit by hope be holding Christ something will take place in our own experience as it did with the Apostles now the cross does not find it influence in favor. It creates an influence this is the means that is to move the world. Now the next 1 is interesting 1 of all professed Christians 7 there had been a suit before most in uplifting Christ before the world. I want to go on the same 1 proclamation of the 13th was a message calls for the rip the presentation of the service to this truth with others included in the message is to be proclaimed But the great center of attraction Christ Jesus must not be left out it is the cross of Christ that mercy and truth meet together righteousness and peace kiss each other because we were close when $36.00 so this is the center of this and here talking about mercy in truth. Mercy in truth righteousness and peace met the devil card to separate peace from the from God and he thought that he had accomplished it but the cross of Calvary brought these things together with the inseparable. You know should we open the windows are you folks getting hot coal is open OK you got a fan on to wow you know give us a yes. You know you're talking about. Well you should when we're talking about the cause we are talking about Christ crucified. You know. Yes yes oh yeah well in I would say even in many Protestant churches you've got crosses splatter all over churches the outside and inside in there actually look at their worship in the symbol rather than the reality but we're talking about Paul talked about he said I determined not to know anything but Christ and Him crucified He said the cross is the power of God And so the nation but he's talking about Christ. You know so. Yeah OK. Yeah yeah. But you know why did you. You know you know exactly. You know this is another just another illustration of the same thing but the atonement there was an atonement took place at Calvary. In chapter 4 of the book of Leviticus you have enough atonement of forgiveness This went on every day of the year on the Great Day of Atonement that happened once a year it was called a in a in a tone of cleansing so that there was a toll that went on continually that's Christ been crucified then on the day of atonement that blood that was shed represented Christ the clinching but of Christ to remove the Sins Not only that the record in heaven but from our own from our brains this is where the this is where the record is in our own excess in our existence and so the the eradication of the record in sin in heaven is evidence that God is working on our minds to do purify our mines and. Then here is another 1 I present before you the great grandma Newman of mercy and regeneration salvation and redemption the Son of God lifted up on the cross of Calvary this is to be the seam of every discourse. Christ to cook the declarer's and I if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men unto me now I know that I have not done this in every case but this what I want to this my goal that Christ him crucified will be uplifted in every sermon I preach somewhere along the line either leading to him or away from him and but we can talk she goes on to say Never should a sermon be preached or Bible instruction any line be given without quoting the here is to the Lamb of God was taken away the sin of the world every true doctrine makes Christ the center every precept receives force from his words 6054 again I think you know we we read this 1 earlier but the cross stands alone a great center in the world it does not find friends but it makes them it creates its own agencies. And shit this is an interesting statement to she says the end is there we have not a moment to lose light as to shine forth from God's people in clear distinct rays bringing Jesus before the churches and before the world 1 interest will prevail 1 subject will swallow up every other Christ Our Righteousness it was in Christ that the father Cornello his righteousness when Christ was here on Europe and in many times we call this part of it 1 interest will prevail but the 1st part of the paragraph is that we have not a moment to lose we're at the time of the end so that the main the main subject that we're going to be dealing with in the last days is Christ crucified if we know Him We have nothing to fear for the future that's that's we need and that we have time God is giving us time now to get to know him. OK we look at this and before here everlasting righteousness comes from the term of God Let's go to Romans Chapter 3 because here it outlines for us what John or what Daniel was speaking about. Jefferson 3 and beginning of verse $21.00 he says now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed being witnessed by the law and the Prophets even the righteousness of God which is through faith the faith of Jesus if you have the King James version I may have it here let me see if I could the. Army Yes seen your King James Yeah. Yes the King James a look at many of the new the newer translations in the in the translated faith in Jesus now we should we have to have faith in Christ and not not throwing it out but the text itself so says that the righteousness of God came from the father to Christ through His face Christ believe Christ was righteous by faith alone as a human being no he had all the rights of God before he came but when he when he became a human being he had to receive righteousness by faith in God alone and he lived by faith when he is 1st temptation in the wilderness and probably all the way along but that's the 1st public temptation in the devil came to Him Christ was telling him that that the Son of Man must live by faith alone when he said Man does not live by by bread alone but by every word the proceeds from the mouth of God and as the as the word proceeds from God's mouth and we accept it. That's a living that's living by faith and faith comes by hearing your by the Word of God if. You know. Well the can be either way would have no problem. If. Your. Own. Oh yeah yeah OK Yeah yeah well the Russia says he you know the righteousness of God came to Christ and he represented the entire human race the law doesn't mean everyone's going to be saved but everyone has been given the gift of Christ every so ever single person in the world but let me finish let me finish the righteousness of God comes to every single human being but it comes in to those who believe in that's in that's the that's a difference you make here. Yes it would not be they say upon they don't say with him. Oh I see oh OK you know you know OK. That's right yes yeah most of your modern moderns by the way some of those translations came from the about account us in the Sinai Atticus both were Catholic manuscripts and I we believe they were Dr there are some good translations but we need to be careful when reading oh. Yeah yeah you know the King James A New King James come from the same initiatives some of them even some of those are interpreted by the scholars when they will be put together but are there that. Oh OK yeah yeah yeah Yes well me yeah this is Christ in you the hope of war and this is the great mystery of God well that's OK. Yes. Yeah. You know we need to be certain we need we need to have a poem is we need to have an innocent also Yeah yeah OK Now Christ righteousness comes to us through the faith of Jesus in apart from the law now the law is a law of righteousness but we cannot get righteousness from the law but as that verse says of the 1 in verse $21.00 it's apart from the law but the law testifies and here is justification always always brings us into harmony with God's law the face of Jesus always brings us into harmony with God's law and if we have the genuine article. That law testifies for us in the course of heaven because it is a definition of the righteousness of God And so it always in fact I think will last verse of the of the chapter here in Romans 3 he says do we make void the loss of faith he says certainly not the King James is God forbid On the contrary we establish the law to face a crisis establish the law in the heart of the mind of the individual and the word and in that in the law then becomes a testimony yes. You know. More. Than all of the but out of the heart proceeds in the words and actions you know OK no. Mention God's law of righteousness testifies in behalf of the believer. God's everlasting righteousness comes through we need to remember this through the faith of Jesus Christ unto him upon all those who believe there's no difference this is this the King James you know. In the but even that even the use the New King James but even this 1 has has been translated from following some of the modern mother money beyond translations. Yes faith in Jesus yes this way you know. Then before before we get this let's go to let's go to Revelation motivation 1412. The same the same structure is here. Here and also in glaciers We'll look at that too in chapter 14 verse 12 says here is the patience of the scenes here are those who keep the commands of God end faith in Jesus of Jesus yes the other Jesus is an accurate translation there are some who have in Jesus here also but it should be translated literally it's the faith of Jesus into and he is this is the Hebrew thought written it was written in Greek but as the Hebrew thought he was thinking was they would give you the conclusion of something and then they would give you what was based on and so the this patience is based on the faith of Jesus and obedience to commands of God It's not the other way we don't have patience and then we keep the commands of God then we have faith in Christ is not that's not the way it is we have the face of Christ that causes us to be obedient to the laws God's law and that's what produces the patients and. You know what in that well in the contest in the context of the passage here we have. Those who oppose that will be known for their impatience. And they're going to be known for their own law that they have manufactured and they're going to have a counterfeit faith and so this is in opposition to the end of the vital issue here is liberty of conscious. Those who have the face of Jesus and those who keep the commands of God in our patients are going to be opposed by the entire world. The whole. Well. You know. Yeah. Yeah OK OK But now let's let's take another look at this Ellen White speaks about the. Faith of Jesus or about a message of discerning whose message she says several have written to me inquiry it's a message of Justification by Faith is asserting his message and I have answered. It is inserted into his message in verity So the message of the 13 join that would includes all 3 of them but specifically the 3rd 1 it is justification by faith we talk about the faith of Jesus we're talking about justification by faith cannot be separate. True you know it's true for young you know beyond a shadow without you and now in the early days of Adventism are probably well up until 1980 a very nice period of time. We had tremendous debaters we talked about that I think the 1st 1st we 1st of all but became very successful in debating but people were joining to a doctor and rather than to Christ and even the faith of Jesus was considered a set of doctrines you keep the faith like Jude says Keep the faith that meant a series of doctrines but they did not realize it was next it was Christ faith in those we believe in him as we accept at face we believe in Him have an experience with it and that the king well. Yeah OK. Many of us that we have but now we want to go now to another discordant Galatians Tepper to and you're familiar with the with this situation between Paul and and Peter Peter had to deny the Gospel. And he had come to the aid of Paul and Barnabas at the 1st General Conference and recorded an act after 15 in Paris is a believe follow Palmer on and they said yes we believe in Jesus but you must also be circumcised and so they called the they called this group and it was a general conference the 1st 1. Jesus brother was the 1st General Conference president in the. Hall and and Barnabas gave a tremendous argument in position of justification by faith in Christ alone Peter came to their defense and he related to the MIS is recorded in 1 chapter Chapter 15 but going back to chapter 10 when Peter went to the Gentile. Army man. And he said garden you know you remember the sheets that came down and Peter's on are going to eat the stuff that's unclean These 3 times got lower than in the dream and then he says God showed me that I should call no man unclean that was that that was the message that. And so Peter actually clinched the argument for justification by faith and counsel then if you're as later he was in Antioch in Antioch was kind of the jumping off place for missionary work there was he made 3 major cities 1 was a roll the other was Alexander and Egypt and the 3rd was was any are and in time and in church history we see that Roman end of Alexandria got together and they disbanded or they they disfellowship the church in any ark that church went underground there that they were the beginning of the wall dances and then there were 1 incident come out of that but the missionary activity from any Ark went into Europe and was bringing the gospel even though the Church of Rome was the visible 1. The walled in season others were the ones who were actually bringing the gospel and then they they went east into India today they're still a group of people called the St Thomas Christians and they came from any aka originally admitted Thomas and that's where he went he was killed there but some have said they went as far as the Philippines from the never commit is missionary minded group but this is the jumping off place going to Europe or Asia or wherever it was to begin with and then when they were cast out of the fellowship of of the the. Roman Alexandria. Hopefully yeah. But anyhow this is let's take a look a little while ago I guess we go here burst 11. When Peter had come to any Ark I was stood him to his face why because he was to be blamed for before certain men came from James he would eat with the Gentiles but when they came he was through and separated himself fearing those who were of the circumcision and the rest of the Jews also played the hypocrite with him so that even Barnabas was carried away with their hypocrisy but when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel I said to Peter before them all and so this is what we progress the chapters dealing with Paul rebuke to Peter and verse 16 is the 1 that I want to call your attention to this and you know the other day we did a. OK as I'm in the Book of Daniel several kinds of poetry. Configurations Here's 1 in the New Testament really interesting he said Peter you know that we're not justified by the law and in this verse begins and ends with we're not justified by the by the law and it doesn't matter with a ceremony or or a moral we cannot get righteousness from the law of God It testifies to the genuine article but we cannot get it from there and so he said Peter you know that we are not justified by the law he says it twice and then he says or by the works of the law and not by the works of law and then the central part we are justified by the faith of Jesus Christ this is the same construction Revelation 1412 and the Romans 322. Then he goes on even we have believed in Jesus and that's a curse that we might be justified by the faith of Christ so this is that this is the structure of the meaning of justification the faith of Jesus as it brings us to is this is a this is the concept of Daniel that when Christ when he was presenting Christ him crucified this is part of what what he's talking about the faith of Christ the Messiah was was faithful to death and then he goes on in verse $21.00 here we have a it's called an envelope construction and this is the way it is in the Greek it starts out with Christ and it says I was crucified together with this but it starts with Christ and then he says but I'm living. Not I but live again me Christ and that the word crisis in both the most section of the 1 section and this other is an envelope inside this is what Paul was talking about you directly to Peter would be looking him for that and then the next Part A Part B. of this verse. You know says what happened here oh here we go Christ all that I was crucified with Christ this is that 1 yet I live yet not I but living in me is Christ so this is the this is what he was talking to Peter about and talking to us about also. Once again I think that you know this is the last part of Verse 20 the life which and I live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me and again this is the King James both 16 and 20 of the King James has it accurate almost all of their translations the have to have faith in Christ and we must have faith in government you know I don't know sort of but we need to remember that the everlasting righteousness came from God to Christ and then comes to the rest of us. Yes Right yeah even yes the face that comes from the Word of God is the face of Jesus. OK yeah that's a good many of. You know that. You know what. They're having you know. The darker God's righteousness is the everlasting Gospel it is from in through the cross that righteousness flows to the condemned race. I think was a Yesterday we talked about even though shows are. He was sustained by every morsel of food that he ate every drop of water he drank came stamp of the cross of clubs. You know well we we started the Gospel in light of both shows as. I already know peace comes through justification by the faith of Jesus alone and I think you know you hear it in Isaiah 3217 The work of righteousness is outlined for us here. The work of righteousness will be peace and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever this is the thirty's the message prophesied God's people the last days will be known for righteousness for peace quietness and assurance for ever and I want to head up if any of you get nervous when you're called on to do something. This is a tremendous promise. I used to sing I can crow cannot with. This but I was asked to sing at the weather friends a wedding and I had never sung in company with a boy by organ being aware of the incident had 1 opportunity to do practice the night before 1 time and I was sitting in Lord for I started too high and too loud. Now you know what happens if you get to the end of that. Song it's pretty high it is pretty loud and I was singing in the clouds there were people coming in the church right as I was and they had it. It was a shocking in and I don't know what was on the order not I think it was but it was I knew was a disaster. So I worried all night long. The next morning the wedding was in the afternoon and I was sweating blood test with us tears I said God I cannot do this. Should have had more practice in but there was no way it was absolutely no way and so the time for the wedding and I was sitting in the front row and I was padded push the panic button. And I said God what am I going to do and he directed me to this I had read it before and so I sat there sitting in the front row and I had my finger on said God you have said that the work of righteousness is peace and confidence and assurance wherever I claim the promise you know he gave me a calmness that. That I got up and sang in there and went without a hitch. But this is tremendous My wife has she has a tendency for his ID from Christ and our minor claim is in 30 to 70 is a tremendous problems and then a connect that with the Romans. 51 young having been justified we have peace with God That's a wonderful 1 most of the God's people are going to be known for that in the last days that's where the that's the that's the patients here is the patients of the Saints Here they who obey the commands of God and they keep the faith of Jesus so that's that's what God wants and do that's the message that's the end result of righteousness like I think in our in our experience way. Yes exactly yes in fact I've heard a I furtively lustration of with the Nazis the Nazi you have to go back to the 2nd World War before you have a total surrender unconditional surrender. The the fighting even in the Middle East today a Korea every 1 of the Vietnam these are they were never finished there was no surrender on either side but in so you have to go back now the Germans did not win they said you're going to surrender. You got us you need to censor tanks your machine guns your rifles 1 by 1 No they surrender themselves and once they had surrender then everything they own came under the jurisdiction of the of the ones who won and but we have to go back to that war to really understand unconditional surrender and that's what God wants of us he's not interested even our sins if we're before bogged down the sins if we surrender ourselves to Him Now many times we use we use sins as an excuse and really surrendering ourselves to them because it's easier to give up that are given given that I can give that up for a while I can fight it and overcome and supposedly And then as time goes on that thing starts cropping up again. But if we surrender ourselves to him there's a tremendous promise in Volume 5 of the testimony. Things think of the page now but she said she's talking to an alcoholic young a young man who had gone back into alcohol and she says as soon as you surrender your will to God to Christ he immediately takes possession of it and I I pray that on a regular basis as a God I surrender my will you know I was 1 who did not want to surrender you know. OK. We. You mean. You think well. Well. Then I heard. You know what you need to remember that is still there it's still there that if you break we run Yes Exactly Carol you know what it's you know you know what. You know well you know the and the hit of was it Isaiah and even David so that. I have peace because I. Obey the commands we don't you know you know right it's exactly yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah right yeah yeah. I want to we need a want to do something here that here. Here's illustration that helps me helps others to say here this is Jesus here and that's you and me here. Maybe I get it. You know put your name or 2 that's women didn't know this this was the thing this is the line of faith we have faith we receive the faith of Jesus and we believe in him we're trusting him on a daily basis and the enemy comes on he wants to cut that relationship between ourselves and Christ and so he diverts our attention over here and there all sorts of things. Over what use of steps to Christ the burdens that we have the problems of the world of the problems of other people the sins of others anything it doesn't matter what it if that doesn't work then he's able to turn our eyes upon ourselves she says to any or all of these do not be misled. This is this is where it is. Regardless the person may be committing sins often sins but if they will depend on Christ God will give them the victory over these things yes step to Christ. I think it's 47 but I'm not sure now. There are several pages that she deals with it maybe 70 I'm going to read the whole book you read into it yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. OK yeah yeah yeah yeah that is good so all right now also we're justified by his blood this is what took place at Calvary were reconciled to God through the death of his son which while we were enemies this took place in the he said he would finish the transgression he made made an end of sin he was made to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God made reconciliation for iniquity he brought in a real lasting righteousness and that's been the very righteousness of God and then he sealed the vision in the prophecy you know 1 of the most holy when Christ ascended to heaven he went into the 1st apartment and there was an inauguration factor this is what talk about the. Acts chapter 2 of talks about Pentecost they were all 1 accord the Holy Spirit came upon them this was a whole Him whole month of not only Psalm $103.00 but the whole priesthood in their will Testament they poured oil over the top of the priest and prophets and kings as a minority and in this was when when when that ceremony took place and haven't finished the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the disciples below and so that was but the the sanctuary had been anointed with the it was the movement of Christ into the into the. Sanctuary and that was that during that 490 year period when read of the crucifixion crisis and of the heaven. Over looks it is 1 of the 1 of the thing I want to do I was going to put it in here. Thank you I didn't say 78 in the. Aisle but I said 47 and then and then I said I think it 47 of her member correctly it has do with the surrender of the Will Yeah OK yeah that's a good 1 in the you know but 707172 whole chapters good there's another what holes are time oh my letter OK I think I can finish in this 1 I. Mean I think of got it here yes this is this is from. John chapter 6. See if I can get it up here. The hand the never lets go both John 10 bitch Chapter 6 I use most the time John chapter 6 verse of the 7 crisis he will hold us by Him that will never let go there's a double negative in that now in the English language usually if we have a double negative it makes it a positive but not in this case it's 2 different words tactlessness really schools in the Read get accurate John 6 and verse 37 where. And this is Jesus speaking to. Both that justify going there are verse $37.00 all of the Father gives me will come to me in the 1 who comes to me I will in no means cast out and. There's no doubt are sincere he will be will be tested but Christ will never never let go. The double negative is. Oh yeah yeah if we have you back I have used I use this illustration of another man I got it from the man a dinner is news but I'm taking 2 kids I remember 1 time we had a boy or girl and Sam and I saw when he was noticed ration. Took him by the hand had a pretty good grip on him and said Come on we're going to have a good start start walking down the aisle of the church and the girl couldn't get away to the boy did. He might think it ruined the illustration. But I said No I said we can Christ will not let go of us but if we kick in scream all the way to the king States he has let us go a sense of this is a mistress of someone who got away from grace but but it wasn't Christ and let go his afraid quite again with Yes Yes OK Yes exactly and I think they were all reluctant to go but at least a lot in the 2 girls continued on but the wife she pulled her hand out of the hand of the. See that's where she wanted to be all right let's go through this. I've tried before and failed us many times you run into us but we need to remember the Fater does not mean final defeat of faith comes by the Word of God and grasp his promise him that comes to me I will in no wise cast out cast yourself with his feet with a cry Lord I believe help there are my non-belief you can never perish while you do this never she was a double negative and I'm sure she did not understand it. But she understood the concept God gave her the concept and deserve a just for $29.00 and then here's another 1. We can be as safe as though inside the city of God right now here's this is she was writing to a lady. B. This was 892 of her remember correctly Lizzie I think her name was she says a message from God to me for you is him that comes in to me I will know I was cast out if you have nothing else to plead before God But there's 1 promise from your Morgan savior you have the assurance that you will never never be turned away it may seem to you that you're hanging upon a single promise but appropriate that 1 promise and will open to you the whole treasure house of the riches of the grace of Christ cling to that promise and you are safe him that comes to me I will know I will in no wise cast out present this issue as to Jesus and you are as safe as though inside the city of God. In that wonderful and there was a lady she was a school she was discouraged thought she going to lose away and Ellen White wrote her give or encouragement in the 94992 Lizzie INS is her name and that's in the 10 manuscript released did 175 in the last the last letter or 1 of the last things she wrote before she died this is about a year before she died and you fight it in it's the last chapter in testable is the minister and it was it's the same theme that she talked about this lady 20 years before she's a Jesus Jesus declares him that comes to me I will in no wise cast out that is there is no possibility in my casting him out for a pledged my word to receive. And this is 1 of the last of her writings testimonies menaces 57590 but these are wonderful promises Here's another 1 that not related to that Related Does not the same counts in the same source Infinite Love has cast up a pathway upon which the ransom of the LORD me pass from earth to heaven that path is a Son of God Angel guides are sent to direct our earning feet heaven's glory as my other it's a let down in every man's power barring his way to vice and folly he must trample upon a crucified Redeemer ere he can pass on to leap of sin no that's a sign of the times general 2682 I remember I was teaching. Classes on Christ and His righteousness and oh I never I never had the students memorize this but I kept to use it from time to time in 1 young man he was a very very brilliant a good speaker a good student of scripture become a dog sing and unbeknown to me he went back into it he left where we were out and he called me up 1 day and I thought I knew it was in a bar and he wouldn't tell me I saw come down and see it was no no no no don't do it and so years later he called me up and he said you know that that passage that you kept reading to us on was that. We have to come to 1 Christ before we can. Go into a path of a life of sin he's a couldn't shake it. And it was through that 1 promise that he came back to so it's powerful. If it gets into the mind it's not going to go away easily so well that is the message of Daniel now we didn't get through the whole book which we didn't intend that we but but the the principle is the cross of Christ righteousness by faith all the way from the beginning Jews missed the boat because they didn't understand the principle of righteousness by feet so and hopefully we will not miss that lesson either so let's let's pray. That. You know in fact if we don't if we don't meet again listen a plan on meeting up there. Let's pray shall we Father thank you so much thank you for discussions with THANK YOU THANK YOU Most of all for Jesus that He will not let us go. And we cling to that promise we know that your words will not fail and there are times when we do not have full believe we can ask you hope. You will reach. Thank you so much. Jesus person on. 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