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3. How to Meet the Enemy

Jed Genson Jodi Genson




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Other We thank you so much for this beautiful day and thank you that it's not raining and we just pray Lord that your Holy Spirit will reign down upon us in this room today as we talk about a very important subject 1 that Satan hates I create for each person here that your Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts and that you'll be with me Lord anoint me my lips to Jesus. Well we're glad that you're back today now I know that you probably have read the handbook you know it talks about all the seminars and I mention that the description is all wrong what you read because we switched and changed on you so it's a day is all about how to meet the enemy where is my clicker here we go how to meet the enemy I don't know if you guys are aware of the men are probably aware but you ladies may not be aware that when 2 rival football teams meet on the field before they get there what do they do. They study each other's plays right they spend time watching the previous games in the OK I know what he's going to do and I know what he's going to do well we are on a rival field right we are in the middle of a battle between Christ and Satan this world is coming to an end and Satan wants to take down everyone can but God has given us in His Word ways that we can determine the plays of the enemy of the rival so that we will know how we can best avoid his attack so how do we how do we meet the enemy Bible says that we are to be sober and vigilant because our adversary who is the adversary the devil as a roaring lion 60 valor whomever he will. Now I looked up I like to do word searches and find out what these words mean so when we think me sober we think don't be drunk Well that word sober is naif Oh it literally means and ways as for my stress management center I am calm I am calm I have my wits about me now the words I'm sharp So when you read that Tex he's saying Be sharp have your wits about you because your adversary the devil is as a roaring lion and that roar from a lion is that he is Victoria. And we don't want him to be victorious right. When in the very beginning when God created this beautiful world and he put Adam and Eve in the garden they were closed in light rival says that light represented the righteousness of God. His Holiness his perfect ness. And then of course they didn't have the 10 Commandments but I just put that up there to represent obedience remember God told them that they could eat of all the trees of the garden except for 1 do not go to that tree you can have all the trees except for this 1 over here and had Adam and Eve been obedient guess what we wouldn't be where we are today but sadly they were not obedient they were tripped up and they took of the fruit and they and they lost they lost what God had given them in the beginning and so God sent Jesus Christ here to Re Store in man what was lost and to give us a back what we lost so Jesus lived a sinless life right he was the perfect. Perfect sacrifice for us was he tempted in all points even as we are tempted yet without sin to give us back that righteousness so as Jed was talking here the last 2 days you mention that as we come to Christ now the love of God draws us to him right Jeremiah says it's the love of God that draws us to God and as we step toward him he says Yes yes keep coming keep coming keep coming then as sinful as our lives may have been we are counted righteous if you give your life to him and as you accept Him as your Savior and Lord I will add then sinful as your life may have been you are counted righteous Christ's righteousness takes the place of your UN righteousness so it's like this I have this thinks. This represents her own righteousness she accepted Christ Christ takes her and righteousness and gives her his righteousness there's an exchange how much of her on righteousness to she have but none this is where so many Christians fall they do not believe that they have been forgiven and cleansed and that they are now righteous that word righteousness is a scary word but it's Christ's righteousness because we have no right justice of our own. So is a step to cry 62 says Christ righteous character stands in place of your character and you are accepted before God just as if you had not sinned and were going to keep drilling you and brainwashing you with this statement just as if you had not sinned that is justified. Justified when you are justified you are just as if you had not sent I know you have to let that sink in because we're not used to that the Libyans 1 sick says it is God that works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure when you receive Christ you receive the mind of Christ if anyone is in Christ he is a faulty creation what a new creature all things are passed away behold all things have become new do you believe that you believe that for yourself I was kind of weak but that's OK we've all been there and plus this left this money to be in you which was also in Christ Jesus Philippians 16525 But we have 25 now let me try to illustrate this I find that I'm different than he is I'm like all over the place when I receive Christ when I take a step forward and I receive him and sinful as my life was I am now right I am cleanse I am pure I receive a new heart I receive a new mind how much of my oldest still there are none. Now I'm walking with Jesus step by step I'm doing devotions I'm just loving it and all of a sudden boom I'm hit. The devil wants me to believe all got is still there are you with me how much of it is there. All right temptation and sin Now where does it begin. Right here right here in your thoughts that's the only place he can get to is here that's why it's so important to protect it when I became a Christian all my family was baptized I was 13 we went through some Bible studies a Bible worker came to our house he had run those old projector you know filmstrip projectors and had pictures on the wall and I was just really really touched by the pictures of the 2nd coming of Jesus and I really wanted heaven I was 13 so I was baptized but nobody taught me anything about what you do after about ties Anybody here have that same example when I was 13 in 1000 I mean high school and I'm doing all kinds of things that everybody else does but I'm a 7th Day Adventist I go to Sabbath school but I am just like everybody else in the high school but at 19 I recognise my need for Jesus my life is totally empty it's going nowhere I was weary of the way I was living I didn't do what he did the drugs the alcohol the pot all of that I didn't do that but I was lonely I was empty and secure just a mess but yet Jesus took me and he made a new creature out of this mud but nobody in the church said Oh I'm so glad that you were rebaptized here let me just put my arm around you and I'm going to help you along the way. It was up to God to teach me. And little by little I don't even know where to start in Bible study or or where to find him where how what I do I mean they're good so I didn't know about temptations I didn't know about the thoughts I didn't know about any of this and I'm just totally totally bombarded thinking that wow seemed like it was better on the other side I didn't have to rustle So our temptations sin yes or no when do they become sin James has the answer James 114 and 15 every man is tempted when he is drawn away from what was he drawn away from I step towards Jesus but I mean drawn away by my own lusts. And I am enticed and then here's the key when lust has conceived it brings forth sin and sin brings forth death or the wages of sin is death. Strong desires OK So what can I do with my thoughts now remember where is it that he where is it that he gets you in your mind do your minds ever just run rampant. Do you sometimes feel like you're going crazy because of all the stuff that's up here now to be careful for my words because it's being recorded but the garbage I would say that's up here your past negative thoughts create critical thought. Lustful thoughts they're all in here. So why do we do those. We go telling dirty jokes he was going to present this so all of these are as I have different ones. Bitterness that 1 was 1 of mine jealousy. You know sometimes we don't think it we don't think we're feeling. We are I was feeling jealous yesterday I was feeling actually kind of well I'll just say jealous I wanted to find a parking spot over close to the A.B.C. because I work there in the evenings and it's a long walk in the A.B.C. clear over there and the other night it was raining and I walked in and now or so I thought well you know I'd like to find a parking spot just close to the A.B.C. would be really nice so I pull in there and guess what there was 1 the summer when me air. So I had this feeling like I'm really jealous because you got that splat I was even kind of maybe a little bitter because they took that spot but it's only a. When does it become wrong. When I get out of my car in a exhibit some road rage right. Swear words anger resentment law just what do we do with these Bible has the answer cast down imaginations bring your thoughts into captivity to Christ you may just like I have you may be thinking a whole bunch of stuff before you realized wow I'm thinking some negative things when it's brought to your attention by the Holy Spirit like caution. Take no yellow lie become a red light stop bring those thoughts in make them captive to Christ never for a moment are we supposed to accept those thoughts those suggestions as our own why because we are a new creature. Those things are no longer mine they're going to come back but we have to we have to again those are not mine more than I give those to you bitterness someone treated me bad that's not mine Lord that's yours soon I'm saying sanctification is a work of a lifetime it's a continual moment by moment by moment surrendering to Christ and as we do that we will have a life of continual victory even if we fall. Finally Brother in Philippians 48 whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest just pure lovely of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise what are we to do think on these things I was doing a Bible study with a woman and we were talking about you know about the mind and the importance of protecting it and keeping it pure for Jesus because that's where Satan wants to tempt you so you have to take all those old stuff goes out you have to replace it with the good stuff so she was telling me about C.S.I. You know some of these television programs that so many of us have watched all that has gone into our brain and your brain has these pathways through it the cold tongs and as your habits in everything that you put in there it's in your brain and now it's time when you become a new creature that you develop new pathways in your brain. So when those old thoughts come back which are out you know coming from Satan to bring it back to you put in something new. So the battle is right here the battle is going to be in your mind. With this devil of ours. So how can I tell when I'm being tempted you guys know when you're being tempted is it like obvious not always is it OK so you're going to feel the pull of the flash. Now this is my niece and a dog I thought that would be the perfect the pull of the flesh so everybody is going to feel the promptings when you are cold with the righteousness of Christ now you were given a special gift of the Holy Spirit to bring to your attention now what's going on you're no longer in ignorance you're going to feel this prompting this pull what I mean by the pull of the flesh what that yes will describe that to me what's this pull of the flesh. Natural reaction is excellent answer when you want to do something. The flesh wars against the spirit Galatians $517.00 there is a battle between the flesh that's our carnal nature our normal Sal and the spiritual self the devil wants us to take all of those things back in so that we have fallen in those areas so we are weak in those areas I'm not I've never been a drinker so I am not weak with alcohol the devil does not tempt me with beer that's got all that condensation dripping off the cam but I'm tempted in other areas that I have fallen that I have been defeated. And the spirit against the flesh and these are contrary 1 to another if you are in Christ your life now is contrary to what it used to be you need to accept that. Every time you feel the pull of the flesh remind yourself say it out loud if you have to I am a new creation those all things are passed away behold all things have become. We have to tell ourselves that or we're just going to go along like we always have well it's OK if I tell you some story about myself. OK sometimes we're going to be tripped up tripped up means something got in our way who surprised well. I went into the dress bar was 1 my favorite places to go and I had some things on hold right and I went back in to pick them up but I didn't try them on to come home try to Mom they didn't fit I brought him back and asked to exchange it while I got a clerk who was in a bad mood I think so here I am the customer smiling Can I please exchange these because they don't fit and she looked as well we were holding them for you you should have maybe tried them on and you know I'm thinking well I didn't and I just Exchange and she did not want to exchange them so what am I feeling anybody been there OK so I'm feeling this natural reaction is our brother said starts kind of low down here like a. Low Down here at work so it's way up and pretty soon it's right here in your throat in your I am a Christian and I'm trying to hold it in ladies so just give me my exchange right as so it's like right here and finally. I spoke not lovingly not kindly In fact I would. He saw me do this. I came. We're staying through those doors stomping like this and I'm just my face was red and I was just hot he said what in the world happened to you and and then I burst into tears because I was defeated. The promptings the whole of the flesh overcame me anybody been there yeah well I won't tell you any more about that 1 but you know what I mean you know what I had to do I mean I got in the car I was supposed to go register for a college class to think I was in the mood to register for a college class and to present myself 1st of all can you tell if somebody has been upset by their face so I am visibly a mess so I go home and I try to sleep and I've got this know what you need to do. You know what you need to do know it so asking for Greece to go and do the right thing what was the right thing. I had to go back and apologize to her for my reaction well I didn't want to savor. My reaction when I did that what happened she told me what a bad day she was having in her life was a mass but something more important happened for me I mean. Because the devil didn't he. That's important. Here's my favorite text some 1 some 39 versus 1 through 3 you guys need to mark this I said I will take heed to my ways that I sin not with my tongue I will keep my mouth with a bridle while the wicked is before me I was Damo silence I held my peace even from good and my sorrow was stirred my heart was hot within me while I was musing The Firebird then I spake mind. You see the experience here who wrote this M.-I the only 1 who has this experience was David a godly man sometimes you wrote this a man after my own heart God says so even the best of him there are thoughts of come in that a nor I even the best of men the most godly men and women so what if I am surprised or D.C.. This is out of a devotional book I really appreciated this its our high calling page 49 if through manifold What does that indicate manifold temptations we are surprised or D.C. into sin he who is he does not leave us to perish no no or I would say no way that is not our savior when I was in the Dress Barn acting like a silly girl he was right there trying to get my attention. Come with me my husband and say honey it's time to go you know. That is not our Savior he was tempted in all points as we are and having be tempted he knows how to secure those who are tempted I understand what you're going through I had to deal with Israel come on I understand. And if you make failures and are betrayed into sin do not feel that you cannot pray we feel like we are defeated in Codd's not going to want to see me today but seek the Lord more earnestly seek him more earnestly when you have. The blood of Jesus is pleading with power and you know what that word means right here a thick just see how do you pronounce it even a pic advocacy efficacy which means worthy for those who are backslidden for those who are rebellious for those who sin against great light and love and many of us may have children out there who are in this category the blood of Jesus pleading and Satan stands at our right hand to accuse us see what she did look what she did yeah she did it she blew it but our advocate stands at God's right hand to plead for us he has never lost a case that has been committed to him should be good news now temptations from with out find an answering chord within. Alcohol is not an answer from me there are other things temptation is resisted this is another that same book page 90 the upward look when man is powerfully influenced to do a wrong action and knowing that he can do it he resists by faith with a firm hand upon his own power. Right oh you mean I said something wrong. Firm hand upon divine power can I resist the devil myself no I have to grasp his hand then let him do the fighting for me OK so powerfully influence of doing wrong action and knowing that you can do it and temptation comes and is resisted that way it comes but it's resisted that way when you know that you can do it I am an adult I can do whatever I want anything but yet you say no you say yes to Christ no to that thing. No to the old man. Unless there's a possibility of yielding him Taishan is not tempting. Now I am tempted in other areas with. My past. The fact that I didn't have a stable home. Didn't have friends growing up I was called names those types of things trying to figure out who I am and if I'm special to anybody biological father left my mother when she was pregnant they were married I'll tell you more about that story tomorrow but I've had 4 dads dad number 4 is my dad I adopted him when I was 13 so when are you the most susceptible do you guys know when are you weak anybody here been irritable. Yeah. So when you are irritable aren't you more susceptible to. Back at somebody yeah OK what about this 1 when you're hungry. Is it true that low blood sugar can cause you to react different way than if you were you know well what about when you haven't had enough water if you're dehydrated OK So Pastor over here talked about taking care of your body temple when you're a new creature you've got to start livin different you can't live the same old way you used to live you know be long to him You're not the old person so all of those things have to be changed now and walking with Jesus he helps you do that you help should be obedient to those health laws so you want to avoid you want to know how to be victorious take care of your body OK hungry now I was hungry 1 time. And. This is this is really a silly temptation OK it is just like so silly I had to laugh at this 1 I was wearing many many hats when they worked at the boarding school I was a registrar the girls Dean the choir director Office Manager I did all the outreach is I did all the mission trips I took the kids on their choir trips I did all of these things and so I needed a break I was in town gathering some things we were doing a banquet so I was going to the party stores and collecting stuff and I was hungry I'm not going to make it back so I thought you know what I'm just going to treat myself to lunch and so I pulled into a granny's before a there and can I like Washington and I doubt I'm the you know what I'm just going to find a table in the back where nobody's going to know me I didn't have a cell phone because we didn't have those but. I get my pally. You start me. The beautiful salads you know I'm getting salad in and strawberries and then I got all my stuff on there and I think OK I'm going to get some veggies now so I get it my other hot plate I'm going over the veggies and all the sudden there's this is you know you've seen it wave of. Fragrance that calm XJ and it finds my nostrils loop right in there it goes and I kind of entices. And of thing I've smoked. And it was I had an answering cordons. And it was the chicken and I find myself leaving the steamed broccoli and moving closer and closer over to that steamed that fried chicken and in my mind you know I'm not saying that eating fried chicken is wrong OK this is just my temptation. You know you loved it back in the day go ahead and steer 1 of those crispy breasts so I find myself picking up. And it's like I'm going again this and slow motion to spear that piece of chicken and put it on my plate and the voice was getting louder nobody knows you're a vegetarian you can do this you can go to the back table where you're going to sit and eat it and then all this speculation what are you doing I draw the floor a guy goes hot and I stood away like this the people must have thought she's crazy. And and I just had to think what just happened you're trying to trip me up he's trying to trip me up now what it have been wrong for me to eat a piece of chicken yes or no no what would have been wrong for me. Listening to the tempter and obeying Him That's where it's wrong it must have been 3 to 5 seconds is all that he had my attention and before I realized it I was almost going to obey his perm because there was an answering chord are you with me but I had to make a choice I had to make a choice at that moment what I was going to do whom will you obey even as silly a temptation as it can be as small as it may be Who are you going to obey that is the question. Now about when you're tired you know how they wear down prisoners of your prisoner of war how they wear you down keep you awake they'll give you maybe 2 to 3 minutes here and there it shut your eyes and they wake you up when you're tired you're susceptible about when you're lonely and depressed when you're lonely when you're depressed you may not be tempted to go out there and do some wild and crazy but what are you thinking what's coming into your brain mind you can tell me suicide what else nobody loves me I'm hopeless right OK Satan can come to you and he comes to you with a cruel suggestion that you are hopeless and that there's no no way that you're going to make it and then he comes back why don't you just do away with yourself OK recognise recognise that caught recognise what comes in here and then what do you do if it make a choice we're going to talk about the brain here in a minute how about when you're under stress yeah I say things that I would not say when I'm under stress and I did a stress management summer and I have to remember that I'm supposed to agree now's the time to. Now is the time to get away from it right anybody have a life like this this is actually my laundry basket and it was up to here under stress now we promise that we tell of the story of the U. haul we were living in Washington state and we were very happy there my family was there that's where we grew up I mean the northwest and then my job ran out and I am on unemployment and when you're on unemployment you have to apply for jobs my daughter was at A.S.I. convention and she happened to go by the A.S.R. the amazing facts. And engage in a conversation with a gentleman who was manning the booth and he says Hey Jude you don't know anybody who could maybe fit this job description to a huge threat it's just well that sounds just like my mother now where is amazing faxes anybody know California right whereas Washington north no Washington California and so what does he do he calls me to send an application I have to if I want to receive unemployment I have to sit in it send an application I did not want to go to California I did not want to move there that's too far away amazing fact is a perfect godly place with godly people pastor Doug is there you know and I am Jody JENSEN I'm nobody I can't work there so I end up with this wrestling porker got about. Well God won and we ended up going down there so we packed up this $65.00 foot. Moving truck a U.-Haul truck today makes $65.00 foot you haul tracks no they don't there's a board. And away we go I say goodbye to our family and friends and we're on our way now before that I thought of this really really smart thing to do let's get track phones that way I'll have 1 and you'll have 1 I'm driving our pickup he's driving the moving van we can communicate right so we get down there on the lot our truck and. It's time to return it so. As you're part. Of. The concentrate no. So we left the apartment that we rented to go down to the storage place just a couple blocks down has been and so let me get out of the storage place I simply say to her just follow me just follow me I don't know where you all place is this this is a little town there's 5000 people and it was actually 1 main street and I said just follow me and so I pull out I go down about 2 blocks I look in the mirror she's not following me well I saw a Burger King across the street. And we hadn't had any water and I thought this is my thought Oh oh I'm going to get some water he's going to be so happy so I went in to get some water but it took a long time to get 2 cups of water and so meanwhile I pull out to go back to try to find her get into this storage area you see my wife No she left with you an hour ago. And so turn around and I'm going back to the apartment No she's not there now I'm praying what happened where is she why couldn't she just do what I stand. That was the title of my sermon originally but Devastator rude so I changed it but then she wouldn't follow me anyway so I go on the main street the main highway they're going towards amazing fact and now she's coming towards me Oh oh great OK There she is just go around the block who are on the block OK yeah OK So then I go around a block and then she goes another block. And this is not an exaggeration for 2 hours we were going around different blocks in this little town and I'm got a $42.00 foot moving van. And you're OK so. We didn't meet up. So I am sitting at this. Light intersection and I see. A moving truck area I'm going to follow him so I get out in the traffic and I'm following this moving truck and I'm going toward Sacramento and the traffic is changing from what it was in that little town and I start to get really upset I do not do well in traffic and I figure out that was not our moving truck that was a writer truck we have a U.-Haul truck and so I pulled over to the side of the road and I'm holding on to the steering wheel and I'm about to cry. Out how me and I'm all upset because I'm lost and I don't know who to call. And I get the phone where I. Ring ring ring beside me I've got his phone he left his phone on the seat of the truck. I realize I am out here all by myself well a state patrol man comes by and I did not know that you cannot pull over on the side of the road on the highway there in California and he remember I said can you tell on the face of somebody is upset and he says Ma'am are you lost Yes where is the you Hall and he says Oh that's easy just get on here and you see that overpass just get off on the right you'll see the you haul on the left oh relief just off to the over me I was just like OK I can deal with this so I get up there and I see the hall and I'm just like praising God that I'm there and all this stress is over and I walk in and with a smile on my face the gentleman of the can I said Yes I'm looking for my husband Judge Ansen you returned a truck as well ma'am no one's returned a truck here in over an hour oh yeah he must have returned it is name is Jed. Jensen with a G. And S O and he's lookin sorry he's not here now I'm going to tell you about reaction I wanted to reach across or grab him by the shirt were is my own. And I didn't I just went out to the truck and I cried and I cried. And you know what before we call you will answer and while we are yet speaking he will hear and he says I know where you are I know where you are so it's just that to where I started very calm voice. In a calm voice comms are person right that's why it says 2. Was a slow answer soft answer OK I'll do it so I get in the truck and I go across and have to merge in about traffic and pretty soon I'm back in Lincoln and now. Meanwhile back in Lincoln I'm feeling the flesh rise up. I'm getting very upset I've got a time limit that I have to find this is story place where you are placed and I can't find her and so I am using and I'm God what happened I can just follow me it was so simple and then well I'm getting upset up to the point where I'm going to lose it. Just relax. You to pray for your wife she's LA She doesn't like traffic and so I said look just right I am so sorry Laurie so as I'm praying then the Lord simply gives me this nice little simple thought a woman want to thought about this like several hours before this but not me you know just go out and park the truck on the road there so I obeyed him and like in 5 minutes she drives by high on a come on in. So I had all these thoughts of what I was going to say to him when I saw found him but none of those thoughts came out the only thing I was really I was relieved and I know that's kind of how we have to the point we have to get you to recognize that we are lost and we need a Savior we need to know that we're lost even though we've been in the church all our lives but we've been living without Jesus I was relieved when I found. All my all that was when I found. The only thing I said to him and he didn't he didn't get upset with me but I took his phone I said please keep this with you. So how do I meet the enemy so let's get ready to write I'm going to give you some points here OK so how do I meet the enemy number 1 beyond guard beyond guard what does he say be sober be vigilant have your mind strong be vigilant be on guard take care of your health I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your body as a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service and it is written man shall not live by bread alone Luke or for you do want something that. Romans 122 was at 1st when man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds by the mouth of God How do you live by the Word of God you've heard this voice this scripture before how do you live by the Word of God by partaking of it so I'm going to throw out a thought to you how are you going to live by the Word of God I'll pick on Helen because I know she is so hell and I threw out to you you are stupid how do you live by the Word of God. Yes OK That thought has come to me you are stupid you can't do anything right and then I say this is how I live by the Word of God I am a child of the key the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all that all of my thoughts about myself when you are tempted you have to live by the Word of God and how are you going to do that. How are you going to do that if you don't spend time putting it in here now I was a Bible teacher and I just click on events and I did I was a Bible teacher I had freshman's software's and seniors you had juniors I had my students memorize scripture can you believe it. They had to memorize portions the big 1 and they cried and they wanted to they said Mrs G. How do we do that we can't do that that's impossible Hebrews 11 the whole chapter are you serious we have to memorize that March they had 5 to 7 verses a week to memorize I said look you guys it's not impossible but it's not for my benefit that you do it it's for your benefit because you don't realize right now that you are in the middle of a battle and that's how you fight it it is written it is written I will not take that chicken it is written I present in my body as a living sacrifice and he does it never do they sacrifice chicken watch and pray Mark 1438 Watch what are you watching for what are you watching for me some Are you me some more what do you watch for those areas you are weak in right. Yes you've overcome those Now watch against those be aware that those same things are going to come back actually you watch and pray the 2 together watch and pray don't go back to those areas you don't put your old shoes where I got on here I'll get to it X. is 1414 Do not fear stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which he will accomplish for you today. The Lord will fight for you watch him pray let him fight for you your job is to submit to him submit yourself therefore unto God then resist the devil and he will leave from you draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you there have been battles that have left me exhausted spiritually emotionally and physically have a battles with self I have been defeated and I am exhausted but I need to draw nigh to God What does that mean for me I'm a picture person when I draw nigh to God it's like him engulfing me and protecting me and spreading his mantle over me to keep me safe to keep me so that I feel safe maybe you haven't experienced battles like that but you will how can I keep from falling are tempter knows where he's going to get us right what you need to understand is the force of the will. That's the governing power right that's what's supposed to determine your choices Joshua 2415 says to choose you this day whom you will serve every morning when you get up and that's the best time you know what we make excuses I can't do it in the morning because I have to rush out to work yes you can't you can't make time for God If you want victory it is imperative that you make time for got you must consecrate yourself to him in the morning and make that your very 1st work you let him lead you during the day we're talking about living the Christian life living a victorious Christian life and it's 1 day at a time walking with Jesus trusting in him to keep you by His grace it's by faith that you do it by faith this is righteousness by faith have effect picked up on their righteousness by faith is simply believing that what God said he will do or that he can do he will do when he says that he will be with you that I can keep you from falling believe that he will do it by faith and you are right this that's right just us by faith very simply put so you have the power of choice to talk about that number 1 consecrate yourself to him in the morning and your children don't leave your family out you may have family members a spouse children who are not walking with the Lord you might be the only 1 in your family but you consecrate them like Job did his family to the Lord every day. A ritual you trust him to keep you I love this tech 2nd time of the 112 for I know whom I have believed in I am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed to him against that day Revelation talks about a day when when I think it's in 310 something like that that that just lost it anyway that day that overcome the world you know that 1. Yeah I to be able to quote it I know it can. But you can write it down Revelation 310 says Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer and. Well well we'll move on I'll come to a share with you number 3 must fix the word in your heart that I word have I What does that mean means you tuck it in you pack it down you make sure that it's going to stay there it's not going to go anywhere you hide it in your heart so that you might not sin against some night $1911.00 and this 1 I love it's out of the book great controversy page $531.00 it says No man is safe for a day or an hour without prayer you have to watch and pray be constant in prayer especially should we entreat the Lord for wisdom to understand his word why because here in His Word are revealed the wiles of the tempter and the means by which he may be successfully resist it it's all here folks it's all in your manual it's all here you've been given an instruction book to keep you in your ways and how many of us never pick it up we just don't take the time Number 4 watch for Temptation Triggers Hebrews 121 let us lay aside every weight and the sin. That does so easily be set or trip us up you know where you're weak and some of these little darlings we hold onto because we don't think they're very important it's not that big a deal but I'll tell you what those are the things that are going to trip you up also as a lamb aside you can you can choose to not have them yet rid of that baggage tomorrow we're going to be talking about baggage my baggage right here my mind my baggage I did not have a father who loved me the 1st 3 Dad did not love me that number 1 rejected my mother dad never to held up no he was abusive he beat my mother up kicked her down a flight of stairs 8 months pregnant to have her lose the baby dad number 3 held up Federal Savings and Loan Corporation and ended up in prison as out of love know so I grow up thinking now I'm hopeless that I'm deformed that I'm wrong that I'm no good that I'm unlovable I'm worthless I'm ugly and I'm stupid lay aside those thoughts come back to me even today yeah they do and I have to fight it with the Word of God you are royal priesthood a chosen generation kings and princes to me number 5 don't give Satan a foothold closed the door lock it we give him a foothold by what pops up on our internet when we gaze at it he gains a foothold when we hold on to our little pains and hurts Don't give him a foothold says make no provision for the flash Now here's where my oh where's my foot I had to shoot an old shoe I love this song it says you know when you've been through the water and you've come out clean you got new close to cover me. And you don't put your old shoes on your brand new feet when you've been through the water join us down without saying you don't go back you don't entertain the ideas that you used to have even though they're going to come back to you don't entertain them and get away from the situation Number 6 goddess faithful who will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able but will with that temptation not as he does not prevent the temptation he says he will with the temptation make a way of escape for you that you may bear it we want God we want God to just keep us in this bubble so we're not tempted and we don't have any opportunity to fall but I'll tell you what there are some times that he may allow you to fall to make mistakes to prevent you from making bigger ones so that you can learn and grow by those. He is with healed and he is not going to allow you in fact he will. Get ahead of myself I do the same thing Isaiah 2620 says Come to my people and turn your chambers and shut the doors about you hide yourself for a little while until the indignation is passed you may have to get out of the situation you may have to flee like Joseph did until that indignation is passed sometimes we have to spend a long time on our knees with Jesus and to we have peace that that it that thinking that but that temptation that indignation is passed OK Are you getting a picture that this life that maybe you thought you been living in so well involves a lot more effort. Are you willing to step up to the plate what do you want do you want a victorious life in Christ do you want to have his righteousness change your character it's day by day moment by moment it's living it's walking it's working it's it's thinking it's it's praying and studying it's memorizing that takes a lot of effort do you want that it's only you can answer that in your heart Number 7 remain steadfast immovable here's my old shoe stand fast in the Liberty have you been set free yeah stand fast in that and don't become entangled in your old ways that's 51 number 8 submit resist and drawn I submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you James 470 S. brother. A bat. Yeah and what is our of at. The scriptures right now on. A man they Q Number 9 I cannot I cannot. Pass this 1 I can't emphasize this enough. We went to 1 of our churches here a couple weeks ago now we only have 8 attending members but there were 2 of them there now when you drive an hour and a half to go to a church and there are 2 members there it can be a little disheartening Yes I know there are some days you just get away for the weekend but many of us stay home and watch 3 A.B.N. instead. Attending church is where you have fellowship you have those people that will pray with you and pray for you attending church is where you hear the spoken word of God You can hear it on 3 A.B.N. but that's on 247 right don't forsake assembly together attend Sabbath school you know how many of you are Sabbath school teachers and when you have maybe 2 or 3 in your Sabbath school class it's really hard when you've prepared all week so encourage your Sabbath school teachers by attending Sabbath school and giving your input because you have also studied that Sabbath school lesson number 10 the most important save the best 1 for last right Revelation 1217 they overcame him the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony I was having an especially rough time because I had just I had recently lost a baby and there was a woman who wasn't really excited about having children I mean it's not that they didn't want them but their lives were busy so they were ready for children and now she finds out she's having twins and I was just really struggling to rule we've got about and I went outside and it was in January not January here but January Washington and the sky was just a blaze with lights it was just beautiful and the largest had me testify to him of his goodness the thought came into my mind Jody just Praise the God Praise God for the Star OK I praise you God for the stars Johnny get down on this wet grass it's cold it's frozen just lay there for a minute and praise God for the wet crows in ground OK I did that and you know but by the word of my testimony by my praise to God by my giving him glory took my mind away from my own. Self-centered feeling sorry for myself so you want victory share your testimony encourage somebody else it'll director thoughts in a different way so what do you do if you fall I have 5 things for you to remember Number 1 remember that all of the resources of heaven are at your disposal God would empty out all of Heaven of those ages he'll send them out you go here I want I want $10000.00 of you to come over here and you go over here and 025000 she really needs you you go over there you will empty heaven if necessary to come to your aid rather than see you fall rather than see you overcome all the resources we have the father we have the son we have the Holy Spirit and 2 thirds of the angels which are thousands upon thousands and $10000.00 times 10 thousands are available for you when you're on the precipice you don't know what to do cry out to God All you need to say is God help me he's right there with those angels lift you up and direct June another way Number 1 remember if you make a mistake come to Jesus respond to the gift to repentance admitting that it was wrong confess it to him Get up and walk turn your defeat into victory if we can recognize those defeats as a beacon of warning as I was talking about he may allow you to fall as a beacon of warning to keep you from something greater down the road for the big 1. Number 2 remember there is forgiveness someone 30 verse 4 but there is forgiveness with you that you may be respected do you make mistakes. Anybody make mistakes. You I think are in a good club here number 3 Remember don't let the devil discourage you you want to keep you down so if you are defeated he's going to try to keep you down with guilt with thoughts that you blew it there's no way that was your last chance that was the 490 if time the 70 times 7 Don't listen to him as not the truth tell yourself the truth even if you are overcome he does not leave you does not forsee you why because you're a new creature you know me long to Jesus you are here is because I have grave and you on the palms of my hands my favorite 1 Isaiah 43 says that. He has called me by my knee I am here is a share more about that this later this week verse John 310 if our heart condemns us God is greater than our heart and knows all and I hope as you are writing down these verses that you will go back in your Bible and you will take something now some people don't like to write in their Bibles but I'll tell you what it sure helps me when I highlight and I write these notes I put sticky notes in there because I never liked to study when I was in school and they help me OK I'll read something I go oh man I've got to put that in my Bible so I can go back and read it Helen. Some 130 verse for some of us don't know you know we need tips for how to study the Bible for me it was just hard because I didn't know where to start for 1 start in the Gospels John is an easy 1 to start with just read through GET OUT GET OUT other you know commentaries and read along with it and as you read along write yourself how does this apply to me. What can I do how does this going to change my life I. Ask questions. OK Number 4 remember to get back up you may often have to bow down and weep at the feet of Jesus for our mistakes and our failures it up helps you out you remember the woman who was brought to him he said Neither do I condemn you she came to the feet of Jesus go and sin no more number 5 Remember you have an advocate 1st John 21 I'm sure you've memorized this 1 right if any man sin we have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous Simon Simon Luke 22 and I'd like to put my name there the 2231 and 32 Satan has desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat I have prayed for you that your faith fails and on that Jesus know that Simon was that's Peter was going to have a hard time. What did he say I've prayed for you Peter Jesus praying for us to use mediating in our behalf remember that you have an advocate 1st John 2 1st 1 number or here is was that number 5 before so I missed this might be number 6 Remember Satan has been defeated I love this 2736 never shall be any more and all of God's people said. Now in closing I have this statement here gospel workers page $160.00 the enemy of gone and man is not willing that the righteousness of Christ should be clearly presented for he knows that if the people receive it fully what will happen his power will be broken you want his power broken in your life you know. Remember that it's Christ's righteousness we lost it Adam lost it for us back in the garden Christ wants to restore it in a US when we come to him he exchanges he takes our unrighteousness and gives us His righteousness we receive a new mind a new heart we are a new creature all things are passed away all things are become new this is righteousness by faith well leaving that what God says he can do that he is able to do abundantly above all that we can ask our think he will do it we believe that by faith we don't go on how we're feeling at the moment never can we trust our own feeling we must believe the Word of God We must trust the word of God we must rely upon his word the promises of God that are given for you to keep you from following 1st Corinthians 1557 Thanks be to God Let's read this together thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ you can live a victorious Christian mind it's possible you may fall Yes you may. Trust him to keep what you've committed your heart to guard your heart watch don't go back to those T.V. shows don't go back to that music anymore that left you in a dish. Heap a song in your heart you know that song is a weapon that we can use against discouragement now so I always constantly I have a song him zur wonderful full of full of truth and message got to put it here in order for it to come out here to fight that's crazy. Our Father in heaven are so grateful for your willingness to help us to live a victory victorious line Jesus I pray that every day we will we will long for there will sharpen our minds so that when the temptations come large we will Tencent real deal and and Lord as these folks go on to their other seminars or meetings whatever they're going to do I pray that you will remind them of that day by day. In Jesus' name. 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