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5. Assurance in the Time of Trouble

Jed Genson Jodi Genson




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Her father it's been such a joy to meet with these folks are part of our family now. We will never be the same because we've spent time with you this we. Sank you for these shares we have a salvation because of Jesus Christ thank you that we're justified by faith in Christ alone not in ourselves there's nothing that we can do to to make ourselves good enough or holy enough but because of Jesus he's made a way of escape for us we decided to get on the boat on the ark which is Jesus Christ we put on the garment Christ's righteousness we have been walking with you father now please continue to walk with us every day this as each 1 of us begin the day with you and commuter ways into you help us to listen to your Holy Spirit to guide us in directions and keep us from falling. So bless us no Lord as we worship you and as we spend time in your word we thank you in Jesus name Amen. OK To statements to start out with desire of a just $311.00 Christ always separates the contract soul from sin. How often does he do that he always separates the contract so from San now God always separates the contrail whenever you come to him you see your need and you want him to come into a new He's going to do it he's promised to do that he came to destroy He Jesus Christ came to destroy the works the devil and he has made provision that the Holy Spirit shall be imparted to every repentant soul why. To keep him from sending. OK So when we repent we come to him just as we are just a central and filthy as we are he's going to pour out this the Holy Spirit on us to keep us from sinning then why do we sin. I have to go against the Holy Spirit in order to commit a sin OK and we're giving Bible stays for year we baptize several people for years and somehow they get this idea that they're standing all the time I said well wait a minute Jesus Christ gives to you the Holy Spirit to keep you from seeing to keep you from committing known San So you have to go against conscience in order to do that that makes some ties I realize this is some of the obvious that we think we've sent all the time but if we take the word just the way it is for a God says I can keep you from following you 24 I'm able to do that then will he find faith on the earth can he keep you from falling OK. That's another 1. Peter he knows how to deliver the godly from temptation Well I'm not godly so he can't deliver me the minute you sir your life to Jesus Christ you have his righteousness we talked about just a whole week OK So he also deliver the godly from temptation you can deliver you willy deliver you against your will no so we have to put our wills on the side of Jesus Christ I just wanted to clarify something because people are really confused on this point they think that there temptations are a sin. They are not you may be bombarded in your brain with temptations and they're not necessarily to do a wrong thing. A temptation can be thinking poorly of yourself thinking you're worthless thinking that you have no value that is not a sin but as I was sharing with the sister over here the Holy Spirit. Prompts you it's like a yellow caution light what are you going to do with those thoughts what are you going to do he gives you the choice you can choose to reject those thoughts say there's not mine anymore we have to remember that we have to reeducate ourselves those are not mine anymore I gave them to Jesus now I have his righteousness I'm going to cover them thank you this is what DESERVE A Just as our right that Jesus will do that but then we've got another 1 in. Science of the time September 12th 892 now this 1 says Satan the enemy will suggest that the Lord will not keep you from falling OK desire of ages genus of I can keep you from falling in sinning and now here the enemy is saying no he won't he can't so if we listen to the enemy what are we going to do when to follow him we're going to fall OK so we're not going to listen to him anymore and I read a couple of statements this once out of 2nd men a script release is 344342. And 3 to 4 for 32 OK. To those who attempt it or talk about this and I had you raise your hand if you're tempted and 3 people raised No 3 but everybody in here raise their hand OK this isn't normal procedure in this world we've turned our back on Satan now are walking with Jesus and Satan doesn't come along to you now that you left his environment so you go out a good time of Jesus he doesn't do that. You sit on your case and you will be tempted OK So this is talking to us to those who are tempted I will say do not in for a moment acknowledge temptations as in harmony with your own mind OK Now we talked about this too now that we've given ourselves a Jesus Christ we receive a new mind that God said he would do that an easy kill and what was the other. 25 something to fight Libyans to play Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus OK So in your god said I'm going to put a new heart in you in a new mind a mind to know me so don't for 1 moment except those thoughts that are out of compliance with God's will that are not holy just pure good influence for 8 good that's our guy think on these things Paul said so the moment the does things come in that are not holy just good and pure and are totally self-centered a red light should go wait a minute that's not much because I have a new mind know and so you turn your mind to Christ you say scripture just sing songs whatever you have to do to get your attention back on Jesus Christ 2nd. To release us 344 Paragraph 1 after I gave my life to Jesus Christ I gave up my will and my desire and you guys heard most of this stuff this this this week and gave him my music in my diet and everything said Guy You got everything and then the Holy Spirit came in and said OK now you need to go back into the church I found Christ outside the church and so got him in such a good time with you why should I do that because I want you to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel that's what he told me in my mind I don't know who the law of the house of Israel was. And so I got into the church and I realize there's lost sheep in hospital right here in the church so I went to the pastor Agnes pastor said I who I am a 21 I was I need to be rebaptized Oh really well only to go through some lessons now you know how many times I went to the 27 fundamental doctrines already right when I went there twice got baptized why twice never died never gave up my identity myself and so here I am a 3rd time going through the $27.00 fundamental doctors of the city I was charge we got all done with the studies and he says now I want you to understand something if for some reason after you get baptized and you go out you sleep with a married woman and you die in the very act that doesn't mean you won't be in the kingdom because God looks at the tendencies of the habitual words and acts OK that's not the steps of Christ kind of twisted a little bit well coming up out of the world what that was normal behavior to do that stuck to sleep with a married woman adultery or fornication whatever well that's while that's really exciting I can be a Christian and still partly is part sin you know but it wasn't right you pick it up. OK I'm glad you did and some people don't. Because God it already taught me before I went to him that what I go into the grave doing I'm not changed in the grave and when I come out I'm the same way God taught me that and so he impressed with me in the my mind no that's not right. So I'm walking in the Lord just happy as a lark for like 2 or 3 weeks with no temptations and I'm sharing Jesus with their buddy I could meet and he's alive and well he's really cares about us he's all powerful he can change our lives can't be quiet about it I read that to remember that no sooner do we fall in love with Jesus there's more in a heart in our heart a desire to make known to others what a precious friend we found I found a precious friend to draw drew me out of that pit of sin and gave me a new life I'm telling everybody about it so I'm working in a car dealership Friday night a young beautiful woman comes in writing her bike she needs her bike fix the bricks brakes are messed up and so I couldn't help or the tools are all locked up we're getting ready to leave. And I start talking to her about Christ and you know his reality of God in our lives and so she listened to it for a while and then I said you know I need to go because stab it is drawing near and I keep the seventy's out of this god Sabbath that he gave us at creation and so I didn't tell her where I live and went back to my apartment to. Go the store to get some stuff and for 7 there's a knock on the door open door there's there's a girl there's a lady didn't think too much oh I go out and get the churches where there's a mark so she came in and we talked and she's telling about her husband's sleep and all the other women and all this stuff and so I say you know you guys need to get together and you need to spend time finding God he's real he loves you he cares about you he cares about your husband before the thing is over on the cut this short we were embraced and kissing OK And in my mind this is where there's a little person on his shoulder saying it's OK God can forgive you. And another little personal here saying call out for help ask God for help that wasn't a long prayer Dear Peter's prayer when he's walking on the water what do you say God save me and in my mind that's all I mean I was losing the battle you guys the flesh was winning and in my mind I said God help me in my mind and just like that there's a knock on the door. Second can these 1013 years of 1st person 1st Corinthians I will not allow you to be tempted above what you're able to bear you must live by every word that proceeds of the mouth of God Amen and he did it I prayed that prayer there's a knock on the door I open the door there's a church member there I stepped outside and he's talking to me about some church business I have no idea what he talked about it but in my mind imprint God what is going on what happened and so he gave me enough time to choose who you going to serve and I said geez I want to serve you and so I say goodbye walked in there I said listen you don't have to leave I can't see you ever again oh pray for you and your family I've got an appointment with Jesus Christ on the sea of glass and I've already been here and I'm not going back there said God what is happening and what's going on this is the battle of flesh and spirit I I actually experience to pull the flesh and I don't you don't do it for the 1st time in my life I think OK so here's here's the question here so. Let me finish this Names are you saying works are described as a soul. That Christ works to inspire us OK So if you're depressed and down and in the dumps and stuff like that that's not Jesus doing that OK saying this is his whole plan is to discourage the soul OK but Jesus inspires us with hope and faith in the battle we're in the we're in we start out with Israel and you're the prize and you have a choice on where you going to be who are going to serve and it's awesome when you finally figure out what's going on is almost fun almost not too early to say no to the flesh because you realize what's going on now so I always say in 6 to unsettle our confidence in God He tells us that our hopes are built on false premises rather than upon the sure immutable word of of him of him of him who cannot lie thank you sorry about that the old S. and most experienced Christian have been assailed by saying instant ations but through trust in Jesus they have conquered so may every soul who looks in faith to Jesus Christ where more than Congers Roman says Romans 8 are more than Congress or Jesus Christ so no matter what it is it doesn't have to be a sexual thing it could be just gossiping or talking behind some bodies back or complain because it just stays in the board made but they didn't do it my way we went to the church we joined a church several years ago they had built a church 25 years before we got there and 1 of that retired pastors who was the elder So as I got in the dorks I was doing construction he had informed me that they laid the trusses out wrong 25 years ago it's still rope a still standing it's still there. I said well don't worry about it still standing up there still hold. To put Sears they did it 16 years you know some weird thing so it's OK It's all right so all right so the most experienced a Christian will be assailed by temptation so you should be surprised by that but now here's the question people ask me what about these the thoughts that come in I thought this is thought I sin is having a thought of sand Jesus was hanging on the cross was he tempted on the cross to come down Matthew Chapter 4 you can see you can read that and find out how Jesus dealt with temptation. Can you tell me that without reading it it's written it is written we should preserve the strictest chesty in our thoughts our words and the poor woman was out mean well the poor What's the Portman Oh it's how we behave how about. How about how we dress could be part of our deportment OK so I shouldn't dress in a provocative manner to turn the ladies on this room. I should have my my chest open up so you see the 5 years I have on their might it might turn you on OK. Poor meant. How we act things we say. Let us remember God sets our secret sins in the light of his countenance there are thoughts and feelings suggested. That a route that aroused by seeing that annoy even the best of men here's the key but if they are not cherished. If they're not cherish now Jesus said it like this if you look on a woman to lust after her you've committed adultery right she's saying if you look at a woman to cherish the opportunity of be with her. And that's and soon but if you're not cherishing those thoughts you haven't seen and our part is to re direct our thoughts OK And God has given us this will so we can do that now is it going to be easy no there are things that we do that we like to do and habits and things and so it's like pulling them asunder I think the Bible calls us and pulling you apart to say no to the flesh but it can be done and the more we do it I've found the easier it gets to continue to choose Christ and always keep in mind the big picture I'm going home I'm going home I'm going to be the Jesus soon this whole thing's going to be over and that's what I'm looking forward to OK keep the prize in mind this is why talks about that we should always keep before our people that the reward of obedience is going to be far greater and better than what we see today OK it was a couple weeks ago and we went in this bird sanctuary in the birds are all flying around and it's like a park in there there's streams there's falls and there's a lot of Greenlee and parrots and and I'm standing there God I could live in a place like this in this document my mind your parents gave this up I started crying to God it was a. Anyway sorry. It's because I want to I want to be there I want to experience that. And I want us all to be there together we're a family now we've been together 5 days I'm sorry you're part of my family so. I want to be there together with you it's going to be so much fun I can't wait so if they're not cherish if they're reposed as hateful The soul is not contaminated with guilt. A lot of my friends in different churches yours weighed down with guilt they can't be happy because I'm not good enough to get to the Kenya that's not is we ARE YOU READING God is good enough his righteousness covers it right. So please don't walk around feeling guilty all time know it always for a conviction about something you did do well and go House begin as you know and then get up and walk get up and keep going. All right then closing thought and know that no other no other is defiled by their influence over that we each might become a savior of life and to life to those around us so if I have a thought that comes into my mind it's not holy just or good and so I share Oh I forgot you know Kim I share with Kim and it's maybe off color some and she starts laughing I just I just caused her to fall OK as we're going to a car dealership when I 1st gave my life to Jesus Christ and you're a Catholic folks nice folks we're sitting in a little meeting there 1 morning starting off and the boss his owner told a little joke that I was off color and there were 3 of us there were 70 admins and everybody laughed and so I laughed with them in Nigeria I got about 2 feet outside the door and Holy Spirit came in so what do you do when you represent me to the world now and your lover just. I said oh God please forgive me I don't know bad habit I wasn't ready for it or whatever and he said no you need to go back in there and apologize to the lady. What. You know what I did it and this is what happened I when I said you know what I'm sorry I have given my life to Christ I claim to be a Christian I really should have laughed at what you said so I'm sorry for misrepresenting Christ to you and she was shocked her mouth dropped down to the to the desk you know what I am sorry because I claim to be a Christian too and I shouldna told it oh brought reprint repairs to her heart too you know so OK anyway and that's totally off script everything I just told you was not planned so. Now yeah I'll try to go in a slice I'm terrible with slights my wife puts hours in in putting slices together I can't follow you so I'm just Fantine is you know they just so I'll try to follow a slice of cage for your benefit I think it is anyway. You know what was my water OK Great this is what I walk up with this morning I'm trying I just want you to know everything that you can possibly know to give you the benefit of walking with Jesus Christ and being in the kingdom and saw some of the stuff may not fit but these are like some pitfalls that I ran into early early in my Christian experience OK So we're in a we're in a storm and I want to look at Genesis 3 want to start out with if you have your scriptures or your your phone or something this is not an. Unusual text it's probably very familiar to most of us OK. Would someone mind reading that I was a teacher for 23 years and so I like a class where we read together and share I do that in my church's 2 I don't really for each which is sort of $31.00 yeah query that survey was more local and east of the woods Lorgat is mean and he said into the woman. That said that there are. OK The word there I want to concentrate on is subtle OK So Satan is very subtle he's very slick sly He's very skillful he doesn't come most the time he doesn't come right into your face and say OK I want you to do this he'll sneak in behind the scene and get you to fall in some something you didn't even think about it it's kind of like I'm on Facebook and there'll be a advertisement for car insurance and there's a woman that's 7075 percent undressed selling me car insurance. And I'm looking at that and now I think it's a joke because I know what Satan's doing I know what's happening behind the scenes and I look at that and I start laughing and I even called my wife in there Jodi why would they have a naked woman selling car insurance you know because I'm you know it's was enticed me or if I buy car insurance I'll end up with a woman or someone I don't know what they're thinking but this happens all the time I don't know if you guys have ever notice it in this or not but I mean well when I got out of the army the people were sending me different advertisements to for me to use my G.I. Bill to join their school and years ago and there is a woman driving a D. 9 cat out in the woods to get me to join classes a room to learn how to run heavy equipment and she's naked and I was in a Christian then I started laughing and said I told my mom I said why with this lady out there driving this mean denying cat out in the wilderness in you know half naked Well it's to entice you know I'm going to join that school OK So we need to say it is very subtle how it works OK and especially with guys because guys are visual OK That's why. The graffiti industry is like billions are making billions of dollars OK and I don't want to subscribe to that why should I pay somebody else money for me to lose my soul you know because it makes sense so that's 1 of the pitfalls for guys and I've noticed that I heard this just a couple days ago from and evangelise of us as 90 years old so I figure you must know something you know and he's been around a while you think that would be correct to determination and so he was tell me about how many pastors had lost their way. By going out after the women and secretaries Leaman you know those types of things if you've lived long enough you've been to church you've seen that happen OK so I want to warn you all guys actually about a pitfall don't don't go there OK we're almost home is it's too late to be messing with down stuff it's too late Remember Joseph with Potter 1st why and what did he say say how he ran out how could I do this against my God Right and we need to look at that too whenever temptation comes in God How can I do this against you after everything you've done for me after everything you've given for me how can I turn away from you know we need to finish strong voice OK Finish Strong Now I know that I know the pull of flash I'm human OK I know what it feels like we need to redirect our mind and we need to keep our mind on the goal of going home OK All right that's necessary or 1 God impressed me with. Number 2 we need to be aware of false teachers this is in. Matthew 715 and sorry I'm sorry I'm probably way ahead of it OK great things. So if I listen to her if I found if I listen to her 95 percent of time it's all right. OK I'm so serious God has used my wife to teach me the military so many times I should tell you a story. I don't know I don't know I don't have time OK So we've got wolves in sheep's clothing now my name is written on the books of this church in 1964 I didn't know Christ you are you'll hear that story for. But when Ike surrender my life to Jesus Christ in 77 became a born again Christian things that change just 1964 and there were some things that were coming in dead didn't seem right that people were teaching and so these are just some of the things that I had to deal with and only through the grace of God and studying the scriptures I made it my way through some of the stuff there's a teaching there's no sanctuary and haven't we don't need it it's been all done at the cross and so I went to the word I find that I find out that the sanctuary is the anchor to the people of God. So Satan wants to get rid of our anchor so we're all floating around trying to figure out where we stand and so I mean there's a lot more to it I'm just giving in to my new show here OK So God got me through that 1 there was a group of people it came up with this idea that we can't sin anymore it's called Christ Our Righteousness I had a number of my friends that got on board with that and they went out and they're not even they're not walk with God or all now they got to the point where if human flight you could sin then that would be sin so we can't even think that way and that's scary in the Holy Spirit comes and he convicts this of sin. That's the Holy Spirit to him and you with me you can kind of quiet now OK you're writing OK so if if the Holy Spirit convicts us a sin Oh no. Well we can't have that we need to get rid of the Holy Spirit because Satan knows that if God convicts is a sin and we turn to Him for salvation then we're going to say we're going to leave us Satan's. Camp and joining God's camp he can't have that OK so we got that in that moment you know get rid of Holy Spirit can't say anymore no saying should wary of some of the other was a road. Oh OK there's a holiday right now but when I say this I'm not picking on hot ones I don't want discuss this thing but what I'm saying is what I have observed in the last 40 years is that God has a job for us to do in John 17 Jesus Christ Himself pray that we become 1 is our right my making that I know that's his desire for us saves there's our is to keep a separated and soul in the way does it bring in teachings the nature of Christ. Was it before Adam's fall or after before or after Anna's fall and I got involved in that and I was writing papers and calling the church Babylon on a stuff because they weren't following the truth and 1 day I was in South to a class and a conference leader was there in the class and he said you know all this Housel about the nature of Christ it doesn't matter and I got so angry just well that I felt that like we talked about this week you got to feel that heat come up and I kept my mouth shut and I went home and I was like arguing with God God what's wrong with these people why can't they see it and then the Holy Spirit is still small voice in his sweet way came to me and said this is do you know what nature I had when I found you and then you guys you heard my story I was a total mess. You know on drugs alcohol sleeping in cars all kinds of crazy stuff and I said Well no I I didn't know what did you need learning needed you I cried out ice said God if you're real I need you I need to know you and he told me that I am real and I love you and that broke my heart and so he said what did you need I needed love I needed you he said yes and you still do so stop worrying about what nature I had you can't figure God out anyway so why waste your time you just you spend time with me and sharing with others what I'm doing OK and that's we argue about all these goofy things and yet we won't we want to share Jesus Christ the love of God with anybody because we're so intent on finding out who in the world should be ordained. God ordained me you guys just a few months after I that I know of after I share my life to Christ it's in John and says I ordained you to bring forth good fruit male and female male and female God ordained you to bring forth good fruit he does what he wants you to do so what I'm saying is we need to lay aside this stuff and look at the bigger picture we're so busy fighting with each other that we can't finish the job that God gave us to do OK and I don't have a hobby horse I'm not riding any of those things I'm just telling you that's what God wants us to do to share the love of Jesus with the world OK now is that it oh yes assurance I need to. Recover those things so I skipped so where are we it's time to put away sin OK today right now this is last time you're going to sin just told the woman to go and sin no more right. Did he really mean that or was he just talking off the top US head because he said that. That he meant it yeah OK when he was out possible we are given the keys to how it's possible OK we got it we got to spend time with me about the blame of what he's saying. We went through justification that he puts his rubber rightness and when God looks at us he looks at us just as if we've never sinned remember that I didn't make that up those steps of Christ in that this walk in sanctification we call it a walk in holiness every single day you get up and you commit your way into the Lord God working with you he's living in you Holy Spirit is saying we write books on how to get hold of we see the Holy Spirit there's tons of books on it as very simple Jesus said Ask and you shall receive. That heart as that too easy. Then when when the the snakes are biting the children of Israel in the wilderness and God said make a golden circle or a breast serpent stick in our poll if you look at it you'll live right OK the breast serpent still around today he's asking us to look to Jesus Christ He is our salvation He's our security right so how does that work on a daily matter. When I'm tempted to do to go against God's will I reacted nice it and this is going to take practice for you because we're so used to sinning but I start thinking it out reasoning it out and seeing all that's not from Satan that's from Satan as not from God And so now I turn to God OK And every time you do that you are you're making up what we call a righteous character. OK Adam had the opportunity to do that says and steps to Christ but he did not because he yielded to the tempter. Every single time that we choose to do what's right by God's power in your forming or righteous character and you're becoming holy or complete now because of that do we go around telling everybody we're holy and complete No that's the furthest thing from your mind because the closer we come to Jesus the worse we look in her own eyes right so there's a there's a balancing lying there thin line but every single time come to cry start your day off with him and all during the day have a joyful experience the last chapter steps to Christ rejoicing in the Lord it's God's will that were rejoicing in happy and as our as 70 as people because we have all the light and we know how to eat we know how to take care of our bodies we should be the happiest people in the world and because we understand this Gospel is everlasting Gospel and talking to you about we should be free and joyous in Christ Jesus all right because we're not carrying on this baggage of guilt from 40 years ago you've given those things up so it makes sense. OK All right. So it today is a day. Early writings many do not realize what they should be in order to live in the sight of the Lord without a high priest in the same free during the time of trouble I saw that many were neglecting the preparation so needful and were looking for the latter rain to fit them to stand in the day the Lord and to live in His sight every day we're experiencing this and I want I want to remind you of something Jesus said I will when will I leave you. I will never leave you OK I will know he's not leaving you in this time people get all freaked out oh no Hi Kyra live on the side of a holy God without immediate I'm going to do it I must will give up I can't do it Jesus said I'm I'm closing with my righteousness I'm not going to leave you even in that time there I will never never leave your for sake you OK that clear and I make that up your way OK I am with you always even. Until the end of the world that's God's promise to us we have to live by every word that precedes on the mouth of God and when Jesus comes here will he find faith on the earth so we're living by what God said I will never leave you OK right you know right. Those who preach who received a seal of God in are protected in the time of trouble must reflect the image of Jesus Christ fully what was Jesus like. He was loving kind forgiving long suffering sounds like the fruits of spirit that's the way he was OK in every day as we start our day off and spin in time until we're and we're giving our wills over to Christ he's going to do that in us go to and you won't even realize it. Probably most the time you are going to realize that someone might say to you why you are so patient what you know how can you be so patient is trying situation that's because of Christ living in you. When it characterizes perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as his own so why isn't Jesus coming. We haven't we haven't cooperated with him the things which will live through the time of trouble must be daily in exercise now those who do not who do not make strong efforts now to exercise perseverance faith will be wholly unprepared to exercise that faith which will enable them to stand in the day of trouble now we've had some trying situations in our life and the 1st thing the immediate thing that we do naturally because of experience is a turn to God the steps of Christ we should turn to the sun like the flower does right and so we turn to God and I remember I told other day about doing Bible work and we need money for our taxes and instead of freaking out and crying and stewing about harming going to figure this out if I get $3.00 jobs to pay this these taxes I know we went and we prayed and then God gave us a 1000 bucks when I got to church God did that he's done it in buying gas in going on mission trips he's provided ways and means for us to so we learn from experience when we're trying situation we turn to God and we trust God tried like fire and we start out how to know God because God's character has been maligned and we have a very bad misconception what God is like so I do a lot of my talks in church I'm trying to get people to realize that God is on our side. He's not against us OK so no god learn to trust God and walk in the light learn to die to self in the old man and then we're trying so but he knows the way I have taken it and when he has tried me I shall come forth as gold OK So they are trying situations I had a trial in my life and I'm a tell you about and culminates this is this is and Luke and Jesus telling Simon same as desire to have you but I have prayed for you your face feel not he who wants to sift us as we there's this sifting process God does it and so does Satan in use different means but the point is he's trying to purify our characters and a lot of things we learned through our trials help us to prepare for the time of trouble OK number of years ago I was doing by work and God is blessing we have like 12 to 15 baptisms. Yeah. A month and so we had a year a year because in 5 years we had 50 some baptisms OK And so what happens. I get a stroke joy he went to wedding thing I was at home and going to go more in line I went in and changed clothes I couldn't I couldn't buckle my pants allow This is where in my. Speech was slurred and I go Well I wonder if this is what a stroke is like so I gave her a call and I said this. I think. She didn't answer the phone of course because she was at the wedding thing shower so then I called my doctor he said you know what I do chemistry on a call ambiences stay there relax. Anyway God bless you healed me took care of. It Tex Your it's it's back your Somewhere it's coming up you God gave me a Texan Jeremiah So I think it's 3730 or something you think that where he says I will heal you so I read that and I believed it OK now I'm not saying that everybody is has a stroke and I can't walk and talk lead and faith I'm not saying that I'm just saying that I read at Texas A god you said this. Jodi came home in the next day I'm in bed and the house I'm real and my my mind is all messed up I got thoughts going around not making sense started blessings and stuff to Christ again. I didn't want to lose that hole and I started crying and she came in she laid on me and held me I told her I said Jodi I'm not going to be the same I'm never going to be the same I can't share Jesus with people and that really broke my heart because that's when living pronounce only thing enjoy doing. And so as I'm crying in moping around there I heard this rustling outside the bedroom window. And I got up and I looked out and there was a dove there building and now sits in the tree branch right next to my bedroom window and I took that as a sign No I'm not really you know mystical and take all these different signs of stuff but to me it was OK God is with me the Prince of Peace is here and the dove of hope is here so he's with me it took me over a year to really get back to normal I went back to go to church and all that and it was kind of interesting because some of the older ladies would come in they hold me and you know say things but after a year or so this 1 dearly as I can see the lights are on again the lights are on the praise God. You know you know you know if you don't know what's going on but when the someone else notices so. Jerry my therapist you're my 3017. But you know it's back and if I give a T.V. actors I do that a lot as 1 of my deficits now I notice I say things back. For I will restore health to the and I will heal your wounds Be not afraid for I am with you do not be dismayed for I am your God I will help you yes I will strengthen you yes I will hold you up with my right is right hand it was a promise that God gave to me sure it's for the time a troll here this is a choice to. Just take your time Joe Well it's really weird. When I became a 7th Day Adventist I heard all this rhetoric about the time of trouble and it was like freaking me out I'm just a teenager and people are talking about that time of trouble and this time of trouble and I'm just like. Fearful anybody here fearful for the time of trouble anybody just 1234 well we don't need this 1 seminar then well I was this was me I just you know I my grandmother did her best to make sure that I was. Paranoid of people of things. But anyway I found this text 1st John 418 there is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear because fear has torment who is the author of fear Satan is the author of fear fear has torment and he that fears is not made perfect in love now let me just clarify something he shared about the Lord Our Righteousness group who came in and said that we cannot sin anymore it is true that it is possible for us to live without sinning right the problem with their their theology was that they were sin last in other words they took themselves out of being a sinner to being already immortal and translated so do you see the difference you may you may be tempted to follow we're not going to go back over that again but it is possible to live without sin OK so anyway perfect love casts out all fear. This text here Daniel 12 of somebody says OK where do you read about the time of trouble in the Bible Jeremiah talks about it Daniel talks about it but I picked out a few key words in this check this verse and Daniel it says at that time Michael who is Jesus the great prince who what pro-tax who pro-tax his people Michael Jesus pro-tax his people. There will be a time of distress. As has not happened from the beginning of nations until then so if you read through the Book of Revelation you'll find that there is hope and there's counsel and there's a judgment there's always hope offered before the judgment and what the Scripture is saying here that Michael protects you get that 1st because there's going to be a time of trouble but understand that you will be protected our way there don't be afraid but at that time your people whose people his people everyone whose name is found written in the book of life will be delivered there is hope during the time of trouble is a time of trouble going to come yes can we deny that it's going to come yes we do in our mind we deny that it's possible but it's going to come and we need to be prepared for it the book of life whose name is written in the book of life. Good answer in a whose book whose name is in the Book of Life my name when does it get there. When you accept Jesus right when you accept Jesus Christ your name is taken over here there's this book of record and it has air ring thing that you have done from the time you were born since since incense and I have volumes and when you accept Jesus Christ in this book this volume over here has pardon pardon pardon pardon pardon pardon it goes all the way through pardon. And then and big bold gold letters My name is written in the Book of Life OK there's a transfer we talked about that. Transfer from here to here from death to life rejoice Luke 1024 Your names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life Jeremiah 3134 I will forgive their iniquity and I will remember their sand no more so why do we he doesn't those are in ours any more right here are a few things that I have struggled with questions that have come up different fears of people have about the time of trouble number 1 am I saved. Hebrews 103536 I'm going to give you promises here and those of you who have written down your email address I will send these to you as well do not abandon that confidence of yours it brings great reward for you need in durance It's like taking a person like myself who does not walk well to talk about exercise that word is not a pleasant word to me I just don't get it and it acts or size OK I have things on my feet that hurt when I walk so it's not give me a bicycle OK let me swim I'll do that but is taking somebody like me and putting me out to do that 5 K. I have need of an Durance and those little footman that you're running with now is preparing you to run with the horses OK don't. Moan and complain and and cry to God about the little trials that you're experiencing today because it's helping you develop in durance to run with the horses when the big 1 comes OK. You have need of insurance so that when you have done the will of God You may receive what was promised steps to Christ page 71 we should not make self the center and indulge anxiety and fear as to whether we shall be saved or you saved are we supposed to go around and say I am saying no we have the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ not of ourselves don't indulge anxiety about it and worry yourselves out of the hand of Jesus all this turns of soul away from the savior the source of strength so leave the keeping of your soul to Him and trust in him and then go out and do the work. Those might words at the end OK. Put away all doubts dismiss your fears rest in God He is able to keep that which you have committed to Him Now where do you find that 1 in the Bible and he no you can answer. Where you find he is able to keep what you have committed to him that's 1 of your memory verses so you can tell me 112 I know whom I have believed and I am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed to him against that day memorize it. First John 513 these things I have written to you who believe on the name of the Son of God who is that on you who believe on the name of the Son of God OK me that's me. That you may know that you have eternal life these things I have written to you who believe that you may know that you have eternal life when do you believe it is right now right now so that when it comes down here towards just in the next few days when the thought comes into your mind I am not saved I don't have salvation or eternal life or yes I do because of Christ you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God No other 1 that I was freaked out about because I do not personally care for physical abuse I'm not real crazy about somebody knocking me in the head with a tire iron or slapping me you know I I shutter when I read missionary stories in the treatment that they receive and I'm thinking I'm staying right here I'll state Michigan don't send me out there well you know God has so special people I'm thankful for them. But I just have this thing about persecution I just don't want it. But as if if before 17 has a promise for me no weapon formed against us' shall prosper and every tongue I notice there's a weapon and then there's a tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. So persecution doesn't come from tire armor or those iron tire irons it can also come from the tongues of others to put you down persecute you because of your faith in Christ so what is a say in judgment you shall condemn John 1633 here's a promise jesus promises that in the world you shall have tribulation but he says Be of good cheer because I have overcome the world we've got to be thinking that we are here temporarily this is only our temporary home we have a place prepared for us this is not our home you know that song this world is not my home I'm just passing through so keep that 1 in your mind when you're when you're going through this time of trouble here 2nd term of these 312 another promise that all who live godly shall suffer persecution Now I don't think of myself as 1 who lives godly but my husband and I have decided to break the chain of circumstances with which we were raised our past we've broken that off and we've started a new life we're going a different direction then even my family we eat a certain way we don't go to certain places and watch things at the theater we just have chosen not to that was part of our lives before we're in a new life going this way with Jesus and all those things are not part of me. And we were living in California and we lived in Pascoe Washington in all different places and it was time for me to come home to Yakima Washington. And I went with my younger brother to Portland because Paul those of you who are here the step brother had to have a liver transplant he had hep C.. So I drove down with my baby brother Frank. And I'm just home and I can't wait to move home I'm just so excited about going home and so I said to him I said So are you guys excited that we're coming home you know like you really missed us. And he was just quiet. And then finally he spoke he said Well not really. And I just said Fly. Like did I do something says no you didn't do anything you haven't said anything but it's your life your lives speak volumes and it makes us feel uncomfortable you're going to face that people are going to be and praise God if they're uncomfortable being around you because you're living for Jesus not because you just say I am living for Jesus but because his Holy Spirit there's an atmosphere around you and that atmosphere is to draw others in but when they're resisting in that Holy Spirit there are uncomfortable. So let it shine some 373-9240. The salvation of the. Righteous Who is that. Is of the Lord he is there is strength in the time of trouble and the Lord shall help them and deliver them he shall deliver them from the wicked and save them because they trust in Him You cannot trust in him then if you're not trusting in Him Now those trials those footmen that come along you need to trust in him during this time you need to be claiming those promises you need to be watching him work and when he answers a prayer write it down on a little slip of paper and drop it into a jar and on December 31 take all those out and reread them write it out in a journal you need to go back and remember the ways the Lord has led you because during this time you're not going to have access to it it's got to be here it's got to be in the heart in the mind that's why it's so important to memorize the scriptures because that's what gets you through this time of trouble. That's when the mount a blessing page 100 we may well have anxiety and anticipate danger and loss for it is certain to be follow us but now I notice there is a there is a caution there but we have a but when we really believe that God loves us and means to do us well we shall see these to worry about the future do you believe that God loves you how many of you do. Do you believe that he means to do you well so when you end up facing a critical situation in your life do you still believe that God loves you and that he means to do you well you say today it has to be put into practice then. OK you made a decision today but when it happens you need to remember that decision and stay with it that's being in movable we shall trust God as a child trust a loving parent then our troubles and torments will disappear for our will is swallowed up in the will of God. Even if he does not save us out of this fiery furnace we will not we're bow down to those boys have assurance that they were going to be delivered from that fiery furnace when they went into it no they did not but they did not battle to save themselves from going into it when you are walking through the flame you're walking with the Son of God. There's a song a choir song that I won't sing it. Another 1 has God left me and he covered that well I will never leave you nor for sake you you're going to sense that you are all alone did Jesus since He was all alone in the garden my God my God why have you forsaken me he said on the cross he sensed it but was he alone can you go by your feelings go by the Word of God go by his promise that's what we have to hold onto I am with you until the end of the world Jesus says early writings page 283 soon I saw the same suffering great mental anguish they seem to be surrounded by the wicked inhabitants of the earth every appearance was against them some began to fear that God had left them to perish at the hand of the wicked but here it is again if their eyes could be opened they would see. Themselves surrounded by a host of angels when I say the other day that he would rather empty out all of Heaven send all those angels to be at your side rather than have you be overcome. I like to think of it this way and I pray this prayer sometimes for those when I'm interceding for them I asked God to put a hedge of angels around that person to use their mighty wings to waft away the evil influence those seems to want to get them to be discouraged discouragement is a big 1 Depression is a big 1 the devil keeps us there and we've got to rise up out of it through the power of Jesus Christ he's given us tools we need education we need to learn how to rise up and not just think that this isn't normal life. Our normal life is up there Exodus 1413 and 14 fear not stand still and see the salvation of the Lord which he will show you today the Lord shall fight for you and you shall keep your peace sometimes my husband I'll be doing something and I'll go like this. You know what that means. Just zip it and let the large fight for you let him do the talking 1 time he was kind of thinking he had to justify himself and. You know telling me that I shouldn't wash out my daughter's diapers when she was a baby and hang them on the Lion on Friday night for during the Sabbath. And the Lord said Zip it she's mine. I can take care of her you don't worry about it so the Lord will take care of us he will fight for us are my sins forgiven that's a big point my past keeps coming up do you guys remember your past does it keep coming in your face sometimes well there's a couple of things that happen 1 this text right here the narrower we come to Jesus the more clearly we discern the purity of his character the more clearly we shall see the exceeding sinfulness of sin and the less we shall feel like exulting ourselves there will be a continual reaching out of the soul after God I contend you'll earnest heartbreaking confession of sin and humbling of the heart before Him. At every advanced step in our Christian experience our repaired tense will deepen Zax of the Apostles page 561 when those thoughts come back to your mind you know that you have been forgiven right you have to say you're right Mr Devil I did that thing but I've been forgiven Jesus is faithful to to forgive me and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness if you've got a problem you take it up with him it deepens our repentance Lord thank you I never want to go back there again so praise God when they come back to mind it's not coming back there yes the devil is going to use it to discourage you and think that you have not been forgiven but you have the promise what is it what is 1st John when 9 say. Come on you know this when if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness memorize it you know it. Wrestling with God This is Jacob you know his time of trouble right how many of us have wrestled with God This is why it says that there are few who wrestle with God few who know what it means to wrestle with God to make sure that every every sin has been placed upon the lamb we are in the day of atonement right now this preparation time it's time now for us to search our souls and to ask God someone 39 says Search me oh God and know my heart and try any were asking God to try and me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in me and leave me in the way everlasting we need to search our souls and as God to search for us the eyes of the Lord run to and fro upon the earth to search for those hearts that are holy His That's Jodi revision OK but he's looking the Holy Spirit is being poured out and he wants you he wants your heart he wants your heart he wants your heart to be holy committed to him let him work out work in you and it may be hard because of the some things that he'll say we need to take that knife and we need to start chiseling away at those things the great controversy page 618 as Satan accuses the people of God on account of their sins the Lord permits him to try them to the outer most who's in charge here who's in charge in this process. Do you member that him. And I remember what it is now past the hour not seen. Well it's an old hymn that all things come from his hand OK you guys know the him I'm sure their confidence in God their faith in firmness will be. Verily tested now this seminar and I have 1 minute left is preparation for the time of trouble your preparation right now is going to be through testing times he's going to test you the Lord is going to permit the devil to try you so that your faith will be severely tested Don't be afraid of that but rejoice when James says Rejoice though you're in under manifold temptations that's what it means God sees something precious in me that he wants to develop and he wants me in the kingdom more than I want to be there and he's going to do everything he can because you have given him permission to do that. Good news. As they review the past their hopes sake go Oh man there's no way I'm going to make it for in their whole lives they can see little good is that true yes but they are fully conscious of their weakness and unworthiness and Satan endeavors to terrify them with the thought that their cases are hopeless that their stain of their defilement will never be washed away what does he want to do what's his goal he hopes to destroy their faith that they will yield to his temptations and turn their allegiance from God So when he comes to you with this thought this suggestion you need to have a scripture to say it is written and if you don't have it today look for him start writing him out memorize them put them here every day recount it I like to post things all over the place refrigerators a great place everybody goes their. Steps to Christ page 53 and I'm almost done Satan is ready to steal away the blessed assurances of God He desires to take every glimmer of hope and every ray of light from the soul but you must not permit him to do this do not give ear to the tempter But say what are we going to say mine Jesus died that I might live he loves me and wills that I should not perish do you have an answer when these things come yes. Isaiah 54 verse 4 Do not fear for you will not be ashamed neither be disgraced for you will not be put to shame for you will forget the shame of your youth and again 1st John 19 if we confess our sins come on. And to do right so preparation here we go number 1 high the word in your heart we cannot emphasize that enough some 1911 your word I have hid in my heart that I may not sin against you so I'm 911 this is a wonderful chapter for you to memorize OK write it down some 91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty and then verses 9 through 11 because you have made him the Lord who is my refuge even the most high your dwelling place no evil shall be fall you nor shall any plague come near your dwelling for he will give his angels charge over you there it is again. To keep you in all your ways number to increase your prayer life if you're not doing it now increase it early writing this page 72 to 73 I have frequently seen that the children of the Lord neglect prayer especially secret prayer altogether too much. We should be much in secret prayer if the enemy can lead the desponding to take their eyes off Jesus and look to themselves and dwell upon their own unworthiness he will give away their shield of faith and gain his object. You read the chapter in the great controversy the snares of Satan take it out I'm sure you all have that book read it sneers. Exercise your faith now Hebrews 111 faith of Z. assurance of things hoped for Mark 1125 believe that you receive and you shall receive I like this definition of faith it's out of Education Page 253 faith is trusting God knowing or believing that he loves us and knows best what is for our good thus instead of our own it leads us to choose his way. In place of our ignorance and accept His wisdom in place of our weakness his strength in place of our sinfulness his righteousness you have a question Renee you have a questioning. That's OK I have an e-mail address and I'll send her all of this. This part here this is what we have to believe our lives our A selves will be his in the future Oh. Wait a minute you guys can't tell me that I'm doing some wrong up here I am the teacher our lives ourselves our. Faith acknowledges his ownership and Except it's blessings I'm already here is I've given myself to him he has accepted me faith grasps it. And accepts his ownership acknowledge it and accept His blessings when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on the earth your faith will be tried your faith will be tried you may feel as though I can't go another step but that's OK. Jesus is your strength Jesus is your support. He is your strong tower the righteous run of unto him and are safe you will be safe in his hands Behold I am coming soon my reward is with me that means you've already been granted it right and I will give to everyone according to what he deserves when we get there if you don't mind I'll just take a while I'm going backwards no it's going fast. When we get to the kingdom when Jesus comes and we are finally rescued from this pit that were in now and there are some lovely places here I don't deny that. And he ransoms us and we say Hello this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us and we get to hear those 18 Jal's cry out rejoice and how little you know we hear the holy a chorus I think maybe I don't know so we get there and he says Come my people in turn This is the place I have prepared for you all our sorrows all our pain all those struggles that we went through here on this earth are forever ended we live in peace and harmony in the place that he has prepared for us for those who love him for those who have chosen to be on his side and I hope that that's your decision today I think you've been making that decision every day continue to do that let's pray. Father in Heaven Lord we just are so thankful that you have not left us here on this earth to struggle and to wrestle into. Fail so miserably by ourselves you have been with us every step of the way and you continue to be with us and Lord I want to pray for my brothers and sisters here in this room and I want to pray for myself and my husband my family we will not forget these things or that she will you will keep them locked in our hearts and our mind you will seal all these things seal our decision for you lord so that when you come you can say Come you who are faithful and enter and go with us now Lord as we continue the last few days of this wonderful can't meeting spiritual rebuilding. And Jesus leave. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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