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God's First Book, Our First Classroom II: Part 1

Angela Boothby




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Let's pray. Our Heavenly Father I want to thank you for what you've given us in your word to guide us as we seek to live this life and help others into your kingdom and I just pray that the Holy Spirit will speak through me that whatever I share will be acceptable in your sight and that those here will know what to glean from this presentation to go and help others whether be in the classroom or in the home or in the church in whatever capacity you've called them give them the resources and the knowledge to help others in this way thank you in Jesus' name amen I read a story years ago of a young child who was reading by the age of 2. And he wasn't a typical child he his father was an educator he had been to Harvard and gotten his degree in psychology and he really believed in just filling the child's mind with lots of knowledge just pushing them academically and so by 2 his child could read English by 4 he was typing original work in French at the age of 5 he had devised a formula whereby he could name the day of the week for any given historical date how many can do that you can tell me like in 1960 on December 20 it was a Tuesday can you tell me that no 5 years old he could tell you that he had devised this formula whereby he could determine that day and that's pretty amazing at the age of 8 he projected a new book our thumbs table based on the number 12 he entered Harvard University at the age of 12 and graduated with distinctions before he was 16 so obviously this boy was a genius but his father believed in instilling the instilling within a child just a host of knowledge so that by the age of 10 they would have the knowledge of a college graduate he was definitely pushed and he became distinguished people all over wanted to see where he was going to go with his life what he was going to do he was in the public eye but by his early twenty's he distanced himself from society and wanted nothing more to do with his father is a very sad story why because he was pushed pushed pushed and to a lesser or greater degree we tend to do that in the training of our children we want them to excel we want them to be the best right and there's nothing wrong with wanting them to be the best to make a difference in life but are we doing it to their detriment. So when we look at I have to move. My stand here I'm right in your OK All right so when we think of education and. If we were to define this what were some what are some words that we would use to define just education in general. Anyone. Increasing knowledge OK good anything else training. To cycling like that that's good typically when we think of education it's book learning knowledge skills training intellectual culture all these things we would define as education typically But then what is the purpose of education when you're seeking to train a child to educate them what are what is your goal in that process. To develop OK. Their success right we want them to succeed to not just be living off of others as they get older but to be able to make money right so typically make money you know make money get a good job support yourself get a degree make a name for yourself. It should be right but typically when we think of education do is that the 1st thing that comes to our mind. It should yes and that's wonderful if it does but we want them to succeed in this life if we were to simply define education I think most people would agree that you could define it as the process of learning to attain knowledge for a useful life we were to encapsulate it so if we want to look at life a useful life what is the aim of life. And if we look at what is the aim of life then what is life's purpose the purpose for which all training should aid in fulfilling I would submit to you as you look at education from God's word and not just. Asking people about it when we go back to God's word I would submit to you that the purpose of life the purpose ultimately of education is found in John 173 John 17 verse 3 and this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. Proverbs 9 verse 10 says the knowledge of the holy is understanding in order to make a use our lives useful we have to have knowledge we have to have understanding but it says the knowledge of God is understanding Jeremiah 923 to 24 the say at the Lord let not the wise man glory in his wisdom neither let the mighty man glory in his might let not the rich man glory in his riches but let him that glorious glory in this that he understand it and know with me when we're training our children I know read it in the spirit of prophecy and it says we train our children we fill them with knowledge but if they give up the knowledge of God Is it any work is it of any worth or training our children or the children in our care or filling them or making them why is intellectually what are they going to do with that knowledge are they really going to finish the work this is from Acts of the Apostles page 530 it says the knowledge of God This knowledge is the foundation of all true education and of all true service. The knowledge of God the Son of God was appointed to come to this earth to take humanity and by his own example to be a great educating power among men his experience in man's behalf was to enable men to resist Satan's power he came to moral character to give mental power to shed a broad the beams of true education that the true aim of life might not be lost sight of the true aim of life Jesus came to show us the plan for education he was the master teacher he wanted to dispel the the mis about education and what life's purpose was by bringing forth God's principles. So what is the aim of life this is found in testimonies for the church fundamentals and of Christian Education Page 30 sorry it's a little blurry there. The aim an object of life is not to secure temporal advantages but to make sure of the eternal advantages eternal advantages what is John 173 tell us and this is life eternal that they might know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent So what is the purpose of life what is the purpose of life I would submit to you that it's to glorify God and bring souls into his kingdom and as we learn to know God through the things around us we are better fitted to reach others for him this is life that we will know God. The great object of life is well defined in the old catechism to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. To make the possession of worldly honor or riches our ruling motive is unworthy of 1 who has been redeemed by the blood of Christ it should rather be our aim to gain knowledge and wisdom that we may become better Christians and be prepared for greater usefulness rendering more faithful service to our Creator and by our example and influence leading others also to glorify God So the great aim of life is what. To glorify God God and bring souls into his kingdom so all of our education all of our training of our children in our care should be for that alternate purpose yes it's to gain knowledge but in that Guinea of knowledge and skills in my using these to bring souls into the kingdom of heaven in my being a missionary as Christians we have a different focus than the world would give us it is to bring souls into the kingdom of heaven this is life same and if all of our education all of our training is an 80 in us and fulfilling in this purpose for our children and setting this before them then are we really training are we really giving them Christian education. People often wonder why our young people are leaving the church is because our church services aren't interesting enough is it because. We're like whatever the reasons and so they say all these different methods to help keep our children our young people in the church but you know we were told me years ago what 1 of the causes for our young people leaving the church is and that's found in the admin is Tom page $313.00 it says the reason why they use of the present age are not more religiously inclined is that their education is defective wow their education is defective So in other words if we want our youth to be more religiously inclined what's the conclusion we need to see how we can truly educate them what are we doing wrong in our educational practices and how can we fix it what is true Christian education. Trisha cation does not ignore the value of scientific knowledge or literary acquirements but above information of values power above power goodness above intellectual acquirements character the world does not need I'm sorry the world does not so much need a man of great intellect as a noble character it needs a man in whom ability is controlled by steadfast principle so in our quest of tragic a sion we don't throw out the academics absolutely not we seek to use those for furthering the work. The world doesn't need min of great intellect but of noble character so do you think character needs to be a part of our education. What if the only thing that we're taking to Haven't is our characters right we know this so what does that mean. I'm reminded of someone who said you know all my life I was taught about how character is what's going on the only thing that's going to get us through the last days than we're going to take to have been so what does that mean what is character do you know what some of the character qualities are kindness gentleness thoroughness regularity. I'm sorry diligence patients all these things are characteristics and we talk about it but are we knowing how to put it into practice and then give it to our children in their education the world doesn't need so much of great intellects as of noble characters how can we truthfully answer this question What is the essential education for this time education means more than many suppose tragic ation embraces physical mental and moral training and I want you to get really key in on those 3 aspects physical mental and moral training in order that all the power shall be fitted for the best development to do service for God and to work for the uplifting of humanity so that sounds like life's purpose right to glorify God I'm bringing souls into his kingdom to seek for self recognition for self glorification will leave the human agent destitute of the Spirit of God destitute of that grace which will make him a useful efficient worker for Christ so the purpose of our training of our children it's not to get into the best universities is not to get to the the best jobs to make the most money so that they can support themselves those are all there's nothing wrong with having a car and having a house we know we need those things right but that's not our focus. That's not our focus if our focus is training for the glory of God developing the character the mental the physical and the spiritual if that's our focus then all those other things are going to come into place we're called to be missionaries that is our life work John 155 says without me can do nothing without me you can do nothing so at the end of the our children's formal education and in a classroom setting Do they know this principle that when they graduate when they go into the world without Jesus they can do not or is it I'm pretty good I'm pretty smart I can take care of myself without me you can do nothing. Without the vital principles of true religion without the knowledge of how to serve and glorify the Redeemer education is more harmful than beneficial that's a powerful statement without the vital principles of true religion without the knowledge of how to serve and glorify the Redeemer education is more harmful than beneficial when education in human minds is pushed to such an extent that the love of God wanes in the heart that prayer is neglected and that there is a failure to cultivate the spiritual attributes it is holding a disaster. You know that we really comprehend what that means holy disastrous it would be far better to see seeking to obtain an education and to recover your soul from its languishing condition than to gain the best of educations and lose sight of eternal advantages. So you mean it would be better for my child not to learn education to learn to learn all these academics if it's just to glorify themselves. Because I want it sane without the vital principles of true religion without the knowledge of how to serve and glorify the Redeemer education is more harmful than beneficial Wow So how do we do this we're going to get to it don't worry I would not in any case counsel restriction of education to which God has set no limit our education does not end with the advantages that this world can give through all eternity the chosen of God will be learners but I would advise restriction following those methods of education which imperil the soul and to see the purpose for which time and money are spent education is a grand life work but to obtain true education it is necessary to possess that wisdom which comes from God alone the Lord God should be represented in every phase of our education every phase of our education how many of you when you were in school when you were learning addition learned about adding to your life daily godliness and 1 when you were studying the you know 1 plus 1 you were reminded that I need to add to my life daily patient what about when you were learning how to spell words did you learn about the word that became flesh and dwelt among. How many of us have had an education that is faulty to the Lord God should be represented in every phase of education I'm reminded of Hannah she only had Samuel for how many years. 3 She only had Hannah Samuel Hannah only had Samuel for 3 years he had been a prayed for a child God gave her to him God gave him to her. But she only had him for 3 years and at the end of those 3 years she had to give him back to the Lord take him to the temple but in those 3 years she so filled his mind with the Lord he was represented in every phase of his early education that his way was set and when those worldly influences came in the very home in which he lived with the sons of Eli He stood firm for God 3 years old so what did he do when you read about Hannah and how she trained him she said were told that everything that his eyes laid laid upon everything that he looked at she turned them back to God So when they were walking about and they looked at the grass she talked about how the love of God infuses within us live the faith like the grasses living green everything that his mind saw everything that he saw she sought to direct his mind back to the Creator every phase of education pointed back to God Hy do you do that that's pretty important obviously but how do you do it well let's just review quickly I don't take all our time on this but the the purpose of life is to do want to glorify God and when souls for heaven all education should help us know God better and set us to accomplish life's purpose this is an essence true Christian education so Book learning is important right book learning is important but we need to keep life purpose in view church occasion includes those 3 elements that we mentioned earlier the physical or the practical the mental and then the moral or the spiritual training those 3 aspects need to be included so let me give you an example of how this could be done. I will learn multiplication in my education so that's the mental training right you're learning multiplication and as you're learning multiplication you want to incorporate the physical or the practical right so then I will double my recipe when I'm making lunch today and use what I am learning in multiplication now many times in a typical educational system they'll incorporate some of this practical right so you learn something in a book and they'll have an experimenter something to bring in the practical but we still have to have that 3rd aspect of true education which is the spiritual So what can I learn about God's character or my spiritual life through multiplication and an example would be as I say 30 serve God He promises to multiply his blessings in my life the physical the mental and the spiritual. I learn about multiplication in a book I apply it in the kitchen perhaps I invite others over to my house and serve them a meal so I'm using it as a witnessing opportunity I see more of who God is and what he wants from me through multiplication thus multiplication becomes the means of glorifying God in my life bringing souls into his kingdom it's so simple and yet. Wow it's so different than the way we think the way we've been taught so how do you incorporate it how do you incorporate it. John 173 says and this is life eternal that they might know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. The 1st great lesson in all education is to know and understand the will of God We should bring into every day of life the effort to gain this knowledge to learn science through human interpretation alone is to obtain a false education but to learn of God and Christ is to learn the science of heaven the confusion in education has come because the wisdom and knowledge of God have not been exalted So I want to share share with you now we're going to switch sides here I want to share with you some resources that you can use to help with the reeducation process because we think wow I need to incorporate the mental the physical and the spiritual into my education so. How do I do that and it takes time it takes time I'll never forget when my mother was learning more about. Education in general and she said wow this is amazing and now I do and she came across I don't remember how but someone Education Ministry and she said this is what I want to use it just transformed her life because it laid it all out and it's different than then the conventional system so many times when parents or teachers look at it they scold I don't know what to do so I want to share with you how you can use it and. What all of these different things are that are out there. As we go into that we're told of the life of Jesus that his life demonstrated the worthlessness of those things that men regarded as life's great essentials born amidst surroundings the rudest sharing of peasants home of peasants there a craftsman's occupation living a life of obscurity identifying himself with the world on known toilers a myspace conditions and surroundings Jesus followed the divine plan of education the schools of this time with their magnify nothing small in their be a little enough things great he did not seek His education was gained directly from the having appointed sources from useful work from the study of the Scriptures and of nature and from the experiences of life God's lesson books full of instruction to all who bring to them the willing hand of the seen eye and the understanding heart so Jesus then has education he was a perfect example right he had for aspects that he learned from what was it nature and this is a a clip from 1 of the books and some might have a Jesus learn he learned through nature through work through the scriptures and life experience was he fitted for his life work that he have everything that he could need. He did right and I love what it says in Luke $246.00 to $47.00 and it came to pass that after 3 days they found him in the temple sitting in the midst of the doctors both hearing them and asking them questions and all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and his answers do you want that for the children in your care do you want people to take knowledge of them that they have been with Jesus I'm reminded of a story when I was working at some light. A story came in to us of a family who is using some of the materials and they had just little ones so they were using what I'll show you in a moment called The Family Bible lessons and it's basically it teaches character nature and the Bible that's all and so they were using this in their early years and they went to. Some nature exhibit and as they were going to the nature exhibit the children were talking about the different animals in the different things and they just gave a whole list of facts about them and the tour guides were just astonished that these little children knew so much about these things why because they had incorporated those aspects of true education with even those young children and people took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus that's what we want. So this is the sign my education website and when you go to some my education dot com the 1st place we're going to go is the downloads section and some I use to sell their material but now it's all available online for free you can view it you can download it you can print it you just can't sell it because we want to make it free and I don't work for them anymore but it's it's impacted my life and so I hope that it will be a blessing. To you and to those you can share it with his Wow So from the downloads section we're going to go to the Google Drive which is right there you'll see the Google Drive we're going to click on that and this is the page that's going to come up now there's lots of folders here and if you scroll down there's lots of more books and things I'm just going to highlight a few aspects of the resources here if we click on the 1st 1 start here it'll take us to this page there's a letter that says Read 1st just telling you not to sell it and that you can see are free to download and print it off for yourself and for a friend or whatever. But we're going to go into the catalog and the catalog is more of what's available and the outline of the resources here so this is what if 1st looks like and we're going to skip down a few pages to the outline of the program now once again this is written specifically for homeschoolers in mind but anyone can use it so I'm just going to go through kind of how they divide their resources the 1st from birth to 7 year old they recommend the family Bible lessons and will more of what that is it incorporates Bible Science or Nature and character and at the age of 7 which is about 1st grade. Or depending on the child if they're ready then they encourage parents teachers to incorporate a good reading writing and spelling program how many of you are just phenomenal spellers OK good good how many of you feel like you just there are aspects of spelling that you struggle with. Yes I'm 1 of them spelling reading Has it was a struggle for me in the beginning my mom she was growing in education and I gave her a lot of trouble in the beginning. But even my my father who has his business degree struggles with spelling and he's also always asking how do you spell this how do you stall that so many of us struggle with this right why because we haven't laid that foundation and so some I recommend that you spend a whole year besides doing the family Bible lessons which is Bible character and nature or science to just spend a whole year on developing a good writing spelling and reading program so that you really lay that foundation and how would that just totally transform our children right if they really had that foundation they could do many things so that's what is recommended for those early years and then they have a program called the desire of all nations that is our of all nations is for 2nd to 8th grade it's a multilevel program so you use the same books for a 2nd grader and an 8th grader the 8th grader just has a harder review questions and they go into it deeper so it's not like you have a bunch of different materials and as you're if you're teaching in the classroom or whatever you can read through some of the academic subjects and see how you can just pull it in what you can you know what you want to use there so it's very very versatile it's designing your own school program but what I really like about sunlight is it gives the pattern of the mental the spiritual and the physical all wrapped together so that you can develop these aspects so that when you go when you're in high school the high school section here and you have to go and you get your own academic subject say I don't know how to do this so it's developed a pattern so that you can see how it's done. All right so if we go back to the beginning of our google Dr Page So we've already looked at the start here now I want to take you to the family Bible lessons this is a great resource churches use it families use it in their worship families use it in their early home school it's just a great resource people have even used it invocation Bible schools it's really nice and there's a lot of material in it OK so if we open up the family was a lesson section it's a 3 year cycle and it takes you through the whole Bible the major stories in 3 years and at our church at U.T. pines we've gone through this family Bible lesson in our status quo class I think we're going through it either the 3rd or the 4th time now the 3 year cycle and the families are just so excited we have a family Sabbath school there so the children Each family gets a Sabbath and they teach so it's from the young ones to the old ones as all together they have their other Sabbath school classes too for those who don't want to do this type of thing but in the family Sabbath school we come together as a family and then the children are actually getting the experience teaching We're training them to be leaders in our churches and they're so excited it's just so neat to see them develop 1st you know they're like really 10 it and everything and as they get more into it we're really developing teachers and I can see the future of some of these young people they will just be amazing assets to our churches so we have the family Bible lessons we're going to go into the 1st year the 1st 1 there and then we have there's 4 quarters in a year and each quarter is 3 months so there's memory verses put this song on there we're going to go into year 1 quarter 1. And within each quarter you have 3 books. You have the family Bible lesson which is the teacher manual it's not something you just give to your children unless they're like so eager to just read read read but it's your manual and so that's the family Bible S. And then there's the children's activity book I don't have examples on this in this Powerpoint but the children's activity book has stories poems and different activities for children to do and then we have the little children switches for birth to about 3 years old it's a very simple addition of the family Bible lessons so the family Bible lesson looks like this and then we have a table of contents so it's divided into weeks and the 1st week you're going to be studying creation which is the Bible lesson the character quality orderliness and the nature lesson what is the tree so for 3 months you're going to be studying about trees and plants the next quarter quarter 2 is about insects over 3 months are going to study insects and I have a friend who when she was going through this she hated insect she was like terrified of them and then she started to study more about them through the family Bible S. And she's like wow and she became so fascinated with insects It was incredible transformation but every week you're getting a new character quality a new Bible lesson going through these things and learning about nature so this is a 1st week the for less than 1 it's all on creation so this is like an outline of where you going to be covering where you their stories found in the Bible YOUR MEMORY VERSE your parents study so this is more information about what you're studying from the Spirit of Prophecy and then your character quality the definition of it your character quality verse and then looking at the different aspects they're going to learn from the nature lessons. It's divided into days so this is day 1 now what we have done a used to not be this way but the new family Bible lessons are set up similar to the academic subjects in the 2nd grade 8th grade school program so the 1st section is research now this is trying to start you thinking about how you're going to do this on your own right so when you're ready to study a new topic what do you need your research right you've got to go and research it out so this is your research information and it's talking about the Bible S. and specifically going through the story of creation Now this isn't something that's a Sara Lee that you sit down and you read to your children or to those who you're working with that would be really boring right you know so that sometimes that's all we can do but it's best if as a teacher that you go through it ahead of time and you see how you can share it in a more interesting way to your students so it's the story of creation and throughout the the lesson the Bible lesson itself it's going to be bringing in the character quality so it's not like Bible lesson character quality nature lesson totally unrelated you want to weave them together so the by the character quality is always going to be bold and just a little aspect of them bringing in the character quality here it says God created each thing in an organized order it doesn't have to be complicated does not belong just bring in tie it back to what you're learning to get it in the mind. The next section after the Bible lesson is your review is just a few questions to be thinking about reviewing the Bible lesson and then you go into the nature aspect now we want those 3 aspects of Christian education are the mental. The physical or the practical and the spiritual right so as we're studying in as we're learning about these from academic subjects we're learning about these different topics we always want to say how can this teach me about god my Christian experience and how can I use it practically. So the little paragraph here we can't see it but are here. Just to bring it back to the spiritual application as you're learning about trees it says the trees look up and reach upward they get all the sunlight they can there optimists hopeful seeking to live where the air is clean clearest and the conditions are best the largest sweetest fruits grow at the top part of the tree the lies that they're the best fruit character for God are those that reach out for the light or energy and behold his face so just bringing it back bringing it home to the heart why are we even learning about trees you know I'm not a huge nature person it's like OK great there's trees out there but what can it teach me about God and furthering the work and this is just 1 example of how it can do them. The next section here we have 3 mind so these are examples of ways in which throughout the day you can be remembering what you're covering through the Lassan all right because you don't know what's the purpose of you read it you study it or whatever and then he closed the books and what forget about it that's false education right we don't want our children to do that we don't want those who which we're trying to seek to prepare them for a useful life here and the life to come to just walk away and say. I don't remember what I learned. So these are just different examples different things that you can use to help you remember what you're doing and 1 way in which you say well I'm not going to be able to remember those so maybe write them on 3 by 5 cards throughout the day pick them up and say oh this is how I can read minds my student about war learning God will give you more examples 2 more things that you can do so there's the Remind aspect and then there's the reinforce the reinforce is an activity to once again reinforce what you're learning. So more of the practical how you're going to benefit from this and how you can bring it back into your life you can use the children's activity books with activities poems and stories. To reinforce as well just an example of the reinforces go on a treasure hunt looking for alights because in our Bible lesson we are to study in creation and we looked at how God spoke and he said Let there be light and what is light it's energy so we looked at all those aspects so now we're going to actually do something with that information we're going to go on a treasure hunt looking for a life so examples would be porch sun and many others he could make a notebook you could write it down give them a test they could draw picture all those kinds of things to make it more practical and then the last little section for that day is the remarkable parent food just more information for you as a teacher about what you're studying and then you have day 2 so that's the family Bible lessons and. I heard that earlier this week you talked about going outside and getting your children out there your students or whatever right and so these are 11 more resource that when you're out there what are you going to do you just going to run or are you going to try to seek to bring their minds back to God Rock back to the practical back to the spiritual so that you can have those 3 aspects of true education preparing them for their life work so that when they grow up and they're no longer with you those lessons come back to their minds just like Samuel preparing them to be leaders. All right if we go back to our section in Google Drive our 1st section the next thing I want to just cover for you is the 2nd grade 8 grade school lessons these are academic subjects and they have 7 academic subjects are so if we go into the 23 program we are going to look at lesson 10 Now don't get confused lesson does not equal grade so if you say I want to study grade 2 you could take less than 10 you could take less than 1 it's all grades 2 through 8 are all of these so we're starting we would start with Lesson 1 right but I'm just going to give you an example because lesson ones like an introduction to the program so lesson 10 I'm just going to grab that the books are thicker and there's more in there so lesson doesn't equal grade lesson actually represents chapter. Corresponding chapter in the Bible class which is taken from the desire of ages and we'll see how that all ties together on this next page this is an outline of a sample lesson so if you notice here. You have a box right and what's in the center of the Bible if you look at a picture of the sanctuary of. Israel what was in the center. What was in the center of the I'm sorry of I told you of the 1 in the wilderness the Israel encampment was in the center it was the same show wary the sanctuary was in the center God has to be in the center what we typically do in administering Christian education we have a Bible class and then we leave that Bible class and we totally forget about what we learned in that Bible class and we go to Mass and we go to science and we go to all these other aspects but God wants to bring the whole picture back to the Bible's our center the mental the physical on the spiritual right so someone tries to show you how that's done putting the bible back in the center the Bible class are the bible subject for the 2nd grade 8th grade school program is all focused on the desire of ages looking at the early life of Christ we're dealing with young people children and they can usually relate best to children because that's who they are and that's where their mental capacity is well Jesus was a child and he came and he lived a perfectly so let's see how a child can live so we look at the desire pages that's our Bible focus we have memory verses that are put to song so we're incorporating music into it and then we have the 7 academic subjects now they are color coded there's a whole reason for that I'm not going to get into it right now but we have health and then we have nature or science history geography and prophecy is all in 1 group. Mathematics music language and speech right. So let's go and look at if we go back to the 2nd grade 8th grade. Section less than 10 these are 7 academic subjects in less than 10 and we are going to pull out health Scuse me. We're going to help and that particular lesson is all on the bones All right so this number in the corner doesn't represent grade just want to emphasize that because many people get confused with that number 10 is the lesson number or the corresponding chapter in the desire of ages so less than 10 would also be Chapter 10 in the desire of ages All right so bones when we open bones this 1st health book we have our table of contents teachers section student section than our research material and so forth so then we have our teacher section now in our teacher section you will notice if you have if I had a. Stack of books here every teacher section is very similar so when you look at it like there's a thick teacher section it's OK because once you look at once you probably I mean you've seen almost everything you just pick out the key points are right so the teachers action is in steps and a lot of the steps are the same in every teacher sections of step 1 study the Bible lesson so make yourself a milieu with what you're going to be learning in less than 10 our Bible lesson is the voice crying in the wilderness so it's about John the Baptist that's what we would be studying in our Bible lesson we have our memory versus our character quality the character quality I cut up the screen wouldn't get all of the page so we'll find out what the current quality is a little bit later and then things for you to just understand understand the spelling cards how to mark your bible evaluate your students character and so forth. The next page goes through spelling words and spelling cards that's in another book if you have questions about it I can talk to you about it later but just giving you more tools on familiarizing yourself with different words especially words from the Bible and then how to mark your bible the spiritual is a big aspect of true education and so we want our children to know how to mark their bible how to do research from God's word so we bring in how to mark your Bible and then evaluate your students' character once again characterise the only thing our children are taking to heaven so if we miss this aspect if our child does you know grade on their academics but they're messy and they're disrespectful and all these things what do we need to work on. That character right that character. So then there's another section there's projects so we want to make our less impractical and many times teachers parents they say I don't know what to do all well some I tried to give you lots of projects lots of things in which to reinforce what you're learning. Review the Scripture references I'll show you that in a minute and then notice the answer key there's an answer key there's a lesson aim what are you trying to accomplish through your lesson and then an idea of how to begin the lesson is just opening up your academic subject and starting to really know let's do something let's make it interesting. All right your steps in Bible study this is also in every teacher section it doesn't change how to study the Bible you review questions this is your Bible lesson from the Bible so when you're reading through the desire of ages sometimes that runs out and so you go back and you say well what does the Bible say about this particular aspect of Christ's early life or this particular 1 is about John the Baptist and so these are Bible review questions to get you studying once again from the word and then it has been the evaluation for your child's character how are they perform mean character wise giving you different aspects on how to evaluate that not to discourage you and not to condemn but to see how can we work on these different aspects of my student and then we have the scripture references this is pages and pages of information from the Bible on bones since we're studying bones in our health lesson so what does the Bible have to say about this academic subject this topic so it gives me a lot of things and I wouldn't give this to a young child to read this is for your benefit or for an older child let's say they need more research or whatever so give them do that have them do a Bible study get the concordance out and what do you study know let's say you're studying about bones OK so I want you to write down. What God is telling you about bones from the Bible so this Bones their presence and evidence of real beings so this is a description of the what the verse is trying to say in Luke 2439 so have the older student do something like this. Getting them familiar with the Bible when we get into science we're studying about space exploration did you know that the Bible talks about space exploration it does it's exciting so we bring out those aspects the Bible talks about so much that we don't even. It's just it we don't even comprehend. We glaze over it many times because we're searching for other things but God wants to show us even those simple academics are right there we have our answer key for your view questions and then in every book there's a gardening sheet how many of you have gardens grr 8 and so as we seek to bring gardening into the aspect of a classroom setting or a home setting with our student say OK so we can get out there and we can pull weeds and stuff but how are we going to bring it back to what we're learning in school and these gardening sheets tell you different ways in which you can tie it together so in every single block there's a gardening sheet there's suggestions for in season out of season how to bring it back together and then you end up in the student section. So this is our student section we start out once again with our research has it this is like our facts are academics facts and we're talking about bones so it's going to start with. Talking about the frame of a house and how our bones are like the frame of a house so this is our research we go into the skeleton the framework of the body is called the skeleton the framework of the spiritual life is the law of love so what did it do right there we were talking about these facts right we're talking about bones and many times we would just spend a whole hour talking about bones will bring it back how does this relate to the our spiritual life and it's so simple things the framework of the body is called the skeleton the framework of the spiritual life is the law of love to go down in every section usually at the beginning of a research section you'll have a Bible verse to kind of lead you into that research of this particular 1 doesn't but it has a down at the bottom in whom all the building fitly frame together grow it into a holy temple in the Lord our character quality it's in bold throughout the lesson and it's on receptiveness being receptive to God. Then you have another section the unseen supports this is all your research this is all your your facts but within those facts it's going to be continually tying it back to the Bible lesson back to a spiritual spot. You have your reinforce and reinforce with what the a member. It's our activities to reinforce your Lassen So this is a way in which to reinforce the lesson that says Can you lift a 10 pound sack of potatoes probably you could but it would be hard work here is an easy way so it gives you an activity to do and then at the end of the activity it's going to tie it back to the bones and how that relates to what you're studying there's also within each section stories I don't know about you but I always love stories even before I was a Christian but I wanted to hear with stories and children usually love stories and so we put them through the school lesson to once again reinforce what they're learning. Of our recent review section here and like I said this is a multilevel program so we have the place $12.00 and $3.00 so that would be like everyone all of the grades the place to entry is the middle grades and then place 3 would be the older children or those who are more advanced now if you have a young 1 who can answer up to place 3 What he going to do call them back absolutely not what him do it go for it we want to do what we can to aid our children in their learning. We have like I showed you in the family Bible lessons are a mind section so these are ways in which you can remember what you're learning so when dealing rock some mountains think of them as the bones of the earth and remember how John the Baptist was not moved by circumstances around him just as the rocks in the mountains of the wilderness remain unmoved So when you're out there with your students who are outside and you had just been studying about bones just been studying about John the Baptist when you're sitting out there and maybe you see some rocks What are you going to do what he going to talk to them about talk to them about what you're learning when viewing rocks and mountains think of them as the bones of the earth and remember how John the Baptist was not moved by circumstances around him just the rocks and mountains of the wilderness remain on moved. There's other things besides just stories there's poems this is a rhyme of the bones How many bones in the human face 14 when they're all in place how many bones in the human head 8 my child as I've often said and so on it goes so you could create this into an activity going to have to go stand on a mountain a group on that side a group on your side and go back and forth reciting this rhyme these all these different aspects to get it stuck in the child's head what you're learning to reinforce these spiritual mental and physical aspects and then you end up in another research section So typically when we are sharing this with families with teachers they'll cover around 1 maybe 2 research sections a day not an overload of material not just going through going through getting through it all No it's how much are you gaining from that material how Him How are my students really learning and if they're not learning anything do I need to change some of my methods in training in educating. So we're almost done here they reviewed just an overview of what is trying to be covered in the 2nd grade 8 grade school program in the Bible class were studying the early life of Christ in health were looking at the body and how to stay healthy in mathematics were learning the basic basics of mathematics addition subtraction multiplication and division in music we're looking at basic music all the parts that make good. Good music sorry. In nature or science we're looking at the universe then begin the days of creation and in history geography prophecy we're looking at the continents and missions so we're not just studying history for the sake of history but how can we train our children to be missionaries maybe they're going to want to go to Africa as a missionary Well they need to know something about Africa and maybe they won't have that desire until they start to learn about Africa and its continent and its culture so continents and missions and language learning to research and then invoiced the anatomy of the voice now in the think what I want to talk about voice in a school program well we're actually told in the spread of prophecy that some people actually die from a wrong use of the voice especially preachers Wow that's pretty pretty important right so we want to teach our children how to use the voice and how to be presenters for God. In the further lessons there's an overview of that I'm not going to go through that here but just 2 more things I want to point out in the. Sun my downloads if you go back to the main section of Google Drive there's a book here a little book that we also use in the 2nd grade a preschool program but it's can be used anywhere anytime with any group of people it's called our nature study book and it's a little book I didn't pull it up here but it's a little book the a print off and there are sections where as you're outside and you're doing things you can carry it with you and you see something in nature so you can drop picture of it and then you write down some facts and a spiritual object lesson teaching our children once again how to see God do the things around them and then there's also here. The historical periods of the world according to the Bible now that's. A book it's not too big but it gives you overview of all these different periods from creation on down it gives you the. The Bible portion so where you can find the Bible stories and sections for that particular period where to read in the spirit of prophecy for that period who was alive during that period so it's a very great resource resource sorry for your history and the different periods of the world to not just look at history from. A history standpoint but always turning it back to the spiritual and how can we learn about how to finish this work through the things around us. I'm going to close this here and I just want to go back to our other Power Point and close with this section so we have looked at True Christian education we've looked at different resources that you can use You're free to talk to me afterwards if you have more questions. But as we look at these aspects we know from God's word that true education is not the forcing of instruction on and on ready and on receptive mind cheer education is not merely taking a course a certain course of study so yes that's education but it's not what God wants for the children the students in our care it's not just taking a certain course of study but we are told Thankfully what true education is tragic ation is a grand final for it is founded on the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom tragic ation is that which will train children youth for the life that now is so yes we want to make our children the students in our care useful for this life to be successful but cheer education is not just that we're training them for an inheritance that in that better country even and have only true education is a knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ whom he has sent. True education is the inculcation of those ideas that will impress the mind and heart with the knowledge of God the Creator and Jesus Christ the Redeemer tragic ation is religion true education is Missionary Training true education is the power of using our faculties so as to achieve beneficial results tragic ation is well defined as to her money a development of the all the faculties a full and adequate preparation for this life and the future eternal life true education is the preparation of the physical mental and moral powers for the performance of every duty it is the training of body mind and soul for The Divine Service this is the education that will endure and to eternal life so true education in essence is mental physical and spiritual training gain to accomplish life's purpose and what is that to glorify God and bring souls into his kingdom. Is this different from the world. Romans 122 says Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind and only as we see God and say how do I apply these principles how do I in my classroom in my home in whatever capacity I am called to train young people how can I do this for you how to in my not conform to this world but transformed renew my mind give me understanding and he will he will do it the end of all true education is expressed in the words of Christ and this is life eternal that they might know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou. All right I hope you found that helpful and useful. Were never supposed to stop learning right no matter for teachers or parents or whatever we are we get to have the privilege of learning throughout all eternity someday right and have and so therefore I think all of us no matter where parents are not could probably find some useful material in that curriculum correct maybe we ourselves could actually go through it and start at the beginner level and I think we would be overjoyed what we've found along the way so maybe that's a little challenge for yourself maybe change a devotional life up a little bit and open up some education I spent some time yesterday downloading and let me tell you that's why I was to say you must take a whole day to Ballo it all like there's so much there it's incredible. But I'm super excited because I'll tell you 1 way that I plan to use it because as you can see the material some of those questions seniors are going to scoff at that you know that's not a 12 grade level or high order level thinking question but I can put it in my worships in my dorm you know every once a week I could have a nature and nature directed dorm worship or I So they just know Tuesday night Miss Angela's doing something weird with us and we're going outside or we're learning about bugs you know but there's ways for us all to incorporate that and I think that's what's really awesome about outrage occasion in nature education is that and of itself it lends itself naturally to education you can't help but be physically active and have the outdoors and you can help you find practical things with outdoors for example let's say and I'm not going to too much because tomorrow I'm just going to bombard you with the cool ideas so we're going to fit today and tomorrow until some entity but don't worry you're going to get a huge list of ideas to do we use fine with nature education it's super easy and natural to make it practical for example if I did a thing about trees. Right away guess what I could teach about poison ivy that's practical to learn right you know and what to notice and pay attention and safety and all those kinds of things it's just it's a very it lends itself super naturally without your education. So just going to give you a couple takeaway ideas so yes I really would like to challenge you to go and download all of those and incorporate them into you know I don't know maybe a husband wife special thing you know we're always looking for time I think I hear as married couples that you're looking for time to get special time together so why not put nature into it you know we talked about on Monday on opportunity cost right but I think you'll find that if you want to put nature into your life you're going to find that in here and says and not to tracks so you know think of outside of the box ways of doing it you know make it you know honey husband wife time when the kids just know that moment dad are doing special things but with nature you know it's cool no problem being a little bit jealous but you need that time as a couple you know there's many creative ways to do it. So I had a couple ideas for for example for yesterday's gardening thing that I wanted to give you 1 fun random idea is called Plant your socks so I grow a satin garden find all pair of socks that you don't mind sacrificing let your kids wear them walk around and all socks and you'll never know what seeds they pick up along the way and then you go and plant that old sock I mean there are just so many fun ideas out there that are endless and it's really cool. And then another fun idea this is just something that you can incorporate into your own life or whatever. But you could. Oh. The shape in which you grow your car which this is not really practical I know but 1 idea that I found online was the fact that you could grow a pizza garden so like grow a garden with a specific purpose and then grow it in the shape of a pizza and you grows the Kenyan mushrooms and everything but it's in the shape of a pizza or you just maybe don't put it in the shape of a pizza but that little section of your garden is called the pizza garden and tell me what your kids love the fact that they're going to Pizza guarded you know so there's kind of a fine idea for that. And then the last thing that I wanted to say to was with with nature it's so so natural to use as a witness an opportunity it's just so natural to use as a witness the opportunity such as with the garden you know you could make with extra produce you could put in a special basket and then you could tie bio verses to it because no 1 in your community is going to probably get upset if you give them a basket with 3 produce in it and if there's bio versus attached I don't think they're going to cry about those pretty bogus is that you are touching 3 by 5 cards or whatever. And so nature just lends itself naturally to witnessing because you can be out there with your kids and maybe you're in a public place and they over you know people over here what you're doing or another thing is when when I spend time in nature and I and I learn about how to see God Today she was I can't wait til Friday Friday is my favorite day of this presentation. It's just it's easy to get on a roll like once you see God in nature you just keep seeing him what you see is fingerprint once you just completely entirely throughout the day you see him and it's really hard not to talk about it even with strangers it's really hard not to talk about and Walmart when you just experienced you saw him up in the sunrise or in the sky in some way it's really hard not to share it and that's really the purpose of education really the purpose that I have a passion for out education I bought a couple books that you're welcome to look at I'll be showing them a lot more tomorrow I put on the table so take a minute and look at some of them. But I'll be explain the more in-depth I'm all so let's have prayer and then you can go to what I think you so much. For all the trail but it is that you've set to do true education I think you so much more that it doesn't have to be complicated it doesn't have to always a line because with you it was simple it was you scriptures and outside in nature and I thank you so much that you have so much to teach us just simply out in our backyard help us not to miss the blessings right outside our door we love you and we just can't meet you when you need me man. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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