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God's First Book, Our First Classroom II: Part 3

Angela Boothby




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Did I think you so much for this beautiful day I thank you for the rain and thank you for keeping us safe last night in the storms and I just ask that you and everyone who's trying to dry out learn may not be too musical and maybe still see that even through the rain there are so many blessings for showers a blessing that I think you for those who love you and we just surrender this time to you completely Lord help us to connect with you and you need a man so this is my favorite presentation this is absolutely my fair presentation and. I want to start with a quote of Education Page 120 it starts on page 1000 and goes to page 120 and it's in your hand out and I just think it's absolutely amazing says he alone who recognizes in nature his father's handiwork who in the richness and beauty of the earth Reis the Father's hand writing he alone learns from the things of nature their deepest lessons and receives their highest ministry only he can fully appreciate the significance of hail Hill and Vale river and see who looks upon them as an expression of the thought of God a revelation of the creator and I don't know about you but often we try to figure out what people are thinking right now Con Man I wish I really knew that what that person was thinking would be awesome we could know what God was thinking and I think we can through creation and I know that I have learned how to do it taking the time years actually but now when I go I honestly feel like I see God's handwriting like it's just super hard for me not to come up with a Bible verse when I go outside it's super hard for me not to think of a him as super hard for me not to think of God like as just that sounds bad I mean of course I just want to and it's just the way I think now because of the fact that I've just. Been taught by the Lord to see him through his nature see him communicating with me. Many other stations of nature are used by the Bible writers and as we have observed the things of the natural world we shall be enabled under the guy you know the Holy Spirit more fully to understand the lessons of God's word and I love this it is thus that nature becomes a key to the treasure house of the word of the treasure house of the word I've been talking to so my pastor friend from. So what do you think about you know starting with nature now gets every morning at a church and when you go including major applications in your sermons What if we call them you know the key to the word or I don't know I have a soft yet to coin a creative phrase for that. But I just I'm excited about that some in talking to some people in the like out think about doing that in our churches starting starting you know we have offering we have prayer we have the 1st 10 and then after that throw in age and I guess not just for the children you know Pathfinders those nature nuggets and and special retreats to day to nuggets but used always in nature and I guess why because every time a farmer or somebody was walking the herd use a sermon they instantly related something and that is what I'm going to hope to end the session you see that is that God honestly longs to communicate with you that's his deepest earnest desire and I don't know about you but I think with all my heart that the reason people believe Jesus is cause that communication is severed and I just feel like I've been praying about this for years I've been talking to you and you just aren't talking to me I think that's like the biggest struggle for youth for ourselves as I've been talking to you God and you're not answering like my deepest desire I don't feel like you're answering it or you're not even communicating that I understand you talk to me Do you not talk to me and when I learned that he does want to communicate with me which I'm going to show you is so cool it's just so encouraging and it's just that there's nothing to fear when you know that God is going to communicate with you children should be encouraged to share shout and nature the objects that illustrate Bible teachings and to trace in the Bible the similitude is drawn from nature they should search out both in nature and in Holy Writ every object representing price and those also that he employed at illustrating shoots that they may learn to see him in tree and Vine and Lily and Rose and sun and star they may learn to hear his voice and the song of birds and the sign of the trees and the Rolling Thunder and then the music of the sea and every object in a show will repeat of them his precious lessons to those who thus acquaint themselves with Christ and the earth will never more be a lonely. Me and desolate place and while we struggle with loneliness everybody you know I've been amazed how many people say I was alone and it's cause I'm single so usually like the single people I write the ones that are classified as lonely but I'm going to different groups of people and stay at home moms are really lonely and then the moms who are empty nesters are really lonely and then those who. Their kids go to college they're really lonely cars are no longer running things and then those who their kids get married they're really lonely and then those who retire are really lonely has no 1 seen them anymore like loneliness is just very much a part of our lives if we choose to look at that way like loneliness is just very much what we feel no matter what stage of life are and if we choose to look at it that way and so I just love that promise that the earth will never more be a lonely and desperate place it will be their father's house for the presence of him 1 to dwell among men and just like you know Christ walked in the garden with Adam and Eve and there are times where I just feel like I'm sitting there in my Bible and I am I'm by a pond and I'm going to my bowels will be in the verses and you know it all started because I saw something in the tree that made me go on this verse which led me to this verse was I mean this verse and I think you've heard my God is too much my brain is so full I can't take it though so maybe I just feel like I this Carrick's plane except it's just like I'm right there where we're together and he's just giving me this verse and this verse to encourage me just to encourage me to say I love you I'm taking care of you I'm with you encourage me and I just I just found it so absolutely incredible So let's talk about a little bit how to do this. So assist I kind of mention a set spot try to pick a place where you can sit regularly to commune with God now and for me I don't just have a regular set spot because I'm always traveling and I'm always on the move in my location of places always changing and so for me there's a variety of places but I still have that mentality of a set spot where I sit and I just take time with my Bible to look out at what's around me I write and for your kids I think I mentioned before you. An easy white quote somewhere and they have to go out and journal about it you can put a bio verse in they have to go out and journal about it. Or they can illustrate a picture you yourself can do this but what I do is I simply go out there and sit and I just talk with him for a long time not just 15 as I just talked to him for a long time and I'm like what I don't even know where to start but you know what I need I don't even know what I need right now but I know that I'm in T. and you can fill me so please Lord just tell me what I need and I just sit there talking to talk about things I'm worried about you know I just start talking to him all the stuff and then and then I start my Bible after I've just talked to him for a while. But basically I just want you to try to create a time to enjoy a habit of spending time with God in nature a little thing for classrooms and I will move on but I have this thing called Sabbath celebration and some of the mission conference schools do but the way that I did it was at the end of school day on Friday like we had lunch and then right after lunch we had recess and then we come back inside and we would have Friday preparation so we clean the classroom we get ready for the Sabbath we say and then after we clean our costume and clean our desks and then we would sing the 4th commandment because you know there's the 10 commandments and song so we were just saying the 4th Commandment and then after we sing the 4th commandment then I would do something to give them an idea of how to celebrate the Sabbath because often sadly enough Sabbath is the day that our children grow up feeling like it's the point a list the day that they can't do anything it's a list of the I can't so my point is I was celebration was just to give them lots of ideas of what they could do on the Sabbath and I call it Sabbath celebration because I feel like the Sabbath is such a celebration like I long for the Sabbath and I know they say that that's because we're tired and brow during the week as we get older we long for abounding it what it doesn't matter what age I think that we can teach them that you don't have to burn out in the week to enjoy the Sabbath there is truly a blessing to be had on the Sabbath I gave you the idea about the clear sticky sheets on both sides to put fun things on themselves as they go for the hike but I want to talk about this so I told you that I would have my kids you know guy nature and write but what I really did with these books as I call them Jesus journals. And they had a weekly memory verses and so on Monday they copy their memory verse here and then on Friday they got a nature and off picture of that powers so I was hoping that I would create some kind of connection with that bio verse in nature and sometimes they didn't draw anything to do with nature but they were outside with their Jesus journals drawing a picture about the bio verse and so I felt I felt like I prayed about the Holy Spirit would help them connect the connections they need to make Also we were just cos I was journalist and I was a liberation I just say you know cause the time which is by yourself and he's OK Few too and they had no problem spending 15 minutes plus sitting quietly journaling with Jesus and who know what was going through their precious little hearts I have no idea you know but I'm sure amazing thoughts I'm sure they really were communing with Jesus and that is this very beyond exciting to me all right so. This 1st has been used as an Romans 120. Says Francis a creation of the world his invisible actually views are clearly seen being understood by the things that are me even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse and I just love that verse speak to me a state so clearly that we can understand things about God that we really can't understand otherwise with nature and that there are so many incredible things to be seen in the each are so here we go right I started this I think 6 or 7 years ago I had read this book by Sally strivings anybody ever heard of Sally stripe so she has this book called The Hartman dear and if you're a woman I definitely suggest that you go pick up the heartlanders an amazing book I saw 2 or 3 of them in the. Second hand book section and the A.B.C. up here for a really inexpensive or you can get them on Amazon I just saw the monument on for $5.00 the Hartman there it's an amazing book and I think honestly by reading that book it was what inspired me to take nature to another step. And so if you have your Bible I like you turn to Joshua for so Joshua for and this is the story about when Joshua crosses the Jordan right how many people know that story when Joshua crosses adored it it's an amazing story right we talk about their story we love their story is so incredible because the river the river crosses and they cross it but that's where we stop the story right does anybody know what happens after that story. Yeah after Joshua crosses with with Israel what happened immediately after that story happens something to do with exactly what just happened. Exactly exactly right so he commands them to take 12 stones and this is what I love he commands them to take 12 stones and set up a memorial so in various Chapter 4 verse 6 it says this that this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come same what do these stones mean to you and it's incredible to me that a memorial that constantly reminds not only the parents who went through it but the children of the parents and how much we long for our children to have the faith that we have or just to have their own faith I say really right and so you know maybe there's something you can set up in your house that way when your children come to your house or if your classroom they say what what does this mean and you can't help but tell about Jesus and that is what I'm going to show you a nature that's exactly what Jesus wants us to say what does this mean to you and you'll see that he longs to say this means this this means that and so it's just really important that you learn to set up memorials because I think that you know we hear that quote We have nothing to fear for the future except how we forget God has let us in the past and we see that quote quite loosely and we're like yes I remember all the things that God has done for me but the chooses we really don't like there are little things that are going for you on a constant basis that you're forgetting and I'm forgetting so this is what I've started doing and whenever something little happens or big happens where I know that God is working in my life I find a bible promise that it's proof to that story does that make sense so. A really simple 1 would be like on a mission ship. I was trying to get some when I was a chaos thing and I got stuck in China for 24 hours and it was a scariest thing of my life and the promise is in the Bible that says you know if we. Ask anything in Jesus name and he will hear and he will answer it right next to that bio verse I wrote me in March China that makes sense because I ventured he got to my destination and so I mean time I made that promise now I think of that story in my life when I was struggling and praying a lot of my going to. In China for the rest of my life or my We're going to get out of China it was Christmas Day and I was trapped in China and I just and that was the 1 of the scariest experiences of my life but there are so many places in my Bible that say me and my next of them so many because I just kept searching the Bible for promises that guy could make come true through that experience so whenever you're facing different experiences and something comes true find a bible promise that is saying that and write that situation next to it so now this Bible is not just my Bible it's my life it really seriously is my life and it's living in powerful and a 2 edged sword because it's alive in my life when I flip through here there's also it's a little words written next to it about like for the this 1 for example is in Psalms 3 it says but you all Lord our shield for me my glory and 1 who lives up my head I cry to the Lord with my voice and he heard me from his holy head till I lay down and slept I worked for the Lord sustain me and that was because I was super discouraged and also at work out it was not going to go to my leadership and I was struggling connecting and I just felt like what I need a shield because I was getting parts are dark thrown at me I felt like an arrows and I would go down and sleep at night time I would just pray myself to sleep because I was so discouraged and I just claim that promise and now every time I put in my Bible I would totally forget Psalm 3 you know I'm saying because there's lots of times that we we find little promises and little songs and little proverbs and little bio verses that we think are cool but we don't write down the time that it related to us and the Bible is constantly relating to us if we relate it so any time you find a cool promise write it down in your Bible and if you don't want to write in your Bible I respect that get a journal and write down because you're going to be absolutely flabbergasted with how many promises mean the world to you now like people I go through my Bible and a sermon is being preached by another pastor. And he does this verse and it's not just a verse I'm trying to get that verse came to in my life you know that verse it just comes to in Joshua be strong and courageous that was in Mexico when we were failing our church we couldn't get through the rock and we were praying Lord we have to build this church we want to build this church and our leader has seen the strong and courageous be strong courageous like 110 degrees out how many more strength left you know in that verse just kept mean he said and I have now wrote down in Mexico you know in Mexico I relate it to that verse and that's was just so amazing to me is that this Bible is obviously alive in my life because I wrote things down and so there's 21 of folks that I actually love in steps a crisis and there the 1st 1 is if you believe the promise of God supplies the fact but honestly as we get stuck on Jeremiah $2911.00 we get stuck on Proverbs $35.00 and $6.00 and we claim those all the promises but there's so many more promises like I've been blown away how many more promises there are we discuss like on those 1 those are also ones Believe me I've lots of things in the mix of those ones and I can do all things through Christ are saying to me there's like a huge list of all the times that promises come true in my life but there's many more there's so many more and if we don't know the promises how can God supply the fact because we're not claiming other promises that could be cleped that make sense you know there's that that story of how there is. All those blessings up in heaven all those boxes right and a person goes up there he says what all these and these are all the blessings that I never got to give you because you never asked if you've ever heard that little story but I do believe that there's tons of blessings of the Lord long supporting us but we're not asking but it's also because we're not spending time to know what to ask on the other what I really love in subsequences I believe it is so not because I feel it and I absolutely love that 1 because I'm a girl and I feel all sorts of beings but. Believe it is so not because I seal it but because God has promised so what I'm struggling with something like I told you before if we just go back to where God is let us then we can easily see that he's led us before he'll take care of the situation no matter how big or different it is he's let me before him lead me again I believe the promise I don't feel it but I believe it because I have seen it come true in my life and so God has promised and it will come true maybe not always exactly to the way that I think it will come true but it will come better than I imagine because he knows what is best for me all right so we have under a bus or just. All right so what I do is I started this thing but the 1st way I did it was that I I decided that every day when I woke up I was going to look for something really awesome in nature and just look for something that I thought was really cool in nature so as I was driving along I would look out the car windows I spend the afternoon I spend the evenings whatever I would just look for something really cool in nature and then I come back home and I'd use my can cordon to try to find a bible promise about it all right so let's just say I thought the birds were really pretty that day or 1 time there was a red sky and I was like whoa that Reza Sayah is really pretty you know I would just try to like look for something that I thought was really awesome in nature every day and I would write it down and then when I came home I use my killfile concurrence to try to find if there was a promise about that in nature. And that's where it started OK it got deeper later on but that's where it started with me so the 1st 1 was read not the 1st 1 I ever did but the 1st 1 I want to show you as read and so I turned I found my concurrence read and I found verses Matthew 16 chapter Matthew Chapter 16 verse 2 and 3 and it says he answered and said to them when it is even you say I'll be fair weather for the sky is red and in the morning it will be fall weather today for the sky is right and that any hypocrites you know how to destroy in the face of the sky but you cannot discern the signs of the time and I don't know about you but I grew up with the same red sky at night sailor's delight red sky in the morning sailors take warning I did I was in the Bible like how is he really shocked when I found out I was like what I thought that was a little silly saying My grandma said I did not know that I was in the Bible and so my take away from that simply was the fact that there is you know I was raised an Adventist there is so much more in the Bible that I have been not finding like I thought I knew everything hypocrite you don't know like this is exactly talking to me like you think you know your Bible but you know you're missing so much more and this was early on that I found this verse and I just thought I thought it was so incredible because that is what there is so much more like because there is so much more and I know it's only funny to you but to me it was like an eye opening experience because it was just read I started with Read it wasn't even that crazy read the Bible that it started to read and I said really this ain't in the Bible or what how I'm so cool so we all knew that was in there but I thought it was cool All right so another 1 that I know we know we all know but I think that it becomes even more powerful Matthew 626 so often you know we hear birds and my go to 1 when I couldn't find anything was birds but actually there was 1 time in my life that I was really struggling with what to do with my life and where God wanted me and I was in college down in Texas so I drove to a state park by myself and I was like I'm just going to spend time with God in nature and try to find this is before I read the book this is just me trying to find find finally got what we do in my life you know in college it's just there's so many options and so I went to meeting went because I want me to do with my life so I found the word birds. And I'm sure you've heard this verse Matthew 626 look at the birds of the air for they neither snow nor rain nor gathering to buy and yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than day and then I skip down to verse 34 therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow worry about its own things sufficient for the day is its own trouble and I said you know what I can handle that right I can handle that every time I see a bird sufficient is the day sufficient for the day is its own troubles do not worry so honestly I'm sure many maybe already do this but every time I see a bird I honestly can't help but say that verse I guess just impossible for me when I see a bird fly in the sky and I'm going on a hike a grand a walk and I see a bird up in the sky I always say what do I have to worry about the Lord takes care of them he helps them survive why do I have to be afraid because there's nothing to worry about so that's a supernatural 1 another 1 and I am 66 verse 12 this 1 was so my favorite over this is probably say that a lot but this 1 really has 1 of my top 3 words all right so once again I was at school in Texas trying to find find God and find peace and find out what he wanted me to do with my life because I felt like I was at this huge crossword crossroads now in Texas you know account it does kind of dry and I was walking along and I was just kind of walking and I have this habit of getting lost in those like me and Lord what if I get lost out here nobody even knows I'm out here nobody else goes to the state park I'm way away from the college so I was just walking along and all of a sudden I came to a river and I was like really a river were like that's quite I wonder where I am that there's actually a river and so I got to this river and I said now in my Bible and I looked up and I can quite an River. And this 1st part of it to you is Isaiah 6612 Behold I will extend peace to her like a river I was talking to Jerusalem but how many times it say her in the Bible and I promise you I really honestly said that's just you talking right now OK I'm a holy ground like Jesus said I will extend peace to her like a river I didn't have any answers I didn't have any answers but I knew that the Lord to promise to extend me peace and I I we time I come to a river every time I ever counter of or I say be whole I will extend peace to her like a river and the rivers I come to you you know how many times I long for peace you know me times I'm still struggling what a God want me to do in my life why is this happening to me this doesn't make sense to me you know and that's kid song I've got like a river we know we sing that haha it's fun but no I I have peace I go to the river and I have peace because I think about by a promise and it got if if you believe the promise God please supply the facts I don't feel peace at that moment my it my I have no answers answered questions answered but I believe the promise God supplies. Awesome All right another thing that happened that same day was waterfall so growing up as a kid my mother is obsessed with waterfall so we are in a family vacation traveling out west and there's a waterfall also alongside the road my mother pulls over says let's go hike so we go 1 hike to the top of the waterfall another time you know we go to you also National Park and you can see the Falls My mom has to go to every view of the fall so we had all the way to this view looks the same as this view looks same as this if you like we go to all 4 because she must see all 4 views of the waterfalls and we must also add a problem to the picture and smile and front of each view of the waterfall that is just my dear mother that I dearly love and going out and 1 time we hiked 11 miles to see a waterfall hike I'm telling you she loved the water. And I didn't know I mean it was fine with the plane and you know every kid likes to play in the waterfall but the picture of hiking a lot of balls was not my favorite thing to do in the world and in fact we have a picture where I just sat down the ground I said I quit my quit and I stuck my tongue out against the rock and my dad my tongue I said on the rock and my dad says down next to me he says that hung out and that's what's in the picture because I am absolutely done in my father's like I'm going to but he wasn't really he was trying to encourage me so a lot of calls have always meant something to me just because my family loves them so much so here I am I found that verse about the river and then this is where I try this is where I'm going to show you that I kind of try to get deeper because waterfall the word waterfall is not to say a lot in the Bible and so I'm sitting there I'm next to a river and I think this is so awesome going to follow the river so I start hiking next the river and all of a sudden I come to a waterfall a waterfall and Texas. And I said. Lord like what is this need because my family has always loved waterfalls and I was like I wonder if I can learn something about cod through a waterfall so I just started thinking about waterfall what could that teach me about God and I thought about like how you know you're thirsty and I don't know I was just trying to make connections and I honestly don't remember exactly how God wants me but it was found I found it in John 7. This was so cool to me John 73738 and it says on the last day the Great day of the species the starting cry out saying if anyone thirst let him come to me and drink he leaves me in the Scripture has said out of his heart will flow rivers of living water so as you can see it was because I use can quote is that I found water false I just started praying and because I was thirsty I wasn't 30 but I was thinking about thirst and that's how it led me to those verses and it was as what I think now every time I come to a waterfall so if you are going to want a false some of them a little some of them are big great but it doesn't matter how big or little the waterfall is have you noticed that there's always a constant over it even like the littlest waterfall you trollop try to follow the trough within this amazing amount of water going over a waterfall no matter what and so every time I come to a waterfall This is what I think of I think of the fact that God says you're thirsty I want to tell you so much about me I want to poor my love on you I want to talk to you I want to communicate with you I want to be if you go stand under a waterfall even though it's not that big a still pretty powerful pounding on you and then the big ones are super powerful so there's different times in my life where we're got only might be communicating a little bit to me and those are the times where you'd like to hear I want you know me more I want you to know me more about every time I come to a waterfall I'm always like if you're thirsty has like a waterfall he's not like oh he's just a little bit of me I just want you to know me a little bit I just want you understand me a little bit I just want you to get to know me a little bit know he's like I want you to know me I want you to understand it spend time with me I want you have a relationship with me and out of your heart will flow rivers of living water but 1st I'm going to flow rivers of living water into your heart and I just find that so encouraging like every time I go to a water farm like oh lord you want like I go stand under it and I'm like you want me to be you want me to be for you don't want me to be thirsty you want me to be for. And I just absolutely I love that analogy and I know that I can't really tell you how I got to that verse except exactly. It was by a board so it's not always going to be a Can cordons that helps you find a promise to relate to nature it's it's honestly what you're going through at that moment if that makes sense what you're what you're needing is what God helps you to relate to nature so I'm not trying to tell you that everything in nature stands for something out if that makes sense it's like nature can identify with the feeling that you're struggling to identify with and then it and then God shows you the promise is through nature. All right so another 1 is in Psalms 61. So I'm 61 and this 1 was about mountains. And I was. Supposed to supposed to fly to the Dominican Republic to get ready for alternate workout 26 I was 1 of the leaders and I'm supposed to go there to get a site visit and site development to get going for the mission ship and I didn't have my passport I had I had flown from Michigan to Utah to hang out with a friend and I had somehow and all the travels left my passport behind and my parents frantically Bugsy my cars that they dug through everything like they both came home from work my mom's a teacher my dad had a job they both came home from work to look for the passport nobody could find the passport and I mean Utah is saying how am I going to tell my leaders that I'm going to be a leader and I don't have my passport and on top of that the year before when I was accidently young adult leader was because the other girl lost her passport and I was on the other side where I heard them say how could you be a leader and lose your passport you know like I heard all the things like what could this girl do that how could you be so foolish you know they were kind of upset at her naturally it's not really good to lose your passport and like now I get to be the 1 to call and say you know I lost my passport or to have any idea where it is and I did call them and they said well you know we can postpone the ticket for a day and hopefully you can find a miracle my parents found it in the bottom of my closet and over Fedex it to me that was another scary thing they said I said to me they had bought the plane to you because I said OK they found it is supposed to arrive in Fedex on this day so literally we joke to the airport we stopped at the Fed Ex place 1st before going to airport and my flight left like an hour after it arrived at Fedex so I'm going to Fedex like shaking shaking shaking I go up to Fedex like do you have a package for him to approve. Who over the phone here you know what this father is coming to the American republic but 1 of the verses that I saw and I was surrounded by mountains. And you talk because I was busy in Daystar Academy and there was all around me mountains and so I looked up in Mike accordance and I found the the word mines and I looked through all the verses and I go through all the verses that have that word in it and I keep looking until there's a promise that fits that situation because sometimes there's weird ones about mountains or birds or rocks or whatever I'm looking at but I keep looking until I find 1 that relates and sometimes that 1 relates to something else or maybe the verse next to it and actually not that specific verse if that makes sense but it gets me to an area of reading and I just read around I read the context of the chapter and tell I just see if it fits whatever that I am struggling with or just what the Lord's like this is what you need today and so for the end I love this verse that says Hear My Cry old lord attend to my prayer from the end of the earth I will cry to you when my heart is overwhelmed and boy was I overwhelming to lead me to a rock that is higher than I Now every time I come to a mind every time there's this weird rock formation I can't help but think of lead me to a rock that is higher than I I just can't help it like it's just the verse that comes to my head because it was such an emotional experience and do not tell me that I'm the only 1 in this room that goes through emotional experiences right like our lives per me with emotional experiences and any time they say we can relate a fact to an emotion we remember right so we know that in our classrooms in our homes why don't we apply that to the Bible right and now that various just means so much to me any time I see a rock formation I go through that whole experience in the miracle of that mission ship I can just go on and on about the incredible stories that happened in a public about the mishaps that happen all along the way the discouragement that I share with the other verse like there was an absolutely incredible journey all wrapped up because I say lead me to a rock that is higher than I and all of a sudden the whole experience has come back and I know that God is working just as alive in your life as he's working in mine I'm not unique or special but I'm just relate to the Bob promises and I'm remembering them and then it's just becoming so alive and incredible that I honest. Earth is not a lonely investment place because there's a rock that is higher than I I don't have to worry because he scares the birds he's going to take care of me you know I just go outside and I'm at peace because I'm extra river and God promises to extend peace to me like a river do you see like it's just impossible not to have them come to your mind is just awesome All right so another 1 that I'm going to show you I must get down to Moon really quick as it's and Psalm 727 and this is where I have read the whole chapter in context that helps to explain like this 1 all right so I was flying somewhere and I have this issue where the grass is always greener on the other side and so I get on the plane and. For some reason it wasn't really empty plane I don't remember why and I was tired or I don't remember what was going on in my life at that exact moment but I get on the plane and I can pick which side I want to sit on the plane and I'm like who I saw on that side maybe I can watch the sunset but if I stand that side maybe I'll watch sunset and so I was trying to figure out which side of the plane to sit on because I want to take the best view of the sky I sat on the rocks. I watched the sunset across 6 other people like this and I was really upset and there was a moon outside mine looked about the moon I want the sunset hike that's what I was thinking about on this plane ride so I was like Whoa Lord. That's a moon today I guess we're going to the moon so I looked up and I can quarter moon and it brought me to saw 72 and some 77 it says in his days the righteous shall flourish and in abundance of peace and tell the moon is no more now I'm sure there's a whole lot more to that verse and a whole lot more of that verse that same but for me I said once again. The hold and peace to her like a river now when I see the moon I say well tell the moon is no more I will have peace and I'm not sure exactly that's exactly what the verse is saying in that context but I know the Lord wants me to have peace right I'm not trying to put things that aren't there but I know that those promises that he's promised me to have like the fruit of the whole the fruit of the Holy Spirit Those are things that he's promised and so maybe that's not exactly what that verse is talking about because I'm sure this is a prophecy until the moon is no more but I do believe that he wants me to have peace that is something that I do know and so when I see the moon to me when there's no moon that doesn't mean he doesn't have peace but when I see the military minor to me that he wants me to have peace if that makes sense but I decide you know I'm just going to read this entire chapter because I'm sure there's more here so I read the entire chapter and there's just some really cool things in here and some 72 Verse 3 it says the mines will bring peace to the people and the little hells by righteousness and you are bring justice to the poor the people he will save the children of the needy and 1 of my biggest struggles in life is I have a very tender heart that I absolutely despise sometimes because I get really teary eyed really quickly and I get really angry when I know people are hurting and I really have a hard time with suffering like I cry every time I leave a mission ship like every time because the little kids I'm like all I could do is 1 we could be B.S. Like what does that really matter when I just get really emotional and I get really angry cause I'm like What about like those kids who are being abused like Lauren how do they honestly have a chance and I just like this 1 of my biggest troubles and like I know you love me like I know you love them too but I've been given so much I have incredible parents I have an incredible upbringing I got to go to incredible I went to schools have incredible family support and I have incredible friends and incredible opportunities what about him like he has no opportunities and he has a terrible life situation and she has been through way more things that I'm ever going to experience in my life and honestly it makes me doubt that God cares in general because it's so something that is just so like it's just a huge struggle for me it's. 1 of my biggest struggles with God is like you really reach out to everybody like honestly like I know you reached out to me but how hurt like really to cheat really get anything and I just love this because it says and he will bring justice to the poor of the people he will save the children of the needy so you see I didn't even know that's not what I was looking for when I was reading that chapter that verse but whenever I get really discouraged when I hear stories of horror stories I'm already mission ships I'm feeling like Lord do you have these kids I go back to that promise and I say he'll bring justice to the poor of the people he will save the children of the needy he will save the children of the needy I don't feel it at that moment I don't see it but I believe it is so not because I feel it but because God has promised and that is the life of the Lord is honestly not seen it not feeling it but believing it because he's promised and he's promised he's promised over and over over and. And I also love the fact that it says the MAS will bring peace to the people right about the verse and the little hills by righteousness and I like Hollis of the little hills because to me that little note to myself I wrote next to it notice the little things in life because it says the mountains and so people hills so maybe I have mountains in Michigan but there are many other things that I can have to be thankful for instead of being like oh we don't have mountains here Michigan's ugly like some people and I don't like Michigan there's no no moderns here wild noticed little hills you know there's an amazing promise in that too. And then a bit skip over to verse 12 was another 1 and says for he will the really needy when he cries the poor also in Him who has no helper I love that because there are so many people who I feel have no helper so why it's again I wrote that as a promise to claim when I'm questioning and that's why I wrote next are just a promise to claim when I'm questioning that he will also help him who has no helper he will spare the poor and needy and will save the souls of the needy who will redeem their life from oppression and violence and precious shall be their blood in his sight I love that promise I love and I found it all because it began with me looking for the moon so I just I just got into my word if nothing else nature got me into my work to look at different places I never looked it wasn't I'm not trying to give you a formula like this because this is just when you're spending time in nature it's kind of like there's that promise and Ellen might talk about there's like a double blessing on the Sabbath I really think that like a double blessing in nature is not so much that you're going to sit there and get this grass slate equals this is just you're going to be in his house in his presence and he's going to reveal Himself to you he doesn't want to be a secret I love that because to me that's like my biggest struggle I'm like God talk to me like right in the sky go you therefore OK I'll go walk you know like just tell me where to go or tell me what to do. But it's not so much the direct a big thing that he says go and do this it's just I'm here for you I want to give you peace I love you I'm going to answer your questions in time I am you know and some questions are going to be there but there are many questions that are going to be answered along the way. All right another 1 that is amazing is 1st Corinthians 1312 so I you know our mission shift you're almost always by an ocean and I I still have I still have a connection with waves because I don't I sit there and you know waves are always very peaceful right you like to sit next to an ocean or that Lake Michigan in ways that always peaceful but I don't have really a bill or it hasn't really given me like a connection with ways because I'm like ways are cool and then they crash my life is cool and it crashes no no don't like that 1 like. You know like we haven't gone very far with you so I was thinking about ocean trying to still get away is not like looking at where you're going I sound like in the depths you are but. I don't know like I still haven't found a great verse that I can put next to wave so if you think of an awesome 1 I would love to hear it. But there's something that's so personal that I don't always think everyone gets my connections and I've made it look at make I'm crazy but to me they're special but so I was at the ocean and I was walking along and the waves are crashing and the sun was setting and you know when the sun sets and you have ocean what happens with the ocean in the sky is a reflection and it's gorgeous right. Is the 1st section in the ocean as beautiful as a reflection in the sky. There is actually much more brighter right I mean there's much of the ocean is gorgeous but it's not as real as the real thing now the contrast is gorgeous and it's wonderful to compare but so I was I was like a reflection I think I can maybe take this ocean analogy with reflection so I looked up reflection and I can cordons and I found 1st Corinthians 1312 actually you know what I didn't find the word reflection I started thinking about what makes reflection So 1st I tried reflection that didn't get me anywhere so you had to keep trying different words you know different words that relate think about authorise and what relates to what you're feeling or what you're seeing or what you're thinking and so I was like oh a mirror reflects so I went to 1st Corinthians 1312 and it says for now we see in a mirror dimly but then face to face now I know in part but then I saw no just also known and so I was like you know Lord I I think that what I just as ocean that all that so gorgeous and it is but if I never look up and I miss you now you know and I think that this is beautiful but there is so much more beautiful so every time I feel reflection every time I see a reflection I think of the fact that you know if it's in a pond or if it's in a lake I'm like yeah you can get all caught up with the reflection but don't forget to look up at the real thing you know and right now you think it's good and we think that this earth is good but you see it's so damn compared to what is out there and then I found this quote because I was reading steps to Christ 1 of my absolute favorite books if you haven't read it it's something you should read every year it's just 1 of my absolute favorite books and I found this this verse. I didn't write down the page number and I always get confused as Chapter 12 or Chapter 13 but I was reading it because I was you know once again struggling they struggles right now have the real. And decide what to do and my whole life my life to me had just crashed and I thought I was going to go to this school and then also have the opportunity dropped I didn't know where I was teaching I didn't know what I was doing I'd randomly been offered another job offer out of the blue thing that the school be like this doesn't feel right like this in the field I was supposed to go here my life was. Designed I knew what I was going to what was going to happen finally I X. Y. and Z. all fits all together that completely fell through and now I'm at this random school that I don't have any peace about like what is going on so I was reading the steps to Christ and I found this amazing quote that I wrote right next about verse and it says we maybe Joyce that all which has perplexed us and the providence of God will then be made plain things hard to be understood will then find an explanation where our finite mind discovered only confusion and broken purposes we will see the most beautiful and perfect harmony. Going right next to him princes 1st Corinthians 1312 and now I just can't help when I go to an ocean and crash Hey there we go I just crash in the breaking and I feel like I'm crashing and I'm breaking and like my life is just going like an ocean where it goes on a bike up and rolling and it's not always making sense to me I finally have 1 prior to before you know like oh emotions always coming it's always crashing is always breaking in my life feel like it's breaking but the Lord has promised that we may rejoice that all which has perplexed us in the mind and the providence of God will then be made plain things hard to be understand will find isolation where our finite minds discovered only confusion and broken purposes we still see the most beautiful and perfect harmony but I mean that's also and that's the focus that's a lot of in my life that's that's incredible Let's talk or yes so I don't know if I make a lot of sense I just feel like something that you just have to start doing by yourself to understand and nature in of itself is no God but it's the creator's handwriting he is the 1 that is seen through it. OK 1 of the most recent ones might be kind of a funny 1 my mother doesn't like it when I say this 1 but I call it a party and OK I know trying to sound not fun but it is so I heard a sermon and I was watching a sermon and I think I was on You Tube. And he was talking about Lazarus and he was saying that if. We get this straight so he was same that if if Mary and Martha had known that what was going to happen with Lazarus if they would have known that he was going to be raising the dead when he was sick what would they have been doing. They've been throwing a party like this you wait to see what's going to have been Blues going to be you so cool you know you're sick little brother but you know it's OK like your big brother you know whatever brother you're sick because I'm sorry if you're miserable but this is going to be so cool like you know if they would have known that he was going to raise from the dead how me would they have not been like this is the most exciting thing in my life this is the most exciting thing I'm ever going to experience so I thought that was a really awesome point and it was something I was thinking about throughout the week and he also made the point he's like you do know the end you do know the end you know that Jesus is crazy about you you know through world history and every bit of history that Jesus is doing everything you can to seek after those that he loves you do know the end you know that he's crazy about you you do know that his plan is better for you and you can go through all the promises you do know that Jeremiah 2911 you do know Proverbs 356 what you do know the end so when the struggles so you have a more of a of a party a like joyful experience like hey wait to see what God's going to bring out of this trial wait till you see the gold that's going to be come out of this like how many of us look at child and say Just wait till you see how God is going to turn this around I don't think so that's not the natural venue like Lord Byron like going through both this is really a long process. To get to the end because so many show right but this is the story and wait till we see what God is going to get out of that story so I was wrestling with my question. You know I'd watch Sesame I thought that was really powerful in my life I had going was you know struggling with like that just never seemed to be answered in my life and I was going to visit some friends and they said why don't you just go spend some time with God You know I would work out a very busy life I work up a boy economy I never have really a lot of down time do I just just go so I went to the pond and I sat in the pond and I just sat there and I said Lord I don't even know what I need I don't even know I'm just I am content with my life for the most prime ministers 1 thing that I'm missing but I'm content I love my job but I I don't know I'm just going to sit here and so I'm like sitting there and it's fall and all of us out in the wind blows and the leaves fall from the trees and you love that site I think it's so pretty I just think it's just so beautiful and so I'm just looking at it and I'm like wow that's really cool I wonder what I could learn about Jesus through falling leaves. I'm just sitting there and I'm seriously up there for like over an hour and I finally made the connection All right leaves are beautiful in the in the far right they're gorgeous they're God's confetti all right it's guys party but the thing is the treat is kind of dying or looks like it's starting right and the tree has to lose its leaves or the tree will die actually because it will freeze to death of it doesn't lose its leaves so I'm looking at that and I'm saying you know what that guy's confetti So when I'm going to a child and I see the leaves fall off the trees that's guy's confetti and if I don't go through this trial that I'm going to die because I need this child guy only lets me to go through what he can used to refine in my character he only put me through what does in time go for the only allows things to happen that they can have a point of I'm not saying that everything happens for a reason please do not take that I do not think that everything happens for a reason but I think that in everything God can bring out something good right so through this guy's going to bring out something fantastic that doesn't mean that he planned for this situation to happen to me you know so that when something bad like yeah party no the devil is very much alive in this world and he's making things happen God can turn that terrible thing into something man magnificent So now it's next to John 11 Where are. Ya Donna Levon Where's the story Lazarus I have read down next to it autumn leaves falling from trees a party and they were not the best way to say it but what I have now and every time I see Lee's folly I'm like Man that is gorgeous God knows what he's doing God God sees the end from the beginning and he's going to make everything turn into beautiful and perfect harmony in the end I go back to after Christ quote and that's what's so incredible to me is everything starts connecting like I'll be discreet about something and that will connect me back to that verse which will just take me on this journey back to all the experiences where God is Love me like I just are really all the experiences 1 thing. And I'll be flipping to this verse and flipping to that person flipping and that's when Sam flipping It's not that I'm an excellent Bible scholar Hi I'm not but I love to be so much more well versed in my Bible but I am just flipping through the experiences that God has led me through over and over and it's like oh yeah this takes me deeper and this 1 takes me deeper and that's the trust with him keeps building because just like and our lives our trust built based on experiences right with our spouse or with our family with our parents our trust bills based on the experiences that they have proven their love to us right well God doesn't expect any less of us he wants to prove his love to you want to prove that you have something to trust in him but we have to be looking at them and recording these experiences or they're just going to go in 1 year not the other you know and so 1 of my definitely 1 of my favorites from the last 1 that I share with us flowers 2nd Corinthians. And this 1 once again. Is definitely not just because I looked up the word flowers. I was resigning Corinthians for my devotion and absolutely love 2nd country and I'm not trying to brag but there's like an example of how I that's how I do it I use Bible marking pens. You can get them off of Amazon and they come in all sorts of colors I like colors because I'm a colorful person but you can just use black. So I did it anyways these are them they're my contents and they're really cool and I carry them everywhere I go which makes my bag really heavy but I just love them and I might want to record a bible promise or maybe the pastor says something and that reminds me of an experience or something else I just want to write down that experience even though the past is not even talking about that and I so believe that you might say something as like right now I'm saying something here the speaker or the Lord might be telling you something in a very different way than what I'm saying to the Lord knows what you need and when you're in the presence of Holy Spirit He is the 1 communing with you which is so incredible. So these are the pens I used to write and then I always have a little card in my Bible like you know like 1 of those price tags off of like an outfit I always have those that tucked in my Bible so that I was straight line to underline the things in my Bible and nothing's really thin so I just use like 1 of those price tag cards and that's what I stick in my Bible. So yeah that's what I use all right so I really think print the ends and it says in chapter 2 verse 14 now thinks be to God who always leaves us and triumph and Christ and through us defuses the fragrance of his knowledge in every place for we are to God The fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing to the 1 we are the aroma of death leading to death and the other to roam of life Levy leading to life and who is sufficient for these Lee things for we are not so as many peddling the Word of God but as a sincerely but as from God we speak in the sight of God and Christ and as the girls being I can tell you right now that I definitely feel like I'm the aroma of life and family room of death. Everybody loves me him they don't love me you know no 1 wants to be told what to do and teenagers there has definitely don't want to be told what to do. And so I just found that super encouraging that morning when I read that I said you know I can be the fragrance of Christ I can be the aroma of life to somebody and if I am the aroma of I am not something that somebody loves at that moment that's not because they're rejecting me you know and that's crazy and he's going to get really scared like oh my girls I'm going to choose Jesus no please what I really want my girls to choose Jesus like crisis the 1 who is going to teach them how to I'm just going to live with me and I can be the fragrance that he wants me to be if I let him live in me and so I just found that so encouraging and and I just wrote next to each believer in each church should be a letter from Christ to the world like we are literally a letter to be read and it keeps going that and Christ appears I just love saying print the INS Chapter $23.00 and $4.00 some of my favorite chapters in the Bible and. So I was going through my days and that weekend I went to a little camp and I went down to my little extra river and there was flowers all over like flowers I want to what I can learn about flowers and then I said Oh do you want that verse where I can be a fragrance like so now we time I see a farmer I'm like I can be a fragrance if I like Chrysler I can literally be you know everyone loves flowers even boys love flowers and like oh that's so beautiful and you know maybe it all like the smell them but we all love the beauty of flowers right and I can be that the world I can be a letter to the world I can be a fragrance the world and just like people when they're around far they like breathe a sigh of relief or they get excited about flowers I can offer that to people through Christ like that is incredible I can be a fragrance I just think that it's so so awesome. All right so there those are just a couple of my examples hopefully that was helpful to you. Another thing that you can do is literally is just pick a process in nature so the lifecycle of a Dragon-Fly example. I haven't really quite figured out what I what I can draw a dragon fly but something interesting about going to fly is that it goes through 3 stages and the egg is planted someone needs a service the water depend on the Dragon Fly there's many different. Jargon finds out there so it is going to be pretty broad want to quit but it's like a barn of the water that plants its eggs for lays eggs and then. They're there for. You About how long but then they turn to the next stage and they're in that stage for anywhere from 2 years to 5 years and then the dragon fly when it becomes an adult do you know how long he's a life for 1 to 2 weeks maybe max 5 to 6 weeks. Interesting right so I don't know yet something I recently was reading about I haven't quite decided what that can show me about God but at anything at this moment all it says to me is when I see a dragon finally pesky thing he's only around for want to we find out the privilege of seeing him that's pretty cool you know he and he would like. Ugly saying what you did by years you know and I didn't care mom when I saw him then definitely but as an adult like I was 1 of the problems was to see the famous dragon fly for only 1 to 2 weeks you know what I got to see I mean landed on me that's really all you know so I don't know if anything it just gives me back to that sense of wonder you know that that childlike joy we supposed in order into the King of Heaven we have childlike faith and I kind of wrestle with what that means but to me Nature gives me that childlike faith because it's really hard to reach not to be like Whoa that's really cool you know of the flowers or call us our adult when we see something gorgeous in nature like wow that maybe some of us are about phenomenal but you know we all pretty much think it's really cool already you know maybe all us have different expressions of joy but we all can have that sense of wonder and I think if you lose your sense of wonder you're missing a big component with your walk with God because it's that constant I'm created He's the creator it's that constant We need that we just need that and I honestly don't think you can get it anywhere else but in nature to be consummate I'm created He's creator. So another example is the jack pine tree and I know. If you come to campus I will but I jack pine maybe you guys know this too but I jack pine is a tree that we have here in Michigan the house cones and in order for those cones to germinate enough for it to become another tree a baby tree what has to happen in the 1 I know you know extreme he wished would mean like a fire in order for that cone to burst open and be able to germinate and grow new tree it needs fire and. And you know often in life we have fires that are painful and they leave scars you know I was on and I was on a on a chip and the boundary waters for my masters in Minnesota and we got into the waters and where we got into the water as it was only burnt it was there had been a huge forest fire in that area the boundary waters and so we are piling through that area and then we get to the area that wasn't hurt and a pal long in my in 1 of my teachers is like I do not understand why people think that is so I really thought they know that that's a natural part of the forest that we have to have fires or it doesn't work and this is just what the ecosystem needs and I'm seeing there in the middle being like it's I think it's. I think it's very ugly I think it's sad and depressing and I had sort of fire is like you know I don't think this is beautiful like you know I hate that it's a necessary part like this isn't this is not beautiful or I could. Go on. The trip ended up being kind of rough there was just this little drama with people and all this stuff and how you got in like in trouble and that was ridiculous and it was really emotional and follow the kids and the kids but my fellow people didn't like me and it was ridiculous anyways and then that being like a really rough experience in a lot of ways and how like oh my like a teenager again like feeling left out like how is this happening again and Anyways it was it was kind of a fire experience I was supersaver the boundary waters it was an amazing place to be but the people I was with I couldn't train them up in a minute. But this is the thing. That experience taught me to there was a leadership class and they didn't like my leadership style and that was what was getting attacked and through that experience I learned to be much more retrospective about my leadership style and there were some things that I could improve on in change and I'm very thankful for that experience because it help me to grow as a person that fire hurt or you better believe it I mean I was out with a banjo I was fully Oh well ready to make a little. And there was a fellow painful fire but what I trade that new growth for anything no and that is the thing. My best friend passed away when I was when I was 18 from cancer and that was I'm the most devastating thing and my entire life and and recovering from that and still recovering from that is taken tons of time now when I want to lose my best friend Absolutely not but that new growth would I trade that for the world the person that I am because I lost my best friend such a young age is very much different than what I would have been if I hadn't gone through that genetic experience as a teenager right that new growth is is unchangeable and that is what is so beautiful not the fire and this is like the Jack kind with the forest fires in order for there to be a new growth there has to be a forest fire in order to start that 1st expression of the forest there just has to be and in our lives in the world that we live in the house to be that fire to get that new growth and without that new growth life would just not be that we would not be proud of who we are without that new growth the Lord needs to have put us through the fires to get the new growth as often through the fires that we see Jesus working on that without the fires and. That instantly brings you to a story you know Shadrach Meshach and Abednego right the only time that they saw the Son of God was when they were in the fire and maybe for our own light only time we're going to see the sun about working our lives is through the fire. Another thing really cyclic know a little know about creation that's really awesome and cool you know the Lord everything is so organized and I'm scratching the surface of how many lessons can be brought out of nature I'm not a scientist I'm not a botanist So you know you talk to somebody who is and they can pull out crazy awesome things I'm just I'm just touching things with my emotions but you know other scientists Wow the things they can bring out about God are in credible. Childlike faith compared to their amazing analogies but 1 thing that's really cool is the fact that creation and the order that it was that it was designed. What they were plants made their day. Scientists have found that plants can survive 2 days without animals because you know the carbon carbon dioxide oxygen trade off right we need each other they need our bad breath they need our we need their bad rest right good to get good Reza we need their bad breath and so exactly 2 days when we're animals created the sick like everything in science like it does fit in if you be come a great scientist with your students or with your children or yourself you're going to see that God is just for and all over in nature and you going to find Romans 120 to ring over True and true and shoot and shoot as you study and as you study so. I was going to see you have 10 minutes to give you time to try yourself a little bit but before I have you try yourself because I don't want to end on that note I mean I want to end on that note I want to just give you a couple of things some resources to look up the 1st 1 is Sally stride she is an Adventist woman and as a kid she as a kid she came to our school and she did a little seminar and you should ask her to come to your school and I still have Christy do you have yours the little container with the C. cells and remember her yeah so she came and those are my cousins by the way. She came with a container and we each got a shell and every day she taught us something and we got a little shell to go along with it and so if you haven't. Found her on Facebook I just friendly president write her a message and tell her Hey I promote your books and maybe we can get a working relationship or somehow going maybe she can send her other ones for free you know. I'll display them on my counter for you. Anyway so Sally strive I grew up bringing charges by the sea and I copied and pasted the whole thing about it because I think that if you can see what it's about you would long to have this in your library for sure when you see what the answers are to the questions I don't care what age you are I think you would love this book no matter what age you are and I don't know if you're an adult or have children you're working with child by the see is so awesome so take a moment to read that. What it does it also comes with a workbook that's really cool and the workbook teaches you about those things as well there's 27 different Bible truths that goes over all right so it's pretty pretty awesome book there's a a 2 a volume 2 that I just found called Summer of the sharks I've never read it I don't know a lot about it but I love child and I would feast so I really want to get some of the sharks she calls it Volume 2 discharges by the sea another 1 that has come out as octopus encounter it sounds like it's about finding your purpose because you know it's about twins and the boy has seemed like he has found his purpose but the girl hasn't quite found her purpose and honestly in life that's what it's about is our purpose you know it was a sort of God The big question why we get stumped and then we leave if we don't know how if the HOW that we bogged down and confused and stressed about the how so I think octopus encounters looks really cool and shooter is some of that this is going to come out it hasn't come out yet but I want to she's writing trans treasures a steps across for children how to really want that 1. And then I mention to you the heartland if you're a woman that's a must must read I love it. She actually went through a divorce and she talks about that and you know maybe I don't have that but it's amazing how we all have broken hearts maybe you think that you know you're pretty good but this book it was like wow it really spoke to my heart and I didn't feel like I can't do anything huge and tragic like she had gone through but the Hartman to really touch me and then there's another new 1 it's called The Nature notebook for kids with 10 nature activities and I include a little blurb about that because that looks so cool to get I'm not a kid but I think I want that need to know books for kids so check out those. They say they do. More and that's what I'm trying to do because she actually understands the process of like you know the pearl You know we all know about that and it's quite a process to get a pro like she's talking about that like more like the process is of nature and the process is of cycles of life and she draws spiritual strong and credible spheres applications out I'm more just connecting but she's like really like wow applying and drawing out. All right. So I think that's it I have a couple more things so this is a book written by an Adventist too he should be like a tree it's a whole book just about. Lessons from trees all the way from root to leaves and it's just completely all about trees it's pretty cool so there's that 1 that's a pretty cool resource these are SO MY FAVORITE these I found last year up in the used book section there all the birds every mention in the Bible all over as I mentioned the Bible I mean there's some really like that for is really the mosque so quorum is mentioned in the Bible and then it tells you the verse and Roman revelation 812 and it's just it's really cool so here's all the birds ever found in the Bible here's all the mammals I ever found in the Bible and here's all the plants I wrote on the Bible they're never coolest things ever just simply if nothing else to show your kids like what I do know that I am always talked about in the Bible so what I do with my teens is I give them I put them into groups and I give them each a book and they have to pick something they then have to ask about something that they picked because my teens love to do guest use so they have to act the other groups have to guess what they're acting and then on your mark get set go you have to find where it is in the Bible so that it's like a bible race to find where is that where is the talked about you know horse in the Bible everyone knows that revelation quickly you know but there's some other ones in here that they have why how my thoughts if I'm not in the by whether you can't use your concurrence good luck we have little races to see who can find it 1st in their bible so it's just a really cool way to get them in their Bibles and to realize like once again back to being like I said those charges that I never even realized. I absolutely love those These are just kids' books so if you have kids you just I would say they're definitely kids for me they're not as cool because I'm They are cool but I definitely think the kids will love them because the pictures and the facts are more like kid level for sure so this kid's guy to buy animals and kids guide to God's creation so just really cool resources to have if you have kids and you and your library. These are the gospel so this is taking tons of lesson this is the gospel according to a blade of grass this is the gospel according to Daniel line and the gospel according to a snowflake now I have read them and I think sometimes we stretch things to make things apply that maybe aren't really there and I don't think that's wrong I just think that that's where you just have to honestly this is the Holy Spirit this is a you making awesome connections so spend that time in prayer and let the Lord direct you and if it stretches take it out you know like maybe my whole weight thing was like Well where are you but the whole weight thing makes sense to me and that's what I need you know and I think that the Lord is definitely an individual talking to 1 of the most powerful and I was taught by a good mentor friend of mine was that God isn't going to talk to you the same way he's going to talk to me like I know it sounds weird but whenever it rains I just feel like I really loves me how I talked I just really love rain and 1 time I was jogging and I was super upset about something and I was jogging along here you don't really care about me and it started raining how would you love me. Like you know telling my in my mentor that he was like yeah that's not what I would be thinking of us remember. So who like you know like God talks to us because he knows our hearts and we have different passions in life we have different things we enjoy so why when he talked to us in different ways you know. So I know I'm running 1 more thing there is these books called character sketches and I was going to borrow somebody to bring them I love them in Tennessee but there's these huge volumes they're brown they're old they're called character sketches they're 3 volumes and they take care to actually use like and Durrance flexibility patience kindness and they take an animal they tell you all about that animal like pages and pages of all the animal also to cool things off animal and then they apply a Bible story and I'm a couple of teens I would say and 1 South African in my house and we're going through them together and they're living in like the scandal of us kind of a stretch that's kind of a stretch so the characters are just I would say they kind. Of like I would say the best thing to ever owning your life but I think it helps you get on on a track of learning to look at nature using the Bible and so on that's a that's a must go however I think you would enjoy them and definitely he's a really cool things like animals but maybe don't make the same correlation you made that make sense like we would study this world together and then we draw our own things out of it and then we connect it with our own way minus I think the squirrel Tommy and Durrance in the way that they were thing is hard to it's like I was like actually I think the school teaches this or that you want to add to it. Or the BIOS right itself isn't right I don't know that. The Bible story itself is written up wrong. Oh. OK woman maybe she is not a character sketches I don't know about that. My God because I still love them I mean I don't know I want to get rid of mine I love them but I only have 2 and then. The absolute worst. And I don't worry about my future and I would never read it out loud. I read it. But I mean it's hard for me to meet that that. Was not. There and there's so much in those books like I love them I adore them and I spent hours after news point through them and making my own analogies because I don't know about you but I don't want to spend time with afternoon on my computer going to Google I just don't know I just love the fact that I hold a book in my hands and I get to go through a book and I think that's just so amazing. So make your own thing OK our time is up but there's just 1 more thing at the very end discovering our relationship to the natural world and this is a little activity that you can try some point to maybe begin how to do this and what you do is you go to how do you have a piece of paper and you write 4 columns and on the top of those 4 columns you can write something in nature things we have in common how it helps me and what it teaches about God OK so something very simple like a tree that's a thing in nature what we have in common we both have outer layers to protect us right we have skin trees have bark and then. What's our house meanwhile the tree gives me oxygen right and then the verse that I put how I tease me about God I absolutely love this verse Isaiah 55 call for you shall go out with joy and be led force with peace the mountains in the hills so great force you into singing and all the trees of the field so clap their hands so just try to take some time make 4 columns pick something in nature how you're kind of like that thing in nature and what you how it helps you and what it teaches you about God so you can try that as a simple way to get started and I promise you when you begin this journey. I tell you it just changes your life it just changes your life because it truly unlocks the treasures of his word just like that promise in a light that we started with this and that with that and it says it is thus that nature becomes the key to the treasure house of his word and at the treasure this is absolute treasure me I have started writing everything in this file and other Bible because if I lost his Bible I would just be absolutely devastated because my life in the Bible I finally understand people today was the 1st thing the rest of the out of a burning building my Bible because I'm not going to remember all of this stuff without it like it already done I'm just not going to remember all those experiences. Let's pray and then you guys go do a lot I think you so much for your incredible love for I think you that you have a promise in your bio says you do not want to be. Secret and that is see is biggest lie to us that you are just too hard to understand and yes praise the Lord that we cannot understand everything about you crazy boy that you wanted teaches us to grow and understand you over a process and I think you for that process even though sometimes it feels like a fire and it hurts but I thank you so much for the new growth and I thank you for the promises that we have to claim Lord we believe the promise you supply the fact we love you and we surrender our life to you and your need. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio dot org.


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