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Corinthians: A Message to a Contemporary Church - Part 2

Daniel Scarone Eric del Valle




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Punning heaven thank you for this moment we are beginning to deal with this 2nd presentation regarding the a post a ball letter to the Corinthians help us to learn to use an atheist concept that may be helpful for ass in dealing with similar things that are happening in our congregations nowadays be with us with Pastor the value myself and with 1 each 1 of those who are here we asked this things in Jesus name him and well. Quick review yesterday we were. Talking about. Why our the russian out for 4 for our percent Asian Of course he still of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians was very very extremely challenging a pistol to rival it was a. Very singular conditioning which the charge to us and this is this your graffiti of the place according to Us Here it is still in the same place but. Of course long ago the members who are required to visit. The missionary effort of the Apostle Paul are gone by the way some people in the new tendencies of a new ticket are working thinking in this way they say well the congregation disappear. The problem that started or moved that litter disappear so there is no rational for us to be read in that kind of stuff there is not a purpose. In doing that we need to rewrite the Bible for ourselves let the incidences you know when I was when I was in a classroom when I heard that and I say for myself that that the Christian is seeing that for sure. But this is why people in live than seminars working on early new takes are thinking so we need to be aware of that what is the purpose for us of written our pistol like Corinthians what is what is the meaning we need we need to rewrite Corinthians know when it will need to do that we need to return from that experience and be faithful to the written word of come out there and to our plan to the condition of the work now of this because we are choosing Corinthians and there is some casual conversation coming back from tree of being and I don't are now as if we were coming back or going or going to but we were in that kind of and they were with Pastor doctors are valid and I say look at it it would be good maybe to sure the. Indians to apply to contemporary issues take us that is the same kind of stuff that we are living in our society and that is the reality. So today we are going and you have a couple of documents and we are sharing with you and yesterday we were telling you that we were bowing to share because a possible found that this charge was. Sometime 3 years in the CD And we mentioned that and he established he work with this look at synagogue and from that probably he begin to establish a connection with the basis of the early church or to the Corinthians over there and when he left he left an organized charge but problems appear and that he said the recent of this letter and probably snored we mention that prolix not this is not what we have is not the 1st because probably the 2nd deportable mention here in 1st Corinthians 59 I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with the sexually immoral people however when we read 1st Corinthians especially between the section of Chapter $1.00 and $5.00 there is nothing in reference to that that means that probably the possible sent another letter so we are going to be dealing with this the 1st probably 2nd and the 2nd is not the 2nd then because this or the 3rd or the 4 there were some scene and we mentioned that yesterday that in the early days. That was a kind of distance learning process in the early church us left and welcome. Because Paul was in office us and he was writing to the Corinthians in current and leading them from these times and that is a kind of distance learning process we were giving you an idea. And we said with a promise that we were to finish this week. We say that if we can't we are going to continue until we finish next year probably. A bad the topics are quite interesting because this is a synthesist of of the picture the whole picture of the pissed off and probably there are people that may be interested in certain other topics but remember. Before you leave today write some scene and tell us what are the topics that you prefer to be dealing with and we are trying to concentrate on upon that because for example there are people that say's I will like to to talk seriously about the case of tongues or tongues interpretation in the charge and what is the meaning what is the connection between for example the gift of tongues in the book of with the book of Acts and the manifestations in chapter 2 of the book of look acts of the Apostles and of course there is there are several issues of connection and also some issues of balance in between both. The communications yesterday we began to be exploring divisions in the church. And basically we were dealing with that and we are going to be dealing today regarding the divisions in the charge of course. Maybe what we need to work today is a little bit of the application I don't know if if in the morning they can't write this so a very important. Electronic address. And Done Done say to Schindler and the letting the e-mail of the wife but when we work when we work in the charge and this is our kind of applied the sometimes is teach you we in conference are working in a kind of 3 young or with a with the charges is the local charge the local charge these who elect the conference office and the conference officers. Select the pastor and sometimes there are problems this is in the Bible you are going to see the theory OK here is the picture that we are now in and this is our reality sometimes from the conference we are dealing with in turn our pro programs in the in the charge sometimes the problem is this between leaders or among leaders it's attention and sometimes we're working with from the conference through the pastors about this and sometimes neither the pastor or the conference my sort of some kind of problems and we are trying to you know to balance and to look for solutions in the look at Chargers let me. I can I can use a lot of examples of media you know. But I prefer not to use it inside Michigan. Let me share with you I WAS THIS IS think us to Reka and every time that I miss it that country which we serve for certain amount of years about 20 years ago or they invite me to a charge in early in the morning so I preach in the church and they move me into another place and we went preaching that congregation preaching the circle of the Asian and afford sermon they took me into they say another chart but when I have arrived to the charge I say we were here before us yes pastor we were here is the same build in but this is a different John's look. Excuse me this this this is the same building and you say that it only in the morning was a charge Shearson the other yes and now is another charge so the other N.T.'s Yes both of them speak Spanish Yes but this is a different charge they do have. A body a failed there is church war different it's recognized by the conference and what what's the issue music music so sometimes sometimes we are dealing with problems and we have not sold been at all the problems so how in the war you may be able to understand that even when we have the same Bible the same spirit of prophecy the same church of man 1 and this same human Mary book will have 2 churches because difference of worship Well the problem here was that 1 why us with the hymnal. And there are there was with her enough content poor irony a style of music so let me ask you something. Unhappy What is the problem what is a problem question let me let me approach the point here is a problem in the chart. Is a problem in the people of the chart or the problem. Look the same Bible you're free with that same Bible so same charge man and same of him now yeah I understand that but but even though we have in Spanish by the way because in the Spanish world we have our new Him Mary in which there is a lot of element renewed for they know him Mary so there is no reason in which we my have an issue on that that that that is something that we need to take in can when we consider the context you're really without because you know that we do have and you use the know him now in Spanish you know is there in Puerto Rico something like this. Yeah well hear hear when into this cast seriously with a local leaders about the concept of unity in teaching doctoring and practice. And this involves saw this is not only affecting the local leadership but also the conference leaders because from here we need to I will not say enforce but inspire unity in the local congregation because the models of unity they need to have sometimes they need to work out a kind of a turn the T.V. inside the church but the charge has to be with a lot of unity and acceptance of certain tendencies in the local church yes. Well yes I understand what what you are taken this. But. Let me tell you that there is a kind of. Slave or local free will in the local congregations similar I will say because the Caribbean charges of Costa Rica are more Anglo charges and there are more Afro Caribbean people in the charges. In in in Tahoe say the city tend to be a lot of white people are more down in the Caribbean side but the race is not the problem in general in Costa Rica in that are out of the. Oh yes. Yes yes that that's a point so we need to think about and reflect about how we might be able to create unity. And in that reflection we need to we need to accept and open our minds to different styles and tendencies when every time I enter into. Our Church in Grand Rapids or Maranatha our African Randon charge in the manner that I'm going to know that they and by the way they are both of them are very conservative and very conservative churches but and they were they were. Doing worship in in separation and to this moment. In this moment they are going to end. In 1 in 1 shot 1 child coming together and. It is a positive more it is a positive sometimes what we need to. Do is to detect what worries what is a real problem because sometimes it's not it's not the music sometimes our leaders in the music that are in tension in between because if you displaced someone of their kind of you know some leaders in the charge aren't and you know. You need to remember something music. Who is who started music before the war started yes you're right and that is part of the problem so we need to bring I speak of humbleness in the church and surrender I looking for unity and when you are working into that you know. Confession and brother who is this theory this appears and everything sort there isn't. So this are some of the problems in the practical way that we are going to see I'm probably you are not going to. Forget this situation but but this is some sense in I will say in confidence Istari else of leadership. And and this is when when you when the conference select a pastor the pastor the conference and the charge they need to agree about that kind of leadership if you are not in Niagara man you are going to have a kind of tension at some point so this triangle is some kind of teaching to us how we might be able to be lead in here the problem in Koreans and charge was not the exactly this what was not here was not a conference you know but the tension was because the look of charge they do have a kind of. This it in fast horse. Or a speaker's. Aren't in that chart came upon us painting or taint all on there were people that say I prefer being of the Lord tended to be maybe neutral in that kind of tension but they were making divisions because here there were stark I call this If the latter Rick spirit from the members to the leaders if the latter Rick ceilings they reach the point to eat all law try this the speakers and that is going to bring a kind of tension here with here and with here and with here by the way they were intentional among then no there was not a problem in between or among Apollo's with Paul or we see for us that was look the problem the problem was with the tendency of the believers that were grouping here but through nice in some of them and this with a kind of a spirit trying to move this here to say we are all over or. But this is our kind of ownership killem they belong to are US the UN The Star What is that you know and that that is that is difficult sometimes we need to avoid in the charge of that kind of spirit. And we need to think that the church belongs to to the Lord there isn't there is no other wearing which we are going to be able to warp our limits share with you that when when when in practice in practice. We need to work very very good the spirit of pastoral ethics. When pastors are opening opinions with name to other pastors I I I have problems it's not the we are not going to give opinions to our colleagues and sometimes an illustrator might request. From us an opinion or a sermon or something that say our reputed pastor in the sermon. And there is a lot of that believe me. Sometimes in some charges such as such a speaker is saying something and is reverberating in the conference and is coming to the conference knowledge about that that there is a kind of N.S.E.. Deviant teaching coming Transnet such pastor. And please if you are working with us. Do not make comments that something is wrong what we need to do please if I am saying something is wrong let me tell you what I wish to happen I wish that you come to me and say Pastor done here you did say this and this and that it's wrong. That is wrong please I'm going to say that in a kind spirit but that that is wrong and I'm going to review I'm going to check I'm going to see my notes and going to review my sermon a limited view that I'm going to correct myself and I'm very I'm going to be very thankful for that but that worries this coming from from the teaching of the loosies And when you have a difference with with our with our with a member of the chart we need to go to the person and talk to the person on our range with the person and make friends and brothers again with the brothers or sisters in and to try to revamp the good spirit that we need in in the chart so that that in in the all there is the pastoral transition when 1 pastor left our district and leave our church behind it is difficult it is difficult sometimes the congregation is very concrete that sometimes is very happy sometimes the congregation is very sorow sometimes it's sad but let me tell you that from the heart of the past or the moment it's it's sad because when you put all your heart and time in a charge and you may need a new effort day by day with that congregation is very difficult also for the pastor but sometimes members are calling back the pastor and say after We're missing you we want you to get back. When you are going to go back and there is a lot of Pastor Well what is there what is the practice here. When there is a when there is a new pastor. The practice is the former pastor or former pastor are not going to get back to that is difficult is sad but the new pastor needs to grow in his leaders. I don't remember. A former situation the probably you remember 2 in which. Former pastor who. Try. To build that kind of in the latter ic a fill in he was very very he was feeling very supportive and he was in contact by phone by social media and so on with the former members that is not. That is not good because when when when a pastor a professional pastor is doing that is in certain sense our heart in the ministry of the new pastor. And I would say that in the long run is hurting himself in the ministry because that is not the spirit the proper spirit of a pastor is not good for the other is not also good for us so here we have that kind of tension. So Paula can unsure you know all his skills remember Paula Rick names came from Rome from the prosecution's and the Corinthians they remain like having took bachelor for you know for a month in the church and they were very happy you know and probably when when all their pastors were there they were doing some kind of human level comparisons but the poster Paul this is only by inspiration of the Lord because here is poor he was compare our with all others and he began to he didn't take any advantage of the point he didn't say nothing about himself he began to say to them what are shops we serve on the Akron that is the ward that he use a minister and this at the aconite our servant leaders that is there were some with certain specialties well probably Apollos was the very good in the theatres doing evangelists and side and probably in the visiting are probably poor They started something and he remember even though all school were baptized by by him but always the credit in the letter was here and here every 1 of them she didn't classify he didn't level he only says what we were we were servant leaders and that is to bring him a new spirit those who are doing supporting ministries from time time to. This is it in our churches and they need to be very careful induct and and you leaders in the church you need to be very careful in that kind of situation because this is not to divide in the charts sometimes people in churches take advantage of the visit in our situation to. To try to do something that they do not perform is very common in the Hispanic circles and then we tell you why probably here of already NOT course. There are many coming from Catholicism and in Catholicism 60 confessions and they say they think that they need to confess something and they choose a basic The pastor to confess what we are going to do with certain kinds of situations like that well let me tell you that we need to take distance of that we need to help the person we need to support the person we need to pray for the person but we need to express to the person that confession is directly to the Lord and the size that if repair is necessary the person need to repair and sometimes we need to invite the local leader of the charge to be involved in that process but we are some of the sitting pastors we need to go away of that I don't I don't remember when I came to our country in Central America and somebody approached to me and says. And. I'm come to me and say look at. Professor Professor of Theology from Europe this is teaching this and this regarding elenchi where and I've been listening to them for about 45 minutes 45 minutes you know and they were angered with with that person and when they finish I ask anyone if you talk to him Do you talk to him and the problem was there was 1 leader and that I know him I said yes and I know that very strongly and he said yes OK And what was the reaction of the reaction was I don't care I say well if that happens follow the protocol of the charter. First of all he's a brother in the face he's a brother so we need to treat him like any other member of the charge so go to him and talk to him if he is rejecting what you are suggesting go with a witness and if not then you go with with local leaders and percent that that is the protocol that is in the church mind if I was in that condition I will be very happy. So are followed up and after you you are going to see I did a did I say something about that person never that. I did them I didn't see any warning about that person I don't have my opinion by the way. But I never never said any word about why because this is something that they need to to fix in between our members and that person and we need to respect that. OK this kind of situations appears in this kind of conditions. In support of means to be sitting speaker and always always with me to look for solutions in the chart we need to to try to envision how we might be able to create unity because if we will have unity we are going to lose power were to reach out the the community for which we are working. So this is this is important and this is a big city coming from the pistol to to the Corinthians saw. That there is a very important thing so. We are going I don't know if you want to comment something we know we sharpen to the next point. Well past and my. Well past or as Karen is telling us is what the Bible says you see the Bible as star British a protocol and that is the standard what you are presenting now is the philosophical a section extraordinary or philosophical or substance and assumptions are not part of the standard as separate shows are a separate channel by definition you see so we have to address us in a separation. In That's a Pacific context but what he's establishing base of the writing of Paul and the man 1 established is the standard the protocol because you cannot make any stand are based on a separation. That is an impossible possibility. I want to clarify that 1st the setting and then the steps. Now I know I know but here's a 1. You know I think. I know when I get a. Look look what I was going to tell you yes what I what I question going to tell you is this. The sides the factors that pass with about this case the crow least. If you're referring to what we talked to yesterday. Probably my argument in tat would be this and I know that we are working with different background condition OK but Even though but our By article. What is. Faith of that congregation they believe on a list that the Bible is the Word of God until is correctly translated do I say right I am right actually. That. OK. So OK I do believe but I think that that is that is that that is part of the exception that probably. He is working with but I will say that. As a Believe it or of the Bible and you present yourself as a believer of the Bible we are following the teachings of the Lord Jesus who teaches who talked to us how we are going to deal with difference in the chart the recombination is that we were going to go to the person OK so you follow in that you are going to talk to a person if as you say the person didn't accept then you take a local leader as a witness that you went to him and talked to him regarding that and if at that point you when you went 1st and you when you went in the 2nd level were not accepted then the Bible Jesus say you go with the general leadership and talk to them about this to us and that is the protocol that there is there is the protocol because let me tell you that sometimes. Even in charge administration in certain in certain places it is difficult to go alone and due to the same factor ethics not yours sometimes of the orders OK because I've been finding in situations in which I as a pastor in certain place I've been talking with a leadership of an institution attached to the charge about a situation of an employee that was abusing a lady in the war and I I went to war I went to the walk to the place. And talked to the individual respected went to the to the an illustrator and you know what happened they fired they ALL the lady so when when that happen when that's happened I say oh here we are in a problem here we are in a problem because the protocols that we are following are not accepted so in that kind of case you are going to feel free to act according to your conscience what my conscience said in that moment well Ari I went to 1 of the to my treasure excuse me they're going to charge that they're now he's 1 of the vice president of the conference and say to him we need to fix this situation because this is not the only 1 and we need to act here and we went to the local union and we present 123-4567 other issues Simula of the standers and after that I need to move out because it's not any longer my problem is this is the problem of if of the an instruction How then is Trajan is going to be dealing with that kind of situation that but you are following your conscience you are defending a part that is affected on the fitly you need to confidence that they are going to follow the process and let me tell you that the charge in this moment when you see what happened in San Antonio are very close to that kind of situation and at some point we need to we need to respect that something grey happens. But what we need to do is to defend the process that is in power in the Bible we need to defend the protocols and we need to in the Bible or. Source of authority in all the proceedings inside the charge so we are entering. In in Christian behavior and discipline you find with. The next point where yes. We get. Angles. So I hope you are right feel right that we follow protocol don't you follow your conscience and then you talk to God again and you move on OK However. Remembered this 1st God is in control he always says and when you pray for him for what you think is right and you in winning tension you really surrender that to go but he worked out something he always answered 2nd I would like to be realistic also saying this. The Bible teaches us that God is the same he never change and we learn from the Bible that human nature is always the same. You can be a psychic OIS or you can be no Marty course you can be a spirit all or carnal political in the in they sure know soul we know that such a thing as called Total. Is not their main issue. The main issue is that we do airmen Al takes until O.J.. Of what we 1 of what we like. And to say that that is cool just full to Ron is to put the cool thing at the same level of the Bible I it doesn't work like that the Bible followed the MET a culture of heaven is the application of what is going to be the culture of heaven that later will be the culture of this planet after the the 2nd coming the 3rd coming of Christ you say so we all will have to be fear and clear. Saw you can stand there on public and say I don't thing that this guy sing or approaching this as a call to a shoe is the solution but I will like to talk with you further in private and everybody here that I am who this is a spicy what is happening here I want to know because is there a church you say OK. 1 point more real than that and we finish with section sometimes we are in this kind of endeavor we need to understand what belongs to charge and what to belong to the courses. OK Because we are living in a culture but our charge isn't. But which 1 is our own. Of course. I do believe that I me tell you that this that is my my 1st point of view even when when we are dealing with ordination because when we are dealing with ordination the charge is our authority not the coach or. Because it charts following the Bible following the Bible OK the charges following the Bible is the authority that is going to give the message to the culture and because the Bible is inspired we need to follow the teachings of the Bible because the culture is not inspired. Point this past weekend in London yes there is a Unity Point. Or a number of unions who have disagreed with the General Conference. Presented white papers but presentations and they are several days of salmon ours a Unity Conference. Sitting unity base I'm sure all issues find difficult or. And some of them are even from North America. Where well as well. Yes I do have here let me. Reduce this. Point to appear this person as you see here London Unity Conference and here are all the papers. So yeah our thank you for a minute of that because. I like you. Yeah yeah I remember something remember I was out post member. I wasn't the toast so I am in serving in civilians of this kind of stuff and I am very concerned with the situation and decide. What you mention it was very clear the days before that there were communicating coming from on the General Conference person telling what our troops approved so when when you are in office There are trips approved and there are troops that are not approved OK when when for example she why sequester Rica is having an event on a Syrian board my serve are going to be there invited what we are going to do as a workers Yeah we're going to go but also worker I need the authorization of this field so I need to request permission to the local authorities and tell them if they are going to give me permission to do that and that is the process in which there are indenture here because they were not only with theory against the General Conference in this kind of event but they are in disagreement with the protocols and processes of the charge and the point us a very insightful person say's are we going to pay the trips for disunity in the church for an event call unity in the church. So you know many of you I know many of you here you are members of the boards of the Chargers and you need to be aware of of the situation General confidence is established a protocol of processes called working policy of the National Conference and their working policy of national conference is the authority of the working policy of the North American division and in the east the the mother or father of the working policy of the local union and all those policies are in there that are following that and it's very clear that they are a way out of the former protocol and by the way there was a communique coming from telling them that they were a risk of that because let me tell you something but online I am a Thai payer. And I don't want to pay ties to bring disunity in this church and probably you are going to agree because none of us are with that kind of people yes. Yes. It's a kind of. Probably that the 1st steps is them the churchmen 1 but they are and photo in the spirit of that is try it try to. Says Clunes cry the issue in our in a. In. A small group of people in in order that the problem be contain I will say you know that's a reason that the that is the spirit of the 1st steps that we were talking about because when you go to the person 1st 1st tip OK in the 1st tip there were others are not involved in this mess so is person to person this of this and this route OK The 2nd step also is very personally because I'm going to look for a local elder and I come in with a local elder and we are talking to you with a witness so it's very 6 can cry then in this kind of situation that you are reading it the same kind of thing so the problem is contain but when the problem began to be public then you need to address in the same level that is OK. Aren't here is a problem that we are dealing with felony when I say he was planning Paul to leave the city for a more promising feel and seek him earnestly easy to understand his duty the Lord appeared to him in a vision and say Be not afraid but he speak and call not thy peace for I am with the and no man shall set on the too hard for I have much people in the city and an energy while his you know quoting here acts of the Apostle and is restrained to Corinth all understood this to be act command to remain in Corinth and I guarantee weren't he that the Lord would give increase to the seed sown. In crouch and he continued to labor there with Seal perseverance so. We are going to enter into the topic of. Christian behavior that is 1st Corinthians 5 probably we are going to be dealing more tomorrow but this is a preamble that what I'm going to be working now is a preamble. Let me tell you that relate to this is impacting today's society and our charge. And there is a problem. That dark that really is is a problem social media is plenty of example in Passmore there are times there is no absolutes no absolute truth interlocked of isn't and a lot of this is a temporal with situation ethics and situation at this is more important than what is right or wrong East. To the situation and under that if let me correct that the relative is so on the left of is and situation it exists true or object if reference like Commandments laws ethic values and appears new player to be politically correct. Well the word is to be politically correct is you know involves do not charge because you know you don't want to be judged do not criticize anybody and get along with everybody and when Dot is start to happen some objectivity and biblical references are beginning to declare in or are being to be in the background of the background. That dire is the problem that we are into there and that is the problem in current By the way so 1st Corinthians 5 brings up a double standard of there going to yes why because the Bible is presenting us a case and here is a case a young man that is livin with the stepmother us with the wife. And there is a biblical case by the way to mention the possible war and that became snow in this society could influence society a little or something to our long arm the Corinthians it is challenging you know because the Corinthians were very use to perceive in the society our sinful nature but they they they call India were alarmed by the way so this is telling you something regarding the loca society I am not putting this note here by accident because I guess that this are of survey shows that in certain sense our work contacts in reading the Bible are telling us that the bible is going to give us off AURITI in the ways we're going to proceed with charges disciplining when it's needed here and the 2nd problem here is in the little look at church in the chart because they were in knowledge of the problem and the problem was being tolerated. And when that happened let me tell you the problem is coming this is a very very very huge problem that we have here let's let's open the Bible Let's go to the Bible yes. I'm trying to. No warning everybody is in the same feeling. Myself are going to understand they were. So the war for. The hearts of the me I understand. Well it's true there were no social media but but but but there is another reality when you enter into social media is like to coming out from your house and entering into our wide variety of public reflection so you became public interest now just by sending the message now so in certain sense is a kind of a clue and then when you are going to if through the sending of a message your opinion position or something like likes it. That's a problem why are not in social media are. Well. All the pins I will say depending of the intention of the missis. The pain the notes the intention of the message because there is this Russian media sometimes is promoting people you know the we are living here we are doing this we were visiting the CD and these are the pictures of that and I bought a new. 1 and I am busy doing the many to Runyon are now your race is calling you and say So this is your account. Because this is not reflected in your taxes of the last year. You know to happen so we need to be very careful with me. When with that kind of people I can tell you I know people in my neighborhood that they both either know they have fancy cars or the other is no problem and are happy they do have fancy cars but when you when you are not in a picture of family see them together with a poor show and together with all the and the taxes are not equivalent to that Iris is going to knock the door by foreign telephone or whatever so social media are I will say be careful. Now. Well if you are pointing out the topic there is a person living with them with a mother. Let me tell you that Roman relations are under were they were leaving didn't. They didn't tolerate that they prohibit that and you can you can find information regarding the sort of commentators say that and and when Paul say that the Corinthians that were not members in the charge were alarmed is telling you that that something exceed the limit of perception slash of slash toleration in the local community so it's very clear that that is very clear so the post of Paul is writing to the members of the church because the whole body now is informant This is not personal this is not any longer person it's public is more than public is it is a can of X. posts in the local charge into the Bar U. T. of the views of the local community of the Korean to answer and this is what the Apostle Paul say it is reported commonly that there is a fornication among you and such fornication look look what he said that is not so much as named among this entire. So serious attention KOTOR on chart and the UN post the possible so even the local culture is surprised what is going on in the in the local charts. And here are posts up and have not rather Morden that. Have done this did maybe taking our way from a moment you for I verily us have sent in the ball the. Present in a spirit have just already US though I were present concerning him that had sold on this deed and in the name of forward Jesus Christ when you are gathered together and my spirit with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver such 1 went to Satan for the destruction of the flourish and the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus this is the teaching of the war and tomorrow we are going to be in the context and we are going to be digging up into that because. Thank you for coming. You. This media was brought to you by Adil force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service to this W.W.W.. Dot org.


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