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Corinthians: A Message to a Contemporary Church - Part 3

Daniel Scarone Eric del Valle




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for these days and you're blessing us thank you for the faith that unite us Father we pray for the softly serious that has meaning attacked and pray for the family Also I'm pretty for these country. Help us to spread the word and the message of the Gospel in Jesus' name and basically this is now under protection that we might have you know I I am convinced that we need to a study the Bible and the teachings of this trip Gers and we are going to be safe here well. First good intentions 1 and 3 we were dealing with 1 of the problems are let me get back worked a little bit. We are dealing in because I detected that several of you were not in the 1st person to nations we are dealing with Corinthians and the peace deal so the Corinthians because there is a kind of similarity if I can call or in certain form in between the problems of their early Christian charged with the local cultures especially those who are located are like or in thousands in the middle of the Pentagon isn't and with the problems that we are having in planting charges establishing charges this tart in new congregations in the context in which we are today especially in the mission and the Apostle Paul we were referring in the 1st 2 percent Asians Hugh the plantar of the new congregation to the Corinthians Corinthians was charged in the middle of the pattern isn't very close to the place in which the Greeks how. Are temple to after that it that was there the Goddess of Love in the prostate's So besides them in their culture on side of the up that was a very economic nurture for Dane Tara Green East and connection from North Africa are the Middle East Europe in those days Roma and also the continent so Doug was a kind of conversions of culture are back Rome people coming from are big big. The diversity was very common to find out a month to linguistics back home and 1 of the topics that you are going to find in 1st Corinthians is about the so-called glossolalia on the gift of tongues and sometimes some people are put in in an emphasis about that but let me tell you that is not that is not the mainstream Eamonn the. Gospel miss us Lord Jesus never say go into all the nations and speak in tongues you never say that but to go to the wall Demetrius pig there languish and that is a horse of another color now because that is that is different so probably when I don't know I think during the week we are going to be reaching that point but that some point in the future present Asians we are going to be dealing because. This is very challenging this very very interesting and it's very attractive the 1st things that we were dealing is about divisions in the charge and when we were doing about the text and we were exploring the context in which the post a poll was presenting remember Paul to us in the charts for about 3 years safe the Bible. And that is in the book of Acts we were you know sometimes going back and forward from the book of Arts. To the N.T. and the pistol in order to have a whole picture of the. We were telling all saw that this is probably the 2nd letter to the According to yours. I'm probably the least and nother that is in between are where our 1st Corinthians and the 2nd coming thousands probably is another letter and probably there were 4 we don't know but I do believe what discern the other N.T. Bible commenter he says that in the Bible we have enough information for salvation so that is not problem at all for us regarding this point just reinforcing important information that you need to be aware of and we were dealing with not especially when the post a poll say since 1st Corinthians I guess is 59 we mentioned yesterday when he said that I already wrote to you not getting in touch with him or out people remember the possible states that aren't And he says I wrote about this but when you go to the pistol you find out that there is not so nice a previous kind of letter in which the post of pope probably send out information but there were divisions in the chart those divisions were created by our kind of. If the latter. Piece to leave the years in the charge and we make clear yesterday that there were no problems between a polos see for us or of the post of bull or even the Lord because that was a kind of tension and we we may. Touch base with some similarities that sometimes we my half in the local congregations nowadays. So we are going to a forward yesterday before finishing the present Taishan we were beginning to grieve and the end with. The Christian behavior and discipline and we described the show briefly if you go to 1st point in 5 you are going to find these in Chapter 5 are from versus 1 on you are going to see that the Apostle Paul these is dealing with this situation. And normally when you see this kind of. Orientation given we need to remember some scene that is important to taking towns this is a problem that appears after the presence of the Porta Paul once there I don't know if it's being deposed of there this might be change let me tell you you know because sometimes sinful nature is just that but Paul is up to Ephesus. Somebody from the Cloris household family are gays post a poll information about this situation Dennis incurring in and here you have the report and the post of Pope similar times say I hear I reported about this. It is supported commonly that there is fornication among you and such fornication is not of such a name among the Gentiles so here for 1st time you can't see something that is uncommon in the Apostle Paul say's not. Only is the chart on here is the walled there woold is surprise because those who are photo worse off of the Lord are having a kind of behavior that he swore sed in the charge of the behavior that is in their wards so there is a problem the problem is being on the problem is this what is the charge for. Yes yes it is for man. The Lord in the charge leaving until they were old the massage but if this is Warse done there Walt Well at some point what we need to do is to try to solve this situation because what is in there are objective of the chart that East the mission of the charter is here at the stake OK So that is that is the problem that we are having here and the poster Paulie's beginning to deal because the situation is serious. So when we left yesterday it was very clear that the problem that the post to Paul if you continue reading and not to enter into many details you can get done incest is the problem there was a member of the congregation that was asked to leave in with our mother in law is not with the mother it is with the mother in long however insists it's punishable sin in the Bible when you go to Leviticus 187 and 8. And 29 and do to know me up to 22. And 30 this is prohibited in the Bible it's very clear that I've already are Linda. But it's cool use An interesting that also on incest was prohibited by. The Roman the room in law I remember da courting that is this the walled here that is Corinthians is under the Roman Law So here there was a very serious problem. What is what is the recombination after after dealing with the situation the pope to Paul began to explain the Russian and. He say for I barely us absent in the bowling what does it mean. He was in FS So he was not in impress and is with them so that is the point in absence in the bow they are sent in the body but Preston industry and that means that he's a leader he's a leader in the char he created he built the church in the name of the Lord so he's present in the spirit on how the Josh already he she fixes mine regarding that problem and he and they are going to follow the process and the potter Paul is telling them what to do. Were present concerning him. Don't dis deed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ when you are gathered together and in my spirit with the power of our Lord Jesus to the lever such 1 unto Satan that means the assembly. As a group because this is not proud about this understand this is important when our when we are dealing with charts discipling with planes yesterday it is the best process to keep this situation in prayer in the in the in the closest possible circle to contain the situation the problem is what work we are going to do what the proper when when the problem is not contain already is out of this we need to yeah we need to we need to be dealing with the public situation and that is the Russian I'm here for the rationale that the supply that went year are dead there together are dark that is the process in which they are going to be building without. Our there was another problem here we were explaining our D.N.A. code in thousands took a kind of E.C. glowing way to be dealing with a problem why because the problem was not only known in the wall but what's known in the charts so this is going to take us what how we are dealing with problems in the chart in the mind of both a Paul let me give you here their vision this is the kingdom of Satan are here is the kingdom of God from the keynote of go we need to buckle here I get the converts So when somebody East huger and he's experienced the east it's run from this team them into the other when the poster posts say that person be the lever on to side Satan that is the meaning of the dot so we need to understand. That East division here the problem is that when we are dealing with this kind of problems we need to understand that the appeal to Paul Scheer is not the victim is here that is not. What it is not hate the spirit but but they need to taint of the season and action. And he began to explain a little bit how this the process line on this it clean. If order establish order in the charge and sometimes we need to put order in the house if not we're going to have in troubles this explains implies the mash control for the person for the charge on for the future and for the as Pictish an of salvation that is that he's very clear in scriptures about this this important topic so if we don't do that what we are going to do well we are going to have problems. Let's see what the possible began to see a shift No you're not the a little Leven live in it the whole lump many times we were talking about doubt but where were these figures coming from. Front of us and from the Passover. The Passover when when we have communion what how is our breath. With our lives. Why why what happen with a livin with a shift in the bread. Expand how we control the expansion Well here is the point seen symbolize a bike jest expand and contaminate all the mines. And might expand uncool room entire boarding. And if we don't act the expansion is going to say to the others hey we can we can train we can take our coal hole we can. You know there is no problem with that the church is not doing anything with that person so finally what we are going to do is to permit the expansion of the scene and this is the point that the Apostle Paul is are telling it needs to be stopped seen needs to be 1st recognized the person need to confess abandon and convert and baptize Maybe I say again but charge is to not act communion of seeing full Peapod at some point we need to discard that kind of situation that is affecting our communion because if not remember it's not there is no difference in between the church and there was you know when. Years ago it's come into my mind. Kind of situation that happen I don't know how many of you heard about what danger shims there are in the great controversy an issue where it speaks of a 1 day insurance. And we have some of them in South America by the way. Now you remember when our Dr Phil meister. Was a teacher at the seminar sent me on a litter to me asking me to research a little bit for some seen that done to use worse working with regard to needs that well the insurance and some of the net account were some of keepers or not so long. Later on my wife is family of Ernst family from Switzerland and some of the love then were connected with it well then she and I've probably maybe what 34 blocks away from the house of the uncle of her was the library of the world ancient and I went there I when I went there it's it was fascinating by the way to me this in which I stopped in the library I didn't read in part 2 I never heard the 2 up being speak of that. Mix of Dahlia and French and Spanish you know. Yes Yes And and I can say that the world then Sheehan's that branch of that 1 tensions that reach South America. And never. Tipped the South but in Europe especially in those who expand it to Germany Austria some of then keep this out of it is quite interesting and fascinating the story of them when we land use University was doing arm. Of this it. Because it was then Sheehan's were kind of people that were missionary oriented. In front of the persecution of Catholicism and several. Andrius professors like. Your are dumb stick and others sometimes made sound trips to the area and were teaching about that 1 then she hands and the practices and the ministry that they were performing in very difficult times. On Jewish abandonment. In 1 of his books mentioned that once maybe 4550 years ago or there was a group coming for an undersea University visit in the places of the world danger no up north the telly you know. And they were visiting during the day and you didn't deny they have a kind of fire and reflection on you know devotion Vesper at the time and when they were doing that to look outward ancients safe George abandonment they enter into the group and they were listening you know the far worse like here the light of the fire was here so you can not see the faces of the all others that were out of the circle of the light of the far so they enter a mingle with a group aren't listening they all is story by 7 they are that if you know them. And when the professor finished 1 of them did all this sentiment approach to him and he now. In a very pigeon English say can I say something and the professor thought and say yes. And he began to tell it was fascinating to listen our story telling our story by members of another denomination and I am Keir to tell you that every scene is right every single The professor certainly is right so you can look you can you can understand how was the feeling know the professor you know because now I was Danish I'm in front of students who are telling then every saint that they say here is right and he said but disagrees past the story this is past history we try to avoid our young people going into that war and to avoid that our our younger people went into their walled we built up done service places close to our were Chartists because in Dugway they are not going to go into their war and we went wrong because in doing this we brought we brought the world into the charge and you know that in the treaty Ari Ari found. A sermon. That a Middle East pastor friend of the world ancients gave to them. And the sermon told them that in the moment in which they got religious freedom that was in between 18441847 they were with a challenge if they were continue being missionaries. I he says to them or you are going to be missionaries. Or you are not going to be anything. And they are you know fighting for survival in this 1 so when when we when we are dealing with a charge we need to protect the church and we need to understand the scene permitted is expanding its of our land and we need to take measures of control now put up or begun to say this get rid of all just cries our Pascal number has been crossed the far and that is that is the point in which he began to be dealing with the land West gave blogger to abandon scene for live and there is a russian out of the water Paul so we were freed from singing on throne don't mean yarn of the seen here so it's a contradiction to be called Christian and continue leavin by a stand there all of us seem full of life by which crowd ice already gave his life in the cross to make us free that is a contradiction aren't Dar and the post a post a small Christian life is a celebration less feast so there are a lot with all live in it Briere and and here is the thinking of the Passover in the mind of the UP of the poor in verse 8 we celebrate the Christian life the least of victory over seeing how we may be able to celebrate the victory all over seen with seen in the charge and we celebrate. Can we say a little we are numb men when there is a scene inside the church that is that is the problem Jesus research recta God Victoria we're seeing an over the mean human of sin and here is the problem the meaning of seeing what's out is take because the charge why us being hit by a very. Serious situation this is a celebration without malice or witness it is the pressure of holiness it's a celebration of calling this we cannot have a holy charge with an incense to orse person inside our community and you can change the name incest choice and you can change and put all the names can we have a holy charge with a gay person charge young we have a holy chart with a list of the jobs you name it and think about. And I'm not extending judgment here I am asking questions but I've been telling you yesterday about doubt voice association within moral people that is the 2nd or 3rd advice of the Apostle Paul here the concept of holiness is inside this message this mission is not to unbelievers and believers are outside the charge and believers are here the Potter Paul is writing here. Sending this message to a chart I say please avoid to be in touch with a lot of people but look they're not he's not talking about in what are people here they are in the right place but the problem is him or are people in their charge but now I'm writing to you and he clarifies in verse 10 go to their center and you are going to find out but now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually in your out or Greevy and in order to her or slender or drunk are all soon clear do not even eat with such people is a sin verse 10 sexually more I agree though that are drunk or do not even eat with such people where are these people in their war in the charge. In the chart why because we need to avoid contamination the parts of posts here and here is carry far into the point what business is it on mind to judge those outside the truck he's not talking about those who are outside the charter is very clear here are you not Josh DOS inside God with shards those outside is that we could person from among you. We need to protect charge because we are not the war we are the charge without charge in the right condition the war is not going to have hope because the church is the only hope for the wall so we need to purify our this. So for my part and he said he especially we could spill the wicket for my front for my part even though I am not a physical person I am with you in spirit as 1 who is present with you in this way I have already passed judgment in the name of our Lord Jesus and on the 1 who has been doing this so when you are a symbol and I am with you in spirit and the power of the Lord Jesus is present how this man over Satan for the destruction of the flesh so that he says spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord aren't going to. To tell a couple for the thing this is not a person a business this is not the individual this is the culture to society the wall is not our oath or eating and we need to understand this we do have authority in the charge of the condition outside it's not OUR I we're business Bible is the authority and scene has to be corrected and have been done and we need to protect the chart and the norms of the church for this reason we have a church man on Crouse double to Paul say 6 plus over our Postle are. And he died to make us free from sin from the power of sin so. Are there I listen for to learn you want to say something Dr can you talk about briefly about the chart to see green and processes the church is a group of persons that believe in the Bible and they have common belief so when they meet together they have this common belief that give them an identity and a purpose but the church has to be morally and example if the church is not a spirit to Ali morally there Logik go and example to society then why you have the church or what you see the church have to mean a higher level so it can be the light in the darkness so sayat be in reality they are cold if they also saw you at the IS Satan is sin Well they are taught it be of the church must be got and they are in conflict you see we cannot. Forget that society will affect the church and this is the case this is a case where they feel also free of knocked a system where you concentrating your mind and you don't care for the ball The becomes totally moral doing things that even in society in those days they don't agree with and that is a lot. Soul. In 1st Corinthians Chapter 5 we have this situation that polls really address because he is surprise he say why are you not taking seriously day behavioral for man who is living with this is that mall or what is happening here you see your mosque. Something to sell to safe the soul of this person and to Corporal take the congregation and you more the most do these not only for the man sake or for the sake of the cons. And then your poll use he spotted around and he say. They Hebrew poorly 5 their houses at the time of the pothole Where are the time of the Passover who are 5 that Congress show now and this is in the Porton thing to puti 5 the congregation you have to discipline that is simply more redemptive So there are 2 points of discipline that we need to keep in mind what sort of discipline is needed to be used what obese will 1 day so in this case Paul is talking about here discipline you see remove him burst through their leader him to Satan so that he might so furphy see clearly the consequences of his unseen birth 5 to day of. I going to use the term often those better to day offenders in source were way are forbidden to be members and they can not WHOLE POST see show in the church do you agree so these come the 2nd question what is the purpose of discipline Paul stole express in 1st chapter 5 verse 7 that the whole Congar gray shome maybe who defy. So that they're all there is member may not be corrupt that by their fame they're keeping their level of beauty on the church that and you I say man speaking of beauty also is speaking of Sunday so Sunday I'm beauty is not only for Joseph when he was in the energy is for us today U.C. and we have to remove the door for him there are an embarrassed 7 in the 1st section of verse 7 he talks of all teeny teeny seeing out there all live in. Live on the water. And. Yes. Like in the bustle where time they have to remove that so they need to keep the house pure and then he took talks about how that event in Israel in in the this or when they practice this festival of beauty and say that we need to keep their power of scene our of their church their best we can. Souls. Less art solar rays this fact and rejoice that Christ has set free from the power of seen verse 8 but this happened also in your house you see. You need to have your house with a cent certain level of puti of son of morally you see before when we talk about I've been this more or less was the same idea more or less what the same concept the battle when they get together and they got it together in the church do you have a reference of what I've been to this but today is a silent. Word tomatoes are tomatoes back of her purse are her purse this is solid. You sometime wonder you say don't. You see so there's sure have to keep in base of the Doc's things on him based of what the Bible teaches their beauty the sons. Of the congregation so this is be really come easy I know people that say as well if they keep me out of the church I will come back and use the back door and enter again you can do that but none of us are sorry to be a member of the church if you don't know how to behave that is the important thing Paul want to make clear that the more I leaped in goal against the gospel you see and he's somebody comes with certain tendency or preference of more Ali T. and they began to say to you you've got a set me the way I am your dish them the Gospel and show you 1st Korean then got a SAID you to transform your. Not till lately and you will be the way you thing you're going to be. Or if you just remove their name from the full. Live 1 what a specific day. What a specific case well I'm just talking to you. Don't. Fly. Books huge challenge. All while Joe used my view 18 uses something is private to work at the best thing you can work at always privately but dang the thing become public your work out probably you'll work was there members of the church. They board the site to discipline they cannot say this to the church but it was certain rules you know say what example is that all pull of almost sexual they cannot say is still there to go to church but the church must talk to them the bore most talk to them on their past or on they all the most talked to then I am we are expecting in this private church because in all your houses the House of the LOR certain moral conduct you see but they cannot be members on till they change their way that thing. Would you still allow them to come to all the band and all day I Greenman they became your day going to practice when they are in the church is it yeah is not that right for them to go to the church is not their right is our right to lead them in. You say even if they are going to be hate Let me let me deal with let me tackle this situation we do have a right of association in the chart OK And when we are using our right of association in the charge we need to be better clear that we are the right of association based upon the teachings of the Bible spirit of prophecy and fundamental believes on the church money if a person is becoming. What I will say if the fire and you know defiance say well why why we are in this kind or in this line of do you can not be proactive in the teaching at that point I will say look this is the charge here is your place in which you my doctor like you feel free for that but here in the charts we need to protect the charge and that is that is the topic here we need to protect the charge here here here there is a problem and he's becoming our very dangerous problem because and I am entering I am shifted chapters here here the Apostle Paul say something because we are enter into our tendency of. C B T and now they are calling to you you know they are growing this is growing. Whatever whatever the tendency may be you know so so the point here here is the post to post haste no you can note that up there on dry truce so who are doing this. C. shall not inherit the kingdom of God Be not deceived neither fornicators nor an evil utters nor other alters nor if an 8 nor of useless abusers of them with mankind that is mother close almost sexual us is the boys or in Greek words here nor tiffs no cover to see nor drunkards North reviler snorts cocksureness Shar inherent inherit the kingdom of God I here come what the possible Ses and such. Are some of you were means you are not any longer this you were are bought year were washed but dear our sun to fight the bad year are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of our walk this is telling you they were baptized because when you are baptized you about Ty's in the name of the Father in the name of the Son and in the name of the Spirit so you are our new creator how in the wall you are going to be bad warts being here that is the point so let me tell you let me tell you that sometimes certain behaviors in the walled are mimic in certain tendencies in the charge. Of the other day for some reason somebody sent me a link and I am not to enter into any link by the way whatever but I am trying to protect my stuff and my mine you know mine have a noose you need to be careful about that and there was a lady that percent her serve us a past or you know which are all forward she wore us indicate in and saying and confess in becoming public about this regarding her condition and I think that is a Russian on for which I wrote this and you have it please let's go to this because sometimes people are telling are telling well I am coming out are you familiar with that let me tell you here Page 1 of the bolt on. Here say this coming out of the closer it isn't that we keep heavy on or simple coming out is a metaphor for is you BT people serves disclosure of their sexual orientation or gender identity the term coming out can also be used in various non C.V.T. application or out the stance whatever. We are not invent and nothing here at the beginning God made everyone us we are we doing choose to be males or women busy but this is our courting to the not to our law OK. But the Lord made us. In the in the run in certain point in the certain point when somebody is respected in doubt these are affecting not only her surf or interest checked in the Creator rejecting the Lord let me let me tell you something the Bible say this very clearly when you when you go to the Book of Genesis God made them. On a female. He didn't say look. I'm going to make you. An example OK Let's let's let's talk about this person here it's not. I'm going to make you a male OK if you like it go all aren't if you don't like it came back in 15 days I'm going to change it OK that's that it's not it's not an option it's not optional so when you are a shift in the nature you are issue acting who made you undoubted is the essence of the point here in this car in all situation and there is a lot of bad orientation regarding the people some people use badly and they are not receive in the proper orientation and counsel and advice regarding day condition and there is a reason why they are how they are and that is critical but however when I was thinkin in this kind of of coming out in which the the people receiving our ARE no word maybe in Hollywood came forward and say look I want to everybody knows about WHO ARE THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. Let me be clear clear crystal clear this is not 1st this is not Biblical. And this is not a human right this is a sexual preference and distortion this is what it is but even when when that happened please go to page. Here page 5 and here this is something which I've been I've been thinkin what are in common you know when you've of ties some people in the charge the people began to say. This and this and this you know and here is is the point is a public confession. Let me ask you something making you are possibly confession is making you write. What is making you write is not the confession that you are doing in public it's only if your confession is in harmony with the teachings of the Bible that's it that's that that's the point so coming out some people say OK coming out these public yes is probably the only kind of confession is public yes some people do that in public is bald I will say yes this ball in the biblical confession is bald Essenes or I would say yes this is here in the coming out and also in the Bible but the point is this that person that is making it public is our bundling seeing work here is the problem here is the problem because in the coming out there say no. Ion prefer men in making it public but this is not in harmony with a biblical confession and we need to distinguish that reason of doubt in decide to scriptures the 5 God I'm under Scriptures into coming out but when you are in departed Paul you are in the pot this you are telling me that you are surrender to the Lord and to the teachings of the Lord is this coming out of biblical example no no because the people he's telling are nice in defiance with the Lord who made them I'm not judging the Lord is going to do it they might be able to change they might be able to come back to the chart is up to them but until the biblical process happen there is NO NO NO change possible but let me let me share with you our couple of texts that I am sharing with you here because the Bible is very clear regarding this topic in the book in its patients 6 Let me say. In. 34. 6 paragraphs. From the Book of Isiah prophet Isiah chapter 5 burst 20 patients 6 in these words a warning to the call evil good them good evil that put darkness for light and light for Doc ness the Put be there for sweet and sweet for bitter it's very clear the Potter Polis very clear here go to the subsequent part of rough not the next The other is 2nd Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 4. In whom the God of all of were. Where this is the point this is not this God is this garden this is the kingdom of Satan in coma the god of this ward how blind to the minds of them which believe not lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine our own to them the Bible this is very clear let me tell you something when it we need to understand that our vision mission has to be given with love and understanding. And sometimes this is difficult of course is difficult it is difficult in the heart of the law or difficult in the heart of the families that are in this kind of situation it difficult in the heart of the church how many churches are we have been affected with this but the point is this what. Will happen if we are not dealing properly with a goodness period with a scene in the chars. We need to attain that goal our next tell the situation from the chart If note ditch is your in not to be in the longer the chart the charge is going to reflect more there Wald done believed in of the Lord and this is our problem here. Is. Yours. Or. State be. It. Or what are you what. Were the point is what we need to distinguish is is political correctness in harmony with Biblical it correct this at some point and we need to to to to think what we are doing here because I think that our correctness has to be in our money with the commandments and with the Bible and when on when you go to the Bible is very clear the other 1 was Mary with if you know with our Carlos or Charles or whatever and he was not Mary with our Another lady. That is the lamb in that. Father and your mother yes. Yes and there is no production of human beings this is very clear. This is yes this is very clear part of well. Let me let me tell you something here some sense sometimes sometimes you are not going to see immediately the problem that I am going to to mention are you are not in favor of the Schindler new truck Bibles because trying to defend the rights of the woman there are open in the door here. You see that police think about. It Zoe clear it's very clear we are corrupting the texts of the critters when in the water you find in the Old Testament that the ladies cannot read the Holy Bible in the Old Testament and they need a version for woman in the Old Testament or a version of 4 womans in the New Testament then there is that we're not talking about the sensing here and we are bringing barbell into the charge bubble of is Cindy's place this is the king of the Lord and we need to respect the teachings coming from the Bible and the teachings coming from the Bible is very clear for me and I've been I've been telling my wife when I when I been reading this the post of Paul is softening. Opening the view dud those who were all this. Can be changed and the scope here in the text of the Bible they were fornicators they are done done the same there were it all are terse they haven't done the same there were they abandon the sin if any native they abandon their condition I be useless of themselves with mankind that he smell a course almost sexual He said there was generally understood they are abandoned that thief's over to us drunk or revile or Cistercian or that is the fibro is very clear and the pot a pulse ace and such were some of you but now you have being washed this is telling us in the chart don't worry we have hope and the hope is coming from scriptures and this is the proper way in which we need to be dealing with this situation that is affecting the charge if we are not tackling this we are going to have that this state action is going to impose all division will ponder charts and then the salt it's not going to be any any other difference from the war and the light we are not going to be any longer the light of the war so Rick candle in the light record of the sort and we are going to record the hope for the mission that we have for the war yes. It was. Also it all. Planned. To. The same sex. And they don't church to church to China and. Trying to stir up trouble. With the church. Say to loud in order that the other my might here house church going to deal with someone else to. Their. We. Are limited you let me tell you my answer. Because what online he saw in not to charge who is going to marry is a pastor not the truck I repeat it's not the charge he's a pastor so when you when you got your credentials and you don't know if you were last out of the here for the nation you were here for the nation and the service no no no no but but here you are OK when when you are ordained to the ministry you are De Mint to fulfill the teachings of the Bible so question is is this kind of marriage in harmony with the Bible or. Then what do you suppose your conscience is going to say in your mind can you perform a marriage of that. OK then I will tell you that I am going to follow that process I would say no are not going to marry. The problem finish at some point. So it's not the choice is a pastor. That's. Sunni or no i'm or NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO you need to understand something I do have my friend freedom of religion and safe and I do have my right and I will not do it even even when somebody is going to turn in you are going to share and so really you know I will say I'm going to share but I'm not going to do it because I follow my conscience and the Bible and that is not in the Bible so when we we don't need to fear about this because if they are going to come to say something they can they can why because this is charge. Is not the state. Not only not only not only have choice not only a choice but but is is the charge and the state cannot have control over decisions of the chart until now in this country until you do not are in this country I am not are you are not are no officers of our branch of this state that is the problem of the Lady years ago maybe 2 years ago in 2015 when that to happen you know you remember that lady that she denied and she went to share. But you say are not what what was she following conscious unconscience was following the teachings of the viper us we're into 2000. Very much this is. An issue that is. The world. I was. So 1st. But this is not pretty much the same saying that they do it but they make a fight on him in order to understand this you are talking about a male and a female Yes OK That's what well I'd say and. Yes. But I'd say that. Yes you need to follow process and that is the point why I did. Let me tell you something because the time is here. For the past tours of the charts pray for the pastors. Because sometimes we are under pressure. And there were you know situations like this are crossed the whole state of Michigan. And this is challenging because we are dealing with the scene in the wall but let me remind you Jesus died in the cross and he opened tamed the victory over scene on your own dominion of the city this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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