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Corinthians: A Message to a Contemporary Church - Part 5

Daniel Scarone Eric del Valle




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Heavenly Father thanks for a new day of life thanks for the hope Thanks for all your blessings in our existence in our life we cannot count them we are very grateful your love makes us be positive your love makes us be enthusiastic about life even when we know that these were or is not what you 1 however thank you for helping us Guy OS and support in a special way especially when we have big needs when we are in trouble in Jesus name. I list still have 1 or copy of mantles of libelous all the I don't know if everybody have their copy your 11. He asked for or. Let me see I have another 1. And now today before reviewing everything we are going to 1st chapter 11 Burks 2 to 16 welcome and we have a day sure of worship in this portion of the scripture so all. There is a big show of courtship and I. That we have to address and then looked up it will be for the principal and the publication for today our sister is going to read for us. Chapter $11.00 to $216.00 because I really believe that their Bible is the standard for everything OK. Now I praise you brother in that you remember me in all things and I keep the ordinances as I delivered them to you but I would have you know that the head of every me and is Christ and the head of the woman is the main and the head of Christ is God Every man praying or prophesied and having his head covered to satirise his head but every woman that pray Asser prophesies with her head on covered dishonors her head for that is even for her that is even all 1 as if she were shaven for if the woman be not covered let her also be sure but if it be a shame for a woman to be sure or shaven let her be covered for a man indeed not to cover his head for as much as he is the image and glory of God but the woman is the glory of the main man for the man is not of the woman but the woman of the man neither was a man created for the woman but the woman for the man for this cause the woman to have power on her head because of the angels never is a last neither is a man without a woman neither is a woman without the man in the Lord for as a woman is of the ME and even solace a man also by the woman but all things of God judging yourselves is it calmly for a woman pray and she got uncovered. Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man have long here it is a shaman to him but if a woman have lying here it is a glory to her for her hair is given her for a covering but if any man seem to be contentious We have no such custom neither the churches of God thank you so that's the portion of the scripture that we are going to face now. The old. Well Jesus was from. And not sorry DNS used to have long hair you see but Paul is facing and you see the way show what Paul is this is my brother Ron Acosta Paul is facing a new situation Paul is facing that the church his address seen is as a church full of power against Gentiles that because. Christians believe or so they have all this this issue about. The ego all of 3 he is not addressing to a church that basically the background was Jewish depending on of to whom you are addressing your right. So all of know that there is in all not sorry the hands in that church so here right telling them that their hair must be properly cut I'm told was an example of that too and they don't have their their own issues with Jesus they don't claim in this shop to to use long hair or he don't wrestle with then saying that they use long hair because of the part of the of Christ you see that doesn't come up saw his stocking something in a specific is like today you have many family members or do you know they're more or less so the bending who make the question wish is suit his background you answer the question Paul was addressing They sure of their hair and the woman on the hair on man from the perspective of. That comes to the church you see so he don't give a big explanation about Jesus and his long hair Here's your sign up Paula just is confronting the shoe that he see is not clear. If somewhere in. Him. Yes in the Old Testament. And also in the biblical dictionaries you find out the biggest plantation and there are tribes that used to have long hair you have an example sandstone but that was many years ago this is the 1st century the reality of the 1st century in the Word of the relievers is another 1 Paul is not talking for of people that are on the Jewish but ground he's confronting you know Norse norms are for protecting principles but norms are not principles principles are only words on apply to everybody but a norm in the not Syrians is to have long hair now his presenting and Norm to they saw science in wish this church is on the norm that he presenting to the relievers to the church is token front society OK that's the way we were going to put it out 1st we do an outline and our law is where you put the simple things on the main issue and then we go to their interpretation. Paul is saying the following thing and verse 3 the head of every man is Christ's for want to say that in public worship woman should treat man as the head in more than playing. This here 1st in the for in Him barriers wave to the head of God Creation he says that God was the head of Christ He also said that Christ was the head of man and he says also that man was the head of woman is very simple the way he he do it his he is trying to to put a plop form for what he's going to say for example if if both woman should keep silent like him 1st 14 verse 4 he was probably saying that any anything different to woman's in that context to try to be quiet when the church is not more a house whole her house whole body becomes on the side but the church so their priority is the officials of the shares the head of the church half the ability to work out the worship you see embarrass 10 here in Chapter 11 Paul's talk about how the bale and I going to ask a question on the barrel of a woman waters do you for interpreters try to figure out why Paul says that song of then says remember in that area there Paganini's used to half a temple is there was the Playboy mansion of the that era is a temple of Afrobeat the world day makes many 3 tools with fire with when both with water and wood earth but finally Their main thing was to have a banket and to expedient ecstasies you see on day that the priesthood of that temple. Used to half long hair and was loose so all any man can for. The priesthood of the temple have a certain way of having their hair loose so anybody can recognise them as priests of the temple and they can can have a intercourse with them you see and the church was in the same area so Paul 1st in a sociological way he wants to make a difference so man's on woman can recognise that the ladies of The Church I are not the same ladies they are really you spar are not the same ladies of The Temple of Afro beat up OK there is a social concern there but also we realize that there was any influence in the church we talked about the influence. Was the Nazis their knowledge their fall knowledge of the Gnostics and the knock stakes establish. That their body is not important. So who cares the impression that you keep in society the important thing is that you understand you are safe have you heard that argument before. There is no law the the important is not in the exterior but in the interior idea that because you are you have the knowledge and you are safe or whatever impression cost the body also mater or even Whatever you do with your body is a secondary level so it's not really important all have to tackle all day even for ruins of nothis isn't in the church and he talks about how they have their US a bear and also he used a were an exclusive. The thing is that you don't have the war the work Bell isn't that translations of the Bible where you have their fellow ukulele speaking X. X. you see an X. you see a means out toady So Paul is standing totally D. of the woman is the hair because the hair over her God made the hair for the woman to cover her and to be different to man U.C. why Paul used to tool emphasize that with this work. Do you have an idea. Woman's hair is hair are. OK. And. This is I'm bored them because he relate this out already to them and I'll say See call reality of then you'll. Be. Here. He's. In many countries. And looking. In Jerusalem. This. And. So in your own solving you'll find that the woman's user carrying a very distinctive way and trying to project this. Time I knew exactly where she's OK And so this is my. 2. Functions. OK well. Though the woman is there all connect that to the endo's basing the Old Testament and they're all there some in the book of. Chapters says Jo have this power for being as in front of the throng of a God that they call her with the winds. You see in front of got so that they analogies that for respect they call for you see Paul is talking about how that there is out already. In the hair of the woman because she is a sign of respect on the church and outside of the shirt people will recognize the same as you did in Jerusalem that that lady is not from all the temple is a Christian and they will ask her what she relief they their relation the connection will be 1 of respect you see and their boss their voice of the people will pass and they say no no no she is from from the Jesus movement she is different she is not like this woman's here or that woman's There you see that is why Paul is making a distinction bursting you don't find the world with the word B.-O. you find out already saw the Gnostic womans were pro by proving that they have how totally D. by not covering the. Bicycle ie they were different. There were days you say that this used to say man is a measure but now these ladies were saying we are their measure you see and Paul respond it is precisely the opposite having respect for the NGOs. Is what you need to do and if they call wearing the pressing of God Judah or she with them in the presence of God also have to call for the main point police doing any question about that. They only call over there there what happened with the nomination later that would make a big issue of the covering of the hair is not be legal he was talking only of the hair. There is the 1st. When he sees the tape. Is he hurt. So. It's. Not. Right. In that case a long time at all before why didn't always writing yes but that cold air was different this 1 is just a hair and the hair must be in a certain way and that then. Proclaimed respect but on this same time a distinction from all the 1st lady all this woman's out there going to confront in the city in that time so they will know from the beginning when they pass by this church when they see the woman's that they who once are different from they all theirs they will not enter to that they impose thinking that is on all the temple or they're going to have the guy off a warship they happy. After all the got them all you see. If you. Yeah keep up the pace. And. Yes. Yeah more than 1000 years before in an all the earth in on or setting them bail is care only that. We need. To be easy money because. The we're all. Good this. Wow. Well you know. We know this by stalling a lot going by archaeologists in board then because from what you discover are gay all you began to realize what was happening in their daily life and all that and science toward that today they in turn are evidence of the document we can't realize why Paul was trying to fix this this mis on this standing off the this is they should. Send And you know the Gnostics want to talk about how they divine spark and you are ready divine and you have already mortality and because you realize that you are really the vine and half in mortality you already resurrect because you have the knowledge the knowledge the salvation itself you see the cave of Plato but Paul is saying no no no there are there are angels. Not Iams angels and they are his spectral and when we worship we were sure with them also we have to be respectful OK and says that man chill not over his head you know and today you depending on the said these you will have an issue with that you say what happened when they keep. You see. So all is good to understand what is happening 2000 years ago if you will have more question let's go to another section their foot sacrificed to idols you cover that yesterday good bye let's see what you learn because I want to know let's go back to 1st Korean don't shop there a Bears 1213 and us 2 than is the 1 that stole the before so you already stole the of all that we're going to ask our sister to read the portion of the scripture. 12230. Now as touching things offered to idols we know that we all have now the age now each prophesied the charity edify earth and if any man thinks that he knows anything he knows nothing yet as he ought to know but if any man love God The same is known of him as concerning therefore the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice and idols we know that an idol is nothing in the world and that there is none other God but 1 for though there be was there Scuse me for those there be that are called gods whether in heaven or in earth as there be gods many and many lords. But to us there is but 1 God the Father of whom are all things and we in him and 1 Lord Jesus Christ by whom all are things and we by him how be there is not in every man the knowledge for some with conscience is idle and chooses our eat it as a thing offered to an idol and their conscience be weak is defiled but me command us us not to God or neither if we are we is a better neither if we are not are we the worse but take heed lest by any means is this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to them there are weak for if any man see the which has now edge separate me in I I don't jump all shall not conscious of him which is weak be emboldened to eat or things which are offered you I dos as through that knowledge shell the weak brother perish for whom Christ died when you said and so against the brother and in moon there we can choose he sinned against Christ Wherefore if me make my brother to a fan I will eat no flash while the world stands thus I make my brother 2 of them and so we have the age of liberty used Liberty properly not a stumbling block. Let me give you 1st I now lying based on the Greek I Why what I did understand of this Barry copy this section. A chapter ABERS want to 3 Paul is talking about true of all knowledge all the time that they should OK $2000.00 a you who say that you have knowledge. Half asked me about eating food which had been offered to either if you have to know you were not feel superior to all other members but we'll build them up and love them more burgers 4 to 6 here polls present his own belief about the gods. And I know that idols are only staunch or wart there is only 1 true God OK them burst 8. To birth 13 here comes they exhortation they ate the exaltation and he's amazing what he did but for the SO member less certain about this than you are they feel that if they eat so much food it will be disloyalty to Kreiss that's verse 7 and mean that it will be their fact on then if you eat this kind of food you will affect them that is what you must concede there because you and they are broader for you seeing again them yours scening against Christ is self burst and I to live in what do you thing that made Paul cried the thing this is a specific issue you started out to read and tell me. Let me give you a little background. At that time many Greeks had ceased to believe seriously in their traditional gods using. Sales airmass day means you find that it acts 14 and Acts 19 both Dale still have their practice of festivals and in this practice of festival there is a lot of food. So the food was the buy in 3 parts you saying. 1 was dedicated to the temple you have it here in chapter 10 burrs 142221 Par was eaten by the people in their home also you have that information in 1st then burst 27 and another part was all on the public market dots information you have a name for a score in 101025 I knew I prefer So as I used to say no but the market is Jewish and they only buy in Jewish markets so there is no problem he's not talking about peak he's not talking about things that you cannot eat or the reality is that they are in the US Bora saw the market is a common market. And these members come for only a pagan but ground they half they own this stand they have to in it clean but they understand also that this policy really of eating food or meal that is not properly. Kosher. Can bring to them in turn are conflict using and then Paul. This brilliant mind that is half a good on the standing of Greek philosophy Roman traditions and the Hebrew Bible and he have a encounter you see where God talk to him you see is not only philosophical it's verbal. He on the stand now Christianity he is clear that the aisles are nothing. They issue is not that those are idols are something they issue is their week in the church and is so me saying what he did he say that Judah half knowledge your knowledge must be based on love for the 1 that is weak therefore you are the 1 who half to do 1. Look out for them so he implying Jo will not let them. Feel confuse so you will not do you know you can do because you have the liberty and the understanding to do it you see so you are not morally allowed to do that because you are going to take to help the weak I think that was brilliant but OK be how I'm doing is simple the stamen was the mentality of the Gnostic. All I already the knowledge and because I have knowledge I already have to wrestle direction I wake up I understand so I am free for everything I want I can do whatever I want because I have assurance in my knowledge and I'm Paul this time clean that totally in a very sweet way he was talking to the ones that are weak you see because sooner or later they become strong Big Dog Day growing on the standing on the church and in the experience would cries but even when we have that on the stand they an experience you see. Maybe you I think in that you can see an actual movie in your house where there's this little kids that if they do see that kind of film or we in your house they will be confuse you see maybe you think that there is some fear special that you want to do this in the suburb or because you are with this at all essence and there there they go half of that knowledge their mind tally this more tender is better not to do talk about that you see is a burger not to say nothing in the car where you come from the church. Because of the weak but you know you can do it because where you are going to say used truth will you do better than do it because you are fact the way and then when they get all their they being soft factor with criticism with Chris isn't and they don't understand a thing is see you see that finally you asked yourself why why my daughters and my grandsons are not in the church Paul was very clear were you know he shall an OS but at the same time the standard is for everybody. Using the issue of idols. When what we actually did was offer. Was mean awful. Blessed by the idols or do they put them in front of them supposedly. Like have been in India. They put. In border India in Asia they put they don't need the food for themself so they have they either and they offer that food to their idol so their their food stay their own to draw with and now this is going to be other people like them are all because all the food was offered to idols Yeah but then 1 part was taken for the houses and they all their power was taken to the market using their. I let me tell you this is what you do you want to help but they are now. Put you so well the poor like this and then you I clearly tell us that those let's say I those that have been use for 4 Southernism for worship them once they are still half a marked man before them ones so you should not have been in your house usual do something with them but not keep U.C. So there is always the connection between that and I was offer to their darkside or all their them once you see so they have that confusion they say but how can we eat something that was already off or. I am not. Faithful to usis that was the but Paul was beyond that issue he tackled 2 things at the same time you see he say idols is nothing is easy this is mysticism this is not reality you can need it. But then he has a moral principle establish a moral principle his stablish an ethics and this. Their principle is even when you have freedom to do something hold yourself because of the week that are seen you don't do it and he's to. Use. That Postmodernism is coming back let's put it this way let's put it yes is true but then we go to the Calderon we are starting a principle that is only worse in the shirt you see. Yourself go use your free will because the weak and you have to lift up of the way you have to love him and you say well it's not clear OK it's clear when you have a grandson because you do this maybe with your sons you are tough but where your grandsons You are very soft and then you say no no no don't talk about that in front of him you want to keep his innocence you don't want to disturb him and that's what pulls through and that's what I love him so much because he really he here we see that 10 Commandments because the truth that you say without laugh is a cruelty and Paul is trying to teach us how to love and he use as an excuse the weak. I have 2 hands. People. To consider. Us in our church. Eat anything that people do and most of the rules are considered from those of the. Flats. Those of them because they know they went to the tree and they just eat. With it. I cannot answer that I know that reality you see that for the ones that really feel they have freedom they conservative don't need this and don't you that and only like when. Think that led me to goes 11 is not real is this the men that put our. I know late they all call men you see so you have to follow them for them. We are the weak but in reality then your common man that they call the new coming out of grace has a discontinuity on the cantin week. In the New Testament in the New Testament you find the 10 Commandments all the commandments in all part of the New Testament and they I still there not only the Sabbath of the 10 so you have to continue to deal with the law OK But also you have to continue to be of all this institution not only the 1st week not only the 7 not only that the 10 Commandments marish you have to contain it in the New Testament you see saw what you say is important because people marry the 1 definition they have a fire. And they say well they were their wake i DEN but in reality we are the 1 that are following what's really the Bible says trying to follow they know that we have the same change of his to going 1st his going 1st before you answer. It changing. The 1st. 15. Eating food like. Revelation Chapter 2. Also. Some. Sacrifice like so many 1st Koreans I'm 15 and for in me what it's us. Let's go to the Bible yes he said that he stayed away from awful life from God and from things just right until the invasion from which we hear yourself you shot him well there were. R.K. But then they pulled tell them to end it. No no but thought Paul tell them you're gonna need it now you never tell them it all you have the liberty to do things but don't do it using and why we have him in Acts 15 is a confirmation on this place it come from a show of the of the norm don't do it now protect the principle. You see but the principle is you don't do things because you love they all others that's their way Paul want to tackle the situation to the same time. All they leave are tea that the Gnostic used to say they have you see but there is no contradiction between the principle of law for that Paul is establishing but he never says you have you can hear it you see he says don't do it you say with the norm that appears in Acts OK OK he's going to say something we. Listen. This is a week. To the strong this is all this is. Love. This is. So shitty. Told. You we will show you. This and you let me say it this way so we say we are going to use our belts so all let's say this well they kingdom of God is announced by the church they gained on of God is in our heart you so bring it you say the church proclaimed they came down off the sea and that's the only kingdom the kingdom of God versus the kingdom of Satan. But inside the kingdom of God People create all their kingdoms they kingdom of the conservative and the Kingdom of the liberals and they fight together you see but there shall not be parties we'd still do that before. OK There should not be parties there surely we're only 1 came though and we have to unite and be clear in what the Bible us. Those who are in that way softly we with cream and Mr O'Grady very softly. If you're going to be very serious about this technique Ali The church is not the kingdom is the body have the responsibility of proclaiming they came down they consummation of the kingdom is when 1 uses come and he will fix everybody that didn't follow their principles because Norm are 2 pro-tax principles but norms are not the principle you say. And even when when when Paul says there woman be silent on the church and we already explained why who say that in that a specific context or in Timor they also that's that even the norm you say that is just a rule in a specific rule location or that rules point to 1 principle dual So you have 2 things principles are when you are so norms that are to protect the principle and rules that are local in a specific situation for something that happens you want to no doubt are more about that you go to the logic of the Adventists commentary there is a chapter. Christiane life great then why my mentor. Here explain that area well OK so we have the information I don't see the book there between all those will tell me. Their logical commentary the 7 data logical commentary. That is on all the book off they all ye of the church you see but the official 1 in which we all have to agree is the belief that is the official book OK. Their belief. They don't happen they don't their fundamental belief they don't have a number yet they keep the number outside. The. The books. While. Yeah you are left say in that book you have the they do not of of the Human nature of Christ you see you have it they are both so you have to work with that but you cannot say that you believe only 1 and they are all there no because they Human nature of Christ is so complex and there things are seems to all simple boy they are Barry complex that's a light you take for granted to like but there are 2 Terrys of life 1 that lives are waif and have been proven and also that light are particles. And have been proven to so you can not do nothing you know you have balls but then when we found out we have a notch at a marsh enough evidence to support something and we agreed to support both for that and this part of the believe is there but when we talk about all the Spanish essential resurrection and all that. We defend that you will see that that is not on their belief. It's an Adventist knowledge but we don't have enough to be really be the NZ to going that so he's not there. Any. Human rights. Like it was really. The name of the book humanity in delete all Kay and I didn't preach right here. OK there's. Excelling. I have not read that was. OK. I have to look if I see 1 of those in the in the bookstore. I could hear us. OK You want me to ask you now or later. Might you waiting or get. So you're also a stall the if there's any question of all that's OK. Marish problem. Just a little. But is there a here. There is a space to help different ideas of what constitutes. In the inflating your own conscience or is there fear that like it just makes it a little more relativism since each person will see. How your answer. Then I can. Make people. What they are all the way. To. Like. Spanish music like we spent. All their life. To. Sort of that that's a. Mindset. That. Is just. Silly. But that is where you come. Just. Like that. My question is. What is what is the answer is that it. Really is a bad person. Let's answer. Really and then. In the. How music. From. You. Not. Music. If. In. This situation. You know with. Which. You. Did it by. This time I was a. I nice of you and I Love Lucy but. He's. Never. Seen. Too much mind mothers down she's. Always send a young child to be sick. She said. Are you. Sure you see what evolves you know did I. Say. Yes you. Were right. The more your connect with God their more you surrender with him I hate knows why you do and why you go on do. You think and why you don't think that why are you here and why you them here that you see why you look that why you don't look back and you surrender everything to him he is really the 1 who have the answer for you in that. You see we can wake and talks about 1st that same is saying that's available you see and the conflict is between 2 great musicians so this is not easy because when when before Lucifer fell. He have Domine I'm over meal sick I He can clearly play with that is 8 AM music is Barry powerful because you only use your friend tell brain for me you'll see he's come directly and emotionally work to you and we try to make it be called the Me between leader and rhythm. You say that's the way we did I do to go out. Yeah the thing is to number of times we said I think. You know we don't know all. The guesses like said study has gotten used to us and realized that we had to make change just like in my own home I was raised Catholic you know and go out I was in the right music you know and then of course we took a culture drummer rock music out he was a contemporary Christian music and for me that was a stepping stone you know I am as I grew more into knowing what it is like I don't listen to that anymore. You know sort it's a progression. Pieces. That we have to study we have to listen and hear them speak to us and then we you can. For example I came from a Jewish background I'm becoming Adventist was easy for me it was easy when you talk about the Sabbath wow why when you teach me about Jesus and the Sabbath that SOB out of Jesus double oh my mind and when I I have been a nice riled 3 times when I see the folks on the wall. You know praying that really melt my heart. There is something I cannot even get to that walk. But it even at that time. That's. What. This brings me back to. Richard. FRANKLIN I mean. Every. Time. We practice ritualism when we put the table. And I know that our latest 1. EDITION she I know recently with this young man. Will Go On his. Castle and he's Jewish and he said all of. Us have to get out of this. And so people will never get a. Chance and she did all that you know California has a need. For some but she. And she talked about so using nice sunny Sunday in the. Part that should be there. And then he asked me out to go do you. Know singing. And not doing. Well. I have meaning to this day I see the text. Just me thanks for the. Request. Didn't you to come to me. And I don't want to use. So they are you know because I said definitely not but. I always look at the Next List this is just Lori. You can call me surely this is why we want this particular sale is it taking so. I think it's very difficult to be honest. To love yourself. And. Answer honestly is this for the glory of God you should treat my. Dogs. He goes more than feelings is ideas precipice ations fast but you know there is a beautiful music outside of. The East specific country. And little to not too fancy. Lead but they are not appropriate for the. Loss of the Lord you know was there to do that to do these and the. Jewish people danced and celebrated because they were exuberant the get placed on the sign that. Said Sing Chile there was music there is a tendency to raise the bar when it's in the church. But is not the same tendency of what is out of the church. And your income meeting hours on thing that there is a fire you're useful tool to sayings things that go on things in the church is it the bar is very high when you are in the church and sitting in the by who knows you on the stand he. Can Use. Anything like that with. A friend and I like that. Those are 2 different cultures that are clash so you know he will share culture. Which is 2 different cultures able to support different inspired just want to think about different myself. A Cut Above culture which applies to many things but the origin of this culture also conceded that So music is cultural maybe. Even to but. We're just lyrics to it hard if you look at the origin of the Latino vote so we're certainly sure she doesn't want all of that culture and we're going to hear this culture in this culture. I think 1 has to look at it was the origin of the culture in the 1st something's coming from the living with the biggest guns sure how manage culture so let me ask you I once again to fasten your seatbelt Let's talk about this if we want to lay his legs. And we want to establish a high bar on this meal sic we have to go out from the beginning. 1st we have a Department of Music and with the years in the G.C. disappear and they gave it up the barman to youth program soling remember things began to be different 2nd if you have a schools that I Private schools are Christiana school you should talk and teach music from primary and have the same sea levels for all their shares the same way we have a school lesson and then we half in a stand and on the standing from where you are little boy but because we don't have that to stand up on that on the standing and we grab this principle and that principle you know the problem is that everything is too loose and the influence of difference culture make the thing more in things. That there is called. Off. Beat. Culture of. The time some people say. You know classical music or this clothing. There is. On. The scene. Since the time we look different but. It's not the only Israel to be noticed. So you feel you're stylish and there is genuine worship in music that don't even isn't a stand out on the church. That there is a genuine intention of worship in culture that OK from the beginning. You see so in that I'm sure you can agree to disagree but I'm sure. You agree with. The principle. Is fixable. If we do if we took to music like that like a philosophical phenomenon. Let's let's do it the same with 5 laws of philosophy you see there is Stayman all see also for that can be Christian eyes there are truths that Christianity can't have you see the only thing you have to go to dolls thoughts that are true and to the all those who read them that are Jane wing it to Bob Tice them. Another way to do it. What I'm telling you is that we we need not to. Talk about the consequences that we are leaving now trying to establish a principle a matter that will keep us an airman. And that means that the general are calling for sure all point to the apartment of music again. Call all the experts and began to work with the situation and at the same time. And the Metro will be to establish a system that is up like a war to all the schools remarry and secondary in a way that is all pain you see but keep the principles that you want to do establish in a way that is up and you know it is not that greedy it. In terms of music because music is very or new bird song I am very flexible body keeps certain principles because use a principle of all the principles and the truth behind all the tools is to minority Feigele. OK. So all the association with the thing. Is a music and so. We should use. These associations of the. Song With fix the problem now we write the letter and send them to the U.C.. They have the Voyager to the on the source and. So all you have any question of those topics. Or anything else. To push. Or do they force you to the moon and see. What. They want to say something say it I translate. Which is the real pulsation 1 we apply nor principle when man is the head on the woman. Will give the place to man say head OK Saul let's go let's try that 1. I know what Paul is doing in this case is clear and he called this to resolve our problem you see a problem they are programmed often lever you see that is not correctly when our fact the person that is weak saw if your real wisdom you use your liberty in a lawful a way to your brother that is weak and need to be. Help need to grow up in that area saw I think what Paul did this not only establish a principle but also Paul is establishing in like a mentoring soul we are like a family and the ones I have not more knowledge soul mentor we lost the 1 that are increasing in knowledge but do you have any to say about. OK. What he wound up like today I wonder specific with. Their way Paul poor it is this way. I want to follow what Paul's. Because he haven't a specific intention when he's saying they should we have today is not really. Paul says. The father is the head of Christ. Is the head of man and man is the head of woman. And that have to be respected you see the principle that you are asking is what it means Man us. That's the principle. Some people say his say that somebody he climbs equality you say because before the fall there argue that God was the head and man I want man were Parness but in a fashion we realize that again Paul insist their man is the spiritual head their moral. But he have to last has a woman they way she needed and again he don't say that the woman have to love man you never say that innovation he says that she have to respect him you say so there is attain shown behind him if Asia and here he never use the war. As the basic of relation in the respect a woman have to to show to man. And. More Stan. And precisely that's why Jesus came to show to the them he came to I have to say other than in the span of the way it works in my head Jesus is the 2nd and he teach he taught the 1st 1 How to Love how to redeem the 1 that is weak you see because she fell but in the New Testament both fell but because both were the Amish of God. On till Auburn did them fail they will mean Ian wasn't given totally to the serpent because our A friend fell but did serpent didn't have the meaning but when Adam felt then both are the Amish of God give the Domine him to the servant you see and that's his point that they have to work together and stick together the. Man have this moral responsibility that have religious connotation you see but both have to be together type together and she have to respect the need for that moral force across for a possibility but then the question comes you know questions always are there and says Well and when men Dawson developed that moral spirit to her sponsibility when he don't he decided not to be responsible and she have to take care of everything lest ladies answered this question why we should think what is to be done what I see is that even when the ladies are there they once dealing with their all responsibility their lives 1 the moral 1 the thing all the house they are really the head of the house so on of then trait man has a head even when he is not assuming the response of him all the others they decide not to do it so it really is an issue of the ladies how you teach us in this why this happened in this how you see that. Not for me now I put it back. Only see how. I think. If. You're past us I think we should leave him in the direction where he can get spiritually the. Chilly chilly night become personally I am glad to be. There excelling and so am because you gave that answer I'm sure got in your heart I will prove who prove that with the Greek. In the household womans are. They spot this and you know what thats protests mean. Yeah its like odious what does not go to us is a master is a ruler saw in there cos the house the Bible says a woman's are their sport this are the rules and what you're telling me that you were going to use your your power to make man accomplis his responsibility and you know how this is in psychology in psychology has been proof of that even when Mormons have to take up a city of Free the mops. Shell mind descant are all better as small space and the details in their small spaces and we don't have that ability so they already. Are the sign like that. Because man is the sign their way it is this sign he's not that good in the tales. Yeah here's an article I think he's not capable of when we think of the same thing but he's not that he's mine is not. Is not putting this spatial small details you see he can be with mine while I do something but that he's doing is coming from his mind to his and. He can think modern markets or whatever in detail but that is abstract to his mind he is Maine for big space and us that actions you see there mind of the woman also have that cup basically but that tendency to concentrate in the materials and the motional detains in in their way their wire Yes you notice that we do yours. Because both are there. Let me say it in another way man is not made in the Amish of war monger war no money is not made in the image of man. Man is made in the image of God and woman is made in the image of God but the plan of God is that both Amish that are different and unique complement. Because that is not happening in the biblical sense we have problems. Let me pray because I have to finish and we continue heavily Father thank You for this interesting. Coulier. Questions that we are trying to answer here. We need your wisdom of course we can just properly describe the way we understand it but you are the 1 who understand everything so we ask you for wisdom in something and thank you for this seminar thank you the support you need in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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