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1. Adventist Culture or Adventist Faith

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Precious father this morning we rejoice that is once again time for CAN'T meeting but Father we would not just desire to come to camp meeting to see our friends to visit with other campers to come and eat the camp food in and eat our veggie links and soy ice cream and all the wonderful things that we have a can't meeting we're not just here for that Lord we're here to be transformed by the living Christ we want him to speak to our hearts we want Him to dwell in our hearts we want to be changed by the power of the Living Word today we want to experience Lord the fullness of the Holy Spirit Lord we've been receiving drops of blessing for decades and the Avonex church. We've seen wonderful things happen in the Aves church the Lord we would receive the fullness of the Spirit today we would open our hearts this morning Father we would confess our sins to you we would cast them away and by the power of your living spirit in us Lord we would be victorious over sin and we would go forth as your church Lord to win souls to Christ so pro father please today let your presence fill this place but more importantly let it fill our hearts let it fill this body temple which you have given to us and they our minds our hearts and our lips be saturated with your praises and with the promises of your word in the presence of your spirit this morning we ask Lord do a work in us that we cannot do ourselves and when we leave this place father may we not be the same we ask this in the sweet name of your Son Jesus but all God's people say amen I want to begin this morning with a story there was a young lady that. I was attending 1 of my churches and I'm not going to tell you which church and who it is because if I tell you the name you're going to know the person are you going to least know someone of their associated with this young lady was in her early twenty's and she had attended L. admin asylum entry schools she had attended administers the middle school she had attended they had been sick a to B. and she had just graduated with her bachelor's degree from Andrews University sweet sweet young lady abouta full character she was just a sweetheart and she had come to work at a place near where I was pastoring and this young lady was just had just gotten married she was going to tell you the grief she had because I don't want you to try to figure out who it is but this young lady had gone through all of our schools and she came to me 1 day after a sermon that I had priests and she said You know Pastor I'm not even exactly sure what I believe she says I've gone through all of our schools I have an evidence education and by the way dear friends this is not a knock against having a sketch cation I believe in that we'll just get that out of the way OK I believe in that but she said I've gone through all of our schools and she says I had no idea what our church believes she says I'm not even exactly sure if I should keep the Sabbath or not I mean if you grow up in the church and you go to our schools and you're not even sure why or if you should keep the Sabbath I would say that's a bit troubling I'm a bit agree with that and she said I'm not sure which direction to go and she told me she said my senior year in high school I had to write a paper in the paper was on Ellen G. Y. and I said well that's interesting what did you find she said well actually I wrote my paper against Ellen White she says I looked up all kinds of research and I and I wrote letters like a 10 page paper on why I didn't believe Ellen White really was a prophet of God. And I was just blown away so here's this young lady Fortunately praise God We were about to do a start a revelation series in the next 2 weeks and I said hey listen why don't you come to the series and I I promise you that by the end of the series you're going to have confidence in the Bible you can have confidence in Christ you can have confidence in the I've been a semester edge and you can have confidence in the Avonex church and she says all right she said I've got nothing to lose so she came to the meetings and night after night she soaked those meetings up she could not believe we went through all the prophecies of scripture I preach Christ Listen friends some people will say well why do we have to have these revelations summoners Why do we have to have these these why can we just preach about Jesus I didn't I can't tell you a revelation seminar I have not preached or I have preached that Christ has not been the center of if we preach these meetings properly we can preach Christ we can preach prophecy and we can treat to preach the truth of God all in sync and all in harmony because Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and the life amen the Book of Revelation says it is the revelation of who it of Jesus prophecy in Christ go hand in hand the truth of God's word and Christ go hand in hand Amen so she came and she's not only found Christ but she found the truth she found a hold and beauty in prophecy and she found that the Bible could be trusted that the messages they're in were valid because of the prophecies that spoke to her heart night after night not only that Frenchy found confidence but the ad than its church is not just another movement it's our not a movement but it's not just another denomination it's not just another church on the corner of the street with 14 others but it is a divine prosthetic movement of destiny. I'm you could say Amen I'm going to believe that this morning you would come out at 7 o'clock in the morning didn't believe that would you unless you were searching for a man how many of you know that me ask a question this morning and probably this group will be higher than most but how many of you understand the contents of the prophecy found and Revelation chapter let's say 12 I mean see your hands how about Chapter 13 you know about the mark of the beast 2 Beast about Chapter 14 what's in the 5 to 14 ranges messes let me ask you this how many you are familiar with and raise your hands I guess I want to see them the contents of Revelation Chapter 10 All right the number dropped by about 2 thirds their friends if you really want to have confidence and understanding of the administrators as a divine movement a prophet so you must study Revelation Chapter 10 you must because if you study that chapter you will never have another doubt that they have been as church was called by God in times like these you will understand why you should be an advantage to not some other to nomination because this is not a nomination it's a movement coming say men so this young lady came to that seminar and she her mind was blown away and she said I am so thankful she says I used to be afraid of prophecy she said I've had the book great controversy on my shelf for years even though she had written a paper against the author she said I had this this book on my shelf for years and she says I was so afraid to read it she says but after the seminar I'm not afraid and in fact she said just prior to her coming to the church she said she had had a dream in which Christ returned to the earth and she was unprepared to meet him and she said what do I do she was trembling and afraid and the voice from heaven said read that book great controversy. And so she read that book and now she has very great confidence and the Scripture and the words truth amen but this story illustrates of great problem I believe that it's rising not really rising it's really we're sitting right in the middle of it and the administers each and that is we have a group of people in fact young people I find that when young people understand our message they don't leave the church but if they have not understood it if they have not ever had it shared with them then often those are the ones leaving and I say meet many parents who say well you know I don't want to I don't want to share that with them because I don't want to scare them and I don't want to push it down their throats when so many young people are begging to be told what we believe but this is a great growing problem within our church that we have to tenants that are becoming very very clear within the church Number 1 you have an advantage culture and in the other hand you have an advantage face now what's the difference between the 2 you cannot have a Biblical culture. That will carry you through the judgment unless you also have a biblical face are you with me yes or no cultures are very nice because cultures make us very comfortable very happy and very content but they are deadly and lethal Are you with me members make that clear they are deadly and lethal and this is the problem that's growing friends it's a division that's taking place now there's always been attacks on the church from the outside but in the last days were warned very emphatically that there will be not just attacks from the outside but great and lethal attacks from the inside 1 of you as you observed over the last decade or so you see that taking place all over the world it's taking place and what you see happening in the world and in our nation you kind of see happening in a microcosm within the church and we're not here to get in the politics but we're not going to do that but you see that taken place very very clearly now this is not a new division this is not a new thing this is a thing that has actually happened all throughout Scripture and we're going to take a look at that today we're going to start in Genesis Chapter 25 everybody bring your bible let me see your bible this morning to get your Bibles hold them up a men bring the sword yes because when you come to the meeting it's still a little bit dark outside in the might be a lion walk around seeking to devour you you've got to have that stored ready Amen Genesis Chapter 25 and we're going to start there we're going to talk a little bit about Jacob and Esau here for just a minute Genesis Chapter 25 I'm going to star in verse 21 if you're there say amen Genesis 25 Wait a minute where are we here my foot my page there we go Genesis Chapter 25 in verse 21 now Isaac pleaded with the Lord for his wife. God would be it that all of our husbands in the Michigan conference were pleading for their wives a man praying before the Lord for their families now Isaac pleaded with the Lord for his wife because she was barren and the Lord granted his plea and re back to his wife conceived but the children struggled together within her imagine that lady's struggling going on within her and she said if all is well why am I like this so she went to inquire of the Lord and the Lord said to her 2 nations are in your room 2 people shall be separated from your body 1 people shall be stronger than the other and the older shall serve the younger so when her days were fulfilled for her to give birth indeed there were twins in her womb and the 1st came out red he was like a hairy garment all over so the named him they called his name Esau afterward his brother came out and his hand took hold of Esau's heel so they call his name Jacob which me Isaac was 60 years old and were Jacob means what does anybody remember the Seaver or supplant or right so the boys grew and Esau was a skilful Hunter a man of the field but Jacob was a mild mannered Welling intense and Isaac loved Jake Esau because of his game but Rebecca loved Jacob Now these 2 boys from the very beginning were together yes or no right from the womb they were struggling within they were struggling when they came out they were struggling after they came out but these 2 boys many of us don't really think about this but I had a very similar upbringing if you think about this who was their father not Jacob Isaac who was their grandfather. Abraham So do you suppose that as they grew up with Abraham and Isaac and probably many others that were with them that were men of faith do you suppose that they heard all the stories from Adam all the way down to their day of stone Do the end do you suppose that they understood what their identity was yes or no do you suppose that they understood the truth what do you think both were raised in the church yes or no quote unquote we have those phrases we have those isms and Ave has and only P K M K We know the truth we were raised in the church we know all those isms right these 2 boys fit both of those ideologies perfectly you could rightly say that in this day and age and 2017 they grew up in the Avenues church they went to avenues elementary school they went to Avonex Academy probably here to GLAAD they went to Andrews University understand the parallel here right they both had the same experience growing up yet they responded to that experience both very differently are you with me yes or no as time grew as time passed as the boys grew in time passed Jacob continued to grow and develop a love for spiritual things Esau continued to yield to his base fleshly passions and as they both saw those things the distance between them spiritually began to separate greater and greater the older they got the understand me are you with me there and so the point finally came. When Esau had 0 interest in his father's spiritual influence on his life but Jacob desperately wanted to have the birth right are you with me so I want you to see something here I'm going to read to you for just a minute from the book patriarchs and profits and this is from the book patron price page 178 notice this Isaac made known to his sons these privileges and conditions and plainly stated that Esau as the eldest was the 1 of the title to the birthright but Esau had no love for devotion think about that for just a minute no and clinician to a religious life the requirements that accompanied the spiritual birthright were an unwelcome and even hateful restraint to him the law of God which was the condition of the divine covenant with Abraham was regarded by Esau as a yoke of bondage think about that for just a minute bent on self-indulgence he desired nothing so much as liberty to do as he please to him power and riches feasting and reveling your happiness he gloried in the unrestrained freedom of his wild roving life Rebecca remembered the words of the angel and she read with clear insight than did her husband the character of their son she was convinced that the heritage of the divine promise was intended for Jacob she repeated to Isaac's the angel's words but the father's affections were centered upon the eldest son and he was shed and shaken in its purpose and listen about Jacob the opposite Jacob had learned from his mother divine intimate intimation that the birthright should fall to him and he was filled with an unspeakable desire for the privileges which it would confer now and listen to what Jacob was seeking after it was not the possession of his father's wealth that he craved. The spiritual birthright was the object of his longing to continue to commune with God as did righteous Abraham to offer the sacrifice of atonement for his family to be the Prague nater of the chosen people and the promised Messiah to inherit the immortal possessions embraced in the blessing of the Covenant here with the privileges and honors that kindled his most ardent desires day and night the subject occupied his thoughts until it became the absorbing interest of his life to very different brothers yet raised in the same face what was the difference Esau desired the what are the benefits of the flesh now listen to this friends he's saw did not separate himself from his father's culture did he he did not remove himself from his from the from the faith in the household of face that his father possessed but rather in the culture he indulged himself in the passions of the flesh hoping that he would get some kind of earthly benefit from the culture and the face that his father possessed. Jacob on the other hand saw nothing more than communion with God Now Jake a really went about of the wrong way did me and he paid for it for the rest of his life his whole life was a result of that but yet he desired that communion with God He wanted that blessing because he saw down the road into the future Jacob could see with a vision beyond himself beyond today he saw could only see what was for today now let's continue to read here in Genesis Chapter 25 notice this verse 29 now Jacob took to stoop and he saw came in from the field and he was weary and he saw said to Jacob Please feed me with that red saying that same red stew for I am weary therefore his name was called eat them but Jacob said Sell me your birthright as of this day and he saw all said look I am about to die so what is his birthright to me then Jacob said Swear to me as of this day so he swore to him and sold his birthright to Jacob and Jacob gave Esau bread and stew of lentils and then he ate and drank a rose and went his way thus Esau despise his birthright and let me tell you friends a skeptic of the Bible would read that passage and think What a ridiculous story some of you might have read that story and say why does that even there but it demonstrates something that is vitally crucial for us today Esau from his birth had so fed his passions and his flesh even while existing in the house of faith of Abraham that he reached a place where spiritual things meant absolutely nothing to him and he was ready to sell the birthright of his own house that he might lead his family spiritually just to partake of an indulgence of his flesh for not even a week or a month or a year but just for 1 moment 1 hour he was ready to sell the spiritual blessing of God. For 1 happy moment of fleshly pleasure my dear friends today how many of us in the 7th Day Adventist Church are existing in a culture because it's a very nice culture and we are seeking the blessing of earthly gain in this life by living this culture only ask you a question does the I have in this culture provide earthly blessings not though I mean this is not heresy but just bear with me for a minute don't even think about the heavenly right now just think about the earthly does the avenues culture bear earthly blessings yes or no is it possible that there are people within the church today who embrace the culture simply to get earthly gain Well at the same time they are their hearts are raving and wild after earthly passions and the passions of the flesh what do you think this morning yes or no and are we today some of us sitting here among us even maybe selling our birthright on a daily basis for some kind of earthly indulgence that the Lord God of heaven is forbidden. And we have embraced a culture and we think that in this culture we might be safe we might be comfortable we might be in a place where where where we're going to we're going to be protected and we think somehow that God's blessing is upon us we think somehow that our names are written and the Lamb's Book of Life because we have our name in the Advent movement we have our name on the church books for God sometimes church let me tell you what friends today it's 1 thing to have your name in the Lamb's Book of Life another thing to have a written in the new and the books of the church membership Now let me tell you what the church membership is very important and then you need to be attached to the body yes or no but it is not going to save you an advantage culture will not save you or us me yes or no let me make the statement right here the selling of his birthright for a temporary earthly indulgence which influenced the course of his life for us me when he sold that birthright it changed the whole course of his whole life that's how serious sin is today you indulge in it just a little bit and you think to yourself oh well you know. Like if it was going to a fine knew that this was going to directly impact my wife I wouldn't do it but since it's not going to really impact anyone I can do it by myself it's really not that big of a deal Romans 147 says no man lives to himself and no man want dies to himself No man is an island and it may not directly impact that person but it's going to change who you are. You with me because sin changes you and the same way that Christ changes you sin changes you and the reason that Christ has to change us when we accept him is because sin has changed us into a carnal nature we understand and Christ is changing us away from it so if if Christ had to change us from that sinful nature and we go back to it how many think that that change is going to take place again on the negative scale What do you think so the sin changes who you are and the begins to change how you relate to people it changes how you relate to your wife it changes how you relate to your children it changes how you relate to those in the church are you with me yes or no 1 sinful indulgence can change the course of your whole life or do you think this morning it can do it it is that 1 sin in itself may or may not change my radical but it sets me may change my life radically but it sets me on a course that gets me 1 degree off the path of God and the further I go down that course the wider the gap gets between where I am aware God wants me to be or with me friends so this wrestling between a culture and a face goes all the way back however friends praise God that Jacob did not continue to pursue the same course some you can say men but at Bethel he found a life altering power through faith in Christ when he was there laying on the ground he had fled because he had deceived his brother his brother was about to kill him he fled with only his staff in his hand in the clothes on his back and he was laying on the ground trying to sleep with his head on a rock that's worse than a put you between a rock and a hard place and he's laying there asleep and he has that vision in the middle of the night the ladder from heaven to earth home you can say man. And the angels ascending and descending upon that ladder and it was there that he made that covenant with God to serve him because he had encountered Jesus and that latter was Christ and hope was given to him that not all was lost and he embraced that hope he embraced that faith that trust that Jesus would intercede for him and his sins could be forgiven how many were thank you for that latter this morning that letter is for us as well what do you think but Jacob understood that a culture itself would not save him the face of his father and his grandfather would not save them yonder stand today friends that God does not have grandchildren there will be no grandchildren in the kingdom of heaven maybe your grandchildren but not God's grandchildren because God only has what children you do not get to heaven because you have a culture because talk about them more later because you're a 5th generation Ave So just doesn't work praise God that there was a wrestling Esau with the Merced and the faith of his fathers as a child but his preference for the culture of his faith rather than possessing the faith itself did not seek its did not lead him to seek transformation of heart and character as the Jacob 1 of you say I want to be a Jacob bite a man I want to be an Israelite Yes praise the Lord I was testing you there let's go now to Matthew Chapter 3 we find a very similar story and as returning their I'll just add that Jacob was seeking the blessing and the benefit of a culture simply for earthly gain I mentioned it earlier but I want to remind you that Matthew Chapter 3 and with John the Baptist in the Bible says in verse 1 are you there I stood or pages there say men. Matthew chapter 3 verse 1 it says in those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of today a saying Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand are we called to be like John the Baptist in the last days 7th Avenue would he think so if John had a message of repentance for the 1st coming of Christ do you suppose today that 7th Avenue so to have a message of repentance for the 2nd coming of Christ some of you think that this morning and so he says repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand I'm going to drop down a verse for now John himself was closed in camel's hair with a leather belt around his waist and his food was locusts and wild honey some people say I don't I don't not exactly sure why that text was even in there why we didn't know that about John it's very important why we need to know that about John because John was a peculiar person he was what a peculiar person what is a peculiar person that's different than others right and if we're called to be John the Baptist's in the last days were also called to be what peculiar Yes Peter says we're peculiar people now what's interesting about John is this now just just just bear patiently with me he ate differently so that again he ate differently he dressed differently he wasn't and he spoke differently yes or no now some people say today well you know Pastor if I don't dress like the people I'm with who are not Adventists then I'm not going to have an influence on their life if they see me eating healthy food and good food I'm not going to be able to really have an impact on the just going to laugh at me and that's true that they might laugh at you but guess what they also laugh to Jesus but if you notice something it's not what John ate that gave them power. It's not what John dressed like that gave him power even though those things were distinct about him and he needed to follow them those things don't give a spiritual power they just clear out the obstacles that allow the spiritual power to come with me and to continue but if you notice something people didn't laugh and scorn it John the day look here when verse 5 it says then Jerusalem and your day and all the region around the Jordan went out to him John had such a godly power in his life because he communed with the living Christ and he had a clear mind because of what a man he had such a power in his life that the people could not help to be drawn to him in spite of how he looked and what he ate which was by the way some people say those things are normal Well listen to this people say well I'm in the moment I'm in the minority if I dress a certain way and said if I dress modestly whatever let me say this you might be in the minority in the earth by living like God calls us to live but you're majority in the universe we say that again. Living like a 7th Day Adventist you might be a minority on the earth but you are the majority in the universe you could say amen because the rest of the universe is standing with us and standing with God Amen so despite the fact that John dressed funny and he ate funny he still had the power of God in his life and people were drawn to him on the same man so now it's safe to eat vegetarian in public Amen praise God today now look at this all the Jerusalem went out to him and were and were baptized by him in the Jordan confessing their sins but when many's. Well when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism he said to them brood of vipers who warns you to flee from the wrath to come it's not exactly something you'd like to say to your baptismal candidates on the Sabbath morning right Pastor Mike you don't want to say that to you about his mechanic Pastor Shawn is that would you agree with that you don't really want to say that because it's hard enough to get them there but John the Baptist knew their hearts and he said look you learn a little snakes in the grass What are you thinking why are you even here yes because God had somehow revealed to him their hearts and the next line is very powerful he says therefore bear fruits worthy of what friends worthy of repentance Repentance has become a dirty word in the Avenues church because we need to just love people the best way to love somebody is to put your arm around them and lead them right down to the Cross that they may kneel before a crucified Savior and see the wickedness of their sins and they might be willing to confess them before him and receive salvation and then I'm going to preach on this love this week is called a love that the seeds are going to see that later I don't forget which day it is but look what he says bear fruits worthy of repentance and their friends we many of us in the Avenues church we need repentance we need repentance from Laodicean ism we need repentance from lukewarmness we need repentance for not following the Lord wholeheartedly we need repentance from from from going our own way and constantly going astray what you think this morning and then he says verse 9 do not think to save yourselves we have Avraham as our Father for I say to you that God is able to raise up children of Abraham from the stones. So that was in John's day so many put it to you and terms today do not think to yourself to say I'm a 5th generation 7th Day Adventists because God doesn't care it's a blessing to you to be a 4th or 5th generation Av and some of you agree with that this morning I did not grow up in the church I came into the church at 22 years old in fact this year marks 15 years they have been a search and I'm praising God I'd like to celebrate the next 15 and have an amen but I'm so thankful to be a 7th they have us in fact I think it was forget which 1 but 1 of the old old great preachers he said whenever he'd be out in public and he get in a spirit of conversation people they'd say what denomination are you and he say he's kind of talk on his belt pull suspenders says well I don't mean to boast but on the 7th Day Adventists Christian Amen I praise God if it was for 7th Avenue its message in the best of the Bible I'd be dead by now but friends it doesn't really matter what generation of amnesty you are what God intended to be a blessing many of us have turned into a curse because we've thought to ourselves we can get ourselves into heaven because of the culture rather than the face of Jesus go with me to John chapter 6 yawn Chapter 6 John chapter 6 and notice what Jesus says here John chapter 6 again the people are looking for Jesus Jesus disappears and he's looking for the people or people looking for him I should say John chapter 6 and verse 26 will start verse 25 and when they found him on the other side of the sea they said I am Rabbi when did you come here Jesus answered them and said Most assuredly I say to you you seek me not because you saw all the signs but because you ate of the blows and were filled. Do not labor for the food which perishes before the food which endures to everlasting life which the Son of Man will give you because God the Father has set his seal upon him and I want to make this point couple points these people were following a culture because it had brought great prosperity that God bless the Israelites yes or no he blessed them as God bless Adventist as his modern day people yes or no we have physicians and people that are talented in music in business and all kinds of things God has blessed but some of taken advantage of that and just use it for their own gain they miss the point that the culture the blessing of the culture was to lead them to the true blessing of the face they missed it and I think many of us today are missing it they follow Jesus because of the loads and the fishes not because of his presence they ate from his hand but not from his heart they follow Jesus to have their stomachs filled with bread rather than their heart filled with His Spirit and His presence when they reveal that the bread they were searching for was themselves they began to scoff at him and many of us today when the spiritual component begins to take root in our hearts we begin scoffing we begin throwing it off they want to make him king because he would be able to feed them Don't miss this 1 religious culture wishes to sit at Jesus' feet but only to be fed conveniently in this life without any discomfort or preparation for the next life. Culture seeks to eat physical bread 1 a glass thing the spiritual and there are those who wish to be fed in this life only while sitting at Jesus' feet they want Jesus to feed them but not only physical only physical bread but not spiritual but let me tell you friends today a true biblical Adventists faith will seek the spiritual bread even at the cost of the physical bread many of us today don't even like to read only want to fast I don't know I don't know what your personal life is but we don't even want to go without food for 1 meal much less 1 day if we thought that going to the prayer meetings we said all you you can only go to the Permian if you fast and many of us would stay behind we have to have that that physical comfort but we're too comfortable and I believe friends that God has been telling the Avon's church for decades that we are too comfortable we're too comfortable where you at today where are you at this morning and your comfort level are you willing to seek that which is spiritual even at the cost of that which is physical Some people say well you know God bless me on the Sabbath because I don't have to work anymore and I didn't know what I was going to do but what if God had not have worked it out what if God thought it was better for your character for you to be fired rather than being able to to work it out to work would you still serve him which is serve him if you thought that you were going to lose your home would you serve him which is seek his family blessing in his face even if you thought everything you own was going to be lost or do you only see God because you're getting a physical blessing and your earthly gain is building greater and greater are we fair weather Christians or would we for sake offer the Lord Jesus. In modern avin to some today Jesus gives a parable go at me quickly our last passage Matthew chapter 25 Matthew chapter 25 in the Bible talks about 10 virgins I know you're familiar with this passage of the understand today but Jesus referring to those in the self they haven't church and last days through this parable I mean understand that sent virgins 5 or wives 5 or foolish all to boil in their lamps but only 5 took partial or oil or extra oil I should say and while the bridegroom was delayed verse 5 they all slumbered and slept rough sleeping today aren't we we seem to be sleeping and did not cry was for behold the bridegroom is coming go out to meet him they all rose and trim the lamps on the fools said to the wise Give us some of your oil for our lamps are going out to the wise answered and said no less there should not be enough for us and you go rather to those who buy and sell for yourselves and while they went to buy the bridegroom came and those who were ready to go in with them went into the wedding and the door was shut let me ask you a question what does the lamp represent the Bible what do the women represent churches What are the what is the all our present Holy Spirit so these are in the last days 7th Day Adventists Christians didn't say that 5 had lamps and 5 didn't they all had what they all had a knowledge of the Word of God They all understood what the book said yes or no but they didn't all hat all of them at 1 point had the power of the Holy Spirit yes or no because they all had oil but some want ran out they were not wise enough to bring extra with them yes OK so they reached the place where they ran out of oil and they had to break open the extra and the others didn't have and they said hey go buy from those who sell them and let me show you this real quick. Revelation 18 and verse $22.00 watch this this is scary the sound of harpists musician's food isn't Trumper so no longer be heard you anymore need a craftsman or any crash to be found the uni more and the sound of a millstone should not be hurting you any more the light of a lamp Now listen listen it's a sudden something new to Matthew 25 the light of a lamb verse 23 shall not shine in you anymore and the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall not be heard you anymore for your merchants where the great men of the earth for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived Now let me ask you a question who's being spoken to in this passage Babylon and if you notice as the same language is Matthew 25 so when those 5 wise virgins says to those who are foolish go and buy from those who sell well who is selling if you're not buying from Christ because Christ in Revelation 3 says buy from me right gold refined in the fire character Holy Spirit I said that said right as he says to them if you're not buying from Christ and they say go to buy from those who sell Who are they then going to buy from They're going to buy from Babylon and that's exactly what happens those who are not filled with the Spirit of God in the last days when those people turn away from the faith they will be swept away into Babylon and they will be destroyed dear friends be not foolish and your doings be earnest I gotta say it lovingly is only sound too harsh be earnest in seeking the Spirit of God on a daily basis be transforms do not risk being 1 of the foolish virgins. Because the truth is you don't have to be you don't have to be 1 of the foolish virgins anyone who wishes and anyone who desires can be 1 of the wise but we must be filled with the Spirit of God We must confess our sins before the living Christ we must have that experience a contemporary view of this helps us understand that it's speaking to us those who profess Christ with an avenue to His them but cannot and the life testify and bear fruit of a changed heart only admit that they are the product of a nice culture rather than divine grace where are you today are you simply a part of a wonderful culture and I've been a sculptor or do you have the advantage face living within your hearts. Without in this higher surrender of the Will brothers and sisters we do not experience genuine conversion eternal a conversion that will lead us to eternal life and without this canoe conversion we do not know Christ nor do we practice self-denial to lead others to him that's why we have such a soul winning problem in our church today that's why so many advantages won't testify won't witness for Christ won't give Bible studies because we're not converted and I got a finger point you and I go for back at me I need a deeper conversion experience and I'm a pastor we all need it. We want deliverance from evil as a good Godly culture but we do not want deliverance from sin we want deliverance from the results of evil upon the world but we do not want. Deliverance from sin in our own lines because we keep going back to it's consequently this impact leads us to seek our own kingdom rather than God's Kingdom true Adventism By contrast the advantage faith seeks not only escape from the consequence of sin but more importantly receives freedom from the root of Senate self to surrender to Jesus and everything under the want to be surrendered to Jesus and everything as a result we seek to constantly build up the kingdom of God rather than our own we would let our house fall to pieces rather than see the got 1 house of God in shambles we would rather deny ourselves whatever it is that we need than to see the people of God suffer the ABBA nest believers pioneers used to sacrifice so much for each other and for the cause a man that accepts the plain truth of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy with joy Recognizing that is out of infinite love and a strong delusion of sin that God gives such straightforward instruction anything short of this is a sure indicator that 1 is just simply culturally Adventists rather than transformed Adventist we have a culture of faith rather than a face itself. If we want to have an experience we have to kneel before the cross this we have to see God like we never saw him before if we ever at any moment in our lives have the thought I'm doing OK I'm good where I Matt we are immediately in great danger because we are told by the prophet of God that the closer we come to Christ the more truly we see ourselves. And we need to constantly friends as uncomfortable as it is we need to constantly see ourselves for who we really are some of the degree of that this morning we need to recognize who we are because the moment we stop looking is the moment we begin forgetting where we came from and some people say well I grew up in the faith and I didn't really do anything bad we're all sinners and you don't have to do drugs and drink alcohol and drink liquor and do all these crazy things in order to have a testimony you don't have to do all those things in order to be a need of a savior you don't have to do all those things and order to recognize that you're a poor wretched blind miserable sinner you know to some pointing at me not to but we need a savior do not veggie dogs ave said you cation modest all these things are wonderful but they will not carry us to the judgment it is only if you know the living Christ and you have by the grace of God live to the truths that he has revealed to you dear friends today there's only 1 remedy for Laodicean ism is a transformed heart that can only be given to you by the Savior Jesus Christ have you had that transforming experience or are you blindly deceiving yourself as by living in a culture that does not reflect the faith of your fathers dear friends please I beg you today do not leave this place without making that decision to have the face and not just the culture. The culture and the faith can live in harmony with 1 another you understand there's nothing really Tena tentatively bad about the Avonex culture if there is a face you understand that but you cannot have a culture without a face and expect to go through the gates of heaven understand I want to tell you a story quickly several years ago we had a young man that came to Africa he was in his thirty's his name was John Carcano and he is a we was a wonderful guy he had been in gangs he had sold drugs to children he had been and gun fights and knife fights and all these things for many years and the Lord Jesus to live or to him from all that foolishness and brought him to a place where he was in a living connection with him he came to ask Oh and he went on to do Bible work in a church for several years and about 7 or 8 years but his faith began to struggle and he left Bible work and went back home and John it wasn't long before John quit going to church it wasn't long before John was beginning to see this old self rise up and before long he was listening to crazy music that he knew he shouldn't he was List eating things he knew we shouldn't and day by day was something new that was dragging him further away from Christ and he got to the place we started partying again started drinking started using some drugs started to was preparing himself to begin selling drugs again he said he was about to go down and purchase a gun a handgun at the store and he was going to get back into that lifestyle and all the while he said he kept feeling the Lord Jesus pulling on his heart tugging on his heart Come back come back come back and he said My heart is growing too hard I cannot come back he said God if you want me to come back you're going to have to do it things started happening in his life Amen. He would it were out of all that he would not work on the Sabbath he was working at J.C. Penney's but he would go and party on the Sabbath he would work on the Sabbath praise God there was still some kind of root there and then he was at a party on a Sabbath and he met this guy at the party never really met him before and the guy said hey let's go out back and do some hardcore drugs so we said OK let's go they went out back and the guy was getting the stuff ready and he said John says hang on I'm going to go over here and use the bathroom and I'll be right back when he goes over behind some buildings while this guys will be here and a gang comes out of the shadows now this just happened a few months ago I was just an avenue hoping Lynn and he was telling his story and again came out and you know he's on their turf so they start beating him up and they're beating John up and lay on the ground are kicking him and punching him he showed me scars and in fact the cut had not fully healed when they were hitting with him with something metal in the head and this other guy sees what's happening he comes running over there trying to spook them and they turn their wrath over on this guy and they start beating this guy up and he's laying on the ground and they all pull out knives and they stab this guy $21.00 times and then they all run off this guy goes to the hospital and dies about 3 days later and John begins to recognize that that should have been him who died now wouldn't you know that when he did the research on this guy and Hispanic fellow Can you guess what his name was has Suze and he did some looking on his Facebook and he found that this guy had once been a 7th Avenue us and he had just written on his Face Book a few days before he said even though I'm not frak to saying this he said I believe that this message is true. So for John I don't know about this guy but for John it took a literal man dying in his place named Jesus the right he should have been the 1 to die but this guy died instead and by a miracle God John would say that don't know what was going on this guy's heart I can answer that I can only speak for John but John recognize he said How much clearer can God speak to me and he came back to the church the next Sabbath read dedicated his life to God and now he's working with he's living for Christ brothers and sisters today Christ need not speak so plainly to us because he's spoken to us in His Word and then I want to make an appeal today how many of you this morning would say Lord Jesus I want to be having in my heart and I've been a space rather than just living in a culture home of the let me see your hands this morning do you mean with all your hearts we grab hold of Christ the Living Christ and when you plead with him today to awaken our hearts to not be Laodicean and to follow his truth we make that covenant this morning and then stand together as we pray Father in heaven this morning we confess that for many of us at many times we become so comfortable in our culture that we have neglected the faith because a culture will always lead us to great comfort in this life but a faith will always lead us to great discomfort but truly if we want eternal comforts we must have this comfort in this life we must have a spiritual unrest that awakens our hearts who are need of the Savior and we need Christ living within us lord too many times we've sought to close every door but today Father is this morning we would open the door of faith. We would open that door and reach out our hands to Jesus who is reaching out to us this morning Father we may recognize in our hearts and those who are here standing this morning making that covenant with you recognizing that they have nothing in themselves to keep the covenant but they are relying wholly upon you to keep it through them we may recognize this morning that you need to make changes in our lives hearts and changes in our lives and right now the Holy Spirit Lord is speaking to each heart speaking to each mind and he's revealing things that need to change to each person I don't know what those things are don't need to know the Lord you know and they know when you're speaking to them right now I pray that they would surrender those things to you that each of us today will surrender those things to you Father and make Christ well not just partially not just mostly but fully within our hearts this morning and may you pour out the Holy Spirit upon our minds upon our hearts upon our lips and upon our lives today may we be saturated with your love your grace your truth your joy your peace and may we have that faith that will endure the judgments and carry us to eternal life and they are names be written lands Book of Life a Lord is our prayer and Jesus we name it everyone say amen. 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