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2. The Adventist Atheist

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Father this morning we praise you for waking us up today for giving us life for giving us health and for giving us the strength the Lord to rise up and come to the meeting today and Lord you've told us through your prophet that we should have a desire to be wherever prayer is being made rever the word is being preached and I pray this morning vet it will be our hearts desire to be in your presence and that today Lord you would call us to a deeper consecration he would call us to a deeper walk with the savior you would call us to a deeper experience and your spirit and Lord that the mysteries of the Word of God would be revealed to us today that we would be challenge we would be convicted we would be comforted in assured in the hope and the truth of your words today the word is Jesus and today a lord we would open our hearts to receive him and we ask this and Jesus sweet name that all God's people say amen. I remember a number of years ago I was pastoring in Kansas and I was an associate pastor I was a Bible worker is well followed up on many interests and we saw many people come to Christ but was a particular elderly man he was close to 80 years old and he we had an evangelistic meeting and he came to our meetings and he came night after night and he was being blessed in his heart was opening up every night he came his heart and his and his mind were more open to the truth and I visited him a few times and we were sitting there talking together and and I had somebody with me and I was visiting with him about the things he had learned in the meetings and asking him if he wanted to make a commitment to Jesus we wanted to give his life to Christ and and we just kept on and on and finally he looked at the person that had come to me to come with me and he said I think he's trying to get me baptized What do you think and I was surprised I had never heard anyone say that before usually the people running from baptism oftentimes and and the person was shocked and I was shocked and I said well if you want to put it that way I am I'm going to give you an invitation Would you like to be baptized and join God's church and he says you know I think I would He says I was wondering when you were going to ask and so that next Sabbath we cleared him and prepared him and that next Sabbath he was baptized and about a week later I got a phone call that he had been called in to the doctor's office See prior to that time he had had some testing done and they found some lumps in his lungs and and various places in his body that week he called me so I went by there and he told me he said I've got a fatal cancer he says I'm stage 4 he says they told me I have 2 weeks to a month to die and he says but I'm so thankful I'm so thankful that I came to know Christ before this time came. And he said You see I I had gone in for those tests and then I got that flyer in the mail and he says I recognize how frail my life was I recognized how many needful I was to have someone higher than myself watching over me so I came to those meetings and I praise God evangelism isn't poured in a man studying the Bible people as in Portland Yes public eventual ism is life or death what do you think for many people it is their last hope to put their trust in God as their last chance to find Christ and this man gave his life to Christ and about 2 weeks later indeed he passed away I visited him the day before he died he was laying there on his bed he was still able to speak and I said brother what do you want me to say to people what do you want me to tell people when I when vite people to follow Christ what do you want me to tell them and he said tell them never to wait he said I waited all my life and he says I'm so thankful that I found Christ he says but he says I'm so regretful that I didn't seek for him in my early twenty's or my teens that I might use the strength of my youth to serve Him to be consecrated to Him He said Tell them not to be half hearted Christians. But to be wholly consecrated to the Lord all the days of their life that all they possess that all they are all their strength might be given all over to Christ for His kingdom in a service to win souls for him he said tell them that and so today many years later I'm telling you about my good friends and I know that I'll see him in the resurrection but friends he wants to see you in the resurrection he wants to see those whom we will lead to Christ in the resurrection and then he wants us to be whole hearted Christians and I would tell you today that there is nothing more that Jesus once in this life for you than to be a whole hearted wholly committed wholly consecrated son and daughter of the Almighty God today friends through the right to Snit's of Christ alone we can be a holy consecrated a man however thank was as a for the right distance of Jesus the grace of God that does not simply read D.M. us and leave us in our sins but redeem sus and restart the sauce into the image of God Christ frees us from the penalty of our sins through justification he frees us from the power of sin through sanctification and 1 day very soon he's going to free us from the presence of sin when he comes in the clouds of heaven and glorifies our bodies can say men today now yesterday we talked about 1 of the great dangers of that is coming upon God's church 1 of the great dangers that many Adventists are falling into today we talked about cultural Adventism I'm if you were here for that or at least you heard it and we talked about the pitfalls of that being accustomed to a very nice culture but not having transformed hearts by grace. Being a part of a comfortable culture but not seeking self-denial to lead other souls to Jesus by seeking to be restful and wherever add and not putting the kingdom of God 1st yes or no now we talked about yesterday and today we're going to go to the other extent of that we talked about comfort and religion now we're going to talk about something very different today the title The message this morning is the Adventist atheist could it be possible that there are people who are not just enjoying a nice culture of veggie links and soy milk and all these different things but could there be people who are within God's church also seeking the world where you think this morning you suppose today that there could be atheist even in the ranks of God's people what do you say this morning I believe today that there is we're going to go to the Bible we're going to see a story of a man who I think fit many people today in our generation if you would please turn in your Bibles to the book of Luke Luke Chapter 12 The Bible talks about a parable of a man who I believe is very representative of so many in our church today Luke Chapter 12 The Bible talks about the parable of the rich fool Luke Chapter 12 I'm going to start in verse 13 Luke 1213 of you there say man. All right Luke 12 in verse 13 the Bible says then 1 from the crowd said to him Teacher Tell my brother to divide the inheritance with mean obviously there were just family problems going on in our generation the Refaeli problems going on in their generation Yes And you know they often say that when people are dying on their deathbed that the very last thing to go is the what is the hearing and I can't tell you how many times I have stood beside the bedside of those who are taking their final breasts while the family is arguing over who's going to get what I mean you've been in a place like that before and right in the midst of the 1 who's dying they are arguing about who's getting the house who's going in the car who's getting the money et cetera et cetera et cetera and what a shame that some parents have to lay on their deathbed when they think they can't hear them and they're hearing every word of them arguing and fighting over what they're going to get what a shame but this is exactly what's happening here you know it's very interesting how people change when there's money involved isn't there when someone dies and there's money to be divided even if it's only a few $100.00 I've seen people tear each other apart for 2 or 300 dollars brothers and sisters how sad that is teacher tell my brother to invite to divide the inheritance with me but he said to him man who made me a judge or an arbitrator over you and Jesus said something in this next verse very compelling very relevant very important for us in the year that we are in 2017 and he said to them take heed and be wary of what friends covets to snice for one's life does not consist in the abundance of the things he wants he possesses. One's life those not consist and the abundance or the lack I would add of what he possesses what Jesus is trying to say here is that it doesn't really matter how much or how little you have does it what matters is not what you have but what you give a man but not matter what who you are but who you become a man Jesus says beware of covetousness because one's life does not consist and the abundance of the things he possesses and then he tells a parable which I think is 1 of the most powerful parables I love all the parables I think they're all 1 of the most powerful and then they're all very power hungry that agree with that today such precious truth we have in the pages of scripture verse 16 then he spoke a parable to them saying the ground of a certain rich man a yielded plentiful E. and he thought within himself saying What shall I do since I have no room to store my crops so Jesus tells the story of this man and what's his occupation He's a farmer now let me ask you a question this morning is it very easy to be or is it is it difficult to be corrupt as a farmer I would say probably so right I mean like how do you how do you become corrupt as a farmer I mean you have to work hard so lazy people need not apply right and there's really no 1 to rip off like you just out there planting seeds you're watering them you're cultivating them they're growing that's why we have the thing grow Michigan a man so this man is cultivating he works hard Yes So he's probably a pretty honest fellow for the most part he's not really like a businessman or or a car salesman where he's trying to rip people off he's just earning an honest living correct. Probably going to the temple paying his ties probably going to the temple for worship just an ordinary fellow who works hard for a living correct I mean you gather that from the page rightly you could adjust that to the Times in which we live in and he's probably just a hard working honest man maybe he's a nurse maybe you know in modern day times he's a be a farmer maybe he was just you know just worked at a factory whatever just an ordinary guy kind of like you and kind of like me are you with me I want to make the point that this guy would be someone just like you and me or you with me not any difference not something over here or over there but it's just like you and just like me OK and the Bible says that the ground of his field yielded how I plan to flee so Ellen why actually says in the book Christ object lessons that God actually specifically and intentionally bless this Mansfield's he actually blessed him for a purpose and what do you suppose the purpose was to just like say Hey I got a good this year but God actually blessed the man intentionally because he wanted to see what he would do with it now typically when we think about God testing us does God test us yes Satan temps us God tests us the Bible says in James that God tempts no man but he does test us doesn't e and he doesn't test us to look over our shoulder to see are they going to do evil with that I want to see if they're going to do what's bad but God actually test us because he wants all the universe to see that when we put our faith and trust in Him we will choose to do good. God wants to test us so that his goodness may be seen through us for the rest of universe and especially Satan who's always arguing against a man accused in the brethren are US me and so God doesn't test us for evil but he tests us for good I mean you can say Man are you thankful but often when we think of a test from God we're thinking about what kind of a test a trial like I'm going to lose my job or I don't have enough money to pay the bills or something that's on the negative end right right get sick and we often think of that as the test you know we think of job when when we think of God testing people right we think about job all the trials that he went through and we often associate testing with trial but did you know that God will actually test you with blessings did you know that sometimes God will give you a little extra money sometimes some check will come from someplace you didn't know you know overpaid your insurance or something weird thing like that and some to are some you know some long lost uncle dies and Elysia $10000.00 or whatever I mean we all like to see those things going and sometimes God actually blesses you maybe you you get that extra overtime or whatever it is and God wants to say what are they going to do with the blessing that I've given to them because God delights in seeing his people do well I met God delights in the joy of seeing his people bless others a man and so sometimes God would do this and he wants to ask the question once the whole universe to see what is my servant a B. or C. going to do with this blessing and that's exactly what he did with this man he blessed him to see what's he going to do what a shame and what the man actually did so he said. Verse 18 I will do this I will pull down my barns and build what greater and there I will store all my crops and all my goods now were told in the passage and in the book Christ object lessons that this man actually had many servants so I don't know if they were slaves of they were hired servants but he had many people working for him OK now how many of you have a barn at your house several of you here I have a barn in attached to the back of my barn we have a chicken coop because I want my kids to raise some animals with responsibility and sadly when we were Indiana can't meeting last week 5 of those chickens got killed by a raccoon so on my face my 1 of my elders set up a trail cam and sure enough he was back the next night and we had put a lock on it though when we saw pictures of him pulling on the door but he was a get in the night a human and but I have a barn and it's a very simple barn it's just metal siding with the framework there's no insulation it's just a dirt floor there was no electricity I just protectress city and it was just a very simple structure 20 feet by 30 feet now my insurance company that which I have insurance through says home insurance if a tornado comes or whatever and destroys that barn they will give me a check for $30000.00 to replace that barn I mean you could say admin you got that kind of as I don't want to lose my barn but I say many of the check. So I get a check for $30000.00 and now my point is this our barns cheap YES NO or NO. They're not a cheap structure to Bill but I want a very pricing it's not just like build a little lean to made out of scrap wood you understand this is a real barn and notice what the man says he says I will do this I will pull down my barns I didn't say bar none he said what Barns is plural more than 1 barn so he has multiple barns and he's going to tear down and build bigger barns now if you tear down a barn to build a bigger barn What are you doing you're investing a lot of what money and time and resources so he has to pay for the materials he has to pay the people to tear down the board yes to pay the people to rebuild the barn and so I want you to think about this for just a minute this man was actually spending large amounts of money just to be selfish The man was spending tons of money just to be self indulgent to himself just to keep that which God had blessed him with the bus of his with so that he could hoard it to himself or US me think about that for just a minute that a person could actually be sold to the degraded that they would spend money to be selfish now reflect upon your own life this morning I've never done that I've never spent money so you could be more selfish. And so that you could hoard all that extra for yourself and that's what he did I will pull down my barns and build greater and there I will store all my crops and my goods and I will say to my soul soul you have no have many goods laid up for many years take your ease eat drink and be want be merry this man had every intention of being wholly self-indulgent without a thought in the world of blessing others and I want you to listen to this this you will see it on the screen there Christ object lessons page 256 notice this by the parable of the foolish rich man Christ show the folly of those who make this world there all this man had received everything from god the sun had been permitted to shine upon his land for its rays fall on the just and the unjust the showers of heaven descend on the evil and then the good Lord had caused vegetation to flourish in the field to bring forth abundantly the rich man was in perplexity as to what he should do with his produce imagine friends that we are sometimes in perplexity because we have such an abundance and there are people all around us who aren't what perplexity because they don't even know where their next meal is going to come from they're in perplexity because of the stress and the chaos in their life and some people are in perplexity because they have so much abundance of they don't know what to do with it the scary his barns those that we call those 1st world problems. His barns were full to overflowing and he had no place to put the surplus of the harvest Now notice this friends this is why I call this message the ad then it's a theist he did not think of to he did not think of God whom all his mercies had come he did not realize that God had made him a steward of his goods that he might help the needy he had a blast opportunity of being God's all men are but the thought of ministering but he thought only of Minister ing to his own comfort is it possible today that 7th Day Adventist fall under the category of the Adam is a theist and which we have such an abundance may be of physical means maybe but we certainly all as 7th Day Adventists we sit on a treasure house of truth yes or no now I want you to notice something about this man this man was not a pastor he was not a shepherd of the people he was a farmer which means in our day and age we call that a what a layman. He was not a minister and yet God still held him as accountable as the minister yes or no so that means that this parable we often many of the many of the lay people bless their hearts and we love the Saints I love the Saints but many laypeople will point to the passage of Scripture that talk about pastors being faithful pastors doing the work pastors being called by God pastors being held accountable no judgment but this pastor just speaking about the lay people today a man and God says he's calling on all of us to be his stewards of our physical means and our spiritual means yes or no we sit in a treasure house of truth the conference of Michigan has made it about as easy as possible for you to get bible studies Bible study offer dot com Unlike Revelation many other trainings and all kinds of things and friends in the administration we have trainings coming out our ears we have books about how to cure Bible studies coming out of our eyeballs and the somebody said to me once Pastor you've done so much in Avengers and you should write a book on how to get bible stories and I said why I said why because you go over to the A B C and there's 47 books on how to get bible studies and no 1 reads them and no 1 takes them to heart why would I read another to that why would I spend that time given Bible studies and many more souls to Christ we are called to be stewards. In our lives we are not called by this man to have no thought of God or His Kingdom but we are called to be stewards spiritually and physically we're called to carry this truth and we are called to carry this Gospel and all the world not because we are compelled by but by force but B. because we are compelled by the love of Christ that has transformed our hearts and the love of Christ that is dwelling in our hearts is greater than our fear of rejection for those who might say no our desire in our passion for them to be saved is greater than our fear of them slamming the door in our face the love of Christ compels us to be an bashers for him well of Christ compels us to use our means everything that we have to invest in the gospel work of saving souls God calls us true self-denial is not just giving that which is X. tra Sometimes we say well I'm going to just satisfy all my needs satisfy all my wants I'm going to buy that 2nd property up north I'm going to buy that boat I'm going to do this I'm going to do that and then when I've done all the things that I desire on my bucket list then I'm going to give an real nice offering to the Lord Jesus but the Bible says See key what 1st it ought to be God's house it ought to be God's work it out to be God's plans that are to be his kingdom that we are seeking 1st and then if I have anything left over I might do this and I might do that. I remember the story I think it was I didn't get a chance to look up this my think was Jan Andrews that went over the 1st missionary in England my correct about that that was in Andrews and he was there and he was doing the work and he was printing the publications read the story while back and he fell sick and he was pale and thin and they were they fetch the doctor and when the doctor came in and he examined him he came out and said This man is starving to death why was he starving to death because he was taking the money he should have been using to buy food to print more tracks and send them to people across England cross Europe and friends we can't even think about fasting for a day or even for a meal we don't think of God like we should and White says that the Spirit of God with the Spirit of God is little thought of his little poured out if we don't think about God if we don't desire we don't thirst and hunger for Christ in His righteousness God is not going to sport out His Spirit upon a people that would despise his guess he won't do it we have to be serious I want to keep going here it says Listen to this the situation of the poor the orphan the widow the suffering the if lifted was brought to this rich man's attention there are many places in which to do stole his goods he could easily have relieved himself of a portion but not even like not even the sacrifice but just a portion of his goods. Of his abundance and many homes would have been freed from want many who are hungry would have been fed many naked clothes many hearts made glad many prayers for bread and clothing answered and a melody of praise would have ascended to heaven the Lord had heard the prayers of the needy and of His goodness he had prepared for the for how did he prepare for the poor by blessing that man are you listening abundant provision for the wants of many had been made in the blessings bestowed upon the rich man but he closed his heart to the cry of the needy and said to his servants this I will do I will pull down my barns and build greater and there I will be stole all my fruits and my goods and I will say to my soul eat drink and be merry you have good for a long time but I want you to notice something right here friends many people will say to you yes or no that I pray to God for this for this need that I have and God did not answer him even heard people say that and these people were praying that God would bless them and he would not even give them an abundance but just meet their needs or just let us not go hungry today Help us Lord we're crying out to you were pleading with you and God bless this man so he my answer their prayers and so when this man became selfish and withheld the abundance of his blood of his of his harvest and had not helped those needy people those people sat at night hungry hungry and wondering why did God not answer my prayer and so the impact of this man cause the faith of those people to falter and so it is for us today. If we do not spread the truth of God's Word the 3 angel's message is the everlasting Gospel there are people today who are praying and saying lard send someone to to tell me what is truth send someone to give me bible studies and we instead decide that we're going to do our own pleasure and our own desires and that person's prayer goes unheeded who's accountable and then God takes the blame because those people say Well God didn't answer my prayer and God's taking the blame for the things that he has laid a part of us to bless others with understand this friends people some people say why can't handle that kind of pressure you're pressuring the No I'm not pressuring you but we are responsible whether we think so or not whether we want to be or not we are accountable because we are God's people and he has not called us to live for ourselves but he's called for us to live for the blessings of others and to lead others to the truth and to meet others needs are you with me dear friends Be ye not Adventist atheist today but be true Israel ites indeed circumcise of the heart claiming the right to sense of Christ and by good deeds showing the world that your heart belongs to Jesus this man's aims she continues. We're no higher than those of the beasts that perish he lives as if there were no God no heaven no future life as if everything possessed were his own and he owed nothing to God or to man the saw must describe this rich man when he wrote The Fool has sent his heart there is no God This man lives as if there was no God and let me tell you what friends you can go to church every Sabbath you can pay your type faithfully you can give a combined budget offering you can be a prayer meeting and you can do be at Sabbath school and you can do all these things and still live your life as if there is no God their friends be not to see God is calling his people to an entire consecration to him so not be half hearted not to be even mostly hearted not even to be 99 percent whole hearted but to be 150 percent surrendered to Christ it's not that hard if we will stand up claim the right distance of Christ and have the courage to bring the flesh by the grace of God into subjection if we are willing to say no to the indulgence of his word if we're willing to understand friends that we are but pilgrims in this world in this life of we could understand that but we are not here to build up Kenyans for ourselves Abraham dwelled in tents Jacob and Isaac dwelled in tents and I'm not saying that we should soft sell our houses down but God's going to call us to do that 1 day not saying we should do it today but we ought to be living simply because that love of Christ compels us because God loves you so much he doesn't want you caught up in this world that will destroy you. Listen to this we've got to keep moving this man lived and planned for self he sees the future is abundantly provided for there is nothing for him now but to treasure and enjoy the fruits of his labors he regards himself as favored above a man and takes credit to himself for his wise management I have met Seventh-Day Adventists so many who are very wealthy and I know most of us aren't wealthy here and that's I know that I'm not and I know that you are many of you are not but compared to the rest of the world we're very wealthy I say if you have if you have food clothing a dry place to sleep at night you're among the top 10 percent of the most wealthy people in the world but I've met many wealthy ad than it's who are very very generous very very loving people very kind of willing to give to the Lord's work and the beautiful thing about the avenues messages they have been as churches you know that when you give money to the church especially North America it's not going in someone's pocket it's going to the work Amen and that's why we can preach so boldly about it but I've met some that who wonderful people well we've willing to give to the Lord's cause and then I've met others who like this man think of themselves as well and even better than others they want to control church board meetings they want to control business meetings they want to control control of the business in the conduct of the church because they think that they give a higher combined budget offering or a higher tides and they think that they're entitled to positions or whatever Listen friends we are entitled to 1 thing in this life and that is death and hell because we're all sinners. We are broken sinners and it's only by the grace of God that we are alive the kindness and the compassion and the love in the mercy of a Savior who cannot turn his back upon us no matter how degraded we get he loves us are to thank for the love of God Today we are debtors to the cross to the Christ we are debtors to the Gentiles we are debtors to those that know not God We are debtors to those who are in Babylon whom God has called us to call out but friends and brothers and sisters we've got to kick Babylon out of our own hearts before we're ready to call others out of Babylon this man he goes on he regards himself as favored because of his wise management he is honored by his fellow townsmen as a man of good judgment and a prosperous citizen for men will praise the when that do as well for the itself but the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God while the rich man is looking forward to years of enjoyment the Lord is making far different plans the message comes to this unfaithful steward now fool this night nice soul shall be required of the Here is a demand that money cannot supply the wealth he has triggered can purchase no reprieve in 1 moment that which he has toiled through his whole life to secure becomes worthless to him think about that for just a minute everything that you have can be stripped in a seconds by God or by other means I have sat by people's bedsides I have sat by people on the couch who had their whole livelihood stripped them torn away from them and they didn't know what they were going to do put not trust in the horses and the chariots of men put your trust in the almighty gone a man for he alone can save you. Then whose those things were shall be which does provide to his broad fields and well filled grain or is passed from under his control he put up riches and knows not now listen to this friends the only thing that would be of value to him now and that moments when God visited him he is not secured in living for itself he has rejected that Divine Love a transforming amazing love which would have flowed out in mercy to his fellow men thus he rejected life for God is Love and Love is life and let me add to that love is selfless a man it is self giving not self serving the man has chosen the earthly rather than the spiritual and with the earthly he must pass away man that is an honor and understand it not as like the beast that perish so is he that lay it up treasure for himself and is not rich towards God That picture is true for all time you may plan for merely selfish good you may gather together treasure you may build mansions great and high as the builders of ancient Babylon but you cannot build a wall so high or a gate so strong as to shut out the messengers of do Bell Shaz or the king feasted it his palace and he praised the God of gold silver brass are in wooden stone but the hand of 1 invisible wrote upon his walls the words of doom and read the hostile armies and to try to Haas armies was heard his palace gates and in that night the shadows of the King of the cow the INS was slain and an alien monarch sat upon the throne last paragraph here to live for itself is to watch Friends covetousness to perish covetousness the desire of benefit for self sake cuts the soul off from life. It is the spirit of Satan to get to draw to self it is the spirit of Christ to give to sacrifice self for the good of others and this is the record that God has given us eternal life he has the Son as life he who does not does not have life take heed and be ware of covetousness for a man's life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses true character true Christ like this a revelation of Jesus is truly what God has called us to in this life Amen it is not about what we get or what we have but what we give away and I'm not just talking about your money I'm talking about yourselves because there is also a class of people who would say I will dare not speak to someone about Christ but I'll write a check that is not acceptable either friends God is calling both of your means and your energies and your talents and your gifts and yourselves this morning I want to quickly we have about 14 minutes left you guys OK yes you're not you're not you're not asleep I want to quickly and it will just take a moment to compare this to another character in the scripture are you ready to go with me to with Genesis Chapter 12 when I talk briefly about Abraham Genesis Chapter 12. Genesis Chapter 12 and I love this passage of a Ramadan doing a good bit of study on Avraham lately just as Chapter 12 and verse 1 in Genesis 121 the Bible says now the Lord had said to Abraham get out of your country from your family and from your father's house to a land that I will show you I will make of you a great nation I will bless you and make your name great and you shall be a blessing I will bless those who bless you and curse him who curses you and then you all the families of the earth will be what last Now let me ask you just a minute has a God that God call Abraham out of a place filled with idolatry yes or no that he call him out to be separate to be distinct to be different yes or no is he also calling today 7th Day Adventist out to be distinct separate and peculiar What do you say this morning and God told Abraham because I'm going to call you out I'm going to build you a great nation has God Bill as God Have a great church on the earth yes or no amen and he says in you all the nations of the earth will be what will be blessed does God desire for the Adventist church just like Israel of all does he desire the whole earth to be blessed yes or no he wants them to be blessed through the administrators each and he wants them to be blessed through your life today. And Abraham the part is the Lord had spoken and Lot went with him in a bramble 75 years old when he departed from here on people tell me today I'm too old to do anything I'm too old to give a Bible study I'm too old to do this I'm too old to go out knocking on doors ever Hamill's 75 years old when he got up and moved the whole self as a whole family out of we're out of her Don't give me that excuse a man I'm smiling don't give me that excuse I want you to listen to this with some of this this is pictures from prophets page 125 there was given to Abraham the promise especially dear to the people of age the numerous prosperity and the nation national greatness I will make of the a great nation and you will be a blessing to all the people and to this was added the assurance the precious above every other to the inherited face and that of this line the Redeemer of the world should come in the all the families of the earth will be blessed yet as a 1st condition of fulfillment there was to be a what friends a test of faith a sacrifice was what demanded Every time God to seeks to bless you there will be a test with it. Because you God gives the gift but we must exercise the faith Yes amen he goes on by faith Abraham when it was Hebrews was called out to go to a place that he should receive the inheritance he obey and he went out not knowing whether he would go Abraham's unquestioning obedience is 1 of the most striking evidences of faith to be found in all the Bible to Him Faith was the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen relying upon the divine promise without the least outward assurance of his fulfillment he abandoned home and kindred and native land and went forth he knew not whither to follow the Lord wherever he should lead by faith he came became a sojourner in the land of promise as a land not his own dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob and heirs with the same promise So Abraham friends he left his family he left his house he left probably of whatever job he had he left everything to follow the divine promise of God and all he had he had it says 0 evidence the Bible says in Hebrews faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen so what God is telling us through that verse is we don't have to have blind faith because God gives a substance and he gives us evidence upon which to build our faith yes or no but Abraham had no substance he had no evidence all he had was a word from God a promise and Abraham picked up all and he left and friends we can't even pick up a Bible study when we have all the evidence around us that God is going to help us praise God for those who have maybe a given Bible studies today praise God for those that are could you give another 1. Those of you who are not given Could you give 1 do you have enough evidence yes or no What's this there was no light test brought upon Abraham no small sacrifice that was required of him there was strong ties to bind him to his countries contard his home but he did not hesitate to obey the call he had no question to ask concerning the land of promise whether the soil was fertile and whether the climate was healthful was of the country afforded agreeable surroundings I would have to are opportunities for amassing wealth he didn't ask any of those questions he didn't know any of those things but he went anyway got it spoken and his servant must obey the happiest place on earth for him was a place where God wanted him to be now there's a paragraph there friends that I want to read to you and is going to challenge you and then I'm going to make an appeal this morning many are still tested as was Abraham who was many who's who of those people that's us they do not hear the voice of God speaking directly from the heavens but he calls them by the teaching of His Word the Great Commission Matthew 28 and the events of Providence they may be required to abandon the career that promises wealth and honor to leave congenial and profitable associations and separate from kindred to enter upon what appears to be the only path only a path of self-denial hardship and sacrifice to see friends many of us today say well God wouldn't call me to something so hard God would expect me to do something so difficult God wouldn't expect me to give this up and friends according to the scripture and according to The Spirit of Prophecy yes he would because he treats this generation no different than every generation before. Self-sacrifice trials difficulties will be in our way but all who desire to live godly lives in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution but oh he makes a promise whatever your trial My grace is sufficient for the whatever your difficulty my strength is made perfect in weakness wherever you are what situation you find yourself Behold I am with you always even to the end of the age he makes great and precious promises to us today dear friends what do you say this morning whatever trial and when you go through that trial and you see the grace of God You see the promises of God become alive more than just incompetent for it thrills the soul to see God working miracles and your life to His glory and to his power and to his strength Amen what he said a church. Amen Let's go back here it says they would call them to lead this Lives us self-denial hardship and sacrifice God has a work for you to do but I life of ease and the influence of friends and kindred would have hindered the development of the traits essential for its accomplishment I think to the last life he calls them away from human influences and aid and leads them to feel the need of his help to depend upon him alone that he may reveal Himself to them how you want Jesus to be revealed to you in a deeper way who is ready at the call of Providence to renounce cherished plans and familiar associations who will accept new duties and enter unto on tried fields doing God's work with firm and willing heart for Christ's sake counting his losses gains who will do as this who will do this has the whoever will do this as a faith of Abraham and will share with him that far more exceeding an eternal weight of glory which the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared how many you can say how lujah if you want to participate in the glory of Christ you must participate in his sufferings Scripture is clear today but the sufferings are all bad because you have the joy of fellowship with Christ himself you walk the path that he walked the Holy Spirit draws close to those who are willing to lay down offer Christ the God the Father is there ballin his ear bowing his face and great joy not as we suffer God is not in arrest and not suffering but is in rest and His gospel work to go forward in his interest in our characters becoming like Jesus. Because he loves us and he wants us to not just be in heaven but he wants us to look and shine like Jesus the question was asked in the paragraph who is willing to make such a sacrifice who is willing to step forward not in courage of their own but in courage of Christ who's willing to step forward not in their own self righteousness but in the right distance of a slain savior for them who's willing to not just hear the cries of those who are lost but who's willing to answer those cries today who's willing to hear the prayers not willing to just hear the prayers of those who are in need but who are those among you today who are willing by the grace of God to be the answer to those prayers who's willing to give up your means to further the gospel work who's willing to dip dig deep in the pockets to sacrifice all that is unnecessary and at times some that is necessary to ensure that God's work would move forward who among us today is willing to step forward in faith despite the fear of rejection and trust the promise of God that though I might be rejected there will be those who will say Yes Who among you are ready and willing to answer the call of God the call that God has upon your life. You see you might have a profession you might be some kind of doctor or lawyer or a farmer or whatever but everyone's calling and lived those who have lain the faith of Christ those who were true Israel ites they recognize and understand that they are part of something bigger than themselves and they understand the call of God upon their souls to do his work they understand it and they're willing to sacrifice all for it who among you today is willing to answer that call I'm going to make a special appeal this morning the maybe somebody today who says Lord Jesus I need repentance in my life I have not served you wholeheartedly I have not served you holy with all that I am I have not been completely consecrated to you but today Lord in the means of my finances and the means of my time and the means of my resources my talents Lord I'm answering that call today it's a call of faith you're not a sure what's going to happen you're not assured of comfort or pleasure you're not sure of those things it's not going to be easy I can absolutely guarantee you it's not going to be easy but all things are possible to Jesus we can do all things through him which strengthens us what he say and Jesus is inviting you today to enter into the joy of his fellowship like never before to enter into the work of God The joy of soul winning the joy of being sacked for fighting self sacrificing self-denying workers for the living Christ. If you like to answer that call this morning I'm going to invite you to just slip out of your seat come right down here to the front and we're going to have a special prayer for you I don't know who you are but right now in this moment I'm inviting you to come and ask and say yes Jesus I answer the call if you're not ready for that if you're not ready for that no one's putting pressure on you. But if Christ is speaking to your heart this morning and he's convicting you then would you come just now and you say the Lord today as I'm answering this call things in my life must change and I'm giving you're giving God permission to rearrange the things in your life today you haven't got permission to be in charge of your life and a charge of your house your job your bank accounts your time you're giving God permission to do whatever he wants to do in your life today and let me tell you what friends when you make that decision and you stick to that commitment by His grace you will be 1 of the happiest people in the face of the earth amen because there's no greater happiness than being in the center of God's will praise God today for those decisions let's pray father this morning we earnestly lift ourselves up to you we don't know what else to do there's nothing in this life Lord that is worth hanging on to to miss out on the joy of fellowship with you in this life and eternal fellowship with you in the next and today Father we would give ourselves completely to you we would not hold anything back we would not refrain Lord because the love of Christ compels us he drawls us to be ambassadors for you he draws us to be 1 with you and Father we pray in our hearts we would have the privilege of being called laborers with you and your vineyard and so Father we pray today that our hearts would not falter that we would not shrink back that we would not be in fear but we would move forward and face the faith of Abraham the faith of Isaac the fake of Jacob and the faith a lord of Jesus your son. Bless us this day we pray I May the spirit of God fall upon our hearts upon our lips upon our minds upon our lives today as you empower us to go forward with you we ask in Jesus name let the people say. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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