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3. When Righteousness Becomes Sin

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Father this morning we praise your name we lift up our voices to you we cry unto you that we are poor and needy sinners and Lord I don't know that my own life is full of faults and effects but Lord I claim the rightness of Jesus today our only hope is his blood shed for us our only hope Lord is that his sacrifice is sufficient and we know that it is and so father this morning as we gathered together to open the pages of the live live pray this morning that you would move us that you would shake us and courage us Lord I pray that you bring comfort to the afflicted but that you will also afflict the comfortable and we pray this morning that the Spirit would transform us and would make us more and more like Jesus until we become just like Jesus this is our prayer this morning and we come and Jesus sweet name but God's people say Amen when righteousness becomes sin I love this text in the Bible 2nd Peter chapter 1 and verse 19 and I often don't put the scriptures on the screen but this morning I did because I want to read it together I like us to look them up 2nd Peter chapter 1 and verse 19 and we have that on the screen there we go let's all read that together if you would on 3 Ready 123 and so we have the prophet it word confirmed which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts 1 of the most beautiful passages of Scripture for 7th Day Adventists the Bible tells us that we had this prophet it word what's the next word confirms. And throughout the ages of history as administers we have been preaching this prosthetic message yes or no through for the last 150 years we preach this message of Bible prophecy being fulfilled Jesus assumed a calm Jesus would come in the clouds of heaven to take his people home and we have had a very distinct every specific message that centers on anchors in the Book of Revelation Chapter 14 the 3 angels messages everything that we believe from salvation to the 2nd coming can be found in that little passage can you say amen this morning now what I believe today that in the last 5 the 10 years that would 7th Day Adventists have been preaching for the last 150 years those prophecies we have been preaching always in a in a sense a futuristic way but I believe today that we can look upon the world and we can see that those things which we once preached to be taking place in the future are now taking place in the present and indeed over the last several years we are no longer living in the waiting for the pride of prophecies to happen but we are now watching them unfold what you believe this morning do you believe that today recently Time magazine put out this publication after Pope Francis was elected it was called the new Roman Empire can you believe the things that are taking place in our world today Christianity today made this statement just a few years ago that said within a few centuries the pope has gone from anti-Christ to Brother in Christ for a lot of Protestants Isn't that very interesting we find this to be true and just a few years ago Pope Francis addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress something that no religious leader much less a Catholic leader has ever done in the history of our nation and if you tried to attempt this 304050 years. Ago there would have been a revolt and there would have been some sort of hanging or do you think and yet he stood at the cheers and the clapping and the applause and the tears flowing of many people from our nation our representatives our Congress and he spoke words that were very specific for the times that we live Here's a little excerpt from that speech that he had he says I call for a courageous and responsible effort to redirect to what friends redirect our steps I'm convinced that we can make a difference and I have no doubt that the United States and this Congress have an important role to play and now is the time for Carette not courageous thought not courageous prayer but courageous what courageous actions and what friends strategies we've seen every president has been meeting with this gentleman for the last several decades in the current president is no different noticed this statement from review and Harold now when he made those statements when he and I could show you more that are very very interesting if you read between the lines when he made these statements people were clearly cheering applauding they were crying and they were removed by deep emotion and they were in great support both Republicans and Democrats independents and everything else in between and around it they were all in support of this and never before had there probably been a louder applause than there was that day but notice the statement from the review and Herald June 1906 it says this is the religion which Protestants are beginning to look upon with so much favor which will eventually be united with Protestantism this union will not however be affected by a change in Catholicism for role never changes she claims infallibility it is Protestantism that will change the adoption of the liberal ideals on its part will bring it where it can. Class the hand of Catholicism isn't that very interesting and friends we see today multiple denominations clamoring clamoring to join forces with this power all across the world doesn't matter what the domination is people are still seeking that joint unity that I.Q. menaces M that we were told would happen the Book of Revelation says would happen that the book great controversy says will happen we are seeing it take place before our very eyes and yet even though we have more evidence for the truthfulness of our message though we see have seen more prophecy is fulfilled though we see it coming right down the pipe to there for this nation and for the world to embrace the mark of the beast I would propose to you today that never before has the church been more asleep a Seems like the more evidence we see the heavy year our eyelids gets notice I'm going to move past this 1 I want you to notice this and 1948 Billy Graham said the 3 greatest ministers faced by orthodox Christianity are communism Roman Catholicism and Muhammad ism Now listen to this friends just recently just a few years ago notice what he says same man makes a different comment I found that my beliefs are essentially the same as those of orthodox Roman Catholic is that interesting very interesting Rick Warren recently said this he said Protestants as a people have a long history of heresy. The time for reconciliation is now in order to ensure a full and dogmatic transition into the folds of the church he's not talking about Saddleback Church down there ever he pastors he's talking about the Roman Catholic Church what do you think is that true yes or no Very true just last year there was a massive 1 of the largest attempts to bring people together in unity was to take place near Washington D.C. It was called together a massive conference and they were going to have multiple Christian bands music bands there and a lot of different speakers and they were all there to to promote and press unity and just be 1 of the main attractions was that Pope Francis was to deliver a speech to all the different denominations gathered there and he was to address them on the issue of unity and faith and etc Well this is very interesting friends because just before he was to speak a massive heat wave took place and about for what I'm talking like I'm talking like minutes before a massive heat wave swept through the crowd and about 400 people fell sick and they had to stop the event and Pope Francis was not allowed to get were not able to give his address to all those people now you think about that for just a minute your friends now you can sit in your chair today and say that was just an utter coincidence but I will tell you today it was the hand of Almighty God. Holding back the winds of strife that because why is it because the papacy is not prepared No Is it because the evangelical world is not prepared No it's because the people of God had not been prepared what do you think this morning do you believe that we are not prepared for those things which are coming upon the earth and so friends we are sitting in the midst and there's a there's a 1000000 more I could share with you have a whole sermon on the recent things that have taken place but we are sitting on the edge of eternity we're sitting in a time when everybody is ready except you and I accept God's people except his faithful evidence church the prophecies of scripture are coming to pass today and the question I would ask this morning is and the midst of all these things where is God's remnant people where are we what are we doing what message are we proclaim and what message are we living in our daily lives what message are we proclaim into the world not just through our words but through our lives about the soon return of Christ what message are we telling our neighbors what message are we telling our coworkers what message are we telling our fellow church members our family members who don't know the truth what through message are we conveyed to them through the lives that we live the words that we speak the actions that we take and the choices that we make what do you think this morning what about you examine your own heart today don't think about your husband don't think about your spouse don't think about your children or your parents think about your own self today. I'll tell you where we're at friends and the book great controversy she explains that very clearly page 588 it says this The line of the stink Sion between professed Christians and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable church members love what the world loves and are ready to join with them and Satan determines to unite them in 1 body and thus strengthen his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of spiritual ism member we talked about that just I think Monday or the 1st day after today's Monday whatever the 1st day was we talked about that revelation 18 those foolish virgins who stray away are going to end up going where they're going to go into Babylon they're going to go into Babylon robber actions of great preacher of old made this statement he says this truly the righteous are diminished from the earth and no man takes it to heart no man even notices the professors of religion of the present day in every church are lovers of the world conforms to the world lovers of creature comforts and aspires after respectability they were called to suffer with Christ but they shrieked from even reproach and did they know it did they feel it there might be hope but alas they cry we are rich and increased in goods and stand in need. Of what of nothing and today friends we meet that build we fit that category we are afraid of our neighbors even saying no to us we are afraid of the slightest bit of rejection we are afraid that our feelings are going to get heard we're afraid of what people think of us we are more concerned about the opinions and the approvals of others than we are of the opinion and the approval of Almighty God and yet Daniel the great man of faith the great prophet of old was willing to lay down his life if it meant meeting the approval of God And today we shrink even from telling our neighbors about Jesus were to notices other steps statement from great controversy watch this very fire power for it says there is another and more important question that should engage the attention of the churches today the Apostle Paul declares that all who live godly lives in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution bros and sisters there is not an issue if you follow Christ of whether or not you might suffer persecution it's not an issue of whether you could suffer persecution the apostle Paul says that if we follow Christ we will suffer persecution but all think just think for a moment of all that Jesus our beloved Savior and did for you today think of the insults think of the persecutions the temptations the attacks that Satan could muster up against the living Christ and all that he endured for you you suppose dear friends today that Jesus would ever allow you to go through more for him than he went through for you this morning what do you think do you suppose he would be that kind of a person. Yes or No absolutely not dear friends there is nothing that Jesus would ask you to go through that he has not gone through before you and there is nothing that he would ask you to go through that wouldn't be good for your salvation or for someone else's. In fact I think of the book or a controversy she says that when probation closes when it's all said and done every decision has been made that God will not allow the wicked to touch 1 hair on the head of his righteous people why because there's no more purpose for it and all the you suffering we experience in this life is always for a purpose it's either for our salvation or someone else's or as a testimony to the universe that God is righteous and He is with us there let's finish this quote right here from the book great controversy it says Why then is it then that persecution and a great degree seems to slumber a me ask you this morning do we not experience persecution in America because we have advance in the civilized culture is that why we're above that as a people yes or no what do you think you take a look at New Orleans what happened there when Hurricane Katrina came and the way that people became savages in just a matter of days it will happen right here in America did you understand we are not here because we live in the land of the free we are not free from persecution because we have advanced too far for that but notice what she says the only reason is that the church has conformed to the world standard and therefore awakens no opposition. The religion which is current in our day is not of the pure and holy character that marks the Christian faith in the days of Christ in His Apostles it is only because the spirit of compromise with sin because of the great truths of the Word of God are so indifferently regarded because there is so little vital godliness in the church that Christianity is so apparently popular with the world but let there be a revival of the faith and the power of the early church some of you want to have that power that experience that joy and the spirit of persecution will be revived and the fires of persecution will be rekindled Now listen I don't want to sound fanatically here nobody's lookin to be persecuted dinner Stan we're not going out lookin for a fight we're not going around and around with an ear arrogant egotistical attitude trying to pick fights with people and then and then cry persecution whenever they turn on us understand they turn on us because we're rotten attitudes rather than our sweet spirit and love for truth and love for Christ yes so we're not looking for it but friends the fact that we're not experiencing it tells us that we've become so controversial with the world so comfortable with our culture so comfortable with the convenience of this life that we are not losing the godly lives that God has designed us to live Jesus came from heaven and he lived heavens culture on earth and that's why he was so persecuted all of his life. And God is calling his people today to live according to have and culture he's calling us not to live in the majority of the world but he's calling us to live with the majority of the universe the unfallen world he's calling us to something higher he's calling us to his ideal and there is joy there is beauty there is a preciousness and that type of a life so this morning we're going to talk a little bit about that now in the book of Peter he says that we are called to be a peculiar people with I would ask you this morning have we lost our peculiar nys as 7th Day Adventists Christians have we lost our peculiar ness as a people of God and as a people of the book the scriptures the Holy Word of God have we lost our peculiar nys amongst the nations and amongst the other people who claim to follow God we have a form of godliness but they're not the power thereof have we also fell into that category I wonder this morning I want to talk to you today about 5 keys to absolute surrender 5 keys to what kind of surrender. And absolute surrender absolute surrender no I don't want this to be some kind of little gimmick thing where it's like well you follow these 5 keys and and all is well and you're going to be rich and prosperous US not what I'm talking about here today you understand with these come right from the Word of God and I studied the book of 1st John and I found a beautiful picture of the righteousness of Christ in fact the only way to have absolute surrender in your life is to have a full rich experience with the righteousness of Jesus Christ what he said this morning Amen we want to experience the rights a sense of Jesus so go with me to the book of 1st John this is a passage that I'm sure that most of you are familiar with 1st John chapter font Chapter 2 I'm sorry 1st John Chapter 2 and we're going to take a look at this text now most of us when I say to you that we need to give up sin in our lives if I just make that statement and most of us get this picture or most of us have probably attempted to surrender or get rid of sin in our life by doing something like this we grit our teeth we tighten our belts and we say I don't need to eat any more cheese I don't need to be any more sugar I don't need to I need to get my exercise I need to just type my bell and just be a more strict and and faithful administers need to live that ad than it's culture a little more deeply yes or no I mean you're guilty of that I'm guilty of that I mean you're guilty of saying God to never going to commit the sin again I mean you're guilty of that. You seem so attempting it seems to appealing and then once you actually get into it when you're actually doing it and you finished it it doesn't seem so appealing anymore does it because that condemnation comes in and let me tell you what friends if you experience the condemnation and the conviction of sin you can rejoice you know why because you can be assured that the Spirit of God is working in your hearts to turn you back to the living Christ and back towards repentance some people think that that Condemnation means they've rejected God No if you experience a numbness and your life if you experience a sleep in your life that's when you need to fear being in trouble you understand but if you have conviction you can rejoice because God is working in our hearts and then and listen we think that the answer to sin is to tighten our belts and just be tougher Adventists just to kick that sin right out the door but I would propose to you today that you have no power to do such you have no power to eat anyway you have no power to do anything in your life except more sin that's all you have power to do but you do have the choice to stop sinning and you do have the power that comes from on high to stop sinning are you with me this morning with me and 1st John Chapter 2 we're so familiar with this passes we're just going to start in verse. I want to start in verse 15 John says do not love the world or the things of the world if anyone loves the world the love the Father is not in him for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the WATT So the world and the world is passing away and the lust of it but he who does the will of God abides for how long friends he abides forever and I want you to notice something here John says in verse 15 if any 1 loves the world the love of the Father is not in him is that because if we love the world and if we love sin and if we're engaging in sin on a regular basis is that as is it because the love of the Father is not in us is that because God has ceased loving us yes or no no in fact there's nothing you can do your whole life good or bad that will make God love you any more or any less than what he already does. Because his love is not based upon your actions but it's a base upon his goodness and his character and who he is as a person you understand that love of God is pure it the love of God is so pure that is not based upon your actions now his favor is dependent upon your actions yes or no but his love is not and here's the thing the reason that the love of God is not in our hearts if we are can if we are just engaging in daily sin is because we have made no room for it there you see the human heart is only so big you know Stan we can only only have so much love and affection for something and if we've chosen to put our love and our affections on the things of the world then we filled our hearts with the love of the world and the remains no room left for the love of God You understand this. No man can serve 2 masters you don't you realize you know that statement and so there has to be room in the heart for either a love for God or a love for the world yes or no I mean the 2 carriages cannot co-exist it's just a law of eternity it just cannot be so many people think well I have to get rid of this love for the world so therefore I'm going to grit my teeth stand up against cinema say Give me your back shot and every time we do that sin gives us its best shot we go backwards and we fall down and we're just laying on the ground that's not always a bad place to be because sometimes we have to be knocked flat on our back before we look up. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we can realize that Christ is the rock at the bottom and which we must build ourselves Yes So here's the key friends the only way that you can love the world less is not to focus your efforts on the world and sin and trying to make yourself stop it the best way to fool your loves or to reject the love of the world is to fill your hearts with the love for Christ and when you look to Christ rather than those things over there when you look to Christ. Something happens something changes and our hearts begin to shift our hearts begin to change they begin to transform they begin to they begin to become reborn and revived and the more that I look to Christ and the things that I know that he loves the more I look to the loveliness and the beauty in this of his character the less appealing those things are because let me tell you this friends in your life if you're addicted to alcohol if you're addicted to to food if you're addicted to to vanitie whatever it is you're addicted to it whether it's a substance or a person or or money or whatever it doesn't matter Satan has different things for different people and he doesn't really care what you're addicted to zow you're addicted to something and we sit around and we judge each other well he's got a woman on the side or look at the money he has or or why is that person smoking God Satan doesn't care what it is understand he doesn't really care as long as we're attached to something and I forgot what is going to say I made that point I've built up in Africa but the point is this is that when we love Christ when we put our heart and our affections upon him the love of those things go away and this is what is going to say came back to me there is nothing that any of those things can give me that satisfy my mental physical spiritual or emotional needs that Jesus cannot give me more off nothing can satisfy the heart like Jesus. Are you with me friends and so whatever it is said I'm seeking to gain from that thing Jesus can give me a better version of a pure version of a version that will truly satisfy the heart you understand this so the key to loving the world less is only 1 loving Jesus more. I'm going to love Jesus more this morning I mean I want to put him 1st today yeah so number 1 we're going to look at these 5 points now in the next 27 minutes number 1 about the righteousness of Christ is that slavery to Christ's righteousness must be want what is it preferred that is going to be 5 P.S. so you can just prepare for that 5 P.S. What are they $55.00 piece the 1st 1 is that slavery to Christ's righteousness must be preferred over the slavery to the worlds of righteousness on righteousness now you have to understand this friends we do not have the power to choose Christ's righteousness we do not have the power to reject the world's unrighteousness but we do have a choice yes or no we do have a choice and friends if you do not prefer or rather would rather have the righteousness of Christ over the righteousness of the world in that moment there is no hope for you. There's no hope for you that doesn't mean there wouldn't be hope for you but we have to come to the place where we recognize our need of a great savior and we must be willing to choose the rightness of Christ Jesus said in the Gospels in Matthew that the attitudes those who are $300.00 and thirsty will be what filled if you're not hungry for the righteousness of Christ there isn't no way the ability to receive it because you will not want it you will not desire it and you are ultimately rejected are you with me now suppose a person sitting here today and they're saying you know what I really don't prefer the righteousness of Christ I actually prefer the lust of sin in my life at this point stage and that's what my emotions feel that's what my flesh feels but my mind knows that I need the right distance of Christ even though my whole body and everything in me cries out that I want the last of the flesh and the last of sin Well here's what I would say to you pray that God would whatever you need friends God will give you if you just pray for it if you need a desire here he'll give you a desire if you need a victory who give you victory if you need strength to give this training if you don't have a desire begin to pray that God will construct the events of your life to bring you to a place where you will fill your need of it and he'll do it how do I know because I stand before you 1 guilty I'll tell you friends if you knew the things of my life you would say well he's a preacher we put those things best which we need the most. Amen so the righteousness of Christ must be preferred and that's what John is saying here in verses 15 to 17 he's saying you must prefer the righteousness the love of God over the love of the world if you can get over that hump and you can come to the place where you choose it you love it you prefer it then God can begin to do wonderful things in your life Amen amen So listen to this Don't miss this this this is very fitting for a 7th Day Adventist a man or a woman may often have a measure of the power of the Spirit if he has merely a measure does he have the full this yes or no he doesn't have the fullness he only has a measure how many think we must have the fullness of the Spirit of God We may have a measure of the power of the Spirit but if there is not a complete measure of the spirit in the life he or she will not help a people on to a higher standard of spiritual life when he or she passes away a great deal of their work will pass away is well known and very important principle in there now so we must not just prefer or choose the righteousness of Christ but we must also pursue it we must wot we must pursue it because I can sit and I can prefer it all day but God says you will seek Me and you will find me when you watch it search for Me with all your heart so righteousness must not just simply be preferred but it must be pursued so go with me and the Bible to 1st John Chapter 3 verses 1 to 3 minutes what he says here and I think this passage is beautiful behold what manner of Love The Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called children of God therefore the world does not know us because it did not know him Beloved now we are the children of God and has not yet been revealed what we shall. Be but we shall know that when he is revealed we shall be like Him for we shall see him as he is and notice verse 3 and everyone who has this hope in him does what purifies himself just as he is pure so the ultimate goal of the righteousness of Christ is not just simply to redeem us but it is to what restore us it is to purify us now not 1 of us sitting here nor me standing up here have it within ourselves to purify ourselves you understand that we don't have it within ourselves but when we come to Christ he has assured us that he will make a spear how many can say man he has assured us that he will make us pure and it is by faith we talk about as if it is only by faith that we have this purity is by faith that he does this but I want you to notice this friends there is a work for us to do in purifying ourselves not the active purifying but something very important to notice the statement right here it says a union with Christ by living faith is enduring every other union must want perish you've got to burn all the bridges to Satan's world you understand because what so often happens is we accept Christ but when the the slightest little thing goes wrong or goes amiss or the side a temptation could we just like to run across that bridge right back over into Satan's world and get that little comfort mat get that little need met get my little fix me up right and then we realize that was a bad thing to do and then we come back to Jesus and we say all Jesus please forgive me etc etc But God says on if you want to have a real union with Me You must be completely and utterly dependent up on me for everything. In every way and you have to burn the bridges to say things where Let's go back to the quote now a union with Christ by living faith is enduring every other union must perish Christ 1st shows us paying an infinite price for our redemption and the True Believer chooses Christ as 1st as last and best in everything See that's been our problem in 7 they have in us in the last 150 years or so and Laodicea we have not chosen Christ 1st we have chosen other things 1st we have not chosen Christ last we have not chosen Christ best we come to church we do all these things but that's not giving Christ our best you know stand we have Christ our best in everything I could say more but we'll talk more about that later but this union cost us something it does what it costs there's a price to pay it is a relation of under dependence to be entered into by a proud being I'm of your pride proud of your humble this morning if you if you if you say you're humble you raise your hand you just last week humility right we're all proud aren't we so this is the union we must enter all who form this union must feel their need of the atoning blood of Christ they must have a change of heart they must submit their own will to the will of God There will be a struggle there will be a what friends if you for endure and how many of them do to struggle don't think that because you endure a struggle there's something wrong if you're in during a struggle there's actually something right taking place if there's no struggle there that there's a problem are you with me because we are Carnally naturally carnal. We have enmity against God You understand our very natures it is not a natural thing for us to be spiritual people it's not a natural thing for us to submit to the authority of a higher power we are we are our natures have been change that we would rule over ourselves but really be in slavery to the to the enemy OK back to the quote there. There must be a there must be there will be a struggle with outward an internal obstacles there must be a painful work of detachment detachment from what from sin as will as a work of attachment attachment to who to Christ so I'm detaching myself from sin I'm attaching myself to Christ pride selfishness vanity ruled in a sin and all of its forms must be overcome if we would enter into union with Christ the reason notice this friends the reason why many find the Christian life so deplorably hard why they are so fickle so variable is they try to attach themselves to Kreiss without 1st detaching themselves from these cherished idols that's why we find the Christian life so difficult because we're trying to live for Satan and trying to live for Christ at the same time we have to sever those things Jesus says if your hand cause you to sin do what cut it off if your eye cause you to sin Kwok it out now of course he's not talking about the physically but what he is saying is whatever emotional whatever mental whatever spiritual attachment you have to a person to be feeing to a substance whatever it is you must by the grace of God choose to cut it off. It might be painful because I've been maybe I've been in that relationship for 3 years you see maybe I've been in that in that wrong relation Maybe I've been living with that person for the last 2 or 3 years and there's an attachment there of course it's going to be hard whoever said following Jesus would be easy don't find that line in the Bible anywhere let me ask you a question friends go is it worth it yes or no and let me let me tell you something God will love you enough to allow you to endure a temporary pain so that you can it you can experience an eternal healing it may be temporarily painfulness life. But it will bring healing in eternity Amen what he say Praise the Lord we must in confession separate or so from partnership with worldliness and coldness with each other look at the statement from Andrew Murray a great preacher in the hundreds Oh but we are far more content with our work than we are with prayer we believe more in speaking to men than speaking to God learn this that the Holy Spirit calls us to a renewed season of fasting and prayer a new separation from the pleasures of this world to a consecration to God and to his fellowship you may be a very earnest godly devoted believer in whom the power of the flesh is yet still very strong Listen to this friends before the cross Peter loved Jesus yes or no Peter loved Jesus he was always by his side he loved to sit in this feet he told Jesus I'll go to prison with you I'll even die for you Peter had a very strong for Layo love a very strong brotherly love to Jesus but when it came to the place where Peter had to think of his own life his own survival his own preservation or that of Jesus he was ready to drop Jesus like a bad habit he was ready to leave Jesus at the door he denied him not once not twice but 3 times and dear friends today it is my fear that there are many 7th Day Adventist Christians in God's final remnant church who love Jesus but have not been transformed by his amazing grace they have not understood the joy of salvation we love him but in a crisis we would deny him. And how do you know this how do you know if you fit that bill how do you know if you are that person by the way you live your life today are you living in harmony with the principles of God in your life are you being faithful to God in all that you do are you rich or are you are you this describes take 1st possession of your pocketbook your social activities your attainment this Christ rule your life and if he does not then you would be among the 1st to deny him and so would I enter Marie continues he says it is either 1 of the 2 there is the other no other choice for us we must either deny self or than I Christ there is 2 great powers fighting each other self in the power of sin and Christ in the power of God 1 of these must rule over us and let me tell you friends Jesus is in that heaven the sanctuary pleading with you not just every day not just every hour but every 2nd and middle 2nd of the day he is pleading with the father that he would influence each 1 of us that it would be him that rules over our lives and not the enemy who is ready to destroy us in a heartbeat dear friends there must be a wrestling there must be a way a tackling of this ancient old practice of closet prayer we do not pray like a people of God ought to pray what do you think this morning we raise up with aborting we pray over our breakfast we leave our little 1 page devotionals which by the way I think are almost a curse for people because they read that little 1 page devotional and they think all I'm good with God today they have not studied God word they have read the words that someone else wrote they have not studied the Spirit of Prophecy Oh there might be a little paragraph in there but that's not enough for a people who are resting against the lion that would destroy their souls. We must go to God in prayer we must kneel before him we must poor our hearts out before him and if you don't know how to pray go in there and get on your knees and ask God to teach you how to do it and stay there until you know how to stay there people so how long should I pray friends I can't tell you how to pray but you are to be in there praying long enough until you know that God has spoken and transformed your heart get up early in the morning turn off Facebook turn off the news turn off the entertainment the sitcoms and get in requires it with God does your eternity mean that much to you there's the eternity of your children and your parents and your rest of your family doesn't mean that much to you to go to the God of heaven in prayer today I'm bound said we are in danger of substituting churchly work and a ceaseless round of shall we activities for prayer and holy living a holy life does not live in the prayer closet but it cannot live without the closet he goes on and he says we this is not I praying age it is an age of great activity of great movements but 1 in which the tendency is very strong to stress the seen and the material and to neglect and discount the unseen and the UN spiritual dear friends we must pursue righteousness What do you think this morning Number 3 we got to move on quickly absolute surrender can only take place when righteousness is not just preferred a pursued we can pursue it all day but unless we want friends unless we possess it we are doomed What do you think 1st John chapter 3 and verse 5 notice what it says here and you know that he was manifested to take away our sins and in Him There is no what there is no sin. Jesus Christ Hooke our place I can't get any better than that he took what we deserve so we could have what he deserved his righteous life was and lived so that we can draw on his account and when we by face receive Him His righteousness will be put upon us and God will look upon us as if we've never sinned That's a beautiful thing that when John 1st John chapter 3 verse 5 John hears speaks to the issue of sanctification Amen I'm sorry justification he speaks to the issue of justification here he says whoever you know that he was manifested He was revealed he came to the earth to take away our sins and in Him There is no want there is no sin and when we come to Christ the beauty of his righteous life is put over our life of filthy rags we are friends if that's not precious to you that you have not felt your need of a divine savior you have not felt the fullness of sin in your life you've not been broken by the power of sin and we need to have some serious prayer and our lives amen the beauty of justification of the why it makes it so clear why faith the sinner who has so grievously wronged and offended God can bring to God the merits of Christ. And the Lord places the obedience of his son to the sinners account Christ's righteousness is accepted in place of man's failure in this transaction God pardons justifies and loves the sooner as he loves his son I mean you could say amen is that a beautiful picture also Brother A.G. Daniels makes a very clear as well let me read this to you he says this is how far faith takes the place where this is how faith takes a place of works and is accounted righteousness this wonderful truth should be perfectly clear to every believer and it must become personal what friends experience it should enable us to seize from our own works efforts and struggles and to enter into calm trusting living faith in the merits obedience and righteousness of Christ these we may present to God in place of our failures we should now experience the peace and joy in which such a marvelous transaction is able to bring to our hearts notice what he says that's underlined he says this must be what personal experience you know what friends we often claim the rights as we often talk about the righteousness of Christ we often talk about the grace of God but it is often that we are not experiencing it transforming us but we must have that experience and people make it so complicated but in reality it's so simple all we have to do is put our faith in Christ and what he's done for us he's already done it Number 4 once we receive that righteousness once we possess it it must then be what friends. It must then be Practice look at 1st John Chapter 3 wrist 6 and 7 verse 5 tells us we must possess it we must have justification where 6 and 7 deal with sanctification whoever abides in him does not sin whoever since has neither seen him nor known him little children let no 1 to see if you he who practices righteousness is righteous just as he is righteous and some people say well brother Wes pastor Wess you can't you can't say that we're going to live in this life without sin why would we want to ever limit God how could we say that God can't do something in us He can only not do something in you if you reject him and refuse to let him that's the only way but if you obey your heart's friends there is no limit to what Jesus can do in the life and let me tell you this if Jesus Christ by faith lives his righteous life within us Evie's living out his life through us then should it be possible that he could do he could live his life through us without sin what he think. Oh my claiming to be there no so what's the problem why do we always keep sinning because we we take our eyes off of him and when we do this then we stumble and fall you see Paul says as you have therefore received Christ Jesus even so what walk in Him when He says even as you have received him he's talking about justification I mean you were overjoyed the 1st time you see Jesus you were just so delighted and such had such peace and Paul says once you experience justification just as if I never sin now you begin the process of sanctification and so Paul says look we often stumble as had been a sober the issue a sense of occasion but it's really simple with the same faith you receive Jesus. The same simple childlike trusting faith that's the faith you also walk in him buy you understand it's not it's not that we we have this simple faith where we receive Jesus and now we're justified and now of a sudden we turn around and there's sanctification staring us in the face and it's all big and bad and it's going to crush our life no no no it's not different the same simple faith that worked in justification also works in sanctification as you therefore have received Christ even so do I walk in Him Just keep trusting in his merits keep believing in his righteousness and every day asking Christ to live his righteous life through yours and as you do this without taking your eyes off of him you will live in the righteous life righteousness will be practicing your life but if you stumble in sin you've taken your eyes off him and there's no hope for you now isn't that right no John says Beloved do not sin but if you do sin we have what we have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous who is always ready to pick you back up and such a back on that path of simple trusting childlike faith arches so simple aren't sued led that God makes it so simple this morning in men then you look at 1st John chapter 3 verse 8 and 9 He who sins of the devil for the devil is sin from the beginning for this purpose the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil whoever has been born of God does not sin for his seed remains in him and he cannot sin because he has been born of gone and so John tackles in this chapter in just a few verses the 3 issues of justification sanctification and glorification he's saying it's all by simple what by simple faith. Justification frees us from sins penalty memory so the C. of the day sanctification frees us from sins what power and glorification frees us from since presence as justification is what Jesus did for us on the cross sanctification is what Jesus does in us as it was in us by faith and glorification as where the place where he's going to take us because of what he's made of us and we think it's a beautiful thing to many of us search Well again justification we think Call it doesn't really matter what I do after that nor matters because Christ must finish the work of restoring God's character in your hearts God must reveal Himself through you and that leads us to our Another point I want you to go with me to John chaffed not John but James you got to quickly finish in 3 minutes James chapter 4 and verse 17 look at this therefore to him who knows to do what to do it good and does not do it to him it is what to him it is sin and so listen friends don't miss this point if I were to ask you what is righteous N'est you would probably say to refrain from sin how many would say that to be if I was to be right this I would not yield myself to temptation yes or no and that is that true is true it's correct however it's only half of the coin you're with me it's only 1 side because John James says that if you know to do good to do what good and do with it not to him it is 1 sin so sin is not just simply refraining from temptation but it is actually the act of doing what good are you with me so many of us. Trying to live like Christ and we're just trying to not do the bad stuff by can just not do the bad stuff I'll be doing good no no God says not only do I want you to not do the bad so but I actually want you to practice righteousness I want you to do good to others I want you to lead them to Christ I want you to to point them to the Savior I want you to have good works and your life we're not saved by good works but other people are saved by good works were saved by the good works of Jesus Amen so the good works so we do that Christ produces in us it's not for us to be sage but it's so that others can be led to the Savior to be saved Amen self is our greatest curse it hinders and destroys self sacrificing love yet self is the 1 thing we rarely pray for deliverance from you see friends listen we have to practice righteousness and other words practice self-denying love for 1 another what do you think self-denying love even for those that hate us even for the if we consider ourselves on whatever side of the fence liberal. Conservative biblical whatever you think you are the person you disagree with you ought to be able to go and put your arm around them at the end of the day and say you know what brother we love each other we love each other and then how can I learn to love I cannot learn to love and to the Spirit of God fills my heart with God's love and I begin to love in a very different way that I have sought it so selfishly here's how we often seek love as a comfort joy happiness and pleasure to who to myself and God says no no no that's not what my love is my love is to deny yourself for who for others Amen to deny yourself for others. Andrew Murray says I will not learn it until I realize that God is love in its and claim it to receive as an indwelling power for a self-sacrifice I will not love until I begin to see that my glory my blessedness is to be like God in Christ and giving up everything in myself for my fellow men we think that we're going to go out and love the lost and we're fighting in our churches about carpet and about other things God close my mouth and open my heart Amen notice the statements the Lord never blesses him who criticizes and accuses his brethren for this is Satan's work manuscript 21904 what you think about that this morning you think that significant yes or no very significant Have you gone to that brother or sister and asked them for forgiveness Jesus said by this all will know that you are my disciples if you have wives if you have love for 1 another and this is number 5 I got an error there on the screen the number 5 absolute surrender takes fruit when righteousness by face is what proclaimed look at verse 17 to 19 we're going to wrap up 1st John chapter 3 and verses 17 through 19 we're going to little over this morning but you'll bear with me right. We're 17 but whoever in this room is us down verse 16 by this we know love because he laid down His life for us and we also ought to lay down our lives for who the brethren but whoever has this world's goods and sees his brother in need and shuts up his heart from him how does the love of God abide in Him My little children let us not love in Word or in tongue but in want but indeed and in truth and this we know that we are of the truth and shall sure our hearts before him that righteousness by face must not just be proved preferred or possess or practice but it also must be what proclaimed proclaimed through our lives their actions so there you go dear friends the 5 Keys to absolute surrender the 5 Keys to experience the fullness of the righteousness of Christ to do what number 1 prefer it number 2 what pursue it number 3 possess number 4 practice it and number 5 proclaim it through the love of God our Christian life is to be a continuous proof that God works impossibilities it is to be a series of impossibilities made possible by his power and then today friends the world needs not just a proclamation or a documentation but a demonstration of the gospel of the rightness of Jesus what he think this morning God isn't waiting for his character to be formed in a people he is forming his character right now in the hearts of those who will open their eyes to it Amen this morning dear friends we need to have the right to Snit's of Christ we need to want it more than anything else in this world. More than the than the pleasures of food more than the pleasures of entertainment more than the pleasures of loss more than the pleasures of anything in this life it has to be precious to us is that precious to you today at the experienced or are you experiencing it are you living yet there's nothing more that that Jesus wants for you than to have that experience today have you wanted this morning how many you're looking along after it you're chasing after what you want to possess it by faith how many want to have that transformation of heart that only Jesus can give use that you desire this morning let's pray father this morning we would not simply possess righteousness Lord but we would practice and for claimants we would not just simply refrain from evil and think that we're OK but we actually must do good in this life and we are not good lord we are the seats really wicked The Bible says about our hearts but you can make us good you've provided the means to make us good to make us whole to make us complete and this morning oh Lord May we experience the fullness and the beauty of your righteousness May we have the deliverance from the penalty may we have victory over its power and May 1 day very soon when Jesus comes we may be delivered from his presence we plead with you today that your spirit would work in our hearts and she would awaken us to our need of that beautiful safe here make it clear in our hearts Lord make it clear in our minds and may it be our choice today may be yield our wills to you and may you be the core in the center of our entire lives. And board there may be somebody here today who feels themself in trouble who feels themself weak or draw near to them let them reach out to you by faith in this very moment in their hearts the reaching out to you class them by the hand Lord brings healing and strength to their lives we asked this for a Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version would like to listen to more sermon leave W.W.W. audio verse or.


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