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4. A Love That Deceives

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Father we pray today that your spirit would draw us close to you but you would open our eyes to what is true that you would reveal your great love to us that we would be reset the ends of your kindness your grace your compassion but also your truth Father those truth and loving kindness go together justice and mercy kissed each other at the cross and Lord we find today that we cannot have true love without having the truth and we cannot have the truth without love and so we prayed today father that your spirit would awaken us to a deception we may even find ourselves in today that we would be awaken to that true love that we find in the character and the heart of you and your son and the Holy Spirit the fullness of the Godhead bodily and we asked today father that you'd be with us and you draws closer to heaven closer to your heart closer to your ideal for our lives and this We pray Lord and Jesus' name like God's people say amen. That scripture reading this morning of verse 6 this was the FIM of our study yesterday when you remember that verse 6 the Bible says as you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord soul walk in Him So when the apostle Paul says as you have received Christ he's speaking about that just to experience a man the justification that takes place and then he says so walk in the now he's talking about a sanctification Amen and he's speaking about that and then he goes on and he says rooted and built up in him and established in the face so he's talking about that process of sanctification sanctification gives us roots in Christ yes it gives us a breath and a depth that cannot be found any other way established in the faith as you have been taught a bound being in it with thanksgiving and so we find today the beauty of the Christian experience the beauty of the fullness of salvation through justification sanctification and then ultimately if occasion is that we by faith in Christ we put our faith 1st in Christ for justification a man then Paul says in the same faith you continue so in the same faith that same simple childlike faith we walk in sanctification and every day we put our faith in Jesus every day more and more and more we put our faith in Jesus until the day comes when by God's grace and Revelation 1412 we cannot just simply have faith in Jesus but then we must we will develop the faith of Jesus the actual faith the depth the faith that Jesus had when he walked upon the earth we can also possess as we surrender to Him more and more I mean you can see him in this morning I'm if you want to have. Not you have you want to have faith in Jesus every day so deep that ultimately we develop the faith of Jesus yes we have the faith of Christ and that's our desire that's our whole That's our prayer and Mrs White says that that is indeed the 3rd angel's message of Revelation 14 to have the faith of Christ and to have victory over the sins in our lives I mean you can say men but Paul then goes on and he says beware lest anyone Cheechoo through philosophy and empty deceit you realize friends that in that walk of Christ in that receiving of Christ there is going to be great deception that's going to seek to destroy us some of you have encountered that in your walk with Jesus we walk with Jesus and then we find out oh it's actually not all roses and rose petals like I thought there's some thorns coming up in here. Mt the seat and philosophy do have a lot of that going on in the world today is that beginning to happen in the church today yes he says be aware of it according to the Christians of men according to the basic principles of the world not according to Christ for in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead but I have a thankful today for the fullness Godhead it was a lot of movement around the Michigan conference and this anti Trinitarian business and people are trying to say that the Holy Spirit is not part of the Godhead that Jesus is is not part of the Godhead but the Bible says that in Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily That ought to be enough to satisfy us right there and then cry in Christ is the fullness of the Godhead the Trinity as we would say it and others different names for it but the Godhead and you are complete in him so if we are completely in Christ and in Christ well as the fullness of the fullness of the bot Godhead bodily then in Christ we are completely in the Father we are completely in the Son and we are complete in the Holy Spirit I mean if you say amen this morning who is the head of all principality and power Praise be to gone now this morning we're going to hone in on verses yesterday we honed in on verse 6 and 7 today we're going to hone in on verse 8 and I want to just begin with a couple of stories I can remember 2 times many times but today I'm going to tell you about. In my life where I was really wrestling with certain temptations and certain actions and you all know that we wrestle with those known there's no need to hide it even Gods people wrestle with temptation even ever why even Jesus of course wrestled with what temptation so we all wrestle with and we all kind of like to pretend like we don't but we do and I was wrestling with temptation and I can remember 1 particular time I was reaching a point where this thing was deceiving me in my mind and I was thinking that I was an on an OK track and a brother came to me and he spoke to me and somehow the Lord put it upon his heart and he said look I've been in the situation that you're thinking about going I'm in I've been down the road you're thinking about traveling and he says let me tell you this is not a road that you want to travel this is not a path you want to take this is not a thing that you want to yield to and let me tell you friends that shook me up and then God started sending all these other people and I was so thankful today friends that that brother had the courage to follow the impression to speak to me about that issue and he spoke to me about it quite strongly and I was so faithful for that because it kept me on a course that was right and true you know we need a people around us that have the courage that's why we have a church that's why we have a church family a church family is not just something about being social and being happy with 1 another and eating each other's veggie burgers and veggie links and just watching each other go to destruction but the Bible teaches all through the Old Testament all through the New Testament that we are accountable to 1 another what do you think this morning yes or no some people say why don't have to answer those people the church I don't answer to anyone but God God has given his church the authority he has given it the the credit. Realty and he says that it is his at the apple of his eye and he says to alter the New Testament that it is the body which he has set in place in the on the earth that represents his authority and so yes according to Scripture we are accountable to the church whether you like to think of it or not yes you are accountable to your brothers and sisters in Christ in that church we answer to each other as a priest who to believe what he think this morning yes we are answerable to the pastor yes because we are answerable to each other we are answerable to the church we are answerable to the pastor because we are also answerable to God and those are his representation on the earth of himself what do you think this morning so don't think for just a minute that will answer to God I don't need to answer to anyone else if you think that you fall into a into a terrible deception now the 2nd story that was 1 that where a brother came to me it was very strong the other 1 was very gentle I remember then I was having a certain thought and I was thinking oh I'm going to do this thing and the temptation was very overwhelming to do this thing I want to tell you what is you don't need to know and we all wrestle with things array and I was about to I was just about to yield to that thing and my son was in the room and he began to sing the song. Just out of the blue randomly just like I was like beginning to yield I my son began to sing the song you sang today Jesus loves me this I know for the BIBLE TELLS ME SO little ones to Him belong they are weak but he is strong Yes Jesus loves me yes Jesus Loves Me Yes Jesus loves me the Bible what friends tells me so on and friends when I heard that Were those words over and over again Jesus loves me Jesus loves me I began to my eyes were just peeled back open and I said what in the world and my doing because Jesus what loves me and it gave me the strength though I was weak he was strong and I gained the victory that day how many can say and then this morning but friends today we live in a society where people are developed have developed this idea even in the church that what love means is that I accept a person. In their sins Now let me ask you a question should I do that yes or no does Jesus accept people in sin when he think he says Come to me or you that labor I have relayed right he excess people in sin but today's philosophy today's mindset and even for some I should say more than some is that they their theology has become that we accept them in their sins and we continue to put put our arms around them and pat them on the back and leave them in their sense that love is tolerance of sin and love means that I have to agree with a person's lifestyle I have to agree with their sin in order to fully and truly accept them and who they are because that sooner that behavior they don't call it sin they just call choice their lifestyle is just who they are. Now whether that be homosexuality whether that be alcohol whether that be some kind of other sexual sin adultery you know today I see in the church people are divorcing and remarrying with no biblical grounds to do it whatsoever and people are just accepting just say you could just didn't work out for them there's all kinds of things that we're accepting in the church today because we think all we have to love this person we have to accept this person and we have to put our arms around them and what we're really doing is putting our arms around their sin and accepting sin right into the church now listen friends I'll be the 1st 1 to tell you we've got to love people we've got to put our arms around them we've got to embrace them because many times they've been led to a dark place we have to have compassion you understand but I would say this that true love true love will do all those things will accept them no matter what they've done will give our whole selves for them but shrew love does not lead them in that sin it must at some point at the proper time at the proper moment in the proper with a proper method seek to turn them away from that sin and bring them out of that pit of despair because so many times people who are in these lifestyles and these other things they think they think that that's just who they are but they are absolutely miserable and depressed and it's not who they are it is not who we are who we should be is exactly what God created us to be are you worth me this morning. Not who we think we are but who God created us to be and friends true love will turn people away from those things that are seeking to destroy them but we have a entered into an age of tolerance so to speak tolerance where people say you must tolerate you must put up with all these different things and if you do not do this then you are not loving them you don't you don't care about them listen friends I can love a person and I can care about them and I can be self sacrificing for that person and not have to agree with their lifestyle love does not mean I have to agree or accept any kind of behavior or you with me I can love a person and I can utterly reject their behavior in their choices because God loves us but he does not accept wrong choices he rejects those things are you with me friends and this is the path that we're leading to we've progressed in this thing so much. We progressed in this thing so deeply that people are now beginning to think that God also excepts sin in its most vile form because he would love people to botch to reject them or even to destroy them I've heard these ideas creeping into the church by even well known speakers today that God will not destroy let me tell you don't have to read very far in the Bible to know that God's going to destroy soon at the end of time God is going to bring consequences to send even today are you with me he's going to do this and to think that that you know these are the things if you read in the book patriarchs some profits if you go back and read that book you read about the days in the days before no 1 and you read the chapter about Sodom and Gomorra they were thinking and they were saying the exact same things that people are saying today all just love people and tolerate them just take them in it doesn't really matter what they're doing it doesn't really matter what they believe it cetera et cetera just accept them as they are God loves us too much to destroy us he doesn't really care mind how we live God is Love God is tolerance etc etc There's a saying all the same things that we are saying it was shocking because I just read then recently reading the book patriarchs and profits it's been a number of years since I've read the book all the way through and I was blown away at how in the last 5 years the very things that they were saying is what we hear on the news today it's what we read in the papers today and God forbid it's even at times what we're hearing out of the pulpits today and let me tell you what France Think not that our generation is any better than their US God will take a vengeance upon sin that's why he goes to such great lengths in love patience. Long suffering to turn us away from it if God could accept those behaviors and those choices he would not have the the sin is son to the cross if he could accepted those things he would not go to great lengths of suffering in his own personal hard God no 1 suffers more in the in the cause of sin than God doesn't sell you don't suffer you've got you've got loneliness your husband your wife left you you've got all these problems in your life you've got emotional baggage and you're suffering and I'm sorry for that and I'm compassionate that but friends you haven't suffered more than God Hass and God cannot tolerate that we've got to get to the sermon this morning. All right let's look this morning I'm going to look at we're going to look at 2 examples today and then compare it to our generation the 1st 1 is Dad and A by who go with me to all of that is Chapter 10 what's interesting friends as you find this type of deception sprinkled throughout Scripture Leviticus Chapter 10 and verses 1 through 10 we could probably go home at this point couldn't we already preach the sermon Leviticus Chapter 10 versus 1 and on I'm going to read this if you they're saying men love to hear those pages turning and you know that's that's that's 1 of the negative things about I don't mind using the phone but I don't always like to use in church because I like to hear those pages turning a many pages of life tourney Leviticus 10 verse 1 you there. In the day in the damp need to have been in a by who the sons of Aaron each took his sensor and put fire in it put incense on it and offered profane fire before the Lord which he had not commanded them is the Lord have a certain way in which he prescribes the worship of himself yes or no and if we do not do that it is not good for us and is not good for the people we infect so fire with out from the Lord and devoured them and they died before the Lord my goodness somebody would say that sounds terribly harsh seems like man if you just make 1 wrong move it was this idea that God kills people in the Old Testament but in the New Testament he's all love you haven't read the story of hair in the book of that axe where it says that he was receiving the worship of the people he fell over dead the angel struck him you haven't read the stories of Anna niacin Safira swear they fell dead because they lied to the Holy Spirit you haven't read Deuteronomy Chapter 31 where God pours his heart you're on the chapter 30 I think it is he pours his heart out to the people and he says all that you would have hearts like me I have loved you Jeremiah 313 have loved you with an everlasting love there is no god of the of the Old Testament that kills and a God of love in the New Testament but there's a God of love mercy justice and righteousness all throughout Scripture from Genesis to Revelation he brings judgments and he gives compassion all through Scripture and then no difference between the God of the old in the new. So some people say well this is harsh but friends what we often don't read in Scripture what the scriptures always give the whole picture is the long suffering that God had borne with these 2 men who are wicked and corrupt of heart the long suffering he gave to them and the patience he endured trying to turn their hearts back to him but when we read this account this was the last for all this was after years actually of patient waiting to turn them back God into his great suffering so that we can be saved verse 3 and Moses said to Aaron this is what the Lord had said by those who come near me I must be recorded as what friends holy and before all the people I must be glorified and so God says to Aaron here by all who come near me I must be regarded as holy and today we want to talk about always talk about the love of God which we should and we should never stop that but today we rarely want to talk about the holiness of God the righteousness of God the reverence which we do when we come into His presence and today friends we have sanctuaries not kinds of things that don't give reverence to God You understand we have very little sacredness left in our society and in our culture and that is gone out the window and God is saying for those who come near me yes I am your friend yes I love you I am your savior but you must also recognize that I am the great and mighty God of the universe the God of heaven and earth the maker of all things I am holy and if unfallen angels needle in reverence before him and cover their faces with their we. And reverence and all of the Almighty and they are sinless but how much more ought a sinful human being but how sacredly and reverently before the God of heaven and earth yes he is our friend but he is not our buddy he is our God There is a difference he is our God and our king and he is the king of all things of all creation and we must regard him as holy So Aaron held his peace and the thing that you don't really see here in the passage is that naturally Aaron had just lost 2 sons you can imagine the grief that was in his heart yes you can imagine the the horror of seeing his 2 sons devoured by fire from heaven and he was about to speak and grief and Moses hold your peace why did he say that because God's own compassion he wouldn't want his father to grieve for his son's Absolutely not but what is revealed is that it was Erin who was responsible for the behavior of these Boyce. He was responsible in their upbringing and he by his willingness to correct them in childhood led them to the place where they were devoured by fire that day are you with me now notice the statement right here Dad this is from papers from prophets page 361 a Davenant by who had not in their youth been trained to habits of self-control the father's yielding disposition his lack of firmness for right had led him to neglect the decision this a plan of his children his sons had been permitted to follow inclination habits of self-indulgence long cherished obtain a hold upon them which even the responsibility of the most sacred office had not power to break they had not been taught to respect the authority of their father they did not realize the necessity of exact obedience to the requirements of God Erin's mistaken indulgence of his sons prepared them to become the subjects of divine judgments. And God bore patiently with this for decades and still they did not turn and even the sacred office of priest could not turn their hearts towards God and God recognized that if he did not do something that the people's understanding of his character would be would be marred and so God brought judgment after he did all he could do after he waited patiently after he lovingly probably convicted their hearts time and time again after he convicted Aaron to speak to them as their Father Time and time again he refused God had to do something to preserve the sanctity of his of his worship but oh how the long suffering of gaudy men loose this dad and a by who would have never committed that fatal sin had they not 1st become parsley Oh wait a minute let me back up here I'm going to what was the what was the what was the 2 problem the 2 main problems was that they were that they used the ordinary fire yes then when they should have used the sacred fire they had not followed God's command but why had they done that if you go down to a verse. And we see here verse verse 9 per se then the Lord spoke to Aaron saying do not drink what wine or intoxicating drink you know your sons with you when you go into the tabernacle of meeting lest you die it shall be a statute forever throughout your generations that you may distinguish between holy and unholy between clean and unclean that you may teach the children of Israel what the Lord your God has taught them to the hand of Moses and so what was the main problem we tween these 2 sons what was their problem they were drunk they went into the house of God. Not just to worship as a participants but they went into the house of God to minister to the people and they were drunk and toxic A did and who does the priest represent in that sanctuary it represents Christ and God said that is the last straw I would not have the people of Israel thinking that mind son the Christ the Savior is a drug. And so he brought judgments after he did all he could do God was pinned up against a wall there was nothing else he could do and he brought judgment because he said they will not defile my house they were drunk in the house of the Lord and their friends today how many of us would never dare never dare to go to the house of God Sabbath morning drunk but we would stay out Friday night having our social during its we would go out Saturday night with the friends and get plastered then we think that we would be more holy than that in the note let me read to you this statement need to have been a by who was through 4 slides was a little bit long and it had been a by who would have never committed that fatal sin had they not 1st become partially intoxicated by the free use of wine they understood that the most careful and solemn preparation was necessary for presenting themselves in the sanctuary where the divine presence was manifested but by intemperance they were disqualified for their holy office their minds became confused and their more a perception Dold so that they could not discern the difference between the sacred and the Common to Aaron and his surviving sons was given the warning do not drink that wine he said lest you die that it may be statutes and you may determine the use of the clean and the unclean before the Lord the use of Spiritus liquors has the effect to weaken the body confuse the mind. And debase the morals that prevents men from realizing the sacredness of the holy things or the blinding force of God's the binding force of God's requirements all who occupied positions of sacred responsibility were to be men of strict temperance that their minds might be clear to discriminate between right and wrong that they may possess firmness of principle and wisdom to administer justice and to show mercy and somebody might say well that's just for the priest it doesn't really apply to me but if you go to Revelation Chapter 1 Revelation Chapter 1 The Bible is very clear Revelation Chapter 1 it says in verse 5 that he crisis washed us from our own sins and through his own blood and verse 6 he has made a skiing and what priests before God his Father to him be the glory forever and ever Amen so it applies to us too doesn't it notice the statement continues it says the same obligation rests upon every follower of Christ the Apostle Paul Peter the Claires you are a chosen generation Iroh preset a holy nation a peculiar people we are required by God to preserve every power in the best condition that we may render acceptable service to The Creator when intoxicants are used the same effects will follow as the case of those priests of Israel the conscience will lose its sensibility to sin and a process of hardening to iniquity will most certainly take place till the common and the most sacred will lose all difference of significance How then can we meet the divine requirements of God and he goes on she goes on to quote that famous text you are not your no you not that you are the temple the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God and you are not what friends you are not your own for you are bought with what a price therefore glorify God your body and your spirit which are gone and listen France. Does this apply to us today what do you think there are so many people I'm hearing about within the administration saying well it doesn't really matter if I have a drink or 2 doesn't really matter what I eat doesn't matter what I drink if I drink a little beer here and there you know I've had a hard day's work there's nothing wrong with kicking back and have an ice cold beer if you want to do all your senses if you want to not be able to discern what is holy what is on holy What is clean and clean if you want to impact who you are and you just go ahead and have that beer today but God would tell you today that even social drinking even that casual drink will impact your character will change who you are and it will lead you down of course that may lead to those 2 young men right there now on the flip side let me just say this real quick and I'm almost nervous you may throw me out of here to say this but on the flipside it doesn't all only refer to alcohol we're also told about coffee We're also told about other stimulating drinks beverages and things that are not God's ideal for us people now are we be illegal listed here no EPS Ike I It blows my mind how someone could think that refraining from that which God has told us not to partake of is somehow legalism No it's a depth of understanding that I am not my own it's a depth of understanding that I was bought with the precious blood of Christ his blood dripped down his hands as the nails pierced his feet his hands and the Crown was upon his brow his blood dripped down so that you could be brought back from the enemy and live according to his ideal for you friends it is not legalism it is love. The love of Christ compels me to live as he has called me to live because of the high price that he paid for me and if I do not understand that then I will certainly despise it and call it legalism but if I have understood if I have been in the depths of sin and prices pull me out if I understand the deliverance he has made for me the purchases made the price he has paid if I understand this then I recognize that I must live according to His will because his will his requirements are only there not to bind me but to free me there for my happiness because somebody says Why I can't be I can't be a Christian because it's too restrictive I'd I would want to be an advantage because it's too restrictive Well let me tell you this if you have a person that smokes and a person who chooses not to smoke who has greater freedom somebody might say well me because I'm choosing to smoke can the non-Christian who chooses not to smoke choose to smoke any time he wants to he can do that could I as a sudden Devin's pastor choose to go out and get drunk tonight yes or no could I choose it I could choose it wouldn't be right it would be a sin and I would rightfully be fired praise God and then but I could choose to do it but the man who is addicted to cigarettes who is addicted to liquor does he have the freedom then not to choose to choose not to do it does he have that freedom no because he is bound to that things or who has greater freedom the Christian the non-Christian praise God the Christian Amen Jesus gives us freedom when we refrain from those things that would harm us I never think what today for the freedom Christ offers us today it's not bondage to of a God It's a delight Amen it frees us from all kinds of problems that trust me you don't want to have. Your a throw me out. Praise the lord amen Let's go on ha the and Phineas our 2nd example go with me to 1st Samuel Chapter 2 1st single chapter 2 you're full of grace and truth today men. Samuel chapter 2 and we're going to start in verse 12 1st same of chapter 2 in verse 12 the Bible says now the sons of Eli were corrupt this is Phineas and Hockney for they did not know the Lord they did not watch they didn't know the Lord. And that they didn't understand the price it was paid for them the day they didn't understand what price had was going to do for them at that point time and the priest custom with the people was that they would win any man would offer a sacrifice a priest servant would come in with a 3 prong hook flush hook in his hand while the meat was boiling and he would thrust it into the pan or kettle or cauldron and the flesh was priest would take from self all that the flesh brought up so they did in Shiloh all to Israel who came there this was the Lord statute this was a requirement that this is how God provided for the priests and he would they would do this and and the meat was boiled and what would happen is these 2 young men who were corrupt would go in and do it differently they would begin to tell the people something different than that which the Lord instructed Now watch this this is what happened verse 15 also before they burn the fat the priest servant would come and say to the man who sacrifice give me meat for want roasting to the priest for he will not take boiled meat from you but want but wrong you see because they wanted to roast it because it tasted better and it met than the indulgence of their flesh more than the boiling understand and if the man should say to him they should really burn the fat 1st there you may take as much as your heart desires he would then answer him no but you must give it to me now and if not I will take it by what I would take a by force if you don't do what I'm telling you to do rather than what God says only others take it by force therefore look at this the sin of the young then was very great before the Lord now the scripture also tells us we're not going to go there for sake of time but scripture also tells us that they were laying with the women at the gate in other words when the women would come to worship the Lord they would pull them aside and try to sleep with them just to be straightforward with you. And so they were committing all kinds of indulgence fornication adultery etc and they were sleeping with the women and they were violating the sacrifices that were to be offered with the Lord and the Bible says in verse 17 that their sin became how great very great before the Lord and I want you to notice the last part of that verse and it says for men did what they have the hoard the offering of the Lord it got so bad friends that the people were actually not wanting to go to the house of God They were not wanting to come and worship before the Lord they actually have a horde taking the offering and their sacrifices to the to the house of God because of the wickedness and the corruption of these 2 men. How sad is that how sad is that that the people of God could not even come to the house of worship some of you think you complain because you got it bad because others not very many people my church and we do this and that and listen friends imagine being in those days. Where the priest was we could before God and where was God in the midst of all of it patiently watching in the shadows waiting convicting trying to draw their hearts to him but find that a day came when God had had enough notice this and he brought judgment to these 2 men also listen to this quote page 575 but although he had been appointed to govern the people he did not rule his own household speaking of Eli their father Eli was an indulgent father loving peace and ease and he did not exercise his authority to correct evil habits and passions of his children rather than contend with them or punish them he would submit to their will and give them their own way instead of Regarding the education of his sons as the most important of his responsibilities he treated the matter with a little consequence the priest and the judge of Israel had not been left in darkness as to the duty of restraining and governing his children that God had given to his care but even I shrank from this duty because it involved crossing the will of his sons now would you think about this for just a minute we'll come back to this quote friends today if you think about in the Christian church we look out and we see people that are on a path that's not right we see people flirting with adultery we see people flirting with substance abuse we see people flirting with doing all these things and what do we say to them most of the time what do most people say to them nothing happy Sabbath that's about it and we think oh are you know that's the pastor's job to speak to those people right Pastor My That's the pastor's job so what do we do we see somebody in an open sin in the church we go over to the past and we say Pastor you know so and so is as doing this I think you should go talk to them. You know what I say to people they say that I say Well have you talked to them 1st have you visited with them Have you followed Matthew 80 it's not the pastor's job and we do this we do this now it's not just done this is the point I'm wanting to take the example of the need abit of by who and Phineas and compare it to us today we do the exact same thing we're on willing to speak to people about their issues because we're afraid of crossing their wills we're afraid that they'll be upset with us were afraid they'll be mad at us and that's when the church begins to grow more corrupt more corrupt and more corrupt and then the same people who would not address the people about that sin are the ones that will say boy the Church sure has fallen into all kinds of problems today have they devise a 1 set of criticize the church because they haven't done something but their friends and brothers and sisters you are the church you are the church and we are accountable to each other now what I'm saying is not that we go on witch hunts you understand we're not becoming busybodies but if we see open sin in the church we need to speak to people regardless we need to love the opinion of God more than the opinion of what they think about us we're afraid of crossing people's wills I was at the grocery store the other day and I heard this mother speaking to her son was about 7 or 8 years old and she was getting frustrated visibly physically frustrated with this boy because he could not decide what the family was going to have for dinner that day. She's like What are we going to have you need to decide I don't know if she didn't have a husband or what but the boy was like I don't know I don't care why is a child deciding the family dinner today this is the problem friends we can't even say no to our children we cannot even confront our children about those things which are wrong so how in the world are we going to go and confront those in the church let's continue this quote here. Without weighing the terrible consequences that would flow is Corsi indulge in children whatever they desire neglected the work of fitting in for the service of God in the duties of life got it set of Abraham I know him that he will keep my commands and he will teach his children to do justice I'm paraphrasing a little bit Eli a lot of student control when the father became subject to his children the curse of transgression was apparent and the corruption of evil that marked the course of his sons they had no proper appreciation for the character of God or the sacredness of his law his service to them was to them a common thing from childhood they had been accustomed to the sanctuary and service but instead of becoming more reverence they had lost all sense of its holiness and significance how sad the father had not corrected the want of reverence for his authority had not checked their disrespect for the solemn services of the sanctuary and when they reached manhood they were full of the deadly fruits of skepticism and rebellion the sons of the light set A realizing the solemnity of a symbolic service only thought now how they can make it a means of self-indulgence I go to church to figure out how I can meet my own flesh and the needs and desires and passions this a reverence on the part of the priests soon Rob the service of its holy and solemn significance and the people of the whole or the offering of the Lord the great anti-type ical sacrifice to which they look forward to was no longer recognize where for the sin of the young man became very great before the Lord so when the people forgot the anti topical sacrifice they forgot about who they forgot about Jesus. And God would have no more of it and he brought it to them now let me read you 1 more paragraph from this and this is where we find ourselves today there is no greater curse upon households than to allow the youth to have their own way when parents regard every wish of their children indulgent then what they know is not for their good the children soon lose all respect for their parents all regard for the authority of God or man and are led captive to the will of Satan the will influence of an ill regulated family is widespread and disastrous to all society it accumulates in a tide of evil that affects families communities and governments is that not where you tell me is that not where our society is today and where our church as on a very rapid train Lee training is 1 of right and I train very rapidly heading What do you think this morning we have not said no to our children because they have not understood the passions of the flesh and has lead to disaster in society and this is what we see happening in the church today people are blind and they can't even discern right from wrong good from evil because it is they have not been restraining the passions of the flesh and that's where we're at today so our generation today says do whatever the will but the passions of your flesh flourish let them run wildly do whatever you desire and you know friends people watch these kids growing up and they say oh well you know they'll grow out of it I really think it's cute now say well you know it's cute when they're 2 but when they're 5 the old they'll grow out of it but the only thing that grows. Is the sin rooted in their hearts the only thing that grows are the passions of the flesh and the older they get the greater their passions become and the greater sin they indulge in. And you're not going to teach them when they're older to do it so they do what is right and it leads to disaster and it leads today to us embrace in all kinds of wickedness transgenderism homosexuality and all these things and if you have a relative that is 1 of those things I'm very sympathetic towards the people I love those people but it is a choice just like anything else is a choice just like alcohol is a choice and I don't think homosexuality is any greater sin than any other but it is a sin just like you and I sin and those people need to be loved and they need to be nurtured they need to be brought to Jesus and they need to but then there are all of our hearts need to be changed no matter who we are someone says or does 1 said it doesn't matter how you were born because you can be born again Amen you can be born again our generation today once to say that we can just tolerate sin and toleration of sin is what love this that's what people will say today what do you think do you agree with that statement do you agree that society says that but do you agree that it's true now listen to this even within our own church there is a massive movement today for people to say we just need to love and we just need to accept that we just needed not worry about what people are doing and we don't need to correct people we just need to be kind of them and it cetera et cetera and and and let me just say this you know there's a certain camp that will say those things and then there's a certain camp that says no that's not right and they actually will say to them that this is not theologically correct right they will say that and I would agree with that except I would take it a step further for you that this type of love It is not just a theological error. Notice the statement from great controversy watch it is true that spiritualism and let me just skip this slide because it's it's. Time I'm going to slit the sky slime and go to the next 1 she talks about spiritualism OK she says what spiritual how spiritualism has progress OK And notice this this next line she's describing spiritual ism here slow of is dwelt upon as the chief attribute of God but it is degraded to a weak sentimental ism making little distinction between good and evil Now does that sound like what people say just love people doesn't matter what they do God's justice has enunciated of sin the requirements of his holy law are all kept out of sight that people are taught regarding the deck a lot as a dead letter pleasing the witching fables captivating the senses and lead men to reject the Bible as the foundation of their faith Christ as verily denied as before but Satan is so blind in the eyes of the people that deception is not discern So listen L.-Y. it doesn't just say that this type of tolerance is not it's not only not love and it's not only doctrinal error but it's actually what it's actually spiritual ism and we are being swept away in the Babylon by ants Now what about those who say well let's just love people and not address their sins notice the statement right here this goes back to patriarch some profits the Lord would teaches people to acknowledge the justice of his corrections that others may fear the divine rebuke is upon the false sympathy for the sinner which endeavors to excuse his sin it is the effectual effect of sin to deaden the morra perceptions so that the wrong doer does not realize the enormity of transgression That's why God sends people to them to pull them out. So. It deadens his perceptions of the wrongdoers not realizing or even transgression without the convicting power of the Holy Spirit he remains in partial blindness to his sin now listen to this friends it is the duty of Christ servants to show these erring ones their peril those who destroy the effect of the warning listen by blinding the eyes of sinners to the real character of the results of sin often flatter themselves that they thus give evidence of their charity which is their love their 1 their love they say oh I love this person we just need to love them but never address their sin and they say that's what love is just accepting them as they are and just taking them in that they want to continue in that send Well you know God will convict the no God says it's our duty to by the grace of God and the move in a holy spirit to turn them away from that are you with me yes or no and so people will often both and say well we love people more than you do more than your can't because we're accepting them in their sin but notice this quote continues watch this put it back up there they are as an evidence of the charity but they are working directly to appalls and hinder the work of God's Holy Spirit they are lowering the sinner to rest on the brink of destruction they are making themselves part of his guilt and incurring a fearful responsibility for his in penance and penitence Many many have gone down to ruin as a result of this false and deceptive sympathy What do you say church think about that for just a minute it is not OK to just accept the people and their sin. Now it may not be in that moment the moment you meet them you may have to just like God you may forbear for a little bit you understand because of where they are we're sensitive to where they are we're compassionate to where they are but God will impress the right time to speak to that person it may not always be right away you understand we have to build that relationship we have to love them we have to accept them regardless of their sin you understand we have to accept them you are with me yes or no but at the right time the right place in the right way we must speak to that issue yes or no and God will open the way if we pray and if we're asking the Holy Spirit to do it and 1st Corinthians chapter 13 I wouldn't have time to go there now time is almost finished but 1st Corinthians 13 it talks about love doesn't it love is kind love is patient but there's 1 little phrase in that chapter that says Love does not rejoice in iniquity or in sin it does not read Joyce It is patient it is kind it is compassionate but that doesn't mean that it tolerates iniquity it means that it turns people away from it and you can say Amen this morning lation chapter 5 says the 1st thing same thing 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 talks about let's just go there real quickly segment Timothy Chapter 2 I think we can we can do this 2nd Timothy Chapter 2. And the Bible tells us in verse how do I deal with this how do I do I handle this 1st Timothy 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 verse $24.00 and a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be watt gentle to all able to teach patient and humility correcting those who are in opposition if God perhaps will grant them repentance so that they may know the truth and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil how they've been taken captive by him to do His Will how are we to approach people in what humility in gentleness and kindness but drawing them away from that sin and the only thing that will entice them to leave that sin will not be your words but pointing them to the almighty Savior who is a love for them will surround them and satisfy their hearts and begin to pull them out of that sin can say men how do we produce those who are older than us 1st Timothy 51 and 2 tells us real quickly 1st Timothy Chapter 5 for 75 years wanted to do not exhort or rebuke an older man but exhort him as a what as a father younger men as brothers older women as mothers younger women as sisters with all Pierrot and so here Paul tells us here how we should approach those who are older than us and younger within us as fathers as sons as mothers and as doctors with kindness with goodness but with truth amen but with the truth as well I want to remind you today. That the Bible tells as I read this quote yesterday the Lord never blesses him who criticizes and accuses his brother and for this is Satan's work and there have been those in the church today who have been dissatisfied with the votes of the world church and there's been criticism even to the point of calling the General Conference. Like Naziism and all these kind of things restrictive and binding and and dictatorial and keenly and let me tell you what friends that kind of language does not fly with the Lord you understand whether you don't like your pastor or you don't like your president or you don't like your head elder It doesn't really matter we are not called to criticize and attack others understand we are called to gently exhort them and and I would say this friends that that we should not be speaking against 1 another it doesn't mean we can disagree with people but we can still love them amen and we can love them while still disagreeing with them and we cannot be attacking 1 another it is not right it is not I am very thankful for the leadership of the General Conference and what had Wilt and I may be thankful for that today I'm very thankful for him it's very powerful what the Lord is doing with the revival in reformation friends and listen when the world body of the Church votes an action when it votes if you're not going to submit yourselves to that vote then what vote are you going to submit yourselves to you'll become kingly because you want to do what you want to do regardless of what the world Ted Wilson did not arbitrarily make the decisions that he makes that are made at the General Conference to understand that with what or what no matter what they are he does not arbitrarily do that but the world body votes it are thankful today for the leadership of God in His Church Amen James Chapter 5 our last text tells us I have a right on the screen there brother in if anyone all among you wonders from the truth. And someone turns him back let him know that he would turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sense their friends that is true love self the Nyingma self sacrificing for the sake of another salvation that is what true love this that is what Jesus did for us that is what he calls us to do for each other I'm of you today want to be faithful to God and faith with each other in true love a man you want to say Lord Jesus I want to be faithful and everything even seeking my brother who may be going down a path that's not right you want that today in your life Amen Let's pray together father this morning we're thankful for the truth of what you have spoken to us today we want to have true love in our lives we now have true love and our hearts not just for you but for our fellow man even if it means Lord struggling with how to speak to them board but that we will still speak we will still speak the truth and love so Lord draws close to you we pray close to my brother we asked this in Jesus Sweet neighborhood of God's people say. 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