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5. Black Magic & Resurrection Power

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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This morning we're going to take a little bit of a different approach is going to be a very specific and a very unique subject the title of the message is black magic and resurrection power and it's a very important subject and I'm just going to let you know ahead of time exactly where we're going we're going to be talking this morning about the influence of magic and witchcraft and our lives and I mean to say whoa that sounds pretty intense Well it is and it's going to be and but with the thing that I'm going to be pointing out this morning is how subtle it is in our lives and we may not even know it so we're going to get right into it this morning we're going to have prayer I'm going to Veitch you to pray in extra special prayer because Satan especially does not like me to preach this message it seems like every time I preach this message something crazy happens so if your prayers are strew this morning the Lord will help us Amen so I'm going to kneel and invite you to by your heads wherever you are my Father in heaven this morning. We are very thankful to be in your midst we're very thankful to be at that can't meeting this year we want to pray a lord today for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit we want to pray today that our hearts would be transformed that they would be brought alive through the truth as it is in Jesus we would experience the fullness of your love which includes sometimes chastisement and rebuke but also grace and love and so father this morning help us understand what your ideal is for our lives and may we hear and accept and receive the call to step forward and face to make our decision to stand with you fully truly and completely this morning Father we ask that the Spirit of God would fall upon our hearts would awaken us to revive and reformation and would cause us to live godly lines in Christ Jesus for this is your great and deep desire for us we ask this in your precious name in Jesus sweet name but all God's people say amen. Leadership magazine a Christian publication actually published an article on the 2 subjects of spiritualism and the occult just a number of years ago and they have had and response to that thousands of Christian ministers of all the nominations including 7th Day Adventist writing back to them requesting them for help and assistance with this problem now friends this is a problem that has not always been there's always been a handful of people that have seemed to dabble with the subject but if you would have gone into a bookstore say 30 years ago you would have seen on the shelves a very large portion or a very large section of books dealing with Christianity the Bible a whole shelf full of Bibles and way in the back corner of the book store you would see a little bit section with maybe some little magic books or these kind of things that true yes are known now you go into the to the bookstore in the last 5 years and you see the exact opposite has happened you go in there and it's just right in your face shelf upon shelf about books concerning the occult witchcraft spellcasting all these kind of things novels and stories with with witches and goblins and wizards and all these kind of things and then way in the back of the of the store you'll find a little bit section that has a few Bibles and a few books about Christianity as you've noticed that the last 4 years this thing has been a plague and it's just been increasing the occult interest in the occult and witchcraft and spiritualism has been increasing more and more and the world today and the Bible tells us exactly that this would happen in the very last days of Earth's history are we living in the last days where you think what days are we living in the last days you really believe that today the evidence is in your life how you're living your life. 1st I'm of the chapter 4 verse 1 into the Bible tells us now the spirit expressly says that in the last letter times of the last days some will depart from the faith giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons speaking lies and hypocrisy having their own conscience seared with a hot iron now friends today there that verse describes many different people many different ways but it speaks about people giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of immense and let me tell you I remember just a number of years ago I was out in Colorado for a Bible training course and we were going door to door and we were inviting people to take bible studies and I met this man named Allen and when Allen answered the door he opened the door and I was standing there talking to him and he was kind of just kind of in a daze and he was just his head was kind of bobbing like this and he was talking to me in and he invention invited me any said yes to Bible studies so I went back to Alan's house and when I went in for the Bible study my wife was with me who was then my girlfriend and we went and to sit down for that 1st Bible sudden as soon as I sat down there was this overwhelming sense as I sat down of just pure darkness you know what I'm talking about maybe you have had that kind of experience before but I just that was like a wave and it just came over me literally physically and as we were there given the Bible study I remember beginning to stutter in the Bible study from the very beginning to the very end and there were times when it was like I could not even get my words out I would stutter for almost a minute just trying to get a word out never happened before never happened since. And when we were finished with the Bible study this man was sitting there and he began as we began to talk he began to say well he says you're from such and such a place and you live in such and such apartments don't you and I said How did you know that and he said Oh they told me and I had not told this man anything about me he didn't know me and I didn't know him and the only question that a pop into my mind was like Who's day 6 right and he said Oh they told me and he knew exactly where I lived well the next Bible study I was needing we were a little bit early and I needed to do a little bit of last minute preparations so I pulled around the corner from his house and parked my car that was probably almost 3 quarters of a mile away there's no way in the earth that this man could have seen my car from his house the risk of all trees on the houses and all of a sudden I look up and I see this man walking down the road heading towards me looking right at me and he gets right up to the car and knocked on the window so I rolled down the window and and he's bit his head bobbing again he says I can't study with you anymore and I says Well why not he says they told me not to do it or else I'd die and I said How did you know that I was over here and he said they told me you were coming and they told me to go down the road and I'd find you like told me to for you to leave me alone. And so I said well you know I tried to continue to study in some capacity he said no and so I had to leave and I never saw him again but friends I want to tell you that these things are very true and they're very serious and if you go to the book of the seasons chapter 6 and I prayed for Alan still pray for him every day if you go to the book of a fusion Chapter 6 The Bible tells us of very specifically about the powers that we are dealing with that are often unseen and we often take it for granted we often take it lightly but the Bible's trying to warn us God's trying to warn us in the last days that there is something more serious in the world that's taking place and you know this text you probably quoted before visions Chapter 6 in verse 12 it talks in the previous verses about the armor of God and then it goes on a verse 12 we did not wrestle against what flesh and blood but against Prince of palettes he's against powers against the rulers of darkness of this age against spiritual host of wickedness and heavily places there for what must we do dear friends of the children of God take up the whole lot the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand and the evil day and having done all to stand for the Bible tells us that we need to be standing in the eye and the times of darkness putting on the whole armor of God not leaving off 1 little piece what do you say amen I mean you want to put on the whole armor of God This morning if you want to put on something if I want to put on a different colored suit today what do I 1st have to do with this suit I have to take it all off so if you're going to put on the whole armor of God There are certain things you're going to have to take off what do you think this morning we're going to take off all the things of the world to be able to put on all the armor of God If you put on some of the armor of God but not all the armor of God That means that there are some things of the world that you still left on because you have. Not put on all the armor of God What do you think this morning how many of you once again want to put on all the armor of God If you're saying I'm going to put on all the armor of God That means you're also saying I'm going to take all the things of the world off what I think today well the question we want to ask is now what does the Bible say about vampires about zombies about magic and about witchcraft and you may say why in the world would be preaching on the subject it's very simple The longer I'm a pastor the longer I'm dealing with young people beyond or longer I'm dealing with older people I see this subject plaguing the Christian Church plaguing the 7th Day Adventist Church and many people today are engaged in absorbed in all these things which craft magical things and they think there's absolutely nothing wrong with it they think it's innocence and sometimes they are against it but there are other things concerning it that they that they are engaging in and they don't even realize that they're involved with this. And so today friends I want us to take a look at this from the Bible and see what does the Bible say about this what does the Bible thing seems today that people are obsessed with darkness what do you think people are obsessed with zombies they're obsessed with vampires they're obsessed with magic and witchcraft things like Harry Potter and Twilight and The Walking Dead and all these things and sometimes we can speak we can say we can shake our heads and say ah man I would never be involved with that stuff well you might be involved with things that you don't even know about you don't even know that are touching on the subject so we're going to look at this and the book of 1st Saniel Chapter 28 how many you know this chapter and we're not going to turn there you can write it down read a whole chapter later it's a very long chapter but in this chapter who's the main character Saul and what does he do in that chapter he goes to a witch the Witch of indoor and he tries to drum up the spirit of Sammy the prophet now if you understood the truth about the Bible he would know that the dead know what the dead know nothing and some people try to use this verse to say that he really that the dead don't really go to the grave they go to heaven and summon him back but the spirit that some that was drummed up the Bible says Samuel perceived that it was Samuel was really Samuel that all was it but it was a perception that he had because he was so desperate at that point in time God was not speaking to him anymore and the spirit told him that tomorrow you and your sons will join me where I am and where was and what happen the next day he was he was killed in the battle he and his sons and tragically Jonathan was with him how sad that was that the pure heart of Jonathan must also die but sin infects not just us but those we love doesn't just affect those we love so I do want to go to this text though 1st Chronicles chapter 10 and verse 13 and following up on this 1st Chronicles chapter 10 and verse 13. Notice what it says here want to make a specific point here this morning 1st Chronicles Chapter 10 verse 13 it says so Saul died for his what his own faithfulness or his transgressions which he had committed against the Lord so had saw it committed a lot of sin yes or no he had done all kinds of of things that were just a poor and says and it says because he did not keep the Word of the Lord so the Bible says all the sins you know when when Saul made the sacrifice before the Lord and he should have done that when he didn't kill everything that the Lord told him to kill all the sins that he had committed it lump sum up into 1 category it says all his what faith unfaithfulness or transgression Yes And then it says he did not keep the word of Lord so all the things that he did it lumps it in there but then it actually mentioned something specific it says and also because he consulted a what a medium for guidance now this is very interesting because God speaks about all his sin also in faithfulness in 1 sentence and then and then and then he lumps it all together and then he says very specifically because he also consulted a medium so it's almost like this thing of consulting a medium is separate and more severe than even all the other unfaithfulness that he did you see that there this morning when he says yes or no so it's weeks about this and so he talks about and I want to show you this statement here it's very very profound it says Samuel informed saw that his re Belial in was as the sin of want witchcraft Now we all know that phrase from the Bible don't we sin is the rebellion of witchcraft a rebellion is a sin of witchcraft and witchcraft is described over and over in Scripture as 1 of the most severe or since. And the reason that re Belin is that the sin of witchcraft is because rebellion is the ultimate red revealing or manifestation of distrust towards God are you with me it's the ultimate manifestation of this trust or and trust towards God God the whole process of salvation is about God just trying to get us to trust him that's about what it is it's what it boils down to so see rebellion is a sin of witchcraft Then she continues and says that is when 1 commences to travel in the path of rebellion he yields himself to be controlled by an influence that is in opposition to the will of God Satan controls the rebellious mind those who are thus control lose a calm trust in God and have less and less disposition to yield loving obedience to His will Satan becomes more and more familiar with them until they seem to have no power to cease to rebel and this respect sin is as the rebellion is as the sin of lot of witchcraft and so friends here's the reality the more you say no to God and yes to sin the more your disposition becomes inclined to do so and the more difficult it becomes to say yes to God Are you listening and so she says it has such an impact on us that we yield to Satan's will until we reached a place where we have no power to control and we just automatically do it now the same thing can happen on the other side of the fence if we're using our cell to the Holy Spirit Amen we can continue to use ourselves a god until obedience becomes absolutely natural home if you want to have that experience today yes but then it says that it's the sin of witchcraft and so it compares that process in the same thing I'll go with me to the Book of Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy Chapter 18 we're going to see what else the Bible says here did around me chapter 18 and verse 9 through 15 notice what it says that around me 18 verse 9 when you come into the land which your Lord your God has given you you shall not learn to follow the abominations of the nations the was the abominations there shall be not found among you any who makes his son or his daughter pass to the fire or 1 who practices witchcraft or a soothsayer or 1 who interprets omens of source or 1 who conjure spells a medium a spirit this or 1 who calls up the dead for all who do these things are I what friends and abomination to the Lord and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from the for you you shall be blameless before the Lord your God for these nations which you will dispossess listen to soothsayers and diviners about please notice this last little phrase but as for you as for who whose you use me right and it's me as you write it's you the people of God the Lord your God has not appointed such for you please say that with me again The Lord George God has not appointed such for you so are God's people in any way in any form and any fashion whether it seems innocent or whether you're engaged in a full fledge does God make any allowances for witchcraft sorcery or dabbling with the occult or the dead of any kind yes or no not at all and fact God specifically says that he is not appointed such for you. And what was then the penalty there are some other passages you can look up here that it has 19 out let you write them down I can look them all up that it has 1 teen Leviticus 20 that it has 21 is equal 13 many of those passages speak about contacting the dead or even ancestor worship we don't worship those family members that have passed on very specific and what was the penalty for those who dabbled in such things for mediums which is was what was the penalty for that it was death now some people say well that's pretty harsh and why was God so forward about this why was he so direct and so specific about this instruction why was he so harsh on the judgment notice the statement right here this is own white writing in modern times he says we have been pain as we have brought to our note have been brought to our notice papers advertisers of sorcery and witchcraft the work of magicians and all the sort of things going on in Battle Creek the place where Adventism began this is where these there is in these manifestations of of a power that is above human power and where is it it is the power of Satan and just as soon as you begin to bring yourselves in connection with the sorcerer's you bring yourselves and give them the least license you dishonor God of the God of heaven and imperil your own what. No notice this how is Satan working here in Battle Creek here come up these magicians and there is an itch in curiosity to go and see and when they 7th Day Adventists go to see notice this listen to this this is very important they bring themselves in direct communication with the powers of darkness were kind of communication direct you see Listen it's Satan if Satan comes in intense you to lose your temper let's just say you lose your temper and you snap at your wife or your husband has Satan cause you to fall as you cause you to sin Yes but does he have complete control over you because you lose your temper once yes or no no he does not because there is still a buffer of grace and protection between you or now he does have 1 notch more control over you until you repent of that sin and come back to where the Lord was are you with me but he does not have complete control of you but the Bible and Ellen White both say that if you come in contact with spiritualism and the occult you remove all barriers between you and Satan and you come in direct contact face to face with Satan it's like if you open your door and said please do come right on in the understand this it's like you go wing to his playground and saying Hey can I play on your merry go round for a while and he says sure have at it. How many would want to do that but when you dabble in magic and the occult and these kind of things you come in direct contact with Satan himself are you with me that's why God was so severe because he says I have to set extreme measures to protect my people why because he's a controlling God No because we are dull and dumb and we don't fully understand we'll just gleefully go on the Devil's Playground and not even think twice about it God says they have to know that this is a no no are you it's me they have to understand this and look friends the devil is a very strong master he's a very great master at making what God condemns seem innocent he's a master at what making what God condemns same what innocent time of you know this to be true now many times people say oh well you know you know with the Harry Potter books for instance or some of the Harry Potter movies or some of the other magic books that are out there people say well they're just so innocent it's good versus evil look look I can't get my kid to read anything else and they're willing to read that So if they're reading that's a great thing right. Well I'm really thirsty and I got a glass of orange juice or water right there but has 3 drops a rat poison in it and 1 will kill me I'm really thirsty like I know I'm drinking the rat poison but at least under getting some water to quench my thirst right is not how it works now I want you to notice something there's something called program non response to me ever heard of this that you can be programmed by what you're seeing and watching to become numb to those things which God has condemned for incense you just take an example real quick in the 19 year old sixty's and seventy's on television you have. Married couples that what they are on television they did not even sleep in the same bed today you ever seen I Love Lucy. He would kiss her on the cheek not even on the lips and they would sleep in separate beds in the bedroom but then over time people began sleeping on the same bed and it just continued to progress and every time there was something new Pete would be shocked oh and then all of a sudden they keep playing that same thing and they get used to it then they go a little bit further ha and then they keep playing it never get used to until now you have homosexual people sleeping in the same bed not you know people that are unmarried sleeping in the same bed doing all kinds of vile things on public television not even the pay per view anymore and nobody thinks twice about it that's program nonresponse your program the non respond and to your brain becomes saturated it became Smush OK now I'm going to show you something right here we're going to look at a number of pictures and back in the early fifty's or sixty's whatever you had Fantasia home if you remember Fantasia by Disney and you have Mickey Mouse who is this wizard and he's this friendly wizard he makes all the brooms dance and do work for him and all seems very innocent and very subtle and there's no harm in any of that right he's just waving his. Hands in his wand and not a big deal yes then you go on you have the Addams Family right you have a family unit and they're together and they're just enjoying each other's company but they're all little creepy the ones who which the ones a vampire the one's a zombie and and then you have the little hand floating around and you have every element of the things in the Bible which God condemns every single element and it's all innocent and saw family and it seems like not that big of a deal we throw a little comedy in there and everybody thinks all it's just happy family fun right family entertainment then you go on you've got the witch I'm a woman who's a witch she's married to a man he got a family and they're all nice and she's got that little cute nose twinkle you know she goes like this and things happen and and there's magic involved and it seems so innocent and so fun and then you go on you've got the Wizard of Oz right you've got magic in the witches and I mean come on Pastor Wizard of Oz really all yeah watch this friends watch this she goes Well let's just say this I mean to say this the whole course of the journey with Wizard of Oz is that Dorothy's trying to get where she's trying to get home but in order to get home she has to go where to the to the city this so let this glorious city think about this where all the people are happy all the people are content it's a very great paradise and there's this man the Wizard of Oz who is this great and mighty power that's their ruling over the land of Oz and he has the power to send her home notice that home is a more desired than the place of the city. Are you with me there's a parallel there so she gets to the city and she has her hopes built up about this great man the wizard of oz who has the power to send her back home and she realizes when she gets there that the man is a lot that the Wizard of Oz is what he is a flop he's a fraud the man who rules this glorious city where everyone is happy is a flop Now do you suppose dear friends that there's a parallel between that and the heavenly city that we're going to what do you think satan is warning us to think that the man in the heavenly city is a flop and he wants us to think that our home here is better than what he has to offer us now watch this they go into the place they go into the city into the room into the All this and little toto the dog he runs away right and he Skerries off and he finds the man behind the curtain think about this the man behind the curtain the white man behind the curtain in the sanctuary. Is there someone behind the curtain yes or no yes he finds the man behind the curtain and when they go there and they see who it is and they see that he's a fraud notice what the man says is The Wizard of Oz he says and pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain dear friends that is a that is a very specifically straight strategic phrase right there it is not by chance it is not just some extra line that they threw in pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain there is a great man behind the curtain His name is called Jesus the Son of God and he intercedes for those who are here on planet earth before his father and he and he presents to his father his own blood for our salvation what he saved then and we must pay attention to both of those Amen I we must have an interaction with them and so these movies are setting little little ideas in people's heads that are contrary to that of the scripture what do you think this morning then you have he man I watched the man as a kid I was in the eighty's it was a big deal in the eighty's he manned the masters of the universe he would hold up that sword and say I have the power and lightning would come from heaven and transform into something else and he would go out and battle those of evil then in the ninety's you had both the Vampire Slayer and she was killing vampires and she was the good girl not notice this Satan loves to take that which is evil and make it seem good so he'll take something that is forbidden by God and turn it into a good guy vs bad guy scenario these See what I'm talking about and he does this so very subtly so people say well yes talking about vampires and magic and all these things but Buffy's a good character and she's killing the bad so therefore it's college to great controversy so it's not really that bad for me to watch. Really. Then you have charm that was also popped in the ninety's the power of 3 notice what it says there what is it the power of 3 charmed about 3 young sisters who were witches innocent sweet loving girls all very pretty all very nice and attractive fighting the forces of evil against those things right and so notice this statement that is involved if you look at the the cover slide there down there below where it says the power of how many 3 notice 3 Father Son and Holy Spirit notice there underneath there there's a phrase I want you to look at this watch This Is What It Says I call upon you ancient power bring your powers to us sisters 3 we want the power give us the power the kiss of darkness forging your soul to mind that's exactly what they say it's their seeking to counterfeit the Trinity 3 powers of darkness skin sing the powers of darkness asking for the power so these girls aren't so innocent are they they're not so they're not so fighting against the forces of darkness they are forces of darkness themselves where you think then you had Harry Potter come along and Harry Potter seems so so good See here's what happens is Satan's taking that which God condemns and turning it into the good guy you're with me he's making it good so that people become sympathetic with that which God has condemned are you with me. And so you have Harry Potter who is a good guy and not only just a good guy like the used to be years ago the good guy was like a full grown man you know and he was wearing the white cowboy hat in the white suit you rode the white horse and he had a white pistol and all those things right now the good guy is even more innocent little boys and little girls dabbling with the things that God has forbidden and being the good guy then you have things and look friends Satan is getting more and more bold as he goes he started off with the Addams Family and B. which now you have things like the conjuring and The Lord Of The Rings and somebody says ALL MAN Come on Lord Of The Rings that was written by C.S. Lewis you know he was he wrote it for Christians it's a Christian book well you know like if I told you it wasn't you wouldn't believe me you wouldn't believe me but let's read it from his own lips shall we look at this Chronicles of Narnia he says this some people seem to think that I began asking myself how I could say something about Christianity to children he's speaking about the Chronicles of Narnia and then fixed on the fairy tale as an instrument and then collected information about some child psychology and decided what age group I'd write for then grew up a list of basic truths Christian truths and hammered out allegories to embody them this is all pure moonshine. I couldn't write in that way it all began with images a follow on F.A. UN carrying an umbrella a queen on a sledge a magnificent lion at 1st there wasn't anything Christian about them that element pushed itself in of its own accord some people think that I began to notice what it says there he noticed what he says a foreigner walked a phone on what is a fawn is what a fawn is here's a definition of a follow on 1 of a class of lustful rule gods represented as a man with a goat's horns ears legs and a tail that's what a phone is and so C.S. Lewis tells you himself that he says I did not write those books as Christian allegories people came along and said that after I wrote them but that's OP here moonshiny says I didn't do it and so if those if it didn't start with a christian fundie foundation like he said he said it didn't start the Christian foundation it started with images in my mind that push themselves on me well if it wasn't Christian there's only 1 of the power that did it what was it power of Satan dear friends we are allusion with these things I remember when I 1st became a Christian before I was a Christian friends I was utterly obsessed with The Lord Of The Rings let me tell you I read all the books multiple times when the 1st movie came out Lord Of The Rings part 1 there's 3 parts the trilogy I went to the theater 13 times to watch them movie 13 times. When I went the when the 2nd movie came out I had just become a Christian just become an Adventist and I went to the theater about 6 times I didn't know anything about going to the movies I didn't know wasn't the right thing to do I didn't know anything about magic and all this stuff but you know something began to hit me every time I went after I became a Christian I was like you know this just isn't right this is something I was just very uncomfortable in the Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart and I have been speaking to the place where I had all my books on the shelf in those books were like gods to me I mean like I reverence them I made sure that it get wet I made sure the new food got spit on them I mean I was just like where's have been these things and award impress me you know what you have got to get rid of that stuff and the day came when I was thinking about giving them to my friends and then the Lord was like why you give them to him and I took those things and I trashed them and listen the 3rd movie came out the 3rd movie and you cannot believe the struggle that I had. But I made a covenant with the Lord I made a commitment to him and I said Lord this thing has had more power over me than anything else in my life except you and I'm given you Lord the permission to brain in my heart and I said Lord as a commitment to you I will not go and I will not watch that 3rd movie you can't believe what the struggle it was for me and I said Lord I won't do it by your grace and to this day I had still not seen that movie and let me tell you Francis Ivan immerse myself in the things of God Those things have had less of a power over me than they ever have I have no interest in them anymore because the resurrection power of Christ is greater than black magic power and then how many really that this morning what about frozen you got frozen there and some even say oh it's innocent and I don't have the time to sit and talk about that but if you go to Little Light Studios they have D.V.D.'s on all these things and I would encourage you to watch them encourage you to get them and frozen friends is basically a tale about the great controversy and the girl the bad sister is basically Satan and he's complained she's complaining and whining about why she was cast out of the kingdom and gaining sympathy for all her reasons why she should be in the kingdom and etc etc and it is horrific horrific really tied to the great controversy causing our little children to become sympathetic to Satan's cause very innocently very subtly and some people will sit in those scoff and that's OK But the reality is I'm not right because I'm passionate about it on that right because it's my opinion I'm right about it because it's the Word of God and if you watch closely closely to the videos you will see those elements brought out little lines little phrases seeking to sweep away your children and yourselves as well then you have a long island medium who may be seen that this lady goes up to people and show. Say you know all have you have you you know she's she introduced herself as a medium and she'll say did you have a grandfather that lived such and such years ago and I'll say yeah and I said all he wants you to know that he's doing OK after he died and I say well how do you know that she says well I'm a medium and she says I can contact those people and did you know do you remember the time that you in the ice cream shop it was just you and him and no 1 else around he told you such and such and such and of people's mouth fall open and they start to cry and they said there's no way you could have known that we don't you know that there are evil angels present everywhere they hear every conversation they know every word and they can repeat those things back to this lady I mean why wouldn't they say they work for Satan right and that they would know all those kind of things and so society is even using mediums to help locate people that were murdered and so for the police forces Satan is seeking to gain sympathy piece by piece by piece some of the modern movies like X. men and and Superman even I mean it's scary you know there's this 1 Superman movie we're Superman's hovering over the earth and his Creator is speaking and he says I've gone to save you I've said I'm sending you to save them there are good people they just need to see the light and and you're my only son and it's just these constant repetitious reinventions of the gospel and a false dark way and people are believing it they're watching it and they're being absorbed by it and I'll say this to your friends that some of you today it's easy to sit here and say yeah yeah pastor preacher preacher some of you sitting here today are addicted all these things God bless your hearts Jesus loves you but you're addicted to these things. God is calling us away from them amen The Walking Dead people say all there's nothing wrong with that notice this statement there's an interaction between these 2 brothers he says 2 men Rick and I haven't watched it to some i told me about this and I looked it up and I found this line it says Rick you're a man of God Have some faith the man replies I can't profess to understand God's plan Christ promised us a resurrection of the dead I just thought he had something a little different in mind is that interesting friends now here's what I believe here's what I believe why is it that in this age people are so drawn to these things more than any other age why is it that people are in love with darkness they want to dress darkly they want to dye their hair darkly they want to put all kinds of dark stuff on their face why are they so sympathetic to the zombies the vampires and all these things it's very simple what those zombies represent on the outside how they look on the outside is how people today are feeling on the inside without Christ or US me and they connect with that they they resonate with that because they say that's how I feel. Because they're dead and their trespasses they're dead in their sins vampires are living the living undead you know the zombies are just all rotted but the vampires are alive and they look like real people but they are dead on the inside and that's how people feel and that's why in this day and age more than any other it's so vital and it's so important that God's people are awake and are preaching the gospel the truth about the resurrection power of Christ that he can make us alive he can make us filled with joy he can give us freedom he can cleanse us from our sins because resurrection power is greater than the power of darkness what he say this morning Amen notice what L. White says here want to reach of the statement she says Furthermore God is expressly forbidden all pretended communication with departed spirits in the days of the Hebrews there was a class of people who claimed as you the spiritual selves today to hold communication with the dead with the familiar spirits as these visits from other worlds were called are declared by the Bible to be spirits of what devils do work of dealing with familiar spirits was pronounced an abomination to the Lord and was suddenly forbidden under the penalty of death. Now it continues here and it says The very name of witchcraft is now held in contempt the claim that men can whole intercourse with interest evil spirits as regarded as a fable of The Dark Ages but spiritual ism which numbers its converts by the hundreds of thousands yet by millions which has made its way into scientific circles which has invaded churches and has found favor in legislative bodies and even in the courts of Kings this mammoth deception is but a revival and a new to skies of the witchcraft which is condemned and prohibited of old you know people today will say Oh God is just ridiculous there's no concept you know they don't believe in God or skeptics they're atheists and they won't believe in anything that the Bible says but they will believe and these things over here you understand and they are wishing their desiring they're actually believing that those things are real in the world and on scene and indeed they are unseen they are real very real the powers of darkness seeking to take their souls seeking to take your souls the souls of your children the souls of your grandchildren your very own life that would suck out of you if you are participating in these things it brings us in direct communication with Satan himself and what kind of communication direct communication with to not with the God of heaven but with the enemy of your soul who would seek to destroy your life are you with me this morning yes or no at these things are not new Everybody thinks all with it so new it's so cool these things are just the same thing that's been practiced for thousands of years it is a pagan. On godly religion is what it is it is religion people who claim to be atheists are worshipping false gods today 7th Day Adventists who claim to be worshipping the Almighty true God are worshipping false gods today any time you watch the stuff you're inviting Satan your house friends I'm telling you today it's very very clear Can we safely say today that God is influencing these movies if they contain elements that are contrary to his word what do you think this morning can we can we believe that he sent points the books that are being written there are people today who are writing movie scripts and music and books and all kinds of things and they say that when we sit down at the table when we sit down at the table to write something comes over me and I go into a trance and my hand starts moving and I don't know what it's doing but when it finishes and I look there's a book there's a movie script there's a song lyric how can we sit as ad the nest and not understand this are you with me friends we have to be very careful. It's not about a once in a stand I'm not trying to pick on movies and all these things but I'm trying to expose the powers behind them friends you can scoff all day but the evidence is right there some people say well you know I know that that's for some people but I'm not going to be influenced by that I've heard people say that it's not going to impact me I just like it it's just nice I just enjoy watching it well no doubt anything that would satisfy the carnal heart and with her carnal would be enjoyable anything would be doesn't really matter but in Matthew chapter 6 Jesus tells us that the lamp of the body is the what. It's the eye and anything you take in impacts the whole what the whole body the trick is and Satan so subtle that he will make you think that will impact you but it always does it will be impacting you all day all week and all month and you think that you're not impacted but let me tell you what friends you try to watch those movies for a week you watch every 1 every day for a week and you see how interested you are the start of the Bible be in that week even at the end the 1st day you watch the US from that music you you you read those books and at the end of the week see how long you want to sit and pray to the Lord gone to see how much you want to do that and tell me it doesn't influence you today Luke 11 verse 35 Jesus said therefore take heed that the light which is in you is not what is not darkness in other words he's saying here that you can think you have light you can think that you are following God but in reality you're in what you're in darkness you're in darkness 2nd crimp the INS 318 you can write it down it says that we are transformed by what we watch like a mirror when we look in the mirror were transformed by what we are engaging in how can you not be influenced by powers friends that are much stronger much smarter and cunning than yourself with 1 agenda to deceive you and your children how can you sit and say we will not be deceived how can we do it those powers are much greater than us if Satan tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden she fell and she was unfallen at that time how do we think who are fallen and degraded for thousands of years think that we can withstand Satan when we're alone sitting on his marital wound and swinging on his swing set it's not going to happen today friends some people say oh it's using magic to do good. At using magic to do good my cousin told me that well friends anything can be used for good you know Stan it can be used for a perception of good but if it's in the Word of God and it's what God condemns then dear friends we landed to trust that God knows what he's talking about see if you say well you know I know it says that but I'm still going to do this for good you are not actually believing what God said even thought that when she ate from the fruit she had she would have this all this knowledge and all this understanding but it was a deception you understand it's not anything at all good I remember that my aunt uncle my uncle was involved with this stuff for a very long time or my aunt was and my uncle was thinking about joining the 7th Day Adventist Church and there were times he would wake up in the middle of night and he had a pistol in his forehead like this and she would say we need to talk and she would keep him up all night talking about crazy stuff because she was dabbling in the occult Then 1 day she threatened him too that if he was think about join the avenues church and she threatened him that if he joined the Avonex church she would kill their daughter then he came in 1 day and he was in the kitchen he says you know what I've decided I am going to join the AVE Stritch she was there and she said her head she turned around and her eyes were black solid black and notice what she said here she said You can join in a man's voice shifted voice you can join any church you want but you will not join the 7th Day Adventist Church Now what does that tell you what does that tell you and indeed he did NOT to this day very very sad Where does it all lead to and Isaiah chapter a go with me quickly there Isaiah Chapter 8 and notice what the Bible says I was in chapter 8. And verse 9922 Isaiah 810228 says when when they say to you seek those who are mediums and wizards who whisper and mutter should not a people seek their God A man should they seek the dead among that behalf of the living to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word is because there is no light in them they will pass through it hard pressed and hungry and it shall happen when they are hungry that they shall be enraged and curse their king and their God and look upward then they will look to the earth and see the trouble and darkness gloom of anguish and they will be driven into what darkness that's exactly what all that stuff leads to their friends whether it's innocent or not whether it's foreign or not whether it's pleasing to your senses or not for the love of God For the love of your children for the love of your parents for the love of Almighty God for the love of his church for the love of your own soul cast it off today cast it off today what happens to the Christian when the when God rules the life the Bible says Be what Romans 12 want to be transformed by the redoing of your mind and when Jesus has control of your life your mind will be renewed Amen it will be renewed go with me to the Book of Acts go with me to the Book of Acts Chapter 19 and we're going to pull this thing to a close Acts Chapter 19. And verse 19 Acts Chapter 19 verses 19 notice what it says here it speaks about a group of people who had magic books the book of the people of a fusion is a notice actually we're going to start in verse 11 here accept 19 years of leaven and it says now God worked on usual miracles by the hand of Paul so that even handkerchiefs and aprons were brought from his body to the sick and the diseases left them in to see evil spirits went out of them then some of the itinerant Jews. Tried to do exorcise they call upon the name of the Lord who had over evil spirits and they says we exercise you by the power of Jesus whom Paul preaches and there were 7 sons of ski even the evil spirits answered and said Jesus I don't Paul I know but who are you then the man whom with a spirit was leaped on them overpowered them and prevailed against them so they fell out of the house naked This became known to all the Jews and Greeks dwelling an ethicist and fear fell upon them all and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified and many who had been lead came confessing and telling their deeds and notice 1st 19 Also many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them up in the sight of all and they counted up the value of them and it totally $50000.00 pieces of silver think about this dear friends when the power of Christ and the power of darkness class together who was victorious it was Jesus when the people literally saw the power of God to cast out out things. They've said there is no true power and all of these things and that this is a New Testament here and they brought those books and they threw them into a fire and I want you to notice the statement here watch this it says when the efficient were converted they changed their habits and practices when they were converted they did what they change their habits and practices under the conviction of the Spirit of God They acted with promptness that in delay they didn't drag it out and laid bare all the mysteries of the witchcraft they came and confessed and showed their deeds at their souls were filled with Holy indignation because they had given such devotion to magic they were angry about it because they had been deceived and had so highly prized the books which the rules of Satan's devising had laid down the methods by whereby they might practice witchcraft they were determined to turn from the service of the evil 1 and they brought their costly volumes and publicly burned them thus they made manifest their sincerity to God The conversion of these efficiency was attended with the results that always follow a genuine conversion when convinced that their magical books were false and peculiar per Kernis they were unwilling to sell them and thus place themselves in temptation in the way of others they promptly burned the records of divination at a great personal lot sacrifice the power of truth triumphed over men's prejudices favorite pursuits and the love of money they wouldn't even sell them to gain the money from them $50000.00 pieces of silver I don't know how much that is today but it's a lot and it cost them something to follow Christ but the freedom which they had tasted in the living Jesus Christ His resurrection power to them was greater. Then the whole Satan had upon them it was greater than the love of the flesh of this world that was greater than anything Satan could do for them because they understood at that point time that Christ had paid the ultimate price for them and they rejoiced in the peace and the joy that he had had for them they conferred them to the Gospel and today friends I need to ask you a question this morning and ask you a question have you burns your magical books have you taken the movies have you taken the novels have you taken all those things are those things clean out of your life because it says right here in the text once they did this the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevail it says in the next verse maybe the Word of God is not prevailing today maybe it's not going forth maybe people are not being converted because we have not burned the books we have not surrendered ourselves holy to the Lord Jesus home with you this morning when I have the resurrection power Jesus in your life I'm with you today want to say Lord Christ I want to give up these things I want to put these things away I want to get rid of them I want to be clean before you I want to be living and your power and your grace this morning how many want to have this 1 of you are willing to do that today I recognize you've got some changes to make let me see your hands it's morning on the are ready to clean the house when you get home today from Camp meeting on the right to say Lord Christ live fully your grace your truth and me home of your will and say that this morning do you desire the Word of Life today to desire to have resurrection power or black magic power in your life I know this is a very unique and very distinct message but Christ is calling his people to revival Amen Christ is calling the Word of God to prevail not just in the world but in our hearts how they want the Word of God spoke. Let's pray Father Today we want the Word of God We we call you we hear the call that you've given us to repentance we pray oh lord that your spirit would revive us if you would call us to decision this would cause to strength and power bring us near Oh Lord bring us close draw us we pray you help us and make those decisions and to stand firm in them we ask for your blessing oh lord when we come in Jesus we name that God's people say amen. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you'd like to listen to more sermon leave it to W W W audio verse or.


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