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6. The Two Witnesses of the Two Witnesses

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 19, 2017
    1:00 PM
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Father this morning we thank you so much that we can come here and study the Dubuque of your word the truth that is there in that sets us free they gives us joy in your fellowship that feeds us with the Holy Spirit indeed Lord we ask the Holy Spirit would be here with us this morning we pray Lord that our hearts might be pricked that they might be convicted but also comforted and strengthened and the word that we might be Chalons today and find Lord that we need to be a people who are consecrated to you not legal list of people full of grace full of love but full of truth as well so we ask your blessing to be with us now and we pray it and ask for it in Jesus precious name that all God's people say Amen so this morning friends we're going to talk a little bit about Sabbath keeping Now many of you have heard of the of the dummy series books or maybe I've heard of that you know you've got pianos for Dummies guitar for Dummies gardening for Dummies now we're not going to say that we're going to call it Sabbath keeping for Dummies OK we're not saying that we're going to call out how to keep the Sabbath for Adventists. Right we often hear the non Adventists version of those folks that are coming into the church you know you know don't buy or sell the sap and so forth we're going to talk a little bit about that today but in a little bit of a different perspective specifically geared towards people who are already admin is because what I find and many of the churches I met many of the churches I preach and many of the people I observe people to Day Adventists are not keeping God's holy day holy they're not doing it they're breaking the Sabbath they're violating the Sabbath they're doing all kinds of things on the Sabbath that God has specifically said in his word not to do now I remember the 1st time that I ever stepped foot in the avenue a search on a Sabbath morning and I had been studying the Bible now I was 22 years old I had come out of atheism and diet studied been studying all the troops been listening to multiple tapes watched different speakers on the net series and all these different things in fact it was about 3 different series I listened to an evangelistic series about 3 times on tape and I had done about 5 sets of Bible studies so I understood the truth of the Sabbath and I came in and I sat down and it was a church. Where there were a lot of people I remember sitting down and when the opening song came when the invocation came I remember just my heart was overwhelmed and I began to weep and I began to cry as the Spirit of God touched my heart because I said this is true Joy this is freedom fellowship with Christ being in the house of God on the holy Sabbath day during this sacred hour of Convocation and my heart just was overwhelmed and I cried and I wept and I was overjoyed at worshipping God on the Sabbath the music wasn't great in fact the oldest I was the youngest person in the church by 30 years the next person older than me was like 50 something years old and then it went up to 70 after that and then it was in the eighty's and ninety's so I was like the only bald head amongst many great headsets but let me tell you friends I wasn't there because I said oh I need to have other people my age I wasn't there because the music was nice I wasn't there because I wanted to impress anybody or to see my friends I was there to worship the living God And let me tell you friends when the Holy Spirit touches your hearts it doesn't matter how good or bad the music is it doesn't matter if the person who's the platform chairman is a little bit quirky It doesn't matter if the children's story goes too long or the sermon is dry you are there to worship the Lord you are there to receive a blessing and to be a blessing and then we go to worship God on Sabbath not just to get it but to what but to give Amen and those who go to those House of the Lord to give of themselves always receive the greatest blessing Amen but let me tell you friends what a joy it is to be in God's house on his holy Sabbath day Amen you know if you look across the world how many times owns are there. How many are there there's 24 time zones Yes 24 time zones that means that on the East Coast when worship commences at 11 o'clock and ends at 12 o'clock what time is it now in the Central Time Zone What time is it it's no 11 o'clock in churches beginning and when the church ends there what time is it in the Mountain Time Zone 11 o'clock and when church ends there on the Pacific Time 11 o'clock are you with me so when we have worship at that appointed hour every Sabbath there are literally 24 hours of worship and praise ascending to the God of heaven can you say man this morning so the Sabbath is a delight Yes a Sabbath as a joy the Sabbath is a privilege and which we have to disconnect from this world and to connect with our Creator and he wants to spend that time intimately with us what he said this morning are you thankful for the Sabbath and we always talk about the joy of the Sabbath in the light of the Sabbath but I am fearing that our people are the people of God are reaching the place where the Lord of the Sabbath is taking a secondary place that we are not seeking to make Jesus the Lord of the Sabbath in our lives that we are seeking to make it into our Sabbath and so a day that is a holiday rather than a holy day and so we're going to talk a little bit about the Sabbath this morning on the Start with a statement from councils of the church page 2 $68.00 in which notice this whoever old base a 4th command will find that separating line is drawn between him and the world the Sabbath is a test it's a walk it's a test not a human requirement but God's test so let no 1 think today that the way we observe the Sabbath the way that we keep the Sabbath is some church rule. It's not a church rule it's a divine command from the God of heaven if you will not submit ourselves to that authority then what authority will we submit ourselves to will continue with a quote The Sabbath is a walk friends a test not a human requirement but God's test it is that which will distinguish between those who serve God and those who serve Him not and upon this point will come the last great conflict of the controversy between truth and error which what will happen the last great walk controversy it will be a test of the truthfulness and the validity of the Word of God and those who follow God will be faithful to this commandment yes or no they will be faithful to it because they believe that God has given it for himself so let's do a little Bible study now go with me you can look in the book of Genesis chapter 1 and 2 and I'm just going to highlight this for just real quickly I want you to see we're going to talk a little bit briefly about sab the Sabbath and righteousness by faith can you say and then you know many times people say all well the Sabbath is is a system of works no it's a system of rest. I man many times people say that you're separating yourself from God When you keep the Sabbath I say look I'm actually filling myself with God because watch this beautiful principle in the book of Genesis notice what happens here on the 1st day God created want light right then on the 2nd day he created the firmament or the sky the 3rd day he created the sea and the want and the earth the S. Now notice something here every time God creates something he always fills it with something and K. so on the 1st day he created light and then on the 4th day he filled the heavens with lights and then on the 2nd day he created the firmament and on the 5th day he filled the sky would want birds on the 3rd day he created the sea in the earth and on the 5th and the 6th day he filled the sea was finished and filled the earth with what with animals now likewise on the 6th day God created to be created man and then on the 7th day where do you suppose God filled man with. His own presence some of you can say I'm in because the God of Heaven did not sit on His throne and speak on the 7th day but he came down and he interacted with man and it was a personal relationship and let me tell you what friends we are to worship God every day yes or no but we are to keep the Sabbath holy Amen we're to worship God every day but we keep the Sabbath holy it's separate It's to state because that is the day in which a special way God does sense and unites himself with his people as they seek to have an intimate personal relationship together I'm you can say men today I mean you want to be fit I'm ready you know that on the Sabbath God will give us a double portion of His Spirit Amen I'm with you 1 that on the Sabbath Day He fills us with himself so before sin God intended the Sabbath day to be a special relationship with this people after seein he ends intention was to be used as a blessing to man to remind him each week that God's power of restoration was at work in his life I mean you can say Man the fact that God created the Sabbath before sin came to the earth is a very certain truth that God intended the Sabbath to be kept throughout all the ages of humanity when he supposed today that's the greatest evidence that we have some 33 Verse 6 says by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth can we understand the power that is in the Word of God when He speaks can we understand that power you understand what God speaks things happen things move things come together things appear things form and things are when got speeds or do you think this morning the power of the spoken word of God is very amazing song 33 Verse 89. Therefore the Bible says let all the earth fear the Lord let all the inhabitants of the world stand in all of him for he spoke and it was done he commanded and it stood fast the spoken word of God that created this world is amazing yes or no it's marvelous it's powerful friends and yes there is an almighty god that could speak the world into existence and 6 literal days that kind of god exists that kind of power is in his capacity he has the ability to do those things and because of that because he is our Creator he demands and deserves our worship our adoration and our affection because if it were not for him we would not even be in existence Amen Amen so let's worship the Lord what do you say now friends let me say this that the spoken word is no greater power than the written word or another words the written word has as much power as the spoken word yes or no and so when Hebrews Chapter 4 the Bible says the Word of God is living and what living in powerful sharper than any 2 had sword piercing to the division of soul and spirit and joints and marrows is a discern of the thoughts and the intent of the heart so when God speaks in his bought a bully the same power that was used to create the world when God spoke is the same power that's written here to change your hearts and to make you more like Christ to deliver you from sin to forgive your sins to infuse you to empower you to the Holy Spirit Amen. It's the same word and so when we read the promises of God's Word they do a recreate ssion in our hearts some of you can say Amen today and we believe that when God speaks to words of forgiveness by faith it is there so as we look into nature dear friends especially on the Sabbath day as we call it as we gaze into the flower as we gaze into the trees in the Adams in the mountains now many mountains in Michigan but we look at the beauty of nature a man we see great power displayed a creation What do you think great power and when we look into that beautiful nature on the Sabbath day we recognize that the same power that was at work by God's audible voice through creation is the same power that has at work in our life for redemption that is why the Sabbath is a memorial to God's creative power and isn't a memorial to him as a savior because we recognize that power that created is at work in our lives for salvation and we can say Amen today it's active you hope this morning that give you joy in your life now go with me to Hebrews Chapter 3 we've got to move quickly here today Hebrews chapter 3 I want you to see something very significant very important very vital this morning he was chapter 3 and we're going to just try to do this. Very briefly here he was Chapter 3 we're going to talk and he was Chapter 3 he's talking about the children of Israel who were not faithful to God wandering in the desert in the wilderness right but he was chapter 3 verse 16 he says for who having heard rebels indeed was and all who came out of Egypt led by Moses Now with whom was he angry for 40 years and not those who sinned whose corpses fell in the wilderness and to whom did he swear that they would not enter his rest but those who did not obey so we see that they could not enter because of what because of unbelief Why did the people of old not enter into the Canaan land because of unbelief OK then he says therefore a promise remains of venturing to its rest let us fear lest any of you has seemed to have come short of it for indeed the Gospel was preached to us as well as to them some people say the Old Testament people are saved by Worse know they were saved by the gospel of the gospel of grace Amen but the word which they heard did not profit them not being mixed with faith in those who heard it we sometimes many have the same problem or do you think we have the same problem don't we of though the works where we who have the lead to enter that rest as he says so I swore by my rap they shall not enter my rest of those of works for a finish from the foundation of the world that rest that he's speaking of here is what kind of rest. Salvation right rest in Christ being forgiven for my sins putting faith in Him Yes OK Now watch this for he has spoken in a certain place of the 7th day in this way and God rested on the 7th day from all his work so he's quoting Genesis here right then he goes on down here I'm going to drop down to verse. 9 I'm going to cut to the point there remains there for a what friends a rest for the people of God and that word rest is the word separatists most which means Sabbath rest then he comes back and ties it all together verse 10 for he who has entered his rest of him about the salvation rest of Christ has himself also seized from his works as God did from his with the question would be how did God sees from his words. Well verse for tells us he rested from the sun on the 7th day from all his want from all his works so what verse 9 in 10 is saying is once you have received the rest of Christ for your soul you have entered into that righteousness by faith experience and Christ has transformed your life you see this from your work on which day the Sabbath to declare to the world that I am saved by grace through faith you understand that so so so many people say all world when use when you keep the Sabbath and you stop working you're trying to be saved by works no actually I'm telling the whole world that I'm saved by grace because I am and when I cease from my work on the Sabbath. I am telling the world that I cannot be saved by my own works that's why I stop my work my physical labor to tell the world I can't be saved by works I can only be saved by the righteousness of Christ and by putting my faith in him but this is a testimony to the world that I'm saved by grace so those who work on the Sabbath and may be rest on Sunday they are attempting to be saved by want by worms so Hebrews Chapter 4 tells us. That the skipping the Sabbath as a righteous missed by faith experience and then I don't keep the Sabbath to be say to keep the Sabbath because I am saying you can say Amen this morning yes I'm resting from my work's easy kill Chapter 20 verse 12 and 20 we won't go there you can write it down but the Bible tells us it says that I gave them my Sabbath as a sign to them that they may know that I am the Lord that does what sanctifies them I gave you the Sabbath so the every time you keep the Sabbath you reminded that I am making you holy I have set aside this day to be holy because I want you to be holy and I make you sad I was keeping does not make you holy Sabbath keeping is a sign of whether or not you are receiving the holiness of God through things the understanding that's the difference are you listening God keeps you holy God makes YOU HOLY YES Exodus Chapter 20 we won't turn there again but I'm just going to you can write it down next to chapter 20 there are let me just say the statement deliverance always precedes obedience but obedience always proceeds from the Liveris And 1 more time deliverance always precedes what obedience but obedience always proceeds from what deliverance so before God gave the children his of the 10 Commandments What did he do for them. He delivered them from where Egypt and he baptized them where and the Red Sea and he brought them where to mount Sinai and he said Look now that I've delivered you now that you've been baptized now that I have brought you out of that place of sin and I have given you salvation now do what because you have seen the deliverance I have given to you to want obey me and then he gave them the 10 commandments and verses 1 through 17 and we can say Amen today so God always delivers but deliverance friends if you have not truly been delivered by it's from sin if you have not experienced the fullness of redemption you will always scoff and chafe at obedience to God if you're scarfing at obeying God's commands whatever they are whether it be in the Scriptures pray to prophecy wherever it is because you have not fully understood what Christ has paid for you are you with me yes or no because when we truly understand that we yield loving obedience to God No I'm not going to take you to this because of our time but Isaiah 5634 Revelation 13 and 14 the Sabbath has a prosthetic end time significance doesn't it today how many believe that this morning it has a prosthetic and time significance and I wish we had time to unpack that but I'll just do a little bit here real quickly for you and Exodus Chapter 20 is very interesting the Bible says For in 6 days the Lord made the heavens the earth and the sea and all that is in them either you see that in the commandment and then it says and Revelation 14 the 1st angels message worship Him who made the heaven the earth the sea and the springs of water it's actually quoting from where. The 4th Commandment Revelation 14 to 3 is as much as actually quoting from Exodus Chapter 21 you can say that's beautiful Amen it's a beautiful thing this morning now remember what Ellen White said here counts to the church that the Sabbath will be a what it will be a lot it will be a test to the church is not just a test for the world but it's also a test for the church what do you think because God's people are always doing this now the Sabbath has a very profound necessity to be proclaimed to the whole world and a new covenant prosthetic Bess's of righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ its truthfulness and beauty compel us both to live it and to preach it let me show you why go with me quickly to Isaiah Chapter 56 Isaiah Chapter 56 and notice what it says here Isaiah Chapter 56 and you can read from verse 1 and on and it talks about those who do who keep the Sabbath who don't defile it etc etc Brown's going to jump to the main text here notice this is a last chapter 56 it says also the sons of the foreigner who joined themselves to the Lord to serve Him and to love the what the name of the Lord to be his servants now it's what's interesting is this this is what I was going to show you earlier naptime I'll just tell you real quickly and Revelation Chapter 14 vs 1 and on concerning the 144000 what do they have written in the forehead. The why did the name of God in Revelation 13 what is it that the end of Christ's power is blaspheming it says he opens his mouth to blaspheming the what the name of God So there's something about the name of God In Exodus Chapter 34 God passes before Moses and he says you cannot see my face but I'll hide you in the Rock and I'll let you see my backside and when God goes and passes by Moses he says behold who the Lord God and he says up or claim my name to you and he says my compassion my love and kindness my goodness etc So the name of God has to do with the what the character of God you understand and the character of God is intrinsically connected to keeping the what the Sabbath you see there the name of God Isaiah $56.00 Revelation 13 Revelation 14 it's intrinsically connected that's why Satan wants to attack the name of God You see because it has to do with his character which was revealed in his law specifically in his 77 I would say men today and we won't want the father's name on your forehead today those how many love the name of the Lord today those who love the name lower every 1 who keeps from the filing the Sabbath and hold fast my covenant even them I will bring to my holy mountain no notice that I make them joyful my house of prayer their burnt offerings in their sacrifices will be accepted in my altar for my house will be called a house a prayer for who all people of all nations so so here's the thing how do I get to the house of prayer by not the filing the what Sabbath it says right there in the text are you following me or you're following me it says I get to the house a prayer by honoring the Sabbath. And if the House of and if the if the House of Prayer is intended for all nations then what else would be intended for all the nations the Sabbath which means that the people who understand the Sabbath have a solemn obligation to preach this truth to all nations and who is the people today that love the Sabbath Who are they raise your hand this morning there are you so the Sabbath gives us a solemn obligation to preach the prosthetic significance to live it before the whole world yes are known because God desires all nations to come where to the house preemie can say Amen so listen to this friend watch this this is these are my own words here how you keep the Sabbath has a direct correlation with your understanding and experience of righteousness by faith how you keep it either leads your family and the world closer to Jesus or drives them further away what he say this morning how you keep the Sabbath as a direct witness to your children to your family to your coworkers to everybody around you what you think this morning if you have not experience right just since by faith personally as a life altering transformation by grace through faith in Christ then you will not keep the Sabbath according to God's ideal for your life Alternatively if you view the Sabbath keeping to the eyes of righteousness by faith then the requirements of God for keeping the Sabbath holy do not become legal is stick but holistic and necessary for receiving the fullness of the Sabbath blessing my life and for equipment Christ to the world through it what do you say this morning yes or no. Oh you guys are getting kind of quiet. Are you with me all right let's take a look at a statement here it says from Mary not to page 244 to all who received the Sabbath as a sign of Christ creative in redeeming power it will be a lot of delight seeing Christ in it they delight themselves and him the Sabbath points to them the works of creation as an evidence of his body power and redemption Well it calls to mind the last piece of Eden it tells of peace restored to the Savior and every object in nature repeats his invitation coming to me all the that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest and notice this state I love the sentence the Sabbath as a golden classed that unites God and its people amen because it's more than just a day it's about an understanding of redemption it's an understanding of redemption it's a beautiful thing I noticed this remember what it is what do we say it's what it's a test it's a test to see if you understand so let's talk a little bit about the preparation for the Sabbath now we're not going to turn there but you can write it down Exodus 16 talks about preparation for the Sabbath doesn't it when the manner came down from heaven that people were to gather a certain amount every day for whatever they needed if they left it over what would happen to it it would rot and it would stay can have worms but on the 6th day God worked a miracle by running it down any day didn't run the 6 day work the double miracle because it rained down how much Weiss's much and then he worked a 3rd miracle by preserving it from the 6 day to the 7 day notice simpy people say well it doesn't really matter which day you keep. Any day and 7 will do well God if you if you had that attitude in those days you'd be in rotten worms for breakfast. Are you with me because it was a specific day that he reigned twice as much the 6 day now look at this notice the statement here conscious of the church pays to 62 all of the or all through the week we are to hand the Sabbath in mind and made making preparations to keep it according to the commandment we are not merely to observe the Sabbath as a legal matter we are to understand its spiritual bearing upon all the transactions of life all who regard the Sabbath as a sign between them and God showing that he is the God of Santa flies them who represent his principles of government so there is that so the Sabbath preparation begins Friday right no it begins Sabbath evening after the sun sets I begin thinking about the Sabbath already because it is the pillar of my week it is the core the Sabbath does not revolve around the rest of my week although today in God's church for many that's the case might be your case today I don't know but the Sabbath day is the thing in which everything else revolves everything else centers around you understand this so my my daily choices my daily work my daily interaction in my daily everything that I do just on a day to day basis should revolve around making time and making the proper preparation for the watt for the Sabbath day you understand testimonies for the church volume 6 page 355336 says on Friday that the preparation of the Sabbath be completed not begun but was completed see that all the clothing is and readiness and all the cooking is done with the books be boots be blackened in the Bass be taken it is possible to do this if you make it a rule you can do what you can do it. See the problem is people don't become become diligent and making the preparation all week long they wait till Friday about 5 o'clock and then they go crazy because they've got to cook a meal and clean the house and iron the clothes and etc etc and then they're working long into the Sabbath the evening the Sabbath is not to be given for the repairing of garments the cooking of food she does say you can heat up your food of course the pleasure seeking or to any other worldly employment before the setting of the sun let all secular work be what laid aside and all secular papers be put out of sight parents explain your work and its purpose to your children let them share with you in preparation to keep the Sabbath according to the commandment be ready for the Sabbath Amen now she says there is another work that goes into preparing another work that should receive attention on the preparation day on this day all differences between brethren whether in the family or in the church should be put away let all bitterness and wrath and malice be expelled from the soul in a humble spirit confess your faults to 1 to another and pray for 1 another so listen friends don't wait till communion to confess your faults 1 to another and then every Friday do it what a beautiful thing listen let me say this because I don't want to forget it every requirements that God has for Sabbath keeping is not to be legal listed or to be binding or to be exacting but it is a very diligent and reasonable command so that way it will prepare our hearts to receive the fullest blessing of the Sabbath are you with me does that make sense so when God asked us not to do this and not to do that it's not because he's trying to be arbitrary but because he wants us to receive the greatest blessing that's a joy and then that's how you see it through the right our eyes now what about church attendance go it's matey. Well let's just rather just read this councils on health page $382.00 your neglect to attend the public worship of God is a serious error the privileges of divine service will be as beneficial to us to others and are fully as essential you may be an able to avail yourself of these privileges as often as do many out she's actually talking to a physician here you have frequently be called upon the sap to visit the sick and may be obliged to make a day of exhausting labor such labor to relieve the suffering was pronounced by our Savior as a work of mercy and no violation of the Sabbath but when you regularly devote your Sabbath to writing your labor making no special change you harm your own soul give to others an example that is not worthy of imitation and do not honor God So listen friends go with me to Hebrews Chapter 10 and verse 25 you've heard this text before him and I'm going to read it again how important is it for you to go to church on Sabbath. I mean it's like mind blowing to see how many people of God think that it's not that big a deal to go to church on the Sabbath Now I understand that sometimes we're sick and the elderly can't get out of their homes and I understand that there are certain Sometimes certain circumstances but just because I'm tired and I just don't feel like being there I'm just going to sit at home and watch 3 B.N. That is not acceptable to God God expects us to be loyal and committed to the local church what he say this morning he wants us to do this Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 25 The Bible says. Verse $24.00 Let us consider another to stir up good works love and good works not for the sake of the assembling of ourselves together but as the manner of some but exhorting 1 another and so much more as you see the day what approaching So the reality is this he's saying the more we're the closer we get to the 2nd coming of Christ are we close to that what do you think the more we ought to feel a burden to be in the church on the Sabbath I mean I cannot believe that I even have to preach this message the 7th Day Adventists today these are things we ought to be preaching to new converts Jesus Luke 416 Jesus as his custom was went to where the synagogue on the Sabbath and he stood up to read dear friends it is essential for you to be a church not tomorrow on Talk about Sabbath school on the all the same in. Now listen some people say Well but you know I go into nature I go into nature on the Sabbath and I get more of a blessing there than I did from church if you're not getting a blessing from church bottomline it's because you're approaching it with the wrong attitude that's the bottom line you can give me every argument in the world and every argument in the world will fall to the same conclusion the bottom line that if you're not getting a blessing from the church service it's because you're approaching it with the wrong attitude that's just it I'm makin get it any plainer than that but some people who I'd rather go to the would listen after the church service especially in Michigan even more so in northern Michigan after church on Sabbath in the sky in the summertime you have like 9 or 10 hours of daylight who's going to sit in the worlds for like 20 hours I mean maybe somebody would I'm not condemning that but I'm just saying like you still have like half a day literally to be in the woods there's a reason that nature is called God's 2nd book because it's this dear friends is called the what it's the 1st book and we ought to be would you rather have the 1st or the 2nd place thing which would you rather have would you rather have the 1st place car or the 2nd place car that wins the race which 1 was rather have the bank account that has more the 1 that has less than 1 has more so why would we miss out what is best to get that which is good when we could still get that which is good after we've had that which is best. Really come on don't throw me out of here dear friends you know I love you but go to church things go to church and ask God to make you a blessing and then. Listen there are certain things that you can get from personal worship that you cannot get at the church I'm the 1st to tell you that but let me tell you what there are certain things that you get from public worship that you don't get in part of private worship you understand and you've got to have both You've got to have what you've got to have both 1 is not enough you cut your finger off and throw it in the corner you detach yourself from the body and is it going to grow another you or is it going to wither and die if we're a part of the body we need to be attached to the body and then and we to be where the body is when it meets What do you say this morning notice this heavenly places page 152 but while we worship God We do not consider this a drudgery the Sabbath the Lord is not vait a blessing to us it is to be made a blessing to us in our children there to look upon the Sabbath day is a delight a day which got a sanctified and they will so considerate if they are properly instructed they can be pointed to the blooming flowers of the opening buds a lofty trees and beautiful spires of grass and taught that God made these things in 6 days and rested of the 7th day and how it best The parents may bind up the lessons of instruction for their children so that when these children look upon the things of nature they will call to mind the great creator of them all so dear friends please do go into nature high man but do it after you go where church if you don't take your kids to church the going to grow up thinking it's not important and that's the case of many today how about acceptable work on Sabbath What kind of work as well as permitted on the Sabbath. What kind of work taking care of the what 6 so we've allowed nurses and doctors and others to work on the Sabbath yes or no but here's what we've entered into and I've seen it happen firsthand we should do even the medical field in the permissible fields of work on the Sabbath we should do all that we can to be off on the Sabbath what you think we should be It sure that should be our 1st part of it if we cannot we should be we should go and serve and have a spirit filled mind on the Sabbath Yes but here's what's happening you have people who are volunteering on the Sabbath to work because it pays overtime and that my dear friends is no different than if you go to the factory and make a car are you with me if you volunteer to keep to work on the Sabbath at work overtime to Caballe extra money in your pocket you are violating the Sabbath and I say that with the deepest love and kindness in my heart but with a truth that is real and fact I know many people I'm not saying people have to do this but I would encourage that if you do are required to work on the Sabbath and the medical field that you donate those funds to the church or to charity or to relieve some soul Amen raise a lord now what about eating out on the Sabbath. Her pastor your mettle and your Madeline know the Holy Spirit's meddling you talk to him he told me to say these things here's the thing shopping on the Sabbath goes me to Exodus Chapter 20 goes me to Exodus Chapter 20 and we need about 20 more minutes here but we'll make it Exodus Chapter 20. XS Chapter 20 verse 8 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it what holy 6 stages to labor and do all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. You should do no work no your son your daughter know your female servant or your mail server your female servant or your cattle know your stranger who is within your gaze listen if I go to the store or if I go out to eat the waiter or the cashier becomes my what they are my servants they're not my slave they're but they're my servant I'm employing them to work for me God says to not let your servants work for you or you with me that makes sense OK then it says nor the stranger that was within your gates that would include the man that comes to paint my house the man who comes to mow my grass the man who comes to pour the concrete for me and he says I can't do it any other day that Saturday are we going to yield to that temptation are you with Me neither the man who isn't my gaze Now here's the the principal why many times we've told not been told not to go out to eat not to you know buyer seller do business on the Sabbath because none of Nehemiah Chapter 13 and the Sabbath command haven't even heard that yes and is it true yes or no yes you read the I'm a 13 it's a beautiful chapter right talks about the filing the Sabbath from buying and selling but why is this the case why is it the case because the Sabbath is all about freedom it's about what it's about freedom it's like a mini day of Jubilee I with me so you suppose you have a man that owns a factory and you have the owner of the factory you have the manager of the factory you have the shift worker or the shift manager then you have the line worker and then you have the janitor in the world's eyes is the right to all those things yes or no yes. But on the Sabbath God is saying that there is no rank there is no hierarchy but every man is equal to each other and all men sit at my feet you understand this so on Sabbath the owner is not the owner to the janitor he is my brother in Christ are you with me so therefore God eliminates that hierarchy and he says no man shall belong to another on my Sabbath day are you with me no man will be enslaved to another no man owns another man on my Sabbath it is a day of Jubilees is a day of rest and all those hierarchies are done away with and all come together as brother and to worship me are you with me yes or no Therefore if I if I receive that freedom from Christ I'm eager thank you for that freedom today and Jesus the freedom that Christ gives on the Sabbath It's a joy how then I am I going to be free from Christ and then go and in slave somebody else to serve me food on the Sabbath and labor for me and wash my dishes and check me out at the store and etc etc how my going to do that because Christ designed that we would extend the same freedom to them as he's given to us are you with me therefore we do not go out to eat on the Sabbath therefore we don't go to the store on the Sabbath unless it's an emergency and we need medicine or something OK but we don't do it for just regular ordinary use does that make sense friends see it's not a rule that the church is about freedom freedom for us freedom for our fellow man who can say then this morning praise be to gone for that freedom same thing with doing business listen if we even talk about business on the Sabbath notice what it says councils for the church the words and thoughts should be guarded those who discuss business matters and lay plans on the Sabbath are regarded of God as though they engage in the actual transaction of business. To keep the Sabbath holy We should not even allow our audience to dwell upon things of a worldly character listen if we employ others on the Sabbath we cause them to work for us after we have received that freedom from Jesus we are no different than the unjust steward who had a debt he could not pay and the king set him free and then he went out and grabbed his fellow man and beat him because he told him like $50.00 I with me when we do that when we do those things on the Sadly Violet's have that way we are like that unjust steward and we are violating God's commands Let me read to you God has spoken and he means that we shall obey means what he says friends what you say. He does not inquire if it is convenient for him to do so the Lord of lies and lawyers are not console his convenience or pleasure when he left his station on high command became a man of sorrows acquainted with grief accepting a nominee and death in order to deliver man from the consequences of his disobedience Jesus died not to save man in his sins but from his sins managed to leave the error of his ways to follow the example of Christ to take up his cross and follow him denying self and obeying God at any cost Praise be to his name Amen we consider that a drudgery but it's such the greatest privilege of our lives to obey God at any cost what he say this morning the think that this today notice this will continue non should permit themselves to the week to become so absorbed in their temporal interests and so exhausted by their efforts for world again but on the Sabbath day they have no strength or energy to give to the service of God we are robbing the Lord to me and fit ourselves to worship him upon his holy day and we are robbing ourselves as well for we need the warmth and glow the SO see Asian as well as the strength to be gained from the wisdom and experience of other Christians let not the precious hours of the Sabbath be wasted where in bed and bed on Sabbath morning the family shouldst or early if they arise late there is confusion and bustle in preparing for breakfast and satisfy me if you want to confuse your kids on Sabbath morning there is a hurrying out jostling impatience Thus on a holy feelings come into the home the Sabbath thus desecrated becomes a weariness and it's becoming dreaded rather than love Listen friends if you're so tired on Sabbath because you've labored too much through the week to do outreach and Sabbath that the noon you've done too much for the week you haven't paid for the Sabbath if you're getting up late speech that will Sabbath my day to sleep in. That ought to be the day we get up the earliest because we're so excited to meet the Lord in the morning and then because we're so excited about what he's done for us we're so thankful for Christ we ought not to let our family lay in bed all boring we ought to get them up and have Sabbath worship and have Sabbath breakfast and have a fun time together focusing our thoughts on the Lord we have so little time to the week to do this and now we are crowding out the Lord's day with our own pleasure in their own satisfaction if we go let's continue ready none should feel at liberty testimonies from the church Volume 2 page $7049.00 should feel liberty spend sanctify time in an unprofitable manner it is displeasing to God for SAD keepers to sleep during much of the Sabbath they dishonor their Creator in so doing and by their example say that the 6 days are too precious for them to spend and resting they must make money and although it be robbing themselves the need of sleep which they make up by sleeping away a holy time they excused themselves by saying the Sabbath was given for a day of rest I will not I will not deprive myself of rest to attend meeting for I need rest such make a wrong use of the day think about that dear friends is there anything wrong with taking a little Sabbath nap would he think no I'm not saying that's wrong but to sleep away the day for hours when God has considered that day to be holy and not to be spent sleeping but to be sent spent serving the Sabbath as a day of service brothers and sisters and people say well I'm so thankful for my Sabbath I mean heard people say that maybe you've said that show me in the Bible where it says the Sabbath is my Sabbath it doesn't say that it's not your sadness. It's the Sabbath of the Lord your God are you with me it's his day and it's bent to it is intended not to be spent and laziness or selfish and dull gins to do what I desire I lay my desires aside according to Isaiah 58 I take pleasure in him and in doing the things that the like him would say this morning and then so some people are sleeping away we need to have family worship on Sabbath Amen we need to have those things we need to guard the edges of the Sabbath because it's sacred to us notice this we should observe our interests our families in observing and assemble at the house of prayer with a few or many as the case may be we should devote our time and energies to spiritual exercises that the divine influence resting upon the Sabbath may attend them through the week if all of all the days of the week none are so favorable for devotional thoughts and feelings as the Sabbath the Sabbath is intended to draw nearer to God not to draw nearer to my bed bust your hearts you also kind be very quiet which are very kind How about hobbies and such so don't don't leave your saying Pastor Wess that I can't take a nap and so I could say you could take a nap but if you are going to take an hour nap give 2 or 3 hours to service go visit your neighbors go visit the sick go do outreach a man do that is well that's what the Sabbath this for. Let's skip past this notice this statement here 3rd selective messages every working of Christ in Miracles was essential was essential to reveal to the world it was a great work to be done on the Sabbath day for the relief of suffering humanity but the command common work was not to be done pleasure seeking ball playing swimming was not a necessity but a sinful neglect of the sacred day sanctified day by Jehovah Christ did not perform miracles millet to display his power but always to meet Satan in afflicting suffering humanity Christ came to our world to meet the needs of the suffering whom Satan was torturing Now let me ask you a question Is there anything wrong with with pleasure seeing if it's Godly pleasure is there anything wrong with that no is there anything wrong with swimming or ball playing yes or no no but on the Sabbath those are might be good things but they're not what is best and so listen watch this it's not so much that they are not that they are bad things for the for the Sabbath but they're just not what's best and on the best day we're called to the best that pities What do you say we're called to serve our fellow man because we're so busy to the week we have no time to do it and we say Pastor I can't give a Bible study I work too much that's what the Sabbath for I was me these to love me. You have Jesus this morning but what is good for the Sabbath what is good for the Sabbath Well there's many things to the good of the Sabbath spending time in nature than in the sick spending time with family friends planning a special activity picnics fellowship prayer Bible study music rest all kinds of wonderful things that can bring glory to God The key is bringing glory to God Amen How about family worship having a special meal lighting the candle we always do that in my family watching a Bible or nature video feeding the birds learn about missionaries make a missionary care kid play Bible roles make a family picture book for prayer attend have a Sabbath activity jar which you draw something out we're going to plan next Sabbath the vents make homemade cards for people but or do missionary service for the love of God a man missionary service is for the Sabbath What a joy that we have for that time notice this statement counts is for the church literalists imp is a bottom left side worldly business and employed the sacred hours and devotion that all unite to God to honor God by cheerful service upon his holy day what he say the Sabbath is a holy day not a want. Not a holiday not a holiday dear friends if God invites his people to rest on the Sabbath as a symbol salvation and is sanctifying power in their lives but they decide to work or we do our own will instead then with that the saying that we are tempted to be saved by works what do you think this morning we are we would be attempting then don't be saved by works saved by grace through acts of grace on the Sabbath day man do acts of grace the Sabbath is not to be binding but it is to be joyful but it is to be sacred it's a day dedicated to the living God what he say this morning the Sabbath all make it this we just most blessed day of the week notice the last sentence in there it says the heart is not the natural heart is not love to think of God of Heaven of heavenly things there must be a continual pressing back of the current of worldliness and inclination to evil and letting in of heavenly life what he say this morning I remember a young man named Andre when I was in Ukraine and Andre came to my meetings he was an atheist he accepted Christ he began to accept the truth and he accepted the joy of the Sabbath he went to his parents who were Orthodox and he said I'm going to join the 7th Day Adventist Church I'm going to follow Jesus I'm going to keep the Sabbath they said if you keep the Sabbath if you join that church you are no longer our son and if you come home we'll kill you. He went to his employer and said I but I believe in the 7th day Sabbath I want to keep it holy they said no problem if you want to keep the Sabbath holy you will going to fire you today and you go find another job will take anybody lots of people want to work and you already did friends he decided in his heart that he was still going to fall or on the day of his baptism he had a heart problem and his heart was palpitating So he went to the hospital and they kept him in there and then he missed his his baptism that week he decided to meet with me and so he came to the church where I was and I said How did you get out of the hospital he says I was on the 2nd story and I climbed out through the window and jumped out the window because they had somebody guarding my door and he said is there another baptism the Sabbath and I said yes and so that's I said How you going to get out he says don't worry about it he climbed out the window again because he kept telling him I have to get to the church for baptism he climbed out the window again snuck out of the hospital and he came and was baptized that next Sabbath a man here's a young man in his early twenty's willing to give his life willing to give his job willing to even give up his family for the keeping of God Sabbath Day What a joy the Sabbath is your friends would say this morning. 2 beautiful sources the church manual and the discipleship handbook have beautiful tools I couldn't cover everything today but read those books read the whole church Manual Read the discipleship handbook and friends let us be faithful to God and keeping holy his Sabbath how many want to be faithful to the Lord Jesus this morning how do you say Lord Jesus I need to tighten up or you need to tighten up my Sabbath keeping I really want to say Lord Jesus I want to I want you all living through me in the fullness and I want the fullness of the Sabbath blessing therefore I'm going all day you because you know what's best you want that desire this morning Amen Let's pray together father this morning we see the truth in the beauty of your word lord we have not been faithful people many even of our me as a pastor I've not been always faithful but Lord we would we would have your Holy Spirit speak to our hearts we would have your Holy Spirit work a work of grace with that us and we would ask you all Lord to draw nearer to us and to cause us to be faithful. To this beautiful day which you have called us to observe not out of legalism but out of grace not to earn our salvation but because we love the salvation you have so freely given to us and we'd the light to do those things which will allow you to bless us the most fully Help us Lord we are weak we are frail we often don't get it right Lord we need not feel condemned or. Or downtrodden if we mess up the latest sincerely repent and what is come back to you for you to fill us with your spirit your kindness and compassion we love you we want to honor you today when we come in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. Would like to listen more sermons leave W W W audio or.


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