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7. The Peril of Novelty

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 19, 2017
    2:00 PM
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Father this morning we rejoice to be in your house we rejoice to be in your presence rejoice that the promises of God still stand true they ring in our hearts the promise of the Holy Spirit to be with us Lord this morning we need a transformation we need not just information and Father we pray today that as that information from scripture penetrates our hearts as it cuts through our hearts like hot knife through butter as we understand Lord the purpose for which you have created us that we would yield to your influence in our lives we would lead to your control to your desire for us and we ask your blessing to be with us just now and we come in Christ's name with the people saying amen and like you to turn your Bibles to Isaiah Chapter 58 Isaiah Chapter 58 and this is a verse that we stalked about a little bit yesterday but we didn't really look at and I want to just see that this morning Isaiah Chapter 58. Chapter 58 regarding Sabbath keeping Isaiah Chapter 58 and verse 13 it's a verse that you know so very well by the way I would say this. Have the seminar have the meetings this week been practical yes or no the truth is that you probably haven't really learned anything new it's just something that you have not heard in a while you understand something that needs to be reinforced and that's what I felt God convicting me to speak on this week Sabbath keeping all of the subjects that we've talked about this week righteousness by faith things that we need to have ever before us amen and so that's why I chose those subjects so very very simple very straightforward but very truthful impactful I pray for you Isaiah Chapter 50 a verse 13 the Bible says if you turn away your foot from want the Sabbath from doing whose pleasure your pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath of the light the holy day of the Lord honorable and show honor him not doing your own ways nor funny your own what pleasure nor speaking your own words then you shall delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father in the mouth of the LORD HAS want spoken no difference what I hope you didn't leave with yesterday was in your heart was was thinking to yourself men this is just a bunch a list of do's and 1 don'ts right it's not a bunch of do's and don'ts it is delighting ourselves in the Lord it is recognizing that our ways are not his ways. His ways are so much better and people say well that sounds really restrictive but the reality is this do you think the Lord is going to give us anything that's not going to set us free what he's saying he's not going to do that is he and so everything that he asks us to do is for our good and if we will try it his way try who's way his way and lay our ways aside he says I have such a rich blessing for you that you can't even imagine how you say praise or and so friends it's not about a list of do's and don'ts it's about submitting ourselves to the authority and the leadership of Christ Amen and taking the law in him all of Heaven operates this way and it's a peaceful happy joyful place a man God wants us to have joyful Sabbaths he wants us to delight in him and when we make the choice when we make the decision and we meet when we make the adjustment in our lives to adjust to his ways and do it the way he's asked us to we will indeed find great divide what is supposed to Smalling but if our hearts are unconverted if we're seeking to keep control of ourselves if there's something that we're hanging on to that we love more than we love God's ways then the Sabbath is going to be a drudgery to us and it's going to become a legal estate for us but if we were if we allow the Spirit to transform our hearts then we're not just keeping the letter of the law but we're keeping it in the Spirit Amen and there's great joy how you can say I'm in this morning I'm the want to do things God's way and in his delight Yes praise the Lord this morning. So I want to read to you from the church manual very quickly actually I'm not going to because I didn't mark the page and I didn't take the time to do it but it's on Sabbath keeping and it talks about that the Sabbath is a gift to humanity that God desires to have that day as I personal. Opportunity to draw close to each other more than any other day of the week and then can say men and the church manual as a beautiful resource for the Sabbath the keeping and and many other things I would encourage you to read it this morning now we're going to talk a little bit about the 2 witnesses of the 2 witnesses and this is a very interesting thing because. If you know what the 2 witnesses are everybody knows about the 2 witnesses don't they the 2 witnesses of Revelation and there's all kinds of ideas out there in. The world today about what the 2 witnesses are some people say it's Moses and Elijah that are that are coming down out of heaven and they're going to appear on the earth and preach for 3 days and all these things we find the 2 witnesses and the Book of Revelation Chapter 11 but who exactly are the 2 witnesses who are they. They are the Word of God right according to Zechariah chapter 4 verses 1 to 14 you can write that down look it up later the 2 witnesses are the 2 land stands would stand before the God of the whole earth and they are the old and the New Testament the word of God The Bible the Old and the New Testaments and that's very clear from scripture yes or no and so what are but we asked the question this morning what are the 2 witnesses of the 2 witnesses and that's something that you don't know right and it's not exactly in the Bible but it's it is there if you think about it so here are the 2 witnesses what is a witness a witness is someone who testifies of something else right that's what it witnesses if I'm a witness for God and I'm going to witness or testify about who I'm going to speak on his behalf yes so the the the 2 witnesses being the old New Testament they speak on the behalf of of God Is that true about the 2 witnesses the old New Testament or they speak on behalf of God Yes Well there are 2 witnesses but actually speak about the 2 witnesses So here's the question I'll ask you this morning what are the 2 great corporate and sacred assemblies in the administers outside of the divine worship power that open God's word the 2 witnesses and provide opportunities to study it and understand it better what to gatherings that are age old in the church. Testify of God's word and speak of it there are the 2 witnesses of the 2 witnesses Sabbath school and somebody else said it prayer meeting 1 of you to agree that this morning the 2 witnesses the 2 witnesses Yes And we're going to talk about that today Sabbath school and prayer meeting are the 2 witnesses of the 2 witnesses so we're going to start with Sabbath school by the way I want to make a tell you a quick story that kind of ties with what we were just talking about when we're about to talk about a rumor preaching in a church 1 time and I was preaching on stewardship of time and I was talking about how it's important that we we pay faithful to our eyes we keep the Sabbath day holy but that's not all that God requires of us God requires how much else everything right God requires everything of all of us how many would agree with that today yes God requires everything of all of us and after the sermon this man came up to me and he was very sincerely and earnestly trouble of he says You mean to tell he says I've been in the administers for 40 years he says You mean to tell me that once I pay my tithe I return my tie then my offering He said that I'm not able to spend the rest of it on whatever I want. He says if I want to go buy this I can go buy this and he said and you mean to tell me that God requires more of my time than just giving myself to him on the Sabbath day I said it was a revelation to this brother who had been in the administers all of his life and I said Brother absolutely God requires that we give an account for all of the funds that we've given to him and the funds that we don't return for tithing offering the 90 percent 80 percent whatever it is that swept over we are called to use that money to glorify him as well we are called to give of ourselves at any time to God not just on the Sabbath he was dumbfounded and many of us today live like this we live like Christians. Who are Sabbath keeping Christians and we are instead of 7th Day Adventist we are 7 Day Adventist or we are and I'm sorry instead of 7 Day Adventists we're literally only 7th Day Adventist we're only 6 Christians on the 7th day of the week are US me and the rest of the week we do whatever we please but God would have us to understand that he has an account upon our lives the whole time Monday through Friday Sabbath and Sunday every day of the week every moment of the day God needs to be number 1 priority of our lives what he say this morning so let's talk about Sabbath school today only give you some very interesting history about Sabbath school I was working on this last night I actually added this section yesterday to my presentation and I found it fascinating absolutely fascinating I want you to see some some little facts and figures here this morning the 1st regular Sabbath school was organized by 853 by James White in Rochester Maine you see Sabbath school wasn't something that is automatically happened it began to be developed it began to be organized and there were some places that had it in some places that didn't and in the beginning the Sabbath schools were very much kind of on their own they didn't really have at the General Conference a very formalized plan for Sabbath school so all of the teachers would gather together and they would come up with their own curriculum their own routine their own program the way of doing things and it was very interesting because Sabbath school was actually a school like you had to like sign up and register and become a member of the SAPS we didn't just show up and go in and sit in the pew you see but it was a program it was a it was a process it was actually a literal school on the Sabbath that studied the Bible how you can say amen and I notice this in 87 the 1st official general Sabbath school mission offering of 10th. $1615.00 was raised for the African Mission Station in 1991st senior Sabbath school lesson quarterly was printed and our little friend began publication an $890.00 with separate lessons for kindergarten and primary children is that fascinating Now watch this in 1000 know 1 nearly 50 years after the 1st Sabbath school lessons were printed there were 2675 Sabbath school almost 60000 members who gave $21000.00 almost $22000.00 for a mission how many can say and then so it was very very powerful in 1952 the 100th anniversary of James White's 1st Sabbath school lessons there was almost $18000.00 Sabbath schools with over $1000000.00 members who gave approximately $5000000.00 to missions I mean could say men now I'm if you would like to have $5000000.00 for your local church Amen but these people sacrifice that and what was what are you seeing here was a very driving force in the Sabbath school apartment What was it it was missions Amen it was missions it was foreign missions people were excited because they got to come to saddest school a actual school to study and memorize the Bible and hear about learn about and then support mission work all around the globe it doesn't get more exciting than global mission working men it's always a very exciting thing for the littlest of the oldest not notice this I continued statements various statements about the history of Sabbath school in 1905. The Sabbath schools made their 1st gives to missions according to the 7th day the 1st official gives to mission according to the 7th Day Adventists Cyclopedia of the 1st quarter of that year in Oakland California Sabbath school gave all of its income to aid the establishment of the Australian mission also an $885.00 the 1st conference wide practice of giving all the Sabbath school donations to missions was adopted by the upper Columbia Conference these people were excited about mission Amen they were so thrilled about supporting the mission and the local Sabbath school now watch this the next year Sabbath schools in California raise $700.00 above their expenses and 1 quarter for the Australian mission several states Sabbath School Associations proposed sending part of their offerings to help establish it this was the beginning of an ever increasing stream of financial support that has flowed from the Sabbath schools to the world fields. So listen it wasn't that they would get up on Sabbath morning during the church service and say hey we need to give some money to foreign missions they actually had a whole program that they did in Sabbath school and today we have very much of a remnant of that don't mean well many people pass around the obligation Everybody's like what is this for why are we taking up another off from here to take 1 up the church people might put $0.50 in there and I put a dollar in there and then and then comes the 2nd below people I was a 2nd for well the 1st one's for Sabbath school expense and the 2nd one's for World Mission and nobody talks about it nobody knows what it's all about but it's just gets passed around and it ends up at the end of the pew How is it full or empty. Typically empty Is that right now watch this this is very exciting as well when I've been this missionary John Terry returned in 87 to the US with the story of the island of Pitt current and the other and the acceptance of its inhabitants of the 2nd have an asst MacIt the general conference resolved to finance the building of a missionary ship for the islands of the South Pacific Ocean the project collapsed however to an 889 the international who've now I want to make a point here that the Sabbath school took up a work that the General Conference could not get going. Don't miss that point it's not always about doing it from the top Amen it's about doing it from the bottom the Sabbath school department said if the General Conference is not able to sustain this thing we ourselves are going to pick it up and carry it and move it along he could say Amen so some people say well let the conference deal with that or let the General Conference do with it no no no god has called the local people to rise up and support the working men and we can say men do that now let's continue with the statement here it says the project lapsed into the Sabbath school took up the challenge and about a year's time Sabbath schools in North America raised almost the entire $19000.00 for the pit car and ship the equivalent of about half a $1000000.00 And today's economy what he say that's my church Amen that's my church so watch this and this is even more remarkable considering that they were at that time only 30000 Sabbath school members by the most recent statistical report there are today there are more than 18000000 worldwide Isn't that interesting every church has a Sabbath school now but think about this those people rose up to the challenge and said we need to support this work we need support this mission work and that's what they did here is tells the rest of the tale about the pit carnage set sail out of San Francisco and October of $8090.00 and made 6 major voyages around the Pacific assisting in the opening of missions in the Society Islands now known as French Polynesia cook Tonga Lord how the north bought Samoa and Fiji Islands it serve the church for 10 years in this way by until the turn of the century and to become more economical to deploy missionaries and materials by way of commercial steamships the pit Khan was sold in 1900 I want to say this morning that's my church Amen people rallying people sacrificing people pouring out not just their hearts but their pocket. It's so that other people can receive and hear the Gospel Amen building a ship that could sail around from island to island telling the people about Christ and delivering humanitarian aid to them is no America listen idea friends that Sabbath schools actually took on projects for specific projects for Mission work that the General Conference could not handle Praise be to God No but you buds get excited about that I just get excited about that and I want to show you this is a very interesting statistic I pulled this from the 2016 annual says to stick report for the General Conference in 1000. 1 we have here you have to set up a school attendance then you have the Sabbath school mission offering how many dollars they raised and then which what percentage of the total tie that would have been now now it's not included in the tide but it said so it's 20 percent of whatever the tide was that years that makes sense you understand 1 saying and then the dollar per member that was given in K. So in 1900 you had 195000 members they raised about 1 and a half $1000000.00 which was about 20 percent of the ties which comes out to about $7.00 per member that's a lot of money in 1920 you understand a lot of money now watch this in 1930 it went down just a little bit the number of saddest cool people would increase the offering increased the percentage of tithe increase but the number per member went down why do you suppose it probably went down because the depression right now you keep going watch this you go look at 940 you have the about 600000 Sabbath school members 7 school mission offering was $1700000.00 about 21 percent of the tie that about $2850000.00 per member I'm not sure why it went so down maybe because they had such an increase in Sabbath school attendance but you also had World War 2 going on. Maybe many of the men were in the US serving in the war I don't know then you go to 1950 you have about a 1000000 attending about almost 5000000 in money offerings percent of Tide 17 percent and about $5.00 per member Now notice this this is from 19231950 what happened after 1940 S What ended what isn't ended World War 2 And after World War 2 What began to happen to the people of America they began to get what comfortable rich and lazy yes or no I mean not for a while they weren't lazy but were we have a live in a lazy society today now watch this and the last that percentage of the tide keeps going down from 1950 afterword OK now watch this let's put it back up there then you go to 2012 and yes we have $5000000.00 members yes we raise $73000014.00 per member but money is worth more than it was then on the understanding but the percentage of Tide look how much it dropped so technically if you look at On paper yes we're giving more but in the reality we're giving much much less to the Sabbath school makes sense now watch this $2013.00 it goes down even more it goes down to 2.955 percent and then 20142.91 percent so we're actually going down down down is that interesting. The dollars are higher but they're not worth this much but the actual percentage of giving is going way down almost 20 to 25 percent now that's very unfortunate because 1 of these money is going for the going to Mission work OK now watch this 1 keep purpose and drive for the early Sabbath school was supporting foreign missions we've talked about that the other was supporting local What soul winning now modus what is written here about Mrs Weiss She says the object of Sabbath school work Mrs White wrote should be the in gathering of what souls her council was that this effort should express itself in inward and outward service and witness the term soul winning agency appears frequently and her writings as a way of describing the proper goals for Sabbath school she encouraged the trainee here attrition workers for outreach poured into the scriptural promises of strength and wisdom she counseled tenderness and respect as Sabbath school efforts focus on the development of such witnessing programs as home visitation and children's ministry so Sabbath school used to not be an internal thing for a handful of members did it actually used to be an evangelist stick to law and evangelist and thrust and people were baptized from the Sabbath school programs are you with me now here's the evidence of this this will blow your mind that they actually would send out magazine ads into local newspapers advertising free Bible classes in the church and you could come and learn more about the same to here's 1 of the as you can come and learn about the sanctuary you can love and learn about Daniel revelation and they would actually advertise their Sabbath school to the community isn't that mind blowing it's crazy. Now watch this sister value mind even more 920 there was a hot we saw this earlier there was 195000 people attending Sabbath school but guess what friends there were only a 185000 members in the global church then what does that mean there were actually more people attending Sabbath school than there were church members now is that the case today what you think no no it's the AG Zakk opposite in fact is very pitiful as I'm about to show you so you look at 920 and they had 105 percent attendance at Sabbath school vs their membership that's crazy I mean you think so that's greater than $1.00 to $1.00 now watch this $930.00 had $300.00 almost $4000.00 and attendance $314.00 so they had 121 percent of membership attending $1040.00 yet or 122 percent 95125 percent so this thing cut growing it kept what it kept growing now from about $1951.00 once again what Which of ended it kind of starts to climbing until you get to now $2012.00 we have 29 percent roughly of our membership attending Sabbath school that is crazy. Like 1 in 3 members on a good Sabbath probably is attending Sabbath school then you have it bumped up just a little bit probably because a fluke of the numbers in 2013 to 34 percent and then 34 percent again and $2014.00 but you can imagine friends that we have gone way way way down in our Sabbath school attendance and our thrust for both foreign missions and local soul winning yes or no I mean how many visitors in most cases do you actually have that are attending Sabbath school there if you you have the new believer saps who question every once in a while some visitor might wonder in but it is not an initiative of the church is not a Dr of the church to be going out seeking to bring people to Sabbath school to teach them about the Bible and then it was kind of like an evangelistic series on every Sabbath morning what he say there is the numbers right there 1 to 3 members are attending Sabbath school very very sad Now notice this another central feature of early Sabbath schools was the members sation of scripture 1 little girl writes Mr Spalding who wrote the book was reported to have memorized 892 verses in 6 months an average of 34 verses a week and another triumph was the memorizing of 7500 verses by a Sabbath school of 38 members what he say this morning we have a hard time even thinking about the Scripture memory the 1 verse us the theme of the week don't we but these people were serious they were memorizing not even dozens but thousands of Scripture passages per year mindblowing Sabbath school was like no joke like most of us would be drowning and the Sabbath school programs day we wouldn't be able to keep up it was like serious serious business would you agree with that this morning craziness so the shocking conclusion is this at 1 time everyone went to Sabbath school every church member went to Sabbath school. What a novel idea. What an amazing thought that every member would go to Sabbath school it was common practice and part of the Divine Worship Experience Sabbath school was used for evangelism as more people attended Sabbath school than we had church membership members used to give a much higher percentage of mission offerings in Sabbath school the word was deeply studied memorized and actually shared with nonbelievers this was the Sabbath school program of the early Advent church I mean you think we ought to revive that kind of a thing would happen were we were to happen and Laodicea happened and we got very very lazy What do you think and people just began to quit going they began to say oh well that I'm not getting anything out of the class I'm getting bored etc etc Well let me just say this I want to propose to you that Sabbath school can be revived Sabbath school can be focused once again on foreign missions and local so winning Sabbath school once again can deeply study memorize and share the word of God Sabbath school once again can be relevant for our lives if you the laypeople would we willing to revive it are you with me it's not going to be a conference that's going to come down to revive it for you it's not going to be some new program from the NE D. or the general conference that's going to revive it it's going to be the desire of the local people to awaken to the importance of it to awaken to the poor and so forth missions and local soul winning and starting Gods word and Verity What do you think this morning so how what are some relevant questions why should I personally tend Sabbath school what blessing will I get more than extra sleep how does it help me personally and how does it help others in the church How's it going to benefit my family we're going to answer those questions the next few minutes Are you ready are you sure I get excited when I'm just like excited about this Sabbath school has 5 main purposes how many 5 number 1 spiritual grow. Of nurture and discipleship of old and new members I maybe think how many of you in your churches say we need more discipleship in our church that's what Sabbath school was intended for and the reason most people feel under Siple is because they have not taken hold of the Sabbath school class that simple I mean you think you need more nurturing and your and your churches yes yes interactive Number 2 Interactive personal and deep bible study that disciples members some of you appreciate the Bible study this morning interaction yes small group fellowship that nurtures personal relationships I'm of the fun that to be a very contemporary need and society people are always saying well I just don't feel connected I don't feel plugged in I don't feel like anyone cares about me when I go to church well it's probably because you sit in a corner and you hobble to yourself and you go like this and you're not looking at anyone you're not talking to anyone perhaps the person you're looking to to make you feel needed and wanted is also looking to you to make them feel needed and wanted i with me but we are so self focused we are so self-absorbed that all we think about is ourselves maybe that person you keep looking to to talk to you and to say something to you as a member as a person who's coming to church for the 1st time in their life they have no idea what they're doing you understand so we have no clue of what's going on other people's lives and if we're looking to meet the need for someone to meet my needs continually then we're big trouble we need to go look for to me other's needs and then and that's what solves our problems of self-pity number 4 opportunity for local outreach and so winning Sabbath school as we saw in the history of the Sabbath school class Sabbath school as a place where we do local sore winning it is intended it was designed to be an evangelist a tool that accomplishes also nurturing for the members but to also bring in. New members some kind of like an evangelist experience Sabbath after Sabbath and 5th Fleet the 5th purpose of Sabbath school is that we can participate in and support ruled missions a moving world missions are important we have mission spotlight in our churches many times this is very important to support the world mission as we saw before supporting the world mission helps us recognize that we are some part of something bigger and greater than ourselves now we need that world mission understanding we need that world mission support because it causes us to dig deep into our pockets to support the work in places where they have not heard of the Gospel and so the 5 purposes of Sabbath school are very important for us and many of the needs that we feel ourselves to be lacking today can be met through Sabbath school if it is done correctly I almost fell out of my See the 1st time I read the statement from the elders handbook this very very powerful statement here it says in the Elders handbook page 100 the Sabbath school program is the discipleship heart of the local churches the walk it's that a cycle ship part of the local church is the very core of the local church and the administers church will Church is 1 of the most powerful entities and it is where every level of ministry takes place and at the core of the local church which is the heartbeat of the Church of the world church is the Sabbath school program it is that a cycle shall part it says its aim is to win and train people of all ages as disciples of Jesus Christ the Sabbath school class in which members are taught avenues police is the church is primary program to nurture members it reinforces new believers in the church and strengthens fellowship and established members so it's a given all these things that I hear people talking. Thing about that they have a lack of Often times it's because they are not attending the Sabbath school or sometimes the Sabbath school may not be done correctly now what is the biblical model for Sabbath school where you can write these verses down Deuteronomy Chapter 4 1st 90 tenth's Chapter 65 through 9 Acts chapter 2 verses 41 to 43 in 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 verses 1 of 4 these are all texts that really support this concept of Sabbath school we're going to look at 1 in particular so I invite you to take your Bibles. And go with me to the Book of Acts chapter 2 accepted to we're going to see a New Testament book of Acts model for Sabbath school Acts chapter 2 and verse 40 will start in verse 40 here oh I'm sorry verse 41 it says then those who gladly received his word were baptized and that day about 3000 souls were added to them and you can say Amen and they continued steadfastly and the Apostles doctrine and fellowship and the breaking of bread and in prayers then fear came upon every soul and many wonders and signs were done through the Apostles now all who believed were together and had all things and common and sold their possessions and goods and divided among them all as anyone had need to continuing daily with 1 accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart praising God and having favor with the people and the Lord added to the church daily those who are being saved so beautiful things were happening here in the book of Acts of people were studying on a regular basis they were together they were being nurtured they were caring for 1 another they were encouraging 1 another beautiful things were happening friends in the book of Acts very similar to what we find in our Sabbath school program and our Sabbath school classes its vandalism was taking place nurturing praying together studying the Bible together sharing with others all kinds of things that are exactly the same as the 5 purposes for the Sabbath school class today how do you think Sabbath school is quite important when we see your hands this morning Amen now we go on here the question is asked what divine influence will Sabbath school have on my own life personally that's a fair question to ask when you say conscious on Sabbath school work pates 10 says this the Sabbath school. As an important branch of the missionary work not only because it gives to young and old a knowledge of God's word but because it awakens invent a love for sacred truths and a desire to study them for themselves above all it teaches them to regulate their lives by its holy teachings so noticed this friends it does several things it gives to us a nod of the work of God It also helps us to develop missionaries it awakens an OS a love for sacred truth and a desire how many sense and you are right that you need all of those things but also notice this it says that it regulates us to live I live by those teaching So not only does it provide a knowledge and a love for God's word but it also provides an accountability to live our lives according to the truth which God has revealed to us in His Word I mean you think that's beautiful I do think that's essential it's very very powerful Now notice this next question how does my individual personal attendants to Sabbath school strengthen the church do you know that your own personal attendance at Sabbath school your own personal attendance at church strengthens the church you know many times you say well I'm not sure if the church really needs me I'm not even sure if the church will notice if I'm gone bros and sisters the church needs each and every 1 of us home have you to be with that this morning we're all members we're all part of the body the church needs each and every 1 of us but dear friends you must understand a very important principle that the church although the church needs you you also need the church I mean you can say Amen each 1 of us also need the church and we need the church to be a central part of our lines so notice this friends it says they are our sacred responsibilities. Sabbath school council page 11 there are sacred responsibilities entrusted to Sabbath school workers and the Sabbath school should be the place where to live in connection with God men and women youth and children may be so fitted up that they should be a straight and a blessing to the church they should help the church upward and onward and as far as it lies in their ability going from strength to greater straight I mean you can say men this morning so friends the Sabbath school class the Sabbath school program actually fits and shapes and moves our lives that we may be a blessing to the church in a greater sense there's something called the Ministry of attendance that it matters when we're there it matters not just for the church but it also matters for us never doubt in your life if it matters or not whether you're in the church because it does friends it makes a difference every single time we ask the question now what role does a Sabbath school play in a vandalism and leading lost souls to try so I think this is a beautiful statement from the same book conses on saddest work page $115.00 or what it says the Sabbath school if rightly conducted of how it rightly conducted is 1 of God's great instrumentalities to bring souls to a knowledge of the truth that we looked earlier this morning about the history of Sabbath school we saw that in the olden days in the early church that the Sabbath school was used as a missionary outreach focus and that's exactly what it was designed for to lead souls to a knowledge of the truth now we're very far away from that now but I want to tell you today that it's going to be up to you and I we can revive the Sabbath school work can we we can revive the Sabbath school work we can put that mission focus back into it but it's going. To be human and I take the lead in that it's not going to be the Conference of the General Conference is going to come and help you it's going to be up to the individual laypeople to decide for themselves we're going to take this back we're going to allow God to use us and we're going to bring it back to what he intended it to be to be a serial winning member nurturing encouragement and a program that leads souls to the living Savior what he said this morning Amen How about parents and children what should parents value taking their children to Sabbath school notice this page Facebook page 5253 the Sabbath school for its precious opportunities and privileges for the young parent should a highly prized these advantages and show their children that they appreciate them if they manifested no decided interest in the school and sounds they cannot expect their children to do so and the Sabbath school parents may be learners as well as the children both parents and children should seek to have a knowledge of the scripture other books should be secondary they should be want they should be secondary to the Word of God best means dear friends any other books whether they be mission stories whether they be other stories that are nice and healthy stories whether they be math books whether they be science books whatever those books are I was called to be what their code to be secondary she said to the Word of God the scripture of the Bible and so friends we have to make those books are secondary That doesn't mean they're not important that doesn't mean we can't use them they're not doesn't mean they're not a blessing but they're to be secondary to the scripture and our young people must have the Word of God tucked away in their hearts what do you think this morning I believe that God is trying to speak to us very clearly through this now notice this how should parents value again taking their children. Sabbath school continues even greater care should be taken by the parents to see that their children have their Sabbath school lessons then it is to see that their days of these school lessons I prepared noticed is she says that it's more important for them to do their Sabbath school lesson that it is even to do their homework from school at the end of the day their Sabbath school lessons should be learned more perfectly than their lessons in the common schools if parents and children see no necessity for this interest then the children might better remain at home for the Sabbath school will fail to prove a blessing to them parents and children should work in harmony with the superintendent teachers thus giving evidence that they appreciate the labor put forth for them parents should take special interest and the religious education of their children that they may have a more thorough knowledge of the scriptures that to me as very very powerful friends it's more important that they do their Sabbath school lesson than even their other homework doesn't mean that it's not important doesn't mean that it's not what we should be doing but the Sabbath school the Word of God must come 1st place in the heart 1st place in the mind and 1st place in the homes of our children what he said this morning and then then they will have a more thorough knowledge we should also appreciate the teachers that says I'm a thank you for the teachers that were very hard in the way in preparing the lessons for your kids nothing more discouraging to a teacher to come to class and find that there is no 1 there after they prepare for hours or week bringing their children the Sabbath school a man bring them on time and allow them to be diligent in being there make it fun make it exciting for them and make it. A priority in your homes this morning you know in Europe it's very interesting I found that they don't actually call it Sabbath school. They're they actually call it divine worship part 1 and divine worship part 2 I found this very interesting they don't separate Sabbath school from divine worship both are blended together both are infused together and they actually have a much higher percentage of people that attend Sabbath school than here somehow here in America we've made the Sabbath school something that has kind of the tail end of the thing it's kind of just hanging off the edge it's not really all that important it's not really all that big of a deal you just kind of make it if you feel like it but France today God is calling us to be faithful Amen he's calling us to be faithful to this thing called Sabbath school that he has invited us to be a part of that he has designed for us and I had a church member write a testimony that I'd like to share with you about Sabbath school it's a beautiful testimony and she couldn't be here so she wanted me to read it but notice what this says this is from my lady down in the Lansing church she says Sabbath school is a part of church I always went to Sabbath school as a child and as an adult I love Sabbath school you get to know the people much more than than just when they're sitting in the pew you get different perspectives on the lesson the Holy Spirit gives different people different experiences and the truth I A Times get nothing from the text but I sit when I sit and listen I become an all in what others have gotten out of it we laugh together we cry together we share prayer requests and praises to lift each other up we pray for each other throughout the week Sabbath school as like a family I think Sabbath school is what kept me in the church all these years I mean you can see a Mendus morning we need to be at Sabbath school now what reasons do some people give for not attending satisfy sometimes people say oh well I just like to sleep in or are we really don't think it's that important or. I don't think it's that big of a deal and friends all of those excuses are not before the gun of heaven and I say that in love but God is not going to excuse us when the sabbath days call to be given to him and not for our own pleasure God has called us into his service on the Sabbath day and part of our worship experience part of the whole divine worship Ah. Day is not just going to the worship service but it's also going to Sabbath school it's part of the whole experience Divine Worship Part 1 and Part 2 a man notice this statement from the book Sabbath conses on Sabbath school page 19 she says parents plead trifling excuses for not interesting themselves in the lessons with their children and they fear to become can conversant with the Scriptures fathers as well as mothers excuse themselves from the cycling their own minds or discipline I am sorry they do not seek 1st the Kingdom of God in His righteousness but exalt the tempo above the spiritual and eternal this forgetfulness of God in the Gletty of His Word is the example they give to their children which merged in their minds after the worldly standard and not after the exalted standard erected by Christ how much more profitable to be faithful disciples of Christ engaged in searching the scriptures that they may be thoroughly furnished in all good works when and where can this be better obtained then we are friends then in the Sabbath school the Sabbath school is designed to mow the minds of young people of old people after the standard of Christ to day and friends how be it that we are often missing that out when we are sleeping in the beds now let's talk about sleeping this morning it says it is a sad failing with many that there are always be. Hine time and Sabbath warning they're very particular about their own time that they cannot afford to lose an hour of that but the Lord's time the only day out of the 7 that the Lord claims as his and requires us to devote to him quite a portion of this is squandered away by sleeping late in the morning in this they are robbing God it is causes them to be behind it everything it makes confusion and the family and finally results and the tardiness of the entire family at Sabbath school and perhaps even meeting she's talking about the divine our SO friend so many people today are sleeping in they say we've had a hard week and they are not taking God at His word that he would bless them if they get themselves up in the borning and they go to the Sabbath school class and friends Chremes confusion to the family when the children see that the parents have no interest or no importance of the Sabbath school are they going to see an importance of it for themselves yes or no they're not going to see an importance for themselves let's take God at His word what's the solution for the reasons to not attend Sabbath school notice this now why can we not rise early with the birds and offer praise and thanksgiving to God trad brothers and sisters have your preparations all made the day before and come promptly to the Sabbath school in the meeting and the U. of thereby not only benefit others but you will reach reap rich blessings for yourselves some of you want the blessing that God has designed for you through the Sabbath school lesson I'm of you want that today. Do you want it badly enough to make the adjustment in your life do you want it badly enough to change things if you're not being faithful today do you want it badly enough that you would take your commitment with Christ even deeper than it has been before do you want that this morning you want it badly enough Dad is promised to give it to us if we are ruined to repent and turn away to that which is right and true amen He is merciful he is just he is kind he is compassionate this morning that I understand such you've had a long week God understand such a struggling God understand such a tired but dear friends he wants to bless you but we must follow under the conditions of the promise before he can give us the blessing Amen I me want that blessing today Praise be the Lord but it was once again we're going to review quickly the benefits of Sabbath school strengthens my love for God and His Word is a cypress me in the truth and builds my character as a Crips me to be a local missionary and a soul winner it gives me an opportunity to be a part of the global mission work it provides me with small groups that will ship and opportunity for personal relationships it strengthens the local church and it is eternal value and blessing to yourself to your children and to the Church of God today what do you say this morning I'm of you think we ought to be more faithful and our diligent efforts to be at Sabbath school every week Amen praise the lord it's valuable to us today but is it valuable enough for us to make the change and be faithful we have to choose this day who we're going to serve a man we have to choose this day what about the prayer meeting somebody my ass. What exactly is the prayer meeting somebody might even ask that question of her meeting as a wooden mid week opportunity for us to come aside from the work and plug ourselves it is kind of like the pretty meetings almost even like a mini Sabbath It's a mini moment in time a 1 hour time slot in the middle of the week in which we can withdraw from the craziness of the world and plug into the wisdom of the infinite God we can come together as a church family to pray to steady to lift each other up to have fellowship together and have that spiritual boost some of us are out reworking and the secular world we work with people that are cursing and swearing of a time it's an opportunity to come aside and plug into like minded believers say Man sounds like a dream doesn't it but no it's a reality God has given it to us as a gift now which is the Biblical Council for prayer meeting there's a number of passages all through scripture today we don't have time to go through all of these but does the Bible into arse the biblical pyramiding us or no does it do that it does it in fact 1 of the most famous prayer meetings is when Jesus invited Peter James and John to come with him when he was praying and got so many right before he was crucified and where did Jesus find Peter James and John doing soon after what were they doing friends they were asleep they fell asleep and Jesus wept a multiple times and friends today many of us when it comes to the weekly Perry meeting I like Peter James and John were too tired to come to the prayer meeting and therefore we skipped out but God would have a sit com What he say this morning how important is it that I personally view prayer meeting for my own benefit How important is it let's notice this from step to Christ page 98. She says make every effort to keep open the communion between Jesus and your own soul seek every opportunity to go where prefer is want to be made those who are really seeking for communion with God will be seen with air and the printer meeting she says faithful to their duty and earnest and anxious to reap all the benefits that they can gain they will improve every opportunity of placing themselves where they can receive the rays of light from heaven so she says if we want to be to be seeking communion with God where should we be friends we should seek to be where communion with God is taking place and there's no reason why we should be missing the prayer meeting now sometimes I know people are sick or they're actually working 2nd shift or they have some issues in the life of friends if we can be a prayer meeting we should be there not just if it's going to be comfortable not just if it's not ready not just if it's not snowing but we should be there regardless amen if they deliver 1 preacher once said if the banks are open the church is open Amen we should be there we should be with God We should be communing with him now what it does to prayer meeting end it Kate about my wife and the church's life notice what it says here it says the prim eating will always tell the true interest of the church members its spiritual and eternal things the prison meeting is as the post to the body it denotes the true condition of the church a lifeless backslidden church has no relish for the prayer meetings Here's how you can tell if you're a spiritual person or not we know A that the fruits of the Spirit indicate to us if we're converted yes or no but if you are in communion with God If you are desiring to be with him if you are desiring to put a test on your own spiritual life house or prayer meeting attendance Ben how is your desire to attend the. Prayer meeting today if we have no desire to go to prayer meeting or if we're not ever seeking to put anything else in front of it then dear friends the prophet says that we have become back slidden and we need repentance when he say this morning we need to be coming back to God's ideal for our lives today to be at the prayer meeting friends it's so vitally important but is there a cost of pay if I am thinking about the prayer meeting if I'm wanting to come to receive the blessing of the prayer being does not trying to be arbitrary here but he's saying weird can I do to bless you what I have to do to bless you we are often very we're unwilling to me all of the requirements for the blessing are the conditions the blessing notice this it says the conflict in which you have to take an active part is found in your everyday life will you not in time of trial lay aside your desires but later to Cyrus by the side of the written word and an earnest prayer seek Jesus for counsel many declare it is that it is certainly no harm to go to a concert and neglect the prayer meeting or absent themselves from the meetings were God's servants are to declare a message from heaven it is safe for you to be just where Christ has said he would be now dear friends let me just say this very clearly today it's very important for us to understand that we should not be replacing the prayer meeting with anything some member say to me or pastor I just don't have time to go to pair meeting I'm so busy I'm so I'm I got so many things to do and yet I find that they're posting pictures on Facebook of them going out to eat with their friends or maybe they're at a baseball game or maybe they're at soccer practice or maybe they're at some other a vent that is not spiritually benefiting to them and yet we say we don't have time for the prayer meeting dear friends it must be a prayer. All righty and the life what do you say it is very important it is very crucial that we find ourselves there because God has called us to it there's also the reasons people give for not going to peer meeting sometimes they say oh well you know we talk about being too busy but here's 1 that I hear very often people will say or pastor when I don't get a blessing out of the prayer meeting. Because unless you're the 1 doing it you know when the elder does it or when someone else does it I'm just not getting a spiritual blessing Well here's the question I would ask you today if you don't get the blessing that you should maybe your heart hasn't been prepared but if you're not getting a blessing and you missed a prayer meeting what is it that you're putting in its place what is it that you're replacing prayer meeting with that gives you a greater spiritual blessing then what God would give you at the pyramid because if you're getting a greater blessing doing something else then maybe we need to come to your house and have permitting there so that everyone can get a part of that blessing but many times people are not going to the period reading they say they're not getting a blessing but they're actually engaging in some secular activity that's actually sucking the life the spiritual life out of them so instead of going to the prayer meeting and getting no blessing they're going to a secular event and they're actually losing a blessing they're actually coming out in the negative side of spirituality so friends if we go to the prayer meeting and we get no blessing it's still better than doing that secular activity and having that spiritual life drain from you what do you say this morning it's very important friends it's so important to test some of the admin to spy in years as they would work. They would work all day wrong in the fields back clinking labor and they would come home in the evening they would hook up the wagons I didn't just get in the car and go up the wagons and they would drive 1020 miles to go to the prayer meeting and they would have the prayer meeting it was that precious to them to come together and to pray to God and speak his face to ask for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit how many can say Amen today we need to have more diligence friends we can even often get in the conference 5 minutes and go down the road in the snow if I've taken the time to allow God to prepare my heart properly for prayer meeting. What spiritual blessing can I expect to experience notice what it says it says I resolve to give myself unreservedly to the Lord I commence there to seek the Lord with all my heart my mind was saying great distress but at a prayer meeting I found what I found really all How sweet was the peace of mind everything seemed changed what a joy friends what a joy that we can come out of this chaotic life and we can find relief and the hour of prayer Amen Praise be to the Lord and I want to share another quick testimony with you I had another church member to write a testimony for me about Twitter meeting and notice this is what he says he says not long ago God gave me a wake up call I almost died but God miraculously preserve my life since then he has given me so many blessings I wasn't going to prayer meeting before but then I started at those and those blessings I have exponentially multiplied since I started attending the weeks that I don't go I don't sleep well on it's important to me because we don't have much time left on planet Earth the Bible tells us to pray without ceasing and prayer meeting helps me with ads I need to pray more and talk less prayer meeting teaches me that I don't have any better place to go than prayer meeting I want to be where Jesus is and I find him at the prayer meeting him if you can agree with that testimony Jesus is at the prayer meeting he's not at the ballgame he's not at the restaurant he's not all those places in the hour he's in the prayer meeting meeting with those who are calling upon his name Amen I've been at prayer meetings when very few members show up and we have visitors and the visitors ask me we're all of your members said why are they not here for the prayer meeting what answer is your pastor supposed to give to those visitors when they come and ask where are your people their friends today let not us put the pastor in that type of a challenge a man. How can I get than the greatest blessing of both press Sabbath school and prayer meeting listen friends if we will adjust our hearts and our minds to this attitude God will bless us in the meeting no matter how we think it may be dry may be boring and may be whatever but if we will adjust our hearts to this attitude God would give us the blessing we're so looking for anything watch this signs of the times 84 it says before leaving home go to God in secret prayer plead with him for his blessing and he who sees in secret will reward you openly with your heart softened by the love of Jesus go to the meeting Sabbath school prayer meeting feeling that you are personally responsible for its success if but if you attend you should feel under double sponsibility you are in the service of God and should do what you can with your talents tact and skill to make this worship interesting so God is calling us today to still be there amen feel that we are personally responsible for the success of that meeting and God would bless it if every member of the church would feel that way not just a minority the prayer meetings would be as fruitful and as beautiful as the worship service today friends I got to ask you a question today with or have our priorities been this year had they been in the place that they should be have your priorities been centered focused. On the kingdom of God or has it been focus Have they been focused upon your own desires have your desires have your desires been Jesus' desires have you been willing to day to say the Lord you're in control of my life I'm going to put you your house your church 1st I'm going to put the kingdom of heaven 1st I'm going to let my family see me at the prayer meeting my children are going to see me at Sabbath school going to come to Safa school the going to come to church on time they're going to be a part of the church family they're going to be a part of the church activity have we made that decision yet has that been the priority of our alliance if so if it is for you praise God But can you deepen that commitment but if not today will we be willing to say to Jesus today I need you to correct this issue in my life and easy to make changes what a need to to wake me up early on Sabbath morning Lord I need you to get me out of bed Lord an IJA to help me do my sadness cool less and what I need to help the needy to help me have my children see that it's the greatest priority for life Lord I need you to make this change for me because I cannot do it myself I'm out of the habit my heart has been hardened if we are willing to day how many of you think Jesus would correct it the question is today Smalling are you willing to let Jesus be the Lord of your life today that's the question want to leave you with this morning 100 you today want to say Lord I want you to be the lord of my life I want to receive the blessing that you have intended for me in proper Sabbath keeping on the street receive the blessing you have for me and attending the Sabbath school I want to see the blessing you have for me and attending the weekly prayer meeting little I want you to bless my life I want my cup to run it over are you willing to make the changes this morning your friends what is your desire this morning and if you're willing to say we're Jesus let you be the lord of my life and I want your blessings and I'm willing to make the change today that you desire this morning in the Sirhan Amen Let's pray together father this morning we praise you. For you have spoken to our hearts about very important issues nothing new nothing surprising just straightforward things that we should have already been doing already fings that we committed to when we took our baptismal found us father today we're back so and we're Laodicean we're lukewarm but you have promised to pour out your spirit upon us and awaken us to what your desires are for our lives today so please Lord raise us up to the standard be compassionate towards us the Lord lead us in the way everlasting in your truth this is our prayer today and Jesus' name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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