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8. Faithful AND Fruitful

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 19, 2017
    3:00 PM
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Father this morning we rejoice as we are on the last day of Kant meeting that we can come together we can fellowship we can worship you we can enter into the joy of your presence and there is a great joy a lord in our lives there is a great joy in scumming together and serving you there is a great joy father and seeking your blessing this day coming together for the sacred worship hour of the Sabbath may it be our heart's desire to be in your midst may be our hearts desire to be in your presence may be in our hearts desire to claim the promises that you have so freely given to us and may your peace fall upon us today by the power of the Living Christ be in our hearts on this holy Sabbath day and we pray Lord that next year scant meeting would be amongst the pearly gates of Heaven's holy city may it be so Lord and we come to day in Jesus' name that all God's people say amen Revelation 14 verse 12 tells us here. Is of people that keep the commandments of God and the wants the faith of Jesus Here's the patience of the saints those who are able to endure those who are able and willing to stand to be faithful to God in the end of time yes until the very day that Jesus returns to the earth and God has called us people to be faithful How many feet of you that this morning and when we have confidence when we have trust we have our faith put in Jesus God will continue to increase our faith in Jesus the more that we exercise it until the day comes when we have the faith of Jesus Amen and God would have us to love Him as Jesus did when he was on the earth and he would have us to love others well as Jesus did when he was on the earth and when we have that type of a character we'll be ready to go to heaven Amen will be ready to not just get into heaven but actually fit into heaven yes and we are looking to date to be faithful to the Lord Jesus how about you now but today we want to talk about not just simply being faithful but also being fruitful many of us seek to be faith in fact you can't really be faithful unless you are fruitful and then if you're not fruitful in your life you're not really going to be faithful you might hold strong to the to the theology of the church but if you're not producing the fruits of the Spirit if you're not producing souls to present to the Savior when he comes then we're really not being faithful and then faithfulness includes fruitfulness say that with me faithfulness includes fruitfulness Amen now we're going to talk about this I want to read this little quote I don't even know where it comes from but I thought it very interesting it says if you read history you will find that Christians who did the most for this world are those who thought of the what of the next do you find that say to be true many times Pete those people that are doing the most. For the kingdom of God in this life are those who have thought about the next life yes or no Those who have a bigger vision themselves those who are recognizing that they are part of a great work and they are 1 wheel that turns that machine yes those who have recognize that this life is not all there is but there is any target T to come those who understand that they are part of something the greatest work that's ever been done this side of heaven the work of spreading the gospel and to all the world Amen I remember traveling to Malaysia and I went to this church I preached in this church on a Sabbath and this church was had about 150 people in the church and they were all young people the whole church was young people ages about 12 to about 25 of the young people ran the whole church they did all the sound they did the music they did the announcements they did the preaching on a regular basis they produced 3 A.B.N. quality programming D.V.D.'s and they ran the video cameras and they did all these different things they taught the Sabbath school classes and it was incredible young 1 young man right here you see his picture he was about 8 years old or 10 years old somewhere in there and he had the book early writings and he was reading the book early writings can you say then this is a group of young people who are hungry and 1st thing for the 2nd coming of Jesus they did evangelism out into the community and they would continually baptize young people their own age I was blown away and I said what if we had dedicated people like that in America their whole life was given to be fruitful to God to be faithful and the great commission and to lead souls to Jesus and they had a bond and they had a strain that was beautiful and it reminded me of the early book of Acts and I said Oh that we could be like the X. church today that we could act like the X. church and North America we've heard all the sermons we've heard all of the Sabbath school lesson we've heard all the different things and yet we are still not a people who have risen up. And call and been through 4 and faithful to the Great Commission. New friends we're going to talk today about how to practically prayerfully effectively and actively be involved and your local church because let me tell you what friends the greatest level of ministry the greatest impact of ministry can be seen at the local church and that's where all of you are a part of a man that's the wheel that keeps the rest of the machine going and we're going to talk about that we're going to talk about a number of ways now we're going to talk about a little bit of just about everything today so I hope you'll bear with me we're going to clean it up on the last day man we're going to cover everything we didn't cover but the 1st way that you can be very effective and your local church you can be make an impact and your local church is to wake up every morning and give your life to Christ a man wake up every morning and study His word because many people say well how would that impact the church because it changes your attitude about the church when you read the verses that talk about how much Christ loved the church and he gave himself for the church you can't help but love the church even though it might be at times stinky in cantankerous even though there might be those saints who you can't seem to get along with it's going to give you allow for those people it's going to give you a love for the work of God it's going to give you a love for the preservation of the church it's going to give you a desire to put the church as the priority of your life this morning a man it's going to give you that love for the church is going to help you recognize that you are indeed the church a man the church is not some institution organization it's the people of God Now it might be organize those people are organizing there is a structure to the church a man we believe that but we believe that the people of God of the church Amen so if you don't love the church you don't love yourself if you think the church has got problems you recognize that you've got problems yes noticed this. From step to Christ page 90 it says there is nothing more calculated to strengthen the intellect than the study of the scriptures no other book has so potent is so potent to elevate the thoughts to give vigor to the faculties as the broad ennobling trues of the Bible is God's word were studied as it should be men would have a breath of in online a nobility of character and instability of purpose rarely seen in these times what he say today if you want to get smarter today or you young person today in college you want to prevent or prepare for your exams study the scriptures every day they will stretch your mind they will deepen your mind they would deepen your mental capacities and your faculties and God will bless you and every other Arab your life I remember studying with a man who was in his late forty's and the open the Bible he could barely read but that time when he open the Bible almost 50 years old he looked up at me and he said this is the 1st time I've ever read the Bible in my entire life it wasn't long before the man was doing scripture reading and his reading improved because he studied the Word of God a man wake up every day brothers and sisters do not neglect that time and the closet with God Do not neglect that time poring over the Word of God let nothing stand in your way don't let breakfast don't let your spouse don't let your children don't let your work don't let anything get in the way of that time a man if you say Well Pastor my kids wake up at 6 get up at 4 if they wake up at 4 get up it to you how do I do that you go to bed a date a man I remember when I was 1st coming to the Lord I 1st came to Christ I was a kind of person I stayed up all night long and then I'd sleep till that 2 o'clock in the afternoon I played video games once for 3 days and 2 nights. Almost killed myself I almost died from that but I found myself when I came to know Christ I was going to bed I didn't know anything about sleep before midnight but I was going to bed at 7 o'clock at night I don't know why but I just did the Lord move me to do it and I'd wake up at 2 o'clock in the morning and study the scriptures for hours and pray for hours and what a joy it was and the more that I studied the more that I prayed the more the Lord just drew near to me a man and he will draw near to you 2 and Psalm 119 verse 11 what is the scripture say do you know that text it says that I word I have hidden where in my hearts that I might not sin against me in John 103 The Bible says that Jesus is the what is the word is I am not hiding the Word of God in my heart. Then can I rightly say that I'm not hiding Jesus in my heart as Jesus not in my heart of his word is not there I don't have a love for his He's the word and I've not put the word in my heart then and by not put Jesus in my heart what he's saying is that true yes or no study the Word of God Saints a man when you go to James chapter want to notice this this is the result of not having a regular devotional life James Chapter 1 look at this James talks about. A man that prays versus a man that doesn't pray in a man that prays versus a man who prays with doubt in his heart being driven back and forth when he doubts what God has promised him already and look at this in verse 6 says that he is a. Sorry verse 8 says he is a double minded man right and then notice what it says After that he's unstable he's what he's unstable in all of his ways therefore this man has no ability he's unstable what's also unstable it's comes in a long stick with a fusing strode in caves to you know I'm talking about Dynamite's unstable right if you do not have a consistent devotion to life you become unstable mentally emotionally physically and spiritually are you with me and you cannot really trust yourself to make proper decisions about your life about everything else that you do if you're not seeking the counsel of God Amen you cannot do it so friends don't deny yourselves now sometimes I want to speak just for a minute on celebrity preachers. Sometimes we want to flip on 3 A.B.N. in the morning and here are sells a good sermon from a famous bear won't even name any names but bless their hearts they're wonderful men Amen we're thankful for the for the preachers and they haven't a church the head of ministries and these things but listen let me tell you what there's not a thing in the world wrong with listening those preachers not a thing the world wrong with getting on audio verse and listening to a good sermon but that friends does not replace your own time in the Word of God You cannot get that word from someone else and expect that it's going to be what it needs to be for you you need to spend your own time and the Word of God and we need to stop elevating celebrity speakers to a level that we ought not. When we see them we go oh that's odd That's so in snow and we just kind of melt in their hands these men and women put their pants on the same as everybody else they're just people God has blessed them with preaching they're not gods they're not celebrities but we turn them into Advena site allows us to understand we need to pray for them we need to treat them as men of God But they're not celebrities you understand this and we need to have our own experience with the Word of God What he say this morning and we talked about this yesterday Number 2 attend Sabbath school prayer meeting best are not going to hammer on this too much but I would remind us of the importance of the ministry of what of attendance Yes the ministry of attendance we saw yesterday that the Sabbath school is that a sign put ship hearts of the local church so where should we be on Sabbath morning at 930 we need to be at Sabbath school not caught ourselves in bed we also saw that the prayer meeting would tell the true interests of the members and the church and spiritual and eternal things if we have no interest in the prayer meeting we are backslidden yes or no now surely the answer the Permian would be interesting but if we do we need to be there ourselves and help make it interesting right now somebody told me this you have a date I want to say it it refers to Sunday school but it also refers to Sabbath school as well they said the test of popularity for a church is attendance on Sunday morning and I would just say Sabbath morning right the test of the popularity of the preacher is found on Sunday night when the church comes back as fewer people come back right the test of the popularity of Jesus in their lives is the prayer meeting on Wednesday night yes or no a man. We had a Sabbath school idea that we're still working out we're fleshing it out that we would actually once a quarter take our youth class our young adult class and some of the adult classes and actually go out and do outreach remember what I told you the other day that Sabbath school was intended to be an evangelist account reach to yes we thought about that maybe you should think about it too we're going to keep going here how can we get the greatest blessing out of those meetings remember what we said it's all about our what so about our attitude if we go to the meeting feeling that we are personally responsible for its success is that going to give us the right attitude to attend every day every week Esther know it's going to give us the right attitude now if you want to hear more about that if you were here you can hear my sermon from yesterday but number 3 I'm going to hit just a little bit returning a faithful tide and offering Notice I didn't say returning a tithes and offerings but what a faithful ties sometimes you know every once in a while the pastor needs to look at the records and when nominating committee comes by and you see someone that you know is not very successful in their life and you know there's a very minuscule amount of time that's not a faithful tied to understand it's not a faithful time we need to return a faithful tied to the Lord goes me to Malakai in chapter 3 you've known this text but I want to point something out that maybe is not really thought about now in our evangelistic meetings and in our clearing for baptism we've done a wonderful job at really emphasizing to the people that they need to return ties Yes I don't like to use the word paying ties because paying sounds like a bill it's returning tide and them let me help you understand this for just a minute every time in. You return a faithful ties it's a very beautiful thing because you are supporting the work in your local church you're supporting the work at the Michigan conference and you are reef you are supporting the global mission work because every time that you return that tie that your local church there a portion of that time that tide goes to the global work and then it goes to send missionaries and pastors into new places so every time you return a tide you're supporting God's work in your local community in the the all of Michigan across the N 80 and across the whole world how you can say man only God could think of such a beautiful system and then we call it systematic but let men Evelyn's and they used to call it sister Betsy Yes And so the tide is divinely orchestrated and we understand friends that every time we return that ties it is a testimony to the world that I believe God's taking care of me that's what it's all about it's a testimony to say I believe that even though I need this money God's going to provide for my needs a man God's were taking care of me I am putting my complete trust that he is caring for me a man that's why it's so important a testimony to the world it's a testimony to your fellow church members and it's a testimony to yourself Amen we're reminded ourselves that God is in control of my life and that I'm faithful to him and he's going to provide for my needs and I'm testifying to everybody that that's what I'm doing today I'm putting my trust completely in the living Christ Amen now you've got a malaka chapter 3 but I want you to notice something here and I want to emphasize this Malakai 3 Verse 8 you know the text will man rob God yet you have robbed me but but in what you say in what way have we robbed you and God says what and ties in offerings now if we're not returning a faithful tied we understand that we are robbing God yes or no. But you know what we don't often do in our evangelistic meetings is emphasize this and and the pastors are going to love this. But it says to return a time and what and offering we have many saints that are not faithful in returning the full ties we have many saints that are very faithful and returning a faithful time every week every month etc But then we have a class of people that though their faith when the tides they're not faithful in the what and the offering Do you understand. That if we are not also returning a offering to the Lord we are still what we are still robbing God we have not thought about this before but the Bible says would you rather me yet you have read me in ties and what offering the offering is something beyond the time you understand today I'm blown away how there are some advantages who are raised in the church all their life in their in their elderly age and they still do not grasp the concept that the tide does not stay at the local church if every member return of times and nothing else the church could not pay its light bill in 6 months. You understand this they could not have any money to buy books for outreach we could not support the Cradle Roll classes and of the Sabbath school classes that the local church operates on that combine budget and God is calling us today to be faithful to return a tithe and offering sometimes the Israelites return a 3rd up to even a half of their income not saying we have to do that you understand what I'm saying whatever God impresses you but we are to be systematically interested and active and returning not just to tithe but also the what but also the offering friends and friends somebody said well you know I just can't find already given so much so that your God will bless you he will bless you amen but we need to be faithful in both of these things they're both very important notice this review and herald May 9th 893 this matter of giving is not left to impose it's not left a watt impulse God has given us to finish definite instruction in regard to it he has specified ties an offering as the measure of our obligation and he desires us to give regularly and systematically how should we give systematically you know that tie them below points got the percentages of recommendation of each rightly examine his income which is all a blessing from God and set apart the title separate fun to be sacredly the Lord's this fund should not in any case be devoted to any other use it should be devoted solely to support the ministry the Gospel after the tie the set apart let the gifts and offering be apportioned are you with me. As God has prospered you hasten my brother and sisters to bring to God's hand a faithful time and to bring about also a willing thank offering there are many who will not be blessed so they make restitution of the time which they have with Ho held God is waiting for you to redeem the past the hand of the holy law is laid upon every soul who enjoys God's benefits that those who have kept back their tithes make an accurate reckoning and bring to the Lord that which they have robbed of his work make restitution and bring the Lord peace offerings let him take hold of my strait and he may have peace with me and he shall make peace with me it doesn't mean we're saved by offerings you understand but as the Lord has given us His peace so we ought to be thankful to God Amen a special thank you I mean even it can't meeting where they're calling for a special evangelism offering you heard a gal more talk about that and friends we need to be living our lives as simply as possible I could remember stories of Aves pioneers that would starve themselves or go without clothing just so they could get wood work I'm not even saying I'm not saying we should do that but friends we have given by that some of us have given I'm pointing to myself have given out of our abundance. Rather than out of our necessity and God is calling because it transforms our characters in the stand and there's no greater joy than seeing souls saved notice she says if you have knowledge you have done wrong and misappropriating his goods and freely and fully repent he will forgive our transgression because he's good a man because he's kind because he's true and because he loves us and his faith when he loves to welcome his children back home and to repentance I can remember when I was 22 years old and I was 1st baptized and I started returning tide I remember 1 day hearing a sermon about it and I looked at my bank account I saw several $1000.00 that I had saved as a young man that I had never paid tithe on that very Monday I went down to the bank and I made the withdrawal and every turn the tide and offering to that not telling you that on the example I'm not boasting in there but I am saying is friends the Lord must be in control every aspect of our lives our pocketbooks entertainment everything Amen I want to encourage you dear friends who understand and know your churches finances understand the finances of the church asked the treasurer for a report if you're not on the board know what's going on in your church know where the needs are you know where to focus your offerings know how to be involved some people say oh I've just you know I just don't feel involved in my church friends after today sermon nobody ever ought to say that because there's a 1000000 ways you can get plugged in a man you can support the church every time you return that tide you're supporting the global work so you are involved and the man you are involved Prize award 10 number for attend church board and business meetings listen you don't have to be on the church board to go to that board meeting it would be a miracle if every board meeting it actually needed to turn into a business meeting because the Saints were faithful attending Amen go to the Boardman if you're a young person go and understand what's happening in your. Sure church it's not a closed meeting it's not some secret thing the board meetings are transparent they're open and you can't vote if you're not on the board but you can attend a man you can be there go to the business meetings of your church the business meeting is the highest and most authoritative meeting and the local church understand and the business meeting is like the general conference session of the local church is that powerful being involved in the in the process of the church know the governing structure of the church be familiar with the roles that the church board plays and the Business Meeting Place unplug yourself then there's no excuse for people to say oh I just don't feel plugged in I don't feel connected it's your own initiative it's your own prerogative and it behooves you to be there yes or no. Everybody has the privilege of participating in the church's governing structure now we're told in the book of Acts of the Apostles page 9 that the church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of men it was organize for service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the word I meant to say men that's our mission so if you are a part of the church you have a call to be involved yes or no you have a calling your life to win souls to Christ and some people who are just don't want to do that I want to I want to be an elder I want to be a church officer the greatest work you can do and the local church is the winning of souls to Christ not to be an elder it's not to be nice all these things are wonderful and they're important are needed but the greatest work is to be involved in so doing what he say now I want you to notice this friends we're going to go through I would encourage you I'm challenging you today Honey if you've read the church menu from cover to cover I mean you've read it about 4 or 5 people I'm challenging you this day to go home and read this book this book is beautiful and this book gives us the structure for what we ought to be doing if we follow this book many of the problems we see happening would dissolve you'll find beautiful gems in this book about evangelism about giving Bible studies about the core of the church and you understand the church like you've never had before read that church man your home if you accept that challenge today and we see your hands are going to get a decision on this thing not enough hands how many of you raise them high go home and read that book friends it's a beautiful book noticed this from the church manual it says the business meeting agenda should include reports about the what the work of the church every time you have a business meeting you ought to be hearing from every department what's going on in that local church. And it's like wow what a joy to hear what's going on to me there's times we sit in board meetings and we and every board meeting I have 2 departments give a report other than the regular standard reports and people are blown away when I have the adventure they say oh we did this we did this we did we rate $600.00 an hour bike athon for strong tire radio and people like I never heard about that I didn't know that was going on and they get excited because they see all the work that's going on in the church a man now in the It also says this A report from the personal ministries leader giving a statement of outreach activities so every business meeting you ought to have the personal ministries director giving a report what have we done the last year or 6 months in of terms of outreach are you with me now what if that's the business meeting others other things to do in the business meaning you can read about them in the manual but I'm focusing on evangelism here look at this the work of the church board in the church manuals from the 2010 Church manual notice what it says the gospel commission of Jesus makes evangelism proclaiming the good news of the Gospel the primary function of the want of the church it is therefore also the primary function of the what of the board. Which serves as the chief Committee of the church when the board devoted 1st interests what kind of interest 1st interests to was 1st interest and highest energies to every member of Angeles I'm most problems are these the 8 are prevented and a strong positive influence is felt and the spiritual life and growth of the members in other words when we stop arguing about what kind of carpet we're going to get in etc etc etc And we actually focus on every member being involved in soul winning many of the problems in the church go away I mean you've got problems in your church many of those problems will go away if we do this the General Conference has this wonderful initiative called T.M.I. Amity heard of that total member involvement Listen I think it's a wonderful thing and I'm fully supportive of it but actually if the if the if all the local churches would just follow the church manual we wouldn't even need that initiative you understand we could package it but if we just follow the church manual we would need it all and we could say amen because awake today last day now this is what the $2015.00 manual says the gospel commission of Jesus tells us that making disciples which includes baptizing and teaching is the primary function of the Church of words just a little bit differently but listen of this what exactly is the work of the church board is it approving the Treasurer report is approving church transfers Yes it's all of those things but look at the primary work right here you ready for this you guys awake OK good number 1 the most important item on the agenda should be the planning of the Vanja lation the evangelisation of outreach missionary territory the church that should be the what which item the 1st item in addition once each quarter an entire meeting should be devoted to the plans of evangelism the pastor and board will initiate and develop plans for public a Vangelis that campaigns that's a 1st work of the church board and every quarter a whole meeting of your church board ought to be just to talk about soul winning isn't that what a novel idea I mean who would have ever guessed. No 1 reads the church manual so we don't know this is what the new version says and sure that is there is an active ongoing discipleship plan in place which includes both spiritual nurture and Outreach Ministries this is the most important item for the board's attention what what good news Amen we just follow the church manual to do OK when we look at this number to quoting our Rich programs of departments the church is board is responsible for coordinating all the departments each department develops its plans for our each within its own sphere to avoid conflict in timing and competition and securing volunteers and to achieve maximum beneficial results coordination is essential so we oversee each department should make its own plans for outreach and evangelism Mr know at every business meeting Lansing we have 1 a year usually unless we need another 1 we give the each department ministry plans. And then they go and they plan their next year and then we bring it all back together and that's how we form our master plan of evangelism I meet her the master plan of evangelism right and we form our master plan from all those plans and it's a beautiful thing and so that master plan with dances and comes from all the other departments planning their events and then we put them together with the big church events number 3 and a courage being the personal ministries Department to enlist most of the members and children in some form of personal outreach is that what it says oh I'm sorry says those who are comfortable and some poor him of personal honor is that right what does it say how many all members in missionary service who does that include everybody except you in the room right I mean like because that's not my gift right my gift is you know like preparing for the pot lucks praise God for that sister don't or brother don't stop doing that amen because everybody will enjoy a good fellowship meal but everyone is called to missionary want service training classes should be conducted in various lines of ministry number 4 encouraging the entrance coordinator to ensure that every interest is personally and promptly followed up on by an assigned lay person wow we have Bible study offer dot com and then and we have such a person appointed or you should have such a person pointed but that should have been done 30 years ago 40 years ago in the churches you understand this we ought to have people that are assigning I think you guys are not happy today. The looks on your face is all right number 5 encouraging each department to report at least quarterly to the board and business members about their outreach activity number 6 study membership lists and initiate plans for reconnecting and reconvening members who have separated from the church now let me just ask this question today if we follow this plan if we follow the church manual that I believe God orchestrated for us and God led the men to put it together if we follow this plan would there be any reason at all for any person in the church to ever say I don't have anything to do in the church I'm even heard people say well I don't even know why I'm here because no 1 gives me anything to do I don't have anything to do take personal initiative all those things pretty much are things that anybody could do on their own are you listening we don't need somebody to give us something to do God's already given you something to do he's already called Jew from the time of your earliest life get up and do it yes thanks get moving get moving no 1 should say I have nothing to do notice this this is from the also the manual says the board should permit no other business how much business no other business to interfere with the plans of Solon and evangelism don't let your boards get all clogged up brothers and sisters. Let them be channels for the Holy Spirit to come and say we've got souls in the community to win that's more important than painting this room or painting that room appoint subcommittees to take care of those issues so that you can stay focused Amen number 5 way to get involved what I've already said but read the church manual and understand it suggest to the church to follow how many think this is a beautiful plan for a church boards the work of the board is the planning of evangelism and when you do evangelism we see a lot so come to Christ there's no greater choice you're going to get excited you might be nervous about of us OK God says Don't fear I'm with you a man I'll be with you to the end of the age I'll help you all strengthen you I give you the words to speak yes understand why we need church organization how many you think we need church organization today some people complained about that they so I don't believe in organized religion I said Oh so you mean you believe in disorganized religion I mean anything that you do has to be some level of organization yes or no we need that today we need it know who your conference and union leaders are I met a lady once it was in another conference and and she was talking to the president of the conference and she was going on for about 10 minutes with him telling him some of her problems she goes Oh she says you know are you 1 of the pastors in the conference here. And I was like that's the conference president not that he's not God but we don't know who our leaders are yes or no we don't know who they are what kind of men and women they are and be involved and even communicate with them they'll be happy to visit with you be involved know your church leadership is read the elders manual the dickens manual and the ministers manual for goodness sake why can't you do that do you have to be an elder to read the elders manual no you can read the elders man to say how can I be more supportive to the elders of the church you can read the minister's main and say How can I be more supportive as a lay person to the pastor you can read the deaconess and deacons men are saying how can I be and you never know God may call you to be a pastor he may call you to be a deacon and a card to be an elder if you're if you read the stuff and you're actively engaging in that work yes or no now you've realized by now this is not your typical sermon right has not your typical sermon that's OK let me say this number 7 being committed to your local church now this is a high horse I like to preach about him and you guys are convicted today that's why you're so quiet you're like I don't know what I'm going to do I'm like forced with the truth and I'm going to have to change or reject Jesus or resist always spirit book look church hopping is foolish business. It used to be years ago that people were like exclusively committed to the local church you understand this they didn't really go anywhere they didn't go to the next church over that had the concert that status. They said well there's a concert over there there's a work to do over here nothing wrong with a concert but they didn't go over there they didn't go wherever the best program was for that day you understand and that's what happens I've had people tell me oh no pastor I cannot take a church office because I have to go here and I have to go there and I have to go there and I have all these places I'm going and they're not places that are of necessity they're places that are of pleasure are you listening we want to go to this church because oh such and such a speaker is going to be there this Sabbath or I'm going to go over here because there's a nice music program today Nuno God is calling us and if everybody does this this is what has happened over the last several decades in the Avenues church we've had this fluid movement constantly and nothing can get there's no traction that can be gotten at the local church level are you with me we cannot be jumping around on a regular basis not doesn't mean you can't go to another place every so often but if I'm going to my own church twice a month and I'm going to every other church twice a month then friends we're losing our capacity to do the local work that makes sense yes or no be committed to your local church and White says this review and Herald January 6805 on the part of every member of the church there should be a patient continuance in well doing ministers have their work to do but they cannot do that of the lay members God wants workers in his vineyard and everyone who has become of a taker of the heavenly gift is under obligation to respond to his call his her no there is other news talent abundance which should be employed in ministering to the SO others some with limited talents are doing a far greater work than others who pride themselves upon their intellectual gifts. God will accept the efforts of those who put good use the ability which he has given them and they will be war rewarded according to the works is evidence that all the sermons that have been preached have not developed a large class of self-denying workers this subject has to be considered an evolving the most important the most serious results our future for eternity is at stake the churches are withering up because they have failed to use their talents and diffusing light are you with me yes or no we have ceased in many ways and in a large segment to be committed to the local church for the sake of doing what I want to do as brothers and sisters today we need every new what we need a revival and that local church commitment that we might be faithful to our call to duty faithful to our post faithful to Christ who has called us to do the work and that local community yes or no we need to be faithful there's a work to do friends when you have a church office but listen to this just because you do a church office doesn't mean friends that you don't need to do so when it doesn't mean that you are the church office is the call to do a special work that is above the soul winning they God is already called you to do do you understand this as a pastor of a larger church I have a good lot of administrative duties I have school boards I have schedules to make I have all kinds of things to prepare and to keep those church straight so I that takes me sermon preparation prayer all those things take me probably $50.00 to $55.00 hours a week to do all those things you understand but my soul when it goes beyond that you understand that because I understand that God is called Some people sit with a soul when it is the pastor's job no it's your job. People say people say Well well you know Pastor you have to be a prayer meeting because that's your job well I'm at prayer meeting after I've already worked 10 to 12 hours throughout the day no it's not my job I go there because I believe in it you understand that it's not because my job I don't go get a Bible study because my job if even if I didn't get paid even if I had to pay money I'd still get bible studies done a stand when we don't have a church office we still have a work to do but the church office is above and beyond that work the work that we're all called to do is labor for souls for the Kingdom of God understand this we've got the greatest work to do what you say this morning listen when our pastor isn't at the local church sometimes I have members come up and say pastor are you going to be a church the Sabbath you preach on the Sabbath and I smile and I say I'm not going to tell you that because I know if I say no what are they going to do they're going to sit at home and watch 3 A.B.N. I said you have to come and find out sometimes when the pastor is not there because he's preaching in another place. It's a global church you know we get upset because where's our pastor why isn't he I faith won't pay my ties we don't have a pastor here on Sabbath morning know when your pastor is not there he's certainly not sitting at home watching 3 B.N. he's out laboring for someone else and if we see that then we understand that it's our role to toughen up and accept a call to minister in the local church if the pastor is not there then we need to be there even more because the church is not there to serve us we are there to serve the church understand I didn't serve in the church we are served Amen when the pastor is gone it's more important for you to be there I mean you can say I'm in this morning it's just as a Roni is to think in 1 camp that the priest alone can interpret the scriptures it's just do we see that as areas for no it's just as a Roni is to think that it's the pastor who's called to do all the work in the church just as a Roni S. Are you with me today if pastors are required you know you don't get ordained in the Michigan conference unless you want souls you don't get ordained if ministers are called to prove their calling to ministry then maybe church members ought to be held accountable for winning souls of their to serve in leadership positions as well I knew a Sunday church I met the pastor and he says we don't allow people to serve in leadership on the board until they win souls to the kingdom of God What a novel idea very interesting isn't it very very interesting if every church member could win as many souls as sermons they've heard and we'd probably be in heaven by now wouldn't we. We're called to share what we know and will grow as we go there's nothing worse than to be sitting in no man's land in the dead zone you've got 1 foot in the church and 1 foot out of the church because you're not willing to sacrifice all you're not willing to give God at all and so you're just kind of existing That's a terrible existence I would honestly rather be out of the church than in that kind of a capacity understand this we need to be dedicated fully wholly completely when he say this morning church know the duties of every church office in the local church know the duties know who those people are and ask them if they need help are you with me know what they're doing know what's going on know how the nominating committee works know how that process takes I study it from the church man you understand it and recognise that I can be involved in that yes or no I can pray for those people I had 1 lady of the day she'd been in the church for many years and she's a pastor when we go to vote the nominating committee the new officers I said Sister we just voted that last week we had the 1st reading this week the 2nd reading that week and then we voted she says I didn't even know we had a 1st reading why do we even have a 1st reading you need to understand these things in your church yes volunteer to be a greeter how many think you could be a greeter and your local church that's a very easy job what better way to get to know all the members some of you know every single member in your church like people in the front row that's why the front row people right. Good to know to be agreed or that's the best way to find this litters in your church a man start a prayer Bible study or Bible members ation group in your home there's Bible study offer dot com a beautiful thing from the mission conference Amen make sure your church has an interest coordinator a Bible study coordinator Bible study offer coordinator and a personal ministries director make sure these things are happening in your churches brothers and sisters and if you find that no one's doing it guess what old boy do it. You can step up and be that person a man be active be Gage start a weekly outreach group or a monthly outreach group you know at Lansing every month we have a different department that leads a community outreach once a month we go out as a church and pass out literature and quotes racks and Bible study offer cards and all kinds of different things and every department every month plans a new outreach and listen friends when there is a church outreach planned please do show up please do don't just show up for these meetings if they're going to survive scream but come because you recognize there's a great need yes the pastors of your church would love that they would love it they would wash they would love it if they saw the whole church going out for outreach. You don't even have to talk just pass it out Amen know the fundamental beliefs and your baptismal Val's from words and forwards every quarter every year pull out those baptismal vows and review them again pull out the fundamental beliefs and review them again people are so constantly fresh a man and what you believe don't violate those vows by the grace of God Amen know them front words and backwards that when people ask you you know what to tell them yes those baptismal vows are precious reach out to new members or missing members volunteer to visit the missing members volunteer to disciple the new members how many of you have read or seen the discipleship handbook here I mean this scene this thing I mean read through this is a thing beautiful it's a wonderful tool volunteered to take someone else through it someone gets baptized say oh you Alvey willing to be that person's mentor meet once a week for an hour and develop that person to side with nothing more beautiful than disciple and souls Listen here's the site we always hear about the cycle of evangelism but here's the cycle of discipleship when a believer goes from not knowing Christ to knowing him being baptized growing in the word producing the fruits of the Spirit and then becoming a productive worker producer and stead of a consumer that person has completed the cycle of discipleship I mean to say men but let me tell you this there is nothing worse than a Laodicean Adventist who is a consumer and the church rather than a producer they come to see what can we get out of the church rather than what can we give and a service to the Lord Jesus we need producers same and we don't need any more consumers today grow Michigan churches dot org The beautiful website that talks about the whole cycle of evangelism I mean you have visited this website before I want to encourage you to go to this website watch the videos read the documents. Look at the cycle of evangelism and encourage your church to be a part of something great a man I mean you remember unlike revelation we're doing it again this year part of the harvest phase but there's so much more to the whole cycle than just the harvest we're not been doing advances incorrectly we've not been blending the person in the public work and God's grace by God's grace he's forcing us into that kindly but truly a man and then once you have done some of these things the way to make it spread is to share testimonies wouldn't be to God what a glorious thing if God's people had so many testimonies that took up the whole peer meeting so many testimonies isn't the whole Sabbath school time so many testimonies that we had had to have a service once a month or once a quarter of the testimonies of what God's doing in the lives of his people a man sometimes you call for testimonies and you hear a great 1 from the crickets. People like say I mean I'm and I'm saying to myself Surely God has done something in the lives of his people where the people share in the testimonies where the people leading the talking about the people they give a Bible study to in the middle decision for baptism and for Jesus where are those people at their friends that God would give us a testimony men our last point is this support the General Conference and the world church there's all kinds of attacks. But coming out about the General Conference and the General Conference president in fact a very well known professor the other day made the comments about the general conferences becoming like Naziism friends let me tell you I've met Ted Wells myself you can't meet a more humble kind man he can't meet a more humble kind man he's a godly man he loves the Lord he's trying to do what's right he wants the church to grow he wants the church to be blessed he wants it to be spiritual he wants it to be revived he once Jesus to come friends don't tolerate people being critical of the General Conference leadership don't criticize you can disagree with people and it's fine you can disagree with any D. That's fine you can disagree with the Michigan conference that's fine you can disagree with the General Conference and that's fine but don't be critical be loving and kind and true to the people that God has placed there you with me is to know that we may disagree again that's fine we may not have a difference of theology and all those things we want to have unity Amen we want to have unity under the truth we want that. But don't be critical this agree but don't be critical Amen don't said doesn't matter who you are if you're a lay person a scholar or are a person kind of president somewhere we ought to not be making attacks upon people personally yes or no the Spirit of God is not in that type of mentality and in the name of tolerance said that don't do it friends today we need to maintain a loving spirit but we need to be educated about our church what he say this morning know what's going on that's the only thing the only thing that prevents knowing what's going on is you yourselves what you say don't just know what's going on though but be want be a part of that get active equipped and involved be the Church that Jesus deserves call upon his name and he'll put out his spirit upon you and he'll do great things in you and through you yes be faithful and fruitful in his remnant shirts Let's rise up and be the peculiar people that God has called us to let's be people who are filled with the right justice of Christ filled with the spirit of the Living God filled with the joy of his fellowship going out to seek others to be saved in His Kingdom would he say do we really believe that Jesus is coming soon today how many believe that this morning do or really believe that and is your are you living your life as if you believe and know that Christ is coming that's the true test. You can speak it all day you can have warm fuzzy is in your heart all day but does your life testify that the work of God the kingdom of God is the number 1 priority in your life some people say why I have to have family time after spent time with my children my family that's fine take your children on missionary outreach take the children on Bible studies take your children with arms full of bread that you baked with a loving heart to your neighbors and tell them about Christ sign them up for Bible study offer dot com and vite them to unlock revelation and then take a children service to God can be a family event yes and your children will come to love the Lord they will come to love his service they will come to love leading souls to the Lord Jesus and you'll see your children stay in the church I'm with you today I want to say Lord my life my life needs to reflect that Jesus is coming soon my life more than my lips needs to be transformed needs to be revised needs to be recommitted in Christ today extensions hand to his church and he says time's running out there's more evil spreading like a plague my people wake up be the people of Zion be the people of the book be the people that are world changers around you the the people that are laboring to win souls to my kingdom God is calling us today the question is are we going to answer that call are we going to accept his rulership of our lives are we going to give evidence of his power and His glory and His Spirit working within us are going to do this church yes or no Today I'm going to make an appeal this morning if that's you today and you said I want my life. Not my lips but my life to reflect that Jesus is coming soon I want everybody around me I want my children I want my wife I want my husband who are my parents I want my friends my coworkers to know just by my life not even my words but just my life that Jesus is coming soon and Lord I'm willing to let you make the changes that you want to make the changes you need to make the changes you must make it my heart's in my home and in my life it's not an appeal for everyone but if you really want that today and you will and open your heart to the Lord Jesus would just stand to your feet this morning you understand that in making this decision you give Jesus rulership over your life you understand that you understand that Jesus is calling you to work that is uncomfortable I'm not calling you to comfort today I'm calling you to glory today I'm not come calling you to beacon to convenience I'm calling you to potentially persecution to a life that is that is picking up the cross and following Christ this morning Amen Now there may be somebody here today that has never made a decision to follow Christ in baptism you may say Lord I want to be a part of that church I want to be a part of Christ's church the remnant church maybe the tended the church or maybe friends today you recognize and your life you need to be re consecrated 3 baptism today but you say Lord I've got to have a fresh start I want to be a part of your church a part of it came a part of your work today if you want to be baptized this morning for the 1st time rebaptized would you just raise your hand this morning raise your hand this morning a minister of God Bless you are there any others this morning that would say Lord I need to make that commitment of my life. And the others this morning I see a hand God bless you brother praise the Lord today you may make that decision at any time but I pray you'll make it in the moment of conviction a man I mean say Lord take me as I am but make me as you desire to be that you desire this morning let's leave this can't meeting renewed on fire and ready to serve Christ when we get home Amen May our churches not be the same and by God's grace may we be in camp heaven for camp meeting and 2018 what he say church Let's pray this morning father today we rejoice in your presence we rejoice for those decisions that have been made today and more we would not be an ordinary church we would not just be another denomination but we would be the 7th day adventists movement of Bible prophecy God's remnant shirts in the last days oh Lord Jesus by your grace your beautiful precious grace we would be empowered to be the people of God to be the sons and daughters of God to be a peculiar people upon the earth we would be pilgrims today Lord looking to that land of glory by faith which we will soon inherit if we are faithful Oh Lord Jesus transform our hearts let your spirit live within us May the fruits of the spirit and May our love make your love in our lives the evident to all may it be a sweet drawing power to those people of the earth that would seek to know you oh Lord transform us give us hearts of grace and truth give us the faith in Jesus that we need to eventually have the face of Jesus this is our prayer today God and we commit ourselves to Him and Jesus' name with all God's people say amen. 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