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Romans- Part 1

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM


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Our Heavenly Father thank you so much will go forward it has meant to the Christians your will it's meant to each 1 of us and as we study it through this week we will be able that we can share although. We want to change our own. Power. And. So thank you again for your. Mind teacher. All right I'm going to this is Romans Schefter won if I do not have enough of the yeah if you be my helper be happy for that and. Rather than us my abs my have to leave early to he's gotta leave early because he's got a. Sign that he asked. If you don't yet won them and I Wal see how many outs extra I need and they will walk home to morrow may not be quite in the same format but. They're. OK All you're going to need for this class is YOUR of the Bible and maybe a pin All right chapter chapter 1 and we will go right there are always like the introduction because if you think about the history of the Christian Church What's the most well known church in the world. Called Lawman M.R. right yes so the Book of Romans was written to the church in Rome because that church was Justin to have a huge impact. And I think that human history could have been really really very different my apologies for running out of these but raise your hand he didn't get 1 I want to count Sammy on the Wanderers and I won 2 or 567 maybe I'll do 10 more. Tomorrow to make sure. So has had a huge impact if the Book of Romans had been listened to. If the Book of Romans had been followed human history would have been the From. Vastly different. Instead it it was not now when I did the series some years ago and I'm I've been telling myself that I'm going to redo the series we did not have the New King James Version and we got a new King James version I did it based on the new International which is a great reading by reading at but I like the New King James for study I like the New American Standard for study someone to use a new King James and these answers are not just fill in the blank you have to think about some of these answers and some of the questions that I give you we've got another chair here I think there's the REBACK there so. Now my own and then all right let's. Let me go down to again the the 1st part here I want to talk a little bit about that the ancient Church of the paper are scum I don't and there's a chair right there is 1 back there we sell in chairs left here. The ancient Church of the patriarchs wrestled with their human tendencies to evil do we have them everybody in the room has selfish tendencies to evil and they decided to trust nature instead of the Lord and so out of that paganism was born I was just doing some study will not too long ago on ancient Egypt is by 1 of the earliest layout much of that from that ancient Babylon. Now has use impact around the world most of paganism is in is in the name that God's different and that sort of thing the basic philosophy and the basic understanding is all the saying It's all in cahoots together you really look at it our if you go back to the ancient Jewish church they wrestle with a come on and we've got. Seats here and there are some seats back there. OK We'll get you settled in the you. Know over rocks are you can come and help me teaches us. Yeah I don't want to get the back row at young. You take advantage of all the help you can get had 1. Are. So we have we have more to OS paganism that's in the world you have Jewish legalism which is an huge influence on the world and then the Church of Rome itself. Russell of all of this the Church of Rome had primacy because of its location you know it's like being located in Washington D.C. right so because we're located in Washington D.C. And because the government is there we somehow in any way that's the way the ancients kind of thought and out of that we have a. Dreadful union of religion and secular power Carol persecutions resulted and we're still wrestling with all of that kind of thing today so let's let's go to the Book of Romans I'm not going to cover every text because I want I've got 5 sessions and I want to get through the 1st 8 chapters I would love to get through the 1st 11 chapters but I don't want to be such a speed going through this that you begin to lose me so this is a teaching class not a preaching class I think we can still make room near this 1 back there so you can feel free anytime to raise your hand you can make a comment you can ask a question or if you like I want to be a teaching experience but I'm going to not go over every text here that you you will have that's part 2 I'm so I'm ordering more tomorrow on my Polynesians. I should've. Had more faith or something I think so. But I'll bring and bring another I'm ready to 50 more tomorrow How's that. And so but if you get it if you got your Bible you can follow along pretty easy or so. Or I will look I will start with verses 3 and 4 and I'm going to read them not because I always like to hear my own voice but because I'm on. Or you call it so yeah they want to do some kind of see these out of it anyway let's let's go right into this us look at verses 3 and 4. Concerning his son Jesus Christ our Lord who was born of the seed of David according to The Flash and declared to be the Son of God with power according to the spirit of holiness by the resurrection of the dead now the question that I want to ask here what is what evidence does Paul offer that Jesus is indeed the Son of God What's the evidence I'm using that word evidence on purpose what's the evidence from the text the resurrection now a lot of people sometimes don't know this you know you have people all Christianity is just a myth and that sort of thing but let me tell you I don't I don't have all this in front of me and I don't have time to even go into a lot but just take my word for some of it and you can look some of it back in the late 8900 store was a Harvard lawyer he sat and. In that seat the cherry was a chair what we'd say the chair of the department and he did not believe in Crewe he was not a Christian didn't believe in Jesus thought Jesus was a myth the whole thing was just a fairy tale some I just came up with it. But he's a lawyer and he says and I have a lawyers and. Nobody there would have made it his point that. He was a lawyer as ISIS I'm just going to prove this thing it's just a hoax so he went at it with a legal mind like a court he would go like a prosecuting attorney when he got done he became a Christian because he said the evidence is so overwhelming for the resurrection. That it cannot be denied since that time he's been followed by a lot of. Similar comprehension of people scholars who study ancient documents the documents that we have here this is translated into English for us but the ancient documents that we have for this are numerous and and they're and they're all pretty much really very closely agreed or maybe a little nuance that doesn't change the meaning of them so if you have there's a science of studying ancient documents and these people are studying these ancient documents even though they may not be Christians and they'll tell you they're not Christians they'll tell you they can explain how the resurrection happen but the fact is they believe a resurrection happened and the reason they believe that is because of several things that these ancient documents share and I can't I can't just run all of the mill let me just give you a few 1 is there was never a body no 1 ever found the body of Christ even his enemies which usually is if they give you a testimony it's not because they like you is because they were forced into an M.R.I. it even they testified that there wasn't a body how did they testify that there wasn't a body because they didn't have it. And I says Somebody must have it but we don't have it do you think if they had the body they were paraded that way for the world. And what would have happened to Christianity at that moment. It would have been dead right there we would be sitting here today it would have been over with as. Then there there there is. There is. The death of Jesus who was who is Joseph of arm and Theo was a well known man who was part of the Sanhedrin and the death account of Jesus is very very striking and if that had been false being as prominent a person as he was what do you think everybody would have said when the disciples stood up and said Jesus is then resurrected from the dead they were are you're nuts you're crazy you told that story about Joseph Garcia take him up on him and his 2 your crazy people that never happen we've got just of Armor Thyroid here and he says you're crazy you're just making story or. No refutation of that at all none and and so that is a begin to take these things and the other thing is why would 12 men be willing to die well I'm plus the other disciples the Willing to die the willing to be tortured. If this was a lie and it was never refuted when they begin to look at all of this they say the resurrection is a fact. Of history not an imagination Now let me say this if the resurrection and it is if the resurrection is a fact then Genesis is a fact I mean the resurrection becomes the pivot in this whole picture. And the reason is because Jesus him so indorsed Genesis if the resurrection is a fact the 2nd coming is back. In that wonderful and if the resurrection is a fact and I have and you have put your trust in Jesus my sins are forgiven. In that good news if the resurrection and it is so Paul starts as Book office powerful book come on and he starts his powerful book on by giving us the evidence the evidence that all of this is true well let me get back and let's continue you just make yourself come from if you want to sit over here parking our you want to do it fine. We'll work with all right let's go let's go to verse by verse 5 yes I'm sorry please. Yes. See TO THE WOMAN Yeah good all right let's let's look at it let's look at verse 5 together through Him Christ Jesus we have received grace in apostleship for what is that next word to the 1. For how many. For his name. There's just been this myth and now 1 of my evangelical brothers and sisters out of my Catholic I love every we want love everybody. But there is just the devil has done this there is just been this whole mindset that it doesn't matter that obedience doesn't matter only thing that matters is faith and 1 talk about that in just a little bit but Paul's objective. What's an object that's goal whose purpose in writing Romans is to produce in you and me what obedience Wow 1 well this whole simple I'm chemicals of disobedience of my right and saw the God is trying to be and little more about freedom as we go along and Dr Azhar you supposed to chip in here any time you want to have. He's a wonderful Bible scholar in I'll spend hours together so the point is that we have to be brought back into harmony with the rest of the universe is the disharmony in the universe that's brought about the curse that we're all going through right now so we want to understand that I don't I think soon if people that comment on the book of Romans and then Ever read the 1st few verses he abuses important deal here and so how does how does he intend for the SO B.D.S. to come about. That's right but teaching them to have faith in Christ so he not only has the end result he all of so has the method by which he wants to get to that the Morning ladies are still room here you just come in make yourself at home all right let's let's go down to verse I want to go down to verse 16 I know that skips down a little bit but I'm going to count on some of you I can take 1 hour on just 1 chapter easily we can we can do that but I'm a let you read some of that are 8 now versus into very very well non-tax. And it says for I am not a Shane all in that are wonderful and I could just stop right there think the G.O.I. say young people had that poor thing well I'm not ashamed now that you can say what you want to policy into the wrong world you can accuse us by the way they were accusing the early Christians of everything in the book it was not popular be an early Christian they were going and you may have the political right there. They were they were accused of everything including being cannibals Can you believe. That was the rumor mill you know if they had the Internet today they'd be jumping all over those you know that we've discovered the Apostle Paul is a cannibal. And that's the kind of stuff that they would do to them if there was no Oh if you trust the Internet to talk to me afterwards I want to help. It's like trusting television before but now world everybody you know that's where they go because anybody can put in their garbage on House and I'm not saying there's not truth there which if we careful to make sure that your sources are good all right let. You know Man OK bless you all right let's He says I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and there's a reason why Paul is not ashamed he says whores the power of God to salvation for everyone who believe. With a Jew 1st and also hold the Greek so he's not a shame because a while you May 1 word. As power it's power I said on this last it's the gospel has changed the lives of countless millions I'm 1 changed. I am not what I would be. Changed the power to change and there's no there's no other religion in the world and power to change is the power to become like God in that good news we're talking about in character. Or my prayers as Lord help me to love the things you love. And help me to despise the things you do Spock's. There are things that God does hate By the way but how will you who are the things he. And I want to love the things he. So this this gospel has power that's why the devil hates. That's why I brought in the Middle Ages the Dark Ages that's why he's put in people's mind today I'm sick bugger I'm fine but you know you hear all Tom say about Grace don't worry about your works on import it's not important you're outside by your works how Louis are not saved by my works because if I were I'd be lost already but that doesn't mean that the gospel isn't concerned about my medians the Gospel is concerned about my son about your abuse. So you hear many people are slowly Oh I believe so thank you lord I out ran into a person 1 time I was talking to them and this person looked at me I was down south and you probably find in Grand Rapids too I haven't found I mean I'm sure it's there so much from Grand Rapids you be upset with me we have we have a lot of cow in this to the IN THE she again particular on the West Coast and you certainly have it down south my ancestors a lot of them were Scots Irish kinds of people and have it Appalachian they came from Northern Scotland and you know the thing about Northern Scotland was Calen istic and I instill that for my father was a primitive bad as well like that you're but they're wonderful people except they're hyper talentless to. Scott said in the said the 2nd doing is that I can lie cheat steal kill. And he says I'm say. Yes what you call. Yeah yeah not in them yeah that's good but that's not what Paul is the gospel of Romans says the gospel has the power to produce obedience and in our lives so all right let's let's look at verse 17 who are in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith just as it is written The just shall live by. Mark it down the just have always live by faith and mark it down now I know that we get to heaven there will be a lot of things that we have faith in will turn into sight am I right by faith I believe there's a new Jerusalem someday I will see that in clarity there's a lot of things right now they're moving on faith but I want to tell you something else that I believe and that is that through the ceases ages of eternity we will live by faith because there will always be between arse doctorates are out between us and God a gap that will never be close it cannot be close. He. Right he is from eternity to eternity and we will always have to trust him zur another chair in the house OK there's 1 more chair they say they think is at least another chair back there you have to kind of make your way. This is a sweet crowd though they're nice. Might have been easy to come back this way but I think she's going to me OK OK this is that's a key point because if we learn to live by faith here. It will be natural to trust God they're another words there are things that God is going to ask us to do that he's not always going to explain and we're going to do it because we know he loves us we trust his love and we trust his power where we trust his intellectual ability and we're going to say for you God I'll do whatever you ask of I know you wouldn't give given your only be gotten son if you had not love. Him. And it's going to be sweet and when we trust God we get through whatever we go through we look back and say. You're greater than I thought you were. That's why you're never going to get born the just live by. The Joshua live by faith for 17 that's the power whole let's go down 280-1004 the wrath Iowa the wrath of God. I Miss Summers if you don't raise your hand. Every sermons have you heard lately on the wrath of. Not in our culture we're still making fun of Jonathan Edwards sermon sinners in the hands of an angry God but people don't tell you that cause a great revival I read the sermon I'm agree with everything you say and want you to know that you get pretty graphic and some of this is how a mystic Puritan whatever but to be lost is a terrible thing. The law. Is in us exactly we reconcile the wrath of God with the love of God we talk about that more as we get into Romans but there is a thing called judicial wrath was judicial wrath on the vine that was judicial wrath of violent punishment fits the crime very good. Why do we have judges why would we not have judges in this and the earth made news we will need them aright it's only a sinful society that needs a judge who has wrath my right I mean doesn't the judge when he sentences somebody doesn't he execute wrath point in behalf of society I salute you to X. because we're angry with what you did so we are going to do this to you. Well there's a there's a difference between here usually when Paul does it's just use the word judicial Raphe there's a difference between. What's the word I want arbitrary anger I get mad because you will cross out of that me and so I do something ugly that that's that's that's anger that's. Maybe uncontrolled anger arbitrary God is not arbitrary what God it everything God does is precise whatever God response does in response to science that's not true of our human or I do wonderful father and sometimes he executed. Judicial anger. I could tell you stories and I'm grateful for all says that when you grow up you'll be grateful for fathers who executed in my words do you ever execute dish judicial anger with your knowledge that's all. I did. But there are probably some times that I act that I that I use arbitrary anger then you go sorry about that and on that I could've done better with that but God never has arbitrary anger like we think so when the word wrath is use I like to use it in the context of judicial wrath. Because the courts of Heaven have a problem. But God doesn't want us to ever have to stand in the judgement and then the news he doesn't ever want to stick. Let me tell you it's necessary. Necessary for God. To execute RA judicial. I will get it wrong we'll get into that more and well we'll lot we'll plumb the depths that was a good question that's the let me put Let me go down to. The questions Number 9 stoner 17 verse 17. If a person refuses to put his trust in God who will he trusts but trust himself and. Are going to trust something so I'm going to help him. I'll say this again in this class and I say it more than once but trust always gives birth to behavior you tell me what you trust opera dicked your behavior oh it behavior is the result of you having faith in something I muses illustrates many times where this room begin to shake what would you do now I'd leave. And let me tell the rest of you right behind me. Why what happened also were said here calm cool collected as they say and your whole we have trust in the building and my right but it begins to shake what happened here what happened to your trust and what happens to your behavior. Yes now. Who says. Yeah see where you're coming from since you're you're my somebody else's behavior changes your behavior I'm talking about on an individual person so whatever I do I do it because of something else someone else's behavior may set me but then that behavior still going to that responses are going to be on who I trust on the behavior may spark a response but my response is all still based on. The question yes OK that's a that's a good that's good it's good God's cause behavior gives birth to our trust good all right let's go to verses 181984 the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness how much ungodly mystics Cape's the wrath of God. Mark it down that means not on my own godliness not on your own godliness none of our on God lunacy scapes the judicial wrath of God Yes. If you hang on that question and come back to it because I think you're going to see this unfold Paul's will go right through a litany here. God's judicial anger and House revealed but it's also revealed in another way that he's also getting to it's a very good question since I think you know he's talking about it right now it's been really are is being are in the process of being. Yes Yes X. is the thing up a let's let's look at this is new revealed to us all ungodliness unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness Why is God so angry at people who suppress the truth while. Yes. Yes So I was angry. Oh say can suppress the truth now let me ask you a question as 1 white truck What was the result of suppressing the truth what did it do to the relationship between guardians children and we put in the modern terms so I comes up your children and says I me tell you about your daddy let me tell you what a terrible person he is are your mommy and they tell all kinds of lies about article all kinds lies about your wife and your children say wow and the relationship is broken 2nd it makes my upset as a parent would that make you upset thank you very upset that's why God is upset when suppress the truth that new lation ships are built on trust and trust is built on the truth. So if I tell my wife when she's 22. Promised to lower the dose far I can bust up the trust right and break up the relationship or insert somebody else in the and that's what the devil does that's what people do when they suppress the truth I don't want to know the truth you hear the Apostle Paul saying some of the Gospels are some of his writings he gets very angry at these people who show up after he's taught people the gospel and they start confusing is mine he is really upset with them you were read over there and go away sions he says you know you want to go just take care of yourself suspicious but yes pretty appropriate set with him and because suppressing the truth is strong relationships because it destroys trust All right. Verse 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them or God His shown it to them he's already shown it to people who are suppressing the truth verse 20 and I'm watching your question not watching it not forgetting your question but watch what he starts to do here for since the creation of the world his invisible after views are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are with out what excuse. There is a huge battle going on what I mentioned on my Friday night some of you were there that. God raised up for powers to help offset the apostasy in the Christian church and part of that was the Muslim Islam and no 1 was this positive and there's negative negatives and there was the process reformation of course and the remenant and the other was the rise of atheism and you find that in chapter 11 of the Book of Revelation. There is a rise of atheism and let me tell you atheism has gone away I mean we've seen the great sponsors of atheism say sponsors of atheism the Soviet Union and. China today to a certain degree and all these communist countries that was you know their state religion was atheism but we are really suffering that in the western world on you know the Internet has become my program of attack on Christianity and they're destroying a lot of our young people are being totally destroyed their faith in God is being totally destroyed by these atheistic things and they're using evolution as a basis for that. If you get a chance and. I don't know if you've ever heard of the person or the name. John Lennox John Lennox is Christian he's not a 7th Day Adventist of course but he's he's a Christian and he is. A world class mathematician so his work class scientists he. He works I think it Cambridge or Oxford University in history 1 of those and he's there and so he mixes up all the time of these people who believe that you can reduce everything just some material something you can reduce everything so that we are are just a lot of. Zillions of chance chances and suddenly we're what we are you know some the most powerful arguments and he's debated people like the High Priest we've got on the high priest of I have Aleutian and that's Richard Hawkins are Dawkins Rowlings Dawkins there's a couple of them there and and these guys he wrote the book The God Delusion and just you know and so people say I was hearing Steph the other day say 25 percent of people in America today don't even believe in God and. And so by the way let me tell you that we need to stand up and call it evolution atheism what it is evolution gave the impetus to the Nazis the Nazis believed in this. Survival of the curse and that's the that's the basis of evolution the whole concept of evolution evolution is Don't want to admit that they like attackers and this will look at this terrible stuff that you look at the Inquisition look at this and look at that well let's talk about atheism Let's talk about how many tens of millions of people died under Stalin under Lenin under crew chef how many how many people died in Cambodia with your atheistic concept how many people died in China on people don't know this a poor 70000000 people under Macy tongue him self not speak of all the ones since Let's just let's let's talk about the the blood shed of atheists. Even the atheists are forced to admit that any morals that we have in the western world have come from biblical Christianity they hate it they war against it but they can't they can't deny it because they don't have a source for more and others it is a survivor of the fittest there's no more their professors in our universities that will tell you that won't judge Hitler Well you know you know he was doing it he has a right to really this is crazy stuff. I saw now he's ever seen. He's not an amnesty Vangelis but he does some good stuff on our member's name will come back to. Re blue. Comfort thank you very much Rick comfort he's got he's got a film it's worth watching it's called evolution versus God or God versus evolution he goes on these college campuses and he interviews the students and he also interviews the professors you ought to see I don't have time to get into it but 1 of the scenes and there was he came up to 1 of these young people who's some bright kid and some whatever and he says to him he says if your neighbor says Do you love your dog he says yeah he says if your neighbor's drowning and your dog is drowning and you can only save 1 of them which 1 would you say he said Well. Reisa So really there's no difference between your dog and the human being rather just Lisa I don't I don't want to sound that people think that of me. This is so so who what would you say is a lot same adult. That where this. Should be a wake up call that means the only thing that matters to me is me that's the only thing. It's pretty our stuff John Lennox and his. And I have been going on and by the way we can embrace everything everybody says but God raises up people who do some the things sometimes and this is 1 of them. I don't buy every nuance and John says want to know that but I think he's God is really using but. He says he says God is not a delusion he says we as Christians he says we know what the delusional gods are he says the delusional gods ever were created God yes. We don't believe in created gods because the 1st thing these guys will do you can back in the corner and a few years ago there came a big bang I'm not here to get in discussion about the Big Bang but here let me tell you the difference before the Big Bang all these evolutionist scientists were saying matter has always existed interviews always existed everything's always been here just like you're said and 1st Peter you know nothing is changed and it's always been there and so that's what's eternal and then came the big bang theory was said Oh what and they say guys resisted that for a while because I said well you mean. This is saying that there was a time when none thing existed nothing and I got a point in time where through everything starts with. They've got a problem with that so they can't deny that there was a time when everything that we see in the universe did not exist which is exactly what the Bible teaches by the way. The Bible says and God started it all but so they know where you're going with this so. You know he says So what it all come from and they anticipate that and you know what the question is Where did your god come from who created your god and that's where Linux comes back and says I don't have a creative God. We don't have a creator god we all believe in delusional gods our God is not delusional our God always has been that may be hard for us to comprehend we may not be able to comprehend that but the God we serve there was never a time when he did not exist and there will never be a time he will not exists. He is from everlasting to everlasting he's not created Jesus is not created in him is life. Unbar or original and under rising I don't I could be plainer than that he came from nowhere because he always has been never created Holy Spirit has always been the father's always been there a time when they were not and so he says I God is always then and he's on the started all of this and they really don't have an answer to that. And then he says this is another why he says that the real issue is that atheism is delusional and he says that makes illustrate what I mean by that and he says to these atheists he says you believe a course that you are that mine that you have is result of millions and zillions of little tiny changes all by chance now right yeah that's right after a minute all by chance that's what your mind is a tell me this is how do you know that you can trust your own mind. How do you know it's telling you anything that's true he said now. He said God created the universe and He created our mom. So we can appreciate his. He said it's atheism that's. Him here. Yeah it's it is pitiful you know see if you chance God says evolution is worth it's worth that watch so it we're starting down that and that's what Paul has just declared you go to the book of cautions and he says the same thing about Jesus the 3rd there's no real excuse here. For. And the reason is the reason the devil loves evolution and atheism because can you have a relationship with God If you believe that you evolved through zillions all these little tiny you don't have a relationship with God You can't be an atheist or agnostic and have a relationship with God You have to believe that God exists what is was a Hebrew saying Chapter 11 that without faith it is impossible to please God because we must believe that he is and that he's the rewarder he's active in our lives of those who while diligently says so the very foundation of happiness and joy is based on this whole fact that God is real and you know that come back on winner. John Lennox and they'll say. Something to the fact. You ever do that. I think if it'll come back to me in a 2nd I'll get it in a 2nd I did that in a sermon not too long ago and after some I came up to me as it's you are what you said I want to hear it says so it creates a curiosity I guess I would doing it on purpose. All right let's let's get back down to this. It's OK Listen verse 24 says the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen without excuse verse 21 because although they knew God they did not glorify Him as God nor were thank Paul but big Klang futile in their thoughts and they're foolish hearts were dark at the root of atheism at the root of all of this craziness is unthinkable. To God for what he has done us we that's why praise is important God inhabits is the Abbotts the praises of his people if we have a grateful heart and we're grateful to the Lord then it builds faith in our lives we'll see that a little later too we get into Chapter 4. Of this book let me go now just a little bit further here the foolish hearts are dark and the futile verse 22 professing to be wise they became why. You see that thing that that Ray come for and you'll see that just so clear this whole thing is. Just foolishness. And changed the glory of the in corruptible God into an image may lie corruptible man birds and 4 footed animals and creeping things not a lot of difference between evolution and Paganism paganism they worship the earth they worship the trees they worship the animals on and that's basically what Paganism does paganism now turns to the nature and they look to nature as the source of creation in the source of life instead of looking at it as as the gift. And looking at verse verse $2324.00 Therefore because of this now you now you're going to see the roots of what we've got in our society which is becoming aka rollercoaster here therefore God gave them up to uncleanness in the lust of their heart what is lost. I was Remagen 1 time sitting in a tire shop there set a tire shop in Stars and I should take it something in the read and I did not look around for summer reading there was a car magazine on the table so I picked it up. With to the editorial to see what they had to say and it says in this magazine is about that we we lust in our mobiles and if nothing else are stuck in my mind whenever I read out of that magazine but that did and I got to thinking about that and I thought Austin animal deals I was I was being translated 1 time and they couldn't translate this word lust they are time translating the words. So I think about that it's a layby that's helpful question answer is there anything wrong with our mobiles how many of us are mobile to get him. How many were Think before air conditioning it worked. In the world time where they were really. Automobiles are a good thing the wonderful thing and you twist your appreciation for our mobiles into something else. When you take out all Bill American Idol I. Get it consume your time and. You get the drift lust is taking something good that God has given. Whatever it might be something good that God has given and twisted it into something. It's a mis use of the good things. That make sense alright. Therefore God gave them up the uncleanness in the last of their hearts knows where the law started in their affections that word heart is another word perfection to dishonors or bodies among themselves. Who exchange the truth of God for a lie and worship and serve the creature that's what's going on today rather than the creative who is blessed for ever for this reason God gave them up another words God has a horse this on them he just finally steps back and quits trying to keep them from going down that road and just steps out of the way and says I can't stop your cluelessness I'm stepping out of the way and letting you go down that road. That's what's happening in our society for this reason God gave them up to a VAIO passion the word vile means passions that are not appropriate There's 2 we have 2 different natures in a sense. 1 is the higher intellectual nature that we have we think OK 2 plus 2 equals 4 and really since that happens I'm going to pay attention to $2.00 plus 2 because I like or or I certainly don't want 5 you know you so you think through things there and you make decisions at your higher nature there's your lower nature something wrong with your lower nature I.L.Y. uses were lower nature on offense and thus were for today's world nothing wrong here Lauren nature that includes appetite is appetite a good thing I like it I like it. I don't what you had for lunch I can tell you what I had for lunch I'm not going to bore you. But. My point is that that's a good thing there's nothing wrong with that. Our sexual natures there's nothing wrong with genders is nothing wrong with a genders being attracted to each other it's normal nothing wrong with that it's the abuse. It's using it in a vial way and that's what's happening in our society. We claim in our culture. I don't get too deep in this state the Apostle Paul we claim in our culture to give women freedom and same time our culture treats Limmy women very vile now not vile like ISIS but in our culture we splash women on pictures of women on all kinds of things and I write and we use their beauty which is a gift from God to sell everything from toothpaste. Computers that's affected people's thinking that's the thinking I'm in So Ho Well I don't have to get into law that you know I just want to help us to understand that the notice there is the last part of the verse or even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature likewise also not in leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust for 1 another men with men committing what is shameful and receiving themselves in themselves the penalty of their error which is de. So we go and read the next verse and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a debased mine to do things which are not that easy that he begins to list. Our societies and in real real trouble it used to be that. First of all we start out with the Persian of heterosexual. Relationships. You have all the. Nudity. Airways entertainment industry was just still. Pretty soon you know what happens people get tired of that and they want something new and so they start experimenting in other different times. And the next thing you know. We have this thing all somebody has to mouth because it's been around for 2 years whatever. It might have been better have stayed in the closet and let me underline something I'm not trying to be funny. I understand people have serious problems and I want to talk about that in just a moment here God loves everybody doesn't matter where he finds you he can take us on the gutter most of the uttermost some of the. But the reason is having such a brain when the loony start putting this kind of behavior actors start acting out this kind of the havior in front of a younger generation what happens a lot of homosexuality. And lesbians and is not something that people have necessarily a tendency towards is something they've learned. Now I'm not hardly political it is song disclaims. Democrat or Republican but then Carson is a famous Adventists. Surgeon. Neurosurgeon and he was interviewed. By 1 of the. Anchor news people do you think they have to tell the rest of us what think somebody should have said a minute about the. Media think our cells. At any rate they asked me Carson because he had made a statement that a lot of people go into prison and they go in as heterosexual. Homosexual and he said and they said it so. He would say that so he says therefore this is a choice and you think this anchor you know I'm going to have a heart attack. At. The local stations but I'm not too far off but the fact is you know how can you be so. As to actually believe that it was a choice. Could you how could you be so. To me haven't you seen the science and. I've been the answer for those guys. And Mark answer were then let me ask you are heterosexuals do heterosexuals do they have to engage in physical intimacy yes or do they then they have the tendency to sack they have a will. It's still choice if it's in your genes to be an alcoholic you don't have to become an alcoholic. You still have a choice or a. Sin as beat all of us are OK it's we all come in this world and by the way every generation another 1 you ought to do some study and is John Sandford an inventor of the gun. Co-inventor. I want to say Sanford University I think I was 1 the source of the see this things in the mercy. Of the mom and any it anyway re. He was a he was an atheist he was a evolutionist he did not believe in Christianity and he became a Christian because of his own research. And here's what he discovered he says evolution counts on these changes that have to be good in other words to keep you know becoming more complex and he says that's not what's going on he says it doesn't matter whether it's plants or humans or whoever is our genes are damaged every generation so that your children are going to have more damage to their genes then you add we're down here to N. and so we've got a lot of damage to our genes a lot of damage and we're all suffering for and he's saying that instead of the human race he says the our reason people are living longer day school who got all this modern medicine and we have better nutrition and so forth like that but he says that's that's he said is now he says The truth is he said if you take away some of that stuff he says the human race school is shorter and shorter and shorter and he says it's like this is those occur goes a steep her and then it levels off. And keep sliding and then at some point human race will crash and die. Or crash and die because they can't hold all the infections immune system doesn't work anymore and the organs don't function laugher supposed to any became a Christian believes in the 2nd coming of Jesus. Only solution the only solution the only solution for the human race is the coming of a long. So evolution is impossible. It's just is bogus science because we're degenerate so and that sometime people are going to get it's a tiny percent of the population that some people are going to have. Genetic predispositions Tor certain things but just because you have a genetic predisposition to a hot temper doesn't really doesn't mean that you should exhibit on. The right are uncontrollable So OK to have a temper it just needs to be under control Amen and that's where the Gospel gives us power become different people OK. You are you know they got some really good stuff that I don't have time to get into it but I was. There great to listen to their early are all right but but coming back to. Coming back to this or we were so we see all of the stuff around us today and our society is all conflicts uses for it now look at verse 29 being filled with all unrighteousness no use our system off the list here sexual immorality and wickedness covetousness. Maliciousness is at the say there are. Full of in the murder strife deceit evil mindedness there are whispers backbiter sounds like the Internet and. The evening news. Haters of God violent crowd posters inventors of evil things disobedient to parents under certain untrustworthy unloving unforgiving unmerciful who do. Knowing the righteous judgment of God that those who practice such things are deserving of death not only do the saying but also approve of those. That's a getting to be a pretty close description of our society. And that's where it's going and where it's headed. It comes to places as a restraint who wants to live in that society. And swam across to this is this world is not my home this is not my will this enough where I want to. I'M GOING TO world that I'm headed to where all that is not true about that list I just read and people are going to be kind and loving and unselfish what a world to live will be agreed people don't get up every morning thinking about ME ME ME ME THE they think about what I'm going to do to be a blessing. And as Christians we want to start living our life to be a blessing and we should ask ourselves how am I living my life am I living my life today to be a blessing. God to be used me today to be a blessing Have a blessed somebody's day have added to somebody is happiness ever add value to people's life that's what Jesus does he adds value to our lives aren't you glad for that value that he asked on line so you know we don't think about suicide because we have Jesus he's adding value to our life we have a heaven that we're going to we have a new earth we're going to we have a society that's going to be marvelous and wonderful this world today is just you know they're bent out of shape over riches every nation is saying how can we get rich like American Americans saying how can we stay rich and you know it goes on and on Am I right. And you look at the world around you and there was concentrated on that well I'm not saying that we shouldn't need to take care of understand that we all support things. But my point is that we don't live our life. We don't live our life you know you ever see 1 of bumper stickers that says. He who has the most toys at death wins the orders. That is so pitiful. He's dead and he's got toys that he can't take with a mommy. Build AIs Yeah that's good. I'm not saying we don't improve ourselves on what I'm saying but my point is I'm not here to live. When Jesus came to he's been 1 day living for himself. He woke up every day went to bed every night thinking about what he could do the a blessing for others and he was willing to sacrifice himself you see that. In a wonderful Lord that we so please. We cannot do this on our bios of it's is depair of God So we God gives us the power to leave what he wants us to be. Done to see if. He. Or he got family minutes so we got it I got a lot of territories us let's get into chapter 2 for just a little bit therefore he says you are inexcusable Oh man whoever you are who judge for and whatever you judge another condemning yourself why what's the next. We judge you practice same thing in yeah that's what we call a hypocrite now so you know I'm I'm out stealing stealing and then I say so my all stealing is you rascal you are you know and that's the. It and that's sometimes the world we live in M.R. I mean it's just it's easy to judge it was Jesus said you know before you he never said not to judge he says but before you judge your brother yet the plank that's in your eye out 1st other words solve your own problem don't be a hypocrite and then you can be in good shape to make some decisions about other things some people take that thing with a lot of Judge honors or some. As if you're go down the the country store so the sickness is just proverbial you go down the country store and you know they cheat you out of 10 bucks you yell out the car you wear and so well I like trading they're convenient so so I just made a mistake you go back there and do it again are you going to make some kind of decision about trading that place are you you can't live without making judgments about life so he's not talking about not being able to discern right and wrong if I see you stealing I'm not judging your heart by I'm judging the behavior if you steal and you steal the other way stealing is wrong in any culture around the world there's never a place that it's not wrong not dickin Evan are here is they might not like my next illustration so vegetarian is a good thing you should do it most people there maybe some people that can't but most people that's a good thing that's a bit but meat eating is not a sin or be a sin around the world you know send a different. Now might be a sin for me because there's a principle called the principle help a living and I want to treat my body in a good way and I have access to good bestial blah blah blah blah so for me it may not be treating my body I'm not judging you on that Miami tree my body the way I ought to create it so the world expect me to treat my body well but as a general rule mediating is not a sin like stealing stealing it's wrong all way around the world in every place and so we have to make we have to make judgments we have to discern between and that people get stuff in the wrong or you know some people think they eat a cookie that they're going to hell or something like that as a Wolves Yes stuff in the right drawer. Another words if you're eating 2 dozen cookies your wife just made. Oatmeal raisin cookies Oh yes I've got a weakness for that but I do try to exercise self control now maybe I should need 2 dozen of those. Not doing good but eaten eating a cookie or something like that once was like a hurt you used common sense back and I got some elements of it and I'm almost out of time so we'll pick that up tomorrow right where we left off and let me just as I got 1 let me come back to your question. You see what policies and you see all this wickedness around us and you see the results of it are we seeing the results of in our society today so he's saying that you're seeing the result of that so the wrath of God is already being revealed toward this kind of behavior but there's a bigger time we'll get into it as we get into Chapter 4 Chapter 5 chapter 6 we'll get into even a much more revelation of the justice of God and the mercy of the good you value had with me our Heavenly Father thank You for the book of Romans. Thank you for your presence here and Lord I want everyone to be able to go out here and explain this to us. Now they all become masters of your book under the tutorship of the host. In Jesus 1 on. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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