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Romans- Part 2

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM


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So the for 90 years as it has been expended so to speak so God has been patient patient with these Jewish people and looking at verse 4 How why is it dangerous to take the patience and kindness of God for granted. But what happens when a person takes somebody for granted what happens in a marriage when people do. Now and so what did you say. Yeah that's right what happens is that people's hearts become hardened and they don't appreciate that's why Thankfulness is at the root gratefulness is at the root of of salvation in 1 sense of the word All right let's go on let's look at number 5 if you're looking at you're asked the question your lesson how does how do God's patience and kindness build trust and how does that lead to repentance How does God's patience and kindness build trust these are not the fill in the blank kind of questions on that are meant to make you think a little bit well what happens when people show you coming this way people are nice to you what's. The Bills affection for that person doesn't Yeah and if affection is built what else is built trust is built so that's why God's patience is kindness dills trust and love and in our hearts for him let's look at verse 5. But in accordance with your hardness and your impending heart you treasuring up for yourself and wrath and the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God by what attitude does 1 store up the wrath of God against himself. And you know if you have a hard heart what kind of behavior are you going to exhibit. And the more bad behavior you commit are we commit the more we become guilty. Before the judgment Mark on yes. If. Sin is the transcription of the law will see that again here before we get to so as the misbehavior but what's behind in this behavior and that's what Paul and Jesus were getting to yes. So I that's why. You know to change a person's behavior the heart has to be changed in the longer we resist the goodness and the kindness of God is trying to build love and trust with us the more bad behavior we're going to build does God at what is the Day of Wrath what would be another day what would be another name for that day they have judgment. Day of Judgment. All right let's look at verse 6. Chapter 2 who will render talk about the WHO IS GOD there who will render to each according to his watch who will render each. So is God specific Is he a just God and what does he take into account when he renders a recompense are runners judged what happens in a human court do they judge you for your motives are they judge you for your deeds. It's a good question. You know it's a premeditated and we established that but also money is the dean and then they may add penalties for hate crimes and I write in other words that's a motive they tried that the difficulty is trying to judge motives the courts try when the 1st time I have a terrorist acts I will say Why are you have some terrible heinous acts where people's lives are lost why that's the 1st question people ask but it's very difficult to judge some of that but there's no question that you can judge the deed you judge the deed you may not understand why person stole something but the fact that he stole it is a fact. Let's go on to yes. Your. Let me ask you let me ask a question how do we represent justice what kind of. Imagery do we used to represent justice in this. Yes there is a balance but who holds the balance No and I'm talking about the symbol that we use for justice in this. Would you say why she blindfolded she's holding a pair of balances and she's blindfolded why she blindfold. Yes. So partiality Now others it doesn't matter who you are I've been watching some of the interesting debates going on over some issues that are morning get into politically and they're not just talking about the president was talking about the past and some of the argument is are we treating certain people different in this country from a justice standpoint because they are who they are. And sort of saying what did they need to do what did they do now that doesn't mean that God doesn't take into account where we came from and I think that's fair point. That your point God does take into account but there's never an excuse for sin is hunger an excuse does that make it right there. Where we're about Jesus when He have starved to death if he had not had permission he refused to satisfy a legitimate need was hunger a legitimate need. It's a legitimate need he refused to satisfy a. In an illegitimate way he's. Not watching. And that sure takes the blinders off the Lady Justice. Yes. OK Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah a blind attorney assigned there very interesting. All right let me continue on here let's go to verses 7 and 8 because I want to get into Chapter 3 Chapter 3 is 1 of the clearest definitions of the Gospel that we have in scripture just a powerful definition of the Gospel and we want to get into that all right let's look at verses 7 and 8 and get find my place here. OK verse 6 says who rendered each 1 according to his deeds eternal life to those who've up patient continuance in doing good seek for glory honor and immortality but those who are self seeking what's another word when used for that word selfishness and do not obey the truce but obey unrighteousness look at that word obey they don't obey why but they do obey so there's behavior is determined by the condition of the heart again indignation and wrath so the question here that we ask in these 2 verses 2 hearts are revealed that produced 2 different sets of action. List the phrases that describe the 2 hearts so you can do that for me look at the verse tell me the 2 phrases that describe 2 different hearts in human beings in verses 7 and 8 patient continuance in doing good a person who does patient continuance as coming out of the good heart and what's the other phrase then it's the self seeking the self seeking those are the 2 different hearts that are described in that verse OK look at the next question number 9 why do you think Paul put so much emphasis on doing good and obeying the truth yet career goals condition the heart it can build it reveals the fruit of the life and if you have a fruit tree and you have an apple tree and it's a special apple tree wouldn't you want from that apple tree. You want that spark an apple or you want that Cortland Apple you want that apple. And you certainly don't want some gnarly thing that doesn't Yeah you don't want that you you want something specific god wants good behavior he wants good fruit and he should be able to expect that good for what would you rather have would you rather have a tangled mess briers and all that kind of thing or to love to have a well ordered food orchard what would you rather live near Well could you live off of can you can you live off of. Can you can you live off a bramble patch or about that or how to worry about that orchard can you live off the orchard. We do we have we're right over here. Just making just a little bit more room. Arik. That works. Now on our problem so here is my point you can live off an orchard but you can't live off a bramble. Tangle and so go what good works does what a good deeds does it produces an orchard something that's wonderful and good but selfishness produces something that you cannot live with or for OK let's go on to. Well I mean those that note here anyone who teaches the Apostle Paul concept the Gospel leaves man free to disobey without const consequences has not read the preceding verses Let's go to Number 10 I want to read verses 910 and 11. Those are self-seeking bring indignation wrath and then he goes on that also brings tribulation and anguish on every soul of man who does the evil of the Jew 1st and also of the Greek but glory honor and peace to everyone who works what is good to the Jew 1st and also to the degree there is no partiality So if you're a baying the truth we're going to get you're going to get peace and joy and happiness you're going to get the orchard if you're a bang on righteousness and selfishness where you're going to get a tangle of Bramble pile so to speak. And so there is a cause and effect even in the Gospel that happens us look at verse 12. Looking at verse 12 and chapter 2 for as many as have sinned without the law will also perish without the law and as many as have sinned in the law will be judged by the law here are 2 groups of people represented who is the group without the Law The Gentiles are people who don't know no Christ Who are the people with the law they're the Jewish people but if they both sinned what happens to both up to. Now. The verse 12 tells us that both groups die or perish because of sin let's look at it I'm not going to take time to go there because. You know the definition of sin it's the Trents aggression of the law it's a very important 1 let's go down to number 14 in your lesson I will look at verse 1314 is not the hearers of the law who are just in the sight of God but the law of whoa. This Paul teaching out of both sides of his mouth is he saying on 1 side you're saved by your works on the other side of his mouth you're saved by faith in Christ he's clear here that's a clear statement it's the doers of the law verse 13 who will be justified there's that word now he's not teaching out of both sides of his mouth but he is saying that we must have an end result was the end result doers that's what the gospel is all about it's about producing people who are. Of the law. But we can't produce that are on and we understand that and you will see that look at verse again looking at verse 413 according to this text who will be justified except to before God and then you can note the note I wanted to bring I forgot to get it down here maybe I'll bring it tomorrow I wrote an article some years ago called father in law and mother Grace. And showing how the 2 of them worked together father in law and mother Grace I'm not going to get into it today maybe I'll bring it tomorrow and I'll read it to you it's. Just a short it's about $1200.00 words probably 15 or words will take me long to read it but it's just kind of parable that helps to illustrate this whole issue of how the law and the grace work together I will look at the note there just for a moment and right in the center of it. We have an answer to this dilemma this 1 statement puts the entire human race a Jeopardy in the recent we're at jeopardy is because there's no doers of the law that are perfectly all of us have sin and consider the glory of God so I can't just say here's here's somebody that is doing it no they don't exist but those are the only people that can be said so was there any hope for us Paula later declare that not even 1 human being has been a doer of the law this dangerous dilemma must be corrected Paul's answer to the dilemma is the gospel and I can understand that and now never forget that it's the gospel that brings the sinner into harmony of the law of God It's not the gospel that gives us an excuse to do whatever we want to do it's not the gospel and the grace of God is not license. To sin the grace of God is power to bring us into harmony with a log all right all right let's go on down to. A slip at verse 14 and 16. For 1 the Gentiles who do not have the law by nature do the things in the law these although not having the law are a law unto themselves who show the work of the law in chapter 2 verse 15 who show the work of the law a written in the heart to their hearts their conscience also bearing witness and between themselves and their thoughts of using our excusing them in the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel So here's the question how is it that the Gentiles who do not have the written law can never last a bay the law and therefore on the Day of Judgment find some peace with God. What's on. T.V.. When we get to Chapter $7.00 and $8.00 which are like the heart of this we're going to discover 3 laws 3 there are work in the human heart but God has written in the human heart a basic moral code people know basically that it's not right to steal I'll just use that I know that basically that's not a right thing to do. Then basically no it's not right to murder somebody else so there are people who can become convicted of righteousness maybe who have never heard the name of the true God so to speak yes. To him that knows to do good and does it not yeah sometimes people don't know there is an issue of ignorance here Paul talked about that in just a little bit nevertheless the whole human race is under the penalty of death ignorance are no ignorance we're all under the penalty of death and we're all suffering the results of sin let me just let me just go down to verse 16 what phrase suggest that in the day of judgment and this raises over here she raises issue what phrase suggests that in the day of judgment God judges the very hearts of men the source of their deeds what's the Senate say in Chapter and Verse 16. Judges the secrets that's what you and I cannot read about each other and my right but God knows he knows your motives he knows your affections he knows what drives you to do what you do and he measures that in the day of judgment and only he alone can do that all right I'm going to skip down to number 19 I think you can you can do the others but let's look at 24 through 29 here of chapter 2. I am I am on. Lesson 2 yes that would be page would be age 5 I think you know. OK verse verse 24 let's look at verse 24 for the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you. Why is the name of God The last famed among the Gentiles because of the Jews because of their high pocker see you're absolutely right what would do you get thrown in your face nowadays if you say I'm a Christian and you run into a Muslim or you run into an atheist what do they say you say I'm a Christian What's with the 1st things they say if they don't like Christians and they don't like Muslims What's 1 of the 1st things they'll say to you. Yeah I mean you Christians teach 1 thing and you've got the Inquisition or you got the crusades or you got so they take all of that they pollinate and they don't differentiate between. Those kinds of things so when people take the name of Christian you think God is going to hold us accountable and will bit more of a special way because we have a revelation because if we practice high POC Recy what do we do to other people's minds we harden their heart we give them an excuse not to come to Christ that's why it's important that we set good examples. I get beat up sometimes for this but I think we have him in we're not outside the church manual but we we expect our ministers to hold a high standard Why do I do that why do we do that. Because I tell them I say your examples to the flock. We may understand things in in the members that may be perfectly lawful in a certain sense but we expect you to do something at a higher level because you are setting an example and if you're going around and you're careless about the edges of what's good and right then what will the members do or what will they think by the way that's good Biblical thinking as well yes right in the back. And that that's true so it's important I got. I got beat up a few years ago. I had a phone call or 2 an hour interviewing a pastor 1 of the questions that we asked them is are you a vegetarian now I'm going to reason for doing that not that I told you yesterday that meat eating is not a sin if it worse and it would be a sin where all over the world in all places I think I explained that yesterday I don't have to go into that today it's not like stealing but why why do we why do we do that why why are we interested in that or. Let me tell you why because most of our churches are doing health of vandalism they're ministering in their communities and if the pastor hasn't got that figured out in his head and he's. You know he's eating meat and all this thing everybody sees it what kind of leadership can he give if the church is trying to be a blessing in reaching out to the communities that this is pragmatic common sense that makes sense. So I got this phone call really really upset with me telling me that you know we have a right to do that and I was nice and I didn't tell the focus Well you know the truth is you're not the 1 doing the hiring we are. I think they were the ones that are setting what we think we need for our pastors but I didn't. I just listen and then I gave in just exactly what I've just told us we've got all these churches that are doing that so what happens and then got quiet on the other end and it's all yeah you got a point you got a point. We just want Pat I'm not saying you know somewhere they get in some kind of circumstances we don't run herd on that we don't we don't have a place in our workers report where you're pure vegetarian This one's all way every day can you about we don't have anything like that now we just we just want to know that they're with us entering to give leadership to morrow. Healthful living and our teaching of that is do you have to be a vegetarian to become a 7th heaven is no course not but do we want people to live healthily. And is that a better diet Yes even I tell people I said I was talking Vicki referendums you know even if we give people. 50 percent reduction in some of the stuff that's a good that's good. You know what we're trying to lift we're trying to educate educate educate that's what we're trying to well if the educate or isn't. Educated and practicing the education then that makes a bit more different as you're trying to lift the whole OK right back in the back. If I'm playing well. He was right. Back to me. Then. Yeah and if. He. Were better housing people all over this conference there was a day when I used to say to myself we haven't figured out the link between our health of vandalism and seeing people come into the church and I think some of that's been bridge out of that all of it has been what we're seeing people Baptists all of this conference 1 of the big things this is supper clubs where people build relationships with people how many of you have supper clubs in your churches you see your hands I see some hands here and they are doing that like on a monthly basis and that howling and the communities are coming out people are enjoying that kind of thing ending and then they they logically ask well what else might they know this reasonable so kind of a thing so anyway there's a lot of good things happening in our churches we praise God that you know. It's right here who. Are. You. Just. A man a man that was due to for thank you for sharing the Herald thank you so much for sharing it. All right so let's let's look at the say Sure circumcision that's you hear that all through Scripture and why is it such a big issue and so forth let's look down at verse 25 for circumcision that's a Jewish thing on my right it's a Jewish thing so to speak. For circumcision is indeed profitable if you keep the law but if you break of the law then you're circumcision becomes what kind what becomes on circumcision another words just like the porn you just did you can have the sign of circumcision in your flesh and you can say I'm a Jew but if you don't act like want to behave like 1 the that circumcision sign are doesn't mean a thing doesn't mean a thing and that's and that's what he's saying let me go on just a little bit more. Therefore if an uncircumcised men keeps the righteous requirements of the law will not his uncircumcision be counted as so he says this not my mark that you've got in your flesh that counts it's your behavior that counts and that behavior is coming out of your heart again you can't fool them verse verse 27 and we're not the physically uncircumcised as if he fulfills the law judge you even with your written code and circumcision are transcripts or the law I think that Texas pretty clear verse 20 is very powerful for he is not a Jew or we could put Christian or we could but 7th Day Adventist or he is not a Jew who is 1 outwardly nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh but he is a Jew who is 1 inwardly and the circumcision that is of the heart in the spirit not of the learner these praise is not from men but from God. Let's talk about circumcision old it can be a little bit sensitive because we're talking about male reproductive organ here but what what happens here in circumcision helps us to understand this whole issue that every human being faces that comes into the world that that. That piece of skin that is cut off represents what happened to Christ own cowardice cross Christ became sin for all of us he took on our nature now he had 2 natures if you please was a mystery here don't ask me to explain it and nobody can explain it and people have been arguing for millenniums long before the evidence church came along formally but there is just I just accept some things by faith and let me tell you what I accept by faith I accept that Jesus got his character from his father he was as pure as the driven snow but he got his human nature from his mother and it was carnal and he cording to run to the Romans Chapter 6 he took it to Calvary's cross and allowed it to die killed it if you please it was that cutting off of Christ his death that because my death so I have to have something cut out of my life I have to have a circumcision of the heart so what is it in my heart in my affections that has to be cut out. It is Mike's selfish nature it is my carnal nature that has to be cut out and and the Lord says that he does that without hands it's another words he comes into the human heart and it's painful. It hurts it's bloody if you please it's difficult but God without human hands comes into the human heart and it's out. By his power that carnal selfish nature so we should all pray as it were Lord God circumcised my heart. Circumcise I want to cut all out so that I do not have that any longer. Oh Paul says I die daily So it's yes sorry I think there's a conversion experience but we have in a sense we could pray every morning or every day come and cut this carnal nature out cut the selfishness out of my heart I don't want it in my heart and the truth is we're powerless to change our hearts but we can plead with God and press God and urge God and wrestle with God and insist that he gives me a new heart. Yes fight with him if you please that he cut that out of our hearts OK I heard a ha yes. That's what I said Don't ask me to explain. I I oh yeah I have all I know all I know is what the book of Romans says in chapter 6 I'll get there early we can discuss that you can never explain it is like trying to explain that God is 1 and God is 3 there is a blending here of the human and divine and we have 2 camps in the administration which And they each have their text and sphere prophecy quotes. Do I want to get into this. Dr Azzarello do I want to get into this. OK. Here's here's the deal and they say the Jesus never had any carnal nature he had a nature just like Adam had before he says and then the other group comes in to say no Jesus had he's tempted in every way just as we are and he has that same nature that Adam had after he sinned Now here's Jay gal Moore's version. And listen to me here. They're both right and what they affirm and wrong and what they deny he had both and don't ask me to explain. I except by faith and here's why except my faith Jesus was pure as the driven snow which you can't clean up a dirty mess with a dirty rag on the professor can correct me over here. He's smiling but he was tempted in all points as we are and I accept that my faith I I always don't like all these gymnastics people start trying to prove how Christ wasn't a symptom as we are yet he was and so for the fact I think he was tempted worse than we are I think it was to be like we are and he was tempted worse than we are in some regards in fact both of these things set up temptations for Jesus. For us but I just accept the fact that the scripture reveals what I cannot explain I cannot explain how God became a man and a still God and he still man is 100 percent God AND 100 percent. It's a great marvelous mystery and I have to leave it there and that's why I can accept both all those quotes any time you see those type of walls go up in some eyes not stepping back and looking at the big picture in the big picture is all of that is right all of this right is not it is not contradicting It's a paradox for some people's minds who are. Through. Something that you have. Any money or. Norms. Are. Now. Gone where. You can explain is nature. And if you try some people some people get off on the Holy Spirit because they came to claim the nature of the Holy Spirit L.-Y. It says The silence is golden when it comes to trying to explain something like that we can't even comprehend it that's well said Harold it's well said OK. Well. There's lots we don't understand but the Scripture is very clear that he didn't expect temptation for sure and mimic scape our temptations for sure All right let's. Let's go on yes please to some of the. Read of Horus. A man goes the. Middle of. All the words. Man and Woman Thank you so much for sharing that So anyway you can read my note on there and on circumcision we understand there are what it is Dennis OK let's look at let's go to chapter 3 I've got Chapter 3 here to hand out it's in a little different forms maybe you could take care of that side of the room I'll get you to take care of the son's room for me the you. Chapter 3 is it's a wonderful chapter I'd. Ready to get into that I apologize for this being a little different but we had to do new ones you can fold it or whatever you want to do with it but it runs on the same format it was stapled together a little differently here OK chapter 3 why they're handed that out I'm for sake of time I'm going to go ahead and read verses $1.00 and $2.00 chapters 3 what advantage then has the jew or what is the prophet of circumcision verse too much in every way chiefly because to them were committed the oracles of God were the Oracles that's God's 10 Commandments as the teachings as the law on the prophets the Jewish people have is it is true knowledge and advantage is the truth an advantage. Would you trade the truth for error no to have the truth is an advantage and the Jewish people have the truth so they had a they had a real advantage. Look at look at verse 3 let's look at verse 3 For what if some did not some Jews by the way did not believe will their unbelief thank you very much both of you. Will their unbelief make the faithfulness of God Without a fact. And notice the verse that goes with that you can follow along in your lesson verse 4 he uses the word you King James here uses the word certainly not here's where I like the old English better god for bid seems stronger to me certainly not indeed another word you cannot know off on the faithfulness of God even if you have the 10 Commandments even if you know the truth even if you know the oracles of God and you're still unfaithful just because you're unfaithful just because you're a hypocrite will not meet gate the faithfulness of God. Yeah God doesn't change he's going to be faithful certainly not indeed let God be true in every man a liar and has written a lot of these words carefully that you may be justified in your words and may overcome when you are judged question answer who is the you who's the you God So why is it important for God to be judge. What if God were tyrant when he subject him self to any judgement can you think of any tyrant in the world that says yes bring him bring in the Justice Department and check me out I'm talking about tyrants you think Stalin would ever allow an investigation himself why. Scoundrels God create the universe who created you and me all the trillions of cells in our body and every 1 of those cells is busier than New York City so why does god subject himself to being judged. Now is everything to worry about. He's been accused as a not he's a focus of the accusation by the way when things go wrong in people's life who's the 1st person they tend to lean. Well why is god a prime Spock's suspect in the mess. Why is God the primes a prime suspect. He's in charge of everything He created everything so people say well if you created it you must be responsible for this mess and it's a mess this huge sinners should. Now actually. I know. This you know me I color revealed. In seriously. Well we can't figure out everything in this world we're all we're all look at us I mean we're all old age positive We're all dying even the youngest among us ever every every new born baby comes in the world my grandmother used to say born to die. So true this is a terrible thing we're all we're all being subject to it we're all suffering through it so who's responsible let me tell you what Avocet I'll get accused. Pastor bore I'm really enjoying the ones I've been able to hear out you've enjoyed them as much as I have. They got into the scapegoat just a little bit and I'm not going to. Go through all of that but I want to give you just a little bit of update on that and that is that the whole issue of the scapegoat is all about who's to blame the investigative judgment going on now in heaven. Is not only clearing the Saints for translation it's clearing all the accusations against God Himself Here's the God of heaven who subjects himself to his own creatures and says check me out there is the accusation when God does that he's going to come out clear because it's going to be seen in the universe that God is not the prime mover of evil he's the prime mover of good there's only 1 prime mover of evil the prime mover of evil is the devil and his evil angels the devil is the prime mover and a cell is recognized by the universe and that's why you come in the in the millennium the whole millennium comes after the investigative judgment or God is cleared if you please I'm telling you can you trust a God like that you trust a guy like that and that's what it does it builds trust between him and those he rules it's powerful Really it's all right let's look at number 5. And really cover number 5 Summer skip down I'm going to skip the Zeke your 1820 through 31 I'm going to tell you about it but I'm going to skip it for sake of time and easy kewl God is. Israel is upset with God because they saw salvation should be based on a pair of balances and if my good deeds outweighed my bad deeds I should be saved that was the way they thought you can read it for yourself and God said through easy No No If a man is live a good life all of his life and he turns evil he's going to be lost. If a man has lived a horrible life a bad life through all of his life and at the end of his life he turns and repents and gives his heart to me is going to be saved and this will said not fair that is not fair well what do you think it sounds like they might have had a point when you think about it that's right so look at that note under number 7 in the days of easy cure Jews believe that God could be just only if you wait a person's good deeds against as bad deeds if the good ones outweigh the bad ones the person will go to heaven and vice versa they felt this is only fair God rejects this and says he would judge each person according to the condition of his art by God promises to give us new hearts Hallelujah notice that other note under number 8 God pleads with Israel to possess a new heart and a new spirit the only way for sinners to possess a new heart and a new spirit is by faith in Christ wouldn't God be unjust to destroy a person with a faithful heart just as a farmer would be foolish to destroy a good fruit tree the reason a farmer keeps a good fruit trees he enjoys good fruit the reason God keeps alive a person with a heart of unselfish love because he enjoys good deeds the only way you can become a good fruit 3 is to get a new heart and the only way to get a new heart is to trust the savior to give you 1 by faith in Christ Jesus and what he can do for you all right let's look at verse. Looking at Romans 3 verses going back I guess to verse 5 to 7 I mean I've kind of gone through that and I want to skip down now if you don't mind I want to go down to verse verse 9 I think of that point some of that you're going to you're going to see for your own self I want to look at verse 9 for a moment what then are we better than they are Jews better than Gentiles not at all for we have previously charge both Jews and Greeks that all are wise therefore there is no doers of the law that can be saved because they are all charged with being wise sinners as it is written there is none righteous no not 1 there is none I'm looking at verse $10.11 there is none who understands there is none who seeks after God they've all turned aside and he goes down this whole new list of evil and in verse 18 he ends it with this there is no fear of God before their eyes what is it about the fear of God that keeps a person from doing evil do not talk about this yesterday you talk about Eve yesterday now I want you go back to the Garden of Eden from what's what did the devil what did he attack when he went into the what did he attack would she say he said to her can you not eat of the fruit and what did she say because God has said in the day you eat of it you will is that fear yes or no come on it's not complicated. God said very clearly there's a fear factor here in the fear factor is a few eat that fruit will die. If you trust me you won't need it so what does the devil have to do. He's got to break her trust how does he break her trust my attacking her fear of God be following me so if he attacks her fear of God and she loses her fear of God she no longer trust God and immediately she sins that's why the Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and job says the fear of God that is used now people struggle with this I understand there's even a teaching that got going out in a certain institution that I won't name and perfects are of that particular theology had a famous name that wrote a lot of books but he went to University of Chicago or seminary in Chicago and he picked up this whole idea that God never punish Is anybody. That sin is simply the outworking of its own results again it's right in 1 of the firms wrong and what it denies sin is the outworking many times the results that we get in our own life is because of our own foolishness have many of you have ever suffered consequences of your own food rations. Maybe I should ask it another way is there anybody here who's never suffered the consequences of your own foolishness God allows things to work out why it's very interesting statement in 1 place and she says that in the final destruction people have condemned themselves I'm paraphrasing. The glory of God to those who are saved is Life Everlasting But that same glory of God. To the and say it is a consuming fire so he will say or what about John 1st John chapter 4 words as perfect love cast out fear is often pulled out of its context the verse before that says that in the day of judgment we will have baldness. Because perfect love casts out fear so if you have Christ and you are in Christ do you need to be afraid of the judgement no but if you do not have Christ. So what should the Christian be afraid or. Oh yes. Yes to be separated from Christ we should fear to be separate from Christ he's our everything he's our covering He's our so we should fear all Lord don't let me ever be separated from Jesus don't let this union with Christ ever be brokered because of this world God will surely hold the accountable for my sins the fear of God is simply saying that God holds his creatures who gave a free will to accountable for their behavior he will do it no matter with he will do it but how lujah we have a savior. And God doesn't want to hold us accountable isn't that nice he does love us so very much he says I don't want I will I will hold you accountable Well I don't want to. I don't want you cause it's not going to be it's going to be an awful time it's going to be an awful day is going to be awful for me it's going to be awful for you I don't want you to have to suffer that day of judgment so I tell you what I'm going to do because I love you so much and I know how terrible that is and I'm a heart of compassion and I don't want you to suffer that day I'm sending my only be gotten son I'm sending him to Calvary's cross I'm going to give him as a gift to you and if you would just accept him you don't have to stand in the day of judgment. That's why perfect love cast out of fear but there's no such thing as no fear of your god the beginning of wisdom. Your god. That is wisdom. And God is love and that's why Wants To Live us from that day of accountability that's why the gospel becomes so important to us. I got down to 2 or did I get here to hear about OK let's let's look at verse 21 this starts getting in the heart of it I'm looking at the clock I may have to come back at this tomorrow again but now this is a really important 1 this confuses a lot of people. But now the righteousness of God upon but now and 1 the word now verse $21.00 of chapter 3 but now the righteousness of God was the next word apart from the law is revealed being witnessed by the law and the Prophets even the righteousness of God through faith in Christ to all and on all who believe for there is no difference for our of sin and come short of the glory the glory of God being justified freely by His grace of the redemption that is in Jesus Christ and then I'll get into the perpetration of it let me go back to that text how is it that now Paul says the righteousness of God is demonstrated apart from the law the law is God's character the law is holy just and good the law is righteous you can never get in never do you find the prophets or the Apostles ever say that the law is anything but holy just and good they never condemned along so why do we need a demonstration of God's righteousness apart from the law because if if the demonstration of God's righteousness is only in the law we die because we're transcripts or. So God's righteousness will kill us if it's expressed only in the law so he has to find another way to express So how does God express his righteousness away from the law it's in Christ it is in the death and resurrection of Jesus and the life death and resurrection of Jesus he expresses his righteousness is the righteousness found in Christ different from that which is found in the law what are. Yes he did let me use an illustration how many of you breathing oxygen right now. Are are you glad that there's an expression of oxygen in the air and my right. And there is an expression of oxygen right now because you're breathing and I'm breathing and what if you took a fish and put him in this room that's a fish does a fish consume oxygen yes or no. Is the oxygen in the water the same as the oxygen in the air. Yes yes it is oxygen is oxygen. There right. But for the fish if that oxygen is expressed only in the air what happens to the fish he has to have a different expression of oxygen in order to live the right so we have to have a different expression of God's righteousness and order to live and that expression is Christ and the reason for that is found later and that word pro peculation watching the time. Let me let me go down to that word verse 25. God set forth as a perpetuation by His blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness because in his forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed verse 26 there's that word again to demonstrate at the present time that's the now present time his righteousness that he might be just ever justify or of the 1 who has faith in Christ. That we're capitulation in satisfaction a lot of people who don't believe that God punishes they that's where they go they don't like this the work of pitch you a sion means that you satisfy an angry God That's why the devil worshippers bring offerings that's why witchcraft deteriorates and human sacrifice because they're trying to apiece this angry God and people say so so this can't be you can't have you can't have an angry God is being a peace because that would be just like the pagans does justice demand satisfaction yes or no justice demands that if you take the life of another person morrow will not be satisfied into your life. Is for food. So there is a sense of satisfaction to justice now God is not like devils and heathen gods alone make that clear but there is a sense for God as judge who is responsible for justice must be satisfied that justice has been met that makes sense so there is a SU of satisfaction here the big difference between perpetuation with the God of heaven and the devil and he even is and paganism and pagan sacrifices is this that God provides his own sacrifice while those pagan gods demand that you bring is sacrifice you see the difference God looks at Eunice's you even if you wanted to you know or have anything. They can satisfy the justice so I will do it for you I will provide my own son as the pope's situation and he will satisfy my justice and I will let you go free there is the essence of the Christian gospel there is what sets the Christian religion apart from every other religion on the face of the earth there is no other God who sacrifices himself to his own justice and sets us free if you cannot love a God like that there's something terribly wrong the whole universe marvels this How can Jesus 1 life pay for all of our lives I will tell you why what is who is greater What is greater the artist are the art and our world is the artist know is the art. But in God's world is the artist as more valuable than the art and obviously it makes common sense the Creator is more valuable than the Created Human Right so if Jesus is from eternity any is and if by his hands according to John chapter 1 in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God the joy witness put a period right there we don't and the Word was God then when Jesus died on carries cross his sacrifice is worth the entire universe including all of us that's why his 1 sacrifice can pay for all of us. And that's why an angel cannot take our place the Creator Himself who took responsibility for the creation by sending His only begotten son to become the perpetuation God sacrificed himself to his own justice and set us free. That's why I'm out Mariah when I say the knife is above Isaac God said don't touch the lad and end the bushes was a ram and God provided the RAM and place of Isaac. Our heads. Father in heaven we don't cannot even comprehend what a great and marvelous gone you are we can understand such depths of long Father in heaven please not only give us deeper revelations of your lama who give us heart. That can appreciate it. And be grateful. In Jesus Name. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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