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Romans- Part 3

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM


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Gracious Father in heaven you're so good to us thank you for your loving mercy to us as we focus a day on these great teachings of the Apostle Paul for their own hearts with. Jesus' name. Was never a time want to study this that I don't. Charge myself. At the. Center of everything is the gospel Well I left you yesterday with a thought about the very essence of the Gospel anybody want to give me that back can you give me that back today the very essence of the gospel all right and he started out God sacrificed his own son to his own justice. And set us. Free That's in contrast to the pagan concept that as you bring your sacrifice even your own child but God says you can't bring any sacrifice and. We're soul so because you can't. Do it for you and it's having faith in him who does it for us. Is were and how the just so low blow. That's where we left yesterday and I want to go back to Rome and separate 3 parts of that that I also want to take a look at so if you got your lesson number 3 we will start looking. Starting looking again at verse the whole section of verse 21 to 26 is very very powerful to talk about perpetuation or fichu ation is satisfying the justice of God but that satisfaction is provided by God Himself instead of us having to try to provide that do you think you could you know the thing is you can never satisfy justice yourself why could you never satisfy God's justice. Well us through but let's say that that the justice of God required your life so you could never satisfy God's justice and still. Not in order to satisfy it you have to die and and that's why. Yeah that's right so that's why the Jesus satisfies it for us. And so now we can live what was the. Let me see if I did any good yesterday. Righteousness is exhibited apart from the law what kind of illustration I use to explain that. Oxygen remember that when oxygen is oxygen is it not righteousness is righteousness. The righteousness of God never changes but he has to express it different or a fish or the fish will die so what he did in Calvary's cross and in Christ he expressed his righteousness differently the method used to express it is different just like air and water. But in the water and the expression of Calvary's cross of God's righteousness we don't die we live in that good news and so that's that's why this is so very very important to us it wasn't some people use that why he expressed it apart from ours the law something bad the laws not something bad is just that when we have Mount Sinai it will kill us but when you have cowards cross they'll say. So that's different but God's law doesn't change his righteousness doesn't change his righteous requirements don't his expectations don't the expectations of good behavior doesn't change it's just that we cannot produce that the behavior with just the expression amount Sinai we have to have the expression of cowers cos. That's why this chapter 3 is so so very very powerful I want to. I want to look at verse. 20. 2 thinking on this to be this way All right let's let's go to no another the had that right there well I'll do this here let's look at us look at verse 20 who are look at 23 for ALL have sinned fallen short of the glory of God being justified what's the next word really really means what now I know if you listen to the average houses in the world they say free they don't really mean freedom. But God means free. No Reservations what's wrong right teach belay sions and Paul is battling with the early Christians who have a hard time getting this straight they were Jewish Christians and they'd spent their life going through all the ceremonies and all the feast days there were 7 Sabbaths given that the creation of the sanctuary and they spent their life going through this and so when they became Christians but they just were absolutely sure that it was Christ whole US circumcision if you wanted to be say in the words of Christ plus something and I I summed that up a sum the Apostle Paul up Ingle ations by saying in his Christ you're saved by faith alone in Christ plus nothing really a link given to us and the text goes on by his grace for I go right ahead. Yeah yeah I suppose we have a you know. I've got some young people in here so you forgive me. But when you're when you're in those teenage years as a lot of things you don't quite grasp sometimes and I'm a grasp and sometimes as adults we don't do a good job I'm told the principals here are told him oh you know you have rules here like 1 of the big bunny rules here is a bad rule to do who the reason is don't be to and chewing gum at Great Lakes I'm all right you went to great need you go to great lengths. I'm right now are not an Advil Now there's another 1 now there's a reason for that you know what the kids do when they. Stuck on the day that whatever whatever has nothing to do. With your acceptance with God It has everything to do with making the streetlights work in my right you know so what I'm saying here but sometimes kids can get that separated. And sometimes we don't do the job but let me go back to the spree. We are justified freely by his What's that next word grace on talk about that what is. In this contacts grace means what God did for you and the at Calvary scrawls totally and completely outside of you and the how many were cowards cos nobody in this room. This is God's acts for us. Outside of us and he did it out of his grace because he loved us he just did it for us and so that is that's what grace is something that it's our salvation if you please if we want it accomplished for us totally and completely outside of us yes. Yes that's good that's excellent Now here's where sometimes our Some people get mixed up on this and are Roman Catholic friends tend to get mixed up on the Although they they use the language trying to make bridges with Protestants both you got to read it carefully you got to read the details. They haven't changed. Who are then it is God's grace I'm outside of God's grace us a poor end to us too don't misunderstand me but for them your salvation is accomplished by God's grace pouring into you and then you somehow acting that out the Protestant thinking on that is no God's grace save provides salvation for you totally and completely outside of yourself so there is no mixture as far as salvation is in the justification is concerned now sank of patients the work of God's grace in my life and by the way you cannot have true justification now getting more of that later you can't really have to justification without sent another words. The what God accomplishes for me he also wants to do in me but what he did for me is how I'm justified what he wants to do in me is transformed me and and there's a big difference between the 2 and yet they're very very closely. Related So we want to make sure that we that we understand verse verse 24 being justified if you look at number 19 looking at verse 24 in your lesson 3 we are said to be justified by a gift that's given to us by God's grace what is the gift and winded God's grace make it they will to us underline the word. I get into Chapter 5. I want to be careful where I don't. And I don't get into arguments with vote but there are some who think that everybody is totally and completely justified it Calvary's cross and that the only way you can be lost is to reject God's grace. We get in Romans Chapter 5 tell you why that approach is wrong sometimes it's semantics but the truth is that the Book of John says as many as received Him to them gave he power to become the sons of God So you're not automatically say there's not an eternal justification but certain justification is provided for us I'll get more into that as we get into Chapter 5 just a little bit and it's easy to see why people might come to some of that conclusion as well all right so what is the gift the gift of His only begotten son and when did God's grace make it available to us it was it was at the cross verse 25 we talked about that word capitulation yesterday and I'm not going to go back through that today I want to look down at her. 25 and 26 you're still with me again. Whom God set forth as a whole situation Wise Blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness that were demonstrates important because in his forbearance God passed over the sins that were previously committed to demonstrate at the present time his righteousness Now here is the punch line that you find all through Scripture so that God can be just and the justifier so that God can be just as the judge at the same time show mercy Now that's a big question how can you get both justice and mercy together because it appears in our world that the 2 cannot mix I mean if you stole the whatever and you go before the judge the judge has to convict you and you're guilty and he has to convict you that you stole X. according to the law there's a punishment for that. The judge is not just at liberty to say well you know a bushel heartening too and in fact the lawyers will tell you that not even ignorance is an excuse no justice justice the god is not only just if God were only just back he could have he could have destroyed the world and been just because it is not just just God is also merciful. But and this is an amazing thing we think about. God Neither gives up his justice he doesn't water it down he doesn't work the word I want change it that's what God's law can't be changed if God could have changed his law and saved us he would have done it rather than sent His only begotten son to countless cross but God doesn't do that because he cannot because it is in his law is in South and let me give you another reason for that with out the law of God Life would not exist. To take this with you know the context context. Life is organization when your body ceases to be organized whether it's old age that gets us or whether it's some kind of disease or whatever what happens to life die it's law that makes organization possible so God created a god it's in self and his lot reflects his character so when he made the law it wasn't online you know I just kind of think I like that when it says on your father mother I mean I'm just partial I'm just going to put that 1 and know that every 1 of those 10 Commandments is absolutely essential for the existence of wild. So if you change it what you get then. God cannot change and sell you not you not change is just so why why discard have such anger at sin. Isn't. Our Yeah. Any of you ever spent would you say. Yes Yes And that always in. Your nurse so you know. We're good neighbors of. Let me let me just that Pakistan just a little bit more here if you don't have an organization what do you have. Hey I was always produces I mean like to live in chaos. No you want to be organize. Organize in order to be preserved life in order and all of them so that's that that's why God can change his tipple So he's going to be just or here's the point I want to get to and I will come back to that point why does God hate sin so. OK Man I'm on talking how many fathers Why haven't I OK OK Listen guys you got a 1 year all playing in the yard and you see a rattlesnake crawl toward that 1 you're some of what you're going to do not tell you what you better not be doing you better not say Oh. Oh Mercy almost no you've got a horror her. Know if you're the father I think you are if you're the man I think you are yeah chill at playing with anything you get your hands on and you going to kill it fast why. Well the women will tell you if you can't figure that there I think you've got it figured out we've got to get out no we guys we got to get out now now it's in your anger toward the snake is in proportion to the love you have for your daughter or your song I'm right because that's snake is a threat to that life and so you're going to kill it that's why God hates soon let me tell you God's reaction to soon is predictable just like that father a normal good father's behavior is predictable when that snake cross toward his toddler predictable because what send this calls into God's mercy 3 and starts to the straw is to use oh right to be angry it's all righteous indignation is not the arbitrary sinful kinds of anger that we see expressed in this we're not talking about that thing we're talking about that's why I use the word judicial anger our judicial or wrath because God is going to protect if he's got it all and the is he's going to protect life but the same time God is merciful Now let me really confusion. The problem is the God's children all have snakes or are. So what God wants to do is can he exhibit his mercy in a way to deliver us from this justice or this is not merely I'm legal transaction there actually has to be a change in J. Golomb want my right. He's not only got a pretty good my son. He's got a transforming salon now in harmony with the rest of you. So I can live. That's what this is all about. That's why we can't just have the forgiveness of arson. We must have the forgiveness of Lawson's but we also must have the transform ation of our characters in order to be in harmony with the God who loves us and that is good news and that's what our God does to you promise them all the way through Scripture This is just and the just and the justifier of the center you hear God say justice and mercy you hear those things 2 things together you hear him say loving kindness and truth so as Christians we always want to keep loving kindness and truth together never apart we always want to keep justice and mercy together now our region my little a promise I do this yesterday my will now probably shouldn't take on the this moment do it and will. I wrote this little piece here and I want to share it because it kind of demonstrates I think. What I'm trying to say here not that you're not getting it I'm sure that you are. But we have to sometimes understand OK here we go in our media culture competition between men and women is encouraged and cheered on yes each gender has created distinct each gender was created distinct and special are the creators and yet he created them for harmony not rivalry was never God's plan for husbands and wives for men and women to be and rivalry with 1 another as my common extra. Nevertheless above this planet so filled with strife and commotion still sense a creator's decoration what God has joined together let not man put asunder and the plan of salvation God also married to powers like husband or wife the law and the gospel are uniquely different yet the Savior has you $900.00 them in harmony to save the world naturally Satan the father of rivalry has conspired to divorce what God has joined together the report of their divorce laundry has created lots of stress among the children of father in law and mother gospel in the same way children are confused in torn between 2 separate parents so misinformed Christians become confused trying to figure out how to be loyal to both. These confused Christians ask why is Father law also concerned about what I do what does mother gospel mean when she says I'm free from for the last father a law or is father more right when he says I must obey all his commandments sometimes the stress gets so bad that the children think they have to choose between the 2 then of course there are fights between the children that defend father law and those that if in gospel mother mother gospel but all of this distress is unnecessary you see father law and mother gospel contrary to the propaganda have never ever been divorced. And fact just the opposite is true they love each other deeply and passionately the divorce rumor is alive the father of lies you see Mother gospel knows that father Lall is the perfect man he's so strong they fall and through unselfish love is the foundation of his wisdom and she rest secure and contented in Islam he's never arbitrary or. These are always trustworthy and honorable you see no 1 loves life like Mother gospel and she knows what most don't are the law doesn't just make up the rules his commands ours essential to life as water without his commandments life could not exist there is nothing about him she does not absolutely admire inspires her love like no other is understanding fills her with admiration respect her love for him as unquestionable unchangeable and limitless To be sure there is a love story made in heaven to be sure a father law knows that in certain circumstances his perfect laws absolutes. While his laws the laws of life and happiness he has no way to rescue the rebels who have sinned against his law of love alone you can only execute justice. Once a human being sins than judgment and remove all as the only way he has of keeping the universe clean and preserve rebellion if allowed to stand will bring disorganization and death to all universe so you can see why Father law must insist on justice yet he moved longs to say the rebellious So when he saw mother gospel for the 1st time it was love at 1st sight. In its fondest imaginations you never imagine a woman so glorious he was overwhelmed by the sheer loveliness of her grace her Grace had marvelous power on 1 hand she could satisfy the Broken Man the same time she could restore repentant sinner to harmony with the laws of life they're very different from himself you know to several things they had in common they were both passionate about life both love harmony and beauty both hated death both embrace selfish love that was the foundation of law mercy and life itself she was so amazing grace he knew that herself that her self-sacrifice in nature was the essence of life itself with his heart brimming with love he takes her hand and drawls her wisdom and power to himself he forever wants to hold her in his embrace So you see father law and mother gospel have their arms around each other as they work for our salvation she has abilities he didn't and he had to build the she did together they can accomplish the impossible but only together so how does Father long mother gospel work together to save sinners 1st father all convicts the centers of his sin and sin confront some of the consequences tough love sinners overwhelm earthly fills the awfulness of his guilt next he feels a terrible mess of his penalty and then he longs to escape in sinfulness and there restored to Father laws approval and esteem when Father law hears that cry his frown is replaced with a smile without saying a word he simply points to his glorious wife mother gospel she quickly pulls the weeping Center child under her wings together father in law and mother gospel do the impossible with mysterious spiritual power they adopt this child and give him the news mirror Acho conception the law of life is there because father in law is the father. And the grace and forgiveness of God is there because Mother gospel is the mother now and pain and suffering poured out on cowers cross mother gospel gives a spiritual birth to the new creature Christian child previously sinner child is born in freedom from the laws penalty curse he's been for Born Free to live the laws of life he grows healthy and happy as long as he trusts his mother as long as he's under the wings of her Gracie say under those wings he sometimes stumbles but mother Grace picks him up sometimes the old way of life comes back to haunt him but Mother gospel kisses away his tears sometimes doubt and fear sweep over him of the songs of mother gospel calms and reassures him of his eternal home as long as he trusts mother gospelly safe but if he loses faith in her he has everything to fear mother gospel teaches Christian child that while far the law can be fearful to someone outside and grace He has nothing to fear because he's under her grace so we leave the scene on this new family there's Mother gospel her wings of grace spread over Christian child they're sitting at the feet of father in law while he teaches Christian child the way of life Christian child is amazed at the wisdom of Father law he wonders how could have ever been afraid of such wisdom mother gospel as the most glorious look of serenity she watches the seeing occasionally fall the law glances at Mother Gospel and the flash of that eye contact is expressed the passion of unselfish love that is both supreme leader and marvelous love the vine. That was a little bit helpful. Gives you kind of the picture of what the book of Romans is expressing it. It was some years ago but. I'm Junie lot of things and yet most of I just want to give a little picture of that here this 1 all right 1st let's look at verse 27 where is boasting then is excluded by what law works know the law they verse 28 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from the law the word is not against the law. Justified apart from the law because of cowards cross and. And the deeds of the law or is he the God of the Jews only is he not also the God of the Gentiles just of the Gentiles also since there's only 1 there is 1 God who would justify the circumcised back pay and the uncertain saas bahu they do that would be hard for the Jewish people that dating cept that. Early Christians wrestle and then he comes down the punch line do we then make the law say certainly not and I praise the Lord that he finished that sentence by saying On the contrary we watch. Stablish the law so 1 of the accusations the Apostle having against him was a preacher Paul you preaching all the stuff and telling people that they are saved by faith in their saved by grace they're just going to go out here and be lawless they think you given them a license to sin he said that's not true in fact he said what we've done is a stablished the law so question answered for you how disgrace a stablish the law. OK someone looking for. Your very very close friend. That's a good answer. OK Let me ask you yes. OK. OK hear me let me come back to her answer just a little bit you will say your answer again OK now I'm going to put a little bit of extra on top of that because so we get that here that that's at the heart of it. The the a part of the possible use give these people a license to sin you know that you've given them grace I can just go do whatever they want to do but here's the deal if if if it's just me in the law I'm already a sinner and it's going to want to me. And it's not going to get a stablished is it and maybe establish their business stablished and me and we need this thing a stablished among sinners so the only way the law God will get a stablish is if I have a conversion experience I accept by faith but more Jesus who comes into my life he's the living law he changes my heart puts me in harmony with him and now I am in harmony with the law and the Law God is a stablished where in my heart. So Grace doesn't make more of the Law God grace not only leaves the go all gone intact but it also stabs the law of God in my heart by the living Christ and now I who was once a sinner have now established the law of God So still the law of grace given me a license to us and it has empowered me to become obedient in harmony with that makes sense. No I say it that's right Grace empowers and that's a powerful tax we do not make void the law when we. Are 8 please. Yes. You love me commandment so that's saying the saying in another way isn't it because you can't keep the commands of God without love so well OK let's let's hurry on here and we'll we will leave Chapter 3 I think and we will move on to chapter 4 and Paul now is going to try to if he's like a a lawyer he's saying I'm going to give you exhibit A And they exhibited a is Abraham and I want to go down to verse 3 of chapter 4 verse 3 of chapter 4. But what does the Scripture say Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness so the question here is an inverse 3 there are 3 key words here and this verse what are they 3 key words. Yes yes credited believed and righteousness now that we're credit is a is a real important word I'm going to take through my wife's a C.P.A. so I've lived with a C.P.A. for a long time I think I know a little bit about it just a little bit OTT don't ask me to be your C.P.A. he will come ask me for tax questions are you talking the wrong words ago father but there are some basic things I've got I got down. C.S. degree in elementary ed to says she loves kid stuff so anyway it's a unique combination. But. I got this figured out I've got to figure out if I if you start when you open a bank account. How much money do you have in your bank account 0 you know you open it and then at some point you have to do something about it to change the 0 am I right OK so you have put money in there. Start to give another illustration from John Lennox well for Americans own it you go another way but. At any rate so you have money you have to be credited G. your account now since just think about your life as a bank account for just a moment think about that. How much are you born with. Now you have balance we're not more of the negative balance because we don't believe the original soon in other words we're suffering the effects of sin when we're born but you're not guilty for Adam soon OK So let's say that you were born with 0 just for sake of argument that by the way be careful real suasion you know you don't want pushing too far when get 1 call. So let's say that you you live your life and so whore and and pretty soon you know I have 0 and there you have a negative balance we know what negative balance mean. Many many years ago my wife and I had a they came out with his bank account I said never were and we didn't have a problem bad sex in a way to go why Paul was over that was so we'll just automatically give you a line of credit that's And so you if you write you can that you'll have a debt when you do that well it doesn't take very long to find out that your bank account is in down here so you've got real problems you're not just a 0 you're in debt now I Calvary's cross What did Jesus do. Or did he bring the bank account to Dizzy rope that's correct. You forgave your past sins M.R.I. profess not and now. You can't live on 0 All right so what Jesus did for you and me is either positive his own righteousness. About that when you live with that yeah you can live for the Possum's so however his cross not only wipes out our debt but he puts eternal amount of money in there so you can live. And so if you listen to this thing about Abraham and credit his credit of righteousness OK Let me let me go down just. A little bit a little bit more here listen look at verse 5 but to him who does not work but believes on him and that really that work you have to understand in the context of people take stuff out of context. By the way sometimes we get 2 months worth of war I want microscopic and some of these things but to him who does not work but believes on the end doesn't mean that he's not a needy and it means that he doesn't believe that he's saved by them were. In Him who does not work but believes on Christ who justifies the ungodly his faith is accounted as righteousness' let me put it this way his faith in Christ is accounted as righteousness' because Christ comes into his life and when Christ comes into his life he brings all his righteousness with. And then we go down through Dave in there look at verse 8 this is a very Blessed 1 lesson is the man doing the Lord's will not impute or account sin and that's a wonderful thing Paul in verse 5 this policy a law breaker when he says but the 1 who does not work the answer that is no he simply means 1 who does not trust himself but trust Jesus or salvation I want to converse 13 I'm kind of moving down through here just pulled the some of that you can work through. But verse 13 says for the promise that he Abraham would be the heir of the world was not to Abraham or his seed through the Lall another words god did not say to Abraham Abraham I'm giving you this promise I'm going to give you this world and to your heirs if you will obey me when you Bay me then I'll give it to because Abraham was already dead in the water it is not going to happen because that could that he couldn't Abraham when that promise meant to me there was nothing he could do to perform. To do that because he's already in trouble so all argues that God did not give the promise to Abraham based on Abraham's obedience but he gave the promise to Abraham if Abraham would have faith in this with me now facing Christ is not a theory based on Christ brings a reality to our lives your brings the living Christ into our lives and so that's that's why that is that is so so wonderfully powerful. The answer I put there God promise Abraham is a sin as they were here at the World Number 10 verse 13 why was it impossible for God to grant the promise based on works of the law approach to righteousness and here's the answer I put down of mine and that is the new world would be filled with the meek meet Miss comes when there's a new heart and a new heart can only come by a month a month and a ship by faith in Christ like place you get then you are and so that's why I couldn't it was impossible. All right verse 1516 says. That the law brings wrath and I've already talked about that just let me just reach 16 therefore it is of faith that it might be according to grace so that the promise might be sure to all see all the see not only to those who are of the law but to those who are of faith of the Abraham who is the father of us all Paul says Abraham was saved by faith and everybody that is saved by faith is going to be the children of Abraham in that good news the good news is that you're in Christ you're Abraham see an error according to the promise it's not about your Ethen Tiffany that makes you a child of Abraham it's your faith that makes you a child. And that don't let me go right back to what you. Say without works is what was never a faith the star will now listen here for if you have true faith in Christ you will always every time her duce good works in the law. But it is faith alone. Were. So many teach that Con and they. That you can have faith and say that it doesn't matter what you do what kind of faith it is that is dead. That they cannot say only true faith and save you but it yeah but it's the faith in Christ that induces weekends in my life we will produce good works but those works are not meritorious to me another words I'm say because when Jesus diff me outside in the all calibers cross by virtue of what he did for me else me on countless cross and I put my faith in him he now literally comes in the Mark and his his presence in my life and my mind in my factions his presence produces in the good works with those works are offered up and said look see those good works how you can say J. now because now now that's just the result that's just the fruit but it's not in the Torah or the material so I got that word right. So it doesn't it doesn't make you. Is not what saves you what saves you is what Christ did for you on Calvary's cross and it is his presence in your life by your living faith that produces good works and God looks at the good works and he says now that makes me happy but he doesn't say that atones for your sins follow me is a number that makes me happy because now Jay's in harmony with the universe but that's not what say Jay what saved him was the death of Christ on power scrawls because Christ alone would pay the penalty All right good yes you know question. Well because God God is going to give you a reward with that reward is not. It has nothing to do with your salvation and you put it another way when you give your heart to cry she becomes trial. If you have a child and that child as good things that make you happy but does that child do good things to become your child. You hope he does good things because he is your child and he loves you. And there is the. That's why we we want to do good works and do the right thing because God is our Father Jesus our elder brother and they went to a big powerful magnificent effort to make me true to their child so I never heed God's law to become His child or to win his approval because I have already been accepted in the beloved but I obey because I love him and it's perfect love that cast out was not if I lose my love God doesn't force him self. So if I decide I don't want to love him anymore he may be patient and long suffering and long suffering is a Lego weasel but if I end this that I'm not going to love him anymore and I don't want to be our parents anymore and I don't agree my father anymore and I want out of the adoption we will let him go and then there's fear again. When they didn't have. Any with me following me any questions on you have a question we hear me OK. You know it's well said when Jesus comes into my heart your heart or my prayers is Lord. Make me willing to be with. You me the will to do what's right. I don't have that power my own song. What sin has done to us we're not we're not guilty as some teach We're not guilty for Adam's sin. The sins of the children not charged to the fathers of the fathers to the children rather than do that you just say OK Adam was your father that you're guilty now but let me tell you what it has done to us it has hurt us and our propensities for lack of a better term to our leanings so with that 1 I am born my genes are Epogen a medic So what do you want to call that's been a part of my life for my grandfather my grandmother and on back and on back and all the ancestors you have by the way you have a lot of ancestors you go bags a little ways goes like this and then she goes like this 1 just to add a mini that spreads out like this you know and so you you look back over your ancestors and you may have inherited a propensity from you know. 5 grandmothers back or 5 grandfathers back at you just that gene shows up there cause it was damaged so what what Adam did was he polluted the whole gene our genes so that we had this then cells. Which are not a sin or to use. Well some people would debate me on that and I would say I would just be quiet so I can get home and separate 5. There is another dynamic there their sinful nurse and their sinner. And and we'll get to that done and it clock keeps running on it's doesn't. All right. Let me let me look at. OK I'm going to I'm going to look at verse 20 before I get out of Chapter 4 there's other things here that you I think you can you can do well with but let me look at verse Let me look at verse 21 about Abraham he did it talks about his weaknesses so for oh why was Abraham a perfect man. Tell me what the deal is Abraham was about his wife twice. I said Lord why didn't you spank him good so you didn't do the 2nd. More than answer me a word. That's his business I'm all right. I wasn't there J You're not responsible for a RAM I happened to be. He said it is making a verse on me didn't help. I said he was not being very good you still rescued him how many times is God rescued us we were. Now would take that for granted. Grace is not a license and. Should bring us to repentance but all of the 7 had those times alive and said more than 1 dude who did thank you for delivering me and. Listen to this verse 20 but he did not waver at the promise of God I said waiver Lord why slot about his wife and I don't even understand that man's thinking about that lovely wife he had I mean he's trying to save us all life at the sacrifice of her purity and always bugged you to its own words as Abraham it would stem so much that woman US My wife. Instead he was saying. To me my dear wife Don't get me killed. It be better I go there anyway. He did not waver because when the whole situation was done Abrahams to. 1 tell you something else I don't know I could pass the test and. Wasn't that God didn't test and after that. That your son and then God or Dan. Pushed. On. Ice and they ran past that. We were absolutely. At that point in his life absolutely. In God's law and was about Abraham that he. Do it because I. Couldn't understand why God would ask the do it well God must be able and God was not questioned and so he did it so when the test terms Abraham doesn't what he. Listen listen to this I ask people what you want to strengthen your faith I mean what strengthen your pay here's a key right here here it is you not waiver the promise of God verse 20 through unbelief but was strengthened in faith giving was to God the more painful You are the more you remember God's goodness the more time you say God thank you for doing that thank you for doing that I remember when you did that thank you Lord God I give you my worship I give you my Thanksgiving be specific in your Thanksgiving the more you do that the greater and stronger your faith will be. What stronger faith your glory to God. I like verse $21.00 being fully convinced that what he God had promised he was able to perform God said Isaac is the inheritance he's the promised son now God turns around says sacrifice Isaac Abraham says to himself. All right God I am going to do it because I'm fully commutes that the poor Imus you made about Isaac you're able to perform no matter what. That's powerful and therefore verse 22 it what was the it. In who they think God it was accounted to him. 23 now it was not written for his sake along I want to say how to lose you to that. That it was imputed to him but also verse $24.00 for us you put your name in there Initial be imputed to us who believe in Him who raised Jesus Jesus our Lord from the dead who was delivered you now get get a load of this next verse it was delivered because of our of since is and was raised because of their justification woes help me out with this how many of you have ever saying the song Jesus paid it all once you have that song I love the song Jesus paid it all on cowards cross but I want to tell you this is in the care of. Jesus that alone was not enough. Death alone. Might give us of our soon. But it cannot. Happen. A there. Not a server dead Christ who simply forgave our pasts we serve a living Christ can wipe out our sins. And present us informed. Her that that's why that is such a power. I will read it again because the whole next chapter predicated on. Verse $25.00 who was delivered up because of our sins crucified and was raised are resurrected because of our justification it's the 2 together that transforms us and makes us computers. Now the next word and Chapter 5 person 1 is the word what. They're who are manes because of verse 25 so because the verse 25 I'm going to tell you the rest of this part we say they're poor we have been justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom We also have access by faith into this grace and which we stand and rejoice in the hope and the glory of God So we have this we have this is just occasion. Set prices a person so you have this wonderful fact that you are peace with God in a wonderful thing to be these. People who are not at peace with God are miserable but look at bursts. No 2 through whom who's the whom Jesus we also have access by faith into this grace. In which we what we stand I like the terminology he says we have access through faith so if I believe in Jesus as my own savior that opens the door and now I have access to his grace. And it's in that grace that I stand let me give him. Some years ago my wife not and so we want to move out of the country and so. We start looking around for a house almost country and. The house that we had still had a mortgage on of course and so in order bought a new house we're going to have to get a mortgage. With me and so I you know I just don't have the money just go check my property I need somewhere to sell this in order to be able to qualify a little mortgage over here now there might have been some I would take a chance on me and give me a bridge loan I didn't do that before I do or do that against very expensive. Paperwork was terrible and so forth so what we saw we wanted to do this so we started looking around and. We had a friend who's now passed away it was not a 7th Day Adventists and. And he found out that we were going to do that and he just told us 1 day he says now we're gonna says Bob a house you want to check and you can pay me back when you sell your house. That's fine and we were paying interest of course. And. That's your mike's like a lot easier that's great. Thank you so much so we found the house and we bought it and it ain't came time to close and I have faith in my friend I have faith in my friend because. I would have faith in just anybody but I knew that he could form in Jesus for hole. In it before if he tells you he'll write you a check and you write a check. If he tells you I can picture heart in picture heart. You know. You can. I knew the snake for him to closing in by realtors and you. Know OK well why did I call him a bear harmless a realtor's on a stink closing I mean that's a closings where they get paid everybody gets paid. All the time so we came close and so the realtor was there and the people were buying the house in there and so for so we sit down rule for looks around you knows we have not taken a mortgage out on this new house so there's no any around. Leans over to me and he says Who's that. And I leaned back and I said Without him there's no deal. He said Who is it. And I told him his name. Is what you tell me that start with I want to worry about. While he goes even the realtor knew. He could inform. You perform. And my wife and I stood in a new house not new new new US in this country house because. I stand guard. This is not an on off. Relationship God adoption is his child he was. Not playing games. Response adoption hope. Every word. So I'm standing in. Now does that mean that I'm always going to perform. But it doesn't mean that he has the power to pick me up and dust me all and get me set back on the straight and narrow and he also has the power to change my heart to bring repentance and to give me a willingness to do and he does all kinds of things for me doesn't it but 1 thing that God will not tolerate or ever is reborn. I cannot continue to stand in God's corps if I insist and. Persist on. Rebellion at some point hung on too long enough will undo everything that is done. Thank God. Thank God that would stand ins Gross thank God that it's not an on and off again relationship every time our car around it's on our all thank God that he not 1 supplies the power but he never takes away your choice. Or there were. Some. No name. Papar is Jesus I want you and I trust you 1 got the head. All right then verse 3 foreign cop talk about the difficulties and challenges that God takes us through verse 4 talks about perseverance and character what is Godless go through trials and difficulties and challenges. Developing our character and he's doing something for us. I don't like pain and suffering any more than anybody else verse 5 now hope does not disappoint because the love of God as been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. We got just about 4 more minutes and tomorrow I want to get I want to get into this Adam and 2nd Adam are let me finish here verses 6 to 11 and the next few minutes chapter 5 when we were still without strength and due time Christ died for the ungodly Now that's Grace again he didn't die for us when we were godly he didn't die for us by the way I tell people you know if people live together without the benefit of a marriage they're a bunch of illegals with me on this. That's kind of popular thing to do in a lot of people about ways not just young people baby boomers all kinds of people living together the men in America but they're legal so here in years while they're leaderless because I say to someone they say you know if you perform well if you perform well we'll maybe out maybe if I get enough good performer the poor we die I'll make it illegal but marriage is based on faith and the principle of love so that when you when you marry somebody you're saying you know I want you know that I I choose to love you for better or whore for richer are for and you know the drill I choose to love you that's principled love and I trust you I trust that we're going to have a good life together and that we're going to try to perform to make each other that's a. And it's based on good good solid things it turns out and a very very happy song 1 that gets broken that there's problems so the grace of God Christ died for us when we were still ungodly so that he might offer us the security on his love verse 7 for scarcely a righteous man will die yet for perhaps a good man someone would even dare to die But God demonstrates His own love towards us that while we were still sinners Christ died for us that's Grace you haven't performed you haven't earned anything you haven't even said I want you God he just performs and provides that grace so that we can have the grace. By his power now look at verse 9 much more then having been justified by his blood set right if you please and by the way let me stop right there why did it take the beloved wife that So quarrel you know some people make fun of Christians who sing that song there is a fountain. From manuals then they say look at roast let it rest there but we love the song there is a fountain filled with wrong and their annual. And what happens when we plunge beneath that. We are. Why 1 of the setting of crowns. Or. A life is in the blood lust of the Bible says. We don't smirk says and. Medicine doctors 2 on what we do have 1. If the blood if blood doesn't. Is the blood isn't. The whole trouble. When the 1st things you do they go into emergency rooms and take your. Blood and they run the blood sample down to the lab and they were to see what's going on with the bug over them but we. Still are part of the life. All right. Much more than having now been justified as blood we should be safe from wrath through. For if we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of a son much more having been reconciled we shall be reconciled we shall species saved by His life not as a powerful thing to end all I want to end on the next verse but let me just let me just sink this home if when we were in a means Christ guide and wiped out you know made it possible for our sins to be forgiven pay for our sins. Now listen to the hope of all if he did that when we were enemies how much who are can he do for us when we become His children when we are reconcile how much. If we can do that when we were only think of what he can do for us when we are His friends call Father in heaven thank you thank you. For loving us Lamont. You never give up your justice never give up your mercy. Returning And before you. Worship the. Great. In Jesus Name. 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