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Exit the Dragon: Spiritual Dangers of Martial Arts- Part 3

Bayani Pastrana




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Heavenly Father we thank you for the opportunity to come together once again and to look at some Prince pulls in right living in Lord we pray they guide us by your spirit and for those are yet coming we pray that those you bring them swiftly here that they catch even beginning parts of this just be with us give us guns open our eyes that we may see and our ears that we may hear in Jesus' name we pray Amen Hey welcome once again to. The seminar exit the dragon spiritual dangers of the martial arts I am a lot of people have told me I need to write a book and I was supposed to have it finished before can't meeting so you guys have something in your hands however as a pastor I did get quite busy I just transition to 2 nother church district. Just a couple months ago and I hit the ground running visiting as many people as I CAN WE GOT Stina to churches I got 25 interest for bible studies and need to follow up on training training members and getting ready for evangelism in 1 the churches in the fall so no book camp meeting but anyway. If you want an update on run it publication wants to publish it so do that but here's my information you can email me let me know that you want updates on when that's available and if you have questions just email me here I do have a card for my other email through the conference but this way if it goes through here I know what the topic is OK and I do have a website that is under construction and there will probably be a while for it to be constructed Jesus probably come before then. Before that happens so all. There is my in full and this will help me to understand that when you e-mail that that is what you are the topic going to be so exit the dragon 7 G. Mail dot com OK give you a chance to write that down again exit the dragon daven at G. Mail dot com I know some of you just take a picture that's the wonders of technology done and you don't have to worry about writing it down incorrectly or anything like that OK all right and that is that is me by any for stronger All right today's topic is combat of mind versus the mind of Christ now would you say that we are living in perilous times yes or no people often ask and are asking more and more now days what's going to be like in the AND TIMES Well guess what look around look at the newspaper. Look at the noose go on the Internet listen to the radio the curse perilous times come in on I remember this is a few years ago when I was in another church district I heard on the news that there was a drive by shooting. And this guy he did a drive by shooting on on somebody who owed him money but the person 1 was not in there but a 2 year old child was there was in the car seat so the child was killed the guy did drive by shooting the 1 he was actually after was not in there why because he owed him $60.00. When reread the Scriptures and you read Matthew 24 when Jesus talks about the We Are You know when they ask him the question of what it's going to be like that is coming and the end of the world where he gives signs of the near Inus of his coming you remember that Matthew 24 he gave signs and other signs of the nearest of his coming and then he goes into in Matthew 24 verse 12 he gets to this part here or he explains that because iniquity that is love us in this show about the love of many shell what wax cold 1 of the signs that we have in these last days is that things are going to get worse and worse so let me ask you this question do you think violence is going to decrease or increase as we get closer and closer to Christ return. It will increase it will increase their friends now here's the thing people look around today and 1 thing I hear a lot is that well we need to protect ourselves now understand I'm not talking about whether you defend yourself or not the issue here is do we actively participate and joint and learn the eastern arts for the sake of protecting ourself or defending ourselves I did that 1. Testimony 1 time and I actually called it because I was invited to a church I call that self defense can kill you OK and that kind of says it all because people say well I gotta learn to defend myself in case of there solution is to join in all self-defense classes the martial arts and so forth the Eastern art but let me ask you this question if. The world is getting worse and if violence is going to increase as we get closer to Christ return or is that tell you about the training you need to do then if that is your solution should you train less or will you need to train more and more and more more and more and more you will not be able to keep up with their friends it is a sign of the time that is not the solution the solution is actually in 2 verses later but let's look at verse 13 and 14 but here that show endure unto the end the same Shelby saves a guess what as people get colder and colder as violence increases we are to endure what is going on but here is the solution dear friends verse 14 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shell the end come what is the solution to to verse 12 iniquity show abound so the love of many shall wax cold what is the solution join the Eastern arts No the solution is in verse 14 the Gospel needs to go out into all the world for innocent to all nations then and shall come that is the only solution because no matter how much you try and keep up with with the you know with the violence that is going on you need to train more and more and more OK if the martial arts is your solution are you with me simply because violence will increase the love of many called violence does increase people's hatred nowadays you know there was a time when people would try they would they would get back at somebody. When somebody did them wrong or at a time in earth's history now that things are random you don't think somebody does somebody wrong and also and they take it out on anybody that you know that's within the vicinity where a fact nowadays you don't have to do anything wrong to somebody they'll just really start shooting or doing whatever things are just getting worse that is not the solution the solution to violence in the world is the coming of Christ that is the only solution different Let's look at combat of mind versus the mind of Christ in the Bible here's what it says aspire as how we should think the let in for a man if you are familiar with this whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise think on these things Notice how the mind has to be thinking on those things that are pure. As what the mind has to be directed whether it's something that you read if it's something that you watch something that you listen to it should be something that will direct us into pure thought OK. Now in the martial arts it's different here because when you train in those arts in those fighting arts you are to think of sensibly and to think of the upon it as a mere object to be destroyed rather than someone that Christ came in died for part of the training in the martial arts or big part of it is to basically get rid of the passivity that is in an individual you know another word if you're going to fight you cannot be passive OK And so what happens now is you don't think of the person as a person and there is a dehumanization if I were to asked somebody here today or if you were to. Try and punch somebody many of you will hold back why because you just can't do it I remember 21 time when we were training I was training the bow staff OK it's a stick it's a staff. And and retrain I remember this was when I was still a student and we had there was a class and the instructor there he basically he would be in a stance and what he was saying is just to take the stick and to break his leg that was instruction and then what he did is he went to 1 student and 1 student went like this and of course he'd leap out of the way into his cat stance and so forth he does cat leap and then he would go to different students he came to me and he with the same instruction I came with that combat of mind that I was going to break his leg that's what he told me and so I went like this with the Tet to break his leg and sure enough he got you know he did his cat leap and so he was safe. However he pointed out that in the whole cast I was the only 1 who had that combative mind at that time the others pull back so no words if he did not move they were just either just touch him or just stop just before him just before the leg came. Jones said that makes sense so what they did was that they went with they went and swung at that staff that thick and his leg however they saw me in such a way that even if you did not get away he would have been fine but the way I did it was with a combative mind if he did not get out of the way his leg would have been broken but what happened there is because I didn't human eyes him he was no longer a person in my mind he was just an object the right needed to basically destroy so I follow that instruction to a Q. and that is with that combat in mind and the goal of this is to develop and cultivate a combative mind that's that's the whole thing of of training combatively thinking of things and combat of mind is the power that is behind the techniques used for self-defense and for fighting. On practice in the moment so why is need to do is if you're going to do any kind of fighting technique even in self-defense there is a combative mind that needs to happen every combatant must develop I was combative mind the whole thing both of those the rouer is combat. In Webster's online dictionary uses combative 2 definitions we're more concerned with the 2nd 1 but look at the 1st 1 because it's the same word striving to overcome an argument OK now that's when somebody is arguing and so forth have you ever met anyone like that were they have to win the argument to the point where they're getting. The nice way of saying is that they're passionate. That's a nice way of saying but in reality what is it they are combative. And another definition which is basically tied into is having or showing a ready this position to fight OK. So. It's all. OK So the question is when you do those evasive and in the yielding type of movements you still need combative mind who can unpack this OK and then I'll get back to that question as a very good question I'm going to unpack and we're going to see but the short answer is yes you still need that combat in mind OK The only there's only 1 technique you can do where you do not need to matter of mind and it will help you OK and I can teach it to you if you want I don't have a problem teaching this 1 technique OK guys you guys guys want to see what it looks like I'll do in slow motion so you can see what it looks like it goes like this so here's your opponent what it is is you do a turn. And then you go. And then what you do now is you master that and then to a point where you can do faster and faster and faster to the point that you become just a bull. And hopefully you have mastered that technique more than the other individual in that case you do that need combat of mind OK so but I'll get back to that question as we unpack this because that's a very good question I get that all the time OK So how then or showing a ready disposition to fight I used to walk around with this mindset and you were I went to soon as I entered the room I assessed the situation I said where everybody was I assessed every individual I would look at them and I says What kind of person they would be and so forth what and they would I would see how how they walked with their confidence in their walk or were they unsure of themselves and I would gave each and what I would do is analyze because our was in a ready this position to work fight it out was the mindset and of course the mind you know the mind that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings it is the seat and faculty of reason OK that's the mind that's the part that does the thinking the brain is just the organ the mind are your thoughts and so forth in your feelings OK now combat of mind what we need to do in combat of mind to do that is to have a repetition of violence in a controlled environment. Is it is necessary to how that to remove passivity and replace it with intensity and aggression OK so what it is is that so what happens now is you need to get rid of passivity you cannot be passive and so what happens now is that's where you have to man sparring where you have another person and you practice sparring OK And you see the time with the winder they're practicing their techniques in there and they're going back and forth OK or that's 2 man sparring you may have others of you doing multiple opponent fighting then of course it's more than just the 2 people there's also all things like a shadow boxing ever hear of shadow boxing as 1 of those when you're training by yourself and you don't have a partner that is when you now visualize the person coming in and so when they're coming in then you're you're picturing yourself doing the block and then doing whatever it is you're doing so the point here is what you're doing is you've got to get rid of the passive attitude OK that is the combative mind but again the problem with combative mind is now to really develop it as you can not see a person as a person OK The moment you do that perceive a T. will come back especially if you see that person as somebody who Christ came and died for. And that you need to witness to without combat of mind if I do a kick OK if I do a kick now let's say I do a kick right if I do a kick without combat of mind you might roll just be playing soccer. And want to play soccer OK or football where you kick the ball right. That itself. Is the absence of combative mind all you doing is a kick. Now somebody may come here and they can shut the door right you shut the door Guess what no big deal no combat or mind only doing Shona door but as soon as you want to use that in a situation like they do in the martial arts guess what now you need combat a mind added to it so now it's not just closing the door but now it's what you're using as a strike or a block or whatever this there is now intent in it. Otherwise you might as well just play soccer if you like to practice kicks will play soccer. This week development and cultivation of combative mind when we do that when we get rid of the passivity and combat the mind is the power that is behind the techniques used for self defense and fighting in real life situations for considerations real life situations where now the problem. In combat are mind the there is a problem for example if you have a rifle without bullets what good is it what good is a rifle if you go out to war and your commanding officer he gives you a rifle to go out into battle but you don't have any bullets to use OK while they're at a distance so you can quiet him you can floor out number the way over there so. Boring. So while there isn't a good what do you need in the rifle bullets the combat of mind are like those bullets. The technique is like the the rifle you may have the technique but you need the combat of mind my wife she trained for 5 and a half years and. She would throw guys down that were like 200 pounds or so OK you did not want to mess with her I did not want to mess with. Before or after marriage. For the last afternoon. But anyway so we're from trauma care we're from Toronto she was born there she grew up there I was born in Philippines grew up in in Toronto my wife is Greek but anyway she trained in or she worked she worked at the head office so there was a building there it was a head office of a real estate company so they had you know with their head office their building and they offered a 1 month self-defense class 1 month self-defense and so all these ladies in the building they went in they were and to learn self-defense. And so after 1 month they were down there Southend classes 1 of the ladies that worked in my wife's department came up to my wife and said then taken a look you've been training for you know for all these years in the martial arts and we we learned to defend ourselves in 1 month. Right my wife asked Oh really what what did you learn she said Well we learned their lesson learned that we learned then you know and 1 thing she said was We want to get out of a talk over somebody come to choke you so my wife and told her that OK let's see what you can do. And my wife said OK I'll come in to choke you but. I won't crush your windpipe I won't suffocate you all just put my hands up like I'm talking you and I will tell you when I will do it and after that I'm not going to do anything else that's all I'm going to do OK So what happened there is Christopher come up for 7 are going to do this and. He's a minor saw. Care. But anyway we've got some liability for him for was do so but so all the all this is so my wife just tells OK I'm going to come now OK that's fair told you want to come and then my wife comes in you know like this and that's all she does is put her hands there and then afterwards she does not do anything but here's what happened my wife was not using a rifle without bullets this rifle had bullets in it so when she came in she came in not as if it was a classroom but that it was a real life situation now with your out on the street and somebody wants to come and choke you don't not going to go this. Is you see I'm saying when are you going to go or I mean it is real internally that person is out to hurt you so she came in with D.M. tend to her and if not even kill that person so when my wife came in with that intent that lady after herself the fence classes that she did froze she just froze she could not move why because she was not taught combative mind thank you she did not understand the intent that comes with that techniques what happens in a classroom is different than what happens out on the street. And so what happens now is that lady also and she's trained 1 month of self to tent now she comes to my wife with confidence or guess what it was a false sense of confidence OK So the problem with that with not having the combat of mind and just learning the techniques is you gain a false confidence without combat of mind the practitioner will practitioner is left with a false sense of confidence what kind of confidence that fall they think they can defend themselves but without combative mind you might as well be kicking a soccer ball. Because the intensity what happens out on the street is different than in a classroom now anybody ever hear of Dan Inosanto. There in Santo he trained with Bruce Lee He's the 1 that the Bruce Lee to use the Arness which is fighting sticks and the excrement which is longer. Anyway so they trained together and and also in knife fighting. Here's what he had to say he says only 1 out of 10 trained black belt of any style could survive an attack by an adolescent with a blade after a few short lessons the danger is that the knife has all the power the person is just a delivery system ordinary training does not realistically prepare a student for this very special was specialized The elf defense. So basically here what he's talking about is it's not just about technique. It is beyond that it's a specialized type of training that happens in for in this case knife fighting OK Now anybody ever hear of this guy Chuck Lorre us where many of you have. Here's what he says if you are physically mentally and emotionally prepared you'll win this is the philosophy that makes my students good students this is the philosophy that makes my fighters great fighters and this is the philosophy that I live by 1st thing to note is he is here letting us know that it's not just physical there's also the mental training involved in the emotional training OK the physical training is just a technique the mental training is that combat of mind almost onset of bombs but the go. Anyway so he says. Physically for those listening to the C.D.'s There was a beep that was going so the same I wonder what we're talking about that's the difference between being here in person and just hearing the recording but anyway so it's not just the physical exam but also the mental and the emotional in that involves the mental preparation and the emotional preparation of being in a combat mode where you can't do it going into it with just techniques you need combat of mind here the way of the war or you are that book called the paradox of the martial arts Here's what the they say their Howard read and Michael poster they wrote this so some traditional Masters object to the martial arts being converted into sports. They attacked as be pull back instead of follow through will be launched with less conviction each time and so will the weekend OK so what they're saying here is you'll see some sports and what happens is when they hit they get a point for it OK but there are many traditional masters that object to that because what they have done now is train them that when they hit OK All they need to do is be able to touch the person and they get a point. They get a point where as in reality no one's going to get hurt just by sitting here OK point of contact is back here and then there's a follow through so you have actually hitting through the person so what happens here is. The way they train is the way they are going to end up fighting eventually but the reality of it is there is a follow through it happens and if you're in a combat mode you need to be able to think that way but understand that in this in this combat of mind that we have the martial artist has that nice be used in that combat and the only way to use is if you do not see the person and another individual. So in other words what they're saying here too is when you switch into a sport you do weaken that combat of mine because it is not a real situation out there and there's malice is friend of mine he's an ordained minister. Seventh Heaven is Mr Minister he trained in short a country or a take go to review which is now in karate trained in Cancun and jitsu and Tang pseudo Here's what he had to say. When I was talkin to me he said this is being in the trenches I found myself becoming more attracted to violence and building up a desire to use it OK Now it's interesting that I will have parents tell me well I want Johnny to learn nonviolence so I want I want you to train Johnny so he can learn nonviolence OK So let me get this straight you want him to learn nonviolence by putting him in a violent situation that he can buy only get out of OK membered the biblical principle by the whole thing we become changed yank how you may know this guy's an ordained minister used to be here in this conference after Montana OK He trained in kickboxing Now stop him here's what he showed me aggression become so much a part of you that when you finally decide to get rid of it you've got to fight it every day it's a constant battle it becomes a part of you and what happens by the way when we train we are training not to make it 2nd nature but to make it 1st nature Hayward that is just a part of you here in. 1 psychologist wrote this and he observed this through his studies this is in the book practical psychology for pastors by William R. Miller and Kathleen a Jackson they wrote this aggression begets what more aggression witnessing violence on television and in movies is not discharged anger in the viewer but rather increases the chances that the viewer will be aggressive in self or her self when. And later OK sions you know or somebody watches T.V. They're not going to get up and do whatever they just soft drink and be violent no it's become internalised the brain the way the brain works it can like the way the grounds of work out there in the past few days make a nor'easter and when it was raining and it became soft and if you notice who years in a loop. What you know is about age group you got your nose tread marks those tire track in there the brain is like that when the brain goes through some and we think something that's why the Bible teaches us to to meditate or think about God's law about God about his mercy about about his works OK because the brain gets formed the more things go through it it becomes deeper and deeper and becomes more and more ingrained just like. The the. Loop and so forth I'm driving around in the Carters to places I'm with got stuck in. Because I decided to go here but I got caught in the tire tracks sure enough it's hard to get out of it same thing each time you watch something violent it becomes ingrained in the mind it becomes easier now and they become numb and numb more and more numb to it nowadays. And there was a time I understand that. You know and this was when I was younger they would have those on T.V. You know if they would have a couple they would have separate beds for them on T.V. I'm right OK. And then they get to a point where they are sure they can show them on the same bed now they go beyond that and people are OK with there they become numb more and more numb to those situations we need to be like job. About job he was a just an upright man what was his relationship to evil you skew of evil you know what to ask you evil is. Image you just detached you just don't want to be near it you just don't want it OK you just detest it you gotta stay away from it just like when somebody gives me a dish and it's got broccoli in it. If I'm forced to have that dish with broccoli I'm going to pick that broccoli out say I know it's good for you. There's other things I can eat that are good for me in Replace of that I understand but that's the relationship I have with broccoli or you with me. And so. I S.Q. broccoli. You with me Joe is skewed evil you tested it was it was like you know those magnets member when you're a child you had those 2 magnets and you try to put the same polarities together the north with the North what happened just kept pushing against each other that's how God's people should be with sin but we want to tamper with sin and see how close we can get to it but we should be like those magnets is just being repelled against sin is a sin that separates us from God Why because sin is the opposite of God's whole Inus it just goes the opposite way I remember having a neighbor before. I was there I was talking to him and we shared a driveway and it was split in half because it was a duplex and his little boy was there and his little boy was playing around my car and he said Tony Jr So say away from that man Scott and sure enough Tony Jr being a very obedient son stayed away from my car so there is my car right there and this is what he was doing to my car he was getting as close to it as he can without touching it is that told him don't touch that car and so he got us close as it can without touching my car are we like that sometimes want to see how close we can get to the crossing the line OK But here again aggression begets more aggression OK And so let me share a couple things here here the Psalmist David says I will say no wicked thing before mine I was a very important principle OK when you train in the martial arts and you're doing those fighting techniques that's what you're constantly being ingrained in Battlemind versed mind of Christ Phillip in Stuever Spaf to here's what it says about Christ Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as men he was humble themself and became obedient to death even the death of the crosse is about homebuilding ourselves when you train with that combat remind you are the superior you are to be the supreme. The Mind of Christ Matthew 1129 take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am what meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest on to your souls and the next couple of sessions as we close off we're going to talk about Christ's kingdom OK and so forth but anyway let's look at the problem now over having wrong bullets you may have bullets now but it's no good if it's the wrong bullet they all have different sizes and shapes and so forth you've got to have the right bullet now I trained when I trained in martial arts and like I said I trained for 11 years and then ran my own studio and so forth I gave my life to the Lord and it was then the Lord had to to re re shape the way I was thinking and so forth after being a madman for about 2 and half years so after my baptism. We were baptized in the end of December we came to Michigan to Andrews University I went back to school I went there. You know what to do the. Undergrad bachelor's degree was a 4 year program the Lord had me do in 2 years Lorne knew I couldn't handle 4 years of school so he was merciful and I finished in 2 years but during that time we went there and my wife she needed to do some of the secretary of state to do something with the licensing and so forth so we went there and so we waited and then they called her number up and so she was at the counter now after being at the can or she was there and I was just sitting waiting for the chairs on and I was there and it was a hot summer day so I'm just sitting there and old son. Somebody walks in to the you know the secretary of state now this guy he was a buff guy he had like a tank top on this guy like had muscles where I don't in places I don't have enough places you know I'm saying so he comes in and he had like shorts on I mean he looked like he looked like a Mr Olympia type of thing but he looked he looked tough now I understand already gave my life to Lord but all son see combat of mind is almost like a light switched on enough so here it here is I'm just sitting there and also in my mind goes through what would happen if he gets closer How are I am going to take him and break his arm and take him down and so forth this is going through my mind our gave my life to Jesus Christ now to top it off shortly after there's somebody else that comes in now this 1 now he wasn't as big as this guy but this guy was a biker this guy's a biker he had you know those leather vest on and so forth and he comes in and he looks like more meaner than the 1st guy so now guess what's going through my mind now understand when you have 2 opponents it's not like fighting 2 opponents it does not multiply it's exponential because now you can't just by it is not like fighting 2 people you have to drop that 1st person right away see when you watch it all sports and so forth you know and there's a difference between a fight and brawling. Brawling is when you have rounds you know you get. 3 minute rounds and you go 12 rounds and so for well that's a brawl. Fighting is when you when you once you engage you have $3.00 to $5.00 seconds to finish up personnel $3.00 to $5.00 seconds takes longer and that you're in a brawl that's no longer a fight you with me OK so the training I did is you finished up person in 3 to 5 seconds that's it. So what happens now is I see that 1st person I see the 2nd person so now in my mind the stakes are higher so now I'm seeing how I'm going to destroy the 1st person even quicker because now you don't give time because you don't want to getting up when you're on the 2nd guy and you're with me so this is like a switch turned on and now there are no I'm in I'm seeing now I'm going to drop this guy instantaneously and even less than 3 seconds perhaps in a split 2nd or even 1 second the most then I want to take this guy break his legs and take him down and I think for a Christian to think of. It was then that the Holy Spirit ALL Son the Holy Spirit got ahold of me and I'm going what am I doing and you know what the problem was I could not get out of it I could not get out of the combat of mind and then I remember somebody telling me when you find yourself in a situation of temptation sing a hymn sing a hymn Now understand I'm a new Christian song time I REMEMBER THIS ago what him do I know what Him I know the only ones I know are were from growing up the rock N roll kind of here was you know Elvis Presley. You know they're going to say well you know Amazing Grace OK that Elvis spine is fine Oh and I'm thinking of other Him I have learnt recently in church I can't remember what him it was but I just started singing in my mind the hymn those wonderful him in the old son I just bought myself just calming down. And that spirit that spirit had left me the evil spirit and now the combativeness was gone but it took the whole the earth the true spirit to come in and to help me so they they're there my wife is done at the counter she's done she comes to me now now member I'm just sitting there I think physically do anything to win the visual My wife comes up to meet us who are you fighting. She knew because she sent that combat of mine that mind I used to have when we trained she knew I was fighting nobody else knew somebody else if they were in my or they would send something but the Holy Spirit got ahold of me you see the problem with combat of mind is it's an on off switch and once you have it it becomes ingrained in your mind I remember 11 student I was training who we were going over what happens you know a simple a simple technique what happens if somebody grabs you from behind your shoulder and spins around and then you know to to sucker punch you so they pull you. Well let me show you someone up there is OK he's my son so I can do whatever I want. 1 of my sons this is you know or somebody comes in they pull and then they sucker punch you that's what we're doing OK so. So what happens here is we've been training and we were over its reputation reputation you creating those those mind training the mind the muscle memory so we're training for when so many pulls you you basically don't come around and then you just you know you do the hip when they come they push all you clearly are you just come in and you're doing the strike to their head. Comeback So we did that repetition after a hundreds and hundreds of time so it becomes muscle memory becomes natural the next class or the next week on day when he came back he told me the story he was at the mall he was at the mall somebody came and put their hand on his shoulder and you know what he did he want to this and he came in with full intent and he last moment called back it was his grandmother. It was his grandmother why because it became part of the muscle memory became part of that nature OK that is now the way we should react to things a with me that is the combative way to react to things so let's go back to the problem with having wrong bullets another word the wrong mindset anybody know this fella Lauren Nelson our He's an ordained minister he's retired down off they really ever retire but he trained in judo he tells me a story he had this brand now he's not that big Many of you see them you know he's only about a year yet to you he's down here to me is about here. Anyway so yes so he's not big but he had a friend with a 6 foot something right now the thing with his friend you know they grew up together as friends and Adventists and so for his friend is the big guy and his friend was not even allowed to play fight with his brother when they were growing up OK So his friend he's a he's a big guy anyway I'm going to make a long story short they were in New York and enormous Some guy was following them. There you go 1 place and guys there just looking at them and so forth they go somewhere else and came to a point they went to like an eatery or something or could've been outside point to matter is they are there and they're looking at this guy is that a distance and he had something in his hand they couldn't tell for was a broken bottle or a knife and here's what Warren did he sized the guy up and in his mind he went through the scenario of when we when they get closer over how he is going to disarm the guy or whatever weapon it was how easy to take him grab his arm hit possum in taking down so he's running through the scenarios in his mine and now he's going to show this guy not to mess with them OK so they get up and or walk in towards this guy and old son this guy just drops what's in his hand and he wrongs he just wants just like that now Lawrence friend who's a quiet guy he's a big guy but he's a quiet guy you know you know some people that were fairly quiet quiet guy but at this moment he Pentecostal on he started jumping up now president. Nor understood looks at him you know he has to look up right he looks out at him and says what some not only do you know the guy says Warren you won't believe that when we were there just looking at that guy and look you know what he's in my do and we get closer to him I was praying Lord Lord please when we get up and we get hoarse it does guy have and just drop whatever's in this hand and just have more run away from us. Well the Lord on are his and his prayer and this is a way and this is where Lorne told me he said I was rebuked when my friend trusted in the Lord and I trusted in my abilities. It was the wrong mindset he was he had a combative mind going and yet his friend had prayers going and this is Judo This is known as the gentle way. But anyway so we find that here with that with that combative mind when you don't have combat of mind you have a false sense of confidence but with combative mind a practitioner is left with what wrong sense of confidence if you don't have it then it's a false sense of confidence you confident but you're going to be and you're going to be in big trouble but if you do have it it's the wrong sense of confidence because Were is the confidence and self that is why it is called What so the fans that is why it is called self this is a plane that is why it's called self mastery what is a common thread cell so the conference becomes in God rather then story conference becomes Insall Father and God without combat or mind and your summarizing here the practitioner is left with a false sense of confidence. But with combat in mind the practitioners left with the wrong sense of confidence the confidence is in self and not in God The solution to friends is don't cultivate combat of mind but rather cultivate the mind of Christ submit yourself to Lord let him give you the mind of Christ Here's some thoughts from now on why. Jesus Christ in the special testimonies on Education Page 192 we read this before he was the great educator for the present and future life I have not been able to find 1 instance where a year educated his disciples to engage in the museum and of football or pugilistic games what is pugilistic means pertaining to brutality back then you know it was it was boxing now you don't just box now you grapple now you kick now you use I've seen them in all you'll see the pictures and videos them kicking other in the head just punching back kicking and so forth pugilistic games this is like Rome back in the Coliseum times pugilistic games to obtain what physical exercise I hear this all the time all do physical exercise just so we can actual size No no no the mind is being cultivated while you get in the physical exercise your mind is also getting exercise but in pugilism or theatrical form or performances and yet Christ was our pattern in all things there's no 1. This is education page 210 this is an excellent book when we want to train the young people and so forth you know for those of you are teachers some of the most popular amusement such as football and boxing have become schools of brutality they are developing the same characteristics as did the games of ancient Rome how much more so now with mixed martial art and so forth the love of what domination the pride in mere What brute force the reckless disregard of life are exerting upon the use of power to what demoralize that is appalling notice that there is a love of domination reckless this you know this regard of life at that tra. And there is pride in mere brute force the principle there is in Proverbs 23 verse Evan as a man thinketh in his heart so is he my dear friend to train in these arts you need the combat of mind to have that where you are the supreme you are in that mode but it is not the mind of Christ it is the mind of 1 who sees somebody as an object and not someone we need to win to Jesus Christ understand that I still fight. But they fight I fight is a fight of fate are you with me we are in the spiritual warfare there is a fight going on but I tell you right now I cannot fight is Christ the fight for me he's the 1 that gives the victory we fight not flesh and blood but virtual dominions the your friend it's a spiritual warfare and will pop more about that in the next couple days because there is a fight going on and this is not the the field we need to be in Christ said My kingdom is not of this world in 1 pack that OK this time any question was. Never missed you're. Not in America you don't. Not in America you don't yeah yeah. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah in the Philippines. Pop in to the north for knife fighting that's where many martial arts masters go they won't learn about knife fighting over there what happened is. Young people a lot of them have knives and yeah a lot of them get into fights and killed and they know how to use them on 1 master in knife fighting OK 1 time he had he had 7 guys in the pot with him and so forth so it happens just not in America. OK Actually any backtrack to the question because we gave an answer and it's on record the the question to the answer I just gave was that gave was that do do people actually use the martial arts to kill other people rather than just using them as my I'm summarizing. But anyway and like I said not in America other places they do. But now now the next question is do you still have those tendencies. Though I analyzed people individuals the answer there my dear friend is yes I do I'm seeing how I can witness to them for jesus christ so yes I still analyze people and I see who is receptive and then I'm trying to figure out how can I who witness to this person about Jesus Christ and the gospel so the answer is yes I still do but in another way it's a different bullet now it's a different bullet. And that's how we should be we should be looking who we can witness to about Jesus Christ OK and then getting back to the to the question earlier about what happens you know with the yielding and so forth in situations understand. To be able to to yield properly and so forth understand in situations what happens is in classroom is different than on the street because out there the the attackers adrenaline is high OK So what happens is we need to understand that that you may yield and so forth but as soon as he gets a hold of you even when you hit that person if you don't have combat of mind they are in such a state that they may not even feel you hit. Something you may hit the person they may not feel it and so what happens now and that's why when my training the ones that were in the lower level OK versus the ones in the higher level we need to be careful because the want to lower level the combative mind isn't that high so they hit somebody else they don't feel it. And so what happens is you've got to develop the combative mind to be able to destroy the person for them to even feel it and that's not even going into the area like we talked about yesterday into where you get more into the spiritual realm and where you get into the meditation OK I remember it's bothering me. I remember when. When I used to teach I would interview students before I took them on as a student I had this 1 guy who was a big guy who was close to 300 pounds 200 something he was big again not big myself so I knew for this person or when I do a demonstration I do a demonstration and I do the interview I knew that I could not do you know the more external hard style or the combative part so what I did is I get back into what we're talking about yesterday more of the meditative internal arts so there is this individual he was a big guy so I demonstrated and what happened is. Sir can I have you come on up here he didn't sign a libel this I won't do anything to him either. So here yes he's there so I demonstrated I would just went did some soft movements and then what happens as soon as my hands touched just touch no force it just touched his feet picked up off the ground about $4.00 to $6.00 inches and he was still vertical he went straight back against the wall which is about I don't always anywhere between 10 to 15 feet behind Ok it was more closer 15 actually and he smacked and then he fell down and he was out there was a class 1 of my apprentices I had him teach the class in the other room they came running out because they thought the whole place was was crumbling down and so he fell down they're all looking at all the wondering what happened OK Thank you. But my point here is when you're out on the street that is why I say that is not the solution there will always be something else there whether there's a somebody who's a better fighter whether you get 2 people attacking you or 3 that is not the solution you have to get into those other levels that I speak of to get more and more proficient and now you're going down the wrong path you are now into spiritualism you are now into another kingdom whereas you may have started the 1st step thinking it was innocent but your direction is that way and so what happens here is the solution is not to get into that but the solution is to trust God more fully and have the greater faith I'm not saying that you don't do AND thing I don't mean that you just stand there OK I'm going to talk about this in the next day or 2 about. I'll give you a little nap since I guess but anyway about about having Sampson's train. That's all I'm saying if you want to know that it's come back tomorrow OK or the next day when I worship I'm going to share but so what happens is put it this way let me summarize it this way because we need to draw to quiet close let me summarize it this way let's say I have 1 guy who is a master in the martial arts and when I have you come up here sir so here is the master in the martial arts and he passed off as a master in martial art Yes the shaking the head and on. You got to be convincing anyway you try not to be OK He's the master in a martial art now I'm going to have let me see. Have you come on a no this lady here. Yet. Yeah I asked No you were there but anyway we're walking in a dark alley you have the option of my going to go down a dark alley now number 1 is use common tent Don't be in a dark alley 2 o'clock in the morning I've heard people say that you know well what if the lady ask me What if I was in a dark alley a tough luck in the morning I mean I gotta learn self-defense Oh so you know if nothing happens to me now what are you doing down a dark alley 2 o'clock in the morning you see I'm saying sometimes we put ourselves in situations that we don't need to be and how would the rather walk let's say whatever let's say that the only way to get home whether to dark alley or a dark street or maybe to a park so we have the martial arts master over here we have somebody who's tied to God rule closely I don't know self-discipline but she knows the Lord in the book A very closely guess who I'd rather go down that dark alley or that dark street with with her I'd rather trust her connection with God rather than his skill in the martial arts that's where I am a in my journey OK numb accent Thank you yes. No. OK. Right right yeah yeah thought having a combat situation being in a foxhole they'd rather have a question there so there are not they feel safer with their Christian body in there that's why the recording. That is that was when something pickle or. It was a spiritual man with a sion it was a it was something that took over whenever I broke bricks whenever I did things like that something takes or yeah all right very good so continue tomorrow and and then the next day as well so back here 330 that's our head for prayer before we do let me ask you this very important question we want to say to a lot today Lord I want to trust you so fully that you will truly be my shield and my buckler and my shelter my protector anybody want the praise God as far as her loving Father thank You for Your Love in your mercy we thank you that we we can have you as our shield Lord as you are shepherd you are the 1 the protector Let us now keep us and love you recognise that we are in spiritual battle we need our older brother Jesus Christ the general the fighter bows for us me thank you that you send him to die for each 1 of us that we may have eternal life but in his mighty name we pray Amen. 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