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Exit the Dragon: Spiritual Dangers of Martial Arts- Part 4

Bayani Pastrana




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Of a father we thank you for the opportunity to come together once again and Lord will be grateful that you are light and in you there is no darkness Help us Lord to see the light to see the truth for real realized there are many deceptions in the world this day especially ones that will lead us into spiritualism so Lord give us to see and ears to hear in Jesus name we pray and then share this yesterday but some of you may not have been here if you are. There is my name there is my email I have other emails I have 6 other active emails and they'll still but anyway this 1 will alert me that your question or comment or testimony if you have testimonies feel free to drop me an email that's at their exit the dragon and 7 at gmail dot com Now way I am happy you know what the propagate is going to be if you use that email there and also all just drop me a line as well OK if you want to be informed I'm supposed to have a book out I was trying to before can't meeting never happened so you want to be informed that's actually come to fruition drop me a line up so I can let you know when it's out. And or Also if you want to know when the website is up and running I'm hoping Jesus comes before then but if not the other hope I have is that I actually have it up and running OK sell Alright today let's get right into the message that today is actually the Holy Spirit versus the Ci the Holy Spirit versus the chief which is basically the counterfeit spirit a counterfeit spirit. So let's look at 1st of all look at the chief 1st which I deem the counterfeits there by definition you can look up the definition in different dictionaries and so forth but here's 1 through our Merriam Webster online dictionary the chief or a C H I R sometimes spelt Q I. It's the vital energy that is held to animate the body internally and is of central importance in some Eastern systems of medical treatment such as acupuncture and of exercise or self-defense she hates So that's the cheat that is that energy that they are trying to cultivate and to develop where it comes from the Chinese which literally means air or breath sound familiar Hey you look. For example in the Old Testament there is a word they used to word for air or breath or wind or spirit it's all the same word not words Ruah But here we see in the eastern thought they use the word cheat to mean the same thing but the question is is it the same thing in Eastern meditation they do what is known as the emptying of the mind and this emptying the mind here is the veldt through breathing exercises and and so what they do is they for example they're in a lawless position they would close their eyes and then they would concentrate on their breathing in the certain breathing exercises that you do there are some that will actually use mantra us. Ever hear that that you know that the whole thing with somebody being cross the new Here the thing or. Ever hear that whore Well that's a mantra that's what they're doing they're what they're doing is trying to push everything out so they concentrate on that 1 thing. It could be something else it could be a word but in this case some will focus on the breathing focus on the breathing in and then the breathing out OK Unfortunately the word meditation has crept up the wrong type of Mat Taishan has crept into the Christian church and remember what we said before what was that what was that name where that term that we use when there is a word and it contradicts itself and body remember contre in them onto an image former contradict OK contra means go against and so what happens is it's even come into the Christian church because they hear meditation and they classify as meditation all or even classify as prayer but what they'll do is is pick a certain word and they would champ that or they would repeat it over and over and you not only thinking about God's law or his mercies or God himself what it is it's getting you to focus on 1 thing so everything else is pushed aside whatever that word is whether it's love or Jesus or salvation or whatever dish and they would just repeat it over and over OK And so this is used to cultivate and enhanced what they call the she now I like the way the spine of mine and I've shared this quote before and dress Mehlis I like the way he put it because it's very concise. And again he's an ordained minister but he has trained and different types of course through ninjitsu and playing pseudo Here's what he says the whole purpose of training is to get the coon the Leni that's what it's called that is the serpent power in your god and key or cheeky is a Japanese term she is the Chinese term. Cheat which is the internal power in the martial arts to flow through the system in order for the student to have inner strength to break things or hurt and manipulate others all under the mask of good health and prosperity so this she this is this internal energy is what is being cultivated and that is why what happens is you see individuals who do certain things that are beyond. Comprehension that have become more supernatural now understand that there are certain things that we can do we can do physical training but only to a certain point we can do physical conditioning. You know I'm saying so if you want to be a faster runner or you can do you know exercises and so forth to get faster running if you want to get stronger physically well if you start working on the weights OK or you do other types of exercises whether you're doing Crossville or hit or whatever you can do conditioning that will help strengthen you and so for some they had a question the other day about you know all of these when they have those type of thing. In your in those institutions like hospitals and schools and so forth and the thing is you know you can go through Congress and so forth and fight for you know equal rights and so forth aspire as freedom of speech but the point here is you could actually share something that would be better than that 1 of the things. The Valpo is basically an exercise system that people can do that can help them condition and there's tons of them on the internet so I mean you know even need me or whatever you can find more of an Internet where you can do physical conditioning where you don't need to get into the martial arts there are certain things exercises that are not exclusive to the martial arts but when you get into that strain you when you get into things that are beyond the physical more into the supernatural realm they are now getting into what they call the Ci using their internal energy Now the problem with that is that number 1 it does take meditation and through breathing and so forth to the point now that that is what your training is and let me put it this way it is not that training that's doing it there is something taking over. Something else is giving you that power OK And so you see certain feet for example word will stand there and somebody will take a stick and go right across the throat I've been hit in the throat before OK And I'll tell you when you get hit in the throat if you are not in this in this what they call the void you will get hurt OK if you don't believe me just flick your floor and you will feel it it is an uncomfortable feeling is a very sensitive spot and yet somebody can come across with a stick across the throat OK you can work on your physical conditioning all you want physiologically it is not possible it with any there is something else that takes over and so you see feats like this well there will be. Guys up with with spears and so forth some will actually put it to the throat 1 and will be at the end of a porn or the other 1 on the floor and they will go towards it and what breaks is not their throat but the spear as they go closer and closer the spear bends and bends inventively breaks and then this 1 we see these guys here holding up that 1 individual with this fierce and he's laying on it and he is not being punctured Here's another 1 as 1 individual's on the bed of nails that of nails on top of him another 1 on top and then there and then you can you know argue well it's a distribution of weight but guess what that weight is now being a magnified as that brick is on top and there's a sledgehammer coming on top of him and also. As we go all through and you know there's many many examples some more extreme than others for example there will be those that will set up bricks on top of each other and then what would happen now is instead of breaking the bricks somebody will choose which brick so let's see how 5 I'm set up somebody chooses the 3rd 1 and what they do is they will transform that energy and go and break the middle brick brick without breaking the top ones the ones above it and the belief there is that they are channeling that energies so it goes through the brick and goes to the middle 1 or the 3rd 1 and that 3rd 1 is the only 1 that breaks. But understand there is a supernatural force that is involved in this breath or this air or this energy that they are talking about where it is is what they call the Chia and that's what they are trying to cultivate through that so we see those feats and by the way also it is done for certain things I shown you this before for example more to pull brick breaking where what is the house in the morning so we hear 2 bricks are broken this is just a demo I've also done more than that in more bricks and just the 2 But here's the point what happens there is before I do I would do that I would do what was known as Tiger breathing again breathing is involved to focus and so forth and the mind is being emptied and then what happens is when that actually went through or go through that brick there is a moment were I it's let me put it this way it's like I've become unconscious. Something takes over and by the time I'm done that's when a lot and all of sudden the bricks are broken but there's a certain point where I lose consciousness you cannot see it here because I'm still moving but internally the something took over and it's attributed to of course that she that inner energy that is believed to give you that extra power that extra strain speed or whatever it is OK And so the breathing is used there and so that is what is known as they call the she does is what is being developed through those breathing exercises and that is what is being developed as as you do the a meditation the emptying of the mind and so forth and it is believed that you lack the power when your cine is out of balance memory in yang before things being in balance when something is out of bounds that's why you don't break it you break your arm instead that is the belief behind it but that is what they use the Ci that and that energy that for Stop power and I said like I said that is basically the counterfeit spirit the real spirit is the what the Holy Spirit Now let's talk about the Holy Spirit and any policy or form where before we read this member this seminar is about whether or not we should get involved in those eastern ards OK. It is not about whether or not you should defend yourself you understand there's a difference when I say to defend yourself no worries you don't just stand there OK you push the person away you know push them away and then run hey that's that's that's the tense OK that's the bents best defense you can do is run OK you push them away or whatever else that's different then actively getting involved in the martial arts the worst this world gets and we read that yesterday Matthew 2412 because iniquity abound the love of many shall wax was cold this society is getting worse and worse and worse there is random violence nowadays not that somebody is trying to get back at somebody now this it's you can have random violence happening the only way to keep up is to spend more and more time in the fighting arts OK but you can't keep up with it because this is going to get worse OK the best defenses basically to get closer and closer to the Lord because the the solution to that we read yesterday was in verse 14 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached into all the world for a witness and to all nations then shall the end come that is the solution to the violence in this world that is the coming of Jesus Christ that is the only solution they are friends and so what happens now is I'm not talking about whether or not you should you know try and send the person off OK that I'll leave with you and the Lord simply because I have found and will talk more about this tomorrow I have found that the greater faith is in the Lord the more you are dependent on the Lord of the less you will need to do anything. And we see that in the Bible so I'm not just saying that we see it in the Bible well we'll look at that more tomorrow but anyway let me give you an example here of some of the famous Sampson you all heard of Sampson right there you was given strength but here's what's interesting Samson was not going to take on 1 individual all OK we find now the Philistines in all talk to the men of Jews that the men of Judah got scared to they gave Samson up so there they are now with Samson and says their way and he that is Sampson came to Leahy the Philistines shouted against them and the what the spirit of the Lord came I totally how upon him so what came upon him the spirit of the Lord the true spirit and the cords that were upon is arms became as flax that was burnt it with fire and his band seduced MOF his hands and he found a new job old of a donkey of much and donkey and put forth his hand and took a and he slew was a 1000 men with it OK I don't know if you can imagine put it this way magine fighting 1 person. You may have a struggle you may have been loose you may win I don't know I don't know with person this I don't know how well you can fight imagine 2 people now. It becomes harder for any 1 of you OK or most of you to be able to defend against 2 people have all 3 becomes harder it's not it's not more to play it it becomes exponential 3 is not like fighting 3 threes comes like fighting 9. Because you got to drop the 1st 2 right away and I mentioned yesterday that the training I had is that you have 3 to 5 seconds to drop an opponent anything more you're just wasting your time OK but if you can do it in 1 second that would be great but let's say let's take that example let's take that example of 3 to 5 seconds and him slaying a 1000 men OK Now do you think that was a dangerous situation yes or no sure you have 1000 men after you a stranger's 1 person after you is dangerous but a 1000 and understand I'm pretty sure they were armed with swords and spears would you agree but let's say let's say Sampson took $3.00 to $5.00 seconds for each person in all sometimes maybe taking longer with another 1 and so forth you know using those figures he would have been fighting 50 minutes straight to an hour and $23.00 minutes straight nonstop you want to take a break and say guys the bell rang we're now in the middle we've got to wait till the next round we have a break OK none of that as soon as he finished 1 somebody would be on him somebody else would be on him somebody else you know so he 50 minutes I don't know if you know anyone here exercise let me see your hands those exercises. Anybody here walk for 15 minutes to an hour and $23.00 minutes that's a nice brisk walk anybody run for that mom no anybody throw punches and good and whatever else throw people for that long nonstop with weapons. And you got a bone in your hand. OK but what happened here what happen you remember before that what happened the spear of the Lord came upon him this is not the Ci that is a counterfeit to the Holy Spirit OK so the Spirit came upon him the slew of 1000 then so I understand that the spirit of more gave Samson strength Yes OK they begin speed yes you got to be fast as soon as you you drop in 1 person there's there's others behind you to your side and they come in you've got to be facile he had to have speedy what also to give him in durance you fighting for that long nonstop It is very tiring very tiring OK how about resilience as a human resilience you know words if you get hit it didn't really feel it. But understand how did he get his strained his speed his and Germans and his resilience it was when what the spirit of the Lord came upon him that is the difference between. Coming upon us namely the Holy Spirit versus that she that they do in the eastern arts were there 20 use that that she or that energy to gain that power to gain that speed to gain that in durance to gain that resilience that is just a counterfeits and it's not even real a real energy is somebody taking over OK Anybody know this guy Tony Ludwig. He's an ordained minister you've seen anyone ever have there during camp your sink broke down or song Little eager. To help you with your camper he's going around he's upping people with their campers and things that are breaking down so he's a great guy knows what he's doing. But anyways an ordained minister who said that is are passive praise God So you know him that's what you say not. Care you know to train then we've been talking about these individuals who have trained in all these different martial arts from the. Food to ninjitsu to tanks to dough to do Judo. You know he trained in the you know you're a member you don't know he never told you he never told you you never asked him. Asked not you receive not. Anybody you know what are you training anybody want to know whether you want to know and I'm going to tell you he trained in. Nothing let me tell you story about Tony passing in the U.P.C. there in the Upper Peninsula peninsula and there they have a church school which is part of the church and he decided 1 Friday that he was going to do is visitations Bible studies early that way by noon he can be at home helping the family prepare for the Sabbath and spend time with family OK So he's done also on the Lord speaking to him Tony you've got to get to the school something is about to happen. Tony ignored it and whatever do that Lords nor of any weight so Tony ignores it thinking there's nothing wrong with that school you know what could possibly be wrong with the Lord's started speaking to him louder who that inner voice and so Tony now realise I gotta go I gotta listen to the Lord so he calls his wife he's got to go so he goes now this is this is a long story made short OK you want a longer version get my book when it's all if it's ever out. Email me and by the way if you email me I won't get back to you until after camp meeting saw but anyway so there's is there he goes to the school now he goes to school and he sees the Treasurer scar so as Treasurer was there and she's she's like an elderly lady OK not elderly but all the lady. Anyway he sees also a truck there that he doesn't recognize so he decides to go into the school quietly he goes into the school quietly and then he hears rustling most screaming just rustling some of these struggling your pins the door all of the the classroom door I think I'm I'm in the office some and he opens the door where they were. Sure enough there is this man and he was over 6 feet tall big guy was trying to take advantage of this lady and she's they're struggling can't get away doesn't know what to do and he's there trying to take advantage of her doing trying to do in the appropriate things. But Tony having trained in. Nothing. Then I know what to do accept to pray and I have Tony's prayer recorded Sheer I will show you the moment he says he told me it's the shortest prayer I have ever read. You want to use prayer there's only go Lord give me Samson strength in Jesus' name amen that was his primary that was his prayer so now he go wasn't after praying this he goes in he moves the Treasurer I don't the way he grabs or moves or and also this guy stand there he hits the guy right in the chest the guy goes flying. Through the door into the 4 you are now yesterday told your story of me doing the same thing about this guy who are because when I accept students accepted students I would interview them 1st and this guy was over $200.00 plus pounds close to $300.00 pounds and I knew I couldn't use the external arch with him so I did the internal and so forth and so what happens when I when I did my movements assumes my hand touched him this guy went flying his feet just picked off the ground or 6 inches up he was so vertical the wall he came crumbling down now that is something that took over. And it was not the Holy Spirit it was a spirit took over but heure we see the real deal. He told me he did the same thing I got involved in the eastern arts which was a from a different kingdom but the real deal was here so this guy goes falling down Tony calls the police or so he calls $911.00 now for the responders to get there were he was it took them $45.00 minutes to an hour and a half to get somewhere but look at God's timing the the 1 on the phone or on the line said Alright we'll we'll get somebody over there and it turned out the sheriff was but 2 minutes away the sheriff came he sees a guy there and says Pastor Tony what did you do. I don't know I prayed Lord give me Samson strengthen Jesus' name amen I hit home and you have through a door into the foyer and he's down there. And the show of scratching his head finds out there on I think was a day or 2 later some of that he finds out that they were actually after this guy they didn't have any evidence on him they were always arresting him but never nothing evidence and they always had to call in for Guy to come in and arrest him. He was that big and strong Tony if you've seen him what's the name of May you forward to me. Bar stand up for more or less pasta Tony stand. With you. Like you're never here where he's not that big and yet he knocks he makes this guy go flying right that that that they take for Guy to subdue. What's my point you need the isn't ours when it comes time if you need strain if you need speed if you need insurance if you need resilience where are you going to get it from God God. So many times people say well I got it I gotta defend myself 1 of you feel like you've got to defend yourself go for it but don't forget to pray the prayer of the Lord give me what Samson strength because remember when Samson defeated the 1000 then what happened before that the Spear of the Lord him upon him there's another example a member Alija there is no rain at that time Elves on there was rain. Kings 18 versus 4546 it came to pass in the meanwhile that the heaven was black with clouds and when and there was a GREAT was rain way more than what we've had here was a greater and hadn't rained for a long time and a have road that's King Ahab king of Israel and went to Jess Rio and the hand of the Lord was on a light job and he girded up his law and got ready right and he what he ran how before Ahab to the entrance of just real sort out running the chariot matter of fact you read the county actually guided the chariot to go in to get the spirit of son yet as the Him the Lord came upon him so it came from the Lord OK By the way when it talks about the hand of the Lord OK Also by the way the word there also means the Power award but the point is whether it's the hand of the Lord. Or the finger of the Lord stumble at the same thing let me share something with you who's here stuck in about that he didn't just run by hand the Lord was on him and then he went and he outrun the chariot look 11 verse 20 here's something interesting Jesus he cast out demons OK and then they accused him of course of. Casting Out name of Bill's Bob and so forth and he stated that throughout his ministry but in this particular instance look at this is what he says Luke 11 verse 20 but if with the finger of God cast out devils no doubt the kingdom of God is upon you so how are devils cast out in this particular instance by the finger of God OK Now when you look at the same event but in a different gospel Matthew 1228 here's what Jesus says in this account but if I cast out devils by the. Spirit of God then the kingdom of God is come upon you OK So we see that interchangeably the finger of God is is used in this case interchangeably with the Spirit of God OK Now when the live Joel ran before he ran what was upon him the hand of God not just 1 thing it was the whole plan right but here's the point again we see it God is the 1 involved it is the Spirit of God that's coming upon him just like the finger of God is equated with the Spirit of God in this case with regards to casting out demons so let me ask you this question given a choice if you want to gain strain from K. or if you need the strain in a situation where you need to defend yourself. Well you really feel like you need to to lash out or whatever would you rather have the Holy Spirit come upon you or would you rather train for hours and hours and hours and hours into those mystical arts into the other kingdom so you yourself can use and cultivate that cheat that energy so you can try and gain that strain and and you know subdue the point who would rather say Who here would rather have the Holy Spirit come upon them let me see your hands OK Who here would rather have those eastern mystics in the sea and all that nobody good I think. Think we're doing OK with the seminars then. But the you see that it is just a counterfeit You can see those feats done by those individuals now because they are anyone special is because they have given themselves over to a difference. But the right spirit Holy Spirit he can do the same thing in give you the strength when you need it if you need it there are times when when there is a situation you may not even know about it you are so close to the Lord that you do like what Paul says pray without ceasing So you walking down the park and you are constantly in communion with God you are thinking about God and His mercies as ways all the sudden you don't realize it but somebody stocking you and they're about to attack you and also know when the gust of wind comes a branch breaks and hits him in the head and he's unconscious and you keep walking not even knowing what happened during the day are you with me yeah I mean. We need their friends in these last days more faith more faith in God that he will do great things not him doing great things with us helping him out he does not need our help we need his help OK we don't need to go to another kingdom there is a power greater than those powers involved in those eastern arts. And the power is Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and with the father now look at this action Chapter 8 verse 29 Spirit said to Philip go near enjoy myself to this chariot you know the story there is enough your paean so versus or story this should be verses so Acts 8 versus 30 to 38 not chapters but verses 30 to 38 you read that and you find that Philip shares Jesus Christ of the open where you remember the story now Philip baptizes the European Now what what happens next is very interesting you see versus 39 and 40 says when they were come up out of the water so now he baptized them right there now come up when they came up the spirit although Lord that was caught away Philip with that the unique the 1 saw him no more and he went on his way rejoicing. At the Open did but what happened to fill up both fill up words he found he was found at as a thirst and passing through and he preached in all the cities till he came to sensory and by the way when you study were as a thirst is versus where he was that's a few miles away but he was caught up by the Spirit instantly he was over there. And God when God has a work for you he can move you from 1 place to another just like this if if your life isn't dangerous he can move you from 1 place to the other place just like this you don't have to worry about how how you know they have a Guinness Book of World Records and all that and they they have 1 of how many can punch how many punches somebody can do in a minute OK I tell you what you know it's nothing compared to what you can do when the Holy Spirit is upon you is going to be nothing compared to what the Engels will do for you I once was 30 and estimating how fast the angels were flying it's beyond comprehension. Because I was you know in Daniel Daniel is praying in member that angel shows up there I've formed the you know from the supplication all the way up there and I figured OK that's how long it takes and so forth and then you know that they're coming through Orion and they estimate that Orion the cavern of Orion itself is about 51 to 53 trillion miles away. And then from there to to the earth is I can't remember the exact figures it's far away and so and then I figured OK wait a minute others don't be silence in heaven for Via for that time right those those that you know. When you calculate it it's basically those days that he comes and then he goes back but here's what's interesting. I calculate a plug in all the figures that put it and I did it over and over and I said OK let me let me be conservative about this and you know long story short when you calculate all that OK now speed of light is pretty fast would you agree that the old bone they would be going and they would be bringing us to New Jerusalem faster than the speed of light guess how much times faster many of our How many is many I have 4 children I call that many. Yup that's right and they 6000 miles per 2nd how many times and somebody take a guess that 1100 times faster as we lie here 10000. The way here do I hear 11111112. And I calculate it came to about 500 I came over to exact 500 and something 1000000 times the speed of light was saying bolt is not that fast. Get these fast numbers every round but when the spirit of the Lord is upon you guess what you can be faster than the angels help you are going to be faster this is what it means to know because people say well you know we still have to learn to defend yourself because we can't just pray I hear that all the time we can't just pray you know who my dear friends issue can you need to get out of there quickly Guess who's going to get you out of there a lot of guys too strong who is going to give you strength to get away the Lord that's what I'm talking about praying he'll give you the strength you need the speed you need insurance you need the resilience you need the true spirit not this cheat which is a false false energy any way that makes sense. And so here's caught up by the way you know what it's going to happen I can just imagine this because. There's only time we're going to be so filled with the spirit and so forth and and you know we're going to be traveling so quickly that I can imagine you know when you are G.'s it with Jesus on the on 1 of the planets 1 of the other worlds will be there with Jesus and Jesus will come up to us and say well you know what Bayani you know I got to go I've got to go spend some time. You know with. With Karen. And. So. I got to get going and I'll be going oh jesus please just just bring me you know all of them go visit visit Mark I want to go visit Barbara. And you can you take me there before you go to visit Karen and have turned to me and say What do you mean we're already here will be so quick travel be so quick I mean it's beyond imagination to friends so the already about being protected if it's time for YEARS AGO time OK don't go on trying to kill somebody because they're trying to kill you meanwhile you're ready to see me Jesus they're not you see I'm saying they need to live still hear the gospel. By the way I was I remember this is not my notes or remember studying before new is interesting I read 2 reasons a wife said why we are still alive 1 is we still need to hear the Gospel we still need opportunity to hear the Gospel and to accept and to receive the Gospel that's 1 reason and there's people out there alive because of it. Sometimes you wonder when this guy he smokes he's been smoking all his life he's been drinking all his life and he's like 95 years old this you know meanwhile my my my my aunt she's been healthy are her life and and it all and she passed away when she was only 45 but this guy's Mostly I mean he eats wrong stuff why is he still alive use only to hear the gospel except that is 1 reason the other reason she gave is that the Lord still wants the uses to share the gospel I'm not worried about that fight I know Lord doesn't need me and nor his others the leave but those are the 2 reasons I found that while we are still alive it's not so we can go have pleasures and so forth the Lord wants to use us to save as many as possible from the wiles of the devil that those people may partake of the kingdom as well. And by the way in the cheesy it's something you try and cultivate that you can use it but let me share something here Zara just paid 672 here's what it says we cannot use the Holy Spirit the Spirit is to what use OS We don't call on the chief OK No it's about the Holy Spirit here using us so let me backtrack so that she is basically this and again the definition of it the literal definition comes from the Chinese is air or breath which is basically the same definition we find for the spirit however what happens with the cheese is it's something they try and cultivate through those eastern practices whether it's breathing whether through meditation and so for. OK to give them strength give those beat human Durance resilience etc But we see through Scripture that we can how those things without getting involved in those eastern arts how do we get it while the spirit of the Lord comes upon us OK and sometimes the spirit does not have to come upon us sometimes he just sent an angel I heard of the story this this man he grew up he was Chinese He grew up and you know learning confluent other arts as well and it was through his family lineage so he's very profession in it and so 1 time. He was in the car with his friends now by this time he became a Christian really he gave his life to Jesus Christ and he decided he was no longer going to be involved in those eastern arts he saw that he was not for the Christian and so they were at a car and this they were says Guy came up to them and this individual had a gun on them they they were in the car the window was open and so this guy had a gun on them and then he was telling them you know to give him his money and their money and so forth and it looked like he wanted to do other things other than that maybe kill them or whatever anyways as that happened this individual's name or his friends were watching him to see what he would do because course he's a Christian now but you know he's got that training I mean after all you trained you know what to do you can disarm this guy and so forth so they're watching him to see what he would do and guess what he did. Now what do you do report 8 you pray to Lord offered up a son of prayer to Lord all of the Son This guy gets no he's also on his jet back guy turns around and then he runs away later on they find this guy they find him the police find him they arrest him and they asked them about what happened you know what he said he admitted he had minute he was trying to hold these guys up but then he said Somebody came behind him pull them back and what he saw was this big huge figure who describe it was just it was like just a shadow or something or there was this big figure so he ran he got scared the police interviewed the others in the car now you know that X. martial artist and this friend I interviewed you know what they told they ask Who did you see they said we didn't see anybody there was nobody there the assailant the attacker was the only 1 that saw I believe was an angel of God but the martial artist did not rely on his martial arts you relied on God He could have easily justify going in reverting back it was a matter all self-defense right just by but he decided he was not going to revert back to that but he would trust the Lord that he had now put his faith in their friends the more we trust in these type of things in the eastern arts the less miracles will see God perform in our lives are you with me. But when we rely on the Lord that we will see the Lord's and work. By the way as it says as we read we cannot use the Holy Spirit the Spirit is to use us and here let me share 1 more tax day I'll show you a text because the Spirit He will give you power you will give you power you believe that X. 1 verse 8 but ye shall receive what hower after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witness this unto me both in Jerusalem and knowledge there and in some area and unto the uttermost parts of the Earth this is what Jesus said to His disciples that's what he tells us today when the Spirit has come upon use you shall have what hour to be his witnesses but by the word By the way the word Their power is the in the mists where we get the word dynamite. When the Spirit comes upon you you become 1 you are going to have what. Dynamite you can receive dynamite. Anyone ever deal with dynamite before. Who had so you tell me the spirits never come upon you to witness. Who hears witness before OK did you do it by yourself or did the Holy Spirit help you through it the Holy Spirit what does it say when the Spirit has come upon you right you're going to have what we see if power or the Greek word there is dynamite let me ask that question again who has dealt with dynamite before Aereo go there you go. You got dynamite you got power your friends we are to let the Spirit use us if it's time for us. So you go it's time for us to go if it harmed for us to get hurt for the sake of the gospel it's time to get hurt get in the hospital maybe do there's a nurse or a doctor that needs to hear the gospel the only way for them to hear is if you're there you can't get there because when you walk in and you say I'd like to be a patient and there's nothing wrong with you. That's not where they're going to have you as a patient you're going to have your patient somewhere else. Now for your physical maladies but your mental you come in in saying I want to be a patient you understand the Lord let the Lord use you the Holy Spirit use you. Let him use you and let's get this gospel into every nation can do time in people OK that's my last text I see a hand up as when all you are the they're filled with the spirit all right wrong spirit in African places. They call it they call on the Orisha that is the spirit they call upon the Orisha OK in many many of those African tribes and they speak in tongues. OK so it's the same idea in the calling upon the spirit but it's not the true spirit of God When you read when you read them speaking in poems in the Bible when they are filled with the spirit OK By the way the way the word tongue is. Which means language the spoken languages and by the way before it when it says they spoke in an on known Tom I read that but you'll notice something with the word unknown it's a night Palak 6 words not mean when the Bible translators put something in italics. It was supplied it was out then OK So guess what the word unknown should not be there all it says is they spoke in a language. You know a language that others don't understand and so for OK So yes they are filled with the spirit OK now I'm talking about the system itself because there are individuals who are truly seeking I remember 1 time I had a M I had meetings and I had a Pentecostal pastor there in the meeting but he was sincere. And he accepted the message gist of the Bible the truth of God's word OK And here's the problem however he was renting from the bishop unit wife and they had their children and not only that they were taking care of other children as well that they took in and some were needy OK in this abled so forth so he had a lot at stake so I talked them both taking a stand for Jesus but at that time our No worries that now in his walk with at that time. He struggled and he could not take a stand for Jesus but I tell you what he did I gave him a book OK. And this particular book I'm trying member the title of it. Will come to me. But anyway it's 1 of those books The you'll find I'm in the bookstore outlines basically deceptions in the last days those kind of things I gave it to him and. You read it and I tell you the Lord started to use him. Because he said I'm going to get this to the leaders of my organization so he was sending it to the top people he mailed it and he says I'm not going to tell Miss for me because I have to write a letter and and right there that the Spirit told me to for you guys to read it you know and so forth so here he knew what to say anyway he knew that the so he sent to Tet 10 individuals he knew that his is Bishop had read it because he said 1 Sunday morning the bishop came to preach that Sunday morning and the bishop stood up and said this whole thing about the secret Rapture is false hood it is not in the Bible and so so on and so forth so my point there is there are sincere people in those organizations who are seeking for truth but yet there is a strong deception with false spirits OK And so all yeah so they they are filled with a spirit. Anybody else. My father raised or. Was I. Wrong. Right. Exactly. For I. Would use so you go over the wrong. Exactly and exactly any fight you can avoid You have 1 I like that we go. You know 1 out of the pride yeah yeah and the other question. Yes you have ask a few questions What is your name. Joy has a nice name. No. Let me ask you. If. I. Are. Yes Yes OK So the question is is. The chief or the queen the Leni those things are those movements are used to develop and cultivate them and the answer is yes when you get higher in the levels of yoga for example you mention the kinda lean that's what they're trying to summon up and they try and summon that that's why they have certain postures I'm not against stretching I stretch by the way but when you look at some of them what they're doing is imitating a circuit like movement what they're doing certain serpent like movements in their positions and so because they believe that that is conjuring up the the the Leni in this case in the martial arts it's called the cheek and when they do that she they do they do that movements to do that and the piper breathing is part of focusing focusing for you know internal energy as well. And yeah breathing is what I used when I would break bricks so I would use that and then focusing with the breathing and then what happened I focused and then I would be emptying my mind and then something before. Yeah that's what happens anybody else. If you have any more questions you've got my email won't get back to you until after camp meeting. But I will do that or if you want to come up afterwards at this time before really a closed let me ask this question Who here is grateful that the Spirit is the 1 that give us what we need in the spirit is 1 that will use us anybody here very I mean I ask you this question who we are today wants to say to God Lord use me use me and said we trying to use some false spirit using me for your Honor and Glory anybody here and give me the power are you going to deal with dynamite So be careful how you. I'll use that dynamite phrase godless power has a prayer of a father we thank you for your love and your mercy thank you for the Holy Spirit that has come upon us whenever we witness Lord we know it is because your spirit is pon us we pray that we may have the spirit more fully we need that latter rain Lord not to go and hurt others in trying to defeat others but Lord that we may have the power to witness and we may finish this work of reaching out to others and sharing your gospel we thank you and I pray that you each and every 1 of us here in the families represented in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about do you use or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit the W.W. audio or.


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