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Exit the Dragon: Spiritual Dangers of Martial Arts- Part 5

Bayani Pastrana




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Heavenly Father we thank you once again that we can come together Lord we've come together here day by day looking at principles of Tartus through your word and that we may not be deceived by what's out there Lord guide us once again by your spirit that we may understand the principles that are laid out though we may see your truths as compared to the error that is out there and that we may hear your voice we thank you once again in Jesus' name amen All right exit the dragon This is our last day here from our 5 part session or series spiritual dangers of the martial arts and. That's me there by any person after you are my informal. Exit the dragon the 7 at G.-Mail dot com that will alert me that the topic is our map really going to be about martial arts if it's not about martial arts we'll have to well you can you can email me there but email me my other 6 other emails if you want. This this 1 to do you have questions comments I would love to hear testimonies if there's something you learned OK send me send me a message let me know what what you learn or what things you don't know and so forth and if you want send me a picture too you may end up in my. Next series. I will have to put a Part 6 or something with just you know testimonies or some and I am playing to put a book out of the remnant publications once the publish and try to do it before can't meeting but I get too busy solve the drop me a line I'll let you know when it's out. And also the website I do have a website but it is not up and running right now there's nothing there pretty much except that title and my name and some some of my notes OK So stop me a line and I'll be able to check it out I actually be able to get out after this the session because. I have a little bit off until we're back at it tomorrow because all the roaming around making sure guys are safe today. We're looking at a message called Fighting a good fight. Finding a good fight so we won't cause it all the way this year just so we can have a little bit a little better air fighting a good fight we're going to backtrack a little bit and look at what we talked about during the week because we find that God has truth but the devil has a lot he's got a counterfeit for everything I mean everything OK so. Here the 1st day Monday we talked about the personal God and to God glad that God is a personal God we can call him our father and he is there with us he's always wanted to be with us that's why he told Moses have them build me a sanctuary that I may draw with them OK Exodus 258 and then we see that he came in Carney he came in the flesh the Word became flesh and dwelt the mamma us John 1 verse 14 the Iran you go to Revelation 21 you find that God is going to bring the city down that he may dwell with us and us with him in that wonderful. The problem has never been Does God want to be with us question as all the issue has always been the we want to be with him you see if you don't want to be with God here now in this life then they won't be much of a heaven for you OK because you're not going to be number 1 people are self-centered and so forth Heaven's not going to be about selfless all going to be about God and His glory and all universes will be worshipping Him So guess what isn't going to be much of a heaven for someone who is not converted OK but we found that the counterfeit to this is through the eastern arts where it's actually just a universal energy case on serve a personal God you have what is known as that the now the universal energy or the again in movie Star Wars they call that 1 the horse and we talked about that. That Universal Energy is the balance of light and dark OK That's why for example in movie Star Wars that's where they get that principle from George Lucas got that principle from the whole concept that good and evil coincide That's why when you have the forces only 1 force but there is a dark side force and a life force 1st done 15 though tells us that God is light and in Him is no darkness OK so there is a difference between what the Bible teaches about God versus the counterfeit what the eastern arts teacher us OK we also look at the truth of biblical meditation should a Christian meditate Yes we talked about this the problem with the word meditate is it is a contra in them. Remember that OK you have antonyms synonyms hominum children in English and if you were with out with us that 2nd day you learnt about contra Nim's which you don't learn in English class where you learned in this class and what is a continent it's a word out what. Exactly has 2 meanings that are opposite to each other for example if ours to dust this table all to make it clean 1 of my doing to the dust removing it so to dust as to remove 1 of it now what if I was to dust the table for fingerprints or why do I add dust so is to dust to remove dust or has to dust to add dust its act contra mimic the same word used to opposite ways to opposite meanings meditation is is a contra nemesis Well the Bible you read the Psalms it talks about meditating upon God's Law meditate upon him meditate upon his precepts meditate upon his mercy etc So we're thinking about God's law we're thinking about God in the Bible warns us to meditate on this law it's not saying forget about it get it out of your mind as now it's saying it's saying get it in your mind and think about it but that contra name OK or the contra of it the opposite of it is Eastern meditation meditation still the same word but instead of feeling the mind it's what emptying the mind totally different you know the front. Meaning behind the seem word. And I've shared with you. And again we're just summarizing here giving little snippets this is when you try and empty out the mind for those of you that were with us throughout the week you remember I had mentioned the man I. Was training under He told me 1 time says be careful when you meditate too deep because when you do that is when you will leave your body and when you come back that is when your body may be occupied by someone else and it is then that you would have to fight for it back now they call that Astral Projection the Bible calls a demon possession a totally different 1 is you feel the Mundial 1 is you empty the mind OK and they do this why because they want to have the peace OK but the peace we get as Christians is by knowing what God has done for us knowing his law and knowing him that's how we have peace by knowing God not by getting rid of things in our mind OK So us the counterfeit and then we the next day we talk about having a mind of Christ he said that he is meek and lowly when he was reviled you are not that counterfeit is having a combative mind. Christ came to seek and to save that which was Las that was the mind of Christ he humble themself he thought it nat robbery to be called equal with God but he humbled himself and became overcame in the form of a servant combat of mind is the counterfeit and that in combat of mind you do not see that person that you need to seek and save that person is is 1 that you need to seek and destroy you do not see that person as a person you have to demonize that person they need to become an object that you destroy OK So combat of mind is in contrast to the mind of Christ and by the way I'm just summarizing So some of you this may be raising more questions than answers but they are recording it do I have to have it on OK they are recording it so you can go get it and I think the try and get it made even a veil will all warm before you even before camp means even done OK so they're pretty good at A.V. they get things done right away in and have it ready So next we have we talked about this yesterday we have the Holy Spirit OK And you remember the Holy Spirit remember Samson OK when he slew of 1000 men it says that the Spirit came upon him OK then these those people understand that the Holy Spirit can come pon us and give us like 20 Ludwig's prayer Lord give me what. Samson strain. Or some of you may now feel comfortable maybe hitting somebody or needing that strength so you may pray different prayer you may say Lord give me a lie just speed. Right OK So the guy comes in and the U.S. The grab you're a WANTS TO HEAR YOU ALL son you you turn around so quick in your darting faster than the hose in Bolt. OK And you're you're out of there why because the Lord his spirit come as a comes upon you and all of sudden you have a lie Ger speed here you understand if you don't that means you were here yesterday. Hey but that is what the Holy Spirit can give us however God can also send his angels we talked about this 1 story I gave that an angel was sent to protect hey we are believe the angels exist yes alright they do an audit do have a have had a couple experiences where I know angels were involved in saving my life I won't get into it today I also know fallen angels exist OK because I have had experience 3 a warm I can name are for sure OK because what happened is each time individuals they changed their verse are changed they were no longer the same person 3 different times so I know fallen angels exist as well but the Holy Spirit God can send us an angel to protect us. But the opposite or the counterfeit to this is Ci that internal energy that Martial Artist try to develop and enhance so they may have greater strength that they may have greater stamina there and injurious and resilience and speed thank you but even then you don't need it because when you need it who is going to give it to you Holy Spirit can give you speed right where you would pray Lord give me what Elijah speed no forget those OK So we find that there are counterfeits to these 2 what the truth is and you can argue all you want about some benefits that you may find but understand the devil will not give you 100 percent error are you with me OK it's too obvious he's got a mask get in in in oh in truth OK let me ask you this question Sunday sacredness and using Sunday as a time for your family and and going to church are there are benefits to that yes or no yes absolutely but is that the truth No OK So same thing why not just stick with what is true and like we said the other day or could be in yesterday as the world gets worse and worse before Jesus is coming for you to keep up with it you have to put in more and more time training in the martial arts OK which you will not be able to do because as it gets greater and greater You need to delve more and more into the spiritual realm. Now the point here is yes you need to delve in the spiritual realm but the delve into in the in the falshood delve into it into God's word into the real truth into the real spiritual realm me just grab my sword out of here. OK let's look at now finding a good fight for our last days I'm going to share a few things here here are is a. Something here now this is when a Syria was taken over the land this is 70700 years after Deliverance from Egypt OK now here's what's interesting here's recess woe to them that go down to where Egypt for help and they stay that's a King James but the word there is they rely on what horses and they trust in chariots Why says because they are many and in horsemen because they are very strong but they look not onto the Holy 1 of Israel neither seek the Lord now understand that the the horses and the chariots and the horsemen from Egypt 700 years ago they had horses chariots and horsemen going after Israel as the Israelites were by the Red Sea you remember the story opens up. The Lord opens up the sea Israelites walk through the Egyptians with their horses and their chariots and their horsemen go after them and as they do the Israelites get on the other side and then the waters come crashing down on these huge Gyptian 700 years later now what are the Israelites doing what are they trying to trust in hey back then when they were delivered from Egypt who delivered them God not the horses not the chariots not the horsemen but here now 700 years later they are a lying on those things that were conquered by God My point is why not just trust in God seek God for your help why go to Egypt for those things. It's the same thing today people want to go to the Gyptian zz or say Babylon or to. The Eastern art to whatever this tour a lot on those things why what we've seen guys break bricks they are so strong. We've seen guys punch so many in oh so many punches in 1 second they are so fast we need to learn to do that. My dear friends are no different than the usual it's when we do that we need to see the Lord here's the greatest defense in the whole universe some free verse 6 to 7 he says here I will not be if afraid of how many them thousands of people that have set themselves against me round about now isn't that bold not bold How many of you here today would say all right I'll take on 2 opponents. Anybody willing to do that OK we've got 1 taker OK And then we just keep going up 10000. Dollars that was a not me. And yet the Psalmist the Psalmist wrote this in conference I will not be afraid of 10 thousands of people that have set themselves against me rounded out arise all Lord save me oh god for Dow has been all mine then Miss upon the cheek bone Dow has broken the teeth of the godly that's the kind of faith he had in God OK You remember David when he went out. It wasn't because he says oh I'm a good sling or No No No What was it what did he say yeah it was because of the war he knew the Lord was on his side this is this is here exemplary of how we should be why are you afraid of 1 person 2 people you worried about a gang attacking you were talking 10 thousands roundabouts all in the name of the Lord here's what's interesting people are afraid of people meanwhile are aha our our reverend reverence are the majesty oblongs to the Lord now they're familiar with this right well ation 14 verse 7 the 1st part of what message. The 3 angels message OK this is you know 3 angels messages the Angel Angel can be interpreted messenger and we believe those messengers are God's remnant people OK we are called for a special purpose in these last days and it starts off the 1st message starts off that says thing with a loud voice fear or guarding give glory to him what's the 1st thing it says Do I fear God OK And we know that means to give our and reverence a point where you're just you're just so you know you just see God as high and lifted up now for us to proclaim that message what needs to happen is it a verbal saying that we give people God. What if you yourself have not internalized that message what kind of effect will that have on others. Or how that much effect. So for us proclaiming the 3 angels messages we ourselves 1st must internalize it OK we must internalize the fact that we ourselves already fear God really give glory to God and hopefully that is what we are doing that way we can proclaim the message we hear was appropriate in that message to the world anybody OK where is God Hopefully if you claim to be a 7th Day Adventist then that is a message you are giving but before we can give it we need to what internalize it here's what it says a ball though and this is a message for the last days because in the last days what's going to happen things are getting worse and worse and worse Spirit God Now here's what the Sama says. In some 34 verse 11 the end of the Lord in campus round a bell them that what fear here moves the Him God and what does he do. Deliver them do you believe in God's word. Some of you may say well you know somebody else somebody could still get killed or yeah let me put it this way when you pray for me or for someone to be healed OK And let me put it this way has anyone ever asked or asked the petition for someone to be healed anyone ever pray those OK let me ask you this question the guard answered our prayer it's always in this case yes and he explained so we say you all know what you know that they still they still have that cancer and they died the answer is yes why because in the end what does God promise. All things you complete healing for those that are faithful of course you know not what the work of complete Huling no more pain no more death in the war Sorel OK complete hewing what we're expecting he's going to give healing but what we're expecting is that he's going to give yelling now you see a difference if you're asking for healing while he answered it and here is answering it OK he'll give that healing in the end so now do you believe God's word yes or no. Have you internalized God's word and that's what we talk about in another previous session about meditating upon God's word what he says and internalizing it. The armor of God having the whole armor of God and you're familiar with this this year efficient 6 verse 11 so strong how much. The whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the walls of whom will OK for you Russell not against flesh and blood but I Gans principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places so we find there that were not warring against flesh and blood I used to spend hours and hours and hours of my life training to wrestle against flesh and blood till the Lord called me out and I realized it is a spiritual warfare we need to worry about it continues in verse 13 where for taken to you the whole armor of God So you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand stand there for having your longings go to bow with what truth so we want truth we don't want truth mixed with error and having on the breastplate of righteousness and whose righteousness is that Christ righteousness and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace right by the way somebody may say well then Jesus say that he did not come to bring peace but a sword or understand it's not because God is is trying to create this core is because people are warring against his word which is the sword and so it goes on verse 16 above all taking the shield of faith anything that is not of faith is what sin. Whereas you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the week in the wicked is going to be out there you dear friends after each 1 of us and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the what the Word of God The sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God and hears what Paul writes to the Hebrews OK for the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than Annie to. Saw or heard piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit of the joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intent of the heart I remember no as in martial arts 1 the weapons I trained was the broadsword OK which is this now let me ask you this not to be a broadsword anyone ever trained with a sword before anyone ever use a sword this 1 person no 1 here is ever given a bible study or quoted scripture to anybody come on now. Come on now I. Let me try that again anybody ever use a sword before our eyes their ego their ego Yeah I like to I like to test you guys here and K. So that's the sword I use to train it's a it's a broad sword and the way I would train is rule simple rule simple if I was to train a slashing motion which be like a day at the Agel $45.00 degree I would practice at all over and over and over that I get that muscle memory and that it becomes a part of me and I internalize it over and over to the point I do it hundreds. And hundreds and hundreds of times so when I actually use it it's just there boom now let me ask you this question if I'm gonna spend that much time in training and internalized something a simple as 1 movement or maybe you know and then another movement or whatever it is how much more should so should I train to understand internalize this book God sword you see I'm saying so there's those that are putting in so much time in training in things like a sword and their dedicating the whole life into training that how much more should a Christian realizing that we are in a spiritual warfare how much more should we not use the sword of the spirit that is given to us that we make because this is part of the armor of God the other parts are defensive this is the often sieve remember when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. What did he do when he when the devil said you know turn the stone into bread What did he do. He quoted scripture he said it is written what was his defense against the enemy Scripture and then the next temptation comes along what does Jesus say it is written where the 3rd 1 comes along where is he said it is written so my dear friends he quoted it and understand for example OK I'm just going to show you the basic comparison here is if somebody has a sword and they're coming down towards my head I am not going to pull my sword I'm not going to do this motion. You see I'm saying this person's got their sort come into my head I'm not going to do that motion I've been practicing I'm going to do a different motion where I block it up here is I make sense so the movement has to match that as what Jesus did when the devil said take this stone and turn it into bread Jesus did not say that we shall not commit adultery. Right would that make sense would that have been the appropriate use of the sword of the Spirit no so we need to understand and learn this sword so well that when the devil comes to us through temptations and he will use people around us he's not coming in front of you himself email use others people at work your boss comes along and for 45 years the boss that you have Sabbath off the knobs on the bosses you know what I just need you I need your help this 1 time OK guess what just happened now that strike has now come and so now what happens we need to use the saw heard I remember being back in Toronto I grew up in Toronto. After I left. The martial arts you know I had to find a job and so forth but anyway I got into I got a position in this company. And I start off with data entry but then they trade me trained me to do programming which is fire pick up quite quickly but it was interesting that what happened was is every every week because the busiest time we would have would be the weekends because people that we were doing programs for 1 of their programs on Monday so they could use it for for that week so Friday afternoon my supervisor would come along and say you know we need to finish a couple more jobs we need you to stay late today this is a Friday I said no I'm sorry OK I don't work on the Lord's day sabbath and then they would try to get me to come in on Saturday Kerry said I'll come in Sunday if you want but I'm not coming in tomorrow that is Saturday said but we may be finished by Sunday I'm sorry Barbara I will not come in it went like that week by week by week OK but I stood on the ground of God's word. I did not tell them Well you know the Bible says you know that will not cover it so I can't come in to see him saying we need to understand God's word so well that we know how to match the temptation that comes our way OK So when Jesus when Jesus quoted it matched the temptation so in the Dell said turn this stone into bread What did he say Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceed with out of the mouth of the Lord has it matched and by the way learning scripture is not just about John 316 or I mean by that OK I mean is what I mean is really to learn beyond just that 1 verse OK little children in kindergarten learned the verse we as we grow should learn more scripture in internalize it more are you with me God has many promises that we need to meditate upon that we need to think about and internalize OK for such situations because what happens now is we go somebody may say OK well you know yeah I know more than John 316 know they'll say why the Romans 512 is wow and I also know. 34 and so forth but nobody wants to learn Deuteronomy for example OK let me ask you this question when Jesus met those temptations just where he was quoting from all 3 were from Deuteronomy. Don't just learn your favorite scripture learn other ones that are more difficult and so forth are you really that is getting proficient with the soul or that K. let me share something here desire of ages page 238 the means by which we can overcome the wicked 1 is that by which Christ overcame the power of the word my dear friend this is we're now talking beyond flesh and blood we're talking in the real warfare here warfare where it's not just about you losing your life here but your eternal life through the power of the word god does not control our minds without our consent but if we desire to know and to do His Will His promises are he shall know the truth and the truth Joe make you free Who Wants To Be Free praise God I use been bondage but he made me free through His word and through Christ Jesus it continues if any man ruler to do is well he shall know all the teaching John 832 and also 7 verse 17 and that's the revised version that she used there says through faith in these promises every man may be delivered from the snares of error and the control of sin though missed the point is not just. Having victory over sin but over what else error over error hey people who say well you know I don't said but guess what you may be entrapped in error. So it being the livered from the sneers of error and the control of sin now God's word has power to believe that it says there in Genesis $11.00 in the beginning. God created the heavens and the earth and what that god say let there be light and there was light a professor I had he said you know all of Genesis chapter 1 about creation could have been summarized in 1 phrase then need all those verses in chapter 1 here's what when it 1st said it couldn't summarize and I agree been summarized like this God said Let there be and there was the simple God said Let there be and there was just like in some 339 Word says therefore he spake and it was done he commanded and it stood fast OK So when God says something guess what. It is OK He said Let there be and then there was now here's what's interesting in Titus verse 1 verse 2 or chapter chapter 1 and verse 2 talks about in the hope of eternal life which God that cannot what lie promised before the world began again his promises about eternal life isn't 1 for the promises God has for any any difficulty he's we have in life he has a promise you believe that he does somebody passes away he has a promise for that there's a blessing the hope OK if we're not sure if we can be accepted by him because of our sins Well he's got promises for that I'll never you know he never by any means cast anybody out anyone that comes to him so here it says that God cannot lie now do you have any English teachers and. OK OK We have 1 used to be OK That's mine used to be is better than the rest of us. We weren't. And I try and teach this this to my children is there a difference when somebody or the child goes can I have orange juice versus May I have orange juice is there a difference what is the difference Yes OK which 1 is permission may either asking permission if they are allowed to if they say can I What are they actually asking am I able to make a and then the other 1 is you know whether all let's just go right into this OK here it says God that what may not lie if it said may not lie with does that mean. Yeah my may not but he just as an up or mission. Or I've heard somebody say well he can lie but he will not lie is that what the Bible says says that he what can. Lie here says that he CAN I was I mean that he cannot lie. It's impossible he does not have the ability to lie now think what that him think that's the because some we actually think all he can he just chooses not to Gary Come on up for more I don't know Gary you don't class this is Gary Gary this is class. You all know Gary now Alisa's name you know very well colors your shirt. Yellow OK Chuck what colors are OK and. Let me see who else. Wells can receive here. JULIE. Because you know also some women say guys are color blind so or how lady what colors a shirt. OK says brightly yellow see a woman X. or is it more expressive but it's yellow I'm not going to say what it is because my wife says I'm color blind so I want to stay out of it who here says it's yellow let me see your hands. It's for you nominate unanimous thank you so his shirt is y'all He says it's yellow He says it's yellow She says it's yellow y'all see it's yellow OK God Now comes along and God says Gary your shirt is green what just happened. As a different label Yeah just so guess what now. When God says something what happens it happens if God says Gary your shirt is red guess what he sure is Red OK I think you have a C. Now if I come along and say his shirt is red what's going to happen. My wife's going to come in and say I told you your color but I ain't. Right so if God says it yes 1. It is. If God speaks it is OK That's why Romans 3 Verse 4 if you ever read that says that God be true but every man is a liar because as soon do we all we all would say well that's yellow God comes along says it's green guess what God is true and we're all liars that's why he says God cannot lie this is his word he has promises he's not a man that he should lie. Don't ever go to God's word and say you know I'm not sure if you know if you really means that he means it he says it he means it OK if he says it he means it OK I'm going to share something here is not my notes but it's what happens when I start thinking about other things I say this guy is a viable. And I'm going to go to chapter $909.00. Chapter 9 and verse 6. Says here for unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government show be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor the mighty God the Everlasting Father the Prince of Peace. Here's what's interesting it says unto us a child is born and yet it is prophetic it's in the future and yet he speaks as if it's historic I says as if it is done or with me it is what's called historic prophetic that's how God speaks if he says something and it's prophetic It's as if he it is now history which is different of course from conditional prophecy were people have a choice but when it's in this case an hour prophecy that will come true it is known as historic prophetic because once God says it it is true OK God's word is power dear friends you want the Vern's God's Word the Holy Spirit is the 1 that the rock did the holy men to write that there is power in God's Word you believe that. Had 1 person game 1 verse before and he had a he an addiction he can conquer a game 1 verse 1 verse 1 simple verse and you piety nor the new way anyway he carried out through he still carries in his life that's the 1 he's the number 1 verse you remember but he overcame by that verse it's real simple you guys know it I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me I mean this as a whole but it's power you see we don't need to worry about flesh and blood we don't need to worry about those things the real thing we need to worry about is eternal life OK I read this to you before God's people sealed in the end times the 144000 were all sealed and perfectly united on their foreheads was written God New Jerusalem and a glorious star containing Jesus's new name at our Happy holy estate the wicked were enraged and would rush how. Lee. To lay hands on us to thrust us into prison when we would stretch forth the hand in the name of the Lord not because we trained in Kong and in in in tight she in everything else much of which you can probably pronounce anyway. They do in the name although law. And the wicked will fall helpless to their ground spiritual guess why I am to pay story too so the wicked come violently upon God's people in the last days those that are sealed and what do people as people do they stretch forth their hand and the work it all sun just fall to the ground no martial arts training. All about God He's doing it he senses angels OK nothing to fear it's about the real mastery my dear friends is against self. And it's not about self-mastery it's about mastery through God are you with me only he can give us victories 1st Peter for 1 to 2 so as for as much then as Christ has suffered for us in the flesh arm yourselves Likewise with the same 1 mind that was Christ mind empty and void no he was always in communion with the father OK For he that has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin that he no longer should live through or live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lost of men but to the will of God my dear friends that's what Jesus said not my will but that I will be done he understood God's will how did he understand he knew the Scriptures when you do eastern arts and the martial arts and when you do meditation you're not learning the will of God you're emptying your mind of everything you're emptying the mind so when when the will of God comes to your mind guess what you're doing no no no I don't want that there I wanted to be empty battles. Here this is from our white battles are to be fought every day a great warfare is going on over every soul between the Prince of Darkness and The Prince of life Guess who they're warning for for you and me who are the prize. As God's agents you are to do what yield yourselves to him. That's how self-mastery or in this case mastery over self which is different mastery over self is through yielding to God that he may plan and they wrecked the flow and fight the battle for you with your cooperation who's fighting the battle for you now God is Jesus the Father the Holy Spirit. And he will do the firing member Joseph. They were known they put a lord and because there were different armies that came together to fight them and they prayed to a lord and on the way to the battle the next day they been just praising the Lord and what happened they found that the army was already slain there was confusion in the camp and they slate each other OK because the Lord for fought their battle takes faith the prince of life is at the head of his work he has to be with you in your daily battle with self-worth the battle is it out there against somebody else OK it's against self that you may be true to principle that passion when warring for the master really may be subdued by the grace of Christ the you come off more than camp worst through him that has loved us Jesus has been over the ground he knows the power of every temptation he knows just how to meet every emergency and how to guide you through every path of danger and here's the question then why not trust him. Conflict encourage PAGE 1 something my dear friends we are not fighting against flesh and blood were fighting a spiritual war and that war is number 1 Jesus is the 1 that's going up against the devil what we do is we need to yield to God That's how we gain mastery over self OK we don't gain mastery by the meditation and then the master in you comes out no it's when we yield to God deal to his will now how do you yield to us will if you don't know his well if all you're doing is emptying the mind and doing chants and you know mantras where your known. Or maybe even just being in the silence no it's about knowing the will of God in you know the in sue him as Jesus said not my will but that I will be done let me share 1 more thing and then will draw to a close and then we'll take a few questions here you all know Martin Luther the reformer OK he. Didn't as you know use a preacher and but he was also a hymn writer. There's a famous him that he wrote and Benoit OK that's the most famous 1 our Mighty Fortress is our God and we share with you now in our hymnal the S'pore stands us. Now when you look at the original him there's 12 stands us. Yeah yeah church grows growers have a hard time nowadays with 4 stands us. Never you know never mind 12 imagine singing 12 stances glorifying God That's what they did during the Reformation OK Well anyway. Here this is the the latter part of the 4th stands I'm going to share with you what he said this is going to happen again that's why. When the. Tribulation comes when. Things will come our way here's what he's said in Azim let goods and kindreds go this mortal life also the body they may kill God's truth abideth still his kingdom is forever my dear friends we have nothing to fear there's nothing here that we cannot let go of that the Lord will give us something better in the end that is not delve into these eastern arts that are merely a counterfeit to God's truth which will lead us away from God's kingdom and into a different kingdom because if you're going to train in those arts number 1 you're going to haue the wrong mindset Number 2 you're going to spend a lot of hours training using up God's time it's not our time it's God's time and so on and so forth I'm glad God is my solve ation he is my general he is the 1 that will fight for me are you glad for that he will fight for you in the Micio hands of your glad praise God questions. You're quiet today yes just. Telling me yes. Sure sure you're OK and I think. It was about 20. 3 here. Zach. Or D.S.O. your last soreness boot you had God's word in your heart He backed the way he knew there was a force greater than himself praise God Just don't say that in the airport. I'm serious. A pastor did that 1 time you guys in here and he said he got a weapon he meant you know he was talking about the Bible he was you know so they arrested the interrogator and it's over so I say that is serious that he's not going to do with a smile because yeah yeah don't do that here what. Anybody else any other questions. I hope that means that every question was answered thought the week OK All right. There's a pretty. Big. Story. So there's. Only Mr. Bennett or other. And I guess. You know all the stuff I mean there's almost no sense of us here's will stop. But these. You know you just just become more aware of it there are there where you just not aware of it until higher in the levels yeah yeah so in the training yeah you get into the spiritual levels higher and higher and you become more aware of it so you fine tune it even more basically So yeah yes. I know you said you know the recording. To be done in this instance using this. This is a far 5 part series and I'll tell you I was blessed being able to share it here camming because I was able to really articulate it a little bit better and that happens each time you know when you when you share the same thing becomes more thing if you go on. On the website there are a couple places I'll give you the 1 were ill have other things there as well Eric Wilson a few on You Tube Eric Wilson he OUR I seen then WILSON OK he's got a You Tube channel and he's got a whole bunch of things there on the martial arts. OK you will find my series in there OK. It's originally was recorded from Kalamazoo I did a 4 part series there. And so they have it all other website as well on their channel Kalamazoo something. And but Eric Woolson he he pulled it from there and he's got an on his site and he's got more videos that's why I mention him. So yeah it's there or another way you can do is just put my name and put exit the dragon OK And here's what's interesting colleagues of mine from 20 plus years ago. They had recently uploaded some of the videos I did when I was doing demonstrations in malls and I was thinking of calling them up and asking them to take it down but then I talked to some some individuals you know see what they thought and so forth and it was fairly consistent No leave it there so people can see where you were and where you are now because when you put my name and you put exit the dragon you'll see those. The demonstrations that are there but then it also pulls up my seminars from Kalamazoo that were recorded so anyone looking at that they'll also have the option of seeing me. Whatever 20 whatever years later so it's there and you'll see a difference because when you look at me back then in those videos you know. It's a whole different person it's a whole different person somebody you know and I watch I go oh man I don't want to mess with that guy. You don't look too nice. But yeah. Now only by the grace of God only by the grace of God Any other questions yes. You're. OK So 2 questions number 1 is what drew me to the martial arts let me take that 1 1st when I was young I got into watching. The Bruce Lee movies and then staying up late and and watching those. Those movies that were there they would have on late at night yet to be a dedicated want to stay up late but I would be up late and they'd be have back to back to back movies. Pretty sure I've seen them all. Anyway and then so I was attracted to that and then 1 time when I was young I was walking down the street and I saw a guy who was in the yard and knows a little fence there but I could see I'm using a pole create Oh he's training with and it had like a milk carton and he was doing flips and fancy stuff and I was so intrigued he has a thing with the martial arts is very intriguing it captivates you know and so you want to you want to be able do that and so that's what got me into and I I I went through the Yellow Pages there and then I got my parents to sign me up I chose which 1 I wanted and happened to be 1 that was teaching different animal styles and so for how I got into it 2nd question was Should you when somebody is in the martial arts should you get into all these explanations or deeper explanations or keep it to a basic Bible study but I would say is if you're just beginning to study with them if they haven't given their life total Mord go through a Bible study go through a Bible study you've got to understand no one's going to leave the martial arts for a lord that they don't know. You see him saying OK they have to love the Lord and to follow him I'll give you an example there is man there's name was Bob and when he was 12 years old he was convicted about the Sabbath 12 years old he was reading the Bible he asked his parents that mom says you know boat keeping the Sabbath day holy shouldn't we be doing that his parents home all know or we don't need to do that anymore he wasn't satisfied he asked his Sunday school teacher same thing that's you know that's not the way with her new testament cetera wasn't satisfied with that answer asked the pastor OK I asked the pastor same thing pastor says we don't need to keep the Sabbath. I met up with Bob for 80 years he was under conviction but he had no 1 to Tony he didn't have the answer OK I met up with him we start studying and then we start seeing it about the Sabbath and then all of sudden you realize God was answering his prayer from when he was 12 years old. But understand that by Love the Lord had a relationship with God OK. Now I say that because I was doing a meeting evangelist meeting and that 1 night I was doing the health message and part of the health message or showing I'm sharing about the clean and clean food right so after the meeting I was in all visiting with some folks so people left and then his wife comes up to me I was still in the sanctuary comes up to me and says Pastor Bob wants a top to you Bob is out in the hallway he's sitting on the bench I go there to bomb OK Bob I sit down with him Bob what's up he goes after and as I was talking I asked there are your message tonight so I can't eat pig you're saying I can't eat pig is that right ago No Bob I'm not saying that God saying that OK yeah it says that but you know now he lived in a living you know so he says you know they make my breakfast every day and they always how they can. Bake in so then me and I go but Bob what does the Bible say it says I shouldn't eat it but what if I have 1 only 1 bake in. The morning and I go Bob is that what the Bible saying goes and then here's what he tells me I asked or I love my bacon. By Look them dead in the ice Sirius's I can be somber said Bob you love bacon but I know you love the Lord more you know what he said he looked at me the policy goes all right then no more me. Just like that why because he love the Lord start with a Bible study they need the form of the Lord that's how I left because I fell in love with the Lord OK is now because it was you know it was wrong because I love the Lord and He showed me he was wrong so so with the Bible study if the person already loves the Lord then you can then you know your strides ahead already then you can start sharing some principles that make sense all right any more time for maybe 1 more if not we will conclude with for air yes. Yeah that be great OK Very good very good yeah I would love that I would love that and I'll put it you know when I get my website up all Polly put them on there as well and so forth but some of it you may end up on my presentations and so send the picture of who you know if it's you and I may have you up there we'll see OK let's close off a prayer. How many Father we thank you. Truly you are the light and in you there is no darkness Lord we do not wish to be in darkness we do not wish to sin Lord we thank you for deliverance from sin but we also do not want to be in error we thank you for your word the corrector of all errors so Lord continually guide us in the U.S. into your marvelous light as you have drawn us out of darkness I thank you for your love and because of your love that we wish to follow you and to do your will last each 1 here Lord may they be your Evangelists the ones that will share all the things that they have learned so I pray that your spirit will fall upon them and guide them that they will have power to witness in Jesus' name we pray Amen. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you force or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W. Dot org.


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