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Understanding Similarities & Differences- Part 1

Daniel Scarone




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Floating heaven thank you for your blessing for your blessing we are here for your blessing we are in the charge and for your blessing we are Christians today help us to send the Bible and the teachings of the Lord Jesus and be with us in the seminar in Jesus name and then OK. Let me let me do on a start and I guess this is our good start in certain sense I know several of you do not speak Spanish but that was my origin and anguish and if so if you feel an accent is not please don't go to the medical doctor to check if you are if you do have a problem now it's nice out of the war for that. Bad years ago when I was in South America I've been doing. Past where I work and doing pastoral work I've been called to be an editor and I've been working at the need it or in some other maker for about thing a person a plea 10 years I've been in charge of the. Equivalency of the summer school quarterly on having working with the minister amassing Spanish. Ministry Magazine those days were a kind of joint service between the interim aken division and the South American division on the Island of course 1 of the areas in which I've been dealing did in my my means tree before going to the 1 sided publishing house and working together with. Brazilian. Publishing House to gether with the minister magazine is to provide to the pastors and to the lay people information regarding our morality of things for example doctoring teaching theology and whatever and also comparative religions for do maybe to my background comparative religion to a something that was very abstract for myself because it's going to help you to distinguish Baptist from Metro the N Catholics and Christians signs and so on so. With that kind of background and especially with a person that was a handicapped person in 1 charge I learned a lot of that 100 captioned them because he was living. Testimony a living witness of the 7 the Adventist faith wherever he went in those days and he cannot be able to walk. He was with a small cart and he pushed the cart with his hands and he went to the places and gave testimony to Mormons Consoli and I learned with him a lot. And I and I think for myself look maybe in the future I need to do something regarding this kind of of ministry because it's a kind of service. Many people they don't know about how to be dealing with that and how we're reaching those who are Pentecostal catalysts and so on so I began to think in in a in a book that helped and I wrote this story it's in another language. It is not I will say it's not in English yet because I'm thinkin put it in English in a future because freedom of me when I was in Colombia and this is the 1st time in watch in which it was printed out. Sheet from Trinidad and Tobago and he said then you know this is not in English and say no well you need to put it in the language of heaven. That that was the 1st time I was in touch with our baby big to logical topics about what language you were going to be picking heaven and. And of course they were trained as an Tobago they speak English a British kind of English but they speak English and and I say to my dear friend well probably such challenge for the future and I will try to do it so I am still in thinking but in this book I am dealing with. Some critical issues regarding. The topic of of. Tech. You have in English another war for for for for sex yes but. Act Yes sect. Yes they were there mind going. I mean going too far. And I was I was I was braincell a lot of things like Catholicism and I put it here because there was an illusion from South America that the whole. Catalytic effect you know the word sect is coming from sect or it's a portion of their society and this author is catalog Eisen and isn't a fine label in Catholicism like that and they were the master Cole for Latin America and to them in Latin America we are that that's interesting so in English I guess I have to use the word cult is a better word I guess for yes I learned a lot you know I want to and I were and 1 day we were promoted in our church so in the event this chart Spanish and we put who toes and a funny on and the pastor approached to me and said. You put that yes that war it's. What does it mean to say you know to approach to top it means. Mean. Warship in Spanish there is a meaning there is no other word in Spanish when you are going to to warship that whole warship in Spanish Hutto but who don't mean it's very close to cults cults effects so sometimes in the intersection of linguistics tension you need to be very precise and that's a problem with myself Katrina regatta. So I'm sorry about that. But you're right and. I remember some saying he's From This Moment On my lawyer. I represent. The wire for those who don't know if he's a lawyer. And. Quite interesting. So in this what I am doing or were doing in Spanish is to put something like a big picture general picture of the of some. Comparisons between the views regarding the understanding of God and the divinity their understanding of the doctrine then the conduct of the practices and so on. And that is the general topic of that and when I finished the book the 1st person I went to keep the book was my father. Because my father I was in a I was in appreciated my home when I was active but they took me. Being from a Catholic background in South America because Corona is Italian place Thailand is the land of the last 1000000 Kimmie connector can literally or. Is the side of those a family that connect me with with their insulin in Europe and when I was 3 or our psyche I was and I support him. But my father moved into the Christian sign and for me it was quite interesting. And I was in 1 of the worshippers of tell America when I heard or the Lord's Prayer that is from Mary most vicar A.B. in the book Christians sign it and and they pray our father slash mother in heaven. So the Altar Boy that was invited was. You know I asked what was the scene and it's 3000 so when you go there it's quite interesting so that kind of enviroment took me 2 side by side to search into other religions so I wrote this thinking in the in the pastoral needs patiently for the mission of the charge and I wrote on catalysis. Christian Science. The. Only Bursal charge of gotten that is moon on the moon has being. Excuse me. Known this is unification charge of God that is moon and moon was very well represented in my city to the point in which they call instead of Montevideo moon T.V. they will. Because the invasion of the Moonies were so big that change the parameters that. Undead Universal Church of God is on strong. And on and strong for me it was an interesting point and I wrote in this book some saying. This book is front 1905 so you see just printed. 22 years is incredible you know but it is in 1090. In 1000 or 80. In $8090.00 I mention that if they were going to change the leadership they were going to change doctrines and teaching and in 5 years that happened without charge so in Costa Rica there where somebody is a clone a prophet that I am not a prophet I know server and and I I like to do a comparative analysis of the backgrounds of the religious movement in those days when I wrote this and I am going to change it my view regarding Islam was very daring innocent. Almost And Jessica I will say. Today I don't have that any longer that deal and I'm going to tell you from the beginning because I don't want to to to lost your time for the rest of the week that I am not very sympathetic with Muslims. And I am not seeing them as through religion and I am going to demonstrate during the week using the Bible and using the Spirit of Prophecy. And probably you are going to agree with several of the same but from the from the starting point I am going to be very clear regarding this these topics OK So let me let me give you. A point here and this is a test not a very good 1 but how much you know about Islam you know little 1 thing much what the how much you know how much you want to know because in a week if you want to be sure the time but I am going to give you probably the best information that I can do in this time and I will try to to do that kind of approach but this is important that you answer also the following question is children like any other religion according to your view it is no Yes Well there are yes is no. We're going we're going to see I'm probably very soon because here in the. In the in the. Album carrying into he had to carry so he means the through the through the right I'll do carry and I will carry is 1 of about 67 had teeth and learned that war because had deeds is the equivalent of traditions in Islam in the in the Muslim they had it and sometimes you think that everything of the of polythene rests upon the Koran it's not in the Koran Plus how that how this is like. What I will say tradition in Catholicism because it is the words the teachings expression local encounters about the Prophet Mohammad the casual conversations of Mohammed all that he had to eat and how did it a very very big cap to say soon if you can put that catalytic topic upon that you know. And it's very important to know about that do they believe in conversion and baptism. Has it's they had this is coming from are from very well ora tradition. That was communicated. From 1 generation to the next and that is the reason why are and this is from Riyadh Saudi Arabia and they put their says he I'll do carry this means the correct because there are distortions but when they put he means that is that is a true 1 the truthful 1 there is not you know of extortion about this I hear. And they all the thing that I was commenting regarding that do they were living conversion and bad things if you say no well they they were leaving conversion the come the concept of conversion we are going to to to explore more close to mission the idea of mission is kind of the meaning and behavior of our relationship of people and that is the vision of them regarding all other religions either so it's important to take an count that. You are going to to see in the presentation do they accept the Bible. The book if it is interesting is interesting because when I was exploring Mormonism I began to. Train is open. For them in a car I will say find a many kind of relationship in between the Mohammedans. The moments the Muslims or Islam and the Mormons and there are a lot of things in common and I was surprised and I was putting probably is going to be some sort of the percentages but when you when you are going to check things you're going to to see a lot of things both believe in a prophet bowls both of then do have their own book Book of Mormon around Mohammed just a Smith So you're going to to see a lot of for their visions they do have a health diet and ministry and. Others they do have how loud is the Koshare but all telescopes share all no or no or the heart halaal is not Koshare and that is that is important. The main you know is that it's sometimes very very important where we're going to be dealing with that in the union that we are they involve it in acumen is. Are they inviting all the real issues to unite in service and they accept the. War. Yeah and that is true of course. They only acumen isn't that they accept is under Islam. It's my way or. So and they defenders of liberty of coalitions. Well let me tell you that there is a lot of incarceration of those who were believers of liberty of conscience in those countries and that is that is critical so. Yes of course. Yes I think about someone rashly someone Rushdie Canadian You know I see you know the Satanic Verses hero that and every time that if someone rushes you into to to go to the airplane with you take another airplane. Because he's going to be with so big security that he's going to probably $1015.00 people more than himself. Because there was a time to I'm going to explain the fact 1 later found 1 means if you kill him are always Saudi Arabi or Iran is going to pay a certain amount of money to you because a fatwa means that that man is required in Hell no you know their prayers and that is you know our religious call that that's incredible. Do they believe in religious liberty. A Well. It is quite interesting so we are going to be entertaining in the wake of what our common Salomon's with them between 7 their twenty's and Muslims. In a casual conversation it is good that you know something they do not eat pork and when when you when you see that let me tell you that is not because they obeyed the Bible because just the Koran and they don't know they do not eat pork. 7 They are no flints believe in creation and reject evolution that is another interesting point of contact you know sometimes we need to build bridges the 4 we can enter into a topic with time but here is another topic and we are going to rated it close to the scene the end of the of the seminar they do not drink alcohol that is that is interesting also. They do not worship idols there is no not the let Rick vision in the Koran. When when we approach this topic and to this specific topic it is interesting that they see Christians as pagan because we do believe in the Trinity and they see that police say isn't high enough and in the Internet you are going to find out a lot of places in which they are the cousin about this topic they do not play games it's also interesting about that and. They believe in Investor Action. And believe they are called on to worship God and they believe in a prophet so there are some things in which we might be able to touch base with each other. And this is good because sometimes with the know how to establish a good conversation I will say in a plane or whatever here there are some elements and there are topics in which you might be able to give testimony about your faith or soul with them. Making. Gambling Yes not soccer or. Recently internation us international news there was there were of servants of certain traditions I don't know how many of you are familiar with soccer like in South America but there was a soccer match between Australia and the team done of Saudi Arabia and under Sharia and with sympathetic a spirit with what happened in London they made a minute of silence so all the players of the team Sean NG on's together on the players of this all the around the area continued. A question for the war that this is a nice opening for The Wall about where they are hot regarding this kind of situation. I don't think. I have. Time I'll go on and on yes I'm going to I guess I guess that this is important certain sense because because from the missionary standpoint of you are a are you approach to the topic a sub very conservative point of view in mission you know. The people and let me tell you something if you have we we do have here in Michigan I'm going to to say. Superficial things and not going to enter into details OK and I'm going to explain that. There are Muslims converted into the 7 The event is charged and I'm going to I'm not going to to say where or what city or in what charge and what's the name or or give telephone number or something so we are not going to have that information just this is a very interconnected community OK in 2004 I wrote an article in Spanish. The article was entitled The rattle bellow the least slam it was 2 years after September 11th Yeah 3 years on and I've been doing a presentation regarding that topic and that the title in English will be behind the bailiff of Islam. OK And in that I mention my mind my new view regarding Islam immediately as center in California L.A. or Los Angeles whole Pacific press to Vision Association and asked them about myself who are I was what was my function where do I leave was where I am doing and so on that is the kind of community with which you are interrelated with so when when people come into a charge and they are baptized in a certain they are then to please keep that topic down do not put that in them Barry Mawn Michigan memo you know don't put it in the lake or out don't put it in other cities review them put pictures don't put names because. This recently happened some saying 1 of our cities here there was a Baptist was of a. Muslim. Person and I'm going to the generic you know neutral language in this moment. And this person became D.N.A. and in need of the family began to receive pressure from several angles to you know to separate from the from from that person and so on to the point in which that person has to move into another state and this in another state in this small. Will have personnel in functions in the charge that were formal are Muslims. They are they are people in function in offices in our charge functions that yes yes in the leadership of of the lazy there's in the late leaders off our charge that are former Muslims. And they are this important that you know that the message is going on with them but we need to we need to be very quiet and I'm going to this concert probably 30 or fry that I don't know yet. Regarding what are the angles and the perspective regarding how we are going to be dealing with with that this is a book by the way perspectives if you have some some money to expand. This is a very interesting book perspectives emission This is. Eventually cause but this isn't going to tell you how eventually cause and even ourselves and said oh the religious moment are going to be dealing with them because he's very very complex you are not going to start to charge naked and say we are 7 the event is charged in Egypt or in any other place unless you believe that you are going to be immediately heaven. Because they are going to help you. As. This is not a warm I'm probably I'm going to give the editor it's a. It's a. It's a kind of a religious contribution of miss your knowledge just working for several universities in across America especially since mission. They asked are the how to reach all of their religious movement and this is included in Islam both of these that by the way is close to Islam in going to rejection of different versions or visions of religion bu these. They are very I receive in defending them. And in perspective I'm going to to put the bill Raffi the ref you have been. Running. You. Tell me. That that is true however I am. In a. In a kind of. Difference with with that tendency because some point you need to tell who you are. Yeah I understand that and I've been I've been to seminars of that bad let me tell you that. Some point to win into the very clear regarding our identity. Verse and I am I am not clear. Because. Let me let me share with you and this is just a fresh reaction to the to the to the topic and I I know that. That I'm not discussing with you regarding downtime and discussing with with that position but we normally come here and we sit here in this in this way if we if of course that but that is the form of the warship that is the form of a warship there is no problem for me if you go to Africa the form of the warship is going to be different the hearings are going to be different I am the multiethnic director here and when I enter into Mussa loose I mean thing entity and wonder that is the language of Rwanda means unity or reconciliation and you know the African way of thinking and participating in the different from frontrunner but you need to adapt yourself to them but the content cannot change the content because in certain sense the content is the missiles and you cannot change that and in certain other patients for survival. My perception is that. There is a tendency of sacrifice some content due to the forms and to be accepted off and I am thinking that that is questionable. Well yeah. Yeah I can be that can you call them 7070 S. you know. What that. Well I didn't mention about smoking. But because a small can is a little bit elastic earlier than that but the majority of than I would say the majority of the mines that are the religious leaders generally do not fall generally OK Let me review with you some of the things that you were saying at the beginning but we don't have in common with is that we are dealing with say oh crap take Louvin meant to your crap take movement what is that let me let me share with you you know when when when I was real they had it. And I was I was checking the introduction. I I I come here in the in the 1st paragraph says Islam is a heavily Eastern or regime for all to do ers of the earth it is a mighty treasure if only mankind realizes it open the city and through I repeat Islam is a heavenly system or regime I am going to put it in in a moment so that that is the meaning of that is a theocracy that means that for then our Lama is a guy even the leaders of the nation God so need is all in size religion polity government everything is inside religion that is a theocracy is not a Democratic. So when you say or see names like republic all of this and that. In the bottom line is that they are crap take institution inside so please taking count that. In the Old Testament Yes Yes So with elements there are elements from Jews or Israel an unchristian anything in the we are referred by the Koran we are the people of the book the Koran call us every 1 of us. No matter what there is no the extinguish they don't distinguish catalytic Pentecostal. You know send there then to know all those who believe in the Bible are people of the book even Jewish OK yeah public revelations come from religion background so if you are going to to go to the city in Riyadh and you go public and you have this it in you need to dress ladies you need to dress like the ladies there. And there is policy for life the policies your in to tell you what you are going to use or if not your going to jail by the way and they are not going to X. date in doing that in the majority. Will look for a monopole if our Ok let me clarify this when they reach a place in which in a society they are in a condition of majority they are going to press for the Sharia. What does it mean that is the law of Islam a revelation and that is that it's very serious. I've been if you want to dig in. If you want to dig in I recommend you to read this book I work with I will post I'm going to give you some below graphic elements at the end but this book is but she or is the over. The 8 is in English is a is a translation is a translation from French this is this lady this lady is sure wish that was born in a ship and that is that book it is very interesting this is this is the lady that used the term that I have I was you know illuminated with it were Avia they were area they say they say she says if you do not change there are going to be a route we are very certain. You understand the meaning even even even the Catholic Church is I've been under. The Muslims power in this moment in Europe and this these ladies is calling the attention about did the clang of Eastern Christianity under its learned. No. No No No Davey C. 4 this is summer so. Please please don't say anything cast on you on this. The point is that when I was reading this I was I was very surprised because because there is that is there is a point in which New York Times recently I guess I have I have this year. Well I didn't reach about the. Noise I hear here is a New York Times it is the end of Christianity in the Middle East what if what if what if what is the point about that this is this is on July 22nd 2013 in the in New York Times and you're going to read about that because this is a very very challenging article because something that you are going to grab the media the when you read that kind of documentation is that once Islam establish everything that is and there is going to disappear there is there is there is no all the way so think about that think think about that think about what happened with with the churches that the Apostle Paul established the there are not any longer there there are no they do not exist any longer. Christianity in the Middle East completely disappear and when you see the map almost to churches Christian churches all those churches in the Middle East they disappear think about that before Mohammed. All of those areas where Sure wish Christians the majority with a lot of I would say tendencies inside are so lost reason that the word uncertain since I'm a minority in the Middle East by the majority where Christian and Jewish everything is who what's happened they made them disappear simple. Yes. Why. How are. You. Trying to. Well I'm not a politician I am a pastor However with that. I will say that after thinking and thinking and thinking it is quite interesting to assess what the people that they do for a shake. Think about. Are the people that they hate Jews Jews I do agree the question is why. Just this is the only people that control to them. In the same level. I look as. If you say this to Shay or the others I'm going to in trouble. But the reality the reality is that. The only people there is survive and in the Middle East as a nation they were those who control them and protect themselves and that is that is a rationale for that because they couldn't go forward on that look look let me tell you something for then the 1st most in in the 1st worship place in the wall where it is is Kava Kava in Mecca that is how the aria OK I'm going to enter into that in but But what is a 2nd place Jerusalem. Jerusalem and what they did. They enter they conquer they took it. The place in which the was the temple the shoe was temple and they put the most open on that and they only thing that was for the huge people that was there that willing wall outside that that is the only thing and that as an external wall also the for my son tree so this is telling you that when they enter into a place they are going to try to dominate by power there is no question about that yes. Oh. Well. Below Hurricane Barry go clear. What about globally or is the name of the pope. The situation. The situation in the Smallman is very sensitive and I'm going to answer your question or your point of the question because I do have some concerns and my concerns are here. They do have a history of suppression genocide and elimination of a story kind of background. You know look what the what happened when ISIS took power into certain places that were former Christians all their religion they made them disappear no our children she caught fights any longer why because they were going to make disappear the background. Why. Yes. I'm going to enter into that you know a few moments but but the warrior let me tell you something I'm not a mono police impositions so. I don't I'm open to to do this and so if you let me tell you but but regarding my point of view. I am concerned because they are expanding into the western countries. If nothing happens what is going to be with Europe western society I mean North America Central America and South America I was strongly on I know others are going to suffer with the same thing with me the least. Because expansion is very clear and you are going to see that you know there are places let me let me share with you a couple things I'm going to give you the background of this there penetrating you so these these alter Cole your open it were obvious. Because he's change him. Aren't the under Pope isn't a Isn't that a very difficult procedure let me let me share with you quickly regarding the pope the pope is the Pyrenees. Apparent East. He's a follow where or or with a vision of 1 Domingo parent he's an Argentinean and very socialist in India in the heart you know and. Look look let me let me share with you this. Oh yeah you know the word for that but I'm going I'm going to tell what where where is my my position. About 20 years ago there was an explosion in 1 of Cyrus there were 2 things that explode 1 was the embassy of Israel in 1 side and 2nd was the building of the Army and in 1 side approximately in total there were 100 something people die in the 2nd only about 80. And I never never never never heard the pope rejecting that never well. I like that your reception with me. Yeah I understand. Yeah but that Argentina Argentina was in they were vermin power aligning with certain tendencies in Latin America I guess several of you are familiar with the word or the expression left wing. Less when less when a change in Latin America is not any longer come in is communism is gone but who is fighting again against imperialism of USA in Latin America who who. While socialism is in aligning with those who are in confrontation why they said recently that Maduro in Venezuela put as a vice president a Muslim background guys are how we see a given passports. And making them enter into Venezuela to enter in USA with this or under our Venezuelan passport. I guess you know I guess you understand and probably isn't the 2nd point in which you do I read together just back but in Argentina in the country of the globe Leon those who work with labor unions and you are familiar with that labor unions 1 of the leaders was with a picture like this but this was a picture here and he was take from the front from the right the picture was in this size but the picture in effect is like this and in the picture who was the person that was not better go he. Was I have to laugh Khomeini. What is telling you. That union Larry worse are in line into their nests with those who are fighting against USA and that is the tendency growing into Latin America believe me. Good. Good so this is this is penetration in the Middle East Prince rationing Europe penetration in Latin America and penetration in USA I look. When I when I when I when I visit my daughter years ago used to be living in Houston so I took from Lansing and I took the 9675 when you crossed 75 and you crossed 8090. 5 very bad most over there no no not a little there are not 50 guys are easy going you know every Friday there know it's a big big monster mosque. And when I reach Houston you know if you know Houston you are going to be familiar with this war was timer is like the 4th Avenue in New York you know of 5th Avenue in New York if you if you are in New York know this 5th Avenue you know it's downtown OK when you cross West timer at the end of which time another big big Most go to Detroit not follow away from here. I run when you reach a deer bone near Detroit there is a big. Mosque more than that. 300000 people over there so this is challenging so there is a very clear penetration in the society so we need to knew several things we need to know how they were working outside. We need to know how they were wanted in Europe we need to know how they were watching in the Middle East because because they're locking the doors they are approaching and we need to to know how to deal with them and I want to know how to work in the best Christian way possible please I'm not pro BYLINE I'm not pro balance No I'm not but I'm not a stupid. And I tried to defend myself in the case that something happened but these people I mean that in general for Christianity and that is that he sat through yes. Yes yes yes yeah this isn't kind of that through yeah yeah yeah yeah. Or Oh yes it is yeah you're. Not. Going to be. Yet. In your mind. Or I'm wondering if. There are. Government. You know. Oh yeah. A following this comment in recent change when you are going to take a flight a 2011 change everything if you are going to take a flight now you are going to to to check everything and this is due to war yes you know why that. Number live was random they. Were. Lying when they chose. Them or love. They were lots of bad ones. Back. For us all the estate September 11th must be of infamy and is there a. Number 11. This is the day of Carlos Marcello. Number 11. No Martelli's later. But my police in fact. Are all with authorities OK. Do you know. I think 1 of. The rounds is. You. Well they're inventing another push now. That they're really driving your. Average down here. That. You don't thank you for that. We are seeing another way in which there are over $1000000.00 believe in Europe now this is the case of refreshing. The good with the long way they are doing in this way here. This is something I already mentioned is alarming is a heavenly system or regime for all the others so if there's a need to do some mighty pictures sure if only mine kind realizes it's all thin piece a date and through this remember those warts have really system up they will crack to that point yet. Watching. Us. Right. In. Our. Rights. Are. You. Referring to. Well in your town this is a this is not a mish young This is not I am not in favor of Parker say. But I guess that. There are several other options that we need to work with and 1 is NO NO 1 is religious liberty and the way in which we work with them here they need to work with with us they are. And that is that is very important I don't know if that is going to function but but why they are here enjoying our liberties and we cannot enjoy earlier ticks there that is that is a kind of international relationship that we need to be working for and for me religious liberty suppressing your point of view clear an opening because what we were trying to show today is history and it's very clear that happen and if we do not take any kind of postseason in the future we might be a risk and that is that is my point of view regarding the other and that let me let me finish here today with something that is important this is from Washington Post every 25th 2002. Safe then they file into their Islamic Studies class where the textbooks tell them that they out judgment can calm until Jesus Christ returned the earth by the way we believe. But look at all that breaks the cross and convert everyone to Islam on until the Muslims start attacking. And I and I guess this is a soft burgeon when it says attacking Jews because this probably a little bit more than that and that. You know this is public information. Because you can get that. In the Washington Post but the truth is that Muslims today schools for example are financed by the kingdom of Saudi Arabian until today in fact many such schools are not considered by Muslims to be truly Islamic because there is not yet our curriculum that teaches all subjects through their Islamic pretty is not nor is there an American nice curriculum for Islamic instead of these say how many. Head of the Muslims American society Council on Islamic school and this is the point in which I need to to give you a picture final picture today regarding the point of time of Islam is learn. Do not appear in history before Judaism it doesn't appear in history before Christianity appears. Much later 6 center is after cry so here is the time of the actual book of Daniel Jesus the Apostle Paul on this Mohammed So you are going to find elements in the Muslim religion and in the Koran with elements coming from July I'm from Christianity. In the Bible you are going to to check several elements that are very interesting for example name of books and chapters and verses the Qur'an is almost the same structure. It's almost the same structure with 1 name that is going to change everything that is sure on. The name of the chapters but there are verses and jurors and when you are going to find a precise position you are going to check for the Shura on diverse and there is there and there are very interesting interesting topics there are connections with Jesus there are connections with Moses Moses is quoted average is quote preferred prophets of the Old Testament almost all of them are quote in the Qur'an the vision of Jesus is going to be a little bit different but Jesus is quoted in the Koran and Mary is mentioned in the Koran and I'm probably you are going to to you know to survey the Qur'an with certain kind of to interest to see certain things tomorrow I'm going I will try to give you a hint of the sources of the Koran we're going to be in and analyzing and viewing some kind of elements before entering into a kind of similarities and differences between the Qur'an and the Bible and I'm going to mention and we're going to put versus side by side. And situations and quotations Yes. Yes it is almost impossible my dear. Knowledgeable person lady to to be dealing with doctrines without the vision of the abrogation because that sure with the abrogation that Jesus referring is a key element in the interpretation of the things because the obligation is 1 of the final shuras given to Gabriel to Mohamed and we are going to be speaking about that that abrogates everything that is before something that you are not going to see in any other religious movement like that. Yes but but it's important that we know as a Christians about that so let's have our word of prayer and we're going to finish today and tomorrow at the same time we are going to be starting this video was brought to you by are you a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you'd like more sermons please visit W.W.W. done audio or.


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