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Understanding Similarities & Differences- Part 2

Daniel Scarone




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Following haven't thank you for this moment in which we are dealing with the tallying and comparison between on Muslims and Christianity be with us in our presentation and also in out reach in them for our the Lord Jesus because Father this is the main reason of our study here be with us and less us in Jesus' name amen. Yesterday when when we finished there were some people that approach kindly to me. And. I'm to say the evaluation that normally the performed regarding the presentation. They suggested that we continue doing. The presentation in this way if if it's possible and. Percent in that to you that 1st of all we do the presentation and at the end if there is time we're going to open our kind of place for questions and answers because some of the people that talk to me yesterday said that sometimes some questions or the intersection that the presentation takes after some of the questions guide the presentation in a different direction and sometimes the main point is losing of getting loose and that is not dry the they feel so my suggestion is. That several of you made me some very good observations yesterday especially Cindy and I'm going to mention unamplified that in the review today. Because this is good to share because by the way a Supercenter I am very aware of I don't know everything about this subject and sometimes we need to interact and be open regarding the topics that we are percent in especially when we are doing this with different cultures and so on because I've been a pastor. For. For years so far. And in different places and being in touch with several other movements and this is very expression and so on let me do our review general review of of what we were talking yesterday indigenous presentation when we are talking about Islam because yesterday at the beginning we were asking if the Muslim religion or Islam is a movement like any other Mormon Catholicism Pentecostals and so on at least not because basically Islam is a thing of crap thick regime and this is not and this is not for from my point of view it's here is in the introduction of the how did and how did it means the tradition is lunch say this is a heavenly system or regime for all to do lurkers of the year are there any need to some money teacher is sure if only monk kind realized it authenticity untruth. Well I have questions regarding these 2 last things of this it is and truth however is very clear this is a regime and a heavenly That is a theocratic they are sure to Allah saw a large reveals in the Koran and also in the Had it that is a tradition yesterday we were explaining about what is the Koran and cut it and then going to shortly review that the Koran is the most sacred book in the Muslim religion or Islam a nice lie the equivalent of the Bible and if you put another our movement is like the Book of Mormon in Mormonism and by the way we do some connections and we are going to make them more extensive in 1 of the presentation in regarding a comparison between the Muslims the Mormons and you're going to see a fascinating connections among them revelation through an angel they own book and the message to all do walled by the way. And with several other things that we are going to compare about. Without avoiding polygamy of course so the 2nd point that is important. It is. The Muslim religion or Islam is coming after shoe wish on Christians and absolves elements from both of them so we are going to. Take a kind of connection with a religious movement that is incertain in-depth to the issue wish and also to the Christians but sometimes they didn't use copyrights quotations about them there are no notes or some still a that however we're going to see and I'm going to explore that. Probably between tomorrow and Thursday that there is also an influence coming from other sources than that some for example like Apocrypha Post New Testament or all sell do appear graph write ins sell the A.P. graph when we are talking about. Is the Greek word for false A.P. graph write ins so for. Paul's New Testament writings like for example some of the. Last pill or some silly duck or the Gospel of James or something like that there is a layer of shame but don't are gospel you know and that he still do it big Rafa they word that they apply for that kind of apocrypha apocryphal writings Post New Testament like there were son saying in the Old Testament we're going to refer about that in detail more guns in the presentation not today but in the following days quote unquote this and refer to the Bible with no specific they are not going to say you know this chapter and verse but refers to the Bible but it's important to know that the Bible doesn't quote Koran this is all the is that you know so the pendency is coming later but not before and please taking count out because if you keep that in mind is good for the argumentative and a polish it takes that you are going to apply in the future and some of the things that are important yesterday. We were surveying a little bit how much you know about Islam. We ask if there is conversion repentance pardon. None of them this is not on the mission yes. To alarm the prophet but no repentance no conversion no baptism Oh and this is another detail no new creature in inside the the Muslims a new commandments in the Islam. They are they say they say that there are commandments but you are not going to quote or see the a structure of the 10 Commandments like it is in the Bible and this is important. Because because commandments. And probably my friend here is going to to have been much more. What we are going to say because commandments in the Bible influence the legal writings in our society probably in all the most turn the shell system you are going to see that the commandments establish a pattern of influence regarding the law. Regarding the postern country loads and that is something that is missin in the Islam and that is important to take income. And the other it. Is on expansion and we were talking yesterday I'm not going to repeat that but they are expanding in the Middle East they are expanding Europe they are expanding in Latin America and they are standing here in the USA and I've been telling yesterday that the expansion in the in the middle is is something in the east fascinating because they not only demolished completely all where is our resemblance of Christianity in the Middle East but when you call for the space and time in which the former Christian churches were located in the Middle East they were completely taken and blotted out for for his story and for the future and that is important to taking down because when they put their own culture opened that. The past doesn't exist any longer. So yesterday my friend here Cindy help me and I'm going to share with you. This that I've been looking in the Internet and this is a good fruit of the of the seminar because interaction always is good. Yesterday we were talking about September 11th and I guess who else. Jay Frey the night or or cool sort of the morning that ask us ask us if we remember we're where we were on September 11th. And I Until today I think I can say what I wass I was crossing exit 110 when I when I receive a phone call from my daughter she was doing the Master Degree attenders University and she said that they are attacking the 2 towers and I and I say. I can't repeat the complete dial I say look any change channel. And she say I changed the channel. And then next channel the next channel where saying the same same. And Jay was because he said we were with Superintendent medians and that's right in those days I was part of that even even though I was in another war and we suspended the the meeting and we all quietly. With the not knowing what to do because we were in Lansing and everything was happening far away we were watching dot. And ask us what we can do for that because it was destroyed after this Troy in that day every 1 of you I can say you are going to remember that day and where you were of course because it was it was. A big. But. But yesterday. And Cindy told us if we know the reason about the September 11th. And researching about this there is some place there is if you have your your cell phones and it's kind of smart phones and you can check on the Internet there is a place called are under Title is the top for reasons September 11th is significant to Islam the top 4 reasons September 11th is significant to Islam and you are going to find the 1st is what she told us yesterday that is our kind of situation with. The bottle of beginner that happen on on September on September 11th 2 of of $1683.00. That happened out but also there is deceive of mother. This seizure of Monta that happen in 11 September September 11th 1565. And also. Happen in 1609 is a 10 birth 111609 is the moment in which is Spain decreed the day expulsion of the Muslims for in Spain. You know there are there are places I don't know if there are places and pains that call not Asian because. A few what I will say kilometer south Madrid. Are reminders of similar cultures together when you go for example to Segovia see go via is a very small population by the read and you are going to find that there are an aqueduct from the Times or from and it's still in place the aquaduct very be 1 and you can search that in the Internet but also is still casts are and that is not Spanish word and that is not a wrong line War This Not That in that is out AFAIK and that is the time in which there were in that time encyclopedia so this tallish of the city you are going to see a picture of the times are around from grown to Christianity there is 1 place here. And there is another here. OK. So all Kate thank you very much for your help. And when you you see the kind of picture pictorial interview of the city is fascinating because of remain. In each corner about the different cultures and how they develop inside that city and they were over there and they were exposed or they sent out in September 111609 finally the battle of Cinta in September 11th 1697 so. In all those dates there is something in common in all those states are living in the history also Muslim in their connection with Europe they were in withdraw they were they have to bark word in you know that that is important too to take in count so that was not kind of success for them so they think that September 11th was a victory for them and I was surprised because for me. Our dark and. I let me tell you that I. I saw the reaction in the Arabic slash Muslims countries when they were shouting like victory opened up and this that is not the the feeling that is coming from through religion that was in their most perception because when you are going because this is not a battle they were passengers from from 55 countries or more are around the wall that they were taken and kidnap and and destroyed in that if then there is our car were attack that is that is the simple way for me to put it in 1 sentence because there is no other explanation this is not this this is not. Even even though you can say well we can dispute the Spanish background with this an expulsion but this is not an extermination they put in alt alive. And the others were a bottle form of bottles in which they were in the. In they withdraw in of the territory that they tried to invade but this is all the thing telling about the ethics in the Muslims and probably you are going to build up your your own perceptions of the it takes in the muslims the garland this things saw them we are going to explore elements of contact in common of course and. My presentation here favors and I've been doing some of the point. Religious freedom what I am going to say is that this I don't know if you're aware that they charge attacks in the Muslim countries. Too to those who are coming or are Christians and live in those countries are you aware of that. Well I do believe in the recipient city. There. Is a it is violent. No violence. A lot Sheikha reciprocity you are here you are here and you are charging taxes in your country so we are going to charge you to be here the same thing. This year and it's no secret why not. And we are going to study this is going this is going to this is going to take me a little bit of of of building up and probably between Thursday Friday I'm going to do it out reach in more those because there are in this moment I'm going to pick up my book on perspectives that is the book I give you a hint yesterday perspective and mission because there are more those regarding mission how we might be able to. Toward I PLEASE don't have a doubt in my presentation that I do believe that Mohammed is a prophet. I do believe Mohammed is a prophet. Only let me put. Our perfects upon that Mohammed is our false prophet OK. And is is learn is our religion yes some religion but insta force Rouge so front from the outs tarting point I'm going to give you my my credential regarding this topic but of course this is not my recommendation to go into approach at the beginning you understand what I'm saying so if you are going to establish a dialogue with with you know something that you need not believe there is in Broward conditions to put in the same place you are NOT go into say that from the beginning. So what we are going to do is to build up elements together and we are going to in our free country and this is 1 of them got there are more than 1 free country in which deal we can express our Were our were thinkin we do have free than Office speech and that is 1 of the best can trees in the wall for that and several in Latin America are in that condition not everybody by the way sometimes you need to. Dress you woods you know a little bit in some places you need to put to put in some words a pope dress you know to sun to fire the wards that you are going to choose and select before you meet them but this is a country in which we do have freedom of speech I recommend yesterday the book of of. This lady. Here is the name of G. is she Seligmann and dumb and she Seligmann is here it says it's the name is here and here. She says your wish by the way I don't have pressure this is or bias regarding doubt but she was born in a shit. And she wrote this book in French and translated into English and it's the decline of the Easter Christianity under Islam and under research and there is something quite interesting here because a big show or what this telling is not covering only sure wish condition. This telling us that all day influence in the slum specially in the Middle East they sue press all the presence of shoe wish and Christians alike and that is important that we need to take in count because every time that you see an expansion you are going to see our kind of the need to the she use she used this ward dhimmitude. Or it's the right diamond to do you can say that where there is a consequence of the he shot or the she half that Islam imposes into those ethnic people under slave service untax sometimes so they made them disappear not in maybe the 1st generation sometimes but in the 2nd generation and that is there is a long reference and very important document Asian there is regarded in Turkey Turkey may disappear 1 of the biggest Christian bastions in the Middle East that were there being eons. Dumb and that was a genocide a genocide that was as innocent they denied they don't use that they say that were in bottle and so on but no that was a genocide they eliminate them and not only does not. And that is something that we need to create. Son kind of what I will say public I work in this about the condition it is not approved violent do you but is is a kind of were ness is sharing information to avoid that some of this sinks might happen again like the Rwandan genocide I mean I've been with I've been with the Rwandan several times. I am a multi-ethnic director here and I visiting this congregations and by the way the Rwandan genocide is about 800000 people disappear by the way this a tiny country now Africa when you went when you watch the map of Africa and you watch Rwanda you say what is wrong end up and when finally you find out in the map in the intersection. Into the Orient of Congo or south of Luganda nor do boom DE and you see that tiny place you say how in the war a 100000 people disappear why a tribal tribal against tribal saw there were. There were there was a fight between 2 T.'s and Hutus. And you know what when we are working with them sometimes people in an in level of ministration ask us are these Tutsis or Hutus and I say we never use that kind of specifics because they are here in USA there are new creators. A new citizens in this country so no more labels for them and that is you know when we need to reinforce that kind of deal because he's know what we are going to fight with the background and the face and the background is going to is tarred with the heat and the hate is going to divide them so no more tribal backgrounds in our dealings with them because they are in a new vision and so on but the he story is our army but you know when. We are not the only people reading history when when history is free that there are good people reading history and also there are bad people reading history. And I touch base and I don't know if I do have here in the presentation I guess I don't have here but probably I'm going to pull my files and break it tomorrow in order to reinforce what I'm saying here with the proper documentation that 1 of the of servants of history with what happened with the a minyan Zz in the Middle East was a person under the name of the of Hitler I heal so that nothing will happen when they externally made today are minions I hear ass inserts who do all these I ask him who are exterminating them and Dad was part of the Russian for him to do the next. So they sign a lens of history sometimes these risky when we get information and we do know to act accordingly without information that is truthful information there is a risk of all there are people lives. And there is a reality because 6000000 shoes people die. And that as that is critical and please understand something I'm not taking sides I am in favor of life in this case I am pro-life I'm not talking about abortion of course. But but this is a Christian view we need people alive and sure our message for salvation because that is that is in essence the essential view in the mission of the charts so she she Seligman she call in the the another ward this is the other word that vented. Via. And yesterday we were fair about this because she said if we Europeans do not do something regarding this kind of influx of immigrants soon we are going not to be Europe and a longer we are going to be call. She said and that's true because if you go to Paris all those who are bringing you know the little. Injun police's tour if else you know they're all of them and the majority are Muslims this was the cover of The New York Times in 2015 it's the end of Christianity in the Middle East that is there is very very critical because. This point is critical some point this means that you know from the 3 on gloom Christianity issue is Muslim. 1 to Christians are dropping out and when we are trying to get the services of historical background of Christianity in the Middle East Middle East went away is completely almost disappear and I am going to bring you some of the things and elements that you are going to have Yesterday I also presented this that is part of the review and probably the last 1. I don't know if I'm going to continue with review from this because the review probably is going to take me more than anything else. The that is the moment in which Islam appears is about SI's 100 years after. The time of the Lord Jesus and they establish and put a mosque open the former Temple of Jerusalem so. Remember that it is it is important to take in count. And there are some scenes in. This does this behind this this kind of selection in the time. When you put the historical framework. 1st of all you are going to avoid anachronisms anachronism so sometimes their element and a chronic in their presentations and I'm going to to work at some point something like that. I'll go out Dick's propitiation also learns because the lines that once Israel is was was very clear is in the Bible and they expire pated a lot of sections of those that were living in in the time and his land were taken in the most elements of the scene that works on the church and finally they in post upon their OK Let's talk briefly about Koran KRON. I don't know. Let me share with you a detail here. There are 2 words or 2 ways in which in English good English you can't write the Koran out 1 is this 1 K U R A N N all saw K. or are in both of them I saw a lot of literature and both of them have been. Acceptable I will say and you don't have like in Spanish or Royal Academy sometimes you are tensions with British people in the weight you are going to express certain or and pronounce certain warts but I hope that for this but if in the presentation appears something with K. all is the same saying so don't worry for that Qur'an is the name of the religious book of this land it is composed by chapters called shuras and there is normally a name of each 1 of them. Sure us or chapters that is divided in versus like in the Bible by the way. So the same a structure and here is telling you something because when you compare the Bible with all the other writings from the store or the or day Asia you are going to see that the extra ctor is not following the Bible so this is this is telling you can of the pendency in the Writings. And in the sources that is telling you something of information and its quote like the Bible the name of the sure of the chapter and verse. On there are several factors that moved me to observe the point in history. Because Islam appears with historical dependence of Jew days and Christian movements and there are not mean dick around we are going to quote them and refer to them by by this way sure and verse and so on and there is a systematic expropriation of Christianity in the Middle East by the way. 1 of the things that you are going to serve in ISIS working in the Middle East is how they were attacking destroying and trying to mend the Peter of from the the face of the earth any symbolic representation of precedence of them and this is a background there is a background and I'm going to to show you when we were speaking about Caba were these tendencies come in because this is critical you know normally when we write history we build up history and we refer the background of the historical places in the Muslim literature on history there is something very clear before them there is nothing else and that is a vision of course that is something that nurtured the shen aside of certain Christians people but is still let me give you some hints he steals there is a kind of combine it elements and this is all of them how are you Sophia how you're Sophia the holy softy that used to be our Christian church with a time became a most aren't now is when you say on OK but inside then inside you are going to find in front some of this things that they did in the lead yet. It's late because pictures and i Phones sons. Or whatever or it's mobile. Photography are going to take the pictures and this is telling you that this is a museum with a background of Muslims that under those things were Christians in in in the background of the history so this is a kind of Christian support her if I can call that way under Muslim view and vision and Isa what remains this is a blow but it is a sign of how Islam is now put Christianity under they fit what is their future view of the Christian civilization of course the name of Mohammad and our law are very clear represented there but there is a mix of course OK that is the reality let me please. Fix this because it. It hit. My view sorry for that if if you see something that is that is so critical let me let me know so the reality behind Islamic religion is lumped into not expanded by a missionary Wark dishpan by the way by missionary war but not only that Niebuhr offering is Tallis over the Koran but by war and. Conquests and that is that it's very clear those Dad were dominated and did not accept that its length faith they have to pay they teach sound that is their Islamic tax and. I mean in this way many converted into Islam without conviction just to avoid taxes and you know. When when I. When I've been dealing here with several kinds of cultures. Some people that come into USA in their own countries and pay taxes before and. And some of them are paying consequences for that because they were and showing having big returns at the beginning but when they retire they don't get anything. And that that is that is something quite interesting but you know sometimes heart is very complex here but but here the point is that the taxes that they are pain are based upon what the Qur'an says. So this is this is not coming from the local government by by the inspiration of quotations refer coming from a law in the Koran so all doubt is sound sane coming from that that is telling you. A lot about this the thing regarding the axis are Christianity is being supported in the Middle East when you when you read in the Bible about Damascus Syria. There is not an in longer our Christianity over there FS us in Turkey gal a Shia entirety Colossus destroyed by the torques Antioch today sun taqiyya now into our king and several of the churches of revolutions are cool simple they're gone they don't exist any any longer. 1 of the things that Coleman attention if it were. Because this is the nurture of linguistically of the word ISIS in in English but when you go to Sherman the Warley Singerman I'm going go to French there were some French and Italian It isn't Italian This isn't English and Spanish I see no so what is the common denominator because this is to come on the nominator Ashish. And you know what he's a shish when I was when I was doing Douglas does these 2 are called the N. Christians in the Troy. These persons say swirl we do have a family member with us and she turn into the herbs and erse and he says to clarify hashish or it means drugs. But originally is eroding and this is the basic the basic draw are that they nurture with when when this Nazir is slamming secret sect they were combating what you mention the the yesterday presentation when the Crusades cam they invented. A small share of kind of secret society maybe better to say secret society to battle and they did it with the ash she shame they take drugs and they kill Christians and she shins is coming so terrorists is a long story before terror is me now are they that that is the point today they can see their mark years dolls who die killing Westerners. And research kind of promise if they you know if they kill a lot of them and this fact is coming from our culture of violence. And here is something I do not see many government Arabic leaders. Immediately up here in in the news telling that they are going to Schechter. Rachet the killings in a position of that. And that is that is that is telling you there is a kind of call our bit. With with a culture of violence with them it is it is in because in secret they are proving that and that is the point and please we will need to be kind to see well maybe they For caught what happened in London and what happened in France and what happened in Germany and what happened in September 11th here and so on but. Only of course of course I'm going to make some quotation trailed in that because. Think think about and I'm not going to enter today in that. 1 of the things that the BEEN of certain of. I don't remember when I didn't know when 200-2001 or before of course before September 11th we would pay a visit and my sons and. My sons took a picture. Very very near to in towers and was our glorious building by the way. But you know some things in our civilization they start the kind of empty of older people. I don't know if you follow what I'm saying but when you checked the timeline. All the buildings in Dubai and in other cities in the Middle East and the countries came after that kind of crushes that happen here check the history chick to change chick about the things and you are going to see that there is a kind of diversion in the investment of the money into that and I'm pleased of course it's not a candid vision but it is our kind of insight upon the topic here. They believe when they are killin that they render a supreme offering. Supreme service to a law and they mention the name of Allah every time that they perform that kind of kids so which ethic is compatible with the concept of them have you heard of a sure wish killing in surfing a restaurant full of German Nazi supporter. Have you heard some silly that that you know are Jewish enter in a restaurant are full of Nazis and until his out killing others you never see that I win when you compare misses and situation in ethics this is telling something about 1 people with commandments and others with a culture without Commandments that is important to taking count because when you build up a culture around the commandments if you are going to get another ethic. There is another it can't vision in India people in the citizens and in the next generation because you are not going to see Also new genere Asians of people doing the that kind of thing and this is telling you and it's giving you some kind of information I have you heard of a Christian killing can surf in a restaurant for horse of Islam supporters you know enter with the bomb and. Kill them sometimes there are feelings but not realities you know this martyrs are they sons of Saudi shakes or a Saudi skiing's know their little heart there are some people population that are you know Walsh brain under some of their leaders until they get our killer from the person that is a very serious problem of the Muslim ethic here because you're going to find out something. There is silence regarding that they are not a community of teachers of Islam coming together and say we reprove this from time to time some who are connected there are doing that but remember some say some of then came into that direction because some Christian leaders that know then came to them they say and what do you think about this. And say why you think that we need to say something young to be helpful Well are we reduce approve this. But you can see kind of fire violent reaction to that and that is something that we need to explore why because in that root in the root of the root there is the Koran and they could run 3 wars day they she hath. And they had need the tradition of the Prophet reign forces that the Sion of the she had so she had East and rooted in the mind more than that maybe it's a kind of commandment coming from the prophet regarding that and I'm going to show that. It's in the Koran by the way so yes it's sometimes both of them but OK how. How people became a Muslim we say is not by conversion is not by this isn't Bally's accepting and profess in the 5 pillars of the faith face the least the Huldah does mean there is an all there God and Allah are Mohammad his prophet in the moment the person says that is is a Muslim. Technical something is a Muslim. They have firmed up on to apply the prayer that it is allowed 5 prayers in the day because starting 5 am in the morning with with the 1st sound I mean the Morning noon meal afternoon with the with the sons. You perform the last prayer and this account. And that means they're offering for their local mall for for charity they are very taking care of their own community I was wondering in San Andres Island front that there is our island in the Caribbean islands that belongs to Colombia this pick by the way Mulisch and I was a listen in conversation because when you approach to a cashier you never know who is because you're but I was with an all or of the of the market local market and there was a faithful member of the Muslim community in that tiny Caribbean island and he began to ask him questions if they were doing the salad to the mosque and they heard that in English. And they shift back and forth and it was very clear that 1 was more secular oriented and the other was more more pro Islamic the other is the the fasting of the Ramadan. They were finishing very close to now their Ramadan this year and Ramadan is the fasting and they fast forward the entire day but they eat by night. And there is a sekret sometimes kind of Islamic inside that they slam a community that the month of Ramadan in which they perform you know the fast is the time in which they get more waste done before. Because as soon as sunset comes in the Arabic. Kind of festivity and so on this is coming from. The Koran and there are. There is the picture in manage to make our We're with the center of karma we are going to talk about in in the following presentation so let's start today in the few moments that we have now about the Quran Koran is the essential book of Muslims religion. And there is a kind of double standard. Ethic because each Shura that I start the chapter it starts saying in the name of Allah the most benefits and and the most merciful. Today talking with our friend here. He mentioned about of regression we're going to talk about our religion probably tomorrow but there are this introduction is going to be in every Shura but this not in should our 9 that I speak about abrogation and I'm going to talk in detail to morrow about that and it is important that you get that perspective because. For me it is very quite interesting is even here in the defeat you are going to see that that when they refer about sekret seeings they start. For example all the places and tongues to Allah the most. Beneficent and the most merciful you know I do and you see in every single mention that kind of expression What have all the killings. What about the killings you know. When when George Bush says Islam is peace I was shocked I was shocked because when you see the lot of killings I cannot it was you know in my I am I not good in mathematics in this chaos and I can not equal us with with this situation how in such bountiful expression of peace there is a lot of killing. There is no all the relief. In this time with with in which you can see that kind of Killen's all others all the religions so however as soon as you advance in reading the noble couldn't because they call that way the Noble Koran the benefits and says unmerciful NASA Spirit of Allah is just written leak you can not say are you know no way those wars are like linguistic cheer behind which it is the jihad are there. And this mission by power and by the influence of the low cost upon the others let me let me talk briefly about they have deeds because sometimes there are sins things that you cannot find in the Koran but are here in the head deed in the hold it. When I compare yesterday they had it I compare they had it with the traditions inside the cattle it charge. So when when when we talk when we talk about Catholicism and we talk about the scriptures you know the center of Catholicism is upon the pope. And the pope is back to pawn their scriptures and literally shims and remember sunset Dick catalytic charge X. counted around by influence of the. Ecclesiastical Terry and they call that is the corpus or the Book of the lead by the pope the bishop the car the Nansen and some bishops that is that is the authority the main of 40 they accept the tradition US authorities through the DOT both AURITI they accept elements into the Bible like the approach of apocrypha and also did. It scriptures or letters from the pope bulls were the names in the past times you know and that is part of that are all Florrie. Indeed kind of tradition these are the warts casual conversations of the Prophet Mohammed or messenger. These are collected in this kind of shocked there are about 6 of them. Approximately 6 and all of them begin saying he this is such he carry. He means the through SE ins of to carry a noble car you were a Persian are weak buckra an individual who collected childish INS Fox warts an element of the prophet and collected in this sometimes when they don't have enough authority coming from the Koran they go to the have it. And it is important that you know. This because when we are going to fine. Let me let me share with you I don't know if I have going to find it here but this is. I was sharing sometimes when when I discover when I discover something whatever my wife is doing. I came up with that and say look what are you. This isn't Asia 65 this is going to give you a hint this is sad he held to carry OK. Whatever say whatever says that faith is actually on good deeds so somebody asked to the prophet what are the good deeds and you know in my mind came. Came the parable of the Lord Jesus with the rich young ruler What is the good thing he did that I can do never rated by our Boo hoo Lyda to the messenger What is the best the the that I can are many and the prophet replied to believe in Allah that is the 1st OK so the questioner say's then I ask what is the next goodness and here replay listen what I am going to say he's here in the hell did he replay to participate in day. In day he had the holy war the real issues fightin in our lost cause. So the 1st thing is to believe in Allah under 2nd to participate in jihad when I was the reason this I came very happy to my wife and said Look well far. But she didn't ask me were you happy with us. The think about that you go to a mosque in which they man is reading this. Today. And you come here to morrow and he repeats the moral. And you go to ponder and listen Clinton will in to be a raw about the prophet. Mohammed and he say the 1st good that you are going to do before besides believing in a law is to enroll in jihad and you came back to your church almost and you listen and listen and listen what is the result of that. Let me ask you are not going you to react in favor of that in B. division to be a she had this. Way the prophets say this. Here is this in they have it so it is not only is not only in the Koran it's also in the carpet of the tradition and that is a very very critical element so bizarre is the Koran if they have it the verbal transmission or the saying of the Prophet Mohammed and so here are carry. It's a kind of summary of the how the it's of Mohamed OK. I'm going to finish I guess I don't know if you have any questions for the presentation of today and we are going to continue tomorrow yes so. That would be the day to see would like to get rid of the questions these are sensitive to the devastatingly XIX that Usenet is still. Early in the fight on this 1 as. Well let me clarify something to give you a farther or why there are would say seemed in my reply remember what I say at the beginning this is this is not a religion this is not a charge you several. So he's going to affect the needs is not going to affect the mosque or the believers is going also to affect the. System by which they apply Sharia also. So the how did it is a kind of rain forced them in or for E.T. beside the Koran that is going to favor. The the process in which they are doing something. But it catches of the more closer to the. Final 10 it is a catalyst for. Status and explicitly say well this is this is not a question. I will say that there are there are about I mention maybe I need to clarify that there are proximately 67. Connections links of the historical tradition and sometimes there are valiance among then but all of them are. I will say oriented but there is not there is a kind of thing index at the beginning has to say there is a kind of index like our guidance and this is made in Riyadh by the way so this is who are going to be authoritative for the cellular of your kin don't and those who are in that kind of of of vision not for Iran or Iran probably is going to have another core post or they had it but in general I would say it's it's almost the same. This is very close to 12 and out yes. I'm wondering if they could not be on the ball like. Where the thing on the phone already on the town with. 2 dishes of the fathers that she spoke against But he said you're following the fish and yelled at them to all or almost it. Was Like the other thing and I just want. Them no matter the answer to that. Because if not I forget the 1st. Yes is the Cardinals out. In the time of the Lord Jesus the OR or a tradition became more or 3 Take they've done the writing tradition and that is their dispute of she says because the writings of what we call the Old Testament and they called the Scriptures. Or the Torah. They were you know been submissive to the order but in this kind of thing I will say Koran is going to be 1st and the how the is sovereign Foresman of the it's my understanding yes let it be made into the warrant. But. In the time of the Lord Jesus then there Berbera tradition were more authoritative for them than the Scriptures and the 2nd question the other thing well just to kind of expand it a little bit because we work with Muslims and. There are different facts in this 1 they are not interested in good faith they interpret the differently the anonymous names are opposed to limited military age and they see it as an education and into treatment so just because you're working with a Muslim and just because it's think you come from us and you're working with me have a different understanding is. Nice because there are different sects within that. Yes it's true but I was kind of audience all the same. Thing to be so so the default of the movement in my view involves everything because in the root and the head eats. We are going to show you elements by which I do not believe in the prophecies of the Prophet Mohammed also is questionable the Koran as a source of authority it's the Koran pretends to be for them in my point of view so. What you are going to find this violence of the same thing of course there is a professor of Harvard University in this moment that is calling to our reform like like the reformation movement inside the the Christianity. That I started you know they eventually call reform she is calling a reform into the Islam if it is going to happen I don't think so because what you are going to find in that wall is this or they are secular or they are. Muslim Islam and to their Koran and they are the Saudis very very big their friends in 1 way or the US. 1 thing that people need to be aware of is what they called to Kenya can't not enough in in the Islam basically means that they are allowed. To. Who don't like supposedly murder and rape and things like this they are against the Koran. Unless your reason like lying and used and last your reason for doing so is to further the aim of there's a lot of which is world wide domination which is 1 of the reasons why this 1 is exploding in our prisons because when you've got a bunch of people who are criminally mind set and they're told what you can still do those things as long as you're doing it for a law. They don't force you so to kill and kill not they're allowed to do these things and still acceptable intense law as long as their reason for doing so in favor of their we should leave the main object They've all the most liberty sealed to moral lessons. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio purse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave the W.W.W. audio work.


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