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Session 2: Symbolism in the Sanctuary

Clayton Leinneweber


Clayton Leinneweber

Director for Messiah's Mansion




  • October 10, 2009
    3:00 PM
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I love you father again as we spin this just a moment in time that we have here together I just pray Lord that the Holy Spirit will reach in the hearts and and talk to us let us see the importance and we things we need to see guide is now as a group in all of this campus on in Christ name we pray in okay like the open your Bibles to the book of Matthew and I want to show you something here Mrs. viewfinders in the and the face-to-face chapter seven of Matthews now with your outlet wants to see is how the sanctuary really is a thread that runs through the Scriptures and if you understand the sanctuary the Scriptures are your reading will make more sense on Virginia remember when Jesus says beware of false prophets Jesus says this he says on they'll be people who will come to things in his name this sort of thing he says not everyone who says Anthony Lord Lawrence or anything may happen okay you find is recorded in the end the book of Matthew chapter seven Valerie Q verse twenty one this is not every one that saith to me Lord Lord to enter the kingdom of heaven but he that do the will of my father which is in heaven and resort to bring us out of this because this you will find that you want to do God 's whale or managing my heaven right so here we have this statement being made a good long as they many will say in that day when you see the word that day you're right he was talking about that last visited the Maryann that day many will say in that day right will say this Lord Lord have we not prophesied in nine name you know when you see when you share this is what really really interesting keynote of the twenty two hundred days is a prophecy universally prophesied only talk about it Mrs. Mignon USA in that day Lord Lord we happily not prophesied in my name and I and I name cast out devils and in my name done many wonderful works and then will I profess unto them the way these three words are the saddest words because were talking up people who are doing God 's work right prophesying casting out devils and are going to say I never knew you Jesus I never knew this bedroom in your I never knew you insult when I was there with you it is the next verse is this it says here in verse twenty four is a department me you network enigma four therefore whosoever hears these sayings of mine therefore whoever hears these sayings of mine and to let them well I liken it to a wise man which built his house upon a walk that should already ought when your mind to many different things wisemen what he and Wiseman and one of the way of wise and foolish but I get you in the province of an particular is one and twenty four twenty five says the wise men of that but while they were there with a wise virgins and that is a close version drank the wine 's version the one that received the Holy Spirit rightly it was so here's a clue but what about rock what's the rock what we've been opening Little Rock Christ's prices era waiting out of the house the house so the tool that does the will of my will I liken it to a wise man that built his house upon the rock and Winslet wins Pomona site okay when the winds in the rain with the rain A C when these things start in place what happens to the house is on the rock and that's the one who listens and does the will of the father bested doers of the word they goes on to say but the Phillies man is one that does watch built that house where promising brothers and sisters the sanctuary message is often the Scriptures God is not different these the same everywhere yesterday and tomorrow the Scriptures that I just read you here tells you and I as a sanctuary we may to make sure were founded on the rock because is going to the time of trouble 's are not in a time of trouble comes in the Wednesday send in the floods come and the winds blew and beat up on the house and it fell not for it was founded upon a rock foolish man the rain descends in the floods come and the winds blew and beat upon that house in FL and great was the fall event turn to Matthew chapter twenty five okay when I can read what you think of entering medical verse thirty one J medicine here is describing his second coming of my life if you want to do a study study of Matthew look at all the parables is given that all talk to love their mother talk about his second coming you get a rounded picture guys for what it's something they're all saying the same thing but a different way so you can understand better the regarding one in Matthew thirty one the Son of Man shall come in his glory and all the holy angels with him that that then shall he sit upon his throne of glory and before him shall be gathered all nations what time is this women is me this is this is then the second coming and he shall separate them one from another as a shepherd invite his wife to see from where I do have an illustration is that Sedgwick talk again you'll find out that dog is a symbol of all of these rely on the Lord renumbering on for yourself he talks about the news she was in on the right hand and a gold ring the block that dealt on the other hand I send the left hand and a throne where the devil is angular brown by the dog is not the one of the goat okay you want to be a sheet okay so here you have illustration of a C sheep is a symbol of Christ and we are to be his children right in his likeness of this one much earlier so what am I share with you is this that the goats is a symbol of sin did you know in the sanctuary you have built in the sanctuary that kind of odd because the Joe would represent it it represents an use it would be the one that represents the link to Jesus is the Lamb and where to be like him the land represents Christ therefore one of women the lamb represents Christ so therefore we are sheep right I know Christ is the delay so cool you think the goat would represent but yet in the sanctuary that go to representing Christ you see now here comes the dilemma you see you have a goat that represents Satan being brought into the sanctuary that you had to go to be in writing their front of the sanctuary and on the day of atonement okay there brought in so they cast lots to get it determine something if they are representing the notice will send everything is symbol of Satan but one of them is not going to be same PC scene that Juana see that new notes than became sin for us to see that Jesus never said that he became sin the reality is this you have two cups once Christ and one Satan you can't tell the difference you see what Christ did in our behalf you see certain is that bad that's why the priest had to cast lots because only God could know which one represents Christ which one doesn't make beside the cast lots he says that's my son he did not sin but he became sin for you in the decathlon 's and that's the one that is killed in the courtyard and the blood is taken into the sanctuary the other goat is not killed it's left on the door of the sanctuary to be led away by fit man after the century 's claims so therefore that dogs that was not slain in the courtyard that goat that was taken out to into the wilderness that goes is in Miguel with that Satan himself will be dealt with after sin is dealt with in heaven after the judgments over in the sanctuaries cleansed in heaven then the angle will be dealt with you soon learn about how the symbols of the Safeway so important you know that you can now because you know this about this goat if you understand that God is a blessing you understand I don't hear anyone outside managing up it was in the lead up by increased isn't it interesting that Priest Italy and Isaac Sandman him him that fit man might be you know it could be you so when you don't listen them anymore for the accountancy that comes in you see why it's so important for us understand the sanctuary because it opens a whole lot is not now I want to take you from the beginning I told you about the assembled with our song oriented again here again is very entrance of the sanctuary and has no back door okay and the idea is you will and will and if you look at the process of the sanctuary is dealing with the movement in the Lord will come back out okay you're going and do not presence I remember one creatinine .co walk right up to talk to them face-to-face right but once it came in you can't because think about it send in the presence of God what will happen will die so God is love and mercy for us he separates us by the three rails using of having your piece of racist by the mail the door in the day babysitters and his sons it is our right at the gate when the center was coming it was a priest and are looking from the particle son looking for his son the priest was there waiting for this in the coming Jesus comes this earth and Jesus says I am that way to treat my life right Jesus I am ninety nobody goes to the father but by who know what I wanted to take in the father okay but David says and sounds one hundred verse four he says this and your agent is gay when what singing and his courts with praise in so doing we have dinner into his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise okay so David understood there was a reason for coming inside of your sort out what that reason really quickly now have you ever heard the expression we need to go to the cross audience in its units it was a premonition in my day was use a lot I use in your daily living so even go to the foot of the cross when you go to the foot of the cross you recognize who was on the process Jesus now I want you to imagine with me that right here there was placed across ten the cross is on the east side of the sanctuary to the dignity always face the East and that was a son that would and it would rise up and travel east to west of mother nature I that's the direction we are to travel down the last session will talk about how evil reversing the travel today okay and peasantry yes they took the land of the north side of the lamb was killed on the north side of the sanctuary are here but the gate was here on the on the east side about that sometimes you guys catch me doing something it's not just asked the question but sometimes I defend my mind goes faster than when I can say but anyways you have the game released and you have the cross sitting there and you know such outlining backcross would cast a shadow on the ground would it not it that sounds across Google to cast a shadow you will notice the furniture they line up in exactly that you have the is the sanctuary with you and you have been presented all the stock price of labor and here you have the table shelving along with candlesticks arms across okay now that's the path that you and I need to be on gimme some very very important information here because I couldn't touch upon your life today as well as mine when the missing next using that's the only way I can go in to the father is through that pathway cannot strongest through the sanctuary as the only way I can get to the father and as I come in there's there's there's going to be right here in front of this piece of furniture on the ground there's going to be a tile of ashes on the Psalms talks about this member window when they were David was talking about the thing than the book of Psalms is talking about how they were wide awake even always seem to prosper many goes in the sanctuaries he got hot ashes anymore anymore he that's the end of the set of ashes was right there it was placed there as he moved inside the first thing you would see the pile of ashes so in your mind not all are easily accounting your guy he would not come unless you wanted to be separated from your same okay so keep that in mind so you come in you said yourself that's what happened to me unless I do what I'm come in the separate 's for me so as I would move in this piece of furniture will be the next piece of furniture I have to go through that piece of furniture has to do with fire now accepted to okay asked chapter two is going to be the modern-day example along with a about an fortieth chapter of Exodus then now Exodus chapter for the last two verses must reverse it says this that after they finished making the sanctuary it was completely finished they got says I want you set it up in that day so they set up in one day okay then Moses and Aaron they come to the sanctuary the people gather on the outside of the sanctuary there there because God says it is making essentially unwinnable duality right low by sanctuaries that is not God says I wanted well with you so here you have most Americans here in the people on the outside so everybody's watching they place the lamb upon the altar sacrifice but they did not bring the fire you see it was a clout that they were under permit finer cloud out of a cloud without a net out of .com this fire down and consume the sacrifice they were told Leviticus never to let that fire go out Leviticus chapter six so therefore that if I was never about networking I'm trying to say is this the priest gathered would accept this fire burning twenty four hours a day and it was kept they kept this wood-burning four four four hundred seventy eight years because the next time you find happiness Solomon 's Temple and it goes to the same motion the fire comes from heaven again because of the sacrifice but you know the Temple that represents this simple to when you read about that simple anytime you're not that simple no this that what takes place in this temple has to take place in all of them because this temple is nothing more than a shadow of the women have the same and we are a temple to look at acts chapter two acts chapter two talks about the disciples of Jesus Arie readies from the dead member before he was raising the dead they argued over who was to be number one right they were arguing over that position is right now they may want on one accord they are affecting the other disciples got angry at those other two percent in those things now you finally Jesus comes Jesus opens their eyes on that way he goes through that service of the sanctuary within he lets them see that he was supposed to die so for those for you to bear in mind what happened sexiest Jesus goes to heaven reason I wanted to wait for something that this should mean something to you because this is referring to what should happen to us to wait for something they went to the upper room they got to the point where they put aside all their differences there was nothing between them anymore it was time they are ready now Pentecost comes the outpouring of that spirit came upon the disciples the same way illustrates here in the sanctuary fire comes down and consumes a sacrifice then you see God 's glory filled the temple in that upper room fire comes from heaven reader in the form of guns upon the head of the disciples in God 's voice filled the Temple because they went out and preached and three thousand people joined the church and the ones that he wants nutrition about this that was the early way they'll quietly come pretty soon guys the latter rains about to take place upon us by his people but the temples need to be ready PC website our temples need to be ready so we can have that spirit for aliquoted people busy and it's going to be a Seafoods time for God 's people because more people will join the church and did back then so now there is an illustration of how you and I need to be ready for thou Holy Spirit okay now I give you a few more this sanctuary this fire your represents the Holy Spirit the less I got through the altar sacrifice of the altar of sacrifice has fire in and if I'm telling you John a pathway cannot tell you I want to walk him out that do not get off to the left do not get off to the right so you walk into the sanctuary and all of a sudden you see that pathway goes right through fire you need to go to the fire you see because were sinners we have all kinds of baggage in reliance all kinds of okay so now look member the story of three humors but remember the Bible could use that report certain things in the Scriptures for sissy and certain things we needed look at the three Rivers the three neighbors went and found out that that image right we should not have any indicator anything that takes a list thrown away from God is an image okay it can be anything of your girlfriend bikini of close it to be school to me as studies particularly from God that I wanted is he says they wouldn't bow down that image right they took on when they found him look what happened frozen in their and who's in there with them some hours when you come to the gate you see is that the priests as their app freezes the Milwaukee Windward bias legal right to that a fire with you the Holy Spirit 's job is to convict is our sense right absolutely happens that he was there bound upright all of a sudden what happens to them while Barnes wrote back to their clothing burn whatever clothing similar to characterize men burned I was now the Holy Spirit was after he was after the ropes that bind you you seem we are tied by our sins were bound by Santa Holy Spirit 's job is to convince us of our sins when I experience this piece of furniture by the way do you realize that Hall experience that these furniture in fact he experienced it daily so what I'm sure will you walk in the sanctuary and symbols okay as I'm sure it is just remember when dealing with something that takes place really in a moment but it's a process of going through okay and maybe you might be involving all essentially all wants and when the preeminent site when also I die daily that's what you and I need to be today because the Holy Spirit knows the things in your life easily everyone he is one the Holy Spirit knows today what is in your life that he brought UN it would destroy was okay it's a lot it's not hatred exotica because once you have a good time he knows what is good and what is not so therefore this piece of furniture reality is a piece of furniture that each one of us need to be at daily and here comes the hard part if there is not a sin in your life today at the Holy Spirit is working with you on and you're not a piece of furniture Matthew seven says this straight and narrow is the gate that leads to life straight has illegally so what brought us awaited release instruction goes on to say straight out of the gate here's a gate writer straight out of the gate that leads to life start here in a back and straighten out that the intended Galactica uterine you got to go that these advantages straight narrow that date but if you desire in your life you know I don't want to listen the Holy Spirit I bypass this piece of furniture you are not on the straight path anymore listen to this first this is probably sixteen says there is a way that same of writings on and at the end thereof is what okay no we have split of a straight narrow path that a field goal on a broad road that a lot of people go on and then you have the Bible Texas history and says there is a way to seem right to amend the dinner Mister so let's think about the wiki people know well okay we're not talking about them or talk about the ones on the path okay but one the Christian world but none of them the weather don't want to have Christ are not even there prides the one that seems to be right is the one who passes these and bypasses the working of the Holy Spirit in the life and go straight to the word of God inside the muscle in the holy place BC UNI the path that we need to take involves the courtyard when you say that was all done at the cross just believe on Jesus and you may say that a true statement is scriptural right but when you set my chair did you believe it would hold you up you worry about it if you don't have to tell you knew that's believing acting on what you know assuming Dana had done what you know is not just all I believe it is a Limited that will rightfully visit all the and they tremble so here this piece of furniture this piece of furniture is in the pathway there is a way that seems right to demand then there was that you and I could easily be on the broad road and not realize so here's a way you know the Holy Spirit is going to tell you what separating you from God I don't want to talk to everybody else is doing eyesight was that until you the Holy Spirit the other I could come up to you and I could tell you things I think you'll young ladies knitted and I wanted to tell you all kinds of things about you without I don't know by the way but unlikely to say all kinds of things about hiking destroyed her face and she gets the upper hand so you know what you wanted to be aggressive walk out of him and never step foot with God 's people again that's happened before by the way because good meeting people have tried to be the Holy Spirit for that person he realizes that there are things that I am doing it maybe you are not to realize this thing that I'm not doing that you might be doing so you might see what I'm doing I'm I see what you're doing my places on my knees for you and your places on your knees for me because the Holy Spirit 's job to convict now but wait a second there comes a time that someone comes and asked two questions for what you believe DC becomes your life is an example of what I'm trying to say is this guy 's the Holy Spirit will convict you that's why said the Holy Spirit talk to Holy Spirit what is it in my life that's not right you're going to find out now if you're not by the way you know this that through eternity I'm sorry throughout this life were always been a fine things in our life and we need to get rid of you know that don't you I mean we are that far from God we don't even know it so don't thank you Corey arrived okay you should never come to that point in your experience if you ever knew that the person these appraisal most if you feel you Lori arrived and is nothing the Holy Spirit convicts you one you need to get on your knees because there is okay the Holy Spirit will show you what separating you from the him by the way the Holy Spirit job he's on this earth member is on this earth because easier to show you and I the pathway back to Basra so that this piece of furniture here is a piece of furniture once you think about that piece of furniture you need to be an everyday I have a same back-to-school and some of them people here will know that and some you may not like I did some ways I walked into the room I think you know no one said happy birthday to me they will some new student will fit in your essay shares my birthday as an end run to the channel they start singing happy birthday right let's line but it wasn't my earthly birthday it was my birthday this morning you see pointing to see in a slightly reminding the students we need to be born again every single day and so I walk down the halls at school or a site happy birthday Mister Latin America reminds me of well I better make sure I'm ready for it all better make sure I go back to that you need and I need little things like that remind us where all against ourselves okay now this piece of furniture is where the Holy Spirit convicts you send if you're not being convicted schedule missing this piece of furniture now that you make of it is sent right to your right to be burned Albright met with the final result don't take it back again once you let go let it go it is taken away from you it's fun when you take that pile of ashes can you take that pile of ashes and format tree again this will delete dates absent from you and God is not about don't practice taken aback okay it's gone but now you need to be born again I penciled to the next piece of furniture is all about the zero thirty I write you into that water ice and water cleanses you write and when we get the idea that your new baby now you start over right by Landman 's number referred to Sluman this piece of furniture the priest used every day in the lab when they were working for the sinner they would wash their hands and feet before they work at the altar sacrifice and enforcer hands of pity and before they go into the holy place they used it daily it's a manager symbol of baptism right and we have that ordinance today as well is called what you watching you know something it's a sad because this piece of furniture is a symbol of being born-again foot washing how often do we bypass that we can insert homeowner this piece of furniture is very important that your baby the baby needs to learn to walk and talk right you don't many babies are born they could actually walk and talk RA so he had also had children it'd take a while for the walkathon in your new baby don't you think you need to learn to walk and talk as well you met before cleaning up my right and see if I can get down to the next slide here that might be of some value to us over talking area these two pieces of furniture is the first thing you come to become inside the sanction of the arms there here maybe now you come to the door truth and you stand there between these duties ranging right at the crossroads right now Psalms one nineteen one oh five to come into play here thy word faith by word is a lamp organized by word of a land into my feet outlined where I want to have memorized communist sanctuary on on the pathway it's on a street near I get these reasons furniture and is not required as a life I do my scene analyzing my path I am now leaving you see why it's so important to you you bypass these two pieces of furniture I'm sorry into upfront income in these degrees of furniture if you bypass the courtyard you are following the season the Robert me explain something to you Jesus as I am the good shepherd at the door of the sheep fold right and my sheep hear my voice I know my voice but he goes on to say there is one who comes before me these the thief and a robber right he said he climbs in some other way so you have a date there we come in the day you have the altar sacrifice declines in some other way than dumping the date becomes in some other way bypasses of these attorneys are both straight and here to the holy place now very symbolic and I will talk about this now to give you guys a very clear indication of something Lucifer has decided to do ample back in time all it back to Lucifer was not was not a evil Angel gang he was created perfect he had a job and his job was if it's right there mostly thanks get a job he was a covering cherub okay so they get the picture that wasn't not even have to go back in time with me in the cemetery all of you are angels okay you're in heaven as well you love Lucifer when he's he's he's the one right next to go he's been around for I don't how long the KDE he's the reason right he he comes out and tells you what God wants intelligent thing to do right next to God but Lucifer said in his heart he says this is as I says this is the book of him Isaiah fourteen he says I will ascend above the stars of God well here's God so he's if I ascend above the stars and got it or do I take God 's place company hired again he says is ousted by the stars of God he says also that season I will also sit very interesting because the terminology said these I will also sit upon the mount of congregation the sides of the north this is ludicrous and I went they got thrown out also I take something else so back the north side of the sanctuary is this piece of furniture right here that's where you find the breath the word of God have you seen Lucifer trying to take the place of God with the word did you know that was his plan all along the twenty second PC is on the north side industry notes assembled you know this is the place where Jesus was that before he moved emotionally place in eighteen forty four we finding those from the holy most holy place you see Jesus went to heaven after his deficit beside a father don't think anyone inside the most holy place after you give your close everything happened and the earthly sanctuary was given suggests that you and I can see what was to take place in the heavenly sanctuary can so don't worry about it we don't be ashamed of the fact that we know when Chrysler the Muslim place that you know the earthly sanctuary they knew when he moved into the home of most holy place it was a Saturday and annuity as they gathered on the outside mainly when and the most holy place so there's nothing wrong with me showing you when it moves in the Muslim place of sacrifice Daniel chapters eight tells us that under two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed this is where they went wrong I thought Sandra being cleansed was our back in eighteen forty four but in the reality was assigned to appear but they would find that business I enjoy here was to be cleansed and I will you have there's no problem with knowing that signing those in the holy in the most holy place but there will be a problem if you set a time in the come out good cylinders and never knew when he came out okay there's net you never know prices in a calm event is described many times in the Scriptures is Venus it is even the nine disorder then please is that you will not be overtaken if you watch I now look for those that Jesus doesn't haven't stood beside the father Lucifer did I want to sit someplace on the side of the North Mountain congregation very quickly mounts of congregation as you find the Scriptures in several places I liked CNN a few of them you remember the time that God was on Mount Sinai and he spoke the word to the congregation get the point amount and the congregation right now your member when Jesus was on their galleys and eighty was on the mountain their amount to the congregation right amount of the obligation to get the idea of the mountain the tire gauge right insurance right you had the speaker today was up on the podium right amount of energy envelope congregation listener wants that place the mountain congregation is a place for the word is given out electoral in Isaiah sixty six I mentioned to you that Isaiah sixty six refers to that from one Sabates next all flesh shall come worship before me so visualized this if the pulpits okay visualize God 's people coming on all of universe coming to God 's house on the Sabbath sitting around the place with a word is given Jesus sitting right beside the father you have two stacks of bread that these of furniture has a crown on it the crown of the symbol of the King is a not that's the only piece of crazy virus sanctuary has two grounds because as we find Jesus beside the fire incident Gina this is what you find an early writings it says that the father gets up any Mozilla holy but most only place and then you find that Jesus gets up and if all goes in the most holy place I than you have Jesus outstanding as I got up in front of father then you find a company the company and small lows around and the most holy Place is a group that they stay here and Satan appears to take the place of the holy place you see about about this piece of furniture here is the place for the God 's word is given that is the place that Luther wants to get that for God 's word is given out by the way that the throne right here in your heart that's a fair cool is on your throne who was on his are you are you saying this Valley send above the stars of God deicing this I will sit upon the mount of congregational side of the North anytime that you say this to God I note your Scripture says that but I think you meant this you've now taken his word change that you have taken the place the loser one of the tank is a don't blame Lucifer you see you have a choice and so on now this piece of furniture here when today right now if you imagine with me right now we are studying the word of God right now right now this Bible being open is a symbol of us setting here however disassemble yes that's right you can't separate the two the question was not the also Jesus because John says the word was made flesh and both among this very definitely you can't separate the Word of God and Jesus are the same thing as his character and by the way we can't separate it from you either once it's written their original really talk about rich young ruler he himself had been keep in the laws himself was written there on the heart and radio background heard about the market-based time to shed area and race are okay by the market of these is something that's on the floor and are in hand right while he was says this he says that as I write my law on your heart and mind Jeff is a Jefferson both says it's okay to underwrite my law upon your heart upon your mind now remember got it right the Bible you know that right member who wrote the Bible holding it all inspired by God right but when he came to writing the words upon the tables of stone coated act holy men to do that today I wrote it so he can assemble I might write my law upon your heart mind soul and God wrote the first place and you will see what is right there tonight the law around this room that he had made you are wanting blogger not be written up on your mind as you beer and by the way it's not a trick question okay so now I'm going to come around the room with a magnifying glass on the look and see where your tank look at your forehead Tennessee life he does well written I am for it him assemble infinite and were not marketed Beefeater is not something someone to stand up on your four head it's also a symbol of God 's symbol is as long as laws of character waving the symbol of the Marvin these will be the character of someone taking God 's place I save himself so you don't want that that particular market a beast okay now the this business of title shall read that your place when you study God 's word you come there to learn and I live here it's a life after I the word is a lamp you can't really separate these two there in line together there together okay what is what's placed inside the candlesticks oil what is the oil is some love Holy Spirit okay now rest stop therefrom on a particular revelation I want to see in Revelation you'll find that there are seven angels inside the holy place the angel about to come from the heavens above okay each one receives a mile the seven Angels are in the holy place where you find seven miles would later do the miles theretofore what's the employed the Holy Spirit you seem in the end the wicked will look at us and say it's our fault you see that's when the decree comes out the flattening out that's when the decree was less glutton select group of people because they're causing always plentiful class using that's a symbol of the Holy Spirit is the one that helps you understand the word of God is seen now that you have these to be the furniture but we have one more excited here this one here is called the altar of incense as areas about the alderman sense because you will find that the high priest work at the Alderson handstands everyday by the way the work of the candlesticks everyday as well you realize that's part of the daily service but on the day of atonement he bypasses those two goes right and willfully place after he gets the Leon Coles multisensor about them and suffice it say now look what happens on that piece of furniture in the URL you develop this thought here again what they did when they were named on the nine o'clock and at the three o'clock they killed the life by the way I'm supposed in really quickly what happened when the detail you will realize that every step of the courtyard in the holy place with exactly footprints of Christ during the chilly eleven nine o'clock at three o'clock where they were symbols of those that take place to Christ when he came its website an anti- type met together okay now Jesus is the real lamb okay you'll notice at nine o'clock when they were killing that lamb in the morning all those years is the exact time that they take Jesus he stretched his arms out and they nail him to that three BC at nine o'clock p.m. from nine to three all people would come into the sanctuary with their lands right the ones overcoming seven ninety three as sanctuaries open Jesus hung on the cross between us and the at nine o'clock to three minute three o'clock the closing the doors of the sanctuary that services of the over and it may take another laminate kill it again you see Jesus dies exactly at three o'clock the land was still in the north side she was taken to the north side of Jerusalem where he was unlimited I'm a right-wing sentiment three you still don't get enough the details of the science writing are the steps so therefore when you are talking about God 's steps in your footsteps of the sanctuary find in the all represents something that you might understand for sharing with others also it helps understand the belief that the heavenly sanctuary was taking place the room talk about the next meeting they become present truth okay now this piece of furniture years way brought the blood in a nine three Medvedev on the horns irritable to them you send the recorded about eleven okay the blood is placed up on the horns and then on the Day of atonement his Linda Bennett clean it up now the best way I can describe it is this heaven has the record of people asking to be forgiven if they get through USN ISN files as we all has since everyone of us should have some sends their representative horns we all should and now and Jeremiah also to seventeen tells us that our sins are inscribed upon the horns of the alters of alters K that force in the recorded in the blade and the place in the blood upon the Lords for the blood placer bongos horns symbolize our sins been written the books of that delicious go through this analogy really quickly here let's make the sanctuary make real sense to you and I we have sin and come short of the glory of God the ways our sin is death so all of last year were under the penalty of death and that sin which is death we all needed I we don't want to die we have a substitute I substitute is Christ Christ then is killed and the man our sins are recorded here okay Christ dies nice in the recording this is referred to as the prior altar you see the smoke arise from here in the holy bimonthly place that small represents the prayers of the saints notice finish this law when you send you want to be forgiven the blood being placed seriously God I want to be forgiven for my sake okay we're talk about how that's next to take placement of atonement in the next section session but this is the prayer alter what happened and it was on the high priest would come in with the blood of the Job A annually weirdest piece of furniture and he would stop here anyway take the coals from all that is altered place it in his sensor that he would take and go but some incense on their decree a lot of smoke and watch what happens he would take off before he does this you take off those garments that you see the high priest wearing in place upon himself the white ropes okay tonight is moving inside a most holy place and he goes to the article of any sincerity test the blood the class of blood on the mercy eastward now where would you be standing if you are since FDR if you're casting the blood eastward again it have to be on the backside of your Casablanca eastward upon the mercy seat solidifying to the high priest must be moving around the back side mice they will wisely doing that member when and how Moses said member Moses talked about right he was not right as you can see me for the do puts and then I rock I been he covers his eyes any passes in my electives easy is that you see the you have the illustration of the priest not adding all those gorgeous diamonds on and notwithstanding not that he really wasn't the high priests he was only representing what Christ was going to do on the day of atonement for the children is the Christ will stand his father face-to-face in your place in my place putting his blood upon the mercy now open stop your program highlighting father the time is done quickly and I thank you so much for the time we've had the father I pray that she will just open our hearts and minds as we do this break be with all the other lectures far as well be with all the students here are all of his campus father that we and we want to see joining of hands finally want to see they experience the disciples had in the on the date of the river in the upper room we would like to see that happen to this campus and the campus is that when you only are schools that are here as well in Christ name we pray amen this media was brought by audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I really would like to know more about our universe the more certain is www. on uniVerse .org


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