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Understanding Similarities & Differences- Part 4

Daniel Scarone




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Falling heaven thank you for this morning for YOUR protection during the night thank you for your lead in in our lives and for this opportunity we are here to discuss some things regarding I would reach in and I were mission in the whole war on especially in this community be with us in Jesus name Amen. OK. To morrow. Probably I am going to be dealing with the topic of the mission and. I don't know if I am going to get the book protective. But it is I've been thinking maybe. Give you a more detailed information in the B.B.L. Raffi at the end of the seminar because at the end of the 7 I'm going to put some suggestion regarding regarding bibliography but let me let me start today. More like yesterday with a with a biblical reflection about our duties as I charge. Lord Jesus Gospel of Matthew $2414.00 say's And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all due world for our witness all to all nations and then shall D.N. come. In my part a little version I choose to put on a very. I will say interest in other version. Regarding. Your New International Version or new can change version the reasonable guy. That is locked in. And here is the work testimony I'm as a witness testimony and a good morning good to see you. And this is this is our duty a chart to give testimony to everyone in order that they might be able to know the Gospel good news of starvation. Even though these were. Muslims or whatever other. Communities of faith let me tell you that not only the Islam is sometimes a touch or apply in violence with people I've been working with. With the. Community they called and saying Sunni they are up north. In movement. And they were oppress and they were on there by a lens of Buddhism look out below this authorities. Sometimes there is good to know about that however my concern with Muslims is that a day violence is in the Koran and in they had it and when you have done it as an element. In those sources that very serious and yesterday we were beginning to explore how we might be able to or reach them. And they were put in a case in which if we are here and here he's deceased of our chart and here East are dangerous community let me put this whatever it is and we are sending missionaries here sometimes this mission areas here are going to be in danger so what we are going to do. And I've been telling us today that sometimes some people well they say if if a missionary is lost we're going to send another mission and if they are killing we are sending another and another and I don't believe that I share that I don't believe that so how we can do this well at some point these people are going to be out call them whatever you can call me so when we are going to do witness we are going to find them in a neutral place and that is the point in which we're going to take advantage as to give testimony to then. Because they are in our Were was turned society and we are going to give testimony to then we are going to be safe nobody's going to be men asshole killed except what happened yesterday in Bishop airport here close to Flint. I guess you know what happen if. The worst there was such a reset that yes a police officer was stopped Yesterday's in the news if. He's alive he's alive he's well now but about when if you are in a neighborhood and you her or someone. Say in a lot our bottom OK protect yourself protect yourself or run or do something but protect yourself because something is going to happen. Because this is the screaming in before they are going to attack alarm that means a law is great in Arabic OK yes it wasn't just this last thing you mentioned this line that our whole world they are they applied through the regime in book by a lens with a certain Christian groups because Bill this is take. At this point but this is not that relation let me be clear opened up this is is this is that kind of feel also see our way of life if you can put the is a philosophy there are no gods. In policeman saw take her if you compare that with with this but regarding this take her in an airport or in a place in which you are visiting. And on a louver or whatever in Europe or a museum you know if somebody you her. Take her because that means an attack is is being or going on or in process off so but but coming back to the mission when you are because they are in this community indeed we are calling here for the an example the from the down sure community there are people interested in the Bible and there are people asking questions and they are good people among them and I do believe that you know but that is a neutral Police place in which we might be able to give testimony because this is faith in fulfillment of our 20142440. That is important. So I guess that this is a good way to morrow we are going to explore all the other you know kind of visions regarding that I'm saying this because here in the coming we have people come and go in and you never know who is going to be the entire week. And that is the point because some of my say well there was no mission at all in the presentation no 1 is going to be tomorrow we are going to to explore and. Then the vision the sheer vision of this. And I'm taking an opportunity yesterday and today to refresh minds regarding that but also it's a good to have information about decor run under lease the things that I'm doing trying to you a hint about their relation on their Koran I am not done explored a call I am becoming on their way off but I am not finish in yet but I am trying because it is important that when you are progress in in this time of the and in the approach you know were to tackle the essential things that are there but 1 of the things that is very clear funny is that the Koran and the deeds are inspired violence and I am concerned with that I am concerned because when you are a name you know repeat in. About the the how the and the verses of the Koran that concentrate in the violence you are going to find. Results like this results that decent people apply in violence Think about what what is the message. A police officer Neville certain aim here and Flynn Bishop airport that he's trying to take are of the people take care of the order in an airport with a family that he's fulfilling their work and that he's been a stub it with a name a lot of our what is it Russian for that I think about there is no Russian or call are you going to change society doing that I were to society we are going to to meet our surf and we are going to say we surrender we are going to follow Islam and we are going to be disciples on Mohammad is this a result what is your reaction immediate reaction. Richelle. In media rejection not only of the person who is attacking but of the feel loss of the religious or whatever philosophy that is behind that so. At some point what they are doing if they are they are killing themselves in from the missionary it's done point of view because what they are doing is telling the people how they are but when you go to the Koran and you find the verses regarding violence you are going to see what this is a serious thing so what what kind of wards we want to create because we share with you this is this is not movement that is going to stop in a circle or in a country or in a graphical Aria they pretend to reach their walled this is the wall to reach. With that kind of a thinks well it's up to you to think about that are my question marks regarding this and we were doing yesterday comparisons and we were dealing about abrogation Doc train yesterday and this is a curious teaching how many of you are here 1st time. Today today OK Let me review this because this is in the Koran 1 teaches and the Quran teaches of relation doctrine that means that a new Shura chapter revelation and verses abrogate all dirty chins in the same document and we were mentioning something that seemed to mention here. We were working in include our Asian certain sense regarding this sure US are the chapters are not included alone she can order so the obligation doctrines is defs and we called the attention to these we Buddha coming for a religion that say this that this monotheistic and hearsay allow is speaking by revelation so we and they deny the truth so who is involved behind that week. Think about it you're on the stand that. Say we will not ever gate a verse of cause it to be forgotten except that we again so it's not wrong it's repeated so we bring forth 1 better that it is or similar to eat do you not know that our law is so over all things competent and forget this other thing because it is in another language. Spanish. Doug languish that she repeated. So the problem with abrogation it is not if the contradiction either be on a large or on the prophet or on the in jail or on or on the revelation that means the Koran but in flexible crate area subject to interpretation because there are 2 elements to count with Qur'an is not written. In an academic concept and popular believe sometimes in the Islamic community are not in town with the general teachings of the Islam some some you know are clinics tend to be more intellectual and explain that is them is not this earth is not this but the people or the people read and interpret the Koran literally and the violence is clearly in the hard it's and in the Koran and that is part of the problems by which there is no easy solution inside this community so here. Should a 9 and you can search it out on the Internet the Shura we were we were talking yesterday and put in the emphasis in them in the superscription in the sure the hit the title of the shoe or every single shura or chapter Khans with a general title and this is the name there are 2 sinks here that are outstanding 1st normally in every single Sure I start saying in the name of Allah the Most Beneficent the most benevolent and so on you know everyone except this this is called All the mountain and know all in the name of Allah the most beneficent under most you know magnificent message for nothing there is no such a thing over there they don't the problem here is what we were in force in like Koran is not given in a closer look Sheikha sequence this is probably 1 all then last teachings in the Koran because it was written in our court in their tradition of around 631 year before the death of Mohammad So if if think if these several gates all the precedents teach ins what is what this is telling you. To. Fix. But this over imposed. It's all for a T. ople they all there Doug were given with oh you know in the name of allow the most magnificent and the most mercy for so here all to merit service here is the point and the doctrine of obligation when you are in a Jocz remember some sense. And I am repeat in this story for those who were before the Islamic religion this. Is a theocratic stand of point here is this all the state all the power worse all the functions all government are all on line with the teachings of the Koran so there isn't here there is no separation of church and state you understand that so let me tell you something this is a point that we need to defend of here in USA and that we need to fight for disapprobation 1st a separation of religion and state because this is a privilege let me tell you and this is in the water society in the majority majority of the countries of the Western society because in this kind of society there is no charge separate from the state and that is not a state separate from the relief she has power it's all to the east is all our community. So this is a fusion of power and you need to take in count out that this is that what supersedes all dish or the shelf power where off off the. Estate institutions on release use ball hits so this is this is something that we need to taking count regarding done. Yes Do they ever get an installation line Sure enough just not start out with all of this old piece of those global there are say. There is or ever T. does as a way of every other service started up this way. Someone sneak this in here and I go that's Terracini for them but there must have been somewhere along the line who had some sort of critique that oh no there are there are but but you know what he said what is going on this is a very good question older people duddies I'm probably 1 of the best a war or the best apologies are still coming but are going to be speaking from the western society to their society in this Islamic countries when when you go if you go to the Internet you're going to find out certain sayings and let me continue without I'm going to get back immediately without You're going to see done some of the points regarding the issues and in the east La Maison are coming from London coming from London England. From London London England because there are Muslims in London that are you know refreshing thinking and understanding Now the point of view from the Western society so let me let me say here something and. We are a product such a product of the Western society so our World War 2 you walled view by which we think about heaven earth angels God Felicity and so on is coming from the Western society but that society they do have at the front war you and that is important you know. If you want to to read about this I recommend that you go into the Amazon Internet whatever and you body for from 1 of 4. Get the book Shane sorry. The universe next door the universe next door shames. Is an excellent treaty regarding this topic and because what is what is you know what if. What if from now we're very free society. In which we might be able to interact and think like like this kind of oppression that they don't think yes some of then my think but what will happen is this thinking is expressed publicly. So so you need to complain you are thinking inside that society because if not your life is at stake and that is the point seemed. So I read I guess is this where. The universe next door. 90. Miles Oh no no no no no of course that was someone slipped in then there's well over $100.00 yes specific command Oh yes around to attack and kill anyone who is as an infidel name yes yes yes yes yes all written does it lead to MEDINA Yes that's a reason but when he was in that Mecca and within 5 years he fled to me Dean and that's when he turned more violent and although my little ones were after he went to me. And remember the how the IT BECAUSE IN THE How did it is very clear someone asked him to Mohammad what is the the best the the that I turn perform and he said to follow Allah OK And what is the 2nd. Thing to apply that you got under these questions or in line of thought well if I'm going to take more questions I'm going to be I take let me take a couple of yours included Yes Just a quick question Do you know with the what is that the governor of London says Governor there anyone here the mayor the mayor of London is he it's not me yet understand you know I saw him for the 1st time I wondered that behind yeah oh yeah we need to be very careful what I wear but look some boats. What out of Arda you want coming back from their partner very young had no. Trace of. The actually told they must be. Wondering if they will come and not. Laugh tracks in that black cat like Cassius Clay on an alley with traction on. This. Well. I'm being taped. And I'm being taped. And I don't want to I the 1 to enter into. Barry's difficult situation here but let me tell you no to sing in that 1 is that they were out performing a US regarding imprison ministries for sure for sure for sure they know they Muslims are perfect outperform an OS regarding doing missionary work in the prisons. Because if you are going to find where Mohammed Ali. Was because he was clay before and became you know after his time are all done kind of boxer's God transformed and subs in jail from Christian background in 1 jelly God whatever into Muslims you are going yes you are going to find out that prison ministries is the kind of connection with so they were they were accepted and they were performing some kind of activity for them. So this is this is a hint that we need to think about so they are enrolling engaging people. Also for ISIS you're going to find that kind of thing under is under is another kind of social thing. In Argentina and in South America those who were involved it from. Activities we think are really us against the power they apply a name for them they call the over the so-called power. People with no Wark in a specifics saw they are they're not doing anything and they are engaged in some kind of ideologies and there are being nuts and they are walking into that line of activity because there is not all the ideal thing for them in life and this is this is a critic for us. Yeah but but but also but also but also there is a problem here because we are having a crisis in the transmission of values from 1 generation into the next and that is part of our problem and we need to to put that kind of things into the valance because there there is a generational. There is a link that is not been transmitted you know. And sometimes this is part of our problem the Guardian Education system of education and values. This is. Well this is some This is a good question and I'm going to enter into that in a moment. Yes this is the founder He's the founder However your question needs to be struck into the. Elements in the society of Mohammed to see that there are elements in that society that probably nurture the vision. Let me explain this and this is a theory or course is a theory but when you when you work a theory you need to be certain that there are some elements to work with that. I've been saying this for. Let's put a single individual. Here and he's a sausage. This society Hans are Walt view there are values there are elements of religion there are these assist in an economy these assist enough certain Felicity. There are our customs customs what you you know what you eat what you know all do all and we are all interconnected with a silence when I was when I was. When I was. In my dissertation regarding more money than I Now I've been telling you that there are some parallels in between more money and. Mohammedans let me let me let me see if I do have here let me. Just search this element and to put that here if I can find. In order to here. And these are them. You are going to find that certain elements in more money's an affectation the prophet are coming from all this this elements for example when I was reading the Book of Mormon 1 of the things the coma tension was that. You know when you receive version of the Bible. There are expressions coming from can change version that are going to be. In Harriet in the Russian hour in which you say sun sinks you follow what I'm saying because of course version it's not any longer your version probably I know that and you don't speak with a dowel or you know you don't say that way in prayers and so on you know but but but there are transitions that connecting phrases in the linguistics are are very popular in in the society in which show success means we're related with. Our on when you establish a linguistic paralysis in between the Book of Mormon and the can change Version book Cavaleri in English you are going to certainly find elements. And when you read a little bit of English I commit a very big transformation in my life I was born in South America speaking Spanish and learning Czech Speer in Spanish you know you. You you know what it is to read the elementary in English if the same thing. Yeah don't be halting but in English so. What I'm trying to say is the translation sometimes isa way off interpretation to don't doubt about and sometimes transcription translation is not convene the whole sentence that is in the wall of view of the former culture because you know you need to translate well to understand the culture from that is North Korean the last and the thing of that OK we're saying this this a phrase that is in the To Be or Not to be of Shakspeare that is the figure of the traveler who start a trouble to the country were not by the cane bark from that is a beautiful made up for in English OK and that when you grasp that metaphor I found reason in its clannish that metaphor. And I began to say we're this is meant to food coming through on us because I was freed in the Book of Mormon and the Book of Mormon quotes. That that in that metaphor and when the metaphor is the strongest power for even even you can read that for another languish in cruel by the way so what I'm saying with this that wouldn't you were nurture in our society elements of that society are part of the elements here here 1 of the. Fascinating things to me you know there are server there is a profit there is a profit in the Muslim. That are visions and dreams there the revelation was through an angel. Morrone a Mormon and Gabriel the now saw their relationship mistakes on the all of the the holy center. A city may come you know there is up kind of pick remain a denomination or tourism. And every time that you enter into. A Marriott chain and that's so Marriott and that Marriott you are going to enter into given some. Offering to the soul they see the community at some point because when you enter into Salt Lake City probably you are going to enter into a society that is completely interrelated and that is to kiss insult your idea. It's quite fascinating you know the comparison. House or. In some of. The media or Nor did the T.V. channels all respond are answers to the to the vision of the releases vision of the Mohammedans or the Islamic. It's very clear that by the way when 1 of the things when are you know part of the public well I knew Pastor when and when he was in Salt Lake City and I was going there to express present something in Salt Lake City and he mention where you from where are you in this moment pastor here he say over the phone 20 years ago approximately and I say I am here in this place saying no to the war in this city no ship is in those days the city is very clear the center Suntory so on 1st Street North 1st Street East 1st Street West 1st Street south so we are in this place so the center of the city what a temple. Caba it's almost the same here so it's a war movement over the Franco spell 1 book Koran Book of Mormon quotes the Bible according to then according to them announced the prophet similar instructor chapter son and verses reinforced the prophet pulling on me. Too many ladies here are not going to speak go out. And that really isn't an unbalanced it is not interesting. There's this. Polygamy in Islam. Are you are you making a show consent. At this point and I guess I know you OK Yes OK Let's let's go let's let me go because if not I don't know if tomorrow I'm going to finish Sutton it versus. This authentic versus R R. R A section that is in the Koran that is started a fatwa and I need to clarify this for the. Kind of. Pro he Sheehan. Together with. Suggest tune of elimination and in this moment defend why and eliminate about around I guess $6000000.00 if somebody might be able or entitle to kill. Rushdie Yeah. And basically what he what he this cover is that these verses. Were given to the Prophet Mohammed. He confuse revelation with. Divine inspiration soundman Rushdie is the name and going to be in a moment saw this they they do have some. Explanation and they sometimes blame transmission change that is they snouts. That is the doc train of infallibility of Mohammad by the way the doctrine of infallibility is similar to the Catholic do you of the infallible teaching of the Prophet SAW that protects. His mom protect the profit from any error or so basically the point is that when you go to Shura. 531920. There you are going to find with the intention to avoid the position are seen dimension from Mickens Mohammed said that was proper to worship the daughters of a law and the daughters of Allah were are LART are in my not and this word 3 divinity this that warship there Muslims make sense so you all are going to see that the 3 of them are here so here you have act quick aliment regarding the topic that we were talking about the theory at some point. At some point there is influence in the prophet coming from the society in which he was related to in those days not only that all saw the name of God also the name of caught our law unto the Kaaba were there so these are elements in the law KARL Really Shion of the Muslim society you follow what I'm saying so so here there was a problem son man rushes over there that is a picture of him and these they describe it fundamentalists eventually kill or thirst like Roman mourning and done another part Grover sort of course and they attack someone Rushdie and translate horse by the way if you follow this this issue this is is such a terrible situation they attack are now I understand that they killed 1 of their translators they were not only with the translators they were behind the publishers the printing houses and all the stuff we're doing everything off the Satanic Verses What does it mean 1 of the 1st things that you are going to say is you are the risk yes because they do not accept freedom of a speech. Especially when you are beginning to avert caution and say some sense regarding this you are going to be up the stakes and when they can they have to destroy any archaeological piece of evidence before their own time to do what to destroy this elements remember something what what happened and this is this is in the this isn't the how did and that is that is a problem because they are related they had it with the times why because verbal communication and a verbal communication sometimes can be easily translated aren't they change the chain in the chain of communication it is it is a problem with them why because as I say before this and not our manuscripts there is not copies and there is not a safe trust me Sheehan in which you are going to say Well here is the the Koran and in the Koran we have these for on descent 3 and 2 documents from this and this is coming from Persia and this is document Persian 3 and this is document Iranian for all the name of up by US Nothing like that there is there is known. There are no evidence S. and when and when they enter into a place in which they discover something that I'll to rate change or challenge the history that they are trying to perform for the future they are going to destroy you remember what happened with with the 2 Buddha us. You're remember the television and this is a very clear demonstration very clear demonstration of what we're doing I don't know what what was the country if Afghanistan yes and the Taliban bombarded and destroy these 2 bulldust that were you know like those Jefferson faces in the in the face of the Montane date deleted almost completely they bombard the dark and destroy that why because they were destroying evidences that say stay here we're a people that believe different look. To think different or to believe different is part of our Walt and this is say Shia to grow together even with our differences and we need to accept that kind of vision. Or I'll turn that if in thinking I will say but they do not accept that yes. This is the child of the most loyal. Of them as. Well the tally 161 of the radical factions inside this line. And it's us strong power they are warriors that is the vision that they do have sown that is out in the aisles countless reasons again or maybe even all of joyous so read about. My vision of the of the Taliban is out there are no pro peace. And they said they snore are tentative under them and this is going to give you a picture regarding that because there is a kind of intolerance Yes. You know. When she just made sense has of ISIS is destroying all of you know we build on history or humanity and we build on it instead of destroying it like you and I wonder why in the world are these people with Iran destroying all the relics of history and not mixing things that are are killers shooting is a kind of footnote of the story. Because when you go to a place for example you believe in baptism by immersion OK then you go to some Tories of Catholicism in the in before the middle mutilation is in Europe are you you are going to find in the Catholic churches that there were but these trees that were very deep and big. So Catholicism tried to put some kind of superstructure or put those things but if you search search you're going to find the baptistry over there and you are going to to see and to demonstrate with that levee that is that that the bought this in those days was not the sparkling water but was by immersion of course you have received you in the language and they received you in the language if they were to because but these in Greek means in Russia. And that is that is crazy but that least part of the hour it won't be near the end of what you want to present today that were big and. I didn't cheers when he said he and the screen Harman's hand along the lines of I never knew the reason he did here is a lot of doubters came up to you and schools but he had left the law and the reason is because religion is and the reason for all the floods. And not just to see how clearly. He has reached. Religion because of all the bloodshed it was because of religion Well when you when you read the history. When you when you read the history of the Mormons you are going to find out the done and there is information in the Internet and the books and so on and they apply violence they apply the violence let me tell you the violence in which they applied probably a little different from the Muslims but even though I mean good writing and regarding the Mormons I thought somebody told me that he if I have a house in the aria Futa. House insurance is going to be higher if somebody is in danger and company that road against them. Because that is that is part of the protocol that they apply for the resistance of the thinkers and they bar the houses. And there is there is a common tension reality in that era. Just to answer to it. There. Was a day on. Do these. Things I'm. Sure. Where there is a point of connection my dear friend and 1 other point of contention a fun team to guide you remember the miracle of Fatima OK who is Fatima OK Fatima yes is 1 of the daughters of Mohammed and that is a reason why. Many Muslims enter into connection with the cupola this is me because they were wondering how in the wall into our poor to go place that was under the influence of the Islamic before they do have a name of 1 of the daughters of Mohammed and the Lord of the Christians made a miracle and that is part of the question mark of the Muslims and also this is all ng to tell you something that is quite interesting that the Qatar licks that are trying to over expand their vision in when you reach a C.C.. 1 and you are going to enter into the cathedral you are going to see our big walled the wall not so big like USA to Mexico but big enough I mean is some Francis mounted coming back after the Crusades on in the war retain scripture saying fitly of A but are more Lydia but I'm more and sons of 1 hum sure wish Christians and Muslims so Catholicism trying to mount over that to NCCAM pace sure wish to say we do have our common Drouet so on sometimes this is part of the thing in which they are going to have more communication with Catholicism that with other things so let me enter now into this crime problems contradictions with the Bible just to give you a hint about that. In the Bible God created the earth or in 6 days and rested on the 7th day in the Koran in the sutra 418 to 12 he created there in 2 days were all in 4 days and skies in today's top down is not 7 Total you say. So right the Shoura and chick you know right take note of that reference and checked it with with the Scripture OK I'm going to follow on other things because there are some some things that you need to be sure of. In the Koran sure are 11 verses 4048 the Bible sais that Norah how 3 sons that enter into the ark that is Genesis 717 and 13. The Koran say snow are another sawn could it not enter into the ark and perish in the flat earth. And you have here the Revelation or the quotation regarding the topic I am just entering into a kind of diversity between the Koran and the Bible and the Bible says. That hum. Once for all or all of the DNS and died on here on decorum say to leave close to make. And when you check your over a fee. This is not Loza. Is not. And you have that insurer 212-514-1324 extension 0 this is regarding Iran Hum OK I'm going to change who sold Joseph. The Qur'an sais that it was a mountain name a sea that these are Seas was not from Italy. In the Shura to earth 21. Devival say as it were. Potty far according to the Texas Genesis City 76. And the next 1 is. For I am the Lord I do not change so of course this is something that you were in touch today early in the presentation. To verse 1 or 6 with a not obligate a verse or cause it to be forgotten except that we bring forth 1 better than that it or similar to it do you not know that the law is over all things competent and 1 of the things that we were it a double we that we mentioned at the beginning because it's a plural you know. It's a curate of majesty Jesus and Mary Divine and here is a version of the Koran. Probably you need to. Burst this. 115. 1117. But the essence is this M B word the day when I lie will say all she's a son of Mary did you say to the people take me and my mother US date this besides. Well 1st of all there is no reference in the Bible about that there is not such a thing so there is no record in the Bible in any part of the Bible that quote she's saying that Mary East is divine or is God. This is why all these that are. There done that's part of the point I'm going here at the council officiousness on for 31 after Christ that means 200 years before Mohammed OK happen this council and Mary was called the Mother of God in the town so but it's not in the Bible probably can be part of this and this is 1 element that is telling you that this individual Mohammad are telling elements that are in this environment in this area you follow 1 and say so. No it's not nice not Satanic Verses effect. Allusive. This is not. Oh yes oh yes but this not to sit on its verses because Eve Let me tell you something and you are going to understand that if they were part of The Satanic Verses the Versus will really change the late it or other up to it because the standard verses were dismantled from the version that we have today the only that remains are the names of the date. But the meaning is very strange because when you take out something in there yet when you read it you really under is no sense in the context so. There was a Marian say stablish at Make-A they call Mary Divine that means goats mother and wife of God. But taking count duct OK were once blown Jesus according to the Coram Jesus was born under a palm 3 adult issues 19 versus 22nd and 23 THE BIBLE say that in a merger and it's very clear in the Gospels. In the in and there is uniformity in those version no questions rather than that topic coming from the Bible you know. Crucifixion the crucifixion is the night in the in the in the Muslim. Community in the Koran the Qur'an say so they're saying indeed we have killed the Messiah Jesus the Son of Mary the Messenger of Allah and they did not kill him nor did they crucify him but another was made to resemble him to them and indeed those who live further over it are in doubt about it they have no knowledge of it except the following off assumption and they did not kill him for certain and this is you can you can see the evidence in the Shura So this is the testimony of the Bible. It's a powerful testimony because all the Biblical sources are in I'm going to let me finish I'm going to open a maybe a week panel of question and answers OK in the testimony of Mark 30 Moni of Matthew look and John. Are completing non-money regarding this confusion on Mary all sister of our own Look at this your father was not a man of feeble nor was your mother and chest so. Mary ease confuse with Marion in in their vision and by the way there is not too much difference in the here real between 1000000 and Maria or Mary you know and that is part of the problem here but this is what I've been talking to you from the beginning that are anachronisms in the scriptures of the Koran they'd all have vanity are about time line here and that is the rationale for an act do you understand what is an anachronism you understand what is anachronism where not Renesas when you when you take. An element that it does happen in history but when you try to put it in the history. It doesn't much for example. Look at the post a look in the book of facts is texting POR and you say. PAUL OK texting what you need to have a smartphone you need to have internet and you need to do have a kind of connection but in those days and possible that is an actress. You're understanding yes. This is something that is out of it's time is out of it's time in knowledge is Art of its time in the property of relationship is it's out of the wall do you that connects you with the timeline in which it is and this is a kind of not only confusion but also on a chronic point of view polygamy where in those who made the question I don't know if they were doing The question for the Mormons or for the Muslims polygamy is an institution is an institution in their shooter for 3 by the way is not the only 1 and if you fear that you will not deal justly with Often girls and then marry those that police you or other woman 2 or 3 or 4 but if you fear that you will not be shot then marry only 1 or those your right hand process that is more suitable or that you may not incline to ensure justice this is the vision aren't dumb I mean it's quite interesting you know because here he said kind of limitation I would say both flexible because 23 or 41 mother in law 2 mothers in law the money. For mother is known. But here is turning because according to the sources these are the names of the wives of Mohammed but for the father worse for enough and he has about 20. So I know how a picture of them the moments they do have are a pictorial Brian Young and Joseph Smith they do have a are kind of. A gallery of pictures of the wives of them but the here is not of some of them now here you see 1 of the names that we were mentioning. And according what I think or know this lady used to be with a Christian background Maria. OK. I I I can check this in the Internet I can tell you that the other day I was free and about that and there was a Muslim that he only hints of 1000 children is in the Internet by the way. He didn't have sons you know. The lay this. Because for with this Koran and heating wives. Are in charge of woman. By right of that a law has even won over the older. What they spent 4 months in ins from their wealth so a righteous woman are devoted obedient guarding even has vans options what allowed will have them guard them but those wives from whom you fear are Rowland's advice then then if they persist for sake then embed them and finally tried them. There was some recently let me see I guess it was about 2 years ago or. If I don't remember. Or wrong. There was a book in Spanish in Spain how to hit your wife without live in Marks. This is telling you this is tell you something you know. The vision the vision that here is coming is a kind of PA session things superhuman vision maybe a place I don't want to be rude here but maybe. I'm a mother. This is a vision of so few men it's is is critical it's critical. And and of course this is in certain sense is a kind of big contradiction with their view of creation because they believe and defend the vision of creation moon on female. And when you see that kind of recommendation that is Ross Ross OK anachronism OK we refer anachronism This is from Greek against. Time is chronological inconsistent in some arrangements specially. The position of persons of the objects or customs from different periods of times. And. I put here the dictionary in Spanish to see what I will for this where Poca to put something out of it's a poke around or time fire sent to shoot down the shoes for example something that you know what tomorrow we are going to be talking about a little bit of that and also I am going to concentrate in the 2nd part of the presentation of to morrow morning about the mission out reaching on how we might be able to work with them. So if you have any questions I will have 5 minutes now if not yes sorry. I'm going to be dealing tomorrow with them yet Catherine in the. Money that is the last 1 our lot are Lusa and Minette a lot. Yes. 1 other dish. Around this issue. Oh yes I said. Doesn't say. The delays as. It already is nice is just. It's is society just yeah there are certain zillion here and there are there are many there are many things that you know and sometimes in my purse and Deja I don't have but selective sound on theists I'm probably 2 more I'm going to try a little bit some of them. But they thank you for coming to see you tomorrow blessing to you this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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