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Understanding Similarities & Differences- Part 5

Daniel Scarone




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for your lead in our cross that week thank you because we are working regarding this topic focus on the mission of your charge and thank you Father because you called us to be part of that mission and help us to find out what he's our Where place and we can do regarding this challenge in the last days of the earth be with us in Jesus' name amen. Um let me. Let me share with you something that our your great it did that but I'm going to to put probably in another dress. Here us part of my reflection of these last day of the presentation when you will to the book of Matthew 28 versus 1020 the Bible say go year to 4 and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father of the son on of the Holy Ghost teaching them to all of serve all things whatsoever I have commanded you and law we see you all the way even into the end of the wall to this is my version here on them and I hear is a promise I am with you always so we don't need to fear the Lord is going to be with us I hear it's a promise. You know. When I was in South America. I had a very good professor coming from undersea university that was European background. And the wife was yesterday in 1 of the seminars in the in the afternoon Dr hasa I don't know how many of you knew him. Let me tell you that I guess that charge in these times our charge here in USA maybe could be different if we were in the charge more teachers lie there are because he once a blessing and I do remember 1 sermon that we in family has been listening not probably once but times certain times because he preached at the ceremony and he was translated into Spanish by birth to tray or in those days so we will have a kind of a stereophonic version in which you are going to listen in English and in Spanish almost simultaneously with a very good translation into Spanish. And this is the moto of the family has so this is the Moto of them and lo I am with you always. Even in the middle of the war in which they were suffering you know a Here is the promise of the Lord I am with you always so besides anything else that we are going to teach today in the morning good morning then. Please remember this is the promise of the Lord for you. Are around with you always even to the end of the war and there is the promise in difficult times we need to reframe for ourselves in the challenge of the situations in which might be able to be that the Lord is with us. And claim the promise because he promised that that we when we are fulfilling the mission the Lord is with us so today we are going to refreeze some things I don't know how many of you are for the for the 1st time but our attendance has been decreasing the beginning these words full packed and there was no place today there are some and to spots but not many that they say good. Anachronisms are scenes that probably we need to analyze when we were dealing with certain kind of documents regarding what is in spirit and what is true and what is false and acronyms mean and this is the definition in English from the Greek Ana games again scuse me here he is wrong he's again a nice again and Cronos is Colonel inconsistency in some arrangement especially the position of persons event objects customs from different periods of time and I put this in just in Spanish that is the Royal Academy of Spanish language relatively methanol and that is the meaning. That means. To put something that is out of place in the time like fire or saying to shoot down the shoes and you begin to to think how in the war shoot can be to perform in issue in the time of mosses and finally you begin to say well there were no guns there were no this there were no there there were no power there are so that was not invented yet so that is what an anachronism So sometimes when we are dealing with these documents you are going to find this kind of things for example. Joseph was sold for a few done so there is a drug. And you say and you read it and sometimes when you are reading that kind of stuff you say Well that's strange of of course what is the problem this money did not exist before. 1100 years before Christ of course when Mohammed was writing this stuff it was 600 after Christ you know but if you are not to worry about God you are going to say if you like I will say just serve 1 soul for a few amount of dollars and you are going to say well something is wrong here something is not much in you know are you converting are you doing you know exchange rate in the translation here well this is anachronism. You understand what I say so the other example is the crucifixion in Egypt in the Times of losses and this is from the Shura chapter 2 of burst 41 and there is a problem here because across a fiction was no 1 from the Persian times but not from from the. Times that that is a very the amount of time in which you are going to shine over and that is an anachronism Another is that true at 2035 through $88.00 influence the sons of these frail to many a golden calf in the Times of most US. The problem is that some out it turns but some are interns in the context of the reason there were not Samaritans before Sumeria and that was after the axis and after the time of Moses there was a golden calf Yes In the time of Moses but was not performed by some married towns. And there are several others anachronisms like for example and this is in dispute. When I was a dick. In the sure 18 refers to the WHO car Nyima that was a great conqueror and in general Muslims understand that this is a reference for Alexander the Great Alexander the Great who was ship a law and was a Muslim and then an old person well there are several problems here. First before Mohammad there were no Muslims. That's the critical here. ALEXANDER. He was not a prophet saw there is a lot of you know a lot of things to accept that were not right here and he was not. An old person when he died by the way so. This is something very clear in history there are fiction of fictious literature I will say in the in the Koran and there is the story of she comical ensure 7 vs 73 and 79 the Koran tells the she come else sent by a law to a town named the mood in I'll hear look after the population demanded a miracle throne a prophet named Saleel. Well you know. By the way the pro. She come will. You know perform some kind of miracle and so on and and speaks and so on that it's very difficult to accept that kind of of thing. In the whole town and this is another thing that I mentioned before regarded in our Koran quoting making reference to the Shabbath US Day of Rest. That is there is quite curious and interesting in the Shura 2 verses 6566 say and you have already known about those Transco who turns here are some on you concerning this summer look there is a concept of transcription regarding the Sabbath so the concept of Frist off inside that the US in of course in the Middle East in the Times of Mohammed and we remember insurer 21 when we were speaking about ultimately you know we say to then be ape This past and they were transformed in apes according to the results. So it is curious for me because the point is that they knew about the sun T.T. and the concept of. Another thing that you are going to find written this I don't know if you remember the kind of literature of for kids about Jini or the genes are you familiar genes are you familiar with that OK well they could run all it's under a fur to the Sheens and it's it is in the Koran here and prays Lemonick litter to tell us about the genes or genies until is that when Mohammad was come in from Myka front tire Eve after preaching the CD with out of pain in any conversion he didn't preach to the genes. And he's quite interacted you know both how can I help. So I put that title in you know when when you post and to the lumped and I asked before expressing our wish and used used you know used for the top on the topic and finally his boss how can I help you and there is archaeological evidence. Found in or Western are obvious seems to indicate the worship of genes or at least their tributary status hundreds of years before Islam so they were good in power again influence because what is what he said Gene. Yes but that is telling you something here Islamic East very close to what. Spiritual this. Certainly spirity ZN is here present in these kinds of cases so here we have something that is telling you that you understand called names because you read prophecies that Islam is not only a force religion but also is connected with this pit it is in the last days of the earth and and here is 1 other evidence or 1 saying that I am missing and probably I am I am in need to search more is regarding the sources of the Koran because when 1 the other day we were talking about how the pain that are we from the context in which we were living. You know the context uncertain sent the social content in which we were educated and Foreman are building up ourselves why will you speak in English and I can not do it so well you know well the your context was not my context in the moment in which I worse rere and that is our influence made us in certain sense how I might be able to understand put to good is and poor to be centering to my ears just in a matter of form also Italian Why well my family. And also because in my country in the days in which I was freer in the radios when you were trying to change from a radio station into the next I have to cross for maybe 24 to use a speaking radius so finally to ease this almost Spanish funny. And sometimes the culture in which you were you know prepared and rear is going to inform you so the same thing that happened with us happen with Professor Mohammed so he was rear with this Sheens east part of the culture so here so of those a limit without asking is it from God is this from Revelation because if such panic verses the are telling to the Arabic culture that they need to avoid they 4 go out to the leadership. You understand what I'm saying so some panic influence is also a specific Glee clear influence without So the Karami said documents 600 years after you know. The Old Testament and 500 years from maybe 1000 years after the Old Testament I need to correct that and 500 years after the New Testament times or more. And 300 years after the key councils of the early church and on about this what we can reflect about that because when you go to the Koran you are going to find taurine that is a stone in Sheen in resemblance with some of the things in the pseudo pick Rafah What is that at some point there is a story in the Koran that say that. Jesus form and draw a birth you know he draw a birth breath and the bird come alive and you say oh this is in the Koran but you say what is this from what the Qur'an from Revelation but how they are going to explain that that is in the a peak Rafa for about 300 years or 400 years before Mohammed. You understand when entering so he's collecting information coming in from the common culture in the Middle East that were telling about that story because you are going to find out in the Koran. This is all here this is Koran. Shura 510 when allowed will say oh she's a son of Mary remember my favorite Thi and to mother when I turn internet T with a Holy Spirit the hour pokus to people in the trouble and in all Asia and when I caught the book under with them and the tour our undergo spill and when thou didst the timing out of clay a thing like a form of a bird by permission then Tao this breath into it and it became a birth by my permission Well you know the Muslims are going to say to you why oh please remember this was made by where if the permission of Allah. I don't curve because that isn't the same the picture of how you are going to explain that that East before the time of Mohammed is like it's like. Let me finish 1 moment 1 is like when you find. India the metaphor of the traveler that is you go into the country were nobody came back remember the metaphor of that in the shin check spear but it is in the Book of Mormon. By inspiration so when you read that you say we're here in the Book of Mormon is a very bright metaphor coming from uncheck spear who is 1st. You follow what I'm saying Chuck spear is writing in about the 15th and here is in the teens there are proximately between maybe 30400 years of difference and he's probably the same amount of time that he's here in the relationship even on. This planet. Oh yes. Yes our course yes they. Are allowed and I mention it on a chance that they mention and they quote. And Mary all know they accept done but but they don't use their the name of Jehovah they don't use the name of God they don't use the names in the Bible or father basically a law and I by the way don't have any trouble with that my trouble if this my problem is this a law is the name of the been meeting in the Middle East before Mohammed and that was the guard creator according to the tradition of those lands and was in Karbala before Mohammed time. So basically they are inheriting elements coming from Peyronie's And why are you you know so in fact they can do this because they aren't respected in power and isn't and they are rachet thing or saying that they are rejecting police. But they are taking elements from that part come. Of. Age or. Is indifferent. As we say. That's the thing. Yeah. Of course and I hear you said the background point of none of the sings that I'm comparing here in the gospel of the infancy of Jesus. This this say with a lot of people have found safe then the Lord Jesus say to the boys I will command these figures which I have made to walk and immediately they moved and when he commanded them to return de return and he had also made the figures of birds and his pyros which when he commanded to fly did fly and when he commanded to a standstill there they stand still you see the resemblance of that and and this is not bigger far and it's connected with the ground. And you are not going to find only in that. Also in the so-called Gospel of Thomas there is a $104.00 after cries I told my son Israel it necessary to make known to our brethren among the Asian Thais the actions and miracles of Chronos in the childhood which our Lord Jesus Christ brought after his birth in Bethlehem in our country of which I myself was astonished the beginning of which was us follow when the child Jesus was 5 years all of Asia. There have been a shower of rain that was now over Jesus was plain with all their Hebrew boys by a run in a stream on the waters run over the banks and he stood in the little lakes but they were it instantly became clear and useful again and they really abate him in after he touched them only by he swore then he took from the bank of this tree sun soft clay and full out of it 12 sparrows. And there were all other boys playing with him but a certain shoe see in the things which he has been doing namely his forming clay into the figures of sparrows on this summer day. When presently our way tall his father just of be called your boys play in by the riverside and he was taking clay and form it into 12 Spyros profanes the Sabbath then just of came to the place where he was an when he saw him call him and say why do you dart which is not lawful to do on the Sabbath day. Why do you do what it what is not lawful to do in summer day then Jesus slapping together the pounds of his hand called the sparrows and say to them Go Fly Away and why did you leave remember me so this peril flipped our way making a noise then shew Sindhis what has tarnished and went our way and call the chief person what a strange medical they have seen brought by Jesus please understand something I believe this is not inspired please not this is not in the Bible now but is in the Koran that's a point so this is in the culture this is in this society aren't through the society in the Times of Mohammad This was known and this is another service from the other that I've been mentioning So you are going to find 2 services through this topic. Isn't there yes the pig Rafa. And what I'm I'm not I'm not I'm not telling that the Koran is quoting this the Koran the Koran is taking for me the idea that it's no in the in the context. And it's applying the Koran OK I'm not I'm not there is no footnotes in the Koran are through there so that people often and I'm not calling them Apocrypha let me let me tell you what is what is the difference here. Sill though it big Rafa refers to this when you have a book in the in the. In the early days in the time of the Lord Jesus OK a particular A.P. is the ether placed on the title and this is the graphic saw A.P. graph thing the day off sorry I'm not talking Spanish. Civil the picture a fair means falls title all falls head. Writing that East Texas Wally the translation of so though a pig or a fact they use this exact kind of literature for it that was not in the in the scriptures is not accepted neither in the Old Testament or in the New Testament. So they moved them to a kind of fictious literature for example to call this the Gospel off a Laryea because saliva was accepted by the population. If a live shot is a speaking then it is important to understand what insane so when. When appears the book did that Vinci Code you're an anomaly in those days. When you go to an airport there was a lot of people travelling with it I mean to code and there were a lot of books that were changing our lead to be the codes for the main Da Vinci Code this made our cause this this with the Binchy code but none of them were from done brown you following 1 and saying they were picking up the idea they were picking up the concept of the title and they were referencing that rip refreshing the title to resemble 2 to do a resemblance of the idea of Dan Brown So this was that kind of literature so if Avraham was important Well there was be a letter from the Brown to the chart you understand what I'm saying here you have a question. Well. Thank you for the question it's a good question the point is that. This is part of the set of the Picturephone So normally Ville 3 synonymous and he's takin the name of someone that is accepted by the early church or by the culture of the SHU wish. Our nice writing behind there were no copyright in those days. So the people was not interested in insane A A Please I wrote this you know that today you're going to the fent copyright in those days there were no copyrights so finally us the people accepted. You are going to find a ghost. Or some kind of righton of for example the testament of the 2 of prophets if 1 prophet was good the 2 of was much good and there is 1 testament of the 2 of prophets you understand what I'm saying so this decease this is said though a picture from. The battles. Of past followers was all norm no no no no no no this is not this is not involved in our how yoga or or sacred writers are please don't confuse We need we need to avoid the confusion that these people were inspired by God I believe in spirit of the writers but we need to distinguish in spirit of our writer with inspiration of the Bible. Because in the region of the Bible writers is coming from the Lord and this is this is a reason and the Russian in I saw. Jerry Amalia to say hear the Lord say this or this is the Lord and when you are in front with that you are telling something they author is declining in automatically his authorship. And he is in submission to the revelation coming from the Lord and this is the meaning of scriptures this this is not and there are elements Ari I probably I need a seminar regarding apocrypha to explain and to read should do it on McCabe and an Ecclesiasticus and all the other should it and several other sources sources in which you need to connect with in order to understand what is being a book that is inspired by the lore and what is not a book inspired by the Not that that is very important yes. This is the. This isn't. No no this is so the pig reference. No no it does that's another good question. This is so the people are for this pseudo it is this and even Catholicism didn't accept. What they mean clue the what they catalysis include That is what you mention the least Apocrypha Normally I avoid to use Apocrypha with the colleagues because Apocrypha means contaminated spurious. And sometimes for certain people it's a little bit offensive to use that they use another word for that. And they explain that. The word that they use is this the wrong can Nanita though Thoreau can only call them their own means all other off. The count on. That is another good question and I am mentor in 2 are now the topic here let me explain them explain I can I can say they believe they are and they call in definitions by them a 2nd inspiration you know sometimes when you are affiliated with American islands they are going to give you gold or plot in Iran or just the common 1 K. if you are going to be in business or 1st class that there is a kind we don't we don't believe that by the way we don't understand that this high eager inspiration in Isiah whore or lower is to ration in in you know in the mine a profit or something like that they sin not such a difference but they do they perform that kind of differences so let me go ahead. And yes. I made this the other day you already took pictures so you have our data but let me enter into a couple of things. This this is going to be the last presentation going on in the topic and we need to take in count and put Mohammed in perspective here 1 means only from the Bible the Bible contains serious warnings regarding false Christs and force prophets. And you are going to find that out imagine you Chapter 7 and also in Matthew's 2424 Shas a brief comment regarding Matthew 24 when you open the chapter of Matthew 24 this is a panorama about the signs of the times and 1 of the things that. Hold your attention as a reader is that in this chapter 3 times Jesus announce that there are going to come false prophets unfolds cries false prophets and falls cries false prophets means prophets there is no problem to understand the crime sometimes is the problem here and you need to understand that when Jesus in. In Greek that is translated from the other Mike version in which he was is speaking the topic about that is missing. In Hebrew you uncreate stops it's a translation into Greek you follow 1 and say So remember remember something the name Jesus crost not the name of Jesus is the fusion that there is only charge made regarding their acceptance by de total charge that Jesus wass the Christ. Because finally they put a kind of code name to distinguish Jesus from any other Confucian because in every moment in which they were telling him Jesus is the Christ finally they fusion together the name and they began to say Jesus Christ and the least that is the main in of the fusion of the name that means Jesus is the Messiah that is that is in every time that you say that is the meaning but what. It was not uncommon but she's a great yes because that made a difference yes yes but that's the point here thank you. And here is important because there is the least critical the 2nd the 2nd this is Go google ations because you need to rethink your in your smartphone your Bible whatever regarding this you go to your bible this is a good exercise for this because every time I've been dealing with Mormons for example this is a wonderful text because Divine service but we or our nation from heaven and there is the king the case with the Muslim and also with the Mormons we all or our nation from heaven preach any all the other gospel on to you that which we have preach to you and let him be our curse. Is a wonderful this text because these tele do. There is no other gospel. And. Changes. Says yes it's just a servant of Matthew if this is clear but I am English and now 18 and it's very critical regarding this topic because when you compare that that here we have our diversion from the roots of the miss us you are going to understand that that is coming from a force teacher and a force a prophet and here is the. Yes Yes Thank you for that yes in the next verse and this is an important petition coming from the engine why I let me tell you that Elisha white the site of the ages has a very good translation into Spanish and doubt version is very very good and this this is a power for every release. That wars against the so very empty of God defrauds men all for the glory which were US Hese are the creation. Which is to be restored to him in Christ every false religion teaches its other end to be current lists of human needs sufferings and Rai. Every false relish and how how warm the forecourt is when we are watching people starving people in the name of Allah. Shouting Allah Akbar on hearsay so every false religion teaches its other rents to be careless of human needs sufferings and rights how right is to see the picture of the quotation of fairly into why in the progress of those who are bum been done so in the ME the effects station Europe or in whatever place because it is the prize in the human rights and making suffering all theirs and this is what it's a every false religion teaches its other end to be Karla's of the human need sufferings and right powerful powerful Yes Along the same lines to the system in the. Birth of their own free you know understand me. Don't write. Down all those teachings were created an inspired by God and those individuals all in a political people are stepping on the streets right now are basically aligning of course this very yes of course every people in this country is going to our line with it no question about that because that kind of tendency that you see in ISIS is the pressure in everybody about these rights and here is a topic critical regarding that because this denounce in our stuff false teaching us a forced religion no questions. No no question and reasons. This is the audience and we need to the stand that drags we need to the center right because it's our privilege not only remember something in this is critical to defend freedom of speech freedom of religion and human rights of course regard India but make at least here and he's making this every false religion is doing that is a strong really even I need to go forward I'm sorry for the. Every true prophet every true prophet. Is going to do some things God will talk to him enduring some visions and please keep keep the 1st because we are going to finish the reflection of today in about 2025 minutes and you are going to be surprised probably if you'll know about it speaks what God told him him or her and will invite people to obey he swore to every prophet true prophet is going to be in harmony with the Word of God of course and invite people to came back to go is not submission of political power that is impulse in against the rights of the people but submission to the law or in wars that is very different where you are going to see in the other movement ex all the lay and divine. Testimony. Is very important in the book of Isiah 820 this I'm assured pre-crisis in Islam and this is true in liberty in the Times in which of the companies than I The knowledge if you remember there were 2 on newspapers 1 once Bestia of. And the other was probably. I'm proud of that 1 was the noose and the other was probably means the truth and some people say. There were no Norse in this Bestia are neither truth employee of the in those days you know and through Liberty are problems in the muslims because if not why they were going to hide in Revelation in they had the iron in the Koran about the satanic verses and they are going to twist them and you know accommodate them so we need to we need to enter now into the critical topic of today and we have good news because we need to perform the the mission of the charge on. Need to know the Gospel don't you believe that then they need to know the Gospel and let me share with you there are real issues they pray. On and you are going we are going to share with you some interesting facts on the end of the presentation of of today but but sometimes in this book. And you are going to find out in the Internet is not cheap but probably you can get this this 1. This is from 2000. From that part of thing for mation that I'm going to share with you this is in that book and you can get that online for about maybe $56.00 is about from 1986 for a 997 perspectives in mission. Is discussing an exploratory in missionary techniques to work with Islam no question that performing this with Islam is going to put in Dunn chair or the speaker or the missionary So what we can do is to question how we are going to work let me work out some ideas here. Let me. Add to the already done Wark a couple of ideas and we're going to finish with some of the things that we know is only known in this moment. In this is an article in this book of field far sour He's a professor of theology in mission. And he discuss these topics context to our liason soaring put up a voice Spanish syncretism in out reaching Islamism so. He divider contextualization low 2 through high and sing criticism low through high. What is what is this what what does it mean well he divided C 1 it's a tradition a charge using outside a languish that means our charge in Iran or in Iraq you know is going to meet like women it clear that they see 1 and we are going to speak in Arabic or Farsi or whatever. Or whatever be the languishing which they are in the population over there OK and they are going to not to make too many changes OK that is the 1 C 2 is a traditional chart use in inside their languish. On Day is still called the. Christians to avoid many difference. But still is another way in which they are going to be in the context taking element of the context without Syncrude Tyson or mercy in too deep with them OK in C.T. 3 this is another level so the context to allow this Christ centered communities using inside their languish and religiously neutral inside their form can meet in charge of all neutral place and call it still the Christians OK So this is the 1st 3 levels. In C. for. Now they are going to enter into much deeper vision they contextualize Christ centered communities use in inside even languish unbiblical the permissible Colter out an Islamic forms what does it mean though things that are you know more acceptable by the Muslims they're going to try to be at the top this. You know. Really she is the Cavaleri because they will have. A very big vocabulary in the charge think about Revelation Shust if occasion by face and santification. Judgment you know. All the elements that we are going to do in prophet visions and so on and they are trying to be more of the AFT if in C. 5 is still this crisis center communities off Mysie Alec Muslims who accepted Jesus as a lord and savior and now this is not a charge this a mosque they are meeting in a mosque in a mosque mosque is the name of the places in which. Yes Well that's that's that's that syncretic that that that's including so I will say I am not go into that direction that that's a reason why I am I am in vision in this with you and in C. 6 is bigger some more crisis center communities or secret are underground believers. Going into the most mini come to Christ through Green's B. sions and miracles radio broadcast trucks and they continue go in secret Christians in the context of the Muslims so the person that you are going to see entering to pretty is another Muslim but he's a Christian who we suspect in the moment to give testimony because if not that person may be killed you understand so. What are where are what are the what are the sings that. What we can do how do I only mention this to you because this is a casing in Colombia and. When when you see this is the safe place and this is this Dan Children's Place so at some point what we need to do and that is my perspective is we need to find a moment in a neutral place in which we might be able to give testimony to them testimony to them 1 on 1 person to person vis a vis Yes And then when that person converts and accept and there are many believe me there are many I cannot release but this week I received a couple of messages of 1 of them because isa 1 leader that is with us and he's a former Muslims but please don't don't release information regarding that. Is what. He was not done in months. But he was a follower and he was in a leader in proceed at some point in his country but we don't need to reveal this wide because if the Muslim community Muslim community it is searching that information and in the moment in which they discover they're going to pressure upon the wife and say look you has been has converted into a christian human being in danger or your sons or your family so we need we need to avoid to release information because this is a way of protecting the person under family. So what do what we what we are doing are now and that Doris Meissner because in Turkey is working in several other places is working and when that person is coming back is coming back the same person speak the language he understands or she understands the the culture and she is going to look for ways in which they are going to give testimony to others and they are going to convert them to the Lord in that place and let me tell you something at this point there are a lot of people inside a Muslim country warship in the Lord aren't keeping the Sabbath. And we need to know to release name places and so on because if not does person or does group of persons you know we are going to put in prison remember something in mission. A strategy and this is coming from the book of facts probably you remember the case yeah it's a book of Potter Paul and he's in charge he's in the courthouse and Paul says the text perceived that the 1 part where son who says he was not a selfie and the other 3 says he was a pharmacy he was with a background of a far E.C. but let me tell you that many of the elements of the Far East these were in common with the Christians. Because the Pharisees didn't believe in. The Pharisees excuse me the Southern Seas didn't believe. In the whole scripture for example the South Seas only believe in the 1st 5 books of the Bible the South Seas the fire is if you live in the whole scriptures. The South Seas the even believe infrastructure the Pharisees believe in the resurrection and there were a lot of common things that the departed Paul knew and he begins to be untapped if because he's a man under the I am a Pharisee the song of how far is it of the hope and of the restriction of the dirt on our i am calling the question for this and you are going to say Paul are you telling the truth and nothing but the truth. It's going to be in trouble here. But isn't the Bible so he believe in doubt Oh yes and they believe to. But what was he trying to do. This but let me let me tell you he was very practical here he was trying to get freedom. To perform the gospel message telling some saying that he detected in the all the Torreon and he detected right here that take that this moment you see what was the consequence altho mystically it was part of our way and immediately those who are from the Pharisees defend him immediately and that is something critical here let me finish my presentation before giving you some of the things remembering something that we can do and I guess that every 1 of us need to do something in this and Dave War of the mission of the charge open the book of socks up to 2 verses 17 and it shall come to pass in the last days say God I will power out off my period own to all flesh and your sons. Your daughters shout prophesied on your all been. Dreaming dreams it is quite interesting this let me share something that I that is astonishing and you can get it in there in the Internet and the east call after dreams of Jesus Imaan renounces Islam let me let me share with you this because it's a powerful testimony. The name of this in Money Man in money in the muslims. Means a kind of teacher local teacher can be a key role of for us of a local pastor and so on to think train it to became an American for 24 years 24 years I've done Islamic month school mother our size not Spanish. Looks like in Spanish like a big mama a big mama you know Mother Russia a school in Africa. Is a mother Russia there is the name of the schools of the Muslims. And now you only he say's I only learned the islam i'm part look look this is quite interesting. Part of our teaching We're about destroying Christianity he says that destroying Christianity so we did we learn by attacking Christians once we finish our training so that that's a problem I do have here with a system of education because these are large bar attack here in Flint is coming from some of these schools that are going to be functioning under the religious liberty that we are providing and I am concerned about what is the curriculum here. Because if the curriculum is coming from some of the our Avia are allowed to say to the new creation department that put and I opine that curricle learn to avoid that kind of teaching or simple closed down teaching mechanism are all in the country. Of course. Oh yes yes yes yes I know that but please listen this because it's quite interesting what is going on because let me tell you something sometimes we are frustrated with our government but we need to we need to think that we are Christians and we are going to be Christians with this government or without it because we are followers of the Lord Jesus let me tell you something God is in control and he knows what is going on and he sucked in and this is 1 of the cases aren't on his face that was the teaching and he say that he was taught that Christians are bad people and he and they always do and were also encouraged to kill and to kill non Muslims in the school in the madrassa I were teachers will tell us every time they're worse our new church in town and we were told to go and attack the people under straw in the charge so think about how how we are going to perform the mission you understand here here is a safe place here is that. You understand. Lose an. Arm 1 year ago. I want to fixate and we beat them and attack the chart unburned the Bible was he lived the construction of 16 most kes in his aria and he also in Paul's our rule no bill or leader Orbis it doors could preach Christianity in the chart no religious liberty at all. OK So 1 night listen this in the midst of his SEAL for Islam his shortening to cries on expected Lee began there was an incident in 2002 were our Have a vision from the Lord early in the morning around 3 am am in the morning he said in the vision I so she's us very clearly telling me to follow him. My wife asked me what happened in my dream because I walk up very tartlet and when I explain it to her she was the current say we are going to be infidels so we need to pray she was reacting Islamic you know to accept Christ for then this being an infidel I hit told her with Quranic verses Jesus Parkin to read in his dream and that each verse a specific only instruct the reader to follow and to believe in Jesus to think immediately how another vision of she saw us and Jesus appear in its mean. Follow me when you follow me you will pay a price there will be persecution in your life but in the end you be victorious. With you remember remember from the beginning I am with you and this is a promise that we need to share our law I am with you always well in essence he abundant Islam he abandoned his position and he became our leader in our Christian charge. And this is what is going on it's let me let me let me let me let me say this let me let me say this this is not once this is not only 1 incident this is going on so heavenly is censoring our prayers are on and we need to open our Were mouth and pray for the Lord because this is all going on in several places of the Islam and when you go into Internet and you are going to look for dreams and visions you are going to find a big amount of episodes are cross Africa. In the east where the Muslims religion is you know expanded and the lorry sucked in so we need to pray for this. Because there is another ministry to ministry our prayers 1 ministry 2nd we need to foster a 2nd generation that comes to neutral places 1st tally to make places of a study an ISP Asia targeting people why why is possible doesn't share some of us boxers are becoming Muslims and we cannot do the same Let me tell you when I started ministry my 1st work was in jail source at some point I say to the people I used to be in jail and some people say all. No no I hand turned and went out. But let me tell you that we had a class of about 50 every single Saturday and we have in what maybe 6 month of teaching in South Argentina CD common Those are about 7 people that were baptized and today are leaders in the charge so we can we can explore new ways for out reaching people and the law is going to answer because he's lived in this who east able to bring those visions and dreams we can do it the Lord can and the Lord is going to lead us in that kind of ministry so remember something today. No I am with you always. And they says part of the testimony that we need to share with those who are going to be missionaries this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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