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A Light Was Kindled- Part 1

C. Raymond Holmes


C. Raymond Holmes

Pastor, missionary, retired seminary professor, and author




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Well in the course of this seminar I'm going to share with you a story of how Luther helped me to become a 7th I had been I've been thinking about this seminar for a long time and I realized this year was the $500.00 anniversary of the Reformation I was eager to do a seminar on that and so I started a year ago getting ready for this doing a lot of reading thinking praying and I actually turned some of this into sermons and preach them in the church there but I have to confess I have mixed feelings this morning as we get started because it's such a vast subject the Reformation wasn't just an event the Reformation actually covered more than 2 centuries although it began in $1517.00 and it was more of an advancement of truth a progression of truth than an event and I was so happy to discover as I was. Preparing for this this statement by Ellen White in the great controversy because since I became acquainted with the Spirit of Prophecy I'm always amazed at how Ellen White was able to find the words that captured the spiritual essence not just the theology or the truth but the spiritual essence. And she certainly did it in this statement. Listen at Wittenberg a light was kindled. Whose raises should extend to the uttermost parts of the earth and which was to increase and Bryson us to look close time the reasons this is all significant a statement is because there are people saying today that the Reformation is over and not only that it was a mistake and we'll get into more of that later. On That's great controversy page 126 and by the way I would recommend highly this book the Reformation and the advent movement by W. L. EMERSON I don't know this person I don't know if they would have it it's published by Orion publishing. P.O. box for 49 you cause you K. I H. California 95482 pardon the Reformation and the advent movement. An excellent book W. L. Emerson Let's pray and only father as we begin our study this morning of the Reformation and its meaning for our time we pray for the presence and the Ministry of your Holy Spirit Lord give us to kind of enthusiasm at the early reformers had so that we can finish the work and the mission that you have given to is a remnant chart and Jesus' name amen. I want to read a quote from here. Just to get started the author says by the middle of the 18th century the New World had received representatives not only of the major Reformation churches Lutheran reformed an Anglican but had also been seeded with all the rediscovered true was brought by the Evan Jellicoe lls seeking freedom of worship that had been denied them in Britain and on the continent at the time America became independent says am sure Lessing juror in his book The birth of the nation quote America presented the greatest diversity of the leaves of any Latin on earth the reason he said was not far to seek from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 17th the old world had been rent with SEO logical dissention and a vast transatlantic continent offered a natural refuge for the persecuted minorities because a careful Tuesday he's talking about. This continent here was a careful student of the ongoing reformation that single thread is discernible in the fact that while many tears were sown among the wheat all the great Bible truths of the faith which was once delivered to the saints including many neglected or suppressed by the compromising Protestant state churches of Europe. Were able to find good ground in the American wilderness there they could germinate roll and the torque awaiting the appointed time 1 day would be brought together in the final phase of the everlasting Gospel God's last message of mercy to a person perishing world of all the providences in the rise and development of the United States this surely was the greatest and the grand design. Start of on page 177 and went to 178 In other words he's right God set it up because he knew what was going to happen and he brought a 7th Day Adventist movement into existence in the middle of the 18th or of the 19th century in preparation for today. All right I want to dedicate this seminar to the late Dr Walter J. cook cotton. Lucerne seal login and my spiritual mentor and friend he was my in life you. Who said to job in Job 33 verse 8 and 34 Verse 3 and a lie who said to job surely you have spoken in my ears and I have heard the sound of your words and also he saw the ear tests words as the palate tastes food. When I was in the midst of my spiritual crisis back in the late sixty's he had been my Lutheran seminary professor and I needed some spiritual counseling and help so I called him up and I briefly explained what was happening and he said come on down and visit and so I drove down to Homewood Illinois which is right near Chicago and I spent 2 days with him explaining to him what was happening my wife had become a 7th Day Adventist my ministry was falling apart I didn't know what to do he sat and listened to me for 2 days he didn't say a word and his eyes never left my face when I was finished I had nothing more to say I just stopped talking and I waited what I was expecting I did not hear I expected this a lot around so you login to tell me watch out for those people there are a bunch of heretics there are a sect it's not what I heard I waited Finally he said Ray you need to ask God what he's trying to say to you he didn't respond to my dilemma on the intellectual level he responded on the spiritual level on the level of the heart he was a true spiritual friend and continued to be my friend until he died just a couple of years ago because of those words of his that's why I said he was like my life you are God in my car instead of driving back home to besmirch Michigan I drove to Barry in spring. I had a Volkswagen temper that I was driving at the time and I parked in the seminary parking lot nobody in all know who I was I went in and I just wanted to meet some people and get the kind of a flavor I spent a day there talked to a few of the seminary professors and I drove home and the story began to on Paul I'll share bits and pieces as we go along but I want to dedicate this to Dr Walter Cooke on that because without his words which I believe. God gave him to say to me it's all on the level where my need was the greatest and those words of his in effect gave me the freedom virtually the permission because he was my respected professor to pursue this and find out what's really going on is God trying to say something to me and as the whole process developed I began to realize that up because I wouldn't listen to my wife I had to do this on my own. You can understand that I had a lot of people answer to this and I knew that eventually you know people would say a lot he just became an advantage because his wife did it. And he opened the way and I thank God for it and when I let my last conversation with him 2 years ago was over the phone I called him he was living in Minneapolis by the time I called him to see how he was doing and we had a long conversation and at the end of the conversation he said Ray I have concluded that this he was speaking of the Evan Jellicoe Lutheran Church in America that he was a part of. I have concluded that this is a Christ less Church and we hung up and can you imagine how I was thinking I've got to go down in the Minneapolis and sit at his feet again and find out what he meant by that so I was making plans to do it I called him on a Sunday the following Thursday morning early his son called me and he said My dad died this morning and he said he told me he wants you to preach others funeral wallow. I had 2 days to prepare and my wife and I drove down to detail Bill annoyed for his funeral here in a big Church Lutheran church I had a congregation of Lutheran people 7th Day Adventist preacher and I told him what he had subtle over the fall. I suggested that you might want to sink a ball to try to figure out what he meant well if the church that he was a part of which was. The tradition of the Reformation going back to Luther was in that kind of a situation how did that happen the reason it has happened is because sola scriptura has been abandoned by a lot of Protestantism it's been going on for decades when the word is abandon everything is lost. Ellen White wrote God will have a will have a people upon the earth to maintain the Bible and the Bible ONLY as the standard of all doctrines and the basis of all reforms changes she goes on deal pinions of the learned the men of the duction Zaw science science. The decrees or decisions of the PLEASE YES to kl councils as a numerous and discordant are the churches which they represent the voice of the majority not 1 nor all of these should be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith before accepting any doctrine or precept we should demand a plain thus say as the Lord in its support. Right controversy 595 those kind of words rang bells in me and John 15 says the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. As long as the light shines the darkness does not and cannot overcome it if you turn the light on in the pitch dark rooms what I had to do when I came in here the darkness is dispelled but what happens if you turn the light out as dark again back in the 1960 S. I was attending a meeting of the Lutheran pastors in the Upper Peninsula and 1 of the subjects that was being discussed was do you interpret tension under the authority of the Word of God the Bible and a recent 7 area graduate who graduated from the same Lutheran some an area that I did back in in Chicago he shook his finger in my face as a finger was right nearby in front of mine old. And the end mentally he said The time is soon coming when people like you will not be allowed in the Lutheran ministry. Now that event together with the vacation bible school materials for the Lutheran church that we were a part of that year. Which was brought on by the way on evolution not creation My wife was the Sabbath was the E.B.'s superintendent for that summer and she ordered the materials when they came she on packed on and went through them and she came to buy to want to study and she said we can't teach this and I said why not she said it's evolution it's not creation so I looked at it sure enough and I shipped it all back and sent a letter and told them why so the publisher and that very same summer a local 7th Day Adventist Church D.B.'s material was on creation. And the ladies as had become my wife's friends by then Bertha Big Bird shared that with my wife and she talked she told it to me it was it was beautiful it was odd creation imagine that. Coincidence. You gotta be kidding. That was I think $68.00 somewhere in there at remember exactly $6768.00 now what this illustrates is that the authority of the Word of God The Bible is still the central issue for the Christian church. Just like it was 500 years ago in the 16th century same issue listen to this. 1 of my Lutheran friends we still see each other I usually stop at that we usually stop at their place on our way home from Cat meeting he sent me the latest biography of Luther and it's titled Martin Luther this generic reformer the author's name is Scott H. Hendricks and H E N D R I X it was published in 2015 I'm going to quote what he says on page 133 he says quote The cause speaking of the Reformation the cause turned out to be momentous in the way knees or Luther nor stop it stop it's was the. Director or whatever they call it of the August Indian monastery that Luther was a part of it turned out to be momentous in the in a way that neither Luther nor stop it could imagine a cosmic contest between Christ and the Devil to be settled on the last day I'll bow out that now let me ask you and this is as the theme of our presentation today what is the mission of the church and the way Jesus speaking to those disciples made it very clear Matthew 2818 to 20 and Jesus came and said to them all of Florida think in heaven and on earth has been given to me gold therefore and make disciples of all nations that ties exam in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Trinitarian I want to remind you you know we've got some folks in our midst are causing trouble here Jesus himself said that ties in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you go where every where all nations everywhere in this world and do what makes disciples what is a disciple a follower of Jesus the. Whole how to make disciples teaching and baptising teaching what everything he has commanded and when he said I everything I have commanded was he referring to the Trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit Yes and Paul put it like this if you were at the Ordination Service Sabbath afternoon you heard this it's been read both of my ordination I've been ordained twice I keep reminding the brother in the Balt. I keep telling them because I was ordained twice I need double salary and double vacation. You know what they say no it doesn't mean that it means double work. Anyway he says 2nd Timothy 4 verse 1 is writing Paul is writing the Apostle Paul is writing to this young preacher I charge you in the presence of God and of Jesus Christ who is to judge the living in the dead and by his appearing and his kingdom preach the word. Be ready in season and out of season when things are going good and when they're going bad reprove rebuilt and exhort with complete patience and teaching for the tie him and is coming when people will not endure sound teaching or doctrine but having it Ching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions this is what I think I'm going to look for a teacher a preacher who believes what I think not what the words. And will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths as for you'll always be sober minded and door suffering do the work of an evangelist fulfill your ministry I used to wonder it says exhort and reveal and I used to think it's it's not in my nature to rebuke people but that's what it tells me I have to do so I How do you do that well he's already given me the ETS or preach the word the word does the rebuking not the preacher the power is in the word it's not in the preacher a preacher's job is simply to be faithful to the word and let the word DO IT work that's been ringing in my ears since my 1st ordination the powers of the word preach the word in patience and in law nothing else that's our duty that's our calling that's our ministry elder gallop more made that clear Sabbath afternoon that's our mission no matter what whether it's popular or not. Whether it fits in with current culture or not that's our mission and to do it consistently without deviation without compromise of biblical principles for the sake of peace why I ask myself and I found the answer in the Spirit of Prophecy review in Herald July 24894 that's our mission because as she says we quote must That's an imperative no choice gotta do it because we must often proclaim a message that is directly in opposition to the people's sins prejudices and customs you can substitute the word culture of the time on all. Review and herald July 241894 July 24 Now why in the context of this solemn charge that Paul makes does he say as for you and door suffering. It's because there's a price to pay for faithfulness to God's word and we have to be as willing as the reformers of the 16th century were to pay the price there's a price to pay for faithfulness to God's will to his truth Ellen White says it is quote too costly to make peace with the world by giving up the principles of truth. Let the followers of Christ settle it in their minds that they will never compromise truth never yield 1 iota of principle for the favor of the world same source is e friends compromising the word is not the way to finish the work that Paul himself pay that price let him tell the story turn to 2nd Corinthians Chapter 11 starting with verse 24 1st 2nd Corinthians 1124 he says 5 times I received at the hands of the Jews a 40 lashes less $13.00 times I was beaten with rods once I was stoned 3 times I was shipwrecked on night and a day I was adrift at sea on frequent journeys in danger from rivers danger from robbers danger from my own people danger from Gentiles danger in the city danger in the wilderness danger at sea danger from false brothers in toil and hardship through many a sleepless night and hunger and thirst often without food and cold and exposure and apart from other things Listen to this there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches now as we look at the mission of the church and what I. There's an awful lot we could talk about but we can't do it in 1 week 5 all or. Take a whole course on this and still not cover it but what I want to emphasize is the meaning of the Reformation for us today and as we look at the mission of the church and the times in which we live we need to be confident that the church may appear as a bolt to fall this is from Ellen White again but it does not fall. It remains none but those who have been overcoming by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony will be found with the loyal and true selected messages Volume 2 page $380.00 hour she says that the church will remain true to the Word of God I'm so glad I believe that that's why I'm here today talking to you about this but that will not happen with all of the word of our testimony yours and mine because as she says it's a very strong role for Biblical faith that makes the Church strong she says in the same the same source the remnant that purified their souls by obeying the truth gather strength from the trying process I believe we're in the midst of a crisis moment we'll talk more about that on Friday we're in the midst of a crisis now but I believe that God is testing as remnant church I'm I believe he is allowing us to go through this difficult crisis to do exactly what she says. To purify our souls by obeying the truth and in the process we'll gather strength I think that's what the Lord has of mine today we're hearing appeals for unity almost every denominational publication that you pick up as articles about unity and we all know that unity is essential in order to finish the mission that we have been given Now let me borrow a metaphor. It comes from a statement that was made by 1 of our major church administrators I'm going to borrow a metaphor from him and say that yes we have to sing in harmony that is to say and of agreeing and thought and action but in order to sing in harmony we have to sing in unison which means to sing the same song we can't be singing different songs with the same song and the same pitch with our eyes fixed on the direct our capital D. and on the score as it was written called polls 1 of the 1 of the problems I have with a lot of contemporary even church music is that the performers change the music. It doesn't sound like what the author or the composer wrote you'll understand what I'm saying I hear it and I thought That doesn't sound like you know what the author wrote composed in C. no choir can sing in harmony or in unison apart from unity if each member of the choir or segment such as the tenors or of the Soprano of does not saying the same music the result is discord and disharmony. So in order to sing in unison we have to sing the same music now any student of the Reformation knows that Martin Luther was heavily influenced by the letters of Paul specially Romans and delicious and that he drew seal logical doctrinal knowledge from those letters as well as personal faith and the kind of courage and spiritual strength that is needed at a time of crisis. And it was a time of developing crisis as we will see because luser wasn't the only 1 there was Reformation stuff going on long before he ever appeared but the words of Paul changed loser him self and through him they changed the course of history in the course of the world you and I would not even be here today preaching teaching believing the gospel of salvation by grace through faith if it was not for the words of Paul words that were heard 500 years ago by a simple model by the way the losers father wanted him to become an attorney but he was religious religiously minded and he was concerned about his salvation and he decided to become a long and he was Paul's words were heard by that simple monk who was sincerely trying to do everything that he thought was necessary to be accepted by got even to the point of self flagellation he would beat himself with a whip but his efforts didn't satisfy you never fall on the assurance of salvation that he wanted so desperately in need. Until he heard Romans 324 that he was justified by his God's grace as a gift through the redemption that is in Christ those very words changed Luther and the course of history in Latin It's called whole law and it ought to get. By grace a little but before he could hear that he had to hear something else he called it solo script Torah Bible alone as the source of truth or life or faith and life everything doctrinal and everything experiential or X. a stench all if you want to use that word depends on and derives from Soul law rip Torah but the medieval church never accepted that insisting that the traditions of the power of the bishops were equal to if not preeminent to scripture in other words you know thorough T. of the church was gradually being raised above that of the Word of God Now 500 years after Luther some promised it's our giving lip service to soulless rip Torah and a lot of them even abandoning it all together in favor of something called Felt needs to be heard that and also the pressures on the demands of contemporary culture and it's there the pressure is getting heavier every day and if we don't go along with what they're asking for. We're already being branded as on just on kind you know and so the temptation is strong well let's modify the the scripture let's compromise a little bit for the sake of peace and unity and law and that has culminated in a recent I don't know whether I mention this are not a loser World Federation and Vatican declaration that the Reformation was the mistaken or only the opinion of 1 man and that it's all over Yeah of course it's inevitable if you will band on solo script or a forget the Reformation on October 31 2016 when almost a year ago the pope the present pope and the archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Sweden conducted a joint service in the Lutheran Cathedral in Sweden that would have been on thinkable 50 years ago but you see to abandon solo strip Toro is to abandon the Reformation and I I'm I'm wondering all along is that what Professor Crooklyn And is that why he said he'll see a is a Christ less Church Luther taught at the Bible was the cradle and which Christ is laid so if you abandon soulless ripped Torah you abandon Christ how do it how do you identify the Christ you believe in and worship if it's not the Christ of scripture. In the process the old and the New Testament are being disconnected A laws being disconnected from the Gospel. I can hear it on I listen to radio preachers and in some case it's being insisted that the Holy Spirit is doing new things in the church in our time I've heard that elevating the authority of of the spirit above that of the written word part of our mission our 7th day adventists is to draw attention once again to Paul's and losers and rougher and reverence for and reliance upon the scriptures What does the Bible say and I I remember vividly when I arrived at the seminary and Andrews University this lady here remembers the very 1st day that I appeared it wasn't long before I enrolled in courses and everybody knew who was there I was invited to attend on Wednesday evening with a group of professors a special gathering where we would discuss any subject that I wanted to talk about the only stipulation was that I give them a week's notice in advance so that they could in all prepare which is understandable and I remember distinctly who was there Dr W. G. C. Murdock the Dean that you worked for after tumbling coal was chair of the theology department Dr will or Wilbur Alexander was chair of the church and ministry department Dr Seema urban Maxwell professor of church history Dr Hans Loren Del theologian there may be a 1 or 2 others I can't remember their names so that's what we did everyone's a night it was marvelous because no matter what the subject was. Let's open the Bible let's see what the Bible says what does the Bible say and it was masterfully done and it hit me right here and right here because I was desperate to call the truth and all my personal question always was was my wife really being deceived I couldn't believe that either because she was a lifelong faithful lover of scripture soul part of our mission is to draw attention again to Paul's and Luther's reverence and reliance upon Scripture and Paul begins Romans by calling attention to after 1 verse 2 to the Holy Scriptures daily with justification he asks Chapter 4 verse 3 what does a scripture safe and Chapter 9 were 6 he calls scripture the Word of God and making clear that there is no distinction between Jew and Greek with regard to salvation he says Chapter 10 verses 11 the Scripture says everyone who believes in Him will not be put to shame it's in the stripped Jersey says that we find hope he underscores the importance of the Jews in chapter 11 verse 2 he says God has not rejected his people to Jews then he asked Do you not know what the Scripture says Chapter 15 verse for whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction that through 1 door on Sun through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope in that Jhon the impact of passages like that had on Luther who was struggling to find the way of salvation. And when it came to the authority that he claimed for the preaching of the gospel of the death and resurrection of Jesus Paul said unequivocally and force currency and 153 and 4 that it was in accordance with the Scriptures not alter all the Romans or the Corinthians he uses the phrase It is written at least 13 times and whether Paul speaks about his development of the truth doctrine by the way they mean the same thing some people say don't preach doctrine just tell me about Jesus or you can't do that without talking about doctrine the minute you mention the name Jesus Christ you're talking about truth doctrine it's ridiculous you know to say don't tell don't talk about doctrine so whether he talks about his development of the truth or the development of his own theological thought or whether he's addressing issues in the early church has reference always is to the Scriptures what does the Bible say Now contrast that today with trying to convince the church the people of the church that the Bible doesn't really say what it says and believe me I have read documents sick documents 1 of them over 800 pages trying to show why the Bible doesn't say what it says if I had listened to that kind of argument back in the seventy's I wouldn't be here today I would have fled from Andrews in all in horror. Told no wonder that soul deeply involved in the organizing of the early Church is said to Timothy 2nd Timothy 314 he says to Timothy As for you continue in what you have learned not only from who you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings which are able to make you wise for salvation screw faith in Christ all scripture is breezed all or inspired by God and profitable for teaching for reproof for correction why correction because if you're going in the wrong direction in the to have you're you're right and you need to be rerouted so you get the correction from the strictures and for training and right just nuts that the man or messenger of God may be competent equipped for every good work so Paul was the example for those slight Timothy and Titus and later loser who would take his place as spiritual leaders in the church and its on the basis of scripture alone the Bolsa the qualifications for ministry and how the spirit and powered equipping for ministry as revealed an accomplished and what an example Paul was listen to Alan White acts of the Apostles page $332.00 folly convinced of the reality of the truth and trusted to him nothing could induce Paul to handle the Word of God deceit fully. Or to conceal the convictions of his soul he would not purchase wealth on or our pleasure by conformity to the opinions of the world though in constant danger of martyrdom for the faith that he had preached because of Corinthians so it was in complete harmony with his faith in and reliance on the written Word of God to leave as his legacy of epa stolid construction those resoundingly words from 2nd Timothy 4 that I read to you earlier Paul char now we are stored of the mysteries of God That's what the Bible tells of and a steward is somebody who takes care of and so as stewards of the mysteries of God It is our duty to pay close attention to Paul's charge to Timothy in 1st Timothy $621.00 he tells him to guard the deposit that is to say the word the doctrine the truth that has been and trusted to us what an awesome responsibility ours to Mitzi $620.00 we not only have the responsibility to preach the word what we have the awesome responsibility to guard it pro tech that. Because he hasn't trusted it to his people concerning truth itself Ellen White says this is in earlier writings page 96 she says truth cult is right plain. Claire and stands out boldly and it's on defense by the way when I have read the history of the ebb and flow been and read the story of the early pioneers how they started coming together out of many different Protestant backgrounds to study the Bible and eventually they are the ones that came up with the basic doctrinal or truth structure that forms the basis of Adventism today I was struck by the fact that there was not 1 P H D among them. They were all laypeople like you and it was the holy spirit that brought their minds together as they prayed over the Bible and studied the Bible that they came to these convictions now I certainly believe that there is a place for academic training and graduate degrees but let's not pat ourselves on the back she exhorts all of us members pastors evangelists leaders scholars teachers as she says quote let the plain simple statements of the Word of God the food for the mine speculates to this speculating upon ideas that are not clearly presented there is a dangerous business on call early writings page 96 we still have a few minutes on going to. Move into my next presentation just to use of a little time by the way the 1st 1 it wasn't titled The mission the 2nd 1 is entitled The times I was fascinated by Isaiah Chapter 60 verse 22 which reads and the yes the translation which is the 1 I'm using. Says the least 1. That is to say an insignificant person the least 1 shall become off planned many. That's what a clan is and the smallest 1 a mighty nation or a movement numbering into the 00s My wife and I are amazed by the fact that since we became a had been a son don't misunderstand what I'm saying but during that time the membership in this church has more than double fantastic worldwide girl which by the way is not reported anywhere that I've been able to see in the religious news. Of the world it's not reported and it's fantastic anyway the verse ends I am the Lord in its time I will hasten it when 1 becomes a clan the smallest 1 a mighty nation or a movement of numbers into the 00s or millions I and the Lord in its time I will hasten it here in 1 verse the Holy Spirit. The inspiration of the Holy Spirit allows us a little insight regarding God's choice of the right time and the right man or persons as there were many to make such a powerful impact on the world back in the 1616 century that it has been felt up to our own time if you know all that it was because of the Reformation. A lot of these are a lot of religious people moved to this continent in order to get away from persecution and out of that many of you who rule the ideas and the people that founded this nation and created the Constitution of the United States which guarantees religious liberty because it's so clear Congress shall make no law a stablish ignore religion or prohibiting the exercise they're all now why did God choose a period in world history that we call the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages and the medieval period for that great event why did it happen there now of course people that lived and didn't call it that those labels were put on it later by. Historians and why did he choose the man whose name was Martin Luther to light the flame so tomorrow or gonna start looking into that So if we can find some answers to those questions why did time and why the man. And I have a volunteer to pray as we close oh by the way I want to read to you. A recent development this was in the June 10th issue of our local newspaper up north the Reverend Catherine a Finnigan. Of Marquette was elected May 23 to a 6 year term as bishop of the northern Great Lakes Synod of the Lutheran Church in America the election was held there in the center of the Semele May 2123 at Messiah Lutheran Church on Northern Michigan University Finnigan will be installed as the synods 4th bishop on October 21 at St Peter Catholic cathedral and Mark. The presiding bishop of the oven Jellicoe Lutheran Church in America the Reverend Elizabeth Eaton will participate in the service Now the reason that struck me is because I know that under normal circumstances the presiding bishop of the denomination installs of newly elected bishops for local synagogues but the report doesn't say that the presiding bishop is going to do the installing it just says that the presiding bishop will participate that's all it says so I began to wonder who's going to install this loser and Bishop out of service in Catholic cathedral let me tell you this is 1 way to lay folks can be influenced to accept changes like that. A lot of loser in life folks like you have no idea I know because I talk to them what's going on. In their own church. Or the significance or meaning of. 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