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5. Understanding the End-Time Idolatry

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia




  • June 5, 2018
    8:57 AM
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Every student in school faces tests although there are often dreaded tests are necessary to help master a subject in Christians in the school of Christ are given tests the Apostle John tells us 1 test Jesus gave then Jesus lifted up his eyes and seeing a great multitude coming toward him he said to Philip where shall we buy bread that these may eat but this he said to what test him for he himself knew what he would do some tasks are more important than others my youngest daughter Ruthie took her national speech and language examination a little over a year ago the test is called practice to her entire speech and language pathology career all of the education she had received to get her master's and her bachelor's for that hinged on that 1 test and for 9 months she diligently prepared for this exam on the day of her examination I was in the a crane actually I was over with Louie Torres we were speaking at a camp meeting together but I called her and I prayed with her and I found her surprisingly calm she told me she thought she was going to pass and of course she did what made her confident she had taken many practice tests and was passing each 1 without difficulty 1 of the best ways to study for test is to study well designed review books and take practice test most national examinations provide sample questions and practice tests and there are other companies that provide other practice tests and God wants us to pass his examination and to help us to prepare the Bible provides a review book with sample questions and practice tests to study. The Book of Deuteronomy which actually means the law repeated is the review booklet that God has provided is steeple and within this review booklet are sample test questions and their answers will be looking at Deuteronomy 13 together verse 3 tells us that a test is coming and this chapter is going to help us prepare for the test the chapter gives 3 important test questions with their answers but before we look at the 1st sample test question we should pray Father in heaven we are grateful that we have this opportunity to study together as a class. And prepare for the Test series has been called prepared for the Final Crisis and now we come down to the last study of your word on this important topic I pray that you will help me to have the right words to say. Give me a clear mind and then speak to me and may I hear you and be able to share your thoughts with your people today and give them listening ears in a surrendered heart both of us. All of us together seeking to know your will so that we can do it send your Holy Spirit in that powerful way that only you can can send and may it be clear to us that we have been with Jesus and that he is teaching us in Christ's name we pray Amen Deuteronomy 131 to 4 says if there rises among you know a prophet or a dreamer of dreams and he gives you a sign or a wonder and the sign of the wonder comes to pass of which he spoke to you saying let us go after other gods which you have not known and let us serve them. What should you do this is not some hypothetical situation that will never occur signs wonders miracles fulfilled to dreams and visions to deceive is an in time scenario that we need to understand well Christ said at the end of time this test would be given false Christ and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders this test would be so difficult that few would pass it for Jesus added that these great signs and wonders would be given to deceive if possible even the elect Satan's real target of attack is not this world he already has them he is real target of attack is God's remnant people it is you it is me it is us and that is why God has given the careful test review with sample questions because this is going to be a hard examination this is Satan's overmastering test it's specifically designed customized carefully tailor made to deceive us to deceive us at the end of time Satan already has tested various scenarios through the centuries and he is now developing the final test he wants me to be overconfident like Peter so that I think even if I don't say although everyone else will be offended I'm not going to be Peter warned in time faults teachers he had no on of his own denial of Christ and he says but there were also false prophets among the people even as there will be false teachers among you who will secretly bring in destructive heresies even denying the Lord who brought them as I said Peter knew about denying the Lord did he not. Paul also warned of the deceptive signs and wonders that in time the coming of the lawless 1 is according to the working of Satan with all power signs and lying wonders and with all on righteous deception among those who perish because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved and notice that signs wonders and miracles are a test for our love of the truth this is Jesus said He was the truth the love of the truth his love of Jesus and so deceptive miracles test our love for Jesus and reveals whether our love for him is genuine whether it's deep or whether it is not twice John the Revelator called attention to great signs and wonders given to deceive Revelation 131314 says that the image to the beast performs great sign so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of man and he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast was wounded by the sword and lived and again in Revelation 161314 John said I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet for they are the spirits of devils working miracles which go forth into the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty we see the Bible makes it clear that deceptive miracles will be an important in time test to show whether we love Jesus with all our hearts. Let's look at the 2nd test question which is really a variation of the 1st situation Deuteronomy 136 If your brother the son of your mother your son or your daughter the wife of your bosom or your friend who is a who has as your own soul secretly entices you saying let us go and serve other gods which you have not known neither you nor your fathers of the gods of the people which are all around you and near to you or far off from you from 1 end of the earth to the other end of the earth what should you do but there is a 3rd question which is another variant if you hear someone in 1 of your cities which the larger of God gives you to dwell in saying corrupt men have gone out from among you and entice the inhabitants of their city saying let us go and serve other gods which you have not known what should you do you can't help but notice there's a reframe that is common to all 3 situations 1st of all 3 situations call for unity in situation the 1 in situation 1 the words lead us are repeated twice lead as a call to do things together to unify the call for unity is also seen in situation 2 and again it is seen in situation 3 is every call for unity a good thing. Where there are calls for unity that are very bad things not every Unity Conference is a call we should join the Nazis united with the fascists at the start of World War 2 was this a good thing no Didn't Jesus pray for unity Yes he did but Christ prayer for unity in the truth is found for with the unity in the Word of God. The unity that is being urged in all 3 of these test situations is a unity an era unity and fall to unity and deception and all 3 situations attempt to unify around false worship this is a call to United Way go from the worship in obedience to the of the law of God to serving other gods and united in that attempt unity in error can only be had by appeals to our love of pleasure or by creating fear by our desire to avoid pain never can as are you remember at the plane or shine our demanded unity in worship and it begins by an economic US led us but it will always end in a demand you will or else the Bible identify Pfizer unification around air as a part of the in time testing the Book of Revelation says For God has put it in their hearts to fulfill His purpose to be of 1 mind that is they are unified and to give their kingdom to the beast but such unity at best is temporary we notice the next word until unified until the word of the Lord the words of God are fulfilled they're unified against the Word of God but in the unity against the Word of God they're fulfilling the Word of God God does not call us to unity in sin but separation from sin Jesus our example was separate from sinners God told the Israelites to separate themselves from the tents of the rebel leaders Cora Dayton and the Byron those that fail to separate themselves died in the judgments of God Paul says that this instruction is for us we too must come out from among them and be separate He also says Let no 1 deceive you with empty words for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience therefore do not be what is the next phrase. Partakers with them and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them Ephesians 56 or 11 we see that there are 3 scenarios for the very subtle very difficult and time test of our faithfulness to God scenario 1 involves the test of supernatural signs and wonders miracles wonders dreams and visions with information that proved to be correct the test of a respected leader the test of a beloved teacher scenario 2 involves the test from beloved family members and trusted friends scenario 3 involves the test from city wide apostasy widespread spread apostasy of Alving whole sections of Israel although these will be intense tests that in time they have been say instant patient from the very beginning he failed this test she saw a miracle occur before her eyes a serpent spoke the miracles got her attention and ultimately sheep or took of the forbidden fruit Adam was then tempted by his wife and he joined her and protégé King of the forbidden fruit this was the supernatural evidence followed by a blood family member and Adam's firstborn son Cain as stablished an idolatrous city named after his firstborn son citywide apostasy and this also explains how idolatry begins with 1 but ends with widespread apostasy it only takes 1 cancerous cell to spread throughout the body it only can take 1 contagious germ to spread throughout the body it multiplies but we need to continue our study of these 3 situations more closely known as situation 1 if there are arises what is the next 2 words. Among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams is this an outsider. No this is 1 of us and this warning is repeated in the New Testament Paul says also from among food yourselves he was talking to the elders of F.S.S. and he said from among the elders the leaders men will rise up speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves but let's continue if there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams and he gives you a sign or a wonder and the sign of the wonder comes to pass of which he spoke to you saying let us go after other gods which you have not known and let us serve them this is not simply brothers and sisters a theoretical danger to ancient Israel I would like you to notice very carefully the warning that Ellen White wrote to leading physicians November 1903 It found in 2nd selected messages $53.00 wonderful scenes with which Satan will be closely connected and what does it say then will soon take place wonderful things Satan closely connected God's Word declares that Satan will work miracles he will make people sick and then will suddenly remove from them his Satanic power what will he do he will make people sick and then suddenly removal the sickness that he has caused they will then be regarded as healed these works of apparent healing read the next few words with me will bring 7th Day Adventist to the to the test what will bring 70 admins to the test these works of apparent healing these signs and wonders will confuse many even leading physicians and other leaders though this was written during the alpha of apostasy is with Dr Kellogg it appears to me to be a warning for the a mega. Deuteronomy 1116 take heed to yourselves less your heart be deceived and you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them this warning is still true today what should we do if there arises among you a prophet or a dream of dreams and he gives you a sign or a wonder the Bible tells us 1st to wait and see if the sign or wonder comes to pass if the sign or wonder does not come to pass what should you do you know its fault but what should you do if the sign or wonder comes to pass the proper response is to immediately examine carefully for any interdiction of error that is called new light any departure from the platform of truth that has been established since 1844 in the early Bible conferences after that any departure from the platform of truth involving the Sabbath the organization of the church buyable order the 3 angels messages any deviation from the faith of the body there is always a giveaway there is an infallible way to recognize faltered Satan's constant effort is to turn people from a plain Thus saith the Lord Deuteronomy 2814 you shall not turn aside from any of the words which I command you this day to the right or to the left to go after other gods discern that deviation from God's Word is the beginning of the worship of false gods that's how it starts Jesus and his departing instruction to his disciples repeated this he said in Matthew 2820 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age until Jesus comes what are we supposed to teach. Jayson's commandment Jesus said teach the commandments teach my commandments until the end and if someone is teaching us to depart from the instruction of God's Word if someone is minimizing God's Word if someone is explaining away God's plain instruction his directions for worship in the Bible we have all the information we need to determine that we are listening to a false teacher it resulted in Christianity moving from the religion of Christ to the religion of the bishop and the development of the papacy and the Bible warns that 7th Day Adventists too must pass the test of such false teachers at the end of time now the spirit expressively says Paul told us that in latter times some will depart from the faith giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons how could it be we have the truth but some will do what. The part because they prefer the doctrines of demons then the doctrines of Jesus now don't miss this they will not claim to be following demons they'll claim to be following Jesus they will not claim to be following away from the Bible they will claim to be teaching the Bible I notice this solemn warning from the pen of inspiration last day events $179.00 many will stand in our pulpits with the torch of false prophecy in their hands kindled from the hellish torch and see if you see this if you hear this what should you do you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams the proper response is a mediately avoid listening to a false teacher he has been given power from say he is teaching dangerous contagious heresy. He is teaching rebellion don't buy books or read blogs or articles of anything that falls religious teacher rights don't attend any lectures the false teacher is giving don't listen to videos or listen to M P 3 S. that are available don't give such teachers any attention whatsoever don't respond invitations to look listen to such lectures after over 179 Dr Desmond Ford delivered a lecture to an Adventist Association of administering this. And very shortly thereafter I didn't know as Montford I knew he was. Some teacher and and many of my friends thought I was a very good man so as far as I knew I was a good man and 1 of my friends from California gave me a call on the phone and he told me how excited he was with this lecture and he was going to send me a tape of the lecture and so I was happy to get it I want to be. Following what the Lord said but I did have 1 little caution in my mind and that was it was given in an Adventist form and I didn't expect. That group to invite somebody like Jesus to speak to them so before I listen to it I ask what it was about he said it was about the sanctuary and other things before we started listening my wife and I started listening to the tape we sat down and we read the chapters in great controversy on the sanctuary several little chapters in there I wanted to know the truth to see if this was drawing me to the truth or from the truth and so then after we did that then we turned on the tape and it took about 5 minutes to realize that what that individual was saying and what was said by a servant of the Lord. Were totally different 1 was leading away 1 was not and we turned off the tape as soon as we recognized that and we tossed in the trash we had our answer but Ford is small fry he didn't do any miracles wait until you have Fords and miracles too but we have assured protection to the law and to the testimony What's the testimony of Jesus to the law and to the testimony if they do not speak according to this word there is no light in them and as a plant I need a light if I want to grow I don't need the darkness of night what is the proof that a message is true it is not found in signed wonders or miracles then many came to him and said John perform no sign has this John John the Baptist John perform no sign but all the things that John spoke about this man were true a message from heaven is a message about Jesus and it tells the truth about Jesus I want to know Jesus I want to reflect Jesus I want to speak of Jesus I want to tell the truth about Jesus don't you and that's the kind of person I want to listen to as a teacher in test questions there's often a distractor a piece of information that's really irrelevant and situation 1 there's a distractor most individuals taking this test will be thrown off by the distractor assigned wonder a miracle a fulfilled prediction but can a miracle turn falsehood into truth you know so miracles in science are simply distractors and must be disregarded since they can't show whether something is from God or something from Satan but we should notice what miracles test for the Lord your God is doing 1. Testing you what is God testing is over what did the apostle Paul says say deceptive miracles test our love of the truth which we saw was our love for Jesus does Moses agree with Paul the larger God is testing you to know or to show whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul Paul and Moses agree the Bible doesn't contradict itself the old and the new trust and say the same thing deceptive miracles test our love and loyalty to God the only ones that will be saved are those who love God with all their heart and with all their soul this is the test that will weed out people who don't have this kind of love notice this is not a test of our knowledge it's not a test of very specific esoteric information about the Bible it is the test of our character are the big chill thoughts and feelings the only way to pass this test is to possess the 6 character qualities that come with loving God with all our hearts and with all our souls 1st they walk with God Those who love him spend time with him like Enoch and the activities of their lives don't take them away from God They do all their activities together they're not walking behind him they're not walking away from him they're walking with him. And you can't walk together unless you're agreed you have to be agreed on several things you have to be agreed on your destination you have to be agreed on your speed and you have to be agreed on your road and they're walking with God. 2nd they fear God Those who love God with all their hearts with all their souls have an all in a holy reverence for God and holy things they're careful to heed his warnings their attentive to all his counsels they fear him they tremble at his word if His word says it that settles it 3 those who love God with all their hearts and with all their souls keep His commandments What does it mean to keep his commandments. We moved 18 months ago prior to the move we had a larger house so that Sherri could care for her parents her mother and her dad godly people wonderful people what an enrichment to our home but then her dad died and her mother moved down to Orlando with Sherry sister and brother in law where they have better medical facilities for people who are in their late nineties and a little better weather for the winter than up in the mountains there in Georgia where we live and so we didn't need the large house and we sold the home and moved into our current 1500 square foot home now this move required us to tear down and we gave away a lot of things we sold some things we threw away a lot of things if we didn't absolutely need it we got rid of it but that which we most valued we did what. We kept But let's take this a step further when we're looking at keeping the commandments What if a fire broke out in your home when you could take only 1 thing you select your greatest priority your most important valuable What would you take this helps us understand what it means to keep the commandments what is most valuable in your life when you have to choose between the commandments or keeping a friendship which 1 do you keep. When you have to choose between keeping your job or keeping the commandments which 1 where you keep when you choose between keeping possessions and money or keeping the commandments which 1 will you keep and when you have to choose between saving your life or keeping the commandments which will you keep to keep something means to guard it and preserve it those who love God with all their hearts and with all their souls guard and preserve God's Commandments as the last thing they would let go of when they abandon everything else they keep the commandments this is a test for our love for God and those who love God with all their hearts with all their souls forth all day his voice by responding to the convictions of the Holy Spirit Jesus said My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me and this brings true unifying around the truth as it is in Jesus other sheep I have which are not of this fold them also I must bring and they will hear my voice and there will be 1 flock and 1 shepherd John 1065 those who love God with all their hearts and with all their souls are servants of God not servants of sin they serve Him We're going to look a little more closely at serving God and what it means in a moment and lastly those who love God with all their hearts and with all their souls cling to God they realize their complete dependence on Him Nothing can move them when the multitude for sake God they continue to follow him likely opposite his friends they urge isa they urge Jesus to abide with them and those who do not love God with all their hearts with all their souls will naturally have not these 6 characteristics and they'll fail this test but those who love God These will be seen in their lives. The 3 temptations of Christ in the wilderness focus on miracles Jesus wants to get the eyes off of God's word and directed elsewhere and miracles are his favorite approach prove that you are the Messiah. And we should follow you by doing a miracle make these stones into bread then I'll believe you he said to Jesus but with Satan have believed had Jesus made the stones into bread now later Jesus did create bread multiplying it from a lab lads 5 loaves and fishes but did Satan believe after this Miracle of course not and Jesus said in Luke $1631.00 if they do not hear Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded the 1 rise from the dead when we reject the testimony of scripture nothing anyone else can say nothing anyone else can do will know this and God will not perform miracles to help us believe because that doesn't help us believe in His Word that establishes our confidence in Miracles in the 2nd temptation again Satan urged Jesus to prove that he was the Messiah by jumping from the pinnacle of the temple roof and not getting hurt in the Earth's final test multitude of 7th Day Adventist will be deceived by means of miracles they will accept doctrines of devils because there is a miracle and the same multitude will reject the plain testimony of God's law and God's word and will demand a miracle this ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters is the spirit of Sate throughout Christ Ministry the end believing Jews would tempt Jesus do a miracle and we will believe even while Christ was hanging on the cross when they should have seen him as the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world they said come down from the cross will believe. Do a miracle but Jesus doesn't answer unbelief with miracles it is the Bible let me repeat not miracles upon which we base our faith in the 3rd and final temptation in the wilderness Satan performed a miracle in front of Jesus Matthew 48 of Matthew 4 verses 8 through 10 tells us the devil took him up to an exceeding high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in their glory this is supernatural a sign a wonder a miracle but Jesus was not distracted by this and then say and tried to bribe Jesus by saying all these things I will give you if you will fall down and worship me but it was than that just Jesus said to Satan away with you Satan for it is written You shall worship the LORD your God in him only Shall you serve all of Satan's tempt patients are to lead us into idolatry into the worship of demons instead of the worship of God That's the gold but when Jesus heard this invitation to worship something other than God He dismissed say and when we hear the sick Jays gesture and we too must follow Jesus instruction and example refuse to listen any longer to such an individual but let's go on to the 2nd situation Deuteronomy 136 and 7 if your brother the son of your mother your son or your daughter the wife of your bosom or your friend who is at your who is as your own soul secretly entices you saying let us go and serve other gods which you have not known neither you nor your fathers of the gods of the people which are all around you near to you or far from you from 1 end of the year to the other end of the earth notice something interesting and interesting in this temptation see the word secretly secrecy here the Hebrew word is. See tail end it means in this concept time and context concealed disguised hidden and covered this means you are not overtly invited to worship idols you are invited to something that seems innocuous harmless where other Christians maybe other 7th Day Adventist are Nabi some leaders even often it will be to some celebration or party friend invites friend brother invites brother children invite their parents now it is the statement in patriarchs and prophets for $54.00 it was secretly arranged that Beilin should induce the Israelites to attend he was regarded by them as a prophet of God and hence had little difficulty in accomplishing his purpose great numbers of the people joined him in witnessing these festivities of the heathen party but when you determine that the activity would take you away from the service of God What should you do you shall not consent to him or listen to him the distractor in this question is the tie a family and friend but Solomon put it properly my son if sinners entice you not consent we must recognize that this is simpler simply sinners enticing us Jesus warned in Matthew 103637 that a man's enemies will be those of his own household he who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me God called Abraham away from his a dollar a family God calls us to be faithful to him listen to his voice resolutely turning away from any who would tempt us to unfaithfulness to God's Commandments God wants us to see and all such temptations a witnessing opportunity messages to young people Page 370 says if you truly belong to Christ you will have opportunities for witnessing for him. You'll be invited to attend places of amusement and then it will be that you will have an opportunity to testify to your lord if you are true to Christ then you will not try to form excuses for your nonattendance but will plainly and modestly declare that you are a child of God and your principles would not allow you to be in a place even for 1 occasion where you could not invite the presence of your lord do you know where many many good young people take their 1st step away from the Lord invitations to amusement while they are at school speaking of those from Christian homes now at school the messenger of the Lord says young men and women who have strived to be bible christians are persuaded to join the party and they are drawn into the ring they do not discern that these entertainments are really Saints banquet they become confused as to what is right for them as Christians to do respected teachers and leaders are proving their young friends think it is harmless they do not want to be thought singular and naturally inclined to follow the example of others thus they come under the influence of those who have never had the divine touch on heart or mind Jesus set the example desire of ages 89 says 1 question why he did not join in the frolics of the youth of Nazareth He said it is written average Oist in the way of the testimonies as much as in all riches I will meditate on by precepts and have respect unto the highways I will delight myself and I statutes I will not forget by word the Bible tells us that even the love and respect he had for his own mother could not get him to deviate from God's instruction Luke 81921 says then his mother and brothers came to him and could not approach him because of the crowd and it was told him by some who said your mother and your brothers are standing outside desiring to see you but he answered and said to them my mother and my brothers are those who hear the Word of God. And do it those who hear and obey God's word should be our friend if a loved 1 brings such a test to you remember they are mediums for the source of danger the gods of the people which are all around you near to you or far from you from 1 end of the earth it to the other end of the earth we are strangers we are pilgrims in this earth we must separate from the culture that surrounds us but now we move on to a situation 3 this has another interesting variation this is a report of apostasy a departure from the faith this is a report of preachers leaving the faith and leading entire congregations into disobedience these are not outsiders foreigners these are enemies that develop from within you cannot be active in the church today and not here risk reports of apostasy departures from the faith as we move closer to the end every wind of doctrine is going to be blowing nearly everyone here could give me a list of strange doctrines that have been taught by offshoots and actually split churches are splitting them today this is also and in time test we go back to what we read earlier 1st Timothy 41 into now the spirit express Lee says that in latter times some will depart from the faith they were once in the faith rejoicing in the truth but they departed why instead of giving heed to God's law and God's Word they give heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons speaking lies and hypocrisy having their own conscience eared with a hot iron their sins make them susceptible their consciences are damaged. Again Paul told the elders of the flock remember this for I know that after my departure savage rules will come in among you not sparing the flock also from among yourselves mineral arise speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves therefore watch and remember that for 3 years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears what should we do then you should enquire search out and ask diligently Not every report of treason and apostasy in this that is given by others is true though we have been told you shall not go about as the tail bearer among your people there are those who are tail bearers Jeremiah speaks of the rumor mongers with the philosophy report they say and we will report it it used to be that we called these people gossips now we call them journalists. In the early days of the children of Israel in Canaan there was a report that the 2 and a half tribes on the east side of the Jordan were in apostasy building a complete competing altar to worship at the tribes on the west side of the Jordan were ready to go to war over this but upon investigation it was found that the report was faults the eastern tribes actions had been misunderstood everything I repeat that is reported as apostasy is not apostasy it needs to be investigated by the proper people you don't need job deny it you don't simply ignore it you don't and critically accept the report investigated investigated to see if it is really true that such an abomination has been done among God's people the Bible says you shall enquire search out and ask diligently the distractor in this report is the report the give me the distractor in this question is the report will you take the report of someone else without further examination. This is what foolish people do Solomon says the simple believes every word but the prudent considers Well his steps we have Jesus' own example when he came down and visited with Abraham and told Abraham the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great and because their sin is very grave I will go down now and see whether they have done all together according to the outcry against it that is come to me and if not I will now now he knows but what was he doing giving us an example that we should do as he did years before he did the same thing at the Tower of Babel we have seen that the 3 scenarios in Deuteronomy 13 are descriptions of in time deceptive attempt a shades in scenario 1 there is a deceiver that does miracles but temps to idolatry in scenario 2 beloved family members and friends tend to idolatry into narry all 3 we are given a report of citywide apostasy there are a number of wrong answers for this question wrong answer 1 we could ignore the report and do nothing wrong answer 2 we could uncritically accept the report and rashly condemn the city or wrong answer 3 we couldn't critically reject the report however no matter which of the 3 variations of this test we look at they all contain the same clue this is the give way detail that let you know how to answer this question but to be morphed to more fully understand these questions we must look more closely at idolatry and more closely at the commandments that forbid idolatry the commandments as you know well were written on 2 stone slabs the 1st stone slab called the 1st table contains the 1st 4 commandments which we describe our duty to who got Moses summarized this table in Deuteronomy 65 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your strength. Love for Jesus is not proven simply by our profession of love my little children John said Let us not love in Word or tongue but in dig and truth and the 3 test situations in Deuteronomy test and reveal the genuineness of our love for God there is an answer clue that is common to all 3 situations we want to examine this clue let us go after other gods and let us serve them we want to see what commandment this clue ask us to break let's start with the 1st Commandment and God spoke all these words saying 1 of the 6 characteristics necessary to pass this test question is to recognize and follow the voice of God Remember that's what Moses said voice of God Is this the voice of God yes God spoke every word found in Exodus 20 some people have compared to Toronto a 5 and Exodus 20 and noted some differences Deuteronomy 5 is Moses summary of the 10 Commandments in Deuteronomy 5 Moses is explaining the commandments and add some of his own inspired meditations but if you want to know exactly what God said it's here in Exodus 20 I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage usual have no other gods before me if we go after other gods we breaking the 1st commandment by putting other gods before Jehovah God Yes this is breaking the 1st Commandment Let's go to the 2nd commandment you shall not make for yourself the carved image any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth you shall not bowed down to them nor serve them. For I the LORD your God I'm a jealous God This time the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the 3rd 4th generations of those who hate me but showing mercy to thousands to those who love me and keep my commandments if we serve other gods which command are we breaking the 2nd can manage it it is obvious that if we go after other gods and serve them we are breaking the 1st 2 commandment and the 1st 2 commandments have to do with idolatry the worship of God If we are not worshipping God alone which is the only way you can worship Him If we are not serving God alone which is the only way we can serve Him Does anything in the rest of the law matter nothing the actual foundation to all the commandments is the 1st commandment like a roll of dominoes all the commandments are linked to the 1st in a wedding vow the husband publicly for sakes all others and takes his wife alone Likewise the wife for sakes all others and takes her husband alone becoming a Christian being baptized is like a public wedding vows we for sake all others and take Jesus alone that's the 1st commandment anything we choose Besides Jesus is a God we serve we we are to take artist directions from him alone we follow His law alone we show our love for God by keeping his 10 commandments this is the most quoted part of the 10 commandments love me and keep my commandments there in the end of the 2nd Commandment when a husband goes after other women before his wife does he revealed that he loves his wife with all of his heart. And when we go after other gods and serve them we reveal that we do not love God with all our hearts this is an faithfulness to God It is not loving God with all the heart it is the adultery of the 1st table of the law please notice the phrase Let us serve them we go after other gods when we serve them but what does it mean to serve other gods or to be servants of God or other gods how do we be their servant we can serve only 1 master Jesus says no 1 can serve 2 masters for either he will hate the 1 and love the other or he will be loyal to the 1 and despise the other because we can only serve 1 master when we serve another god we are no longer serving the living God This generally happens unconsciously the Master we obey is the master we serve Know you not that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey His servants he are to whom ye obey Malakai 16 The Master we honor and reverence as the Master we serve a son honors his father and his servant his master if then I am the father where is my honor and if I am a master Where is my reverence the Master we follow is the master we serve John 1226 if any man serve me let him follow me we can profess to worship God but we but who we obey is who we truly worship by serving the world the word Serve means voluntary obedience to God's law every pagan god had its rules its regulations its laws and the laws of the pagan gods were always different from the 10 commandment did any other god other than the God of the Bible teach the 10 Commandments no no absolutely. The 10 Commandments are the distinguishing aspect of the God of the bible to go after other gods and serve them means to choose a different master with different laws we prefer to obey to serve other gods is to reject the 10 Commandments and to wreck the different series of commandments for ourselves a call to break God's commandments is a call to serve other gods that don't have that commandment and this is so important I want to repeat it a call to break God's commandment is a call to to serve other gods that don't have that commandment 2nd current and 2nd Chronicle 719 if you turn away and for sake of my statutes and my commandments which I have set before you and go and serve other gods and worship them encouragement in any activity that is forbidden in the Bible is the same as an invitation to worship another god IS THAT CLEAR education $196.00 the use should be taught that the laws of nature are the laws of God as truly divine as the are the precepts of the Deca log when we are encouraged to violate the laws of health we are being invited to worship another god Joseph love for God was tested by part of his wife he passed the test he refused to be enticed he refused to go after another god he refused to serve another got he refused to sin his fidelity cost him his liberty but he was more free as a prisoner than part of his wife was in her palace several years ago I got a call from a distressed Christian father he had children that were now young adults following their schoolmates in college and had abandon the Bible principles of health music and dress. They were following other gods but he was giving them their way in the home and he said maybe I have erred on the side of mercy now folks that's not erring on the side of mercy 1 thing we will not have time to look at the in this chapter is the punishment that God will bring upon idolaters Deuteronomy Deuteronomy 13 makes it very clear that false prophets and those who follow them will be destroyed without mercy God will not sanction disobedience he won't do it but now is God's time of mercy however never confuse mercy with indulgent mercy welcomes the repentant sinner indulgence welcomes the unrepentant sinner mercy gives hope for salvation from sin indulgence gives hope for salvation in sin mercy gives solemn warnings to the center faults charity gives false sympathy to the center and attacks the messenger of God who brings the warning is harsh judgment on loving and Christ like the last point we will look at in our passage is that in time a Dollar Tree will 1st entice to sin then come Manson and punish those who are faithful to God's law how does the United States force compliance with federal demands this should serve as a reminder that at the in the time those who obey God will not be able to buy or sell the United States government. In the prior administration withheld monies to schools that didn't support its policies and of course this will to. In current events we should see that persecution is approaching Just remember that as the United States compels states to comply with evil directives by removing all monetary support it will soon be doing this against the Right yes. In 1842 Levi Stockman was a 30 year old Methodist minister in the Methodist main conference he was also leader of the admin It's believe ors the power of God attended his preaching it was in council with Levi Stockman that Ellen G. 5 white found hope and was converted a year later this young minister contract tuberculosis and it spread rapidly he soon was so weak that he had to retire from the ministry but he was sustained by a Methodist fund for retired preachers the July then in July 843 the Methodist ministers conference condemned Miller Wright peculiarities Methodist ministers were required to refrain from Palma gating these truce although Levi was dying and was unable to preach and was receiving a small disability income from the church he was required to agree to the new rules and refrain from presenting or believing the ad in this message when Levi refused to agree to this change in the rules he was placed on trial for heresy and threatened not only with expulsion from the church unless he complied but was also warned that his widow and children would be denied any pension benefits don't miss this this test for Levi is similar to the in time test when you can't buy or sell Levi demonstrated before all heaven his loyalty to God The best way he could provide for his wife and children was not to lead them to trust in money as their hope but to trust in the Lord as their source of support he resolutely refused to change his policy was expelled from the ministry weeks before his death leaving his widow and children without income those of us who are soon to the on Medicare. Will in the near future if we're still alive have to choose between receiving our I don't need Medicare Social Security is what I meant to say probably Medicare to receiving Social Security and abandoning God's truth or continue with God's truth and stop all means of support are you ready to lose your job your pension your so security are you ready to obey God even though it means the loss of everything you pass possess Revelation 1317 no 1 May buy or sell except 1 who has the mark of the name of the beast or the number of his name my mother paste faced a test she was single her has has been as I had told her had left her and she had a young son who needed support and her sister took her to some meetings evangelist ic meetings that were being held by George Vandeman her sister made that long trip from Berrien Springs to pick up my mother in Illinois and come back every night drove several hours daily so mother could hear the message in cheek Sept it she accepted the Sabbath G. lost her job and she began to try this in the war. And she began to try to get jobs everywhere and none opened up and 1 day she heard that there was a job opening at a large manufacturing plant that was supporting the World War 2 effort making some armaments for the troops and for the war effort. And so she went and applied and interviewed with the woman who told her as she explained that she when they were ready to hire your her that she could not. Work on Friday night or Sabbath when she explained that the lady told her that not only would she not be hired but there was no way she'd get a job anywhere and certainly she'd never work for that company in some other now once again had no earthly support for herself and her son a couple weeks went by and she got a call from the president of the company that wondered if she would be willing to serve temporarily as his secretary his secretary for the company had unexpectedly had to leave for a short time and was expected to come back so she said she'd be glad to fill in that secretary never did come back and she became the boss of the person who told her she would never get a job there folk although at the end of time we cannot buy or sell it will be very soon that we will be reigning as kings and priests with Jesus the an earthly wicked the earthly wicked decisions of judges and courts and juries will be reversed because we will appeal it to the judge of the universe you've probably heard the story but many years ago during worship in the little church at the ashes were returning to the front with the offering a small boy tugged at the sleeve of 1 of the men whispering please put the plate down upon the floor chalk. Perplexed the usher obeyed and to further complicate matters the lad stepped into the offering plate it was his way of saying I give my whole life to you Lord not just the coins in my pocket but my time strength and all the days of my life that enthusiastic and consecrated boy was none other than Robert Moffitt who became a pioneer missionary to Africa and father in law of the saintly missionary David Livingston God is looking for people who make that kind of commitment not just my time not just my money Lord I want you to have it all I am and I know Lord I've heard dive OIS is that your desire but you just raise your hand and say Lord all of May all of me today his power heads Father in heaven you've given us the test question so we can be prepared if given a samples but you've also given us the answers Lord help us never to turn away from your answers and put a different answer on the test sheet we want your way and your way alone we want to be not worried about future times we want to be faithful in our present times knowing that that's going to prepare us like 1st grade prepares for 2nd and 2nd 3rd that in our 1st grade experiences now we will be preparing for the college graduate courses you intend to give your special people we thank you for your word we thank you for Jesus. In Christ name we pray take are our decisions. And may we honor you today in his name we pray to him in. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon please visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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